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Model T Ford Forum
Forum 2014
Old Photo Model K assembly line at rest
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -09/02, 12:50 am- [WorkerswithFinishedFordM
Rob Heyen -09/02, 04:44 am- Erich, I believe they ar
Rob Heyen -09/02, 04:57 am- More Model B assembly at
Help !!! identify year of T Ford frame,
Russ haines -09/02, 03:12 am- hi all, thanks for all th
Old photos variety of images
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -09/02, 12:46 am- [475714.jpg] [Assembly-Pi
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -09/02, 12:46 am- [Ford_Model_-T-_car_no._2
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -09/02, 12:47 am- [modelTruck600x417.jpg] [
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -09/02, 12:48 am- [WorkersStartingEngineson
Tony Bowker -09/02, 12:52 am- Those are so neat. A mod
Don Watson -Florence -09/02, 01:22 am- I like the shot of the 13
Michael R Beary -09/02, 01:34 am- I wonder what the scoop i
Andrew Benoit -09/02, 01:54 am- Ford Model T car no. 2, w
Andrew Benoit -09/02, 01:56 am- This is a pretty good way
Why I Like The Forum
Kirk Peterson -09/01, 10:13 am- To read and digest the th
Frank Harris from Lo -09/01, 12:02 pm- Jack, I am building a BB
Eric Sole - Castelld -09/02, 01:43 am- While David Dewey says he
Old photo Brrrrrrr brass? what is it?
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -09/02, 12:42 am- [475709.jpg]
Erik Johnson -09/02, 12:58 am-
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -09/02, 01:29 am- OOOPS, I shoulda seen tha
Stewart 160 speedometer on a 1927 touring...?
Andrew Nolte -09/02, 01:25 am- Never gave it much though
Ray from Oregon? was he a contributor here while living
wes heustess -09/02, 01:15 am- Ray Benzel....Yes Fred. T
I may have found the rod knock noise cause....
Terry Horlick in Pen -09/02, 12:38 am- A month or two ago Rusty
Tony Bowker -09/02, 12:49 am- What a mess. Never actu
Terry Horlick in Pen -09/02, 01:03 am- I forgot to mention that
Hand crank bushing from Langs?
Matthew Temple -09/01, 07:07 pm- I ordered a bushing repai
Jack Daron - Brownsb -09/01, 07:51 pm- They drive into the pan t
Allan Bennett - Aust -09/01, 07:55 pm- Matthhew, it is not a goo
Matthew Temple -09/01, 09:07 pm- Thanks I have a large spr
Allan Bennett - Aust -09/02, 01:01 am- Matthew, I missed your re
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -09/02, 01:01 am- Without seeing it, I cann
Various town car photos
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -09/02, 12:53 am- [09 town car.jpg] [460_Im
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -09/02, 12:53 am- [
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -09/02, 12:54 am- [Breker13tc.jpg]
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -09/02, 12:55 am- [P1020248-153-Ford-1909-M
Two guys, one speedster, seven days, 2,000 miles (knock o...
Ricks - Surf City -09/01, 09:27 am- Thanks for relating your
Chris Bamford, Edmon -09/02, 12:43 am- Hello all, Day 6 Monday,
"10 cars you must drive before you die" article, T=1
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -09/02, 12:06 am- Link to article in car an
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/02, 12:35 am- What, no beetle?
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -09/02, 12:38 am- Steve, I agree.
Here we go again: Stock vs distributor & 12 volt.
Karl Gilchrist -09/02, 12:34 am- Each to there own but pe
Ok to run without battery?
JohnCodman -09/01, 02:36 pm- Im not suggesting that Ro
Dave Dufault -09/01, 02:53 pm- John, Does the middle par
Ron Patterson-Nichol -09/01, 05:44 pm- John Codman John Regan di
Henry Petrino in Mod -09/01, 07:23 pm- Ron, Typo I think, NEVER
Ron Patterson-Nichol -09/01, 10:34 pm- Typo
JohnCodman -09/01, 10:38 pm- Thanks for the explanatio
Erik Barrett -09/01, 11:13 pm- I remember a thread about
Erik Johnson -09/02, 12:23 am- Read paragraphs 1107 and
My lucky day?
