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Model T Ford Forum
Forum 2014
GREAT New Street Scene Film Footage Discovery – Newark, N...
David Greenlees -12/21, 09:59 am- [model t.jpg] GREAT VIN
n maver -12/21, 06:19 pm-
Erik Johnson -12/21, 06:40 pm- What makes this recently
Erik Johnson -12/21, 06:55 pm- Here it is in its entiret
OT Original SPAM
David J. Holland -12/20, 08:20 pm- This ad in July 1943 - wa
Norman T. Kling -12/20, 09:05 pm- I remember it well. But
Richard Wolf -12/20, 09:05 pm- I still like spam
James Michael Rogers -12/20, 09:09 pm- I love spam, pineapple an
Michael Pawelek Broo -12/20, 09:55 pm- Spam is the answer to get
mike_black -12/20, 10:01 pm- James, I dont think a
Mack Cole ---- Earth -12/20, 10:16 pm- Yea, I can eat livermush
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -12/20, 11:14 pm- Spam and cheese jamb sand
Steven Thum -12/20, 11:30 pm- My dad was in the Philipp
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -12/21, 12:07 am- When I was a kid I HATED
George Clipner-Los A -12/21, 01:05 am- Love SPAM !!! Dice up ,s
Craig Anderson, cent -12/21, 01:53 am- We love SPAM too........b
Burger in Spokane -12/21, 06:54 am- I suspect our SPAM fans w
Mack Cole ---- Earth -12/21, 08:18 am- YUCK~! Miracle whip. The
Dan Treace, North FL -12/21, 09:14 am- On T tour a few years ago
harvey cash -12/21, 09:14 am- I love spam, and cheese s
William Schlink -12/21, 10:20 am- Obviously no spam filter
Burger in Spokane -12/21, 12:19 pm- When I go on eBay or Crai
John H. Nichols -12/21, 01:10 pm- When I was 9 and 10 years
John H. Nichols -12/21, 01:14 pm- Oh yah, sorry I got off t
Ted Dumas -12/21, 02:41 pm- I remember Spam and eatin
John Zibell -12/21, 04:06 pm- If you are in Hawaii, don
Harold Schwendeman - -12/21, 05:23 pm- SPAM - S ome P arts A
Burger in Spokane -12/21, 05:41 pm- Mysterious, indeed ! [:-
Bill dugger -12/21, 06:04 pm- Spam -onions-Mustard-Minc
harvey cash -12/21, 06:46 pm- After reading all these p
Apco Valve stem packing kit???
Dan Hatch -12/21, 04:38 pm- Goes around the valve ste
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -12/21, 06:44 pm- I dont know if it was ins
License plate bracket
ken bechtel -12/21, 03:31 pm- Hi all ! I have loo
john kuehn -12/21, 04:20 pm- Isnt the 24 Tudor license
Dan Treace, North FL -12/21, 04:35 pm- Rear license bracket.....
Mark Gregush Portlan -12/21, 04:49 pm- If the photo of your car
Mark Gregush Portlan -12/21, 04:51 pm- The tires in Kens profile
ken bechtel -12/21, 05:36 pm- Yes,someone changed it to
ken bechtel -12/21, 05:56 pm- this is a picture my t wh
ken bechtel -12/21, 06:20 pm- [Image079.jpeg] This is
17-20 Touring Rear Body Pic Request
Paul Booth -12/21, 05:20 pm- Im Slowly putting this bo
Mark Gregush Portlan -12/21, 06:02 pm- Ask and you get; http://w
Clayton Swanson -12/21, 06:16 pm- paul, that looks like a r
Using the bendix cover as a secondary oil line source
John T. Tannehill -12/21, 09:45 am- Does any one have the exp
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -12/21, 10:11 am- Considering the way oil i
Dale Peterson Colleg -12/21, 10:21 am- Rather level path, Im not
Bill Robinson Salty  -12/21, 10:45 am- A while back Gary Tillstr
Anthonie Boer -12/21, 11:57 am- John ;I use them for year
Mark Gregush Portlan -12/21, 12:50 pm- Even going up most hills,
Gary Tillstrom -12/21, 02:51 pm- If one measures from the
Norman T. Kling -12/21, 05:16 pm- I personally, think it is
Kenneth W DeLong -12/21, 05:38 pm- I went for the TH scoop o
Rob Patterson (AUS) -12/21, 05:42 pm- I cant see how it could b
Mark Gregush Portlan -12/21, 06:15 pm- How often do you need to
National Tour Calgary
brass car guy -12/21, 10:54 am- Do you have to be a membe
Barbara Klehfoth -12/21, 10:56 am- Yes, membership in the MT
Gene Carrothers Hunt -12/21, 05:13 pm- There is a lot of work ma
Harold Schwendeman - -12/21, 06:12 pm- Gene - Good points! Ther
Brake rods - straight or wavy?
