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Model T Ford Forum
Forum 2014
OT. Tesla plant using robots big time. Video
Eugene Adams -10/30, 11:14 am-
Donnie Brown North C -10/30, 11:49 am- Impressed me... You coul
Ricks - Surf City -10/30, 02:17 pm- Not long after I bought s
Harold Schwendeman - -10/30, 05:14 pm- Well Ralph,.....think abo
Hal Schedler, Sacram -10/30, 07:55 pm- Side note: Two of my sons
Gary H. White - Sher -10/30, 08:43 pm- Cant buy one in Michigan
Ricks - Surf City -10/30, 09:26 pm- Im sure a neighboring sta
brass car guy -10/30, 11:43 pm- These robots are the same
Ricks - Surf City -10/31, 12:39 am- I wonder how many techs i
Royce in Georgetown  -10/31, 06:38 am- The NUUMI plant where Tes
1913 Brass-plated Windshield hardware.. Painted?
Frank M. Brady -10/30, 06:47 pm- Cars with tag 5005M - fir
John Carter - South  -10/30, 07:12 pm- manufacturers tag
Royce in Georgetown  -10/30, 07:55 pm- Most 1914 Model Ts did no
Royce in Georgetown  -10/31, 06:28 am- By the way, I think Larry
Change title VIN for replacement engine - Minnesota????
David C Jahnke -10/30, 10:17 pm- A friend in Minnesota wan
Andy Loso St Joseph, -10/30, 10:23 pm- Feel free to call me or h
Erik Johnson -10/30, 10:27 pm- I wouldnt bother changing
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -10/30, 10:29 pm- Just get a plate from som
Royce in Georgetown  -10/31, 06:24 am- From the Ford Service Bul
`OT Halloweeny
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -10/31, 12:17 am- Tonight is the official H
Terry Woods, Richmon -10/31, 12:25 am- What did you do to scare
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -10/31, 12:36 am- I threatened to have the
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -10/31, 12:43 am- crap -I cant figure out h
Dennis Henrichs -10/31, 12:59 am- Fred, Leave your pet sku
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -10/31, 03:53 am- [IMG_1256 (2).JPG] I ju
Tom Miller, Mostly i -10/31, 06:17 am- Accuweather is telling De
Tom Miller, Mostly i -10/31, 06:23 am- [hallow.JPG]
OT - Dean, I asked you to just gap the plugs.....
Rob Heyen -10/30, 10:33 pm- [:-] [436415541.185053.j
Dean Yoder -10/30, 11:09 pm- OOOps I got carried away!
Hap Tucker in Sumter -10/31, 05:18 am- Rob, Thanks for posting
Doug Partington -10/31, 06:22 am- Thats how I generally see
Phinney-Walker rim-wind clock parts
Mark Wetherbee -10/30, 12:22 pm- Same advice as Gary - I t
Jeff Humble -10/30, 01:07 pm- Merritts Clock Parts and
Scott Conger -10/31, 06:21 am- The hairspring will need
Retard or advance??????
Bob Benedict -10/30, 09:42 pm- I recently installed a di
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -10/30, 09:46 pm- Set it to where, with the
Paul Mikeska, Denver -10/30, 09:56 pm- To add to what Hal said t
Donald Conklin -10/30, 09:59 pm- I would start by setting
Bob Benedict -10/30, 10:21 pm- When you say fully retard
Bob Benedict -10/30, 10:37 pm- I assume I never want to
John Zibell -10/30, 10:44 pm- Im not familiar with dist
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -10/30, 10:55 pm- Hand cranked cars should
Nigel Hugo -10/31, 06:19 am- You can make a cardboard
Front of a Ford -Clear Photo of details
Royce in Georgetown  -10/30, 07:38 am- Neat picture of a 1912 T.
Herb Iffrig -10/30, 11:20 am- It would seem that the ca
Dick Fischer -10/30, 11:52 am- Is it just an optical ill
Walter Higgins -10/30, 12:43 pm- That headlamp is a 2nd st
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -10/30, 01:37 pm- Yes, very clear detail. N
David Chantrell - Ad -10/30, 06:02 pm- Walt, what is the first s
Walter Higgins -10/30, 06:25 pm- David, The differences I
george house -10/30, 07:04 pm- Back to the E&J cowl
John H. Nichols -10/30, 08:46 pm- Could that be a Viet Nam
Norman T. Kling -10/30, 09:38 pm- Likely a 12 car but pictu
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -10/30, 11:39 pm- I dont know when it was t
David Chantrell - Ad -10/31, 02:03 am- Thank Walt, learn somethi
Royce in Georgetown  -10/31, 06:18 am- The cowl lamp is typical
More Ford pics from Detroit Public Library.
