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Model T Ford Forum
Forum 2015
Re-bar in Grand Coulee, WA
Tom Carnegie Spokane -08/05, 01:20 am- I friend of mine was invo
Ken Findlay -08/05, 02:35 am- Id check it for cracks be
Erik Barrett in Aubu -08/05, 02:37 am- There are about four hund
G.R.Cheshire -08/05, 05:02 am- And the kids say we didnt
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -08/05, 07:57 am- G. R. Many kids and some
Bill Harper - Keene, -08/05, 08:16 am- That might clean up!
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -08/05, 08:29 am- I found the brake handle
Troop 183 Model T - Thanks and Help
Mark Rakestraw -08/04, 10:56 pm- Howdy from Ks! Im with S
Warren Henderson, Du -08/05, 08:28 am- Try contacting Model T Ha
Definition of an optimist?
n maver -08/04, 11:09 am- I think he is being very
Evan in Paso Robles -08/04, 11:10 am- An Optimist sees the glas
David Dewey, N. Cali -08/04, 05:33 pm- and governor Brown Califu
Russell Prideaux Mar -08/04, 09:22 pm- Unless I am reading it wr
Mark Gregush Portlan -08/04, 09:34 pm- Yes there is one bid but
n maver -08/05, 08:27 am- Surely another Optimist :
Cochrane trip
Jerry Davis Houston  -08/05, 08:22 am- First, let me say that th
Congressional action required.
George John Drobnock -08/04, 08:49 am- Steve, you are a century
Burger in Spokane -08/04, 09:50 am- Drag a 20 length of cyclo
Burger in Spokane -08/04, 09:23 pm- I drive a lot of gravel r
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -08/05, 07:46 am- Burger, Im not sure you a
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -08/05, 07:55 am- My impression of a washbo
Kenneth W DeLong -08/05, 08:21 am- We have lived on gravel s
T to A people?
joe bell -08/04, 08:17 pm- I recently finished an en
Ron in Central Massa -08/04, 09:14 pm- Ever consider you just ha
Mark Gregush Portlan -08/04, 09:16 pm- Ok I am not sure I follow
Ron in Central Massa -08/04, 09:17 pm- Amen Mark
Dennis Plank - Three -08/04, 09:26 pm- I think Joe was paying a
Dennis Plank - Three -08/04, 09:27 pm- Besides, I would never pr
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -08/04, 09:28 pm- Joe Bell will bend over b
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -08/04, 09:30 pm- Dennis, youre right. And
Burger in Spokane -08/04, 09:31 pm- Gee, Ron, .... are all g
Ron in Central Massa -08/04, 09:35 pm- Do not know Joe Bell and
Kenneth W DeLong -08/04, 09:55 pm- Sorry to hear your having
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -08/04, 10:52 pm- I only have good things t
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -08/04, 11:19 pm- I am on Joes side in this
Erik Barrett in Aubu -08/05, 12:11 am- I think what Joe meant is
Burger in Spokane -08/05, 12:30 am- Do not know Joe Bell and
Hap Tucker in Sumter -08/05, 07:09 am- Joe, Thank you for your
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -08/05, 07:47 am- A bit too late for me.
Footman Loops
Bill Elliott -08/04, 09:16 pm- Im finished putting the b
Dave Wells, Hamilton -08/04, 09:42 pm- Pretty much right in the
Royce in Georgetown  -08/05, 07:42 am- Bill, The footman loops
EP-769 Primer
John McGinnis in San -08/05, 06:15 am- I am planning on doing so
Justin H. - Western  -08/05, 07:03 am- Ive used black epoxy prim
Royce in Georgetown  -08/05, 07:32 am- DP90LF is available anywh
Slow forum
Gary H. White - Sher -08/04, 08:13 pm- Just down loaded WIN 10.
