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Model T Ford Forum
Forum 2016
What have you done? December 2016
Mike Bender Tulsa Ok -12/10, 07:57 pm- Worked on my three lever,
Corey Walker, Browns -12/10, 09:15 pm- Mike, Ive been trying to
Donnie Brown North C -12/10, 09:30 pm- Mike, I got another look
Philip Berg -12/10, 10:13 pm- No pictures but today I t
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -12/11, 12:56 am- [IMG_0665 copy.JPG] Not
Dean Yoder, Iowa Cit -12/11, 04:38 am- cleaned and weighed rods,
Canadian car details
Jim Kelsey -12/10, 12:44 pm- Allen: What do you mean
Steve Tomaso - Longb -12/10, 01:39 pm- As in an assembly - rivet
John Page -12/10, 01:59 pm- [3.jpg] [2.jpg]
Jim Kelsey -12/11, 03:18 am- Here is link to an eBay l
Should I spring for Kevlar or use Cotton?
Philip Berg -12/10, 10:17 pm- Looks like Carl needs som
Jason Given - St. Pa -12/10, 10:42 pm- if I had them, I would us
Val Soupios -12/10, 11:02 pm- Depends on how much you e
John Noonan - Norton -12/10, 11:24 pm- Philip, I had the origina
Gene Carrothers Hunt -12/11, 02:58 am- I like Wood
Frank van Ekeren (A -12/11, 03:02 am- WOOD!!! no more than just
1913 Touring Hardware Questions
Benjamin Morgan - Me -12/10, 08:03 pm- Just a catchup post. Aft
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -12/11, 01:59 am- Nice! Thanks for the upda
Old Photo - Model T Era - Main Street, Wall, South Dakota
Jay - In Northern Ca -12/10, 09:50 am- [Main Street Wall South D
Layden Butler -12/10, 02:05 pm- Where is the Drug Store?
Burger in Spokane -12/10, 02:09 pm- The tourists are there !
Bill Alexander in Al -12/10, 06:58 pm- When was the Wall Drug st
Kevin Whelihan Danbu -12/10, 07:03 pm- I think the Wall Drug tha
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -12/11, 12:28 am- I first went into Wall Dr
Old Photo - The Youngest Wears The Most Hand-me-downs
Rick J. Gunter -- Sp -12/10, 09:10 pm- Handed down for the third
John C Codman -12/11, 12:26 am- I was the youngest of fou
Model T Ford Club of Facebook
James G Fisher III P -12/10, 07:54 am- My doctor says I cant fac
Gilbert V. I. Fitzhu -12/10, 08:09 am- When people see my face i
Ed in California -12/10, 08:28 am-
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -12/10, 09:48 am- Henry, I agree with you.
Pat Kelly Montana -12/10, 10:56 am- Facebook is where the nex
Royce in Dallas TX -12/10, 11:00 am- Terry, I totally agree w
Marv Konrad (Green B -12/10, 11:30 am- For those of my generatio
Tim Lloid -12/10, 11:33 am- Rat rods and or Hot Rods
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -12/10, 11:35 am- [the-twitter-future.jpg]
Norman T. Kling -12/10, 11:40 am- I looked at Eds attachmen
Freighter Jim -12/10, 12:01 pm- When the inter web came
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -12/10, 02:23 pm- From their page: We are
Zachary Dillinger -  -12/10, 02:51 pm- I left that group because
Terry Woods, Richmon -12/10, 03:32 pm- Zach, were you referring
Mark Osterman -12/10, 03:47 pm- The one thing that is goo
thomas elliott nw pa -12/10, 03:53 pm- The politics of cars, For
Burger in Spokane -12/10, 04:08 pm- Sitting in class one day
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -12/10, 04:08 pm- A lot of guys who are new
Walter Higgins -12/10, 04:20 pm- One of the most useful, a
Ed Baudoux Grayling  -12/10, 04:49 pm- If you dont like the cont
Zachary Dillinger -  -12/10, 05:17 pm- Terry, yes, that was the
David Dewey, N. Cali -12/10, 05:28 pm- The Steamboat crowd has p
Terry Woods, Richmon -12/10, 05:41 pm- Thomas, You are exactly r
Tom Lovejoy, So Cal -12/11, 12:19 am- I like it for quick fix o
Recharging magnets
Bruce Compton -12/10, 06:13 pm- I recall seeing a video t
Mark Strange - Hills -12/10, 07:47 pm-
Robert Brough -12/10, 08:50 pm- My son and I are doing ou
Bruce Compton -12/11, 12:08 am- Thanks Mark, thats the on
New (to me) hand crank tester
John Housego (United -12/10, 10:26 am- Hello folks, I have been
John Housego (United -12/10, 10:37 am- Trying once more time bef
Jay - In Northern Ca -12/10, 10:39 am- Sorry Im having trouble s
Jay - In Northern Ca -12/10, 10:41 am- Better! Nice unit!