Dane Hawley Near Mel -10/31, 05:47 am- Below are links to the Fo
Royce in Georgetown  -10/31, 06:13 am- The early 1911 Torpedo Ru
Model t lights 1926
Bill Volkman Austral -10/30, 06:46 am- Thanks James I am looking
Hap Tucker in Sumter -10/30, 07:55 am- Allan, Thank you for add
Chris Bamford, Edmon -10/30, 10:16 am- June 1926 Canadian headla
James A. Golden -10/30, 11:06 am- That focus screw position
Donnie Brown North C -10/30, 08:02 pm- Hap: I had time today to
Allan Bennett - Aust -10/31, 06:04 am- Hap, just an additional o
Hi ,who can show me a forum for bearings?
andy Wang -10/31, 03:04 am- I am andy ,I want to sell
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/31, 03:25 am- Google bearings forum. [
Frank van Ekeren (A -10/31, 04:33 am- Reading this and Mr Wangs
kep -10/31, 05:02 am- Hmm... thats a tough ques
Loose Radiator Fins
Harold Schwendeman - -10/30, 05:10 pm- My question concerning us
Ron -10/30, 05:41 pm- Was burned twice by what
Harold Schwendeman - -10/30, 06:12 pm- Ron - Thanks for your pos
john kuehn -10/30, 06:50 pm- There are those folks who
Ron Patterson-Nichol -10/30, 07:19 pm- Harold Perhaps your expec
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -10/30, 07:27 pm- Some enterprising genius
Harold Schwendeman - -10/30, 07:51 pm- Ron the Coilman - I think
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -10/30, 08:00 pm- Im the wrong guy. Im neit
Ron Patterson-Nichol -10/30, 08:06 pm- It is technically possibl
keith g barrier -10/30, 08:45 pm- Harold, I have gotten hol
John Semprez-Templet -10/30, 08:54 pm- The method was invented a
Harold Schwendeman - -10/30, 08:55 pm- Hal - Thanks for pointing
Harold Schwendeman - -10/30, 09:00 pm- Hal - Thanks for pointing
Norman T. Kling -10/30, 09:35 pm- You can find out if the o
Ted Dumas -10/30, 11:23 pm- A good radiator shop can
Paul Mikeska, Denver -10/30, 11:54 pm- For the sake of the hobby
jeff cordes -10/31, 12:04 am- If a used radiator has a
Harold Schwendeman - -10/31, 01:03 am- Norm - Between you and Ro
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/31, 03:11 am- For a black era radiator,
Computer Graphics Revealed Some T content Too-Video
Herb Iffrig -10/30, 11:11 pm- Im glad you liked it.
Don Watson -Florence -10/31, 12:13 am- Herb, Incredible Time Mac
Ken Phillips -10/31, 12:29 am- They sure are promoting t
Frank Canino -10/31, 12:30 am- Awesome Thanks
Gary White -10/31, 01:09 am- Mind blowing! Thanks for
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/31, 03:00 am- If you sit through the cr
OT the visitor
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -10/30, 11:36 pm- Earlier this week we foun
Mike Vaughn -10/30, 11:47 pm- I would perform the 3 Ss.
