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2017 Model T Tour Information
John Barr -07/27, 12:37 pm- Presentation given to MTF
John Barr -07/27, 12:38 pm- The Whitefish Mountain Re
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/27, 12:39 pm-
John Barr -07/27, 12:43 pm- Here is the list of lodgi
John Barr -07/27, 12:44 pm- If you have any questions
Mike Vaughn - Lincol -07/27, 03:13 pm- Just to let everyone know
New member of broken rear axle club
Michael Deichmann, B -07/24, 02:55 pm- Friday june 22nd I became
Don Booth@ Bay City, -07/24, 03:35 pm- Bummer...scary to !!
Bill Dugger -07/24, 03:46 pm- Michael: I too am a memb
Willie K Cordes -07/24, 04:44 pm- I also broke an axle whil
Michael Deichmann, B -07/24, 04:50 pm- Are the new Texas T axles
Will Copeland - West -07/24, 05:37 pm- Just the reason I put in
Mark Strange - Hills -07/24, 05:43 pm- OT, but one time years ag
Donnie Brown North C -07/24, 09:20 pm- Many years ago I was with
Steven Thum -07/25, 12:06 am- I had the same problem ju
Jim Kelsey -07/25, 12:48 am- Donnie: That is in incre
Mark Wetherbee - Dow -07/27, 11:52 am- Too bad, I have just the
Les Schubert -07/27, 03:12 pm- Im with Will. Ive used th
SCAT cranks cracks too!?! :-(...
Roger Karlsson, sout -07/24, 05:55 am- Saw a depressing post at
Les Schubert -07/24, 08:52 am- I was wondering WHEN this
David L Corman -07/24, 09:05 am- Hopefully no block damage
Royce in Dallas TX -07/24, 09:08 am- Looks just like my stroke
Mark Strange - Hills -07/24, 09:09 am- Hope he sends it to SCAT
Roger Karlsson, sout -07/24, 09:39 am- I recall a discussion whe
Charlie B actually i -07/24, 09:44 am- Christmas... Youre talkin
Royce in Dallas TX -07/24, 09:46 am- SCAT makes a LOT of crank
Jim Kelsey -07/24, 10:44 am- Interesting that it is fl
Les Schubert -07/24, 10:52 am- Jim I have had concerns a
David Mazza -07/24, 10:59 am- With so much information
creston -07/24, 11:05 am- Royce you are running a s
Les Schubert -07/24, 11:19 am- David Absolutely we are m
Dennis K Anderson -07/24, 12:46 pm- Does that area near the r
Mark Chaffin......Co -07/24, 12:57 pm- 4 rod, Model A rod. Uns
Mark Gregush Portlan -07/24, 02:31 pm- Looks like theres babbitt
Ted Dumas -07/24, 02:44 pm- Maybe not enough radius a
Mark Chaffin......Co -07/24, 02:58 pm- The scat cranks have a mo
Dean Kiefer - Adams, -07/24, 03:00 pm- Where are they made?
Seth in Alabama -07/24, 03:10 pm- Forged in China, machined
Chris Laughary -07/24, 03:14 pm- OMG
Roar Sand -07/24, 03:35 pm- Does SCAT roll the fillet
Ed in California -07/24, 03:41 pm- Im buying if anyone is se
Roger Karlsson, sout -07/24, 04:15 pm- Heres the 2012 thread whe
David Mazza -07/24, 04:20 pm- There can be numerous fac
Glen Chaffin -07/24, 04:27 pm- This does not look like a
Peter Martin, Sydney -07/24, 06:54 pm- I think the original Face
Ed in California -07/24, 07:06 pm-
Roger Karlsson, sout -07/24, 07:09 pm- Peter, in the Facebook th
Frank van Ekeren (A -07/24, 07:17 pm- The front of that crank d
Les Schubert -07/24, 07:19 pm- I use one that is 100% ma
Roger Karlsson, sout -07/24, 07:26 pm- Maybe you can get the cos
Glen Chaffin -07/24, 07:31 pm- Roger, I agree it is the
Frank van Ekeren (A -07/24, 07:43 pm- Roger, rear is the same.
Roger Karlsson, sout -07/24, 08:01 pm- To me it doesnt look like
Frank van Ekeren (A -07/24, 08:07 pm- Agreed!
Les Schubert -07/24, 08:32 pm- Roger The cranks I have b
Royce in Dallas TX -07/24, 09:59 pm- Looks like a SCAT crank t
John T. Tannehill II -07/24, 10:24 pm- Royce I know you have a S
Mark Myers_____Pitts -07/24, 10:33 pm- Here is a Scat stroker cr
Don Lyon, PDX, OR. -07/24, 11:36 pm- The title says cracked, i
Mark Chaffin......Co -07/25, 01:54 am- How about someone get som
Willi Kuehnis -07/25, 04:46 am- Hi, first I was very surp
Willi Kuehnis -07/25, 05:11 am- Hi, I checked now my note
Frank van Ekeren (A -07/25, 07:43 am- I drive the same speeds o
Seth in Alabama -07/25, 07:57 am- Well - theres your proble
Les Schubert -07/25, 08:45 am- Willi I can supply you w
David Sullivan -07/25, 09:04 am- Explain why insert bearin
Gary Blake, Kansas C -07/25, 09:07 am- I hope SCAT will want tha
Les Schubert -07/25, 09:37 am- David and Gary Im with yo
Les Schubert -07/25, 09:42 am- Ive just checked and now
Norman T. Kling -07/25, 10:51 am- Its possible the crank wa
Mark Chaffin......Co -07/25, 12:33 pm- As mentioned before, the
Roger Karlsson, sout -07/25, 02:45 pm- If the the rods with inse
Royce in Dallas TX -07/25, 04:49 pm- I would like to see photo
Glen Chaffin -07/25, 06:17 pm- Willi You say that this i
Les Schubert -07/25, 06:36 pm- Royce Im inclined to take
Les Schubert -07/25, 07:05 pm- Glen and others Please vi
Ed in California -07/25, 07:23 pm- Heres some clear pics of
John P. Steele -07/25, 07:37 pm- Ive been following this s
Les Schubert -07/25, 08:28 pm- John I couldnt agree mor
Royce in Dallas TX -07/25, 08:49 pm- Les, I am not predicting
Les Schubert -07/25, 09:03 pm- Royce My sentiments exact
Duey_C -07/26, 10:41 pm- Im in no position to ask
chris lawrence -07/27, 08:36 am- Hi guys, I see some menti
JohnCodman -07/27, 08:54 am- To Ed in California: Me t
Les Schubert -07/27, 09:34 am- Duet On my posting of Jul
Les Schubert -07/27, 10:12 am- I have felt for many year
Glen Chaffin -07/27, 12:59 pm- I dont know from experien
Les Schubert -07/27, 03:09 pm- Glen What does Snyders s
Starting cranks
Manny Kourounis -07/27, 12:38 pm- Hi Guys, I was working o
Henry Petrino in Mod -07/27, 12:41 pm- Could be a loose connecti
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/27, 12:43 pm- Could be, but before you
Jack Putnam, Bluffto -07/27, 02:11 pm- Got fuel??
Dennis Seth - Ohio -07/27, 02:15 pm- Clutch plates stuck toget
Roger Karlsson, sout -07/27, 02:33 pm- Did the starter seem to g
Dan Hatch -07/27, 03:02 pm- Make sure new battery is
Popeye's Rear Axle Rebuild
Cliff Colee -07/23, 10:36 pm- My son and I dropped Pope
Allan Bennett - Aust -07/23, 11:46 pm- Cliff, with a Ruckstell t
Royce in Dallas TX -07/24, 09:12 am- Nice going Cliff! The dri
Royce in Dallas TX -07/24, 09:39 am- I see what should be a Ba
Cliff Colee -07/24, 11:20 am- Hey guys, thanks for the
Royce in Dallas TX -07/24, 11:23 am- The babbitt probably diss
Mark Strange - Hills -07/24, 11:55 am- Be sure to check the heig
Bill Dugger -07/24, 12:37 pm- Cliff: Be very careful h
Cliff Colee -07/24, 01:53 pm- So far, so good.... no m
Cliff Colee -07/24, 03:13 pm- My, oh my, am I glad I bo
Cliff Colee -07/24, 03:37 pm- Forgot to mention that as
Bob Benedict, Humbol -07/24, 04:23 pm- Mark Strange, Are you say
Mark Strange - Hills -07/24, 04:32 pm- Oops, you are correct, th
Mark Strange - Hills -07/24, 04:36 pm- One question - I noticed
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/24, 04:59 pm- It appears to me that the
Bob Benedict, Humbol -07/24, 04:59 pm- Mark, Im rebuilding a ruc
Glen Chaffin -07/24, 05:01 pm- Mark, The only reason the
Mark Strange - Hills -07/24, 05:24 pm- Ok, thanks Glen, thats a
Mark Strange - Hills -07/24, 05:57 pm- Steve, that errant pin sh
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -07/25, 07:57 pm- Mark S, You call that ext
Mark Strange - Hills -07/25, 08:01 pm- Thanks Wayne, I stand cor
Cliff Colee -07/26, 05:39 pm- Continuing the adventure.
Stephen D Heatherly -07/26, 07:03 pm- Use the bronze bushing fo
Allan Bennett - Aust -07/27, 02:20 am- Cliff, the bushing in U j
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -07/27, 01:36 pm- Cliff, The bronze drives
Cliff Colee -07/27, 02:30 pm- Thanks, gents for the adv
Cliff Colee -07/27, 02:34 pm- Ruckstell shift lock mech
Mark Strange - Hills -07/27, 02:55 pm- While you have the shift
"Barn find" ?
Erik Barrett in Aubu -07/27, 02:56 am- Is anyone else tired of t
Nevin Gough -07/27, 03:07 am- My father gathered the or
Dave Wells, Hamilton -07/27, 06:21 am- People should always incl
Justin H. - Western  -07/27, 07:03 am- A true barn find is proba
Tim Smith -07/27, 07:33 am- Always fun. How many of
Michael Pawelek Broo -07/27, 08:07 am- Erik, The rarest Model T
Ron in Central Massa -07/27, 09:01 am- Several of mine were barn
JohnCodman -07/27, 09:07 am- I kinda think were splitt
Ron in Central Massa -07/27, 09:14 am- Tim - youre absolutely co
gene french -07/27, 09:22 am- Erik: the expression ba
Bill in Adelaida Cal -07/27, 10:23 am- Gee I bet a lot of us hav
Richard Eagle Idaho  -07/27, 10:24 am- Erik, I suppose the term
Ron in Central Massa -07/27, 10:36 am- Rich - of all the Ts I ha
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/27, 10:47 am- Best of all is when the b
Bill Harper - Keene, -07/27, 12:12 pm- I found this in a shed af
Ian Dean -07/27, 12:35 pm- Surely a Barn Find is if
Freighter Jim -07/27, 12:42 pm- Bill, Good to talk with
Michael Pawelek Broo -07/27, 12:52 pm- Also puzzled by the phras
David Dewey, N. Cali -07/27, 01:35 pm- OK, I think two of my Ts
Burger in Spokane -07/27, 01:47 pm- Anything left for so long
Robert G. Hester Jr. -07/27, 02:04 pm- Howdy, Steve. Youre prob
Burger in Spokane -07/27, 02:09 pm- Re-reading my post above
john kuehn -07/27, 02:17 pm- A barn find is finding so
Terry Woods, Richmon -07/27, 02:33 pm- I just need to FIND an af
Bill Harper - Keene, -07/27, 02:51 pm- Hi Burger, I do agree wi
Tow bow wood dimensions '26 Roadster
Will Brown -07/27, 02:46 pm- Hi, Im starting to put a
Mark Strange - Hills -07/27, 02:51 pm-
What is a good paint for split-rims?
Charles Weisgerber-  -07/22, 11:04 pm- I know originally 21 spli
James A Bartsch -07/22, 11:27 pm- There are some touchup ga
Dale Peterson Colleg -07/23, 12:10 am- I used a silver colored K
Mark Gregush Portlan -07/23, 01:51 pm- I have used the cold galv
Les Schubert -07/23, 02:05 pm- The real answer of course
Jared Buckert -07/24, 09:40 am- I used Rust-Oleum on my r
Charlie B actually i -07/24, 09:50 am- The galv. paint was devel
Dan McEachern -07/24, 10:58 am- If youre going to the tro
Charles Weisgerber-  -07/24, 11:02 am- Thanks for the informatio
Larry Smith, Lomita, -07/25, 08:19 pm- Dont waste your time on p
Roger Karlsson, sout -07/26, 10:04 am- Charles, Steve Jelf menti
Greg Kuhnash Southea -07/26, 12:30 pm- Mance Plating in Imperial
Dan McEachern -07/27, 09:39 am- Keep in mind that clear z
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/27, 10:32 am- Ill repeat some of what I
Jim Patrick in Flori -07/27, 02:46 pm- Here is a 2012 thread in
Spark Plug
Hurst Barbee -07/26, 08:44 pm- I have just acquired a re
Mark Strange - Hills -07/27, 09:06 am- Try these guys: http://w
Hurst Barbee -07/27, 11:49 am- Thanks for the lead. I j
Dean Kiefer - Adams, -07/27, 02:44 pm- I have a set on my T. I b
Title in MA
Tom Carey -07/26, 04:23 pm- I just bought a barn find
john kuehn -07/26, 04:43 pm- Look on the web and find
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -07/26, 07:42 pm- Simple find someone you t
Erik Johnson -07/26, 07:56 pm- Dont understand why there
George Danek_ Salem, -07/26, 07:58 pm- Tom, When I bought my ru
Brian Maciver -07/26, 09:47 pm- Buying From a Private Ind
David Mazza -07/27, 02:24 pm- Freds advice is easiest.
David Mazza -07/27, 02:27 pm- Btw tom, glad you found a
Anyone win the Stynoski in Auburn?
roy palmer -07/27, 09:39 am- Anyone win the Stynoski i
R.V. Anderson -07/27, 09:46 am- Three cars were entered.
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/27, 09:58 am- Some nice tour pictures h
Dan Treace, North FL -07/27, 12:26 pm- Here is Bobs 12 that won
Dan Treace, North FL -07/27, 12:28 pm- Forgot to add.....Bob cha
Gary Schreiber- Sant -07/27, 12:51 pm- Beautiful. Thanks for pos
Royce in Dallas TX -07/27, 01:59 pm- Nice work Bob! The car lo
Can a Model T Run on alcohol with a simple carb adjustment?
Chris Laughary -07/23, 05:40 pm- Fueling my Model T with t
Ted Dumas -07/23, 05:45 pm- I ran my 27 coupe on isop
Will Copeland - West -07/23, 05:47 pm- I tried to run mine on a
Mark Strange - Hills -07/23, 05:50 pm-
Chris Laughary -07/23, 06:33 pm- Sounds like confirmation!
Mark Strange - Hills -07/23, 07:13 pm- I used to own a 1970 Dodg
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -07/23, 07:32 pm- I doubt it will run on 80
Erik Barrett in Aubu -07/23, 08:03 pm- Given the current trend a
Jared Buckert -07/24, 09:43 am- Chris, Id find out what t
Royce in Dallas TX -07/24, 09:50 am- 80 proof is more than 50%
G.R.Cheshire -07/24, 10:17 am- Also the one thing that m
Gustaf in Idaho -07/24, 10:43 am- Alcohol can not readily a
Thomas Mullin -07/25, 05:24 pm- The attached document, de
Chris Laughary -07/25, 06:41 pm- Ok thx I will just mix i
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -07/25, 07:14 pm- I wouldnt even do that un
Noel D. Chicoine, MD -07/25, 07:53 pm- If I remember my chemistr
Chris Laughary -07/25, 08:16 pm- I think it is pure alcolh
Dan B -07/25, 08:36 pm- Mix it into your gas? Pl
Constantine -07/25, 08:54 pm- Sort of off topic, but if
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -07/25, 09:09 pm- You have to be kidding!
Erik Barrett in Aubu -07/25, 09:15 pm- When we were at the big T
Dennis Plank - Three -07/25, 09:16 pm- Why would you want to do
Robert Brough -07/25, 09:17 pm- If you were to get it sta
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -07/25, 09:37 pm- Not a chemistry major, bu
Jared Buckert -07/26, 08:14 am- I guess it would also dep
Gary Blake, Kansas C -07/26, 08:44 am- I think this post refers
Jesse L. Ashcraft -07/26, 09:14 am- ...does it really just re
Gustaf in Idaho -07/26, 09:30 am- Hal is right, alcohol can
Jesse L. Ashcraft -07/26, 09:45 am- ...the Methanol being mor
JohnCodman -07/26, 10:01 am- The model T has an open f
Gary Blake, Kansas C -07/26, 10:29 am- Jesse. You are correct,
Chris Laughary -07/26, 10:42 am- Jesse, Yes, I know someon
Gustaf in Idaho -07/26, 11:12 am- John, While the T gas tan
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -07/26, 12:13 pm- I dont know enough to say
Chris Laughary -07/26, 12:16 pm- Ok, Thank You So, if I p
Gustaf in Idaho -07/26, 01:31 pm- Yes, do not let alcohol s
Duey_C -07/26, 10:10 pm- Chris, many years ago, my
Chris Laughary -07/26, 10:15 pm- Duey, Thats a great stor
Duey_C -07/26, 11:05 pm- :- The go-karts running a
Chris Laughary -07/27, 08:56 am- Haha! Thank You all I
Gustaf in Idaho -07/27, 10:38 am- Hey Chris, that sounds li
Dan Hatch -07/27, 12:27 pm- Chris: Ashland City is f
Chris Laughary -07/27, 12:35 pm- Thx, Dan but I didnt see
Dan Hatch -07/27, 01:32 pm- Here is a link to it htt
Chris Laughary -07/27, 01:56 pm- Thank You! Ardmore, Sat.
joe raab -07/27, 01:50 pm- I was going through some
So what is this part 2
Mark Lynn -07/26, 08:25 pm- So now that I know what t
Bob Cascisa - Poulsb -07/26, 08:57 pm- I believe 1918 had Magnet
Erik Johnson -07/26, 09:02 pm- The firewall mounted swit
Mark Lynn -07/26, 10:33 pm- Ok so I have a new on-off
Erik Johnson -07/26, 10:48 pm- With the push pull switch
Keith Townsend ; ^ ) -07/26, 11:29 pm- Mark- The dimmer unit is
Mark Lynn -07/27, 01:29 pm- This is very helpful guys
High gear
Luke----central TX. -07/27, 12:09 am- I am fairly new to drivin
Thomas Mullin -07/27, 12:49 am- Do you back off on the ga
Luke----central TX. -07/27, 12:57 am- It has been a little whil
Royce in Dallas TX -07/27, 07:37 am- Shifting too early. Havin
Bob Coiro -07/27, 08:42 am- The Model T really needs
Chris Laughary -07/27, 09:20 am- It could be slipping like
Mark Strange - Hills -07/27, 09:33 am- You have to turn them at
john kuehn -07/27, 09:36 am- Luke even if a T is tuned
Luke----central TX. -07/27, 10:38 am- Thank all yall for your h
John Zibell, Huntsvi -07/27, 11:35 am- If you go to adjust the c
Luke----central TX. -07/27, 01:26 pm- Thanks for the tip John.
Important Info about Flatland T's Tour
Verne Shirk -07/27, 10:31 am- The Flatland Ts Labor Day
Verne Shirk -07/27, 10:35 am- Perhaps the .pdf doesnt w
Dale Peterson Colleg -07/27, 11:19 am- You might try to save as
Mark Strange - Hills -07/27, 12:44 pm- The Word document saved w
When something comes loose in trans, this could happen ...
Donnie Brown North C -07/26, 08:40 pm- There was a discussion aw
Royce in Dallas TX -07/26, 08:42 pm- Impressive amount of carn
Ted Dumas -07/26, 08:55 pm- Any idea at what speed or
Dennis Plank - Three -07/26, 08:57 pm- Looks like a grenade went
Frank van Ekeren (A -07/26, 08:58 pm- Now thats a true interpre
Chris Laughary -07/26, 09:18 pm- Holy Moly!
