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Model T Ford Forum
Forum 2015
OT Completely - Medical Technology
Henry Petrino in Mod -03/28, 05:39 pm- Several weeks ago I was d
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -03/28, 07:12 pm- In a few years you wont e
Dave Dufault -03/28, 07:27 pm- Seems to me the older I g
Bill dugger -03/28, 07:47 pm- Henry: I had the same th
Henry Petrino in Mod -03/28, 09:33 pm- Bill, He used mesh on me
kep -03/29, 12:00 am- Nearly half a million dol
Karl Gilchrist- New  -03/29, 12:12 am- Kep I knew when I was stu
Terry Woods, Richmon -03/29, 12:41 am- Doesnt NZ have socialized
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -03/29, 05:11 am- The USA has socialized me
Mack Cole ---- Earth -03/29, 09:45 am- Henry,my dad had his seco
Chickasha 2015 Photos
Marty Bufalini - Gro -03/29, 09:41 am- This was my first Chickas
Did I do the right thing?
Warren Henderson, Du -03/29, 06:11 am- I just finished a complet
Michael Garrison - R -03/29, 06:38 am- Warren, youre probably ok
Dave Dufault -03/29, 07:19 am- Warren, Its your car, bo
Warren Henderson, Du -03/29, 09:01 am- Thank you Michael and Dav
Charlie B actually i -03/29, 09:03 am- Your saying the pump was
john kuehn -03/29, 09:20 am- Warren, how good is your
Bob Coiro -03/29, 09:40 am- Unless youre operating so
Vintage Fordson tracked tractor with blade on ebay
Mark Gregush Portlan -03/28, 11:28 pm-
Mark Gregush Portlan -03/28, 11:30 pm-
Erik Barrett in Aubu -03/29, 01:33 am- That looks like a wicked
Chad Marchees _____T -03/29, 07:22 am- That is the one Ron has b
Mack Cole ---- Earth -03/29, 09:39 am- I would like to be able t
What did you do today--#3 March
Paul Mikeska, Denver -03/28, 04:25 pm- I drove the 14 Touring to
Dean Yoder, Iowa Cit -03/28, 07:58 pm- [indicate.jpg] [IMG_1418
Erik Barrett in Aubu -03/28, 09:34 pm- Did the unthinkable today
George n Los Angeles -03/29, 12:11 am- [repost.jpg]
George n Los Angeles -03/29, 12:12 am- Went to the market for so
Erik Barrett in Aubu -03/29, 12:45 am- George, Did my posted pho
Burger in Spokane -03/29, 01:30 am- Erik, Can you post a c
Erik Barrett in Aubu -03/29, 01:39 am- Burger, Will post a shot
Burger in Spokane -03/29, 02:33 am- Thanks Erik. Today I a
Martin Vowell, Sylma -03/29, 04:03 am- Steve, dont know about th
Donnie Brown North C -03/29, 09:34 am- Mike, the bed looks nice.
Old Photo Postcard - Brass Era "Doctors" Coupe Street Sc...
Jay - In Northern Ca -03/29, 12:01 am- [brass era doctors coupe
Wayne Murray - Anaco -03/29, 12:07 am- Unmitigated
Erik Johnson -03/29, 12:08 am- 1913 runabout with access
George n Los Angeles -03/29, 12:14 am- A TRUE Drs coupe.
