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Model T Ford Forum
Forum 2015
Where did you go in your T today?
Kevin Weeds -06/29, 08:54 pm- Looks like a great day Ke
Jerome Hoffman, Hays -06/29, 09:51 pm- Because my tàgs are due n
Scott Lay,,,,,,,,,,, -06/29, 10:20 pm- I live in the city but it
Jim Kelsey -06/30, 01:21 am- I sanded down the primer
Craig Anderson, cent -06/30, 01:58 am- Didnt go anywhere in the
George n Los Angeles -06/30, 02:57 am- Drove to the market, then
Kevin Weeds -06/30, 07:44 am- Gee two Coffees on the on
G.R.Cheshire -06/30, 08:23 am- Kevin: you wrote Because
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -06/30, 08:25 am- Nowhere! It wont quit ra
Dave Barker - Dayton -06/30, 11:53 am- I hear you, Tim. I took m
Norman T. Kling -06/30, 04:43 pm- Today, June 30 I removed
Kevin Weeds -06/30, 05:41 pm- GR yes your correct and i
Norman T. Kling -06/30, 05:47 pm- She was right! It poured
Larry Smith -06/30, 08:01 pm- I drove up to ,and comple
Advice on rear end problem please
Kevin Weeds -06/30, 04:05 am- Finally got my recently p
Frank van Ekeren (A -06/30, 04:10 am- The nut must be missing t
Allan Bennett - Aust -06/30, 04:18 am- Kevin, theres a big castl
Kevin Weeds -06/30, 04:38 am- Thanks guys hopefully I c
Kevin Weeds -06/30, 07:55 am- Guys when I went for a sp
Royce in Georgetown  -06/30, 07:59 am- Do not drive the car unti
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -06/30, 08:33 am- Kevin..if your most recen
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -06/30, 08:52 am- You are officially ground
Robert G. Hester Jr. -06/30, 09:11 am- Kevin, check the toe-in o
James A. Golden -06/30, 10:06 am- The debris from the disol
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -06/30, 10:35 am- Kevin, Please post some
Norman T. Kling -06/30, 10:59 am- Disregard the posts about
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -06/30, 01:25 pm- Disregard posts about dis
Erik Johnson -06/30, 01:47 pm- Dont just tighten up the
Kevin Weeds -06/30, 05:34 pm- I get it guys, no more dr
Kevin Weeds -06/30, 06:28 pm- Robert G, boy that was a
jeff cordes -06/30, 06:35 pm- Ive driven a car with a c
Kevin Weeds -06/30, 06:52 pm- I guess there would have
Harold Schwendeman - -06/30, 07:04 pm- Kevin - Also, I guess thi
Larry Smith -06/30, 07:54 pm- The reason Ford used cast
Russ Furstnow please contact me
Chester Leighton -06/30, 07:43 pm- Russ, I was told you may
1909-1910 oil pan ear
Gary Hagen -06/30, 01:55 pm- Hello Brian, Sent you an
Gary Hagen -06/30, 01:58 pm- Ron Brown used to make in
Gary Hagen -06/30, 03:23 pm- I talked to a 9-10 friend
Gary Hagen -06/30, 07:34 pm- The oil dams have never b
Gary Hagen -06/30, 07:38 pm- The oil dams have never b
Trying to figure out what year and make this is...
Don Booth@ Bay City, -06/30, 04:23 pm- Bump
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -06/30, 04:54 pm- The hubcaps look like a R
Royce in Georgetown  -06/30, 07:29 pm- 1920 Studebaker big six.
john a sellers -06/30, 02:05 pm- what lights are required
Bud Holzschuh - Pana -06/30, 02:27 pm- In most states and defini
Harold Schwendeman - -06/30, 02:53 pm- I anyone happens to know,
Henry Petrino in Mod -06/30, 03:23 pm- I agree with Harold. Iv
Joe Van Evera in the -06/30, 06:07 pm- Differs from state to sta
Royce in Georgetown  -06/30, 07:25 pm- The MTFCA does not judge
Can I simply remove my distributor to clean?
