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Model T Ford Forum
Forum 2015
OT- Wildest Looking Car from the 50's
TOM -05/25, 06:46 pm- Burger let me enlighten y
Fred Schrope - Uplan -05/25, 07:14 pm- Like has been said, Beaut
Mike Walker, NW AR -05/25, 07:53 pm- I had a friend in high sc
Derek Kiefer - Manto -05/25, 08:20 pm- Mike, Nomad was the top
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -05/25, 08:37 pm- 51 Ford -chopped -channel
Craig Anderson, cent -05/25, 11:36 pm- I figure the 59 Chevs are
Constantine in Austr -05/26, 08:25 am- [40590112-770-0@2X.jpg]
Seth from NC -05/26, 08:45 am- Constantine what is THAT?
Nowell- NJ -05/26, 08:51 am- [image.jpg] My Rat Rod
Constantine in Austr -05/26, 09:36 am- Seth, its the car I menti
Gary Schreiber- Sant -05/26, 09:40 am- Seth, its a Kaiser Darrin
GPS speedometer
Kevin Weeds -05/26, 02:13 am- Test run the App on my ce
Seth from NC -05/26, 08:30 am- Hey Doug - Im a big fan o
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -05/26, 09:38 am- Ive been using a bike spe
Which axle seals do I need?
Dave Wells, Hamilton -05/26, 09:36 am- It appears one of my oute
Using gravity.... to straighten a Crankshaft
James J. Lyons III - -05/26, 08:27 am- Weve seen the discussions
G.R.Cheshire -05/26, 09:13 am- For Grins and Giggles han
Dean Kiefer - Adams, -05/26, 09:28 am- I hope my wife dont read
DON"T trust those old shackes !!!!!
George n Los Angeles -05/25, 10:23 pm- So dad said he was going
Donnie Brown North C -05/25, 10:51 pm- Those do not look like Fo
Allan Bennett - Aust -05/25, 11:02 pm- George, they look to be f
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -05/25, 11:02 pm- My first thought also. Pr
Martin Vowell, Sylma -05/25, 11:11 pm- Looks like the other side
George n Los Angeles -05/26, 12:19 am- Well the car is an older
Royce in Georgetown  -05/26, 06:49 am- George, You should try t
Royce in Georgetown  -05/26, 06:57 am- Here is a picture of one
George John Drobnock -05/26, 09:16 am- Comment: Occasionally the
Frame Question
Rand Ward -05/25, 11:46 pm- I measured the frame on m
Hal Schedler, Sacram -05/26, 12:18 am- Try to shorten the long m
Rand Ward -05/26, 12:27 am- How about a come-a-long m
Mike Walker, NW AR -05/26, 08:29 am- Rand -- A come-along prob
Rand Ward -05/26, 09:07 am- Thanks, Ill check it lat
1927 Firewall Shield/Paper Replacement Query
John C Codman -05/26, 09:06 am- I recently replaced the g
Car top
Bob Benedict, Hunbol -05/25, 09:47 am- Brassy, Where would you p
G.R.Cheshire -05/25, 09:53 am- This is why I went to an
brass car guy -05/25, 10:31 am- I use a couple of longer
Ken Todd, .......... -05/25, 11:12 am- I saw one fellow w/a 26 t
Don Booth@ Bay City, -05/25, 01:20 pm- Dis is hows I dos it...[0
Ed in California -05/25, 01:36 pm- Don is right. Shrink wrap
Ed in California -05/25, 01:38 pm- [133953.jpg]
Bill Robinson Salty  -05/25, 02:12 pm- Like this Bob? We followe
mike_black SC/FL -05/25, 02:58 pm- When I did my pickup, all
Erik Johnson -05/25, 03:34 pm- In the 1970s, I remember
Harold Schwendeman - -05/25, 03:59 pm- If a person could just fi
Les Sumner lapeer mi -05/26, 08:03 am- My old pontiac convertibl
Bob Benedict, Hunbol -05/26, 08:22 am- Bill...That exactly whats
May be a good Model T buy in Washington State this AM
David Kriegel Mishaw -05/26, 08:20 am- No connection from here i
Everybody needs one
Tom VanMeeteren Vall -05/25, 10:05 pm- I picked up some stuff at
Mike Vaughn -05/25, 10:16 pm- That is way cool!
