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Model T Ford Forum
Forum 2014
Spoiler Alert!
tim moore -11/23, 08:39 pm- If you check my profile y
G.R.Cheshire -11/23, 08:45 pm- KEWL congratulations what
Mike Walker, NW AR -11/23, 08:59 pm- Congratulations, Tim. Th
Joseph A. Stearns -11/23, 09:00 pm- Tim, sounds like a great
Robert Matheny -11/23, 09:02 pm- What a deal, you do the w
Freighter Jim -11/23, 09:29 pm- Tim, What a great projec
Rob Patterson (AUS) -11/24, 05:06 am- Heritage in your safe han
Hap Tucker in Sumter -11/24, 06:59 am- Tim, That is great! We
Rob Heyen -11/24, 07:19 am- Tim, Im happy you have th
Snow Plow for a T ?
Chad Marchees -11/23, 10:49 am- Has anyone seen or have p
Jim Thode Chehalis W -11/23, 11:48 am- As long as you have the g
Kenneth W DeLong -11/23, 01:34 pm- With a very lite small bl
Chad Marchees -11/23, 01:47 pm- I am wanting to do it jus
Ron -11/23, 02:16 pm- Chad - subframe to rear e
Chad Marchees -11/24, 06:29 am- This is what I bought, it
My weekend haul of T parts!
Bill Bulick -11/23, 08:02 pm- So, I found a guy on Face
Donnie Brown North C -11/23, 08:08 pm- post some more pics, we l
Greg Whaley, Georget -11/23, 08:08 pm- nice!
Steve Elliott -11/23, 08:14 pm- Nice , Remember , keep
Bill Bulick -11/23, 08:17 pm- This car was really nice
Bill Bulick -11/23, 08:20 pm- [image.jpg]
Hap Tucker in Sumter -11/23, 08:21 pm- Looks like it will be a b
Bill Bulick -11/23, 08:21 pm- [image.jpg]
Rob Heyen -11/23, 08:22 pm- Too bad the T was rodded,
Bill Bulick -11/23, 08:22 pm- [image.jpg]
Bill Bulick -11/23, 08:24 pm- [image.jpg]
Bill Bulick -11/23, 08:27 pm- The beauty is I traded a
David Dewey, N. Cali -11/23, 09:37 pm- So you got a complete cha
Bill Bulick -11/23, 10:01 pm- Didnt know or really care
Paul Mikeska, Denver -11/23, 10:07 pm- Did you get the title or
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -11/23, 10:52 pm- If the price was good and
David Dewey, N. Cali -11/24, 01:13 am- Wow, thats a real score t
kep -11/24, 01:51 am- You have nearly a whole c
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -11/24, 03:41 am- We can only save what we
Bill Bulick -11/24, 06:12 am- Yes, I did get a bill of
Manifold interference
Dan Treace, North FL -11/23, 10:32 am- Did use the oversize alum
Mark Gregush Portlan -11/23, 12:50 pm- My exhaust manifold is st
Glen Chaffin -11/23, 08:42 pm- We are well aware that ou
Paul Mikeska, Denver -11/23, 08:59 pm- Mine fit fine. No grindin
Paul Mikeska, Denver -11/23, 09:14 pm- Sorry for the rant but do
Warwick Landy -11/24, 04:38 am- Forgot to add I have a ne
USA to AUS shipping recommendations please.
