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Forum 2015
OT. The weatherman was wrong again
Dan Killecut -03/01, 03:41 pm- Im stubborn! Im just sitt
Did I get anything wrong?
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -03/01, 12:48 am-
Burger in Spokane -03/01, 01:24 am- I see a minor typo, but o
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -03/01, 01:48 am- ring that goes under thge
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -03/01, 04:44 am- On the later plugs, where
John Housego (United -03/01, 04:58 am- Very nice job Steve
harvey cash -03/01, 06:51 am- Job well done Steve ! Har
Jeff Perkins -03/01, 06:58 am- Thanks Steve, just got a
Bill Alexander in Al -03/01, 08:23 am- Shows that there is a lot
Justin H. - Western  -03/01, 08:24 am- Great article. 1st parag
Tim Wrenn -03/01, 09:04 am- Excellent info Steve. Hav
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -03/01, 09:19 am- Hal, the answer is no. Ma
Dick Lodge - St Loui -03/01, 09:32 am- Steve, one of the interes
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -03/01, 10:11 am- Im gonna try it that way
Mike Walker, NW AR -03/01, 10:14 am- Nice job, Steve. I agree
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -03/01, 10:20 am- Another thought that just
Steve Blancard -03/01, 10:21 am- Great article Steve, this
John P. Steele, Mont -03/01, 10:32 am- Steve, great job. Like Mi
Rod Barrett - Anders -03/01, 10:38 am- Great article! I have pr
Burger in Spokane -03/01, 01:15 pm- Period correct would be
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -03/01, 02:00 pm- No, I havent tried doubli
Clayton Swanson -03/01, 02:19 pm- for thin soft washers, i
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -03/01, 02:23 pm- Steve - Do you have any F
James M. Riedy, Sand -03/01, 02:25 pm- Steve, Very good article
James M. Riedy, Sand -03/01, 02:27 pm- Thats what I get for proo
Harold R Carpenter - -03/01, 02:36 pm- Steve you have done a fan
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -03/01, 03:30 pm- Ive seen the Ford script
Stan Howe
Robbie Price -03/01, 08:17 am- Stan, I just got an emai
Robbie Price -03/01, 08:19 am- Looks like about 20 other
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -03/01, 09:26 am- Id think it should be fin
Scott Kramer -03/01, 10:10 am- My antivirus program stop
Jack Daron - Brownsb -03/01, 11:16 am- Looks like Stan has a tro
Ricks - Surf City -03/01, 11:42 am- Speaking of trojans, sale
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -03/01, 12:10 pm- I got the same thing in m
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -03/01, 12:25 pm- I just ran the McAfee sca
P. Jamison -03/01, 01:46 pm- I got a similar one with
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -03/01, 02:27 pm- I have about 1600 email a
Pat Kelly Montana -03/01, 03:14 pm- Stan, my Blackfoot mail a
Dennis Seth - Ohio -03/01, 03:30 pm- Awh shucks and I thought
Removing a Cylent composition timing gear/ patent May 13 ...
Lee Crenshaw Richmon -03/01, 02:36 pm- I am working on a 13 engi
Frank van Ekeren (A -03/01, 03:28 pm- Take the cam out and pres
What accessory do you think was one of the best for the M...
Burger in Spokane -02/28, 04:34 pm- The tree-lined back road
Glen Chaffin -02/28, 06:36 pm- Looks like we are doing o
John Semprez-Templet -02/28, 07:59 pm- [girl cranking T.jpg]
Burger in Spokane -02/28, 08:50 pm- John, You are highligh
Norman T. Kling -02/28, 09:06 pm- John, that is an accessor
Harold Schwendeman - -02/28, 09:46 pm- Norm - Theyre usually qui
Eric Hylen- Central  -02/28, 09:48 pm- Rear view mirror.