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -05/25, 10:26 pm- Easy to copy. I think I w
Jim Kelsey -05/25, 11:08 pm- Pretty cool!
Martin Vowell, Sylma -05/25, 11:19 pm- I guess the button lookin
John McGinnis in San -05/26, 07:08 am- Looks like one needs to p
How tall is it
Ronnie wehba -05/25, 10:56 am- Looking at a 24 coupe how
Scott Owens -05/25, 11:56 am- When the T,s were made th
Bill Harper - Keene, -05/25, 12:10 pm- It is lower than your TT.
William L Vanderburg -05/25, 12:59 pm- My touring at its highest
David C Jahnke -05/25, 02:12 pm- From the August 1, 1920 F
Bob Brewer - NorCal -05/25, 05:54 pm- Mine measures 76. It has
Jack Daron - Brownsb -05/25, 06:59 pm- You only lose about 1/2 i
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -05/25, 11:30 pm- Height can vary over two
Ronald L Babb - Taco -05/26, 12:02 am- I went down to the baseme
Ronnie wehba -05/26, 07:08 am- Thanks my tt needed about
Why no 1928 Model T?
Dick Fischer - Arroy -05/25, 10:55 am- Thank you for setting me
Kenneth W DeLong -05/25, 11:38 am- Well said Rob!! Bud,
JohnCodman -05/25, 11:43 am- Ford had monumental casti
David Dewey, N. Cali -05/25, 12:37 pm- The story is told that He
Kenneth W DeLong -05/25, 04:59 pm- I would agree the cruisin
Charlie B actually i -05/25, 05:50 pm- $ $ $. Thats why it laste
Rob Heyen - Eastern  -05/26, 12:11 am- Dick, Maybe I misundersto
David Dewey, N. Cali -05/26, 02:40 am- Ken, I read about the sho
? re: Wheeler Shebler carburetor
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -05/25, 09:56 pm- I do not know if Stan wil
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -05/26, 02:15 am- The one in the middle of
A clear photo of an NRS car
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -05/25, 09:53 am- License plate. Many early
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -05/25, 10:02 am- It looks like the horn bu
Walter Higgins -05/25, 10:28 am- The side lamps look later
Richard Gould, Folso -05/25, 10:58 am- Hi Royce. How did you de
Bob Coiro -05/25, 11:08 am- Hope you dont mind—though
Herb Iffrig -05/25, 12:47 pm- Its a better picture now
Ken Parker -05/25, 01:17 pm- The horn bulb appears on
john kuehn -05/25, 01:25 pm- Is that something on the
Bob Trevan - Austral -05/25, 01:25 pm- Hi Richard. The N was
Hal Schedler, Sacram -05/25, 02:30 pm- John, thats a storm drain
Richard Gould, Folso -05/25, 09:17 pm- Bob, the N was produced i
Rob Heyen - Eastern  -05/25, 11:19 pm- I believe its a 1907/08 N
Gary London, Camaril -05/26, 02:12 am- Steve; California did not
Anbody post some interior pics of 15millionth T
Dan Treace, North FL -05/25, 11:53 am- George Here are two: [S
George n Los Angeles -05/26, 01:59 am- Thanks Dan, got any close
Minnesota history
Dan Ryan -05/25, 06:55 pm- First Ford car manufactur
Royce in Georgetown  -05/25, 07:00 pm- There are more St. Paul a
Erik Johnson -05/25, 10:24 pm- There are over two hundre
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -05/26, 01:35 am- Erik, what was done at th
Erik Johnson -05/26, 01:58 am- The branch on 117 Univers
Remember Those Who Have Fallen
Sam "POPS" Humphries -05/25, 11:42 am- From our home to all vete
John F. Regan -05/26, 12:27 am- PFC Joe C. Regan - my dad
Jim Patrick -05/26, 12:51 am- John, I first found out a
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -05/26, 01:51 am-
Looking for a 1926 T
Jon Cawsey -05/25, 10:51 pm- :Good afternoon, I am ver
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -05/26, 01:42 am- Coupe? Roadster? Touring?
