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Model T Ford Forum
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OT Take every chance
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -06/30, 12:22 am- This evening Ive been deb
Marv Konrad (Green B -06/30, 12:33 am- -Steve- My condolences to
Paul Mikeska, Denver -06/30, 12:41 am- Steve, It is hard enough
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -06/30, 12:56 am- So very sad. So shocking.
Freighter Jim -06/30, 01:19 am- Steve, Oh how very sad t
Jerome Hoffman, Hays -06/30, 01:26 am- Steve, my condolences. W
Bill Dugger -06/30, 02:13 am- Steve It is so sad that
Doug Money - Braidwo -06/30, 05:11 am- Steve, this was the reaso
Tex Holtby -06/30, 05:50 am- Steve, condolences from m
Gary M. Wheeler -06/30, 06:21 am- This forum truly is a fam
G.R.Cheshire -06/30, 06:44 am- Steve; Prayers for you an
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -06/30, 07:49 am- Bill,both pictures are of
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -06/30, 08:01 am- condolences an
Gary Schreiber- Sant -06/30, 08:26 am- Our condolences.
Richard Wolf -06/30, 08:51 am- So sad to hear. She was a
Donnie Brown North C -06/30, 09:11 am- Our thoughts and prayers
Mark Strange - Hills -06/30, 09:13 am- So sorry to hear that Ste
n maver -06/30, 09:29 am- Steve; My deepest condole
Dick Fischer - Arroy -06/30, 09:42 am- Steve, Like everybody
Burger in Spokane -06/30, 10:16 am- Maddening that so many pe
Hap Tucker in Sumter -06/30, 10:16 am- Steve, You and Cara’s ex
Norman T. Kling -06/30, 10:51 am- I am very sorry to read a
Carl Sorenson-Montro -06/30, 11:23 am- Like all of the others ,I
Bill Dugger -06/30, 11:40 am- Thank you Steve, and I th
Robert G. Hester Jr. -06/30, 11:43 am- Just horrible, Steve. Ou
Mark Chaffin......Co -06/30, 11:54 am- Truly a terrible thing.
'26 Speedster coming back to life
Mike Garrett -06/30, 09:53 am- Just got this in trade fo
Ed in California -06/30, 10:26 am- That looks pretty good
Tim Lloid -06/30, 11:03 am- I love the speedsters and
Gary Schreiber- Sant -06/30, 11:15 am- Nice. Enjoyed our roadste
Robert G. Hester Jr. -06/30, 11:49 am- Heck yeah! [:-]
Coil testing with simple tools
Chris Laughary -06/30, 11:26 am- I need to check my coils
Steve Tomaso - Longb -06/30, 11:39 am- Really doesnt work that w
Anyone driving to iola this year
Ron Paetz -06/29, 09:16 pm- im not driving a t to Iol
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -06/29, 09:48 pm- Paul, SWere planning on t
paul wilcox germanto -06/29, 10:21 pm- See you up there keith wi
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -06/29, 10:49 pm- I will probably go by Cam
Jerome Hoffman, Hays -06/30, 01:28 am- What are the dates? Im t
Ken Lefeber -06/30, 10:55 am- Paul and Keith, I will be
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -06/30, 11:27 am- Jerry, its next week. htt
Electric Horn adjuster needed !
charley shaver- libe -06/29, 06:54 pm- whats the deal $ 25.00 on
charley shaver- libe -06/29, 11:19 pm- duh!!! everybody look und
David Dewey, N. Cali -06/30, 01:22 am- I tried, didnt find it, b
charley shaver- libe -06/30, 07:33 am- keep looking its there 14
Dave Dufault -06/30, 07:38 am- Charley, I cant find it
charley shaver- libe -06/30, 11:24 am- it is right there in anti
RACE CAR FOUND .. Need Help identifying this car.
