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Model T Ford Forum
Forum 2016
New Coils Arrived! Thx Coilman!
Chris Laughary -07/27, 04:37 pm- I am happy to report that
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -07/27, 05:01 pm- Unless there are some add
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/27, 05:06 pm- Agree with Hal. The 93 wo
Chris Laughary -07/27, 05:30 pm- I agree that even my Z he
Chris Laughary -07/27, 06:01 pm-
Mark Strange - Hills -07/27, 06:13 pm- Neat video! Did you have
Chris Laughary -07/27, 06:18 pm- Thanks, Mark! Im takin
Steve Tomaso - Longb -07/27, 07:40 pm- Starting out in high is a
Chris Laughary -07/28, 07:27 am- Agreed. My dippers shoul
Garnet -07/28, 10:09 am- Congrats on a better runn
Chris Laughary -07/28, 10:17 am- Ha, Thx Garnie!
Chris Barker, Somers -07/28, 10:35 am- ...and to be even safer w
Norman T. Kling -07/28, 10:52 am- I presume that you know t
Mark Strange - Hills -07/28, 10:55 am- A video on preparation of
Dan B -07/28, 11:04 am- I suggest using the Model
G.R.Cheshire -07/28, 11:46 am- Chris I was watching the
Chris Laughary -07/28, 11:53 am- Thank You Maybe my tail
Garnet -07/28, 01:04 pm- And dont forget to lube t
Michael Garrison - R -07/28, 01:55 pm- Garnet, that appears to b
Chris Laughary -07/28, 02:04 pm- Ha! Thx, Garnie! That
Garnet -07/28, 02:21 pm- I have to admit its not m
OT heads up for Vietnam Vets
John Aldrich Orting  -07/28, 12:39 pm- I heard a rumor that ship
Richard Erfert -07/28, 01:17 pm- A friend of mine was on b
Greg Adkisson -07/28, 02:07 pm- Weed out the good picture
Adjusting the bands
Steve Bourgeois -07/28, 01:58 pm- To catch you up. I have r
Mark Strange - Hills -07/28, 02:07 pm- I have my low and brake b
"Barn find" ?
Terry Woods, Richmon -07/27, 02:33 pm- I just need to FIND an af
Bill Harper - Keene, -07/27, 02:51 pm- Hi Burger, I do agree wi
Dan Hatch -07/27, 03:16 pm- While I have not been it
bob middleton -07/27, 11:36 pm- Well in 1997 vintage ford
Freighter Jim -07/28, 12:05 am-  Attitude Of Gratitude
Erik Barrett in Aubu -07/28, 01:15 am- Burger, on reading part o
Paul Hunter, Lithgow -07/28, 04:25 am- And we dont have barns he
Dane Hawley Near Mel -07/28, 05:54 am- A couple of Aussie Shed F
Dan Killecut -07/28, 06:27 am- Do parts count? I find pa
Mike -07/28, 01:57 pm- You guys are lucky....eve
Bob McDaniel(Indiana -07/28, 02:02 pm- I found my 1925 Indiana i
Shaving a stock head
Chris Laughary -07/28, 12:28 pm- How much can be safely sh
Chris Laughary -07/28, 01:05 pm-
Dan Treace, North FL -07/28, 01:06 pm- Just about 1/8 can be sha
Andre Valkenaers -07/28, 01:09 pm- Chris, In the past, when
Les Schubert -07/28, 01:11 pm- The T deck is already onl
Chris Laughary -07/28, 01:29 pm- Thank You That looks lik
Gary Schreiber- Sant -07/28, 01:30 pm- Youre new to Ts and your
Chris Laughary -07/28, 01:43 pm- Thank You, Andre, Lucky
Chris Laughary -07/28, 01:49 pm- Thanks, Gary! Yes, so f
Chris Laughary -07/28, 01:51 pm- Thank You, Les, I have
Old Photo - Now That's One PACKED Ford!
Jay - In Northern Ca -07/27, 08:08 pm- [Richard Heyder (Erika Bo
Phil Lawrence - Neva -07/27, 08:17 pm- Looks like a 1916 with af
Mark Strange - Hills -07/27, 08:20 pm- He must not have seen the
Richard E Moore Jr.  -07/27, 09:28 pm- I wonder why so many t fr
Burger in Spokane -07/27, 09:34 pm- Frame bent, .... look at
charley shaver- libe -07/27, 10:18 pm- just how bad is it bent??
