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Model T Ford Forum
Forum 2015
Ignoring Caster
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -09/01, 03:37 pm- I have been an amateur Mo
Dan Treace, North FL -09/01, 06:02 pm- Rich Nice of you there!
John Noonan - Norton -09/01, 08:34 pm- After reading Richards po
Norman T. Kling -09/01, 08:40 pm- Too much positive castor
Bud Holzschuh - Pana -09/01, 09:15 pm- John Yes, I do see a pro
John Noonan - Norton -09/01, 09:29 pm- Thanks Norm, Ill check th
Justin H. - Western  -09/01, 09:41 pm- John,I have a question ab
Frank van Ekeren (A -09/01, 09:42 pm- You might call it bending
John Noonan - Norton -09/01, 09:55 pm- Justin, i added the washe
Alan George Long -09/01, 10:09 pm- I have never heard of too
John Noonan - Norton -09/01, 10:54 pm- Wow, something is funky w
Bill Harper - Keene, -09/01, 11:29 pm- Hi John, Yes, there IS s
John Noonan - Norton -09/01, 11:38 pm- Thanks Bill, i couldnt te
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -09/02, 11:53 am- Justin H. To answer your
Justin H. - Western  -09/02, 12:08 pm- Jerry, Thanks for the cla
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -09/02, 12:58 pm- That is an interesting co
Lug nuts
ROBERT BERGSTADT -09/02, 12:32 pm- I just ran the wire wheel
Bill Harper - Keene, -09/02, 12:54 pm- I thought that they were
Engineering Drawing of the Model T Engine
John Memmelaar Jr -09/02, 12:53 pm- Has anyone ever put the M
Old Car Festival and No Barriers. Anybody Concerned?
Marty Bufalini - Gro -09/02, 07:02 am- If you have received your
Tom Miller, Mostly i -09/02, 07:32 am- For what its worth, I hav
John Seelman -09/02, 07:38 am- Anyone know where the 15s
Rob Heyen - Eastern  -09/02, 08:18 am- Marty, I for one was in f
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -09/02, 08:36 am- John...looks like you and
Dennis Seth - Ohio -09/02, 08:38 am- Rob, Is there a trailer
Kenneth W DeLong -09/02, 10:16 am- If you think about it i t
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -09/02, 11:37 am- I dont feel the ropes are
John Seelman -09/02, 11:41 am- Tim, we will be gettin
Bill Elliott -09/02, 12:51 pm- I HATE the ropes! Makes
Bought my old car back - 1922 touring
Brian Mettling - Day -09/02, 10:14 am- Last September I sold my
Brian Mettling - Day -09/02, 10:15 am- [488767.jpg]
Brian Mettling - Day -09/02, 10:16 am- [photo.JPG]
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -09/02, 11:13 am- You need to put some blac
Royce in Georgetown  -09/02, 11:44 am- Brian, It looks like a 2
Marv Konrad (Green B -09/02, 12:23 pm- -Royce- Doncha know ALL M
Brian Mettling - Day -09/02, 12:49 pm- yeah, its a very late 22
Mike Kossor - Kenilw -09/01, 10:40 pm- Recently came across one
Bill Harper - Keene, -09/01, 11:08 pm- Hi Mike, Might the cause
Hal Schedler, Sacram -09/01, 11:52 pm- Inadequate secondary
Mike Kossor - Kenilw -09/01, 11:56 pm- Good call Bill, I was sur
Royce in Georgetown  -09/02, 09:04 am- Again the fact is that th
Marvin C. Miller -09/02, 10:30 am- I put in my coils after h
Anthonie Boer---- Kl -09/02, 11:26 am- I had the same problem wi
Larry Smith -09/02, 11:32 am- I always do what Ron Patt
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -09/02, 12:09 pm- Mike, Is that 1.5 mega-o
Mike Kossor - Kenilw -09/02, 12:40 pm- Hal, 1.551M = 1,551,000 O
OT - Always thought roosters woke you up in the morning ...
Freighter Jim -09/02, 08:25 am- Not so in Winnemucca, NV
Harvey Cash - Winnem -09/02, 08:39 am- Dont you just love it !!!