Jack Daron - Brownsb -02/28, 09:51 pm- Surprised no one has ment
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -03/01, 05:22 am- Joseph, It was kind of a
Gary Schreiber- Sant -03/01, 06:48 am- Didnt realize a V8 Chevy
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -03/01, 07:18 am- Gary, I was explaining my
Nick Miller -03/01, 03:28 pm- When I purchased my early
1922 Center Door project...
Don Booth@ Bay City, -03/01, 05:02 am-  Centerdoor sedans had so
Bob Scherzer -03/01, 10:20 am- Don I have a similar 22 C
Don Booth@ Bay City, -03/01, 11:59 am- Hi Bob, thanks for the gr
Ed Baudoux -03/01, 12:03 pm- Ha! Don, Bob Scherzer is
Jim Derocher -03/01, 03:08 pm- I got a chance to see thi
Valve Lash is 45 thousands?
Pat Kelly Montana -03/01, 03:08 pm- Here is a shot showing th
Sall we go play in the snow
Joe Van. Saint Louis -03/01, 10:12 am- It snowed most of the day
zach kubesh -03/01, 10:24 am- Looks good!
Robert Skingley .... -03/01, 10:30 am- Now thats what Im talking
Steven Thum -03/01, 12:24 pm- Joe, havent heard from yo
Chuck Lebeda -03/01, 03:03 pm- They use so much salt on
OT-need help for a Toyota master brake cylinder
Michael Velling, Ger -03/01, 10:29 am- Hello, i have a Toyota Ce
Henry Petrino in Mod -03/01, 11:00 am- You should be able to go
Les Schubert -03/01, 11:03 am- Michael This is not the a
Timothy Kelly -03/01, 11:24 am- Michael I just looked at
Ed Baudoux -03/01, 11:51 am- My Napa shop program show
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -03/01, 11:58 am-
Michael Velling, Ger -03/01, 02:44 pm- Thanks a lot. Will check
Shipping a Model T
jason macintyre -03/01, 01:08 pm- Looking for advice or rec
Tyrone Thomas - Tope -03/01, 02:21 pm- Get a reputable shipper w
Tom Strickling -03/01, 02:36 pm- I have used Freighter Jim
Re building a Frontenac head and have questions
Steel cleat -03/01, 01:16 pm- A newbie here so patience
Ricks - Surf City -03/01, 01:51 pm- Found this in my notes fo
Road Improver, or ride improver-Photo
Herb Iffrig -02/28, 10:09 pm- [road improver.jpg]
Dale Peterson Colleg -03/01, 11:14 am- Gotta be in the South, wo
Henry Petrino in Mod -03/01, 11:18 am- Thats quite a contraption
Jim Thode Chehalis W -03/01, 01:43 pm- Looks like a trench digge
What did you do today #2
Martin Vowell, Sylma -02/28, 06:09 pm- I worked on the 1919-1925
Paul Mikeska, Denver -02/28, 07:01 pm- Today I shoveled snow aga
Erik Barrett in Aubu -02/28, 11:15 pm- Line bored a T block for
Robert Skingley .... -03/01, 09:48 am- Finished this week, a Mod
Bob Cascisa - Poulsb -03/01, 01:16 pm- Finished a Weston and a J
OT Early Chey Engines
Dan Hatch -03/01, 12:01 pm- Guys: I know this is off
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -03/01, 12:14 pm- VCCA Chat - Vintage Chevr
Mark Gregush Portlan -03/01, 01:01 pm-
A register for Model T Fords
Chuck Hoffman - Gold -03/01, 12:56 pm- At one time on the net th
OT - Silver
Burger in Spokane -02/28, 04:26 pm- Diversity is great. I en
Henry Petrino in Mod -02/28, 05:21 pm- I once read that our fear
Martin Vowell, Sylma -02/28, 05:55 pm- Ahh, ya know, not even in
Harold Schwendeman - -02/28, 06:04 pm- Semper Fi Kemo Sabe,....