Paul Mikeska, Denver -10/31, 12:02 am- Mike, That is funny and
Burger in Spokane -10/31, 12:06 am- Or there is the third alt
Paul Mikeska, Denver -10/31, 12:10 am- Berger, Now that was rea
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -10/31, 12:16 am- They can be a problem. We
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -10/31, 12:25 am- I like that - Call a PITA
Paul Mikeska, Denver -10/31, 12:43 am- I have a skunk visitor th
Ricks - Surf City -10/31, 12:49 am- We used to feed our cats
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -10/31, 12:53 am- Paul - My experience with
Paul Mikeska, Denver -10/31, 01:03 am- Fred, Empirical data ind
James Elenbaas - Gra -10/31, 01:06 am- Just start the cars and c
Paul Mikeska, Denver -10/31, 02:49 am- Once while trying to catc
Wood vs. wire wheels
Noel D. Chicoine, MD -10/30, 02:18 pm- I very much appreciate al
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -10/30, 03:04 pm- Hi Noel - I have Hickory
Gary London, Camaril -10/30, 03:12 pm- I have never had an issue
Jerry VanOoteghem -10/30, 03:20 pm- Any Model T wheel in good
Jerry VanOoteghem -10/30, 03:31 pm- Noel, I have never heard
Derek Kiefer - Manto -10/30, 03:55 pm- Its not the wheels I worr
Zachary Dillinger -10/30, 04:00 pm- I like the look of wood w
Ricks - Surf City -10/30, 04:14 pm- Wire wheels were used bef
Noel D. Chicoine, MD -10/30, 06:33 pm- Thank you gentlemen. Ill
Dale Peterson Colleg -10/31, 02:18 am- Edsel Ford drove a new 15
Lookinng for family Model T
Fred McDonald -10/30, 12:05 pm- The picture in my profile
Mark Wetherbee -10/30, 12:28 pm- 1913 touring, but without
Mike -10/30, 01:29 pm- The Evansville area has a
Hap Tucker in Sumter -10/30, 07:10 pm- Fred, It is a long shot
Harold Schwendeman - -10/31, 01:49 am- Hap - You started out you
Neccessary shop Accommodations
Dean Yoder -10/30, 02:12 pm- At my age high on the lis
Dave Dufault -10/30, 02:15 pm- Cant imagine how you have
Dennis Seth - Ohio -10/30, 02:21 pm- I see you have one of tho
Ed Baudoux -10/30, 02:42 pm- That looks a lot like a K
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -10/30, 04:53 pm- Waaaaaaay too much empty
Keith Townsend ; ^ ) -10/30, 06:41 pm- I like the view. : ^
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/30, 09:55 pm- At the top of my list is
Dean Yoder -10/30, 11:31 pm- Another view from my recl
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -10/30, 11:48 pm- What ever floats your boa
Burger in Spokane -10/31, 12:09 am-  At my age high on the li
Paul Mikeska, Denver -10/31, 12:13 am- Or a heated reclining flu
Harold Schwendeman - -10/31, 01:19 am- Paul - If youre gonna car
Paul Mikeska, Denver -10/31, 01:24 am- Harold, That is why I ha
Front wheel outer race… an easy way to remove.
Eugene Adams -10/30, 12:59 pm- Having trouble removing t
charley shaver -10/30, 03:27 pm- weld a bead with an ark w
R. S. Cruickshank -10/30, 08:12 pm- I suggest that driving a
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -10/30, 08:18 pm- Charlie is right. The wel
Paul Mikeska, Denver -10/30, 09:33 pm- I have welded out a few o
David Stroud -10/30, 11:15 pm- Heating them red hot in t
Dick Fischer -10/31, 12:31 am- I used the heat shrinking
Dick Fischer -10/31, 12:45 am- I just noticed that Eugen
Rebuilt carb for '26 T
dennis delano  -10/30, 10:58 pm- Hello all, Anyone know wh
Frank Canino -10/30, 11:11 pm- Dennis, I love your pers
Jack Daron - Brownsb -10/31, 12:32 am- Try carbking
Finding value of a TT truck
Burger in Spokane -10/31, 12:17 am- That last one is a real m
VW 009 distributer
Craig Leach -10/30, 11:19 pm- Aaron: the term is specia
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -10/31, 12:08 am- OK, maybe I was wrong. Th
July 1908 Ford Times list of Ford models
Rob Heyen -10/30, 07:36 pm- July 1, 1908 Ford Times
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -10/30, 10:10 pm- Neat! Thanks Rob! Drive
Bob Trevan - Austral -10/30, 10:18 pm- HI ROB ,----THE ONWARD MA
Rob Heyen -10/30, 10:31 pm- Bob, Two Model K listed,
Jim Derocher -10/30, 10:40 pm- Thanks for posting all th
Bob Trevan - Austral -10/30, 11:33 pm- Rob--My thinking that wit
Question on oil to front engine bearing
David Kriegel Mishaw -10/30, 07:52 pm- The more I read the manua
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -10/30, 08:12 pm- You wont be able to get t
Les Schubert -10/30, 08:32 pm- Hal Your not all bad in m
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -10/30, 10:25 pm- I have an outside oiler f
Bud Holzschuh - Pana -10/30, 11:26 pm- If you want to clean the
I'm thinking
Dennis Seth - Ohio -10/30, 07:25 am- That is very thoughtful o
James J. Lyons III - -10/30, 07:33 am- Ok, I guess Im not very b
Tom Miller, Mostly i -10/30, 07:40 am- You can eliminate that tr
G.R.Cheshire -10/30, 08:06 am- in response to the title
Jerry Kramer -10/30, 08:33 am- Hal, Well take it and do
Steve Tomaso - Milto -10/30, 10:33 am- Coil, spark plug & li
Hal Schedler, Sacram -10/30, 08:06 pm- Jerry, Ill get it package
Hal Schedler, Sacram -10/30, 11:13 pm- Maybe thats the way its s
OT What have you done to customize your enclosed trailer?...