Norman T. Kling -07/26, 09:22 pm- It would be interesting t
Hal Schedler, Sacram -07/26, 10:03 pm- How is the crankshaft? S
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -07/26, 10:13 pm- 40 years ago, no camera w
Donnie Brown North C -07/26, 11:22 pm- These were actual photos
Charlie B actually i -07/26, 11:37 pm- It sure looks like the fl
Charles Weisgerber-  -07/26, 11:38 pm- You wouldnt think that 20
Ed Baudoux Grayling  -07/26, 11:44 pm- My thought is, that sever
Gary Blake, Kansas C -07/26, 11:46 pm- Donnie. Your observation;
Donnie Brown North C -07/26, 11:50 pm- I found a pic of the truc
Luke----central TX. -07/26, 11:54 pm- Wow thats a lot of damage
Terry Horlick in Pen -07/27, 12:14 am- Donnie, looks like that o
Jeff Hood -Long Beac -07/27, 02:36 am- I agree that it looks lik
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -07/27, 07:29 am- OUCH!!!!!!!
G.R.Cheshire -07/27, 07:57 am- Now we know why they put
Gary Blake, Kansas C -07/27, 08:55 am- Jeff. Your comment about
john kuehn -07/27, 09:12 am- WOW! Now thats a blown e
Donnie Brown North C -07/27, 12:42 pm- I asked the owner of the
Tie-down points for trailering.
Ed Baudoux Grayling  -07/25, 05:50 pm- Lets see your ideas for t
Freighter Jim -07/25, 06:45 pm- Ed, Harbor Freight 9K or
Jim Sims--Reed City, -07/25, 06:48 pm- My opinion is that loadin
Jim Rose -07/25, 07:02 pm- I agree with Jim Sims: ho
Freighter Jim -07/25, 07:05 pm- Jim, I cross straps on m
Gene Carrothers Hunt -07/25, 07:10 pm- Ed, Why not just drive it
Ed Baudoux Grayling  -07/25, 07:42 pm- Good points. I am leery o
Larry Smith, Lomita, -07/25, 07:50 pm- I havent done it yet, but
John Zibell, Huntsvi -07/25, 10:59 pm- Ed, Once I determine the
Dan McEachern -07/26, 12:14 am- I used a new set of baske
Jared Buckert -07/26, 08:25 am- Since I dont have a dedic
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/26, 08:44 am- [IMG_2852_2.JPG] There a
John L Williams -07/26, 10:49 am- Hi From Iowa: I just thou
G.R.Cheshire -07/26, 11:26 am- In my enclosed trailer wh
Tom Carey -07/26, 11:56 am- Does anybody else crossti
Ed Baudoux Grayling  -07/26, 12:57 pm- G.R., I have considered t
Walt Berdan, Bellevu -07/26, 01:03 pm- For 27 years, Ive strappe
G.R.Cheshire -07/26, 01:04 pm- Never had one of those st
Wes Nelson ........B -07/26, 02:15 pm- This is what I use for a
James Chochole, Oswe -07/26, 03:16 pm- If you use a U-Haul, use
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/26, 03:23 pm- [tavernmaidenpluscc01704.
Michael Thomas - Cen -07/26, 03:28 pm- DOT requites a 4 point ti
Greg Whaley, Caledon -07/26, 03:33 pm- This is how I tie mine do
Steve Rinaldo -07/26, 05:00 pm- I have towed several size
Greg Whaley, Caledon -07/26, 05:13 pm- Another point to mention
Derek Kiefer - Manto -07/26, 10:47 pm- I have recessed e-track s
John Oldland - Perth -07/27, 03:44 am- I use Wheel Nets for my F
Bob Benedict, Humbol -07/27, 08:03 am- This works the best for m
Jared Buckert -07/27, 09:26 am- Seems like, with a few ex
John F. Regan -07/27, 12:07 pm- I am on my third trailer.
Dan Hatch -07/27, 12:32 pm- Do not know if this has b
Calling all Texans! Grand Proze Beer / Model T question
Jason midyette -07/27, 10:38 am- In a move that was probab
G.R.Cheshire -07/27, 10:44 am- Could it have been a sale
Michael Pawelek Broo -07/27, 11:29 am- My wife remembers Grand P
JOHN BEVARDOS -07/27, 12:17 pm- Grad Prize beer was start
Warford shifter knob
Ken Todd, .......... -07/27, 11:18 am- I took a closer look and
License plate lets see them if interesting
bob middleton -07/21, 11:26 pm- Finally after a 14 week w
Chad Marchees _____T -07/22, 06:12 am- Let me get this straight,
Tony Howard ( Austra -07/22, 07:23 am- This is the original plat
Frank van Ekeren (A -07/22, 07:49 am- Plates are a trading comm
john kuehn -07/22, 08:13 am- Making a period correct p
Richard Eagle Idaho  -07/22, 08:56 am- This one was acceptable b
Erik Johnson -07/22, 09:04 am- To John Kuehn: I was sur
Dean Kiefer - Adams, -07/22, 09:44 am- I believe that some DMV p
Richard Eagle Idaho  -07/22, 09:52 am- The thought of being arre
Val Soupios -07/22, 10:01 am- I run YOM on most of my c
Randy Brown - Austin -07/22, 10:14 am- Here is what I use on my
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/22, 10:43 am- [IMG_0555 copy 2.JPG] Fo
Michael Duffy -07/22, 10:50 am- NY YOM. 1917 [image.jpe
Dan Hatch -07/22, 12:03 pm- Alabama did not start tag
Ron Patterson-Nichol -07/22, 01:02 pm- [1]
ALAN FAIRCLOUGH from -07/22, 01:15 pm- Texas DMV says: If using
john kuehn -07/22, 01:32 pm- Thats the way I understoo
Erik Johnson -07/22, 02:02 pm- Dean Kiefer: The only re
Harvey Cash - Winnem -07/22, 02:10 pm- In Utah the YOM plate is
M G Hillhouse -07/22, 02:20 pm- Randy, I have a 12 here i
Dave Barker - Dayton -07/22, 02:43 pm- Restored this pair myself
Michael Sommers -07/22, 03:01 pm- Front Plate [Front Plate.
Dean Kiefer - Adams, -07/22, 03:19 pm- Erik, I did put YOM plate
Michael Garrison - R -07/22, 03:39 pm- Dean, I had no problem wi
Dean Kiefer - Adams, -07/22, 03:45 pm- Michael, my son Carl keep
Michael Garrison - R -07/22, 03:57 pm- Dean, thats interesting.
John Mays -07/22, 04:20 pm- This is Otis, our 1914 Mo
Erik Johnson -07/22, 04:42 pm- Dean: I have 1950 #82 fo
Mark Strange - Hills -07/22, 04:45 pm- John, looks like Otis is
Dean Kiefer - Adams, -07/22, 04:51 pm- Erik, thanks but I alread
Randy Brown - Austin -07/22, 04:57 pm- Alan and John, You are co
Chad Marchees _____T -07/22, 05:19 pm- With Erik Johnsons link,
John Mays -07/22, 05:20 pm- Mark, you are correct. I
Dave Wells, Hamilton -07/22, 06:09 pm- The rules here in Ontario
Dean Kiefer - Adams, -07/22, 06:18 pm- Erik, is it possible for
JohnCodman -07/22, 06:24 pm- Massachusetts absolutely
John Mays -07/22, 06:41 pm- Randy, Im curious about t
bob middleton -07/22, 11:12 pm- Guys these are not counte
bob middleton -07/22, 11:21 pm- A side note these have to
bob middleton -07/22, 11:27 pm- Here my 29 and my dads 31
Randy Brown - Austin -07/23, 05:16 am- John, The reason my plate
Bob Cascisa - Poulsb -07/23, 02:09 pm- Here is my plate. 1916 wa
Joe Fedullo, Milford -07/23, 10:18 pm- This is the plate on my 1
Joe Fedullo, Milford -07/23, 10:30 pm- This is a picture of a Fo
David Dewey, N. Cali -07/24, 01:52 am- In California, YOM plates
Kirk Peterson  -07/24, 10:27 am- Thanks Bob for reposting.
bob middleton -07/24, 12:28 pm- David D doese cal DMV sup
Burger in Spokane -07/24, 02:13 pm- Steve wrote: Several yea
Andria Myers-------- -07/24, 04:06 pm- Bob - Ive been told CA DM
Gary H. White - Sher -07/24, 09:46 pm- Some MI plates hanging on
Bill Severn - SE Tex -07/24, 10:00 pm- First edition Texas plate
Erik Johnson -07/25, 04:26 pm- Dean Kiefer: I sent you
Michael Deichmann, B -07/25, 05:31 pm- Since 20 years, we have b
Dean Kiefer - Adams, -07/25, 07:12 pm- Erik, Thanks for looking
Richard Erfert -07/26, 03:25 pm- The day I bought the 24 T
Richard Erfert -07/26, 05:32 pm- Okay, I have pictures tha
Richard Erfert -07/26, 05:48 pm- This should not be this d
Keith Townsend ; ^ ) -07/27, 11:17 am- Here is my newest... [Hi
Model T Cartoon
Jay - In Northern Ca -07/27, 10:43 am- [Flivver-for-Intro-1024x6
Keith Townsend ; ^ ) -07/27, 10:51 am- 50% straight 8 I like th
Anyone from the West going to Hershey?
Marvin C. Miller -07/26, 04:38 pm- I am trying to find someo
brass car guy -07/26, 11:54 pm- See Steve Hammetts post a
Marvin C. Miller -07/27, 10:50 am- Thanks! I will follow up
Light up my back side !!!
John Albert Lemon -07/27, 09:30 am- Heres my problem, hate to
Charlie B actually i -07/27, 09:49 am- John: as far as the LEDs
Donald Conklin -07/27, 10:05 am- Model A LED tail lights m
Chris Laughary -07/27, 10:15 am- Jay Leno recommends wirel
G.R.Cheshire -07/27, 10:16 am- in case you want a link h
G.R.Cheshire -07/27, 10:23 am- BTW John I had a policema
Gary Schreiber- Sant -07/27, 10:46 am- Yeah, that Leno segue to
What did you do today- (July)
George Danek_ Salem, -07/20, 04:48 pm- Replaced the valve cover
Mark Strange - Hills -07/20, 04:57 pm- Interesting idea George,
Michael R Beary -07/20, 07:48 pm- Painted TT windshield fra
George Danek_ Salem, -07/21, 10:18 am- Mark, Sorry I am not a t
Mark Gregush Portlan -07/21, 10:03 pm- Made a trip to the ER! I
Chris Laughary -07/21, 11:38 pm- Ouch, Mark! Sorry that h
Allan Bennett - Aust -07/22, 12:21 am- Ive been working on the t
Mark Gregush Portlan -07/22, 12:27 am- No pain NOW! Maybe about
Ryan Fenrich -07/22, 01:02 am- Phoned a couple of insura
Craig Anderson, cent -07/22, 01:42 am- Good for you Ryan!.......
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -07/22, 03:17 am- Allan B, When drilling ho
Richard E Moore Jr.  -07/22, 08:27 pm- Made a new wrench to pull
Ron Patterson-Nichol -07/22, 09:23 pm- Ready for final assembly
Ron Patterson-Nichol -07/22, 09:25 pm- Photo [12]
Michael R Beary -07/23, 03:29 pm- Ron, I only wish I could
Kevin Weeds -07/23, 04:09 pm- Breakfast & short tou
Seth in Alabama -07/23, 05:19 pm- Got my tow bar and lights
Ed Montgomery -07/23, 07:07 pm- Started my 1921 roadster
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -07/23, 08:48 pm- So far, I havent done any
Michael R Beary -07/23, 11:12 pm- got the bands back into t
Wayne Jorgensen, Bat -07/25, 01:43 pm- In July, I finished insta
Mark Strange - Hills -07/25, 01:50 pm- Wow Wayne, great job! As
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -07/25, 05:09 pm- Michael..Im glad to hear
Wayne Jorgensen, Bat -07/25, 05:44 pm- Mark: Thank you for the
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/26, 11:23 pm- [IMG_4027 copy 2.JPG] Cl
David Hagerty -07/27, 12:33 am- A clean wet Model T! Even
Jason midyette -07/27, 10:20 am- Gave George the touring c
Peter McIntyre -07/20, 04:14 pm- Accepted and paid in full
Rob Heyen - Eastern  -07/20, 04:45 pm- Were in... Hope to see a
Bill Elliott -07/20, 05:29 pm- Im in too!
Marty Bufalini - Gro -07/26, 05:58 pm- Whats the Old Car Festiva
Freighter Jim -07/26, 06:19 pm- Longest Running Antique C
Kenneth W DeLong -07/26, 06:26 pm- Don Booth has made severa
Dave Wells, Hamilton -07/26, 10:07 pm- Just got my acceptance to
John Seelman -07/27, 07:47 am- Still havent heard [:-]
Thomas A. Voltz -07/27, 09:34 am- Still waiting for mine. I
R.V. Anderson -07/27, 09:45 am- Notified of acceptance an
Information; Import Parts from Canada
Mike Husted -07/26, 08:33 pm- Anyone have recent inform
Mark Gregush Portlan -07/26, 09:11 pm- You buy them they ship th
Mike Husted -07/26, 09:22 pm- A hole body and as a priv
Les Schubert -07/26, 10:14 pm- Mike Are you planning to
Mike Husted -07/26, 10:18 pm- Have it brought down to t
Dale Peterson Colleg -07/26, 11:13 pm- If you haul it over yours
Mark Gregush Portlan -07/26, 11:21 pm- If you are crossing the b
Les Schubert -07/26, 11:24 pm- You can bring it in yours
brass car guy -07/26, 11:48 pm- We go to the Canadian Swa
Kevin Whelihan Danbu -07/27, 07:19 am- I would make sure besides
Les Schubert -07/27, 09:38 am- My policy is simple 1. T
Poor man's hoist
stuart clipson -07/27, 09:37 am- i now longer have a need
Any one want to see a barn find roadster
ROBERT BERGSTADT -07/26, 03:25 pm- Just got this in for a fr
Chris Laughary -07/26, 03:34 pm- That is perfect the way i
Gary Schreiber- Sant -07/26, 03:37 pm- Nice find !!
ROBERT BERGSTADT -07/26, 03:50 pm- Will be going up for sale
Dennis Plank - Three -07/26, 03:53 pm- That would be a great car
Mark Strange - Hills -07/26, 03:58 pm- Im glad folks are continu
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -07/26, 05:03 pm- At least you know the add
Erik Johnson -07/26, 05:08 pm- Many things indicate your
Tom Strickling -07/26, 06:17 pm- I dont think you can put
Gary Schreiber- Sant -07/26, 06:19 pm- In the 1st post, updated
Erik Johnson -07/26, 06:54 pm- Regardless if the motor w
Larry Smith, Lomita, -07/26, 06:55 pm- That is a great little ca
Frank Harris from Lo -07/26, 09:10 pm- Tom I have a 1916 engine
Tom Strickling -07/26, 09:16 pm- interesting
Duey_C -07/26, 10:55 pm- That little honey is perf
ROBERT BERGSTADT -07/27, 09:19 am- I am not saying the car h
john kuehn -07/27, 09:29 am- Over time a T that was us
Battery Tender for 6 volts ???
John Albert Lemon -07/26, 07:26 am- Is there a special model
Frank van Ekeren (A -07/26, 07:30 am- Plenty of 6 volt ones lis
Michael Pawelek Broo -07/26, 07:57 am- They are listed on Amazon
Tony Barchock Canton -07/26, 08:16 am- I bought a nice one from
john kuehn -07/26, 08:33 am- Auto-Zone sells Schumache
Greg Whaley, Caledon -07/26, 10:51 am- I have one of these and l
Harold Schwendeman - -07/26, 11:57 am- NAPA Auto Parts sells one
Jim Rose -07/26, 12:08 pm- I bought a cheapo from Ha
Larry LaPatka- East  -07/26, 12:36 pm- John, Have 6 volt batte
Don Lyon, PDX, OR. -07/26, 04:37 pm- Battery Tender makes a 6v
Paul Vitko -07/26, 05:47 pm- Eight years after a six v
Chad Marchees _____T -07/26, 06:52 pm- I use a John Regan design
Chris Laughary -07/26, 06:55 pm- Several of my battery cha
John Albert Lemon -07/27, 09:04 am- Man, this is all good inf
T Pictures
Howard C. Sullivan -07/26, 10:47 pm- Cant seem to get my pictu
Mark Strange - Hills -07/27, 09:03 am- There is a file size limi
Model T wedding theme
Derrick Pang -07/26, 09:08 pm- Hey everyone, so Im engag
Norman T. Kling -07/26, 09:11 pm- It was built before the M
Chris Laughary -07/26, 09:11 pm- Congratulations! Be sure
Norman T. Kling -07/26, 09:15 pm- Here is a picture of the
Derrick Pang -07/26, 09:18 pm- I think we are trying to
Dale Peterson Colleg -07/26, 11:35 pm- As I recall, there are o
Keith Townsend ; ^ ) -07/26, 11:55 pm- Derrick- Congratulations!
David Dewey, N. Cali -07/27, 02:29 am- I dont know how big a wed
Derrick Pang -07/27, 03:09 am- Ohhh i like that the soun
Derrick Pang -07/27, 03:12 am- Ill definitely post pictu
Derrick Pang -07/27, 03:22 am- I will look into that as
Ron in Central Massa -07/27, 08:08 am- Not sure what the neighbo
Ron in Central Massa -07/27, 08:12 am- For the reception, the Ro
Gary Schreiber- Sant -07/27, 08:14 am- Congratulations on your e
Any photos from the Tour in Auburn?
Derek Kiefer - Manto -07/20, 06:00 pm- I will post some later, b
Larry Smith, Lomita, -07/20, 07:15 pm- Having a fun time on the
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -07/20, 08:58 pm- Ditto to what Larey said.
Mark Strange - Hills -07/20, 09:00 pm- Now, thats some high bank
John A Voss -07/21, 08:50 am- Any idea what the schedul
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -07/21, 03:46 pm- John...well today is over
Warren Henderson, Du -07/21, 04:54 pm- Ken & Sandys 1927 cou
John A Voss -07/21, 08:20 pm- Tim -- thanks for your re
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -07/22, 01:09 pm- John..youre welcome and n
Bob Solak, Chicago,  -07/25, 11:22 am- Steve Shotwell has posted
Tom Miller, mostly i -07/25, 11:52 am- I was going the wrong way
R.V. Anderson -07/25, 12:34 pm- Here are a few pics from
Larry Smith, Lomita, -07/25, 08:13 pm- I dont remember touring o
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -07/25, 09:14 pm- Only 5 speedsters
Dave Young in Mays L -07/25, 10:36 pm- Most everybody took a lap
Dan Killecut -07/26, 06:57 am- Larry, You missed the tur
Dan Killecut -07/27, 07:56 am- [our t tour a pick up 057
1916 touring body number
Karen Krawchuk -07/25, 12:03 pm- Can anyone tell me if the
Royce in Dallas TX -07/25, 01:12 pm- It really only has the da
Karen Krawchuk -07/25, 02:04 pm- Thank you!
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -07/25, 04:24 pm- One of the ongoing search
Karen Krawchuk -07/25, 05:40 pm- As far as we know, all is
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -07/25, 08:52 pm- Thank you. That fits into
Keith Townsend ; ^ ) -07/26, 01:56 am- Karen- Happy Century Mark
Karen Krawchuk -07/26, 05:20 am- Here is a picture from th
David Dewey, N. Cali -07/26, 01:37 pm- Looks wonderful--wish my
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -07/26, 03:22 pm- Beautiful car! I look for
Karen Krawchuk -07/27, 06:33 am- Thank you! David, yes,
Roadster running boards
Allan Bennett - Aust -07/27, 01:59 am- The running boards on my
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -07/27, 03:10 am- Running boards are lookin
1915/1917 Speedster Project- Newbie alert
James Keller -07/21, 05:47 pm- Hi all, after much contem
Frank van Ekeren (A -07/21, 06:08 pm- James, For what can be se
James Keller -07/21, 06:22 pm- Here are some more pictur
Donnie Brown North C -07/21, 06:30 pm- James, the carb is flathe
Val Soupios -07/21, 06:40 pm- Coil box mounted on the e
Dennis Plank - Three -07/21, 06:45 pm- Interesting front end. Th
Frank van Ekeren (A -07/21, 06:46 pm- No hogs head bolts on the
Matthew Atchinson  -07/21, 06:56 pm- Honestly if I were you I
Donnie Brown North C -07/21, 07:12 pm- Like Dennis I can not fig
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -07/21, 07:40 pm- Too bad you arent closer.
