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Model T Ford Forum
Forum 2014
OT - Tax Day Humor ... California Themed
Tim Voss -04/16, 09:28 am- Congress they look smarte
Bill in Adelaida Cal -04/16, 09:36 am- And more honest!
Jim -04/16, 03:51 pm- Well ... A solution pres
Rob from Nova Scotia -04/16, 04:05 pm- Jim. No thanks. We certa
Bill in Adelaida Cal -04/17, 12:41 am- Jim Are you going to u
The March/April VF
Bill Harris, Hunting -04/16, 08:00 pm- Still have not received m
Kirk Peterson -04/16, 08:04 pm- It was really cold and fu
Richard Wolf -04/16, 08:34 pm- Stuff gets lost in the ma
Gene Carrothers Hunt -04/17, 12:25 am- Bill I got mine a couple
Bill Harris, Hunting -04/17, 12:30 am- Ok, thanks... Ill keep wa
cant believe its back"how to change a tire"
samuel pine -04/16, 09:42 am- Not really OT, but one of
Roger Karlsson, sout -04/16, 10:12 am-
Warren W. Mortensen -04/17, 12:28 am- I believe that was the on
Archaeology and the Model T
Herb Iffrig -04/17, 12:11 am- http://www.archaeology.or
Jim Thode Chehalis W -04/17, 12:22 am- Here is the article: http
Hahndorf 2014 - VCCSA Annual 3 Day Weekend Rally (April 1...
David Chantrell - Ad -04/16, 06:44 pm- This year the Veteran Car
Gilbert V. I. Fitzhu -04/16, 09:34 pm- I never realized that ant
Les VonNordheim -04/17, 12:18 am- David, thank you for post
OT packing tools to move
Jason Given - St. Pa -04/17, 12:15 am- Dennis I do have an old f
Help wanted-Anyone with a 1917 or 1918 Ford Parts book
Ron Patterson-Nichol -04/16, 02:28 pm- If you have a original 19
Bryan Ostergren -04/17, 12:14 am- Hi Ron, I have an origina
Engine seized???
R. S. Cruickshank -04/16, 11:50 pm- Larry, if when you stoppe
Holley G info please
Keith Townsend ; ^ ) -04/16, 03:56 pm- Erich- Holly G Patd Dec 2
Val Soupios -04/16, 04:35 pm- I believe your is for 14
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -04/16, 05:15 pm- Thanks guys. The one I a
Mike Walker, NW AR -04/16, 08:44 pm- Erich -- I have logged s
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -04/16, 10:42 pm- Thanks Mike. That is wha
Mark Gregush Portlan -04/16, 11:10 pm- Erich; I find part of the
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -04/16, 11:47 pm- So it isnt only me. Sure
Spark Plug polarity makes a difference
Tom D -04/16, 11:45 pm- To agree with what many h
Windows 8.1 will loose support after May 13th - Update NOW!
Doug Money - Braidwo -04/16, 03:19 am- Terry, that is actually I
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -04/16, 05:16 am- When will Microsoft learn
Jared Buckert -04/16, 09:02 am- Ive tried Apple stuff, an
Bob Bishop, San Dieg -04/16, 03:30 pm- John and Fred, I was very
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -04/16, 05:07 pm- I can sure sympathize wit
kep -04/16, 05:33 pm- When it comes to windows
kep -04/16, 05:49 pm- Normal windows systems In
Walt Berdan, Bellevu -04/16, 06:21 pm- Agreed, Windows 8 was and
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -04/16, 06:32 pm- All the OEMs include valu
G.R.Cheshire -04/16, 06:37 pm- Yeah bought a new laptop
Paul Vitko -04/16, 09:04 pm- I know just enough about
Richard Wolf -04/16, 09:14 pm- My lady friend has 8.1. W
John Zibell -04/16, 10:10 pm- Richard, Your lady frien
Danial - Veneta OR U -04/16, 11:28 pm- Win 8.X = Bad Bad Bad Win
Danial - Veneta OR U -04/16, 11:30 pm- What I was going to say b
Center door ran when parked
Royce in Georgetown  -04/16, 07:53 am- Another 1915 center door
Roger Karlsson, sout -04/16, 08:27 am- Is one or more of the pai
David Menzies -04/16, 09:53 am- Were all the 15 center do
Mike Walker, NW AR -04/16, 09:30 pm- Royce, et al -- I contact
Robert Kiefaber -04/16, 11:25 pm- He also told me that the
On Jack Stands...then hopefully the Road for the summer
