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Model T Ford Forum
Forum 2014
Road Trip
Tony Bowker -08/29, 06:06 pm- We saw an advert in the C
Type" BB"roof head
Ross Harris -08/28, 06:40 pm- Here are the pictures guy
Mark Strange -08/28, 07:28 pm- Flipped. [474781.jpg]
Mike Bender Tulsa Ok -08/28, 09:51 pm- Mark You have a set of R
Mike Bender Tulsa Ok -08/28, 09:54 pm- Sorry about that it shoul
John P. Steele, Mont -08/28, 10:05 pm- [image.jpg] This is a BB
John P. Steele, Mont -08/28, 10:08 pm- Ross do you have push rod
Les Schubert -08/28, 11:35 pm- Well those like a pretty
Ross Harris -08/28, 11:48 pm- John what you see in the
Mike Bender Tulsa Ok -08/29, 12:06 am- Push rod were two piece,
Mike Bender Tulsa Ok -08/29, 12:11 am- I getting ready to make s
John McGinnis in San -08/29, 12:54 am- I used standard pushrods
Les Schubert -08/29, 04:32 pm- Mike I need a set of exha
John P. Steele, Mont -08/29, 05:23 pm- Les I have a spring numbe
Mike Bender Tulsa Ok -08/29, 05:50 pm- Les. What is the stem d
Albert Belling -08/29, 12:23 pm- I cleaned up this old And
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -08/29, 12:40 pm- With all the parts, $68.9
john kuehn -08/29, 05:04 pm- Frank Fenton would rebuil
Dan Treace, North FL -08/29, 05:31 pm- John Hutch will do that
Dealers: Are you driving away customers?
brass car guy -08/28, 08:29 pm- Heres a interesting thoug
Danial - Veneta OR U -08/28, 11:42 pm- That may be true for the
brass car guy -08/29, 03:59 pm- We get upwards of 20 pack
Danial - Veneta OR U -08/29, 05:21 pm- Yeah we do about the same
Two guys, one speedster, seven days, 2,000 miles (knock o...
Chris Bamford, Edmon -08/29, 12:43 am- Hello all, Day two, a mor
Tony Barchock -08/29, 09:55 am- this is awesome!
Ron Mc Willie -08/29, 10:03 am- This is great. Thank you
Larry Bohlen, Severn -08/29, 10:32 am- Loved the fill up photo.
Rob Heyen -08/29, 03:45 pm- Great adventure guys. En
Patrick Mulrooney, W -08/29, 05:11 pm- A great adventure indeed!
Gene Carrothers Hunt -08/29, 05:21 pm- Chris, Some really cool p
Magneto question
Zachary Dillinger -08/29, 09:37 am- Well, I found one of thos
Val Soupios -08/29, 10:59 am- Zach I had the end play i
Ron Patterson-Nichol -08/29, 11:10 am- Zach Here is an excellent
Zachary Dillinger -08/29, 11:13 am- Ron, I found that article
Mark Gregush Portlan -08/29, 11:44 am- I did the same thing as d
John F. Regan -08/29, 12:28 pm- Zachary: You are very sm
Zachary Dillinger -08/29, 01:12 pm- John, thanks. Im just fol
John F. Regan -08/29, 01:35 pm- Zachary: You are a rare
Norman T. Kling -08/29, 02:29 pm- If that is steel wire, it
Val Soupios -08/29, 04:00 pm- Zach, it held up for a ye
john kuehn -08/29, 05:14 pm- I had post problems with
1926-27 Improved models, a study of Torque or Driveshaft ...
Donnie Brown North C -08/28, 09:58 pm- This is the second in a p
Dan Treace, North FL -08/29, 05:07 pm- Donnie Unfortunately, th
Two Cylinder T Tractor
Bob Gruber- Spanaway -08/28, 09:24 pm- The more I think about th
Roger Byrne - Racine -08/29, 10:07 am- The big Case at the Barns
Dan Treace, North FL -08/29, 04:51 pm- This 1/2 Model T engine w
Source for bronze bushings?