James Chochole, Oswe -06/30, 02:19 pm- Never had a T with a dist
Tony Bowker, Ramona, -06/30, 02:24 pm- It is possible to make a
Frank Harris from Lo -06/30, 02:30 pm- Crank the engine to T.D.C
John Aldrich Orting  -06/30, 05:24 pm- I do what Frank recommend
Harold Schwendeman - -06/30, 06:53 pm- The real key to what Fran
Harold Schwendeman - -06/30, 06:55 pm- Frank - My apology! In r
M G Hillhouse -06/30, 07:12 pm- Just put a bag over the h
Chad Marchees _____T -06/30, 07:20 pm- While I do agree with MG
2015 Speedsters Trial and Reunion
Tyrone Thomas - Tope -06/29, 10:32 pm- I had a great time. Sorry
Mike Vaughn -06/29, 11:58 pm- A couple more shots of th
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -06/30, 11:57 am- Mike Vaughn, could you pl
Mike Vaughn -06/30, 12:08 pm- Keith, The guy on the lef
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -06/30, 03:36 pm- Thanks, Mike. Keith
Paul Booth -06/30, 07:15 pm- I need to see more of tha
Accessory Hand Brake Extension
Paul ONeil, Fullerto -06/30, 11:51 am- Thanks Ed, I just pinged
Richard A Eddinger S -06/30, 07:11 pm- Hey Paul if you find any
What was your best (Oh CRap Moment)?
Will Copeland - Melb -06/30, 11:25 am- After seeing the photo of
Henry Petrino in Mod -06/30, 12:16 pm- Well, its non-automotive,
Rob from Nova Scotia -06/30, 12:22 pm- A few years ago I rebuilt
James J. Lyons III - -06/30, 12:23 pm- Mine was actually on a to
G.R.Cheshire -06/30, 12:32 pm- Definitely not automotive
Frank Harris from Lo -06/30, 12:37 pm- I was cleaning the two li
Marvin Konrad -06/30, 12:47 pm- In retrospect, some non-a
David Dewey, N. Cali -06/30, 01:43 pm- Well Franks screw in the
Bob Cascisa - Poulsb -06/30, 02:43 pm- BEST Oh Crap Moment. Is
Mark Strange - Hills -06/30, 02:48 pm- Back in the early 1980s,
Rick Goelz-Knoxville -06/30, 03:31 pm- Learning to drive and pus
Les Gitts - Ferndale -06/30, 03:34 pm- Long time ago..... I boug
Norman T. Kling -06/30, 04:32 pm- A couple of mine which ha
mike conrad -06/30, 05:19 pm- I reused two piece valves
Richard A Eddinger S -06/30, 06:53 pm- Was in a hurry to respoke
Putting the TT to work (again)
Burger in Spokane -06/30, 01:22 am- That might be construed a
Ryan in Illinois -06/30, 10:13 am- Sadly, we arent getting f
Burger in Spokane -06/30, 11:56 am- Truth be told, that truck
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -06/30, 06:43 pm- Burger, About 36 1/2 year
OT- How are you going to use your Leap Second?
Dean Kiefer - Adams, -06/30, 08:56 am- Today we get an extra sec
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -06/30, 09:17 am- I didnt learn about the e
Henry Petrino in Mod -06/30, 09:50 am- I need more data. What
Roger Karlsson, sout -06/30, 10:17 am- Henry: Heres more on the
Norman T. Kling -06/30, 11:03 am- When at precisely in Paci
Dean Kiefer - Adams, -06/30, 11:23 am- Henry, sorry I didnt get
Tony Bowker, Ramona, -06/30, 04:13 pm- Norm, from reading the Wi
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -06/30, 04:16 pm- Ill sleep through the lea
Henry Petrino in Mod -06/30, 05:47 pm- I get it. Maybe, if we
Darel J. Leipold -06/30, 06:20 pm- Just a second now! Do yo
Model T golf cart
Erik Johnson -06/29, 08:16 pm- If you Google Ragtime Mod
Jon Baumann -06/30, 09:59 am- Tim - I think hubcaps are
Erik Johnson -06/30, 10:29 am- In my opinion, less and s
Ed in California -06/30, 11:07 am- Here is a T golfcart [17
Erik Johnson -06/30, 11:40 am- Yuck…….
