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Model T Ford Forum
Forum 2016
Facing the spindle bushings
Arthur Dewey Asher W -08/23, 05:06 pm- When installing spindle b
Tom Donahue, please contact me
R.V. Anderson -08/23, 10:01 am- Could someone who knows T
gene french -08/23, 03:08 pm- R.V. : are you asking a
R.V. Anderson -08/23, 04:53 pm- Gene, youre right; thanks
FYI Oversize shipping
Dan Hatch -08/23, 11:48 am- Just some info for anyone
John F. Regan -08/23, 12:05 pm- Yes they changed their po
Dallas landers -08/23, 12:09 pm- UPS wanted $1800 to ship
Andy Loso St Joseph, -08/23, 01:02 pm- John and others in the Mi
G.R.Cheshire -08/23, 01:05 pm- If you have a Fastenall s
G.R.Cheshire -08/23, 01:07 pm- use this link to find a s
gene french -08/23, 02:54 pm- G.R.Cheshire: Fastenal wo
Robert Brough -08/23, 03:42 pm- Greyhound is another opti
Ray Syverson -08/23, 04:04 pm- Dan, can you clarify what
Jack Putnam, Bluffto -08/23, 04:45 pm- Amtrak Rail is another op
Dan Hatch -08/23, 04:53 pm- Ray: Shipped a couple box
OT/Technology - "The day is coming"....
Marv Konrad (Green B -08/23, 04:50 pm- ...when well be able to p
Steering problem on a 26 Roadster
Markus Huether - Ger -08/23, 01:03 pm- Hi, i changed the steerin
Stephen D Heatherly -08/23, 01:25 pm- Markus, thats exactly how
Dennis Plank - Three -08/23, 01:42 pm- I had that problem when p
Markus Huether - Ger -08/23, 01:54 pm- Hi Stephen, thanks for th
Markus Huether - Ger -08/23, 01:59 pm- Hello Dennis, thanks for
Stephen D Heatherly -08/23, 04:30 pm- Markus, the Ford motor co
Switch repair, I ordered the wrong parts
Mack Cole ---- Earth -08/22, 09:54 pm- But, even if I had ordere
John Zibell, Huntsvi -08/22, 10:25 pm- Mack, You could contac
Jim Eviston -08/22, 10:32 pm- Mack, years ago,before ne
Jim Eviston -08/22, 10:38 pm- And, also in those days i
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -08/22, 11:17 pm- Your best bet may be to b
John E Cox -08/23, 12:30 am- You might try soldering a
Larry Smith, Lomita, -08/23, 10:41 am- That is why I dont care f
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -08/23, 04:12 pm- Kinda late now, but Ive r
Issue with new stainless control rods
Michael Saggese -08/23, 12:58 pm- I bought a new set of con
John Semprez-Templet -08/23, 01:27 pm- Michael, I just picked up
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -08/23, 01:33 pm- Compare the new rod to an
Harold Schwendeman - -08/23, 02:49 pm- Would it be possible, and
Michael Saggese -08/23, 03:45 pm- Harold- the ball isnt in
Lake Roadster RAJO Engine Build
Clayton Paddison -08/23, 11:00 am- Any updates Mark? Some o
Harold Schwendeman - -08/23, 01:39 pm- Mark - This is a little l
Harold Schwendeman - -08/23, 01:44 pm- O.K., more thing a
Mark Chaffin......Co -08/23, 03:36 pm- Thats a good idea. All b
Clayton Paddison -08/23, 03:44 pm- I agree. if you can Safe
Magneto issue
Val Soupios -08/22, 09:13 pm- Royce that has been my su
Stephen D Heatherly -08/22, 10:12 pm- Val, before you put the h
Val Soupios -08/23, 02:54 pm- I plan to zap the magnets
Its amazing how a Model T can effect people.
