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Model T Ford Forum
Forum 2016
Old Photo Postcard - Model T On The Homestead 1911
Jay - In Northern Ca -10/26, 09:34 pm- [444a.jpg] [444.jpg]
Craig Sutton -10/27, 09:41 am- I wish life was still sim
Robert G. Hester Jr. -10/27, 10:51 am- Craig, in about 1953 my p
Dennis Seth - Jeffer -10/27, 11:07 am- That house is a mirror im
David Dewey, N. Cali -10/27, 12:57 pm- Dennis, That might be a
Will Copeland - West -10/27, 04:01 pm- That house looks just lik
Dennis Seth - Jeffer -10/27, 04:45 pm- Dave, Ive work in constr
David Dewey, N. Cali -10/27, 06:43 pm- Hmm, could be Dennis, alt
Erik Johnson -10/27, 07:59 pm- Thats a typical/average M
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -10/27, 09:04 pm- Great pic Jay! Kit or no
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -10/27, 10:52 pm- I was born when we lived
David Dewey, N. Cali -10/28, 12:05 am- Right now I cant even use
David Stroud -10/28, 03:17 am- Almost all of the old far
Wiring Recommendation
Tom Donahue -10/21, 11:36 pm- George, can the TrueFire
George n LakeOzark,M -10/22, 01:56 am- Tom, Batt only !!!!. Mag
Tom Donahue -10/22, 10:09 am- Thanks George, good to kn
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/22, 10:39 am- Most of the dealers who s
Steve Tomaso - Longb -10/22, 10:50 am- I also carry a line of ne
Mark Strange - Hills -10/22, 01:09 pm- My 24 came to me without
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/22, 05:12 pm- Steve, if you want to pos
Tom Donahue -10/22, 05:31 pm- Mark, I was leaning towar
Mark Strange - Hills -10/22, 06:00 pm- When you get the engine r
Steve Tomaso - Longb -10/22, 08:07 pm- Steves T Works, LLC Model
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/23, 10:27 am- [IMG_0428 copy.JPG] [IM
Tom Donahue -10/23, 11:21 am- Mark, thanks for the magn
Tom Donahue -10/23, 11:25 am- Sorry Steve, what I meant
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/23, 11:45 am- From 1922 on, all coil bo
Tom Donahue -10/23, 10:32 pm- Steve, thanks for clearin
Tom Donahue -10/24, 10:29 pm- Steve, I take it your not
David Stroud -10/28, 02:43 am- Tom, I have a good old af
Some of you have disagreed with this
Warren Henderson, Du -10/27, 03:50 pm- Some of you have disagree
Dick Lodge - St Loui -10/27, 03:55 pm- I have always maintained
Adam Doleshal -10/27, 04:04 pm- About this time of year I
Warren Henderson, Du -10/27, 04:17 pm- Dick, Thank you for your
Allan Bennett - Aust -10/27, 04:26 pm- I really like the tins it
Rich Bingham -10/27, 06:25 pm- It smells good too.
Donnie Brown North C -10/27, 06:27 pm- Warren, You are a brave s
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -10/27, 07:02 pm- Warren H, I like your pos
Peter Claverie, Memp -10/27, 07:12 pm- I love MMO as well, but I
Howard D. Dennis Byr -10/27, 07:14 pm- Warren, the only question
Charlie B actually i -10/27, 07:26 pm- No automobile manufacture
JohnCodman -10/27, 07:27 pm- Marvel mystery oil has fr
Richard L Grzegorowi -10/27, 07:30 pm- I JUST TRIED TO POST A ME
James A. Golden -10/27, 09:00 pm- I was told to put a cupfu
Allan Bennett - Aust -10/28, 12:19 am- Charlie B, what proof of
David Dewey, N. Cali -10/28, 01:04 am- I once had a car that had
Freighter Jim -10/28, 02:15 am- Whatever floats your boat
Tapered leaf spring with dimples rather than a bolt.
Daniel Kraft -10/25, 07:57 pm- Ive got a tapered front l
Jack Daron - Brownsb -10/25, 08:02 pm- I also have one. It had 9
Kevin Matthiesen -10/25, 08:33 pm- I have a tapered leaf fro
Royce in Dallas TX -10/25, 08:55 pm- Dan Treace posted an ad f
Jim Eviston -10/25, 08:57 pm- Likewise here.I bought on
Jim Eviston -10/25, 09:06 pm- Typing same time as Royce
Craig Sutton -10/26, 09:39 am- I have a spring with rais
Jay - In Northern Ca -10/26, 09:57 am- Heres mine I posted back
Larry Smith, Lomita, -10/26, 11:37 am- Ive seen those. I believe
Charlie B actually i -10/26, 12:18 pm- Once again something new
Robbie Price -10/27, 10:30 pm- I have a set of springs l
Kevin Matthiesen -10/28, 01:52 am- My dimpled front spring l
My first model T
Greg Joiner -10/27, 05:55 pm- Will be getting this in a
Mark Strange - Hills -10/27, 06:08 pm- Congratulations! [:-] h
Erik Johnson -10/27, 06:13 pm- That was advertised for q
Greg Joiner -10/27, 06:16 pm- Thanks! Eric I will chec
Dallas landers -10/27, 06:20 pm- Being a volunteer fire fi
Erik Johnson -10/27, 06:22 pm- Here are more photos of t
Greg Joiner -10/27, 06:36 pm- I have about 20 more pict
David Dewey, N. Cali -10/27, 06:43 pm- Those non-pneumatic front
Greg Joiner -10/27, 06:46 pm- He got 4 new coker tires
Chad Marchees _____T -10/27, 06:46 pm- I like it. A small part o
Peter Claverie, Memp -10/27, 07:07 pm- First, drain the gas out,
Gary H. White - Sher -10/27, 07:50 pm- Looks like a dog may have
Greg Joiner -10/27, 11:11 pm- Thanks all. I am a littl
Erik Johnson -10/27, 11:23 pm- The rims are designed for
Erik Johnson -10/27, 11:25 pm- After looking at the phot
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/27, 11:50 pm- The Pneuflex tires thats
Erik Johnson -10/28, 12:01 am- Lack of punctures or blow
David Dewey, N. Cali -10/28, 12:05 am- Greg, No one has mentio
Peter Martin, Sydney -10/28, 01:50 am- I quite like the rocket l
Politics and Federal Income Tax Exempt Organizations
Trent Boggess -10/27, 09:56 pm- I have been following the
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -10/27, 10:20 pm- Well said, Trent. Thank
Keith Townsend ; ^ ) -10/27, 10:37 pm- Thanks, Trent. I saw a b
Dan B -10/28, 12:35 am- Trent, Thanks for taking
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -10/28, 01:30 am- Thank you Trent B! From M
Old Photo - Rolling Lizzie Out Of Her Sleeping Quarters
Jay - In Northern Ca -10/27, 10:20 am- [cbsdbsf.jpg]
Dennis Seth - Jeffer -10/27, 10:32 am- W.C. Fields getting ready
Brooks Schlieben -10/27, 12:26 pm- Great pics. What was the
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -10/27, 12:35 pm- Its a high performance de
Kevin Pharis -10/28, 12:48 am- By the end of this trip..
Allan Bennett - Aust -10/28, 01:21 am- Interesting body style. I
Why an apology postcard?
Mike Vaughn - Lincol -10/25, 08:19 pm- I would like to take a a
Mike Walker, NW AR -10/25, 08:39 pm- Thank you. Mike, and the
Jay - In Northern Ca -10/25, 08:43 pm- Thanks Mike V. Lawyers ea
Jonathan Bodine -10/25, 09:04 pm- I didnt know that Edsel I
Kohnke Rebabbitting, -10/25, 09:18 pm- In any event I dont plan
Allen Banks -10/25, 09:23 pm- Legal challenge by who?