Eric Sole - Castelld -12/21, 06:00 pm- I thought I read somewher
Eric Sole - Castelld -12/21, 06:01 pm- BTW, this is for a 1927 R
Mark Gregush Portlan -12/21, 06:04 pm- Straight. Over the years
Better be getting ready
Donnie Brown North C -12/20, 11:00 pm- Steve. Your first photo.
George Clipner-Los A -12/21, 01:21 am- [DSCN2312.JPG] [DSCN2313
Eric Hylen- Central  -12/21, 11:06 am- I guess its high time for
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -12/21, 11:38 am- My, what extinguished...e
John H. Nichols -12/21, 02:00 pm- What we really need is a
Donnie Brown North C -12/21, 02:12 pm- Someone put some names to
Jerry Kramer -12/21, 02:24 pm- John, The Homecoming in
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -12/21, 02:50 pm- Im on the left in the top
John P. Steele, Mont -12/21, 03:06 pm- Ted Kyle between Terry an
charley shaver -12/21, 05:37 pm- $1.00 table will be back
Fuel shut off
Bob Cascisa - Poulsb -12/21, 01:09 pm- Harold, You are correct.
Gene Carrothers Hunt -12/21, 05:09 pm- My shut off is under the
Flaps or No Flaps?
Tom Lovejoy, So Cal -12/20, 10:14 pm- my 15 has no flaps, 10 ye
Peter Kable -12/20, 11:02 pm- One thing more about flap
Mark Strange -12/21, 10:48 am- The flaps I got recently
Paul ONeil -12/21, 03:44 pm- The tire project got bump
Gene Carrothers Hunt -12/21, 05:05 pm- There must be lots on Mod
Wanted - For the Club's Richmond Museum
Fred Houston, Broken -12/21, 05:01 pm- Wanted – For the Club’s R
1927 Coupe Dash
Dave -12/21, 02:50 am- Anyone know where I can a
John Zibell -12/21, 04:20 pm- Have you tried Model T Ha
Dan Hatch -12/21, 04:35 pm- Dave: PM me, think I have
OT --Help identifying windshield from the teens
Ryan Glowacki -12/21, 01:51 pm- Ive been out rummaging on
Ted Dumas -12/21, 02:13 pm- Farm or no farm, safety g
Chris Paulsen - McPh -12/21, 03:37 pm- Is it brass? It looks lik
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -12/21, 04:25 pm- Ryan G, Paige? I have a P
New to Ts with many basic questions
Tim Wrenn -12/20, 07:35 pm- Joe, now that you mention
Constantine -12/21, 07:57 am- If you know little or not
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -12/21, 10:42 am- A lot of information and
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -12/21, 04:15 pm- Steve Jelf, Well worth re
Anthonie Boer -12/21, 12:15 pm- I try to register the MTF
Doug Money - Braidwo -12/21, 01:08 pm- I am sure glad that the d
Terry Woods, Richmon -12/21, 01:14 pm- Even though I have been a
John H. Nichols -12/21, 01:41 pm- Doug When you are up
Dick Lodge - St Loui -12/21, 02:12 pm- Toons experience would se
Mark Gregush Portlan -12/21, 02:42 pm- If you are running Firefo
Terry Woods, Richmon -12/21, 04:15 pm- John, If you were registe
Need a way better to inter react to postings
ex trooper -12/20, 08:52 pm- nouveau thinkers hipster
Bill Harris, Hunting -12/20, 10:18 pm- John: I was reading this
Mack Cole ---- Earth -12/20, 10:28 pm- Facebook is just a rumor
Burger in Spokane -12/21, 01:40 am- Harold ~ Nuevothink doe
Mike Garrison North  -12/21, 01:51 am- I think this forum lacks
Constantine -12/21, 05:34 am- Mike, your above comments
Chad Marchees -12/21, 08:25 am- I am a younger guy here 4
Bud Holzschuh - Pana -12/21, 09:13 am- I was more or less forced
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -12/21, 10:03 am- Facebook is a handy way f
John H. Nichols -12/21, 03:50 pm- What is Tweet and Face Bo
John H. Nichols -12/21, 04:02 pm- Burger, In your post y
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -12/21, 04:13 pm- Constantine, Careful with
Lol, I'm sure I'm the only one. Things can't be done with...
Tim Wrenn -12/20, 07:39 pm- In our previous house tha
Dick Fischer -12/20, 08:35 pm-  I drop the friggin utili
Rick Goelz-Knoxville -12/21, 09:17 am- We have a Pignut Hickory
Tim Wrenn -12/21, 12:20 pm- Dick... good one!! No, ac
John H. Nichols -12/21, 01:01 pm- I have one American Walnu
Ricks - Surf City -12/21, 03:14 pm- Your church may expect a
Axle housing rivits
Howard Sigler -12/21, 02:50 pm- After rebuilding the rear
Speedster project update and where to place switch and ga...