Harold Schwendeman - -02/28, 06:07 pm- Hey,....Im just trying no
Bud Holzschuh - Pana -02/28, 06:48 pm- Great Lone Ranger jokes -
Kenneth W DeLong -02/28, 07:13 pm- A couple of people posted
Eugene Story -02/28, 08:10 pm- When I was a little boy t
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -03/01, 05:56 am- Perhaps I should apologiz
Gary Tillstrom -03/01, 08:10 am- I agree Hal. If youve eve
Dick Lodge - St Loui -03/01, 09:02 am- Funny how the people havi
Dick Lodge - St Loui -03/01, 09:23 am- As a quick addendum on po
Gilbert V. I. Fitzhu -03/01, 10:22 am- I help support an Ojibwe-
Dick Lodge - St Loui -03/01, 11:22 am- Exactly, Gilbert. I had o
Ricks - Surf City -03/01, 11:47 am- The newest museum on the
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -03/01, 12:51 pm- Living in Montana, where
Project Finished - ECCT
Roger Karlsson, sout -02/28, 04:17 pm- Ok, good luck, always goo
Bob Jablonski -02/28, 04:29 pm- Congratulations Mike !!!
Willard Revaz -02/28, 05:01 pm- WOW! Mike I think you h
Bud Holzschuh - Pana -02/28, 06:42 pm- Mike As you know I was o
Walt Berdan, Bellevu -02/28, 07:06 pm- Mike, Have you had the o
Garnet -02/28, 09:19 pm- Email me the details Mike
Mike Kossor - Kenilw -02/28, 10:27 pm- The ECCT operates very di
Dan B -03/01, 07:10 am- Nice work Mike.
Timothy Kelly -03/01, 07:17 am- Mike Can every Model T F
Ricks - Surf City -03/01, 11:36 am- Congratulations, Mike! N
Gene Carrothers Hunt -03/01, 12:50 pm- Congratulations Mike! I c
Who needs all those fancy coil adjusting doohickies!
John Noonan - Norton -02/28, 10:42 pm- You have to love this guy
Frank van Ekeren (A -03/01, 12:31 am- I dont know what part was
George n Los Angeles -03/01, 02:43 am- Yep Its a bittsa mate !!!
Martin Vowell, Sylma -03/01, 04:29 am- My grandfather told me on
Tim Eckensviller -03/01, 09:36 am- Tuning coils on the fly w
Charlie B actually i -03/01, 10:05 am- OK, he goofs a bit with t
Les Schubert -03/01, 10:12 am- Martins comment gave a sm
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -03/01, 11:00 am- It will be interesting to
Charlie B actually i -03/01, 11:05 am- Honestly Ive never checke
John Aldrich Orting  -03/01, 11:52 am- I like Tims comment. Coul
Mystery Hub wrench and magnet iron
Dan Cheatham -02/28, 07:31 pm- Alright, I am at a loss.
Dan Cheatham -02/28, 08:02 pm- Here are the two pictures
Hap Tucker in Sumter -02/28, 08:41 pm- Dan, The lower photo is
Harold Schwendeman - -02/28, 08:49 pm- Dan - Wherever you found
Mike Walker, NW AR -02/28, 09:36 pm- Hap -- Ive not seen a mag
Hap Tucker in Sumter -02/28, 09:57 pm- Mike, Yes, that should b
Ted Dumas -02/28, 10:07 pm- I think some Ford heavy t
Dan Cheatham -02/28, 10:23 pm- Thank you all for the ans
Scott Owens -02/28, 10:35 pm- Maybe TT? Scott
Ken Todd, .......... -03/01, 11:25 am- What size is the large he
1926 Roadster Sheet Metal Thickness
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -02/28, 07:29 pm- Were those measurements o
Roger Karlsson, sout -03/01, 03:49 am- The measures were over go
Ron Dupree -03/01, 11:10 am- .041 steel is 19ga. Used
Holes in Firewall
Jack Daron - Brownsb -02/28, 05:32 pm- Great Paint job!
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -02/28, 06:56 pm- Firewall Webbing: https:/
Donnie Brown North C -02/28, 07:30 pm- Just in support of the an
Forrest Kahle -02/28, 07:38 pm- You hit it on the head! T
George n Los Angeles -03/01, 03:07 am- Most likely for this htt
Michael Archer -03/01, 04:17 am- Looks great!
