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Model T Ford Forum
Forum 2014
Cam gear help
joe gallagher -07/29, 04:51 pm- Can anyone tell me how ti
Naming your Ford
Will Copeland - Tren -07/28, 04:56 pm- Depends on how the trip g
Anthony J Marino -07/28, 05:00 pm- Big Liz because its a big
Barry Fowler - Eagle -07/28, 05:10 pm- Well, our red 1915 runabo
Robert Scott Owens -07/28, 05:17 pm- Skeeter, I have never lik
Peter Claverie -07/28, 05:34 pm- My grandchildren named my
Darel J. Leipold -07/28, 06:00 pm- My names are more descrip
Donnie Brown -07/28, 06:12 pm- My 27 touring has been ca
Dick Lodge - St Loui -07/28, 07:15 pm- I am with Darel on this.
Mike Walker, NW AR -07/28, 07:33 pm- This is Ol Trusty. [Ol
Terry Woods, Richmon -07/28, 08:57 pm- My Grandfathers 27 coupe
Norman T. Kling -07/28, 09:48 pm- My first one is Nellie T
John Doolittle -07/28, 10:05 pm- Mike- you have now been s
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -07/28, 10:08 pm- The previous owner of my
Mike Walker, NW AR -07/28, 10:14 pm- [:-]
Charlie B actually i -07/28, 10:40 pm- Never got past Fliver. &
Dana A. Crosby in Gl -07/28, 11:49 pm- We have Sweet T, Hot T an
Mark Gregush Portlan -07/28, 11:51 pm- Nellybell is a combinatio
Craig Anderson, cent -07/29, 12:06 am- I never got into the nami
Mark finley -07/29, 12:11 am- My 14 touring is named Bu
John P Noonan -07/29, 12:17 am- I bought my car from a ve
chris becker -07/29, 12:19 am- Well lets see, there is:
chris becker -07/29, 12:22 am- Whooper the 1917 Hupmobil
Jay - In Northern Ca -07/29, 01:28 am- Ran into this little fell
chris becker -07/29, 01:31 am- Last but not least Tin Ti
William Austen -07/29, 01:42 am- When I first got my 1909
Warren Henderson -07/29, 06:33 am- I call the 17 Sambuca for
Seth from NC -07/29, 07:35 am- My yellow speedster is El
Zachary Dillinger -07/29, 08:44 am- I named mine Rocinante af
Warren Henderson -07/29, 11:21 am- Thanks Zach, thats a grea
G.R.Cheshire -07/29, 11:48 am- I named mine Sara Jane Be
Ryan Glowacki -07/29, 12:12 pm- Its funny, when I buy a c
Justin in South Afri -07/29, 12:26 pm- Muffy the magnificent!
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -07/29, 12:34 pm- Ive never been one for na
Terry Horlick in Pen -07/29, 12:40 pm- Russel T. Phored Russ-T F
Bob McDonald-Federal -07/29, 01:17 pm- Hal D My girl friend h
Warren Henderson -07/29, 03:16 pm- Hey GR, I told you that w
Warren Henderson -07/29, 03:37 pm- Rob Heyen, I see youre fr
Jerry VanOoteghem -07/29, 03:53 pm- I just call mine Old Thin
Roger Byrne - Racine -07/29, 04:48 pm- Im lucky enough to own se
Old Photo - Saving Up For A Spare Tire
Jay - In Northern Ca -07/29, 12:02 pm- [Saving Up For A Spare Ti
Layden Butler -07/29, 12:39 pm- Brand new car with its fi
Dan Treace, North FL -07/29, 01:12 pm- Probably spent all the ex
Dan Hatch -07/29, 01:48 pm- This brings up a question
Dan Treace, North FL -07/29, 04:47 pm- Cant think any judging po
GREAT news
Ron Patterson-Nichol -07/28, 07:27 pm- Assuming the new E-Timer
Ricks - Surf City -07/28, 07:35 pm- Comparing the E-timer to
Bob Jablonski -07/28, 08:02 pm- Great News from Mike &
Dean Yoder -07/28, 08:54 pm- Ron Patterson, That is wh
Donnie Brown -07/28, 09:03 pm- Im not familiar with the
Kevin Whelihan -07/28, 09:20 pm- Comparing the E-Timer and