Warren Henderson, Du -03/29, 06:04 am- Great photo Jay, but is t
Hap Tucker in Sumter -03/29, 07:02 am- Some folks called them Dr
Hap Tucker in Sumter -03/29, 07:23 am- Zoomed in photo? What ph
Mark Strange - Hills -03/29, 09:09 am- I like the idea of the ac
Mark Strange - Hills -03/29, 09:12 am- And here it is! [:-] ht
Valve Adjusting feeler and piston travel different gap
Michael Velling, Ger -03/28, 12:45 pm- Hello, i am rebuilding
Nicholas Lingg - Tar -03/28, 12:53 pm- Use the piston travel met
Anthonie Boer -03/28, 01:43 pm- Michael ; Always mount t
Anthonie Boer -03/29, 06:47 am- Michael ; Is this the beg
Michael Velling, Ger -03/29, 09:05 am- Yes thats it :- Some pi
1926 Model T Ford timing the engine
Warren Henderson, Du -03/29, 09:04 am- Saturday, March 28, 2015
Stipe 280 camshaft
Ed Messenger -03/28, 11:56 am- I have an email dated 3-1
Henry Petrino in Mod -03/28, 12:51 pm- Please forgive my ignoran
Jahn Wright - Rio Ra -03/28, 12:56 pm- Stipe cams are still in p
John Zibell -03/28, 01:22 pm- Henry, the 280 refers to
Henry Petrino in Mod -03/28, 02:22 pm- Thanks John. I apprecia
Roar Sand -03/28, 04:50 pm- John, I cant agree with y
John Zibell -03/28, 05:25 pm- Henry, the cam advance ch
Roar Sand -03/28, 07:20 pm- John, May be the limitati
John Zibell -03/29, 09:04 am- Roar, you may have a good
Question: For those that crank their T's
Bud Holzschuh - Pana -03/28, 10:00 am- Ken Just so I fully unde
Kenneth W DeLong -03/28, 11:27 am- Bud,Yes fast idle count t
Dave Wells, Hamilton -03/28, 11:28 am- Doing that makes the car
Kenneth W DeLong -03/28, 11:30 am- Sorry,I should have said
Kevin Weeds -03/29, 07:25 am- I use this method every t
Kenneth W DeLong -03/29, 09:01 am- Keven,Your car never trie
What brand of gear driven 12v Alternator should I buy?
Kevin Weeds -03/28, 05:48 pm- Tom, my car is left hand
Tom Bergmann Sydney  -03/28, 06:06 pm- Kevin From NZ its 00 1 41
Kevin Weeds -03/28, 10:09 pm- Thanks Tom.
Kevin Weeds -03/29, 06:30 am- Has anybody had sucess wi
Dean Yoder, Iowa Cit -03/29, 06:56 am- I use one for my 6v batte
Ron Patterson-Nichol -03/29, 08:35 am- Kevin Beware. A few year
DUOLAMP Replacement Lens
James A. Golden -03/29, 07:53 am- A friend has a stainless
Kevin Whelihan Danbu -03/29, 08:21 am- Is this what you are look
Glasgow garage-Photo
Herb Iffrig -03/29, 08:08 am- [Glasgow Garage.jpg] No
Late '23 Coupe Hood Questions
Ronald L Babb - Taco -03/28, 10:46 pm- I worked on my car today
Jack Daron - Brownsb -03/28, 10:56 pm- Go to any lumber yard and
Mark Gregush Portlan -03/28, 11:43 pm- Jack great idea! Re the
Allan Bennett - Aust -03/29, 07:54 am- Mark, Jack has the right
Old Photos- Two Member photos on Shorpy.
Dane Hawley Near Mel -03/29, 06:09 am- Hap, I had already posted
Hap Tucker in Sumter -03/29, 07:12 am- Dane, Thank you for also
Novice Mechanics
Charlie B actually i -03/28, 03:29 pm- I have some thing that I
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -03/28, 03:34 pm- Dont use your back pocket
Dave Wells, Hamilton -03/28, 03:55 pm- If I need an answer to a
Chad Marchees _____T -03/28, 04:02 pm- And to those doing the wr
Charlie B actually i -03/28, 04:04 pm- Nothing said about new pe
Jeff Livingston, Hon -03/28, 04:08 pm- Although Im just starting
Dave Wells, Hamilton -03/28, 04:24 pm- I did say I want to hear
John Zibell -03/28, 04:31 pm- Charlie B. I agree. I a
Hap Tucker in Sumter -03/28, 04:43 pm- Charlie, I think it is a
Karl Gilchrist- New  -03/28, 04:51 pm- The concept of throwing
Mark Strange - Hills -03/28, 05:02 pm- It took a long time for i
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -03/28, 07:10 pm- When I changed the clutch
Royce in Georgetown  -03/28, 07:20 pm- If I think I have a bad h
Michael Garrison - R -03/28, 07:49 pm- Its threads like this tha
Royce in Georgetown  -03/28, 07:53 pm- Great post Mike!