Splitdorf Model K 4 Magneto?
Pat Kelly Montana -05/26, 12:43 am- I just picked up a Splitd
Russell Prideaux Mar -05/26, 01:09 am- Photo? I think I read som
Pat Kelly Montana -05/26, 01:16 am- Ill get a photo tomorrow.
Distributor ID ?
JD, Wichita, KS -05/25, 11:35 pm- What is the brand, style,
John Saylor, Citrus  -05/26, 12:17 am- Looks like one of the mad
Sunvisor covering
Dave Eddie -05/25, 10:41 am- Am about to tackle the ta
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -05/25, 10:49 am-
Scott Owens -05/25, 11:50 pm- I just looked at my 27 Co
George Harrison,Eato -05/26, 12:05 am- I just recently did this
Must be the timing ?
Randy Glowacki -05/25, 02:29 pm- Hi, I filled the tank wit
Stephen D Heatherly -05/25, 02:44 pm- Did the car have this pro
John F. Regan -05/25, 03:50 pm- I think you might have go
Peter Claverie, Memp -05/25, 03:54 pm- Sounds like two cylinders
Mark Gregush Portlan -05/25, 04:35 pm- Or you have the through h
Randy Glowacki -05/25, 08:47 pm- Thanks everyone, Stephen
John F. Regan -05/26, 12:03 am- Timer is wired 1243 but r
Engine casting date
Bob Petithomme -05/25, 11:31 am- Thanks for the response.
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -05/25, 04:47 pm- Probably the most importa
Dan Treace, North FL -05/25, 09:01 pm- Bob Here is pic of the c
Bob Petithomme -05/25, 11:42 pm- Thanks all for all the in
Rip Van Winkle 1917 side curtains
Kim Dobbins -05/25, 05:38 pm- Today Larry Smith and I u
Mark Strange - Hills -05/25, 05:45 pm- Wow, what a treasure! Im
Freighter Jim -05/25, 06:38 pm- Kim, Again .... a pleasu
James Chochole, Oswe -05/25, 06:53 pm- Fascinating- thanks for s
Mike Walker, NW AR -05/25, 08:03 pm- Those curtains are in rem
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -05/25, 11:35 pm- Yes, thank you for sharin
My new 26 coupe project
Greg pacana -05/25, 08:06 pm- Hello everyone this will
Mark Strange - Hills -05/25, 09:07 pm- Welcome to the club and t
Bill dugger -05/25, 10:12 pm- Greg: Welcome to the dise
Travis Melnick -Wate -05/25, 10:53 pm- Welcome Greg ! From anoth
Donnie Brown North C -05/25, 11:05 pm- Welcome Greg. This is a g
Front Seat Heel Panel Question
Paul Sherman Tacoma  -05/25, 03:57 pm- Thank you everyone, BUT r
William L Vanderburg -05/25, 04:02 pm- I have a 25 and it goes t
William L Vanderburg -05/25, 04:42 pm- [image.jpg] [image.jpg]
Jack Daron - Brownsb -05/25, 04:43 pm- It still goes in front of
William L Vanderburg -05/25, 04:50 pm- The heel panel is bolted
Leon Parker - Benton -05/25, 05:39 pm- William is correct. There
Leon Parker - Benton -05/25, 05:54 pm- should read heel panel
Leon Parker - Benton -05/25, 06:00 pm- [cwvDm9asA3Lw9ZNWAbl5esXD
john kuehn -05/25, 06:00 pm- Paul, make sure you have
Paul Sherman Tacoma  -05/25, 06:20 pm- I better go back and look
Paul Sherman Tacoma  -05/25, 07:02 pm- I measured the angle brac
