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Model T Ford Forum
Forum 2015
OT Windshield crack - crazy idea
Bud Holzschuh - Pana -11/24, 06:48 pm- My modern car has a crack
Robert G. Hester Jr. -11/24, 07:00 pm- Turn it over to your insu
Jack Daron - Brownsb -11/24, 07:11 pm- Hit it with a BA hammer,
Chris George -11/24, 07:35 pm- I think a drill bit will
paul iverson freepor -11/24, 07:43 pm- I have seen people try to
David L Corman -11/24, 09:02 pm- Your comp insurance will
Bud Holzschuh - Pana -11/24, 10:43 pm- Thanks for all the sugges
Dennis Seth - Ohio -11/25, 07:17 am- I think that if you have
Chad Marchees _____T -11/25, 08:08 am- Most insurance companies
Donald Conklin -11/25, 08:30 am- Last year we took a cruis
Dan Treace, North FL -11/25, 09:18 am- Bud Call your FL auto in
1926 Model T Tudor project
Don Booth@ Bay City, -11/25, 09:15 am- This is a picture of the
Kingston L4 Carb
Manny Kourounis -11/24, 06:10 pm- Hi Guys, I have a Kingst
Mark Strange - Hills -11/24, 06:26 pm- Here is an old Kingston L
Manny Kourounis -11/25, 08:55 am- I believe it,s the piece
Mark Strange - Hills -11/25, 09:04 am- Heres a closeup, he needs
G.R.Cheshire -11/25, 09:12 am- Manny Ill check when I ge
Are Center doors worth more?
Kevin Weeds -11/24, 04:37 pm- On Monday I heard of an o
Royce in Dallas TX -11/24, 04:41 pm- I think a center door cos
Kevin Weeds -11/24, 06:02 pm- Thanks Royce
Marv Konrad (Green B -11/24, 06:25 pm- -Kevin- Might you be thun
Charlie B actually i -11/24, 06:34 pm- Never much cared for the
Robert G. Hester Jr. -11/24, 07:04 pm- I think the center doors
Richard Wolf -11/24, 07:14 pm- Probably; I have a Center
george house . . .ca -11/24, 09:17 pm- Transmission band changes
joe bell -11/24, 09:25 pm- Kevin, I always wanted on
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -11/24, 10:33 pm- I really enjoyed mine whi
Les Sumner lapeer mi -11/25, 08:23 am- This is why C doors are e
Don Booth@ Bay City, -11/25, 08:51 am- Les, that is why they are
Kenneth W DeLong -11/25, 09:12 am- I would agree with Don as
Vin location on 1926 Tudor
Larry Reed -11/24, 05:30 pm- Can anyone tell me where
Jack Daron - Brownsb -11/24, 05:37 pm- Just below floor board ri
Larry Reed -11/24, 06:35 pm- Can this be viewed by the
Mark Strange - Hills -11/24, 06:36 pm- To avoid unpleasant surpr
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -11/24, 06:40 pm- Yes. Also, the frame numb
Larry Reed -11/24, 06:48 pm- Thanks. This forum is a
Hap Tucker in Sumter -11/24, 07:48 pm- And if you dont see it th
Kevin Whelihan Danbu -11/24, 08:09 pm- I have two 26 cars. One
Mike Bender Tulsa Ok -11/24, 08:17 pm- Kevin A lot of times the
Kevin Whelihan Danbu -11/24, 09:56 pm- Mike, I have brushed, cl
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/24, 10:47 pm- [Screen shot 2015-11-24 a
Allan Bennett - Aust -11/25, 12:49 am- Kevin, you have learned a
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -11/25, 08:36 am- Even so, you will find fr
Dan Treace, North FL -11/25, 08:47 am- Typical late 1925 after D
Dan Treace, North FL -11/25, 09:08 am- Just got this 26 frame th
Windshield question
Richard Colegrove -11/25, 07:15 am- Good morning. I am insta
Roger Karlsson, sout -11/25, 07:21 am- The brass rods to the fro
Allan Bennett - Aust -11/25, 08:07 am- Richard, I believe the ba
Val Soupios -11/25, 08:42 am- Those clips are not brass
Richard Colegrove -11/25, 09:04 am- Thanks for the info. Hav
We lost another good one
Tom Moorehead -11/24, 10:09 am- I just found out that our
Dan McEachern -11/24, 10:21 am- We met Evan on one of Dav
Richard Wolf -11/24, 10:43 am- Evan is a good friend of
Roger Karlsson, sout -11/24, 10:59 am- My condolences to those w
Tom Moorehead -11/24, 11:16 am- Thanks Roger for finding
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -11/24, 11:17 am- Oh, thats terrible news.