Chris Laughary -07/27, 10:51 pm- Grapes of Wrath
Bill Harper - Keene, -07/28, 12:23 am- I am certain that there i
Darel J. Leipold -07/28, 11:56 am- That is a women driving t
Marvin C. Miller -07/28, 01:46 pm- What comes to mind is the
Marty Bufalini - Gro -07/28, 01:45 pm- Freighter Jim, I was kidd
Howling rear conundrum
Bruce Compton -07/27, 10:08 pm- Ive recently assembled a
John Carter - South  -07/27, 10:32 pm- Bruce - how many miles ha
Andy Clary -07/27, 11:49 pm- Is Chaffins new gear mean
Glen Chaffin -07/28, 12:05 am- Bruce, The 12 tooth pinio
Glen Chaffin -07/28, 12:07 am- Andy, Both the 12 tooth a
Dan McEachern -07/28, 12:09 am- You cant simply set bevel
Bruce Compton -07/28, 10:50 am- Thanks for the response G
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -07/28, 01:12 pm- Dan McEachern, You cant
Aftermath of the 2016 MTFCI Auburn Tour
Dan Killecut -07/28, 07:53 am- Ellen and I have spent th
Dan Treace, North FL -07/28, 08:14 am- Dan You and Ellen should
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -07/28, 09:36 am- Dan & Ellen, I too wa
Bob Richmon - Richmo -07/28, 09:39 am- Dan & Ellen, again to
Don Lyon, PDX, OR. -07/28, 12:11 pm- I carry a couple of puppy
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -07/28, 12:29 pm- A big THANK YOU to Dan an
Charlie Gagel, Orang -07/28, 01:07 pm- Dan and Ellen, and all th
SCAT cranks cracks too!?! :-(...
Les Schubert -07/27, 03:09 pm- Glen What does Snyders s
Ted Dumas -07/27, 04:02 pm- Glen, Please give SCAT a
Glen Chaffin -07/27, 07:02 pm- I called Scat and talked
Glen Chaffin -07/27, 07:12 pm- The truth is all model T
Les Schubert -07/27, 07:50 pm- So the mystery deepens. I
Glen Chaffin -07/27, 08:19 pm- I agree Les. Too many thi
Dan Hatch -07/27, 09:39 pm- If it is a Scat it will b
Roar Sand -07/27, 10:11 pm- Glen, When you talk to To
Glen Chaffin -07/28, 12:12 am- Roar, Are you talking abo
Glen Chaffin -07/28, 12:13 am- Question, Is the bearing
Roger Karlsson, sout -07/28, 01:32 am- The camshaft seen below a
Roar Sand -07/28, 08:26 am- Glen, Rod and/or main j
Les Schubert -07/28, 12:32 pm- New evidence has surfaced
Exhaust pipe wrap
Kenneth LeBlanc -07/28, 12:14 pm- anyone have any results g
Will Copeland - West -07/28, 12:32 pm- I have mine wrapped all t
Everyone has a model T
Doug Keppler, Fredon -07/27, 06:00 pm- I went to a car show in P
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -07/27, 06:01 pm- Yep. Sounds like sour gra
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/27, 06:02 pm- Well, you have to admit t
Chris Laughary -07/27, 06:08 pm- His car lacked the Vanadi
Jeff Hood -Long Beac -07/27, 06:24 pm- Everyone does have a Mode
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -07/27, 06:27 pm- Nice guy? Dont sound like
Mark Strange - Hills -07/27, 06:31 pm- Just look at the HCCA for
Allen banks -07/27, 06:41 pm- The model T changed the w
Doug Keppler, Fredon -07/27, 06:45 pm- Amen Allen!