Roger Karlsson, sout -06/29, 12:53 pm- Odd air intake on the Hud
Harold Schwendeman - -06/29, 03:00 pm- Interesting extra strap a
Harold Schwendeman - -06/29, 03:03 pm- Interesting extra strap a
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -06/29, 04:05 pm- Have to leave in just a m
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -06/29, 04:09 pm- I wouldnt be surprised if
Apolo Orfali -06/29, 04:33 pm- Hi, and thank you for the
Dan Treace, North FL -06/29, 04:38 pm- Agree Many of the Fords
Donnie Brown North C -06/29, 07:36 pm- I agree with Jerry and Da
Mike Esik -06/29, 07:55 pm- How Uber Cool.
Mark Osterman -06/29, 10:34 pm- I hope this is conserved
mark herdman -06/30, 02:56 am- I agree with Mark I hope
mark herdman -06/30, 03:03 am- Apolo I believe Hughes u
Daniel Meakin - Engl -06/30, 11:23 am- Hi Apolo, Here is a pict
Ford and the definition of overheating
George John Drobnock -06/30, 11:22 am- Question? What is over he
Overheating/Timing issue
Robert J. Gaffney -06/30, 12:09 am- My 21 Model T has been ov
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -06/30, 12:31 am- Reading the list of what
Richard E Moore Jr.  -06/30, 07:21 am- Make sure the tubes are s
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -06/30, 07:32 am- Not sure about VW distrib
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -06/30, 07:38 am- Re-reading my post, I beg
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -06/30, 08:12 am- your email and
Verne Shirk -06/30, 08:39 am- It could be a lot of diff
john kuehn -06/30, 08:56 am- Is the radiator an origin
Les Schubert -06/30, 11:12 am- Maybe you are leaning the
Need a part Number for Rod bolt?
Dan Hatch -06/30, 08:05 am- Does anyone have the part
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -06/30, 08:43 am- All my catalogues say 302
ROBERT BERGSTADT -06/30, 08:57 am- We sell them also have to
Roger Karlsson, sout -06/30, 09:56 am- Maybe Dan thinks about th
Les Schubert -06/30, 11:08 am- I just go to my industria
My new tail light works!
Chris Laughary -06/30, 09:32 am- Thank God for the little
Chris Laughary -06/30, 09:34 am- [image.jpeg]
Mark Strange - Hills -06/30, 09:41 am- Looks good! [:-]
Tim Lloid -06/30, 11:06 am- Looks great hope all else
Holley G parts
Mike Walker, NW AR -06/29, 07:21 pm- No heat from me, I like e
John T. Tannehill II -06/29, 08:44 pm- So the question remains a
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -06/30, 01:03 am- Here is how I met with so
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -06/30, 01:12 am-
Mike Walker, NW AR -06/30, 08:57 am- What do you need, John?
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -06/30, 10:14 am- As far as I know there ar
Richard Wolf -06/30, 11:02 am- Back in the mid 70s when
What did you do today? (June)
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -06/30, 06:21 am- Yesterday actually 6/29 b
Andre Valkenaers -06/30, 08:49 am- I did it again. Just fini
Zachary Dillinger -  -06/30, 10:33 am- Yesterday, I finished giv
Derek Kiefer - Manto -06/30, 10:40 am- First start of the new en
1913 Touring on tbay
Ed in California -06/29, 10:51 pm-
Royce in Dallas TX -06/30, 07:47 am- Surprised that it is not
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -06/30, 08:09 am- Quite the find. Early Jun
Richard Wolf -06/30, 08:56 am- Tim Didnt that car have a
Robert Blanchard -06/30, 09:57 am- I was about to post this.