Will Copeland - West -08/23, 11:52 am- Sunday I took the T to th
Richard Eagle Idaho  -08/23, 12:31 pm- Im pleased you made that
G.R.Cheshire -08/23, 01:01 pm- Love it! Always nice to m
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -08/23, 02:51 pm- Will that is really cool
How to Start a Model T in Cold Weather
Mitch Taylor -08/22, 09:48 pm- I read this passage onlin
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -08/23, 07:28 am- Ive seen people claim tha
JohnCodman -08/23, 11:12 am- I was a little surprised
Mike Kossor - Kenilw -08/23, 11:31 am- Mitch, got a good laugh w
Val Soupios -08/23, 02:46 pm- John, a lot depends on h
24 touring sheet metal lower patch panels
Doug Keppler, Fredon -08/22, 05:10 pm- Thanks guys and Rich nice
David Dewey, N. Cali -08/23, 01:25 am- Richard, Thats some v
Donnie Brown North C -08/23, 09:05 am- Doug, depending on where
Doug Keppler, Fredon -08/23, 09:13 am- Yes Donnie I have the pne
john kuehn -08/23, 09:42 am- Doug to answer your quest
charley shaver- libe -08/23, 10:04 am- in all my years i never s
Doug Keppler, Fredon -08/23, 10:52 am- Good thanks Charley that
Scott Conger -08/23, 12:20 pm- Richs method works very w
Doug Keppler, Fredon -08/23, 12:31 pm- That is some beautiful wo
Doug Keppler, Fredon -08/23, 12:41 pm- When some people look at
Scott Conger -08/23, 12:42 pm- Youre welcome Doug you c
Richard Eagle Idaho  -08/23, 01:10 pm- Great pictures of nice wo
john kuehn -08/23, 02:01 pm- Must be something wrong w
Harold Schwendeman - -08/23, 02:25 pm- John - I was wondering wh
Harold Schwendeman - -08/23, 02:31 pm- Doug - I guess I should h
Hi intensity Led driving lights
Steve Hughes, Raymon -08/22, 09:20 pm- Brian: I too hate the gl
John Doolittle -08/22, 10:17 pm- Les- are you running 6 vo
Les VonNordheim -08/22, 10:44 pm- John, Im running 12 volts
John Doolittle -08/23, 06:15 am- Reason I asked, I went to
Chris Laughary -08/23, 02:19 pm- There should definitely b
Touring hopping, chugging in high gear
Ken Klemmer -08/22, 07:26 pm- Hi everyone, I have a fai
Jim Eviston -08/22, 07:48 pm- Possibly a dry u-joint fr
Mark Gregush Portlan -08/22, 08:08 pm- Suggestion; set your park
Ken Klemmer -08/22, 08:21 pm- @ Jim. Good thought but w
Mark Gregush Portlan -08/22, 08:44 pm- Sorry really dont know wi
Jim Eviston -08/22, 08:51 pm- Ken-possibly not. Low gea
John Noonan - Norton -08/22, 08:52 pm- Ken, once you turn one cl
Ken Klemmer -08/23, 07:54 am- Narrowed things down a li
John Doolittle -08/23, 08:16 am- The condition that you ar
Jim Eviston -08/23, 09:00 am- Ken, the key word I worke
Brian Mettling - Day -08/23, 09:31 am- I had a hopping T, and my
Ken Klemmer -08/23, 12:30 pm- @John, Thanks for your in
Jim Eviston -08/23, 02:12 pm- Ken, I committed what I c
Need Sept. trailer parking assistance in the St. Paul area
Bryan Ostergren -08/23, 12:40 am- Hi gentlemen ladies?. I h
George n LakeOzark,M -08/23, 01:06 am- You going through Kansas
Derek Kiefer - Manto -08/23, 11:28 am- Im about 75 miles South o
Dave Huson, Berthoud -08/23, 12:21 pm- Bryon: If you dont find a
Andy Loso St Joseph, -08/23, 02:04 pm- Bryan, I am in St Joseph
Adjusting Anderson Timer
Ken Todd, .......... -08/23, 10:25 am- Thanks Terry. I have a ne
Kenneth W DeLong -08/23, 11:23 am- Terry,What did you do to
Norman T. Kling -08/23, 12:00 pm- Note, If you remove the
Terry Horlick in Pen -08/23, 01:21 pm- Come on Bud, I only broke
Transmission question
Robert Lawson-Kingst -08/23, 11:12 am- I dropped a washer in the
Michael Garrison - R -08/23, 11:20 am- Robert, you dont want to
Erik Barrett in Aubu -08/23, 11:22 am- Sooner or later its going
Norman T. Kling -08/23, 12:03 pm- I would recommend either
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -08/23, 12:09 pm- This coming from the guy
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -08/23, 12:26 pm- Ive seen pictures of what
Hal Schedler, Sacram -08/23, 12:49 pm- You ask Is it ok to run
Rick Goelz-Knoxville -08/23, 12:56 pm- Robert dont do it I had o
Dan B -08/23, 01:02 pm- Some more perspective...