Kevin Whelihan Danbu -03/28, 09:20 pm- I am a technical school t
John Noonan - Norton -03/28, 11:08 pm- I think its pretty sad th
Charlie B actually i -03/28, 11:31 pm- I think its pretty sad th
John Noonan - Norton -03/28, 11:47 pm- I stick by what i said! N
Dave Barker - Dayton -03/29, 05:45 am- Chad - I know EXACTLY wha
Dane Hawley Near Mel -03/29, 05:49 am- Learning by trial and err
Chad Marchees _____T -03/29, 06:45 am- To add to Dane, If you fe
**Holley G Carburetor Assembly**
Martin Vowell, Sylma -03/28, 10:09 pm- Ive been going round and
George n Los Angeles -03/28, 10:56 pm- You may have to look at o
Eric Magyor-Northwes -03/29, 02:33 am- Im no expert but, maybe t
Eric Magyor-Northwes -03/29, 02:37 am- Another photo.[holley g 2
Martin Vowell, Sylma -03/29, 03:12 am- Eric, thank you very much
Bill Harper - Keene, -03/29, 04:06 am- Hi Martin, The felt show
Martin Vowell, Sylma -03/29, 05:52 am- [HollyG2.jpg] Ok, did s
Martin Vowell, Sylma -03/29, 05:57 am- Bill, that nipple screws
Martin Vowell, Sylma -03/29, 06:23 am- Changed the heads on thos
Magneto Recharge
Walter B. Szumowski -03/28, 11:18 am- I see these posting on th
Ken Todd, .......... -03/28, 01:45 pm- When doing an in car rech
keith g barrier Sava -03/28, 08:20 pm- Walter, I think you make
Peter B. Ratledge -03/28, 09:22 pm- WAlly,You are 100% right.
Tom Carnegie Spokane -03/28, 10:25 pm- What Wally said intrigued
Jim Thode Chehalis W -03/28, 11:33 pm- Tom, Very good exercise a
Frank van Ekeren (A -03/29, 12:38 am- It took years for Ford to
Hal Schedler, Sacram -03/29, 02:06 am- Isnt there a possible pro
Brendan Hoban -03/29, 04:54 am- Tom, What do you mean by
Mounting bracket for a horn, 1915 roadster
David Menzies -03/28, 10:10 pm- I need some clarification
Wayne Jorgensen -03/29, 12:09 am- My understanding is mecha
Bill Harper - Keene, -03/29, 02:29 am- Here is a picture of anot
Roger Karlsson, sout -03/29, 03:31 am- David, no Ts came from th
OT 28-29 Model A pickup question
Howard D. Dennis -03/28, 11:32 am- I need to know how long t
Mark Gregush Portlan -03/28, 12:26 pm- Ask over at
Les VonNordheim -03/28, 11:19 pm- Hi Howard, I have a resto
Howard D. Dennis -03/28, 11:25 pm- Thanks fellows for your h
Mark Gregush Portlan -03/28, 11:38 pm- Les unless you are doing
Les VonNordheim -03/29, 12:22 am- Hi Mark, No, Im not doing
David Dewey, N. Cali -03/29, 02:26 am- Reproduction A carb jets
1925 front fender/ what do I have?
Don Skille -03/28, 03:23 pm- I bought what I thought w
Greg Ragland , Pea R -03/28, 05:06 pm- Don, Mike Walker has one
Don Skille -03/28, 07:55 pm- Greg, Thank you for the l
Martin Vowell, Sylma -03/28, 09:12 pm- Don, does you fender look
Hap Tucker in Sumter -03/28, 09:21 pm- Don, None of the 1923 US
Don Skille -03/29, 01:24 am- Hap, I think that I have
Which front wheel bearings?
