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Model T Ford Forum
Forum 2016
Size reduction software needed for upload
samuel pine -02/13, 06:00 am- Holy smokes Steve, you go
charley shaver- libe -02/13, 08:03 am- samuel glad to see i am n
samuel pine -02/13, 08:50 am- Hey Charley you see Georg
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -02/13, 09:20 am- Computer school? Ha! In
charley shaver- libe -02/13, 09:29 am- samuel, also wokr& mt
David Dewey, N. Cali -02/13, 10:26 pm- Before I resize a photogr
Mark Gregush Portlan -02/14, 02:58 am- Using Donnie Browns sugge
Mark Gregush Portlan -02/14, 03:02 am- Iam back! Ya! [:-] I have
OT: Yet Another "Dying" Hobby
Charlie B actually i -02/13, 10:50 am- A very interesting articl
Richard Eagle Idaho  -02/13, 11:04 am- I confess that my HO layo
Kevin Whelihan Danbu -02/13, 11:09 am- I dont know about dying.
Rick Goelz-Knoxville -02/13, 11:11 am- I still have all of our A
bob middleton -02/13, 11:59 am- ITs a great hobby like mo
Mark Gregush Portlan -02/13, 12:14 pm- I just boxed up the Marx
Charlie B actually i -02/13, 12:19 pm- Not sure how much $ has t
Richard Eagle Idaho  -02/13, 01:18 pm- The dollars relate to it
Mark Gregush Portlan -02/13, 01:45 pm- A few people have the ski
Hal Schedler, Sacram -02/13, 02:00 pm- My cousin did this to his
Hal Schedler, Sacram -02/13, 02:13 pm- A few more pictures. Thi
Hal Schedler, Sacram -02/13, 02:20 pm- [DSC00229.jpg]
john kuehn -02/13, 02:39 pm- I have a friend that has
Burger in Spokane -02/13, 02:58 pm- I liked the idea as a kid
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -02/13, 03:00 pm- I think kids with an inte
Stanley L Brown Drur -02/13, 04:01 pm- The Amherst MA Model Rail
David Dewey, N. Cali -02/13, 04:48 pm- Rick, Let me help you out
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -02/13, 04:49 pm- Steve J, That ghost town
David Dewey, N. Cali -02/13, 04:58 pm- PS. I too, learned my bas
Tim Eckensviller - T -02/13, 10:17 pm- Between laser cutting, 3D
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -02/13, 11:12 pm- David, when we moved out
Burger in Spokane -02/13, 11:36 pm- I was lucky, in that my m
Gale Bray -02/14, 01:42 am- We used to play baseball
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -02/14, 01:59 am- When youre old everything
Balancing Pistons?
Richard Gould, Folso -02/13, 10:32 am- Wayne, yours is a better
Dan McEachern -02/13, 12:06 pm- If you add weight in the
Pat Kelly Montana -02/14, 01:52 am- You remember right Dan. T
OT what was your first computer
Dennis Henrichs -02/13, 05:28 am- My first computer was mov
Dick Lodge - St Loui -02/13, 08:47 am- My first computer was a C
jerry knouse -02/13, 09:06 am- My first computer was a G
Joe Fedullo, Milford -02/13, 09:51 am- TI-99/4A
Kevin Whelihan Danbu -02/13, 10:09 am- Apple IIe with as many me
Bob Cascisa - Poulsb -02/13, 10:54 am- My first computer was a M
Dennis Sanford - Luc -02/13, 10:55 am- In college, I used a slid
Steve Bourgeois -02/13, 11:25 am- Slide rule in the 7th gra
Charlie B actually i -02/13, 11:29 am- Not sure about the name b
Bryce Putnam Peoria  -02/13, 11:54 am- I built my first computer
Ronald L Babb - Taco -02/13, 07:56 pm- First computer was a Comm
Robert Brough -02/13, 08:08 pm- I cant let that happen, D
Mark Strange - Hills -02/13, 08:17 pm- I remember spending eveni
Peter Claverie, Memp -02/13, 09:00 pm- Eagle 2E. I briefly work
Gary H. White - Sher -02/13, 09:16 pm- A slide rule.