Larry Smith, Lomita, -12/10, 11:34 am- I believe yours is made b
Norman T. Kling -12/10, 11:43 am- Should say Hand Crank Coi
James A. Golden -12/10, 04:00 pm- I restored on of those th
James A. Golden -12/10, 04:05 pm- One more correction solve
Ron Patterson-Nichol -12/10, 06:15 pm- If you contact me I can h
Thomas Mullin -12/11, 12:01 am- Ron, you wouldnt know th
Loose drip rail
Val Soupios -12/10, 05:21 pm- The drip rail on my Cente
Jack Daron - Brownsb -12/10, 05:31 pm- On a solid but much used
David Dewey, N. Cali -12/10, 06:24 pm- Val, I would not use J B
Val Soupios -12/10, 10:00 pm- Thanks David, that sound
David Dewey, N. Cali -12/10, 11:43 pm- Val, Ive used quick poly
My "new" 1923 Runabout
Mark Osterman -12/10, 08:29 pm- I brought home my new T t
Mark Osterman -12/10, 08:30 pm- [IMG_0800.JPG]
Mark Osterman -12/10, 08:32 pm- [IMG_0799.JPG]
Mark Osterman -12/10, 08:33 pm- [IMG_0801.JPG]
Mark Osterman -12/10, 08:34 pm- [IMG_0804.JPG]
Tim Lloid -12/10, 08:35 pm- What a great car. Great p
Mark Osterman -12/10, 08:35 pm- [IMG_0805.JPG]
Mark Osterman -12/10, 08:36 pm- [IMG_0806.JPG]
Mark Osterman -12/10, 08:38 pm- [IMG_0807.JPG]
Mark Osterman -12/10, 08:39 pm- [IMG_0808.JPG]
ken bechtel -12/10, 08:44 pm- Mark ,I really like the p
Mark Osterman -12/10, 08:51 pm- I do have many others as
David Hagerty -12/10, 09:12 pm- Im thinking the garage ha
Mark Osterman -12/10, 09:15 pm- My last T was a 1919 ...
John Noonan - Norton -12/10, 09:55 pm- Great car Mark. Whats you
Richard Eagle Idaho  -12/10, 10:15 pm- That is a terrific car bu
Burger in Spokane -12/10, 10:28 pm- Why are you breaking this
Duey_C -12/10, 11:22 pm- Wowee! Now thats what my
OT - I drove a Stanley Steamer today
Joe Fedullo, Milford -12/10, 03:06 pm- I had no idea there were
Richard Eagle Idaho  -12/10, 04:50 pm- Joe, this isnt your car i
Ed Baudoux Grayling  -12/10, 04:55 pm- Joe, Ill hold to to your
Joe Fedullo, Milford -12/10, 10:55 pm- Richard, I stared at tha
Fourth picture of dads buzz saw
Herb Iffrig -12/10, 08:33 am- Ron states in the first p
Ron Satzler (Illinoi -12/10, 11:33 am- Stephen, Why do you assu
Ron in Central Massa -12/10, 12:27 pm- Ron - I consolidated all
Frank Harris from Lo -12/10, 03:49 pm- There is a limit of 200 K
Ron Satzler (Illinoi -12/10, 09:07 pm- Thanks Frank
Dan B -12/10, 10:46 pm- Enter the phrase posting
How would you fix this?