Ray Green -11/23, 07:46 am- Hi Rob, the guy in Queens
Rob Patterson (AUS) -11/23, 01:46 pm- Thanks Ray, Ill call you
Kim Dobbins -11/23, 02:31 pm- Rob, contact Dave Dryden,
David Dare - Just a  -11/23, 03:46 pm- Gday Kim, Dave is just 25
Ray Green -11/23, 04:34 pm- Hi David, how long has it
Allan Bennett - Aust -11/23, 07:34 pm- Ray, I agree the GST is n
John Memmelaar Jr -11/23, 08:00 pm- Russel Holden from the ea
Karl Gilchrist -11/23, 08:25 pm- Rob GST is based on the
Ray Green -11/23, 10:58 pm- Allen, your last import c
Allan Bennett - Aust -11/24, 03:56 am- Ray, my import agent gave
Dual exhaust manifold
Steve Elliott -11/23, 10:20 am- Right hand steering, mig
Rob Patterson (AUS) -11/23, 01:30 pm- Alan & Steve, Thanks
Rob Patterson (AUS) -11/23, 10:27 pm- Considering this image th
Roger Karlsson, sout -11/24, 12:42 am- Reds headers in californi
Roger Karlsson, sout -11/24, 12:49 am- ..but maybe their headers
Allan Bennett - Aust -11/24, 03:44 am- Rob, I made my own header
Low gear question
Daniel Kraft -11/23, 04:51 pm- I have never driven a mod
Mark Strange -11/23, 05:00 pm- Try setting your spark le
A. Gustaf Bryngelson -11/23, 05:04 pm- completely retard your sp
Michael Pawelek Broo -11/23, 05:38 pm- Also be sure the brake le
Daniel Kraft -11/23, 05:49 pm- Ok, this is exactly what
Daniel Kraft -11/23, 07:30 pm- How do you go down hills
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -11/23, 07:32 pm- Daniel, The reason folks
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -11/23, 07:42 pm- Daniel, Im not sure I un
Mark Strange -11/23, 08:16 pm- Daniel, practice is the k
Paul Mikeska, Denver -11/23, 08:23 pm- ...and when you are drivi
Norman T. Kling -11/23, 08:30 pm- In Santa Cruz, there are
Jim Thode Chehalis W -11/23, 09:04 pm- Daniel, Since this threa
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -11/23, 10:32 pm-  reduce your dependance o
Paul Mikeska, Denver -11/23, 10:42 pm- My T mentor built and sol
Daniel Kraft -11/24, 01:10 am- Thanks all. I practiced s
Bob Coiro -11/24, 03:37 am- Its not as critical as yo
Head identification
Ken Parker -11/23, 08:06 am- Royce, I have a low head
Royce in Georgetown  -11/23, 08:25 am- The late 1912 - 13 Canadi
Rob from Nova Scotia -11/23, 05:14 pm- [20141123_101204.jpg]
joe bell -11/23, 05:21 pm- I have seen several early
Frank van Ekeren (A -11/23, 10:57 pm- I just checked my spares,
Roger Karlsson, sout -11/24, 02:48 am- Here is a similar head th
1909 Canadian Model T with Chadwick Bros. brass lights.
Royce in Georgetown  -11/23, 07:58 am- Ken posted this picture o
Scott Kramer -11/23, 08:34 am- Hi Ken, Do the right hand
charley shaver -11/23, 08:35 am- like to have a set of tho
Hap Tucker in Sumter -11/23, 09:06 am- Scott, From the photos i
Scott Kramer -11/23, 01:06 pm- Hi Hap, The oil fonts on
Scott Kramer -11/23, 05:42 pm- This is a correction abou
Hap Tucker in Sumter -11/23, 08:54 pm- Scott, Not a problem. T
Don Watson -Florence -11/24, 12:25 am- Hap, That is a Chadwick W
Ken Findlay -11/24, 02:05 am- Scott I dont really know
David Chantrell - Ad -11/24, 02:23 am- The tail light was always
Clockwise or counter clockwise
Tom Moorehead -11/23, 05:05 pm- My wife and I were doing
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/23, 05:18 pm- No, its not just the Sout
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -11/23, 05:37 pm- My kids learned to tell t
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -11/23, 05:39 pm- I wasnt sure that would p
Bob Gruber- Spanaway -11/23, 05:48 pm- Piloting a plane its comm
Bob Gruber- Spanaway -11/23, 05:52 pm- Piloting a plane its comm
Bob Gruber- Spanaway -11/23, 05:54 pm- OOPS! Ive been watching H
Tom Moorehead -11/23, 06:41 pm- What I found interesting
Tim Eyssen - Abilene -11/23, 07:52 pm- You do not want a child t
Harold Schwendeman - -11/23, 07:53 pm- Thatl teachya Bob! Thatl
Harold Schwendeman - -11/23, 07:55 pm- See,...Im getting better!