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -08/05, 07:16 am- W7 and IE-11 work fine. T
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -08/05, 07:22 am- Oh, and W10 will take lon
Freighter Jim -08/05, 07:24 am- I am just slow to begin w
Yellowstone & Jackson Wyo. in our '09 'T'
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -08/04, 01:31 pm- [prt2.jpg] Im happy to
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -08/04, 02:25 pm- Thats a mighty spiffy cha
Kevin Fielding "Ewe- -08/04, 03:06 pm- Richard, Thanks for the p
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -08/04, 03:48 pm- Steve, I had been envious
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -08/04, 05:30 pm- I am very glad to see you
brass car guy -08/04, 11:51 pm- I was sorry to hear about
Hap Tucker in Sumter -08/05, 07:14 am- Richard, It looks like y
New top 23 Touring need help
Mark Strange - Hills -08/04, 10:44 am- My first ever attempt at
Richard A Eddinger S -08/04, 11:40 pm- Thanks Mark, I should h
David Coco - Winches -08/05, 07:05 am- I enjoy putting on early
"Floating transmission" shaft improvements
Les Schubert -08/04, 11:03 pm- [IMG_1098.JPG] This shaf
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -08/05, 06:56 am- I ran across pictures of
Cast Iron brake drums ?
Constantine in Austr -08/04, 09:05 am- Geez...if there ever was
Les VonNordheim -08/04, 10:59 am- Constantine, During one o
Dan Treace, North FL -08/04, 10:59 am- Just to add to the conver
Les Schubert -08/04, 07:03 pm- Dan My observation is tha
Peter Kable - Kiama  -08/04, 07:24 pm- Wonder if the people maki
Les VonNordheim -08/04, 07:25 pm- Dan, Besides the earlier
Roar Sand -08/04, 10:53 pm- The aluminum finned cast
Alan George Long -08/05, 05:25 am- I have just installed cas
Constantine in Austr -08/05, 06:55 am- Allan and Alan, Are thes
John Manuel, Lafayet -08/04, 09:08 am- Gary, I, and Im hopeful t
Dave Dufault -08/04, 09:13 am- Words posted here are rea
Gary Schreiber- Sant -08/04, 09:46 am- My comments are no more o
Jon Crane -08/04, 09:59 am- Guys Didnt they make a mo
Chris Brancaccio - C -08/04, 11:46 am- Like Jerry Van said above
John Warren -08/05, 06:40 am- Mike, Thanks for the up-d
Trying to contact Joe Batthuer
Ron Patterson-Nichol -08/04, 06:07 pm- Can anyone tell me Joes p
Richard Wolf -08/04, 10:19 pm- He lives in Yorktown, Ind
Jack Daron - Brownsb -08/04, 10:35 pm- I tried white pages,but n
Richard Wolf -08/05, 06:29 am- Telephone books dont work
So what have you done on your T? July
Scott Conger -08/05, 06:23 am- Thanks Tim in the past 4
Joe Morris T Crankshaft
Les VonNordheim -08/04, 11:13 am- In my humble opinion they
Les Schubert -08/04, 07:08 pm- I wonder if silver brazin
John McGinnis in San -08/05, 06:00 am- In a previous thread it w
Old Photo - Brass Era - Delivery Bodied Model T On The Farm
Jay - In Northern Ca -08/04, 04:03 pm- [fftgq3.jpg]
Bill Harper - Keene, -08/04, 06:09 pm- Isnt that John Regans pie
Darel J. Leipold -08/04, 06:21 pm- 1911 or 1912? E&J si
Dennis Seth - Ohio -08/04, 06:27 pm- I dont think John Regan i
Hap Tucker in Sumter -08/04, 06:56 pm- John isnt that old, but i
Alan George Long -08/05, 05:29 am- Great photo as usual Jay.
