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Model T Ford Forum
Forum 2014
New engine oil available 40-70
Royce in Georgetown  -04/24, 07:11 am- 50 weight oil is fine if
R. S. Cruickshank -04/25, 12:56 am- Has anyone else used ROTE
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -04/25, 01:52 am- I have used 15W-40 Rotell
Constantine -04/25, 02:42 am- Hi David, If the 40w-70
MTFCA 2014 National Tour
Bob Bishop, San Dieg -04/24, 01:45 pm- Correction: My reference
Gene Carrothers Hunt -04/24, 05:02 pm- I hope the tour goes up t
Norman T. Kling -04/24, 05:08 pm- Yes we will go to Point L
R. S. Cruickshank -04/25, 01:11 am- I hate to be a wet noodle
Ken Findlay -04/25, 02:36 am- R. S. Cruickshank I live
OT: Help wanted with Marvel Model E carb leak
Chris Bamford, Edmon -04/24, 08:12 pm- Thanks everyone, for your
Craig Anderson, cent -04/25, 02:03 am- So it WAS the easy fix...
T Day Trip Pictures
Dan Killecut -04/24, 06:25 am- Dave, nice videos, thanks
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -04/24, 07:42 am- Good pics. Those look lik
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -04/24, 08:57 am- Dan -- I love your pictur
Dan Killecut -04/24, 07:21 pm- Hal, We take dirt roads w
Darren J Wallace -04/24, 08:29 pm- What a great looking car!
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -04/25, 01:58 am- Love that T, you all may
Amount of press fit between wood felloe and rim
Paul Vitko -04/24, 10:10 am- Can someone tell me what
Gene Carrothers Hunt -04/24, 06:56 pm- Paul, Both of my front ri
Paul Vitko -04/24, 10:03 pm- Thanks Gene, mine is 27/8
Art Wilson -04/25, 01:53 am- We worked all day Wednesd
Show Me your favorite T Highway
Dean Yoder -04/24, 10:31 pm- This is Mine The Dempster
HARRY A DAW -04/24, 10:35 pm- River road between Hamilt
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -04/24, 11:19 pm- There are several. One is
Chris Olsen -04/25, 12:26 am- Harry, Ive been on that r
Dean Yoder -04/25, 12:26 am- Steve, I have traveled th
Chris Olsen -04/25, 12:30 am- [cruise.jpg] One of the
Harold Schwendeman - -04/25, 01:07 am- Steve & Dean - My wif
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -04/25, 01:43 am- Some great roads in our n
OT? Kingston Regenerator Manifold
Martin Vowell, Sylma -04/25, 01:30 am- If you want to look at th
Speedster Radius Rods ???? who made them...
Donnie Brown -04/24, 09:59 pm- I have this set of radius
Donnie Brown -04/24, 10:03 pm- [IMG_9076.jpg] [IMG_9077.
Donnie Brown -04/24, 10:05 pm- Here is the first stage m
ex trooper -04/24, 11:29 pm- Mine are home made. I use
Ed in California -04/24, 11:43 pm- They are called Common Se
Chris Olsen -04/25, 12:36 am- Thanks for those pics Tro
Shims for connecting rods
Jim B Boyer -04/24, 08:23 pm- Hi guise, I recently boug
Roger Karlsson, sout -04/24, 08:35 pm- Heat helps separate them.