Michael Garrison - R -09/02, 09:01 am- Well, maybe ya gotta tell
Rob Heyen - Eastern  -09/02, 09:51 am- Must be milking time.
Marv Konrad (Green B -09/02, 12:38 pm- Having grown up on a dair
OT Getting ready for winter ...
Donnie Brown North C -09/01, 05:19 pm- I know its still summer t
Mark Strange - Hills -09/01, 05:22 pm- Wow, great craftsmanship,
Bill Harper - Keene, -09/01, 05:59 pm- Hi Donnie, Most Impressi
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -09/01, 06:05 pm- The only change in the ai
Kevin Weeds -09/01, 06:25 pm- Nice unit Donnie well don
Mark Strange - Hills -09/01, 06:38 pm- http://worldforestindustr
Peter Claverie, Memp -09/01, 07:25 pm- Man, you have to hand it
Donnie Brown North C -09/01, 08:31 pm- Kevin, A rick of wood is
Kenneth W DeLong -09/01, 08:31 pm- Speaking of the 42 pounds
Michael Garrison - R -09/01, 08:41 pm- Ive lived in Nordern Wint
Marv Konrad (Green B -09/01, 09:08 pm- Beautiful work! My Dad us
Kevin Weeds -09/02, 04:01 am- Thanks for that Donnie. I
Michael Garrison - R -09/02, 08:58 am- Donnie, your explanation
Donnie Brown North C -09/02, 09:07 am- Kenneth, I just used 5/32
Paul Vitko -09/02, 09:13 am- Around here its not legal
Kenneth W DeLong -09/02, 09:43 am- Very nice looking welds!!
Donnie Brown North C -09/02, 10:24 am- Paul: I believe CA, WA, C
Paul Vitko -09/02, 11:19 am- There is plenty of shop b
Marv Konrad (Green B -09/02, 12:34 pm- -Donnie- Heres hoping you
Late 1927 X-connecting rods
Bill Harper - Keene, -09/01, 01:04 pm- For those who have never
Kohnke Rebabbitting, -09/01, 01:30 pm- Those are spun poured Rod
Roger Karlsson, sout -09/01, 01:30 pm- Did the X rods come durin
lorenzo leon -09/01, 01:50 pm- Is there a hole on the s
Roger Karlsson, sout -09/01, 01:59 pm- Lorenzo, I suppose its a
Kohnke Rebabbitting, -09/01, 03:17 pm- There should be one on ea
joe bell -09/01, 05:30 pm- I have rebushed the rods
Ted Dumas -09/01, 07:48 pm- An x rod would be weaker
Erik Barrett in Aubu -09/01, 11:51 pm- Ford carried the X rod ov
Dean Yoder, Iowa Cit -09/01, 11:55 pm- The prints at benson ford
Kohnke Rebabbitting, -09/02, 12:17 am- I have rebuilt 3 sets of
Mark Gregush Portlan -09/02, 12:28 pm- Another draw back with th
Warford Problem
Bob Gruber- Spanaway -09/02, 12:00 pm- I got this Warford a whil
Henry Petrino in Mod -09/02, 12:04 pm- I dont know much about Wa
Bob Gruber- Spanaway -09/02, 12:07 pm- Ive talked to some of the
John McGinnis in San -09/02, 12:11 pm- Looks like the shifter is
Bob Gruber- Spanaway -09/02, 12:28 pm- If I reverse the shifter
Lowering Gowjob - am I being too picky
Tom Stephens -09/02, 12:01 pm- I plan on lowering the re
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -09/02, 12:09 pm- you might notice the diff
Tom Carnegie Spokane -09/02, 12:09 pm- Im no expert on gow-jobs,
Mark Gregush Portlan -09/02, 12:10 pm- Most Model Ts sit higher
Les Schubert -09/02, 12:15 pm- Tom I think you wont have
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -09/02, 12:17 pm- Tom, First, I dont think
James H Hall -09/02, 12:19 pm- Not to derail the convers
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -09/02, 12:22 pm- James, Im guessing the w
Hemmings Auto News - March 1966 - Model T Parts Ads
Jay - In Northern Ca -09/02, 11:11 am- A buck sure got you a lot
Warren Webb -09/02, 11:15 am- Think we could get bob to
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -09/02, 12:07 pm- Jay, you certainly know h
Coil box bolt question
Jerome Hoffman, Hays -09/02, 11:08 am- Ok cleaning up the coil b
Dan Hatch -09/02, 11:22 am- I hunt old boxes with the
R.V. Anderson -09/02, 12:03 pm- I make new brass carriage
Mark Gregush Portlan -09/02, 12:06 pm- My OP based on thinking a
OT - Old Car Festival, who's going?