Ring and pinion
rick howerton -08/04, 09:40 pm- I have two rear ends that
Mark Gregush Portlan -08/04, 10:49 pm- What is the clearance now
rick howerton -08/04, 11:43 pm- Rear ends are together, a
Les Schubert -08/04, 11:54 pm- Rick If it was mine I wou
John Noonan - Norton -08/05, 12:24 am- Rick, do you have any of
rick howerton -08/05, 12:49 am- The rearend that makes th
Mark Gregush Portlan -08/05, 01:14 am- The parts suppliers shoul
Glen Chaffin -08/05, 01:19 am- Rick. The first thing you
Erik Barrett in Aubu -08/05, 02:45 am- Rick, Get Glens MTFCA b
Old "modern" fuel
Charlie B actually i -08/04, 10:35 am- Does the octane rating dr
Kevin Weeds -08/04, 05:40 pm- Wayne thats very interest
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -08/04, 07:43 pm- Kevin, Here, any such use
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -08/05, 12:05 am- The point nine cents $0.0
Terry Horlick in Pen -08/05, 02:21 am- Aviation fuel here in Cal
Olympic Tire Question
Jay - In Northern Ca -08/04, 09:40 pm- I picked up a set of four
Val Soupios -08/04, 09:56 pm- I picked up a set of Good
Ed in California -08/04, 10:01 pm- Late 70s or early 80s. La
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -08/04, 11:21 pm- If they did in fact spend
Allan Bennett - Aust -08/05, 01:51 am- Jay, you are indeed fortu
Help with Fun Projects pinion gear bearing
Chester Leighton -08/04, 05:01 pm- I installed a fun project
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -08/04, 05:10 pm- Talk to John Regan. That
Chester Leighton -08/04, 05:27 pm- I sent him a message just
Mark Gregush Portlan -08/04, 05:35 pm- You cant just drill a hol
Chris Brancaccio - C -08/04, 05:48 pm- See this post, go to the
Mark Gregush Portlan -08/04, 06:14 pm- Chris; Thank you posting
Chester Leighton -08/04, 06:23 pm- The u joint hole is furth
Mark Gregush Portlan -08/04, 06:38 pm- Read what John posted abo
Chester Leighton -08/04, 06:42 pm- So John is saying ,in the
Mark Gregush Portlan -08/04, 07:20 pm- Clean the male end of the
Mark Gregush Portlan -08/04, 07:25 pm- The issue is that the u-j
Chester Leighton -08/04, 07:47 pm- For the record, the ujoin
Mark Gregush Portlan -08/04, 07:58 pm- Chester; At this point th
keith g barrier Sava -08/04, 08:25 pm- Chester, I always tack we
Royce in Georgetown  -08/04, 10:04 pm- The reproduction drive sh
John F. Regan -08/05, 12:01 am- I have no skeletons in my
Allan Bennett - Aust -08/05, 01:26 am- John, thank you for clear
Parts on the road
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -08/04, 09:11 am- [IMG_1552 copy.JPG] Now,
Mark Strange - Hills -08/04, 09:20 am- Bummer! Do you have a sp
Constantine in Austr -08/04, 09:50 am- Maybe youve been lucky an
Roger Karlsson, sout -08/04, 10:01 am- Put the engine pans back
James Chochole, Oswe -08/04, 10:24 am- Steve- I am sure I have a
Charlie B actually i -08/04, 10:26 am- Is it as stripped as it l
Mark Strange - Hills -08/04, 10:27 am- Do those studs go into th
Bob Cascisa - Poulsb -08/04, 11:02 am- Steve, Sent you a PM. B
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -08/04, 12:17 pm- Thanks, guys, but I have
Ed in California -08/04, 01:17 pm- I believe the secret is t
Nevin Gough -08/04, 02:59 pm- You need one of those bum
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -08/04, 03:04 pm- Steve lives in the sticks
Tyrone Thomas - Tope -08/04, 03:06 pm- A boy scout who have been
Mark Strange - Hills -08/04, 03:29 pm- Hmmm, I think Ill add a s
Larry Bohlen, Severn -08/04, 03:47 pm- Steve, You need to hang
Mack Cole ---- Earth -08/04, 10:47 pm- I wonder if you could wac
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -08/05, 12:15 am- Parts on the road reminde
Tom Lovejoy, So Cal -08/05, 12:30 am- Thanks for sharing that W
Erik Barrett in Aubu -08/05, 01:09 am- Manifold studs need to be
Old Photo - Model T Era Auto Camping Scene
Jay - In Northern Ca -08/04, 04:12 pm- [06-L0814-circa-25-Chevy-
Mark Strange - Hills -08/04, 04:23 pm- Neat pic! Heres the mode
Burger in Spokane -08/04, 09:33 pm- Oh yeah .... MUCH improv
Jay - In Northern Ca -08/04, 09:46 pm- Improved yes, but not qui
Burger in Spokane -08/05, 12:57 am- Sorry, Jay. Gonna hafta
Paynesville 2015 pictures
Rob Heyen - Eastern  -08/05, 12:00 am- Sometimes things dont tur
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -08/05, 12:21 am- What!?!?
