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Model T Ford Forum
Forum 2014
Pulley Damage
Tim Wrenn -10/21, 08:41 am- Ive been told these pulle
Allan Bennett - Aust -10/21, 08:46 am- PJ, to my eyes that is th
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/21, 09:57 am- Ive seen plenty of worn o
ex trooper -10/21, 10:16 am- Hand crank was hanging do
Bob Jablonski -10/21, 03:56 pm- Steve: What is the corre
Allan Bennett - Aust -10/21, 05:03 pm- I have a repair for the s
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/21, 05:47 pm- Bob, I just measured the
Steve Tomaso - Milto -10/21, 06:04 pm- Or for us non-purists - a
Donnie Brown North C -10/21, 07:10 pm- Steve T. The only problem
Bob Jablonski -10/21, 09:08 pm- Steve: Appreciate your t
Bob Jablonski -10/21, 09:11 pm- Steve: Appreciate your t
Allan Bennett - Aust -10/21, 11:52 pm- Fellows, am I missing som
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/22, 12:08 am- Allan, I just checked a b
Mark Gregush Portlan -10/22, 12:13 am- Unless the hole in your c
Allan Bennett - Aust -10/22, 01:12 am- Thanks Steve, I have neve
Frank van Ekeren (A -10/22, 03:06 am- Thats interesting Allan,
Gary London, Camaril -10/22, 03:58 am- I had my pulley come lose
Straightening out brass.....
Nevin Gough -10/22, 03:30 am- What I did today....[DSC0
Nevin Gough -10/22, 03:33 am- .[DSC06485.JPG] [DSC06486
Nevin Gough -10/22, 03:35 am- .[DSC06488.JPG] [DSC06489
Nevin Gough -10/22, 03:39 am- Just a little more buffin
No fire. What am I missing?
Tom Miller, Mostly i -10/21, 07:28 am- Steve, Did you have the
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/21, 11:32 am- Nope, no change in plug w
Charlie B actually i -10/21, 11:54 am- It ran. It has compressio
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/21, 05:03 pm- After another big dose of
Ed Baudoux -10/21, 05:30 pm- Oil does 5 things inside
Ricks - Surf City -10/21, 05:44 pm- Next came plugs. I set th
Harold Schwendeman - -10/21, 06:25 pm- Steve - Sorry youre havin
Mike Walker, NW AR -10/21, 06:53 pm- ...determined again that
Norman T. Kling -10/21, 08:56 pm- Check to see if both valv
Donald Vagasky,Tucso -10/21, 10:15 pm- Check your timer,and roll
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/22, 12:58 am- When you put your thumb o
Harold Schwendeman - -10/22, 01:24 am- Steve - Trust me on this
Harold Schwendeman - -10/22, 01:28 am- Oh, and one more thing, m
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/22, 01:30 am- Im running out of things
Harold Schwendeman - -10/22, 01:37 am- Yeah, I know how ya feel
Frank van Ekeren (A -10/22, 02:44 am- Steve, I dont know how go
OT Language test
John Semprez-Templet -10/21, 11:34 am- Si, muy dulce.
Dick Lodge - St Loui -10/21, 11:43 am- Ill see your dulce and ra
Dick Lodge - St Loui -10/21, 12:05 pm-  Message edited by dick_
Eric Sole - Castelld -10/21, 12:20 pm- Youve got to have those d
Roger Karlsson, sout -10/21, 03:45 pm- Åter ett test: Är prickar
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/21, 04:11 pm- Apparently you can use th
Eric Sole - Castelld -10/22, 02:28 am- Roger, I can see the dots
More info on these seats? New pictures added
Daniel Kraft -10/21, 02:10 pm- I ended up getting these
Daniel Kraft -10/21, 04:22 pm- How would you place value
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -10/21, 10:34 pm- Probably horsehair inside
Erik Johnson -10/21, 11:32 pm- I doubt those are Model T
Daniel Kraft -10/22, 01:22 am- They do not have springs.