Garnet -07/28, 09:35 pm- Theres lots of reading fo
Dave Wells -07/28, 10:00 pm- I checked the link. It sa
Dean Yoder -07/28, 10:02 pm- Kevin, I base my comparis
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -07/29, 12:07 am- Now if only I could get t
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -07/29, 12:13 am- Problem with the TW timer
Ron Patterson-Nichol -07/29, 06:56 am- Dave Not true. Check with
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -07/29, 07:14 am- Dave Wells, I see it the
Dave Wells -07/29, 08:06 am- Good Hal. Thats the reput
Kevin Whelihan -07/29, 08:20 am- The only maintenance the
Bob Jablonski -07/29, 08:28 am- Hal: Sticks & stones
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -07/29, 11:32 am- Ive tried it, Bob. I coul
Will Copeland - Tren -07/29, 12:47 pm- Theres nothing wrong with
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -07/29, 12:57 pm- The TW will be my next on
Jerry VanOoteghem -07/29, 01:06 pm- Hal, You quit riding to
Bob Jablonski -07/29, 02:11 pm- REALLY Hal ???? Did you
Jerry VanOoteghem -07/29, 03:58 pm- I know you didnt ask me B
Chris Bamford, Edmon -07/29, 04:45 pm- In my opinion, the E-time
Old Photo - The Home Of The Ford Car, Penacook NH
Dave Dufault -07/29, 04:44 pm- Updated photo of Jays pos
Right hand drive using Texas T distributor...
Mark Gregush Portlan -07/29, 01:04 am- I am doing a engine for 1
Willie K Cordes -07/29, 01:13 pm- Mark, I do not have an op
Seth from NC -07/29, 01:40 pm- The only part I would thi
Mike Robison -07/29, 04:41 pm- Use an E-Timer instead. T
New Member, Want feedback on my 15 T.
Mike Walker, NW AR -07/28, 05:17 pm- Ed -- Your steering wheel
Mike Walker, NW AR -07/28, 05:36 pm- Heres a pic: [DSCN2403.J
EDGAR R MINNIE II -07/28, 05:38 pm- Mike, maybe it is wood, i
David Dewey, N. Cali -07/28, 07:53 pm- Ed, The original tailigh
Mike Walker, NW AR -07/28, 07:58 pm- Ed -- As I said above, th
Mike Walker, NW AR -07/28, 08:01 pm- Davd -- The 1915 bracket
EDGAR R MINNIE II -07/28, 09:17 pm- Mike....thats a nice car
Hap Tucker in Sumter -07/28, 09:17 pm- Mike, From earlier in th
EDGAR R MINNIE II -07/28, 10:18 pm- Hap, No details like bill
Mike Walker, NW AR -07/28, 10:48 pm- Hap -- Thanks for that li
Ted Dumas -07/28, 11:37 pm- Edgar, The dark green ca
EDGAR R MINNIE II -07/29, 12:03 am- No, both are Pierce Arrow
Hap Tucker in Sumter -07/29, 06:41 am- Ed, Beautiful cars! Wha
jerry knouse -07/29, 07:19 am- Show I mentioned is on ro
Royce in Georgetown  -07/29, 07:49 am- The horn tube should go u
EDGAR R MINNIE II -07/29, 07:53 am- Thanks Jerry, I will try
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/29, 08:30 am- Lets unsquash the Pierces
EDGAR R MINNIE II -07/29, 04:30 pm- I looked at my firewall t
Bob's liquidation sale pleae comment
Gary Schreiber- Sant -07/28, 04:57 pm- Agreed with Greg. Paying
Bob Solak -07/28, 04:59 pm- Dont forget to include yo
Will Copeland - Tren -07/28, 05:00 pm- There are those times in
Chad Marchees -07/28, 05:13 pm- Maybe dissolving the busi
Barry Fowler - Eagle -07/28, 05:17 pm- Well, my first comment wo
greg ragland -07/28, 05:18 pm- Bob I wish only the best
Chester W. Lowery TN -07/28, 05:31 pm- Bob,....I agree with the
Derek Kiefer - Manto -07/28, 05:40 pm- Why not hold an Auction?