Gustaf in Idaho -07/27, 06:58 pm- The only reason everyone
Dan B -07/27, 07:03 pm- Ditto ditto ditto Jeff Ho
Chester Leighton -07/27, 07:16 pm- I dont have a T to impres
Ron in Central Massa -07/27, 07:52 pm- Should have asked him if
Ed Baudoux Grayling  -07/27, 08:00 pm- Side note: The Jewett sum
Norman T. Kling -07/27, 08:27 pm- And, when I go to the gas
Henry Petrino in Mod -07/27, 08:49 pm- Im often amused when some
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -07/27, 09:51 pm- I dont have a model T. I
Burger in Spokane -07/27, 09:55 pm- I dont see the comment as
Charles Weisgerber-  -07/27, 10:05 pm- On the practical side the
Eric Hylen- Central  -07/27, 10:38 pm- Maybe, the Jewett owner w
Derek Kiefer - Manto -07/27, 10:44 pm- I would have responded Th
Corey Walker, Browns -07/27, 11:00 pm- A guy I know a few years
Marv Konrad (Green B -07/27, 11:46 pm- -Doug, Burger, and everyo
John Aldrich Orting  -07/28, 12:05 pm- Since I own three Model T
Mark Wetherbee - Dow -07/28, 12:28 pm- I think my answer back wo
Spark Plug
Dean Kiefer - Adams, -07/27, 02:44 pm- I have a set on my T. I b
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -07/27, 04:23 pm- Us spark plug whores want
john kuehn -07/28, 09:26 am- Did a search and came up
Dean Kiefer - Adams, -07/28, 09:35 am- Erich, I do not know how
Dean Kiefer - Adams, -07/28, 10:03 am- I should have googled thi
Ken Todd, .......... -07/28, 10:58 am- Google found Albett Lea,
Darel J. Leipold -07/28, 11:50 am- The Jefferson Motor Compa
Erik Johnson -07/28, 12:24 pm- Al Frankens family moved
Tie-down points for trailering.
Kenneth W DeLong -07/27, 05:37 pm- I like the ratchet straps
Pat Kelly Montana -07/27, 06:30 pm- Steve, if you think wench
John Aldrich Orting  -07/28, 12:20 pm- I also own an old Uhaul c
Old Photo - Ford With A FORD With Wings
Jay - In Northern Ca -07/28, 10:42 am- [flivver plane.jpg]
G.R.Cheshire -07/28, 11:20 am- Interesting; I never knew
Darel J. Leipold -07/28, 11:40 am- The Ford Company in the 1
Mark Strange - Hills -07/28, 12:20 pm-
Old Photo Brass Era 1913 - Getting Around A Washout At Py...
Jay - In Northern Ca -07/27, 07:52 pm- Pavement? We dont need no
John Aldrich Orting  -07/28, 12:15 pm- That is a HUGE lake!
Model T wedding theme
Derrick Pang -07/27, 09:47 pm- I should just completely
John Aldrich Orting  -07/28, 12:14 pm- Delivering a bride in a w
OLd Photo - Model T Era Parade - Coyle Bros. Valley Dairy...
Jay - In Northern Ca -07/28, 10:54 am- [Coyle Brothers parade en
Dean Kiefer - Adams, -07/28, 12:08 pm- The milk bottle must be f
Camshaft - grind or not?
Travis E. Towle -07/27, 09:21 pm- I am putting in double nu
Justin in Katy Texas -07/27, 09:28 pm- Take a caliper to each lo
Eric Hylen- Central  -07/27, 10:45 pm- I never use reground cams
bob middleton -07/27, 11:23 pm- check lobes as stated alr
Ken Todd, .......... -07/28, 10:46 am- Had a 27 that ran good bu
Frank Harris from Lo -07/28, 11:29 am- Ford did not grind precis
Old Photo - Couple In A Model T Roadster On The Prairie
Jay - In Northern Ca -07/28, 10:50 am- [cxvbnb0kjop[uidsasdAS DE
Anyone win the Stynoski in Auburn?
Bob Richmon - Richmo -07/27, 04:04 pm- Fellows, Im still on Clou
Dan Treace, North FL -07/27, 04:10 pm- Was too busy looking than
Dennis Seth - Ohio -07/27, 04:34 pm- Congratulations! That is
Kenneth W DeLong -07/27, 05:28 pm- Very nice!!!!!!!!! Bud.
Mark Eyre -07/27, 07:12 pm- Congrats. I know what it
Hap Tucker in Sumter -07/27, 07:21 pm- Bob, Beautiful car! Con
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -07/27, 11:54 pm- Just IN CASE anybody noti
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -07/27, 11:56 pm- Oops!!! Details: 1. Pr
Bob Richmon - Richmo -07/28, 09:47 am- Thanks Dan for noticing t
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -07/28, 10:48 am- Thanks, Bob. I dont know
1923 Tourer - Upholstery attachment
Carlo Saggese -07/27, 09:20 pm- I am completing a restora
Chris Laughary -07/28, 08:42 am- Im doing a 24 but my wood
Mark Strange - Hills -07/28, 09:03 am-
Chris Laughary -07/28, 09:14 am- I just need the rear corn
Chris Laughary -07/28, 10:23 am- [image.jpeg]
When something comes loose in trans, this could happen ...