Jon Baumann -06/30, 12:25 pm- Erik - The play is at the
Patrick Drone -06/30, 02:16 pm- Jon, When the University
Tim Eckensviller - T -06/30, 05:54 pm- Jon, if you want to go ri
Looking for enclosed trailer advice
Roar Sand -06/29, 08:42 pm- Trailer tires, marked ST
Michael Thomas - Cen -06/29, 09:13 pm- I bought a brand new v-no
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -06/29, 09:32 pm- Michael - We appreciate t
Michael Thomas - Cen -06/29, 09:51 pm- Ill have to go out tomorr
mike_black SC/FL -06/29, 10:12 pm- I agree with Jim on fuel
HARRY A DAW Troy, Mo -06/29, 10:17 pm- Just had a 8.5 x 18 V nos
HARRY A DAW Troy, Mo -06/29, 10:28 pm- Might add that it has a r
Freighter Jim -06/29, 10:50 pm- Most manufacturers cut th
Freighter Jim -06/29, 10:55 pm- Regarding tires .... ST
Gilbert V. I. Fitzhu -06/30, 09:47 am- Since youre building from
Michael Thomas - Cen -06/30, 04:53 pm- Someone asked earlier wha
Kenneth W DeLong -06/30, 04:58 pm- Sorry about the on and on
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -06/30, 05:19 pm- Michael - Thanks for the
Gilbert V. I. Fitzhu -06/30, 05:47 pm- Since youre ordering a ne
Gilbert V. I. Fitzhu -06/30, 05:48 pm- Sorry for posting twice -
OT - Brass Air Pump (for what?)
Lance Sorenson, Hect -06/30, 03:07 pm- I purchased this pump eve
Erik Johnson -06/30, 03:49 pm- Lance: I see those pumps
Bob Cascisa - Poulsb -06/30, 04:59 pm- Ships foghorn?? Be_Zero_
G.R.Cheshire -06/30, 05:07 pm- Ohhhh we could have soooo
Production date
Karen Krawchuk -06/30, 12:31 pm- Hi, I am trying to help m
Royce in Georgetown  -06/30, 12:52 pm- You can safely assume the
Karen Krawchuk -06/30, 01:20 pm- I will have to see if I c
Keith Townsend ; ^ ) -06/30, 01:38 pm- Karen- The casting date w
Erik Johnson -06/30, 01:43 pm- I would think that the se
Karen Krawchuk -06/30, 01:49 pm- Got it. 7 1 16. With it b
Karen Krawchuk -06/30, 01:51 pm- Erik, how can I get a mor
Erik Johnson -06/30, 01:57 pm- If you post the serial nu
Royce in Georgetown  -06/30, 02:04 pm- The serial number is a ba
Karen Krawchuk -06/30, 02:07 pm- Thank you so much Erik!!
James Chochole, Oswe -06/30, 02:24 pm-
Erik Johnson -06/30, 02:30 pm- Your serial number corres
Tony Bowker, Ramona, -06/30, 02:31 pm- Stamped aug 1916. Most p
Erik Johnson -06/30, 02:32 pm- James: The online encycl
Tony Bowker, Ramona, -06/30, 03:51 pm- I misread the number, it
Erik Johnson -06/30, 03:56 pm- 1917 model year did not o
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -06/30, 04:18 pm- According to the MTFCI Ju
Karen Krawchuk -06/30, 04:21 pm- The car came with a brass
Erik Johnson -06/30, 04:38 pm- Its not complicated folks
Firewall bracket mounting question
Hap Tucker in Sumter -06/29, 10:27 pm- Larry, Do you know which
Ken Broyles -06/30, 02:18 am- Mike, Hap, and Larry.
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -06/30, 04:39 am- Well, I am looking back h
Mike Walker, NW AR -06/30, 07:44 am- The ones with the square
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -06/30, 04:37 pm- Thank you Mike W! I thoug
OT - what is this part to?