James Chochole -07/28, 05:43 pm- If someone out there happ
William L Vanderburg -07/28, 05:44 pm- If said partner is really
Peter Claverie -07/28, 06:03 pm- I think youre talking abo
Barry Fowler - Eagle -07/28, 06:12 pm- Forgive me if I am mistak
Donnie Brown -07/28, 06:22 pm- Bob, If this is about a s
Donnie Brown -07/28, 06:28 pm- Barry, If Im not mistaken
William L Vanderburg -07/28, 06:34 pm- From what I see, is the l
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -07/28, 06:55 pm- Last time this got kicked
Leon Parker -07/28, 07:13 pm- Bobs Antique Auto Parts w
Jim Eubanks, Powell, -07/28, 07:19 pm- cost of doing business sh
Terry Woods, Richmon -07/28, 07:32 pm- Its too bad one of the ot
Rob from Nova Scotia -07/28, 07:38 pm- I dont usually offer opin
David Dewey, N. Cali -07/28, 07:43 pm- Bob, My sympathies for
Chuck Hoffman - Gold -07/28, 07:43 pm- Maybe take a vacation and
G.R.Cheshire -07/28, 08:00 pm- Does she think this is al
Ricks - Surf City -07/28, 08:31 pm- There should have been a
Dick Lodge - St Loui -07/28, 08:52 pm- I have a twofold response
ROBERT BERGSTADT -07/28, 09:23 pm- Thank you all First my wi
Danial - Veneta OR U -07/28, 09:25 pm- Ok, since all the rest of
Jay - In Northern Ca -07/28, 10:04 pm- Seven things that are con
John Danuser -07/28, 10:32 pm- Bob Good Luck we are all
Ted Dumas -07/28, 10:40 pm- My grandfather and his br
Steve Schmidt -07/28, 10:42 pm- I would have priced all m
Steve McClelland -07/28, 11:01 pm- Bob Sorry to hear thi
brass car guy -07/28, 11:06 pm- A good friend of mine was
Royce in Georgetown  -07/29, 07:41 am- Bob, Family grievances a
Seth from NC -07/29, 08:09 am- Bob - half of gross isnt
A. Gustaf Bryngelson -07/29, 11:19 am- If she wants half the bus
ROBERT BERGSTADT -07/29, 01:26 pm- She wants to pay no expen
Seth from NC -07/29, 01:47 pm- LOL, Bob, shes completely
Tim Voss -07/29, 02:14 pm- Bob and people in hell wh
John Semprez-Templet -07/29, 04:00 pm- Bob, Having been through
Warren Webb -07/29, 04:29 pm- Tim, sounds like you are
Old Photo - Rolling One For The Ride
Jay - In Northern Ca -07/29, 11:57 am- [Rolling One For The Ride
Layden Butler -07/29, 12:43 pm- Updated 1915 with low rad
Dennis Seth - Ohio -07/29, 01:46 pm- Hes trying to find the ke
Harold Schwendeman - -07/29, 04:18 pm- Maybe hes texting!
Charles Linsenbarth -07/29, 04:25 pm- Maybe he closed one of hi
What I did today...
Patrick Mulrooney, W -07/28, 06:36 pm- So I have been fretting a
Rob Heyen -07/28, 10:17 pm- Patrick, good way to cove
Eric Hylen- Central  -07/29, 01:24 am- Rob, Im looking forward t
Eric Hylen- Central  -07/29, 01:28 am- Sorry, I forgot to post m
Gilbert V. I. Fitzhu -07/29, 09:16 am- Rob, Im getting my 07 one
Rob Heyen -07/29, 09:30 am- GI, We now have an unoffi
Gilbert V. I. Fitzhu -07/29, 11:20 am- When my Stanley once agai
Dan Treace, North FL -07/29, 04:04 pm- Blistering heat today, so
Craig Anderson, cent -07/29, 04:24 pm- FINALLY getting around to
Found this in my forgotton stuff ...