Dennis Seth - Ohio -10/30, 07:39 am- Thats the first trailer I
John Zibell -10/30, 08:47 am- Id add a couple motorcycl
Kenneth W DeLong -10/30, 08:56 am- We have a closet pole to
G.R.Cheshire -10/30, 09:22 am- Lights lights and more li
Les Schubert -10/30, 10:54 am- Three things 1. I had spr
Chris Brancaccio - C -10/30, 10:59 am- Whatever you do DO NOT pu
Graham Lloyd -10/30, 11:20 am- Chris: I had thoughts ab
Peter Claverie -10/30, 11:43 am- I use a completely differ
Floyd Voie - Chehali -10/30, 11:45 am- Graham and anyone else wh
Val Soupios -10/30, 12:12 pm- I also found in my old tr
John Saylor, Citrus  -10/30, 12:19 pm- Since I use my mine for t
Jeff Hood -10/30, 02:02 pm- My trailer has barn doors
Jeff Hood -10/30, 02:09 pm- Ramp doors are nice, but
Keith Townsend ; ^ ) -10/30, 06:51 pm- Jack- Put some common sen
Tim Wrenn -10/30, 07:06 pm- Keith...looks like you ca
John H. Nichols -10/30, 08:42 pm- In case I missed it, how
Greg Whaley, Georget -10/30, 10:47 pm- Forgot to add that to my
Paul G in Illinois -10/30, 10:53 pm- HF has a winch remote con
Wiring harness installation on a 1923 car with wood firewall
V.Milke -10/30, 12:39 pm- Hi: I am working on rewir
Mark Strange -10/30, 12:47 pm- This thread talks about a
V.Milke -10/30, 01:04 pm- Thanks a lot Mark! Incred
Mark Strange -10/30, 01:37 pm- This thread implies that
Jason DeGooyer -10/30, 01:41 pm- Thats a question Ive had
V.Milke -10/30, 09:17 pm- Thanks a lot Mark! Again,
Graham Automobiles
Constantine -10/30, 08:03 pm- Sharknose Grahams are in
John Carter - South  -10/30, 08:36 pm- Useless trivia.... The f
Final drive ratio feedback..
Les Schubert -10/30, 11:07 am- Anthony Sorry to hear of
Noel D. Chicoine, MD -10/30, 02:00 pm- Les, I have a 12 tooth in
Ricks - Surf City -10/30, 02:00 pm- The late Lear Simpson fro
Constantine -10/30, 06:27 pm- Hi Alan / Guys, 3:1 or 3
Les Schubert -10/30, 08:29 pm- Constantine You may very
Nicknames for a Speedster?
Tyrone Thomas - Tope -10/30, 08:11 am- Braking Wind
Rob Patterson -10/30, 03:09 pm- So, John, What have your
Rob Patterson -10/30, 03:10 pm- Oops,that should be, Jon.
Jon Allen -10/30, 03:21 pm- Rob and everyone, I have
Harold Schwendeman - -10/30, 04:38 pm- Jon - This thread you sta
John Manuel, Lafayet -10/30, 05:54 pm- Fast Eddie, after one of
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -10/30, 06:08 pm- One of my long-time best
Darren J Wallace -10/30, 07:34 pm- I call my T my fast tract
Gary White -10/30, 08:16 pm- I like Jolie Blon Pretty
John H. Nichols -10/30, 08:28 pm- How about Quickie Dixie G
Another Pat On The Back For Lang's
JohnCodman -10/30, 08:18 pm- I live about 50 miles fro
Bearings supplier From China
Jerry VanOoteghem -10/30, 02:59 pm- Allan, I dont know of an
Allan Bennett - Aust -10/30, 07:46 pm- Jerry, there are those of
Huckster Body Maker ??
Tom Strickling -10/30, 05:58 pm- I have purchased this tru
Tim Morsher -10/30, 06:10 pm- Great looking truck , Tom
Hap Tucker in Sumter -10/30, 06:33 pm- Tom, Nice looking truck.