William L Vanderburg -05/25, 07:32 pm- Just remember that if I r
William L Vanderburg -05/25, 07:35 pm- Give me a little bit and
William L Vanderburg -05/25, 08:40 pm- The seat bottom support b
Paul Sherman Tacoma  -05/25, 10:37 pm- Very helpful. I will get
TDoodlebug/Conversion Tractor Thread Part VI 2015
Ron in Central Massa -05/25, 08:30 pm- Saturday I went to the Be
Ron in Central Massa -05/25, 08:41 pm- Sunday and today I pushed
Layden Butler -05/25, 09:45 pm- Have this set of 18 cast
Chad Marchees _____T -05/25, 10:27 pm- Ron, Youve been holding
More 1916 pics and questions
Larry Smith -05/25, 10:42 am- Additionally, is the mag
Royce in Georgetown  -05/25, 01:47 pm- The two tapped holes in t
paul iverson freepor -05/25, 03:54 pm- That makes sense Royce ab
paul iverson freepor -05/25, 03:58 pm- I found out the hood just
Royce in Georgetown  -05/25, 04:07 pm- Your headlight switch is
paul iverson freepor -05/25, 04:13 pm- [image.jpg] [image.jpg]
Mike Walker, NW AR -05/25, 04:41 pm- Paul -- As Larry Smith sa
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -05/25, 08:27 pm- What Mike W and Larry S s
Mike Walker, NW AR -05/25, 10:02 pm- Paul -- There is a very a
Loose tank in straps
bob middleton -05/25, 09:31 pm- I got my straps up as tii
Bill Harper - Keene, -05/25, 09:57 pm- Hi Bob, The tank should
OT? Thanks for the laugh.
Gary H. White - Sher -05/25, 10:00 am- Im old and white and a Wh
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -05/25, 10:09 am- Cant tell you much about
Mack Cole ---- Earth -05/25, 10:15 am- Yea,as I was inline at th
Kenneth W DeLong -05/25, 10:46 am- My guess would be 1913 an
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -05/25, 10:53 am- Im thinking 14 due to the
Derek Kiefer - Manto -05/25, 11:30 am- Billed fenders and smooth
John Semprez-Templet -05/25, 12:16 pm- Id have to say 18 months
Mike Walker, NW AR -05/25, 12:32 pm- I agree with Tim that its
John T. Tannehill II -05/25, 12:34 pm- Based on the side lamps E
David Dewey, N. Cali -05/25, 12:38 pm- I think the right tire is
John T. Tannehill II -05/25, 12:47 pm- I believe the rain story
Tim Eckensviller - T -05/25, 12:57 pm- If the car is a 14 and th
Gary H. White - Sher -05/25, 04:45 pm- Note on picture Henry age
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -05/25, 08:33 pm- And this old white guy sa
Dean Kiefer - Adams, -05/25, 09:47 pm- Late 1914.
What do I have?
Dale Long -05/25, 07:17 pm- Hi guys, and I hope Im in
Mike Walker, NW AR -05/25, 07:39 pm- from what I can see, it i
Mike Walker, NW AR -05/25, 07:46 pm- p.s. -- The top would loo
Mark Gregush Portlan -05/25, 07:49 pm- This look like the same c
Walt Berdan, Bellevu -05/25, 07:53 pm- Dale, This looks like
Dale  -05/25, 08:00 pm- Im embarrassed. I couldnt
Mark Gregush Portlan -05/25, 08:52 pm- No, not everyone that pos
David Mazza -05/25, 09:05 pm- The car is very appealing
Free Neutral- cam too high or low?