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -08/05, 12:27 am- I do expect an explanatio
Piston rings
Dave Young in Mays L -08/04, 05:23 pm- I am about to install a s
Mark Gregush Portlan -08/04, 05:46 pm- Never seen the plastic en
Dave Young in Mays L -08/04, 05:53 pm- 10 4. Here is a picture.
Mark Strange - Hills -08/04, 06:00 pm- They sound identical to t
Dave Young in Mays L -08/04, 06:00 pm- [1]
Dave Young in Mays L -08/04, 06:05 pm- Resizing pictures is hard
Mark Strange - Hills -08/04, 06:35 pm- Yup, those look just like
Dave Young in Mays L -08/04, 08:12 pm- Thanks Mark. I got over
joe bell -08/04, 08:45 pm- Those rings take a little
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -08/04, 11:45 pm- I dont think the ends of
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -08/04, 11:57 pm- The coloring on the ends
21 coupe done, I think.
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -08/04, 01:50 pm- I love the before picture
Gary Schreiber- Sant -08/04, 02:21 pm- Very nice. My favorite co
John Manuel, Lafayet -08/04, 02:58 pm- Very nice car. I have a
Hap Tucker in Sumter -08/04, 08:08 pm- Jim, Great looking coupe
brass car guy -08/04, 11:41 pm- An outstanding example of
TT stake bed
Matthew Hanson -08/04, 12:39 pm- I have decided that it wo
Ryan in Illinois -08/04, 12:49 pm- Youre a good man Matt. M
Matthew Hanson -08/04, 02:04 pm- There is an angle welded
Matthew Hanson -08/04, 02:05 pm- [rails.jpg] [rear bumper
Matthew Hanson -08/04, 02:08 pm- Doing metal fabrication m
Derek Kiefer - Manto -08/04, 08:53 pm- I wish the one I just bou
Matthew Hanson -08/04, 11:39 pm- Yeah. Cant complain for t
Split in brass neck on my car.
HARRY A DAW Troy, Mo -08/04, 07:38 pm- Getting my 1911 ready for
Bruce Spainhower - P -08/04, 08:21 pm- Silver solder is a good c
keith g barrier Sava -08/04, 08:30 pm- Bruce is correct, I do my
HARRY A DAW Troy, Mo -08/04, 08:51 pm- I googled silicon bronze
Marc Roberts, York,  -08/04, 09:23 pm- Should such a crack be st
HARRY A DAW Troy, Mo -08/04, 09:32 pm- Wondered the same thing M
Dave Dufault -08/04, 09:44 pm- Harry, Before putting si
HARRY A DAW Troy, Mo -08/04, 09:51 pm- Thanks Dave. I remember
brass car guy -08/04, 11:34 pm- Sounds like when they mad
What steering set up was in the 1920 Burgundy touring tha...