Tod Wirth - Richfiel -06/30, 09:58 am- The question I would like
Warren F Rollins -06/30, 10:20 am- Vanguard windshield turne
Bill Elliott -06/30, 10:32 am- Engine pans are missing s
OT - Car identification
Duane Peterson -06/30, 08:51 am- Hello, forum members. Im
Duane Peterson -06/30, 08:52 am- [Car_and_Sam.jpg]
Richard Eagle Idaho  -06/30, 09:00 am- I would guess a 1928 Chev
Hap Tucker in Sumter -06/30, 09:28 am- Richard, I don’t think it
Evan in Paso Robles -06/30, 09:46 am- Richard is right, 1928 Ch
Duane Peterson -06/30, 09:51 am- The image posted is all I
Richard Eagle Idaho  -06/30, 10:12 am- It was a different than c
David Paul -06/30, 10:12 am- Heres a pic of a 1928 Che
Duane Peterson -06/30, 10:25 am- Id have to say thats a ma
New model t owner i need help and info please
jeff reissner -06/29, 01:07 pm- I bought a 21 this weeken
Mark Strange - Hills -06/29, 01:23 pm- http://www.dauntlessgeeze
Roger Karlsson, sout -06/29, 01:28 pm- Welcome to the wonderful
Erik Johnson -06/29, 01:29 pm- First of all, read the ow
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -06/29, 01:53 pm- Book suggestions: See Mar
john kuehn -06/29, 02:29 pm- Buy the T books and read
Kevin Whelihan Danbu -06/29, 02:43 pm- Jeff, I would suggest con
Freighter Jim -06/29, 02:53 pm- Jeff, Do as Kevin sugges
Harold Schwendeman - -06/29, 03:22 pm- Jeff - Welcome to the hob
Andy Loso St Joseph, -06/29, 03:24 pm- Jeff,feel free to call me
David Dewey, N. Cali -06/29, 06:36 pm- Hi Jeff & welcome to
Larry Smith, Lomita, -06/29, 07:32 pm- Be careful who you listen
Freighter Jim -06/29, 07:55 pm- Disclaimer Never listen
Mike Esik -06/29, 08:01 pm- hahahaha..
jeff reissner -06/30, 01:23 am- Thanks all for responding
Mike Esik -06/30, 01:50 am- You and I are aboard the
jeff reissner -06/30, 02:25 am- Heres a pic of my new car
Harold Schwendeman - -06/30, 02:30 am- Jeff - Ill tell you how m
Harold Schwendeman - -06/30, 02:34 am- And by the way, forgot to
David Dewey, N. Cali -06/30, 02:58 am- She looks great!! Yer Gon
john kuehn -06/30, 09:17 am- Nice car Jeff! I have a
Eric Hylen- Central  -06/30, 09:42 am- Welcome to the hobby. Yo
Speedster Goggles
Wendell Gallagher -06/29, 04:01 pm- What are you using and wh
Dan Treace, North FL -06/29, 04:26 pm- Bought these at a toy sho
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -06/29, 04:52 pm-
Harold Schwendeman - -06/29, 05:21 pm- As long as Dave H. just i
Harold Schwendeman - -06/29, 05:27 pm- As long as Dave H. just i
Harold Schwendeman - -06/29, 05:32 pm- You know, I have finally
gary hammond -06/29, 06:13 pm- look up Greek fishermans
Frank Harris from Lo -06/29, 07:45 pm- Go to your Harley Davidso
Wendell Gallagher -06/29, 10:37 pm- Beautiful color no. 22!
Mike Esik -06/29, 10:53 pm- 70 mph!!!!?????