Erik Johnson -10/30, 06:43 pm- Looks like a high radiato
Jeff Hood -10/30, 07:25 pm- Whatever you do, dont res
Albert Belling -10/30, 07:41 pm- Jeff, anyone can have a s
Bad day on Saturday
Dave Huson, Berthoud -10/30, 09:01 am- Neil Haywood: I can help
Constantine -10/30, 07:32 pm- Saturday would have been
Gas Tank "low gas alarm" bell.
Bob Benedict -10/30, 07:48 am- I have an alarm on my 26
Jay - In Northern Ca -10/30, 10:26 am- Someone here did repop th
Ken Todd -10/30, 10:52 am- My dear old Dad always sa
Peter Claverie -10/30, 11:36 am- The Ford model 8N and 9N
Bud Holzschuh - Pana -10/30, 01:51 pm- http://www.tractorsupply.
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -10/30, 05:22 pm- Thats how the old motorcy
John Saylor, Citrus  -10/30, 07:27 pm- I have an original sight
Overheating - not sure what's wrong
Frank Harris from Lo -10/30, 09:23 am- Our #22 Speedster always
James J. Lyons III - -10/30, 11:40 am- IF it is an old round-tub
Val Soupios -10/30, 02:51 pm- I dont care how clean the
Harold Schwendeman - -10/30, 04:48 pm- Frank - You said,.....Mos
john kuehn -10/30, 06:54 pm- Age will usually catch up
Engine date question
harvey cash -10/30, 01:47 pm- The 27 coupe that I am pr
Roger Karlsson, sout -10/30, 02:01 pm- Do you have a photo of th
harvey cash -10/30, 03:32 pm- I can email photos but ca
Hap Tucker in Sumter -10/30, 06:49 pm- Harvey, The one piece va
How and where do I seal my water pumping/how to pack?
Matthew Atchinson  -10/30, 11:44 am- I know, I know many of yo
Tom Miller, Mostly i -10/30, 11:53 am- First, have you tried tig
George_Cherry Hill N -10/30, 12:02 pm- There are a zillion diffe
Les Schubert -10/30, 12:14 pm- The problem with most old
Kenneth W DeLong -10/30, 12:20 pm- When i ran a pump every n
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -10/30, 12:22 pm- Years ago on a Model A si
Justin Heim -10/30, 03:17 pm- The best way to pack a wa
Matthew Atchinson  -10/30, 04:12 pm- Thanks guys. I packed the
Kenneth W DeLong -10/30, 05:23 pm- What ever happned to usin
Norman T. Kling -10/30, 05:53 pm- A Model A water pump is p
Dennis Seth - Ohio -10/30, 05:55 pm- The center for the protec
Bakelite parts repair
David J. Holland -10/30, 12:23 pm- Old Bakelite parts such a
Jerry VanOoteghem -10/30, 01:10 pm- The original Bakelite was
Mike Spaziano, Bellf -10/30, 01:36 pm- It was a safe alternative
David J. Holland -10/30, 02:05 pm- Yes it was produced in th
Gary White -10/30, 05:41 pm- David, Ive had good luck
Neat 1928 Video with a T Taxi!
Gary White -10/30, 08:30 am- For your enjoyment! http
Mark Strange -10/30, 08:55 am- The clip with Babe Ruth i
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/30, 09:04 am- The first two excerpts, t
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -10/30, 01:50 pm- Great video. Thanks for t
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -10/30, 05:22 pm- Richard, You, I know, cou
Got 30k Offer for my 1925 Model T Coupe - Is this fair?
Len Clements -10/30, 11:43 am- I cant control the number
kep -10/30, 01:38 pm- You can sell it for nearl
TT Split 23" Rim Fixing
Jerome Hoffman, Hays -10/30, 12:30 pm- [IMG_20141023_171727m.jpg
Gas Tank Removal
Ken Todd -10/30, 10:35 am- Sorry Andre, Ill try and
Ray beasley -10/30, 11:27 am- Thanks everyone. Got the
Sediment Bulb Part Numbers
Christopher Vasconce -10/30, 08:52 am- I just took my sediment b
Larry Smith -10/30, 09:50 am- They only help you with t
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/30, 10:47 am- I believe those are the f
Christopher Vasconce -10/30, 11:02 am- Thanks guys...I still thi
Rob's new thread
Gary Schreiber- Sant -10/30, 10:55 am- Or a babys arm holding an
Ken Todd -10/30, 10:43 am- Ditto
Skip Wheeler -10/30, 10:19 am- Thanks for the advice. I
First breakfast run in the 25 pu
Larry Smith -10/30, 10:13 am- You really need to slow d
Fatman Steering Wheels
Chris Olsen -10/30, 10:06 am- I have seen Bobs they are
Lost an ear on the head
Chris Olsen -10/30, 08:29 am- Thanks for the replys! Il
OT - Why a "K" Roadster, or should I say "6-40?"...