James Chochole, Oswe -05/25, 05:00 pm- I have been studying that
William L Vanderburg -05/25, 05:21 pm- When you pull back on the
James Chochole, Oswe -05/25, 05:24 pm- Even with my handbrake f
William L Vanderburg -05/25, 05:32 pm- Then you need to adjust t
James Chochole, Oswe -05/25, 05:38 pm- I ended up letting it run
Mark Gregush Portlan -05/25, 05:39 pm- Re;should I turn it down
William L Vanderburg -05/25, 05:42 pm- Your wheels should not sp
Mark Gregush Portlan -05/25, 05:42 pm- Yes that means you may ha
William L Vanderburg -05/25, 05:44 pm- He said he fully applied
Mark Gregush Portlan -05/25, 05:49 pm- I got that, we were all t
Stephen D Heatherly -05/25, 05:57 pm- Here is how I adjust the
James Chochole, Oswe -05/25, 06:38 pm- Thanks Stephen!
James Chochole, Oswe -05/25, 06:42 pm- Tentatively, now with fre
Mark Gregush Portlan -05/25, 07:41 pm- Adjust to the same place
Stephen D Heatherly -05/25, 08:40 pm- If your lever is vertical
James Chochole, Oswe -05/25, 09:04 pm- I think I have it now- th
Parade 2015
William L Vanderburg -05/25, 08:55 pm- Lined up and ready.... [
Petit Jean, ARK meet right around the corner
mike_black SC/FL -05/25, 08:25 pm- Ive missed a few years du
Emergency tire valve trick
R.V. Anderson -05/25, 10:24 am- On yesterdays trip around
Bill Harper - Keene, -05/25, 10:29 am- Clever! Good to know. Tha
Bob Coiro -05/25, 10:31 am- Now, thats a trick worth
Walter Higgins -05/25, 10:40 am- Interesting. It must be
Erik Johnson -05/25, 10:57 am- Going forward, ditch the
R.V. Anderson -05/25, 11:00 am- Yes, its on the to-do asa
Scott Owens -05/25, 11:52 am- Eric, Every time I put th
Mike Walker, NW AR -05/25, 12:42 pm- I always carry the handy-
Mark Gregush Portlan -05/25, 12:55 pm- 3 of the 4 tires on my T
Ed Baudoux Grayling  -05/25, 01:04 pm- For our other cars that r
R.V. Anderson -05/25, 02:30 pm- I always carry the tire v
Peter Claverie, Memp -05/25, 04:02 pm- Reminds me of a favorite
Allan Bennett - Aust -05/25, 08:22 pm- These are even better. Th
Finally swapping the motor and a tour of Lang's
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -05/25, 10:05 am- you might remember that I
Gary Schreiber- Sant -05/25, 01:04 pm- Look forward to the video
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -05/25, 07:55 pm- the forum haelped me be a
Tom Elliot at Nampa Idaho car graveyard
Marvin C. Miller -05/25, 04:58 pm- [IMG_0965-2.JPG] [IMG_096
Jack Daron - Brownsb -05/25, 07:00 pm- That would be a blast to
Wally Szumowski
Terry Woods, Richmon -05/25, 11:20 am- This morning, I got two e
Jack Daron - Brownsb -05/25, 11:30 am- Wally was one of the mag
Mike Walker, NW AR -05/25, 12:48 pm- Chances are his email has
ROBERT BERGSTADT -05/25, 12:53 pm- Yes I got one to, do not
john kuehn -05/25, 06:03 pm- I think Wally sold his bu
Ted Dumas -05/25, 06:55 pm- Wally and his wife did an
Car Cover For A Speedster
Jeff Burton -05/25, 06:54 pm- Does anyone offer a car c
More flooding in Texas
george house . . .ca -05/25, 05:12 pm- Lake Travis is up a total
Marc Johnson Helotes -05/25, 05:24 pm- Medina Lake near us has c
Marvin C. Miller -05/25, 06:20 pm- Send it our way. Still i
Freighter Jim -05/25, 06:41 pm- I am on my way there now
Ted Dumas -05/25, 06:51 pm- A flood beats a drought.