David Stauffacher -02/13, 11:33 pm- IBM 1401 with 4K core mem
Bob Cascisa - Poulsb -02/14, 12:04 am- COBOL was the language of
Hal Schedler, Sacram -02/14, 01:20 am- E-6-B. Still works great
Hal Schedler, Sacram -02/14, 01:26 am- E-6-B And it still works
What have you done with a T Part 2
George n Los Angeles -02/13, 11:58 pm- Martin Vowell and I were
The Donald Gilmore Classic, Gilmore Musuem
Don Booth@ Bay City, -02/13, 09:11 am- Can we get some more info
Ed Baudoux Grayling  -02/13, 06:14 pm- Bizzump. I wanna know too
Mark Eyre -02/13, 06:46 pm- I just had the month. I
Eric Macleod -02/13, 11:55 pm- It is going to be May 21
Eric Macleod -02/13, 11:57 pm- Oh, they do have electric
Dodge Brothers - Do you have a photo of an old Dodge?
Craig Anderson, cent -02/13, 11:57 pm- In addition to my 2 Ts I
🚔 forum police🚔
Dave Frost -02/13, 07:59 am- I like waterpumps and Mar
Mack Cole ---- Earth -02/13, 10:18 am- I just put a dab of trans
George Mills_Cherry  -02/13, 10:41 am- I just opened the garage
Dave Dufault -02/13, 11:01 am- I was taught if you dont
John C Codman -02/13, 11:04 am- I still think its un-Amer
Gilbert V. I. Fitzhu -02/13, 11:11 am- For Better or for Worse s
Marv Konrad (Green B -02/13, 11:13 am- Gilbert - Be careful abou
George John Drobnock -02/13, 12:51 pm- Are you aware that there
Dick Lodge - St Loui -02/13, 01:12 pm- Marv, the link is public.
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -02/13, 01:13 pm- You guys are a tough crow
Mark Strange - Hills -02/13, 01:13 pm- Poor Chris, you guys are
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -02/13, 02:32 pm- Thats a strange comment M
Ivan Warrington -02/13, 04:25 pm- I agree. I nominated tha
Ron in Central Massa -02/13, 05:10 pm- I dont blame Chris - he d
Timothy Kelly -02/13, 05:21 pm- Inquiring minds would lik
David Dewey, N. Cali -02/13, 05:48 pm- My grandmother used to te
Robbie Price -02/13, 06:11 pm- Why do you always include
Kenneth W DeLong -02/13, 06:13 pm- I was gone much of yester
Dick Lodge - St Loui -02/13, 06:15 pm- David, you must mean this
Jay - In Northern Ca -02/13, 06:30 pm- [sign_language_saps_whine
Marv Konrad (Green B -02/13, 06:34 pm- Gilbert & Dick... It
Robbie Price -02/13, 06:47 pm- Its a link to their websi
Marv Konrad (Green B -02/13, 06:47 pm- -Guys- My apologies if I
Garnet -02/13, 06:50 pm- Just FYI, but nearly any
Robbie Price -02/13, 06:52 pm- I have to confess, I have
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -02/13, 07:30 pm- Since we are being dirt h
Tony Bowker, Ramona, -02/13, 08:14 pm- Well guess what I learnt
Ron in Central Massa -02/13, 08:22 pm- Vegemite: https://en.m.w
Dave Dufault -02/13, 08:56 pm- Very interesting Garnet..
David Dewey, N. Cali -02/13, 09:00 pm- Garnet--I thought that wa
Mack Cole ---- Earth -02/13, 11:48 pm- If I have a choice I use
Mack Cole ---- Earth -02/13, 11:53 pm- I did want to say 1 thing
OT. Climing Mt. Everest from the ground up.