Jack Daron - Brownsb -04/24, 08:50 pm- Just touch the edge again
Norman T. Kling -04/24, 09:30 pm- Use a razor blade. Norm
Kohnke Rebabbitting -04/24, 11:57 pm- Hold one end with a plier
This looks like fun
Tony Bowker -04/24, 12:04 pm- Does anyone know what the
Seth from NC -04/24, 12:10 pm- I bet the extra lever is
Keith Townsend ; ^ ) -04/24, 02:17 pm- Power take off : ^
Harold Schwendeman - -04/24, 02:25 pm- Actually, the two old Him
Joe Van -04/24, 02:33 pm- I suspect this is the sam
Jeff Hood -04/24, 02:46 pm- I was thinking it might b
Mark Gregush Portlan -04/24, 11:53 pm- I looked at an ad for the
1909 block vs 1910 block
Royce in Georgetown  -04/24, 07:06 am- Gary, The mold patterns
Tim Morsher -04/24, 09:56 am- In my opinion, the round
Mark Gregush Portlan -04/24, 11:27 am- Darel also asked about th
charley shaver -04/24, 12:45 pm- Alan! what round boss are
Tim Morsher -04/24, 01:03 pm- click the link Phil poste
charley shaver -04/24, 02:17 pm- Tim. you are on the wrong
Keith Townsend ; ^ ) -04/24, 03:39 pm- Alan- Pictures?
Mark Stewart -Calif. -04/24, 05:54 pm- Ive noticed that from the
Bob Trevan - Austral -04/24, 07:06 pm- Pictured are 2 1910s i re
Royce in Georgetown  -04/24, 10:21 pm- It could be Ford had some
David Chantrell - Ad -04/24, 11:45 pm- Here is an early closed v
Fording a bridge-Photo
Herb Iffrig -04/24, 09:15 pm- [Fording a bridge.jpg res
A. J. "Art" Bell -04/24, 09:55 pm- Hey Herb You might say t
Herb Iffrig -04/24, 09:58 pm- Well then Art they must h
A. J. "Art" Bell -04/24, 10:18 pm- Hmmm you may be right
Mark Gregush Portlan -04/24, 11:43 pm- They would be bridging a
Wiper blade ?
ken bechtel -04/24, 08:38 pm- my 24 tudor has a hole in
Terry Woods, Richmon -04/24, 08:48 pm- If it is too big for a ha
ken bechtel -04/24, 08:59 pm- I may have screwed up! I
Jim Thode Chehalis W -04/24, 09:04 pm- Ken, You dont really need
ken bechtel -04/24, 09:14 pm- I just wish I would have
Terry Woods, Richmon -04/24, 09:52 pm- Ken, Most Ace hardwares,
Floyd Voie - Chehali -04/24, 11:08 pm- Ken, When I inquired at C
Rick Goelz-Knoxville -04/24, 11:24 pm- Ken, the wiper on the clo
HI, anyone selling a Ford Charcoal Grill with box?
Anthony Ventrice -04/24, 11:02 pm- HI I am looking for a #20
Anthony Ventrice -04/24, 11:00 pm- PLease help me locate the
Where can I find a 11/16 X 4-1/2 inch bolt grade 5 or 8
Donnie Brown -04/24, 10:35 pm- I received the bolts from
HARRY A DAW -04/24, 10:39 pm- What about Fasinall or a
HARRY A DAW -04/24, 10:50 pm- Some Detroit diesels use
Watkins Remedies-Photo
Herb Iffrig -04/24, 10:22 pm- [Watkins remedies.jpg res
Two good views of a 1915 roadste-Photos
Herb Iffrig -04/24, 08:09 pm- [1915 left.jpg] [1915 rig
Dave DeYoung ....... -04/24, 08:15 pm- One of those pics is reve
Jim Thode Chehalis W -04/24, 08:36 pm- The second photo is rever
Max L. Christenson -04/24, 08:41 pm- Probably reversed. Also
Jim Thode Chehalis W -04/24, 09:00 pm- Max, Simple printing with
Royce in Georgetown  -04/24, 10:08 pm- Heres the second photo co
OT - Stromberg OE-1 Caeb. ID
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -04/24, 06:16 pm- I have a Stromberg OE-1 c
Terry Woods, Richmon -04/24, 07:04 pm- Im sure Stan Howe can. I
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -04/24, 07:18 pm- Thanks Terry. Keith
Evan Mason -04/24, 07:20 pm- Series 11 Franklin 1925-1
Ed in California -04/24, 08:46 pm- also Studebaker 1923
Terry Woods, Richmon -04/24, 08:51 pm- As you can see from the p
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -04/24, 09:50 pm- Studebaker light six, Hup
Looking for repop Canadian 26-27 grill shell
Robert Mclellan -04/24, 10:13 am- It is my understanding th