Mark Osterman -12/10, 08:04 pm- Have some rust that is pa
Richard E Moore Jr.  -12/10, 08:25 pm- Weld it and lead
Ted Dumas -12/10, 08:44 pm- You can take the inside d
Rick J. Gunter -- Sp -12/10, 08:49 pm- Usually places like that
Mark Osterman -12/10, 08:55 pm- Was thinking of casting a
Burger in Spokane -12/10, 08:57 pm- Just say no to fiberglass
Mark Osterman -12/10, 08:57 pm- Anyone out there with a s
Ignacio Valdes -12/10, 09:00 pm- Form a new steel patch th
Herb Iffrig -12/10, 09:11 pm- I dont see that you say w
Mark Osterman -12/10, 09:13 pm- Ignacio ... sure wish you
tim moore, "Island C -12/10, 09:32 pm- Bondo does not fix holes,
David Hagerty -12/10, 09:32 pm- Mark, I like your idea to
Ted Dumas -12/10, 10:15 pm- Skip a few trips out for
Burger in Spokane -12/10, 10:24 pm- Ive been in the shop weld
Help to identify center main bearing cap
Harvey Cash - Winnem -12/10, 06:19 pm- My engine has developed a
gene french -12/10, 07:09 pm- Harvey: you have an adj
joe bell -12/10, 07:24 pm- harvey, The problem that
Harvey Cash - Winnem -12/10, 07:51 pm- I guess my next question
tim moore, "Island C -12/10, 08:00 pm- I took one of those out o
Ted Dumas -12/10, 08:50 pm- Tighten the bolts on the
Jack Putnam, Bluffto -12/10, 09:24 pm- That adjustable center ma
1926 Factory Original Roadster Pickup
Richard Williams, Hu -12/10, 07:42 pm- I am building a recreatio
Dan Treace, North FL -12/10, 09:23 pm- Have seen only a few plai
Holley G throttle plate source?
Corey Walker, Browns -12/10, 01:59 pm- Ive got this carburetor a
R.V. Anderson -12/10, 02:09 pm- The choke and throttle ar
Richard Gould, Folso -12/10, 02:26 pm- If not, you can purchase
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -12/10, 02:56 pm- The openings on both carb
Corey Walker, Browns -12/10, 03:17 pm- OK thanks. I guess now I
Mark Strange - Hills -12/10, 07:57 pm- If you have to buy a lot
Corey Walker, Browns -12/10, 09:13 pm- Im only missing the spray
Spark plug compression test adapter and plug torque
Robert Brough -12/10, 07:35 pm- Just got off the phone wi
David Dewey, N. Cali -12/10, 08:30 pm- TT, The amount of threads
Ted Dumas -12/10, 08:36 pm- I used a dial tire gage a
Mark Strange - Hills -12/10, 09:03 pm- I was always taught to in
1913 - 1914 Front Fender Irons Question
Bill Elliott -12/10, 05:48 pm- Hats off to you, Benjamin
Benjamin Morgan - Me -12/10, 07:53 pm- Thanks Bill. Probably be
Bulb horn reed adjustment
Steve Schmidt .....  -12/10, 07:14 pm- Hi All, Can someone tell
Mark Strange - Hills -12/10, 07:43 pm-
Dan Treace, North FL -12/10, 07:46 pm- Have seen it done with a
Wire Wheel repair on my '26 Roadster
David Dewey, N. Cali -12/10, 05:59 pm- Jack, your solution is fi
tim moore, "Island C -12/10, 07:33 pm- I have fixed them with br
Looking to buy a Bosch front plate distributor assembly
Les Schubert -12/10, 05:11 pm- I was just looking around
Ed in California -12/10, 06:13 pm-
Mark Chaffin......Co -12/10, 07:05 pm- Les, Dad is having new o
Les Schubert -12/10, 07:20 pm- Thank you Ed and Mark
My dad's model T buzz saw
Kenneth W DeLong -12/10, 09:08 am- Thank you for the picture