Dave Dufault -08/23, 01:16 pm- Robert, You said: I have
K&N air filter for the T
Joseph W. Rudzik -08/23, 11:19 am- I use a Holley Hot plate
Les Schubert -08/23, 12:26 pm- Many years ago you could
Title, insurance, tags
Mark Strange - Hills -08/22, 05:09 pm- I would sure go for the a
ALAN FAIRCLOUGH from -08/22, 05:26 pm- Insurance from the compan
tt newbee -08/23, 11:48 am- Thanks for the advice. I
Mark Strange - Hills -08/23, 11:57 am- Congratulations! Please
Mabye the oldest car for sale
Aaron frazer -08/23, 11:01 am- This little ad made me th
Michael Garrison - R -08/23, 11:25 am- Oh yeah, the Flintstone F
David Dewey, N. Cali -08/23, 11:29 am- My Dad Built a Flinstone
Michael Garrison - R -08/23, 11:30 am- I heard it was powered by
Michael Garrison - R -08/23, 11:32 am- David, I love that story.
G.R.Cheshire -08/23, 11:38 am- Well with the squared off
Rick J. Gunter -- Sp -08/23, 11:49 am- Those must be Goodrock br
Who uses old grease?
ALAN FAIRCLOUGH from -08/22, 05:36 pm- No thanks. I went back to
David Dewey, N. Cali -08/23, 01:21 am- Well, yeah Alan, but my w
Kenneth W DeLong -08/23, 08:23 am- Remember Butch Wax??[ Are
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -08/23, 11:43 am- With all that grease thin
The fun of a small town
Jim Sims--Reed City, -08/22, 06:26 pm- Painting on this closed c
Henry Petrino in Mod -08/22, 06:42 pm- Does that mean its gonna
Scott Owens -08/22, 06:50 pm- Close Henry, Two sided pa
Jim Derocher -08/22, 11:27 pm- Sounds like around here i
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -08/23, 12:21 am- Yes, you have to buy a lo
Corey Walker, Browns -08/23, 12:42 am- There are t shirts for sa
Kevin Whelihan Danbu -08/23, 05:52 am- I agree with Steve. Small
Doug Keppler, Fredon -08/23, 07:38 am- What shade of black did t
Dallas landers -08/23, 09:05 am- Hey Jim My cousin owns th
Jim Sims--Reed City, -08/23, 10:06 am- Actually all I need to pa
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -08/23, 11:41 am- Try Valspar 4432-22 Masse
Quick body mount question
Clayton Paddison -08/22, 06:04 pm- Jim, This is how I lower
Hap Tucker in Sumter -08/22, 07:32 pm- Jim, If you dont build i
Clayton Paddison -08/23, 11:02 am- Hap, What does a custom
Battery Box
Larry Smith, Lomita, -08/23, 10:44 am- I ordered the boxes to sh
Moving handbrake lever outboard of speedster body
Mike Garrett -08/23, 10:19 am- Would appreciate some fee
Seth in Alabama -08/23, 10:33 am- Scroll down this thread a
Mike Garrett -08/23, 10:41 am- Thanks, Seth. I like you
QT: what is the stripping pattern on 1911-12 wheels?