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -07/21, 07:41 pm- Proofread!!! Id like, no
Corey Walker, Browns -07/21, 07:47 pm- James, I started my T pro
James Keller -07/21, 07:51 pm- Ok... The engine mounts a
Robert L. Rogers -07/21, 08:07 pm- Thats a lot of rotten woo
Erik Johnson -07/21, 08:09 pm- Save up your money and bu
Mark Strange - Hills -07/21, 08:10 pm- Im afraid I agree with Ro
Larry Bohlen, Severn -07/21, 08:35 pm- James, Im in Maryland ri
Matthew Atchinson  -07/21, 08:39 pm- James, Im actually worki
Hap Tucker in Sumter -07/21, 08:59 pm- James, Welcome to the Mo
Joe Fedullo, Milford -07/21, 09:14 pm- Can you post a picture of
James Keller -07/21, 09:14 pm- Hey Hap, Ive been up to O
James Keller -07/21, 09:21 pm- heres a picture of the co
Robert L. Rogers -07/21, 09:29 pm- Absolutely not worth $245
Robert L. Rogers -07/21, 09:31 pm- The TT, not the Corvair
Erik Johnson -07/21, 09:50 pm- That truck appears to be
Seth in Alabama -07/22, 08:05 am- The beauty of a speedster
Dean Kiefer - Adams, -07/22, 09:52 am- James, you said you wante
Bill Everett -07/22, 10:16 am- James, I sent you a PM.
Frank Harris from Lo -07/22, 10:23 am- Always buy or trade for
James Keller -07/22, 11:05 am- Hey Bill, I sent you my e
Frank Harris from Lo -07/22, 11:46 am- That Speedster is worth l
Robert L. Rogers -07/22, 01:02 pm- James, the worlds best Fo
David Hagerty -07/22, 01:15 pm- James, Have you heard the
JohnCodman -07/22, 01:32 pm- I dont agree with Donnie
Mark Strange - Hills -07/22, 01:33 pm- Somebody needs to PM Jame
Tim Eckensviller - T -07/22, 01:39 pm- Got a spare few hundred b
JohnCodman -07/22, 01:39 pm- BTW: I also do agree with
James Keller -07/22, 02:10 pm- The speedster is complete
Tim Eckensviller - T -07/22, 02:24 pm- Do you see similar TTs ac
Bill Everett -07/22, 02:24 pm- James, the buyer sets the
David Sullivan -07/22, 02:26 pm- I think the carb is for a
Robert L. Rogers -07/22, 02:56 pm- James, about six months a
Ron in Central Massa -07/22, 03:04 pm- James, I think that TT
James Keller -07/22, 03:13 pm- So since you guys are so
Mark Strange - Hills -07/22, 03:18 pm- He says he has a TT he wa
Mark Strange - Hills -07/22, 03:23 pm- Heres another TT project
Ron in Central Massa -07/22, 03:34 pm- James - there was an ad o
Chris Bamford, Edmon -07/22, 03:44 pm- James, listen to these gu
Robert L. Rogers -07/22, 03:57 pm- James, using one of those
James Keller -07/22, 04:04 pm- Just called the deal off.
Mark Strange - Hills -07/22, 04:11 pm- Hallelujah, good decision
Frank Harris from Lo -07/22, 04:52 pm- I sold this car for $7000
James Keller -07/22, 05:03 pm- I do have to say, I think
Bill Everett -07/22, 05:16 pm- James, go to Hershey. It
James Baker -07/22, 05:17 pm- Frank your language is of
Ron in Central Massa -07/22, 05:26 pm- Frank, you should read Mr
Mark Strange - Hills -07/22, 05:28 pm- I second Bills recommenda
Dean Kiefer - Adams, -07/22, 05:47 pm- Hey guys, give James a br
Joe Fedullo, Milford -07/22, 05:49 pm- James, If the Owls
Robert L. Rogers -07/22, 05:54 pm- James, glad you are not m
Ron in Central Massa -07/22, 05:57 pm- Well said Dean.
James Keller -07/22, 06:12 pm- Joe, the only issue with
JohnCodman -07/22, 06:31 pm- You make your own luck. P
Mark Strange - Hills -07/22, 06:31 pm- Give it a little time, yo
James Baker -07/22, 06:49 pm- Give it time James to fin
Chad Marchees _____T -07/22, 07:18 pm- James, dont be scared off
Frank Harris from Lo -07/22, 07:56 pm- James, an ass is a donkey
Clayton Paddison -07/22, 08:30 pm- James, Just read through
James Keller -07/22, 08:42 pm- Hey Clayton, I had seen t
Donnie Brown North C -07/22, 08:44 pm- Wow, been busy for a few
Charlie B actually i -07/22, 08:47 pm- Any chance of getting the
Frank Harris from Lo -07/22, 08:51 pm- Clayton, that is a good l
Hap Tucker in Sumter -07/22, 09:32 pm- James, Like others, I be
Dallas landers -07/22, 10:11 pm- James, Ive had my 1st T f
bob middleton -07/22, 11:00 pm- Glad Im on my 15 T restor
kep -07/23, 05:21 am- lol my first T was made f
James Keller -07/23, 11:07 am- Hi all, I had a lengthy c
Dennis Plank - Three -07/26, 08:48 pm- James, here is one you mi
David Dewey, N. Cali -07/27, 02:29 am- James, It sounds like yo
Front axle- Which side is the front?
Michael Warren- Hunt -07/25, 05:16 pm- I took apart the front en
Royce in Dallas TX -07/25, 05:18 pm- The axle itself fits both
Jim Sims--Reed City, -07/25, 05:23 pm- The axel is the same both
Michael Warren- Hunt -07/25, 05:54 pm- Great! Thanks guys for t
Henry Petrino in Mod -07/25, 06:49 pm- This question was discuss
Stephen D Heatherly -07/25, 06:55 pm- If the axle is bent its j
Henry Petrino in Mod -07/25, 07:09 pm- Stephen, Typically thats
Gene Carrothers Hunt -07/25, 07:14 pm- Try putting a length of r
John Doolittle -07/25, 07:41 pm- Front axle alignment rods
Larry Smith, Lomita, -07/25, 07:54 pm- I like the method posted
Erik Johnson -07/25, 07:58 pm- If you were the very firs
Stephen D Heatherly -07/25, 08:53 pm- As long as all four holes
Mark Gregush Portlan -07/25, 10:56 pm- Plenty of axles get strai
David Dewey, N. Cali -07/26, 01:02 am- By this time, most axles
David Dewey, N. Cali -07/26, 01:06 am- By this time, most axles
kep -07/26, 02:41 am- He is only saying theyre
John Doolittle -07/26, 07:43 am- Kep- I think he is statin
Mark Osterman -07/26, 07:50 am- I had always heard that a
Roger Karlsson, sout -07/26, 08:49 am- From the 1913 catalog: [
Stephen D Heatherly -07/26, 11:04 am- What I mean is unless a b
Royce in Dallas TX -07/26, 01:24 pm- John Wandersee hated that
Norman T. Kling -07/26, 01:30 pm- You can put the best look
David Dewey, N. Cali -07/26, 07:13 pm- For some reason this thre
Michael Warren- Hunt -07/26, 10:02 pm- I started putting the fro
Stephen D Heatherly -07/26, 10:18 pm- Get the kingpin nuts tigh
Mark Gregush Portlan -07/27, 12:34 am- Sounds good. Do not get t
David Dewey, N. Cali -07/27, 02:23 am- Mark has a very good poin
Fast Frank can you tell us about your thick cored radiato...
Jim york, Boise Id. -07/25, 11:31 am- Can you tell us about the
Frank Harris from Lo -07/25, 12:36 pm- Yes Jim. I have a friend
Steve in Tennessee -07/25, 12:45 pm- Frank, How about a tour
Frank Harris from Lo -07/25, 01:54 pm- STEVE, THE RADIATOR OR T
Scott Owens -07/25, 02:33 pm- Frank, Well Iam glad you
Steve in Tennessee -07/25, 09:56 pm- Well I meant the car. No
Jim york, Boise Id. -07/27, 01:14 am- Thanks Frank for the expl
Braking with Reverse
Chris Laughary -07/26, 04:49 pm- This manual suggests it..
Chris Laughary -07/26, 04:53 pm- Page 40 [image.jpeg]
Chris Laughary -07/26, 04:59 pm- Descending hills [image.
Royce in Dallas TX -07/26, 05:18 pm- The disadvantage to using
Ted Dumas -07/26, 05:19 pm- The reverse drum has very
Harold Schwendeman - -07/26, 05:21 pm- Well, just to start this
Harold Schwendeman - -07/26, 05:22 pm- Well,....I didnt start th
Will Copeland - West -07/26, 05:27 pm- In short, DO NOT TRY BRAK
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/26, 05:28 pm- When you take apart an ol
Mark Strange - Hills -07/26, 05:29 pm- My impression is that tho
George John Drobnock -07/26, 06:03 pm- I have been told that one
Chris Laughary -07/26, 06:13 pm- Thank You for the wise re
john kuehn -07/26, 06:17 pm- Something to always remem
Max L. Christenson -07/26, 06:21 pm- If you use reverse to bra
James Baker -07/26, 06:43 pm- Maybe its time to update
Chris Laughary -07/26, 06:44 pm- Unless youre in the Model
Larry Smith, Lomita, -07/26, 06:49 pm- I did that once, and crac
Chris Laughary -07/26, 06:51 pm- Lets put them back into p
Burger in Spokane -07/26, 07:21 pm- Remember the Chrysler pro
Chris Laughary -07/26, 07:32 pm- Wow! Thats a beautiful p
keith g barrier Sava -07/26, 10:33 pm- Better a broken drum than
Dale Peterson Colleg -07/26, 11:01 pm- I am always amused when s
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/26, 11:33 pm- Chris, they are back in p
Charlie B actually i -07/26, 11:48 pm- Seems like some very odd
Terry Horlick in Pen -07/27, 12:01 am- Dale, I disagree. When y
David Hagerty -07/27, 12:12 am- Burger, I resisted a comm
David Hagerty -07/27, 12:13 am- [62 Dodge.jpg]
Possible Speedster Project
George John Drobnock -07/24, 12:25 pm- As a winter project, I ha
Frank Harris from Lo -07/24, 12:37 pm- A Speedster need not be a
Royce in Dallas TX -07/24, 12:50 pm- You would fit right in ov
Tyrone Thomas - Tope -07/24, 07:13 pm- Would be a great pretzel
Les Schubert -07/24, 07:21 pm- Tyrone I doubt a 490 Chev
Brian Beatty _Kansas -07/24, 07:25 pm- Youre taking about an eng
Scott Owens -07/24, 07:31 pm- George, You will need a m
Roger Karlsson, sout -07/24, 07:39 pm- I doubt that the little 2
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -07/24, 08:04 pm- In the back-in-the-day wo
Derek Kiefer - Manto -07/24, 09:59 pm- It sounds like a cool pro
gene french -07/25, 08:57 am- George; i have heard of
Les Schubert -07/25, 09:50 am- George I support your pr
Chris Laughary -07/25, 10:10 am- We want to see pics
Erik Johnson -07/25, 10:25 am- Chevrolet 490 cone clutch
Ed Archer Hayward, C -07/25, 06:18 pm- George, theres a Chevy sp
Don Kirtley -07/25, 06:59 pm- 1928 chevy 4 cyl. 170 CID
Don Kirtley -07/25, 07:01 pm- 1928 chevy 4 cyl. 170 CID
George John Drobnock -07/26, 09:03 am- Thank you for the input f
brass car guy -07/27, 12:11 am- George, Get the book by
Need Information
Walter B. Szumowski -07/26, 03:03 pm- Need to know the seize of
Jack Daron - Brownsb -07/26, 09:20 pm- they are 7/16 by 1 1/2 in
Dale Peterson Colleg -07/26, 11:31 pm- Fine thread
Keith Townsend ; ^ ) -07/26, 11:33 pm- Walter- If you are going
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/26, 11:41 pm- [Screen shot 2016-07-26 a
Big Gas pump and signs auction tis weekend
Tyrone Thomas - Tope -07/26, 10:32 pm- See Gannon Auction in Ros
Brian Beatty _Kansas -07/26, 11:32 pm- Rats! I was trying to kee
Mike Walker featured in Hemmings
John P. Steele, Mont -07/20, 06:14 pm- Mike I will send you the
Mike Walker, NW AR -07/20, 10:29 pm- Hi, John -- A good friend
John F. Regan -07/25, 02:10 pm- My heart also skipped a b
Dick Lodge - St Loui -07/25, 02:17 pm- I commented a year or so
Chris Brancaccio - C -07/26, 09:05 pm- Changed the thread title
Rob Heyen - Eastern  -07/26, 10:03 pm- Thanks Chris. Way to go
Dick Lodge - St Loui -07/26, 11:15 pm- Thank you, Chris....
Battery access hole on the 23 roadster
Allen banks -07/24, 10:57 pm- Was this cut out a hinged
Dave Wells, Hamilton -07/24, 11:19 pm- No hinge. The door was ju
Allen banks -07/26, 05:22 pm- Thanks Dave. What held it
Dave Wells, Hamilton -07/26, 10:11 pm- There is a lip on the lef
Fan Bracket Bolt - Nut Size
Steve in Tennessee -07/25, 09:49 am- I discovered yesterday th
Mark Gregush Portlan -07/25, 10:39 am- There is no nut on the bo
Steve Tomaso - Longb -07/25, 10:40 am- Doesnt take a nut - the b
Steve in Tennessee -07/25, 10:44 am- Thanks Mark. I wondered
Steve in Tennessee -07/25, 10:46 am- and thanks to Steve also.
Steve Tomaso - Longb -07/25, 12:46 pm- Glad to oblige. Sugges
John Aldrich Orting  -07/25, 02:10 pm- To avoid that Steve I sim
Larry Smith, Lomita, -07/25, 07:59 pm- After adjusting everythin
Steve in Tennessee -07/26, 10:04 pm- thanks to all.
Rear end questions
Joe Fedullo, Milford -07/26, 08:57 pm- Kevin said the rear axle
Mark Gregush Portlan -07/26, 09:05 pm- [:-]
What is better Ruckstell or Warford ?
Daniel M. Chapasko -07/26, 08:06 pm- What is better and is the
Mark Gregush Portlan -07/26, 08:33 pm- Ruckstells are under driv
Bruce Spainhower - P -07/26, 08:35 pm- A Ruckstell gives you the
Ted Dumas -07/26, 08:37 pm- The KC Warford has syncro
Walt Berdan, Bellevu -07/26, 08:42 pm- Better depends on how you
Seth in Alabama -07/26, 08:47 pm- Theyre pretty different.
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -07/26, 08:51 pm- The Ruckstell is much eas
Frank Harris from Lo -07/26, 08:56 pm- Listen carefully ! A cas
Mark Gregush Portlan -07/26, 09:03 pm-
A Ride in my stumbling 1924
Chris Laughary -07/25, 11:24 pm-
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/25, 11:44 pm- A piece of foam rubber ov
Erik Johnson -07/25, 11:45 pm- Yikes - You have the spa
Royce in Dallas TX -07/26, 07:45 am- Timing must be way off or
Larry Smith, Lomita, -07/26, 08:02 am- I hope you have safety gl
Richard Eagle Idaho  -07/26, 08:55 am- Great car and nice video.
john kuehn -07/26, 09:14 am- Nice car and video. I ca
Gary Schreiber- Sant -07/26, 09:43 am- Been 4 years since we sol
Royce in Dallas TX -07/26, 01:13 pm- Chris, You need to seek
Norman T. Kling -07/26, 01:50 pm- I suspect he might have a
Chris Laughary -07/26, 01:51 pm- Thank you all. I will re
Royce in Dallas TX -07/26, 01:51 pm- Hes been posting about th
Chris Laughary -07/26, 01:52 pm- By the way, I was testing
Chris Laughary -07/26, 01:54 pm- I have discovered a New D
Michael Garrison - R -07/26, 01:55 pm- Chris, Im just going to e
Chris Laughary -07/26, 02:13 pm- Haha, thanks Michael. S
Chris Laughary -07/26, 03:27 pm- Here is todays video: ht
Dennis Plank - Three -07/26, 03:50 pm- Chris, I think the second
Chris Laughary -07/26, 04:11 pm- Thank You, Dennis! I ca
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -07/26, 04:17 pm- Do NOT use reverse as a b
Chris Laughary -07/26, 04:26 pm- Thank You, Jerry! The ra
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/26, 05:46 pm- Chris, heres a page on se
Chris Laughary -07/26, 06:00 pm- Thank You!
Michael Garrison - R -07/26, 06:58 pm- Chris, much better. It ap
Chris Laughary -07/26, 07:07 pm- Ha Thx Michael! Battery
Chris Laughary -07/26, 07:23 pm- I ordered a new choke rod
Garnet -07/26, 08:35 pm- Maybe before you do any t
7 1/2 Degree Advance?
Paul Hoogendoorn -07/26, 03:02 pm- I have a few spare cam ge
Dennis Plank - Three -07/26, 03:56 pm- I helped my buddy Bob adv
Pat Kelly Montana -07/26, 07:51 pm- I have a little over 1500
Gary Tillstrom 30 mi -07/26, 08:12 pm- The timer rod will need t
Chris Laughary -07/26, 08:17 pm- Good thread!
Mark Strange - Hills -07/26, 08:19 pm- Be aware that some of the
Glen Chaffin -07/26, 08:32 pm- I should have said that i
$50,000 Model T
Chris Laughary -07/26, 12:36 pm- Every time I purchase ano
Craig Anderson, cent -07/26, 05:51 pm- Totally!....... [:-O]
Larry Smith, Lomita, -07/26, 07:04 pm- As I say all the time, bu
The Munster Koach custom 1927 Ford Model T
Will Copeland - West -07/26, 12:47 pm- Here for your enjoyment
Ed in California -07/26, 01:01 pm- The sad thing is, it will
Will Copeland - West -07/26, 01:07 pm- I think the only thing Mo
G.R.Cheshire -07/26, 01:20 pm- Cant be a 27... it has a
Jim Patrick in Flori -07/26, 01:20 pm- Looks like a souped up te
David Dewey, N. Cali -07/26, 01:41 pm- That isnt ANYTHING like t
Marv Konrad (Green B -07/26, 02:37 pm- -Guys- Everyone of us has
Mike Robison -07/26, 02:55 pm- Too bad this copy isnt ev
Mark Strange - Hills -07/26, 03:14 pm-
Mark Strange - Hills -07/26, 04:26 pm- The real deals: [munster
1915 up close-Photo
Herb Iffrig -07/24, 05:01 pm- [1915 up close.GIF resize
Michael Garrison - R -07/24, 10:30 pm- Herb, At first I thought
Herb Iffrig -07/25, 05:41 am- Do you know where the Lon
Warren Henderson, Du -07/25, 07:39 am- Herb, where? Happy motor
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -07/25, 08:09 am- Boy your eyes are better
Herb Iffrig -07/25, 08:27 am- To the dump. To the dump
David Dewey, N. Cali -07/25, 07:12 pm- The Lone Ranger and Tonto
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -07/26, 03:01 am- I may be the last person
David Dewey, N. Cali -07/26, 01:37 pm- Wayne, I have a reproduc
Marv Konrad (Green B -07/26, 02:47 pm- -David- Like what the Pin
Old Photo - Posing In Bib's And A Tie
Jay - In Northern Ca -07/26, 10:00 am- [sfgegbgr.jpg]
G.R.Cheshire -07/26, 10:34 am- Steve in his younger days
Evan in Paso Robles -07/26, 10:59 am- Steve in his Sunday-go-ta
Dennis Seth - Ohio -07/26, 11:05 am- Well I guess that would e
Keith Townsend ; ^ ) -07/26, 11:17 am- Bibs with bow tie or neck
Bill Dugger -07/26, 11:38 am- Since Jay posted the phot
Charlie B actually i -07/26, 11:43 am- Yet another unusual plate
Corey Walker, Browns -07/26, 12:29 pm- When I graduated high sch
Dave Wells, Hamilton -07/26, 02:08 pm- Once the driver/photograp
Old Photo - Don't Try This With Your Modern Car!
