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Forum 2014
OT- Need a starter Chain for 1906-1909 2 Cylinder holsman...
chris becker -07/24, 12:08 am- Anyone know where I can g
Terry Woods, Richmon -07/24, 12:45 am- Chris, Im sure there are
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -07/24, 03:13 am- You might check with the
Manuel Voyages, ACT  -07/24, 03:33 am- There is a company in the
Manuel Voyages, ACT  -07/24, 03:44 am- PS I can have a look thru
Front axle threads
Bill Elliott -07/23, 09:02 am- The lower threads in my f
Herb Iffrig -07/23, 09:07 am- I suppose you are using n
John Zibell -07/23, 09:30 am- Bill, See if you can fin
Mark Strange -07/23, 09:42 am- If you decide to use Heli
Donnie Brown -07/23, 09:50 am- Bill: The size of the spi
Mark Strange -07/23, 10:00 am- One other tip on Helicoil
Bill Elliott -07/23, 10:28 am- Thanks for the input, fri
Robert Scott Owens -07/23, 11:07 am- Bill I was just looking a
Bill Elliott -07/23, 12:39 pm- Scott, can you tell me wh
Seth from NC -07/23, 01:08 pm- You buy them based on the
Scott Conger -07/23, 02:18 pm- There is nothing wrong wi
Dan Hatch -07/23, 02:25 pm- Stevens Front Axle Tool.
Robert Scott Owens -07/23, 02:34 pm- Scott, The body of a Time
Jerry VanOoteghem -07/23, 04:22 pm- Scott is absolutely corre
Robert Scott Owens -07/23, 04:50 pm- Jerry, We all know that M
Gene Carrothers Hunt -07/23, 07:21 pm- Robert, I dont believe yo
Dick Lodge - St Loui -07/23, 08:07 pm- Sorry, folks, but every t
john kuehn -07/23, 08:13 pm- The vendors came out with
Andy Loso St Joseph, -07/23, 09:30 pm- If the threads on the bot
Allan Richard Bennet -07/23, 11:28 pm- When aluminium and magnes
Don Skille -07/24, 02:43 am- I agree with Dan and Andy
Long Beach Model T Club 60th Swap Meet
Jeff Hood -07/18, 03:51 pm- Its only one week away! O
Bill Harris, Hunting -07/19, 10:57 am-
Ron Mc Willie -07/20, 11:19 am- Well, I have attended the
Gene Carrothers Hunt -07/21, 02:05 am- Ron, Well see you there!
George Clipner-Los A -07/21, 06:32 pm- WOW, forgot all about it.
Ed in California -07/21, 08:27 pm- It is interesting that it
Tom Lovejoy, So Cal -07/22, 12:19 am- I well be there, selling
charley shaver -07/22, 08:34 am- wish I could go!!!!!!.las
Tony Bowker -07/22, 11:12 am- Spent the day loading the
Steve Martinez -07/23, 03:44 pm- My wife and I will be the
Jeff Hood -07/23, 10:30 pm- Well its no wonder why th
Mike Spaziano, Bellf -07/24, 01:07 am- Im under the impression t
Scott Gilham Bellflo -07/24, 02:11 am- Jeff, As a Vendor how ear
A serious question for serious Model T'iers?
Warren Henderson -07/23, 04:41 pm- I have been a proud owner
John Doolittle -07/23, 09:13 pm- Tell the doctor that you
Mike Garrison_Rice M -07/23, 09:53 pm- Warren, we never question
Mack Cole ---- Earth -07/23, 10:25 pm- Considering our Ts are cl
Danial - Veneta OR U -07/23, 11:35 pm- A booming voice from abov
Eric Hylen- Central  -07/24, 12:23 am- It could be as easy as ma
Burger in Spokane -07/24, 12:53 am- 3. Thou shalt not take th
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -07/24, 01:12 am- Burger, is that why so ma
Robert G. Hester Jr. -07/24, 01:30 am- Moses faith parted the Re
Danial - Veneta OR U -07/24, 01:59 am- Burger, I have been a GM
Danial - Veneta OR U -07/24, 02:03 am- Oops, thanks Robert. The
Spark plug gap should be?
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -07/23, 07:12 pm- I currently have the gap
John Zibell -07/23, 07:26 pm- Dave, The answer is, it
john kuehn -07/23, 08:04 pm- It always seemed around .
Mike Garrison_Rice M -07/23, 08:11 pm- .030. Dave, just for the
Mike Garrison_Rice M -07/23, 08:14 pm- The porcelain didnt loose
Bob Shirley -07/24, 12:04 am- I was taught, the gap sho
Peter Borland. Bathu -07/24, 01:48 am- Gday Bob, Thats got me b
Totally OT: Do you spend foreign money?
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/20, 12:13 am- This morning I opened a r
Ricks - Surf City -07/20, 12:52 am- Once upon a time the Illi
Burger in Spokane -07/20, 01:27 am- I only accept 3rd party c
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -07/20, 01:35 am- I used to see Canadian co
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -07/20, 01:43 am- Ops. Thats passed a law n
Danial - Veneta OR U -07/20, 01:49 am- We see Canadian coinage h
David Stroud -07/20, 02:15 am- I have seen Canadian coin
Michael Deichmann, B -07/20, 02:26 am- Maybe even more OT, but y
JohnH -07/20, 05:46 am- I think every Australian
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -07/20, 06:14 am- For the last 150 years, w
Kevin Whelihan -07/20, 07:27 am- It seems like once you ge
Dick Lodge - St Loui -07/20, 09:11 am- Years ago, it was easy to
Tim Eckensviller -07/20, 09:23 am- Up in Canada the shops wi
Danial - Veneta OR U -07/20, 10:41 am- Is there a land outside o
Gary H. White - Sher -07/20, 11:29 am- Canadian coinage is mostl
Norman T. Kling -07/20, 11:52 am- One time when we were in
Bud Holzschuh - Pana -07/20, 12:24 pm- I used to live in Buffalo
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/20, 12:50 pm- Gary, I get dollars in ro
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/20, 12:53 pm- for I sure wish we could
Dick Lodge - St Loui -07/20, 01:15 pm- Steve, add a two-dollar b
Derek Kiefer - Manto -07/20, 02:40 pm- The government doesnt min
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/20, 03:00 pm- Derek, according to Wikip
A. Gustaf Bryngelson -07/20, 04:39 pm- I like using Idaho money,
Ricks - Surf City -07/20, 04:45 pm- The US Mint has coined so
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/20, 04:54 pm- I agree that the Susans w
Danial - Veneta OR U -07/20, 05:12 pm- I still find steel cents
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/20, 05:24 pm- [IMG_0967 copy 2.JPG] [
Burger in Spokane -07/20, 05:30 pm- This is precisely why I o
Danial - Veneta OR U -07/20, 05:54 pm- Ah no kidding, Steve. Fa
Chuck Hoffman - Gold -07/20, 08:03 pm- The last time I was in Ca
Mark Stewart -Calif. -07/20, 08:26 pm- I spend foreign money eve
Tyrone Thomas - Tope -07/20, 08:46 pm- I just use my EBT Vision
A. Gustaf Bryngelson -07/20, 10:09 pm- Burger, you are a looser,
Burger in Spokane -07/20, 10:15 pm- Listen here, Gustaf ! Th
Fred Mottashed -07/20, 11:17 pm- I live in Canada; work in
Dane Hawley Near Mel -07/21, 06:29 am- In Australia, we often fi
Tim Eckensviller -07/21, 11:38 am- Those Canadian polymer bi
Zachary Dillinger -07/21, 11:44 am- Here in Michigan, you oft
Dick Lodge - St Loui -07/21, 06:01 pm- Dane, years ago I had a b
Dane Hawley Near Mel -07/22, 06:40 am- Yer so right, Dick. Back
A. Gustaf Bryngelson -07/22, 03:05 pm- So much for using google
Dick Lodge - St Loui -07/22, 03:09 pm- Dane, I also remember Emm
Peter Borland. Bathu -07/23, 11:32 pm- Gday, I use US Dollars w
Danial - Veneta OR U -07/24, 12:05 am- Hey Peter, if its anythin
Peter Borland. Bathu -07/24, 01:45 am- You are dead right there
Old Photo - Novak Studio - Model T and Horse and Carriag...
Jay - In Northern Ca -07/23, 12:17 am- [Novak Studio.jpg] [novak
Warren Henderson -07/23, 05:54 am- Great photos Jay, but why
Gary Schreiber- Sant -07/23, 09:07 am- Spectators and funny hats
Herb Iffrig -07/23, 11:20 am- What else are you suppose
Jay - In Northern Ca -07/23, 11:30 am- [hatters.jpg]
Darel J. Leipold -07/23, 12:00 pm- A near new 1913. White/g
brass car guy -07/23, 11:02 pm- seems like the filler nec
Burger in Spokane -07/24, 01:16 am- I think the photographer
More on Oil Supply
Hal Schedler, Sacram -07/24, 12:11 am- Oil pump with lines going
Kevin Pharis -07/24, 12:50 am- I love to see a fellow mo
Hal Schedler, Sacram -07/24, 01:13 am- Point well taken...Thanks
Wishbone ball repair
Gabriel Tamarit - Ar -07/23, 02:09 pm- After thinking a lot abou
Bill Thompson -07/23, 02:31 pm- Great idea!
Jerry VanOoteghem -07/23, 04:08 pm- Nicely done. Did you peen
Gabriel Tamarit - Ar -07/23, 04:14 pm- Jerry, Im gonna use thre
Jim Thode Chehalis W -07/23, 04:30 pm- It is a pretty nice job b
David Dewey, N. Cali -07/23, 05:06 pm- My wishbone was done by a
Richard Gould -07/23, 05:47 pm- Very well done!
keith g barrier -07/23, 07:42 pm- Gabriel, I think if you u
Dan Hatch -07/23, 07:50 pm- What did you use as a bal
Allan Richard Bennet -07/23, 11:42 pm- Gabriel, I do the same re
Jim Thode Chehalis W -07/24, 01:03 am- Allan, You could use the
Funny Comments/Questions People Say About Your Model T
Seth from NC -07/17, 06:50 am- This whole thing cracks m
Jim Patrick -07/17, 07:43 am- Close Seth. This is my f
Seth from NC -07/17, 09:38 am- You are correct Jim, I wa
Jim Patrick -07/17, 09:40 am- That explains it. While
Ricks - Surf City -07/17, 09:41 am- I like the guy at a car s
Jim Patrick -07/17, 11:10 am- Most folks who are semi-e
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/17, 11:23 am- Did Lincoln or Twain real
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -07/17, 12:23 pm- I have found guys that we
Ricks - Surf City -07/17, 12:33 pm- What I dont understand is
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -07/17, 12:34 pm- I believe my 29 Town Seda
Henry Petrino in Mod -07/17, 12:35 pm- Ralph, In the mid 90s we
A. Gustaf Bryngelson -07/17, 01:38 pm- I can not understand why
Mark Gregush Portlan -07/17, 05:00 pm- I enjoy explaining to peo
Mark Stewart -Calif. -07/17, 06:05 pm- One young man in his earl
Dan Killecut -07/17, 07:54 pm- One of the funniest Ive h
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -07/18, 12:07 pm- The next time someone ask
Bill Rigdon -07/18, 03:46 pm- Long time no post but thi
Ricks - Surf City -07/18, 04:08 pm- Welcome back, Bill. Its
Warren W. Mortensen -07/18, 04:43 pm- When I attend a car show
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -07/18, 08:31 pm- Ok guys this I has gone t
Kenneth W DeLong -07/19, 09:09 am- How did you make it start
Jared Buckert -07/19, 12:06 pm- In an attempt to bring th
Norman T. Kling -07/19, 02:04 pm- What year it it? Answer,
Robert E. (Bob) Blac -07/19, 02:22 pm- Is the engine a slant six
tim moore -07/19, 07:09 pm- Got stopped by a young pi
Robert Poane -07/19, 07:16 pm- When the kids were little
Tim Eckensviller -07/20, 09:37 am- /quote{Is it automatic or
Dan Killecut -07/20, 07:51 pm- We were at a gas station
Mark Strange -07/20, 08:04 pm- I had one of those gas st
Dale Kemmerer -07/20, 10:03 pm- Ive been asked most of th
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -07/20, 10:23 pm- I have found that a lot o
Burger in Spokane -07/20, 11:01 pm- I once had an Eclectus pa
Jim Patrick -07/21, 08:23 am- Each occasion to educate
Dave Huson, Berthoud -07/21, 08:28 am- Jim Patrick: Well said, p
Jim Patrick -07/21, 08:35 am- Dave, That is the impress
Seth from NC -07/21, 08:36 am- I second what Jim says. I
Jared Buckert -07/21, 11:23 pm- I understand wanting to n
Dan Killecut -07/22, 07:35 am- We put 165 miles on the 1
Dave Huson, Berthoud -07/22, 07:40 am- Dan Killecut: I had to l
Burger in Spokane -07/22, 10:21 am- I understand wanting to n
Paul Mikeska, Denver -07/22, 07:40 pm- One day at a gas station
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -07/22, 09:19 pm- If you are going to make
Dave Wells -07/22, 10:39 pm- Actually, those back door
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -07/23, 07:51 am- I am usually pretty caref
Herb Iffrig -07/23, 08:21 am- I pulled into the local g
Will Copeland - Tren -07/23, 08:21 am- I think the best comment
Norman T. Kling -07/23, 10:40 am- Asking a Model T owner if
Bob Coiro -07/23, 04:10 pm- I prefer not to contradic
Henry Petrino in Mod -07/23, 04:51 pm- Gosh Norm, your approach
Barry Fowler - Eagle -07/23, 05:18 pm- Recently, after a short d
Ricks - Surf City -07/23, 06:00 pm- Just saw on Bloomberg TV
Dave Wells -07/23, 06:46 pm- Barry, whenever I go to a
Steven Thum -07/23, 09:15 pm- The best question I was a
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -07/23, 09:23 pm- I also have had a people
Jeff Hood -07/23, 09:50 pm- People usually want to ap
Craig Anderson, cent -07/24, 12:02 am- Ive read Erik Barretts TT
Jay - In Northern Ca -07/24, 12:13 am- Good one Ralph! Take my
Dick Lodge - St Loui -07/24, 12:36 am- Not T but worth adding to
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -07/24, 01:02 am- I have seen people get th
If you're selling a T...
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/23, 12:02 pm- ...present it well. Looki
Tyrone Thomas - Tope -07/23, 12:23 pm- Or you can hire a good se
Will Copeland - Tren -07/23, 01:44 pm- I have really nice ocean
Tyrone Thomas - Tope -07/23, 02:20 pm- lol Will
Craig Anderson, cent -07/23, 11:33 pm- Same thing with a lot of
Burger in Spokane -07/24, 12:59 am- So true. I had to use ph
Transmission noise
Kirby Pray -07/22, 11:03 pm- Indeed it was the triple
Justin in South Afri -07/23, 03:19 am- Hi Kirby, Glad you found
Norman T. Kling -07/23, 10:49 am- Very easy to understand.
David Menzies -07/24, 12:49 am- After having the bushings
Tightening wood spokes.
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -07/23, 09:46 pm- This not really off topic
John Zibell -07/23, 10:05 pm- New spokes is the only re
Peter Borland. Bathu -07/23, 10:21 pm- Gday Aaron, If the wheel
Dan Treace, North FL -07/23, 10:25 pm- Here is a useful post on
Bill in Adelaida Cal -07/24, 12:23 am- Aaron Once you have a
David Menzies -07/24, 12:32 am- I have tightened warn ten
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -07/24, 12:32 am- This is a Standard Six St
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -07/24, 12:43 am- Thanks for posting that t
OT--Car Ownership
William L Vanderburg -07/23, 09:52 pm- 5 years or so before WW2,
Mike Garrison_Rice M -07/23, 09:55 pm- A great testimony for the
Michael Deichmann, B -07/23, 10:00 pm- Many of the cars in Germa
Ricks - Surf City -07/23, 10:37 pm- 5 years or so before WWII
Erik Johnson -07/23, 11:01 pm- Automobile ownership is n
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/23, 11:24 pm- [Rogers-Will.jpg] Well h
William L Vanderburg -07/23, 11:26 pm- Compared to some American
Burger in Spokane -07/24, 12:38 am- I suspect any T owner is
Trouble with Hot Air Pipe Installation
James Chochole -07/23, 03:44 pm- I am having a dog of a ti
William L Vanderburg -07/23, 03:49 pm- FWIW, if its a repro unit
James Chochole -07/23, 03:57 pm- I ended up using brute mu
Dennis K Anderson -07/23, 04:02 pm- I had to use tin snips to
Val Soupios -07/23, 04:28 pm- I trimmed mine with tin
Mark Strange -07/23, 04:35 pm- A little OT, but here is
Larry Smith -07/23, 06:30 pm- Seen that before. Sad.
Craig Anderson, cent -07/23, 11:36 pm- I got a re-pop stove too.
Mark Gregush Portlan -07/24, 12:10 am- I think part of the probl
Oil Supply to Inserted Model A Crank 1
Hal Schedler, Sacram -07/24, 12:09 am- Thought these photos woul
How to panel beat this?
Shawn -07/22, 09:15 pm- Hey guys, another quick q
Allan Richard Bennet -07/22, 09:29 pm- Shawn, the good news is t
Ted Dumas -07/22, 10:36 pm- Looks like you could fill
Ed in California -07/22, 10:51 pm- Use a comma dolly or simi
Shawn -07/22, 11:55 pm- Thanks guys thats what I
Norman T. Kling -07/23, 11:01 am- When you get it together
Hal Schedler, Sacram -07/23, 11:30 pm- Heres a Speedster that wa
2014 Old Car Festival Greenfield Village.
Ed Baudoux -07/21, 06:19 pm- So, whos bringing what? I
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -07/21, 06:54 pm- I plan to be there with o
Bruce Balough -07/21, 07:01 pm- Im bringing my Model S
William L Vanderburg -07/21, 07:49 pm- Once again, I cannot go
Kenneth W DeLong -07/21, 08:04 pm- We hope to make it but ha
Rob Heyen -07/21, 08:35 pm- Bud, Not cheap but severa
Richard Wolf -07/21, 08:38 pm- When is it??
Thomas A. Voltz -07/21, 08:39 pm- Ill have my 24 Touring an
Thomas A. Voltz -07/21, 08:43 pm- Richard, it will be Septe
Richard Wolf -07/21, 08:45 pm- Thanks Thomas
Dave Wells -07/21, 09:00 pm- I just registered today.
Diane Stauder -07/22, 08:49 am- My husband and I are goin
Dave Wells -07/22, 08:52 am- Rob, thanks for the heads
Rob Heyen -07/22, 09:15 am- Dave, We stayed there la
Terry Horlick in Pen -07/22, 10:13 pm- I sold the 13 RHD Fire Br
R.V. Anderson -07/23, 06:01 pm- First time able to go. Ra
Dave Wells -07/23, 06:17 pm- Way to go R.V. Im sure y
Kenneth W DeLong -07/23, 06:58 pm- Dave,Dont forget the powe
Dave Wells -07/23, 08:45 pm- Kenneth, last time I chec
Kirk Peterson -07/23, 10:05 pm- Walked around the grounds
Thomas Mullin -07/23, 11:00 pm- The grounds are open, the
Willis Jenkins -07/23, 11:27 pm- The great thing about the
Irritating Door-Rattle
Bob Coiro -07/23, 05:18 pm- I was kind of surprised t
Mark Strange -07/23, 05:29 pm- My door may be rattling,
Mark Strange -07/23, 05:29 pm- Correction, the correct b
Val Soupios -07/23, 06:46 pm- Bob they made rubber snub
Dan Treace, North FL -07/23, 07:50 pm- Here are some ways with m
Henry Petrino in Mod -07/23, 08:23 pm- I just leave my hearing a
John Semprez-Templet -07/23, 09:03 pm- Who would even know if th
Mike Kossor -07/23, 09:14 pm- I put a small dab of clea
Paul Mikeska, Denver -07/23, 11:16 pm- Part of the Model T exper
Dual Exhaust Zoom Zoom!!