Patrick Mulrooney, W -04/16, 07:36 pm- Just finished the spindle
Tim Wrenn -04/16, 07:43 pm- It never ends....just par
Dave Wells -04/16, 09:11 pm- A very original looking 1
Richard Wolf -04/16, 09:18 pm- Other than the mechanics,
Ed Baudoux -04/16, 09:34 pm- Yep. That car has the loo
Bob Coiro -04/16, 11:12 pm- Very nice looking car, in
tillie the 15 -04/16, 11:19 pm- rumor about town is it ha
OT - 1907 Twenty Four Hour Endurance Races
Rob Heyen - Nebraska -04/16, 09:09 pm- The last couple of weeks
Rob Heyen - Nebraska -04/16, 10:03 pm- I thought the hourly spre
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -04/16, 10:26 pm- Was your ticket to the ra
Rob Heyen - Nebraska -04/16, 10:58 pm- Dave, I dont know, but i
Wire wheel identification
Steve Schmidt -04/16, 08:01 pm- Can anyone identify the m
John P. Steele, Mont -04/16, 08:04 pm- Model T
John P. Steele, Mont -04/16, 08:05 pm- Model A
John P. Steele, Mont -04/16, 08:06 pm- Sorry, they are Model A.
Steve Schmidt -04/16, 08:15 pm- So would they be consider
John P. Steele, Mont -04/16, 08:18 pm- I believe so.
Roger Karlsson, sout -04/16, 08:21 pm- The rim diameter where th
Harold Schwendeman - -04/16, 09:18 pm- Look to me like 30 - 31 M
Richard Wolf -04/16, 09:20 pm- Harold; That was what I w
Harold Schwendeman - -04/16, 09:40 pm- Roger - Sorry,...missed y
mike_black -04/16, 10:35 pm- looks like the 21s from a
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -04/16, 10:37 pm- I would have to say 28-29
Contact Info For Gale Garrison-Bakersfield Swap Meet.
Ricks - Surf City -04/16, 03:46 pm- That happens with early w
Art Wilson -04/16, 10:04 pm- Hi Ralph, Early wishbone
Ricks - Surf City -04/16, 10:34 pm- I have two helpers: a 19
Polishing brass
Peter B. Ratledge -04/16, 10:34 pm- Iam responding to Michel
What kind of bearing does my TT use for the driveshaft
Steve Tomaso - Milto -04/16, 10:27 pm- TT d.s. bushings have no
OT Sorta I was wondering...
Wes Nelson ........B -04/16, 03:29 pm- if a Model T was ever use
Jared Buckert -04/16, 05:11 pm- I dont see why not. Ther
William L Vanderburg -04/16, 05:35 pm- Well, the big reunion was
Dan Treace, North FL -04/16, 05:48 pm- Wes Think rather not. At
William L Vanderburg -04/16, 06:05 pm- Dan, thats not entirely t
William L Vanderburg -04/16, 06:07 pm- [willpaulie]
tim moore -04/16, 06:24 pm- I like the photo of the r
William L Vanderburg -04/16, 08:27 pm- heres the vets arriving i
William L Vanderburg -04/16, 08:35 pm- heres pickets charge labe
William L Vanderburg -04/16, 08:45 pm- and lastly: heres a mash
Dave Wells -04/16, 09:08 pm- Thanks for the reminder.
tim moore -04/16, 09:31 pm- Oops, that might not read
Dan Treace, North FL -04/16, 10:05 pm- Tim Yes you are correct,
Adding shims to main bearings...
James Michael Rogers -04/16, 06:50 am- Colin, that would be 1.25
Colin Mavins -04/16, 11:26 am- Yes James I had a hard d
Norman T. Kling -04/16, 09:18 pm- It is possible that the p
Model Ambulance Kit on Ebay
Gary H. White - Sher -04/16, 07:52 pm-
Bob Brewer - NorCal -04/16, 08:55 pm- Or this one... http://ww
OT- But a Ford Milestone
Henry Petrino in Mod -04/16, 01:45 pm- I imagine many of you hav
Bob Robb -04/16, 02:12 pm- Taking a page out of the
Seth from NC -04/16, 02:28 pm- I have long held the opin
Henry Petrino in Mod -04/16, 02:35 pm- Seth, When you get your
Seth from NC -04/16, 02:57 pm- Henry, Ill be glad to giv
Mike Vaughn -04/16, 03:13 pm- My wife has always been f
Paul Hunter -04/16, 03:38 pm- The Mustang is also very
Dave DeYoung ....... -04/16, 04:32 pm- Seth, I think your holdin
Ricks - Surf City -04/16, 05:35 pm- I rode shotgun in one fro
Greg Griffin -04/16, 07:23 pm- Ive been told by old car
Dan Killecut -04/16, 07:49 pm- I ordered my 65 March 17.