Mike Esik -06/29, 10:54 pm- What have you got under t
Frank Harris from Lo -06/30, 02:26 am- Flat head T, Full race fl
Bob Richmon - Richmo -06/30, 05:44 am- This is my idea for the p
Richard Eagle Idaho  -06/30, 08:25 am- Dads aviation goggles wor
Val Soupios -06/30, 08:51 am- Harold, are these the gog
Gas Headlamp Doors
Bill Elliott -06/29, 02:29 pm- On a set of black and bra
Royce in Dallas TX -06/29, 03:16 pm- If they are E&J, Corc
Andy Clary -06/29, 04:20 pm- Im not sure of the correc
Larry Smith, Lomita, -06/29, 07:46 pm- Brown hinges are the same
Ken Parker -06/29, 08:55 pm- I like the hinges toward
Phil Mino, near Port -06/29, 09:41 pm- I have observed some subt
Ken Parker -06/29, 09:54 pm- Phil, That is quite a bi
Phil Mino, near Port -06/29, 10:02 pm- Ken, The ones I have enc
Bill Harper - Keene, -06/29, 10:21 pm- Were headlamps always ins
Phil Mino, near Port -06/30, 05:19 am- Retaining wedges used in
Bill Elliott -06/30, 06:50 am- Early black and brass rou
Verne Shirk -06/30, 08:44 am- I have a pair of Browns I
Do not miss this
ROBERT BERGSTADT -06/29, 01:08 pm- What a bargain, I might h
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -06/29, 01:58 pm- Mein Gott! Im going to be
David Hagerty -06/29, 02:04 pm- YIPPEEE!!!!
ROBERT BERGSTADT -06/29, 02:33 pm- Sale all late hand cranks
George Mills_Cherry  -06/29, 02:34 pm- Dont let David Huson see
Michael Garrison - R -06/29, 02:39 pm- Look at his other listing
Derek Kiefer - Manto -06/29, 02:44 pm- ironic seller name...
Carl Sorenson-Montro -06/29, 03:03 pm- Ya gotta start your price
John Semprez-Templet -06/29, 04:55 pm- But...but... he will dona
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -06/30, 07:46 am- Has he changed the price?
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -06/30, 07:54 am- No, the $75 is Bobs barga
G.R.Cheshire -06/30, 07:56 am- Apparently so here is a
FJ - Chet Krause Philanthropist - Iola Car Shop & Swap Me...
John Albert Lemon -06/29, 10:24 pm- I met Chet way back in th
Freighter Jim -06/29, 11:49 pm- John, I dont believe Mr.
John Albert Lemon -06/30, 07:13 am- I didnt know a lot about
One of the Highlights of the 2016 MTFCI Tour in the Fing...
David Dewey, N. Cali -06/29, 01:03 pm- Dan, You said it better
Freighter Jim -06/29, 03:31 pm- One of the most uplifting
Harold Schwendeman - -06/29, 03:40 pm- To add a bit to what Dan
Dan Killecut -06/29, 09:22 pm- David, you bring up a goo
Peter B. Ratledge -06/29, 09:42 pm- Dan,I would be glad to ta
Dan B -06/29, 10:00 pm- Hey Dan - Have a link to
Dan Killecut -06/30, 06:03 am-
Dan Killecut -06/30, 06:06 am- Thanks Pete! If they do g
Gas Station Frustration
David Dewey, N. Cali -06/29, 12:06 pm- Well, as a California nat
Harold Schwendeman - -06/29, 02:23 pm- David - Thank you! I was
Harold Schwendeman - -06/29, 02:27 pm- Actually, those that cant
Tim Lloid -06/29, 03:05 pm- Only around Atlanta, Ga d
bob middleton -06/30, 12:26 am- Check with the model A gu
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -06/30, 12:58 am- [7808210758_a6516bc60d_c.
Paul Mikeska, Denver -06/30, 01:01 am- From the thread title I t
Harold Schwendeman - -06/30, 02:41 am- Well, well, well! Were f
Looking for a copy of Video Tape
Jerome Hoffman, Hays -06/30, 01:47 am- Looking to buy or borrow
Old photo, family with cat, great image
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -06/30, 12:48 am- [27849088342_fee86237eb_b
Mike Esik -06/30, 01:20 am- How I adore and appreciat
Do you ever take your vehicle out in the winter to get yo...