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -11/24, 12:36 pm- This is very sad news. E
Michael Thomas - Cen -11/24, 12:37 pm- Nick and Evan looked afte
Jerry Kramer -11/24, 01:02 pm- Sad day for all Model T f
Richard Wolf -11/24, 01:13 pm- I called Nick and got no
Michael Garrison - R -11/24, 03:19 pm- Im sorry to hear of our l
Roy Stone - WV -11/24, 05:09 pm- A big loss to our Model T
Jack Daron - Brownsb -11/24, 05:39 pm- Evan was a close friend a
Richard Wolf -11/24, 09:16 pm- Talked to Nick Ellingwood
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -11/25, 08:40 am- Rich, sorry to hear of yo
OT - But car people will be able to relate....
Dick Lodge - St Loui -11/24, 09:43 am- [bought car.jpg]
Bill Severn - SE Tex -11/24, 10:40 am- That is absolutely NOT OT
Ron Mc Willie -11/24, 11:40 am- Always nice to meet a man
Dennis Seth - Ohio -11/24, 12:34 pm- Ron, I quit asking my wi
G.R.Cheshire -11/24, 12:50 pm- My wife only has one rule
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -11/24, 01:29 pm- I must be spoiled, My wi
Michael Garrison - R -11/24, 03:16 pm- Yup, no wife, good income
Derek Kiefer - Manto -11/24, 03:26 pm- Its easier to ask for for
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -11/24, 11:59 pm- One day my wife came home
Erik Barrett in Aubu -11/25, 12:53 am- I never ask to buy any of
David Stroud -11/25, 02:25 am- Erik, NICE comeback! Dave
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -11/25, 08:35 am- My wife sort of gave up o
4-1 Rear Axle Gears: A Contrarian View
Trent Boggess -11/24, 09:08 pm- This is a contrarian view
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -11/24, 09:16 pm- Thats a good lesson, Tren
Verne Shirk -11/24, 10:53 pm- I have a 1915 T Runabout
Dan McEachern -11/25, 01:01 am- Sounds to me like you hav
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -11/25, 01:03 am- Excellent posting Trent B
Paul Vitko -11/25, 07:14 am- I have come to the same c
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -11/25, 08:29 am- Along those same lines, I
Wheres your favorite place to stand? Here is mine
Kevin Weeds -11/25, 03:30 am- Took me 8 months to get m
Bill Elliott -11/25, 07:12 am- Shouldnt there be four?
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -11/25, 08:27 am- LOL Bill! I agree! [:-]
Those Fires must be close, Allan Bennett.
Rob Patterson. Moruy -11/25, 05:04 am- I hope those fires burnin
Allan Bennett - Aust -11/25, 08:03 am- We dodged a bullet Rob. I
Here is the Depot Hack I bought yesterday
Mike Walker, NW AR -11/24, 09:35 am- I think the body was buil
Kevin Weeds -11/24, 04:17 pm- Actually Im surprised how
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -11/25, 12:04 am- Beautiful Hack you got th
Roger Karlsson, sout -11/25, 03:01 am- Maybe the generator beari
Kevin Weeds -11/25, 03:23 am- Thanks Roger, that was a
Chad Marchees _____T -11/25, 07:52 am- Kevin, although I was jus
OT "T" clock
John C Codman -11/24, 09:19 am- I agree with Tim and Bud.