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -08/29, 12:36 pm- Knowing that some folks a
Andy Loso St Joseph, -08/29, 12:51 pm- Steve, Just buy some bea
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -08/29, 01:00 pm- Nope, no lathe yet. For n
Kevin R Bligh Carson -08/29, 01:13 pm- Steve mcmaster carr have
Tim Eyssen - Abilene -08/29, 01:32 pm- Steve: I have had luck at
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -08/29, 02:43 pm- No, Tim, not out here in
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -08/29, 02:50 pm- Zip. [:-]
Verne Shirk -08/29, 03:02 pm- BRC Bearing in Wichita is
Allen Godard -08/29, 03:04 pm- Have you tried calling th
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -08/29, 04:40 pm- So heres how it turned ou
1926 -27 Improved models, a study of .... Rear Axle Housings
Donnie Brown North C -08/28, 08:50 pm- If there is no disagreeme
Donnie Brown North C -08/28, 09:58 pm- btt
Tom Carnegie -08/29, 02:48 pm- Here are three different
Dan Treace, North FL -08/29, 03:27 pm- Tom Nice photos. Accord
Tom Carnegie -08/29, 04:04 pm- Yes Dan, that appears to
Donnie Brown North C -08/29, 04:32 pm- Tom and Dan, Thanks for t
Question about pulling the Model T engine
Steve Tomaso - Milto -08/28, 06:17 pm- Nice Toon ! I have one si
Tim Wrenn -08/28, 07:15 pm- Toon, are you sure that b
William Goodheart -08/28, 08:13 pm- Toon, I like that one, ma
Bud Holzschuh - Pana -08/28, 08:57 pm- Just curious - because I
Erik Barrett -08/28, 10:05 pm- The number three plug hol
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -08/28, 11:50 pm- Bill, I dont know about y
Tom Lovejoy, So Cal -08/29, 12:56 am- Steve, another good idea
Roger Karlsson, sout -08/29, 06:59 am- I lifted my engine with a
Dave Wells -08/29, 09:40 am- I ran a chain between the
William Goodheart -08/29, 04:27 pm- Steve, Thanks for your he
Auburn, Indiana Auction???
David Schwab -08/28, 11:06 pm- I havent been to the auct
Paul Levans - Lafaye -08/29, 08:10 am- My son and I went last ye
Tim Wrenn -08/29, 08:15 am- Paul you can send us in N
Michael Scott -08/29, 04:22 pm- I went yesterday, militar
Thrust washer: How old?
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -08/29, 11:41 am- [IMG_3877 copy 2.JPG] Th
Mark Gregush Portlan -08/29, 11:49 am- The new replacements I ha
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -08/29, 11:54 am- Heres a current one, I as
Jack Daron - Brownsb -08/29, 11:55 am- I have found them in 26-2
Dan Treace, North FL -08/29, 02:06 pm- Most are with the two str
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -08/29, 02:31 pm- Yes, heres another origin
Larry Smith -08/29, 03:48 pm- I have found the spiral t
Dan Treace, North FL -08/29, 04:17 pm- The Part # 2528, Fac. #T-
Wood salvage
John McGinnis in San -08/29, 08:35 am- Robbie, Following is some
Jeff V -08/29, 10:48 am- I used a products called
Robbie Price -08/29, 04:14 pm- John, Interesting. I hav
Is 14 foot flat bed adequate for a touring?