Larry Smith -03/01, 11:09 am- Too bad you let the state
OT - EBay Question
Henry Petrino in Mod -02/28, 06:41 pm- Im asking this here becau
Mark Strange - Hills -02/28, 06:45 pm- This page implies that th
Henry Petrino in Mod -02/28, 06:53 pm- The way I read it, buyers
Mark Strange - Hills -02/28, 06:56 pm- Hmmm, looks like youre ri
Peter Claverie -02/28, 07:07 pm- My first purchase from EB
Michael Pawelek Broo -02/28, 07:16 pm- I think there is collusio
Lonnie Smith Baxter  -02/28, 07:22 pm- I know the older generati
harvey cash -02/28, 08:42 pm- If I remember, In 2002 eb
Charlie B actually i -02/28, 08:50 pm- No problems with Pay Pal
Ricks - Surf City -02/28, 09:28 pm- Tbay is spinning off Papa
john kuehn -02/28, 09:59 pm- I buy on Ebay occasionall
John P. Steele, Mont -02/28, 10:14 pm- I use now use PayPal. I f
Mack Cole ---- Earth -02/28, 10:47 pm- John P, that is what I di
Rob Patterson. Moruy -02/28, 11:00 pm- For me, PayPal has always
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -02/28, 11:30 pm- Ive never had a problem w
Erik Barrett in Aubu -03/01, 12:55 am- PayPal has worked well fo
Dave Wells -03/01, 01:18 am- Used PayPal for many year
David Coco -03/01, 06:50 am- I use Paypal quite a lot
John F. Regan -03/01, 11:01 am- I have used paypal for we
Suisin City California, Check out this rack!-Photo
Herb Iffrig -02/28, 10:06 pm- [Suisun City CA.jpg] Iv
Dave Wells -03/01, 08:37 am- I started from the left o
Tim Wrenn -03/01, 08:56 am- Dave... LOL... I think we
Ken Parker -03/01, 09:05 am- Dave, you are right. Its
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -03/01, 09:23 am- Buicks? Studebakers?
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -03/01, 10:28 am- Must be the new Speed Sho
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -03/01, 10:34 am- Oh yeah, its not what I w
Old Photo - Kirkland, Illinois
Wayne Jorgensen -03/01, 09:38 am- Dont try this at home - y
Roger Karlsson, sout -03/01, 09:55 am- I was wondering how the w
How Free is a "Free" Neutral?
Roger Karlsson, sout -03/01, 09:36 am- Henry - as long as your T
Henry Petrino in Mod -03/01, 09:47 am- Anybody here speak Russia
**Tie Rod and Spring Shackles Assembly**
Martin Vowell, Sylma -02/28, 05:09 pm- Ok, since Im not sure wha
Allan Bennett - Aust -02/28, 07:32 pm- Hi Martin, great work aga
Harold Schwendeman - -02/28, 08:16 pm- Martin - I think your CAD
Gary Tillstrom -02/28, 08:25 pm- Wow Martin! These drawin
Harold Schwendeman - -02/28, 08:30 pm- Hint, hint,.....right Gar
Gary Tillstrom -02/28, 09:55 pm- Really? I didnt see a co
Martin Vowell, Sylma -02/28, 10:58 pm- Allan, thats the way it i
George n Los Angeles -03/01, 02:48 am- LIKE
Martin Vowell, Sylma -03/01, 03:47 am- Ok, I hope these correcti
Martin Vowell, Sylma -03/01, 03:52 am- Found an error on the 191
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -03/01, 09:46 am- Tie Rod Yoke Spindle con.