Jack Putnam, Bluffto -09/01, 03:31 pm- Ken: We will not be able
Kenneth W DeLong -09/01, 04:16 pm- POOP!! Jack was and im su
Tom Miller, Mostly i -09/02, 06:24 am- I stopped by the Dearborn
Tom Miller, Mostly i -09/02, 06:28 am- [] Message edited by tm
Tom Miller, Mostly i -09/02, 06:33 am- [poee6.JPG] [poee4.JPG]
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -09/02, 12:03 pm- Tom, Very nice pictures.
Soldering brass
Bill Elliott -09/01, 05:03 pm- How difficult is it to so
Jack Daron - Brownsb -09/01, 05:54 pm- You can easily solder Bra
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -09/01, 06:10 pm- I agree. Clean and Flux.
Ted Dumas -09/01, 07:42 pm- You need to practice quit
Craig Correll - Carl -09/01, 08:53 pm- Get a couple of pieces of
Bud Holzschuh - Pana -09/01, 09:25 pm- 99% of a good solder join
Gustaf in Idaho -09/01, 11:00 pm- The best flux I have used
Gustaf in Idaho -09/01, 11:02 pm- I missed Craigs comment a
Justin in South Afri -09/02, 03:28 am- Hi Bill, From another El
Bob Shirley -09/02, 11:50 am- I suggest if you dont hav
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -09/02, 12:00 pm- I find that for things li
T brass carb
bob middleton -09/01, 10:42 pm- So Im guessing here we ne
Royce in Georgetown  -09/02, 07:47 am- Or you could give Russ Po
Bill Harper - Keene, -09/02, 07:58 am- Any of the Kingston L/L2/
Peter B. Ratledge -09/02, 08:23 am- I run a kingston 5 ball o
Royce in Georgetown  -09/02, 08:58 am- Bill, Not saying that th
Ken Parker -09/02, 09:32 am- Royce, I run a Kingston
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -09/02, 10:14 am- All you have to do is loo
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -09/02, 10:23 am- The Model T begged for im
Royce in Georgetown  -09/02, 11:50 am- Ken, I dont recall if th
Kim Dobbins
Brian Heyd -09/02, 11:27 am- Kim I lost your cell # co
OT - "OK, I'll fess up!"
Michael Garrison - R -09/01, 01:33 pm- Well, we all go crazy in
Mike Walker, NW AR -09/01, 09:13 pm- GR -- I hadnt heard that
Marv Konrad (Green B -09/01, 09:32 pm- It must be the rest of th
Hal Schedler, Sacram -09/01, 09:41 pm- Dont worry if your grades
Marv Konrad (Green B -09/01, 09:55 pm- -Hal- This was looking to
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -09/02, 11:27 am- I dont want to become an
Fuel starvation fixed, now this...
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/01, 04:48 pm- Now that the roadster can
Mark Strange - Hills -09/01, 05:32 pm- Bummer! Boy, that roadst
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -09/01, 05:36 pm- That pulsing may be block
Charlie B actually i -09/01, 07:00 pm- Steve I remember from a d
Peter Claverie, Memp -09/01, 07:16 pm- Steve, I know you are an
Norman T. Kling -09/01, 08:45 pm- If it only boils after yo
John Noonan - Norton -09/01, 09:04 pm- Geez Steve, you cant seem
Bud Holzschuh - Pana -09/01, 09:21 pm- A few things to check: 5
bob middleton -09/01, 10:24 pm- To lean on gas out of tim
Scott Owens -09/01, 11:13 pm- I think you should try a
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/01, 11:26 pm- Fresh engine with maybe 2
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -09/01, 11:50 pm- I am not against the 50-5
John Noonan - Norton -09/02, 12:11 am- Steve as we all know, all
Ernest Clerihew -09/02, 12:24 am- When I got my T on the ro
Erik Barrett in Aubu -09/02, 12:34 am- Steve, do you have enough
Andre Valkenaers -09/02, 02:52 am- Steve, I just think you e
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -09/02, 03:22 am- Ya, check the fan pitch.