Ron in Central Massa -12/10, 09:29 am- Lets see if I cant all of
Ron in Central Massa -12/10, 09:34 am- Ron Satzler - if youre h
Mark Lynn -12/10, 07:01 pm- Neat story, thank you for
1912 Model T for sale
Laurie Sampson -12/10, 06:14 pm- [10 Model T.jpg] Thanks
David Dewey, N. Cali -12/10, 06:23 pm- Laurie, Dont let anyone m
Timing Gear
Richard E Moore Jr.  -12/10, 06:33 am- I bought one the other da
Les Schubert -12/10, 10:13 am- On my 27 roadster that I
Charlie B actually i -12/10, 10:41 am- Some of the guys like the
George Mills_Cherry  -12/10, 01:42 pm- Ah Les? Did you have th
David Sullivan -12/10, 02:54 pm- From back in the OLD days
George Mills_Cherry  -12/10, 03:20 pm- Thanks Dave... Ive been
Les Schubert -12/10, 03:44 pm- [IMG_1661.JPG] [IMG_1662
George Mills_Cherry  -12/10, 04:30 pm- Thanks Les, Cant tell if
Les Schubert -12/10, 05:16 pm- George Im going to guess
David Dewey, N. Cali -12/10, 06:03 pm- Fiber gears were quiet, w
Old Photo - Pearly Gates Express Wagon
David Dewey, N. Cali -12/10, 06:03 pm- Guy gets in a cab and the
Ebay Find - Accessory Skis
Philip Berg -12/10, 04:05 pm- Found these searching eba
Layden Butler -12/10, 04:09 pm- Would likely fit your bug
Kohnke Rebabbitting, -12/10, 05:37 pm- Yes, they are buggy only!
I guess my schooling starts
Hap Tucker in Sumter -12/10, 08:11 am- James, The made in China
James G Fisher III P -12/10, 01:51 pm- Hi Hap, Thanks for the in
George Mills_Cherry  -12/10, 04:45 pm- I am usually an open supp
Old Dobbin and the Model T-Photo
Herb Iffrig -12/10, 09:05 am- [old dobbin.jpg]
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -12/10, 09:23 am- [701262.jpg] There are s
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -12/10, 09:42 am- Looks like theyve been sp
Rich Bingham -12/10, 11:39 am- That horse is mighty old.
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -12/10, 12:36 pm- Sadly true Rich. I feel s
Layden Butler -12/10, 01:56 pm- Dont feel sorry for that
Dennis Seth - Jeffer -12/10, 01:59 pm- And just think of how man
John Semprez-Templet -12/10, 04:18 pm- My Dads family had a hors
Transmission question
Richard Gould, Folso -12/10, 03:22 pm- I agree. Its a lot of tr
Ft cam bearing
Richard Gould, Folso -12/10, 03:16 pm- The notch is not for oil.
Tom Carey -12/10, 03:20 pm- Thanks, now I know.
Old Photo - Model T Era - Street Scene, Gibley, Iowa
Jay - In Northern Ca -12/10, 09:52 am- [Street Scene, Gibley, Io
Dave Ireland, Montro -12/10, 10:11 am- I believe the town is Sib
Tim Lloid -12/10, 12:17 pm- Can anyone tell the year
Darel J. Leipold -12/10, 12:29 pm- The 1818 is not the date.
Hap Tucker in Sumter -12/10, 01:06 pm- Tim, If we had a better
Clayton Swanson -12/10, 02:48 pm- there used to be a good j
Tim Lloid -12/10, 03:01 pm- Hap, thanks for the infor
Old Photo T-Tanker
Chris Landry, Hudson -12/10, 09:47 am- I guess nobody worried ab
Larry Smith, Lomita, -12/10, 11:42 am- Many of the buildings in
Mark Gregush Portlan -12/10, 11:50 am- The rear axle might have
Burger in Spokane -12/10, 02:07 pm- By the looks of this last
Old Photo - Model T Era - Main Street, Roseau, Minn.
