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Model T Ford Forum
Forum 2016
Rear Axle Tubes. Prime/paint inside? Or leave as is.
Robert Brough -05/02, 01:42 pm- Havent seen them yet, but
Dan Treace, North FL -05/02, 01:46 pm- Prime or the fresh metal
Dan Treace, North FL -05/02, 01:50 pm- BTW. Radius rods go on sa
Verne Shirk -05/02, 05:22 pm- I coat mine with Glyptal.
First run and drive since 1963
Craig Stolpestad -05/02, 05:02 pm- not pretty, but she runs
Mark Strange - Hills -05/02, 05:10 pm- Congratulations! [:-]
Tim Lloid -05/02, 05:20 pm- Wow cool story and good d
2016 Finger Lakes, Farm Lands, and T's
Dan Killecut -05/02, 08:29 am- To date there are 221 car
Andrew Benoit -05/02, 09:20 am- Hi Dan, When are the dat
R.V. Anderson -05/02, 09:50 am- Dan, how will know we are
Dan Killecut -05/02, 09:51 am- If you belong to the MTFC
Dan Killecut -05/02, 10:00 am- We will send confirmation
R.V. Anderson -05/02, 10:01 am- Great, Dan; thanks!!
Jim Eubanks, Powell, -05/02, 05:12 pm- Good luck on getting a ho
Confirming wire wheel hub details
Les Schubert -05/02, 05:08 pm- Starting to make a couple
Anchor Glass Enclosed Tops For Ford Open Cars Phamplet
Jay - In Northern Ca -05/02, 11:12 am- [anchor tops.jpg] [anchor
Bill Harper - Keene, -05/02, 04:59 pm- ANYTHING which doubles th
Swivel top rod issue
Craig Stolpestad -05/02, 08:23 am- 25 t with a swivel top ca
Mark Gregush Portlan -05/02, 09:45 am- Photo would help. 24-25 o
Craig Stolpestad -05/02, 10:03 am- 25 tudoor. will try to g
Mark Gregush Portlan -05/02, 10:13 am- Still does not tell us if
Craig Stolpestad -05/02, 10:36 am- Assuming that is the issu
Jeff Beaumont -05/02, 10:51 am- I ran into this with a 19
Mark Gregush Portlan -05/02, 10:57 am- I was looking at the Lang
Steve Tomaso - Longb -05/02, 11:23 am- Actually, in 1925 one cou
James Elenbaas - Gra -05/02, 12:15 pm- From the listing for 1925
Craig Stolpestad -05/02, 12:27 pm- Couple of pics. not a go
george house . . .ca -05/02, 12:45 pm- Are you KIDDING ME James?
James Elenbaas - Gra -05/02, 12:50 pm- Mine came without the bel
Bill Harper - Keene, -05/02, 01:21 pm- Hi George, Look very cl
george house . . .ca -05/02, 01:31 pm- Ha! Thanks Bill. I see it
Bill Harper - Keene, -05/02, 04:52 pm- George, I think that it
Hood Shelve paint
Mike Zahorik -05/02, 11:46 am- While I have my engine ou
Spencer Vibert - Gra -05/02, 12:37 pm- por 15
Dale Peterson Colleg -05/02, 12:43 pm- I recently took mine off,
Tim Lloid -05/02, 01:10 pm- I powder coat that type o
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -05/02, 02:22 pm- Imron works too. You usua
Jim Patrick -05/02, 03:18 pm- Any good 2 part gloss bla
Craig Stolpestad -05/02, 04:49 pm- get them powdercoated. w
Cut Out Pedal or Gas Pedal ???
Jay - In Northern Ca -05/02, 11:19 am- I picked this up at a loc
Henry Petrino in Mod -05/02, 11:29 am- Ive never seen one exactl
Gary London, Camaril -05/02, 02:45 pm- Thats very similar to wha
Bill Harper - Keene, -05/02, 04:48 pm- Hi Jay, Cutout pedals lo
1/3 1916 Model T "C" Cab (or other options) - Dimensions/...