James A. Golden -09/02, 05:19 am- Andre, is that .be Belgiu
Andre Valkenaers -09/02, 06:26 am- James, I use it all the t
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -09/02, 10:49 am- Steve, Reproduction fan
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -09/02, 10:50 am- I see Erik was on this tr
Norman T. Kling -09/02, 11:21 am- Back to the discussion of
Sure-Stop Brakes. Where to mount the reservoir.
Doug Wilson - Omaha  -09/01, 03:04 pm- I put it under the seat o
Steve Tomaso - Milto -09/01, 09:13 pm- Thanks Don - I have yet t
Bob Davis, Orleans V -09/01, 11:45 pm- I just mounted mine under
Alby Anderson -09/02, 11:14 am- On my 27 coupe I do not b
Disc Wheels for T's
Constantine in Austr -09/01, 05:54 pm- Seems some of the cars ab
Dan Treace, North FL -09/01, 06:06 pm- Constantine Thats Bill B
Steve Schmidt .....  -09/01, 07:19 pm- For the do-it-yourself ty
Marvin C. Miller -09/01, 08:27 pm- Is this a Model T disc wh
Mark Gregush Portlan -09/01, 10:00 pm- Chevrolet? [:-]
Harold R Carpenter - -09/01, 10:48 pm- I have a front axle with
Steve Tomaso - Milto -09/02, 09:52 am- Ive been searching for a
Marvin C. Miller -09/02, 10:25 am- Mark, it is probably Chev
Dan McEachern -09/02, 10:38 am- Marvin-I believe that is
Have a chance to buy a TT
Bob Benedict, Humbol -09/02, 08:28 am- I have a chance to buy a
Constantine in Austr -09/02, 08:37 am- Is it the 26 TT on craigs
Bob Benedict, Humbol -09/02, 08:50 am- Yes it is the same one. I
Mike Walker, NW AR -09/02, 08:57 am- Bob -- You dont just pull
Burger in Spokane -09/02, 10:31 am- Ditch the coupe and drive
Henry Petrino in Mod -09/02, 10:37 am- Mike is, of course, right
Leaf Peeper Tour Motel
Dave Huson, Berthoud -09/01, 06:56 pm- I will try and show a pic
Ron Dupree -09/02, 10:32 am- Sorry we cant make it thi
Fuel starvation (?) again: It would have been so simple...
Ken Todd, .......... -09/02, 10:07 am- 158 mesh Saatilene screen
Old Photo - Camp Miller YMCA Tujunga California
Jay - In Northern Ca -09/02, 09:30 am- [Camp_Miller_YMCA_Tujunga
A question about nuts and bolts on the firewall
Jerome Hoffman, Hays -09/01, 10:53 pm- Russ one more question?
Jerome Hoffman, Hays -09/02, 09:12 am- Firewall is in, and paint
Firewall removed question about felt strip
Jerome Hoffman, Hays -09/02, 09:02 am- Painted and back in, pics
OT A man doesn't undestand his new BMW gear box indicator...
David Stroud -09/02, 04:00 am- Frank, does Brother Dave
Kenneth W DeLong -09/02, 07:51 am- She was fine until we tur
Mike Walker, NW AR -09/02, 08:59 am- You gonna be here when JO
600x21 tyres on T 21" wheels?
Constantine in Austr -09/01, 10:07 pm- http://www.lucasclassicti
Constantine in Austr -09/01, 10:16 pm- http://www.lucasclassicti
Dennis Prince Madras -09/01, 11:49 pm- I have 2 Ts that have 525
Mike Walker, NW AR -09/02, 08:23 am- Constantine -- I think yo
RARE 1908 Model T On E Bay, What A Steal At ONLY 55 Gran...