Dan Treace, North FL -08/22, 08:39 pm- Older forum post, shows a
Keith Townsend ; ^ ) -08/23, 10:28 am-
Larry Smith, Lomita, -08/23, 10:37 am- My 13 touring was striped
Model T house car
Jerry Kramer -08/23, 08:21 am- We are looking for a pict
Ed in California -08/23, 08:31 am- [image.jpeg]
Dan Treace, North FL -08/23, 08:54 am- Another view, photo at De
Ken Todd, .......... -08/23, 10:33 am- Heres another one: [Motor
2016 Michigan Jamboree
Mike Zahorik -08/22, 06:50 pm- I woke up around 5am Thur
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -08/22, 10:30 pm- That right rear tire was
Jim Derocher -08/22, 11:21 pm- Thanks for all the nice p
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -08/22, 11:50 pm- Nice pictures, Mike. Kei
kevin helinski -08/23, 12:29 am- Mike, I was up in Pembine
Jim Rodell, Sr.- Wis -08/23, 01:15 am- Hi Mike, I saw you going
Mike Zahorik -08/23, 09:34 am- Dave, there is something
Gary Schreiber- Sant -08/23, 09:52 am- Thanks for the great pict
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -08/23, 10:30 am- Mike, It was good to see
Mounting tires on 21" Split rims
Michael Warren- Hunt -08/22, 08:27 pm- Made a video of me mounti
tt newbee -08/23, 02:50 am- Michael, great video, tha
James A Bartsch -08/23, 10:22 am- Nice job, Michael. Id sk
Our '15 Touring is on Television
Bill Harris, Hunting -08/22, 11:00 pm-
Bill Harris, Hunting -08/23, 12:21 am-
Bill Harris, Hunting -08/23, 12:28 am- Heres what the 24 Studeba
Greg Griffin in Brea -08/23, 01:36 am- Too cool.
Mark Osterman -08/23, 06:22 am- Your T is beautiful, but
Michael Garrison - R -08/23, 07:49 am- Geez Mark, why are you dr
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -08/23, 08:05 am- Too cool Bill! Congrats o
Wishbone Measurement?
Brian Dowell -08/22, 08:58 pm- I have been unable to loc
Mark Gregush Portlan -08/23, 01:36 am- The center to center betw
Chris Barker, Somers -08/23, 06:37 am- There are two basic types
2016 Model T Doodlebug/ Tractor/ Power unit / Projects Th...
Zachary Carrico -08/22, 09:29 pm- Jared, that thing is so c
Chad Marchees _____T -08/23, 06:22 am- Yea, ughh, well, I ASSUME
Aquestion about 1909 era cars and supplier parts-Photo
Rob Heyen - Eastern  -08/22, 09:02 pm- A friends 1905 Autocar:
Erik Johnson -08/22, 09:09 pm- Rob - youre really going
Frank van Ekeren (A -08/23, 04:07 am- I did find some reference
Its not a T, but I like the way it looks...
Robert Blanchard -08/22, 08:54 pm- Was surfing eBay and came
Val Soupios -08/22, 08:58 pm- Looks like a standard Hup
Robert Blanchard -08/22, 09:42 pm- Never mind... found what
Burger in Spokane -08/22, 09:53 pm- While I think just about
George n LakeOzark,M -08/23, 01:22 am- Was it normal for the rea
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -08/23, 03:38 am- George, most cars did not
OT a Bit
David Dewey, N. Cali -08/23, 01:36 am- When you are doing sheet
1910 Ford Model T in Grand Theft Auto V
Mitch Taylor -08/22, 09:39 pm- A slightly different post
Ed in California -08/22, 10:26 pm- Silly, but entertaining [
David Dewey, N. Cali -08/23, 01:17 am- youre going to drive a ca
Let's see your speedster!
Dennis Prince Madras -08/22, 10:18 pm- Mine isnt a speedster but
Graeme Lockhart -08/23, 12:37 am- Here is mine 1914 speedst
Bending 5/16" copper tubing
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -08/22, 06:46 pm- This stuff is not under p
HARRY A DAW Troy, Mo -08/22, 08:30 pm- I googled bending copper
Phillip Maurici -08/22, 08:56 pm- To bend copper or any non
Erik Johnson -08/22, 09:05 pm- The late Gary Hoonsbeen d
bob middleton -08/23, 12:24 am- Fill it with sand cap the
Power: Low Head vs High Head.