Peter Graven -05/02, 04:39 pm- Good Day! I am a teacher
am selling a 1915 ford roadster
Keenan Elliott -05/02, 12:12 pm- This is an older restorat
Chris Paulsen - McPh -05/02, 04:27 pm- I sent you a private mess
Not Done Yet, But First Drive
Dan Killecut -05/02, 07:53 am- Another T survives. I sti
Roger Karlsson, sout -05/02, 08:04 am- Super Nice [:-] Doesnt lo
Dan Killecut -05/02, 08:49 am- Yes Roger, its a 24. The
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -05/02, 08:52 am- Thank goodness another on
Mike Kossor - Kenilw -05/02, 08:56 am- Dan, That is amazing! Do
Don Booth@ Bay City, -05/02, 09:00 am- Sweet !!
john kuehn -05/02, 09:14 am- Looks great! Single stage
Bob Coiro -05/02, 10:35 am- You do really nice clean
David Heavner -05/02, 01:58 pm- Hey Dad. It looks great.
Tim Lloid -05/02, 04:18 pm- Really a nice looking car
1926 TT
Henry Petrino in Mod -05/01, 06:17 pm- Your 26 TT should use the
Burger in Spokane -05/01, 08:42 pm- TT design stopped with th
David White -05/02, 07:23 am- Frankly, from the informa
David White -05/02, 07:33 am- If ford produced the TT w
David White -05/02, 07:35 am- [frame3.jpg]
David White -05/02, 07:36 am- Oops! downsizing is an ar
Roger Karlsson, sout -05/02, 08:00 am- After some 600,000 1926 m
Burger in Spokane -05/02, 12:54 pm- Methinks you have a Bitsa
Henry Petrino in Mod -05/02, 01:04 pm- What Burger said is so tr
John McGinnis in San -05/02, 01:12 pm- Interestingly I have a ch
Bill Harper - Keene, -05/02, 01:15 pm- Hi David, Your large pic
Tom Palmisano -05/02, 02:13 pm- Here is an example of a 1
Burger in Spokane -05/02, 02:27 pm- I loved pre-1930 cars sin
Perry Goble -05/02, 03:41 pm- It looks like you have 20
Perry Goble -05/02, 04:17 pm- If your steering column h
Browne-Branford Carburetor
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -05/02, 12:05 am- Never seen or heard of on
William Weiss -05/02, 05:21 am- Stan if I decide to sell
Keith Townsend ; ^ ) -05/02, 03:59 pm- Cool. Does the tag number
Mark Strange - Hills -05/02, 04:16 pm- Very unusual, it uses the
1926 Touring brake question
Rick Ross -05/02, 01:32 pm- I am trying to reinstall
Dan Treace, North FL -05/02, 01:37 pm- The brake rod has a split
John Doolittle -05/02, 04:04 pm- Rick- there is a present
Vintage Garage at museum
Jerry Kramer -05/02, 04:00 pm- The vintage garage at our
Luray Pre War Swap meet
don ellis -05/01, 09:34 pm- We are coming , theres th
Dennis Fleming -05/02, 11:52 am- Don, You can find the reg
R.V. Anderson -05/02, 03:50 pm- Kudos to the organizers f
Straightening steering shaft
Michael Saggese -05/02, 11:54 am- I am overhauling my steer
Dan Killecut -05/02, 12:26 pm- You can straighten it wit
David Dewey, N. Cali -05/02, 03:37 pm- Make some hardwood blocks
Installing sleeves in axle housing
Dan Treace, North FL -05/01, 06:29 pm- Might be OK as is or a bi
Steve Tomaso - Longb -05/01, 08:13 pm- Did you attempt to seat t
Michael Warren- Hunt -05/01, 09:45 pm- I heated the housing and
Dan Treace, North FL -05/02, 02:01 pm- Michael After working ov
New T Owner
Duey_C -05/02, 12:10 am- Skyler, thats a beautiful
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -05/02, 12:37 am- I addition to the MTFCA c
Gary London, Camaril -05/02, 02:32 am- Skyler; One of the guys
Jim Patrick -05/02, 02:56 am- Skylar and young men like
kep -05/02, 04:07 am- Tourer type body, Attract
Roger Karlsson, sout -05/02, 04:52 am- Further illustration here
Warwick Landy Traral -05/02, 08:16 am- Skyler, You are such a lu
Kenneth W DeLong -05/02, 12:18 pm- Skyler,In all of the abov
David Heavner -05/02, 01:52 pm- Hey Skyler. I tried to g
1919-1920 Model T Invoices
Jeff Perkins / Lakel -05/01, 08:08 pm- Thanks for checking Tim!