Christopher Kramer,  -07/22, 11:49 pm- Seth, Any chance youve go
Seth from NC -07/23, 12:24 pm- Hey Christopher, sent you
Bill Thompson -07/23, 01:12 pm- I wonder if these multili
Seth from NC -07/23, 01:22 pm- Bill you and me both! I h
Ed in California -07/23, 03:11 pm- They were remade in the 7
Glen Chaffin -07/23, 03:38 pm- Seth, Glad you like it. W
Terry Horlick in Pen -07/23, 05:42 pm- Okay, I see the zoom, wha
M G Hillhouse -07/23, 05:48 pm- I believe I bought the la
Seth from NC -07/23, 08:48 pm- Hey Terry, everyone on th
Noel D. Chicoine, MD -07/23, 09:37 pm- Seth, I have a dual exhau
Seth from NC -07/23, 10:43 pm- Noel I bought 2 stock exh
OT - Model K on dynometer
Rob Heyen -07/23, 12:57 pm- Just back from The Shop i
Jim Thode Chehalis W -07/23, 01:13 pm- Dont twist off your crank
Seth from NC -07/23, 01:30 pm- Man that is wild what a d
Rob Heyen -07/23, 01:40 pm- Jim, your right, we dont
Rob Heyen -07/23, 08:57 pm- Ive been using an online
Rob Heyen -07/23, 08:59 pm- Oops, the calculator link
Timothy Kelly -07/23, 10:26 pm- Rob I suspect that havin
Old vendors from 1970
Jim Patrick -07/21, 11:05 am- I first got into Model Ts
Mike Zahorik -07/21, 11:16 am- I used to do business wit
Richard Wolf -07/21, 11:20 am- I hate to admit it but wh
G.R.Cheshire -07/21, 11:21 am- J.C. used to have a fair
Bob McDonald-Federal -07/21, 11:32 am- Becker Antique Auto Parts
Richard Wolf -07/21, 11:55 am- I remember I took a brass
Ron Mc Willie -07/21, 12:19 pm- Bill and Geri Rader who o
Peter Claverie -07/21, 12:30 pm- I had my first T in the e
Bob Gruber- Spanaway -07/21, 12:59 pm- I bought a new set of coi
Don Lyon, PDX, OR. -07/21, 01:33 pm- Just a note for the guys
Terry Woods, Richmon -07/21, 01:37 pm- I dont remember when Tomm
Terry Woods, Richmon -07/21, 01:42 pm- Forgot to mention that hi
Eric Hylen- Central  -07/21, 01:45 pm- Little Dearborn, theyre s
Nicholas Lingg - Tar -07/21, 01:48 pm- What about BOBs
Harold Schwendeman - -07/21, 02:19 pm- Jim Patrick - Not trying
Ron Mc Willie -07/21, 02:30 pm- Although I was on the wes
John Danuser -07/21, 02:34 pm- Ernie Hemmings was in Qui
Ron Mc Willie -07/21, 02:35 pm- I believe Glen Chaffin st
ROBERT BERGSTADT -07/21, 02:44 pm- Wisniewsky, was out of Mi
Michael R Beary -07/21, 03:07 pm- Does Hanks Vintage Ford P
john kuehn -07/21, 03:08 pm- I remember well the first
george house -07/21, 03:12 pm- . . and if you lived in c
Dick Lodge - St Loui -07/21, 03:33 pm- The parts source in Quinc
Gary H. White - Sher -07/21, 04:21 pm- As I remember The only di
Richard Wolf -07/21, 04:37 pm- Gary; It was J C Taylor a
George_Cherry Hill N -07/21, 05:03 pm- Somewhere around then I h
Darel J. Leipold -07/21, 05:03 pm- Wisniewsky and Whitney we
Tony Bowker -07/21, 05:15 pm- I bought my first parts f
Ed in California -07/21, 05:52 pm- Here is an old gas level
Dan Haynes -07/21, 06:10 pm- West Coast guys would rem
Mike Garrison_Rice M -07/21, 06:29 pm- Back in the 70s in Grand
brass car guy -07/21, 06:44 pm- So far no one has mention
mike_black -07/21, 06:55 pm- I was in Arkansas when wo
Verne Shirk -07/21, 07:09 pm- I went to a log of swap m
Steve Tomaso - Milto -07/21, 07:13 pm- Dan Haynes, Bill sold ou
Dennis Seth - Ohio -07/21, 07:20 pm- What a great thread. Than
James A smith -07/21, 07:39 pm- There use to be an ad in
John Danuser -07/21, 08:16 pm- Dick Lodge and others whe
Bob McDonald-Federal -07/21, 08:32 pm- I found this 1968 Hemming
Joe Andulics -07/21, 08:52 pm- Used to stop at Snyders a
john kuehn -07/21, 09:47 pm- I do remember buying T pa
Jerome Hoffman, Hays -07/21, 10:06 pm- Growing up in the Denver
Don Watson -Florence -07/21, 10:17 pm- Does anyone remember buyi
Ted Dumas -07/21, 10:31 pm- Royce Peterson was sellin
Michael Deichmann, B -07/21, 10:58 pm- Somehow Snyders was the v
Allan Richard Bennet -07/21, 11:11 pm- No-one has mentioned Rump
Ken Parker -07/21, 11:12 pm- Specialized Auto Parts at
Terry Woods, Richmon -07/21, 11:13 pm- George House, Bob Borcher
Paul Mikeska, Denver -07/22, 12:20 am- George, . . and if you l
Dennis Henrichs -07/22, 01:42 am- Back then I bought some p
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/22, 02:40 am- I couldnt tell you now wh
Tony Bowker -07/22, 11:19 am- The name I couldnt rememb
Warren F Rollins -07/22, 03:44 pm- How about Alvin Anderson
Bob McDonald-Federal -07/22, 06:57 pm- How was the person in Alb
Don Watson -Florence -07/22, 07:20 pm- Rumple Kammer in Fredrick
Terry Woods, Richmon -07/22, 08:54 pm- Don, I was aware of Rumpl
Royce in Georgetown  -07/22, 09:15 pm- Here are a couple pages f
William L Vanderburg -07/22, 09:37 pm- 421 Highway 180 E, Albany
Terry Woods, Richmon -07/23, 12:23 am- I just did a Google Maps
David Stroud -07/23, 04:25 am- Me and my late best frien
Herb Iffrig -07/23, 08:44 am- I remember meeting Ernie
Carl Sorenson-Lake A -07/23, 07:11 pm- Does anybody remember Eas
Jim Patrick -07/23, 07:45 pm- Thanks for all the respon
Herb Iffrig -07/23, 08:32 pm- One of my local guys I me
Warren Webb -07/23, 09:04 pm- Is Jim Finney still aroun
Marty Bufalini -07/23, 09:41 pm- How about Motor City Anti
Marty Bufalini -07/23, 09:42 pm- I meant now.
Don Watson -Florence -07/23, 09:53 pm- Terry, My Telephone List
Tim Eyssen - Abilene -07/23, 09:59 pm- Terry and William: Johns
Coil & Spark Plug Tester
David Tipton -07/21, 03:36 pm- I want to get a coil and
Richard Wolf -07/21, 04:28 pm- Rons Machine Shop in Shan
Chris Barker, Somers -07/21, 05:04 pm- ... Or to save $$ and avo
Mike Walker, NW AR -07/21, 06:18 pm- Find the Strobo-Spark her
James A. Golden -07/23, 08:56 pm- I was repairing coils for
Jim Thode Chehalis W -07/23, 09:12 pm- James, It is a good idea
Peter Borland. Bathu -07/23, 09:56 pm- Gday, I just love my Str
Healdton OK-Photo
Herb Iffrig -07/23, 09:00 am- Not a Ford but a snazzy l
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -07/23, 10:55 am- Hupmoblie.
Henry Petrino in Mod -07/23, 11:03 am- Thats a really interestin
Burger in Spokane -07/23, 11:47 am- Those are phone lines. I
Bill Thompson -07/23, 02:33 pm- Telegraph?
Burger in Spokane -07/23, 09:47 pm- Telegraph, built to WU or
Old Photo - Accessorized Southern California 1915/16 Mode...
Jay - In Northern Ca -07/23, 10:49 am- [Vermont Ave, Hollywood C
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -07/23, 10:52 am- Great car. Sweet face.
Royce in Georgetown  -07/23, 02:18 pm- Canadian 15.
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -07/23, 05:09 pm- Interesting car. No cowl
Dennis Henrichs -07/23, 05:33 pm- Wayne, If the photo had
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -07/23, 08:19 pm- Dennis, Laughing! Thank y
Jack Putnam -07/23, 08:30 pm- The glass insulator cross
Henry Petrino in Mod -07/23, 08:40 pm- Mild drift: Jack, I was
Good price on brass screws
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -07/23, 12:08 pm- [brascerw_0819.JPG] I
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -07/23, 12:11 pm- They dont have. Sorry for
Seth from NC -07/23, 12:20 pm- Holy smokes you got all t
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/23, 12:20 pm- I dumped Fastenal after I
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -07/23, 01:19 pm- I know what you mean Stev
Howard D. Dennis -07/23, 08:31 pm- I gave up on our Fastenal
Shouldn't I at least hear a buzz? Put the engine and elec...
Mark Williamson -07/21, 06:15 pm- A dumb question from a ne
Mark Strange -07/21, 06:37 pm- Mark, on later cars like
Ron Patterson-Nichol -07/21, 06:39 pm- Mark This diagram will sh
Mark Williamson -07/22, 08:42 am- Thanks everyone. There wa
Thomas Mullin -07/22, 09:37 am- Mark, They seem to start
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/22, 09:52 am- Here are a couple more di
Jerry VanOoteghem -07/23, 10:46 am- Mark W. Swing your plug
Mark Williamson -07/23, 08:25 pm- Thanks, Jerry. Done! [im
Old Photo - Leaving The Ferry
Jay - In Northern Ca -07/23, 11:01 am- [Leaving The Ferry.jpg]
Herb Iffrig -07/23, 11:18 am- Thats a god one Jay. I li
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -07/23, 11:22 am- Dont those front fenders
Herb Iffrig -07/23, 11:31 am- That and the fact that th
Jay - In Northern Ca -07/23, 11:34 am- Keith, I believe the phot
Seth from NC -07/23, 11:39 am- Yeah, look how much space
Burger in Spokane -07/23, 11:41 am- Anyone else remember that
Jay - In Northern Ca -07/23, 11:48 am- [marty-feldman.jpg]
Mike Garrison_Rice M -07/23, 02:29 pm- Burger, I liked the Marty
Warren Henderson -07/23, 04:46 pm- Thanks Jay, the 1st photo
Herb Iffrig -07/23, 05:48 pm- That car is just followi
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -07/23, 08:25 pm- Herb, Oh, yes! Jay, Great
New to the T looking for some help
Jason Butler -07/21, 04:52 pm- Hi everyone im new here a
Chris Barker, Somers -07/21, 05:03 pm- 1. Ordinary unleaded - T
Jason Butler -07/21, 05:07 pm- Ok thank you very much!
Tony Bowker -07/21, 05:10 pm- You have quite a bit to l
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/21, 06:09 pm- 1 As Chris and the other
Mike Robison -07/21, 07:06 pm- There is a T parts dealer
Steve Tomaso - Milto -07/21, 07:19 pm- There is quite a number o
george house -07/21, 07:44 pm- Youve received good advic
William L Vanderburg -07/21, 07:45 pm- No two sets of champion p
Kenneth W DeLong -07/21, 07:59 pm- Will it turn over or is i
Jim Thode Chehalis W -07/21, 08:02 pm- Here is a basic outline o
Donnie Brown -07/21, 08:23 pm- Hi Jason, welcome to the
Jason Butler -07/21, 08:54 pm- Wow thanks everyone for t
george house -07/21, 09:02 pm- .. and get a lubrication
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/21, 09:32 pm- Is the 13 piece U-joint a
john kuehn -07/21, 09:38 pm- Get you a Model T Ford se
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -07/22, 03:00 pm- Yes, photos, we must see
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -07/22, 03:01 pm- To bad we are not in the
Mark Strange -07/22, 03:03 pm- Jason, when you get your
Dick Lodge - St Loui -07/22, 03:12 pm- What Mark said. When I ha
Jason Butler -07/22, 06:22 pm- hey guys just got the pic
Jason Butler -07/22, 06:38 pm- ok here we go. i have a b
Jason Butler -07/22, 06:39 pm- [IMG_9584_zps873432ba.jpg
Jason Butler -07/22, 06:41 pm- [IMG_9586_zps7f2f4c99.jpg
Jason Butler -07/22, 06:43 pm- [IMG_9589_zpsc8005e20.jpg
Jason Butler -07/22, 06:44 pm- [IMG_9587_zps4c88845c.jpg
Jason Butler -07/22, 06:45 pm- [IMG_9594_zpsb6daffac.jpg
Jason Butler -07/22, 06:47 pm- and the last one. sorry f
Mark Strange -07/22, 06:48 pm- Whoa, that is one beautif
Jason Butler -07/22, 07:01 pm- Thanks i cant wait to tak
Mike Walker, NW AR -07/22, 07:10 pm- Thats a spiffy car, Jason
Kenneth W DeLong -07/22, 07:14 pm- Jason,Nice car. Is it Can
Jason Butler -07/22, 07:16 pm- Haha i just noticed that!
Steve Tomaso - Milto -07/22, 07:28 pm- Sure is Canadian - all fo
Jason Butler -07/22, 07:38 pm- Thats a nice T! ^^^ is t
Dennis Henrichs -07/22, 07:50 pm- Jason, The US built cars
Jason Butler -07/22, 09:06 pm- Ahhh i see! Thats pretty
John Aldrich Orting  -07/22, 09:09 pm- Jason you are one LUCKY m
Jason Butler -07/22, 09:42 pm- Haha i feel pretty lucky
William L Vanderburg -07/22, 09:48 pm- One of the first things y
Jason Butler -07/22, 10:31 pm- Roger that i will add tha
Mike Walker, NW AR -07/22, 10:47 pm- Jason -- It looks to me l
Jamie Holmes -07/22, 11:08 pm- Jason, I agree with Mike.
Neil Dorey -07/22, 11:24 pm- Hi Jason, Very cool car a
Justin in South Afri -07/23, 03:02 am- Wow Jason... Wow! That ca
Warren Henderson -07/23, 06:20 am- I acquired my barn find 1
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/23, 07:06 am- Uh-oh. Warren said crank
Justin in South Afri -07/23, 07:16 am- Im in the crank with the
Warren Henderson -07/23, 04:59 pm- Thank you Justin, for you
Ricks - Surf City -07/23, 05:49 pm- Speak up, Warren! We are
Steve Tomaso - Milto -07/23, 08:20 pm- Im a lefty and have used
What's on your workbench today?
Chris Holtum -07/23, 07:39 am- Axle & NH repairs [w
Seth from NC -07/23, 07:47 am- Big piece of hickory that
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -07/23, 07:52 am- The same crap thats been
G.R.Cheshire -07/23, 08:14 am- Snake repellent,Moth ball
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/23, 08:35 am- My work bench is like Hal
Tyrone Thomas - Tope -07/23, 08:50 am- dust
Ron Patterson-Nichol -07/23, 09:09 am- Just more of the same.
Tim Wrenn -07/23, 09:10 am- Nothing particular at the
Herb Iffrig -07/23, 09:13 am- I never get tired of phot
Zachary Dillinger -07/23, 09:16 am- Nothing T related at the
Dan B -07/23, 10:05 am- Going through a 58 Johnso
Mike Zahorik -07/23, 10:18 am- Ive been trying my hand a
Ken Todd -07/23, 10:49 am- The two in the shop, the
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -07/23, 11:09 am- [Gen_0816.JPG] [Gen_08
Bob McDonald-Federal -07/23, 11:23 am- Rich E. Great painti
Ron Patterson-Nichol -07/23, 11:37 am- Richard May I suggest you
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -07/23, 11:54 am- Thanks Bob and Ron. I wil
Val Soupios -07/23, 12:34 pm- I cant even find my work
Bob Gruber- Spanaway -07/23, 12:35 pm- Fronty head...almost read
Dana A. Crosby in Gl -07/23, 12:56 pm- Richard...If I turn my gr
Mack Cole ---- Earth -07/23, 01:10 pm- Hot after about 12 so I d
Seth from NC -07/23, 01:17 pm- I stayed in Phoenix once
Corey Langner -07/23, 01:32 pm- I have my Dillon SuperSwa
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -07/23, 03:43 pm- Left garage work bench ha
Dennis Henrichs -07/23, 05:19 pm- A pile of wood working to
Michael R Beary -07/23, 05:36 pm- Just spent 20 minutes loo
Val Soupios -07/23, 06:40 pm- [image.jpg] Thought I ha
Justin Heim -07/23, 07:25 pm- C cab passenger door gett
Eric Hylen- Central  -07/23, 07:31 pm- Tin snips and sheet metal
Dan Treace, North FL -07/23, 08:19 pm- A new Prus high compressi
OT good photo resizer to use ... ????
Donnie Brown -07/23, 07:47 pm- Any suggestions as to whi
Jim Thode Chehalis W -07/23, 08:00 pm- This recent thread may he
Mike Garrison_Rice M -07/23, 08:03 pm- I use Picresize. It works
Any kid can do it!
Eric Hylen- Central  -07/21, 08:14 pm- I was just preparing to u
Jon Crane -07/21, 08:31 pm- Eric VERY shoul
Bob Coiro -07/21, 09:06 pm- Perfect, left-handed/thum
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -07/21, 09:24 pm- Wonderful! Shes our kind
lorenzo leon -07/21, 09:26 pm- Great video. Thank you
Mike Walker, NW AR -07/21, 10:02 pm- Now thats cute, I dont ca
brass car guy -07/21, 10:20 pm- What a sweetheart, maybe
Mike Garrison_Rice M -07/21, 10:37 pm- Good job. The other day t
John P Noonan -07/21, 10:49 pm- Job well done!..It takes
Jim Thode Chehalis W -07/21, 10:51 pm- Mike, Your timing and rea
Mike Garrison_Rice M -07/21, 11:10 pm- Jim, I think Ive found wh
Tom Lovejoy, So Cal -07/22, 12:30 am- That was very cool, thank
Gary Schreiber- Sant -07/22, 08:24 am- Great video
John Semprez-Templet -07/22, 12:04 pm- Outstanding. You should b
Eric Hylen- Central  -07/23, 07:40 pm- Shes a good kid. She love
Looking for Surf City Rick for question Fast
Tyrone Thomas - Tope -07/23, 05:07 pm- Rick, Im working with a v
Ricks - Surf City -07/23, 05:57 pm- Do a Forum search for Ed
Tyrone Thomas - Tope -07/23, 07:05 pm- Ok Rick, you guided me to
Back from Boone
Dean Yoder -07/21, 09:31 pm- Back from Boone 3550 mile
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/21, 09:38 pm- Dean, reading about the t
Dan Treace, North FL -07/21, 10:18 pm- Dean is capable of quite
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -07/21, 10:55 pm- Dan - Thank you for posti
Tom Moorehead -07/23, 06:14 pm- test
1928 Chevy Engine
Chris Dailledouze -07/21, 08:28 pm- Anyone have or know of an
Ed in California -07/21, 08:32 pm-
Ed in California -07/21, 08:36 pm-
John Milne -07/22, 05:33 am- The filling station has m
Dexter Doucet -07/22, 03:49 pm- Gary Wallace in St. Louis
Chris Dailledouze -07/22, 05:17 pm- Thank you all, I will get
Chris Dailledouze -07/22, 05:24 pm- John, your right ordered
John Milne -07/23, 01:22 am- I think what you are afte
Chris Dailledouze -07/23, 05:23 pm- Yes multi jet is it. Fou
Carburetor Freezing Up
Patrick Mulrooney, W -07/21, 08:50 pm- Evening everyone, I have
Norman T. Kling -07/21, 08:57 pm- Needs a hot air pipe. Th
Frank Harris from Lo -07/21, 08:59 pm- The intake air being comp
Tim Eckensviller -07/21, 09:06 pm- Well, this answers a ques
Tim Eckensviller -07/21, 09:08 pm- Oh yeah, its worth mentio
Patrick Mulrooney, W -07/21, 09:22 pm- Thank you All for the inc
Jim Thode Chehalis W -07/21, 09:23 pm- Here is an icing chart. L
John P Noonan -07/21, 10:40 pm- It amazes me that you cou
Mike Garrison_Rice M -07/21, 10:51 pm- I think Im right in assum
Tim Eckensviller -07/22, 01:34 am- John, summer makes the ic
Ricks - Surf City -07/22, 01:45 am- The 150 and 165 HP Frankl
John P Noonan -07/22, 01:45 am- Tim, Im going to ditch th
Dave Huson, Berthoud -07/22, 07:19 am- There seems to be a gener
Royce in Georgetown  -07/22, 07:23 am- A Model T will always ben
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -07/22, 07:35 am- Ive had it happen WITH th
Mike Garrison_Rice M -07/22, 07:45 am- Dave, its not really myst
Ivan Warrington -07/22, 08:53 am- Hmmm, our race car engine
Ivan Warrington -07/22, 09:09 am- Hmmm, our race car engine
Patrick Mulrooney, W -07/22, 09:34 am- Good morning Ivan, An ex
Pat Kelly -07/22, 11:07 am- My 26 is running a NH wit
Scott Conger -07/22, 11:34 am- I love it when this discu
G.R.Cheshire -07/22, 11:57 am- First time I saw the ice
Seth from NC -07/22, 12:17 pm- Scott 35 mph? 35?!? I say
Scott Conger -07/22, 01:01 pm- Seth you made me laugh o
Hal Schedler, Sacram -07/22, 01:03 pm- The cool air for comfort
Seth from NC -07/22, 01:36 pm- Haha, great! Im glad you
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -07/22, 02:06 pm- Mine gets ice on it, but
Warren Henderson -07/22, 02:35 pm- Patrick, it is a lot more
keith g barrier -07/22, 02:52 pm- I wonder why Ford put a h
Patrick Mulrooney, W -07/22, 03:20 pm- Great info and stories!