John E Cox -10/25, 11:01 pm- IRS
Burger in Spokane -10/25, 11:08 pm- I witnessed a guy eat his
Jim Eviston -10/25, 11:20 pm- I have sat on the BOD of
John Semprez-Templet -10/26, 12:07 am- Unfortunately, evil prosp
Dave Frost -10/26, 12:38 am- Damn Revenuers.
john kuehn -10/26, 10:34 am- In other words if a guy w
Fred Miller, Sequim  -10/26, 12:52 pm- I liked the story that sh
Michael Deichmann, B -10/26, 01:20 pm- Im wondering if members a
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -10/26, 01:26 pm- ...the postcard needed to
Michael Deichmann, B -10/26, 01:41 pm- OK. Havnt got it yet, but
G.R.Cheshire -10/26, 01:48 pm- Im Sorry but I dont liste
David Dewey, N. Cali -10/26, 02:23 pm- As much as I dislike the
Glen Chaffin -10/26, 02:25 pm- No apology necessary. I f
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -10/26, 02:36 pm- Michael, I was calm. I w
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -10/26, 02:39 pm- I got my postcard yesterd
Robert Brough -10/26, 03:05 pm- We didnt know a thing abo
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -10/26, 03:30 pm- The man who sent it out c
Larry Smith, Lomita, -10/26, 03:40 pm- Ive read the article twic
Gilbert V. I. Fitzhu -10/26, 04:25 pm- Folks, as a 501c3 organiz
john kuehn -10/26, 05:57 pm- For the folks that dont k
Kim Dobbins -10/26, 06:06 pm- Sounds like its time for
Glen Chaffin -10/26, 06:16 pm- I hate political correctn
Glen Chaffin -10/26, 07:34 pm- There are two threads, ke
tim moore, "Island C -10/26, 07:54 pm- Regardless of how I feel
Ron Mc Willie -10/26, 08:40 pm- The BOD is a very respons
Jared Buckert -10/27, 10:18 am- Heres how I see it. And
Stephen, South Texas -10/27, 11:26 am- quote:And we dont have an
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/27, 11:38 am- I dont see any political
Adam Doleshal -10/27, 12:47 pm- A very large part of maki
John Semprez-Templet -10/27, 01:39 pm- I agree with Adam, appear
john kuehn -10/27, 02:06 pm- I agree to a point John t
Stephen, South Texas -10/27, 02:34 pm- There was a complaint. Th
John Semprez-Templet -10/27, 02:55 pm- John, Im not sure I agree
Glen Chaffin -10/27, 03:52 pm- The whiners are two polit
Jon Crane -10/27, 06:59 pm- PRESIDENTIAL ENDORSEMENT
john kuehn -10/27, 07:25 pm- Ill be the after hours me
Glen Chaffin -10/27, 07:48 pm- Your right John, She is a
Jon Crane -10/27, 08:20 pm- BEER PARTY is the Only Pa
Dave Frost -10/27, 08:38 pm- Thanks Glen for the info.
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -10/27, 11:01 pm- Someone opened Pandoras b
Jon Crane -10/28, 12:46 am- Now Fred Why the sudden s
OT Name suggestions?
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/23, 12:06 pm- Sadly, Lizzie bought the
Gary Schreiber- Sant -10/23, 12:08 pm- Holley is going to be a b
Dan McEachern -10/23, 12:09 pm- Clara
G.R.Cheshire -10/23, 12:14 pm- Sorry to hear about Lizzi
Ed in California -10/23, 12:27 pm- Magneto
Jack Putnam, Bluffto -10/23, 12:51 pm- Fliver
Rich Bingham -10/23, 12:51 pm- For the pups sake choose
John Semprez-Templet -10/23, 01:22 pm- My son just got a new lit
Nicholas Lingg - Tar -10/23, 01:31 pm- NO John! I guarantee you
Charlie B actually i -10/23, 02:05 pm- Had a dog years ago with
Dennis Seth - Jeffer -10/23, 02:06 pm- Sorry to hear about your
Bob Coiro -10/23, 02:09 pm- Adeline, Genevieve, Henri
Norman T. Kling -10/23, 03:57 pm- My sister had a dog named
Keith Townsend ; ^ ) -10/23, 04:00 pm- Driver. [driver smaller.
Bob Cascisa - Poulsb -10/23, 05:06 pm- SPUD [:-] Be_Zero_Be
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -10/23, 05:24 pm- Lug nut! Forget holly u
Dallas landers -10/23, 06:19 pm- Name it buzz !!!
Dallas landers -10/23, 06:25 pm- Annabuzz ? Its a female
tim moore, "Island C -10/23, 09:35 pm- My last dog was RAJO he r
Burger in Spokane -10/23, 10:24 pm- Our now-gone dog had a re
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -10/24, 04:37 am- Warning! Not for the sque
Tom VanMeeteren Vall -10/24, 08:54 am- Since the dog made its fi
Richard Schrage -10/24, 09:00 am- How about Tuxedo.
Roger Karlsson, sout -10/24, 09:03 am- Shes cute with a tuxedo m
G.R.Cheshire -10/24, 09:28 am- Steve Will her middle nam
Steve Humphrey -10/24, 09:37 am- Looks like a SWEETHEART
Derek Kiefer - Manto -10/24, 10:36 am- We named our dog Holley w
George Mills_Cherry  -10/24, 10:47 am- Spokes
Brian Beatty _Kansas -10/24, 10:54 am- If she were a he, I would
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -10/24, 11:54 am- My vote, Magneto, or Mag
John Doolittle -10/24, 02:38 pm- How bout Ahoooga? Then wh
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -10/24, 03:48 pm- First you have my sympath
Kevin Matthiesen -10/24, 04:06 pm- I have two small dogs of
Eugene Story -10/24, 09:15 pm- Dogs respond better to sh
Jim Derocher -10/24, 09:25 pm- Sorry about losing a crit
Jim Eviston -10/24, 10:42 pm- Steve I know how tough lo
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -10/24, 10:44 pm- Dog is a great name for a
Marc Roberts, York,  -10/24, 10:55 pm- Nipper, the RCA Victory d
brass car guy -10/24, 11:01 pm- How about Edsels wifes na
David Dewey, N. Cali -10/25, 12:01 am- My Brother named his dog
Burger in Spokane -10/25, 12:59 am- I contacted my local Blac
Hal Schedler, Sacram -10/25, 01:14 am- A very long time ago I ha
Harold Schwendeman - -10/25, 02:53 am- I agree with Jack Putnam,
Harold Schwendeman - -10/25, 02:55 am- ....and besides that, hes
Eric Sole - Castelld -10/25, 03:03 am- So sorry to hear of Lizzi
ROBERT BERGSTADT -10/25, 09:09 am- Missi ! as many problems
john kuehn -10/25, 09:48 am- Bob you said it right! M
Robert Govoni -10/25, 12:21 pm- Stay. That way you can
Dennis Seth - Jeffer -10/25, 02:04 pm- Well Steve, have you pick
Mike Spaziano, Bellf -10/25, 03:03 pm- We got a new dog last Jan
Les VonNordheim -10/25, 03:27 pm- Steve, Very sorry for you
Keith Townsend ; ^ ) -10/25, 03:30 pm- DOG Pronounce it Dee Y
Dave Young in Mays L -10/25, 03:32 pm- Ruckstell
Mark A. Usry  -10/25, 06:55 pm- My wife said name her Can
Kevin Whelihan Danbu -10/25, 07:51 pm- How about shortening Ruck
Allen Banks -10/25, 09:44 pm- VICTROLA
Ted Dumas -10/25, 11:28 pm- If its a boy, call it Ruc
Craig Anderson, cent -10/26, 02:09 am- Ive read this thread ever
G.R.Cheshire -10/26, 06:49 am- Steve; This is what Holle
Noel D. Chicoine, MD -10/26, 08:30 am- So sorry to hear of your
John Aldrich Orting  -10/26, 12:50 pm- Dang. HATE losing a dog w
Mike-Iowa -10/26, 01:03 pm- Steve, how about YoMajest
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -10/26, 01:16 pm- Steve, Got any ideas on
David Stroud -10/27, 04:40 am- We have miniature rat ter
Gerry Hibbs -10/27, 02:15 pm- ,How about Mustang--notic
Gerry Hibbs -10/27, 02:15 pm- Hi, Dave. If it falls th
Gerry Hibbs -10/27, 02:17 pm- [Mustang.jpg]
Don Kirtley -10/27, 02:30 pm- Damit, Sit Damit, Stay
Burger in Spokane -10/27, 02:39 pm- While deployed in AFG, on
Scott Owens -10/27, 02:50 pm- Miss T Scott
Keith Townsend ; ^ ) -10/27, 11:04 pm- I had a cat named Dammit.