JohnCodman -08/29, 04:09 pm- A model T is not heavy. A
Detecting U Joint noise
Arthur Dewey Asher W -08/29, 09:53 am- I recently posted a threa
James Baker -08/29, 09:59 am- Arthur has the rear axel
Steve Tomaso - Milto -08/29, 10:29 am- I would think one could t
Norman T. Kling -08/29, 10:48 am- Pull out the plug for the
Robb Wolff -08/29, 01:59 pm- For what its worth here a
Ted Dumas -08/29, 04:01 pm- Its not likely the u join
Radiator Cooling
Kenneth W DeLong -08/28, 06:21 pm- William,Im glad the new f
Tim Wrenn -08/28, 07:13 pm- can hardly
william louis rosent -08/29, 08:36 am- Hello Bud: Agreed with Ti
Dave Wells -08/29, 09:32 am- The flat tube must be goo
Willie K Cordes -08/29, 10:49 am- Near the top of this tren
John Doolittle -08/29, 11:24 am- [radiator.jpg]
Verne Shirk -08/29, 03:57 pm- I cant help but wonder if
Smells like fresh paint
Kevin Pharis -08/28, 11:53 pm- Andy is right, if you cou
Tim Williams -08/29, 08:45 am- is that car 121?
Mike Penserini -08/29, 12:10 pm- Looks GREAT Kevin !!
Kevin Pharis -08/29, 03:55 pm- Sorry for the confusion T
Very Off Topic - Chrysler Woes
G.R.Cheshire -08/28, 08:25 pm- Mike I put a small electr
Mack Cole ---- Earth -08/28, 08:53 pm- In this hot weather my 66
David Dewey, N. Cali -08/28, 09:05 pm- I had this problem for ye
Ed in California -08/28, 09:21 pm- If it is not an electrica
Mike Perigo - Linton -08/28, 09:24 pm- Thank you all for your co
Norman T. Kling -08/28, 09:37 pm- Many years ago I had a 19
John P. Steele, Mont -08/28, 10:45 pm- There is an excellent art
Charlie B actually i -08/29, 01:24 am- If the choke is closing w
Mark Gregush Portlan -08/29, 01:53 am- I had the same problem ba
Roar Sand -08/29, 02:03 pm- Somebody often parked a 1
David Walker -08/29, 02:13 pm- How old is the ignition c
Ricks - Surf City -08/29, 02:43 pm- I changed an engine once
Mike Perigo - Linton -08/29, 03:09 pm- Well.....Ive tested the i
Zachary Dillinger -08/29, 03:41 pm- One way to test electrica
JohnCodman -08/29, 03:54 pm- I believe that the Mopars
Old Photo - Stan Behind The Wheel In Country Hospital 1932
Jay - In Northern Ca -08/29, 12:06 am- [COUNTY HOSPITAL (1932).j
Paul Mikeska, Denver -08/29, 01:05 am- LOL... That is not the St
Evan Mason -08/29, 09:46 am- It was taken when he was
Michael R Beary -08/29, 10:32 am- If Stan didnt sleep all d
Norman T. Kling -08/29, 10:38 am- I wonder how Stan and Oll
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -08/29, 11:25 am- Theres our boy. Typical T
Darel J. Leipold -08/29, 11:36 am- That is a location shot.
Tom Miller, Mostly i -08/29, 12:10 pm- Norm, Film makers employ
Terry Horlick in Pen -08/29, 03:53 pm- I have a Saks 5th. hard s
Frontenac Speedster Images
Billy Evans -08/29, 03:12 pm- Hey all, new to the forum
OT - Model K Ford
Timothy Kelly -08/28, 09:07 pm- Following the New London
Eric Hylen- Central  -08/28, 09:26 pm- I wish I could help. Rob
Timothy Kelly -08/28, 09:43 pm- Eric: Yes indeed the pit
Allen Henning Temper -08/29, 12:56 pm- PM sent
George_Cherry Hill N -08/29, 01:48 pm- To ride along on the post
Timothy Kelly -08/29, 01:54 pm- Allen I received the PM
Rob Heyen -08/29, 03:08 pm- Tim, Im on my way, with s
1921 Interior upholstery questions
Steve Boothroyd, Vic -08/29, 12:11 am- No problem Mike;I will tr
Larry Smith -08/29, 10:16 am- Steve: Thankyou for posti
Mike Walker, NW AR -08/29, 10:37 am- Yes Steve, thanks for pos
Steve Boothroyd, Vic -08/29, 03:08 pm- Thanks , glad I could hel
Examples of tail lights
Paul Booth -08/28, 09:15 pm- I would like to see what
Norman T. Kling -08/28, 09:38 pm- What year are you looking
Paul Booth -08/28, 09:49 pm- This is for my TT. Anyth
Dennis Seth - Ohio -08/29, 06:47 am- Speaking of tail lights.