Dennis Plank -09/01, 07:24 pm- I attended an antique eng
Herb Iffrig -09/01, 07:40 pm- Since I dont know what yo
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/01, 08:54 pm- They generally go for $70
Eric Hylen- Central  -09/01, 09:03 pm- Nice find. Its a Ford 18-
John P. Steele, Mont -09/02, 12:12 am- The 18-Z-245 is cast into
Vapor lock
Michael R Beary -09/01, 09:15 pm- Vapor lock? What does a T
Norman T. Kling -09/01, 09:20 pm- It would behave as if it
Michael R Beary -09/01, 11:24 pm- Thank you Norm! My gas li
Ralph Cunningham -09/02, 12:05 am- Aluminum clothes pins
Blaze's Red Letter Day
Mike Hanson -09/01, 11:58 pm- Today was a red letter da
Stolen Model T Alert
David Miller -09/01, 02:54 pm- I would like to alert the
Ed in California -09/01, 04:49 pm- If I had a trailer, Id po
Tim Wrenn -09/01, 04:54 pm- Ed, thats a great idea. I
James Chochole -09/01, 05:15 pm- Ill be on the lookout her
Ron Patterson-Nichol -09/01, 05:30 pm- The Tile Ron the Coilman
Danial - Veneta OR U -09/01, 05:30 pm- Scumbags. And if I typ
Danial - Veneta OR U -09/01, 05:32 pm- Ron thats a pretty cool l
Mark Strange -09/01, 05:35 pm- The thieves probably were
Ed in California -09/01, 06:11 pm- Call the local paper and
Mike Vaughn -09/01, 06:17 pm- I will be on the lookout
David Mazza -09/01, 06:44 pm- Put it up on the aaca fac
Tyrone Thomas - Tope -09/01, 07:32 pm- will keep an eye out. Sor
Dave Wells -09/01, 07:41 pm- You might want to alert C
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -09/01, 08:22 pm- Sorry about your loss. I
D.j. Fiveash -09/01, 09:10 pm- I will keep a look out he
Tim Eyssen - Abilene -09/01, 09:20 pm- Make sure law enforcement
Willie K Cordes -09/01, 09:22 pm- That trailer is a little
Greg Whaley, Georget -09/01, 09:41 pm- Ive posted the info in al
Craig Anderson, cent -09/01, 10:58 pm- Doing the same as Greg.
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/01, 11:20 pm- Crime is primarily a stup
Jim -09/01, 11:27 pm-  The Tile has a 100 foot
Doug Money - Braidwo -09/01, 11:48 pm- What tow vehicle was stol
David Miller -09/01, 11:55 pm- Good news the location of
Michael R Beary -09/01, 11:56 pm- The classifieds say the v
Interesting heavy duty aftermarket radiator
Erik Johnson -09/01, 07:13 pm- Thought this is worth pos
Mark Strange -09/01, 08:02 pm- Thats a pretty beefy look
Henry Petrino in Mod -09/01, 08:13 pm- I really like that thing.
John McGinnis in San -09/01, 09:22 pm- Yep, sounds great. Cant
Dave Wells -09/01, 09:56 pm- With those two cross supp
Steve McClelland -09/01, 09:59 pm- One thing about it, if it
Jay - In Northern Ca -09/01, 10:02 pm- I have seen that same rad
Bill in Adelaida Cal -09/01, 11:43 pm- Not a good radiator for h
1926-27 Improved models, A study of ... Front Axle
Donnie Brown North C -09/01, 09:36 pm- This is the fourth in a s
Mike Walker, NW AR -09/01, 09:48 pm- Sometime during 26 or 27,
Larry Smith -09/01, 10:12 pm- There was a picture of on
Jim Thode Chehalis W -09/01, 10:48 pm- The casting date is not r
Donnie Brown North C -09/01, 11:19 pm- Mike, I went out and look
OT - non-Ford steering column - what is it?