Donnie Brown North C -12/20, 07:43 pm- I am trying for a 1920s-i
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -12/20, 08:33 pm- I suggest a wing style da
Donnie Brown North C -12/20, 08:47 pm- Ken, that is an idea. Ill
Gary H. White - Sher -12/20, 09:02 pm- Moved my hand brake lever
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -12/20, 09:20 pm- For what it is worth. I t
Donnie Brown North C -12/20, 09:36 pm- Tyrone... It just soaked
Dan Treace, North FL -12/21, 09:37 am- Donnie Agree, thats a go
John F. Regan -12/21, 11:41 am- I make a new reproduction
Donnie Brown North C -12/21, 02:25 pm- John, Ill probably buy a
Cheap Old Cars/ Teen Accidents
Ricks - Surf City -12/20, 09:11 pm- I believe they turned the
Allan Bennett - Aust -12/20, 11:07 pm- I was listening to the lo
Don Lyon, PDX, OR. -12/20, 11:19 pm- I never wrecked any of my
Ricks - Surf City -12/20, 11:51 pm- Now its moderns their tal
Burger in Spokane -12/21, 01:32 am- By Allan Bennett - Austra
kep -12/21, 12:40 pm- Kids apparently cost noth
Rocky Mountain Brake instructions
Doug Wilson -12/21, 08:23 am- I transferring a set of c
Mark Strange -12/21, 10:43 am- Here: http://www.snyders
Doug Wilson -12/21, 11:49 am- That is too easy - thanks
Good Christmas Cards and Cartoons
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -12/20, 10:34 pm- Just as well have a littl
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -12/21, 01:49 am- I love it!
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -12/21, 10:22 am- Outstanding!!!
Verne Shirk -12/21, 11:42 am- Does this qualify? It is
OT - Lost: One More Pearl Harbor Warrior
Ricks - Surf City -12/20, 09:27 pm- Jack Hammett, member of H
Tom Lovejoy, So Cal -12/20, 10:53 pm- very good thanks
Clayton Swanson -12/20, 11:50 pm- wonderful story, thanks f
Joseph A. Stearns -12/21, 08:25 am- Yes, wonderful story for
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -12/21, 11:29 am- Read the story. Watch the
Using Model T to power machinery
Donnie Brown North C -12/20, 08:08 pm- Here is another version o
Jerry Kramer -12/20, 09:44 pm- The MTFCA museum has a re
jason macintyre -12/21, 08:15 am- Does anyone have a front
Marc Roberts -12/21, 08:30 am- I made a light duty pulle
jason macintyre -12/21, 08:36 am- Marc do you have any pict
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -12/21, 10:27 am- Heres a home made pulley
Kenneth W DeLong -12/21, 11:29 am- When sawing the speed of
Thanks R V Anderson
Kim Dobbins -12/20, 09:48 pm- I sent RV a set of Heinze
Bob Jablonski -12/21, 08:30 am- Kim: Great picture &
Have to spill a secret....
Matt Foye -12/20, 09:50 pm- Got a package from the ot
Clayton Swanson -12/20, 11:53 pm- i got a delivery today to
David Chantrell - Ad -12/21, 07:09 am- Ray Green is a nice guy;
OT - Changing history, one page at a time. Another Ford ...
Rob Heyen -12/21, 12:04 am- Holley Brothers made use
Broken magnet bracket
Norman T. Kling -12/20, 07:33 pm- David Menzies, The magnet
Robert Steven Robbin -12/21, 06:05 pm- looking for a good fordor
Wanted 1926 / 27 Four door or Tudor
n maver -12/21, 05:50 pm- This 1 looks pretty respe
Wanted - For the Club's Richmond Museum
Fred Houston, Broken -12/21, 04:52 pm- Wanted – For the Club’s R
Wanted 1918 running board
Eric Gould -12/21, 04:01 pm- I am needing a running bo
Eric Gould -12/21, 04:23 pm- Prefer original paint on
Wanted brass oilers
Colin Mavins -12/21, 11:21 am- I would like to buy orig
Mark Strange -12/21, 12:41 pm- Somebody showed a picture
WTB: T 2356 spark plug wrench
Dan Treace, North FL -12/21, 10:07 am- Rick Here is a forum po
Sacramento, CA north along I-5 to Blaine, WA & Canadian B...
Freighter Jim -12/21, 09:23 am- December 23rd I will be
Wanted rim tool crank handle
Larry Gresh -12/20, 08:50 pm- Do you just need the hand
Mark Gregush Portlan -12/20, 10:40 pm- just the handle
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