Mike Esik -06/29, 09:42 pm- @ Royce in Dallas.. What
Mike Esik -06/29, 09:49 pm- Thank You all for those f
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -06/30, 12:42 am- [
Weird Distributor
Jerry Saville -06/29, 12:46 pm- Here are some pics of thi
Jerry Saville -06/29, 12:52 pm- I guess it makes sense to
Roger Karlsson, sout -06/29, 12:56 pm- All distributors were aft
Ed in California -06/29, 01:08 pm- That is a modified Bosch
Rolf Oehman -06/29, 02:05 pm- I am running a original b
Rolf Oehman -06/29, 02:47 pm- Here is a link to a previ
Rolf Oehman -06/29, 02:56 pm- Just have to add. There i
Jerry Saville -06/29, 11:31 pm- Thats it. The top hole is
Jerry Saville -06/29, 11:33 pm- Actually, it would be gre
Telltale sawdust pile
Mike Curtis...Atlant -06/29, 08:25 pm- Sounds like powder post b
R. S. Cruickshank -06/29, 08:52 pm- I heard that our governme
Mike Esik -06/29, 09:30 pm- I never would of thought
Zachary Carrico -06/29, 10:46 pm- Where there is one bug th
Mike Esik -06/29, 10:59 pm- Ever think of using liqui
David Dewey, N. Cali -06/29, 11:15 pm- I know when my folks had
Bent pedals??
Allen banks -06/29, 01:09 pm- I have the metal template
Roger Karlsson, sout -06/29, 01:18 pm- The metal template is pro
Royce in Dallas TX -06/29, 07:53 pm- Every Model T that I have
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -06/29, 11:02 pm- I used heat the pedals to
OT Steve Jelf Birthday today.
Harold Schwendeman - -06/29, 02:07 pm- HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEVE! Ho
arnie johansen -06/29, 05:18 pm- Happy Birthday Steve and
George Mills_Largo F -06/29, 06:21 pm- Guess I missed it!!! bel
Mike Walker, NW AR -06/29, 06:48 pm- I skipped the forum for o
Ron Paetz -06/29, 08:49 pm- Happy Birthday Steve are
Hap Tucker in Sumter -06/29, 09:36 pm- Happy belated birthday St
Fred olenberger -06/29, 09:53 pm- Happy birthday Steve. I a
Peter B. Ratledge -06/29, 10:01 pm- Hi Steve, I will never f
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -06/29, 10:44 pm- Ron, I hope to make it th
Speedster high gear issues
Jayson Streeter -06/29, 03:33 pm- I have a 23 speedster tha
Dave Barker - Dayton -06/29, 03:38 pm- First thought - You may h
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -06/29, 04:06 pm- Jayson, Do you mean it b
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -06/29, 04:08 pm- Thats spinning so fast, n
Jayson Streeter -06/29, 04:18 pm- The engine runs great in
Harold Schwendeman - -06/29, 04:41 pm- Jayson - Im guessing that
George Mills_Cherry  -06/29, 05:03 pm- Fuel... 1- Open the carb
Jayson Streeter -06/29, 06:15 pm- Thank you gentlemen. I w
David Walker -06/29, 10:32 pm- Jayson, For my speedste
MTFCA Land of Enchantment Tour
Kirk Peterson  -06/29, 07:07 pm- Don Houseman of Watsonvil
Larry Smith, Lomita, -06/29, 07:27 pm- Very nice tour today, wit
Kirk Peterson  -06/29, 08:09 pm- [2016-06-29 18.02.43.jpg]
Eric Hylen- Central  -06/29, 10:28 pm- Boy, I used to think I wa
OT, but Preservation “Save the Delta Queen” Bill up for vote
David Dewey, N. Cali -06/29, 08:35 pm- As I have posted before,
Dick Lodge - St Loui -06/29, 08:42 pm- David, my Missouri senato
paul iverson freepor -06/29, 09:26 pm- David thank you for bring
Ethanol percentage to increase in gasoline
Mike Esik -06/29, 09:13 pm- @ Frank van Ekereren.. I
Mike Esik -06/29, 09:16 pm- @ Frank van Ekereren.. I
OT - 'Roll-Over Jay Leno!"