Harold Schwendeman - -11/23, 08:00 pm- No worrys about nasty mid
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -11/23, 08:01 pm- We have been headed down
Walter Higgins -11/23, 08:01 pm- I once worked in a produc
Dick Fischer -11/23, 08:20 pm- I was in a Jack In The Bo
Norman T. Kling -11/23, 08:24 pm- They dont need math, beca
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -11/23, 10:08 pm- I went to Home Depot toda
Dan Schultz_Sheboyga -11/23, 10:17 pm- My friend who is a 62 yea
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -11/23, 10:29 pm- Norm, you reminded me of
Dick Fischer -11/23, 10:53 pm- Well, it happened again t
Ricks - Surf City -11/24, 01:16 am- I just showed this thread
Andre Valkenaers -11/24, 01:28 am- Some time ago I had about
Steering Wheel Removal
Christopher Vasconce -11/23, 09:20 am- Thank you Allen. I thoug
Dan Treace, North FL -11/23, 10:05 am- Seems rather easy to free
Dan Treace, North FL -11/23, 10:14 am- Photo of the original scr
Christopher Vasconce -11/23, 03:27 pm- Thank you again folks. Th
Dan Treace, North FL -11/23, 04:14 pm- Christopher Nice set up
Christopher Vasconce -11/23, 04:43 pm- Thank you Dan. I am going
Mark Strange -11/23, 05:03 pm- Here is a 2010 thread whe
Christopher Vasconce -11/23, 05:58 pm- Awesome! Looks like Im b
Dave Dufault -11/23, 07:49 pm- Not at the same time! To
Christopher Vasconce -11/23, 07:59 pm- Haaaaa! Fordite smoked t
David Dewey, N. Cali -11/24, 01:25 am- A LARGE soldering Iron on
Rolling Ton Truck
ginom -11/23, 10:44 pm- Hello, I have a Ton Truck
Rob Heyen -11/23, 10:47 pm- They are tough to roll.
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/23, 10:47 pm- Yes, it should roll. Do y
ginom -11/23, 10:58 pm- Just installed rebuilt en
Carl Sorenson-Lake A -11/23, 11:35 pm- Back when the forum just
Pat Kelly -11/23, 11:38 pm- I can roll my ton truck,
Jim Thode Chehalis W -11/23, 11:51 pm- A model T is always in ge
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/24, 12:01 am- With the rear wheels off
Robert G. Hester Jr. -11/24, 12:51 am- Worm drive isnt the probl
Jim Thode Chehalis W -11/24, 01:11 am- With a worm gear if there
OT - Cheap things to do in the Seattle area - any suggest...
Freighter Jim -11/23, 03:09 pm- I am in the Seattle, WA a
Michael Seager -11/23, 03:21 pm- You could go to the Museu
Norman T. Kling -11/23, 03:23 pm- Pikes market. The old u
Harold Schwendeman - -11/23, 03:41 pm- And if youre in the Balla
Walt Berdan, Bellevu -11/23, 04:03 pm- If you are into these, th
Mark Rothrock -11/23, 06:36 pm- The aquarium was great wh
Freighter Jim -11/23, 06:51 pm- All good suggestions ....
Bob Jablonski -11/23, 07:51 pm- Jim: The Space Needle ch
John Semprez-Templet -11/23, 08:02 pm- Buy your coffee at McDona
Freighter Jim -11/23, 08:23 pm- John, I use McDonalds ..
Floyd Voie - Chehali -11/23, 08:54 pm- Jim, what part of Seattle
John Wightman -11/23, 09:12 pm- Yes the downtown waterfro
David Dewey, N. Cali -11/23, 09:14 pm- The underground Seattle t
Freighter Jim -11/23, 09:23 pm- Thank you all for the gre
brass car guy -11/23, 09:48 pm- Jim, Can offer a tour of
Duane Markuson -11/23, 10:47 pm- If you can make it south
Ted Dumas -11/24, 01:11 am- Drive to Snoqualmie Falls
OT: Wonder what this would do for a Model T
Terry Woods, Richmon -11/23, 12:13 pm-
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/23, 12:30 pm- Is that the solid form of
Mark Gregush Portlan -11/23, 12:31 pm- Le mie automobili bisogno
Terry Woods, Richmon -11/23, 12:47 pm- Translated, that means; M
Terry Woods, Richmon -11/23, 12:52 pm- Maybe it would make it a