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -03/28, 03:30 pm- Some of the parts dealers
Chad Marchees _____T -03/28, 04:51 pm- Well, I cant give any goo
Steve Redelman -03/28, 04:51 pm- Steve rollers are the bes
David Menzies -03/28, 05:37 pm- Ball bearings create less
Mike Walker, NW AR -03/28, 07:48 pm- In a former life, I had a
kep -03/29, 12:17 am- Use the ball bearings jus
Colin Mavins Winnipe -03/29, 01:11 am- Hello Steve Dad put rol
TT Frame Made by Rowe Company
Burger in Spokane -03/28, 01:47 pm- Interesting stuff. I gue
Jeff Livingston, Hon -03/28, 03:44 pm- Does anyone have photos o
Roger Gooding, Cryst -03/29, 12:43 am- Here are some of the TT t
Lonnie Ledbetter She -03/29, 12:58 am- I will go out take some c
Model T... the Tesla Model S of its time
Jerry Brancato -03/28, 02:40 pm- This article is a couple
Bernd Murrmann, Germ -03/28, 03:31 pm- During one of my test run
Thomas Mullin -03/29, 12:54 am- For an interesting compar
Old Photo - Ford Piquette Avenue Plant, Circa 1909
Mike Walker, NW AR -03/28, 11:54 am- Youre right, Tim, the Piq
Dave Wells, Hamilton -03/28, 02:14 pm- It truly is a most specia
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -03/28, 03:16 pm- For what its worth, that
Jon Crane -03/28, 08:43 pm- Jerry That certainly is a
Dave Wells, Hamilton -03/28, 11:35 pm- Jon, behind the photograp
Thomas Mullin -03/29, 12:46 am- I always thought those pi
Front Hub Threads
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -03/28, 10:04 am- There was also a hub thr
Roger Karlsson, sout -03/28, 10:15 am- Wayne Sheldon made a hub
John Zibell -03/28, 10:20 am- Ive re-sized front hub th
Roger Karlsson, sout -03/28, 10:28 am- Now thats an idea, John [
brass car guy -03/28, 10:38 am- I might suggest using the
Mike Walker, NW AR -03/28, 11:30 am- BCG -- Wouldnt that metho
John Zibell -03/28, 01:31 pm- I dont think Id use the v
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -03/28, 01:53 pm- The problem with the one-
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -03/28, 03:23 pm- Dave, Look closely at th
Dave Wilson, Saint J -03/28, 03:33 pm- Thanks guys for all your
R. S. Cruickshank -03/28, 06:39 pm- For what it is worth, I h
Gary London, Camaril -03/28, 10:10 pm- I have an early front hub
Martin Vowell, Sylma -03/28, 10:44 pm- I used a hub cap that I f
Royce in Georgetown  -03/28, 11:00 pm- Gary, I will fix it for
Sean Butler Huntingt -03/28, 11:50 pm- I had my hands on one of
Gary London, Camaril -03/29, 12:15 am- Thanks Royce, message sen
"The Race Of The Century" 2016, new alternative to the Gr...
Constantine in Austr -03/28, 10:22 am- Seth, as a matter of fact
Les Schubert -03/28, 10:34 am- Conatantine I sent you a
Eric Hylen- Central  -03/28, 01:53 pm- Well, the gentleman from
Constantine in Austr -03/28, 11:02 pm- Seth, funny you mention t
George n Los Angeles -03/28, 11:28 pm- Back in the early 70s in
George n Los Angeles -03/28, 11:41 pm- This is a 1910 Buick [191
Waiting for the SOS to approve title
Chris Olsen 40 miles -03/28, 11:33 pm- William--- The club presi
Firetruck overheating and at wits end
David Menzies -03/28, 10:51 pm- Does this fire truck have
Anti-freeze substitute???