Dennis Seth - Ohio -10/30, 07:08 am- If I read your other post
Rob Heyen -10/30, 07:27 am- Denny, The 1906 K adverti
Royce in Georgetown  -10/30, 07:31 am- Dennis, Either of those
Rob Heyen -10/30, 07:43 am- The Ford Model K producti
Rob Heyen -10/30, 08:04 am- Drilling down on K produc
TT trucks for sale -- Trucks, Engines, Parts
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -10/30, 09:53 am- I posted another truck I
Burger in Spokane -10/31, 12:02 am- Stan, That really was
26 -27 windshield posts
Spencer Vibert -10/30, 10:23 pm- a set of 26-7 windshield
'26-;27 wood body mount blocks
Pat Clark -10/30, 08:52 pm- I would like to know if a
Jack Daron - Brownsb -10/30, 09:55 pm- I have some for a tudoor,
Shortened drive line wanted
Dave Huson, Berthoud -10/30, 01:53 pm- Craig Leach: I have som
Craig Leach -10/30, 09:22 pm- Dave Huson: Yes I need b
Spindles wanted
jim wendt -10/30, 05:41 pm- Im looking for 26/27 lowe
Steve Tomaso - Milto -10/30, 08:59 pm- I most likely do - Ill ch
A great T gentleman just passed
Mike-Iowa -10/30, 08:25 pm- Mr. John Rogne, a man man
Des Moines, IA to Deming, NM enclosed transport November 6th
Freighter Jim -10/30, 08:12 pm- November 6th Fully enc
Fatman wheels, early axle, steer warmers, williams roller...
Warren Webb -10/30, 06:29 pm- btt
Frank Canino -10/30, 07:13 pm- Mag powered steering whee
Donnie Brown North C -10/30, 08:09 pm- Warren, Im interested in
Dave Huson, Berthoud -10/30, 05:27 pm- Dennis Smith: Sometimes
Dennis Seth - Ohio -10/30, 06:28 pm- Dave, Are you saying you
FOR SALE; Pillar Brackets
Dave Huson, Berthoud -10/30, 05:02 pm- Brackets; $10.00 ea. If y
A pair of 26-27 Open Car Windshield Stanchions
Don Sandberg -10/30, 04:57 pm- Boink
Dave Huson, Berthoud -10/30, 04:44 pm- Hub Cap Wrench; $10.00. N
Dave Huson, Berthoud -10/30, 04:24 pm- U-JOINT; $60.00 This is a
Dave Huson, Berthoud -10/30, 03:49 pm- Rear Door Support; $40.00
10 Tooth Pinion Wanted
Ed Baudoux -10/30, 11:27 am- Thanks for the reply. [:-
Steve Tomaso - Milto -10/30, 01:01 pm- I can fix you up if Dave
Dave Huson, Berthoud -10/30, 03:10 pm- Ed Baudoux: I have two 10
Dave Huson, Berthoud -10/30, 03:14 pm- Ed email me at modelt1912
Wanted: Ruckstell or Warford or Muncie
Dana A. Crosby in Gl -10/30, 01:44 pm- bump
Ron -10/30, 10:15 am- Dave, Does the star
Ron -10/30, 10:16 am- Oops - meant to say does
Dave Huson, Berthoud -10/30, 01:39 pm- The bolts have to be long
James J. Lyons III - -10/30, 08:20 am- Brent, I think you found
BRENT MIZE -10/30, 10:43 am- The coil tester just sold
James J. Lyons III - -10/30, 10:58 am- Thanks Brent... Im a happ
TT Square Cab Truck
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -10/30, 10:19 am- I also have this TT chass
For Sale 1913 Chassis
Bill Bohlen -10/30, 09:14 am- 1913 chassis $6,500.00. D
Corona, CA to Des Moines, IA enclosed parts hauling now !
Freighter Jim -10/30, 06:46 am- October 31st Limited
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