Mark Strange - Hills -11/24, 09:36 am- I just replaced the movem
Jeff Hood -Long Beac -11/24, 10:03 am- Richard, I recently had t
Erik Johnson -11/24, 10:35 am- Quartz clock works are av
Richard Wolf -11/24, 11:27 am- Jeff; I took it apart and
James A. Golden -11/24, 11:46 am- Richard, does the clock c
Richard Wolf -11/24, 01:10 pm- No chimes. 3/4th. Thanks
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -11/24, 06:44 pm- I have about eight to ten
Tom Miller, Mostly i -11/25, 06:55 am-  Message edited by tmill
Tom Miller, Mostly i -11/25, 06:55 am-  Message edited by tmill
Another '25 Coupe Top Wood Question
David Stroud -11/25, 02:11 am- OK. Ive got the wood plan
joe bell -11/25, 06:25 am- david, I used manil paper
Luggage rack, is this period?
john kuehn -11/24, 09:27 am- Absolutely its period cor
Mike Walker, NW AR -11/24, 09:30 am- I have one like Kevins on
john kuehn -11/24, 09:44 am- Mike thats a good point.
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/24, 10:09 am- Yes, the accordion style
Kevin Weeds -11/24, 03:27 pm- Great feedback guys.
Gene Carrothers Hunt -11/24, 03:57 pm- I have one like that and
Dick Lodge - St Loui -11/24, 05:42 pm- I bought an accordion typ
Harold Schwendeman - -11/24, 06:03 pm- OT - Sorry Kevin,....cant
Jack Daron - Brownsb -11/24, 06:38 pm- Caution,those fold downer
Mark Strange - Hills -11/24, 06:55 pm- Im a fan of the wicker ba
Barry Fowler - Eagle -11/24, 06:58 pm- Kevin: I have one just li
Allan Bennett - Aust -11/24, 10:29 pm- Perhaps this is the ultim
Rob Patterson. Moruy -11/24, 10:53 pm- See Gents, even cameras w
Allan Bennett - Aust -11/25, 12:38 am- Its not that Rob. My damn
Kevin Weeds -11/25, 12:42 am- Might be ok for the North
David Stroud -11/25, 02:36 am- Allan, that is a very nea
Kevin Weeds -11/25, 03:31 am- Alan I agree that is a gr
Color of top iron body stud on '27
Eric Sole - Castelld -11/24, 05:35 pm- Thanks for your response
David Menzies -11/25, 02:46 am- I believe the car was fit
30 X 3 1/2 inner tubes
Ken Findlay -11/24, 11:08 pm- Heres an up date. I sent
David Stroud -11/25, 02:42 am- Ken, that is good news. N
Ford video showing Closed-car carpet
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -11/24, 12:00 pm- I am very pleased to see
john kuehn -11/24, 01:29 pm- The last part of the shor
Charles Weisgerber -11/24, 01:42 pm- It even shows a sewn fini
John Page -11/24, 10:56 pm- [Service Bulletin .jpg]
Charles Weisgerber -11/24, 11:10 pm- Thanks for the additional
Roger Karlsson, sout -11/25, 02:34 am- The brake pedal was adjus
What is the secret to installing the windshield on a late...
Jim Kelsey -11/25, 01:03 am- My wife and I got the win
Model T era maintenance advice
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/24, 02:37 pm- Whenever the question of
Dan Treace, North FL -11/24, 03:25 pm- Ford Owners Manual for en
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/24, 04:11 pm- Does anybody do the keros
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/24, 04:28 pm- Heres the Ford chart from
Royce in Dallas TX -11/24, 04:35 pm- [Dykes oil1.jpg] [Dykes
george house . . .ca -11/24, 09:28 pm- Thanks for the era reprin
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -11/24, 10:55 pm- I have been known to flus
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/24, 11:44 pm- Yes, in Model T days kero
Kevin Weeds -11/25, 12:38 am- Does anybody put Kerosene
OT - Foggy Bottoms Got Me Blue ....