Mike Walker, NW AR -04/16, 08:54 pm- Dan -- 50 years from now,
The Model T Museum will be the place to be on May 17th.
BRENT MIZE -04/16, 07:55 pm- We hope as many of you th
Dave Wells -04/16, 08:35 pm- My wife Pam and I are ver
Kohnke Rebabbitting -04/16, 05:44 pm- They Were Brass. I have
Gary Gregory -04/16, 07:36 pm- Thanks Herm
Who wants to make a T today.
Robert Poane -04/16, 05:05 pm- True, but when I down loa
Jared Buckert -04/16, 05:12 pm- If someone could get the
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -04/16, 05:19 pm- Why do they have to do th
Gary H. White - Sher -04/16, 05:31 pm- http://www.vitapapermodel
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -04/16, 06:45 pm- Thanks Gary. At first I
Gary H. White - Sher -04/16, 07:28 pm- Yeah, I thought it a bit
Olympic tires
Peter Borland. Bathu -04/16, 01:15 am- Gday, Two Olympic and tw
David Chantrell - Ad -04/16, 06:51 am- I must also add the origi
Ray Green -04/16, 09:56 am- I David, I am tired of wo
David Chantrell - Ad -04/16, 06:45 pm- Of course Ray, safety mus
Get your bid in for the Buffalo wheeled speedster
Gary Schreiber- Sant -04/16, 10:19 am- When we used to restore v
Constantine -04/16, 02:21 pm- Jon, I look forward to ta
Seth from NC -04/16, 02:40 pm- I have a light car withou
Ron Mc Willie -04/16, 06:24 pm- I like the larger transpo
Is your car's flag Model T correct???
Constantine -04/16, 01:58 pm- Ray, I will not ask how g
John Aldrich Orting  -04/16, 02:35 pm- Denmark has us all beat f
Ken Phillips -04/16, 04:21 pm- Im with eddie www.youtub
Dick Lodge - St Loui -04/16, 05:00 pm- John, the Danes just have
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -04/16, 05:19 pm- Something else in keeping
MTFCI Forum - Anyone having problems viewing photos?
Jay - In Northern Ca -04/16, 12:12 pm- Photos for all threads on
Kirk Peterson -04/16, 12:19 pm- I can see your picture of
Mark Gregush Portlan -04/16, 12:44 pm- Jay; I checked and dont s
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -04/16, 12:56 pm- I was finding no photos,
Kirk Peterson -04/16, 12:58 pm- I Was pulling up a previo
Paul Vitko -04/16, 01:16 pm- Test Photo[P1010055 (320x
Paul Vitko -04/16, 01:17 pm- Windows 8 works here
John Aldrich Orting  -04/16, 03:02 pm- No photo issues here.
Hose for tire pump
Larry Smith -04/16, 09:53 am- I have a real nice hose I
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -04/16, 12:26 pm- The original hose on the
Tim Morsher -04/16, 01:07 pm- thats what 100 years does
Gene Carrothers Hunt -04/16, 02:50 pm- There are some new pills
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -04/16, 02:58 pm- I was waiting for a stiff
Fun ideas wanted for Model T parade decorations
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -04/16, 01:28 pm- I can understand part of
Dick Lodge - St Loui -04/16, 02:51 pm- I entered the T in Kirkwo
John Aldrich Orting  -04/16, 02:58 pm- Daffodil Parade. [Shari
Ruckstell Manfacture Date
Larry Smith -04/16, 10:36 am- Youve got a pretty early
Pat Kelly -04/16, 02:33 pm- Thanks for the reply Larr
OT - The Wild-Looking 1913 James Scripps Booth BiAutogo ...