Top cover install
Dave Eddie -05/25, 06:12 pm- 26 Tudor, I have started
Mark Strange - Hills -05/25, 06:22 pm- If you dont get your answ
Don Booth@ Bay City, -05/25, 06:26 pm- The fordors didnt get any
Getting photos to display correctly
Marvin C. Miller -05/25, 04:39 pm- What is the secret to get
Royce in Georgetown  -05/25, 04:45 pm- Short answer - hold the c
Marvin C. Miller -05/25, 04:46 pm- Thanks Royce!
Mark Gregush Portlan -05/25, 05:46 pm- Your camera should have a
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -05/25, 05:57 pm- I think it would be hard
Marvin C. Miller -05/25, 06:16 pm- Looks good. I got it fig
Strange Bolts
David Sullivan -05/25, 06:16 pm- Are these maybe Studebake
Local Car Show- T Town Car & Other pics
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -05/25, 03:56 pm- Thanks again Dan K! I tho
Don Watson -Florence -05/25, 04:31 pm- Dan,who is the owner of t
Dan Killecut -05/25, 04:56 pm- Don,I sent you a pm with
Looking for an Ames bodied speedster
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -05/25, 04:11 pm- Royce, I have looked at a
Royce in Georgetown  -05/25, 04:49 pm- Wayne, I am not in that
I found a hidden treasure trove of horseless-carriage parts
Daniel Kraft -05/25, 04:01 pm- [image.jpg] Two 28x3 tir
Daniel Kraft -05/25, 04:30 pm- Speedos, two will probabl
Identify horn?
Nowell- NJ -05/25, 03:20 pm- I think I answered my own
Royce in Georgetown  -05/25, 04:02 pm- I have a Stewart Warning
Dan Treace, North FL -05/25, 04:27 pm- Better keep looking for t
Dash panel screws and nuts
JohnCodman -05/25, 12:30 pm- When I purchased my 1927
ROBERT BERGSTADT -05/25, 12:47 pm- I have the interior screw
Dan Treace, North FL -05/25, 03:17 pm- John Have two to send, s
Old Photo - When Men Were Men
Ed in California -05/25, 03:01 pm- It happened May 1, 1939,
Photo Please... 1927 Fordor Roof
lorenzo leon -05/25, 09:51 am- [1925 -2.jpg] [1925 TOP.j
David Dewey, N. Cali -05/25, 01:04 pm- Has anyone done research
Craig Anderson, cent -05/25, 02:52 pm- As far as attaching the w
I need a Mentor Also, help with 26 Tudor Body preparation
Ed Baudoux Grayling  -05/25, 09:47 am-
Rand Ward -05/25, 11:53 am- Thanks for all your comme
mike_black SC/FL -05/25, 02:25 pm- Hardware stores used to c
Does anyone have a spare one of these?
William L Vanderburg -05/25, 12:55 pm- I was looking at my frien
Best adhesive for vinyl Roof Repair?
Ted Dumas -05/25, 10:40 am- The best way to sew up a
James Chochole, Oswe -05/25, 11:07 am- Thanks for the tips!
ROBERT BERGSTADT -05/25, 12:54 pm- 3 M 08080 Bob
Anybody in a Memorial Day Parade this weekend?
Marty Bufalini - Gro -05/25, 10:05 am- My 1914 in the St. Clair
Ralph Cunningham -05/25, 10:47 am- I was grand marshal last
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -05/25, 10:50 am- I would if I could get so
Marty Bufalini - Gro -05/25, 11:23 am- Tim, Ive been driving the
Gilbert V. I. Fitzhu -05/25, 12:38 pm- My T has a flat tire and
Model T history video
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -05/25, 10:14 am- Child labor? Some of thos
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -05/25, 10:42 am- I love watching that from
Dave Wells, Hamilton -05/25, 12:20 pm- Also seen it before but g
OT - A question that has puzzled man since the Dawn Of Ti...