Charlie B actually i -03/28, 09:46 am- James: are you saying yo
Charlie B actually i -03/28, 10:13 am- rad
Michael Garrison - R -03/28, 11:09 am- Charlie B, youre right on
Charlie B actually i -03/28, 02:28 pm- Believe it or not theres
Michael Garrison - R -03/28, 02:33 pm- I know. My Dad showed me
Roger Karlsson, sout -03/28, 02:54 pm- Ouch, ethylene glycole is
David Menzies -03/28, 05:53 pm- Some of the early farm bo
Mark Strange - Hills -03/28, 06:16 pm- Heres a discussion of Ker
James R. Booth, DeRi -03/28, 10:07 pm- It seems some are reading
Model N for sale
brass car guy -03/28, 07:56 pm- I sold a really nice 1912
Ed in California -03/28, 08:02 pm- Someone will scoop it up
Royce in Georgetown  -03/28, 08:26 pm- I think the N is fairly p
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -03/28, 09:18 pm- The Torpedo looks to me l
Richard Gould, Folso -03/28, 09:48 pm- Yea, 17K for the torpedo
Model T Railcar
Adam Corts -03/28, 01:25 pm- Hello All, I have a 1922
Burger in Spokane -03/28, 01:49 pm- Those I know with railcar
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -03/28, 02:08 pm- Yes, the Model T wheels f
Terry Woods, Richmon -03/28, 02:10 pm- Adam, I have no experienc
Steve Schmidt .....  -03/28, 02:10 pm- Here is a wheel supplier
Dave Dufault -03/28, 02:13 pm- Adam, Possibly some ideas
Steve Schmidt .....  -03/28, 02:14 pm- These are lightweight com
Adam Corts -03/28, 04:12 pm- [Model T Railcar.jpg] T
John Page -03/28, 04:46 pm- He being Henry Ford. Tha
Kevin Weeds -03/28, 06:02 pm- We have one still running
Benjamin Morgan - Mi -03/28, 07:10 pm- Im actually working on 19
Terry Woods, Richmon -03/28, 08:51 pm- The 17 plastic wheels are
Tim Eckensviller -03/28, 09:29 pm- Was there ever a conversi
Michael Thomas - Cen -03/28, 09:31 pm- The rail car guys come to
Coolest fender repair of all time
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -03/28, 04:28 pm- I spent yesterday out in
Bud Holzschuh - Pana -03/28, 05:47 pm- Strange place to keep you
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -03/28, 07:23 pm- Wind! Shingles were proba
Tim Eyssen - Abilene -03/28, 08:04 pm- Those fenders should be i
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -03/28, 09:04 pm- It will hopefully be in m
Chuck Hoffman - Moke -03/28, 09:29 pm- I think that fender needs
Craigslist ammunition cart
Herb Iffrig -03/28, 05:49 pm- http://stlouis.craigslist
Royce in Georgetown  -03/28, 07:25 pm- Seems like a good deal, a
charley shaver- libe -03/28, 08:37 pm- i could pull it with my 1
Transmission Bands
Jack Daron - Brownsb -03/28, 09:52 am- I would change to a strai
Les VonNordheim -03/28, 09:53 am- I and several of my frien
john kuehn -03/28, 10:02 am- I would drain it out and
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -03/28, 10:11 am- The cheapest 10W-30 or 10
John Zibell -03/28, 10:24 am- I use a non synthetic mot
Michael Garrison - R -03/28, 10:38 am- Marvel Mystery Oil. Or wa
Dave Wells, Hamilton -03/28, 11:22 am- I have found that special
Mike Walker, NW AR -03/28, 11:38 am- Or you might try adding s
Michael Garrison - R -03/28, 11:43 am- Mike Walker[:-]
Tim Eyssen - Abilene -03/28, 08:17 pm- Mike: How much is some. I
Old car videos
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -03/28, 07:36 pm- Thanks guys! I found it!!
Best Way to Clean the Gunk out of my Engine's Water Jacke...
David Tipton -03/28, 11:55 am- What are the best chemica
Mark Strange - Hills -03/28, 12:11 pm- This fine gentleman used
David Tipton -03/28, 03:13 pm- Has anyone use Evapo-Rust
Nathan Bright from C -03/28, 04:23 pm- x2 on CLR. I boiled mine
Mark Gregush Portlan -03/28, 07:03 pm- I have used Evapo-rust in
STAN HOWE . . looks like you've been hacked!!