David Greenlees -04/16, 11:57 am- [scripps2.jpg] Don Im a
Don Booth@ Bay City, -04/16, 01:14 pm- David, not that Im aware
Bob Gruber- Spanaway -04/16, 01:33 pm- My wife and I have visite
Changing from Tru-Fire to Ford Coils
John F. Regan -04/16, 12:39 pm- Jim Thode I agree with y
1922 coupe fenders
Jack Putnam -04/16, 11:41 am- Are the 1922 Coupe fender
Mark Gregush Portlan -04/16, 12:02 pm- 1922 coupe fenders would
Anti theft device for Model T Ford does any one know
Steve McClelland -04/16, 02:32 am- Thanks for sharing the pi
Joe Van Evera -04/16, 07:34 am- Could the chain merely be
Jim Patrick -04/16, 07:34 am- This would prevent the ca
Dennis Seth - Ohio -04/16, 08:13 am- The chain wouldnt secure
Jared Buckert -04/16, 09:06 am- Im not sure the chain doe
ROBERT BERGSTADT -04/16, 09:23 am- I have one of those also
David Stroud -04/16, 09:25 am- Jim, on my T the brake is
Jim Patrick -04/16, 09:59 am- I know the drum brakes ar
Kevin Fielding -04/16, 10:01 am- Bob, The chain, the two h
Jay - In Northern Ca -04/16, 11:20 am- I think this locking devi
Jay - In Northern Ca -04/16, 11:40 am- I believe Kevin got it ri
Some Carburetors
Bob Cascisa - Poulsb -04/16, 01:00 am- Stan, That OC-2 looks re
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -04/16, 01:05 am- Its all done except a tes
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -04/16, 01:10 am- Hey George!!! You ever l
Larry Smith -04/16, 10:30 am- Stan: Would you mind shar
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -04/16, 10:59 am- This is what I have been
Top material
Larry Smith -04/16, 10:41 am- The material made by Haar
1926 Rear Parking Brake
William B. Rady -04/16, 10:25 am- Thank you for all the inp
OT letter to my uncle "Sam" completed a day early
Michael R Beary -04/16, 12:59 am- I got lucky! A decent ref
G.R.Cheshire -04/16, 07:50 am- One year I made the Mista
Seth from NC -04/16, 09:00 am- The problem is the loop h
Best rims/ wrong rims?
Hap Tucker in Sumter -04/16, 08:20 am- John, Below is a cross s
Help-1920/1921 Ford Price List of Parts and Accessories.
Royce in Georgetown  -04/16, 07:43 am- Stephen, Ive got somethi
Original Fronty Blue Prints
mark herdman -04/16, 05:48 am- Wlliam I thought the cam
30x3 wheel
brass car guy -04/17, 12:00 am- wanted an original 30x3 r
Wanted front top irons for 26,27 roadster
Leon Parker -04/16, 09:58 am- John I saw some top parts
Jack Daron - Brownsb -04/16, 07:22 pm- Good Luck to both of you
John T. Tannehill -04/16, 10:10 pm- Thanks Leon Ill wait for
Wanted: drive shaft bushing
Stephen D Heatherly -04/16, 09:34 pm- bump
Brackets For Sale
Stephen D Heatherly -04/16, 06:08 pm- Do you have a license pla
For sale: 1913 Swivel and housing
Peter B. Ratledge -04/16, 05:51 pm- For sale: 1913 Swivel and
Wanted Model T ford Tall radiator
Robert M Davis -04/16, 04:12 pm- I have a short 17 inch ra
Robert M Davis -04/16, 05:45 pm- I have owned this radiato
Wanted dash panel
Jack Daron - Brownsb -04/16, 05:26 pm- Try Fun Projects?
1910 Ford
Kim Dobbins -04/16, 04:04 pm- Reproduction 1909-10 body
Jim -04/16, 03:54 pm- Bump for a Good Guy ....
Aluminum hogs head, needs repair
Gene Carrothers Hunt -04/16, 03:01 pm- Your right Ed. Somebody n
One piece pan
stuart clipson -04/16, 01:38 pm- erik i have sent you a p
For Sale-Rebuilt 1919-1925 Coilbox
Ron Patterson-Nichol -04/16, 01:32 pm- The coilbox has been sold
OT- Need a Model B choke plate
Steve Pitts -04/16, 10:46 am- I sent you a message.
Mark Gregush Portlan -04/16, 10:50 am- Register on Fordbarn. A g
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