Donnie Brown -07/29, 03:58 pm- While hooking up the head
Donnie Brown -07/29, 04:01 pm- [box 1 (Small).JPG] [box
Donnie Brown -07/29, 04:05 pm- [box 6 (Small).JPG] [box
Donnie Brown -07/29, 04:19 pm- Im also trying out my new
Pickup questions
Constantine -07/29, 02:27 am- Could someone please enli
Dennis Henrichs -07/29, 03:10 am- Hi Constantine, The two
Constantine -07/29, 04:08 am- Dennis, thanks for the in
Alan George Long -07/29, 05:52 am- Constantine Ray Wells in
Chad Marchees -07/29, 06:15 am- A 6 foot bed in my opinio
mike_black -07/29, 08:19 am- I think A 6 ft bed would
Larry Smith -07/29, 09:39 am- The early 26 pickup beds
Seth from NC -07/29, 09:58 am- I want to get one of the
John Danuser -07/29, 10:20 am- I have a NOS pick-up slip
Willie K Cordes -07/29, 10:37 am- The 1925 Factory bed also
Constantine -07/29, 11:58 am- Thanks for the replies gu
Terry Woods, Richmon -07/29, 12:24 pm- Re: 25 versus 26-27 picku
Seth from NC -07/29, 12:33 pm- Constantine what you real
Bob McDonald-Federal -07/29, 12:58 pm- This is the bed I made us
michael grady -07/29, 01:08 pm- Come here often?
Constantine -07/29, 02:49 pm- Bob, looks good. Whats th
Charles Linsenbarth -07/29, 04:15 pm- Found this picture while
Why di the Model K Fail? Was it the transmission?
Royce in Georgetown  -07/29, 07:57 am- The 1907 - 1909 redesigne
Rob Heyen -07/29, 08:36 am- I didnt say the Model K w
Rob Heyen -07/29, 08:51 am- I should add, I drive a M
Bob Coiro -07/29, 11:42 am- Whether a particular type
Roger Byrne - Racine -07/29, 02:33 pm- I dont really see any dis
Jerry VanOoteghem -07/29, 04:03 pm- Roger, That is the faire
Becky's New Blue T
John Semprez-Templet -07/28, 05:21 pm- Charley, Those wheels are
Warren Webb -07/28, 07:57 pm- Please tell us how
Charles Linsenbarth -07/28, 10:35 pm- The centers will be froze
Charles Linsenbarth -07/29, 10:58 am- Correction-----108 degree
Seth from NC -07/29, 11:31 am- LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! That hai
Charles Linsenbarth -07/29, 11:49 am- Heres some really cold pi
John Semprez-Templet -07/29, 12:27 pm- WOW! What interference di
Seth from NC -07/29, 12:35 pm- So does the hole for the
Ed in California -07/29, 12:48 pm- What brand of paint did y
Jerry VanOoteghem -07/29, 01:15 pm- I do this type of shrink
Charles Linsenbarth -07/29, 01:34 pm- The interference was .030
Charles Linsenbarth -07/29, 03:51 pm- Wheels drilled for valve
Amazing TT Dump Truck for sale
Constantine -07/29, 05:14 am- see: http://www.hemmings
Ron -07/29, 06:45 am- Beautiful truck - but tha
Dan Killecut -07/29, 07:00 am- Price sounds high, but be
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -07/29, 07:08 am- Hes gonna tell her he cou
Seth from NC -07/29, 07:14 am- LOL brilliant! Im sorry b
Jim Eubanks, Powell, -07/29, 07:56 am- Wonder where the shift le
Larry Smith -07/29, 09:45 am- I see he has early pedal
Seth from NC -07/29, 09:55 am- Jim I looked at the pictu
Dan B -07/29, 10:13 am- Whats the red thing on th
Bob McDonald-Federal -07/29, 10:20 am- Dan B Road flairs Bo
Seth from NC -07/29, 10:24 am- I dont know. Holds a smal
Constantine -07/29, 11:41 am- A pedal operated exhaust
Layden Butler -07/29, 12:48 pm- Wouldnt a 1925 truck with
Bob McDonald-Federal -07/29, 02:05 pm- The Cab looks like a Lind
Tim Morsher -07/29, 02:40 pm- Bob, looking the body ov
Ryan Glowacki -07/29, 03:51 pm- BOB!!!! YOU FOUND MY TRU
Changing hogs head!?
Bill dugger -07/28, 05:49 pm- I have a 19 Touring that
William L Vanderburg -07/28, 06:00 pm- You do know that just cha
William L Vanderburg -07/28, 06:02 pm- that is unless, all 1919
William L Vanderburg -07/28, 06:06 pm- I found my own answer.