Terry Woods, Richmon -10/28, 12:26 am- I know Steve is asking fo
Autoplicity's Champion X plugs
Eido Walny, Milwauke -10/21, 09:11 pm- I wanted to say thanks to
David Dewey, N. Cali -10/22, 12:08 am- Autoplicity now shows the
Eido Walny, Milwauke -10/22, 03:01 am- I did not pay that much.
Eido Walny, Milwauke -10/22, 03:03 am- Im showing $25.27 with 50
Eido Walny, Milwauke -10/22, 03:04 am- You have to go to their w
Mark Lynn -10/22, 08:33 am- Ok so I tried plugging in
John Doolittle -10/22, 08:45 am- Try Champion 425
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -10/22, 09:08 am- NAPA sells them for right
David Dewey, N. Cali -10/22, 02:45 pm- Hmm,m so far 20 minutes i
Shawn Hayward -10/22, 03:51 pm- I think I have 5 sets of
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/22, 04:42 pm- Building a good set of or
David Dewey, N. Cali -10/22, 05:08 pm- Finally got to my local s
Sam Mendenhall -10/23, 02:23 pm- Is the Champion 425 or 42
Eido Walny, Milwauke -10/23, 03:37 pm- 425
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/23, 04:55 pm- For those who havent seen
Roger Hudson -10/23, 06:03 pm- Steve thanks for the read
Mike Green - So Cal -10/27, 01:35 pm- For anyone that is intere
William L Vanderburg -10/27, 03:51 pm- OReillys advertises on TV
Eido Walny, Milwauke -10/27, 08:04 pm- I went to every Oreillys
David Dewey, N. Cali -10/27, 08:18 pm- Local store here N. Calif
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/27, 10:37 pm- [IMG_6662_2.JPG] David,
David Dewey, N. Cali -10/28, 12:06 am- Steve, I HAVE one of tho
Brian Beatty _Kansas -10/28, 12:24 am- Rock Auto has them for $2
How Fast in Ruckstell High
Warren F Rollins -10/27, 06:17 pm- Living in a hilly area in
Kevin Whelihan Danbu -10/27, 06:33 pm- I guess it would depend o
George n LakeOzark,M -10/27, 09:14 pm- Is the gearing ratio same
Warren F Rollins -10/27, 11:22 pm- Stock ring and pinion wit
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/27, 11:36 pm- I thought Ruckstell high
Terry Woods, Richmon -10/28, 12:15 am- Ruckstell high is 1 to 1
Secret of speed ?
Constantine -10/27, 10:51 pm-
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/28, 12:01 am- One per plug?
Oh what a paint job !
Tom Strickling -10/27, 11:27 am- Every body has their own
G.R.Cheshire -10/27, 11:39 am- Dr. My Eyes, was I unwise
Ed in California -10/27, 11:41 am- Nothing a weekend and a g
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/27, 11:42 am- But its been upgraded! [:
Richard Eagle Idaho  -10/27, 11:43 am- I have suspected that peo
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -10/27, 12:05 pm- No comment.
Kohnke Rebabbitting, -10/27, 12:23 pm- That paint job would make
James J. Lyons III - -10/27, 12:24 pm- Perfect vehicle to get so
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -10/27, 12:26 pm- The paint doesnt bother m
David Dewey, N. Cali -10/27, 12:27 pm- Bless his soul, I think t
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -10/27, 12:30 pm- The paint was on sale. Wh
Dick Fischer - Arroy -10/27, 12:36 pm- I read all the posts befo
David Dewey, N. Cali -10/27, 12:41 pm- Now that all the photos h
David Dewey, N. Cali -10/27, 12:43 pm- Now that all the photos h
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -10/27, 12:44 pm- Well, I dont know what th
David Dewey, N. Cali -10/27, 12:44 pm- Dial-up hiccups again! So
Erik Johnson -10/27, 12:52 pm- Very creative home-made w
Marv Konrad (Green B -10/27, 12:58 pm- Maybe my glasses need an
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -10/27, 01:01 pm- Marv, When the top is be
Jim Kelsey -10/27, 01:09 pm- Hideous!
Jim Kelsey -10/27, 01:20 pm- Hideous!
Marv Konrad (Green B -10/27, 01:23 pm- Thanks, Jerry! That helps
john kuehn -10/27, 01:27 pm- The first thing I noticed
Craig Sutton -10/27, 01:37 pm- STILL better than seeing
Bruce Spainhower - P -10/27, 01:45 pm- Caretakers at Saint Marth
Dave Dufault -10/27, 02:15 pm- How boring to have a worl
Darel J. Leipold -10/27, 02:20 pm- I like the car! So someo
Erik Johnson -10/27, 02:20 pm- To make folks feel better
Burger in Spokane -10/27, 02:20 pm- The car is easy enough to
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -10/27, 03:30 pm- Erik, now THAT looks clas
Dennis Seth - Jeffer -10/27, 03:58 pm- Perhaps it was the first
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/27, 04:52 pm- When I saw the naked hood
Steven Thum -10/27, 05:50 pm- That car is owned by a me
Dick Lodge - St Loui -10/27, 06:12 pm- A minor correction, Steve
Willis Jenkins -10/27, 06:15 pm- Looks like something a yo
JohnCodman -10/27, 07:46 pm- Not the colors that I wou
Keith Townsend ; ^ ) -10/27, 09:14 pm- Phil and Flo I believe.
Dick Lodge - St Loui -10/27, 09:25 pm- Yes, Keith. They were, an
Keith Townsend ; ^ ) -10/27, 10:49 pm- Phil and Flo did an aweso
Dick Lodge - St Loui -10/27, 11:30 pm- Keith, yes. The annual me
Hood hinge
Mark Lynn -10/22, 08:36 am- Is there a vendor that se
John Zibell, Huntsvi -10/22, 09:07 am- You might try talking wit
Roger Karlsson, sout -10/22, 09:22 am- Is it for brass era alumi
Peter Kirk -10/22, 11:06 am- Is this what you are look
Mark Lynn -10/22, 11:18 am- Thanks guys, this is for
Mark Lynn -10/23, 10:24 pm- Here you go. This is what
Roger Karlsson, sout -10/23, 10:36 pm- If youre not very good at
Donald Conklin -10/23, 10:42 pm- Mark I did what Peter did
Mark Lynn -10/24, 10:25 pm- Thanks, I can weld so tha
Allan Bennett - Aust -10/25, 03:41 am- Mark, I can weld too, oxy
Mark Lynn -10/27, 08:18 pm- Peter, I would like to ge
Mark Lynn -10/27, 11:13 pm- Contacted Root Lieb, hope
What a nice pair of plugs
Constantine -10/27, 10:31 pm-
Constantine -10/27, 10:42 pm- [s-l16lp00m.jpg]
FJ - I am off the reservation ....