Freighter Jim -11/24, 11:18 am- What is up with this Fres
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/24, 11:25 am- The Central Valley is fam
Norman T. Kling -11/24, 11:38 am- You need to go east about
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -11/24, 11:39 am- The dew point is 44F and
Freighter Jim -11/24, 11:43 am- Well, I am about 20 mile
Henry Petrino in Mod -11/24, 11:52 am- Ive lived in The Valley f
Freighter Jim -11/24, 12:07 pm- Henry, Cooler weather wi
Bill Dugger -11/24, 12:31 pm- Freighter Jim: Here in R
John Semprez-Templet -11/24, 12:35 pm- When I lived in Sacrament
David Dewey, N. Cali -11/24, 04:11 pm- Jim, Welcome to what is
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -11/25, 12:03 am- I did a lot of my learnin
OT...52 years ago today 11/22
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/24, 11:20 am- Heres the dénouement to m
Norman T. Kling -11/24, 11:35 am- I was at work in the line
Henry Petrino in Mod -11/24, 11:42 am- Steve, I imagine most of
Harold Schwendeman - -11/24, 01:45 pm- I too remember that day v
Ed Hope -11/24, 07:43 pm- Once again someone dispar
Bruce Kile ....San J -11/24, 08:43 pm- What does one persons opi
Jeff Perkins / MN -11/24, 09:22 pm- Why does Larry find it ne
Mack Cole ---- Earth -11/24, 09:36 pm- I must admit,some thought
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/24, 11:40 pm- Ed, I share your distaste
Toronto Branch Plant.
Ken Todd, .......... -11/24, 11:55 am- The picture of the buildi
Rob Patterson. Moruy -11/24, 04:09 pm- In that article, theres a
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -11/24, 05:18 pm- On that Roadster Pickup,
Dave Wells, Hamilton -11/24, 07:05 pm- Ken, that building and pr
Dave Wells, Hamilton -11/24, 07:30 pm- This is the second Toront
steven miller -11/24, 11:31 pm- posted previously http://
steven miller -11/24, 11:38 pm- Dave, I dont think anyone
Winching Your Car Onto A Trailer
Val Soupios -11/24, 12:34 pm- Richard, I have a V nose
Dick Fischer - Arroy -11/24, 01:52 pm- Richard mentioned driving
Walter Higgins -11/24, 01:59 pm- Interesting, I have a H.F
G.R.Cheshire -11/24, 03:50 pm- this is how I do it[:-] [
Norman T. Kling -11/24, 04:14 pm- G.R. has given us a pictu
Freighter Jim -11/24, 04:57 pm- Attaching an axle strap a
Val Soupios -11/24, 05:00 pm- My Harbor Freight remote
Dick Fischer - Arroy -11/24, 05:29 pm- Thanks for the suggestion
Chad Marchees _____T -11/24, 06:41 pm- The wireless feature is w
Mack Cole ---- Earth -11/24, 09:43 pm- I have found with my ultr
Robert Brough -11/24, 11:19 pm- Dont loose the remote on
Freighter Jim -11/24, 11:33 pm- I opt for the 12K HF winc
Block welding
JOHN BEVARDOS -11/24, 08:21 pm- Any advice on a decent bl
Ed in California -11/24, 09:54 pm- This is a guy who does a
Gene Carrothers Hunt -11/24, 11:30 pm- What kind of problem are
Enclosed trailers
Val Soupios -11/24, 12:51 pm- I had a 24 trailer for ov
Freighter Jim -11/24, 01:13 pm- A V- Nose trailer offers
Richard Wolf -11/24, 01:23 pm- I bought a 20ft 8.5 wide
Harold Schwendeman - -11/24, 02:37 pm- I have always thought tha
Donnie Brown North C -11/24, 07:41 pm- Im getting ready to buy m
Val Soupios -11/24, 07:50 pm- I can easily get a Model
Kenneth W DeLong -11/24, 08:56 pm- Longer hauls better!! Bud