Ross Benedict - Calg -03/28, 10:24 am- Dont open the Oprah site,
Ed in California -03/28, 10:42 am-
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -03/28, 11:55 am- Whatever this is, it sent
Royce in Georgetown  -03/28, 12:01 pm- I got it too - it had a l
Fred Schrope - Uplan -03/28, 12:08 pm- Like Ive said before i.e.
Jack Putnam, Bluffto -03/28, 06:35 pm- I know on thing for sure,
James Chochole, Oswe -03/28, 06:41 pm- It is called being spoofe
Mack Cole ---- Earth -03/28, 06:56 pm- Somehow my cousins insura
Adding frame horns for nerf bar (kinda) bumper
Nathan Bright from C -03/28, 04:54 pm- Hey folks, So as im buil
Roger Karlsson, sout -03/28, 06:21 pm- Clayton Paddison has fram
Texas T Distributor Problem
Jon Allen -03/28, 05:39 pm- Dennis and Everyone, What
T Doodlebug/Conversion Tractor Thread 2015 Part III
Ron in Central Massa -03/28, 03:39 pm- So the sickle bar for the
Fred Schrope - Uplan -03/28, 05:02 pm- I always called that a di
Any news on the MTFCA convention ?
Frank Harris from Lo -03/28, 02:24 pm- Our son Bill and his wife
Michael Snyder -03/28, 02:26 pm- Hey! Thats my 15! or how
Jerry Brancato -03/28, 02:35 pm- Nice car! Very nice. Im l
Frank Harris from Lo -03/28, 03:08 pm- Hey Jerry, I am a paid u
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -03/28, 03:09 pm- I like that car, but why
Warren F Rollins -03/28, 04:06 pm- Good observation! Probabl
How Do I My Engine Water Jacket
David Tipton -03/28, 10:56 am- What do I use to get my b
Hap Tucker in Sumter -03/28, 03:53 pm- David, Just looking at t
Front hub questions
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -03/28, 09:54 am- Looking into the encyclop
Royce in Georgetown  -03/28, 10:06 am- Larry, Yes, I am using b
Mike Walker, NW AR -03/28, 11:45 am- Dont forget to peen the h
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -03/28, 03:32 pm- Steve, If you dont care
OT - Finding relatives of Frank Kulick. Thank you MTFCA
Rob Heyen - Eastern  -03/28, 12:22 pm- Tom, My perception is tha
Tom Carnegie Spokane -03/28, 01:58 pm- Rob, you have obviously t
Tool O.T. Best rotory dremel type shop tool
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -03/28, 12:37 pm- Dremel is still American
David Dewey, N. Cali -03/28, 01:21 pm- Stan, Dumore is also Ame
Scared to drive my model T roadster pickup.
Randy Glowacki -03/28, 12:56 pm- Hi Wes, The problem you
1923 Coupe Door Interior
Bob Scherzer -03/28, 12:41 pm- This is a little late for
Bob Bergstadt.... Thank you !
brass car guy -03/28, 10:57 am- Just ordered some rear en
Featherlite trailers
Les VonNordheim -03/28, 10:19 am- I included Dexter 5K torq
High tension magneto alternatives
Les Schubert -03/28, 09:49 am- Roger My favorite is the
Roger Karlsson, sout -03/28, 09:59 am- Sure Splitdorf is among t
John McGinnis in San -03/28, 10:11 am- Here is a source of parts
Louisiana Lizzies???