Michael Garrison - R -05/01, 08:38 pm- What a fantastic find. I
Peter B. Ratledge -05/01, 09:38 pm- Royce Peterson sent me a
Mark Strange - Hills -05/02, 10:01 am- Do you mean Estherville?
Robert Blanchard -05/02, 10:42 am- Any body #s on those? I h
Jeff Perkins / Lakel -05/02, 12:56 pm- Sorry I cant help you on
David Heavner -05/02, 01:40 pm- Thanks Jeff. The number
Old Photo - Model T Chemical Fire Truck And Crew
Jay - In Northern Ca -05/02, 10:58 am- [ford-model-tt-chemical-f
Kenneth W DeLong -05/02, 12:05 pm- The fellow by the left re
Henry Petrino in Mod -05/02, 12:55 pm- Thats not a fire truck at
Kenneth W DeLong -05/02, 01:38 pm- Henry,I just put the chec
Question about hershey pa swap meet
Marc Roberts, York,  -05/01, 06:04 pm- Steve said you wont find
George Mills_Cherry  -05/01, 06:17 pm- Douglas, My first was 1
Willie K Cordes -05/01, 09:46 pm- Do not forget the Hershey
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -05/02, 01:32 pm- Doug, the Hershey Swap Me
OT-Wearing 'bibs' for T stuff...
Paul Hunter, Lithgow -05/01, 07:37 pm- Love this thread guys. De
Richard Wolf -05/01, 08:18 pm- Kenneth; they r probably
Rick Goelz-Knoxville -05/02, 01:06 pm- Carhartt are made in the
Kenneth W DeLong -05/02, 01:29 pm- I think we need to buy fr
Can not remove the rear break drum with wire wheels
Markus Huether -05/02, 11:36 am- Hi, I have a problem on t
Mark Chaffin......Co -05/02, 11:41 am- Should come off once the
Markus  -05/02, 11:46 am- sorry i forgot, the parki
Dan Treace, North FL -05/02, 11:54 am- That puller looks good. W
Harold Schwendeman - -05/02, 11:54 am- You might try putting the
Thomas Elliott -05/02, 11:58 am- If I were you, I would be
Les Schubert -05/02, 12:42 pm- Another thought; has the
Bill Harper - Keene, -05/02, 01:26 pm- These work really well:
High Cowl Hood With A Low Cowl Radiator
Jeff Hood -Long Beac -05/01, 11:07 pm- Interesting...I just happ
Michael J. Wilcox -05/01, 11:35 pm- These changes describe my
Jeff Hood -Long Beac -05/01, 11:53 pm- Michael, the article also
Erik Johnson -05/01, 11:57 pm- Please, please, please do
Jeff Hood -Long Beac -05/02, 12:21 am- No confusion here, the ar
Erik Johnson -05/02, 01:09 am- Below is information comp
Jeff Hood -Long Beac -05/02, 10:25 am- OK, so one says spring an
Erik Johnson -05/02, 11:04 am- Dont complicate it by dis
Jeff Hood -Long Beac -05/02, 01:05 pm- Not trying to complicate
Erik Johnson -05/02, 01:25 pm- Just forget the dates and
Industria Argentina - Anyone ever seen one of these manif...
Bob Cascisa - Poulsb -05/01, 07:12 pm- Saw this on a friends T.
Mark Strange - Hills -05/01, 07:14 pm-
David Dewey, N. Cali -05/01, 07:49 pm- back in the 70s lots of A
Don Lyon, PDX, OR. -05/01, 11:12 pm- My exhaust manifold says
Larry Smith, Lomita, -05/02, 10:30 am- When I worked a Ford Part
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -05/02, 12:06 pm- Egads! Looks like its mou
Michael Pawelek Broo -05/02, 12:10 pm- Ken, You must not be fami
ALAN FAIRCLOUGH -05/02, 12:58 pm- may parts were made in Ar
Snowmobile in 1929-Photo
Herb Iffrig -05/01, 10:04 pm- [1929 snow mobile.GIF]
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -05/02, 12:49 pm- Herb, Thats a very nice p
Old Photo - Model T Coca-Cola Delivery Truck
Chester Leighton -05/01, 07:53 pm- The writing on the back a
Tony Bowker, Ramona, -05/01, 09:58 pm- No, the French, like the
Tim Lloid -05/01, 10:04 pm- Great old coca cola truck
Gilbert V. I. Fitzhu -05/01, 11:03 pm- It could be Quebecois.