Hap Tucker in Sumter -08/04, 08:41 am- Les, You could easily be
Mack Cole ---- Earth -08/04, 10:54 pm- I would think the narrow
Les Schubert -08/04, 11:14 pm- Hap The really short drag
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -08/04, 11:30 pm- I had a speedster with a
Troy Windshield
Gavin Harris (Napier -08/04, 11:13 pm- bump
Old Photo - Nary An Unscathed Fender
Jay - In Northern Ca -08/04, 09:59 pm- [ljjnutv0.JPG]
John Noonan - Norton -08/04, 11:02 pm- Love this pic Jay, kudos
1915 Model T Ford vin number
Charles Linsenbarth -08/04, 10:40 am- Need to know how to find
george house . . .ca -08/04, 10:53 am- Charles, the only was to
Mark Wetherbee - Dow -08/04, 12:17 pm- I had a 15 Roadster that
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -08/04, 12:23 pm- Yes, the rules vary from
Kevin Holland, Utah -08/04, 01:11 pm- I had known that Utah wan
Kevin Holland, Utah -08/04, 01:18 pm- Charles, Stamp the # that
John E Cox -08/04, 10:49 pm- can you buy stamps with t
Help identify these carbide lights?
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -08/04, 02:09 pm- Those are very similar to
Marvin C. Miller -08/04, 08:36 pm- Richard, those do look cl
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -08/04, 10:33 pm- Marvin, I think they are
100 years later - Edsel Ford trip
Paul Booth -08/04, 07:42 pm- I really enjoy this blog.
Royce in Georgetown  -08/04, 08:45 pm- Water pump was not a part
Paul Booth -08/04, 08:56 pm- No no no Royce, I dont wa
Royce in Georgetown  -08/04, 09:50 pm- There is no debate. Model
Paul Booth -08/04, 10:08 pm- Yes, yes, we know... B
Chris Paulsen - McPh -08/04, 10:09 pm- I agree. When I joined th
Chris Paulsen - McPh -08/04, 10:12 pm- I should add that note th
Paul Booth -08/04, 10:24 pm- Your poking the bear. D
Old photo, thats a dolly of an outhouse
Ryan in Illinois -08/04, 01:11 pm- Ive got a pair. The whit
Ron Horton -08/04, 03:05 pm- I’m headed for my “Ranch”
Jamie Holmes -08/04, 03:09 pm- I do at our cottage in Ha
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -08/04, 04:07 pm- A Nevada City, Mt Hotel h
David Dewey, N. Cali -08/04, 04:30 pm- And I suppose the gang, f
Ryan in Illinois -08/04, 05:20 pm- Rich, Im picturing the te
Donnie Brown North C -08/04, 09:24 pm- My cousin had a outhouse
Step for Physical Impaired
Tom Sloma -08/04, 08:48 pm- Thanks Everyone I have en
OT Rob
Rob Heyen - Eastern  -08/04, 07:59 pm- We just went 60 mph catch
I should have paid more attention
John M mASLACK -08/04, 07:44 pm- The late Jim Cullinanes a
Firestone Plugs
Constantine in Austr -08/04, 07:26 pm- Saw this in the news toda
Mark Gregush Portlan -08/04, 07:39 pm- 1/2 life means 1/2 of the
Brass valve on intake
Richard Gould, Folso -08/04, 04:41 pm- These owner installed air
Mark Strange - Hills -08/04, 05:24 pm- Ive never understood the
Bill Harris, Hunting -08/04, 06:27 pm- I use mine to shoot start
Peter Kable - Kiama  -08/04, 07:30 pm- Notes from motoring pages
OT Trailer inspection in Texas ---confusion?
G.R.Cheshire -08/04, 03:07 pm- I looked at the Inspectio
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -08/04, 06:31 pm- The window tint rule appl
"Swincar" video
Charlie B actually i -08/04, 11:16 am- This thing is touted as a
Donnie Brown North C -08/04, 11:49 am- Here is one of the links.
Will Copeland - Melb -08/04, 01:11 pm- Nice toy. Youre right Cha
Mark Gregush Portlan -08/04, 06:04 pm- The guy passing them in t
What head is this?