Tony Bowker, Ramona, -09/01, 11:09 pm- I asked a few questions b
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -09/02, 03:22 am- One of my long time favor
Kenneth W DeLong -09/02, 08:13 am- More than likely i know l
My brother passed away
Bill Harper - Keene, -09/01, 01:08 pm- Hello Doug, I am so s
Tex Holtby -09/01, 01:19 pm- Doug - So sorry to hear o
Dennis Seth - Ohio -09/01, 01:21 pm- My Condolences to you and
Jack Daron - Brownsb -09/01, 01:23 pm- Doug, our condolences to
Gene Carrothers Hunt -09/01, 01:43 pm- Sorry to hear of your los
Roar Sand -09/01, 01:52 pm- My thoughts are with you
Mike Kossor - Kenilw -09/01, 02:12 pm- Very sorry to learn of yo
Constantine in Austr -09/01, 02:35 pm- Sorry for your loss; my c
Barry Fowler - Eagle -09/01, 04:27 pm- Doug: Doris and I are sa
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -09/01, 04:39 pm- So saddened by your loss.
Keith Buckley -09/01, 05:18 pm- Sorry for your loss, it s
Dan Killecut -09/01, 08:00 pm- Doug, Our heartfelt sympa
Tyrone Thomas - Tope -09/01, 08:56 pm- Sorry bud
John Noonan - Norton -09/01, 09:00 pm- Sorry for your loss Doug,
Hal Schedler, Sacram -09/01, 11:40 pm- Sorry Doug....Hang in the
Jim Kelsey -09/02, 03:07 am- My deepest condolences.
Royce in Georgetown  -09/02, 07:54 am- Sorry to hear this Doug.
BRENT MIZE -09/02, 08:12 am- Doug, We are deeply sadde
Vern Campbell
James J. Lyons III - -09/01, 01:01 pm- This is unfortunate. Ver
Kenneth W DeLong -09/01, 01:04 pm- Yup,Amen!! I think it was
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -09/01, 01:06 pm- Bud, I think youre proba
Roger Karlsson, sout -09/01, 01:19 pm- Thats sad news. Hopefully
george house . . .ca -09/01, 01:31 pm- Im very saddened to hear
Dennis Seth - Ohio -09/01, 01:33 pm- My condolences to Verns f
John L Williams -09/01, 03:40 pm- Very Sad to hear about Ve
Dean Kiefer - Adams, -09/01, 04:04 pm- The best thing at the clo
Frank Fenton -09/01, 08:47 pm- Paradise, Vern speaking.
Mark Eyre -09/01, 09:41 pm- My last memory of Vern wa
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -09/01, 11:41 pm- I hadnt talked to him for
Warwick Landy Traral -09/02, 02:35 am- Very Sad news. It was my
Marty Bufalini - Gro -09/02, 07:22 am- Vern was just a terrific
Peter B. Ratledge -09/02, 08:05 am- Vern was a wonderful man.
OT - What a difference a year makes. Daughter driving ol...
Rob Heyen - Eastern  -09/01, 10:59 pm- I found a video from last
Dennis Plank - Three -09/01, 11:05 pm- The look on her face says
Scott Owens -09/01, 11:06 pm- And when the younger one
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -09/01, 11:22 pm- I think most kids under 1
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -09/01, 11:24 pm- Scott, whats a brody?
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/01, 11:38 pm- Yes, she likes it a LOT m
Freighter Jim -09/02, 01:47 am- Rob, Good for you ! Wha
Doug Partington -09/02, 02:11 am- Rob, your daughter looks
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -09/02, 03:08 am- Oh, Thanks Steve. We call
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -09/02, 05:07 am- When I was much younger,
G.R.Cheshire -09/02, 06:11 am- She is a very lucky girl,
Dennis Seth - Ohio -09/02, 07:11 am- Quote:She doesnt realize
Prewarcar News - Damage ends Model T Trip
Bruce Csorba (Austra -09/01, 11:18 pm- Hi Everyone, Disappointin
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/01, 11:46 pm- Im glad nobody was seriou
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -09/02, 12:35 am- Looks like the engine and
Tom Carnegie Spokane -09/02, 12:52 am- -sigh-
Warwick Landy Traral -09/02, 02:28 am- Terrible news. To think t
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -09/02, 04:45 am- It looks very repairable.