Henry Petrino in Mod -07/28, 06:11 pm- I suppose that if Ford us
William L Vanderburg -07/28, 06:16 pm- I looked again, and the i
Mike Walker, NW AR -07/28, 07:18 pm- The flywheel and mag ring
William L Vanderburg -07/28, 07:34 pm- I think that what the Enc
Bill dugger -07/28, 07:57 pm- Thanks for all the input,
Henry Petrino in Mod -07/28, 08:26 pm- I think Mike W.s comment
Bill Harper - Keene, -07/28, 08:44 pm- Hi Bill, If you pull the
Dave Wells -07/28, 10:16 pm- Bill, I figured all the 1
John Semprez-Templet -07/29, 03:38 pm- I cant see a good reason
Old Cast Iron Warford
John McGinnis in San -07/29, 03:36 pm- Since this subject has so
6 volt alternator
William L Vanderburg -07/29, 12:05 am- I have one of these on th
Tony Bowker -07/29, 01:00 am- When the alternator is ch
Peter Claverie -07/29, 12:29 pm- Tony is correct about the
Mike Stitt-Southern  -07/29, 02:34 pm- Actually the set voltage
William L Vanderburg -07/29, 03:04 pm- I think the battery is sl
Why did I do this to my new radiator?
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/29, 01:55 pm- I came home from Iola by
Seth from NC -07/29, 01:57 pm- Probably so nothing tries
Ed in California -07/29, 01:57 pm- Mice and or Daubers
Jim Sims -07/29, 02:01 pm- I would suggest adding me
George_Cherry Hill N -07/29, 02:10 pm- Steve...yeah, I know, the
G.R.Cheshire -07/29, 02:11 pm- That is what was thinking
Bob McDonald-Federal -07/29, 02:11 pm- Steve The next time you
Howard D. Dennis -07/29, 02:51 pm- I learned this one the ha
Long Beach, CA Model T Club Swap Meet
Tony Bowker -07/28, 10:57 pm- Home at last so I can pos
Dana A. Crosby in Gl -07/28, 11:39 pm- Tony, I see Humble Howar
Eric Sayer -07/28, 11:57 pm- It did Dana:?
Tony Bowker -07/29, 11:14 am- Actually it will not be s
Eric Sayer -07/29, 01:39 pm- Nice:? lucky kid that spe
West Coast brass radiator repair?
Tim Williams -07/28, 05:01 pm- John, Didnt brassworks mo
John Semprez-Templet -07/28, 05:05 pm- Tim, They did. 500 Linne
Harry Hart of Reno,  -07/28, 08:27 pm- Well, that is GOOD NEWS!
The Brassworks -07/28, 08:31 pm- The Brassworks has been i
John Semprez-Templet -07/29, 01:21 pm- The rumor mill can be be
Grease fittings
Bill Elliott -07/28, 07:44 pm- O.k., the only ones who s
Bud Holzschuh - Pana -07/28, 08:49 pm- Hi Bill The radius rod b
Mark Gregush Portlan -07/29, 12:04 am- I have one a the aftermar
Larry Smith -07/29, 12:13 am- A grease fitting, zerk or
Mark Gregush Portlan -07/29, 12:50 am- Oh poo! If someone wants
Paul Mikeska, Denver -07/29, 02:00 am- I like original cars as m
Bill Elliott -07/29, 06:56 am- Well, I guess I was wrong
G.R.Cheshire -07/29, 07:02 am- My roadster has had one i
Bud Holzschuh - Pana -07/29, 09:05 am- Paul and others I have s
Dan B -07/29, 09:14 am- Im probably going to inst
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/29, 09:36 am- [1716l.jpg] Zerks are a
Seth from NC -07/29, 09:48 am- I replaced all of my beat
Mike Zahorik -07/29, 10:11 am- Alemite introduced the pu
Charlie B actually i -07/29, 10:50 am- The cup fittings on the a
Brian Eliason -07/29, 12:40 pm- For the guy who cant be t
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -07/29, 12:54 pm- I kinda enjoy filling gre
Jerry VanOoteghem -07/29, 01:10 pm- Bud, I have seen grease
Old Photo - Model T In Israel Postcard, First Day Issue S...