Rich's '14 progress. (the Wood)
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -10/21, 08:46 pm- Progress report. I got a
Harold Schwendeman - -10/22, 01:12 am- Rich - .....almost seems
New guy needs help identifying year
Adam Gerken -10/21, 08:58 pm- Hey everyone, I just got
Adam Gerken -10/21, 09:14 pm- Heres a couple more old p
David Kriegel Mishaw -10/21, 09:33 pm- Wow you sure did your res
Dick Lodge - St Loui -10/21, 09:41 pm- Adam, David just took the
Derek Kiefer - Manto -10/21, 09:52 pm- All signs point to 1925..
Dave Wells -10/21, 10:00 pm- Looks like a late 22 or e
Dan Treace, North FL -10/21, 10:01 pm- Agree 1925 mostly. From
Dave Wells -10/21, 10:03 pm- I just read what Derek sa
Adam Gerken -10/21, 10:04 pm- Thanks for the info! I h
Adam Gerken -10/21, 10:20 pm- You guys rule. Thank you
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/22, 12:46 am- One of my aunts told me t
Is it ok to have one brake on a tandem car hauler?
Robert Poane -10/21, 01:04 pm- is it ok to have one brak
G.R.Cheshire -10/21, 01:08 pm- It is ok for very light l
John Zibell -10/21, 01:17 pm- C.R. I think he means on
Willie K Cordes -10/21, 01:18 pm- One axle braking on both
Will Copeland - Tren -10/21, 01:20 pm- Iv found that at times wh
G.R.Cheshire -10/21, 01:28 pm- John I have seen trailers
John Semprez-Templet -10/21, 01:51 pm- Well Robert, What is your
Dave Wells -10/21, 02:48 pm- I think it is often too e
Ted Dumas -10/21, 03:49 pm- Pulling a 24 touring I fo
Robert Poane -10/21, 04:04 pm- Thanks, it sounds wiser t
Les Schubert -10/21, 04:07 pm- One advantage of only hav
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -10/21, 05:01 pm- Mine only has brakes on o
John Zibell -10/21, 05:03 pm- C.R. Read your second po
Greg Kuhnash Southea -10/21, 05:09 pm- I have towed as much as 6
Greg Whaley, Georget -10/21, 05:16 pm- For the cost of putting a
Derek Kiefer - Manto -10/21, 05:17 pm- Check your state laws. H
Chad Marchees -10/21, 06:56 pm- I would retro fit brakes
Dave Wells -10/21, 07:23 pm- Greg Kuhnash, I agree abo
Paul Mikeska, Denver -10/21, 07:25 pm- Amen to soldering and shr
John Carter - South  -10/21, 07:38 pm- It seems a little ironic
G.R.Cheshire -10/21, 07:45 pm- John Carter yep its ironi
Hal Schedler, Sacram -10/21, 07:48 pm- I had the occasion where
Freighter Jim -10/21, 07:50 pm- Bob, Is this a new or us
Bill in Adelaida Cal -10/21, 11:11 pm- I havent seen anyone yet
Jim Thode Chehalis W -10/21, 11:31 pm- Trailer braking requireme
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -10/22, 12:33 am- When you drive a model T
1914 Axle housing repair
Bill Elliott -10/21, 07:55 pm- I know Ive read this befo
Jack Daron - Brownsb -10/21, 08:08 pm- Once you get it solid,you
R.V. Anderson -10/21, 08:14 pm- I recommend mig welding t
Les Schubert -10/21, 08:32 pm- Werent they originally so
Allan Bennett - Aust -10/22, 12:29 am- Bill when I got my 1912 c
ID some parts?
Russell Richards -10/21, 08:25 am- Frame in the woods had so
Russell Richards -10/21, 08:35 am- had to reload these.. [
Jerry VanOoteghem -10/21, 11:44 am- Im pretty sure the shell
Russell Richards -10/21, 07:59 pm- It is close..but mine don
Donnie Brown North C -10/21, 08:32 pm- Russell, The top panel to
Tom Lovejoy, So Cal -10/21, 10:00 pm- Russel - awesome work the
Russell Richards -10/21, 10:15 pm- Ok.I always assumed they
Russell Richards -10/21, 10:17 pm- Hey thanks Tom!! Cant wai
Harold Schwendeman - -10/22, 12:28 am- Russell - Ref. the radiat
New to the model t world and have a Leaking head gasket.