Don Booth@ Bay City, -02/13, 06:40 am- Well I will live my life
Peter B. Ratledge -02/13, 07:32 am- Eugene, That was beautifu
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -02/13, 05:27 pm- I think I will take the c
Frank M. Brady -02/13, 08:16 pm- Eugene: Thank you so muc
David Stauffacher -02/13, 11:46 pm- I just finished Hillarys
Help with a new 30x3 clincher tire
Timothy Hales -02/13, 09:23 pm- What is the best way to m
Dale Peterson Colleg -02/13, 10:01 pm- I remember here on the fo
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -02/13, 11:17 pm- Clinchers are a lot easie
Bob Coiro -02/13, 11:44 pm- In my experience, the 30x
NH what year
Dean Yoder, Iowa Cit -02/13, 11:38 pm- This is the only NH I hav
What y'all doing in February?
Andre Valkenaers -02/13, 12:49 pm- Just became grandpa for t
Richard Eagle Idaho  -02/13, 12:53 pm- Congratulations Andre. An
paul griesse--Granvi -02/13, 05:10 pm- Been working on my old Ja
paul griesse--Granvi -02/13, 05:23 pm- [`63 Jag XKE]
paul griesse--Granvi -02/13, 05:40 pm- Sorry----keep trying...[`
Garnet -02/13, 07:07 pm- Salt & pepper shakers
Aaron Rogahn - Davis -02/13, 07:09 pm- Made a sticker for a wate
Donnie Brown North C -02/13, 09:08 pm- I have shipped over a 100
Bill Harper - Keene, -02/13, 11:08 pm- FIFTEEN FEET!!!!! WHAT T
Jack Daron - Brownsb -02/13, 11:32 pm- Ive been busy cutting out
charley shaver- libe -02/13, 11:19 pm- thank you! jay,herb and t
Some More Frolicking In The Snow
John Noonan - Norton -02/13, 09:56 pm- The older i get the more
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -02/13, 10:15 pm- Frolicking in the snow?
John Noonan - Norton -02/13, 10:31 pm- That wasnt very nice Fred
Bill Harper - Keene, -02/13, 11:01 pm- Now Fred, does John look
Removing rear cross member
bob middleton -02/13, 12:49 pm- Advice befor I dive in on
Jim Carlton -02/13, 03:59 pm- Ive never done this on a
Donnie Brown North C -02/13, 04:18 pm- Jim, pretty well summed i
bob middleton -02/13, 07:10 pm- Guys yes measure level bu
keith g barrier Sava -02/13, 07:31 pm- Bob, you will most likely
Jim Carlton -02/13, 08:13 pm- On cutting, I tape over t
Dale Peterson Colleg -02/13, 09:51 pm- Frame rivets are not that
bob middleton -02/13, 10:15 pm- I have the rails parallel
Jim Carlton -02/13, 11:00 pm- Not sure of your set up B
OT it's a month late to be T related but cool none the le...
James M. Riedy, Sand -02/13, 10:55 pm- Hope I got this link down
Replacement spacer for differential
bob middleton -02/13, 10:52 pm- Dont forget the penny as
Help needed on 26 Tudor body panel
Rand Ward Payson, Ut -02/13, 12:01 pm- Heres a pic of the inside
john kuehn -02/13, 05:42 pm- Rand if you can get to th
Mark Strange - Hills -02/13, 06:00 pm- There are special bits fo
Allan Bennett - Aust -02/13, 10:47 pm- Mark, the second cutter y
What kind of wrench is this?-Photo
Ken Todd, .......... -02/13, 11:22 am- Methinks Jay has it right
Charlie B actually i -02/13, 11:27 am- Apparently locks into pla
Michael Pawelek Broo -02/13, 11:28 am- Dont know about the wrenc
Norman T. Kling -02/13, 11:59 am- I dont think it is for a
Gary H. White - Sher -02/13, 03:39 pm- MacGyvers all purpose poc
John F. Regan -02/13, 04:11 pm- I think the left picture
Herb Iffrig -02/13, 10:45 pm- It locks in both position
First true sign that I'm getting old
David Stroud -02/13, 05:18 am- I realized I was getting
Mack Cole ---- Earth -02/13, 08:37 am- You know talking about ge
Marv Konrad (Green B -02/13, 11:02 am- -Doctor Noel- & other
thomas elliott nw pa -02/13, 08:43 pm- About 25 years ago I was
David Dewey, N. Cali -02/13, 10:09 pm- After checking over his p
Rear spring oilers
David Stroud -02/13, 08:48 pm- Dan Treace, where did you
Dan Treace, North FL -02/13, 09:41 pm- Just old stock I guess.