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -07/22, 03:32 pm- Keith, Its not the restr
tillie the 15 -07/22, 04:08 pm- hey all--im the poor poor
Jeff Schreier -07/22, 10:47 pm- Popping through the carb.
Jeff Schreier -07/22, 10:52 pm- I should have been more s
tillie the 15 -07/23, 04:57 pm- ding ding ding winner win
Slayton Minnesota an airplane above Mainstreet_Photo
Herb Iffrig -07/23, 09:04 am- [slayton minnesota airpla
Tim Wrenn -07/23, 09:06 am- Cool pic, cool plane. Int
Herb Iffrig -07/23, 09:08 am- It looks more like he is
Herb Iffrig -07/23, 09:09 am- I should have said that I
Mark Strange -07/23, 09:44 am- Looks like an early Curti
Mike Walker, NW AR -07/23, 10:19 am- Its odd that there are no
Henry Petrino in Mod -07/23, 10:28 am- Mike, Theyre all inside h
Darel J. Leipold -07/23, 11:06 am- It is a Put Together or a
A. Gustaf Bryngelson -07/23, 11:10 am- Darel, I think you may be
Erik Johnson -07/23, 01:01 pm- To add to Darels comment:
Mike Garrison_Rice M -07/23, 02:25 pm- Ha, I got married in that
mike bartlett Oviedo -07/23, 02:52 pm- no shadow on roadway from
Tie rod end
Rick Goelz-Knoxville -07/23, 01:50 pm- How far does the tie rod
Mark Strange -07/23, 01:57 pm- According to this thread,
Seth from NC -07/23, 01:58 pm- Rick the tie rod end has
Seth from NC -07/23, 02:00 pm- Dang it Mark. I should ha
Rick Goelz-Knoxville -07/23, 02:00 pm- Ok, i knew it was somewh
How do you properly adjust kevlar bands. ??
Donnie Brown -07/19, 11:26 pm- I have a new set of kevla
David Stroud -07/20, 02:27 am- Donnie, the slot isnt the
Royce in Georgetown  -07/20, 08:51 am- Yesterday a friend came o
Terry Horlick in Pen -07/20, 09:24 am- Royce you should be eatin
Mike Vaughn -07/20, 09:29 am- Could it be that your rin
Norman T. Kling -07/20, 10:13 am- I had a similar problem a
john kuehn -07/20, 03:47 pm- Norman you mentioned that
Mike Walker, NW AR -07/20, 04:15 pm- Kevlar bands have been us
Dave Huson, Berthoud -07/20, 04:50 pm- Mike Walker is CORRECT. K
Frank Harris from Lo -07/20, 07:09 pm- I needed three drums and
Norman T. Kling -07/20, 07:24 pm- I dont have any pictures
Mark Strange -07/20, 07:30 pm- Norm, can you describe th
Donnie Brown -07/20, 09:33 pm- Thanks for the input. I h
Mike Walker, NW AR -07/20, 09:41 pm- Donnie -- I would expect
Donnie Brown -07/20, 09:43 pm- Dave, One more thing I fo
Donnie Brown -07/20, 09:50 pm- Mike, I agree, everything
Craig Anderson, cent -07/20, 11:45 pm- When I put kevlar linings
Val Soupios -07/21, 07:42 am- How strong are the spring
Seth from NC -07/21, 08:25 am- Proper adjustment require
Ricks - Surf City -07/21, 09:25 am- You dont need no steenkin
Lee Frost Pierce -07/21, 03:10 pm- No one has mentioned band
Darel J. Leipold -07/21, 05:21 pm- Is that Royce Senior in t
Darel J. Leipold -07/21, 05:23 pm- That green 1917 roadster
Darel J. Leipold -07/21, 05:27 pm- The three tier E&J si
Royce in Georgetown  -07/21, 06:15 pm- Darel, If you see Mark C
Darel J. Leipold -07/21, 06:22 pm- I wonder if I am not thin
Darel J. Leipold -07/21, 06:34 pm- I wonder if I am not thin
Darel J. Leipold -07/21, 06:42 pm- Now I went and posted twi
Donnie Brown -07/21, 08:46 pm- Update on todays work. I
Allan Richard Bennet -07/21, 11:28 pm- Way to go Donnie!!!! Crai
Mark Strange -07/22, 09:46 am- Well done. Now that you
Terry Horlick in Pen -07/22, 11:16 am- Lee,you are correct about
Jay - In Northern Ca -07/22, 11:42 am- Heres the four spout oile
Donnie Brown -07/22, 02:02 pm- My bands were installed w
Bob McDonald-Federal -07/22, 02:25 pm- Donnie I dont think tha
Craig Anderson, cent -07/22, 02:35 pm- I did the bands on my 27
john kuehn -07/22, 02:51 pm- After looking at the MTFC
Norman T. Kling -07/23, 11:14 am- Another thing about insta
How to repair rearradius rod threads
Warren Webb -07/22, 12:17 am- Has anyone repaired the t
Richard Gould -07/22, 12:41 am- I have either mig welded
John F. Regan -07/22, 01:19 am- On the ones I was able to
Dave Huson, Berthoud -07/22, 06:48 am- Warren Webb: I have a fe
Bud Holzschuh - Pana -07/22, 08:36 am- Warren When I redid my r
Warren Webb -07/22, 09:58 pm- What is the TPI on the Ra
Ted Dumas -07/22, 10:32 pm- Get Dave Huson to send yo
Mike Walker, NW AR -07/23, 08:56 am- Dave doesnt send things l
John F. Regan -07/23, 10:32 am- 9/16-18 thread
Dave Huson, Berthoud -07/23, 10:58 am- Mike: I would send radius
Old Photo - Work Bound, Big Stone Gap, Virginia. June 1919
Jay - In Northern Ca -07/23, 10:39 am- [Big Stone Gap, Virgina.j
Huge savings for forum members this week from Bob's Antiq...
ROBERT BERGSTADT -07/20, 05:40 pm- Huge deals this week whil
Hal Schedler, Sacram -07/20, 08:27 pm- Bob, Do they make the T
Tom Lovejoy, So Cal -07/22, 04:09 pm- Bob, I would like to orde
Tom Miller, Mostly i -07/22, 04:13 pm- http://www.bobsantiqueaut
Tom Lovejoy, So Cal -07/23, 12:10 am- Thanks Tom!
ROBERT BERGSTADT -07/23, 09:12 am- 815-633-7244 Daytime, big
Ronald Bolser -07/23, 09:32 am- Placed an order Monday mo
G.R.Cheshire -07/23, 10:10 am- Just got my order in
Proper Use of Split Rim Jack
Seth from NC -07/22, 07:59 am- Howdy everyone! So this i
G.R.Cheshire -07/22, 09:23 am- Seth on mine I may be wro
Seth from NC -07/22, 09:36 am- Thats exactly the kind of
George_Cherry Hill N -07/22, 09:46 am- Seth, Here is the instru
keith g barrier -07/22, 03:05 pm- Here is the best and easi
Roger Karlsson, sout -07/23, 05:19 am- I use the same cheap &
keith g barrier -07/23, 09:14 am- Roger I think my turn buc
Holley NH questions
Bud Holzschuh - Pana -07/22, 11:33 pm- I recently rebuilt a Holl
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/23, 12:48 am- 1. Body work. Rap it stra
Mike Walker, NW AR -07/23, 08:51 am- 2. Remember to pull it u
Old Photo - Happy Couple
Jay - In Northern Ca -07/22, 10:35 am- [Happy Couple.JPG]
Warren Henderson -07/22, 02:57 pm- Thanks Jay, but way do th
Thomas Mullin -07/22, 03:02 pm- Only reason to join the A
John Aldrich Orting  -07/22, 09:33 pm- I was a swabbie and hangi
Carl Klem -07/22, 09:42 pm- John, Did you get the sil
John Aldrich Orting  -07/22, 09:46 pm- You mean Liberty Cuffs?
Carl Klem -07/22, 10:19 pm- We digress, this is the N
Gary H. White - Sher -07/23, 08:03 am- 13 chances to change your
Body number ??
Dave Corey -07/22, 07:34 pm- Good Day, Just noticed a
Hap Tucker in Sumter -07/23, 07:43 am- Dave, For an early 1920
Mark Williamson -07/22, 05:46 pm- For those who have read m
Warren W. Mortensen -07/22, 06:06 pm- Youre right Mark. Who ne
Mark Strange -07/22, 06:27 pm- To me, thats one of the a
John Semprez-Templet -07/22, 06:51 pm- So true! Had a couple of
John P Noonan -07/22, 11:06 pm- Congrats Mark on your new
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -07/23, 07:38 am- I agree. My first antique
Back surgery
charley shaver -07/21, 01:12 pm- I am back!! but I will be
John Aldrich Orting  -07/21, 01:27 pm- Had back surgery 2 years
Brian Mettling -07/21, 03:00 pm- good glad youre back. No
Bob Gruber- Spanaway -07/21, 03:07 pm- Before I had lower back s
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/21, 03:27 pm- Fortunately my congenital
John Aldrich Orting  -07/21, 03:46 pm- Weight loss definitely he
Pat Clark -07/21, 03:51 pm- I have had back problems
Darel J. Leipold -07/21, 05:18 pm- I have the pain. Hurt my
Garnet -07/21, 05:23 pm- My lower back problems st
Richard Wolf -07/21, 05:30 pm- Jack; How are u doing??
charley shaver -07/21, 06:53 pm- I was doing very good tel
Warren Henderson -07/21, 07:37 pm- Hope all goes well for yo
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -07/22, 07:56 pm- these discussions make me
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -07/22, 08:00 pm- woops lost it for moment
Bob Coiro -07/23, 01:10 am- Ive had three spine opera
Steve McClelland -07/23, 02:14 am- Hey Charley Glad your doi
Arkansas Tin Lizzies Tour, Grove, Oklahoma
Chris Paulsen - McPh -07/20, 11:29 am- Just a quick thank you to
Mike Walker, NW AR -07/20, 03:57 pm- Chris -- We were glad to
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/20, 05:17 pm- Yep, nine feet is a bit o
Roy Mathis, Van Bure -07/21, 05:24 pm- Chris - it was a pleasure
Mike Walker, NW AR -07/22, 05:32 pm- Okie Dokie -- Here are so
Kirk Peterson -07/22, 06:11 pm- Thanks Mike for posting t
John Danuser -07/22, 06:21 pm- Mike thanks for the photo
Mike Walker, NW AR -07/22, 06:29 pm- Kirk -- That was Har-Ber
Mike Walker, NW AR -07/22, 06:41 pm- John -- Yes, Kent was the
Donnie Brown -07/22, 07:02 pm- Thanks for the post Chris
Mike Walker, NW AR -07/22, 10:36 pm- Donnie -- Rt. 66 is speci
Dick Lodge - St Loui -07/22, 10:42 pm- I live 0.8 mile from Manc
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/23, 01:10 am- My US 66 memory from the
Snowmobile Company Letter, Nov. 19th,1923
Jay - In Northern Ca -07/21, 10:12 am- [Snowmobile Company Lette
Bob McDonald-Federal -07/21, 12:31 pm- THANKS FOR POSTING Tha
Jay - In Northern Ca -07/23, 12:42 am- Bob,Your welcome! I thoug
Got my wheels tightened-
Terry Bond -07/22, 10:18 pm- Actually got my new front
Tom Lovejoy, So Cal -07/23, 12:20 am- awesome shot, great fun.
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/23, 12:37 am- Excellent! Thats what the
Snowmobile Company Letter Dec. 5th, 1923
Jay - In Northern Ca -07/23, 12:08 am- [Snowmobile Company Lette
OT-- California State Fair 1913
William L Vanderburg -07/22, 11:19 pm- Significant in the video
Bill Severn - SE Tex -07/22, 11:39 pm- What video?
William L Vanderburg -07/22, 11:42 pm- sorry.... http://www.yout
Jim Thode Chehalis W -07/23, 12:07 am- I think the claimed speed
Read before posting
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/21, 09:57 pm- Ive been one of the guilt
Mike Garrison_Rice M -07/21, 10:01 pm- Yes, Mother Superior.
Mike Garrison_Rice M -07/21, 10:10 pm- Alright, I apologize Stev
Mike Garrison_Rice M -07/21, 10:11 pm- [:-]
Kenneth W DeLong -07/21, 10:25 pm- That would be great but t
Dan Treace, North FL -07/21, 10:35 pm- Steve Just gotta ask, di
David Dewey, N. Cali -07/21, 10:39 pm- Im on dial-up. Sometimes
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -07/21, 10:43 pm- Frankly, I appreciate whe
David Dewey, N. Cali -07/21, 10:50 pm- For example, when I was c
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -07/21, 10:57 pm- A good example is the car
Burger in Spokane -07/21, 11:22 pm- I like tacos.
John P Noonan -07/21, 11:46 pm- Burger, seems you strayed
Tyrone Thomas - Tope -07/22, 12:27 am- Im dyslexic so it helps m
A. Gustaf Bryngelson -07/22, 12:41 am- I like Ann Margret. I th
John P Noonan -07/22, 01:22 am- I understand that there a
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/22, 01:36 am-
Ricks - Surf City -07/22, 01:39 am- Ive seen on this Forum an
Danial - Veneta OR U -07/22, 01:41 am- Now that is one HOT tomat
Mark Gregush Portlan -07/22, 01:54 am- If it been posted before
John P Noonan -07/22, 02:02 am- Thanks Ricks-Surf City, t
Danial - Veneta OR U -07/22, 02:03 am- I guess what it boils dow
John P Noonan -07/22, 02:08 am- And you wonder why some p
Danial - Veneta OR U -07/22, 02:17 am- If you are responding to
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/22, 02:29 am- Believe it or not, Ann Ma
John P Noonan -07/22, 02:29 am- That was definitely not f
Danial - Veneta OR U -07/22, 02:38 am- Ah ok JOhn...Its late...t
A. Gustaf Bryngelson -07/22, 08:08 am- Steve, Ann Margret always
Mack Cole ---- Earth -07/22, 09:23 am- Well sometimes when a per
Kenneth W DeLong -07/22, 09:50 am- I think i see it too but
Danial - Veneta OR U -07/22, 09:53 am- @ Mack Col I got this on
Danial - Veneta OR U -07/22, 09:54 am- uh...Mack COLE
Burger in Spokane -07/22, 10:09 am- Patience, Glasshoppah !
Seth from NC -07/22, 10:15 am- MORE ANN MARGRET! Thats a
Norman T. Kling -07/22, 10:17 am- Steve, Has it ever occur
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -07/22, 10:57 am- So THATS whats going on.
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/22, 11:13 am- Some of us are getting ol
Danial - Veneta OR U -07/22, 11:18 am- hahahaha! What?
Terry Woods, Richmon -07/22, 11:38 am- If anyone would like it,
Bob McDonald-Federal -07/22, 11:43 am- What Forum is this, Ann h
Craig Anderson, cent -07/22, 02:38 pm- The key word search here
Ricks - Surf City -07/22, 03:26 pm- I use the keyword search
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -07/22, 03:51 pm- But what oil would Ann Ma
Richard Wolf -07/22, 03:56 pm- That dont look like Ann
Dan Hatch -07/22, 03:57 pm- Is this better than a lin
David Dewey, N. Cali -07/22, 03:59 pm- Who cares, as long as she
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -07/22, 05:25 pm- Ann Margret fits here per
Bob Ronning -07/22, 10:55 pm- I keep looking at the red
Danial - Veneta OR U -07/22, 11:08 pm- I love that redhead, Bob.
Mark Stewart -Calif. -07/22, 11:29 pm- I dont Understand this po
Mark Stewart -Calif. -07/22, 11:34 pm- Neither do I.[10464182_10
Danial - Veneta OR U -07/22, 11:38 pm- Im sure a doctor could pr
Terry Woods, Richmon -07/22, 11:53 pm- RE: Mark Stewarts post ab
Starter woes
Allan Richard Bennet -07/21, 09:12 am- Most of the starter end b
Ron Patterson-Nichol -07/21, 09:52 am- Allan As you know the Mod
Ken Todd -07/21, 10:53 am- Ron, how do you straighte
Jerry VanOoteghem -07/21, 10:54 am- Ron, When you line ream
Ron Patterson-Nichol -07/21, 01:38 pm- Ken & Jerry A machini
Jerry VanOoteghem -07/21, 04:31 pm- Ron, Understood. Makes s
Allan Richard Bennet -07/22, 12:12 am- Ron, this topic was part
Ron Patterson-Nichol -07/22, 08:47 am- Allan Additional discussi
Daryl W. Becker -07/22, 10:28 pm- Looks like a Very Nice qu
Spray paint
Bill Elliott -07/22, 04:33 pm- Im thinking about paintin
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/22, 04:53 pm- Rattle can Rustoleum cost
Richard Wolf -07/22, 05:10 pm- Steve; If your doing it o
tim moore -07/22, 07:23 pm- Spray can paint is mostly
James A. Mahaffey -07/22, 07:58 pm- Rattle-can Rustoleum can
Chester Leighton -07/22, 08:02 pm- If youre determined to go
Dennis Henrichs -07/22, 08:24 pm- Gee guys, Why not just h
Ed in California -07/22, 08:33 pm- I have used this black pa
Craig Anderson, cent -07/22, 08:54 pm- Im still pretty much in l
Terry Bond -07/22, 10:06 pm- You cant beat automotive
Terry Bond -07/22, 10:10 pm- Dont want to give the imp
Ted Dumas -07/22, 10:16 pm- Why dont you but a quart
Bad luck, Great day!
greg ragland -07/22, 09:25 pm- My wife and I just return
Mike Walker, NW AR -07/22, 10:13 pm- Greg -- Glad to hear you
OT - can you identify my grandfather's car?
Steve Blancard -07/18, 08:36 pm- Sorry, not a T, but maybe
Tyrone Thomas - Tope -07/18, 08:38 pm- Chevy?
Bob Cascisa - Poulsb -07/18, 08:41 pm- Center Door Dodge Brother
Mike Hanson -07/18, 08:49 pm- Looks like Dodge Four Doo
mike conrad -07/18, 10:24 pm- Its not a Dodge. Its a Bu
Burger in Spokane -07/18, 10:34 pm- Buick had a more sculptur
Les Gitts -07/18, 10:39 pm- Not a Dodge, as Dodges in
Larry Smith -07/18, 10:48 pm- Looks like an FB Chevy.
Henry Petrino in Mod -07/18, 11:03 pm- Well, Im certainly glad w
Royce in Georgetown  -07/18, 11:17 pm- Early 1920s Dodge Brother
Justin Heim -07/18, 11:17 pm- 1917-1918 FA Chevrolet [1
Burger in Spokane -07/18, 11:32 pm- This points up my aesthet
Mark Stewart -Calif. -07/19, 01:34 am- Thats easy. It is an 1880
Steve Blancard -07/19, 06:29 am- Thanks for all your repli
Steve Blancard -07/19, 06:48 am- If it would help in ident
Dan Haynes -07/19, 07:36 am- The car is a Chevrolet.
Steve Blancard -07/19, 09:06 am- Well, were down to a Buic
Steve Blancard -07/19, 09:08 am- I just noticed this detai
Warren W. Mortensen -07/19, 09:16 am- Try getting a close-up of
Steve Blancard -07/19, 09:37 am- Warren - Heres the front
Jim Thode Chehalis W -07/19, 09:38 am- Based on the straight lin
Steve Blancard -07/19, 12:53 pm- Jim - I see what mean, th
Hap Tucker in Sumter -07/19, 09:40 pm- Steve, Yes, if you scan
Hap Tucker in Sumter -07/19, 09:42 pm- Oops -- we left out the p
Justin Heim -07/20, 09:28 am- Can someone point out wha
Craig Anderson, cent -07/20, 02:23 pm- There were very few cente
Justin Heim -07/20, 03:45 pm- Based on Craigs post: 1.
Chester W. Lowery TN -07/20, 04:38 pm- Reminds me of a conversat
Steve Blancard -07/20, 05:49 pm- Hap - thanks for all the
Steve Blancard -07/20, 05:54 pm- The Chevy image does seem
Hap Tucker in Sumter -07/20, 07:54 pm- Steve, Thanks for trying
Burger in Spokane -07/20, 10:10 pm- It seems Aunt Lois has al
Dan Haynes -07/20, 10:43 pm- The car is a Chevrolet. P
Dexter Doucet -07/20, 11:16 pm- It does have a GM look to
Craig Anderson, cent -07/21, 12:14 am- Theres a 1920 Chevrolet C
Jim Thode Chehalis W -07/21, 12:48 am- Im still leaning toward a
Hap Tucker in Sumter -07/21, 08:17 am- Justin and Jim, I agree
Steve Blancard -07/21, 08:07 pm- Hap - I scanned it again
Dexter Doucet -07/21, 08:27 pm- Its a Chevy Mr. Blancard.