HARRY A DAW Troy, Mo -11/24, 10:00 pm- Donnie, an 18 v nose, 8.5
mahlon hawker -11/24, 11:15 pm- When I got my 27 TT I pur
Freighter Jim -11/24, 11:23 pm- This thread has gone all
OT- What a Difference a Day Makes
Dick Fischer - Arroy -11/24, 02:00 pm- What is it that makes a M
Dan Killecut -11/24, 09:19 pm- Hello Dick, While beauty
Dick Fischer - Arroy -11/24, 10:39 pm- One thing that I enjoy ab
1914 Front Spring Perches
Garry Potter -11/24, 08:15 pm- I just learned that there
Mike Bender Tulsa Ok -11/24, 09:03 pm- Call langs they have a lo
Mark Gregush Portlan -11/24, 09:15 pm- If you plan on driving th
Kim Dobbins -11/24, 10:14 pm- Garry, I have sets of the
Where to find extra long u bolts
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -11/24, 09:39 am- John, How much more leng
John Eaton -11/24, 10:10 pm- Jerry I only have enough
Is there a body serial number on a 1916 Touring
Mark Strange - Hills -11/24, 09:37 am- Try posting some pictures
Erik Johnson -11/24, 09:59 am- On a 1916 body, you shoul
paul iverson freepor -11/24, 08:11 pm- Our 16 plate is 12 15 eng
Trent Boggess -11/24, 09:27 pm- Generally speaking, the b
What have you done, November
george house . . .ca -11/24, 11:04 am- Been busy...Played polka
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -11/24, 04:10 pm- Made some terminal nuts a
Chad Marchees _____T -11/24, 08:09 pm- Finished up all my re wir
Mark Gregush Portlan -11/24, 09:10 pm- Drove my T to the shop Mo
1916 Wiring Harness Clips
Philip Berg -11/24, 04:55 pm- I bought the 4 piece wire
James J. Lyons III - -11/24, 06:11 pm- Philip... On my un-restor
paul iverson freepor -11/24, 07:54 pm- Phillip on our 16 the cli
Please contact me : Swap axle for swivel
Chester Leighton -11/24, 07:38 pm- Would the person who PMd
Warford mounting bracket
Dave Wightman -11/24, 03:46 pm- While pulling my engine I
Marv Konrad (Green B -11/24, 03:55 pm- -Dave- This thread may he
Tom Palmisano -11/24, 03:57 pm- Do you have the aluminum
Dave Wightman -11/24, 04:13 pm- This is the aluminum case
Herb Iffrig -11/24, 07:28 pm- [warford ad.jpg] [warford
Tom Palmisano -11/24, 07:36 pm- The brace Herb shows is f
1925 Front Spindle
Bryan C -11/24, 06:14 pm- Mine is the same as Steve
Old Photo - Tire Trouble On The Road
John C Codman -11/24, 09:22 am- Tim and Henry, we dont mi
Pat Clark-Deer Lodge -11/24, 06:09 pm- I have not had the ac on
Michael Garrison - R -11/24, 06:14 pm- Its kinda odd, when we ha
Model T Touring Top Kit instructions?
Andrew  -11/24, 06:06 pm- Thank you for all the adv
OT - Thank You to Bob & his wife in Napa, CA ... :-)...
John Semprez-Templet -11/24, 11:45 am- I went up to Napa after t
Freighter Jim -11/24, 05:01 pm- I believe Bob has a 1947
Rear end ratio change
Norman T. Kling -11/24, 11:57 am- 3-1 would be OK in flat c
Harold Schwendeman - -11/24, 02:17 pm- I think that Norman has t
Bruce Compton -11/24, 02:44 pm- Thanks for all the input
Kevin Weeds -11/24, 04:31 pm- A friend imported a 13 ru
2015 Edition of Show Us Your Model T Doodlebug or Convers...
Mark Myers_____Pitts -11/24, 02:17 pm- I am about to list my doo
Ron in Central Massa -11/24, 02:36 pm- So tempting - if it was T
Mark Myers_____Pitts -11/24, 02:52 pm- PM sent, Ron.
Harold Schwendeman - -11/24, 03:03 pm- Dont misunderstand,....I
Ron in Central Massa -11/24, 03:43 pm- Thanks Mark. Got it.