Dan Treace, North FL -02/13, 09:57 pm- Eric Here is a picture s
Two T's are Better then One
Philip Berg -02/13, 05:22 pm- Well it look likes Ill ha
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -02/13, 09:36 pm- Philip B, You are one luc
How many ID plates and locations on 1927 Model T?
Robert Mclellan -02/13, 02:13 pm- So theres the serial # on
Donnie Brown North C -02/13, 04:11 pm- Robert I can not say abou
lorenzo leon -02/13, 05:28 pm- Think i read here on the
Hap Tucker in Sumter -02/13, 06:39 pm- Robert, I suspect Ford o
Robert Mclellan -02/13, 07:31 pm- Very Interesting Hap! I r
Hap Tucker in Sumter -02/13, 08:18 pm- Robert, Please confirm t
Donnie Brown North C -02/13, 08:42 pm- Hap, Very interesting inf
Paul Bourgeois -02/13, 09:29 pm- Hap, I just went and took
Paul Bourgeois -02/13, 09:33 pm- That number and is just b
On E-Bay
Bill Elliott -02/13, 06:29 am- If that vin number is act
Richard Wolf -02/13, 08:09 am- Thought that was mine, at
Steve Redelman, Kout -02/13, 08:27 am- A look at the frame under
James J. Lyons III - -02/13, 08:28 am- I agree with Bill - I dou
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -02/13, 08:34 am- Engine number is 1922 tha
Dan Treace, North FL -02/13, 08:37 am- Sits on a later frame, th
Royce in Dallas TX -02/13, 09:54 am- That black one is very re
Matthew Atchinson  -02/13, 10:00 am- Royce, Thats a nice looki
Dennis Sanford - Luc -02/13, 10:21 am- It is interesting that ne
Jesse L. Ashcraft -02/13, 12:43 pm- Whats the chain on the st
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -02/13, 05:31 pm- Royce, Even my general cu
Royce in Dallas TX -02/13, 09:13 pm- I like the black one too.
Runaway e-bay item, am I unaware of something ??
Royce in Dallas TX -02/13, 09:24 am- Except for the Bosch logo
Steve Tomaso - Longb -02/13, 10:03 am- I utilized this Bosch das
Tony Bowker, Ramona, -02/13, 10:52 am- Steve -TWELVE VOLTS......
Charlie B actually i -02/13, 11:24 am- Im assuming its an access
Adam Doleshal -02/13, 12:02 pm- I wonder if the people bi
Steve Tomaso - Longb -02/13, 08:14 pm- Yes, - sorry folks but it
Steve Tomaso - Longb -02/13, 08:15 pm- Fit my dash board style v
Donnie Brown North C -02/13, 08:50 pm- Steve, It looks very good
Derek Kiefer - Manto -02/13, 08:53 pm- If I had more money or fe
Puyallup Swap Meet Plunder, what did you get?