Jay - In Northern Ca -12/10, 09:48 am- [Main Street, Roseau, Min
Tim Lloid -12/10, 11:59 am- I would like to have some
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -12/10, 12:33 pm- I like the single street
Brian Eliason....... -12/10, 01:19 pm- Is that a gas pump or som
Dennis Seth - Jeffer -12/10, 01:40 pm- I really like all these o
Layden Butler -12/10, 01:51 pm- Brian Looks like RED CROW
Burger in Spokane -12/10, 02:00 pm- I have one of those stree
Rear wheel mounting bracket ideas for Speedster please?
Rob Patterson. Austr -12/10, 01:51 pm- Thanks for answering Gent
Old Photo - Hey! Your Shoe Lace Is Untied!!
Jay - In Northern Ca -12/10, 09:55 am- [H03017a.jpg] Look Ma...
Tim Lloid -12/10, 11:43 am- Good picture.. Recon the
Mark Gregush Portlan -12/10, 12:00 pm- The steering column looks
Bill Dugger -12/10, 12:56 pm- Jay: The pictures are gr
Wheel respoking
Bill Anziani -12/10, 10:05 am- I have a few damaged/chip
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -12/10, 10:53 am-  Andersonís Wooden Wheel
Bill Anziani -12/10, 12:27 pm- Thank you Mr. Jelf
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -12/10, 12:52 pm- If you wait until Hallowe
Thoughts on the source of the leak?
keith g barrier Sava -12/10, 06:15 am- With cast iron it is poss
Charlie Dill in Stam -12/10, 09:15 am- Im enjoying the various p
Corey Walker, Browns -12/10, 12:11 pm- Just a suggestion, Id cle
1916 Top Notes and Questions
Brendan Doughty Cent -12/10, 08:15 am- These are photos of the b
Larry Smith, Lomita, -12/10, 11:53 am- Cover the bows with bow-d
Shifting Warford Transmission
George schmidt -12/10, 10:22 am- Mark, Gene, Jim and Chris
Chris Bamford, Edmon -12/10, 11:50 am- George, that might be an
Sharing videos
tommy coffey -12/10, 09:52 am- I plan to have my wife vi
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -12/10, 10:59 am- Try a piece of foam rubbe
Has anybody ever seen a Model T gas tank seat?
Darren J Wallace, Wo -12/10, 09:27 am- Neatest thing Ive seen in
Jay - In Northern Ca -12/10, 09:42 am- Tanks a lot for the post!
Mark Gregush Portlan -12/10, 10:53 am- The Jan-Feb 2000 issue of
Need a little help here
Steve Addington -12/10, 09:18 am- Have any of you fellas re
Jim Sims--Reed City, -12/10, 10:39 am- I am doing the same thing
Howling rear conundrum
Bruce Compton -12/10, 10:32 am- Just to update this saga,
Satzler Doodlebug
Ron in Central Massa -12/10, 10:07 am- Here are the pictures of
Old Photo - Model T Era - Springport, Michigan
Jay - In Northern Ca -12/10, 09:46 am- [cbn gsqq2xzA.jpg]
Seal for Gas Fittings
keith g barrier Sava -12/10, 06:08 am- Felt works fine, use a pi
Dan Killecut -12/10, 06:28 am- Use a compression fitting
Jeff Perkins / St. C -12/10, 07:39 am- I have always used a stee
Kevin Whelihan Danbu -12/10, 07:59 am- Use the neoprene washer a
Royce in Dallas TX -12/10, 09:42 am- Ive always used steel lin
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -12/10, 09:43 am- Loctite 567. Best ever, g
Someone Needed in Central IL to Check Out Some T's
Marty Bufalini - Gro -12/10, 09:41 am- Is there anyone who lives
Row of T"s-Photo- Military Model t's
Herb Iffrig -12/10, 09:03 am- [row of ts.jpg] Looks