Kevin Whelihan -08/29, 07:29 am- Im not sure what Ford TT
Val Soupios -08/29, 09:02 am- Has anyone used the 6 vol
Ken Todd -08/29, 10:53 am- I use the Stainless Model
John Aldrich Orting  -08/29, 11:59 am- [Tail lights-1.jpg]
Ricks - Surf City -08/29, 12:01 pm- I found brass electric si
Charlie B actually i -08/29, 12:17 pm- Those are the ones I use
Tim Morsher -08/29, 01:28 pm- Paul, nowadays, two tail
Mark Strange -08/29, 01:36 pm- Heres an earlier thread o
Dave Wells -08/29, 01:53 pm- I checked the laws in my
Kevin Whelihan -08/29, 02:26 pm- Val, tail lights
#4 rod clearance
Bob Gruber- Spanaway -08/29, 01:53 pm- It always seems to me tha
Norman T. Kling -08/29, 02:21 pm- Be sure and check it anyw
Totally OT: Cloud storage?
Tim Wrenn -08/28, 07:20 pm- Maybe Im wrong, but my fe
brass car guy -08/28, 07:33 pm- My wife runs 2 high volum
Judy Edwards -08/28, 07:55 pm- I noticed at Costco the o
John Semprez-Templet -08/28, 10:35 pm- I know of two cases where
Bud Holzschuh - Pana -08/29, 09:35 am- Johns right, if you store
Ricks - Surf City -08/29, 10:19 am- How much is it with sales
Carl Klem -08/29, 10:21 am- Check the time restrictio
Les Burg -08/29, 11:50 am- Steve. With icloud you sh
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -08/29, 11:59 am- Yes, thats from Apple. Th
Charlie B actually i -08/29, 12:21 pm- This is getting big in th
Chris Landry, Hudson -08/29, 01:52 pm- The problem with cloud st
Stromber OF
Thomas Elliott -08/29, 12:38 pm- Can someone give me Stans
Mark Strange -08/29, 01:03 pm- His contact info is on hi
Axle washer
Bill Thompson -08/29, 09:46 am- How thick is the fiber wa
Larry Smith -08/29, 09:53 am- As I recall, the NOS one
Philip Berg -08/29, 12:13 pm- I machined mine from alum
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -08/29, 12:21 pm- Just measured a new one.
Mark Gregush Portlan -08/29, 12:26 pm- How thick it needs to be
mark herdman -08/29, 04:59 am- Richard My original R Fr
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -08/29, 11:19 am- Thanks Mark. Its nice to
Ruckstell Assembly Instructions
Glen Chaffin -08/28, 09:36 pm- Fred, Larry is talking ab
Mark Chaffin -08/29, 02:07 am- When rebuilding a rear ax
Dave Huson, Berthoud -08/29, 06:37 am- No one knows as much abou
Richard Gould -08/29, 09:25 am- I too have wondered about
Larry Smith -08/29, 10:05 am- All I can say is Ruckstel
Norman T. Kling -08/29, 10:55 am- I dont know why, but I wo
OT but old car related - Looking for a contact in Geneva
Andrew Brand -08/29, 05:04 am- Hi. Are there any forum m
Dave Dufault -08/29, 09:12 am- Geneva???? Which country
Roger Karlsson, sout -08/29, 09:24 am- Geneva lies in the french
Ricks - Surf City -08/29, 10:15 am- Maybe Geneva, Illinois.
Dave Dufault -08/29, 10:16 am- But there is a Geneva in
Ricks - Surf City -08/29, 10:24 am- I think hes Dunnunda. It
Dick Lodge - St Loui -08/29, 10:33 am- Ralph, years ago I read a
Battery Box
Larry Smith -08/29, 10:26 am- The battery box pictured
Ruckstell Serial Number Plates
Larry Smith -08/29, 10:18 am- Ive seen two examples of
Front bearing races - how can this be ?