Terry Woods, Richmon -04/24, 10:55 am- Robert, I dont know of a
Robert Mclellan -04/24, 12:48 pm- Thanks Terry, the shell i
Tom Miller, Mostly i -04/24, 03:01 pm- Robert, I have the very
Jim Kelsey -04/24, 09:15 pm- I am sorry, but i do not
Ford on the rocks-Photo with early license plate
Herb Iffrig -04/24, 09:12 pm- [Ford on the rocks.jpg re
Ring & Pinion
Gary Gregory -04/24, 06:31 pm- Rebuilding the rear end o
Philip Berg -04/24, 06:42 pm- I experienced the same wh
Rick Goelz-Knoxville -04/24, 07:43 pm- Gary, look at where the c
Gary Gregory -04/24, 08:00 pm- Thanks Rick but it clunks
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -04/24, 08:13 pm- Do you have a pinion toot
Gary Gregory -04/24, 08:32 pm- makes the sound
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -04/24, 09:01 pm- Could it be ten sounds pe
Springs - taper leaves and Poly-Slip
Jem Bowkett -04/24, 04:46 pm- In the process of overhau
Jack Daron - Brownsb -04/24, 04:51 pm- I used teflon strips in o
Jem Bowkett -04/24, 06:03 pm- Did you just use teflon t
Jack Daron - Brownsb -04/24, 06:48 pm- I went to a plastic suppl
Mark Gregush Portlan -04/24, 07:31 pm- Later V8 may have used ta
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -04/24, 08:25 pm-
Dan B -04/24, 05:47 am- What did that to your han
Hap Tucker in Sumter -04/24, 06:36 am- Dave, Im so sorry that h
Seth from NC -04/24, 06:43 am- Hap I cant crank with my
mike dixon -04/24, 06:58 am- uhhhh, all the more reaso
G.R.Cheshire -04/24, 07:25 am- UGGGGGHHH! As my daughter
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -04/24, 07:30 am- Dave, Sorry that happened
Bob Coiro -04/24, 08:55 am- Wishing you a speedy reco
Tim Wrenn -04/24, 09:06 am- Dave, sure hope youll men
Kenneth W DeLong -04/24, 09:17 am- Dave,I hope you only have
Ricks - Surf City -04/24, 09:22 am- Sooner or later...
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -04/24, 09:58 am- At least you know what ha
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -04/24, 10:06 am- Silly boy. Not only did y
Dave Wells -04/24, 10:21 am- Install a distributor Mik
A. Gustaf Bryngelson -04/24, 10:29 am- I sometimes forget to ret
Charlie B actually i -04/24, 10:29 am- Im just glad the picture
Ed in California -04/24, 10:30 am- [363112.jpg]
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -04/24, 10:53 am- Weve been through all thi
Ed in California -04/24, 11:25 am- You forgot to lean on the
Charlie B actually i -04/24, 11:40 am- I dont know why but when
Norman T. Kling -04/24, 11:46 am- I prime right handed and
John Aldrich Orting  -04/24, 11:58 am- Hand cranking is new to m
David Dewey, N. Cali -04/24, 12:06 pm- Im left handed, so cranki
Steve Tomaso - Milto -04/24, 01:08 pm- I am also left handed and
brass car guy -04/24, 01:37 pm- Left handed cranking by l
Jim Thode Chehalis W -04/24, 01:56 pm- Brasscarguy, It is not th
Mack Cole ---- Earth -04/24, 02:04 pm- I am so sorry to see anyb
David Kriegel Mishaw -04/24, 02:23 pm- oh oww good informative
Peter Claverie -04/24, 02:24 pm- Reading this entire threa
Seth from NC -04/24, 02:38 pm- The kick method sounds li
Jeff Hood -04/24, 03:49 pm- They start when they want
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -04/24, 03:51 pm- What I would like to see
Jim Thode Chehalis W -04/24, 04:27 pm- Hal, I dont think anyone
Bob Coiro -04/24, 04:41 pm- So Dave, I hope that wou
Cary Abate -04/24, 04:48 pm- I guess I am in the minor
Gene Carrothers Hunt -04/24, 04:56 pm- Dave, Glad to hear its no
Dan B -04/24, 05:10 pm- I still dont understand w
Jim Thode Chehalis W -04/24, 05:29 pm- Dan, Yes, that is the who
Eric Hylen- Central  -04/24, 08:04 pm- Ive rapped myself on the
Motor driven coil tester.