Freighter Jim -10/27, 07:42 pm- Sitting down for dinner a
Dallas landers -10/27, 07:55 pm- Ahhee!! Need to watch tho
Charlie B actually i -10/27, 07:55 pm- Keep you head down and ea
Dallas landers -10/27, 08:07 pm- Charlie I believe that is
Rich Bingham -10/27, 08:32 pm- Above all, dont make fun
Bill Everett -10/27, 10:33 pm- Ceste Bonne...
Cylinder head torque specs
Allen Brintnall -10/26, 06:23 pm- What are the torque specs
Mark Strange - Hills -10/26, 06:39 pm- Back in the day, there we
Charlie Dill -10/26, 06:43 pm- Hi Allen - I wont quote t
Kevin Whelihan Danbu -10/26, 07:57 pm- Allen, You talking about
john kuehn -10/26, 09:31 pm- I have to ask and wonder
Allen Brintnall -10/26, 09:42 pm- Thanks guys, Ill shoot fo
Ted Dumas -10/26, 09:53 pm- Of its an early block 50-
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/27, 12:12 am- You can reach the back on
Kim Dobbins -10/27, 02:39 am- Right on Ted! Thats just
David Dewey, N. Cali -10/27, 03:13 am- Allen, Do NOT go to 55 f
Allen Brintnall -10/27, 09:22 pm- Thanks again for the help
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -10/27, 10:31 pm- I torque to 45. I have al
Rajo 4V cyl head
John Ruth -10/27, 07:24 pm- Interested in seeing fell
Walt Berdan, Bellevu -10/27, 08:56 pm- I ran a 4 valve on my spe
Donnie Brown North C -10/27, 08:58 pm- John. I have one of the A
Seth in Alabama -10/27, 09:20 pm- John I have an Australian
Les Schubert -10/27, 09:34 pm- In regards to head gasket
Erik Barrett in Aubu -10/27, 09:49 pm- Head gaskets are prone to
John Ruth -10/27, 10:13 pm- Erik - are you able to co
Drive shaft tube question
Bob Benedict, Humbol -10/27, 07:08 am- I pulled my rear end asse
Roger Karlsson, sout -10/27, 08:40 am- Noone seems to know exact
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/27, 08:46 am- Roddas Volume I says the
Larry Smith, Lomita, -10/27, 10:26 am- I used to own a March 192
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -10/27, 09:58 pm- And another closely relat
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -10/27, 10:03 pm- I am wondering if Bob B i
Old Photo -Model T Era - Arlington Oregon, Home Of The D...
Jay - In Northern Ca -10/26, 09:38 pm- [fghfjy777.jpg]
Bill Harper - Keene, -10/27, 12:50 am- I am really surprised by
Chris Landry, Hudson -10/27, 12:08 pm- Birthplace od Doc Severin
David Dewey, N. Cali -10/27, 12:26 pm- Whos Doc Severinsen?? [:-
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -10/27, 12:29 pm- Chris, I wonder if they
Richard Eagle Idaho  -10/27, 01:34 pm- A nice sunny day. Some co
Dale L Myers -10/27, 02:02 pm- It looks almost like a fa
Burger in Spokane -10/27, 02:07 pm- This is my stomping groun
Craig Sutton -10/27, 02:14 pm- Thanks for sharing Burger
Burger in Spokane -10/27, 02:50 pm- Craig, Another early s
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -10/27, 03:09 pm- Jay, thanks for posting s
Warren Henderson, Du -10/27, 04:04 pm- Thanks for posting Jay! B
David Dewey, N. Cali -10/27, 04:04 pm- I have a few insulators,
Burger in Spokane -10/27, 09:18 pm- The Western Pacific sign
David Dewey, N. Cali -10/27, 09:55 pm- If you ever find a WP Fea
OT-Bob Hoover
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -10/27, 07:56 am- Found out last night that
Gary Tillstrom 30 mi -10/27, 09:00 am- I just read his book last
Gary Tillstrom 30 mi -10/27, 09:09 am- This is Model T related,
Royce in Dallas TX -10/27, 02:08 pm- Bob had his piston Comman
Will Copeland - West -10/27, 03:57 pm- We are losing are WW2 and
John Semprez-Templet -10/27, 07:30 pm- I had the privilege of me
Hap Tucker in Sumter -10/27, 09:20 pm- What a great American. H
Marc Roberts, York,  -10/27, 09:29 pm- I was also lucky enough t
For you accessories aficionados, I could use some help....
Jeff Perkins / St. C -10/25, 07:44 pm- I recently purchased this
Jeff Perkins / St. C -10/25, 07:53 pm- Here are two more picture
Warren F Rollins -10/25, 08:04 pm- Wish I could help but rea
Tim Lloid -10/25, 08:35 pm- Great accessories. The ca
Jim Eviston -10/26, 12:35 am- In over 35 years of looki
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/26, 01:28 am- The most obvious accessor
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -10/26, 01:38 am- Nice! One of the side-int
Dan B -10/26, 01:59 am- Larger pictures would hel
Jeff Perkins / St. C -10/26, 08:39 am- [image.jpeg] . [image.j
Jeff Perkins / St. C -10/26, 08:45 am- Cant seem to make the pic
Roger Karlsson, sout -10/26, 08:49 am- Trying to enlarge the lis
Darel J. Leipold -10/27, 01:54 pm- That is Seekons Model T.
Darel J. Leipold -10/27, 02:13 pm- Louis Seekon was a vintag
Roger Karlsson, sout -10/27, 06:06 pm- Darel, do you know if Mr
Jeff Perkins / St. C -10/27, 06:11 pm- Thanks Darel! I have also
Darel J. Leipold -10/27, 08:05 pm- Louie collected the acces
Darel J. Leipold -10/27, 08:28 pm- corrections: Louie collec
Dennis Hoshield; Oak -10/27, 08:31 pm- I like the top.... is it
Erik Johnson -10/27, 09:28 pm- Roger: I asked my dad th
Info On White Rubber Tires
Paul Goddard  -10/27, 03:07 pm- Just wondering if anyone
Mark Strange - Hills -10/27, 03:21 pm- Yes, there have been disc
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -10/27, 03:24 pm- Paul, my advice is dont w
Don Kirtley -10/27, 04:10 pm- In the last 13 years I ha
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/27, 04:38 pm- I have a set of white Riv
Sam Mendenhall -10/27, 04:46 pm- I put a set on a 14 for a
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -10/27, 07:05 pm- Steve, when/if you do put
Bill Harris, Hunting -10/27, 07:33 pm- Ive had no problems with
Hal Schedler, Sacram -10/27, 07:44 pm- The only flat tires we ev
Walter Higgins -10/27, 08:50 pm- About 18 months ago I mou
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -10/27, 08:56 pm- consideration
Walter Higgins -10/27, 09:00 pm- Thats a good point Tim, b
5 row core ford radiator Question
lorenzo leon -10/27, 01:47 pm- I found a [ ford 5 row co
john kuehn -10/27, 01:51 pm- Might have been an older
Ted Dumas -10/27, 08:08 pm- I think original round tu
lorenzo leon -10/27, 08:28 pm- There are no clips for th
James A. Golden -10/27, 08:57 pm- I bought a new Brassworks
Old Photo - Model T's In The Movies
Jay - In Northern Ca -10/27, 10:17 am- [vncvbcbnmvftty.png]
Gary H. White - Sher -10/27, 07:33 pm- Good luck. Youll need it.
Jeff Humble -10/27, 08:06 pm- Looks like the one on the
My Model T is ready for Halloween and rides for the ghouls
George schmidt -10/27, 07:54 pm- [IMG_5045.JPG] [IMG_5044.
Dallas landers -10/27, 08:02 pm- If I wanted people to. Be
I'm all set for Halloween, how about you?