Dave Wells, Hamilton -05/02, 12:43 pm- Only three louvers on the
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -05/02, 12:47 pm- Dave, The rest of the lou
Can somebody please tell me where these straps go?
Richard Wolf -05/01, 05:44 pm- Wish I could do the pic t
R.V. Anderson -05/01, 07:00 pm- #6 are the top to windshi
R.V. Anderson -05/01, 07:04 pm- Incidentally, the footman
Ken Parker -05/01, 07:04 pm- RV has answered. Ken in
Peter B. Ratledge -05/01, 09:46 pm- RV did a great exclamatio
Robert Poane -05/02, 09:49 am- Thank you! Bob
Frank Harris from Lo -05/02, 10:41 am- I might add that the #7 s
R.V. Anderson -05/02, 12:10 pm- And one more thing: the l
TT Ruxtell trouble
Jim williams Baldwin -05/02, 11:21 am- This TT Ruxtell is in a t
Frank getting ready for a new paint job
John Mays -05/01, 06:49 pm- Frank, the 1912 Touring w
Tim Lloid -05/01, 07:31 pm- Thats a beautiful car and
Don Watson -Florence -05/01, 08:38 pm- John, I checked our Files
John Mays -05/01, 09:02 pm- Casting date, 11-22-11, v
Keith Townsend ; ^ ) -05/02, 01:03 am- no more pi-orange ! : ^
Royce in Dallas TX -05/02, 09:39 am- John, Back in 1989 - 92
John Mays -05/02, 10:01 am- Thanks Royce. Its good t
Picture request
Jerome Hoffman, Hays -05/01, 11:44 pm- Bump
Mark Gregush Portlan -05/02, 09:53 am- Google is our friend; htt
David Dare - Just a  -05/02, 02:15 am- Seems that our good frien
Russ Furstnow -05/02, 09:49 am- David, The number of teet
Please correct what is incorrect and please add your very...
Gary Tillstrom 30 mi -05/01, 06:37 pm- Folks used to hang a cow
Dick Lodge - St Loui -05/01, 07:25 pm- Minor language nitpick. T
Donnie Brown North C -05/01, 09:02 pm- I do not know about the s
Bob Coiro -05/01, 09:58 pm- I did a little online res
Tim Lloid -05/01, 10:14 pm- Puts things in perspectiv
Rob Heyen - Eastern  -05/01, 10:31 pm- Bob, I agree, the fact Ci
Thomas Mullin -05/01, 11:00 pm- Bob, Here are my comment
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -05/02, 12:25 am- 3 pulled by gravity and p
David Dewey, N. Cali -05/02, 02:04 am- You have about 10 SECONDS
Roger Karlsson, sout -05/02, 03:15 am- 13: The quote comes from
George John Drobnock -05/02, 09:21 am- What other car, today, ne
Norman T. Kling -05/02, 09:29 am- It is said that a tempora
Royce in Dallas TX -05/02, 09:45 am- Windshields and headlamps
Robert Poane -05/02, 09:47 am- Thank you everyone! These
Polishing Headlight Reflectors
Dan Killecut -05/02, 08:15 am- I figured I was going to
Robert Poane -05/02, 08:20 am- Nice!
john kuehn -05/02, 09:21 am- Great job Dan. This again
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -05/02, 09:44 am- Caswells used to have a c
Extra Pedal (and yes it works)
Craig Stolpestad -05/01, 07:44 pm- Though it was a strange r
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -05/01, 09:22 pm- So what does it do? Choke
Bill Harper - Keene, -05/01, 09:23 pm- Foot Feed.
Burger in Spokane -05/02, 12:00 am- One should always feed th
Erik Johnson -05/02, 12:04 am- Craig: Are you related t
Don Booth@ Bay City, -05/02, 07:51 am- Does it look like this?