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -02/13, 08:52 pm- This was the 50th annual
No head gasket problem
Corey Walker, Browns -02/13, 08:26 pm- I had time to mess with m
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -02/13, 08:47 pm- Great. Sometimes the fix
Found My Perfect Motor Oil Today at Dollar General
Robert Brough -02/13, 07:52 pm- Saw an article on the TV
Erik Johnson -02/13, 08:15 pm- Ive never seen a quart of
Mark Strange - Hills -02/13, 08:23 pm- True story - one of my br
Corey Walker, Browns -02/13, 08:41 pm- My friend borrowed my pus
Headlight Conversion Kit 1926/27
Russell R. -02/13, 06:00 am- You know, I think I will
John F. Regan -02/13, 07:50 pm- Unless you typically use
Robert Brough -02/13, 08:02 pm- I was under the impressio
Kevin Whelihan Danbu -02/13, 08:12 pm- Ive tried both; Mazda bul
Old Photo - Modell T Bus Overseas
James Hunt -02/13, 08:05 am- The EP registration is fr
Henry Petrino in Mod -02/13, 08:21 am- I think thats a TT chassi
Hap Tucker in Sumter -02/13, 07:48 pm- Henry, I agree with you
1903 Ford Brochure
Roger Karlsson, sout -02/13, 05:56 am- Nice brochure - even if i
Hap Tucker in Sumter -02/13, 06:43 am- Albert, Polyprints repri
Richard Eagle Idaho  -02/13, 12:06 pm- Here are some other Polyp
Albert Belling -02/13, 02:30 pm- These two pages are from
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -02/13, 04:08 pm- I remember a few of those
Tony Bowker, Ramona, -02/13, 07:34 pm- Gary Hoonsbeen, the edito
White Wall Tires
Richard Schrage -02/13, 09:13 am- Looking for white wall cl
Larry Gresh -02/13, 02:03 pm- Hi Rick, Hope your doing
Richard Schrage -02/13, 05:22 pm- Thanks Larry. Good to hea
Larry Gresh -02/13, 07:20 pm- Rick, Im Just finishing a
EPA Planning to outlaw Model T racers
Royce in Dallas TX -02/13, 09:49 am- Please sign the petition
George John Drobnock -02/13, 09:57 am- This whole issue is to be
Jay - In Northern Ca -02/13, 10:13 am- I think I am going to bur
Mack Cole ---- Earth -02/13, 10:13 am- I just wish someone in go
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -02/13, 06:09 pm- Forget what a new motor h
Lost title, lost cause?
Jerome Hoffman, Hays -02/13, 02:02 pm- Tail if the sellers are t
Bill Dugger -02/13, 05:17 pm- Gale Well I had a post t
David Dewey, N. Cali -02/13, 05:48 pm- Gale, WARNING: In my area
12 Volt Conversion
Rod Barrett - Anders -02/13, 05:41 pm- To use the standard therm
Lake Geneva Wisconson-Photo
Herb Iffrig -02/13, 09:21 am- [lake geneva wisconsin.GI
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -02/13, 05:30 pm- Looks like they even had
OT:-OT I'm done with the Model T Forum...
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -02/13, 03:09 am- The only thing I know abo
Mack Cole ---- Earth -02/13, 08:24 am- Hehehe, didnt realize it
samuel pine -02/13, 08:39 am- Just may be he has Cadill
Robbie Price -02/13, 08:49 am- Sam, Dont start quoting p
Mack Cole ---- Earth -02/13, 09:12 am- Well I dont know about th
Terry Horlick in Pen -02/13, 11:00 am- Re. thread removal: Many
Jay - In Northern Ca -02/13, 11:14 am- We are controlling transm
Charlie B actually i -02/13, 11:15 am- Ah well, maybe it did get
Jay - In Northern Ca -02/13, 11:38 am- What Charlie Said!!!! [li
Robbie Price -02/13, 12:16 pm- Jay, You been watching th
Charlie B actually i -02/13, 12:23 pm- X files reboot! LOL.
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -02/13, 01:17 pm- What Charlie said.
Robbie Price -02/13, 01:32 pm- Jay, Sorry, I meant The
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -02/13, 01:46 pm- Careful calling people Wh
Mack Cole ---- Earth -02/13, 01:58 pm- Yep, that what happened t
Jay - In Northern Ca -02/13, 04:48 pm- [my-sense-of-humor-640x61
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -02/13, 05:16 pm- This thread definitely ne
Is it OK if I share something I think is entertaining?
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -02/13, 08:32 am- John. Yes she nailed it!
Dennis Sanford - Luc -02/13, 11:15 am- I normally do not care fo
David L Corman -02/13, 11:34 am- Great performance by Lady
Charlie B actually i -02/13, 11:36 am- For cryin out loud the vi
Dennis Seth - Ohio -02/13, 11:45 am- Charlie, It is the link p
Norman T. Kling -02/13, 11:55 am- She did very well. She h
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -02/13, 12:07 pm- Herb I just tried your li
Charlie B actually i -02/13, 12:13 pm- I never paid much attenti
Charlie B actually i -02/13, 12:26 pm- Anybody remember when Rob
Hal Schedler, Sacram -02/13, 12:52 pm-
George John Drobnock -02/13, 12:55 pm- I want to replace the 6 v
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -02/13, 01:21 pm- George. I think that is a
Garnet -02/13, 01:26 pm- Ifn youse arent aware, La
David Dewey, N. Cali -02/13, 05:03 pm- Lady Gaga does have a goo
1912 with pinstripes-Photo
Norman T. Kling -02/13, 12:26 pm- Looks like a wedding part
Old Car Festival Model T's are Tertiary priority at the ...