Jay - In Northern Ca -07/27, 11:15 pm- [holy_cannoli_batman.jpg]
Greg Kuhnash Southea -07/28, 08:18 am- How did the sump portion
Donnie Brown North C -07/28, 09:31 am- Greg, the sump was beat u
Need Anzo Fastener Installation Tool
Alan Woolf -07/28, 07:50 am- We are in the process of
Tom Miller, mostly i -07/28, 09:15 am- Alan, Im not sure if the
Old Photo - Model T Era - Mission Street South From Excel...
Jay - In Northern Ca -07/27, 11:03 pm- [Mission Street South Fro
Chris Laughary -07/27, 11:05 pm- Before they dismantled ou
Burger in Spokane -07/28, 12:19 am- Notice the pedestrians in
Dennis Plank - Three -07/28, 08:33 am- The first self driving ca
Any photos from the Tour in Auburn?
Dan Killecut -07/27, 07:27 pm- A link to pictures of an
Dan Killecut -07/28, 08:11 am- A few more to share [our
1913 Pin stripes
Mark Eyre -07/27, 10:14 pm- Does a 13 have pin stripe
Roger Karlsson, sout -07/28, 05:50 am- In Bruce W. McAlleys ency
Charles W. Little So -07/28, 07:47 am- From 2010: I had posted
De-rusting with Vinegar...
Nevin Gough -07/28, 02:20 am- This is the first time I
G.R.Cheshire -07/28, 06:50 am- HEY, Whered you find my e
Chris Laughary -07/28, 07:28 am- Great remedy!
Bob Trevan - Austral -07/28, 07:29 am- Be careful putting engine
Mark Wetherbee - Dow -07/28, 07:29 am- At the suggestion of anot
Runabout Top 1921
Derrick Pang -07/28, 02:34 am- Hey all, Looking into buy
Roger Karlsson, sout -07/28, 03:41 am- By 1921, especially in Ca
62nd Long Beach Swap Meet
Robert A Weitzel -07/28, 12:56 am- Any pictures would love t
2017 Model T Tour Information
Mike Vaughn - Lincol -07/27, 03:13 pm- Just to let everyone know
Dan Hatch -07/27, 03:35 pm- When is the 500? May want
Mike Vaughn - Lincol -07/27, 03:37 pm- 500 is always the 3rd wee
Dan Hatch -07/27, 05:05 pm- Too bad they can not work
Philip Berg -07/28, 12:53 am- I looked at the Facebook
Upholstery shops in So Cal
Carlo Saggese -07/27, 09:25 pm- I am completing the resto
David Dewey, N. Cali -07/27, 11:32 pm- Classtiques gets the high
Left and/or Right side Hogs Head.
Frank van Ekeren (A -07/27, 08:52 pm- This has come up for sale
Mark Gregush Portlan -07/27, 09:21 pm- Would it be 1925 for remo
Andre Valkenaers -07/27, 10:09 pm- Here is a right side hog
Andrew Brand -07/27, 11:11 pm- Ive seen others just like
A Ride in my stumbling 1924
Duey_C -07/27, 10:53 pm- Let us know when you get
Chris Laughary -07/27, 10:55 pm- Got the new coils today a
Chris Laughary -07/27, 10:56 pm-
Chris Laughary -07/27, 10:57 pm- Thanks coilman! It now i
Chris Laughary -07/27, 11:01 pm- Thx Duey! Cmon down anyt
Old car festival at greenfield village.
Richard E Moore Jr.  -07/27, 07:51 pm- Got a invite to enter my
Kenneth W DeLong -07/27, 08:37 pm- Richard,There is camping
Jon Crane -07/27, 08:44 pm- Richard Best car show in
Jon Crane -07/27, 08:48 pm- PS Watch out for Bud abov
Kenneth W DeLong -07/27, 09:57 pm- Richard,If Jon had not ta
Richard E Moore Jr.  -07/27, 10:48 pm- Thanks guys. I think Ill
Light up my back side !!!