Kenneth W DeLong -08/22, 05:23 pm- Sorry im picture dumb.The
Seth in Alabama -08/22, 07:35 pm- I have 2 good low heads f
Royce in Dallas TX -08/22, 07:41 pm- Jim yes I still have thre
Tyrone Thomas - Tope -08/22, 10:06 pm- Take a high head for the
bob middleton -08/22, 11:05 pm- High head was done for tw
Help me put a date on my “new” roadster, would you folks?
Duey_C -08/22, 05:29 pm- Well, the body numbers we
Duey_C -08/22, 06:10 pm- Allan, you were correct t
Erik Johnson -08/22, 06:55 pm- 7 17 corresponds to July
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -08/22, 07:04 pm- Duey, The 7 17 are probab
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -08/22, 07:08 pm- I type slow! And, that is
Erik Johnson -08/22, 08:57 pm- To reiterate, it is a Jul
Royce in Dallas TX -08/22, 08:59 pm- The car could not have be
Duey_C -08/22, 08:59 pm- Erik, umm yep. Thats one
Duey_C -08/22, 09:50 pm- Id LOVE to think that a T
Erik Johnson -08/22, 10:07 pm- If the car was originally
OT- Anyone going to Speed Week?
Dennis Prince Madras -08/22, 09:57 pm- Dave, I am sorry that I d
High gear engaging oddly.
Mack Cole ---- Earth -08/22, 09:30 pm- I cant answer on turbo di
Creeping crawling and so forth
Tom Moorehead -08/22, 09:11 pm- Before I took this engine
What's your August project?
Les Gitts - Ferndale -08/22, 08:06 pm- Got side tracked. Hand p
Les Gitts - Ferndale -08/22, 08:11 pm- Also repainted an origina
Etimer borrowed
Gene Carrothers Hunt -08/22, 06:16 pm- Im betting with Michael,
Randall Strickland,  -08/22, 06:45 pm- Wondering if Dean runs 6
Steve Hughes, Raymon -08/22, 07:23 pm- I am sure I cant compete
Les Schubert -08/22, 08:01 pm- Steve Thats good to know
Potential air cleaner offering
Les Schubert -08/22, 07:59 pm- I have gone out for prici
OT Baseball cards
Scott Owens -08/22, 06:52 pm- HI, I have a friend that
Single Stack vs Double Stack Field Coil?
Andre Valkenaers -08/22, 05:27 pm- I tried all three on my h
Stephen D Heatherly -08/22, 06:12 pm- Bill, model Ts from 1917-
Do You Have The Engine Splash Pans Installed?
Jem Bowkett, Spaldin -08/22, 05:23 pm- I have pans, never tried
Kenneth W DeLong -08/22, 05:34 pm- I use them and they work
OT Near miss.
Dean Kiefer - Adams, -08/22, 05:30 pm- Back in 1995 we were on t
I wish a misinformed person with cash would stop
Jim Eubanks, Powell, -08/22, 05:14 pm- EBAY is still a lot more
ALAN FAIRCLOUGH from -08/22, 05:24 pm- An old chinese proverb sa
FOR SALE: 1921 FORD Model T TOURING- very good condition-...
Richard E Moore Jr.  -08/22, 08:49 pm- This is classifieds.
creston -08/22, 08:59 pm- Price of CAR ???
Scott Dwyer in Troy, -08/23, 09:14 am- Price of car. . . And loc
Mark Strange - Hills -08/23, 09:16 am- Richard, the thread was o
David Griffith -08/23, 11:40 am- Heres the craigslist ad,
Mark Wetherbee - Dow -08/23, 12:35 pm- David - have the widow co
Mark Gregush Portlan -08/23, 12:39 pm- Suggestion; move the car
Matthew Atchinson  -08/23, 03:45 pm- gaahh! And its close to m
1921 Coupe for Sale in Fulton, MO
Mark Strange - Hills -08/23, 02:24 pm- I have no connection to t
Wanted TT Rear rims
mike kolsrud -08/23, 01:23 pm- Are you still interested
Beware ?
Larry Reed -08/23, 01:07 pm- I recently placed an add
Mark Chaffin......Co -08/23, 01:20 pm- Never heard of him. Soun
Russell Furstnow -08/23, 10:50 am- Back up for sale 500$ plu
Michael Sommers -08/23, 11:55 am- Russell, I sent to a PM.