Bill Elliott -02/13, 06:35 am- Aaron, I would think you
Marty Bufalini - Gro -02/13, 08:31 am- Penalized because we own
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -02/13, 08:48 am- Marty, you can bet theyre
Joe Fedullo, Milford -02/13, 08:49 am- My wife and I have been g
Aaron Rogahn -02/13, 10:37 am- Thanks Bill. Im thrashin
John C Codman -02/13, 10:53 am- Is this what Yogi Berra w
Kenneth W DeLong -02/13, 12:25 pm- Maybe someone with people
Anyone going to Chickasha that lives near Snyder's?
Royce in Dallas TX -02/13, 09:32 am- Why not just order them f
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -02/13, 09:55 am- Or Wallace Wade. Hes alwa
Terry Woods, Richmon -02/13, 11:53 am- Transportation taken care
1915 roadster-Photo
Hap Tucker in Sumter -02/13, 06:52 am- Note it has the brass tri
Rick J. Gunter -- Sp -02/13, 10:25 am- That is an accessory Rain
Richard Eagle Idaho  -02/13, 11:20 am- Rick is correct. Good wor
On Topic- Model T Whatzit
SID KHONA -02/13, 05:22 am- Is it a Fuel Stick by any
Tom VanMeeteren Vall -02/13, 08:35 am- Fold up oil checker
Garnet -02/13, 08:39 am- Its a bug scraper for the
James A Bartsch -02/13, 08:44 am- Eric: Interesting, and o
Eric Hylen- Central  -02/13, 09:01 am- Yes, its an oil checker.
Jay - In Northern Ca -02/13, 10:52 am- Looks easy enough to repr
Jay - In Northern Ca -02/13, 10:54 am- Could you share with us t
Grandma going for a drive-Photo
Rick J. Gunter -- Sp -02/13, 10:30 am- Wow Granny, you were driv
Henry Petrino in Mod -02/13, 10:39 am- For a person that age at
Bendix went to purdition
John McGinnis in San -02/13, 08:04 am- So...fix it. Put the gea
samuel pine -02/13, 08:45 am- So George, How in hell yo
Dan Treace, North FL -02/13, 08:46 am- Replacing the fractured d
Dave Dufault -02/13, 10:31 am- George, With sympathy fo
1924 Model T Top
Steven Roy -02/13, 09:20 am- Do they not make one alre
Mark Strange - Hills -02/13, 09:24 am- In my opinion, there is t
Calmar Iowa-Photo with a pick up
Herb Iffrig -02/13, 09:23 am- [calmar iowa.GIF] Cute
Oregon Dealer plate-Photo
Ken Parker -02/13, 09:16 am- Shouldve folded the winds
Head lights 1915 Model T
Mike Walker, NW AR -02/13, 08:15 am- Besides the differences i
Mike Walker, NW AR -02/13, 08:19 am- Jack -- I see from your p
Dan Treace, North FL -02/13, 08:34 am- Mike Correct. Those hea
Russell R. -02/13, 08:45 am- Just thinking out aloud,
OT - Doodlebug Hauler
David Stroud -02/13, 05:22 am- Todd, whatever you decide
Wheel adaptors, model T to model A again...and
Jim Carlton -02/13, 04:46 am- NICE! Heres what I cam
Split rim question
Eric Sole - Castelld -02/13, 04:15 am- Bill, I used those instru
New roadster project
Eric Sole - Castelld -02/13, 04:01 am- My car is September 1926
Muffler front end plate
Dan Treace, North FL -02/13, 10:15 am- This is the end plate to
Terry Woods, Richmon -02/13, 10:33 am- Dan, Ill take it if not s
Dan Treace, North FL -02/13, 12:24 pm- Terry That one is yours.