Derek Kiefer - Manto -09/01, 12:46 pm- I recently picked up this
Ed in California -09/01, 12:53 pm- it is in the early 1920s,
Derek Kiefer - Manto -09/01, 01:09 pm- If it helps narrow it dow
Derek Kiefer - Manto -09/01, 06:21 pm- I did find some markings.
Bob McDonald-Federal -09/01, 06:29 pm- That might be a steering
Derek Kiefer - Manto -09/01, 08:45 pm- It does have wiring termi
Walter Higgins -09/01, 11:07 pm- It is from a 27 thereabou
Unusual Canadian serial number.
Dave Wells -09/01, 06:42 pm- Im doing some repairs on
Ed in California -09/01, 06:53 pm- SM may be a marine design
Les Schubert -09/01, 07:50 pm- Ed may be onto something.
Dave Wells -09/01, 07:58 pm- Interesting. I will be ba
Rod McKenzie -09/01, 10:49 pm- Thats an interesting puzz
How much does a model t weigh, so I can calculate the tow...
Robert Poane -09/01, 10:26 am- how much does a model t w
Jim Thode Chehalis W -09/01, 10:33 am- [1912-001.jpg] From thi
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/01, 11:11 am- Bob, they vary not only b
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -09/01, 10:49 pm- 1200 pounds seems a bit l
1912 Touring Ebay Results
Eric Hylen- Central  -09/01, 08:39 am- Craig, Ive been buying an
Gene Carrothers Hunt -09/01, 01:09 pm- Craig, keep up the great
Craig Anderson, cent -09/01, 03:53 pm- Thanks for your support..
Bob Coiro -09/01, 03:55 pm- Sure does look like a dar
Craig Anderson, cent -09/01, 05:46 pm- CMON Bob.......its ONLY m
William L Vanderburg -09/01, 05:59 pm- fingers can be amputated
Craig Anderson, cent -09/01, 10:42 pm- LOL William. Don Skille h
Question for John Regan
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/01, 09:43 am- I just painted my 2587 E1
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/01, 01:30 pm- Bump.
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/01, 08:44 pm- Again.
Mike Walker, NW AR -09/01, 09:54 pm- Why not just call him in
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -09/01, 10:18 pm- Paint should be dry by no
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/01, 10:28 pm- Yep. I thought the answer
Clayton Swanson -09/01, 10:30 pm- he must be goofing off, l
1914 dash hole locations
Clayton Swanson -09/01, 10:27 pm- the plan for today was to
Kerosene Lamp Wick: Trimming
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -09/01, 07:50 am- Dave, I tried looking at
Dave Wells -09/01, 08:15 am- Steve, thats probably the
Marty Bufalini -09/01, 09:33 am- For those asking about wi
Dave Wells -09/01, 02:43 pm- Thanks Marty. I would nev
Greg Griffin -09/01, 10:20 pm- I have heard that Chaffin
OT - Model K Ford
Eric Hylen- Central  -09/01, 11:00 am- Rob, Dearborn to Lansing
David Greenlees -09/01, 11:16 am- Tim: I am curious about
Timothy Kelly -09/01, 10:18 pm- David: The Sodium Silica
New user with project questions
Donnie Brown North C -09/01, 09:58 am- Steve, we all forgot the
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/01, 10:24 am- [IMG_0020 copy.JPG]
Mike Walker, NW AR -09/01, 07:48 pm- Steve -- It looks like yo
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/01, 08:50 pm- Yes, but I dont think thi
Totally OT: Cloud storage?
Royce in Georgetown  -09/01, 05:54 pm- iCloud accounts are not s
Ed in California -09/01, 06:37 pm- As Royce stated, nothing
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -09/01, 08:32 pm- LoL got it-- I know of a
Wiring differential studs?
John P. Steele, Mont -09/01, 12:19 pm- Thanks guys, picked up so
Dean Dorholt - Mpls, -09/01, 08:29 pm- My neighbor was a mechani
How complicated is it to build a body?