Jay - In Northern Ca -07/29, 11:54 am- [chfj5519.JPG]
Layden Butler -07/29, 12:45 pm- Palestine when that pictu
Old vendors from 1970
Royce in Georgetown  -07/29, 07:44 am- Bill, It was 2 degrees F
Larry Smith -07/29, 09:56 am- Since Alvin Andersons nam
Glen Chaffin -07/29, 11:34 am- Chaffins was opened on a
Tom Carnegie -07/29, 12:07 pm- Antique Auto Ranch in Spo
Cotter Pins, and Safety Wire
Larry Smith -07/29, 12:25 am- I just dug into the rear
Dennis Henrichs -07/29, 03:31 am- Larry, A few year ago I
Bob Coiro -07/29, 12:05 pm- Back in the day when I co
Lang's customer service is great
Chad Marchees -07/28, 06:41 pm- There service is second t
Patrick Mulrooney, W -07/28, 09:28 pm- I would add to the Langs
Glen Chaffin -07/29, 11:49 am- Thanks for the kind words
OT fun car jokes =)
Dan Killecut -07/28, 09:18 pm- Gave us a good laugh toni
JohnH -07/28, 09:59 pm- First On Race Day? Id al
Ed in California -07/28, 10:20 pm- If Chevy is such a bad na
Jamie Holmes -07/28, 10:26 pm- BMW- Break my wallet Jee
Jamie Holmes -07/28, 10:28 pm- Ed - cause it takes a Che
Ricks - Surf City -07/28, 10:36 pm- Chrysler now Fix It Again
Derek Kiefer - Manto -07/28, 11:12 pm- Ed, I want a Fronty head
John P Noonan -07/28, 11:48 pm- Every manufacturer has ha
A. Gustaf Bryngelson -07/29, 12:21 am- My wife has a GMC pick up
Tony Bowker -07/29, 12:50 am- I didnt the two standard
Dennis Seth - Ohio -07/29, 05:38 am- Ford= First On Race Day
Willis Jenkins -07/29, 08:12 am- People that have to make
Ricks - Surf City -07/29, 09:08 am- Willis, it makes about a
Chris Bamford, Edmon -07/29, 10:12 am- Ya gotta be nuts to drive
Chris Bamford, Edmon -07/29, 10:27 am- LOTUS Lots of trouble, u
Dave Wells -07/29, 10:30 am- Dodge. Drips oil, drops g
Dick Lodge - St Loui -07/29, 10:44 am- There used to be a car in
Charlie B actually i -07/29, 10:55 am- In High School late 60s a
A. Gustaf Bryngelson -07/29, 11:07 am- Good one Ricks-Surf City!
Dick Lodge - St Loui -07/29, 11:13 am- Charlie, yes, a variable-
Norman T. Kling -07/29, 11:20 am- I only had one Chevy. I
"I've been working on the rail road." Oh Deer.
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -07/28, 05:56 pm- I dont think that is a T.
Jim Thode Chehalis W -07/29, 12:43 am- Railroad History of Michi
John P Noonan -07/29, 01:01 am- Seems like field dressing
Jay - In Northern Ca -07/29, 01:04 am- John, parts is parts
John P Noonan -07/29, 01:24 am- Jay, i was just a little
Gary H. White - Sher -07/29, 10:47 am- Yeah, That is one big whi
Charlie B actually i -07/29, 10:52 am- Looks like a company hunt
Ever seen one?
Darren J Wallace -07/29, 10:14 am- I believe it is Charlie.
Charlie B actually i -07/29, 10:41 am- Had 1 on a 23 T I had. Pa
OT Poll: Most Beautiful Production Car Ever (Post Photo,...
Dale Kemmerer -07/28, 04:55 pm- 1910 model 16 Buick or 1
Mark Stewart -Calif. -07/28, 05:07 pm- I think the Flubber Mobil
David Dewey, N. Cali -07/28, 08:30 pm- Eric, You did the Alps
Tom D -07/28, 11:11 pm- My favorite is clearly th
Rob Heyen -07/28, 11:25 pm- David G., I envy your exp
Danial - Veneta OR U -07/28, 11:31 pm- Citroen 2CV - Ugh. Owned
Rob Heyen -07/28, 11:50 pm- Danial, I hate it when t
Danial - Veneta OR U -07/29, 01:51 am- Hohenfels - in the winter
Rob Heyen -07/29, 06:31 am- Danial, Nice Mercedes. Y
Royce in Georgetown  -07/29, 07:36 am- When talking about the 19
Rob Heyen -07/29, 08:18 am- Eric, looking forward to
Joe Van Evera -07/29, 10:08 am- Bob, what a great thread
Ryan Glowacki -07/29, 10:38 am- Cars are the most perfect
Stutzman's - what will they do?