John Albert Lemon -07/27, 05:05 pm- Hey Donald, Im leaning to
Kevin Whelihan Danbu -07/27, 05:42 pm- Yes John, they are availa
Val Soupios -07/27, 05:52 pm- The hand signal thing is
Mark Strange - Hills -07/27, 06:15 pm- Signals or no signals, th
Dallas landers -07/27, 06:48 pm- My aunt was killed when a
John Albert Lemon -07/27, 10:13 pm- Liked your posts Val, Mar
Any one want to see a barn find roadster
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -07/27, 04:38 pm- Robert, I wish I c
Erik Johnson -07/27, 06:16 pm- What I see is not a 1917
Dave Wells, Hamilton -07/27, 10:03 pm- Looks like a 1919. Cant b
Original or new bearing???
Dallas landers -07/27, 06:38 pm- Finished front bearings,
Stephen D Heatherly -07/27, 06:51 pm- Dallas, if I were you I w
Seth in Alabama -07/27, 06:52 pm- I have the modern bearing
Mark Strange - Hills -07/27, 07:03 pm- Here is a possible source
Layden Butler -07/27, 07:16 pm- Can someone supply a link
Dallas landers -07/27, 07:30 pm- Glen Chaffin book on rebu
Dallas landers -07/27, 07:31 pm- Thanks Mark I sent him a
Marvin C. Miller -07/27, 08:41 pm- As I understand it the or
Charles Weisgerber-  -07/27, 09:50 pm- In reference to the fourt
Old Photo - Fording At The Front, 1917
Jay - In Northern Ca -07/27, 07:55 pm- [flivver18.jpg]
Henry Petrino in Mod -07/27, 08:23 pm- They must have stalled it
Burger in Spokane -07/27, 09:36 pm- That carb has got to be p
Rear axle truss support.
Jonathan Delancey -07/27, 04:46 pm- Im 18 years old and my fi
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/27, 05:01 pm- As we like to say around
Jay - In Northern Ca -07/27, 05:31 pm- Check out this past threa
Allan Bennett - Aust -07/27, 09:00 pm- Jonathan, If you fit the
Royce - thank you for writing the Vintage Ford Article!
Hap Tucker in Sumter -07/27, 08:39 pm- Royce, Thank you so much
Old Photo - Snappy Speedster
Jay - In Northern Ca -07/27, 06:19 pm- [speedster 4455322.jpg] [
Mark Strange - Hills -07/27, 06:34 pm- Whats that on the cowl un
Chris Laughary -07/27, 06:34 pm- Manual fuel pump on the s
Seth in Alabama -07/27, 06:57 pm- There are two different p
Layden Butler -07/27, 07:08 pm- Top would be an air pump
Body wood
Doug Keppler, Fredon -07/27, 06:44 pm- UPS just arrived with my
Chris Laughary -07/27, 06:54 pm- Great! Im going to follo
So what is this part 2
Erik Johnson -07/27, 06:27 pm- The original magneto horn
Important Info about Flatland T's Tour
Norman T. Kling -07/27, 04:23 pm- What state is this tour?
Dick Lodge - St Loui -07/27, 04:41 pm- Fort Riley is in Kansas,
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/27, 05:19 pm- The PDF worked for me wit
Mark Strange - Hills -07/27, 05:47 pm- So, Steve, were you able
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/27, 05:59 pm- I just changed the .unk i
Mark Strange - Hills -07/27, 06:14 pm- Great! [:-]
Calling all Texans! Grand Proze Beer / Model T question
Ted Dumas -07/27, 06:13 pm- There is quite a story ab
Starting cranks
Roger Karlsson, sout -07/27, 02:33 pm- Did the starter seem to g
Dan Hatch -07/27, 03:02 pm- Make sure new battery is
Val Soupios -07/27, 06:04 pm- Roger is right on! Only
Popeye's Rear Axle Rebuild
Cliff Colee -07/27, 02:30 pm- Thanks, gents for the adv
Cliff Colee -07/27, 02:34 pm- Ruckstell shift lock mech
Mark Strange - Hills -07/27, 02:55 pm- While you have the shift
Cliff Colee -07/27, 05:38 pm- As always, thanks for the
R.V. Anderson -07/27, 04:21 pm- Strictly advertising. I h
Dan Treace, North FL -07/27, 04:22 pm- Joe Thats a novelty piec
Battery access hole on the 23 roadster
Allen banks -07/27, 03:35 pm- No thats perfect Dave...t
Tow bow wood dimensions '26 Roadster
Will Brown -07/27, 02:46 pm- Hi, Im starting to put a
Mark Strange - Hills -07/27, 02:51 pm-
Will Brown -07/27, 03:30 pm- Thanks Mark. Will
New member of broken rear axle club
Les Schubert -07/27, 03:12 pm- Im with Will. Ive used th
What is a good paint for split-rims?