G.R.Cheshire -09/02, 06:34 am- Ive seen worse brought ba
When re-wooding a Ford body.
Mike Robison -09/01, 03:33 pm- Those of you who have don
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -09/01, 03:42 pm- I used oak for many years
Doug Wilson - Omaha  -09/01, 03:59 pm- I used Oak only because I
Donnie Brown North C -09/01, 04:06 pm- I like ash as my first ch
Rick Goelz-Knoxville -09/01, 04:08 pm- My 24 Fordor has maple, A
john kuehn -09/01, 04:35 pm- I used ash and had good r
Don Booth@ Bay City, -09/01, 04:44 pm- Ash is preferred with me.
Les Schubert -09/01, 05:10 pm- When most people refer to
Paul Sherman Tacoma  -09/01, 05:44 pm- I am using, mostly salvag
Ted Dumas -09/01, 06:30 pm- I used white oak from a l
Gustaf in Idaho -09/01, 07:02 pm- My experience with red oa
David Dewey, N. Cali -09/01, 11:26 pm- Any oak would be my last
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -09/02, 04:36 am- I am nearing the finish o
Tom Miller, Mostly i -09/02, 06:11 am- Im working on my 25 Coupe
1910 Touring Value
Mike -09/01, 02:52 pm- I own a 1910 Touring that
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -09/01, 03:13 pm- There will be many opinio
Ned Protexter -09/01, 03:17 pm- Beautiful car. I would h
Mike Hanson - Kingwo -09/01, 03:58 pm- Beautiful car. I am thin
G.R.Cheshire -09/01, 04:01 pm- Youve got a real beauty t
David Mazza -09/01, 05:10 pm- Given your location and b
Norman Bolz -09/01, 06:00 pm- Nice car. Excellent vid
Mike -09/01, 08:12 pm- Thanks for the comments,
Dan B -09/01, 08:34 pm- Mike - Beautiful car and
Mike -09/01, 08:44 pm- Dan, The jacks were boug
Mike Walker, NW AR -09/01, 08:54 pm- I second David Ms suggest
Mike Walker, NW AR -09/01, 09:03 pm- Mike -- The car is beauti
Max L. Christenson -09/01, 09:11 pm- Beautiful car. It is wor
Alan George Long -09/01, 10:18 pm- In Australia you would ge
Mark Stewart. Bakers -09/01, 11:04 pm- Beautiful April 1910 T! I
Ken Findlay -09/02, 12:27 am- Beautiful car. If you wat
Scott Kramer,Woodsto -09/02, 12:43 am- The picture that Ken post
Warwick Landy Traral -09/02, 02:24 am- Mike, A nice Green 1910 T
Ken Findlay -09/02, 02:54 am- Scott Its great to hear t
Roger Karlsson, sout -09/02, 03:48 am- And if you consider selli
Huckster with OHV? FOR SALE!!!
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -09/02, 12:12 am- Mike You are right. We
1926 Roadster Body Blocks and Bolts
Dennis Sanford - Luc -09/01, 10:28 pm- What size and type bolts
Wayne Murray - Anaco -09/01, 11:27 pm- Dennis, http://www.antiq
Old Photo - Model T Era - Off To The Produce Market
Tony Bowker, Ramona, -09/01, 11:12 pm- Those rims as Chevy...