Robert Davis -10/21, 09:15 pm- Hi all I am new to the mo
David Chantrell - Ad -10/21, 09:24 pm- Has the head been machine
David Kriegel Mishaw -10/21, 09:37 pm- Robert do you have the bl
Walt Berdan, Bellevu -10/21, 09:39 pm- Ive had good luck with co
Robert Davis -10/21, 09:54 pm- Thank you all for replyin
P.J. Thiessen -10/21, 10:36 pm- Copper gasket is the way
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/22, 12:24 am- Its good to run a bottomi
Canadian Ford Engine Number
Rod McKenzie -10/21, 08:45 pm- This may help you. I have
Peter Kable -10/22, 12:14 am- Rob, In Australia a depre
OT - Jim the "Hauler"
Freighter Jim -10/21, 07:54 am- Saw this early in the mor
Freighter Jim -10/21, 08:06 am- I will add this .... Win
charlie haeckel -10/21, 11:58 am- Freighter Jim, can you po
Gary Schreiber- Sant -10/21, 12:45 pm- His web address is in his
Richard Wolf -10/21, 08:47 pm- He has a northern Indiana
Randy Glowacki -10/21, 09:16 pm- Jim hauled my 27 Roadster
Richard Wolf -10/21, 09:53 pm- He changed his profile na
Burger in Spokane -10/21, 10:19 pm- Randy wrote: Jim hauled
Freighter Jim -10/21, 11:29 pm- Burger, I will be in Spo
Freighter Jim -10/22, 12:04 am- freight·er noun a perso
To brake or not to brake, that is the question
Kevin Pharis -10/21, 11:57 pm- I have received this same
Transmission shaft Question
lorenzo leon -10/21, 09:58 pm- Hello ,. Need some help w
Mark Gregush Portlan -10/21, 10:57 pm- The first one could be 19
Allan Bennett - Aust -10/21, 11:38 pm- Lorenzo, the first thing
My new Speedster project ...
Willie K Cordes -10/21, 10:41 am- Donnie, I think you will
G.R.Cheshire -10/21, 10:53 am- if you throw a piece of p
James M. Riedy, Sand -10/21, 11:32 pm- Donnie, At least your fur
Old Photo- another Fordson on Shorpy.
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -10/21, 08:09 pm- http://www.junipergallery
Burger in Spokane -10/21, 10:46 pm- What is the science behin
James M. Riedy, Sand -10/21, 11:12 pm- George, If you click on t
Show Us Your T Doodlebug or Conversion Tractor!!
Chad Marchees -10/21, 06:22 am- Good lord that thing is a
Ron -10/21, 06:46 am- Dean, That is the wi
Dean Yoder -10/21, 05:28 pm- Ron, Yes many holes ruste
Dean Yoder -10/21, 05:44 pm- My Wards conversion is my
Ron -10/21, 08:28 pm- Dean, Another nice o
Dean Yoder -10/21, 11:07 pm- 4 at the present time #5
Body Wood
rick howerton -10/21, 09:03 pm- doe`s anyone know where a
Tom Miller, Mostly i -10/21, 09:34 pm- has some
rick howerton -10/21, 10:04 pm- It shows the back seat ju
Dan Treace, North FL -10/21, 10:12 pm- Rick The front seat of t
Dan Treace, North FL -10/21, 10:23 pm- Oops..... Forgot to ment
Need ideas
Ronnie wehba -10/21, 09:30 pm- I have a 25TT thinking ab
Burger in Spokane -10/21, 10:03 pm- Go to any tank or fab sho
Bud Holzschuh - Pana -10/21, 10:15 pm- Cylinder ? Approximate si
Dimensions of tack strip and best wood to steam bend?