Help! stuck steel screws in brass casting
Ken Findlay -03/01, 02:59 am- Theyre out!!! Sorry for t
Les Schubert -03/01, 09:40 am- Ken Im glad it worked out
Model t buddy---sebring fl
Richard Jesteadt -03/01, 08:31 am- Hi Harold, The HCCA Flor
Wire wheels
Bob Benedict -03/01, 08:11 am- Joseph, The left front hu
OT - - Farewell Friends - Update
John Semprez-Templet -02/28, 08:47 pm- Ralph, Its human nature t
Harold Schwendeman - -02/28, 09:07 pm- Ralph - In your original
Mark McWethy -02/28, 09:22 pm- Cant add a whole lot more
Burger in Spokane -02/28, 11:16 pm- Ralph, Sorry to hear o
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -03/01, 05:04 am- Ralph, Thanks for the up
Pesky flat tire-Photo
Herb Iffrig -02/28, 10:07 pm- [pesky flat tires.jpg]
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -02/28, 11:33 pm- Two Fords stop to help a
Time to retire and pass the torch
Eric Hylen- Central  -02/28, 10:18 pm- The business is going fro
Jack Putnam, Bluffto -02/28, 10:59 pm- Wally: Thank you, for you
Show Us Your Doodlebug or Conversion Tractor 2015 Edition...
Ron -02/28, 09:43 pm- Finished the wheels and r
Ron -02/28, 10:02 pm- Celtic Rusts engine. Loo
Ron -02/28, 10:14 pm- Some more pictures of Cel
John Noonan - Norton -02/28, 10:19 pm- Ron, thats my favorite of
Ron -02/28, 10:38 pm- John - I bought her from
Ron -02/28, 10:46 pm- Here is what she looked l
John Noonan - Norton -02/28, 10:50 pm- Very cool, thanks Ron. I
Battery Box Location
Mark Gregush Portlan -02/28, 10:48 pm- Any up dates?
Orofino Idaho-Photo
Herb Iffrig -02/28, 10:03 pm- [OROFINO, Idaho.jpg] I
brass car guy -02/28, 10:15 pm- The only difference is th
John P. Steele, Mont -02/28, 10:17 pm- Its got a Ford Dealership
Ken Parker -02/28, 10:46 pm- You are correct! [orofin
What 20 horses will do - Part II
Wayne Jorgensen -02/28, 10:34 pm- I came across the followi
Wayne Jorgensen -02/28, 10:36 pm- [DSC05918 3.jpg]
OT - Chevy disc wheels
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -02/28, 04:04 pm- I dont know any specifics
Shawn Hayward -02/28, 05:22 pm- tHIS is A 20 CHEV WHEEL
Donald Vagasky,Tucso -02/28, 05:27 pm- Lee, I have some chevy di
Lee Kilmer -02/28, 06:08 pm- I have 4 good matching di
Layden Butler -02/28, 10:22 pm- [jaxon_30a_chev_disc.jpg]
Finished Project - Service HCCT
Ron Patterson-Nichol -02/28, 06:58 pm- Ford HCCT [Ford HCCT]
Ron Patterson-Nichol -02/28, 07:03 pm- Weidenhoff HCCT [Weide
Ron Patterson-Nichol -02/28, 07:05 pm- Service Station Equipment
Ron Patterson-Nichol -02/28, 07:06 pm- Allen Electric HCCT One m
Ron Patterson-Nichol -02/28, 07:08 pm- Allen Electric HCCT two m
Ron Patterson-Nichol -02/28, 07:09 pm- K.R. Wilson HCCT [KRW]
Ron Patterson-Nichol -02/28, 07:10 pm- K.R. Wilson HCCT motorize
Ron Patterson-Nichol -02/28, 07:12 pm- Early Ford 17-Z-803 HCCT
Ron Patterson-Nichol -02/28, 07:13 pm- Service Products HCCT
Ron Patterson-Nichol -02/28, 07:17 pm- Goss HCCT Made in Holland
Ron Patterson-Nichol -02/28, 07:22 pm- HCCT Meters [Weston]
Ron Patterson-Nichol -02/28, 07:23 pm- HCCT meters [Dual Jew
Randall Strickland,  -02/28, 08:55 pm- Hey Ron Whats the purpos
Steve Tomaso - Milto -02/28, 08:59 pm- Ask and yee shall receive
Randall Strickland,  -02/28, 09:02 pm- [T trans 024.jpg]