David Stroud -02/13, 03:24 pm- Dan, Ill take the other o
Dan Treace, North FL -02/13, 10:14 pm- David OK, thanks, you wi
David Stroud -02/14, 03:06 am- Dan, PM sent. Many thanks
Transportation available from Southern Cal to Chickasha
Tony Bowker, Ramona, -02/14, 01:10 am- I will have transportatio
Peter Martin, Sydney -02/14, 02:39 am- Hi Tony, What about Chic
WTB Large Ford Script Ammeter
Daniel E. Snell -02/13, 12:29 pm- I sent you a PM but I thi
Terry Woods, Richmon -02/14, 12:04 am- One on Ebay right now.
1915 brass radiator for sale
Mike -02/13, 10:35 pm- Thanks Tim. It is a flat
FOR SALE - 1915 Couplet Side Lamp Bracket
Jay - In Northern Ca -02/13, 10:41 am- Now $35 plus postage.
Robbie Price -02/13, 11:01 am- Jay, I will take them
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -02/13, 09:04 pm- Is that a them or an it?
Jay - In Northern Ca -02/13, 09:53 pm- Its Just ONE with a photo
Loose spindle arm
Corey Walker, Browns -02/13, 09:47 pm- What is a good way to tig
Corey Walker, Browns -02/13, 09:48 pm- I should have put this in
What do I call it?
Rod Letcher - Eugene -02/13, 12:47 pm- OK, I purchased the Pie W
Mark Strange - Hills -02/13, 12:51 pm- For me, the determining f
Rod Letcher - Eugene -02/13, 01:24 pm- Yup, thats what I was thi
Mark Chaffin......Co -02/13, 02:41 pm- Hi Rod, Yes, the pink sl
Perry Goble -02/13, 04:11 pm- If you have a good title
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -02/13, 09:23 pm- Yes, if you have a good t
WTB: New Day Timer or Anderson Timer
Robert Brough -02/13, 08:13 pm- Need a timer for my 26/27
Ron Patterson-Nichol -02/13, 08:40 pm- Take a look at the TW Com
For sale HCCA Weston AC Ammeter
Steve Redelman, Kout -02/13, 08:02 pm- The meter is sold. Thanks
Livingston V Type Radiator
Erik Barrett in Aubu -02/13, 11:10 am- Brassworks makes Livingst
Larry Reed -02/13, 11:41 am- Bill just use the money t
bob middleton -02/13, 12:46 pm- Agree with Erik ones I ha
Manny Kourounis -02/13, 01:37 pm- Brassworks has the living
Larry Reed -02/13, 04:15 pm- Bill that deep V would lo
Larry Reed -02/13, 07:36 pm- Bill that deep V would lo
FS 26/27 Two Door Sedan Body
Mark Chaffin......Co -02/13, 07:25 pm- REDUCED to $1,900. Will
FOR SALE: Model T Fan With Govenor
Larry Gresh -02/13, 07:06 pm- Bttt
FOR SALE: Early Original Brass Era Perfex Radiator with i...
Larry Gresh -02/13, 07:06 pm- Bttt
FOR SALE: 1926-27 Roadster Touring Upper Windshield Frame
Larry Gresh -02/13, 07:04 pm- Bttt
bob middleton -02/13, 07:01 pm- Looking for a good to exc
For sale, Rare HEXCEL Low Radiator Shell.
Bob Peterson -02/13, 06:54 pm- Price reduced-$200
For Sale Model T Water Pummp
Bob Peterson -02/13, 06:53 pm- Price reduced to $30 ship
For Sale, 1926-1927 Model T Touring Lt. Rear Door
Bob Peterson -02/13, 06:52 pm- BTTT
For Sale, 1926- 27 Ford vaporizor.
Bob Peterson -02/13, 06:51 pm- Price reduced, $50. Shoul
For Sale 1917-1922 Windshield open Car Complete
Bob Peterson -02/13, 06:49 pm- $150
For Sale, 1925 Model T Rt. rear Fender.N.O.S. Or T.O.
Bob Peterson -02/13, 06:48 pm- BTTT
For Sale, Model T Goodrich Motor Testing Valve.