Russell Furstnow -08/23, 12:53 pm- Tires sold pending paymen
For Sale 1930 Model A Ford R/S Coupe.
Bob Peterson -08/23, 11:34 am- One last time, $13,500 Fi
OT - Two 2010 Steam Automobile Bulletin Back Issues and O...
Mark Strange - Hills -08/23, 11:26 am- Hello, I have two back is
Richard Eagle Idaho  -08/23, 11:33 am- I would love to have thos
Mark Strange - Hills -08/23, 11:33 am- Sold to Richard, thanks M
For Sale : 1910 Brass Ford Project
Steve Pound -08/23, 04:26 am- Is that engine a 1910. It
Tony Bowker, Ramona, -08/23, 11:33 am- The engine appears to be
27 Coupe for Sale
Bill Harris, Hunting -08/23, 10:53 am- Before I resort to Craigs
Battery Box
thomas elliott nw pa -08/22, 07:49 pm- Since I am new to model T
thomas elliott nw pa -08/22, 08:00 pm- Sorry about the latest du
Larry Smith, Lomita, -08/23, 10:51 am- The battery box does not
WTB: Motor/Engine splash pans.
Robert Brough -08/23, 10:43 am- Still looking for a set.[
2 low heads for sale
Seth in Alabama -08/22, 06:54 pm- [image.jpeg] Left is he
Seth in Alabama -08/23, 10:12 am- Both heads sold pending f
FS 1922 Model T PU Truck
Matthew Atchinson  -08/22, 09:46 pm- Why oh why does this have
Mark Chaffin......Co -08/23, 12:48 am- Road trip? [:-]
Erik Barrett in Aubu -08/23, 03:07 am- Matthew, you can buy a on
Mark Chaffin......Co -08/23, 10:04 am- A couple of replacement t
For sale 1917 Roadster, running,driving project car 7500.00
Michael Duffy -08/23, 09:56 am- Also includes excellent k
FOR SALE - 26 Soft-top Roadster PU & 26 Coupe with lots o...
Mike-Iowa -08/22, 06:17 pm- Cyndi, If not sold I am i
Mike-Iowa -08/23, 09:53 am- Cyndi, I left you a perso
Timing gear cover and gen ount restored For Sale
Layden Butler -08/22, 09:44 pm- Nicely restored ready to
Rick Duquette -08/23, 09:17 am- Email sent.
Weaver Auto Ambulance
Tom Strickling -08/23, 07:20 am- Anyone?
For sale 1916 Engine Block
Don Blain -08/23, 01:58 am- engine block 1-16-16 bloc
1914 block, crank and cam for sale
Spencer Vibert - Gra -08/22, 08:03 pm- I need to get rid of this
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -08/22, 10:34 pm- I wish I had the money. I
New timing gears For Sale
Layden Butler -08/22, 09:38 pm- $30
For Sale:Bruce McCalley's Model T Encyclopedia available ...
Les Burg -08/22, 07:42 pm- Thanks Steve.
Ruckstell axle parts For Sale
Layden Butler -08/22, 07:36 pm- p147 notch plate $45 p146
Pan/crankcase to block original bolts set
Pat Punter -08/22, 07:21 pm- Original bolts and castle
FS 24/25 Touring Top
Dan Hatch -08/22, 06:39 pm- Here is a 24/25 Touring t
FS 1923 Low Rad Touring Orignal Car
D. R. Currier -08/22, 05:52 pm- Where is the car located?
Dan Hatch -08/22, 06:29 pm- Zip 35173, Alabama. Thank
Hassler shock set for rear wheels
Adam Krawchuk -08/22, 05:27 pm- Im selling a set of rear
John Albert Lemon -08/22, 05:36 pm- Ill take them Adam, just
Adam Krawchuk -08/22, 06:02 pm- They are sold, thanks MTF
FOR SALE: 1922 Model T Touring Car - $13,600 - Easton, MD
Erik Johnson -08/22, 05:34 pm- It has a 1924 or 1925 bod
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