Fred Miller, Sequim  -08/29, 12:12 am- I use the same method as
Bud Holzschuh - Pana -08/29, 09:40 am- Question. Those of you wh
Larry Smith -08/29, 09:59 am- Some of the early hubs do
Master coil questions
Andre Valkenaers -08/29, 06:30 am- I couldnt wait till the w
Willie K Cordes -08/29, 09:53 am- Andre, A few years ago I
Michigan T's in Ohio
Gary Schreiber- Sant -08/29, 09:28 am- A friend from Ohio just s
Bob Coiro -08/29, 09:34 am- I sure do love how the ol
A Few More TT's
Dan Killecut -08/28, 10:00 pm- Jim, the radiator is from
Erik Barrett -08/28, 10:15 pm- Warford and a Ruckstell i
John McGinnis in San -08/28, 10:49 pm- Lots of discussion of War
Michael R Beary -08/29, 09:29 am- Dan, will someone be tell
Trailer for movie about Model T parts found in a cave
Mark Gregush Portlan -08/29, 12:10 am- Its a money pit, anything
Ed in California -08/29, 08:12 am- I have a similar pile of
Haulin' a T
William L Vanderburg -08/28, 07:48 pm- OK, U-haul has updated th
Gilbert V. I. Fitzhu -08/28, 08:11 pm- I use over-the-tire tiedo
Jerry Davis -08/28, 11:11 pm- I go right perch to left
Mark Chaffin -08/28, 11:17 pm- The economy way to go is
William L Vanderburg -08/28, 11:49 pm- Mark, how is it secured i
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -08/29, 12:04 am- Gils over-the-tire straps
Mark Chaffin -08/29, 01:32 am- The box trailer has large
George Clipner-Los A -08/29, 02:12 am- I used the UHaul and four
Mark Chaffin -08/29, 02:15 am- The over the tire straps
Tom Miller, Mostly i -08/29, 06:11 am- Learn from my mistake!
Doug Partington -08/29, 07:00 am- I do not tie my Model Ts
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -08/29, 07:38 am- I feel it is important to
Reverse Pedal Revamped
Dave Huson, Berthoud -08/29, 05:34 am- Recently while some guys
Wire wheels paint
dennis delano -08/28, 11:16 pm- Thanks michael, It is als
George Clipner-Los A -08/29, 02:22 am- Best wayis to remove whee
Model T drag race vs Model A
Noel D. Chicoine, MD -08/28, 07:14 pm- That split shift is easy
Seth from NC -08/29, 01:34 am- Hey Chris, I usually get
Exhaust whistle on tailpipe
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -08/28, 08:21 pm- Dan You misunderstood.
Gene Carrothers Hunt -08/28, 08:44 pm- I see that I have mounted
Karl Gilchrist -08/28, 10:41 pm- Dave I Have something clo
Jay - In Northern Ca -08/28, 11:50 pm- Heres the Jericho whistle
Two Piece Crank Club (Autopsy)
John Semprez-Templet -08/28, 09:04 pm- Ralph, Thats an accurate
Andrew Benoit -08/28, 11:34 pm- I vaguely remember readin
Some Speedster Questions Concerning Rajo Kit
Ed in California -08/28, 08:06 pm- John, the hood can be cut
John P. Steele, Mont -08/28, 10:26 pm- Jim Cullinane and Humble
Mark Chaffin -08/28, 10:55 pm- Yes, the manifold was des
Stamped body number - ?
Mark Gregush Portlan -08/28, 10:04 pm- As I said before, Briggs
Becky's New Blue T
Paul Booth -08/28, 09:56 pm- Wow!
T barely runs...