Bill Obier -03/28, 09:55 am- John, I have a 26 Fordor
Larry Smith -03/28, 09:51 am- I use original Rocky Moun
Wanted Early Forged brake rods and Forged cam brake handle
Dennis Michaud -03/29, 09:40 am- BUMP
Wanted to buy Brass Head lamps
Dennis Michaud -03/29, 09:37 am- BUMP
Wanted - TT front mount
Justin H. - Western  -03/28, 11:54 am- Tom, a discussion came up
Mike Walker, NW AR -03/28, 12:24 pm- Those accessory 3-bolt pl
Justin H. - Western  -03/28, 12:48 pm- Yeah I agree Mike, I woul
Fred Miller, Sequim  -03/28, 06:47 pm- Justin the 9 leaf spring
Fred Miller, Sequim  -03/28, 06:52 pm- I almost forgot. The pict
Tom Strickling -03/28, 07:24 pm- Donnie Brown found severa
Donnie Brown North C -03/28, 10:42 pm- I have three extra, of th
Tom Strickling -03/29, 09:16 am- Thanks Donnie. I am inter
Sacramento, CA to anywhere enclosed Model T or other auto...
Freighter Jim -03/29, 06:35 am- April 7th Direct enclos
Why can't i get a good servicable crank?
Terry Woods, Richmon -03/28, 01:41 pm- Tony, He said the crank i
Frank van Ekeren (A -03/28, 05:18 pm- Whats he calling slightly
Terry Woods, Richmon -03/28, 08:31 pm- Apparently he doesnt know
Dennis Michaud -03/28, 10:38 pm- Put a new SCAT crank in i
Early 1912 Engine for sale
Dennis Michaud -03/28, 10:33 pm- BUMP
Hood shelves wanted
Tom Strickling -03/28, 10:03 pm- Looking for 1921 hood she
Wanted 26/27 Radiator shell
James A. Lightfoot -03/28, 04:11 pm- Looking for a nice Nickel
Terry Woods, Richmon -03/28, 09:54 pm- Theres one on Ebay right
1912 Engine For Sale in California
Layden Butler -03/28, 06:27 pm- Nice original unmolested
Layden Butler -03/28, 07:34 pm- Spoken for Thanks to MTFC
Low Hood
James A. Lightfoot -03/28, 04:17 pm- Hello, Do you still have
Craig Scott Fancher -03/28, 07:25 pm- Where are you located and
Wanted, Rear Hassler Double Shocks.
Will Copeland - Melb -03/28, 06:54 pm- bump
Wanted TT Rear Rims
James A. Lightfoot -03/28, 02:46 pm- Looking for some good TT
Justin H. - Western  -03/28, 03:41 pm- Jim, do you mean 23 rims
27' Touring for Sale - TN
William Fedak -03/28, 03:04 pm- Saw this on Craigslist in
For Sale 1925 Wisconsin Plates
James A. Lightfoot -03/28, 02:50 pm- Nice set of 1925 Wisconsi
For Sale: 1926 Model T Roadster Pickup
Patty Farrell -03/28, 12:27 pm- 1926 Model T Roadster Pic
Universal Cylinder Reboring Tool
Adam Doleshal -03/28, 12:11 pm- $500 if picked up here in
Adam Doleshal -03/28, 12:13 pm- [DSC01537.JPG]
Adam Doleshal -03/28, 12:15 pm- Another photo. [DSC01539
For sale: 1922 Model T Brassy Runabout
Patty Farrell -03/28, 12:14 pm- 1922 Model T Brassy Runab
Pair of Disteel disc wheel front hubs for sale
Adam Doleshal -03/28, 12:06 pm- Pair of Disteel disc whee
Car For Sale, beuatiful 1924 convertible modle T burgundy...
Ronald Aronds -03/28, 11:16 am- For some reason this site
Mark Strange - Hills -03/28, 12:05 pm- For this site, the file s
For Sale: 1926 Model T Roadster Pickup
Patty Farrell -03/28, 11:46 am- Model T Roadster pickup f
'26-'27 Running Boards
Marvin Konrad -03/28, 11:38 am- Bump
Ready-to-Run Rolling Chassis
Marvin Konrad -03/28, 11:37 am- Bump
1914 Kingston 4 Ball Carburetor
Ed in California -03/28, 10:21 am- Sold
KR Wilson W31 pan straigtening jig
jay skinner -03/28, 10:20 am- For Sale K R Wilson T
Oil filler cap wanted
Larry Smith -03/28, 10:04 am- Royce, if you look at the
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