keith g barrier -04/24, 07:13 am- Thanks guys, I believe yo
John F. Regan -04/24, 09:41 am- Even though I set my coil
Ken Todd -04/24, 10:19 am- It would be nice to know
Mark Gregush Portlan -04/24, 12:15 pm- I am going to take a stab
Kohnke Rebabbitting -04/24, 12:46 pm- K.R. Wilsons motor driven
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -04/24, 12:55 pm- 1425/1450/1500 is the spe
keith g barrier -04/24, 01:05 pm- Lots of good information.
Mark Gregush Portlan -04/24, 07:37 pm- I was wrong, read the num
OT - The New York Mayor needs drug testing
Bob Coiro -04/24, 08:11 am- a few links: http://www.
G.R.Cheshire -04/24, 10:17 am- Question: it looks like t
Charlie B actually i -04/24, 10:25 am- Cost listing right now is
Clayton Swanson -04/24, 10:48 am- they could just get one o
Rob from Nova Scotia -04/24, 04:32 pm- Terry, you should read ou
Terry Horlick in Pen -04/24, 06:17 pm- I heard about this on the
Option for 24 roadster
michael grady -04/24, 10:22 am- So I guess, its black. Th
David Dewey, N. Cali -04/24, 12:06 pm- The 26-27 engine green is
Tom Carnegie -04/24, 03:36 pm- I was on a local T tour o
Roger Karlsson, sout -04/24, 04:36 pm- From 1925 on UK produced
Edison mag photo how old?
Dan Treace, North FL -04/24, 09:08 am- On Google is the Manual f
Ake Osterdahl -04/24, 02:26 pm- Thanks Dan ... it was ex
charley shaver -04/24, 04:10 pm- a 2 cyl of this type was
Spare tire mounted tail light
George_Cherry Hill N -04/24, 04:36 am- To the best of my knowled
Andre Valkenaers -04/24, 06:16 am- I think On the fender it
Dan Treace, North FL -04/24, 08:41 am- [26 original road frame v
James A. Golden -04/24, 09:11 am- Merv, the center stop lig
James A. Golden -04/24, 09:14 am- Correction please. The t
Mark Gregush Portlan -04/24, 11:12 am- James; How did you mount
Steve Tomaso - Milto -04/24, 12:08 pm- Looks to be a simple angl
Mark Gregush Portlan -04/24, 12:19 pm- Me bad eyes, is see that
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -04/24, 03:06 pm- I like it.