Chad Marchees _____T -06/29, 12:29 pm- George, it is not only ab
George John Drobnock -06/29, 12:51 pm- How fast you can go in an
George John Drobnock -06/29, 01:04 pm- One more comment - At wha
Chris Laughary -06/29, 01:12 pm- Zero Ha They lifted the
Derek Kiefer - Manto -06/29, 01:30 pm- George, these guys made a
Ron in Central Massa -06/29, 01:38 pm- The wheelie T belonged to
ALAN FAIRCLOUGH from -06/29, 01:39 pm- Wont happen with my T
David Hagerty -06/29, 02:01 pm- Alan, Do you mean you tri
Harold Schwendeman - -06/29, 04:09 pm- I think it was just a mat
Garnet -06/29, 05:11 pm- George, how do you possib
Marv Konrad (Green B -06/29, 05:20 pm- -George- Drag Racing is a
Marv Konrad (Green B -06/29, 05:28 pm- Sorry about the NHRA link
Marv Konrad (Green B -06/29, 05:31 pm- Perhaps a video, if youve
thomas elliott nw pa -06/29, 08:47 pm- Same fate as the very fir
Gangway I need the road!
richard lee -06/29, 07:56 pm- The tyke is ready for the
Bill Harper - Keene, -06/29, 08:28 pm- I LOVE IT! Gotta start em
Though Ye Be Surrounded by a Sea of Fins...
G.R.Cheshire -06/29, 12:00 pm- I take great pride in tha
Marv Konrad (Green B -06/29, 12:54 pm- A local parish has an ann
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -06/29, 03:47 pm- Excellent piece Bob C! I
Pete Humphrey, West  -06/29, 06:02 pm- Whoa! Bob is the E. B. Wh
David Dewey, N. Cali -06/29, 06:36 pm- I am pretty much in agree
FJ- If you use brake cleaner in a spray can - you need to...
Erik Barrett in Aubu -06/29, 05:33 pm- Gustaf, thanks for the ed
Hood Cowling fit?
George Mills_Cherry  -06/29, 12:09 pm- Allen From the pictures
David Sosnoski -06/29, 12:48 pm- The frame is bent. They
Fred Miller, Sequim  -06/29, 02:53 pm- I think George has it. A
Ed in California -06/29, 03:27 pm-
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -06/29, 05:23 pm- There is more strange her
Headlight adjustment / alignment
Mike Green - So Cal -06/29, 01:28 pm- My left headlight is slig
Dan Treace, North FL -06/29, 01:40 pm- You could first loosen th
Mike Green - So Cal -06/29, 02:22 pm- Yes, I have heard of that
Dan Treace, North FL -06/29, 04:15 pm- Its a Ford after all, mal
Frank is now in stripes
Jerry Brancato, Burb -06/29, 12:09 pm- John, Frank looks amazing
David Dewey, N. Cali -06/29, 12:13 pm- John, Egads, I didnt make
G.R.Cheshire -06/29, 12:21 pm- Frank looks all Spified u
John Mays -06/29, 12:55 pm- In the picture above Red
John Mays -06/29, 01:07 pm- Should have added in the
John Mays -06/29, 04:13 pm- Since were talking about
Old Photo - Fairlight Pett Hunts Poultry Farm, Sussex, En...
Chris Barker, Somers -06/29, 12:18 pm- These convertible bodies
Harold Schwendeman - -06/29, 02:41 pm- The more I look at those
1924 TT fire truck rear wheels
Justin H. - Western  -06/29, 12:17 pm- Jim, There are a couple
John Semprez-Templet -06/29, 01:16 pm- Jim, you may want to cont
Ted Dumas -06/29, 01:39 pm- Suggest you contact Bobs
jim borden -06/29, 01:53 pm- thanks for the info
What is the average size for a Speedster Seat ? Width?