Craig Stolpestad -05/02, 08:17 am- Finally got the picture o
Roger Karlsson, sout -05/02, 08:26 am- Small picture, but it loo
Does anybody have any history on this fabulous 1926 Ford ...
n maver -05/02, 06:44 am- Steve thanks very much my
What did you do on your T today--April
Tim Lloid -05/01, 05:44 pm- Finished cleaning up my p
Chad Marchees _____T -05/02, 06:33 am- Some more painting, test
Missing Headlight Bucket Sleeve
kep -05/02, 04:22 am- i normally make them from
Site with Lots of Ford Manuals in PDF Form
Ted Dumas -05/01, 09:38 pm- Looking at the sites Vana
Jay - In Northern Ca -05/01, 11:27 pm- Ted, Check this link out
Chris Brancaccio - C -05/01, 11:47 pm- Tony was a forum moderato
Frank van Ekeren (A -05/02, 02:08 am- Check out his whole web s
Roger Karlsson, sout -05/02, 03:30 am- Tony was a forum moderato
Threaded bolt hole repair.
Michael J. Wilcox -05/01, 07:56 pm- Id take it to my local ol
Stephen D Heatherly -05/01, 08:02 pm- Mike, Ive fixed that area
Jim Patrick -05/02, 03:04 am- Mike, you could buy a lar
Front Axle Year
Thomas Jull in Oakla -05/01, 06:26 pm- Thanks everyone. Your in
Dale Peterson Colleg -05/01, 06:56 pm- I wouldnt necessarily cal
Thomas Jull in Oakla -05/01, 08:18 pm- Dale - Wayne did say that
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -05/02, 01:13 am- I do think I need to clar
Bosch magneto
Larry j Meares -05/01, 07:07 pm- I have a 1925 T model but
Rob Heyen - Eastern  -05/01, 08:49 pm- Larry, Maybe the magnets
Mark Gregush Portlan -05/01, 09:51 pm- Is it rotating the proper
Layden Butler -05/02, 01:06 am- What are you using for th
Two cars unusual-Photo, cool license plate
Herb Iffrig -05/01, 10:03 pm- [2 cars.jpg] I dont rea
Chris Paulsen - McPh -05/01, 10:12 pm- Neat photo. Is it yours?
Thomas Mullin -05/01, 11:03 pm- Probably couldnt get the
Erik Johnson -05/01, 11:18 pm- Based on the website belo
Terry Horlick in Pen -05/01, 11:37 pm- The license is 1915 on a
Derek Kiefer - Manto -05/01, 11:40 pm- Both appear to be 1915s.
Erik Johnson -05/02, 12:02 am- Note the the sidelamps on
Jay - In Northern Ca -05/02, 12:03 am- Super photo Herb! Thanks
Post a picture of your Model T
Larry Oleson -05/01, 11:53 pm- 1918 Center Door that my
Ross Harris -05/01, 07:41 pm- Thanks Guys Im going to t
gene french -05/01, 10:20 pm- Ross: this will be my f
OT - Ford Six and other cars of Vermont
Rob Heyen - Eastern  -05/01, 09:44 pm- I was going to wait for m
Pate Swap meet
Willie K Cordes -05/01, 06:57 pm- I was looking for a few T
Ted Dumas -05/01, 08:54 pm- Willie, There is a swAp
Willie K Cordes -05/01, 09:29 pm- Thanks Ted, I have been t
OT Auto trivia URL with pictures.
Rob Heyen - Eastern  -05/01, 09:11 pm- Eugene, Many good to know
Dick Lodge - St Loui -05/01, 09:20 pm- Is there any hope that pe
Valve Job questions
Robert J. Gaffney -05/01, 06:46 pm- You gentleman were correc
joe bell -05/01, 06:54 pm- You may want to look at t
Mark Strange - Hills -05/01, 07:12 pm- Any comments about the um
Tim Lloid -05/01, 07:27 pm- I would pull the umbrella
John Leck - Ohio -05/01, 08:15 pm- Robert, I had the same t
More info on Luray
Dan Hatch -05/01, 08:08 pm- bump
Detroit streamlined hood-Ad
Herb Iffrig -05/01, 06:36 pm- [detroit streamlined hood
Ultimate Speedster Carburetor for Sale
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -05/02, 02:19 pm- This is as good as it get
Mark Chaffin......Co -05/02, 03:28 pm- Hi Stan, What is the thr
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -05/02, 05:03 pm- Duh! Measured it and did
Wanted; model T coupe with pinto engine.