Peerless radiator shell question
Mark Osterman -12/10, 08:42 am- I had a Peerless honeycom
Front Spring Eye to Eye Dimension
Joe Andulics -12/10, 07:29 am- BTT
Dan Treace, North FL -12/10, 08:19 am- Eye to eye, front T sprin
Joe Andulics -12/10, 08:40 am- Thanks, thats what i was
Found a T , parts
Herb Iffrig -12/10, 08:28 am- From the photos it looks
Royce in Dallas TX -12/10, 08:28 am- Someone made the side cur
1916 Touring on Ebay, nowI
James G Fisher III P -12/10, 07:58 am- Terry I was hoping the T
Charlie B actually i -12/10, 08:27 am- Ive seen the car in perso
1926 Fordor restore...another winter project
Don Booth@ Bay City, -12/10, 05:13 am- Thanks much Tim, it is si
Dave Huson, Berthoud -12/11, 01:06 am- I was putting away some s
Dave Huson, Berthoud -12/11, 12:58 am- Reverse Drum has been sol
Dave Huson, Berthoud -12/10, 01:58 pm- Ignacio: I hope this is t
Dave Huson, Berthoud -12/10, 02:00 pm- Late L-4 Kingston: [pic
Ignacio Valdes -12/10, 03:53 pm- Hi Dave, yes that looks l
Ignacio Valdes -12/10, 09:02 pm- Dave do you take credit c
Dave Huson, Berthoud -12/11, 12:38 am- Ignacio: Sorry I dont tak
Early Slow Speed Notch and Cam Wanted
David Martin -12/10, 11:35 pm- Bump...
Bruce McCalley's Model T Encyclopedia available on CD's...
Leroy G. Brandon -12/10, 10:49 pm- Bruce McCalleys Model T E
FREE TT frames
Tyrone Thomas - Tope -12/10, 04:49 pm- Having to move. Need to g
Gary Blake, Kansas C -12/10, 10:30 pm- Hi Tyrone. Ill take them.
Wanted low radiator
Michael Duffy -12/10, 10:09 pm- Story about our annual po
1923 Speedster For Sale - Dallas, TX $12,000
Kathy Harris - Garla -12/10, 08:30 pm- Bump
Used Upholstery for 1913 Touring FOR SALE
James J. Lyons III - -12/10, 05:40 pm- I am in the process of up
Benjamin Morgan - Me -12/10, 07:01 pm- Pmed you
James J. Lyons III - -12/10, 07:12 pm- The upholstery is sold...
Benjamin Morgan - Me -12/10, 07:41 pm- Dangit! Thanks anyway.
Wooden reproduction coilbox wanted
Dennis Michaud -12/10, 05:56 pm- To the TOP
Carbide generator top half For Sale
Layden Butler -12/10, 03:28 pm- Nice original, greater ye
Ruckstell axle front shift lever For Sale
Layden Butler -12/10, 03:12 pm- Sold Thanks to MTFCA
Richard E Moore Jr.  -12/10, 06:37 am- Dave. Do you have any ac
Dave Huson, Berthoud -12/10, 07:58 am- Richard: I do have new sm
Richard E Moore Jr.  -12/10, 02:01 pm- Pm me when you know and a
Dave Huson, Berthoud -12/10, 02:10 pm- Richard: I have loads of
Choke rods
Bill Anziani -12/10, 10:10 am- Have two original choke r
William Fedak -12/10, 10:58 am- Bill sent you a p.m. Tha
Bob's pre holliday sale
ROBERT BERGSTADT -12/10, 10:55 am- A few last minute special
WTB Aux Foot Throttle!
Bob Richmon - Richmo -12/10, 07:49 am- John, Ill keep you posted
Steve Tomaso - Longb -12/10, 10:35 am- I have one that is a copy
Manifold clamps for sale
Bill Anziani -12/10, 10:07 am- Have four Ford script int
WTB Transmission brake drum for 1924
Robert Lawson-Kingst -12/10, 09:08 am- Dave: This is Robert who
WTB Small Fuel Tanker
Mike Walker, NW AR -12/10, 07:49 am- Donnie -- Bill said hes g
Wtb Ruxtell shifter and rod
Richard E Moore Jr.  -12/10, 07:17 am- Bump
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