James A. Golden -04/24, 03:52 pm- The light has a bayonette
How's this for a lowered axle
Roger Karlsson, sout -04/24, 06:56 am- I just saw this in a face
Herb Iffrig -04/24, 07:20 am- This make me wonder about
Roger Karlsson, sout -04/24, 07:56 am- I think a welded axle can
Steve Humphrey -04/24, 08:20 am- wow.... what a low rider
Tim Wrenn -04/24, 08:58 am- Call me slow, but frankly
G.R.Cheshire -04/24, 09:09 am- maybe he was just trying
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -04/24, 03:33 pm- I would imagine that the
OT - Ford's 1907 World Record 24 Hour Race, the drivers:
Rob Heyen - Nebraska -04/24, 09:02 am- Thanks Wayne. For anyone
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -04/24, 03:24 pm- Interesting! I did get a
OT Antique Fuel Strainer & Shutoff Needed
Howard D. Dennis -04/24, 10:22 am- Want to buy 1916-17 Maxwe
Clayton Swanson -04/24, 10:29 am- 26-27 model ts have a sim
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -04/24, 02:23 pm- I could use one too. Rich
Ruckstell Axel Shifter Bracket Needed
Daniel M. Chapasko -04/24, 11:05 am- I am looking for a Ruckst
Mark Gregush Portlan -04/24, 11:19 am- This should be placed in
Floyd Voie - Chehali -04/24, 11:52 am- Daniel, Did you check wit
Seth from NC -04/24, 11:55 am- Langs has the whole lever
Mark Gregush Portlan -04/24, 12:27 pm- Chaffins makes the Ruckst
Daniel M. Chapasko -04/24, 01:53 pm- Thank you guys.. Mr Hus
Wheel bearing help
John Markham -04/24, 12:52 pm- My left back wheel had so
ROBERT BERGSTADT -04/24, 01:03 pm- Sleeve puller we have the
Roger Karlsson, sout -04/24, 01:29 pm- The Hyatt bearing rollers
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -04/24, 01:48 pm- Heres the puller: http:/
Frame thickness
Richard Williamson -04/24, 08:52 am- What is the thickness of
Terry Woods, Richmon -04/24, 09:51 am- The Model T encyclopedia
Clayton Swanson -04/24, 10:08 am- about the same time they
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -04/24, 10:33 am- 1/8 would be .125. I meas
Roger Karlsson, sout -04/24, 01:44 pm- Thanks, Steve [:-] Here i
Engine/Transmission Vibration
Tim Rogers - South o -04/24, 07:40 am- My 25 coupe always had th
Seth from NC -04/24, 07:53 am- Sounds like your muffler
Tim Rogers - South o -04/24, 08:36 am- Thanks Seth, I appreciate
john kuehn -04/24, 09:08 am- I think that Seths method
Charlie B actually i -04/24, 10:03 am- Seth is right on. Somethi
Jerry VanOoteghem -04/24, 10:34 am- Tim, Yes, the 4th main c
Kenneth W DeLong -04/24, 10:45 am- Our 14 started viberating
Tim Rogers - South o -04/24, 10:53 am- Thanks everyone, these ar
Seth from NC -04/24, 10:54 am- As Ive had time to think
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -04/24, 10:59 am- I think not. How much doe
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -04/24, 11:01 am- Referring to the crank pi
Norman T. Kling -04/24, 11:32 am- Seth is right. Check you
Charlie B actually i -04/24, 11:33 am- Wasnt thinking about the
Charlie B actually i -04/24, 11:36 am- How about just feeling it
keith g barrier -04/24, 01:09 pm- The mains will cause a vi
Radiator year i.d.
stuart clipson -04/24, 07:08 am- when did the gas tube fir
Royce in Georgetown  -04/24, 07:22 am- Gas tube on the radiator
stuart clipson -04/24, 09:28 am- thank you royce, just tr
Keith Townsend ; ^ ) -04/24, 10:36 am- Stu- The gentle sweep cro
stuart clipson -04/24, 12:18 pm- keith.........yes it does
Royce in Georgetown  -04/24, 12:38 pm- Keith, My mistake, the g
Ford Garage sign and an early IH tractor-Photo
Anthonie Boer -04/24, 11:55 am- I think it is a John Deer
Anthonie Boer -04/24, 11:58 am- I try it again [1596R]
charley shaver -04/24, 12:33 pm- I have a salesmans sample
Bakersfield Photos and Musings?
Bill Harris, Hunting -04/24, 11:51 am- Thank you for the feedbac
OT- "Smiling Ralph" Ralph Mulford Star of the 1914 Galv...