Hap Tucker in Sumter -07/21, 10:01 pm- Dexter, Thanks for havin
Steve Blancard -07/22, 07:14 am- Dexter - thanks for the c
Warren Henderson -07/22, 08:01 am- Im with the group that sa
Hap Tucker in Sumter -07/22, 09:16 pm- Steve, Thank you for the
Danial - Veneta OR U -07/22, 10:10 pm- Looks like a Tucker to me
What I did today.
William L Vanderburg -07/21, 10:35 pm- Sadly, I didnt take any p
William L Vanderburg -07/21, 10:36 pm- Actually, next order of b
Mike Garrison_Rice M -07/21, 10:43 pm- Go for it. Putting that e
William L Vanderburg -07/21, 11:20 pm- I already got that screen
Bob Gruber- Spanaway -07/21, 11:34 pm- Sure surprised me how muc
Tim Wrenn -07/22, 08:52 am- Finally went driving in t
Rich Chillingworth -07/22, 04:16 pm- [Holly G 1s.jpg] [Holly G
Richard Wolf -07/22, 04:32 pm- Why is it silver??
Michael R Beary -07/22, 05:31 pm- Put a new exhaust manifol
Mike Walker, NW AR -07/22, 06:57 pm- Richard -- All the yellow
Mike Walker, NW AR -07/22, 06:58 pm- And very pretty. Good jo
Donnie Brown -07/22, 07:20 pm- I have been taking the 27
John Aldrich Orting  -07/22, 09:22 pm- Working on restoring an e
James J Williams -07/22, 09:08 pm- Went to see my model t pa
James J Williams -07/22, 09:16 pm- Kindly disregard the firs
Was my car originaly Green?
Shawn -07/20, 07:36 pm- Hi guys, I just started r
Steve McClelland -07/20, 07:41 pm- Youve had a re spray at s
Dennis Pleiness -07/20, 08:47 pm- I have a 26 coupe also ,a
Shawn -07/20, 08:53 pm- does that mean both of ou
Mike Walker, NW AR -07/20, 09:29 pm- Didnt we learn here withi
Shawn -07/20, 09:41 pm- Sorry Mike, Im only new t
Dan Treace, North FL -07/20, 09:43 pm- Mike Good memory, mine i
Shawn -07/20, 09:59 pm- So is this how mine would
Mike Walker, NW AR -07/20, 10:07 pm- Shawn -- No apology is ne
Dan Treace, North FL -07/20, 10:14 pm- Shawn As far as known, t
Erik Johnson -07/20, 10:16 pm- Keep sanding through the
Shawn -07/20, 10:40 pm- Hmmm, The engine has made
Chris Barker, Somers -07/21, 07:06 am- Improved Ts built in Manc
Chris Barker, Somers -07/21, 07:08 am- I would be interested to
Shawn -07/21, 08:14 am- OK guys just rubbed back
Shawn -07/21, 08:16 am- OK guys just rubbed back
Jim Patrick -07/21, 08:51 am- That green looks too ligh
Dan Treace, North FL -07/21, 09:23 am- Shawn With different num
Mike Walker, NW AR -07/21, 09:36 am- Shawn -- Your engines num
Chris Barker, Somers -07/21, 11:22 am- There was a paler green -
Chris Barker, Somers -07/21, 11:34 am- Heres my car on the left.
Peter Claverie -07/21, 12:54 pm- This seems a good time to
Shawn -07/21, 08:38 pm- Thanks again for all your
Larry Bohlen, Severn -07/21, 10:05 pm- The block may be but not
Chris Barker, Somers -07/22, 05:11 am- If you didnt find the coa
Kevin Whelihan -07/22, 08:16 pm- This looks like a similar
Shawn -07/22, 09:09 pm- Thanks everyone for all y
I bought a Model T
Brian Churchill -07/17, 07:31 am- Welcome Mark, Model Ts ar
David Chantrell - Ad -07/17, 09:24 am- Great to see another 1925
Peter Kable -07/17, 08:55 pm- Brian. here is an origin
Chris Cook -07/17, 10:03 pm- [T ford 024[1].jpg] And a
Mark Williamson -07/18, 01:01 am- A couple of people on Fac
Mark Williamson -07/18, 02:25 am- Here is another photo of
Allan Richard Bennet -07/21, 08:35 am- Mark, the Dalgety 1925 ca
Mark Williamson -07/21, 06:23 pm- Thanks to everyone for th
Mark Williamson -07/21, 06:35 pm- Chris, Is the photo you
Frank van Ekeren (A -07/21, 07:28 pm- Allan, it has Rocky M bra
Chris Cook -07/22, 02:59 am- Mark, The cowl ligh
Doug Partington -07/22, 04:34 am- Mark, Dont worry about be
Allan Richard Bennet -07/22, 04:44 am- Doug, the only pies worth
Allan Richard Bennet -07/22, 04:51 am- Well spotted Mark. Chriss
Doug Partington -07/22, 06:16 am- Alan, My Tilly has the Da
Warwick Landy -07/22, 07:45 am- Thanks for the compliment
Mark Williamson -07/22, 08:51 am- Thanks everyone for your
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -07/22, 02:29 pm- Fantastic, exciting to se
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -07/22, 02:30 pm- Also, love the color.
Warren Henderson -07/22, 02:51 pm- All this talk about buyin
Chris Cook -07/22, 08:38 pm- Great to hear you got it
Doug Partington -07/22, 09:04 pm- Warwick, email your posta
TT Warford install
Justin Heim -07/22, 07:45 am- Im looking for opinions o
John Danuser -07/22, 02:34 pm- Use the collar for the dr
Justin Heim -07/22, 08:34 pm- Thanks John, that answers
The Wayside Inn....
roy palmer -07/21, 05:14 pm- How about Sudbury Ma for
Greg sarky K -07/21, 11:22 pm- yes,a great place..
Ron Patterson-Nichol -07/21, 11:24 pm- My wife and I were marrie
John P Noonan -07/21, 11:35 pm- Yes, please come to Ma! W
John Page -07/21, 11:53 pm- My good friends and I spe
Doug Partington -07/22, 06:37 am- To all of our US mates, y
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/22, 08:14 am- A tour based there could
John Zibell -07/22, 08:28 am- And for the gear heads in
Musegh Kalon -07/22, 02:33 pm- Yes, by all means lets go
Warren Henderson -07/22, 02:44 pm- Langs is in Baldwinville,
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -07/22, 04:04 pm- Its fine to suggest a pla
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -07/22, 04:09 pm- I just checked the Waysid
Greg sarky K -07/22, 05:22 pm- I dont think that anyone
Jon Crane -07/22, 05:51 pm- I am a member of the Lion
David Sosnoski -07/22, 06:39 pm- Its already been done. T
John Page -07/22, 08:04 pm- Hello Dave, Good to see y
Valders WI Model T era firefighting-Photo
Herb Iffrig -07/19, 11:05 pm- [Valders WI.jpg]
Robert Scott Owens -07/19, 11:55 pm- So is the T motor running
Dennis Seth - Ohio -07/20, 07:49 am- The local volunteer fire
James A. Golden -07/20, 08:24 am- Looks like a Waterous. D
Hap Tucker in Sumter -07/20, 08:42 am- Robert, Yes, on a Pumper
brass car guy -07/20, 11:24 am- The Waterious Pump drive
James A. Golden -07/20, 08:03 pm- Here are some photos of t
Ray Syverson -07/22, 09:52 am- I think the fire truck in
Warren W. Mortensen -07/22, 06:17 pm- Third guy from the left:
Bob McDonald-Federal -07/22, 07:07 pm- Warren Hes holding the s
Drive plate rivets loose
Gene Menne, Fort Way -07/20, 09:36 am- I have a 26/27 transmissi
Pat Penrod -07/20, 01:13 pm- I had to replace mine a w
Tim Williams -07/20, 03:30 pm- Not that I recommended it
Mike Garrison_Rice M -07/20, 03:48 pm- I rebuilt the engine and
Stephen D Heatherly -07/20, 03:56 pm- Gene, these are the rivet
Richard Gould -07/20, 04:03 pm- A problem not addressed i
Dan Hatch -07/20, 05:01 pm- Check it GOOD for cracks.
Erik Johnson -07/20, 05:26 pm- The most likely reason fo
Allan Richard Bennet -07/21, 07:57 am- Gene, unless the rivets h
Dave Huson, Berthoud -07/21, 08:54 am- Gene Menne: I may still
Jerry VanOoteghem -07/21, 11:14 am- If you re-rivet your plat
Peter Martin, Sydney -07/22, 07:15 am- Erik, do you still have t
Dave Huson, Berthoud -07/22, 07:31 am- Gene Menne: Another way
Warren W. Mortensen -07/22, 06:33 pm- My experience has been th
14 dash to floor engine cover
Will Tri -07/21, 03:28 am- Is there a cover that goe
Justin in South Afri -07/21, 05:08 am- I think you are referring
Kenneth W DeLong -07/21, 09:17 am- I havent used mine in yea
Erik Johnson -07/21, 10:21 am- John Regan makes faithful
Will Tri -07/21, 11:12 am- Is that flat or shaped to
Richard Wolf -07/21, 11:23 am- It is flat
Will Tri -07/21, 03:01 pm- Any one have a picture of
Dave Wells -07/22, 08:43 am- Are those covers original
Erik Johnson -07/22, 01:59 pm- Original factory issue.
Mike Vaughn -07/22, 02:10 pm- Will, here is a shot of m
Dave Wells -07/22, 02:12 pm- Thanks Erik. I guess a lo
Will Tri -07/22, 06:07 pm- Hi thanks for picture it
My first is only skin deep
Robert Anderson -07/21, 08:58 pm- Here is a pic of my new m
Ed in California -07/21, 09:05 pm- Thats a neat little T. Ni
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/21, 09:26 pm- Its a Johnny Cash car, ma
Robert Anderson -07/21, 11:01 pm- Thanks for your honest as
Mike Garrison_Rice M -07/21, 11:08 pm- Hi Robert. About three ye
John P Noonan -07/21, 11:08 pm- Robert, even though you l
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/22, 01:40 am- I just noticed the typo i
Mike Walker, NW AR -07/22, 08:34 am- Robert -- You mentioned t
mike_black -07/22, 09:02 am- Robert, You may find o
Robert G. Hester Jr. -07/22, 09:10 am- Hi, Robert. Changing you
Dave Wells -07/22, 09:32 am- It wasnt until 1925 that
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/22, 09:40 am- I agree with Mikes sugges
Mark Strange -07/22, 09:49 am- Mike, that is a beauty!
Gary Schreiber- Sant -07/22, 10:32 am- Great little rpu. Id fix
Robert Anderson -07/22, 11:51 am- Thanks guys, for your enc
Mark Strange -07/22, 11:59 am- Robert, I adjust the leng
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -07/22, 02:22 pm- Very good and glad you di
Harold Schwendeman - -07/22, 02:40 pm- Robert - What a nice litt
Harold Schwendeman - -07/22, 02:44 pm- Sorry Erich,....we were t
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -07/22, 02:48 pm- Ha, I cant say anything a
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -07/22, 02:49 pm- Haaaha, typing again at t
Dave Wells -07/22, 05:48 pm- Robert, I did the little
1925 Roadster pickup bed
Rex Pyles -07/20, 05:22 pm- Bought a 25 pickup bed an
Dan Treace, North FL -07/20, 05:41 pm- Rex Heres a pic of origi
Rex Pyles -07/20, 05:54 pm- This is what Im creating[
Burger in Spokane -07/20, 06:38 pm- Disgusting. Next thing y
Gary Schreiber- Sant -07/20, 06:39 pm- Call it what you will, Il
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -07/20, 06:53 pm- Burger - Is that a pictur
John Danuser -07/20, 09:58 pm- Keith how was the tour, n
Dan Treace, North FL -07/20, 10:41 pm- Rex Nice TT cab....that
Bill Alexander in Al -07/21, 07:08 am- I have a drawing of the b
Dan Treace, North FL -07/21, 09:46 am- If you dont want to fabri
Rex Pyles -07/21, 03:30 pm- Bummer, I think I just sc
Bob McDonald-Federal -07/21, 05:40 pm- Rex I just looked and I
Rex Pyles -07/22, 02:03 pm- I doubled checked my pile
Harold Schwendeman - -07/22, 03:03 pm- Rex - Must be that youve
Old Photo - Just Hanging Out
Jay - In Northern Ca -07/22, 10:29 am- [hanging out.JPG]
Thomas Mullin -07/22, 02:53 pm- I think they are keeping
Warren Henderson -07/22, 02:59 pm- Thomas, I think I would n
Netflix, The story of Henry Ford
Will Copeland - Tren -07/22, 10:58 am-
Bill Z , Candlewood  -07/22, 11:12 am- For those who do not have
Rob from Nova Scotia -07/22, 02:44 pm- Watched it the other nigh
Need any info re. Stromberg LF carb
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -07/22, 01:54 pm- As an update, I have been
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -07/22, 01:56 pm- Thanks to Stan for advice
Rear spring problem - Car not sitting level
Chris Proctor -07/17, 12:07 pm- Good morning all. Im hop
Seth from NC -07/17, 12:13 pm- First to check is that th
Timothy Kelly -07/17, 12:15 pm- Losen the ubolts which at
Tim Eyssen - Abilene -07/17, 12:21 pm- Turn the spring around an
Chris Barker, Somers -07/17, 12:28 pm- Are you sure its the rear
Chris Proctor -07/17, 12:38 pm- Thanks, everyone, for the
William L Vanderburg -07/17, 12:42 pm- It appears that your spri
Seth from NC -07/17, 12:47 pm- Hey Chris, your photo mak
Chris Proctor -07/17, 01:04 pm- Hi Seth I just looked an
Anthonie Boer -07/17, 01:08 pm- Chris : [ because the bol
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/17, 01:19 pm- You cant be sure from the
Seth from NC -07/17, 01:38 pm- No problem Chris - I thin
Chris Proctor -07/17, 01:40 pm- Thanks a lot, guys. Appre
Steve Tomaso - Milto -07/17, 02:03 pm- The underside of the spri
William L Vanderburg -07/17, 02:26 pm- Isnt it amazing that it t
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/17, 02:26 pm- What Steve said: [IMG_36
John Semprez-Templet -07/17, 02:37 pm- William, An old physician
William L Vanderburg -07/17, 02:41 pm- Yeah, I guess so. I real
Seth from NC -07/17, 02:50 pm- William I dont think anyo
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/17, 02:52 pm- You were right I think, s
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -07/17, 02:55 pm- Dont fret over it William
William L Vanderburg -07/17, 02:59 pm- Im not gonna clam up. I
Steve Tomaso - Milto -07/17, 04:16 pm- One might also surmise th
William L Vanderburg -07/17, 05:19 pm- No, I will not chill. Th
Mike Garrison_Rice M -07/17, 08:45 pm- No,William wait, this who
Tim Eyssen - Abilene -07/17, 09:25 pm- A closer look at the phot
Jim Thode Chehalis W -07/17, 10:25 pm- [462237a.jpg]
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/17, 10:50 pm- I suspect the bolt is cen
David Dewey, N. Cali -07/17, 11:58 pm- Have someone with some he
Roger Karlsson, sout -07/18, 05:18 am- Remember the rear spring
Tim Eckensviller -07/18, 12:20 pm- From the marks on the cro
Bob McDonald-Federal -07/18, 01:53 pm- Jim I agree with youe
Warren W. Mortensen -07/18, 04:12 pm- Leaf #7 could just be hid
David Menzies -07/19, 02:50 am- I experienced a rear spri
Erik Johnson -07/19, 12:20 pm- Even if you do everything
R. S. Cruickshank -07/19, 05:58 pm- Chris. after you get the
Bob McDonald-Federal -07/22, 01:43 pm- Chris Any answers on
Old Photo - Fordson Tractor Display Booth
Jay - In Northern Ca -07/22, 10:44 am- [Fordson Tractor Display
Old Photo - Ready To Roll
Jay - In Northern Ca -07/22, 10:31 am- [Ready To Roll.JPG]
Demountable wheel restoration help
robert sessoms -07/21, 07:42 pm- I need to know what to tr
Mark Strange -07/21, 07:51 pm- I just finished building
Mark Strange -07/22, 10:09 am- By the way, here is a pic
The 1909 Ocean to Ocean Race - Did Ford win, legally?
Rob Heyen -07/21, 09:37 am- The Ford Oral History pro
Dan Treace, North FL -07/21, 10:11 am- Rob There was a follow-u
Rob Heyen -07/21, 10:14 am- Dan, Thanks for the info
Keith Townsend ; ^ ) -07/21, 10:30 am- might have been cha
Ricks - Surf City -07/21, 10:35 am- There were also shenaniga
Kenneth W DeLong -07/21, 10:54 am- I like the part where it
Rob Heyen -07/21, 10:56 am- Ive read several accounts
Rob Heyen -07/21, 10:58 am- Bud, I believe the Italia
Rob Heyen -07/21, 11:17 am- This is the article I saw
Royce in Georgetown  -07/21, 06:25 pm- The judges who were there
Dan Treace, North FL -07/21, 09:40 pm- Funny Royce [:-] Just ch
Rob Heyen -07/21, 11:10 pm- Dan, I believe The Shawmu
Kenneth W DeLong -07/21, 11:20 pm- Rob,I used to have anothe
Rob Heyen -07/21, 11:43 pm- Bud, Maybe pot was alread
Royce in Georgetown  -07/22, 07:33 am- I think Rob that you have
Joe Van Evera -07/22, 07:46 am- Rob, something that hasnt
Kenneth W DeLong -07/22, 09:16 am- Im not sure the public ha
Rob Heyen -07/22, 09:34 am- Unwittingly? Actually, H
john kuehn -07/22, 09:37 am- The story of the of the O
Rob Heyen -07/22, 09:52 am- John, I believe this race
Owning a T
John P Noonan -07/19, 01:42 am- Just wanted to say that i
Burger in Spokane -07/19, 01:49 am- Acknowledging your diseas
Danial - Veneta OR U -07/19, 01:51 am- John Im with you 100%. I
John P Noonan -07/19, 02:07 am- Thank you Burger,Ill drin
Warren Henderson -07/19, 07:35 am- John, welcome to the club
Val Soupios -07/19, 09:27 am- Bought my first Model T i
Tim Wrenn -07/19, 09:35 am- steal the old t
Bob Coiro -07/19, 12:07 pm- There is no more effectiv
Spencer Vibert -07/19, 02:16 pm- Well Bob Im glad I have o
Gilbert V. I. Fitzhu -07/19, 02:33 pm- Back when I was in high s
Warren Henderson -07/19, 03:04 pm- Tim, I believe youre corr
David Dare - Just a  -07/19, 03:11 pm- Hood Ornament - new name.
Norman T. Kling -07/19, 03:19 pm- Warren, I dont know what
Warren Henderson -07/19, 03:21 pm- Dave, Im wit ya, dose tha
Ricks - Surf City -07/19, 03:42 pm- Strawberries n cream
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -07/19, 03:57 pm- We can tell that Warren i
Warren Henderson -07/19, 04:38 pm- Norman, are you folks rea
James J Williams -07/19, 06:01 pm- You got my attention I w
Tim Wrenn -07/19, 07:33 pm- ol dog you!!
Larry Bohlen, Severn -07/19, 09:53 pm- My oh my theres cheesecak
Spencer Vibert -07/19, 11:16 pm- Speaking of good looks an
Clayton Swanson -07/19, 11:18 pm- ann margret?
Larry Bohlen, Severn -07/19, 11:20 pm- Clayton, I think so. A y
Warren Henderson -07/20, 08:26 am- AND STILL, no one has ans
Bud Holzschuh - Pana -07/20, 09:00 am- Bad choice as a hood orna
Warren Henderson -07/21, 06:19 am- Thanks Bud, are you sayin
Seth from NC -07/21, 06:40 am- HA HA! I thought she was
G.R.Cheshire -07/21, 07:02 am- Burger in Spokane: Ackno
Tim Wrenn -07/21, 08:18 am- Yes it is, Seth. Mmmm...m
Seth from NC -07/21, 08:49 am- I dont know if cute is qu
Chester W. Lowery TN -07/21, 10:58 am- When I look at the expres
Warren Henderson -07/21, 11:43 am- Seth do you really need t
Seth from NC -07/21, 11:53 am- Yeah, Im holding my head
Larry Bohlen, Severn -07/21, 12:36 pm- Seth, Your first comment
Bill Rigdon -07/21, 02:10 pm- Nothing like having a T i
Warren Henderson -07/21, 07:47 pm- Bill, thats good thinking
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -07/21, 07:59 pm- Warren from the beginning
Warren Henderson -07/22, 06:32 am- Fred, must be something i
Crank flange runout Question
lorenzo leon -07/19, 12:07 am- Is .002 run out at the fl
Warren W. Mortensen -07/19, 09:30 am- Bump
Donnie Brown -07/19, 09:42 am- I think it is. But the ma
Jim Thode Chehalis W -07/19, 09:47 am- From a past thread, The F
Stephen D Heatherly -07/19, 04:39 pm- The ford manual says no m
william louis rosent -07/19, 05:04 pm- The flange doesnt pilot t
John Zibell -07/19, 05:17 pm- The crank flange needs to
Ron Patterson-Nichol -07/19, 05:53 pm- You might find this inter
Ron Patterson-Nichol -07/19, 05:56 pm- Sorry, too large. It is a
Richard Gould -07/19, 09:08 pm- Be sure both sides of the
Clayton Swanson -07/19, 10:41 pm- nobody said this yet so i
Jerry VanOoteghem -07/21, 11:31 am- Lorenzo, Nobody here can
lorenzo leon -07/21, 09:43 pm- Jerry Its on the face of
David Dewey, N. Cali -07/21, 10:50 pm- I will admit I havent don
Chris Bamford, Edmon -07/22, 12:50 am- I second David Ds post. T
Driveshaft Pinion Thread
Chris Holtum -07/21, 09:40 am- Can anyone confirm the th
ex trooper -07/21, 09:51 am- Thats one of those weird
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/21, 10:11 am- The holes in the stock ho
Mark Gregush Portlan -07/21, 10:38 am- Steve is correct. This is
John F. Regan -07/21, 10:52 am- Remember if you put an ov
Dave Huson, Berthoud -07/21, 12:57 pm- You could always mill the
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/21, 01:39 pm- Of the various possible s
Roger Karlsson, sout -07/21, 05:15 pm- 13/32 - 16tpi to be preci
Allan Richard Bennet -07/21, 11:43 pm- When I fitted a Moore tra
OT Need help with a heat and air controller
Steven Thum -07/21, 11:37 pm- I just want to say thanks
Whats wrong with my '15 Fan?
george house -07/21, 06:53 pm- Finally, after a week of
Ricks - Surf City -07/21, 07:15 pm- Unless you do parades, th
george house -07/21, 07:29 pm- . . . or, unless you live
Keith Townsend ; ^ ) -07/21, 07:59 pm- George- The female thread
george house -07/21, 08:56 pm- Thanks Keith - It worked!