Jim Kelsey -06/30, 01:18 am- I was going through some
George n Los Angeles -06/30, 03:02 am- I dont recognize it, but
Dennis Henrichs -06/30, 03:16 am- Looks like a Stewart spee
Allan Bennett - Aust -06/30, 04:20 am- Dennis has it. There is a
Jim Kelsey -06/30, 04:32 pm- Sure enough - you guys ca
LARK trailer
Tom Strickling -06/30, 09:57 am- Does or did anyone ever
keith g barrier Sava -06/30, 11:26 am- Tom I think you will find
kevin findley -06/30, 11:41 am- This might help with the
mark heathman -06/30, 11:49 am- TOM..YOU WANT A CAR TRAIL
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -06/30, 04:25 pm- Tom & Inte
Transmission bands question
Bob Benedict, Humbol -06/30, 03:13 pm- After returning from the
Jack Daron - Brownsb -06/30, 03:39 pm- Nope.
Bob Benedict, Humbol -06/30, 03:43 pm- Thats what I like. Short
Norman T. Kling -06/30, 03:51 pm- There isnt anywhere else
Tony Bowker, Ramona, -06/30, 03:56 pm- If you use Kevlar, prefer
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -06/30, 03:57 pm- Bob - That loose brass ri
Got the new Hasslers installed
Willie K Cordes -06/29, 10:21 pm- lighting is a little poor
Will Copeland - Melb -06/30, 06:49 am- Sorry guys about the ligh
Will Copeland - Melb -06/30, 11:38 am- [11057893_102043947728516
Will Copeland - Melb -06/30, 11:42 am- I took the car for a test
Dave Barker - Dayton -06/30, 11:58 am- Maybe its the way the pho
Will Copeland - Melb -06/30, 01:45 pm- Ha, You made me look. I p
Jack Daron - Brownsb -06/30, 03:43 pm- They look good.Enjoy.
Abandoned Texas Trailer
CharlesHebert -06/29, 11:00 pm- A friend of min found a t
Freighter Jim -06/29, 11:34 pm- Charles, So - did she ca
Harold Schwendeman - -06/29, 11:41 pm- If the owner reported the
scot uran -06/30, 03:42 pm- Found this Good morning A
CO2 in Tire Tubes
Royce in Georgetown  -06/30, 08:08 am- Nitrogen is used to infla
Mark Strange - Hills -06/30, 01:55 pm- The Tire Rack agrees with
keith g barrier Sava -06/30, 03:31 pm- I would never use anythin
Prest-O-Lite "B" Tank For Gas Lamps
Ken Parker -06/29, 11:53 pm- We have been posting on a
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -06/30, 09:12 am- Ken - Thanks for posting
Kenneth W DeLong -06/30, 09:43 am- Yes,and i also say Thank
Frank Harris from Lo -06/30, 10:06 am- The work well and no mess
Ken Parker -06/30, 12:36 pm- Frank shows the strap typ
Frank Harris from Lo -06/30, 12:42 pm- Here is my shutoff valve
Erik Johnson -06/30, 12:46 pm- For a reference, upper le
Ken Parker -06/30, 02:28 pm- Erik, That is an informa
Erik Johnson -06/30, 02:46 pm- I scanned it from a 1913
Champion X Plugs
Bill Elliott -06/29, 10:01 pm- I found three Champion X
Jim Derocher -06/29, 10:08 pm- Bill, do a search and fin
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -06/30, 01:29 am- Other than a thorough cle
Bill Elliott -06/30, 08:12 am- Thanks, guys, I didnt rea
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -06/30, 08:37 am- For the steel parts base
Paul ONeil, Fullerto -06/30, 01:32 pm- What a great page! I have
Mike Walker, NW AR -06/30, 01:50 pm- There are differing opini
Firewall dimensions......
George Andreasen -06/30, 01:24 pm- I need to cut a brand new
OT - Found on 'PowerNation'... Dumb Blonde 'Reality'?...