David Dare - Just a  -11/23, 03:51 pm- Bigger, more powerful and
Gary H. White - Sher -11/23, 05:43 pm- Lesson; Always carry a sp
Gilbert V. I. Fitzhu -11/23, 05:51 pm- Translation: My car need
John Semprez-Templet -11/23, 07:58 pm- Il mio Fiat non ha bisogn
Mark Gregush Portlan -11/23, 11:03 pm- My Fiat does not need hel
Jim Thode Chehalis W -11/24, 12:01 am- I had a Fiat 500 two cyli
OT. 1941 Ford production of the B-24 Liberator Bomber
Gary H. White - Sher -11/23, 09:31 pm- Came across this site. In
Gary H. White - Sher -11/23, 09:44 pm- Japan held a vast reserve
Bob Coiro -11/23, 11:00 pm- That the Japanese got as
Ford script timer roller
Royce in Georgetown  -11/23, 08:15 am- Dean, The photo I posted
Harold Schwendeman - -11/23, 01:06 pm- Richard Gould - Obviously
Dean Yoder -11/23, 01:50 pm- Royce I question if grea
Richard Gould -11/23, 03:31 pm- Hi Harold. One thing com
Mike Walker, NW AR -11/23, 06:46 pm- Some of the Tulsa guys Fr
Royce in Georgetown  -11/23, 07:28 pm- Dean, Mobil 28 is a synth
Gary Tillstrom -11/23, 09:13 pm- I agree with Royce on the
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -11/23, 09:20 pm- The last time I mentioned
Gary Tillstrom -11/23, 09:26 pm- Ken, do you have a part n
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -11/23, 09:56 pm- No, I dont think any that
The rise of Henry Ford
Matt Foye -11/23, 05:44 pm- Thanks for posting this.
Christopher Vasconce -11/23, 05:53 pm- Thanks for sharing...that
Freighter Jim -11/23, 09:30 pm- Very enlightening ... T
Willis Jenkins -11/23, 08:04 am- It was a year and a half
James E Bowery -11/23, 08:10 am- I was working at Pillsbur
John H. Nichols -11/23, 08:26 pm- Friday Evening at about 6
John H. Nichols -11/23, 08:34 pm- Norman, You say you w
Freighter Jim -11/23, 09:26 pm- I was only 3 years old &a
Steam bending (update)
richard e moore -11/23, 10:07 am- Had to bend some tack str
Mike Zahorik -11/23, 11:44 am- Rich, thats a nice bend w
John F. Regan -11/23, 04:39 pm- I tried my hand at steam
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -11/23, 05:19 pm- That is some great inform
John F. Regan -11/23, 07:11 pm- One thing I forgot to men
Jon Crane -11/23, 07:50 pm- pretty wild jig.
Billy Phillips -11/23, 08:20 pm- Just get good used home
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -11/23, 09:10 pm- [steam19.jpg] [steam20
December 1 1913 - Henry Fires Up The Assembly Line
John Wightman -11/23, 09:05 pm- In Johns post below, abou
OT - More Model K speculation:
Rob Heyen -11/23, 12:12 pm- I think weve dispelled ma
Ricks - Surf City -11/23, 02:36 pm- Has everybody seen the Do
Bob Trevan - Austral -11/23, 03:26 pm- I can now see were they g
Rob Heyen -11/23, 07:55 pm- Ralph, another way to spi
Ricks - Surf City -11/23, 08:23 pm- Can any of the early Dodg
Jim Thode Chehalis W -11/23, 08:30 pm- Rob, I dont know if it wi
Rob Heyen -11/23, 08:46 pm- Jim, I was just rereadin
Rob Heyen -11/23, 08:49 pm- Ralph, Many of the K and
Rivits for a one piece pan.
Gary Hagen -11/23, 03:57 pm- Larry Smith says there is
John H. Nichols -11/23, 08:13 pm- Never just off the head o
John H. Nichols -11/23, 08:14 pm- Never just drill off the
Dan Treace, North FL -11/23, 08:23 pm- Gary The 1914 pan crank
My roadster pickup project
G.R.Cheshire -11/23, 08:29 am- Pick-ups are a lot of fun
Mark Strange -11/23, 08:41 am- Great car, I second the m
Mark Rothrock -11/23, 10:32 am- Fantastic looking pickups
Hap Tucker in Sumter -11/23, 07:20 pm- Looks like it will soon b
OT; Does anyone have a Thor Pak Rat 22 TB ?