Hap Tucker in Sumter -07/21, 09:56 pm- George, Check out Bills
Allan Richard Bennet -07/21, 11:22 pm- George, as Keith mentione
How do I pull the steering column from the firewall ?
Frank Harris from Lo -07/21, 08:51 pm- In the past when pulling
Frank Harris from Lo -07/21, 10:24 pm- bump
Chuck Lebeda -07/21, 10:53 pm- I just did this on my 191
Allan Richard Bennet -07/21, 11:05 pm- Often, the greatest pain
12 Volt battery cable
Bill Elliott -07/21, 07:19 pm- What gauge wire should I
Richard Wolf -07/21, 07:25 pm- The bigger the better.
Paul Mikeska, Denver -07/21, 07:39 pm- Does your 14 have a start
ROBERT J STEINER  -07/21, 07:47 pm- Generally the 12v battery
Richard Wolf -07/21, 07:56 pm- The bigger the better unl
Ron Patterson-Nichol -07/21, 07:57 pm- Mike Excellent question!
Bill Elliott -07/21, 10:03 pm- No, my T does not have a
Ron Patterson-Nichol -07/21, 10:17 pm- Bill Without a starter an
Boone tour video
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/20, 05:06 pm- This was just posted on F
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -07/20, 05:49 pm- This was taken on Sunday
Steve Bumgarner -07/20, 06:01 pm- We had 240 Model Ts on Ki
Bill Harris -07/21, 01:05 pm- The url given by Steve wo
Dana A. Crosby in Gl -07/21, 01:33 pm- Steves link worked for me
Bob McDonald-Federal -07/21, 02:29 pm- MTFCI Forum is still not
george house -07/21, 02:43 pm- Dang !! That was a big to
Bill Robinson Salty  -07/21, 09:46 pm- Great tour! Thanks Steve
Motel T vin#
Gary Holman -07/21, 07:04 pm- Hi I have a 1917 touring
Val Soupios -07/21, 07:18 pm- Good luck! Trying to exp
William Bennett -07/21, 07:40 pm- Hi Gary, First of all, do
Henry Petrino in Mod -07/21, 07:44 pm- I know you said you want
Mark Strange -07/21, 07:57 pm- There is another person o
Tim Eckensviller -07/21, 08:05 pm- If you really, really wan
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -07/21, 08:20 pm- The problems that people
Mark Strange -07/21, 08:28 pm- If someone chooses to go
Bill dugger -07/21, 08:49 pm- Gary: Well here in Calif
Dan Treace, North FL -07/21, 09:22 pm- Easy to do in FL [:-] To
Steering column
Pat Clark -07/17, 09:11 pm- Are some the later column
Dennis Henrichs -07/17, 10:04 pm- The late 1925-1927 column
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/17, 10:13 pm- The first electric horn c
Dennis Henrichs -07/17, 10:30 pm- Steve, Nice catch! I kne
Pat Clark -07/18, 08:09 pm- Thanks for the info. I kn
John Aldrich Orting  -07/18, 10:50 pm- I have an early 1915 colu
Steve Tomaso - Milto -07/19, 11:03 am- Johns column also has the
Dennis Henrichs -07/19, 04:33 pm- John, I have an early co
eugene story -07/19, 06:03 pm- Steering
george house -07/21, 02:07 pm- Dennis, Ive heard o
Dennis Henrichs -07/21, 08:29 pm- George, Thanks for the i
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/21, 08:39 pm- Keep looking for the righ
Rotten Cotton
Jay - In Northern Ca -07/21, 11:07 am- Broke the top to windshie
Richard Wolf -07/21, 11:11 am- Bummer
Jim Patrick -07/21, 11:22 am- Looks like an old khaki c
Seth from NC -07/21, 11:23 am- Ugh, that sucks.
Jim Patrick -07/21, 11:52 am- You could probably burn t
Don Lyon, PDX, OR. -07/21, 01:41 pm- Id look at a military sur
Erik Johnson -07/21, 01:44 pm- You can get good reproduc
Dave Wells -07/21, 02:48 pm- Better take some of the a
Erik Johnson -07/21, 03:33 pm- My dad bought only the st
Bob McDonald-Federal -07/21, 03:44 pm- Jay I hope that you hav
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/21, 03:56 pm- Thats not the only place
Dennis Henrichs -07/21, 08:14 pm- Use triple loop bailing w
Old Photo - Model T Assembly Line. Louisville, Kentucky.
Jay - In Northern Ca -07/21, 09:57 am- [Model T Assembly Line Lo
George Clipner-Los A -07/21, 06:15 pm- Early 26 models, No fende
Hap Tucker in Sumter -07/21, 06:15 pm- Jay, Great photo. Funny
Dash light
Pat Clark -07/21, 03:39 pm- Could someone tell me whi
John Page -07/21, 03:45 pm- [Ford Acc.2.jpg]
John Page -07/21, 03:47 pm- The one on the right is a
Pat Clark -07/21, 03:57 pm- Thanks for the help. Of
Chester W. Lowery TN -07/21, 04:12 pm- The one in my 26 looks li
Terry Woods, Richmon -07/21, 05:56 pm- The one on the bottom lef
A Young Dude Called my T AWESOME!
Craig Anderson, cent -07/19, 02:45 pm- There is a first time ben
Robert Poane -07/19, 02:48 pm- Awesome story too!
Warren Henderson -07/19, 04:57 pm- Craig, Awesome is a word
Warwick Landy -07/19, 06:38 pm- My model T is cool. My 15
Craig Anderson, cent -07/19, 07:41 pm- Im glad I went to the sho
Dexter Doucet -07/19, 08:14 pm- That kid might one day wi
Craig Anderson, cent -07/19, 09:22 pm- SELL my DODGE??? HEAVENS
Dexter Doucet -07/19, 11:00 pm- Glad to hear it!! That
John F. Regan -07/21, 05:35 pm- While on Don Langs tour a
26-27 windshield , body wood
don lillie -07/21, 09:54 am- hello I need some informa
G.R.Cheshire -07/21, 10:08 am- check this thread http://
Roger Karlsson, sout -07/21, 05:31 pm- Here is a thread with pic
Old Photo - Can You Tell These People Are related Or What
Jay - In Northern Ca -07/21, 10:05 am- [Can You Tell These Peopl
Tom Strickling -07/21, 11:26 am- I think the little girl i
Warren Henderson -07/21, 11:28 am- Jay, I can, their are all
Warren Henderson -07/21, 11:34 am- Jay, I can, their are all
Jay - In Northern Ca -07/21, 11:40 am- [groucho glasses.jpg]
Seth from NC -07/21, 11:43 am- LOL hey Tom look again, l
Jim Patrick -07/21, 12:10 pm- Looks to be very cold. Ev
Peter Claverie -07/21, 12:36 pm- I have noticed that in al
William L Vanderburg -07/21, 04:07 pm- That not smiling because
Norman T. Kling -07/21, 04:22 pm- You will notice they all
Darel J. Leipold -07/21, 05:12 pm- People did not smile when
Another New T Enthusiast!
Mike Vaughn -07/21, 03:58 pm- This is the first time ou
Dana A. Crosby in Gl -07/21, 04:04 pm- Precious...or...Preshus..
Norman T. Kling -07/21, 04:24 pm- He needs to grow his legs
Dave Huson, Berthoud -07/21, 04:27 pm- We had a visitor a couple
ID'ing a cutout?
Tim Eckensviller -07/17, 12:55 pm- Hey all, is there a way t
JohnH -07/17, 08:10 pm- If you do not wish to ope
Tony Bowker -07/17, 09:53 pm- A diode based cut out is
Tim Eckensviller -07/18, 08:44 am- Thanks guys, Ill give tha
Ken Todd -07/18, 11:39 am- Check if the cover comes
Tim Eckensviller -07/18, 11:44 am- My cover looks to have fo
Dan Treace, North FL -07/20, 11:21 am- Here are comparisons, of
Ken Todd -07/20, 11:34 am- I wouldnt rely on those p
Dan Treace, North FL -07/20, 11:43 am- Ken OK maybe [:-] But
Ron Patterson-Nichol -07/20, 01:01 pm- I deal with relay cutouts
Dan Treace, North FL -07/20, 05:27 pm- [IMG_1558 (800x592) (750x
Ron Patterson-Nichol -07/21, 08:49 am- Here is a photo of two or
Tim Eckensviller -07/21, 11:19 am- Thanks guys, I should jus
Ron Patterson-Nichol -07/21, 01:40 pm- Tom Photos would be best
John F. Regan -07/21, 04:10 pm- Tim: You have one probab
keith g barrier -07/21, 04:17 pm- I would use nothing but o
Holly NH carburator
al humphrey -07/21, 03:15 pm- How do you adjust the car
Mark Strange -07/21, 03:37 pm- The other end of this kno
Mark Strange -07/21, 03:42 pm- As additional info, the M
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/21, 03:42 pm- [IMG_3951_3.JPG] That th
#3 plug won't fire
Dave Corey -07/21, 01:14 pm- Placed plugs on head and
John Aldrich Orting  -07/21, 01:22 pm- Mag or distributor?
Dave Huson, Berthoud -07/21, 01:25 pm- Dave Corey: You have me
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/21, 01:32 pm- 1, 2, 4, 3 is the correct
Dave Barker - Dayton -07/21, 01:41 pm- Dave - According to your
Dave Corey -07/21, 02:11 pm- Thanks Guys, Just acquire
Bob McDonald-Federal -07/21, 02:12 pm- Dave Is this a car tha
Bob McDonald-Federal -07/21, 02:13 pm- Typing at the same time.
Thomas Mullin -07/21, 02:15 pm- Dave, Among other things
Dave Corey -07/21, 02:28 pm- Hi Guys, Just acquired t
Bob McDonald-Federal -07/21, 02:42 pm- It sounds like you have a
Dave Corey -07/21, 02:53 pm- Well..., Switched the co
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/21, 03:12 pm- If everything is connecte
Bob McDonald-Federal -07/21, 03:36 pm- Dave Steve is correct,
Dave Corey -07/21, 03:40 pm- Thanks Guys, Shall follo
Wire Wheels on my '25 Tudor
Dana A. Crosby in Gl -07/21, 01:15 pm- I am replacing my wood wh
george house -07/21, 02:57 pm- I dont see why not. Weren
Bob Gruber- Spanaway -07/21, 03:10 pm- I did just that on my 24
Two Tars
Gary H. White - Sher -07/20, 08:04 pm- On TCM now. Lots of old c
Mark Stewart -Calif. -07/20, 08:15 pm- I used to keep two old ta
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/20, 09:30 pm- Its an old favorite. [La
Joseph W. Rudzik -07/20, 10:35 pm- I like the resulting road
Jerry VanOoteghem -07/21, 01:24 pm- The doo-dads busted!
Peter Taylor -07/21, 02:49 pm- Ha ha, classic!
Model T does well on VMCCA Western National Tour - Logan,...
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -07/20, 01:36 pm- [Logan1.jpg] Our 1909
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -07/20, 01:41 pm- [Logan5.jpg] This Coup
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -07/20, 01:49 pm- [Logan8.jpg] This was
Andrew Deckman, Ogde -07/20, 02:05 pm- The journey is the reason
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -07/20, 03:46 pm- Well said Andrew. By the
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -07/20, 03:49 pm- Nice! Thank you for the t
Bob Gruber- Spanaway -07/20, 05:08 pm- Heres our 14 Hudson to go
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -07/21, 08:36 am- Those Hudsons are wonderf
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/21, 10:35 am- Bob, is that really a 191
Bob Gruber- Spanaway -07/21, 01:03 pm- Yes, its a 14. We researc
Ruckstell bearing number question
Mark Wetherbee -07/21, 11:23 am- Would anybody know the mo
Chester W. Lowery TN -07/21, 11:45 am- These are the ones I used
Jim Thode Chehalis W -07/21, 11:53 am- [474952l.jpg]
Mark Wetherbee -07/21, 11:59 am- Oh well - there are 4 new
Jim Thode Chehalis W -07/21, 12:13 pm- The 6212 is the same OD a
OT Way OT but want suggestions
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -07/19, 09:02 am- update - After a lot of t
Chris Barker, Somers -07/19, 10:22 am- Lots of 2 or 2.2 litre di
Ricks - Surf City -07/19, 11:00 am- Look for one that has alw
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -07/20, 01:25 pm- The search is over -- I
Ricks - Surf City -07/20, 01:35 pm- Did you get the 100K warr
William L Vanderburg -07/20, 09:44 pm- If you find a car that ge
William L Vanderburg -07/20, 09:46 pm- I meant MPG not mph G a
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/21, 12:22 am- I agree that mileage and
Kenneth W DeLong -07/21, 09:34 am- The price of towing shoul
Ricks - Surf City -07/21, 09:43 am- I wont buy from a dealer,
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -07/21, 11:56 am- Logic and experience prev
Does anyone know who made this TT cab?
Jason DeGooyer -07/20, 05:05 pm- I am brand new to the hob
Jeff V -07/20, 06:35 pm- Almost impossible to say.
Henry Petrino in Mod -07/20, 06:36 pm- Your assumption is almost
Burger in Spokane -07/20, 06:51 pm- My big attraction to Mode
Layden Butler -07/20, 06:53 pm- There may have originally
Mike Walker, NW AR -07/20, 08:20 pm- The firewall called the d
John McGinnis in San -07/20, 08:51 pm- An absolutely outstanding
brass car guy -07/20, 11:17 pm- Burger in Spokane, just a
Burger in Spokane -07/20, 11:25 pm- A recent news story invol
Burger in Spokane -07/21, 12:46 am- BCG ~ Youre a sick man,
Jason DeGooyer -07/21, 12:58 am- Thanks for the informatio
Gary Schreiber- Sant -07/21, 08:07 am- The previous owner of thi
Mike Walker, NW AR -07/21, 09:48 am- Jason - The TT chassis ca
Mike Walker, NW AR -07/21, 09:52 am- p.s. --The chassis also i
Willie K Cordes -07/21, 10:18 am- As stated above, lots of
Henry Petrino in Mod -07/21, 10:22 am- 1. Yes, there was a fire
Jason DeGooyer -07/21, 10:32 am- Gary, do you remember rou
Fred Wicker -07/21, 10:37 am- [422999_10150587911297135
Gary Schreiber- Sant -07/21, 10:44 am- Jason, when you mentioned
Justin Heim -07/21, 10:47 am- I believe the short runni
Henry Petrino in Mod -07/21, 11:11 am- Another clue in the chass
Jason DeGooyer -07/21, 11:40 am- Henry, do you have a reco
Jason DeGooyer -07/21, 11:41 am- Also, this truck does hav
Henry Petrino in Mod -07/21, 11:51 am- Well, the rear end clam s
Jay - In Northern Ca -07/21, 10:57 am- [1916-Dixie-Magneto.jpg]
How do you get doors to line up?
Robert Poane -07/19, 08:59 am- how do you get doors to l
Robert Poane -07/19, 09:01 am- more pix.[left-rear-door-
Robert Poane -07/19, 09:02 am- The left rear door scrape
David Chantrell - Ad -07/19, 09:44 am- Looks like a 1912; they b
john kuehn -07/19, 10:08 am- Robert it going to wind u
Royce in Georgetown  -07/19, 10:34 am- Try adding washers to the
Erik Johnson -07/19, 12:06 pm- RE: left rear door - Try
Norman T. Kling -07/19, 01:53 pm- Start at the front with t
Robert Poane -07/19, 02:57 pm- Thanks for all the sugges
Steve McClelland -07/20, 07:50 pm- Robert Royce hit it on
Allan Richard Bennet -07/21, 07:41 am- Robert, it is a bit point
Erik Johnson -07/21, 10:40 am- RE: shims behind hinges
Checking a Ford Head
Terry Woods, Richmon -07/17, 05:45 am- Other than ccing measurin
Roger Karlsson, sout -07/17, 10:22 am- I have four unmilled as f
Terry Woods, Richmon -07/17, 11:21 am- Thanks, Roger. Ill measur
Ken Todd -07/18, 11:16 am- Copied this offn the foru
Terry Woods, Richmon -07/18, 11:25 am- Thanks, Todd and Roger.
Mark Chaffin -07/18, 11:39 am- Ken is correct. Factory
Manuel Voyages, ACT  -07/20, 08:10 pm- Is this just for 26-27 he
Terry Woods, Richmon -07/20, 08:24 pm- Manuel, someone will eith
Ken Todd -07/21, 10:35 am- According to the Model T
roy palmer -07/21, 08:53 am- Did any car win the Styno
Richard Wolf -07/21, 09:10 am- Need to check MTFCI. Stev
Bob Solak -07/21, 09:56 am- No Stynoski winner this y
Another rare AUSTRALIAN wide bodied barn find
Allan Richard Bennet -07/21, 09:03 am- Hap, the Duncan and Frase
'26-27 Cowl clamp
Pat Clark -07/21, 08:15 am- Does anyone happen to hav
Pat Clark -07/21, 08:18 am- Oops, I forgot to include
Vermontville NY-Photo
Herb Iffrig -07/20, 10:59 pm- [Vermontville NY.jpg]
William L Vanderburg -07/20, 11:18 pm- Elmer Benton Rogers, born
William L Vanderburg -07/20, 11:21 pm- It still stands [ebroger
Royce in Georgetown  -07/21, 08:13 am- The building for Rogers s
Gary Schreiber- Sant -07/21, 08:18 am- Nice little vendors box o
Need TRANY help
Chuck Lebeda -07/20, 10:35 pm- I have a 1919 C door. H
Steve Tomaso - Milto -07/20, 10:44 pm- I also have a 19 Centerdo
Chuck Lebeda -07/20, 11:02 pm- I did adjust but may have
Chuck Lebeda -07/21, 08:04 am- Steve: Do you have a Clu
Guess what these are
James J Williams -07/20, 08:49 pm- Hi guys I found these two
Donnie Brown -07/20, 08:59 pm- All I get is a bunch of s
Richard Wolf -07/20, 09:00 pm- Try harder
Jim Thode Chehalis W -07/20, 09:02 pm- This is likely the correc
James J Williams -07/20, 09:36 pm- Thanks Jim for correcting
Roger Karlsson, sout -07/21, 03:17 am- Jim, the lower sheet meta
James J Williams -07/21, 07:51 am- Thats my guess on them th
Threads on Vavle stem
Chuck Godfrey -07/17, 09:53 pm- Ok guys I have tore into
Roger Karlsson, sout -07/18, 06:50 am- Threaded valves may have
Larry Smith -07/19, 09:54 pm- I wish someone would sell
Tim Morsher -07/19, 09:58 pm- Larry, Good auto parts
keith g barrier -07/19, 10:02 pm- Milton makes about any qu
Mark Strange -07/20, 09:29 am- Here is the tool that Tim
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/20, 09:37 am- Is everybody reading care
keith g barrier -07/20, 10:08 am- Yes Steve, simply a littl
Mark Strange -07/20, 10:26 am- Its all Larrys fault! I
Bob McDonald-Federal -07/20, 11:55 am- That tool could make it h
Tim Morsher -07/20, 12:14 pm- Thats the tool. Sorry
Chris Olsen -07/20, 12:31 pm- Keith, that last one was
brass car guy -07/20, 12:38 pm- Spent yesterday chasing t
Dave Dufault -07/20, 05:46 pm- [I dont know 2.gif]
Allan Richard Bennet -07/21, 07:49 am- Larry, do you mean the la
26-27 teacup taillight dissambly
BRENT MIZE -07/20, 08:45 pm- I have a 26-27 teacup typ
lorenzo leon -07/20, 09:19 pm- if I remember you have to
Dan Treace, North FL -07/20, 09:51 pm- Remove the clip circle ri
Chester W. Lowery TN -07/20, 09:56 pm- I have several extra lens
Terry Woods, Richmon -07/21, 12:21 am- Whether the clip ring tha
BRENT MIZE -07/21, 06:08 am- Thanks guys. My light do
Possible EBAy project Touring, reusted in Minnesota
David Kriegel Mishaw -07/20, 09:51 am- I have no association wit
Royce in Georgetown  -07/20, 09:55 am- Its a 1926 touring.