David Dewey, N. Cali -06/30, 12:57 am- Steve, I remember that t
Dennis Sanford - Luc -06/30, 11:15 am- Another question that mos
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -06/30, 12:42 pm- A blind guy goes into a b
OT 1950 Ford coupe opinions
Dan B -06/29, 09:09 pm- John - Any shots under th
Dan Killecut -06/29, 09:19 pm- I have been involved with
Erik Barrett in Aubu -06/29, 09:32 pm- What I have heard often a
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -06/29, 11:02 pm- I always figure when I am
Bob Gruber- Spanaway -06/30, 12:56 am- My 40 coupe has straight
Dan Killecut -06/30, 07:03 am- Aaron, I have a 50 Panel
Mike Walker, NW AR -06/30, 07:36 am- Dan -- Thats a nice looki
Jim williams Baldwin -06/30, 07:52 am- Love those flatheads I ha
John McGinnis in San -06/30, 08:13 am- Dan Killecut, Yes a 53 Me
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -06/30, 08:23 am- Jims beautiful red Flathe
John McGinnis in San -06/30, 08:34 am- Dan B, No 50 engine shots
Roger Karlsson, sout -06/30, 08:48 am- Wow, John, [:-] How fast
Frank Harris from Lo -06/30, 09:58 am- My six was far faster tha
John McGinnis in San -06/30, 10:54 am- Frank Harris, Perfect..I
Gary R. Bussell -06/30, 12:08 pm- If memory{lacking with ag
Frank Harris from Lo -06/30, 12:20 pm- We used to grind down the
Robert G. Hester Jr. -06/30, 12:26 pm- The guys racing the flath
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -06/30, 12:36 pm- That was a nice rig Dan.
Seat Cushions for "Larger" Modern Drivers?
Paul ONeil, Fullerto -06/30, 12:06 pm- Just an update here, I te
Great pic of a t on rails
Duane Markuson -06/30, 11:48 am- [image.jpg]
Ford Model T friends page on Facebook
Chuck Hoffman - Moke -06/29, 09:25 pm- Too many rainbow people w
Robert Anderson -06/30, 10:34 am- You have a reverse pedal.
Chuck Hoffman - Moke -06/30, 11:39 am- Yeah, Im using it right n
OT - Guess What I Forgot
Andrew Harris -06/29, 11:00 pm- Guess what I forgot to do
Keith Townsend ; ^ ) -06/30, 01:06 am- Andrew- Please tell me t
George n Los Angeles -06/30, 03:03 am- Not the first or last tim
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -06/30, 04:40 am- I seem to recall that I d
Mark Myers_____Pitts -06/30, 07:16 am- Maybe its the lighting bu
G.R.Cheshire -06/30, 07:34 am- Shoo the pets away until
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -06/30, 08:36 am- EEE-Yuck!! Too bad for t
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -06/30, 09:06 am- Andrew - Ya, but it could
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -06/30, 09:13 am- I know -- I know -- I kno
john kuehn -06/30, 09:16 am- And while you have the he
Andrew Harris -06/30, 09:44 am- I just thought Id share m
Mike Walker, NW AR -06/30, 10:53 am- Andrew -- See this recent
Norman T. Kling -06/30, 11:07 am- Now you will need to drai
George Andreasen -06/30, 11:18 am- At least you didnt forget
Thank you Stan Howe
Will Copeland - Melb -06/30, 11:10 am- Received my new NH carbur
Generator ?
samuel pine -06/30, 08:06 am- Yesterday with my younges
Royce in Georgetown  -06/30, 08:10 am- You may have a bad batter
Gary Tillstrom 30 mi -06/30, 09:04 am- The second part of your q
George John Drobnock -06/30, 10:56 am- Take some time and review
Close-ups of Original Stakes for TT Flatbed Truck
Donald Hagstrom -06/30, 09:07 am- Thanks for sharing your T
Carbide lamps
Peter Kable - Kiama  -06/29, 08:07 pm- I was told the trough was
Royce in Georgetown  -06/30, 08:03 am- The trough cannot over fl
U joint hole, previous thread, found problem, now how do ...