Dennis Jenison -05/02, 01:04 pm- wanted; model T coupe wit
Robert A Weitzel -05/02, 04:07 pm- I have a engine and trans
WilliamThomas Forsyt -05/02, 04:56 pm- Hi Dennis: A few years ag
For Sale: 1926 Fordor Sedan
Linda Marie Riel -05/02, 04:49 pm- 1926 Fordor Sedan. $11,00
Linda Marie Riel -05/02, 04:53 pm- 1926 Fordor Sedan. $11,00
WTD - Driveshaft Tube - 23 Runabout
Tim Rogers - South o -05/02, 08:40 am- In need of a good useable
Tim Rogers - South o -05/02, 03:44 pm- BTTT
WANTED TO BUY - 2 or 4 sawtooth Coker Classic 30x3,5
vincent stefanacci -05/02, 03:10 pm- as the title states , I a
Wanted to buy splash aprons
garry houser -05/02, 02:28 pm- WTBuy a good set of runn
Coming Soon for Sale
Larry LaPatka- East  -05/02, 01:26 pm- A very large collection o
1922 T project omnibus,Apple Valley,Ca
Michael Ash -05/02, 01:21 pm- $6000,this is my first ad
Spotlights for sale
Daniel Kraft -05/02, 01:28 am- Kay Bee spotlight This l
Daniel Kraft -05/02, 12:17 pm- Kay Bee sold. Someone als
Aaron frazer -05/02, 11:30 am- EARLY LEFT HAND BRAKE AR
Wanted: Bosch Front for Distributor
Chuck Smith Littleto -05/02, 11:00 am- Please send a Private Mes
Dave Huson, Berthoud -05/01, 10:08 pm- I did something wrong?? F
Mario Brossard -05/02, 09:34 am- PM sent Mario
Sure Feed oiler
Tom Carnegie Spokane -05/02, 01:55 am- I won the Montana 500 wit
Dave Huson, Berthoud -05/02, 01:35 am- Carb #1 has been spoken f
Brass tire pump for sale
Daniel Kraft -05/02, 01:16 am- Single tire pump, there i
WANTED : Spare Tire Lock
Charles Weisgerber -05/02, 12:23 am- Want to purchase a spare
For Sale: 1927 model T touring in South Louisiana
Christopher McCulley -05/01, 10:31 pm- Photos, also known as Eye
Dexter Doucet -05/01, 11:09 pm- Folks, yet another mishap
Dave Huson, Berthoud -05/01, 10:48 pm- The Holley #3 Carb has be
For Sale, 1914 S&M No. 90 Spot light
Bob Peterson -05/01, 10:10 pm- Spot light is sold, Thank
FS 15 Two Piece Tail Lamp Bracket & 13-14 Jno Brown 115 R...
Benjamin Morgan - Me -05/01, 10:07 pm- Last couple Items I have
FS Stewart Road Gear 60T 8P
Benjamin Morgan - Me -05/01, 09:56 pm- Thinning out more parts.
WIDE TRACK "DIXIE" Front Axle Wanted ! !
Philip Berg -05/01, 05:46 pm- Russ, are you still inter
Russell Nave -05/01, 09:55 pm- Thanks for checking Willi
FS 1915 1916 Oil Filler Cap Ford Script Made In USA 3 Lug
Benjamin Morgan - Me -05/01, 09:51 pm- Thinning out more parts.
FS ROOF 16 Valve Cylinder Head
Glen Chaffin -05/01, 09:19 pm- FOR SALE 26-27 PICKUP BE
Detroit Metro Craigslist Model t parts/engine w/Frontenac...
Keith Keller -05/01, 08:30 pm- Hey guys, breezing throug
John E Cox -05/01, 08:40 pm- http://detroit.craigslist
Wanted: Bosch front plate
Glen Chaffin -05/01, 08:33 pm- Chuck, We are in the proc
FOR SALE Rocky Mt. Break Pedal
Bob Petithomme -05/01, 05:58 pm- Rocky Mt. Brake Pedal, li
Kingston Four Ball Carburetor
Ray Syverson -05/01, 05:55 pm- SOLD May 1st
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