Bob Cascisa - Poulsb -02/28, 10:04 pm- Great job Steve. It looks
John P. Steele, Mont -02/28, 10:22 pm- Geez Randal for a minute
1917 tt rear rims needed
Layden Butler -02/28, 10:04 pm- Hope these help. [hayes_
***Model T Videos - Please Subscribe & Keep Us Going...
Mitch -02/28, 09:30 pm- Hi its Mitch here, Id li
Replacing an engine pan arm
Allan Bennett - Aust -02/28, 07:48 pm- Gary, as far as I know, t
Gary London, Camaril -02/28, 08:37 pm- The new arms are later; t
Marietta Swap Meet
Scott Batta - Dayton -02/28, 04:34 pm- What are Hassler bolts?
Jack Daron - Brownsb -02/28, 05:19 pm- Hasssler bolts are the ma
Rebound Straps
Gary H. White - Sher -02/28, 04:35 pm- He retired.
Ricks - Surf City -02/28, 05:15 pm- They help in cornering al
1917-1922 model T turtle deck
Bob Peterson -03/01, 03:54 pm- 1917- 1922 turtle deck Fo
1914 front seat spring wanted
Bob Peterson -03/01, 03:50 pm- bttt
Minnesota to Chickash
Bob Peterson -03/01, 03:49 pm- bttt
Rebabbitted mainbearing caps and lapping kit
Jack Daron - Brownsb -02/28, 09:20 pm- I can get a whole engine
Frank van Ekeren (A -02/28, 09:52 pm- So, there is someone out
Jack Daron - Brownsb -02/28, 09:59 pm- I thought we all did that
gene french -03/01, 09:41 am- Jack: thank you for tha
Mike Walker, NW AR -03/01, 10:30 am- Around this neck of the w
Clayton Swanson -03/01, 10:50 am- 600 here, with rods
Jack Daron - Brownsb -03/01, 03:01 pm- P&H machine shop in J
Jack Daron - Brownsb -03/01, 03:02 pm- Should be 765-676-6323.
Swap rear curtain trim strip
Keith Townsend ; ^ ) -03/01, 12:43 pm- I have an extra rear curt
New Right Front fender for sale
Dan Hatch -03/01, 12:06 pm- Here some pictures of the
FORSALE: 26.27 switch plate non-starter w/key PICS
Jerome Hoffman, Hays -02/28, 11:18 pm- Forgot to add my cell num
Larry Smith -03/01, 11:14 am- I think someone has been
Late 1912 to early 1915 12 rivet rear axle housings
Ed Fuller -03/01, 10:56 am- Housings are sold. Thank
Trade or buy bumpers
Bob Benedict -03/01, 08:16 am- Im looking for a set of f
Ready-to-Run Rolling Chassis
Marvin Konrad -03/01, 12:49 am- Talk to me about a Title!
Dave Huson, Berthoud -03/01, 12:42 am- Elektra Step Plate: [ste
Wanted: Model T Ford trailer hitch
Nathan Fahrni -02/28, 08:38 pm- I purchased a hitch. Than
Jack Putnam, Bluffto -02/28, 09:37 pm- Steve: Sent you a PM. J
RICH WEILAND -02/28, 11:39 pm- This is the coolest site!
Charles Reichlin -02/28, 11:30 pm- brass car guy what is you
Model t whirligigs for sale
Richard A Eddinger -02/28, 08:01 pm- Sent you a third PM
Spencer Vibert - Gra -02/28, 11:27 pm- Richard I am still playin
Low Head
joe bell -02/28, 04:44 pm- Tom, I have a couple up i
Seth from NC -02/28, 10:23 pm- How much would you want f
Front radius rod ball cap
Stephen D Heatherly -02/28, 07:42 pm- Donald, new caps are avai
Rear spring leaf
Mike Bird -02/28, 04:05 pm- Jack sent you a PM
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