Jim Hycner -08/28, 08:25 pm- My 26 is a pain to start
G.R.Cheshire -08/28, 08:29 pm- Check the upper contacts
Henry Petrino in Mod -08/28, 08:32 pm- Well, if it purrs like a
Norman T. Kling -08/28, 09:43 pm- It could be the switch, t
Archeologists discover Labrador's 1st snowmobile
Donnie Brown North C -08/28, 08:41 pm- The thing that gets me ab
Bob McDonald-Federal -08/28, 09:30 pm- I am in contact with them
Vender high flow intakes
John P Noonan -08/28, 08:11 pm- Thanks guys for the input
Glen Chaffin -08/28, 09:26 pm- The new manifolds are obv
ken bechtel -08/28, 08:56 pm- Hi All ! I need the phone
ben jermainne -08/28, 09:01 pm- 330-897-1391
Station hack in museum
John A Voss -08/28, 08:10 pm- i looked at it -- priva
Sediment bowl seal
harvey cash -08/28, 07:10 pm- Thanks for the info. Har
richard e moore -08/28, 08:01 pm- would you sell me one of
Dave Huson, Berthoud -08/29, 01:57 pm- The starters can be bough
Dave Huson, Berthoud -08/29, 02:08 pm- If the remaining two star
Noel D. Chicoine, MD -08/29, 02:24 pm- Dave, I want one. also, o
James Baker -08/29, 02:30 pm- Dave I have just gotten o
1924 Touring For Sale
Mark Chaffin -08/29, 01:56 pm- bump
For Sale TT jack handles
Dan Hatch -08/28, 07:48 pm- I have what I think are a
Jack Daron - Brownsb -08/28, 09:39 pm- Look more like Mustang to
Dan Hatch -08/29, 10:55 am- Jack: Do not know, I have
Mark Wetherbee -08/29, 01:08 pm- Not TT. The TT used a spe
Jack Daron - Brownsb -08/29, 01:23 pm- I have several repro TT j
Lots of 26-27 T Parts FS
Ted Dumas -08/28, 06:54 pm- Is that $400 for one whee
Grant Curtis -08/29, 12:59 pm- $400 for all four and one
Dave Huson, Berthoud -08/29, 05:13 am- Fender Brackets: $20.00.
Darel J. Leipold -08/29, 11:43 am- Carburetor? Do you mean
Darel J. Leipold -08/29, 11:43 am- OH i now see what your br
Part wanted
Walter Higgins -08/28, 06:17 pm- He has a pretty impressiv
brass car guy -08/28, 07:45 pm- what is his ebay sellers
Jack Daron - Brownsb -08/28, 07:46 pm- Lots of smoke and mirrors
Hap Tucker in Sumter -08/28, 08:40 pm- His e-bay link is listed
Charles -08/28, 09:00 pm- Hello, I am sorry that y
Charles -08/29, 10:11 am- I thought i may as well a
Ray Green -08/29, 09:06 am- Hi Dave, do you have any
Dave Huson, Berthoud -08/29, 09:15 am- Mike Walker: your right,
For Sale: Texas T Leakless Waterpump
Paul jacobs -08/29, 09:03 am- Sold pending funds
Dave Huson, Berthoud -08/29, 05:56 am- Wrench; $15.00. This wren
Dave Huson, Berthoud -08/29, 04:56 am- New Turbo Disks; $50.00.
WANTED 26-27 Fordor body brackets
Donnie Brown North C -08/28, 09:01 pm- Andrew, do you have a pic
Andrew Webb -08/28, 10:06 pm- [Brackets.jpg] Hi Donni
Donnie Brown North C -08/28, 10:36 pm- Andrew I think I have the
Wanted: TT Ruckstell Parts
John Danuser -08/28, 09:18 pm- Richard we will look here
richard e moore -08/28, 09:02 pm- looking for drums. how mu
For Sale Model T Generator and Starter Repair Parts.
richard e moore -08/28, 07:57 pm- are the rebuilt brush pla
FOR SALE 26/27 Dash Bracket
Dan Hatch -08/28, 07:56 pm- 26/27 steering col dash b
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