George John Drobnock -09/01, 08:32 am- First off - Happy Labour
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -09/01, 08:28 pm- An arm here A leg there a
Dimensions of main wood rails
Mark Rothrock -09/01, 08:27 pm- What little remains of th
Examples of tail lights
Eric Dunlap -09/01, 08:27 pm- My boys helped me install
Type BB Roof head
Ross Harris -09/01, 02:59 pm- Mike; Was away for the we
Les Schubert -09/01, 03:27 pm- Ron I dont think anyone h
Les Schubert -09/01, 08:03 pm- Ron Valve covers are $300
Early 1909 T photos - again
David Dare - Just a  -09/01, 06:03 am- Its certainly not a new c
Tim Wrenn -09/01, 07:44 am- Looks to me like these pe
Royce in Georgetown  -09/01, 08:37 am- As we discussed before th
Don Skille -09/01, 10:40 am- It looks as if it could b
Don Watson -Florence -09/01, 11:03 am- Thanks Andrew on revisiti
David Greenlees -09/01, 11:10 am- Andrew, Would you mind i
Andrew Brand -09/01, 06:24 pm- Sure David. Ive sent you
Ken Parker -09/01, 07:37 pm- The young fellow is bare-
"History and Evolution of design in Ford Motor Company" a...
Gabriel Tamarit - Ar -09/01, 11:55 am- Iīm going to teach a clas
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -09/01, 12:49 pm- I suggest you start with
Dennis Seth - Ohio -09/01, 01:54 pm- There are many videos on
Gabriel Tamarit - Ar -09/01, 06:31 pm- Keith, Dennis, thank you
Andrew Benoit -09/01, 07:24 pm- Thats a great profile pic
Gabriel Tamarit - Ar -09/01, 07:35 pm- Thank you, Andrew! Thatīs
It's getting deep-Photo
Herb Iffrig -09/01, 09:25 am- [its getting deep in here
Darren J Wallace -09/01, 10:52 am- Can you imagine the effor
Erik Johnson -09/01, 11:24 am- There are enough details
Tim Wrenn -09/01, 11:26 am- Wow! That poor little ca
Burger in Spokane -09/01, 12:12 pm- We get a fair amount of s
Kevin Holland, Utah -09/01, 12:15 pm- Herb, Do you know where t
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -09/01, 01:08 pm- Based on the depth of the
Dennis Seth - Ohio -09/01, 01:49 pm- I love this photo thanks
Burger in Spokane -09/01, 03:42 pm- Kevin Holland, Did you p
brass car guy -09/01, 05:42 pm- I think the car in questi
Erik Johnson -09/01, 06:38 pm- 1903 Franklin - the hig
Les VonNordheim -09/01, 07:19 pm- Brass car guy....a 1905-0
Running board oddity
Allan Bennett - Aust -09/01, 08:28 am- Took photos of the runnin
Allan Bennett - Aust -09/01, 08:35 am- Close up showing holes fo
Ken Parker -09/01, 07:13 pm- Allan, Looks like the ru
T320 front perch
harvey cash -09/01, 07:44 am- Thank you Bud for posting
harvey cash -09/01, 10:28 am- btt
Dan Treace, North FL -09/01, 12:06 pm- Harvey I would bet the s
harvey cash -09/01, 07:12 pm- Dan, you are correct. I p
1909 ? For Sale
Tim Wrenn -09/01, 08:02 am- Looks like a mutt!
Roger Karlsson, sout -09/01, 08:11 am- Wayne, the craigslist car
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -09/01, 06:35 pm- Roger, My comment was bas
1912 original dash dilled for rh or lh drive Canadian car
David Chantrell - Ad -09/01, 07:48 am- Out of curiosity, where i
Colin Mavins -09/01, 08:00 am- hello In Canada our seria
David Chantrell - Ad -09/01, 10:55 am- Interesting indeed, the R
Ray Green -09/01, 11:19 am- Hi Collin, as a matter of
Larry Smith -09/01, 11:36 am- That looks like a Heinze
Norman T. Kling -09/01, 12:06 pm- Are the holes exactly the
Colin Mavins -09/01, 01:02 pm- Norman You are correct th
Colin Mavins -09/01, 01:10 pm- heres a pic of the dash[c
Colin Mavins -09/01, 01:21 pm- David it almost looks lik
Dan Hatch -09/01, 01:28 pm- I have an NOS 13/14 dash
David Chantrell - Ad -09/01, 06:02 pm- Dont use the position of
Rebuilding the best T rearend you can have
John McGinnis in San -09/01, 08:10 am- Bronze thrust washers are
Marty Bufalini -09/01, 09:40 am- I agree with Steve. I ju
Mike Walker, NW AR -09/01, 09:47 am- Im with Steve on this one
Mike Walker, NW AR -09/01, 09:49 am- Did someone mention axles
Jon Allen -09/01, 10:06 am- I did my rear end last wi
Jon Allen -09/01, 10:08 am- An even better rear end..