Jay - In Northern Ca -07/26, 09:47 am- [esgh555.jpg]
Rick J. Gunter -- Sp -07/26, 10:04 am- I knew it was a bad idea
Donald Conklin -07/26, 01:17 pm- Notice the 5 lug wheels
Dave Wells, Hamilton -07/26, 02:03 pm- Looks to be an early 17 c
Shocking question
Bruce Compton -07/24, 09:36 pm- Has anyone ever tried ins
Roger Karlsson, sout -07/25, 03:08 am- Why not? The frame is str
Larry Smith, Lomita, -07/25, 06:41 am- Why bother? Get a Model A
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -07/25, 08:10 am- I doubt that it would be
Mark Strange - Hills -07/25, 08:10 am- The Montana 500 crowd run
Les Schubert -07/25, 08:38 am- Bruce Ive done it. Ill tr
Gary Schreiber- Sant -07/25, 08:38 am- Another brilliant comment
Bruce Compton -07/25, 09:34 am- Thanks for the input guys
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/25, 09:41 am- Ive found that severe was
Les Schubert -07/25, 09:46 am- Bruce I think your Houdai
Mark Gregush Portlan -07/25, 11:15 am- When I installed the Hass
Justin in Katy Texas -07/25, 12:16 pm- Ive done it on my 13. Mad
Bruce Compton -07/25, 05:23 pm- Thanks Justin: Ive receiv
Justin in Katy Texas -07/25, 06:06 pm- Of course... Hope this he
Justin in Katy Texas -07/25, 06:06 pm- Of course... Hope this he
Bruce Compton -07/25, 06:56 pm- WOW. Thanks Justin. Did y
Justin in Katy Texas -07/26, 09:21 am- The conrod is a tight fit
Doug Wilson - Omaha  -07/26, 09:42 am- I bought a couple of sets
Justin in Katy Texas -07/26, 12:04 pm- Hi Doug, Would you be ab
Doug Wilson - Omaha  -07/26, 01:41 pm- Ill get some pictures thi
Oil screen affects service brake?
Gerry Hibbs -07/25, 09:55 pm- I have just installed an
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/25, 11:32 pm- I havent noticed the brak
Gerry Hibbs -07/26, 10:35 am- Good thought on the magne
Andre Valkenaers -07/26, 10:49 am- Both of my Ts have the sc
Will Copeland - West -07/26, 01:03 pm- Like Steve I put it on th
Royce in Dallas TX -07/26, 01:17 pm- I have oil screens in thr
Stephen D Heatherly -07/26, 01:21 pm- Ive havent noticed any ef
Norman T. Kling -07/26, 01:34 pm- If you have Ruckstell, yo
"Whislin' Jack's"
John Aldrich Orting  -07/25, 01:31 pm- The Carbon Canyon Model T
Mark Strange - Hills -07/25, 01:51 pm- Great pics, Ol Red is pro
John Aldrich Orting  -07/25, 02:09 pm- Had no need of bailin wir
Ken Findlay -07/26, 12:42 am- I see Mikes still a bit c
John Aldrich Orting  -07/26, 12:19 pm- Some things never change
The Ultimate Garage
Seth in Alabama -07/25, 04:03 pm- I found this and thought
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -07/25, 04:58 pm- That is just too neat and
Gary Schreiber- Sant -07/25, 05:04 pm- Garage is great and the 9
Burger in Spokane -07/25, 05:06 pm- Hate it. Has all the cha
Mark Strange - Hills -07/25, 05:43 pm- OT, but nice 65 Coronet c
Dennis Plank - Three -07/25, 05:48 pm- Burger, Id like to see yo
Gary Schreiber- Sant -07/25, 05:57 pm- Different strokes for dif
Seth in Alabama -07/25, 06:46 pm- It could have more cool o
Freighter Jim -07/25, 06:46 pm- Burgers Garage is a never
Freighter Jim -07/25, 06:47 pm- Dennis, Stop & see h
Burger in Spokane -07/25, 07:36 pm- I prefer orderly too, Gar
Burger in Spokane -07/25, 07:41 pm- The Coronet is a 66 ...
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -07/25, 08:44 pm- An ultimate garage contai
Michael Garrison - R -07/25, 08:56 pm- Fred, you nailed it!
Dan Killecut -07/25, 10:28 pm- Spotless garages look nic
David Sullivan -07/25, 10:34 pm- HAS A PORSCHE IN IT !!! M
Tim Lloid -07/25, 10:41 pm- The garage I have right n
Trent Boggess -07/25, 10:52 pm- Fred, I disagree. The
Rod Letcher - Eugene -07/26, 12:19 am- http://www.customfurnitur
Jack Olsen -07/26, 01:17 am- I just saw got an email a
John Noonan - Norton -07/26, 01:57 am- Jack, i find your garage
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -07/26, 05:09 am- As long as you are workin
Michael Pawelek Broo -07/26, 08:53 am- For me the ultimate garag
Ron in Central Massa -07/26, 09:07 am- Jack - you have a great g
Seth in Alabama -07/26, 09:47 am- Haha when I saw that Jack
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -07/26, 10:36 am- When you need more room t
Michael Pawelek Broo -07/26, 11:21 am- Fred, Did your wife catch
Kenneth W DeLong -07/26, 11:35 am- We have a garage and also
Walter Higgins -07/26, 11:37 am- Top notch. Has a very he
Old Photo - Model T Era, Main Street Hess City, Kansas
Jay - In Northern Ca -07/26, 09:57 am- [Main Street Hess City, K
Brian Beatty _Kansas -07/26, 10:55 am- I think that should be Ne
Old Photo - Brass Era - Waiting On The Manifold Cooker ?
Jay - In Northern Ca -07/26, 10:25 am- [gfnhg765www.jpg]
Going off to work at the Long Beach Model T Club Swap Mee...
Frank Harris from Lo -07/23, 08:03 am- I have my camera and will
Chris Laughary -07/23, 09:50 am- Ready
Scott Owens -07/23, 06:08 pm- I just got back from from
Freighter Jim -07/23, 06:19 pm- So how was the poker game
Scott Gilham Bellflo -07/23, 08:18 pm- where was the poker game?
Frank Harris from Lo -07/23, 10:02 pm- Here are four buzzards th
Scott Owens -07/23, 10:16 pm- Got my tail kicked at the
Frank Harris from Lo -07/24, 12:06 am- 90 plus year old Phil Ree
Frank Harris from Lo -07/24, 12:28 am- Glen Chaffin stops sellin
Freighter Jim -07/24, 02:41 am- Now ye shall be known as
Jeff Hood -Long Beac -07/24, 01:14 pm- Jim, hes not only in his
Frank Harris from Lo -07/24, 01:39 pm- Thanks Jeff, I was afrai
Scott Owens -07/24, 02:04 pm- HI, I forgot to say than
Gary Schreiber- Sant -07/25, 11:59 am- People pics are great but
Tom Lovejoy, So Cal -07/26, 01:05 am- I was only there a couple
Scott Gilham Bellflo -07/26, 02:14 am- I never made it over to s
Ron Mc Willie -07/26, 10:17 am- It was another great LBMT
Old Photo - Model T Era - Wall Street, Bend, Oregon
Jay - In Northern Ca -07/26, 09:54 am- [Wall Street, Bend, Orego
Old Photo - Model T Era, Main Street, Fulda, Minn.
Jay - In Northern Ca -07/26, 09:50 am- [Main Street, Fulda, Minn
Fun Projects Pinion Bearing Assembly Question
Alan George Long -07/20, 04:50 pm- I agree totally with Glen
Mark Gregush Portlan -07/20, 10:01 pm- 2Xs what Glen said. Do no
Frank Harris from Lo -07/20, 11:01 pm- I may be talking about th
Glen Chaffin -07/21, 05:21 pm- Frank, Welding the collar
John F. Regan -07/25, 02:08 pm- I am back from a wonderfu
Larry Smith, Lomita, -07/25, 08:07 pm- The best thing to do is u
Roger Karlsson, sout -07/26, 05:37 am- Can you supply good drive
Dave Barker - Dayton -07/26, 09:41 am- Roger - I suspect Larry i
Paul Mikeska, Denver -07/20, 08:41 pm- This is the sticker on my
Roger Karlsson, sout -07/21, 03:34 pm- Heres a 1917 photo showin
Derrick Pang -07/22, 04:54 am- So its seems we can concl
Tom Strickling -07/22, 07:24 am- My torpedo had an NRA sti
Bryan Grube -07/22, 03:22 pm- Ive seen that flag sticke
Jared Buckert -07/24, 09:28 am- Do the national parks sti
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -07/26, 12:28 am- Herb Iffrig today posted
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/26, 01:05 am- I dont know if anyone mak
Anybody want a death trap?
G.R.Cheshire -07/24, 02:13 pm- Found this while cruising
charley shaver- libe -07/24, 04:05 pm- looks like a good job to
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -07/24, 08:18 pm- Some pictures with natura
Burger in Spokane -07/24, 09:33 pm- Face it, boys and girls .
Terry Woods, Richmon -07/25, 02:41 am- What a sleeper. Man you c
Charlie B actually i -07/25, 08:13 am- Nicely done as far as it
Frank van Ekeren (A -07/25, 08:18 am- Must have a matching late
Craig Anderson, cent -07/26, 12:30 am- At least the crankshaft w
Family picnic-Photo
Herb Iffrig -07/25, 10:17 pm- [family picnic.GIF] I w
Tim Lloid -07/25, 10:48 pm- They are ready for a feas
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -07/26, 12:21 am- Another original photo sh
2016 All Ohio Model T Jamboree Registration form
Gary Nau -07/25, 11:18 pm- The Jamboree is approachi
OT heads up for Vietnam Vets
David Dewey, N. Cali -07/23, 12:08 pm- Thought you might want to
Freighter Jim -07/23, 12:32 pm- Thank you for posting thi
Michael Sommers -07/23, 04:32 pm- David- What is the VAs po
David Dewey, N. Cali -07/23, 07:29 pm- Mike, Apparently the VA
Larry Oleson -07/23, 09:17 pm- The VA has changed the ru
Marv Konrad (Green B -07/23, 10:14 pm- Thanks for posting, David
Frank Seress, Presco -07/23, 10:47 pm- In 1969 I had lottery num
Michael Garrison - R -07/23, 11:09 pm- It seems the health issue
Gene Carrothers Hunt -07/24, 02:22 pm- Sort of contradicting isn
G.R.Cheshire -07/24, 02:29 pm- One of the men who work f
Steve Humphrey -07/25, 09:23 am- well I did three tours th
Mack Cole ---- Earth -07/25, 12:22 pm- I feel like any who serve
Ron Horton -07/25, 01:12 pm- I contacted the VA in SLC
Henry Petrino in Mod -07/25, 03:51 pm- My experience with the VA
Larry Smith, Lomita, -07/25, 05:17 pm- I feel for you guys. I wa
Henry Petrino in Mod -07/25, 11:04 pm- Larry, What years and wha
What is this?
Mark Lynn -07/24, 10:29 pm- Ok so this is my 6th T bu
Keith Townsend ; ^ ) -07/24, 11:02 pm- Headlight dimmer unit.
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -07/25, 12:22 am- The non-starter/generator
Roger Karlsson, sout -07/25, 03:25 am- Wayne, actually the juice
Jon Crane -07/25, 04:05 am- Is that original Ford or
Roger Karlsson, sout -07/25, 04:28 am- Its original Ford. Used o
Robert Skingley .... -07/25, 08:09 am- The Forum is a great plac
Erik Johnson -07/25, 10:34 am- Non-starter/generator tou
Burger in Spokane -07/25, 04:55 pm- It looks suspiciously lik
Kurt Baltrusch  -07/25, 05:26 pm- I have wondered what thes
Michael Deichmann, B -07/25, 06:05 pm- The HCCTs have a similar
Mark Lynn -07/25, 09:19 pm- Ok so anybody have a diag
Mark Lynn -07/25, 09:32 pm- Could not find the horn T
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -07/25, 09:48 pm- Thank you Roger K and all
Mark Lynn -07/25, 10:34 pm- Anybody sell the switch b
Tim Lloid -07/25, 10:46 pm- You always Learn somethin
Ford specialist picnic-Photo
Herb Iffrig -07/25, 10:20 pm- [ford specialist picnic.G
Tim Lloid -07/25, 10:42 pm- They were just glad to be
Flatland T's Labor Day Weekend Tour, Council Grove, Kansa...
Chris Paulsen - McPh -07/25, 10:32 pm- Just bringing the tour ba
Help ID Light Brackets
Robert Brough -07/25, 09:09 pm- Brought home some bracket
Royce in Dallas TX -07/25, 09:37 pm- Cowl lamp brackets for a
Mark Wetherbee - Dow -07/25, 09:40 pm- The one on the left is pa
Robert Brough -07/25, 10:32 pm- As my 15 WWI vehicle will
Looking to store my 26 coupe on the California central coast
Michael Saggese -07/25, 01:49 pm- Hey guys, Sorry for the
Gary Schreiber- Sant -07/25, 02:13 pm- Congratulations on gradua
Harold Schwendeman - -07/25, 03:54 pm- Michael - I live in the S
Larry Smith, Lomita, -07/25, 05:07 pm- Hi Mike, hope you can fin
Old Photo - Model T Era - Main Street Henning, Minn.
Jason Kuczynski -07/25, 11:21 am- re: Burger in Spokane on
Dean Kiefer - Adams, -07/25, 12:34 pm- Jason, you suppose Marty
Jason Kuczynski -07/25, 02:28 pm- Im thinking he used the l
Dean Kiefer - Adams, -07/25, 03:33 pm- Jason, so this must be 4
Alternative source for coil tar
Lorentz K. Lorentzen -07/20, 03:25 pm- No silicone in my coils.
Charlie B actually i -07/20, 04:54 pm- I dont try to fill the sp
Ken Todd, .......... -07/21, 10:34 am- Does that pump room floor
ALAN FAIRCLOUGH from -07/21, 11:33 am- Tar joints in the road ar
Bob Cascisa - Poulsb -07/21, 02:49 pm- The tar that has been ide
James A Bartsch -07/22, 10:26 am- Heres a properties sheet
Burger in Spokane -07/22, 10:29 am- No silicon in my coils ..
Ron Patterson-Nichol -07/22, 02:49 pm- Silicone is a poor choice
bob middleton -07/22, 11:29 pm- Usually I buy extra bad c
Burger in Spokane -07/23, 01:46 am- My doctor said I wasnt ge
Mark Gregush Portlan -07/23, 01:48 pm- Besides what Ron said, th
John F. Regan -07/25, 10:43 am- Do NOT routinely re-use t
Roger Karlsson, sout -07/25, 11:19 am- How is it possible to rec
John F. Regan -07/25, 12:08 pm- The higher temp melting p
Roger Karlsson, sout -07/25, 03:02 pm- From other threads I can
The 3rd Ever 22nd Annual Grumpy Old Men Tour of Puget Sound
Jason Kuczynski -07/25, 08:43 am- Sounds like a hoot! If I
Ken Findlay -07/25, 12:11 pm- Ill be attending represen
Don Watson -Florence -07/25, 12:38 pm- Bob, When you go to the p
Bob Cascisa - Poulsb -07/25, 02:41 pm- Ken, Welcome aboard - We
Ongoing problem shifting into high gear
Harvey Cash - Winnem -07/24, 01:30 pm- I am still having problem
Mark Gregush Portlan -07/24, 02:37 pm- Contrary to what some say
Bob Coiro -07/24, 02:56 pm- Sounds to me like youre
Harvey Cash - Winnem -07/24, 04:32 pm- Thanks guys, I have been
Roger Karlsson, sout -07/24, 05:20 pm- Maybe the engine doesnt r
Kevin Whelihan Danbu -07/24, 05:34 pm- Do you know what kind of
Chris Laughary -07/24, 05:35 pm- Im hoping new coils solve
Mark Strange - Hills -07/24, 05:38 pm- Do you know what type of
Ray Syverson -07/24, 05:45 pm- I know that the standard
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/24, 06:03 pm- Roger asked the same ques
Harvey Cash - Winnem -07/24, 06:07 pm- I dont know what type of
Frank van Ekeren (A -07/24, 06:17 pm- Yep, pull it apart!
Norman T. Kling -07/24, 06:37 pm- Dont pull anything apart
Harvey Cash - Winnem -07/24, 08:41 pm- At some suggested my prob
Alan George Long -07/25, 06:59 am- Have you considered the g
Bob Coiro -07/25, 11:20 am- It has become sort of axi
Harold Schwendeman - -07/25, 01:04 pm- Harvey - Please dont take
Harold Schwendeman - -07/25, 01:07 pm- Harvey - Please dont take
Bill Robinson, Salty -07/25, 01:13 pm- I once had the same probl
Problem solved (Need help with my generator problem)
Warren Henderson, Du -07/21, 05:07 pm- July 21, 2016 a great day
Garnet -07/21, 06:55 pm- it would be a good idea t
Bruce Compton -07/21, 07:11 pm- Warren, to eliminate all
Warren Henderson, Du -07/22, 07:12 am- Garnet, thanks for this h
John Zibell, Huntsvi -07/22, 08:49 am- Warren, a cut out and a v
John F. Regan -07/25, 10:46 am- You just did explain it.
David L Corman -07/25, 01:10 pm- The Fun Products VR is a
Hayes 21" wire wheels - unusual variation
Dan Holman -07/25, 12:45 pm- Allen, I been told that t
OT - Car Makers Go From Spare Tires To Doughnut Tires To ...
Michael Pawelek Broo -07/23, 06:33 pm- My wife and I have been s
Mark Strange - Hills -07/23, 07:10 pm- My daily driver 2007 Hond
Terry Horlick in Pen -07/23, 09:12 pm- My wife had a flat some y
Steven Thum -07/23, 09:26 pm- As I understand, not an e
Burger in Spokane -07/24, 12:50 am- Gee, Mr. Obvious ..... I
Kevin Whelihan Danbu -07/24, 08:21 am- Maybe Im lucky, but I hav
john kuehn -07/24, 08:36 am- I have some friends who b
Charlie B actually i -07/24, 08:39 am- You know I agree about th
G.R.Cheshire -07/24, 08:46 am- I will keep my old vehicl
gary hammond -07/24, 09:40 am- after over 40 years in th
Freighter Jim -07/24, 10:18 am- Donuts are only good if t
Richard Wolf -07/24, 10:43 am- I was going around Chicag
paul griesse--Granvi -07/24, 11:37 am- Speaking of flats, I`ve r
Mark Strange - Hills -07/24, 11:46 am- Powdercoat?
Layden Butler -07/24, 12:15 pm- Paul, It is not the seale
Michael Pawelek Broo -07/24, 01:00 pm- I was complaining about t
Burger in Spokane -07/24, 01:46 pm- My math and economics sen
Michael Pawelek Broo -07/24, 02:56 pm- Burger, I hate to burst y
Mike Hanson -07/24, 03:48 pm- Well said Michael! BTW -
Mack Cole ---- Earth -07/24, 05:07 pm- It does not surprise me t
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/24, 05:30 pm- At about a quarter millio
Derek Kiefer - Manto -07/24, 09:26 pm- My wifes car just has an
Terry Horlick in Pen -07/25, 01:21 am- In my experience a donut
David Dewey, N. Cali -07/25, 04:30 am- It is amazing the wide ra
Dave Wells, Hamilton -07/25, 08:38 am- Why should they provide a
Norman T. Kling -07/25, 10:58 am- We had a flat somewhere s
K&N air filter for the T
Les Schubert -07/23, 10:39 am- I have one on my 13, but
Freighter Jim -07/23, 10:50 am- I used to run K & N f
Philip Berg -07/23, 11:03 am- I agree with Jim, after r
Les Schubert -07/23, 11:31 am- Interesting information.
Gary Blake, Kansas C -07/23, 11:31 am- If the K&N is a drop
Mark Strange - Hills -07/23, 11:35 am- I got mine on Ebay, its a
Les Schubert -07/23, 11:52 am- Mark Interesting idea. Il
Freighter Jim -07/23, 12:01 pm- Someone has already proba
Allan Bennett - Aust -07/23, 11:11 pm- I bought this adaptor whe
Les Schubert -07/23, 11:30 pm- Allan Yes that is identic
Allan Bennett - Aust -07/23, 11:38 pm- Les, I understand the fel
bill Crosby -07/24, 12:23 am- If any body is interested
Mike Zahorik -07/24, 11:15 am- I never ran an air filter
Les Schubert -07/24, 11:25 am- Mike Interesting design.
Les Schubert -07/24, 11:29 am- Bill The K&N element
gene french -07/24, 11:51 am- Les: your friends with
Mike Zahorik -07/24, 12:08 pm- Les, I first made a proto
Mark Strange - Hills -07/24, 12:16 pm- Great design and great pi
Gene Carrothers Hunt -07/24, 02:11 pm- Mike, I been using that s
Mike Zahorik -07/24, 04:06 pm- I wanted to get the filte
Les Schubert -07/24, 07:06 pm- Mike Looks good and than
Les Schubert -07/24, 07:11 pm- Gene French That is a ve
James Elenbaas - Gra -07/24, 10:56 pm- Just make a trip to the l
Les Schubert -07/24, 11:24 pm- James A really excellent
Chris Laughary -07/24, 11:27 pm- Im in
Terry Woods, Richmon -07/25, 02:37 am- For what its worth, I had
Les Schubert -07/25, 08:48 am- Gee Terry. Imagine that!!