Mike Walker, NW AR -08/04, 08:44 am- I had one of those Reeder
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -08/04, 08:57 am- Ive used a Reeder head, w
Royce in Georgetown  -08/04, 09:03 am- I have had one on my 1915
Justin in South Afri -08/04, 09:14 am- Sorry if this is a dumb q
Roger Karlsson, sout -08/04, 10:05 am- Its alu. Reeder heads are
Keith Buckley -08/04, 05:59 pm- Justin in South Africa...
Model T or A dash
Matthew Hanson -08/04, 12:45 pm- Found this at an auction
Matthew Hanson -08/04, 12:46 pm- [image.jpg]
Matthew Hanson -08/04, 12:47 pm- [image.jpg]
Mark Wetherbee - Dow -08/04, 01:03 pm- Not T or A - Im going to
Matthew Hanson -08/04, 02:11 pm- Ok. Thanks. Its a poorly
David Dewey, N. Cali -08/04, 04:36 pm- I too was going to say Ch
Howard D. Dennis Byr -08/04, 04:57 pm- I dont think Chrysler Cor
Howard D. Dennis Byr -08/04, 05:04 pm- Strikes me as a truck das
What year is this steering column?
Jamie Holmes -08/04, 03:06 pm- I figure this question ha
Jamie Holmes -08/04, 03:19 pm- Another question, What l
Jack Daron - Brownsb -08/04, 03:23 pm- Tat is the one that took
Royce in Georgetown  -08/04, 03:23 pm- Lets see the bracket at t
charley shaver- libe -08/04, 03:38 pm- brass spider is a repo. s
Jamie Holmes -08/04, 03:46 pm- Does this help?[IMG_1402.
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -08/04, 04:12 pm- Based in what I see in th
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -08/04, 04:18 pm- From 1908 through 1915, t
Jamie Holmes -08/04, 04:22 pm- From what you fellas are
Royce in Georgetown  -08/04, 04:26 pm- Actually the lower holes
Jamie Holmes -08/04, 04:28 pm- Steve, The holes are str
Jamie Holmes -08/04, 04:31 pm- Royce, Thanks for the in
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -08/04, 05:03 pm- Wayne, a lot of those cha
Old Photo - Model T Era Street Corner Scene
Larry Smith -08/04, 09:59 am- What is weird is it appea
Henry Petrino in Mod -08/04, 11:31 am- Keith is sure right about
Norman T. Kling -08/04, 04:22 pm- The first car facing the
Norman T. Kling -08/04, 04:25 pm- The first car facing the
Old Photo - Brass Era - Before Child Endangerment Laws
Jay - In Northern Ca -08/04, 04:07 pm- [D06418.jpg]
Chris Brancaccio - C -08/04, 04:14 pm- Reminds me of this pictur
VW distributor head on Texas T distributor housing won't ...
Tom Moorehead -08/04, 04:03 pm- Back to this thread. It h
Looking for Rich Stinchcomb...
Marvin Konrad -08/04, 03:21 pm- Havent seen any postings
30+ years sitting with fluid in radiator
Andrew M Schrodt -08/04, 03:18 pm- Its been sitting in a gar
Best Side Curtins?
Larry Smith -08/04, 10:12 am- I would be very careful o
Dan Treace, North FL -08/04, 10:26 am- Pat Sent you a PM with s
Mark Wetherbee - Dow -08/04, 12:26 pm- I had the same question f
G.R.Cheshire -08/04, 02:43 pm- Pat the stock side curtai
G.R.Cheshire -08/04, 02:47 pm- oops that should read big
Mark Strange - Hills -08/04, 03:08 pm- Heres a link to the threa
Free Hershey delivery
Larry Bohlen, Severn -08/04, 02:34 pm- Tom, Sent you a PM. Tha
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -08/04, 02:57 pm- For some reason Davids co
Latest Vintage Ford
Mark Strange - Hills -08/04, 10:38 am- Still waiting in Hillsbor
Steven Thum -08/04, 01:24 pm- Mark, we got ours last Th
Mark Strange - Hills -08/04, 01:44 pm- Didnt come today, either.