Larry Smith -09/01, 11:58 am- I disagree with Steve. Th
Jon Allen -09/01, 12:05 pm- You guys got no sense of
Glen Chaffin -09/01, 12:34 pm- Bradleys new sleeves are
Walt Berdan, Bellevu -09/01, 05:34 pm- I really like the Fun Pro
Old photo - The Whole Fam Damily Posing
David A. Siver -09/01, 09:30 am- Looks like the little one
Norman T. Kling -09/01, 12:21 pm- Notice there is no guard
Jim Weir -09/01, 12:28 pm- Not a joyful looking crow
Tim Wrenn -09/01, 04:58 pm- No doubt another example
Are these Model T's?
John Minnis -09/01, 10:55 am- Are these Model Ts in the
James Baker -09/01, 10:57 am- Yes and no
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/01, 11:03 am- Looks like April, Mud Sea
Mark Gregush Portlan -09/01, 11:20 am- Looks like a rope between
Tim Wrenn -09/01, 11:25 am- John, nice pics. What tho
John Minnis -09/01, 01:55 pm- Actually, I am doing an A
Derek Kiefer - Manto -09/01, 01:59 pm- The first one is a 1915-1
Richard Wolf -09/01, 02:30 pm- What areas were serviced
Bill Harris, Hunting -09/01, 03:30 pm- Its just a guess, but the
John Minnis -09/01, 03:56 pm- Heres a link to higher re
Bill Harris, Hunting -09/01, 04:18 pm- Thank you! Im sticking w
Tim Wrenn -09/01, 04:57 pm- Yep, Haps still around. H
Hoquiam Washington-Photo
Herb Iffrig -09/01, 09:29 am- [Hoquiam Washington.jpg r
Gilbert V. I. Fitzhu -09/01, 09:42 am- I presume those are troll
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/01, 09:54 am- The poles along the curb
Richard Wolf -09/01, 09:58 am- Steve; Those poles are on
Richard Wolf -09/01, 10:01 am- Steve; Maybe U R right.
Herb Iffrig -09/01, 10:05 am- Is that a spreader bar ne
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/01, 10:16 am- Looking north, right is e
William L Vanderburg -09/01, 10:25 am- Its an electric traction
William L Vanderburg -09/01, 10:26 am- however I didnt see the p
Kim Dobbins -09/01, 10:46 am- Thanks Herb, I lived righ
Warren W. Mortensen -09/01, 11:18 am- All but 2 buildings gone,
Dana A. Crosby in Gl -09/01, 11:36 am- I find the modern picture
Larry Smith -09/01, 11:40 am- Not the same location.
Burger in Spokane -09/01, 12:03 pm- Grays Harbor County long
Mark Gregush Portlan -09/01, 12:13 pm- Looks like the same locat
Kim Dobbins -09/01, 01:53 pm- Burger, average rain fall
Ricks - Surf City -09/01, 02:28 pm- Wifey and I with sturgeon
Burger in Spokane -09/01, 03:40 pm- Guess I should have said
John Wightman -09/01, 04:10 pm- Yes, we used to go there
Rear end
Bill Thompson -09/01, 10:28 am- How can I tell what year
Kevin Holland, Utah -09/01, 12:23 pm- Picture?