Bob Peterson -02/13, 06:47 pm- Cut out is sold pending p
john matteucci -02/13, 06:05 pm- 1925 Roadster. All origi
OT tires needed
Val Soupios -02/13, 01:20 pm- I am looking for two Alls
charley shaver- libe -02/13, 05:22 pm- what is the car that you
Val Soupios -02/13, 05:52 pm- Charley it is a 1930 Mod
Wanted: Champion X Plugs
P. Jamison- PA -02/13, 05:47 pm- Sorry for delay. I was at
Bills Auto Works -02/13, 05:13 pm- Hello Everyone, I will b
30X3 Front Rim
Tom Rootlieb -02/13, 02:14 pm- How about $40.
Dave Huson, Berthoud -02/13, 01:58 pm- Kingston l; $49.00 Brass
Dave Huson, Berthoud -02/13, 01:59 pm- Kingston Carb. [Kingsto
Ron Patterson-Nichol -02/13, 12:40 pm- [1]
Square fellow wheels 30x3 WTB or trade
bob middleton -02/13, 11:50 am- Have a pair of nice 30x3.
Wanted Sun visor brackets
Bill Anziani -02/13, 11:35 am- looking for an original p
Tools for sale
Bill Anziani -02/13, 11:34 am- 2 # 1917 Ford script open
Water inlet for sale
Bill Anziani -02/13, 11:32 am- Water inlet for 09-19 for
Bill Anziani -02/13, 11:31 am- Have 4 # 66 Keys. 1 belie
Freight to Chicasha from Seattle area
Scott Rosenthal in C -02/13, 10:49 am- Anyone have space for a d
FOR SALE - Automobile Club Of Southern California "Good R...
Jay - In Northern Ca -02/13, 10:41 am- Now $30 plus postage.
Here is a carb for sale
Dan Hatch -02/13, 09:39 am- Here is and off brand car
Dan Treace, North FL -02/13, 10:21 am- Dan That carb fits the 1
FS Wire Wheels and Hubs
Andy Loso St Joseph, -02/13, 09:53 am- BTT
Rim Jack #2
Dan Hatch -02/13, 09:29 am- Here is another rim jack.
Split Rim Jack #1
Dan Hatch -02/13, 09:24 am- Here is a 21 rim jack. Lo
TT lugs for sale
Dan Hatch -02/13, 09:20 am- Here are some TT lugs. Pa
Timing Gear Cover 3017-B For Sale
Dan Hatch -02/13, 06:44 am- Part # 3017-B Timing gear
Dan Hatch -02/13, 09:12 am- Sold pending payment
TT rear Spring Hanger set
Dan Hatch -02/13, 06:17 am- Set of rear TT spring han
Dan Hatch -02/13, 09:11 am- Sold pending payment
Flywheel wanted
Mark Strange - Hills -02/13, 09:02 am- Martins profile says he i
NOS TT Battery Brackets
Dan Hatch -02/13, 06:30 am- NOS TT Battery Clamp Supp
Tom Strickling -02/13, 08:55 am- sent a PM
Tom Strickling -02/13, 08:56 am- Ill take em.
WTB; Pan Arms to repair my 1915 narrow nose oil pan
James J. Lyons III - -02/13, 08:46 am- Lorenzo, I sent you a PM.
NOS Diveshaft Pinion Nuts
Dan Hatch -02/13, 07:03 am- These are NOS Pinion nuts
17-22 Windshield Hinge pin bolts NOS
Dan Hatch -02/13, 06:55 am- Windshield Hinge pin bolt
TT Rear Spring Clip STUFF
Dan Hatch -02/13, 06:36 am- TT Rear Spring Clip Parts
TT rear axle bearings
Dan Hatch -02/13, 06:23 am- TT Rear Axle Bearings. Ca
TT lugs and bolts
Dan Hatch -02/13, 06:12 am- Set of 10 of part# 1107-C
TT Rear Brake shoes For Sale
Dan Hatch -02/13, 06:06 am- Set of TT rear brake shoe
30 x 3 1/2 Kelsey 88 rim For sale
David Stroud -02/13, 04:03 am- Dennis, be sure to sandbl
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