Light Rods vs Heavy Rods
Kohnke Rebabbitting, -11/24, 01:54 pm- Well Frank, as a company
Frank van Ekeren (A -11/24, 02:52 pm- I dont disagree at all wi
Starter removal
Rick Goelz-Knoxville -11/24, 01:28 pm- Will the come out with th
john kuehn -11/24, 02:02 pm- You could remove the star
George_Cherry Hill N -11/24, 02:32 pm- Yes ....if you have no co
Installing new spindle bushings!
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -11/24, 09:27 am- Jimmie, It sounds like y
george house . . .ca -11/24, 10:18 am- The entire weight of the
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/24, 10:41 am- Ill second what chad said
john kuehn -11/24, 01:51 pm- Jimmie the most important
Paul Sherman Tacoma  -11/24, 12:47 pm- I was looking at pictures
Roger Karlsson, sout -11/24, 01:02 pm- Not at all common, but so
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -11/24, 01:03 pm- No, its not common. Ford
Need source for red tire pump hose.
Wayne Jorgensen -11/24, 11:26 am- I am also missing the fit
Robert Brough -11/24, 11:51 am- About half way through th
Robert Brough -11/24, 11:56 am-
Erik Johnson -11/24, 12:13 pm- Modern, braided bicycle p
'26-27 Rad mounting and hood shelves question
John C Codman -11/24, 09:26 am- I ran into that a couple
Norman T. Kling -11/24, 11:50 am- If you have a sander, jus
Compression question
Charlie B actually i -11/24, 09:45 am- JJL sounds correct as far
Norman T. Kling -11/24, 11:44 am- After you lapped the valv
Cool hat, Family in front of the Lawyers-Photo
Dale Peterson Colleg -11/24, 11:37 am- Not enough room inside fo
OT - Ford didn't just build cars in the early days, they ...
Rob Heyen - Eastern  -11/24, 09:33 am- Working through Detroit N
Movie work for Model Ts
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -11/24, 09:33 am- I would question the prod
Vampires circling.
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -11/24, 09:22 am- Alan, If indeed the stic
Brass Holley and Kingston Carb Bodies
Kenny Edmondson, Ind -11/25, 08:39 am- All are spoken for and sh
Dave Huson, Berthoud -11/25, 02:03 am- I would like to find the
joe bell -11/25, 06:26 am- Jack Putnam was just maki
Roger Karlsson, sout -11/25, 06:40 am- Heres Jacks ad: http://ww
Wanted - Front license plate bracket
Roger Karlsson, sout -11/25, 06:38 am- Theyre available as repro
For Sale - Doodlebug
Mark Myers_____Pitts -11/24, 02:17 pm- For sale is a doodlebug b
Chad Marchees _____T -11/24, 05:40 pm- Wow, that is a pretty fai
Donnie Brown North C -11/24, 07:51 pm- Mark, Now thats the way t
bob middleton -11/24, 08:53 pm- If I was only closer Fare
Mark Myers_____Pitts -11/24, 08:59 pm- Thank you all for the com
Zachary Carrico -11/24, 09:12 pm- This is really nice, some
David Stroud -11/25, 01:52 am- Looks like a heck of a de
Dave Huson, Berthoud -11/25, 01:22 am- WHEELS; $59.00. EACH, Wal
Dave Huson, Berthoud -11/25, 01:23 am- WHEELS; [wheels]
John Albert Lemon -11/25, 01:14 am- bump
1926-27 steering column to firewall bracket For Sale
Layden Butler -11/24, 06:39 pm- For all body styles excep
Layden Butler -11/25, 01:11 am- Spoken for Thanks to MTFC
Dave Huson, Berthoud -11/25, 01:04 am- CAMS AND CAM GEAR EACH; $
Dave Huson, Berthoud -11/25, 01:06 am- CAM AND CAM GEAR; [cam
WTB Bosch model 600 Distributor cam gear
Walt Magas -11/24, 07:56 pm- Looking for the drive gea
Mark Gregush Portlan -11/24, 09:22 pm- Bosch clips ons all use t
Intakes and water pumps
Allen Godard -11/24, 08:46 pm- 2nd and 5th water pump fr
Hand made header flangers for a T block
Allen Godard -11/24, 08:37 pm- Sold. -Thank you. -Allen
Blasted Ignition Switch and Bezel (No Amp Gauge or switch...