1917 Firetruck - rear tire help
Nathan Styles -09/01, 03:38 pm- Keith, I will take a loo
Nathan Styles -09/01, 07:17 pm- keith, It is a HALE. [h
James A. Golden -09/01, 08:12 pm- The late repro Riverside
Donald Manlove -09/01, 10:07 pm- Nathan Hale is the maker
Erik Johnson -09/01, 10:23 pm- Based on what I see in yo
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -09/01, 10:53 pm- Nathan and Donald, Thank
Model T accident in Southern California
Hal Schedler, Sacram -09/01, 07:02 pm- I heard the news on KNX a
Hal Schedler, Sacram -09/01, 07:08 pm- Does the Model A have lef
Frank M. Brady -09/01, 07:37 pm- Hal: No. It looks to be
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -09/01, 07:55 pm- Model A outer wheel beari
bob middleton -09/01, 10:32 pm- Yep 30/31 model A Wheel
Help needed with a question on the oil pan & Tranny
Rand Ward Payson, Ut -09/01, 09:51 pm- You guys are amazing as i
Rand Ward Payson, Ut -09/01, 09:52 pm- Pat, I had already been w
26 TT parts truck with Ruckstell and an aux. trans ???
Constantine in Austr -09/01, 08:18 pm- http://louisville.craigsl
John McGinnis in San -09/01, 08:49 pm- Looks like a great candid
Burger in Spokane -09/01, 09:36 pm- Tires, lights, and just g
Old Photo - Brass Era Town Car
Tony Bowker, Ramona, -09/01, 09:00 pm- And the horn is mounted c
Kevlar lining on emergency brake shoes
William Bennett -09/01, 05:19 pm- Has anyone tried to use K
Dan Treace, North FL -09/01, 05:46 pm- William This was posted
Dale Peterson Colleg -09/01, 06:07 pm- I ordered some AC brakes
William Bennett -09/01, 08:53 pm- Thanks for the feedback!!
Put the Stevens Axle Reaming tool to work on the Martin P...
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -09/01, 04:06 pm- You showed a modern photo
James J. Lyons III - -09/01, 04:49 pm- Wayne, Thanks! Yes, that
James A. Golden -09/01, 08:16 pm- Jim, your Service Station
James J. Lyons III - -09/01, 08:52 pm- Jim, I got that a while b
Carburetor Identifiaction
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/01, 03:08 pm- Here are Daves pictures.
Jack Daron - Brownsb -09/01, 08:01 pm- I think it is a Detroit c
Royce in Georgetown  -09/01, 08:05 pm- I think it is a regular N
Jack Daron - Brownsb -09/01, 08:31 pm- I retract my guess.On sec
What is it worth? 1914 Runabout
James Chochole, Oswe -09/01, 08:10 pm- I am going to pass on the
Rubber plug for top support hole 26-27
Noel D. Chicoine, MD -09/01, 07:04 pm- Our 23 touring has been i
Torpedo Near the top of Rabbit Ears Pass
Dave Huson, Berthoud -09/01, 07:02 pm- I hope this is a picture
A different type of Hassler?-Photo
Frank M. Brady -09/01, 04:15 pm- I bought a cut down AA th
M G Hillhouse -09/01, 06:26 pm- That spring is on a wagon
1926 Coupe top wood plans
Michael Saggese -09/01, 03:56 pm- I just bought a 1926 coup
Mark Strange - Hills -09/01, 04:28 pm- A Google search for 1926
Michael Saggese -09/01, 05:00 pm- I came across that thread
Mark Strange - Hills -09/01, 05:26 pm- Here is a link to Leon Pa
Manifold identification
Niels Andersen -09/01, 05:00 pm- I am setting up the carb.
Dan Treace, North FL -09/01, 05:05 pm- Center manifold is 25-27.
Painting Spokes
Kenneth W DeLong -09/01, 01:41 pm- I know even less about pa
Jim Patrick -09/01, 01:59 pm- Here is what I did and wh
Michael Garrison - R -09/01, 02:20 pm- Dont feel bad Bud, Ive be
Dan Carstensen-Trosk -09/01, 02:42 pm- Thanks for all the inform
Dean Kiefer - Adams, -09/01, 03:57 pm- Bud and Michael, I want t
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -09/01, 04:57 pm- Dan, When youve finished
A Ramble on a New Engine, Lessons Learns and Craftsmanship
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -09/01, 04:19 pm- I use an old pair of duck
Have a question about adjusting my 1924 transmission
Stephen D Heatherly -09/01, 04:19 pm- Jay, if you need some goo
OT: What is this tool for?