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/25, 09:26 am- When I saw Dean Yoders RP
Looks like I saved about $800.00
Les Schubert -07/23, 10:31 am- So one of my projects thi
Burger in Spokane -07/23, 11:14 am- Id like to save about $80
Les Schubert -07/23, 11:28 am- I got the radiator recore
Burger in Spokane -07/23, 08:34 pm- I was kidding. These thi
Jack Daron - Brownsb -07/23, 10:16 pm- Les,It is a shame,as I ha
Les Schubert -07/24, 12:01 am- Jack Yes two of the three
Roger Karlsson, sout -07/24, 04:31 am- Turning around a main lea
Les Schubert -07/24, 08:57 am- Roger Your comment about
Les Schubert -07/24, 09:01 am- You also need a carbide d
Roger Karlsson, sout -07/24, 08:32 pm- If you want a tapered fro
Les Schubert -07/24, 08:35 pm- Roger So you have had go
Roger Karlsson, sout -07/24, 08:56 pm- Well, I didnt make them m
Larry Smith, Lomita, -07/25, 06:53 am- I wonder how the fit of y
Les Schubert -07/25, 08:41 am- Larry That is the advanta
My body is no longer topless!
Allan Bennett - Aust -07/23, 05:59 am- Today I picked up my road
Allan Bennett - Aust -07/23, 06:01 am- Just noticed the slack in
Ed Baudoux Grayling  -07/23, 06:17 am- Nice!!
Chad Marchees _____T -07/23, 07:01 am- Cant wait to see the rest
Chris Laughary -07/23, 07:02 am- Beautiful!
Richard Eagle Idaho  -07/23, 08:28 am- Excellent! Thanks for sho
Gary Schreiber- Sant -07/23, 08:34 am- Very nice work
Gary Blake, Kansas C -07/23, 09:33 am- Hi Alan. Im new to this s
Warren F Rollins -07/23, 10:06 am- Beautiful job. How close
Allan Bennett - Aust -07/23, 08:15 pm- Gary, you are right about
Warwick Landy Traral -07/23, 08:19 pm- Looking great Alan. Keep
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -07/24, 02:41 am- Very NICE, indeed!
Don Booth@ Bay City, -07/24, 05:21 am- Saaweeet~
Dave Henry - Werribe -07/24, 08:34 am- Looking forward to seeing
Rob Heyen - Eastern  -07/24, 08:44 am- Very very nice! Fabulous
Allan Bennett - Aust -07/24, 10:37 am- Dave, many thanks for the
Dave Henry - Werribe -07/25, 08:40 am- I did a google search for
Not the 5,000,000th Model T-Photo
Herb Iffrig -07/24, 08:37 pm- [Ford 4999999.GIF]
Tony Bowker, Ramona, -07/24, 10:49 pm- I guess they just numbere
Herb Iffrig -07/25, 05:39 am- I just noticed on the sid
Rob Heyen - Eastern  -07/25, 08:18 am- W. L. Hughson was one of
Ongoing NH carb problem
dennis delano  -07/22, 09:42 pm- I felt the car bucking at
John Noonan - Norton -07/22, 10:42 pm- Dont give up Dennis, you
Michael Garrison - R -07/22, 11:37 pm- Dennis, John is right. It
dennis delano  -07/23, 12:48 am- Thanks, I just ordered a
Mark Gregush Portlan -07/23, 11:15 am- You got the carb to stop
Royce in Dallas TX -07/24, 09:19 am- Both the rebuilt carbs an
dennis delano  -07/24, 06:54 pm- I have decided to keep my
Larry Smith, Lomita, -07/24, 07:52 pm- The reason we introduced
Mark Gregush Portlan -07/24, 08:07 pm- Did you take the timer ro
dennis delano  -07/24, 09:30 pm- yes, I have the timer rod
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -07/24, 09:39 pm- This is what the new ones
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/24, 11:21 pm- Dennis, yes. Refer again
dennis delano  -07/25, 12:03 am- Thanks steve, I have it p
dennis delano  -07/25, 12:05 am- PS, Stan, those new valve
Mark Gregush Portlan -07/25, 01:52 am- Update Update Update...
Warlord wont fit transmission
Rfbuff -07/24, 07:13 am- Just bought new warford t
G.R.Cheshire -07/24, 07:19 am- Just guessing here but is
Roger Karlsson, sout -07/24, 07:30 am- As far as I know, the U-j
Rfbuff -07/24, 07:37 am- Thinking the same thing.
John Zibell, Huntsvi -07/24, 08:49 am- Since you said it is a ne
Rfbuff -07/24, 12:33 pm- Thanks John, first thing
Rfbuff -07/24, 02:23 pm- Hey guys just asking, if
Roger Karlsson, sout -07/24, 04:51 pm- The T and TTs use the sam
Tony Bowker, Ramona, -07/24, 11:01 pm- I have a new Warford in t
Mark Gregush Portlan -07/25, 01:12 am- If you are installing a n
chris becker -07/25, 01:43 am- There is a difference bet
Vehicle Identification Number Locations - 1914
Peter Adey -07/24, 03:16 pm- Newbie question.. I have
Dean Kiefer - Adams, -07/24, 03:36 pm- The only VIN# was on the
Roger Karlsson, sout -07/24, 05:06 pm- Actually, on a 14 there w
Leon Parker - Benton -07/24, 05:20 pm- Look under the front seat
Tony Bowker, Ramona, -07/24, 10:54 pm- On my 1914 Touring there
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/24, 11:10 pm- Yes, the engine serial nu
Shaft size on warford
Rfbuff -07/24, 09:49 pm- What is the shaft size on
Frank van Ekeren (A -07/24, 10:49 pm- Why are you trying to use
2016 Model T Doodlebug/ Tractor/ Power unit / Projects Th...
Zachary Carrico -07/20, 10:21 pm- Jared, I believe that you
Jared Buckert -07/21, 08:40 am- Ive seen pictures both wa
William Weiss -07/21, 12:05 pm- Jared looks even better i
Zachary Carrico -07/21, 06:16 pm- Jared, you should have tw
Jared Buckert -07/24, 09:24 am- I got them, Zachary. Tha
Patrick Drone -07/24, 10:19 pm- I got the back wheels swi
Leather Rod Bearing Update
Constantine -07/24, 08:13 pm- Chris, Any idea of exactl
Chris Bamford, Edmon -07/24, 10:05 pm- Hi Constantine -- sorry,
Ruxtel question
Steve Addington -07/24, 03:47 pm- You guys will have to exc
Glen Chaffin -07/24, 04:08 pm- First of all it is a Ruck
Steve Addington -07/24, 04:35 pm- Thank you for your respon
Mark Strange - Hills -07/24, 04:39 pm- It does sound like your l
Will Copeland - West -07/24, 05:45 pm- Most all Model Ts will cr
Stephen D Heatherly -07/24, 09:15 pm- Mark, it sounds to me lik
1909 band nuts
Mike Zahorik -07/23, 05:11 pm- Today a friend brought ov
Jem Bowkett, Spaldin -07/23, 06:03 pm- Thats one of the reasons
john kuehn -07/23, 06:13 pm- Should the reverse pedal
Mike Zahorik -07/23, 06:42 pm- Here is what Im looking a
Mark Strange - Hills -07/23, 06:57 pm- Looks doable easy for me
Larry Smith, Lomita, -07/23, 07:11 pm- Doesnt look any different
Mike Zahorik -07/23, 07:12 pm- Mark, I believe we were t
Mark Strange - Hills -07/23, 07:15 pm- Glad you got it licked, l
Mike Zahorik -07/23, 07:17 pm- Larry heres another pictu
Frank van Ekeren (A -07/23, 07:49 pm- I hope thats not a crack
Mike Zahorik -07/23, 07:57 pm- Actually, it is. But sinc
Allan Bennett - Aust -07/24, 12:10 am- Fellows, on our RHD cars
john kuehn -07/24, 08:44 am- Mike, thanks for the pic!
Royce in Dallas TX -07/24, 08:53 am- On 904 I installed the nu
Mark Strange - Hills -07/24, 08:58 am- Allan, that sounds like a
Allan Bennett - Aust -07/24, 09:29 am- Mark, I envisage the nut
Mike Zahorik -07/24, 10:45 am- All sounds like good idea
Richard Gould, Folso -07/24, 10:49 am- Getting the reverse nut i
David Dewey, N. Cali -07/24, 07:57 pm- Off the top of my head da
Richard Gould, Folso -07/24, 08:53 pm- Another good idea, Dave
1923 speedster-Photo
Herb Iffrig -07/24, 08:39 pm- [1923 speedster resized.j
Engine pans
stuart clipson -07/22, 11:51 am- hello....can anyone suppl
Royce in Dallas TX -07/22, 02:49 pm- The main problem with the
stuart clipson -07/22, 03:23 pm- the area of most concern
Tom Helf -07/24, 07:31 pm- Stuart, I have an origina
stuart clipson -07/24, 08:13 pm- hi tom sent you a pm
Replacing Brake Cam and Bushing
Gerry Hibbs -07/23, 08:54 pm- With a newly acquired T,
William Goodheart, E -07/23, 09:39 pm- I drilled out the pins, g
Gerry Hibbs -07/23, 10:03 pm- Good for you, Mr. Goodhea
Gerry Hibbs -07/23, 10:06 pm-  . . . Message edited by
Gerry Hibbs -07/23, 10:09 pm- . . . and forth. Message
Allan Bennett - Aust -07/23, 11:00 pm- Fellows, I never drill pi
Roger Karlsson, sout -07/24, 01:22 am- I have had to drill the r
William Goodheart, E -07/24, 08:11 am- Of course the 15 minutes
Gerry Hibbs -07/24, 09:47 am- I just had great difficul
Royce in Dallas TX -07/24, 09:53 am- I grind the heads and tai
Dave Wells, Hamilton -07/24, 09:59 am- Im working on mine too. I
Mark Gregush Portlan -07/24, 02:44 pm- You can use the steel bus
Larry Smith, Lomita, -07/24, 08:07 pm- Its a heck of a lot easie
Brass flywheel bolts
Jim B Boyer -07/23, 08:57 pm- What do you guise use for
Jack Daron - Brownsb -07/23, 09:42 pm- The fly wheel Machine scr
Bill Robinson, Salty -07/23, 11:47 pm- Are referring to the bras
Mark Gregush Portlan -07/24, 10:42 am- Lets back up a step here.
Jim B Boyer -07/24, 02:51 pm- Thanks for your input, I
Larry Smith, Lomita, -07/24, 08:02 pm- You dont rap the screws,
Spark plug question
Steve Addington -07/24, 12:35 pm- What is the correct spark
Royce in Dallas TX -07/24, 12:45 pm- Those Motorcraft plugs ar
Michael Deichmann, B -07/24, 04:29 pm- Dont tell my 1922 sedan a
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/24, 05:09 pm- Royce is correct about ch
Troy Todd -07/24, 07:54 pm- Thanks for the explanatio
Needed Hood Former for 1915 Touring
David Tipton -07/23, 04:01 am- I need a hood former for
David Dewey, N. Cali -07/23, 11:55 am- Dave, Most hood formers
David Tipton -07/24, 08:17 am- Dave, Good advice. Howeve
David Dewey, N. Cali -07/24, 01:00 pm- David, Yes, they are no
David Tipton -07/24, 04:37 pm- Dave, Yes the firewall is
Don Kirtley -07/24, 06:22 pm- David, Make sure the rou
Larry Smith, Lomita, -07/24, 07:54 pm- You posted your ad in the
Trailer question for FJ
Dave Young in Mays L -07/24, 12:48 pm- Jim. Im wanting to get a
Will Copeland - West -07/24, 12:58 pm- Dave, I have the Reese an
Freighter Jim -07/24, 01:14 pm- Dave, I run a Curt 15K r
Freighter Jim -07/24, 01:16 pm- Dave, I am currently dri
Dave Young in Mays L -07/24, 02:07 pm- Do you have to unlock the
Will Copeland - West -07/24, 05:55 pm- Dave, Not this year. Had
Freighter Jim -07/24, 06:03 pm- Dave, I never have had t
Philip Berg -07/24, 06:49 pm- Ive used the basic no fri
Fording around-Photo
Herb Iffrig -07/24, 05:06 pm- [fording around.GIF resiz
Along the road-Photo
Herb Iffrig -07/24, 05:03 pm- [along the road.GIF] Lo
It's too darn hot to drive
Seth in Alabama -07/23, 05:15 pm- Here in northern Alabama
Ed in California -07/23, 05:27 pm- Out here its over 100 wit
Chris Laughary -07/23, 05:30 pm- Same here. We just change
Freighter Jim -07/23, 05:38 pm- Viroqua, WI Humidity in
Mark Strange - Hills -07/23, 05:39 pm- I would say it is seasona
Will Copeland - West -07/23, 05:49 pm- Its been that hot here fo
Dale Peterson Colleg -07/23, 05:50 pm- Drove to Granger, WA two
Zachary Dillinger -  -07/23, 05:53 pm- Was forced to attend an o
Kevin Whelihan Danbu -07/23, 05:54 pm- Took my car out yesterday
Bill Dugger -07/23, 06:11 pm- Mark: I was looking at t
Michael Pawelek Broo -07/23, 06:20 pm- Id like to welcome all th
charley shaver- libe -07/23, 06:28 pm- even two to hot for my ol
Bob Coiro -07/23, 06:28 pm- My modern cars thermomete
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -07/23, 06:56 pm- LOL Are you the same gu
Erik Barrett in Aubu -07/23, 08:07 pm- We had an early departure
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -07/23, 08:14 pm- My wife informed me that
Burger in Spokane -07/23, 08:51 pm- Gents, .... armor up, it
Marv Konrad (Green B -07/23, 10:07 pm- -Am hearing youse guys!-
Dave Wells, Hamilton -07/23, 10:33 pm- Even here in Canada, too
John Noonan - Norton -07/23, 11:27 pm- Earlier today Herb posted
Michael Garrison - R -07/23, 11:33 pm- I took the speedster out
Ed Baudoux Grayling  -07/24, 06:43 am- Drove the Fordor yesterda
G.R.Cheshire -07/24, 07:00 am- Yep its hot! My only ques
Roger Karlsson, sout -07/24, 07:03 am- Finally a couple of days
Robert G. Hester Jr. -07/24, 08:53 am- Yesterday, a day hot enou
Robert G. Hester Jr. -07/24, 08:55 am- Btw, Roger, looks like yo
Royce in Dallas TX -07/24, 09:00 am- I was in the driveway wor
Gustaf in Idaho -07/24, 10:45 am- It was in the high 90s he
Marv Konrad (Green B -07/24, 01:01 pm- We get a taste this time
Burger in Spokane -07/24, 01:22 pm- What a bunch of whiners y
Mike Hanson -07/24, 03:54 pm- Heat index has been runni
Dallas landers -07/21, 08:52 pm- Wheel puller and bearings
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/22, 12:00 am- These will keep rear axle
Roger Karlsson, sout -07/22, 07:38 am- Not sure the gasoline cle
Dallas landers -07/22, 09:20 am- Roger , I like fire. Ive
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/22, 10:10 am- I usually agree with Roge
Pat Kelly Montana -07/22, 10:49 am- Dallas, I just had to cle
Royce in Dallas TX -07/22, 07:58 pm- Brake Kleen spray is idea
Dallas landers -07/22, 09:05 pm- Rebuild is in order for r
Dallas landers -07/24, 11:05 am- I pulled rear outer beari
P. Jamison- PA -07/24, 01:13 pm- Its interesting that no o
Pate Swap Meet = Model T's
Sam Romeo -07/24, 12:09 pm- Brent - you are 100% corr
Royce in Dallas TX -07/24, 12:39 pm- Page is going to continue
Will Copeland - West -07/24, 12:56 pm- I agree with Royce, If yo
What do these bolts go to?
Jim Kelsey -07/23, 02:15 pm- I was given a bunch of Mo
Trent Boggess -07/23, 03:25 pm- It depends. Two differ
Jim Kelsey -07/24, 02:32 am- Trent: Thanks for answer
David Menzies -07/24, 03:48 am- This got me curious and I
Roger Karlsson, sout -07/24, 05:37 am- David, from the encyclope
David Menzies -07/24, 11:16 am- Thank you very much for t
Anthonie Boer --- Kl -07/24, 11:23 am- Jim K : When I look at th
bob middleton -07/24, 12:20 pm- Anything they fit that lo
Car show/swap meeet in TN
Dan Hatch -07/24, 10:31 am- This show is most rods lo
Cracked windshield on my 1912 depot hack
R. S. Cruickshank -07/24, 05:43 am- Just returned from our an
Mark Strange - Hills -07/24, 09:13 am- If it was me, I would tak
Depot Hack pics?
Chris Laughary -07/21, 11:48 am- The idea of rollup ads on
Chris Laughary -07/21, 11:50 am-
Chris Laughary -07/21, 11:58 am- [image.jpeg]
Chris Laughary -07/21, 12:13 pm- The intent of my Touring
Gary Schreiber- Sant -07/21, 02:30 pm- Why not just buy a depot
Gary Schreiber- Sant -07/21, 02:34 pm-
Chris Laughary -07/21, 04:46 pm- Hmm Thank You
Bill Robinson, Salty -07/21, 10:07 pm- My son used my hack in a
Chris Laughary -07/21, 11:31 pm- Hahaha! Thank You Look
Harold Schwendeman - -07/22, 12:22 am- Chris - Im no good at pos
Chris Laughary -07/22, 10:16 am- Harold, Thats a beautiful
Chris Laughary -07/22, 10:18 am- [image.jpeg]
Ray Syverson -07/22, 10:41 am- Here are a couple of phot
Chris Laughary -07/22, 11:00 am- Ha! Absolutely an eye ca
Allan Bennett - Aust -07/24, 05:07 am- These are of my 1917 shoo
First Trip to the USA to see anything Model T related
Kevin Weeds -07/21, 10:20 pm- Hal & Marshall - Than
Kevin Weeds -07/23, 04:14 pm- What a great morning, pic
Ron Patterson-Nichol -07/23, 06:55 pm- I always use this guide f
Kevin Weeds -07/24, 12:09 am- Thats great Ron, thanks.
OT- Do any of you still enjoy playing with your whizzers?
Ed in California -07/22, 01:30 pm- Any of you small engine g
Joseph A. Stearns -07/22, 02:36 pm- I had a Whizzer as a kid-
Erik Johnson -07/22, 02:39 pm- I had a 1948 Whizzer 35 y
Michael Garrison - R -07/22, 03:49 pm- I used to play with my Wh
Freighter Jim -07/22, 03:57 pm- The last time I played wi
Keith Townsend ; ^ ) -07/22, 10:04 pm- Erik- On your last photo,
Erik Johnson -07/22, 10:19 pm- Yup - Australian. Note t
Erik Barrett in Aubu -07/22, 10:38 pm- I had expected a few more
Michael Garrison - R -07/22, 11:01 pm- Erik, theres only just so
Duey_C -07/23, 02:05 am- Yup, stated what some wer
Mack Cole ---- Earth -07/23, 09:10 am- A friend dug most of a Wh
lorenzo leon -07/23, 07:20 pm- I made my own woks good [
Michael Garrison - R -07/23, 11:46 pm- Lorenzo, I uh, well I thi
Estate Auction Speedster
Mike Vaughn - Lincol -07/23, 06:47 pm- I attended an estate auct
Tyrone Thomas - Tope -07/23, 06:51 pm- 11,000? Lots of high doll
Verne Shirk -07/23, 06:56 pm- There was one in Wichita
Erik Barrett in Aubu -07/23, 07:54 pm- 11K was not over the top
Mike Vaughn - Lincol -07/23, 08:52 pm- The condition of this car
David Dewey, N. Cali -07/23, 09:10 pm- Well clean title here in
bob middleton -07/23, 11:46 pm- Erik lights and hood form
OT - I think I've found the perfect job.....