David Greenlees -04/24, 11:08 am- [Peugeot1.jpg] Ralph Mu
70 year old bomber rides in Long Beach this past week end
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -04/24, 08:37 am- Those planes are connecte
Bob Coiro -04/24, 08:51 am- I wrote an article about
Grady L Puryear -04/24, 10:01 am- Wonder if I can get them
Model T Art
Jeff Rhoads -04/24, 07:16 am- Thats the book I was thin
Michael Mullis -04/24, 08:22 am- I dont remember anything
Tim Wrenn -04/24, 08:56 am- Fantastic print! Gonna go
G.R.Cheshire -04/24, 09:52 am- Excuse me? Isnt that the
The Visiting Fireman 2013 - 2014 Edition
James A. Golden -04/24, 09:01 am- Can anyone confirm that T
How can I test rebuilt Holley nh carb? 27 Tudor won't st...
Bob Jablonski -04/24, 07:56 am- Jim: If still having tro
David Kriegel Mishaw -04/24, 08:08 am- To check problem carbs s
Radiator clips missing?
Peter Borland. Bathu -04/24, 07:40 am- Gday Tim, Mine were suppl
Bob Bergstadt has some GREAT deals on ebay!
Seth from NC -04/24, 06:58 am- I know some folks have so
Me and My Boy at Piquette on Good Friday
Dennis Seth - Ohio -04/24, 06:45 am- It looks like you fellas
Military Multi-wheeled and tracked T on Shorpy
Dane Hawley Near Mel -04/24, 06:21 am- Same car, different view-
Mark Chaffin -04/25, 01:17 am- bump
RAJO Model B
Mark Chaffin -04/25, 01:17 am- bump
For Sale 26 27 Wire Wheels and Hubs
Mark Chaffin -04/25, 01:16 am- bump
GEMSA Performance Engine
Mark Chaffin -04/25, 01:16 am- bump
Help Wanted-find diagrams on wooden hack bodys
timothy mcachran -04/24, 11:00 pm- i am looking for diagrams
Help Wanted - Auto Body Shop Manager
Chris Dailledouze -04/24, 10:39 pm- .
Engine for Sale: Late 1914 Model T engine
Chris Dailledouze -04/24, 10:30 pm- Please contact me re engi
Parts for Sale: 1909-11 front axle and 1 piece spindles
Kim Dobbins -04/24, 08:17 pm- The spindle that looks be
John F. Regan -04/24, 09:56 pm- Kim: I have seen some ea
Five tubes , metal stem, made in U S A
David Baker -04/24, 08:45 pm- I have three 30 X 3 1/2 a
1914 running board brackets
Richard Gould -04/24, 08:04 pm- Set of four 1914 running
Truck for Sale: 1923 Model TT
Will Copeland - Tren -04/24, 07:57 pm- Sorry, left out my number
1918-1927 torque tube and spool
Nick Hasbrouck -04/24, 07:21 pm- Torque tube and spool for
Brass era parts for sale
Richard Gould -04/24, 09:59 am- Tie rod end, 1912 $60 Fro
Richard Gould -04/24, 10:17 am- Tie rod and pedals spoken
Richard Gould -04/24, 06:48 pm- Firewall bracket is spoke
Parts for Sale
James Dowgin -04/24, 06:02 pm- 24 Model T Turtle Deck fo
Used 26-27 splash aprons for sale
Spencer Vibert -04/24, 03:00 pm- price drop to $30
1913/1914 Corcoran Head lamps
Bill Elliott -04/24, 06:42 am- Beautiful set of Corcoran
Albert Belling -04/24, 12:55 pm- Interested abelling@cha
09-10 parts
Richard Gould -04/24, 09:40 am- Hogshead is spoken for.
Parts Wanted: NOS U-Joint
Tim Wrenn -04/24, 09:25 am- Try Langs or Bob Bergstad
Springfield, IL to Missouri - then to Wisconsin and next ...
Jim -04/24, 07:41 am- April 24th Leaving Gle
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