Michael Garrison - R -09/01, 01:27 pm- Well there ya go. I worke
Norman T. Kling -09/01, 01:54 pm- You misunderstood what I
Michael Garrison - R -09/01, 02:12 pm- No Norm, it was used for
Ned Protexter -09/01, 03:24 pm- Very interesting Trent.
Rear end lubricants revisited
Marvin C. Miller -09/01, 02:21 pm- I found an article the ot
Timing gear/commutator question
David M. Coleman -09/01, 01:28 pm- Hey Jerry! The Piquette
T Timer Download
Gene Carrothers Hunt -09/01, 01:27 pm- Thanks Justin, Slight err
1915 Ford Model T Wide Track Touring for sale
andrew treece -09/01, 04:23 pm- I have a 1915 wide track
andrew treece -09/01, 04:43 pm- [1915.jpg]
Mike Hanson - Kingwo -09/01, 08:39 pm- Do you have additional ph
andrew treece -09/01, 09:37 pm- Yes I can text them to yo
n maver -09/02, 06:32 am- I think your car looks f
andrew treece -09/02, 09:36 am- some on the sides, I love
David R Herring -09/02, 12:29 pm- Hi Andrew I just sent yo
FOR SALE: Turtledeck
Skip Lane Melbourne, -09/02, 10:44 am- Sold. Thanks.
Winnemucca, NV to Philadelphia enclosed Model T transport...
Freighter Jim -09/01, 09:36 pm- September 2nd 16 feet en
Harvey Cash - Winnem -09/02, 08:02 am- Good morning Jim, Thanks
Glen Chaffin -09/01, 11:16 pm- John, I dont see why not.
JOHN BEVARDOS -09/02, 01:08 am- how would it mount, any i
JOHN BEVARDOS -09/02, 01:13 am- Glen, could you also post
JOHN BEVARDOS -09/02, 01:13 am- Glen, could you also post
13-20 round fuel tank nos for sale
Don Blain -09/01, 05:37 pm- have n.o.s gas tank for s
Mike Walker, NW AR -09/01, 09:45 pm- Don -- I sent you a messa
Don Blain -09/01, 11:14 pm- Gas tank spoken for thank
Hayes 30 x 3 1/2 demountable rim For Sale
Layden Butler -09/01, 10:30 pm- Hayes No.100 rim in good
Wire wheel 1926-27 For Sale
Layden Butler -09/01, 10:26 pm- Rough in one area where i
1926 Roadster Body Blocks and Bolts
Dennis Sanford - Luc -09/01, 07:27 pm- What size and type bolts
Jack Daron - Brownsb -09/01, 08:13 pm- I,m not sure for 26-27,bu
Dennis Sanford - Luc -09/01, 10:25 pm- Sorry, I posted this in t
Layden Butler -09/01, 01:30 pm- Kind of sounds like Tony
Dan McEachern -09/01, 07:51 pm- I recall Richard Gould pl
Seeking good blocks 1923 and 1924
Chris Dailledouze -09/01, 03:55 pm- Actually for that matter
Hal Schedler, Sacram -09/01, 07:18 pm- Try contacting Dave Huson
Rivited rear axle housing
John T. Tannehill II -09/01, 03:00 pm- I dont care what anyone s
Keith Townsend ; ^ ) -09/01, 06:47 pm- Ok guys. I think we can m
Wanted 19 or 20 T closed car bail / loop door hamdles
Dave Boik -09/01, 04:59 pm- Just found and bought a p
Bruce McCalley's Model T Ford Encyclopedia available on C...
Keith Buckley -09/01, 04:59 pm- To the Newbies out there,
WANTED - 1917-27 Ford
Richard Clark -09/01, 03:51 pm- Hi Constantine in Austral
26/27 roadster seat riser
Travis Melnick -Wate -09/01, 03:42 pm- Im starting on our 26/27
Touring top supports For Sale
Layden Butler -09/01, 03:28 pm- For the rear of a touring
Atlas water pump For Sale
Layden Butler -09/01, 01:26 pm- Holding for David. Thanks
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