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/20, 10:01 am- Canadian body, 22 USA eng
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/20, 10:08 am- OOooops! Yep, going back
Derek Kiefer - Manto -07/20, 10:31 am- Its at a dealer, and it h
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -07/20, 10:34 am- It is sad to see he said
Mark Gregush Portlan -07/20, 10:44 am- The roadster next to it i
John Danuser -07/20, 11:02 am- The rdster is a 26-7 body
Roger Karlsson, sout -07/21, 05:12 am- The touring looks really
Hedrick Iowa 1912 Torpedo-Photo
Herb Iffrig -07/21, 12:02 am- [Early 1912 torpedo.jpg r
Warwick Landy -07/21, 04:59 am- What a beautiful photo of
To change the mag coil or not
Spencer Vibert -07/18, 09:35 pm- Hey Guys,I have to pull t
Kenneth W DeLong -07/18, 09:57 pm- Replace in a heartbeat!!B
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/18, 09:57 pm- Depends on the condition.
Spencer Vibert -07/18, 10:11 pm- Thanks guys this is the o
Kenneth W DeLong -07/18, 10:41 pm- Its really hard to get al
Bill Harper - Keene, -07/18, 10:57 pm- Hi Spencer, Langs carri
Spencer Vibert -07/18, 11:44 pm- Thanks guys I will post p
Paul Mikeska, Denver -07/19, 01:18 am- I have rewound several ma
Val Soupios -07/19, 09:36 am- I would never pull a moto
Ken Todd -07/19, 10:54 am- I believe in the old sayi
Norman T. Kling -07/19, 01:56 pm- Yes, replace if you are p
Andre Valkenaers -07/19, 02:31 pm- Hi Spencer, Just replace
john kuehn -07/19, 02:54 pm- Replace the mag coil at t
Spencer Vibert -07/19, 08:20 pm- Ok guys its out and I am
Norman T. Kling -07/19, 09:37 pm- #2 will work just fine.
Stephen D Heatherly -07/19, 09:44 pm- I would replace the coil.
Willie K Cordes -07/20, 12:14 pm- Stephen, I am glad someon
Ron Patterson-Nichol -07/20, 01:03 pm- [1] Additionally always
Ron Patterson-Nichol -07/20, 01:06 pm- [1] Also check each magn
Spencer Vibert -07/20, 11:24 pm- thanks Ron, and everyone
Gene Carrothers Hunt -07/21, 02:02 am- The old #2 is ok but the
If you're hauling a T on an open trailer.....
Cary Abate -07/17, 12:50 pm- Here is what I use. C
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/17, 01:07 pm- [IMG_2850_2.JPG] Straps
Kenneth W DeLong -07/17, 08:38 pm- Cary,Thank you for the si
William L Vanderburg -07/17, 10:22 pm- I just want to make sure
Jim Thode Chehalis W -07/17, 11:00 pm- Doug Money, This US Fis
William L Vanderburg -07/20, 09:53 pm- All right. Please, if po
Jim Thode Chehalis W -07/21, 01:26 am- William, If you want phot
Help Needed in Eugene Oregon
Don Watson -Florence -07/20, 11:46 am- Mike, We got the Car! -bu
Gary Schreiber- Sant -07/20, 12:43 pm- Pictures??? It is OT so i
Danial - Veneta OR U -07/20, 04:23 pm- Don, assuming you got my
Ricks - Surf City -07/20, 04:40 pm- IT would be considerate t
Don Watson -Florence -07/20, 10:10 pm- 1998 Suzuki X 90 --one of
Danial - Veneta OR U -07/20, 10:19 pm- It is a rather unique and
Bob Gruber- Spanaway -07/20, 11:44 pm- Heres one. [c431266a.jpg
2014 MTFCA Nat Tour in San Diego - Pictures
Tony Bowker -07/17, 05:52 pm- A few more pictures, on W
Norman T. Kling -07/17, 11:13 pm- Here are some more taken
Norman T. Kling -07/17, 11:18 pm- More pictues taken today
Lee Frost Pierce -07/17, 11:43 pm- Thank you both for showin
Ockert van der Berg -07/18, 06:53 am- Hi Guys! I have flashbac
Mike Garrison_Rice M -07/18, 07:15 am- Great photos! Every year
Ross Benedict - Calg -07/18, 02:43 pm- Did Chris Brancaccio loos
Chris Brancaccio - C -07/18, 11:47 pm- No Ross, came off in my h
Bob Bishop, San Dieg -07/19, 03:00 pm- Thank you Tony and Norm f
Norman T. Kling -07/19, 03:22 pm- Thank you Bob for all the
Mike Vaughn -07/19, 04:18 pm- How many cars were on the
Norman T. Kling -07/19, 06:00 pm- [Archer from Hayward at A
Norman T. Kling -07/19, 06:18 pm- Day 5 photos [Point Loma
Tim Wrenn -07/19, 07:26 pm- Great pictures. Too bad I
Tony Bowker -07/20, 01:10 am- A few more pictures from
David Stroud -07/20, 01:37 am- Thanks for the pictures g
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/20, 09:34 am- Tim, born and raised in
Norman T. Kling -07/20, 09:57 am- On the left is Dr.Bob Bis
Kirby Pray -07/20, 11:42 pm- It was a great tour! Havi
Can Anyone Identify This Steering Wheel
lyndel butler -07/20, 09:47 pm- [steer.jpg] [steeringwh.j
lyndel butler -07/20, 09:50 pm- My grandfather gave me th
lyndel butler -07/20, 09:55 pm- The diameter is 17 inches
Erik Johnson -07/20, 09:59 pm- Its a Bauer steering whee
lyndel butler -07/20, 10:27 pm- Thanks for the info!
Trying again guess what these are
James J Williams -07/20, 09:58 pm- Ok hopefully this will b
On e-bay, 1915 Roadster, Fresh Restoration
Bob Coiro -07/19, 02:40 am-
Frank van Ekeren (A -07/19, 02:44 am- The color hasnt grabbed m
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -07/19, 08:32 am- Very nicely done, but you
Mike Walker, NW AR -07/19, 09:40 am- The owner had eliminated
Jay - In Northern Ca -07/19, 10:32 am- I wouldnt trust the plast
Ricks - Surf City -07/19, 10:38 am- Tbay strikes again. They
Richard Wolf -07/19, 10:41 am- Look at it again Ricks. I
Dave Wells -07/19, 10:49 am- Id be repainting that thi
Ricks - Surf City -07/19, 11:03 am- OK, Richard, I see it now
Bob Coiro -07/19, 11:14 am- No car is perfect for eve
John Semprez-Templet -07/19, 11:24 am- I wonder what reserve the
Royce in Georgetown  -07/19, 11:32 am- Authenticity aside, the c
Jay - In Northern Ca -07/19, 12:09 pm- Royce, I agree.
Mark Gregush Portlan -07/19, 12:31 pm- Id repaint the hood to ma
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -07/19, 06:15 pm- At first, I wasnt going t
Larry Smith -07/19, 09:52 pm- Did they plan to use it i
Spencer Vibert -07/19, 11:19 pm- I agree Larry I think the
Craig Anderson, cent -07/19, 11:32 pm- Im with Mark........excep
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/19, 11:38 pm- Certainly not my cup of t
John Semprez-Templet -07/20, 11:37 am- Strange paint scheme asid
Tim Eyssen - Abilene -07/20, 11:43 am- Steve: I was thinking of
brass car guy -07/20, 12:11 pm- Reminds me of the interio
John Aldrich Orting  -07/20, 12:30 pm- Shouldnt the headlight co
Royce in Georgetown  -07/20, 05:25 pm- Actually the headlight co
Mike Walker, NW AR -07/20, 09:47 pm- And, actually, the headli
Early Model t in NEB-Photo learther license plate
Herb Iffrig -07/20, 12:19 pm- [early ford nebraska.jpg]
brass car guy -07/20, 12:47 pm- Single woman looking for
Royce in Georgetown  -07/20, 02:18 pm- Nice looking 10 touring!
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -07/20, 03:54 pm- I dunno, BCG, she must be
Val Soupios -07/20, 08:47 pm- Whats with the odd lookin
brass car guy -07/20, 09:07 pm- the driver?
Still Shot of a Ford Touring - Shorpy
Ken Parker -07/20, 12:13 am- Looks like a Model T ende
Clayton Swanson -07/20, 12:28 am- thats very cool, i wish i
Dane Hawley Near Mel -07/20, 05:33 am- No,no, Inspector, Im simp
Hap Tucker in Sumter -07/20, 07:04 am- Assuming it is a USA prod
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -07/20, 07:30 am- Looks like parts and piec
Warren Henderson -07/20, 08:20 am- Ken, thanks for posting I
Bob McDonald-Federal -07/20, 11:43 am- Thanks for the picture Ke
John Semprez-Templet -07/20, 08:35 pm- Back To The Future .5?
Spectators and Funny Hats Spring 2014
Bob Coiro -07/20, 08:25 pm- And heres another nice co
A Scarab Flew in the Window. Will I be Given a Brass Era T?
Ricks - Surf City -07/20, 06:36 pm- After trying for several
Richard Wolf -07/20, 06:54 pm- Guess Ill have to get my
Ricks - Surf City -07/20, 07:24 pm- This is the stylized scar
David Dewey, N. Cali -07/20, 07:29 pm- No, youll probably have a
Ricks - Surf City -07/20, 07:33 pm- Shes feeding the scarabs
tim moore -07/20, 08:19 pm- My fords are not only Sca
OT - Changing History?
Rob Heyen -07/17, 09:30 am- Maybe the topic, changing
Royce in Georgetown  -07/17, 01:07 pm- I dont see how the timeli
Rob Heyen -07/17, 01:54 pm- I didnt expect you would.
Rob Heyen -07/17, 11:09 pm- Now its making more sense
Roger Karlsson, sout -07/18, 08:03 am- Its easy and cheap to get
Rob Heyen -07/18, 09:05 am- Roger, George Browns tra
Ken Todd -07/18, 11:45 am- I understand that the Sov
Warren Webb -07/18, 12:33 pm- Several years ago Greenfi
Kenneth W DeLong -07/18, 04:45 pm- Warren,That makes sense t
Royce in Georgetown  -07/19, 09:59 am- Weird. Now Rob is agreein
Kenneth W DeLong -07/19, 10:39 am- Tin Lizzie is a very good
Ken Todd -07/19, 10:59 am- Bartlesville, Oklahoma is
John Page -07/20, 12:20 am- This is a scanned page fr
Rob Heyen -07/20, 01:16 am- John, Thank you for the
Royce in Georgetown  -07/20, 09:54 am- I dont think Henry hated
John Page -07/20, 06:36 pm- I think this picture has
John Page -07/20, 06:40 pm- Thread link to previous d
Warren Webb -07/20, 07:27 pm- John Paige the piece you
John Page -07/20, 08:00 pm- Thank you Warren. Yes, i
Getting those stuck/rusty fasteners loose
Brian Eliason -07/19, 12:09 pm- Kroil calls itself The Oi
Mike Zahorik -07/19, 01:25 pm- Take a look at this http:
Mack Cole ---- Earth -07/19, 02:00 pm- Well I think alot of folk
Mack Cole ---- Earth -07/19, 07:29 pm- And another issue. When s
Chris Cook -07/19, 10:21 pm- An electric paint strippi
David Stroud -07/20, 02:09 am- Im with Mack. Back in the
Brian Eliason -07/20, 11:24 am- 2000 Uses To channel Hom
Erik Barrett -07/20, 07:44 pm- There are some fasteners
Ford screwdriver pliers
Jeffrey Deutsch -07/20, 01:38 pm- My wifes dad and two brot
Herb Iffrig -07/20, 02:31 pm- Was the wrench you saw th
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/20, 02:49 pm- Im kicking myself. I saw
Mark Strange -07/20, 03:24 pm- This site looks like a li
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -07/20, 03:44 pm- Heres a site that has a f
Justin Heim -07/20, 04:29 pm- Here is a group of pliers
Justin Heim -07/20, 04:31 pm- Here are the Moore Monkey
David Dewey, N. Cali -07/20, 07:21 pm- Ken, & all, Yes, the
1914 Windshield question
Bill Elliott -07/20, 05:12 pm- Im about done with my new
Royce in Georgetown  -07/20, 05:18 pm- No. There should be nothi
Naming your Ford
Warren Henderson -07/19, 07:20 am- Three neighbors with new
Rob Heyen -07/19, 09:00 am- Warren, Good one and link
Gary H. White - Sher -07/20, 11:50 am- My next one will be Elvis
Bob McDonald-Federal -07/20, 12:02 pm- Name may very depending o
Dan Treace, North FL -07/20, 12:06 pm- Clipping from period news
OT - WWII Then and Now
Dick Lodge - St Loui -07/18, 03:35 pm- A friend sent me this. Pr
Henry Petrino in Mod -07/18, 04:19 pm- Pretty cool all right! T
Gary H. White - Sher -07/18, 05:07 pm- Dick, That is great. Than
Bob McDonald-Federal -07/18, 05:21 pm- Dick Some one did some g
R.V. Anderson -07/18, 06:32 pm- Thanks for posting the li
george house -07/18, 08:29 pm- Youre right ! A lot of th
Mark Gregush Portlan -07/18, 10:23 pm- Ok that was spooky watchi
Tom Lovejoy, So Cal -07/19, 12:11 am- very interesting, thanks
Terry Woods, Richmon -07/19, 01:13 am- Dick, I tried sending tha
Dick Lodge - St Loui -07/19, 09:51 am- Terry, just sent you a PM
Rich Stinchcomb, Tru -07/19, 02:01 pm- Very cool link. Looking
Brian Mettling -07/19, 06:22 pm- along that same subject o
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -07/20, 07:02 am- Very interesting and well
brass car guy -07/20, 11:53 am- Several year ago Candy an
How to make penetrating oil
Herb Iffrig -07/18, 06:03 pm- I didnt read this yet, bu
Arrdeen Vaughan  -07/18, 06:09 pm- test
Bud Holzschuh - Pana -07/18, 08:26 pm- Herb Thanks for the art
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/18, 10:17 pm- [Penetrants.jpg]
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -07/19, 02:18 am- Better yet, stay with hal
Herb Iffrig -07/19, 03:16 am- MEK is bad stuff. Isnt it
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -07/19, 07:46 am- Someone once asked which
Chester Leighton -07/19, 07:46 am- Id like to have some more
David Dare - Just a  -07/19, 02:59 pm- here is the safety data o
David Dare - Just a  -07/19, 03:06 pm- Here is the data on Aceto
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -07/19, 06:59 pm- I suppose Mercon would be
Tim Wrenn -07/19, 07:17 pm- Ive been told by old time
Craig Anderson, cent -07/19, 07:47 pm- Im particularly fond of a
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -07/20, 10:39 am- Will brake fluid help you
william matz -07/20, 11:28 am- Has anyone tryed Tarn-X ?
Mack Cole ---- Earth -07/20, 11:51 am- There used to be a break
Help me identifying key number from pictures
David Kriegel Mishaw -07/17, 06:48 pm- I am rewiring my 1926 hop
George_Cherry Hill N -07/17, 07:01 pm- David, Get up close and
Mark Gregush Portlan -07/17, 07:10 pm- Just look on the tumbler,
David Kriegel Mishaw -07/17, 08:22 pm- Mark to get to the tumble
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/17, 08:35 pm- No need to take anything
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/17, 08:38 pm- By the way, once you find
Terry Woods, Richmon -07/17, 08:39 pm- No, David. Hes talking ab
John Page -07/17, 08:47 pm- [P1000959.jpg]
Tom Miller, Mostly i -07/17, 08:53 pm- By any chance is this key
Tom Miller, Mostly i -07/17, 08:56 pm- Looking at my photo again
Dave Wells -07/17, 09:51 pm- I figured it was a replac
Randy Glowacki -07/17, 09:55 pm- I just bought a new switc
Donnie Brown -07/17, 10:12 pm- I got out my key board an
Dave Wells -07/17, 10:23 pm- Here is an original Ford
Donnie Brown -07/17, 10:51 pm- I laid out all my keys wi
keith g barrier -07/17, 10:52 pm- # 53. KGB
Donnie Brown -07/17, 11:03 pm- David and Dave: I believe
Dave Wells -07/17, 11:14 pm- Actually Donnie, I should
Donnie Brown -07/17, 11:21 pm- After Keith posted #53 I
Rob Heyen -07/17, 11:29 pm- I was just surfing, you g
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/18, 12:02 am-  I can identify Davids ke
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -07/18, 08:22 am- Why not just get a set of
David Kriegel Mishaw -07/18, 08:24 am- My apologies to all. The
Dave Wells -07/18, 08:32 am- I was thinking the images
David Kriegel Mishaw -07/18, 09:24 am- David THANK YOU and every
Donnie Brown -07/18, 09:28 am- I agree with Dave. Since
Larry Smith -07/18, 10:19 am- Find someone that has a f
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/18, 11:02 am- Here are Davids key and m
Richard Wolf -07/18, 11:04 am- Steve; That isnt even clo
Richard Wolf -07/18, 11:25 am- I have a full set in fron
David Kriegel Mishaw -07/18, 11:34 am- Thanks I will order bot a
Ken Todd -07/18, 12:06 pm- Matching up with my maste
Tim Eckensviller -07/18, 12:09 pm- This is barely more than
Jim Thode Chehalis W -07/18, 12:20 pm- Unless the original tumbl
Donnie Brown -07/18, 01:59 pm- A question for anyone wit
Tim Eckensviller -07/18, 02:06 pm- Looks like the groove is
David Dewey, N. Cali -07/18, 02:56 pm- Hmm, Steves pictures show
George_Cherry Hill N -07/18, 03:00 pm- I feel a little like Will
Dave Wells -07/18, 06:55 pm- Here is the other side of
Richard Wolf -07/19, 07:48 am- Dave; I have 7 orginal #
Ken Todd -07/19, 10:49 am- Dave W. your repro #55 is
Dave Wells -07/19, 11:07 am- Yes Ken but, we are compa
David Dewey, N. Cali -07/19, 12:54 pm- Georges post really expla
Craig Anderson, cent -07/19, 08:11 pm- These are right side up p
Craig Anderson, cent -07/19, 08:12 pm- By the way....that ^ phot
Dave Wells -07/19, 11:35 pm- Those keys look exactly l
Craig Anderson, cent -07/20, 02:43 am- They wont work in mine...
James A. Golden -07/20, 07:00 am- David, you will notice th
Tom Miller, Mostly i -07/20, 08:35 am- Good morning from Knoxvil
Practice makes perfect
John P Noonan -07/19, 10:12 pm- I have been using all the
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/19, 11:52 pm- Nice. One thing I appreci
John P Noonan -07/20, 12:16 am- Steve, summer and fall ar
Clayton Swanson -07/20, 12:21 am- i really like the stone w
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/20, 12:29 am- Short version: Folks from
John P Noonan -07/20, 12:41 am- Great story Steve, that h
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/20, 08:14 am- Thats the living room und
25 hub center bore?
Bryan C -07/18, 03:28 pm- Does anyone know the outs
Hap Tucker in Sumter -07/18, 09:56 pm- Bryan, The outside diame
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/18, 10:03 pm- The regular parts dealers
Bryan C -07/19, 08:34 pm- Perfect, thank you. Actu
Bryan C -07/19, 09:01 pm- Sorry, I should have done
Hap Tucker in Sumter -07/19, 10:02 pm- Bryan, You are correct,
Larry Blair
Eugene Adams -07/19, 09:10 pm- Several years ago Larry b
Bailey Rettig -07/19, 09:17 pm- I talked with last week.
Bob Bishop, San Dieg -07/19, 09:42 pm- He just did some really n
Eugene Adams -07/19, 09:55 pm- Great news. Thanks, Baile
Front fender install ?
ken bechtel -07/19, 08:16 pm- I am close to bolting up
Larry Smith -07/19, 09:50 pm- Paint the bolts!
Model T Art Print
Jay - In Northern Ca -07/18, 10:46 am- [Model T Art print.JPG]
Patrick Mulrooney, W -07/19, 06:18 pm- Amazing Print Jay! I app
A Ford at the Tarpon Springs Sponge Exchange-Photo
Herb Iffrig -07/19, 07:33 am- [TARPON SPRINGS-SPONGE EX
Warren W. Mortensen -07/19, 09:23 am- Really soaks up the atten
Jay - In Northern Ca -07/19, 09:43 am- Gives a new meaning to sp
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -07/19, 05:40 pm- Jay, Now, THAT was bad! G
The rear body bracket does not line up with the frame bra...