Warren Henderson, Du -10/26, 08:10 am- After driving to Concord,
Freighter Jim -10/26, 09:43 am- Warren, I enjoyed that !
Steve Humphrey -10/26, 12:34 pm- Absolutely Fabulous... A
Warren Henderson, Du -10/26, 01:16 pm- Thank you Freighter Jim a
Eric Sole - Castelld -10/27, 09:52 am- I love the Halloween Spec
Mark Strange - Hills -10/27, 10:01 am- Got the candy ready for t
Mack Cole ---- Earth -10/27, 10:15 am- Ah, the 1 day i can walk
Bill Harper - Keene, -10/27, 10:32 am- I wonder if any dentists
David Dewey, N. Cali -10/27, 01:15 pm- Forget the trick or treat
Val Soupios -10/27, 03:08 pm- Not a Ford but ready for
Chris Bamford, Edmon -10/27, 07:52 pm- Ive had the original owne
Gustaf in Idaho -10/27, 08:02 pm- [gus.jpg] I have my cost
Arnold -10/26, 10:17 pm- Just adjusted my coils wi
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -10/26, 11:31 pm- The proof is in the puddi
JohnH -10/27, 03:11 am- Yes, its a great little i
Paul Hoogendoorn -10/27, 03:37 am- Absolutely! My 22 Runab
Greg Adkisson -10/27, 09:28 am- WINK
Craig Sutton -10/27, 11:04 am- This is the first Ive hea
Dave Dufault -10/27, 11:23 am- Craig, youre kidding, rig
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/27, 11:44 am- Hes stirring the pot
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -10/27, 12:02 pm- And it will soon be boili
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -10/27, 12:22 pm- Craig, Ive HEARD that it
Bill Harper - Keene, -10/27, 12:49 pm- Arnold is pleased with th
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -10/27, 12:54 pm- What do we care if he use
Mark Chaffin......Co -10/27, 12:55 pm- You guys better stop befo
Bill Harper - Keene, -10/27, 01:10 pm- Hi Hal, No, I am not say
Craig Sutton -10/27, 01:18 pm- Dave/Steve/others: Ive n
Dave Dufault -10/27, 02:25 pm- Well, with that explanati
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -10/27, 03:18 pm- And all I wanna know from
Arnold -10/27, 04:40 pm- Sorry I didnt get back so
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -10/27, 07:09 pm- Thanks Arnold! Appreciat
Model T or Model A Cutout?
Pat Kelly Montana -10/27, 04:32 pm- How can I tell a A cutout
Mark Gregush Portlan -10/27, 05:49 pm- Original stock type you c
1926 Fordor restore...another winter project
Don Booth@ Bay City, -10/26, 04:20 pm- Starting to do some more
Jim Derocher -10/26, 04:33 pm- Looks like that new bands
Gary Schreiber- Sant -10/26, 04:51 pm- Just WOW, Don
Joseph A. Stearns -10/26, 05:43 pm- Don, you are just having
Don Booth@ Bay City, -10/26, 06:30 pm- Thanks JD, Gary and Joe.
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -10/26, 06:43 pm- Dog-gone Don, that is nic
n maver -10/26, 07:45 pm- Don I know this is a long
n maver -10/26, 07:49 pm- [638772 (Small).jpg]
n maver -10/26, 07:50 pm- [image3 1 (Small).JPG]
n maver -10/26, 07:56 pm- [image5 (Small).JPG]
n maver -10/26, 07:58 pm- [image4 (Small) (2).JPG]
Don Booth@ Bay City, -10/27, 05:00 am- Hi N, no thats not one of
David Dewey, N. Cali -10/27, 12:39 pm- Hmm, AFAIK, all that shin
Don Booth@ Bay City, -10/27, 02:52 pm- Hi Dave, it will get pain
David Dewey, N. Cali -10/27, 04:14 pm- Don, I was posting about
Old Photo - The Whole Fam Damly Posing At A Roadside Stop
Jay - In Northern Ca -10/27, 10:30 am- [-DAUPHIN-CANADA.jpg]
Craig Sutton -10/27, 10:38 am- The one and only year my
Norman T. Kling -10/27, 11:23 am- I suspect that was either
Will Copeland - West -10/27, 04:05 pm- Jay, By chance would you
Salmon River Tour Photos
Pat Kelly Montana -10/26, 05:55 pm- This link is to a pro pho
Kirk Peterson  -10/26, 06:06 pm- Thanks Pat
Rick Schrage -- Gros -10/26, 07:11 pm- Outstanding photos. Looks
Rick Schrage -- Gros -10/26, 07:13 pm- I mean car wash!
Don Kirtley -10/26, 07:59 pm- Man alive! Thats my kind
Gilbert V. I. Fitzhu -10/26, 09:34 pm- I would have reveled in t
Warwick Landy Traral -10/27, 03:43 am- What magnificent pictures
Richard Eagle Idaho  -10/27, 11:33 am- Im glad you got to tour i
Pat Kelly Montana -10/27, 12:33 pm- Richard, was this Dugout
Richard Eagle Idaho  -10/27, 01:32 pm- I looked this up: Direct
Dale Peterson Colleg -10/27, 01:39 pm- Im jealous! Grew up in t
Pat Kelly Montana -10/27, 03:54 pm- Get with David Cooley [dc
Pat Kelly Montana -10/27, 03:56 pm- Richard, thanks for the l
Lost another Model T Great.
Bob Peterson -10/26, 10:11 pm- The Model T family has lo
Dean Kiefer - Adams, -10/26, 10:22 pm- I always enjoyed talking
Roger Byrne - Racine -10/27, 08:45 am- As Bob said, Art was a gr
Eric Hylen- Central  -10/27, 02:55 pm- Art was a great ambassado
Derek Kiefer - Manto -10/27, 03:00 pm- Art will be missed. [:-]
Drat! I'm 0 for 2...
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/24, 05:56 pm- ...on reverse drums. [IM
Ted Dumas -10/24, 06:11 pm- Why dont you stop drill t
Verne Shirk -10/24, 06:21 pm- I wonder how many drums h
Gary Tillstrom 30 mi -10/24, 08:31 pm- I wonder how many cracked
Tom Carnegie Spokane -10/24, 08:32 pm- Ive been in the business
john kuehn -10/24, 10:33 pm- I have a questionable bra
Tom Lovejoy, So Cal -10/25, 01:05 am- I took apart I think 7 tr
Burger in Spokane -10/25, 12:06 pm- The answer here is obviou
Roger Karlsson, sout -10/25, 12:17 pm- Earlier thread about the
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/26, 01:32 am- Make that 0 for 4. One of
Nevin Gough -10/26, 03:31 am- Rivet another gear onto i
Roger Karlsson, sout -10/26, 05:33 am- shade tree mode here.. Th
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -10/26, 01:24 pm- Steve, I cant see that n
john kuehn -10/26, 03:07 pm- I dont think so either. W
Larry Smith, Lomita, -10/26, 03:45 pm- When I put my 25 transmis
David Dewey, N. Cali -10/26, 06:45 pm- I was going to say, Run i
Paul Vitko -10/27, 02:25 pm- Fairly sure I have nice h
Old Photo - August 6th, 1915 - Giving His FORD A Bath
Jay - In Northern Ca -10/27, 10:24 am- [,ouuiWYIJ90UYVCE.jpg]
G.R.Cheshire -10/27, 11:46 am- The horse in the backgrou
john kuehn -10/27, 01:40 pm- Wonder how long it stayed
Danny S. -10/25, 12:29 pm- Anyone know where i can f
Roger Karlsson, sout -10/25, 12:31 pm- Heres the spoke press dra
Nicholas Lingg - Tar -10/25, 12:33 pm-
Danny S. -10/25, 12:51 pm- THANKS TO YOU BOTH!