Val Soupios -09/01, 12:36 pm- Are there rivets around
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/01, 01:23 pm- Reinforcing ribs on the b
Dan Hatch -09/01, 01:31 pm- Is it machined for a clos
Bill Thompson -09/01, 01:34 pm- I dont know about the spo
Dan Hatch -09/01, 01:43 pm- Look at where the spool b
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/01, 02:55 pm- [IMG_3925 copy.JPG] Step
Petersen Museum in LA
Larry Smith -09/01, 12:05 pm- They have a T on the grou
Peter C. Strebeck -09/01, 01:44 pm- The Mustang exhibit is a
Old Car Festival: Names and Faces
Don Booth@ Bay City, -09/01, 07:10 am- Where is the narrators st
Willis Jenkins -09/01, 08:35 am- Yes, that is where the ca
Darren J Wallace -09/01, 10:55 am- This year yet again I can
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -09/01, 12:29 pm- Hi Darren - Thats a bumme
SMD Fliver
Herb Iffrig -09/01, 10:55 am- [S M D Fliver.jpg resized
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -09/01, 11:10 am- My guess is a stationary
Kevin Holland, Utah -09/01, 12:28 pm- It looks to me like Fred
Photo - Stuck truck
Justin Heim -09/01, 09:27 am- Probably not cornbread si
Donnie Brown North C -09/01, 12:10 pm- I lean toward a plug of t
Norman T. Kling -09/01, 12:23 pm- Are you sure its not his
Mixture adjustment
JohnCodman -09/01, 11:29 am- Thanks guys!
Jim Thode Chehalis W -09/01, 11:55 am- Here is a list of when an
Norman T. Kling -09/01, 12:13 pm- The choke restricts the a
Old Photo - Finding A Place To Ride Along
Jay - In Northern Ca -09/01, 10:26 am- [B00597.jpg]
Warren Henderson -09/01, 11:23 am- either that or just tryin
Tim Wrenn -09/01, 11:27 am- Awwww...cute doggie! Tha
Larry Smith -09/01, 11:48 am- It looks like it may have
OT MotoMeter Instructions Sought
Steve Tomaso - Milto -09/01, 11:34 am- Ill look for the info and
Clayton Swanson -09/01, 11:44 am- speedometer shop in mpls
Show Off Your TT's :-)...
Anthony J Marino -09/01, 07:49 am- Mine came out of the barn
John McGinnis in San -09/01, 08:02 am- Anthony, I assume you are
Anthony J Marino -09/01, 09:16 am- Thats the one John. Your
Willie K Cordes -09/01, 11:19 am- Anthony, this is not TT b
Tim Wrenn -09/01, 11:40 am- This thread is getting ki
Old Photo - More Fender Iron Testing
Jay - In Northern Ca -09/01, 10:24 am- [A08793.jpg]
Warren Henderson -09/01, 11:24 am- Jay, looks like the fende
Turtle deck for 1921 Coupe
Mark Gregush Portlan -09/01, 11:14 am- The back behind the seat
Old Photo - Happy Couple
Jay - In Northern Ca -09/01, 10:29 am- [U07834.jpg]
Does anyone know if we can see the vendor list for Hershey?
Robert Poane -09/01, 08:03 am- Last years booklet, thats
Nicholas Lingg - Tar -09/01, 09:33 am- Here is last years book [
Nicholas Lingg - Tar -09/01, 09:34 am- First page[trailers 1.jpg
Robert Poane -09/01, 10:24 am- I will google these guys,
Been along time
Neil Haywood -09/01, 10:09 am- Ive been off the boards f
Jay - In Northern Ca -09/01, 10:22 am- Neil, Heres a link to a s
OT A vehicle for your final ride
Andy Loso St Joseph, -09/01, 08:21 am- I have done this three ti
Jem Bowkett -09/01, 10:11 am- That is a horrible roof!
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/01, 10:19 am- I guess Id better get my
Duncan and Fraser wide body roadster
Allan Bennett - Aust -09/01, 09:34 am- I meant to post this befo
Dnf accessories
Allan Bennett - Aust -09/01, 09:20 am- [rps20140901_222439.jpg]
I just got back from Mt. Pleasant Iowa
Jerry Kramer -09/01, 08:54 am- Were still there! With a
Photo - Brass truck
Tim Wrenn -09/01, 08:04 am- And looks like brass rimm
Stolen Model T Alert
David Miller -09/01, 05:14 pm- I would like to alert the
Jim -09/01, 08:05 pm- No help now but ... Alwa
Tim Williams -09/01, 11:03 pm- Good tips Jim. Thank-you.