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -06/29, 01:28 pm- Its a speedster, there is
Anybody on the California central coast with riveting tools?
Ivan Warrington -06/29, 12:47 pm- Harbor Freight
Grease frustration
David Dewey, N. Cali -06/29, 12:34 pm- I had a boat trailer with
Using a 12 volt battery and "dropping resistor"
Royce in Dallas TX -06/29, 12:00 pm- In my 10 I converted to 1
For Sale: NOS set of 4 Firestone Polonium Spark Plugs
Tim Eckensviller - T -06/30, 11:38 am- So Polonium plugs should
Mark Strange - Hills -06/30, 11:54 am- Correct. Even if they we
Wanted rebuilt 1927 Model T carburetor
William Davenport -06/29, 10:47 pm- Wanted 1927 Model T carbu
Mike Robison -06/30, 11:30 am- Vaporizer or NH? Give me
1911 NY State License plates (2)
Philip J Volta Jr -06/30, 11:09 am- For Sale; 1911 NY State L
21 inche Model T wood wheels
George schmidt -06/30, 10:54 am- I have two 21 in. rear wo
Bills Auto Works -06/30, 10:53 am- Hello Everyone, As alway
Wanted. Pair of rear fender to splash shield brackets
Michael Duffy -06/30, 10:31 am- Wanted to buy Pair of goo
For Sale: Model T Power Unit
Scott S. -06/29, 12:11 pm- Ed, sent you an e-mail. T
Zachary Carrico -06/29, 11:08 pm- I have seen one Cultor un
Ron in Central Massa -06/30, 10:08 am- Ed - if I didnt have 2 ma
stuart clipson -06/29, 12:39 pm- 1 lot coils 29 pcs condit
stuart clipson -06/30, 09:22 am- yeah.......they are to ex
Mark Chaffin......Co -06/30, 09:46 am- Pm sent.
WTB 26/27 Roadster Body
James A. Lightfoot -06/30, 09:42 am- Thank You Robert
WTB: 26-27 Horn
Michael Saggese -06/29, 08:44 pm- Im in need of a horn for
Warren F Rollins -06/30, 09:41 am- Sent PM.
1924 Doctors Coupe For Sale
Bob Richmon - Richmo -06/30, 07:28 am- 4th of July Special, pric
FS boxed lot of parts
Spencer Vibert - Gra -06/29, 11:34 pm- Boxed lot of small t part
Spencer Vibert - Gra -06/29, 11:56 pm- [rsz_img_0691 (1).jpg]
FS 1923 block and crank
Spencer Vibert - Gra -06/29, 11:54 pm- Good 23 block crank and g
Part needed 9 tooth pinion
joseph d stanczak -06/29, 10:53 pm- Looking for a good 9 toot
FS Spot Light for a T
Roy Stone WV -06/29, 10:14 pm- The light is in good shap
Set of 4 matching Stromberg MB-1 Carburetors NOS & Rebuil...
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -06/29, 03:46 pm- $500 each. First come fi
Arthur Gebeau -06/29, 05:47 pm- Stan, Ill take one of the
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -06/29, 05:54 pm- Thanks Art. $520 with sh
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -06/29, 05:56 pm- One more is spoken for as
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -06/29, 06:11 pm- All sold, thanks.
FOR SALE Rear Brake Drums
Bob Petithomme -06/29, 05:33 pm- Apolo, I am sorry but I d
21" T Wheels
Rick Ross -06/29, 02:33 pm- pm sent Roy!!
Roy Stone WV -06/29, 05:09 pm- 21 T Wheels is sold.
Roger Karlsson, sout -06/29, 12:44 pm- Heres a picture of Apolos
Derek Kiefer - Manto -06/29, 04:18 pm- There was a 4-bolt disc w
Ed in California -06/29, 04:37 pm- Those are Michelin access
Ed in California -06/29, 04:40 pm- [307079.jpg]
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