Les VonNordheim -08/04, 01:52 pm- Larry, They may have inco
HMTC tour 08-02-2015
Kenneth LeBlanc -08/04, 01:21 pm- what year t is the gold o
Ryan Fenrich -08/04, 01:27 pm- Is that a Meyers Manx in
Crystal Timer
Kevin Holland, Utah -08/04, 12:55 pm- James, Sorry about the L
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -08/04, 01:05 pm- Glen Bates is the source.
Rear Fender Iron Thread size (pitch)?.
Paul Sherman Tacoma  -08/04, 12:48 pm- 1923 Touring Does anyone
Engine Knock Investigation
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -08/04, 12:43 pm- Dave, Also keep in mind
Battery Tender
Bill in Adelaida Cal -08/04, 10:01 am- Sometimes usually in the
Terry Woods, Richmon -08/04, 11:07 am- John K. and Paul I., will
paul iverson freepor -08/04, 11:12 am- yes its automatic 6 or 12
What is the funny valve inside the throat of this carb?
Dan Killecut -08/04, 09:47 am- I picked up a N.O.S. bras
Pat Kelly Montana -08/04, 10:33 am- I have a Case 12-20 cross
Wanted! Model T snowmobile parts or project
Mark Strange - Hills -08/04, 09:13 am- Congratulations, I love h
Gene Carrothers Hunt -08/04, 05:32 pm- WOW Congratulations to yo
Russell Nave -08/04, 09:19 pm- Thanks for the support! I
Gene Carrothers Hunt -08/05, 01:24 am- Get someone to fly up to
Bob Davis, Orleans V -08/05, 07:56 am- Congratulations Russ! Saw
For sale original 1912 interior & top
ROBERT BERGSTADT -08/04, 01:11 pm- Selling for a friend of m
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -08/04, 02:47 pm- Number is 815-633-7244...
ROBERT BERGSTADT -08/04, 03:37 pm- Yes sorry, thank you, Tim
Mark Strange - Hills -08/04, 03:57 pm- I didnt know it at the ti
Bob Richmon -08/04, 05:54 pm- Hey Bob, I called and lef
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -08/04, 06:58 pm- Bob, Im gonna hold off on
Wanted Warford Shifter
Dan Helgren -08/04, 01:42 pm- I am looking for a shifte
Dan Helgren -08/04, 05:02 pm- Anyone that would like to
Gene Carrothers Hunt -08/04, 05:38 pm- Hey Dan interesting looki
Gene Carrothers Hunt -08/04, 05:44 pm- BTW while you have that c
Dan Helgren -08/04, 06:38 pm- Gene, Thanks for the inf
1923 Model TT for Trade
Chris Dailledouze -08/04, 05:45 pm- .
Body Work and Paint
Chris Dailledouze -08/04, 05:44 pm- .
Building Wood Frames
Chris Dailledouze -08/04, 05:44 pm- .
Model T Engines
Chris Dailledouze -08/04, 05:43 pm- .
Large drum Ruckstall housing f/s
Ken Findlay -08/04, 04:38 pm- Dave $40 by FedEx to Wena
Wanted - Virginia 1912 License Plater
Steve Blancard, Fred -08/04, 12:08 pm- Have you checked with Way
Bob Richmon -08/04, 03:05 pm- Hi Steve, Wayne is a good
TT Stake Bed for sale
Matthew Hanson -08/04, 01:51 pm- [stake front.jpg] [stake
Matthew Hanson -08/04, 01:52 pm- [stake width.jpg] [stake
Matthew Hanson -08/04, 01:58 pm- Selling this stake bed.
Matthew Hanson -08/04, 01:59 pm- [bottom.jpg] [front angl
Matthew Hanson -08/04, 02:01 pm- [rails.jpg] [rear bumper
Matthew Hanson -08/04, 02:09 pm- Doing metal fabrication m
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