Rob Heyen - Eastern  -07/21, 11:58 pm- Hope Im not too late: [im
Freighter Jim -07/22, 12:27 am- Henry Ford would often ta
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -07/22, 02:06 am- I wonder if I am too late
Kenneth W DeLong -07/22, 07:42 am- Rob,Just give Henry the s
Rob Heyen - Eastern  -07/22, 10:32 pm- Jim, I could see Henry Fo
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -07/23, 01:55 am- LOL!! In my next life, I
Robert Skingley .... -07/23, 06:37 am- Rob that story about the
Rob Heyen - Eastern  -07/23, 09:54 am- Wayne, I think Frank Kul
Robert Skingley .... -07/23, 04:06 pm- Frank Kulick, who raced a
Kenneth W DeLong -07/23, 04:52 pm- I like the lead to the st
Rob Heyen - Eastern  -07/23, 09:43 pm- Robert, I think Frank Kul
Rob Heyen - Eastern  -07/23, 09:46 pm- I should have added, Bud,
I am going to take the T out today and tomorrow evening a...
William L Vanderburg -07/23, 01:36 pm- How my Generator rebuild
Mark Gregush Portlan -07/23, 01:38 pm- Great! [:-]
Chris Laughary -07/23, 01:45 pm- Victory!
Warren Henderson, Du -07/23, 03:41 pm- Great job Bill. I had the
Dave Young in Mays L -07/23, 09:14 pm- Loud applause !
William L Vanderburg -07/23, 09:17 pm- Absolutely no difference
Model T Rear End
Chad S -07/23, 09:01 pm- I have a couple pictures
Chad S -07/23, 09:16 pm- I can be reached at sunds
Magneto stopped working
Valtteri Aspinen -07/23, 08:19 am- My engine and magneto was
Charlie B actually i -07/23, 08:27 am- Check the contact. Might
Royce in Dallas TX -07/23, 09:09 am- You can check the magneto
Richard Gould, Folso -07/23, 11:04 am- I am curious, why would y
Bill Harper - Keene, -07/23, 11:23 am- Hi Richard, A digital vo
Gary Blake, Kansas C -07/23, 11:38 am- Richard. No reason you c
Mark Gregush Portlan -07/23, 11:39 am- If you have a high $ mete
Garnet -07/23, 11:48 am- RF interference caused by
Chris Laughary -07/23, 12:37 pm- Vallteri, Let us know h
Chris Laughary -07/23, 12:40 pm- Dies
Mark Gregush Portlan -07/23, 01:10 pm- Magneto is AC not DC. You
Chris Laughary -07/23, 01:24 pm- Ahhh! AC[image.jpeg]
Andre Valkenaers -07/23, 01:32 pm- Chris, You need to set yo
Chris Laughary -07/23, 01:42 pm- Thank You, Andre
Mark Gregush Portlan -07/23, 01:43 pm- Chris when you add a phot
Chris Laughary -07/23, 05:34 pm- Thank You My coils are
Greg Adkisson -07/23, 07:20 pm- Make sure to clean the un
Chris Laughary -07/23, 08:24 pm- Ok Thank You
Norman T. Kling -07/23, 08:53 pm- I think theory onlythe re
Another hauling car question, Coupe
Tyrone Thomas - Tope -07/23, 06:50 pm- I have an open trailer 16
Erik Barrett in Aubu -07/23, 08:12 pm- Make sure the top materia
Dennis Plank - Three -07/23, 08:53 pm- I throw three 1 ratchet s
62nd Long Beach Swap Meet
Jeff Hood -Long Beac -07/21, 02:38 am- Three Days!
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -07/21, 03:28 am- I got my original Paige/J
Tim Lloid -07/21, 03:22 pm- Wish i could be there but
Ron Mc Willie -07/21, 05:43 pm- I have attended the last
Ed Archer Hayward, C -07/21, 06:02 pm- Im going! Wayne if you wa
Mark Chaffin......Co -07/21, 06:03 pm- The old guy and I will be
Gene Carrothers Hunt -07/22, 02:19 am- Work party tomorrow so yo
Sean Butler Huntingt -07/22, 03:01 pm- Gene: If I were there in
Mike Spaziano, Bellf -07/22, 03:20 pm- As usual, Ill be there. B
Gene Carrothers Hunt -07/23, 12:43 am- Supposed to cool off a bi
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -07/23, 04:59 am- I couldnt make the connec
Gene Carrothers Hunt -07/23, 07:17 pm- Sorry you couldnt hook up
Scott Gilham Bellflo -07/23, 08:06 pm- Id just like to say thank
Wild Cherry II FAST race on YouTube. How do I post the link?
Erik Barrett in Aubu -07/22, 10:29 pm- OK guys, the Wild Cherry
bob middleton -07/22, 10:50 pm- Nice brother Erik
Les Schubert -07/22, 11:52 pm- Impressive
Bill Harris, Hunting -07/23, 12:34 am- I love it!
Erik Barrett in Aubu -07/23, 02:25 am- Thanks guys. There are lo
Frank Harris from Lo -07/23, 06:57 pm- I can still drive and the
Erik Barrett in Aubu -07/23, 07:38 pm- As well you know, the WC2
Identify this transmission output shaft housing.
Jim Sims--Reed City, -07/23, 06:54 pm- Any idea what this housin
TT transmission
joe raab -07/22, 08:44 pm- Did any TTs come with the
Burger in Spokane -07/22, 08:52 pm- Both the Warford and the
Harold Schwendeman - -07/22, 08:55 pm- Actually, he didnt say th
Harold Schwendeman - -07/22, 08:59 pm- Well,....I guess the Warf
Anthony J. Marino -  -07/23, 08:56 am- I have seen a TT with a s
Rick Olson -07/23, 09:45 am- See recent Jay Lenos gara
Anthony J. Marino -  -07/23, 05:34 pm- Go to this Forum article
Front Leaf Spring Pitting
Tom Stephens - Arnol -07/21, 04:39 pm- I will be using dry graph
Roger Karlsson, sout -07/21, 05:29 pm- No, it doesnt matter. I w
Allan Bennett - Aust -07/21, 05:32 pm- Tom, those arent rust pi
Jerry Davis Houston  -07/21, 07:19 pm- Allen has it right....lub
John Zibell, Huntsvi -07/21, 10:32 pm- For springs try this. ht
Tom Stephens - Arnol -07/22, 12:30 am- Thanks Roger, Allan and J
John Zibell, Huntsvi -07/22, 08:59 am- John, Ive seen that menti
Roger Karlsson, sout -07/22, 09:31 am- I painted with graphite m
Tom Stephens - Arnol -07/23, 04:53 pm- Thanks John and Roger! T
Front axle perch thread size?
Rick Benjamin -07/23, 01:00 pm- Greetings friends: Can a
Mark Strange - Hills -07/23, 01:11 pm- 5/8-18
Rick Benjamin -07/23, 03:05 pm- Brilliant! Thanks Mark.
Weather proofing a Model t, on ebay
Herb Iffrig -07/23, 02:27 pm- FYI
Those Days Are Gone ....
Jared Buckert -07/21, 08:29 am- Burger, I might have to l
JohnCodman -07/21, 08:58 am- The build quality of my T
Kenneth W DeLong -07/21, 09:18 am- Yup,Now if we as in us co
Burger in Spokane -07/22, 11:59 am- I have pondered the 50s c
Freighter Jim -07/22, 12:14 pm- Jared, Everyone should s
Bill Harper - Keene, -07/22, 01:27 pm- There is nothing i hate m
Paul Vitko -07/22, 08:00 pm- Agree Bill, Napa rebuilt
Burger in Spokane -07/22, 09:11 pm- Anyone coming through Spo
Michael Garrison - R -07/22, 11:22 pm- Im adding this comment on
brass car guy -07/23, 12:06 am- We are often bombarded wi
Kenneth W DeLong -07/23, 09:14 am- I started with Chevy in 1
Paul Vitko -07/23, 12:26 pm- I forgot to add Home Depo
Shout out for Gator Gould's work
Will Copeland - West -07/23, 11:03 am- I had my T at Gator Gould
David Dewey, N. Cali -07/23, 11:59 am- Dont cha just love it whe
My front end adventure
Richard Eagle Idaho  -07/22, 12:48 pm- Passers-by warned me of i
ALAN FAIRCLOUGH from -07/22, 01:00 pm- I guess a bigger hammer d
Dan B -07/22, 01:08 pm- I managed to get one whee
Chris Laughary -07/22, 01:13 pm- Thank You for humbly shar
Scott Elliott, Tigar -07/22, 01:54 pm- It almost looks as if tha
Mark Strange - Hills -07/22, 02:03 pm- That perch IS worn beyond
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -07/22, 04:04 pm- Cement blocks!!!? NO no n
Richard Eagle Idaho  -07/22, 04:11 pm- Mark, that is what I woul
Mark Strange - Hills -07/22, 04:13 pm- You lucked out, glad you
Richard Eagle Idaho  -07/22, 04:16 pm- Thanks Wayne. Proof readi
Norman T. Kling -07/22, 04:34 pm- I dont know about your bu
Richard Eagle Idaho  -07/22, 05:06 pm- These were just purchased
Allan Bennett - Aust -07/22, 07:15 pm- Richard, your comment abo
Chad Marchees _____T -07/22, 07:31 pm- While working full time,
Bill Dugger -07/22, 07:36 pm- Wayne: The smart thing w
Michael Warren- Hunt -07/22, 07:54 pm- I am right in the middle
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -07/22, 08:09 pm- Bill D, Actually, since I
David Mazza -07/22, 08:20 pm- Michael, I just put new
Chad Marchees _____T -07/22, 09:24 pm- Michael, are you using th
Michael Warren- Hunt -07/22, 10:17 pm- I used steel bushings bec
Michael Garrison - R -07/22, 10:56 pm- Please dont take offense
Richard Eagle Idaho  -07/22, 10:58 pm- Allen, my vendor catalog
Roger Karlsson, sout -07/23, 03:39 am- Michael Warren - here the
John Zibell, Huntsvi -07/23, 10:27 am- Richard that shimmy at lo
Mark Strange - Hills -07/23, 11:37 am- Also check for loose fron
Regular T axle in a TT?
James Keller -07/20, 07:16 pm- Hi all, I am looking into
Mack Cole ---- Earth -07/20, 07:27 pm- from what I remember the
Henry Petrino in Mod -07/20, 07:53 pm- I would imagine you are i
Jason Given - St. Pa -07/20, 09:05 pm- Im no expert. But, I wou
James Keller -07/20, 09:30 pm- Ok- I guess thats a no go
Jerome Hoffman, Hays -07/20, 09:45 pm- Ive seen it done two basi
Fred Schrope - Uplan -07/20, 09:51 pm- I have one that someone h
Zachary Carrico -07/20, 10:13 pm- My father-in law got a C-
Burger in Spokane -07/20, 10:27 pm- TTs have two issues to co
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/20, 10:53 pm- The easiest and least exp
Frank Harris from Lo -07/20, 11:59 pm- I am building a copy of T
James Keller -07/21, 11:11 am- Im not sure if you guys k
Jim Rose -07/21, 12:15 pm- My brother, Charles Rose
Roger Karlsson, sout -07/21, 02:09 pm- James - Chuck has also be
Duey_C -07/22, 05:36 pm- Young man, yes please pos
Jim Rose -07/22, 11:06 pm- Roger: If I remembe
Seatback wood needed
Chris Laughary -07/21, 04:41 pm- Pictured is the front sea
Chris Laughary -07/21, 04:43 pm- [image.jpeg]
Chris Laughary -07/21, 04:44 pm- [image.jpeg]
Chris Laughary -07/21, 04:44 pm- [image.jpeg]
Chris Laughary -07/21, 04:45 pm- [image.jpeg]
Royce in Dallas TX -07/21, 05:12 pm- Yes indeed - you will nee
john kuehn -07/21, 05:39 pm- Chris its good that Langs
charley shaver- libe -07/21, 05:42 pm- THATS OAK OR ASH BE VERY
William L Vanderburg -07/21, 05:44 pm- On my flicker page 25Tour
William L Vanderburg -07/21, 05:49 pm- Those holes in the sheet
Don Booth@ Bay City, -07/21, 06:17 pm- I think I would take some
Don Booth@ Bay City, -07/21, 06:23 pm- To go a step further, tak
Chris Laughary -07/21, 06:55 pm- Thank You Brackets? Bolt
charley shaver- libe -07/21, 07:48 pm- THOSE joints are no where
William L Vanderburg -07/21, 07:53 pm- Heres a shot of the rear
Royce in Dallas TX -07/22, 02:55 pm- Heres what my 23 Popeye l
Thomas Jull in Oakla -07/22, 03:38 pm- I first made my pieces ou
Paul Sherman Tacoma  -07/22, 05:35 pm- I used a chunk of Styrofo
Chris Laughary -07/22, 06:05 pm- Styrofoam sounds like a m
Chris Laughary -07/22, 06:12 pm- Was it just me or did any
charley shaver- libe -07/22, 09:27 pm- chris!! send me your e-ma
Chris Laughary -07/22, 10:52 pm- Charley, you are a hero!
1926 coupe upholstery c channel trim
Austin Baker -07/22, 01:32 pm- Where can I get the 2 pie
Bob Benedict, Humbol -07/22, 01:57 pm- Austin, What year/model c
Austin Baker -07/22, 02:00 pm- 1926 coupe
Ted Dumas -07/22, 07:15 pm- Get a sheetmetal shop to
James A Bartsch -07/22, 10:05 pm- Austin: You may already
NH Throttle Plate Removal?
Tim Eckensviller - T -07/22, 02:05 pm- Hey all, my NHs throttle
Royce in Dallas TX -07/22, 02:41 pm- There are two types - one
Tim Eckensviller - T -07/22, 03:24 pm- Thanks Royce, its the typ
Royce in Dallas TX -07/22, 07:43 pm- The ones with the little
Crankshaft pulley
joe raab -07/22, 06:37 pm- I have a crankshaft pulle
Chris Laughary -07/22, 07:25 pm- Yes, recently. Are you su
Wood spokes
harold lee cartwrigh -07/22, 02:05 pm- I am getting ready to res
Jack Putnam, Bluffto -07/22, 03:51 pm- You will not have to do a
Don Booth@ Bay City, -07/22, 03:53 pm- Stutzmans spokes are read
Bob Coiro -07/22, 03:55 pm- When I got my wheels back
Bruce Balough -07/22, 05:49 pm- Here are my S wheels that
Allan Bennett - Aust -07/22, 07:04 pm- It might be a good idea t
Generator rebuild part 4
William L Vanderburg -07/22, 11:22 am- Expecting delivery of som
William L Vanderburg -07/22, 05:48 pm- Ok I got my parts in. Ne
William L Vanderburg -07/22, 05:49 pm- I didnt mean Benny. I mea
The guts of an improved gas tank
Alan George Long -07/22, 01:47 am- Jim With your knowledge o
Rolf Oehman -07/22, 05:07 pm- Alan. There should be no
James Baker -07/22, 05:13 pm- Use Muriatic acid, I just
Rolf Oehman -07/22, 05:38 pm- I think rust removal with
Clayton Paddison at Jay Leno's garage with his roadster.
Pat Kelly Montana -07/20, 08:36 pm- Clayton, did you look int
Michael Garrison - R -07/20, 10:03 pm- Clayton, its been too lon
Freighter Jim -07/20, 10:42 pm- Clayton, I made this obs
Clayton Paddison -07/21, 12:54 am- Pat, I am actually planni
Clayton Paddison -07/21, 01:59 am- Michael and Jim, That ju
Mike Walker, NW AR -07/21, 08:45 am- Clayton the bridge builde
Clayton Paddison -07/22, 03:59 pm- Mike, ya real
Steve Hammatt -07/22, 12:51 am- As a 5 year vendor I know
RJ Walworth, New Yor -07/22, 03:33 pm- Steve, they do sell on Tu
Greg Adkisson -07/22, 02:24 pm- I tried my new goggles fo
Timer time
Chris Laughary -07/21, 11:54 pm- My timer has not been lub
Chris Laughary -07/22, 12:00 am- [image.jpeg]
Chris Laughary -07/22, 12:00 am- Seems like the bolt on th
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/22, 12:06 am- Its hard to be sure from
Allan Bennett - Aust -07/22, 12:08 am- Chris, you might not like
Chris Laughary -07/22, 12:08 am- Uh-oh Loose parts! [imag
Chris Laughary -07/22, 12:24 am- [image.jpeg]
Chris Laughary -07/22, 12:26 am- Abort! Abort! Queue the
Chris Laughary -07/22, 12:36 am- Started right up Whew
Chris Laughary -07/22, 12:48 am- So, the New Day Timer is
Craig Anderson, cent -07/22, 01:30 am- And as close to maintenan
Kevin Whelihan Danbu -07/22, 06:47 am- And when it finally wears
Chris Laughary -07/22, 07:49 am- Thank You
Royce in Dallas TX -07/22, 08:08 am- Tom Carnegie is making an
john kuehn -07/22, 08:17 am- Is Tom C. marketing these
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -07/22, 08:29 am- Do I see an upside down n
Chris Laughary -07/22, 10:12 am- Fred, It is a narrow flat
Tom Carnegie Spokane -07/22, 10:36 am- The new New Day timers, m
Norman T. Kling -07/22, 10:50 am- This is what I would sugg
Chris Laughary -07/22, 10:57 am- Thx for the excellent adv
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/22, 12:16 pm- When Norm says about 3:30
Mark Strange - Hills -07/22, 12:27 pm- If you ever decide to red
Chris Laughary -07/22, 01:10 pm- Thank You Mark! I need
A good (new?) Henry Ford book...
paul griesse--Granvi -07/22, 11:33 am- Just finished a new? Ford
FJ - Tips For Avoiding Tow Vehicle & Trailer Theft
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -07/20, 10:33 pm- Ya, I like that one too.
Troy Todd -07/21, 01:03 am- That vacuum line in place
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -07/21, 01:17 am- Ya, I like that one too.
Jeff Hood -Long Beac -07/21, 02:30 am- I have gutted the cigaret
Tom VanMeeteren Vall -07/21, 08:17 am- Anyone have any thoughts
G.R.Cheshire -07/21, 09:08 am- Dodge no problem remove t
Matthew Atchinson  -07/21, 03:26 pm- Back in the late 60s/earl
Freighter Jim -07/22, 11:31 am- Matthew, I believe that
Freighter Jim
brass car guy -07/22, 10:15 am- Call me I might have a ha
Freighter Jim -07/22, 11:29 am- Hi Howard, Thanks for th
Rear Axle Radius Rod Fitment
Chris Otto -07/20, 09:17 pm- My car is a 23 and the re
Fred Schrope - Uplan -07/20, 09:42 pm- 26 & 27 Rods are shor
Mark Gregush Portlan -07/20, 09:51 pm- The first pair would be c
Allan Bennett - Aust -07/20, 11:01 pm- Chris, the first pair cou
Chris Otto -07/21, 07:20 am- I am extending the frame.
Chris Otto -07/21, 07:22 am- Here are the radius arm e
Rick Goelz-Knoxville -07/21, 10:06 am- The picture shows them to
Roger Karlsson, sout -07/21, 10:14 am- Looks like youve got 26/2
Chris Otto -07/21, 10:26 am- Yea, I caught the seam af
Norman T. Kling -07/21, 02:12 pm- There are actually two ty
Chris Otto -07/21, 02:18 pm- Norm the rods are stock.
Norman T. Kling -07/21, 04:16 pm- You will either need to s
Chris Otto -07/21, 05:21 pm- Norm, Im stretching the f
Allan Bennett - Aust -07/21, 05:30 pm- Chris, may I make a sugge
Bruce Compton -07/21, 07:16 pm- Are not all 09-27 the rea
Chris Otto -07/22, 10:46 am- Allan, that is the direct
NON SKID Tires 30 X 3
Gene Carrothers Hunt -07/20, 05:44 pm- Just in case anyone here
Chris Laughary -07/20, 06:29 pm- I need four 30 x 3.5 and
Gene Carrothers Hunt -07/20, 06:57 pm- Dont forget that you have
bob middleton -07/22, 12:13 am- This all one needs mount
bob middleton -07/22, 12:15 am- Clintcher auto correct su
Gene Carrothers Hunt -07/22, 02:14 am- So do you use the suspend
Dean Kiefer - Adams, -07/22, 10:15 am- I put a new Wards Riversi
Powdered graphite mixed with paint for spring leaves
Les Schubert -07/21, 08:34 pm- I have heard of this bein
Mark Strange - Hills -07/21, 08:47 pm- I pried the leaves of my
Steve in Tennessee -07/21, 09:23 pm- I bought some at Tractor
Mark Gregush Portlan -07/21, 09:50 pm- Having good smooth leafs
Les Schubert -07/21, 09:58 pm- Mark Will you share the f
Mark Gregush Portlan -07/21, 10:18 pm- I think Fords was pound o
John Zibell, Huntsvi -07/21, 10:27 pm- See this http://www.mtfc
Les Schubert -07/21, 11:18 pm- Mark Thank you for the in
Mark Gregush Portlan -07/22, 12:14 am- You are very welcome! Hav
Larry Smith, Lomita, -07/22, 07:44 am- Ford coated the spring le
Roger Karlsson, sout -07/22, 07:55 am- Not all years, Larry - he
Royce in Dallas TX -07/22, 08:06 am- I bought a quart of Slip
14MM Plugs Or Standard?