David Schwab -10/21, 08:32 am- What are the dimensions o
Val Soupios -10/21, 09:40 am- I got the new non wood ta
G.R.Cheshire -10/21, 12:10 pm- check this out http://www
Charlie B actually i -10/21, 12:10 pm- Kiln dried and soft grain
Gary London, Camaril -10/21, 03:55 pm- I used green hickory; ste
Bud Holzschuh - Pana -10/21, 10:10 pm- I ripped my tack strip ou
OT Doughboy mellon break-Photo
Herb Iffrig -10/21, 08:47 am- [Doughboy melon break.jpg
charley shaver -10/21, 09:15 am- truck is a white .charley
Burger in Spokane -10/21, 10:43 am- While most of the guys se
Derek Kiefer - Manto -10/21, 07:44 pm- With haircuts like those,
Burger in Spokane -10/21, 09:52 pm- Personally, I like the th
Help, making new pedel shafts for trans O-1 drill rod
Mark Gregush Portlan -10/21, 12:09 pm- Very novice turner here.
G.R.Cheshire -10/21, 12:18 pm- When I cut thread in a ha
Richard Gould -10/21, 02:45 pm- Try using Ultra-Machinabl
John Gelfer, Milwauk -10/21, 03:32 pm- These look like early sty
Jerry VanOoteghem -10/21, 04:57 pm- Mark, Yes, O-1 is too to
Ted Dumas -10/21, 05:53 pm- 12L14 Steel has the prope
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -10/21, 07:27 pm- And, 12L will look old in
Mark Gregush Portlan -10/21, 09:09 pm- I will give the 12L14 a t
R.V. Anderson -10/21, 11:36 am- Received this email today
Dennis Plank -10/21, 06:16 pm- I ship everything by FedE
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -10/21, 06:58 pm- quote:Additionally, we’ve
Paul Mikeska, Denver -10/21, 07:36 pm- I have had the same exper
R.V. Anderson -10/21, 08:23 pm- I once sent a shipment of
Ron Patterson-Nichol -10/21, 08:34 pm- Ken That sentence in the
Mack Cole ---- Earth -10/21, 09:04 pm- My gosh, they already pla
Something for your back seat driver
Dan Treace, North FL -10/21, 08:57 am- Now that is great! How t
G.R.Cheshire -10/21, 09:08 am- and it even has a period
Eric Sole - Castelld -10/21, 11:07 am- I need one for my 27 Runa
Tyrone Thomas - Tope -10/21, 11:11 am- luv it
Norman T. Kling -10/21, 11:52 am- Reminds me of the time we
Dan Treace, North FL -10/21, 01:04 pm- Brian Thanks for posting
brass car guy -10/21, 04:41 pm- Close the end of my dads
Gary H. White - Sher -10/21, 07:04 pm- Did they come with the Mo
Brian Eliason -10/21, 07:29 pm- Dan, Is there something a
Dan Treace, North FL -10/21, 08:52 pm- Brian Not really....the
Speedsters at the Museum
James A. Roof -10/21, 07:33 pm- Yes 2 speedsters both ver
Freighter Jim -10/21, 07:53 pm- James, Do they have the
To Fog or Not to Fog
Kevin Whelihan -10/21, 07:38 am- While it has been a great
samuel pine -10/21, 08:26 am- Just my view, and i know
Tim Wrenn -10/21, 08:37 am- Kevin, Ive wrestled with
Jim Thode Chehalis W -10/21, 11:27 am- Here is one one survey I
Norman T. Kling -10/21, 11:48 am- I am from southern Califo
G.R.Cheshire -10/21, 11:57 am- Rarely gets below freezin
Charlie B actually i -10/21, 12:03 pm- Environmentally speaking
Jim Thode Chehalis W -10/21, 12:17 pm- Norman, Fog the carburet
Dave Wells -10/21, 07:42 pm- My answer to the problem
Arkansas Tin Lizzies Fall Tour
Mike Walker, NW AR -10/21, 09:12 am- Yall come now, yhear? [:
Paul Mikeska, Denver -10/21, 10:01 am- If it was one week later
Donnie Brown North C -10/21, 05:55 pm- Mike, Looks like I may no
Mike Walker, NW AR -10/21, 07:01 pm- Im sorry to hear that, Do
UPS Rates Going Up In 2015
Ron Patterson-Nichol -10/21, 11:14 am- UPS shipping rates are in
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/21, 11:23 am- Dimensional weight seems
Mark Strange -10/21, 12:28 pm- For heavy things like car
Chuck Hoffman - Gold -10/21, 01:02 pm- When the price of gas goe
Brian Sullivan, Powe -10/21, 01:12 pm- In case you care...Pictur
ROBERT BERGSTADT -10/21, 01:56 pm- Just packed an order goin
Dennis Seth - Ohio -10/21, 05:14 pm- United States Post office
James Michael Rogers -10/21, 06:23 pm- My problem is, when I ord
Can this block be repaired?