Kenneth W DeLong -05/25, 09:55 am- Making 48 years Tuesday n
Ken Todd, .......... -05/25, 11:05 am- When I told a friend that
Norman T. Kling -05/25, 11:35 am- Before we were married, t
Henry Petrino in Mod -05/25, 12:07 pm- Ken, When I was 15 or 16
By definition what is a 1923 Model T Ford in Pennsylvania?
John C Codman -05/25, 11:55 am- Hi Justin. I realize that
Generator trouble again
Norman T. Kling -05/25, 11:51 am- Where does the needle on
Speedster Steering Tube Relocation
Dan Treace, North FL -05/25, 11:28 am- Daryl Dont have any wood
Partial Upholstery Panels
Dan Treace, North FL -05/25, 10:49 am- Yes But Elizabeth is sti
Ken Parker -05/25, 10:07 am- Doug, Your high temps we
WTB 09 water manifold
Brian Heyd -05/26, 09:20 am- Wanted 1909 water manifol
1924 "T" Depot Hack
Bill Thompson, Sudbu -05/26, 07:07 am- top
Seeking Rome Turney or Livingston V shaped radiator
Harry Neilson -05/26, 04:09 am- Thanks Roger, the brasswo
James Michael Rogers -05/25, 10:40 pm- Need a set of horseshoes
Dave Huson, Berthoud -05/26, 12:25 am- James, I have 20 or 30 of
1923 project for sale
Daniel Kraft -05/25, 11:15 pm- 1500
1926 coupe body
Matt Madison -05/25, 11:14 pm- Sold - Have your hood Eri
Model T and other old car parts for sale
Daniel Kraft -05/25, 04:06 pm- [image.jpg] White stuff
Mark Gregush Portlan -05/25, 07:55 pm- You might also list the n
Daniel Kraft -05/25, 08:22 pm- Thanks, I plan on trying
Daniel Kraft -05/25, 10:43 pm- $50 on the lamp $150 on
John F. Regan -05/25, 06:28 pm- So what year is the porce
Marvin C. Miller -05/25, 06:32 pm- Has to be a 26/27.
Jay - In Northern Ca -05/25, 10:35 pm- Whos on first Whats on se
Spark plugs for sale!
Daniel Kraft -05/25, 05:57 pm- Assorted spark plugs. 11
Daniel Kraft -05/25, 05:57 pm- Call 831-278-2742 Daniel
Daniel Kraft -05/25, 10:22 pm- $300 for all
Speedometers for sale
Daniel Kraft -05/25, 10:16 pm- I would like to sell thes
For Sale Rajo head and Schebler Carb and Attachments
Dan Ryan -05/25, 06:49 pm- Been in storage for 25 ye
Erik Barrett in Aubu -05/25, 08:45 pm- Smokin deal for a complet
Ed in California -05/25, 09:26 pm- Bargain!
Wanted: a Drag Link for a '27 T
James Chochole, Oswe -05/25, 08:51 pm- If anyone has a 26-27 dra
For Sale Late 1922 Touring
Kevin Prus Sr -05/25, 07:18 pm- Late 22 touring one man t
Kevin Prus Sr -05/25, 08:34 pm- [20150525_131753_resized.
Shriners Model T cart
joe bell -05/25, 10:50 am- I am looking to purchase
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -05/25, 11:02 am- Just sent you some info J
Erik Johnson -05/25, 11:09 am- They show up on Craigslis
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -05/25, 12:21 pm- There were 2 of that type
Ed in California -05/25, 12:34 pm-
Ed in California -05/25, 12:36 pm-
Ed in California -05/25, 12:39 pm-
joe bell -05/25, 04:29 pm- Boy, you guys are a whole
Erik Johnson -05/25, 05:27 pm- Since you are in Tiffin,
Erik Johnson -05/25, 05:29 pm- The last link above doesn
Waco, TX to IN - OH - IA enclosed Model T or other auto t...
Freighter Jim -05/25, 04:55 pm- May 31st Available for d
Model A crankshaft in T block mainbearing mold for sale
gene french -05/25, 12:32 pm- Model A Crankshaft in mod
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