Bud Holzschuh - Pana -07/29, 09:18 am- I need a single 21 demoun
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/29, 09:26 am- From comments Ive read, I
Tom Miller, Mostly i -07/29, 09:28 am- I was at Noah Stutzmans p
Greg Kuhnash Southea -07/29, 09:40 am- If you ever travel to Stu
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/29, 09:52 am- Any map, including Google
Bud Holzschuh - Pana -07/29, 10:00 am- Thanks for the good advic
Bud Holzschuh - Pana -07/29, 10:18 am- Steve The answer is Garm
Bob McDonald-Federal -07/29, 10:36 am- Steve In mapping the m
Where are my messages?
Bryan C -07/28, 08:44 pm- Im not trying to post the
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -07/29, 08:50 am- The image below is the sc
Dave Dufault -07/29, 09:07 am- Thanks for doing that Ken
Dick Lodge - St Loui -07/29, 09:26 am- Dave, his original post w
Seth from NC -07/29, 09:40 am- Bryan - there are no dire
Bryan C -07/29, 10:01 am- Thanks Seth, that answers
Dick Lodge - St Loui -07/29, 10:26 am- Just to add a small point
Former Color
william louis rosent -07/29, 08:32 am- Hello Bob Poane, Olivier
Larry Smith -07/29, 09:18 am- Both of mine were dipped
Tom Wayne Rowe -07/28, 08:17 pm- Hello All,I installed a T
James A. Golden -07/28, 08:20 pm- The Texas T distributor h
Frank van Ekeren (A -07/28, 08:26 pm- Ive come across one that
Tom Wayne Rowe -07/28, 09:29 pm- Thanks Guys for all the r
Steve Elliott -07/28, 11:08 pm- Yes the advance. But ru
David Mazza -07/28, 11:16 pm- The t parts dist has a ce
Brinson burks -07/29, 12:07 am- Yes the Texas T parts one
Dave Barker - Dayton -07/29, 12:08 am- I cant speak for others e
Tom Wayne Rowe -07/29, 07:40 am- Thanks again to every one
I need a new rear end
Warren Henderson -07/29, 06:50 am- I pick-up the Ruckstell A
Seth from NC -07/29, 07:00 am- Oh no! The Ruckstell is o
Old Photo - Pesky Waterpump!
Steve McClelland -07/29, 12:27 am- Comon.... Everyone knows
Jay - In Northern Ca -07/29, 01:09 am- Actually he was retrievin
Erik Johnson -07/29, 01:23 am- Moms Ford is slightly mor
Old Photo - Lets Be Friends
Chuck Hoffman - Gold -07/28, 07:34 pm- They may be Lebanese Thes
Danial - Veneta OR U -07/28, 09:52 pm- I think its a great pic!
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -07/29, 12:02 am- You put your right foot i
Jay - In Northern Ca -07/29, 01:03 am- Dave, That sounds hokey t
Cylinder wall ridge: Why?
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/29, 12:24 am- This afternoon Bailey Ret
Frank van Ekeren (A -07/29, 12:35 am- Thats a re-sleeve, usuall
Old Photo - Dealers Showroom Floor
Mark Gregush Portlan -07/29, 12:14 am- If you look at other Mode
Cam shaft gear retaining nut
joe gallagher -07/28, 07:55 pm- Can anyone tell me how ti
Jack Daron - Brownsb -07/28, 08:03 pm- I should think that would
Dave Huson, Berthoud -07/29, 12:08 am- Joe: I had one come loos
Front Brakes to the Forefront Again
Bill in Adelaida Cal -07/28, 11:35 pm- I am sure I could find so
Bill in Adelaida Cal -07/28, 11:43 pm- I forgot to mention wheel
26 frame straitening
Mike Walker, NW AR -07/28, 05:44 pm- Ken -- My experience is t
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -07/28, 06:18 pm- Youve probably done more
justin cox -07/28, 06:31 pm- I like what seth posted,
Jim Thode Chehalis W -07/28, 07:32 pm- A clarification, in order
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -07/28, 08:32 pm- quote:1.The temperature o
Frank van Ekeren (A -07/28, 08:42 pm- Im laughing at that menta
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -07/28, 09:01 pm- Exactly. Thats why I say
justin cox -07/28, 11:39 pm- Thanks Jim that is exactl
Norman T. Kling -07/28, 09:39 pm- I pulled the engine out o
Bob Shirley -07/28, 10:24 pm- Unless you have a scored
Ricks - Surf City -07/28, 10:48 pm- Im glad its not surgery o
Bob Coiro -07/28, 10:53 pm- Holy Toledo, when I see t
Early serial numbers question.