Evan Mason -10/21, 10:45 am- One other solution for a
Ted Dumas -10/21, 06:07 pm- I watched Mike Huebner, n
Magento plug thread size
David Kriegel Mishaw -10/21, 01:02 pm- Well my car does run well
John Zibell -10/21, 01:21 pm- Do you have calipers and
Steve Tomaso - Milto -10/21, 01:46 pm- Is it a Ford factory mag
R.V. Anderson -10/21, 02:40 pm- If its pre-19, its a roun
Steve Tomaso - Milto -10/21, 04:32 pm- Photo would help us ident
Ted Dumas -10/21, 05:55 pm- 12-24 is a standard threa
Ted Dumas -10/21, 05:56 pm- 12-24 is a standard threa
Glass reflector resilvering
Bill Elliott -10/21, 05:57 am- Thanks, Greg, I will call
Charlie B actually i -10/21, 12:31 pm- OK. Im going to ask what
John H. Nichols -10/21, 02:46 pm- Charley B A pretty much
R.V. Anderson -10/21, 02:59 pm- Your reflectors will need
Dennis Seth - Ohio -10/21, 04:50 pm- And not all Silvers have
Dennis Seth - Ohio -10/21, 04:51 pm- High HO Silver Away!
OT NRS parts help
Mark Stewart -Calif. -10/21, 02:32 pm- Thanks Bob, I appreciate
TT rims needed in New Jersey
Dave Young in Mays L -10/21, 02:18 pm- bump
Towbar for a T ?
Norman T. Kling -10/21, 12:06 pm- You need two things to ma
Screw size to hold bursh holder to plate generator
Mark Gregush Portlan -10/21, 11:54 am- Ron, good point. Thanks
Exhaust Manifold Mounting Helper tool
Gary Simpson -10/21, 07:00 am- How do you use the Manifo
Anthonie Boer -10/21, 08:04 am- Gary : here two pictures
Dan Treace, North FL -10/21, 08:53 am- Sixty million manifold cl
john kuehn -10/21, 09:20 am- Thats a new one for me!
Roger Karlsson, sout -10/21, 09:28 am- You wont need any special
Robert G. Hester Jr. -10/21, 09:41 am- Gary, nothing special nee
Robert G. Hester Jr. -10/21, 09:49 am- Hi, Roger. I took a brea
Fred L. Olenberger -10/21, 11:49 am- OH SURE! Anyone can do i
Timer help
Ken Todd -10/21, 10:36 am- I bought a repro brass pl
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/21, 11:15 am- Ive seen that comment abo
Fall Colors Tour. October 25- Northern Ca.
Steve Elliott -10/21, 10:51 am- Message sent from My Mode
OF carb
Larry Bohlen, Severn -10/21, 10:10 am- Dean, So now I know why
Trying to find 3 inch tail light ?