Terry Horlick in Pen -07/21, 01:26 am- Eric, I think you are rig
bob middleton -07/21, 11:49 pm- I done that same thing as
Terry Horlick in Pen -07/22, 01:40 am- I can now confirm that yo
Wild Cherry II. Still a bridesmaid......
Robert A Weitzel -07/22, 12:21 am- John if you have Facebook
Rear Brakes
bob middleton -07/22, 12:17 am- AC bennets are my choice
WTB Alternator brackets for Model T.
George schmidt -07/20, 09:47 pm- Im looking to place an al
bob middleton -07/21, 11:51 pm- On the 24th mount it were
What are These Worth?
Philip Berg -07/20, 08:12 pm- Ive had inquiries about t
Jack Putnam, Bluffto -07/20, 10:50 pm- Phil: I make replacement
David Stroud -07/21, 08:22 pm- If I had those you couldn
Robert A Weitzel -07/21, 10:05 pm- Phil I would agree with t
Off topic, Hal davis, check your email!
Mack Cole ---- Earth -07/21, 09:40 pm- I sent you a email. Your
Old photo - Kids, a dog and an improved runabout
Roger Karlsson, sout -07/21, 06:01 am- Looks like 30x3,5 tires.
charley shaver- libe -07/21, 07:22 am- looks like a little cowl
Gary Blake, Kansas C -07/21, 07:37 am- Taken before pit bull rep
G.R.Cheshire -07/21, 07:55 am- Yeah Gary remember these
Will Brown -07/21, 10:05 am- Nice picture. My early 26
Les Schubert -07/21, 10:14 am- I have seen a crossbar th
Erik Johnson -07/21, 10:27 am- Looks like it has accesso
Tim Lloid -07/21, 11:08 am- Cool car and the kids are
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -07/21, 05:25 pm- G.R. I remember those guy
Dan Brown -07/21, 08:02 pm- Are you sure the kids are
Larry Bohlen, Severn -07/21, 08:40 pm- Like the writing on the s
Removing a Buffalo rear hub
Les Schubert -07/21, 08:30 pm- I realize that Kevin Phar
Cam bearing rebabbitt ??
Layden Butler -07/20, 06:53 pm- Does anyone pour babbitt
Larry Smith, Lomita, -07/20, 07:02 pm- Ditto
Dan McEachern -07/20, 08:45 pm- The problem with many old
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/20, 09:10 pm- Apparently the new ones,
Allan Bennett - Aust -07/20, 11:06 pm- It will likely cost more
Kohnke Rebabbitting, -07/20, 11:29 pm- Pressing a distorted out
Dan McEachern -07/20, 11:54 pm- Herm- how in the heck did
Kohnke Rebabbitting, -07/21, 01:09 am- It is not a copy Dan, I s
Gary Tillstrom 30 mi -07/21, 08:00 pm- Nice job on the front Her
Glen Chaffin -07/21, 06:13 pm- Richards bracket is the s
Ruckstell End Play?
Larry Smith, Lomita, -07/20, 07:54 pm- The steel thrust washer c
Glen Chaffin -07/21, 06:03 pm- Larry, Our original Fibre
What is the Latest and Greatest Coil Tester?
Chris Laughary -07/20, 06:25 pm- So far I have not met any
Gary Tillstrom 30 mi -07/20, 06:40 pm- There are a bunch of folk
Chris Laughary -07/20, 06:43 pm- Thanks Gary, I will send
Chad Marchees _____T -07/20, 06:46 pm- Chris, there is a very la
Chris Laughary -07/20, 07:08 pm- Thanks Chad, I ordered 2
JohnH -07/20, 07:30 pm- I have used two models of
Michael Garrison - R -07/20, 07:31 pm- I think the ECCT is proba
Chris Laughary -07/20, 07:34 pm- Thanks John and Michael,
Ted Dumas -07/20, 08:05 pm- I find that a screwdriver
Jon Crane -07/20, 08:09 pm- Dont by two coils. Repla
Michael Garrison - R -07/20, 08:16 pm- Chris, your question rega
Chris Laughary -07/20, 08:35 pm- Ha Thx I will begin to s
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -07/20, 08:41 pm- I have a hand crank teste
Royce in Dallas TX -07/20, 08:44 pm- Anyone who believes that
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/20, 08:52 pm- So far I havent bought a
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/20, 08:57 pm- Ive used a borrowed ECCT,
Michael Garrison - R -07/20, 09:01 pm- Thanks Royce. I seem to r
Gene Carrothers Hunt -07/20, 09:02 pm- Chris, Heres my take... G
Michael Garrison - R -07/20, 09:03 pm- Steve, help! BTDT.
Michael Garrison - R -07/20, 09:05 pm- Oops, BTDT???
John Carter - South  -07/20, 09:06 pm- We have all three of the
Kirk Peterson  -07/20, 09:32 pm- What Gene said: My advic
Chris Laughary -07/20, 09:42 pm- Yep, Windoze is no longer
David Hagerty -07/20, 09:44 pm- Michael, Dont think youre
Michael Garrison - R -07/20, 10:08 pm- David, I know. Im not imp
David Hagerty -07/20, 10:20 pm- Michael, Yea, sure, go ah
Michael Garrison - R -07/20, 10:28 pm- [:-]
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/20, 10:35 pm- [BEDOYA A.jpg] We don ne
Eric Hylen- Central  -07/20, 10:47 pm- Heres my two cents: you c
JohnH -07/20, 10:57 pm- Chris, the ECCT does dete
Michael Garrison - R -07/20, 10:57 pm- Oh oh, I can see another
Mike Kossor - Kenilw -07/20, 10:57 pm- The ECCT absolutely does
Mike Kossor - Kenilw -07/20, 11:53 pm- Eric, I respectfully tak
David L Corman -07/20, 11:57 pm- What is the preferred equ
JohnH -07/21, 12:30 am- Time to fire can be deter
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -07/21, 12:26 pm- Damn, I wish I felt up to
Norman T. Kling -07/21, 12:45 pm- This might not be the bes
Royce in Dallas TX -07/21, 01:28 pm- A couple months ago we co
Chris Laughary -07/21, 01:57 pm- Thank You Ron Patterson
Mark Strange - Hills -07/21, 02:21 pm- LOL, all of these coil th
Mike Kossor - Kenilw -07/21, 02:51 pm- Royce, your disdain for m
Tim Lloid -07/21, 03:18 pm- A guy on ebay has a teste
Roger Karlsson, sout -07/21, 03:56 pm- Tim, if its this one: htt
Royce in Dallas TX -07/21, 04:05 pm- Mike, I am only stating
George John Drobnock -07/21, 04:20 pm- Testing a coil I use this
Chris Laughary -07/21, 04:34 pm- By George, I LIKE it!
Rear End Ratios
Bill Everett -07/21, 03:57 pm- Besides the 3 to 1 recent
Royce in Dallas TX -07/21, 04:00 pm- Standard is 3.64 to 1. I
Roger Karlsson, sout -07/21, 04:04 pm- 3:1 was never stock. Ford
Bill Everett -07/21, 04:15 pm- The reason I asked is bec
Roger Karlsson, sout -07/21, 04:29 pm- The chances are about 10-
OT? - 'Dropping' the Model A front axle
Marv Konrad (Green B -07/21, 02:13 pm- My attitude for doing thi
Mark Strange - Hills -07/21, 02:19 pm- Thanks! Thats a neat fix
Richard Eagle Idaho  -07/21, 02:32 pm- Very Cool. Or Hot. Rich
Roger Karlsson, sout -07/21, 02:33 pm- Thats from some Swedish C
Ford Model T Half engine - YouTube
Marv Konrad (Green B -07/21, 02:06 pm- Would like to have seen m
Hi Please I need some info about performance and maintenance
Anthony Ventrice -07/21, 06:49 am- Being new with doing Mode
Steve Humphrey -07/21, 07:28 am- just throwing this out th
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/21, 07:34 am- Here you go, Tony. Start
Les Schubert -07/21, 09:06 am- I believe the Anderson ti
Mike Kossor - Kenilw -07/21, 09:23 am- Anthony, You did not men
john kuehn -07/21, 09:29 am- Sounds to me the carburet
Les Schubert -07/21, 10:06 am- From this distance it is
Chris Laughary -07/21, 11:40 am- Mine has the same problem
Bill Everett -07/21, 12:12 pm- Chris; No such thing as
Dan McEachern -07/21, 12:54 pm- Send your coils to Coilma
Chris Laughary -07/21, 01:00 pm- Thx Dan I bought 2 coils
Reunited and it feels so good.....
Philip Lance -07/20, 03:41 pm- Congrats on getting the c
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -07/20, 05:49 pm- Didnt sell it. Going thr
Michael Garrison - R -07/20, 10:11 pm- Oh man Erich, sorry to he
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -07/21, 01:32 am- Mixed into all that, is a
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -07/21, 09:38 am- Thank you Gents. Friends
Gene Carrothers Hunt -07/21, 12:32 pm- Good Luck to ya. Your Liz
Norman T. Kling -07/21, 12:40 pm- That is a great car Eric.
Is Bob Gruber Still on The Forum?
Hap Tucker in Sumter -07/20, 08:03 pm- Ron, He posted his e-mai
Ron in Central Massa -07/20, 08:18 pm- Hap - thank you, I apprec
mike conrad -07/21, 01:25 am- I just talked to Bob rece
Ron in Central Massa -07/21, 09:29 am- Mike, Thanks. Bob h
John Aldrich Orting  -07/21, 12:19 pm- I sent Bob an email letti
Bendix install?
Mark Strange - Hills -07/20, 03:43 pm- Sounds like your spring m
Rod Letcher - Eugene -07/20, 04:17 pm- Mark, It is a new spring,
Mark Strange - Hills -07/20, 05:00 pm- Hmmm, Im at a loss then.
Frank Harris from Lo -07/20, 06:27 pm- yes you may have to wind
Rod Letcher - Eugene -07/20, 06:44 pm- Heres where its at, about
Frank Harris from Lo -07/20, 06:50 pm- good luck with strong fin
Rod Letcher - Eugene -07/20, 07:40 pm- Halleluiah!!!! After 7 ho
Mark Strange - Hills -07/20, 07:46 pm- Congratulations and good
Mark Gregush Portlan -07/20, 11:05 pm- Sorry but I am going to s
Rod Letcher - Eugene -07/21, 12:17 am- Mark, Yes what you say is
Mark Gregush Portlan -07/21, 02:24 am- My fingers are crossed! [
Rod Letcher - Eugene -07/21, 12:19 pm- Thanks to all the finger
Making tapered spring leaves
Les Schubert -07/20, 10:08 pm- I needed to replace a bro
Roger Karlsson, sout -07/21, 04:49 am- If its one of the lower l
Nigel Hugo -07/21, 09:09 am- I believe the way they we
Les Schubert -07/21, 10:28 am- Nigel I certainly believe
Suggestions needed on where to mount A cut-out pedal
Jay - In Northern Ca -07/21, 10:14 am- I am finally getting arou
Les Schubert -07/21, 10:16 am- I use my right heel to op
Starter Shaft Runout
Dennis Haworth - El  -07/21, 09:43 am- Thank you Andy. I am supr
Back again, Van shape questions
Me -07/21, 02:46 am- That is a really nice mod
First experience with 3 to 1 rear end
Larry Smith, Lomita, -07/20, 08:04 pm- I removed 3-1 gears from
Terry Woods, Richmon -07/21, 01:56 am- I have had a 16 touring a
Paint color from green to blue
Dale McMurry -07/20, 09:34 pm- What month did Ford chang
Keith Townsend ; ^ ) -07/21, 12:30 am- Dale- The first blue tour
HP and torgue values
Duey_C -07/20, 11:44 pm- Even worn out, they are t
Don Houseman Speedster FOUND in ABQ
Mack Cole ---- Earth -07/20, 07:36 pm- Oh, You have saw that ##
bob middleton -07/20, 11:31 pm- Well that best news I hea
Loose spokes
Steve Addington -07/20, 09:59 pm- The spokes on one of the
Verne Shirk -07/20, 10:02 pm- Do a Google search on spo
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -07/20, 10:05 pm- Try Qwik-Poly. Worked gre
Stephen D Heatherly -07/20, 10:13 pm- The only proper fix is to
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/20, 10:44 pm- Stephen is correct. Spoke
bob middleton -07/20, 11:24 pm- Looseness is death to to
Rare "Secret of Speed" part on ebay; a thinking man's alt...
Constantine -07/20, 08:55 pm-
Mark Strange - Hills -07/20, 08:58 pm- Oh, my! I can just see t
Jay - In Northern Ca -07/20, 11:23 pm- Heres a Fan Flame plug th
Learned an important lesson today in climatology
Peter McIntyre -07/20, 03:45 pm- I live in Canada,what you
steven miller -07/20, 04:00 pm- Peter Wind chill factor o
Norman T. Kling -07/20, 04:11 pm- I live in California sout
Erik Johnson -07/20, 04:14 pm- Wind chill has nothing to
Arthur Gebeau -07/20, 05:07 pm- This discussion reminds m
Michael Garrison - R -07/20, 10:26 pm- Mark Twain supposedly sai
MTFCI pictures
Warren Henderson, Du -07/20, 04:39 pm- Have been looking for pho
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -07/20, 09:01 pm- Warren we have a few star
The Driven Gear...How do I get this bloody thing off?
Larry Smith, Lomita, -07/20, 07:39 pm- When you were down last w
Chrome plating recommendations
Neil McKay -07/20, 03:24 pm- Are there any recommendat
Larry Smith, Lomita, -07/20, 07:26 pm- Be sure to use a plating
Can't find a good explanation of "donor" insert to save Z...
Gene Carrothers Hunt -07/20, 05:02 pm- I run a 50/50 or a touch
Chris Laughary -07/20, 05:12 pm- Thanks, Gene Im going wi
Generator rebuild part 3
Andre Valkenaers -07/20, 03:48 pm- Just junk It and use a Fu
William L Vanderburg -07/20, 04:57 pm- I dont know how new it is
Swap Meets around the Country
Philip Lance -07/20, 03:30 pm- Which web sites do you us
Brian Beatty _Kansas -07/20, 04:09 pm- Erik had a good list a fe
For Sale 1931 Model A Ford Coupe
Bob Peterson -07/27, 02:20 pm- For sale 1931 Model A For
Mark Strange - Hills -07/27, 02:49 pm- Looks like a Model T engi
FS another winfield carb
stuart clipson -07/27, 01:01 pm- FS winfield carb model S
Dave Huson, Berthoud -07/20, 04:23 pm- Maybe I have the photo no
Dave Huson, Berthoud -07/26, 11:45 am- There is some where aroun
Glen Chaffin -07/26, 06:53 pm- Dave, I could use the non
Gene Carrothers Hunt -07/27, 12:29 pm- Glen, All you need is som
Glen Chaffin -07/27, 01:01 pm- When are you going Gene?
Wanted: Model A camshafts....
chris becker -07/27, 10:24 am- Looking for a couple of 1
FS bosch mag and drive
stuart clipson -07/27, 09:01 am- FS bosch du4 mag with tr
13-14 wooden . top bows
Warren F Rollins -07/26, 07:17 pm- Who makes these. Have a f
Mark Strange - Hills -07/26, 07:48 pm- The vendors sell them, I
Eric Hylen- Central  -07/26, 09:42 pm- Contact RV Anderson, a fr
Charlie Gagel, Orang -07/27, 08:55 am- I have a set that I will
For Sale - Tool / battery box
Justin H. - Western  -07/22, 10:21 pm- For sale is a tool / batt
Justin H. - Western  -07/23, 06:16 pm- $100 plus shipping
Allan Bennett - Aust -07/24, 06:04 am- Justin, I have sent a PM
Richard E Moore Jr.  -07/25, 07:05 am- I have that same box with
Royce in Dallas TX -07/25, 07:18 am- I have one exactly like t
Jim Daudert  -07/25, 06:25 pm- I will take it if it is s
Richard E Moore Jr.  -07/25, 10:57 pm- The hole in mine is not i
Dan B -07/27, 07:48 am- What was the purpose of t
WANTED: Top body irons
Chad Marchees _____T -07/24, 11:02 am- for a 25 car, I am lookin
William bender  -07/24, 11:43 am- Sent you a PM
Chad Marchees _____T -07/24, 11:47 am- Email sent. Thanks!
William bender  -07/24, 12:53 pm- Sent pictures
Dave Huson, Berthoud -07/26, 11:36 am- Chad: I have many, many o
Chad Marchees _____T -07/27, 06:17 am- Yes, William had what I n
Speedster body for sale
Tom Butterworth -07/27, 04:25 am- Speedster body for sale.
Looking for set of AC BENNETS BRAKES 09-25 WTB
bob middleton -07/22, 10:46 pm- Anyone have a use set the
Larry Gresh -07/23, 02:15 pm- Hello Bob, I have a very
Richard E Moore Jr.  -07/23, 08:46 pm- Sent you a pm.
bob middleton -07/25, 11:36 pm- Richard never got a pm E
bob middleton -07/25, 11:37 pm- Larry be interested in th
Glen Chaffin -07/26, 10:29 am- Bob, I have a set of 10 i
Mark Gregush Portlan -07/26, 11:09 am- Bob I sent you a PM. Also
bob middleton -07/26, 10:02 pm- Tt is on farm now earning
For Sale - TT Ruckstell short shifter
Justin H. - Western  -07/26, 09:44 pm- For sale is a very nice T
Wanted OT 1947 GMC Exhaust Manifold
James A. Golden -07/24, 01:47 pm- Will the person from Mary
Ted Dumas -07/26, 08:43 pm- Is that a flathead or OHV
Ted Dumas -07/26, 08:51 pm- I have confirmed I was wa
For Sale 1926 Model T Race Car Speedster
Robert DeAngelis -07/26, 03:01 pm- This is an abandoned proj
Freighter Jim -07/26, 03:56 pm- Link is here: @ http://w
Ed in California -07/26, 04:43 pm- Boy, thats a nice one.
Mark Strange - Hills -07/26, 05:38 pm- Looks like a single seate
Robert DeAngelis -07/26, 08:21 pm- It was made to be a singl
Wanted roof hood top irons early
andrew o sullivan -07/26, 04:01 pm- hi there all;; Im lookin
Mark Strange - Hills -07/26, 04:11 pm- Andrews profile says he h
andrew o sullivan -07/26, 04:36 pm- yes 1912 car Im looking f
1914 E&J headlight doors
Doug Taylor -07/26, 02:50 pm- looking for set of 1914 m
FS winfield carb
stuart clipson -07/26, 12:37 pm- FS winfield carb model V
WTB E&J headlamp door knurled nut
Scot Taylor -07/20, 04:13 pm- Looks like Bob has some n
Jack Daron - Brownsb -07/20, 11:34 pm- I have a jar full of NOS
Ross Benedict - Calg -07/21, 02:16 pm- Jack sent me a note that
Scot Taylor -07/21, 05:22 pm- The one I am looking for
Scot Taylor -07/21, 06:05 pm- Have one coming.
Scot Taylor -07/21, 09:52 pm- Have one coming.
Jack Daron - Brownsb -07/21, 10:02 pm- Ross,Come Monday I will s
Ross Benedict - Calg -07/26, 10:34 am- Jack, just got notice fro
26-27 parts
Glen Chaffin -07/25, 01:28 pm- 1 26-27 right front fende
Larry Reed -07/25, 08:54 pm- Glen I will,purchase if s
Larry Reed -07/25, 08:55 pm- I was referring to the fe
Glen Chaffin -07/26, 10:31 am- Yes, the fender is still
Glen Chaffin -07/25, 05:16 pm- [WARFORD PARTS 002.jpg] [
John McGinnis in San -07/26, 07:04 am- The PTO does not appear t
Glen Chaffin -07/26, 10:26 am- John, You are right. The
For sale Model T piston rings
George schmidt -07/24, 11:57 pm- I have two complete set o
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -07/25, 04:25 am- Are these for cast iron o
George schmidt -07/25, 08:27 pm- The piston rings in quest
Richard Gould, Folso -07/26, 10:03 am- The Hastings no. is for a
:-) - Wisconsin to Washington Model T or other vehicle dire...