Jack Daron - Brownsb -10/25, 09:31 pm- I made one,and if you wer
Charlie B actually i -10/26, 08:49 am- Is it really necessary to
Dave Wilson, Saint J -10/26, 09:18 am- One time use? Not really.
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -10/26, 05:49 pm- I used a piece of scrap 3
gary hammond -10/27, 05:00 am- Heres mine, made from ste
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -10/27, 05:29 am- Nice spoke table!!!! 0
gary hammond -10/27, 05:31 am- Yup...all homemade. Speed
Gerry Hibbs -10/27, 01:36 pm- I wish I had an Olds for
Old Photo - Model T Era - Stone Street, Falls City, Neb.
Jay - In Northern Ca -10/26, 09:51 pm- [kly tyum66.jpg]
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -10/26, 11:30 pm- Almost every spot is take
Rich Bingham -10/27, 12:04 am- Fourth of July - look at
David Stroud -10/27, 04:09 am- Been there many times. I
Dennis Seth - Jeffer -10/27, 08:22 am- Its free beer Friday, so
Chris Landry, Hudson -10/27, 11:35 am- The red brick building be
David Dewey, N. Cali -10/27, 01:14 pm- Looks like the first four
Has anyone here shipped a used gas tank?
Dan Hatch -10/23, 10:22 am- I am wondering about what
G.R.Cheshire -10/23, 10:27 am- Dan I tried to ship one n
Chad Marchees _____T -10/23, 10:34 am- If it really smells like
Freighter Jim -10/23, 10:35 am- Dan, When a gas tank tha
AJ Bowlin -10/23, 10:44 am- Dan, Depending on price
mike peterson -10/23, 11:59 am- Dan. I ship them all the
Craig Sutton -10/23, 12:33 pm- Mike, Thats because they
Royce in Dallas TX -10/23, 12:54 pm- Put the gas tank out in t
mike peterson -10/23, 02:31 pm- Craig, how many times has
Craig Sutton -10/23, 02:52 pm- How many times have I had
mike peterson -10/23, 03:56 pm- when I ship thru ebay and
Bills Auto Works -10/23, 06:01 pm- Yes, some people worry to
Dave Frost -10/23, 06:03 pm- Ive purchased and sold ma
Gary H. White - Sher -10/23, 10:40 pm- Shipped a 27 tank via USP
bob middleton -10/24, 12:17 am- Box it seal it with plast
Terry Woods, Richmon -10/24, 02:32 am- I bought a 26-27 cowl mou
James J. Lyons III - -10/24, 06:47 am- Langs sent me a used tank
Jason Given - St. Pa -10/24, 07:44 am- I shipped a 26/27 tank a
Gustaf in Idaho -10/25, 10:56 am- quote from Craig Sutton T
gary hammond -10/27, 05:11 am- Tell us how you REALLY fe
David Dewey, N. Cali -10/27, 01:12 pm- I was helping a T friend
Apology Post Card
Bill Johnson -10/25, 04:08 pm- I received an apology pos
Bills Auto Works -10/25, 04:21 pm- That post card is exactly
Zachary Dillinger -  -10/25, 04:36 pm- I cant stand Pence or his
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -10/25, 04:37 pm- Well, I reckon they pulle
Dave Barker - Dayton -10/25, 04:49 pm- Was the card needed? Prob
Allen Banks -10/25, 05:10 pm- Your spot on Bills. Were
Royce in Dallas TX -10/25, 05:28 pm- I sure hope the club did
Burger in Spokane -10/25, 05:40 pm- All Americans need to see
Jay - In Northern Ca -10/25, 05:54 pm- Your witnessing political
Norman T. Kling -10/25, 05:57 pm- I dont think an apology w
David Dewey, N. Cali -10/25, 06:03 pm- Well, I finally found my
Justin H. - Western  -10/25, 06:06 pm- The MTFCA made it politic
john kuehn -10/25, 06:30 pm- What needs to happen is t
Kevin Matthiesen -10/25, 06:45 pm- A apology post card from
Dennis Plank - Three -10/25, 07:02 pm- The apology card is what
Tim Eyssen - Abilene -10/25, 07:11 pm- I have not received my ca
Royce in Dallas TX -10/25, 07:31 pm- Post card from the MTFCA
Bills Auto Works -10/25, 07:44 pm- This post has entirely to
Mike Vaughn - Lincol -10/25, 08:02 pm- I would like to take a a
Dave Dufault -10/25, 08:20 pm- Thank you for a most reas
Dennis Plank - Three -10/25, 08:23 pm- Sounds like somebody may
Kevin Whelihan Danbu -10/25, 08:29 pm- Thanks for the explanatio
Tim Eckensviller - T -10/25, 09:33 pm- You guys sure do seem eas
Charlie B actually i -10/25, 09:57 pm- Bloviate all you want abo
Allen Banks -10/25, 10:12 pm- ^ Im just curious what th
Charlie B actually i -10/25, 10:34 pm- There must have been some
Burger in Spokane -10/25, 11:06 pm- I think the club should d
brass car guy -10/26, 12:37 am- So, why has our board not
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -10/26, 01:27 am- Sadly, this IS the world
Dan B -10/26, 01:54 am- The laws that grant 501c
Craig Anderson, cent -10/26, 02:19 am- Unless one is the owner o
Scott Conger -10/26, 05:00 am- And from now on, the cont
Allan Bennett - Aust -10/26, 06:05 am- The penny has dropped for
Tom Miller, mostly i -10/26, 06:48 am- Got my postcard last nigh
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -10/26, 01:03 pm- I didnt read the article
Dave Dufault -10/26, 01:13 pm- Thats because the Postal
David Dewey, N. Cali -10/26, 03:10 pm- The BOD acted to protect
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -10/26, 03:27 pm- Would there have been the
Dan B -10/26, 04:34 pm- Yes. Any objective perso
Allen Banks -10/26, 05:41 pm- ^ And objective person wo
James A. Golden -10/26, 07:18 pm- I read the article and di
David Walker -10/26, 08:56 pm- In the 90s there was a go
George N. Lemperes -10/27, 12:52 pm- Whether or not the Club s
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -10/27, 01:05 pm- Whether or not the Club s
Old Photo - Model T Era - Tupelo, Alabama
Jay - In Northern Ca -10/26, 09:42 pm- [TUPELO-ALABAMA.jpg]
Burger in Spokane -10/27, 12:14 am- Phone on the left, a very
John Noonan - Norton -10/27, 12:58 am- All early trucks are good
Les Gitts - Ferndale -10/27, 01:04 am- I cant seem to find the p
Allan Bennett - Aust -10/27, 04:35 am- Fellows, I think Burger w
Roger Karlsson, sout -10/27, 04:42 am- And the telephone comment
Willis Jenkins -10/27, 08:30 am- The Chevrolet truck looks
Chris Landry, Hudson -10/27, 11:07 am- Cant find the location, b
Robert L. Rogers -10/27, 12:50 pm- The truck on the far left
Old Photo - Posing In The Weeds
Jay - In Northern Ca -10/27, 10:25 am- [et yjrteyr1.jpg]
Steve Redelman, Kout -10/27, 10:47 am- A photo to remember and c
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -10/27, 12:08 pm- We have such a self-absor
Marv Konrad (Green B -10/27, 12:18 pm- Tim, and others, you migh
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -10/27, 12:35 pm- Steve, Are you suggestin
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -10/27, 12:40 pm- Guess Im lost. Whatd they
Shipping Experience with Fastenal
Frank Kelley -10/27, 01:16 am- Anyone with experience ha
G.R.Cheshire -10/27, 06:37 am- Ive never had a problem,
Royce in Dallas TX -10/27, 07:04 am- Right. Find the store you
Ed Fuller -10/27, 07:23 am- I used Fastenal to ship a
Mike Walker, NW AR -10/27, 08:56 am- Ive had two items shipped
Jonathan Bodine -10/27, 09:01 am- I just tried to use them
Ernie Williams -10/27, 09:41 am- Used them twice, worked g
Frank Kelley -10/27, 11:44 am- Thanks everyone for the i
Freighter Jim -10/27, 12:23 pm- Fastenal can be the most
OT - Go Cubs Go
Scott Batta - Dayton -10/22, 09:21 pm- I am sure that some of yo
Greg Joiner -10/22, 09:54 pm- Amen brother, watching th
Marv Konrad (Green B -10/22, 09:57 pm- Many Cubbies fans here in
Gary Blake, Kansas C -10/22, 10:01 pm- This is their year
Mark Strange - Hills -10/23, 09:27 am- Since the Cardinals didnt
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -10/23, 09:54 am- May be their year but its
Freighter Jim -10/23, 10:31 am- Should be a good World Se
David Dewey, N. Cali -10/23, 12:16 pm- Im not into sports at all
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -10/23, 03:03 pm- Whats happening? Are the
Dick Lodge - St Loui -10/23, 03:35 pm- I saw a car in the St. Lo
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -10/23, 07:35 pm- Well its the two C teams
Bills Auto Works -10/24, 09:20 am- Yes Tim, GO TRIBE!