Kevin Holland, Utah -11/23, 02:32 pm- I am looking to converse
Steven Thum -11/23, 03:41 pm- Try this forum http://ww
Philip Berg -11/23, 03:49 pm- I dont have that specific
Kevin Holland, Utah -11/23, 07:06 pm- Thanks all I appreciate t
Shipping information please
Don Sandberg -11/23, 05:05 pm- I am negotiating a sale o
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/23, 05:29 pm- I dont know if vehicles a
Greg Whaley, Georget -11/23, 06:26 pm- Don, make sure all paperw
Freighter Jim -11/23, 07:05 pm- Don, Are you brokering o
Bendigo swap meet. I found a treasure.
mark herdman -11/23, 06:17 pm- Andrew I have a few spar
Help with pressing on brass bearings please?
Dwight Romberger -11/23, 04:25 pm- Thanks Mike. I will check
Ray Green -11/23, 05:54 pm- Dwight, when I worked for
It pays to shop around
mike dixon -11/23, 08:34 am- I wont pass up a penny on
Mark Strange -11/23, 08:49 am- My dad used to save bent
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/23, 09:32 am- I guess parsimony is a fa
Dave Dufault -11/23, 03:29 pm- No Mike, I do not believ
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/23, 04:01 pm- [BLONDIE 9-24-07_2.JPG]
Harold Schwendeman - -11/23, 04:08 pm- And then theres those for
Herb Iffrig -11/23, 04:46 pm- My dads cousin Ted Bross
Herb Iffrig -11/23, 05:08 pm- I meant to say. I think I
DAVID PONTES -11/23, 01:32 pm- Hi, Looking f
Steve Tomaso - Milto -11/23, 01:56 pm- Hard to find ? Ive seen 2
Jack Daron - Brownsb -11/23, 01:58 pm- Check with Brent Mize,he
Ron Patterson-Nichol -11/23, 02:05 pm- David You rarely see KRW
Ron Patterson-Nichol -11/23, 02:10 pm- David I forgot, Jack is c
BRENT MIZE -11/23, 04:34 pm- Hi guys, I do not have an
DAVID PONTES -11/23, 05:08 pm- Hi, Guys, thanks for
Flat plane V8
Tom Magee -11/23, 12:50 pm- I was just reading the ar
David Dare - Just a  -11/23, 03:59 pm- WOW ! any more info on ho
Old timer brush
Jim Sims -11/23, 01:00 pm- A friend has about 50 of
Dan Treace, North FL -11/23, 03:53 pm- Curious design. The func
Another timer thread
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -11/23, 09:11 am- Thanks Dan The stupid pa
Dan Treace, North FL -11/23, 10:46 am- Fred Just re-look at the
Ron Patterson-Nichol -11/23, 02:30 pm- Some clarification of the
Dan Treace, North FL -11/23, 03:47 pm- Back in the day, this car
OT - Pawn Stars, I'm disgusted
Freighter Jim -11/23, 02:23 pm-  Pawn Stars is real ...
William L Vanderburg -11/23, 03:25 pm- $400 bucks? Ive got a wh
Dimensions for line boring
ken bechtel -11/23, 07:59 am- Thanks to all that have g
Harold Schwendeman - -11/23, 01:13 pm- Mr. Kohnke - Observation,
Kohnke Rebabbitting -11/23, 03:02 pm- Aaaaaaaaa shucks Harold,
Dayton discwood wheels?
Donnie Brown North C -11/23, 09:32 am- Depending on how they att
Harold Schwendeman - -11/23, 12:47 pm- Id be interested in an op
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -11/23, 02:19 pm- The look like they were m
Looking for a ski.
Michael sharkey -11/23, 09:53 am- Hi all. Im looking for th
Ron -11/23, 12:57 pm- Mike, I asked if yo
TT top install
Justin Heim -11/23, 09:29 am- Bob, congrats on buying t
Michael R Beary -11/23, 12:48 pm- Justin, I have an extra e
Downloading photos on classified ads?
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/23, 10:14 am- I never cared for Paint b
Erik Johnson -11/23, 11:03 am- Right clicking on a Mac i
Royce in Georgetown  -11/23, 11:19 am- Steve, You always know w
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/23, 12:25 pm- Thats not my gripe about
Mark Gregush Portlan -11/23, 12:33 pm- Save them in an open acco
Gene French
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -11/23, 12:13 pm- 49519 CR 23 Nunn, Co 8054
Last month's tour
Royce in Georgetown  -11/23, 08:21 am- Well thats why you keep s
Gary Schreiber- Sant -11/23, 10:43 am- Great roads, great cars,
Verne Shirk -11/23, 11:16 am- This turkey vulture was w
1914 Model T starter
Walter B. Szumowski -11/23, 11:15 am- Richard as indicated by K
Model T lubrication routine
Royce in Georgetown  -11/23, 08:07 am- Dean, Its not my chart.