Herb Iffrig -07/28, 08:19 pm- Ive been seeing several m
Tim Morsher -07/28, 09:59 pm- Herb, the Early Ford Regi
Help Needed in Eugene Oregon
Danial - Veneta OR U -07/28, 09:40 pm- Had a great, but quick vi
What's your best story about a T you saved from oblivion?...
Mike Walker, NW AR -07/28, 05:51 pm- Willie -- It looks as if
Willie K Cordes -07/28, 09:36 pm- Mike, I saved that tourin
OT- Need a starter Chain for 1906-1909 2 Cylinder holsman...
Bob Trevan - Austral -07/28, 05:11 pm- Hi Chis, Pictures as requ
chris becker -07/28, 07:25 pm- Tim I must have missed yo
Tim Morsher -07/28, 09:28 pm- Chris, It is amazing ho
Steve Tomaso - Milto -07/28, 07:21 pm- The small repro ammeters
James A. Golden -07/28, 07:36 pm- Those small repro ammeter
John F. Regan -07/28, 07:58 pm- Nice repair job but too b
1913 Grease Cup
David Dare - Just a  -07/28, 06:25 pm- My 13 runabout had those,
OT-1842 Springfield
Darel J. Leipold -07/28, 05:15 pm- I bought this today. It
Darel J. Leipold -07/28, 05:50 pm- The picture needed to be
Kevin Whelihan -07/28, 06:07 pm- Actually, the M1841 percu
Clutch Fingers don't all Grab= Simple adjustment?
James Chochole -07/28, 05:36 pm- Ive never had this before
James Chochole -07/28, 06:03 pm- Turns out I may be mistak
Thank you Carl Leonard, for my Ruckstell
Warren Henderson -07/28, 05:59 pm- Carl, I pick-up the Rucks
Help needed
Dennis Seth - Ohio -07/28, 05:54 pm- Mike, Ive been divorced
Head bolt tighting pattern
Will Copeland - Tren -07/28, 05:06 pm- Thanks guys, Im slowly co
For Sale 1909 Model T Touring Car #7299, Original, Three ...
Ron Mc Willie -07/29, 03:55 pm- Thats a great car with a
1909 parts needed
Dale Kemmerer -07/29, 03:10 pm- Barry, sent you a pm. D
Parting out 1909-10 Ford Touring
Dale Kemmerer -07/29, 02:53 pm- Kim, I sent you a pm. D
Dave Huson, Berthoud -07/29, 02:39 pm- Seth: I was mistaken, I
Dave Huson, Berthoud -07/29, 02:39 pm- Seth: I was mistaken, I
Seth from NC -07/29, 02:45 pm- Sweet! Now I can finally
Bill Kerndt -07/29, 01:04 pm- I am in need of a Drive S
Seth from NC -07/29, 02:01 pm- Hey Bill, you can buy the
Wanted: rear hack fenders for 1924.
Michael sharkey -07/29, 01:03 pm- Hi all Im still looking f
WTB: Model T Power Unit
Mark Wetherbee -07/29, 12:40 pm- I have this if you are in
For Sale: Complete set Ford Owner and Dealer Magazines
Ron Patterson-Nichol -07/29, 09:08 am- Complete set of Ford Owne
Wanted: 23-25 front fender left side
greg ragland -07/29, 08:21 am- bump
Waterford, CT to Phoenix, NY enclosed transport August 1st
Jim -07/29, 05:30 am- August 1st Empty traile
For Sale Oil lamp and speedo parts
Tony Bowker -07/28, 11:11 pm- [IMG_1988.JPG] A couple
Mark Gregush Portlan -07/29, 01:08 am- The speedometer drive gea
Model T stuff for sale
Jeff Cerame -07/28, 10:19 pm- Circumstances in my life
Tony Bowker -07/28, 11:03 pm- I sent you a PM
Running board tool box $100
Tim Morsher -07/28, 05:54 pm- KEY INCLUDED !!
Parts For Sale Gilmore Swap Meet
Larry Holderman Wars -07/28, 05:53 pm- Found out today that I wi
Parts Wanted
Harrie G. Burdan -07/28, 05:26 pm- Wanted - Im looking to a
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