Stephen, South Texas -10/24, 11:41 am- So, is Go Indians no long
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -10/24, 05:43 pm- Stephen..yeh theyre prett
Bills Auto Works -10/24, 06:32 pm- I will not buy any Indian
Jared Buckert -10/24, 07:14 pm- Im going to make an obser
Scott Batta - Dayton -10/24, 10:34 pm- Jared, It about time som
Willis Jenkins -10/26, 08:15 am- Horrible game last night!
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -10/26, 08:22 am- WAAAAHOOOOOOO! Let the w
Bills Auto Works -10/26, 09:02 am- What an AWESOME night for
Willis Jenkins -10/26, 09:47 am- Well, for both of your sa
Stephen, South Texas -10/26, 11:08 am- Not to shift attention aw
Frank Harris from Lo -10/26, 11:25 am- Out here in California we
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -10/26, 12:21 pm- Stephen lets not ignore t
Willis Jenkins -10/26, 12:49 pm- Tim, Im sorry, but I bel
Kirk Peterson  -10/26, 01:22 pm- [download.jpg] I just r
Frank Harris from Lo -10/26, 07:56 pm- Yes but the Wrigley stadi
Scott Batta - Dayton -10/26, 08:43 pm- Willis - You are my new
Scott Batta - Dayton -10/26, 11:16 pm- CUBS WIN GAME 2!!!! SERI
Willis Jenkins -10/26, 11:52 pm- Scott, Now that was one
David Dewey, N. Cali -10/27, 12:31 am- Frank, I had to chew on t
Willis Jenkins -10/27, 01:10 am- David, You missed a trib
Jared Buckert -10/27, 09:51 am- I have decided that this
Danny S. -10/25, 12:31 pm- How much is too much for
Roger Karlsson, sout -10/25, 12:39 pm- The small cup doesnt need
Danny S. -10/25, 12:53 pm- i am going to get the zer
Jim Eviston -10/25, 12:56 pm- As Roger states, excess g
Jim Eviston -10/25, 12:59 pm- Yes, Danny living near La
Danny S. -10/25, 12:59 pm- yes, only makes noise whe
John McGinnis in San -10/25, 12:59 pm- I really dont see how gre
Jim Eviston -10/25, 01:06 pm- John, it gets in there. D
Danny S. -10/25, 01:18 pm- noise is a dull clunking
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -10/25, 01:38 pm- Danny, Even it was very
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -10/25, 01:39 pm- To answer your initial qu
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -10/25, 02:30 pm- I read some where, maybe
Dick Fischer - Arroy -10/25, 03:11 pm- I dont know whether the u
John McGinnis in San -10/25, 03:16 pm- I think the way it works
Gene Carrothers Hunt -10/25, 03:32 pm- Something is wrong and wi
Jim Eviston -10/25, 04:13 pm- Danny, if it was my T, wi
Jim Eviston -10/25, 04:15 pm- And somehow this lops off
Norman T. Kling -10/25, 04:16 pm- The U joint can be worn s
Roger Karlsson, sout -10/25, 04:38 pm- I think wear gets rapidly
David Mazza -10/25, 04:40 pm- Danny check your email. S
John McGinnis in San -10/25, 04:43 pm- Dont worry about it too m
Stephen D Heatherly -10/25, 05:19 pm- If the U-joint is so worn
Jim Eviston -10/25, 05:40 pm- Danny, how much do you us
Stephen D Heatherly -10/25, 07:48 pm- I have to disagree with t
Jim Eviston -10/26, 06:08 am- Having built up and own T
Roger Karlsson, sout -10/26, 06:27 am- Heres a recent thread whe
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/26, 10:02 am- [IMG_0644 copy 2.JPG] J
Kevin Whelihan Danbu -10/26, 10:29 am- Or you can do like lots o
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/26, 11:15 am- I never thought of greasi
Larry Smith, Lomita, -10/26, 11:32 am- If you have heard noise f
Greg Adkisson -10/26, 12:00 pm- Steve, great picture of t
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -10/26, 12:10 pm- are right. I m
Robert Brough -10/26, 03:23 pm- So, if Im putting my rebu
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -10/26, 03:36 pm- Robert, I would pre-pack
Jim Rodell, Sr.- Wis -10/27, 01:35 am- Keith, Dont get too carri
Royce in Dallas TX -10/27, 07:37 am- When installing a rear en
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -10/27, 09:23 am- Jim, sound advice but if
Could this be one of those fake internet quotes?
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/26, 02:37 pm- [14718604_649956195180512
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -10/26, 02:40 pm- No, thats real. ;O
Larry Smith, Lomita, -10/26, 03:47 pm- If it were real, Chevrole
R.V. Anderson -10/26, 03:51 pm- Well, English wasnt Henry
Robert G. Hester Jr. -10/26, 03:53 pm- I dont capitalize chevrol
Derek Kiefer - Manto -10/26, 03:59 pm- Henry was dead for 8 year
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -10/26, 04:33 pm- Derek, What about the 19
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -10/26, 04:35 pm- Waaay too cool!
Rich Bingham -10/26, 04:35 pm- If Henry was alive today
Bob Coiro -10/26, 04:39 pm- Yes, Henry was deceased b
Tim Eckensviller - T -10/26, 04:40 pm- If he did indeed say it I
David Dewey, N. Cali -10/26, 04:52 pm- Thats a keeper! Copy and
Howard D. Dennis Byr -10/26, 05:06 pm- Jerry, The 1914 V-8 was C
gene french -10/26, 05:42 pm- that could be a FALSE INT
Marv Konrad (Green B -10/26, 05:46 pm- The Russians did it....
john kuehn -10/26, 05:47 pm- But I saw it on the inter
Peter Claverie, Memp -10/26, 05:49 pm- Cracked Heads Every Va
G.R.Cheshire -10/26, 06:10 pm- I think he meant to Chebb
Bill Harper - Keene, -10/26, 06:24 pm- And Peter, What do you do
tim moore, "Island C -10/26, 07:04 pm- I dont think Henry minded
John T. Tannehill II -10/26, 07:47 pm- Im going to have to agree
Jared Buckert -10/26, 07:56 pm- Is it an actual quote? P
Corey Walker, Browns -10/26, 08:22 pm- My friends friend is comi
John Noonan - Norton -10/26, 09:41 pm- The lettering on that sig
Jay - In Northern Ca -10/26, 10:02 pm- ďIíll give it an 85, itís
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -10/26, 10:05 pm- I posted it to the Abraha
Henry Petrino in Mod -10/26, 10:13 pm- I didnt realize that Abra
Marc Roberts, York,  -10/26, 10:58 pm- I think Steve is on to so
Tom Miller, mostly i -10/27, 05:49 am- Henry Ford II made a simi
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -10/27, 09:21 am- Howard Dennis, 1917, rig
Piston appearance
Robert Lawson-Kingst -10/26, 10:54 pm- I removed the head and no
Royce in Dallas TX -10/27, 07:40 am- Obviously something is wr
Robert Lawson-Kingst -10/27, 07:57 am- Had broken magnets plates
Charlie Dill -10/27, 09:11 am- Looking only through the
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -10/27, 09:16 am- #2 might have had a misfi
FedEx lost my new radiator. I'm stressing.