Allan Bennett - Aust -06/29, 08:09 pm- Jerry, a modified torque
Roger Karlsson, sout -06/29, 08:39 pm- The U-joint position is d
Allan Bennett - Aust -06/30, 12:36 am- Roger, it doesnt matter h
Roger Karlsson, sout -06/30, 06:26 am- Youre right Allan - with
Stevens Front Axle Video
Andre Valkenaers -06/30, 12:04 am- Where can I buy this tool
Dan Hatch -06/30, 04:54 am- Andre: Check out my ad on
Free start backfire question
Jim Rose -06/30, 04:37 am- Mark: If the cylinder fir
1913 Kingston magneto
Ronald Behe -06/29, 09:26 pm- How much is a 1913 Kingst
Mark Gregush Portlan -06/29, 10:01 pm- Because you are a first t
Keith Townsend ; ^ ) -06/29, 10:50 pm- Ronald- Welcome to the F
Rod Barrett - Anders -06/30, 04:37 am- RV Anderson builds the ea
John Haynes Sale
Noel D. Chicoine, MD -06/29, 11:45 pm- Looks like I might have s
Brass radiator re-core
John T. Tannehill II -06/29, 11:03 pm- I had a 1912 radiator rec
1925 Tudor body number on subframe ??
Hap Tucker in Sumter -06/29, 10:20 pm- Travis -- yes, it appears
Travis Melnick -Wate -06/29, 11:01 pm- No problem Hap , Id like
How much is my 1919 Model T Touring worth
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -06/29, 08:21 pm- More and more in recent y
Freighter Jim -06/29, 08:34 pm- Corey, I see you are in
Charlie B actually i -06/29, 09:41 pm- Reading about the dings o
Ted Dumas -06/29, 10:49 pm- Get the top fixed. It wi
Parts For Sale
Mike Walker, NW AR -06/29, 09:45 pm- I might be interested in
Ed in California -06/29, 10:02 pm- No pictures are showing
Mike Walker, NW AR -06/30, 06:12 pm- I am going to buy the eng
FOR SALE: 1917-1925 Coupe Interior and Top Kit
Russ Furstnow -06/30, 01:31 pm- This interior and top kit
Russ Furstnow -06/30, 04:04 pm- CORRECTION: This kit is f
Cal license plates
Richard A Eddinger S -06/30, 01:48 pm- Still looking
Mainbearing Mold for Model T engine
gene french -06/30, 01:16 pm- Babbitt bearing mainbeari
Dave Huson, Berthoud -06/30, 12:19 am- Brass Sediment Bowl; $49.
Dave Huson, Berthoud -06/30, 12:20 am- Brass Sediment Bowl; [se
Larry LaPatka- East  -06/30, 10:09 am- Dave...I Ill take the bow
Jack Daron - Brownsb -06/30, 10:24 am- That is a 1912 sediment b
Dave Huson, Berthoud -06/30, 01:10 pm- Jack Daron: Thanks I knew
For Sale COMPLETE Stevens Front Axle tools
Randall Strickland,  -06/29, 10:00 pm- Dan did you get the reame
Kohnke Rebabbitting, -06/30, 12:08 pm- Are you going to have ext
Dan Hatch -06/30, 12:50 pm- Herm: Yes, I have been ma
For sale flaps for 21 inch wood wheels
Thomas Elliott -06/30, 12:01 pm- I have four 4 rubber flap
WANTED: Assorted Model T parts
James Keller -06/29, 09:34 pm- Hi all, I am looking for
Andy Loso St Joseph, -06/30, 07:12 am- James, Email me at aloso
Kevin Whelihan Danbu -06/30, 07:35 am- James, You might want to
WTB - Arizona License Plate 1927 or Earlier
Harold Regbrief -06/30, 06:41 am-
Dave Huson, Berthoud -06/30, 12:06 am- Bearings; $30.00 I dont b
Dave Huson, Berthoud -06/30, 12:07 am- Roller Bearings; [beari
Tt rear radiouse rods WTB
Jerome Hoffman, Hays -06/29, 10:12 pm- I have the cast ends and
Wanted 1922 va license plates
Randall Strickland,  -06/29, 10:07 pm- Thanks Randall
Wanted 1922 va license
Randall Strickland,  -06/29, 10:06 pm- Thanks Randall
WANTED: Any Model T Body
James Keller -06/29, 08:55 pm- Hi all, I am looking for
Tom Strickling -06/29, 10:05 pm- James does your school st
Brass Kingston 1915 Carburetor 1926-7 parts also,
mike west -06/29, 09:46 pm- Looking over odds and end
For Sale Great Original 1927 Model T Ford
Bob Peterson -06/29, 09:19 pm- [IM002469.JPG]
Bob Peterson -06/29, 09:30 pm- [IM002475.JPG]
Enclosed transport Albuquerque, NM to NE - IA - IL - PA f...
Freighter Jim -06/29, 08:24 pm- Update .... Fairfield, I
Ron in Central Massa -06/29, 09:29 pm- Hmmm.....anyone can also
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