Robert Poane -07/19, 08:55 am- The rear body bracket doe
R.V. Anderson -07/19, 09:11 am- If the body brackets bolt
john kuehn -07/19, 10:18 am- Using long taper punches
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -07/19, 04:47 pm- There are several ways to
Mini Tour through the Finger Lakes
Dan Killecut -07/17, 07:36 am- Harold, Glad you liked th
Warren W. Mortensen -07/19, 09:57 am- Ive always wondered if th
Bob Jablonski -07/19, 10:36 am- Dan: Did you tour Lake K
Dan Killecut -07/19, 03:51 pm- Bob, No, we didnt. We wer
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -07/19, 04:01 pm- When I lived in Corning w
Bob Jablonski -07/19, 04:02 pm- Dan: We liked Bully Hill
OT Chevrolet 490 wheel question
Mark Gregush Portlan -07/17, 03:00 pm- Ok this is rare for me to
Ted Dumas -07/17, 03:09 pm- My 1960 Chevrolet convert
Ricks - Surf City -07/17, 03:39 pm- I bought some NOS afterma
Mike Spaziano, Bellf -07/17, 04:11 pm- I think Chevrolet 490s us
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/17, 04:25 pm- I dont know who made the
Mark Gregush Portlan -07/17, 04:41 pm- Thank you Steve; looks li
Ken Phillips -07/17, 04:50 pm- There appears to several
Herb Iffrig -07/17, 08:42 pm- I had been looking for so
Mark Gregush Portlan -07/17, 09:16 pm- Herb sent you a PM
Manuel Voyages, ACT  -07/18, 04:05 am- I have found a Timken lis
Layden Butler -07/18, 12:22 pm- Mark, Not as simple a que
Layden Butler -07/18, 12:33 pm- For roller outer bearings
Layden Butler -07/18, 12:39 pm- Ricks, The 1916 Chevrolet
Ricks - Surf City -07/18, 02:49 pm- Good point, Layden. Great
Greg Kuhnash Southea -07/18, 03:47 pm- I have three what I think
Eddy Lee Emerson -07/18, 10:18 pm- I think that the wheels o
Ricks - Surf City -07/18, 10:27 pm- Yes, Eddy, I believe they
Larry Smith -07/18, 10:51 pm- They intentionally put th
keith g barrier -07/18, 11:27 pm- I am running two 21 chevy
Steve Tomaso - Milto -07/19, 10:59 am- Dont Chevy split rims hav
Layden Butler -07/19, 11:41 am- Larry and Steve, The Haye
keith g barrier -07/19, 01:52 pm- Steve, the 21s I have bot
John Danuser -07/19, 02:17 pm- Herb I have a 490 front a
Need 1914 Spring Shackles and Front Spring Clips (U BOLTS...
Gary M. Wheeler -07/18, 06:37 pm- Can anyone help me find a
Larry Smith -07/18, 10:54 pm- Try the classifieds
Glen Chaffin -07/19, 01:43 am- Gary, We have new Figure
Gary M. Wheeler -07/19, 10:05 am- Thank you Glen!
I'm staying
Terry Woods, Richmon -07/17, 04:38 am- I always heard, If its to
Warwick Landy -07/17, 05:27 am- I love this place. It has
Dane Hawley Near Mel -07/17, 06:09 am- With two posters modifyin
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -07/17, 07:28 am- Thats not Shakespeare. Th
Will Copeland - Tren -07/17, 07:51 am- Im staying also.
Mack Cole ---- Earth -07/17, 08:34 am- Yea, but I allways though
Gary Schreiber- Sant -07/17, 09:25 am- Hey, Im staying too. On t
Burger in Spokane -07/17, 09:27 am- Im on the fence ...
Donnie Brown -07/17, 09:35 am- Steve: If you are staying
Mike Zahorik -07/17, 09:45 am- Good night, Mrs. Calabash
Bob Cascisa - Poulsb -07/17, 09:52 am- Burger - PUSH !! [:-]
Richard Wolf -07/17, 09:53 am- Back at ya. Jimmie Daran
michael grady -07/17, 09:59 am- Good morning everyone! W
john kuehn -07/17, 10:13 am- Do you mean the good, the
Bob McDonald-Federal -07/17, 10:25 am- Ha Steve rise and shine.
David Dewey, N. Cali -07/17, 10:28 am- Ya forgot to mention stee
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/17, 10:31 am- [MCNEILL D 48.jpg] Its t
Mike Spaziano, Bellf -07/17, 10:37 am- Did I hear someone say Ke
Robert G. Hester Jr. -07/17, 10:53 am- Looks like a zoot suit.
Terry Woods, Richmon -07/17, 10:54 am- Burger, I hope that fence
Mark Gregush Portlan -07/17, 11:06 am- Is the coat buttoned on t
Jay - In Northern Ca -07/17, 11:21 am- Take my wife....Please!
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/17, 11:25 am- Hint: it has to do with t
Bill dugger -07/17, 12:01 pm- To the Donnie Brown up th
Mike Zahorik -07/17, 12:04 pm- It has cuffs!
Richard Wolf -07/17, 01:23 pm- Its buttoned correct.
Seth from NC -07/17, 01:56 pm- It looks like the whole p
Ricks - Surf City -07/17, 02:59 pm- The suit is too big for h
A. Gustaf Bryngelson -07/17, 03:21 pm- Either the suit is button
Mike Garrison_Rice M -07/17, 03:32 pm- In the immortal words of
Bob McDonald-Federal -07/17, 04:03 pm- Id say the suit is a earl
Bob McDonald-Federal -07/17, 04:08 pm- My Father-in-law in the 4
Richard Wolf -07/17, 04:09 pm- U r wearing a girls shirt
Mike Garrison_Rice M -07/17, 08:48 pm- It takes an extra five mi
Hap Tucker in Sumter -07/17, 10:18 pm- Thanks to all of you who
Burger in Spokane -07/17, 10:52 pm- Thanks to all you who are
A. Gustaf Bryngelson -07/17, 11:03 pm- I am pretty sure I am not
Terry Woods, Richmon -07/17, 11:47 pm- In the immortal or maybe
David Dewey, N. Cali -07/17, 11:53 pm- YIKES!! Im not touching t
Danial - Veneta OR U -07/18, 12:03 am- Hey Gus, its ok to not be
brass car guy -07/18, 12:33 am- Skipping only looks funny
Danial - Veneta OR U -07/18, 12:55 am- I can think of a whole lo
Burger in Spokane -07/18, 09:21 am- Based on those last two p
Tyrone Thomas - Tope -07/18, 09:31 am- Im honestly glad you deci
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/18, 09:38 am- OK, Ill stick around exce
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/18, 11:41 am- I waited 24 hours before
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -07/18, 11:49 am- Got it - Steve is really
A. Gustaf Bryngelson -07/18, 12:08 pm- Steve, the problem with y
Tim Eckensviller -07/18, 12:12 pm- Theres a certain irony to
Bud Holzschuh - Pana -07/18, 12:24 pm- In connection with Steves
Gary Schreiber- Sant -07/18, 02:19 pm- Wear it often because the
David Dare - Just a  -07/18, 02:33 pm- OMG checked tweed and a p
Mack Cole ---- Earth -07/18, 10:48 pm- Womens hair looked much b
Burger in Spokane -07/18, 11:39 pm- I would rather gouge my e
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -07/19, 12:04 am- I have never understood h
Justin Heim -07/19, 09:21 am- To add to what Steve post
Cobb Shinn Comic Model T Post Card
Jay - In Northern Ca -07/18, 10:48 am- [iuhgmm.JPG]
allanwick -07/19, 12:47 am- Jay, I am also a Cobb Shi
Peter Kable -07/19, 02:15 am- My wife collects all the
Warren Henderson -07/19, 08:34 am- Thanks Jay, for introduci
Mystery wrench
John P Noonan -07/17, 10:46 pm- Anyone know what this wre
Mike Garrison_Rice M -07/17, 10:52 pm- Its for tightening bolts
Herb Iffrig -07/17, 10:54 pm- It is a common wrench tha
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/17, 11:04 pm- John, T-1917 isnt the yea
John P Noonan -07/17, 11:10 pm- Thanks Steve, seems like
Mike Walker, NW AR -07/18, 09:06 am- Steve == Does the wrench
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/18, 09:32 am- Nope, nothing on the back
Larry Smith -07/18, 10:00 am- Come on Mike, you should
Ken Todd -07/18, 11:48 am- I believe the wrench at t
Val Soupios -07/18, 01:29 pm- I bent one like that to
Mike Walker, NW AR -07/18, 06:39 pm- Larry --I dont need a pre
Herb Iffrig -07/19, 08:26 am- Ken I dont think the top
Great weather this weekend for a Model T ride
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -07/17, 11:26 pm- Hey. It looks like thos
Tim Wrenn -07/18, 09:28 am- Yep, me and my friend who
Royce in Georgetown  -07/18, 11:28 pm- We are setting all time l
Warren Henderson -07/19, 08:04 am- Great idea Dave, any reas
Arthur Dewey Asher W -07/19, 08:17 am- The wife and I are leavin
Tony Wisc-Photo
Herb Iffrig -07/19, 07:11 am- [Tony Wisc.jpg]
Orbital Polishers and Such
Bob Coiro -07/17, 10:50 am- When I was young and spry
Seth from NC -07/17, 11:06 am- Hey Bob, what is your pai
G.R.Cheshire -07/17, 11:07 am- HFT sells this I find it
Bob Coiro -07/17, 11:33 am- Seth, I have no idea what
Seth from NC -07/17, 11:46 am- So you want to be able to
Robert Poane -07/17, 11:50 am- G.R. / Anyone, I checked
Greg Kuhnash Southea -07/17, 12:36 pm- Griots sell a 6 and 3, pl
G.R.Cheshire -07/17, 09:01 pm- Robert polish goes direct
Bill Harper - Keene, -07/18, 11:34 pm- While I will confess to a
Burger in Spokane -07/19, 01:28 am- Any self-respecting maggo
O.T. (off topic) need European parts help
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -07/17, 12:15 pm- I am working on a 1966 Pe
Philippe BROST, Fran -07/17, 02:54 pm- What do you need ? May be
Dick Lodge - St Loui -07/17, 03:07 pm- As a quick side comment,
EDUARDO,STA COLOMA D -07/17, 04:03 pm- Hi Aaron, you can visit t
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -07/17, 11:46 pm- My phone number is wrong
Michael Deichmann, B -07/18, 03:21 am- How about some pictures?
Manuel Voyages, ACT  -07/18, 03:30 am- There was a detective sho
Frank van Ekeren (A -07/18, 03:45 am- Colombo! Aaron, a lot of
EDUARDO,STA COLOMA D -07/18, 07:04 am- Beautiful car but somewha
Gary Schreiber- Sant -07/18, 10:07 am- This is a 404 cabriolet.
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -07/18, 11:37 am- I can, and probably will,
Philippe BROST, Fran -07/18, 05:18 pm- More 404 [More 404.JPG]
Gary Schreiber- Sant -07/18, 05:54 pm- I have had several, 404,
Dick Lodge - St Loui -07/18, 07:05 pm- When I was living in Holl
Manuel Voyages, ACT  -07/19, 01:24 am- Thats him & the car T
What to say to the attendant
Dane Hawley Near Mel -07/17, 06:32 am- An advertising jingle in
Royce in Georgetown  -07/17, 07:14 am- Gas was $1 a gallon last
G.R.Cheshire -07/17, 07:14 am- Dane I believe that was w
G.R.Cheshire -07/17, 07:31 am- I dont claim to be smart
Ricks - Surf City -07/17, 09:31 am- Where have all the gas st
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/17, 11:01 am- Disappearing stations and
Jim Kelsey -07/17, 12:23 pm- Does Chrysler still count
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -07/17, 12:35 pm- Is GM even still American
Seth from NC -07/17, 12:52 pm- GM = Government Motors. I
Rick J. Gunter -07/17, 12:58 pm- There are a few full-serv
Dick Lodge - St Loui -07/17, 01:19 pm- I think that the convenie
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -07/18, 12:00 am- 7 of every 10 Chevrolets
Manuel Voyages, ACT  -07/18, 03:24 am- Thanks Paul :- Manuel in
R. S. Cruickshank -07/19, 01:12 am- I just remembered that I
Way cool racer!
David Mazza -07/18, 08:44 pm- Check this out, just wish
Tom Magee -07/18, 09:31 pm- I like this one even bett
David Mazza -07/18, 09:41 pm- some great cars with exce
John P Noonan -07/18, 10:26 pm- It amazes me how even bac
Clayton Swanson -07/18, 10:37 pm- the first car, is not the
David Mazza -07/18, 11:47 pm- The old photo isnt even a
Truck conversion early tanker-Photo
Herb Iffrig -07/18, 08:26 am- [truck conversion early t
Bill Severn - SE Tex -07/18, 10:15 am- 15/16 front fenders. Bil
Lonnie Ledbetter She -07/18, 01:16 pm- I have a TT frame that lo
Dennis Seth - Ohio -07/18, 08:59 pm- Interesting rear wheels.
Old Photo - Seven Period Photos Of People Posing
Jay - In Northern Ca -07/18, 10:54 am- [B09385.jpg] [C00836.jpg]
Erik Johnson -07/18, 11:21 am- A highly desirable 1917 o
Dave Wells -07/18, 11:23 am- I wonder about the silver
Gary Schreiber- Sant -07/18, 11:25 am- Glad to see you posting J
Gilbert V. I. Fitzhu -07/18, 11:27 am- Is #4 a Ford?
A. Gustaf Bryngelson -07/18, 12:13 pm- Hey Eric, I think that yo
Erik Johnson -07/18, 03:08 pm- The reason I would put th
A. Gustaf Bryngelson -07/18, 04:42 pm- Notice all the tires on t
Gary H. White - Sher -07/18, 04:56 pm- #4 Cheer up junior. Youll
Michael R Beary -07/18, 05:18 pm- We missed you Jay! Always
Bob McDonald-Federal -07/18, 05:29 pm- Steve Tomaso has a set of
Harold Schwendeman - -07/18, 05:43 pm- Great old photos Jay,....
Steve Tomaso - Milto -07/18, 05:49 pm- Like these shinys - I mus
Pat Clark -07/18, 08:03 pm- I like the flower vase, i
Model T Insurance Question - Hagerty
Jon Allen -07/17, 02:11 pm- Hagerty antique car insur
Dave Wells -07/17, 02:16 pm- Your last sentence says i
Henry Petrino in Mod -07/17, 02:21 pm- Yup. Hagerty is a good f
Jon Crane -07/17, 07:12 pm- I currently have a claim
Henry Petrino in Mod -07/17, 08:07 pm- For the record - I did no
Mike Garrison_Rice M -07/17, 08:27 pm- I just dropped Haggerty.
mike_black -07/17, 08:27 pm- DEFINE PERMANENT. I cant
William L Vanderburg -07/17, 10:26 pm- My insurance company told
Kenneth W DeLong -07/17, 10:44 pm- When i went to north east
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -07/18, 07:51 am- I have Haggerty and had a
Will Copeland - Tren -07/18, 08:02 am- Its always the best polic
Roger Karlsson, sout -07/18, 08:13 am- How about keeping one of
Kevin Whelihan -07/18, 09:05 am- I had the same type of di
Tim Wrenn -07/18, 09:24 am- The way insurance compani
Jack Hedges -07/18, 10:13 am- I also have state farm an
Tom Carey -07/18, 11:47 am- I had my car insured with
John Semprez-Templet -07/18, 12:49 pm- I am no insurance company
Will Copeland - Tren -07/18, 12:54 pm- Tom, Thats the first nega
Ted Dumas -07/18, 02:35 pm- If it is the other driver
Henry Petrino in Mod -07/18, 02:42 pm- Ted, In my experience wi
Tom Carey -07/18, 05:33 pm- This accident happened ab
Tom Carey -07/18, 05:36 pm- Hagerty said that since I
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/18, 05:49 pm- If you look at their webs
Tom Carey -07/18, 05:53 pm- I was not asked anything
Will Copeland - Tren -07/18, 06:00 pm- Tom, Thats normal for any
T restoration in Labrador (Historic Snowmobile)
Bob McDonald-Federal -07/18, 12:19 pm- In Nov. last year I &
Chuck Hoffman - Gold -07/18, 02:49 pm- [ModelT (476 x 322).jpg]
Tim Eckensviller -07/18, 04:32 pm- Thatll buff right out.
Gary Schreiber- Sant -07/18, 04:52 pm- Hopefully we get a peek o
Bob McDonald-Federal -07/18, 05:10 pm- Chuck That is the car,
I need a new rear end
Warren Henderson -07/18, 11:06 am- Fred, I got your package
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -07/18, 11:54 am- Someday - We will have to
Warren Henderson -07/18, 03:18 pm- Ill let you know as soon
Clutch Adjustment?
george house -07/18, 10:15 am- Thanks again Norm
Photos being posted on MTFCI forum
Dan Treace, North FL -07/18, 09:35 am- Ran lots if the BlueRidge
Model T Ruckstell Axle
Ted Dumas -07/17, 08:03 pm- I recommend going to a la
Warren Henderson -07/18, 07:14 am- Thanks Stan & Ted, fo
News from John Eaton in Berwick, Nova Scotia
Warren Henderson -07/18, 06:36 am- Hi Warren Even though we
Slop in steering case - any suggestions
David Mazza -07/17, 07:52 am- The suppliers sell new ge
Jim Kelsey -07/17, 11:58 am- I did put in all new gear
David Mazza -07/17, 08:00 pm- They do have oversize riv
David Stroud -07/18, 04:54 am- My 25 coupe and my 23 TT
Ruckstell Plunger
Chris Holtum -07/17, 07:51 am- I have the later 26/27 Ru
Mark Gregush Portlan -07/17, 11:26 am- I will be corrected if I
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/17, 11:57 am- You might want to check w
Jim Kelsey -07/17, 12:08 pm- It has been over a yr sin
Chris Holtum -07/17, 05:18 pm- Thanks you all, It sounds
Chester W. Lowery TN -07/17, 05:35 pm- Chris, I just assembled m
Gerald Hansen -07/17, 05:45 pm- Open this link near the l
Mark Gregush Portlan -07/17, 06:22 pm- Gerald thanks for posting
Chris Holtum -07/18, 02:51 am- The slot shows that the p
Is total recoil still selling mag rings? I think his name...
Warren Webb -07/17, 11:24 pm- Thank You
Dale Peterson -07/18, 01:11 am- He just did one for me ab
I still understand a little of the English language
Mike Garrison_Rice M -07/17, 03:42 pm- And when I was in the mil
A. Gustaf Bryngelson -07/17, 03:46 pm- With an IQ of 63, I am no
Mike Garrison_Rice M -07/17, 03:48 pm- Well come here. You can l
Terry Woods, Richmon -07/17, 03:50 pm- Gustaf, And you drive a T
Mike Garrison_Rice M -07/17, 03:51 pm- Terry, he doesnt drive a
Terry Woods, Richmon -07/17, 04:30 pm- Gustaf, and you drive and
Terry Woods, Richmon -07/17, 04:30 pm- Sorry for the double post
Mark Strange -07/17, 04:38 pm- Theyre saying that with t
Mark Gregush Portlan -07/17, 04:48 pm- I knew I saw that bit som
Mike Garrison_Rice M -07/17, 06:14 pm- And it all falls into pla
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -07/17, 06:22 pm- I was a Mensa member when
Mark Gregush Portlan -07/17, 06:29 pm- What they need is a test
William L Vanderburg -07/17, 06:34 pm- Scientist David Suzuki sa
Mike Garrison_Rice M -07/17, 06:37 pm- Hey Ken, when I was marri
Mark Gregush Portlan -07/17, 06:38 pm- LOL [:-]
A. Gustaf Bryngelson -07/17, 07:38 pm- Not only do I drive a T,
ex trooper -07/17, 08:19 pm- Mike, I thought your ex w
Mike Garrison_Rice M -07/17, 08:28 pm- Yup!
Ricks - Surf City -07/17, 08:37 pm- There are those who are e
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/17, 08:42 pm- I wasnt smart enough to M
Burger in Spokane -07/17, 11:48 pm- For anyone wanting a good
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -07/17, 11:54 pm- LOL... Its the thought pr
OT - "Korea: One POW's Story"
Ricks - Surf City -07/17, 05:31 pm- Two years ago my friend,
Mark Gregush Portlan -07/17, 06:37 pm- for the paper back; http:
Terry Woods, Richmon -07/17, 11:49 pm- Also, available at Barnes
Has anyone used Texoma T's for any engine work?