Jim Patrick in Flori -07/27, 02:46 pm- Here is a 2012 thread in
Title in MA
David Mazza -07/27, 02:24 pm- Freds advice is easiest.
David Mazza -07/27, 02:27 pm- Btw tom, glad you found a
Question re rear axle hubs
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -07/28, 01:47 pm- Richard, The condition y
Mark Strange - Hills -07/28, 01:55 pm- Richard, can you post a p
Mark Strange - Hills -07/28, 02:17 pm- By the way, shouldnt this
Dave Huson, Berthoud -07/28, 10:57 am- Just in yesterday, set of
Robert Lawson-Kingst -07/28, 12:03 pm- I will take them. PM sent
WTB or Need Information to Fabricate Anzo Fastener Instal...
Alan Woolf -07/28, 07:51 am- We are in the process of
Mark Strange - Hills -07/28, 08:57 am- According to this thread,
Bob Richmon - Richmo -07/28, 09:29 am- Alan, I made the tooling
Peter B. Ratledge -07/28, 11:46 am- Alan, I have a set of too
Dave Huson, Berthoud -07/28, 11:01 am- Rims; $49.98. Please walk
WTB 22' wind-wing brackets
John Albert Lemon -07/27, 10:48 pm- Cant believe I didnt get
Mark Gregush Portlan -07/27, 11:29 pm- Not a lot of Ts would hav
Mark Gregush Portlan -07/27, 11:32 pm- Oh, Wind wings would be u
Allan Bennett - Aust -07/28, 07:05 am- Mark, they do usually def
ROBERT BERGSTADT -07/28, 09:15 am- We are in the process of
For Sale: Set of 16 Flywheel Magnets 1915-27 $30
Thomas Ford -07/28, 08:06 am- Would $35 get them to Roc
For Sale: A Scarce 1917 Combination Horn Button/Headlight...
Nevin Gough -07/28, 03:00 am- Switch arrived safely tod
For sale Model T piston rings
George schmidt -07/27, 11:50 pm- Thanks for looking but th
Buffalo wire wheel lock ring
Daniel Kraft -07/27, 11:23 pm- It is in very nice shape
Bridgeport double tube tire pump
Daniel Kraft -07/27, 11:22 pm- $90 plus shipping
Rubes horn for sale.
Daniel Kraft -07/27, 11:15 pm- This horn is a single twi
For Sale 1926 Model T Race Car Speedster
Richard E Moore Jr.  -07/27, 07:39 pm- Man if that was mine Id b
Don Kirtley -07/27, 09:14 pm- Man o man, I have a set o
For Sale - Tool / battery box
Justin H. - Western  -07/27, 07:01 pm- Sold pending payment. Th
Richard E Moore Jr.  -07/27, 07:35 pm- Thats what Im thinking. B
FS winfield carb
stuart clipson -07/27, 07:19 pm- sold pending payment
FS bosch mag and drive
stuart clipson -07/27, 07:18 pm- sold pending payment
For Sale - TT Ruckstell short shifter
Justin H. - Western  -07/27, 07:00 pm- $60.00 shipped.
For Sale 1931 Model A Ford Coupe
Mark Strange - Hills -07/27, 02:49 pm- Looks like a Model T engi
Bob Peterson -07/27, 03:33 pm- Neat engine wrong pic. Th
Mark Strange - Hills -07/27, 06:29 pm- Great car and a great pri
Dave Huson, Berthoud -07/27, 04:53 pm- Glen, I get people in fro
Dave Huson, Berthoud -07/27, 05:00 pm- Can anyone help Glen out
Wanted - A Few Really Old Back Issues of the Horseless Ca...
Mark Strange - Hills -07/27, 03:47 pm- I am in the home stretch
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