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -11/23, 09:22 am- As technology advances so
Royce in Georgetown  -11/23, 10:25 am- Ken, No, actually I am i
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/23, 10:28 am- And dont forget that its
Historic Holiday Houses Tour California 11-29-2014
Steve Elliott -11/23, 10:06 am- Will have to wait and see
Stevens Front axle tool on Tbay
Dan Hatch -11/23, 09:47 am- FYI: There is a Stevens F
Tim Wrenn -11/23, 09:55 am- Dang I wish they werent s
E timer installed today
George John Drobnock -11/23, 08:59 am- Harold I remember the Hot
Mike Kossor -11/23, 09:32 am- Just to be perfectly clea
TT chassis on ebay. This seems liek a really high buy it ...
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -11/23, 09:17 am- Rust Free means you dont
Model T restoration videos made by forum guys.
john kuehn -11/23, 09:00 am- Robert you have a great i
Honking your own horn
Royce in Georgetown  -11/23, 08:38 am- Tim, Much appreciated. O
Wiring of Kingston coil box switch
Keith bailey -11/23, 08:11 am- Picked up repop switch an
Does any one have an old picture of a model t cutting wood?
Robert Poane -11/23, 07:53 am- Perfect! Thanks! Bob
26 - 27 Brake shoes & cam lever.
Dan Carstensen -11/24, 06:17 am- George, I have brake drum
Wanted brass trim for my 15 rad
Frank van Ekeren (A -11/24, 02:12 am- Peter, by theory the side
Wanted side Curtains for TT C. Or template
Steve Elliott -11/23, 10:14 am- Side Curtains for a C Ca
Larry Smith -11/23, 11:06 am- Good luck Steve. I like t
Fred Miller, Sequim  -11/24, 01:27 am- Snyders carries the curta
bob middleton -11/24, 01:04 am- Joe if allen passes i tak
Transport colorado to nevada
Freighter Jim -11/23, 01:45 pm- Bob, Is this not you sel
bob middleton -11/24, 01:02 am- Yes but jjim had another
Wood Plans for 1914 Touring
Ernest Clerihew -11/23, 11:01 pm- Complete Mel Miller plans
Ernest Clerihew -11/23, 11:03 pm- Contact me by email: bri
10% discount to Atlanta or Philadelphia on enclosed auto ...
Freighter Jim -11/23, 08:39 pm- Thanksgiving Special 10
Wanted, 1927 touring car cover, old and cheap is OK ...
Arthur J. DeLorenzo -11/23, 01:03 pm- Donnie: This cover sold f
Floyd Voie - Chehali -11/23, 01:33 pm- Donnie, For keeping the d
Mike Walker, NW AR -11/23, 06:55 pm- Donnie -- There are a cou
Donnie Brown North C -11/23, 07:51 pm- I just needed something t
Dennis Seth - Ohio -11/23, 08:30 pm- I picked up a cheap one a
Parts for sale
Pat Clark -11/23, 08:18 pm- I have sent you a e-mail
For Sale 2 low heads 1-620 and 9-17
Donnie Brown North C -11/23, 07:37 pm- I have 2 low heads for sa
Accessory wire wheel hubcap For Sale
Layden Butler -11/23, 06:39 pm- Accessory wire wheel hubc
England / Aus RHD parts wanted.
Ray Green -11/23, 08:29 am- I think I have a spare se
Matt Foye -11/23, 05:37 pm- Great! Please let me know
For Sale: 1926 Touring Car
Mike Vaughn -11/23, 04:21 pm- 1926 Touring Car, older r
James Chochole -11/23, 05:29 pm- Beautiful car!
WANTED: March 1912 Ford Times
Charles W. Little So -11/23, 02:52 pm- Would like one in good co
Mark Strange -11/23, 03:27 pm- Theres one on T-bay right
Charles W. Little So -11/23, 03:45 pm- Thanks, but according to
1913-1914 rearend. 12 rivet.
Bob Peterson -11/23, 11:21 am- For sale late 1912- early
Wanted: matching model t ski.
Michael sharkey -11/23, 09:48 am- Bump
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