Allen Godard -11/24, 08:36 pm- Sold. Thank You. -Allen
1925? floorboard brackets For Sale
Layden Butler -11/24, 06:59 pm- Believed to be 1925 era f
Ruckstell shift rod bracket For Sale
Layden Butler -11/24, 06:34 pm- This original piece clamp
WTB: Metal trim strip to cover where top curtain attache...
James J. Lyons III - -11/24, 06:23 pm- Im putting a new top on m
Jones speedometer road gear Ford Special 1914 For Sale
Layden Butler -11/24, 06:21 pm- 35 Teeth 8 Pitch marked J
For Sale: Model T Crankshaft $30
Paul jacobs -11/24, 04:18 pm- For Sale: Model T Cranksh
Paul jacobs -11/24, 06:16 pm- Sold pending funds
Set of 4 wood non-demountable wheels with tires
Ray Syverson -11/24, 05:41 pm- For Sale. A set of four w
Brass era steering gear case For Sale
Layden Butler -11/24, 05:30 pm- Riveted 2 piece case and
Layden Butler -11/24, 05:39 pm- Spoken for Thanks to MTFC
Spare gooseneck carrier 1926-7 For Sale
Layden Butler -11/24, 05:26 pm- Spare carrier for 1926-27
Norman W. Woolley -11/24, 04:51 pm- COMPLETE EXCEPT BRAKE ROD
Original Brass Carb Adjusting Rod - 1911 - 1912-1913
Scott Rosenthal in C -11/24, 09:30 am- Hello Simon: Have not see
Simon Bayley -11/24, 02:24 pm- Hi Scott, Recieved a num
WTB - 1926 coupe parts
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -11/24, 12:32 pm- Model T Haven in Iola, Ka
Bruce Maley -11/24, 02:23 pm- Ive got 4 wood wheels wit
Wanted Aluminum 3spd Warford Aux trans Case
Bruce Maley -11/24, 02:15 pm- Ive been in touch with Jo
Marvin C. Miller -11/24, 01:55 pm- Money is going out today
Ruckstell shifter on axle For Sale
Layden Butler -11/24, 01:54 pm- Spoken for Thanks to MTFC
Jern Thunderbolt
Roger Karlsson, sout -11/24, 10:01 am- Not made anymore it seems
Erik Barrett in Aubu -11/24, 01:48 pm- Ron McKenzie had one for
1921-27 Exhaust Pipes
Dan Hatch -11/24, 09:20 am- James: Ford parts book, J
James Baker -11/24, 10:16 am- Dan what other exhaust pi
Dan Hatch -11/24, 10:31 am- James: In about 1920 the
Dan Hatch -11/24, 10:32 am- Larry: I am PMing you. Ch
Warren F Rollins -11/24, 12:01 pm- Right on Dan. I bet it is
Roger Karlsson, sout -11/24, 12:38 pm- Here is a thread that des
James Baker -11/24, 01:13 pm- Dan I just looked at the
Dan Hatch -11/24, 01:34 pm- James: No problem, those
Jack Putnam, Bluffto -11/24, 11:06 am- I have reproduced in iron
John Wightman -11/24, 11:44 am- Are they steel or brass?
Mark Strange - Hills -11/24, 12:40 pm- I have reproduced in iron
Jack Putnam, Bluffto -11/24, 01:05 pm- Made of Iron as the origi
Jack Putnam, Bluffto -11/24, 11:15 am- Just received another lot
FOR SALE: 1913 Smith Form-A-Truck 50% finished project
Mike Walker, NW AR -11/24, 09:59 am- So are you going to get t
Freighter Jim -11/24, 11:04 am- I will be dropping off in
Robert Brough -11/24, 10:08 am- Ill take two. PM sent.
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