Freighter Jim -07/20, 07:32 pm- July 20th I am in Viroqu
Freighter Jim -07/26, 09:34 am- July 26th Still availabl
WTB parts or complete Moore transmission for Model T Car
Marvin C. Miller -07/25, 01:51 pm- If you have a Moore trans
Jay - In Northern Ca -07/25, 03:46 pm-
Marvin C. Miller -07/25, 04:05 pm- Jay, I downloaded your i
Ernie Spittler -07/25, 08:17 pm- Marvin I have one for sa
Marvin C. Miller -07/25, 09:19 pm- sent back a pm Ernie. Tha
Spotlight mounting yoke For Sale
Layden Butler -07/23, 05:59 pm- $20 domestic shipping inc
Layden Butler -07/25, 09:14 pm- Spoken for Thanks to MTFC
Hood part needed
Mark Osterman -07/23, 11:09 am- I am looking for the top
bob middleton -07/23, 11:37 pm- I have top panels for a
Mark Osterman -07/25, 07:27 pm- Hey Bob, Please send me
Winfield Model M carb.
Thomas Elliott -07/25, 02:42 pm- Winfield model M carburet
Thomas Elliott -07/25, 05:56 pm- Will the person that E-ma
Jones Speedometer Tag / FOB
Michael L -07/24, 01:37 pm- Looking for one of these,
Will Copeland - West -07/24, 05:49 pm- I wonder if maybe a troph
Michael L -07/24, 08:58 pm- It can definitely be made
Dan B -07/25, 11:00 am- The repop is already avai
Ed in California -07/25, 01:56 pm-
Steve Bourgeois -07/25, 02:56 pm- How would this be attache
Dan B -07/25, 03:00 pm- Apparently it was hung fr
Ed in California -07/25, 04:03 pm- Hung from spare tire or w
Glen Chaffin -07/25, 01:21 pm- Have 2 Warford outer hous
John McGinnis in San -07/25, 03:26 pm- Could I see a photo of th
Glen Chaffin -07/25, 01:25 pm- Near complete set Vintage
23 "T" Roadster for sale
Bill Otto -07/25, 01:13 pm- Nice 23 Model T Roadster
Bill Otto -07/25, 01:18 pm- Price is $12,900
For Sale: A Scarce 1917 Combination Horn Button/Headlight...
ggz -07/21, 10:51 am- Here is a rare piece if y
Royce in Dallas TX -07/21, 11:15 am- Those were introduced lat
ggz -07/21, 11:30 am- Thank you, Royce. I was n
Nevin Gough -07/21, 01:58 pm- Have sent you an e-mail
ggz -07/21, 11:53 pm- Sold! Thanks Neven and th
Keith Townsend ; ^ ) -07/22, 10:09 pm- Used through 1919 on open
Erik Johnson -07/22, 10:31 pm- Actually, I believe throu
Keith Townsend ; ^ ) -07/24, 07:40 pm- I thought the 1920 and la
Erik Johnson -07/24, 10:49 pm- The non-electrics still h
Mike Walker, NW AR -07/25, 09:22 am- Yes. My 21 Pickup origin
Keith Townsend ; ^ ) -07/25, 12:51 pm- Yay! Learnts suppin toda
For Sale: Water Pumps $35 each
Paul jacobs -07/20, 04:45 pm- For Sale: Water Pumps $35
Matthew Atchinson  -07/20, 08:28 pm- Somebody should buy the l
Paul jacobs -07/25, 08:43 am- $30 each
Royce in Dallas TX -07/25, 11:58 am- I would cut the shafts an
John T. Tannehill II -07/25, 10:13 am- Hi Dave sorry out of town
Trivia, trivia, trivia
Richard Gould, Folso -07/24, 09:03 pm- Ruxtel, Xmas, Rx etc, etc
Richard Gould, Folso -07/24, 09:05 pm- Oops, should have been on
Mark Gregush Portlan -07/25, 01:19 am- Xmas has been around for
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -07/25, 05:16 am- I am not ready to say tha
Mike Walker, NW AR -07/25, 09:13 am- Thanx, Richard. [:-]
:-) - Enclosed Model T or other auto transport available fr...
Freighter Jim -07/25, 08:45 am- August 1st Direct enclos
For Sale: Ignition Coils, $10 Each
Paul jacobs -07/23, 04:18 pm- Here are 15 untested igni
Paul jacobs -07/24, 05:57 pm- 5 coils are spoken for, s
Mark Osterman -07/24, 08:34 pm- Are the cores good?
Paul jacobs -07/24, 10:36 pm- All coils are spoken for
Question re rear axle hubs
Richard Gould, Folso -07/24, 09:14 pm- I have a set of AC brakes
Happy we can be, Elmo, Woody, And Me, ready for a anothe...
Jay - In Northern Ca -07/24, 07:09 pm- 104 degrees out this afte
Mark Strange - Hills -07/24, 07:26 pm- Great pic, the gloves on
Jay - In Northern Ca -07/24, 07:52 pm- Mark, Thanks for the Eart
Mark Gregush Portlan -07/24, 08:20 pm- Even more spooky if you h
1910-1911 Six Rivet Axle
Tim Rogers - South o -07/23, 12:43 pm- Someone has been unsucces
Richard Gould, Folso -07/23, 01:26 pm- Tim, here is my take. La
R. S. Cruickshank -07/24, 06:55 pm- About four years ago I so
Early spring perch
Don Kirtley -07/24, 06:49 pm- I am rebuilding an early
WTB 22' wind-wing brackets
John Albert Lemon -07/24, 10:33 am- does anyone have a comple
John Albert Lemon -07/24, 04:42 pm- excellent pictures of the
Wanted; model t with 4 cylinder modern engine.
John T. Tannehill II -07/24, 02:43 pm- http://treasure.craigslis
Mark Gregush Portlan -07/24, 02:48 pm- I think he found one.
charley shaver- libe -07/24, 04:07 pm- that would work for me if
FS spare tire mount
Andria Myers-------- -07/24, 03:26 pm- Stuart - sent you a pm.
Model T door latches
Thomas Elliott -07/21, 02:30 pm- Four door latches for mod
Thomas Elliott -07/24, 03:25 pm- Can anyone tell me what y
WTB 12 hood former
Frank Seress, Presco -07/23, 10:37 pm- Want to buy a 12 hood for
David Tipton -07/24, 08:24 am- Frank, Im looking for a 1
Frank Seress, Presco -07/24, 12:39 pm- I have a 15/16 hoodformer
Mark Gregush Portlan -07/24, 02:52 pm- In case you dont find you
1926 Ford Model T Touring for Sale
James Chochole, Oswe -07/21, 05:32 pm- 1926 Ford Model T Touring
James Chochole, Oswe -07/21, 08:34 pm- Sorry I forgot price- $75
Joe Fedullo, Milford -07/21, 09:04 pm- This seems well priced.
Mark Wetherbee - Dow -07/22, 12:21 pm- I second that - looks lik
James Chochole, Oswe -07/22, 02:49 pm- Thanks for the compliment
James Chochole, Oswe -07/24, 12:34 pm- Bump- I also have a frien
Wanted - Speedster seats and gas tank
Tyrone Thomas - Tope -07/21, 02:48 pm- Looking for a pair of spe
Tyrone Thomas - Tope -07/21, 03:24 pm- Can be used.
Tyrone Thomas - Tope -07/24, 12:14 pm- bump
Wanted: Kerosene Light Hinge
Larry Holderman Wars -07/23, 03:27 pm- Need only a hinge for the
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -07/23, 04:44 pm- Which part of which hinge
Larry Holderman Wars -07/24, 08:32 am- Wayne; I need the hinge
FS 1925 Roadster/Runabout PU
James A. Lightfoot -07/24, 01:02 am- Project car, will run, co
Model T Ford Accessory Master Brake Pedal
Ron McKenzie -07/22, 03:40 pm- b
randy witz -07/23, 01:26 pm- is this master pedal stil
Ron McKenzie -07/23, 11:12 pm- Still for sale
Oil tubes For Sale
Layden Butler -07/23, 06:58 pm- Hate to scrap these but I
Layden Butler -07/23, 09:42 pm- Spoken for Thanks to MTFC
For sale 1926-7 Coupe -2dr.28-9 PU doors.
Bob Peterson -07/21, 03:59 pm- For sale a pair of doors
Bob Peterson -07/23, 09:24 pm- $450 For the pair.
Stromberg RF carburetor For Sale
Layden Butler -07/23, 06:41 pm- As found from long time M
Bruce Compton -07/23, 09:11 pm- Laden : What are you aski
Trans cover outside oiler wanted
Bruce Compton -07/23, 05:15 pm- Im looking for a transmis
Warren F Rollins -07/23, 05:49 pm- July 9th posting. Ed in C
Bruce Compton -07/23, 09:10 pm- Thanks Warren, Ive sent h
Low radiator hood needed
Mark Osterman -07/23, 09:02 pm- Looking for the top two s
Wheels for Sale
David Menteer -07/22, 06:30 pm- These are 21 wheels with
Bryan Williams -07/22, 11:32 pm- yes sir could I send you
David Menteer -07/23, 08:48 pm- Wheels are spoken for. Th
FS wheels
stuart clipson -07/23, 08:29 pm- FS set of four demountab
For Sale: Set of 16 Flywheel Magnets 1915-27 $30
Paul jacobs -07/23, 07:31 pm- For Sale: Set of 16 Flywh
Outside brake brackets For Sale
Layden Butler -07/23, 07:07 pm- Last call before the scra
Side mount spare wheel rim carrirer For Sale
Layden Butler -07/23, 05:46 pm- Very nice reproduction ne
Connecting Rods to rebabbitt For Sale
Layden Butler -07/23, 04:40 pm- This lot weighs over 200
Exaust pipe with muffler/ Cut out
Thomas Elliott -07/23, 02:28 pm- I have a complete exhaust
Rings for alum pistons
Richard Gould, Folso -07/23, 01:31 pm- Need a standard size set,
Early Dayton Wire Wheels For Sale
Steve Nelson -07/23, 12:49 am- Early Dayton 72 spoke den
John From Oregon -07/23, 01:05 pm- How many teeth are on the
Dave Huson, Berthoud -07/23, 12:37 pm- Springs; Was asking $19.9
Dave Huson, Berthoud -07/23, 12:39 pm- PAIR GREASE RETENTION SPR
WANTED Crankshaft Pulley in excellent condition
Dave Huson, Berthoud -07/23, 12:30 pm- Charles: do you still nee
Inside rear view mirror for enclosed model T
Thomas Elliott -07/21, 01:50 pm- This is a n inside rear v
Thomas Elliott -07/23, 12:29 pm- Price reduced to $15.00 p
Model A Tail light
Thomas Elliott -07/21, 04:57 pm- Model A tail light with l
Thomas Elliott -07/23, 12:26 pm- Will the person that call
Bills Auto Works -07/23, 09:51 am- Hello Everyone, I have
1913 early 14 Rear Axle with 2PC DS, For Sale
Dan Hatch -07/23, 05:23 am- BTT
Intherod Boring Bar for Sale
Dan Hatch -07/23, 05:22 am- btt
New Fenders for sale
Dan Hatch -07/22, 12:39 am- btt
Dan Hatch -07/23, 05:20 am- btt
Dave Huson, Berthoud -07/23, 12:56 am- Bands are still available
Dave Huson, Berthoud -07/23, 12:50 am- Wrist pin bolt wrench is
Wanted Hood Former for 1915 & 1916 Touring
David Tipton -07/22, 10:42 pm- I need a hood former for
Ford script T keys - good to NOS condition
Mark Wetherbee - Dow -07/22, 12:29 pm- Some need polishing, but
Mark Wetherbee - Dow -07/22, 12:30 pm- [IMG_0181.JPG]
Mark Wetherbee - Dow -07/22, 12:32 pm- I forgot to mention - the
Charles Weisgerber-  -07/22, 02:13 pm- Mark, email sent. Charle
Mark Wetherbee - Dow -07/22, 08:55 pm- Im holding key numbers 57
Wind winds
Thomas Elliott -07/21, 01:40 pm- I have a set of wind wind
Bill Dugger -07/21, 07:29 pm- Is it wind wings and no
Arthur Gebeau -07/21, 10:04 pm- Tom, I will take the wind
John Albert Lemon -07/22, 08:03 am- Tom, is there a reason wh
Thomas Elliott -07/22, 08:23 pm- I dont know why the scoll
Door latch for early model T
Thomas Elliott -07/21, 02:17 pm- Im not sure what year thi
Tom Rootlieb -07/22, 06:01 pm- Looks like 10-11 Torpedo
Thomas Elliott -07/22, 08:17 pm- Tom Rootlieb: Thank you f
FS coil box
stuart clipson -07/22, 07:50 pm- FS coil box very good con
For Sale: 21 Wire Wheels
Larry Gresh -07/22, 03:05 pm- This is a nice set of thr
John Gillette -07/22, 07:12 pm- Larry, I sent you a PM
Larry Gresh -07/22, 07:38 pm- Holding for John. Thank Y
Fork mount electric headlight bucket For Sale
Layden Butler -07/22, 06:56 pm- Solid no dents $125 domes
Starter For Sale
Layden Butler -07/22, 04:34 pm- Sold the above but this o
Marigold Bud Vase with Bracket
Ray Syverson -07/21, 12:30 pm- I think this is what is c
Don Kirtley -07/21, 09:16 pm- Ray, I sent you a PMed.
Don Kirtley -07/21, 09:18 pm- Ray, I sent you a PM.
Ray Syverson -07/22, 04:28 pm- Sold
Hassler Shock Absorbers
Marvin C. Miller -07/22, 04:21 pm- Front and rear levers, fr
Wanted: Model T trade for corvair or cash
James Keller -07/22, 04:19 pm- Hi all, I am looking to b
Generator For Sale
Layden Butler -07/22, 04:15 pm- Sold the above. This one
TT wheel bolts , lugs and nuts
george house . . .ca -07/22, 03:43 pm- Ill bump it up for you Da
Wanted small fender to frame bracket drivers side 17-23
Michael Duffy -07/21, 10:51 pm- Bump
john kuehn -07/22, 08:32 am- Thats a T part that not b
Darel J. Leipold -07/22, 11:57 am- I have a pair NOS, but ru
Michael Duffy -07/22, 02:56 pm- Pm sent
Darel J. Leipold -07/22, 03:23 pm- sold, pending payment, wh
For Sale: 30 X 3 1/2 Wood Spoked Rear Wheels
Larry Gresh -07/22, 03:12 pm- This is a pair of 30 X 3
For Sale: 30 X 3 1/2 Demountable Front Wheel
Larry Gresh -07/22, 03:10 pm- This is a very solid orig
For Sale: 30 X 3 1/2 Demountable Front Wheels
Larry Gresh -07/22, 03:08 pm- This is an original pair
For Sale: Original Pair 30 X 3 Square Fellow Wood Wheels
Larry Gresh -07/22, 02:58 pm- This is a nice solid orig
TT Worm Gear rear end (Narrowed)
Mike Lillge -07/21, 09:32 pm- For sale is a shortened T
Andy Loso St Joseph, -07/22, 12:01 pm- Mike, I sent you a privat
Dave Huson, Berthoud -07/20, 04:30 pm- I am slowly getting most
charley shaver- libe -07/20, 04:39 pm- dave!! if you get stuck o
Dave Huson, Berthoud -07/21, 01:15 am- Charley: I have rewooded
charley shaver- libe -07/21, 07:45 am- dave i dont have plans. i
Dave Huson, Berthoud -07/21, 08:19 am- Charley, It sounds like y
Dave Huson, Berthoud -07/22, 11:54 am- Charley, I got the last p
WTB speedo wheel gear
Peter McIntyre -07/21, 04:08 pm- Require Stewart 72 tooth
Royce in Dallas TX -07/21, 04:27 pm- What diameter wheel would
Layden Butler -07/21, 04:53 pm- That would be for a 36 ti
Val Soupios -07/21, 06:56 pm- Peter I have been looking
Nevin Gough -07/21, 09:16 pm- Im putting a Stewart Spee
Dan McEachern -07/22, 12:11 am- What really matters is th
Nevin Gough -07/22, 03:24 am- Thanks Dan. Also thanks f
Dash steering bracket NOS
Dan Hatch -07/22, 12:50 am- $20.00 each shipping. PM
FS- Stevens Front Axle Tool Tooling
Dan Hatch -07/22, 12:47 am- btt
Original Stevens Front Axle Tool for Sale
Dan Hatch -07/22, 12:46 am- BTT
NOS TT Brake cam
Dan Hatch -07/22, 12:44 am- $30.00 Shipped to lower 4
26/27 Engine Pans for sale
Dan Hatch -07/22, 12:41 am- BTT
Carburetors and parts large lot For Sale
Layden Butler -07/20, 03:56 pm- All to go as one lot, som
Layden Butler -07/20, 07:45 pm- Spoken for Thanks to MTFC
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -07/21, 08:21 pm- That is a good start on a
T Tractor Conversion
Chuck Lebeda, Humbol -07/21, 07:23 pm- http://siouxcity.craigsli
Wanted: Affordable speed parts and speedster parts
James Keller -07/21, 06:00 pm- Hi all, I recently acquir
Early model T front spindle
Thomas Elliott -07/21, 05:23 pm- One model T front spindle
For Sale Model T Ford Display Case
Terry Woods, Richmon -07/21, 01:31 pm- Do you need a display cas
Terry Woods, Richmon -07/21, 02:29 pm- If interested and you PM
Philip Lance -07/21, 03:46 pm- PMed you Terry...
Terry Woods, Richmon -07/21, 04:35 pm- Promised to Phillip, pend
Bob Codeglia -07/20, 09:46 pm- Up for sale today is my b
Freighter Jim -07/20, 10:33 pm- Does the flapper gal come
Bob Codeglia -07/21, 02:47 pm- Nope, sorry, I should hav
WTB: K-W Switch Key Plug
Scot Taylor -07/21, 01:36 pm- Wanted: K-W Master Vibrat
ForSale. 2 new wards riverside 30x3 blackwall tuires
Michael Duffy -07/21, 12:31 pm- Tires are sold
For Sale: A Real Clean 1916-25 Oil Tail Lamp
ggz -07/21, 10:46 am- Here is a really nice and
Mark Chaffin......Co -07/21, 11:11 am- No answer by phone. I wi
ggz -07/21, 11:18 am- SOLD! Thank you Mark and
Wanted:Accessory brakes
Stephen D Heatherly -07/21, 10:41 am- nobody?
For Sale:A Nice 1926 Tudor Sedan
ggz -07/21, 10:24 am- This 1926 Model T Tudor s
ggz -07/21, 10:28 am- Please call 734-734-4274
ggz -07/21, 10:39 am- More pictures...[attachme
Dave Huson, Berthoud -07/21, 01:24 am- The drum has been spoken
For Sale: Special Ford Set Holly Bushing Extractors
Paul jacobs -07/20, 07:28 pm- For Sale: Special Ford Se
Paul jacobs -07/20, 07:29 pm- [image.jpeg]
Paul jacobs -07/20, 11:36 pm- Sold pending funds
For Sale 1927 Model T Coupe, $2,800
Bob Peterson -07/20, 08:06 pm- Car is sold pending payme
Michael Garrison - R -07/20, 11:05 pm- MTFTA? Model T Ford Timin
Brassworks Radiator set up for Flathead V-8 NIB
Mike Walker, NW AR -07/20, 10:48 pm- I have a new brass radiat
1923 Model T Roadster for sale
Donald Wertman -07/20, 09:05 pm- Frame up restored 1923 Mo
Tbay, are you kidding me??
Jerry Brancato, Burb -07/20, 05:14 pm- Thanks, Mark. Just what I
Steven Thum -07/20, 06:42 pm- He will probably have as
Ed in California -07/20, 06:53 pm- If you cared about me and
1923 TT For Trade
Donald Wertman -07/20, 04:19 pm- vehicle for sale a 1923 T
FS brass top coils
stuart clipson -07/20, 04:02 pm- 1 lot of nine brass top c
1915 Kingston L carburetor For Sale
Layden Butler -07/20, 03:44 pm- $80 plus postage
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