David Miller -09/01, 11:40 pm- Good news the vehicles tr
Michael R Beary -09/01, 11:52 pm- Great outcome!
Hal Schedler, Sacram -09/02, 02:27 am- Who took um and were they
Parts for sale- Stewart Speedometer parts
Chris White -09/01, 08:26 pm- Stewart Speedometer parts
Tony Bowker -09/02, 12:32 am- There was someone looking
Mark Chaffin -09/01, 11:33 pm- Very nice 28 Whippet hone
Mark Chaffin -09/01, 11:13 pm- Great start for a speedst
1924 Touring For Sale
Mark Chaffin -09/01, 11:10 pm- BUMP
1914 Model T Touring For Sale
Albin Werner  -09/01, 09:11 pm- I have had my obsession w
Colin Mavins -09/01, 11:09 pm- In Canada this is the hor
Dave Huson, Berthoud -09/01, 10:31 pm- I found a fourth TT Runni
Dave Huson, Berthoud -09/01, 10:28 pm- Roller Bearings $10.00 ea
WANTED - 26 / 27 Rear End
Donnie Brown North C -09/01, 12:21 pm- Burger, No cussing needed
Larry Bohlen, Severn -09/01, 01:29 pm- Youll need to deal with t
Burger in Spokane -09/01, 03:26 pm- Heres my vision: A Mod
Donnie Brown North C -09/01, 09:49 pm- Burger, #7 - dress period
Wanted 1914 or earlier Model T touring car
Bill Bohlen -09/01, 05:05 pm- Joe, Are you looking for
Joe Fedullo -09/01, 08:53 pm- Bill, Thanks for th
1913 Ohio Licence Plate
Warren F Rollins -09/01, 05:07 pm- I have a pretty good 1912
Tim Wrenn -09/01, 08:52 pm- Warren...dropping you a P
Model A Hydraulic Brake Set
Chris Dailledouze -09/01, 08:29 pm- .
Wanted wood pickup box hardware
Neil Haywood -09/01, 08:26 pm- I have the wood and the p
WANTED: Turtle Deck for 1921 Coupe
Skip Lane -09/01, 08:14 pm- Thanks, Ed. I did call.
Holbrook, AZ to Denver to San Luis Obispo, CA hauling now !
Jim -09/01, 05:04 pm- September 2nd Empty tr
Jim -09/01, 06:42 pm- I am NOT going thru Denve
WTB - Accelerator "Foot Feed"
Brad Van Meter -09/01, 10:03 am- WTB original accelerator
Warren F Rollins -09/01, 05:15 pm- Im not into texting. What
Mark Strange -09/01, 05:30 pm- WTB - Want to Buy
Warren F Rollins -09/01, 06:42 pm- Brad, I will take a look
Teens era parts For Sale
Layden Butler -09/01, 04:17 pm- All as one lot $75, pick
ORIGINAL set of 1926-7 bumpers, complete, $600
Tim Morsher -09/01, 02:59 pm- I have an ORIGINAL set of
Dave Huson, Berthoud -09/01, 02:27 pm- Anderson Timer $20.00, Th
Justin Heim -09/01, 02:39 pm- Dave, I sent you a PM.
7 Budd 23" Wire Wheels
Ted Van Beek -09/01, 02:09 pm- The wheels have been sold
Tap for Bendix Cover Screws
Steve Linney -09/01, 12:12 pm- is this part still availa
Dave Huson, Berthoud -09/01, 11:43 am- Generator $70.00, was $98
Wanted original 1923 roadster belt rail wood
Leon Parker -09/01, 11:14 am- Wanted: I am looking for
Dave Huson, Berthoud -09/01, 09:47 am- Turner Timer $18.00 This
Dave Huson, Berthoud -09/01, 09:57 am- I Will try that picture a
* * Ford_Field Truck Cab and Bed
ThomasT -09/01, 08:19 am- Ford _ Field Truck is a C
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