Will Copeland - Tren -07/17, 07:48 am- Please pm me with any com
Eric Hylen- Central  -07/17, 08:35 am- I have no experience with
Donnie Brown -07/17, 09:32 am- I have no experience with
john kuehn -07/17, 10:10 am- I would make some compari
william louis rosent -07/17, 01:32 pm- Will: Lots of qualified e
Terry Woods, Richmon -07/17, 03:56 pm- See the post that I made
Will Copeland - Tren -07/17, 06:00 pm- Thank you everyone for yo
David Mazza -07/17, 07:49 pm- I would just be done with
Spencer Vibert -07/17, 11:14 pm- I would send it to George
Hal Schedler, Sacram -07/17, 11:20 pm- Eric, I pad $1000.00 for
Hal Schedler, Sacram -07/17, 11:25 pm- KC Warford http://www.te
Donnie Brown -07/17, 11:34 pm- I believe what Eric was r
Models K, N and T weight to horsepower comparison
Rob Heyen -07/17, 04:44 am- Jim, No, the chassis rem
Ted Dumas -07/17, 04:13 pm- Why not run several speed
Jerry Hoffman (admin -07/17, 05:49 pm- Last year at the speedste
Rob Heyen -07/17, 06:42 pm- Ted, Im not sure I fully
Jerome Hoffman, Hays -07/17, 11:13 pm- Looking forward to new Br
Rob Heyen -07/17, 11:21 pm- Jerry, Im not smart enoug
1929 Model T engine
Tim Eckensviller -07/17, 12:51 pm- Noob question here: is th
Terry Woods, Richmon -07/17, 12:59 pm- Tim, Im not sure if all b
Justin Heim -07/17, 02:59 pm- I dated the engine based
Mark Gregush Portlan -07/17, 09:39 pm- The block casting date st
Anybody else having trouble
John Danuser -07/17, 08:54 pm- finding Fordbarn, it come
Mark Gregush Portlan -07/17, 09:06 pm- John, just checked and no
Canaan VT-Photo
Herb Iffrig -07/17, 08:36 am- [CANAAN VERMONT PARK ST.j
Tim Wrenn -07/17, 09:16 am- Looks like a rack full of
Gary Schreiber- Sant -07/17, 09:19 am- Another great New England
Burger in Spokane -07/17, 09:25 am- What a placid street scen
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -07/17, 03:57 pm- Burger, That is a great s
Herb Iffrig -07/17, 08:47 pm- Electricity is good stuff
Need help
Mike Husted -07/17, 11:57 am- Is there someone that can
Royce in Georgetown  -07/17, 01:18 pm- Mike send it to me Royceg
Mark Strange -07/17, 01:43 pm- Here are two pictures tha
Mike Husted -07/17, 07:58 pm- Thankyou to one and all t
Dating my Model T
Daniel Diehl -07/17, 03:43 pm- I want to thank all of yo
Terry Woods, Richmon -07/17, 04:44 pm- Daniel, with such a late
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/17, 04:58 pm- Daniel, I see you registe
Mark Stewart -Calif. -07/17, 04:59 pm- Welcome Daniel to the Mod
Fordor rear seat back.
Dale Peterson -07/17, 05:22 am- Thank you, Don. The rack
Don Booth@ Bay City, -07/17, 04:58 pm- I know that feeling Dale,
What type of wood do you use for the front seat?
Robert Poane -07/17, 06:44 am- what type of wood do you
G.R.Cheshire -07/17, 06:56 am- I am using red oak I run
Royce in Georgetown  -07/17, 07:08 am- I think maybe you mean th
Jim Patrick -07/17, 08:22 am- Poplar is a good, inexpen
G.R.Cheshire -07/17, 08:27 am- Poplar inexpensive? in ja
Robert Poane -07/17, 08:44 am- Thank you that helps. Yes
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -07/17, 08:48 am- Any wood 12 finished is g
George_Cherry Hill N -07/17, 09:05 am- Robert, I dont think the
Keith Townsend ; ^ ) -07/17, 09:36 am- Bob- I cut the slats for
Larry Smith -07/17, 10:28 am- If Ford ever used any shi
David Schwab -07/17, 04:24 pm- Look for a local cabinet
Simmons Carb Question.
Anthony J Marino -07/17, 08:36 am- Jack, are you well enough
Derek Kiefer - Manto -07/17, 08:47 am- I too need a flapper for
Ted Dumas -07/17, 04:08 pm- The fuel needs to be atom
Kingston L4 Leaking
Norman T. Kling -07/17, 09:34 am- The little tab which adju
Mike Zahorik -07/17, 09:55 am- Sometimes when I have a b
Mark Gregush Portlan -07/17, 11:59 am- I drill a small hole in t
Mike Zahorik -07/17, 12:03 pm- I like the light bulb ide
G.R.Cheshire -07/17, 12:28 pm- Mike incandescent yes but
Mark Gregush Portlan -07/17, 12:49 pm- I have been using a 60 bu
Oil pan straighting
Mark Gregush Portlan -07/17, 11:44 am- You might also check with
What color plastic gauge do I use for the rod caps
Bud Holzschuh - Pana -07/17, 11:28 am- Will You didnt mention i
Royce in Georgetown  -07/17, 11:41 am- The tapping with a hammer
Will Copeland - Tren -07/17, 11:42 am- Bud, The engine is out of
Lincoln Nebraska-brass T What are these shocks-Photo
Herb Iffrig -07/17, 08:41 am- [Lincoln Nebraska.jpg] [L
Donald Conklin -07/17, 11:16 am- I believe that type of sh
Terry Woods, Richmon -07/17, 11:19 am- If they arent K and Ws, t
Holley NH bowl gasket
Larry Smith -07/17, 10:42 am- The bowl pictured above a
Steering column shaft
Larry Smith -07/17, 10:40 am- I would advise against it
Anyone know how to fix an ARRO-METER?
Jay - In Northern Ca -07/17, 10:16 am- [arro.jpg] http://www.
Ted Dumas -07/17, 10:33 am- Google 250F dial thermome
Another exciting episode of "What Did I Buy?"
Hap Tucker in Sumter -07/17, 08:01 am- Steve and Andy, The plug
Jim Sims -07/17, 08:37 am- I believe the top photo i
Donnie Brown -07/17, 09:22 am- I agree with Jim. The top
john kuehn -07/17, 10:17 am- The top pic is a barrel b
RM Motor City Auction
Royce in Georgetown  -07/17, 07:52 am- This would be a great sho
David Mazza -07/17, 08:15 am- Yet another reason to kee
jerry knouse -07/17, 08:44 am- If Max Girardo is the auc
Gary Schreiber- Sant -07/17, 09:12 am- I noticed lot 106, the 11
Amazing starter performance increase due to this forum
Dave Wells -07/17, 09:00 am- David, I can see youre on
26/27 right rear radius rod
Jerry Kramer -07/23, 11:14 pm- I have two left side rear
Tony Bowker -07/24, 12:22 am- Where are you located. I
A Parts
Warren Webb -07/23, 11:07 pm- I know this is a Model T
Atwater LA clip on Dist.
Warren Webb -07/23, 10:55 pm- I have an Atwater LA clip
Dave Huson, Berthoud -07/23, 10:28 pm- PRICE REDUCTION; The pri
1927 Model T Roadster for sale
Kevin Pharis -07/23, 09:53 pm- 1927 Model T Roadster par
Kevin Pharis -07/23, 09:56 pm- [image.jpg] [image.jpg]
Kevin Pharis -07/23, 10:00 pm- [image.jpg]
Wanted anyone make a tack rail for a 1912 touring
ben jermainne -07/20, 05:02 pm- I am trying to find a tac
Mark Gregush Portlan -07/20, 05:50 pm- Ben; This is more of a qu
Keith Townsend ; ^ ) -07/21, 02:35 pm- Ben- Try these guys: Cube
John Danuser -07/21, 02:42 pm- Ck w/R.V. Anderson, his b
Erik Johnson -07/21, 03:36 pm- J.P. Anderson Antique Aut
mike_black -07/21, 06:41 pm- Ben, ON my15, I went t
brass car guy -07/22, 12:18 am- Ray Wells in El Cahon Ca
ben jermainne -07/22, 06:54 am- Thanks for all the help g
Dave Huson, Berthoud -07/22, 09:17 am- Ben Jermainee: When I bo
R.V. Anderson -07/23, 06:22 pm- Anyone trying to reach my
John Danuser -07/23, 09:42 pm- Thanks R.V. I tried to st
1924 Aluminum bodied boat tail speedster
Kris Barber -07/18, 08:20 pm- price lowered to $3500.
Kris Barber -07/23, 09:23 pm- Thank you all for your in
1926 Model T Fordor For Sale
Peter Taylor -07/20, 10:03 am- .
Peter Taylor -07/22, 12:27 pm- Anyone?
Peter Taylor -07/23, 09:17 pm- To see more information,
Dave Huson, Berthoud -07/23, 06:23 pm- I would like to purchase
Wanted: Kelsey # 88 clincher rim
Adam Doleshal -07/22, 03:23 pm- I am in need of one Kelse
Layden Butler -07/22, 04:18 pm- [kelsey 88.jpg]
Adam Doleshal -07/22, 06:30 pm- Layden, Thanks for postin
David Stroud -07/23, 03:18 am- Adam, you probably alread
Mark Strange -07/23, 07:59 am- David, thanks for the tip
Dennis Henrichs -07/23, 04:57 pm- Adam, If you find suffic
Mark Strange -07/23, 05:21 pm- Adam and Dennis, I got th
Wanted old Model T or A Headlight Lens
Steve Schmidt -07/22, 11:57 pm- Wanted old Model T or A h
Jon Crane -07/23, 02:46 am- How are you doing that? K
David Stroud -07/23, 02:52 am- Do that to the repros, no
Steve Schmidt -07/23, 09:10 am- I use a kiln, but end up
Dennis Henrichs -07/23, 04:53 pm- I agree with Dave. Use t
Wanted - 1914 Rear Spring Leaves
Dennis Sanford - Luc -07/22, 02:36 pm- I need the upper 2 or may
Dennis Sanford - Luc -07/23, 03:49 pm- bump
WTB Cheap hubs, even unusable
Bryan C -07/23, 09:02 am- Im switching to wire whee
Steve Tomaso - Milto -07/23, 10:00 am- Wood wheel hubs are not i
Bryan C -07/23, 10:04 am- Im using adapters with my
Mark Strange -07/23, 11:18 am- Bryan, can you post a pic
Steve Tomaso - Milto -07/23, 11:49 am- McLaren wires ?
Cowl clamp
Pat Clark -07/23, 08:24 am- Im looking for a cowl cla
Dave Huson, Berthoud -07/22, 08:39 am- Inlets $35.00 Each. One o
M G Hillhouse -07/23, 02:23 am- Dave, I will take the Bra
Parts for Sale: TRIPLE GEARS
Dave Huson, Berthoud -07/23, 02:00 am- Bump
Dave Huson, Berthoud -07/22, 11:59 pm- Used Con Rod Bolt Sets $1
Free shipping boxes
Bill Elliott -07/22, 10:28 pm- I just got my wheels back
1927 Fordor
William Brian Jordan -07/22, 09:11 pm- Bump
Parting out 1909-10 Ford Touring
Kim Dobbins -07/22, 12:29 am- Early 1911 head, very sma
Kim Dobbins -07/22, 05:35 pm- Sold all the seat springs
Mike Bird -07/22, 08:01 pm- Kim, I pm you about fende
1926 Model TT Closed Cab Ford script flatbed
Kyle Pierce -07/22, 10:06 am- Selling my 1926 Ford Mode
Kyle Pierce -07/22, 06:44 pm- Forgot to mention this is
WANTED: Wire wheel spare mount
Dana A. Crosby in Gl -07/22, 03:56 pm- I need a wire wheel spare
John Danuser -07/22, 06:13 pm- I have one but the top 1/
For Sale 1921 Touring Sedan
George Collier -07/21, 12:55 pm- Engine: new Rods, Pistons
Wes Nelson ........B -07/21, 04:22 pm- Without a picture, it nev
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -07/21, 05:59 pm- What body style???? Sorry
Darel J. Leipold -07/21, 06:04 pm- Were not there just two n
Darel J. Leipold -07/21, 06:07 pm- The nameTouring Sedan was
Darel J. Leipold -07/21, 06:14 pm- My pet peeve is not calli
James Chochole -07/21, 06:17 pm- One of my favorite names
Bill Severn - SE Tex -07/21, 06:19 pm- So what is it, a Touring
G.R.Cheshire -07/21, 08:26 pm- This was on C/l but is go
Mike Walker, NW AR -07/21, 10:34 pm- Darel -- The 1915-23 I th
brass car guy -07/22, 12:13 am- Wayne, do you know Lloyd
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -07/22, 02:57 am- Automobile coachwork term
Mark Strange -07/22, 04:15 pm- Here are pictures of the
Dave Huson, Berthoud -07/22, 03:27 pm- New Rod Bolt set $35.00.
1926 Washington State Plates one pair
Art Taylor -07/22, 03:20 pm- Great Condition Restored
Art Taylor -07/22, 03:25 pm- Phone number 360-341-1220
WTB: Model T Power Unit
Larry Westerman -07/22, 07:04 am- I have one of these power
Ron -07/22, 02:13 pm- Larry - do you have any p
Tom Carnegie -07/22, 03:04 pm- I have one, I would sell
OT sorta: 1927 Fordson Tractor for sale
Bob on Texas Gulf Co -07/22, 11:43 am- For Sale: 1927 Fordson T
Bob on Texas Gulf Co -07/22, 12:47 pm- This tractor is on origin
Ford paper for sale
Tim Morsher -07/22, 11:22 am- Please drop me a line for
For Sale: 1927 model T doctors coupe
brian heath -07/22, 10:46 am- Please leave message if c
Dave Huson, Berthoud -07/22, 08:37 am- Inlets $35.00 One of the
1926 Model T Touring For Sale
Rodney Aspenson -07/22, 06:15 am- Non-electric motor - Kero
WANTED: 1921 Model T Canadian Engine Block
Russ Furstnow -07/20, 12:46 pm- I just recently acquired
Steve Elliott -07/22, 12:48 am- I have one email me and
235 issues packed and ready for the taking
Larry LaPatka -07/21, 09:17 pm- Exceptional condition for
Benjamin Morgan -07/22, 12:21 am- Just sent you an email.
Model tt cab wanted
Justin Heim -07/18, 08:09 am- Are you still looking? I
Rex Pyles -07/20, 05:45 pm- Can you send pics?
Justin Heim -07/21, 10:29 pm- PM sent
New repro brass light set
Matt Foye -07/20, 08:33 pm- I have a set of E&J a
patrick ainslie -07/21, 01:38 pm- please send a pic and tha
Matt Foye -07/21, 08:43 pm- To clarify, these are 2 s
1914 Front spring perches
Bill Elliott -07/21, 05:23 pm- Im in need of a pair of f
John Danuser -07/21, 08:06 pm- Bill Ive emailed you 2 ti
Dana A. Crosby in Gl -07/21, 06:09 pm- Looking for a useable spa
Dave Huson, Berthoud -07/21, 04:59 pm- Marigold Bud Vase Pair; $
1928 Chevy head for trade or sale
Larry Noller -07/21, 03:13 pm- I am cleaning out my part
For Sale- 1914 Model T Windshield & supports
James Chochole -07/21, 10:13 am- Officially sold.
Dave Huson, Berthoud -07/21, 08:21 am- Bump
26 - 27 fenders
Jon Crane -07/20, 06:32 pm- I need a pair of front fe
Wilbur Menge -07/20, 08:04 pm- have NOS front finders. c
Jon Crane -07/21, 01:14 am- Have the fronts...still n
WANTED: TT Chassis (in New England Area)
Ron -07/17, 05:42 pm- Btt
Layden Butler -07/17, 07:04 pm- Hint... When bringing a v
Tom Strickling -07/19, 08:32 pm- For slow moving light yar
Ron -07/20, 09:40 pm- Tom - nothing against a R
For Sale Model T Generator and Starter Repair Parts.
Tony Bowker -07/20, 09:30 pm- If you need help, then yo
Chicago to St. Louis enclosed transport July 22nd
Jim -07/20, 06:49 pm- July 22nd Empty traile
Dave Huson, Berthoud -07/20, 04:21 pm- Rebuilt Starters: $125. T
Dave Huson, Berthoud -07/20, 06:45 pm- Only two starters left. G
NOS Counter Balance Crank
Matt Foye -07/20, 04:19 pm- [bumac4.jpg] [bumac3.jpg]
Matt Foye -07/20, 04:21 pm- Sorry, my contact info is
1923-25 dash for sale
Layden Butler -07/20, 02:19 pm- From a slant windshield h
Lots of T parts for sale! check it out
Rob from Nova Scotia -07/19, 04:59 pm- Do you have any 13-14 RHD
sam kennedy -07/19, 07:17 pm- I may be mistaken and ple
Rob from Nova Scotia -07/20, 09:49 am- What im looking for is th
Repro MADE IN CANADA Rad shell
Dan Hatch -07/17, 02:17 pm- I have a 26/27 repro Made
Dan Hatch -07/17, 08:39 pm- Here are the pictures of
Terry Woods, Richmon -07/17, 11:55 pm- Months ago, someone said
Dan Hatch -07/18, 08:46 pm- bump
Dan Hatch -07/20, 09:41 am- btt
Phoenix to Chicago to St. Louis to Long Island hauling now !
Jim -07/18, 03:10 am- July 18th Leaving Phoe
Jim -07/19, 07:42 am- July 19th Leaving Gallu
Jim -07/20, 09:35 am- July 20th Leaving Tucumc
Dave Huson, Berthoud -07/19, 11:00 pm- Bumpm
Dave Huson, Berthoud -07/19, 06:31 pm- Transmission Wrench $19.0
27 Model t chassis ruckstell wire wheels
neil lewis -07/17, 11:49 am- Running chassis with 26,7
robert davis -07/17, 08:33 pm- wher are you located
Benny Harvell -07/17, 10:31 pm- Click on his name and his
neil lewis -07/18, 11:01 am- Southern Oregon coast...A
John Aldrich Orting  -07/18, 11:16 am- How much?
neil lewis -07/18, 12:10 pm- $3000
neil lewis -07/18, 04:13 pm- [t1.jpg]
neil lewis -07/18, 04:17 pm- [t2.jpg]
neil lewis -07/18, 04:19 pm- [t3.jpg]
neil lewis -07/19, 12:41 pm- sold
Model A Auxillary Transmission for Sale
Chris Dailledouze -07/19, 09:41 am- Restored Model A Overdriv
Model A Hydraulic Brake Set
Chris Dailledouze -07/19, 09:30 am- [20130114_153601.jpg] [20
T Transmission for Sale
Chris Dailledouze -07/19, 09:25 am- Model T auxiliary transmi
For Sale: 1917 complete engine & transmission
Paul jacobs -07/18, 09:36 pm- Here is a complete 1917 e
Benjamin Morgan -07/19, 01:02 am- PMed you
T parts
Pat Clark -07/17, 08:01 am- The 26-27 windshield swin
Pat Clark -07/18, 08:50 pm- The column drop, and the
For Sale Himico transmissions and parts
Kris Barber -07/18, 07:43 pm- My dad has a hinco and is
Top bow nuts 1926,27. NOS
Tim Morsher -07/17, 10:59 am- Pair of NOS top bow nuts,
Tim Morsher -07/18, 01:38 pm- Nuts sold. THANKS MTFCA !
Model t door handle wanted
Mike Bird -07/17, 01:20 pm- Bump
Charles -07/17, 05:40 pm- Hey mike, Please send me
Mike Bird -07/18, 01:04 pm- Charles sorry, I couldnt
Another set of Safety Hubs
Dan Hatch -07/17, 08:50 pm- I have another set of Saf
Dan Hatch -07/18, 11:54 am- Bump
For sale: Model T starter repair parts
Ron Patterson-Nichol -07/18, 10:44 am- [1] Mounting bracket. Com
Dave Huson, Berthoud -07/18, 07:46 am- Heads: $25.00 ea. These a
Dave Huson, Berthoud -07/18, 07:41 am- Engine Blocks: $50.00: At
Dave Huson, Berthoud -07/18, 07:29 am- Bump
1915 door hardware needed
Bob on Texas Gulf Co -07/18, 06:52 am- bump
Dave Huson, Berthoud -07/17, 11:37 pm- 24 License Plate $20.00,
Dave Huson, Berthoud -07/17, 11:23 pm- Rear Axle Hub, Drum and F
For Sale: Pair 1925 Washington license plates
Dan -07/17, 10:28 pm- [image.jpg]
Trade shop tools?
Jack Daron - Brownsb -07/17, 08:51 pm- That is the last version
Dave Huson, Berthoud -07/17, 08:17 pm- Brass Spot Light $90.00 T
Bosch magneto switch S17 For Sale
Layden Butler -07/17, 06:59 pm- Good switch complete with
Safety Hubs for wood wheels
Steve Tomaso - Milto -07/17, 10:02 am- Yes, the slot is for the
Gene Carrothers Hunt -07/17, 11:57 am- I think mine just has a h
Dan Hatch -07/17, 12:04 pm- Sold, waiting for payment
3 to 1 gear set
Dan Hatch -07/17, 11:32 am- Sold,, Thanks MTFCA. Dan
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