David Kriegel Mishaw -10/21, 10:00 am- Thanks all I have called
Oil gage site glass
Chris Barker, Somers -10/21, 04:20 am- The oil drop isnt scary;
Ricks - Surf City -10/21, 09:19 am- A flow restrictor makes a
Watts Dairy truck-Photo
Herb Iffrig -10/21, 08:45 am- [Watts dairy truck.jpg re
Uvira Reflector Results
Jim Eubanks, Powell, -10/21, 07:52 am- I have a set on my 37 For
So. Cal. Hill climb
Bill Bohlen -10/21, 07:02 am- Hill climb Nov.2
Part/tool wanted
Stephen D Heatherly -10/21, 07:56 pm- Does anybody have a rear
Jack Daron - Brownsb -10/21, 08:10 pm- Stan Howe was sell the ta
Dave Huson, Berthoud -10/22, 12:47 am- Stephen Heatherly: I jus
Dave Huson, Berthoud -10/21, 11:40 pm- Rodney Aspenson: I had t
Dave Huson, Berthoud -10/21, 11:40 pm- Rodney Aspenson: I had t
For Sale 1916 engine
Bill Bohlen -10/21, 05:28 pm- Engine for sale, cast 12-
Dexter Doucet -10/21, 08:54 pm- Will u ship?
Bill Bohlen -10/21, 09:19 pm- Where to?
Dale Kemmerer -10/21, 09:49 pm- Bill, sent you a P.M. Da
Need a 3 inch stop light for my license bracket see picture
David Kriegel Mishaw -10/21, 07:39 am- I would LIKE to add a tai
Donnie Brown North C -10/21, 07:23 pm- David. That appears to be
James Chochole -10/21, 09:26 pm- Try Bobs in Rockford- gre
Centerdoor sedan seat bracket for sale
Layden Butler -10/21, 07:32 pm- NOS yes that is New Old S
Speedometer mount hardware For Sale
Layden Butler -10/21, 07:24 pm- Odd lot of just stuff! $2
Brass sediment bulb For Sale
Layden Butler -10/21, 07:21 pm- Repaired handle but not s
1924 TT C Cab for sale
Robert M Davis -10/21, 07:09 pm- James send me some pictur
WANTED: 1925 Runabout (Roadster) Body
Christopher Vasconce -10/21, 12:23 pm- I have everything but the
Jack Daron - Brownsb -10/21, 03:07 pm- I have a 24 roadster body
Christopher Vasconce -10/21, 07:08 pm- Hi Jack...I sent you a pr
For Sale 1924 engine
Bill Bohlen -10/21, 05:36 pm- Engine for sale 10-1-24 s
1914-1916 coil box switch For Sale
Layden Butler -10/21, 02:27 pm- $15 yes only $15 plus 6 f
David J. Holland -10/21, 05:30 pm- Ill take it Email on the
1917 High Hood
CharlesHebert -10/21, 10:43 am- John Still available. $2
Ron -10/21, 11:03 am- Why did the price jump fr
John Iversen -10/21, 11:27 am- Ron, Because that doggone
Ron -10/21, 02:34 pm- Got it!!!
Ron -10/21, 03:05 pm- Got it!!!
Dave Huson, Berthoud -10/21, 11:46 am- Robert Butler: Your dif
Robert Butler - West -10/21, 01:03 pm- Much appreciated Dave. [
For Sale: 1926 Tudor Sedan
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -10/21, 11:46 am- Perhaps it should be ment
Low hood for sale
ROBERT BERGSTADT -10/21, 11:45 am- I have 1 new one for sale
For Sale: 1926 Model T Touring
Russ Furstnow -10/21, 11:43 am- This 1926 Touring has a m
Wanted OEM correct ford 1914 screw driver
mike copperthite -10/21, 09:16 am- Looking for a good condit
Early '15 Oil Lamps For Sale
Mike Walker, NW AR -10/21, 09:15 am- If no one here wants thes
Wanted Carbide Generator 1914 t
mike copperthite -10/21, 09:14 am- Need for our pie truck [i
Elko, NV to Medford, OR to Spokane, WA hauling right now !
Freighter Jim -10/21, 09:01 am- October 23rd Leaving M
San Jose, CA to anywhere direct enclosed auto transport N...
Freighter Jim -10/21, 08:09 am- This trip is still availa
Wanted used top for a 1924 roadster
Gary Simpson -10/21, 07:11 am- Will pay 50.00 plus shipp
Gary Simpson -10/21, 07:14 am- Phone 989-640-1133 or e-m
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