Rob Patterson. Austr -10/26, 10:19 pm- Youll be amused by this.
John Zibell, Huntsvi -10/26, 10:24 pm- That mileage would have w
Jim Kelsey -10/26, 10:33 pm- I am glad to hear it fina
Frank van Ekeren (A -10/26, 10:33 pm- Thats good news Rob, I ha
Jay - In Northern Ca -10/26, 11:02 pm- Glad to hear it finally s
Seth in Alabama -10/26, 11:15 pm- Bonus! Glad it finally ma
Bill in Adelaida Cal -10/26, 11:32 pm- Glad you got it! Around
Troy Todd -10/27, 12:00 am- Glad you got it. When I g
David Dewey, N. Cali -10/27, 12:32 am- Wow!! So thats where its
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -10/27, 01:41 am- Wonderful! Sometimes, thi
Dennis Seth - Jeffer -10/27, 08:28 am- WOW! 22,500 miles and it
Mike Kossor - Kenilw -10/27, 09:12 am- Glad to learn it showed u
M1917 WW1 Ambulance Gets a New Engine
David ONeal -10/26, 08:21 pm- All done, all that is lef
Mike Walker, NW AR -10/27, 09:02 am- Its looking great, David.
Old Photo -Model T Era - When Relatives Visit
Jay - In Northern Ca -10/26, 09:48 pm- [bjbjkf77789.jpg]
Gary H. White - Sher -10/26, 10:28 pm- Looks like a school close
Dennis Seth - Jeffer -10/27, 08:36 am- I see they have the Mothe
OT--Totaly OT, Is this jam safe to eat?
David Dewey, N. Cali -10/26, 03:21 pm- OK, This is such a divers
Will Copeland - West -10/26, 03:28 pm- I would guess its ok as l
Mark Gregush Portlan -10/26, 04:09 pm- Disclaimer; I am not a he
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -10/26, 04:32 pm- Probably fine. After all,
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -10/26, 04:37 pm- Being vacuum sealed like
David Sullivan -10/26, 04:38 pm- Moms jam was good for yea
David Dewey, N. Cali -10/26, 04:45 pm- OK, you never know what t
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -10/26, 05:03 pm- The canning process goes
Gerry Hibbs -10/26, 05:10 pm- I would do it. I might fe
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -10/26, 05:11 pm- XXXX I type slow. Jerry T
Royce in Dallas TX -10/26, 05:21 pm- I would not worry about i
Dennis Seth - Jeffer -10/26, 05:40 pm- When I worked for a schoo
Mike Spaziano, Bellf -10/26, 06:12 pm- Take a chance, Columbus d
Charlie Dill -10/26, 06:46 pm- I saw a story on 60 minut
Dennis Seth - Jeffer -10/26, 06:58 pm- Oh heck just keep a bottl
David Dewey, N. Cali -10/27, 12:37 am- Thanks for all the help f
John T. Tannehill II -10/27, 12:58 am- Good luck David, Sal Mone
David Dewey, N. Cali -10/27, 03:16 am- Thanks Sal! ROFL!!
kep -10/27, 03:29 am- Should be fine as i have
David Stroud -10/27, 03:50 am- When I was in Vietnam in
Dane Hawley Near Mel -10/27, 04:26 am- I have just opened and st
Eugene Story -10/27, 07:06 am- In 1960 I ate C rations d
Steve Humphrey -10/27, 07:18 am- Im with you Eugene, In 1
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -10/27, 07:36 am- I joined the army just as
Gary Blake, Kansas C -10/27, 08:24 am- In the late 1800s the ste
Gary Blake, Kansas C -10/27, 08:26 am- Oh and I forgot to mentio
Sodus NY early Model T on Main Street-Photo
Wayne Jorgensen, Bat -10/25, 11:36 am- An interesting picture do
R.V. Anderson -10/25, 12:55 pm- Notice on the car that th
Dick Fischer - Arroy -10/25, 03:24 pm- I was noticing how nice t
Gary H. White - Sher -10/25, 09:08 pm- US flag displayed wrong.
Allen Banks -10/25, 09:39 pm- Looks like someone lined
Chris Landry, Hudson -10/26, 10:23 am- There were no official ru
James A. Golden -10/26, 07:10 pm- The 3 story building, on
James A. Golden -10/27, 07:49 am- What a difference a ďNĒ d
Ford Farm Outside Parts Dept. from 2016 MTFCI Tour
Dan Killecut -10/23, 07:22 pm- Keith and others that mis
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -10/23, 09:09 pm- Dan, WOW! My Wife said
Burger in Spokane -10/23, 10:11 pm- It is so wonderful to see
George n LakeOzark,M -10/23, 10:58 pm- A little steel wool, a li
Ted Dumas -10/24, 01:34 am- I imagine whoever owns th
Dan Killecut -10/24, 06:00 am- Ted, they are my personal
Bob Richmon - Richmo -10/24, 06:25 am- WOW, Great place to have
Stephen, South Texas -10/24, 07:36 am- Seeing those modern Fords
Larry Smith, Lomita, -10/24, 12:17 pm- Im happy we had the oppor
Dallas landers -10/24, 12:32 pm- Burger That brings back m
Craig Sutton -10/24, 12:44 pm- That is incredible! Anyo
Burger in Spokane -10/24, 02:23 pm-  .... Now Im driving a 24
Dave Dufault -10/24, 02:28 pm- Dan, You & Ellen wer
Justin H. - Western  -10/24, 03:06 pm- The C cab in the second p
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -10/24, 03:40 pm- Burger..aint retirement g
Stephen, South Texas -10/24, 06:37 pm- Ive been feeling the burn
Dan Killecut -10/24, 07:01 pm- Stephen, Back in the mix
Dan B -10/24, 07:54 pm- Dan - Have you seen the p
Dan Killecut -10/25, 12:49 pm- Dan B, yes I have. Highes
Dan Killecut -10/26, 08:15 pm- Craig, I just ran into th
Mike Spaziano, Bellf -10/26, 11:47 pm- I see no one noticed the
David Stroud -10/27, 04:22 am- A good friend of mine had
Straighten a wire rim for a 1927 model T
Glenn Conlon -10/24, 11:00 pm- Is there any literature o
kep -10/25, 02:41 am- i personally think that b
Allan Bennett - Aust -10/25, 03:21 am- Glen, the repair depends
David Dewey, N. Cali -10/25, 03:21 am- In the day some shops had
Ted Dumas -10/25, 11:44 pm- What is the runout? Could
Ken Todd, .......... -10/26, 11:20 am- Maybe you can find a plac
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -10/26, 12:31 pm- Glenn, Allans question n
Tim -10/26, 02:02 pm- Dont bend your spokes, yo
John Gillette -10/26, 03:16 pm- Copy this link to your br
George n LakeOzark,M -10/27, 02:06 am- I had a guy in Chatsworth
T hunting trip
Jack Lewis -10/26, 09:48 am- This is one of our many f
G.R.Cheshire -10/26, 10:17 am- I could listen to Blue Gr
Mark Osterman -10/26, 10:46 am- Yikes ... that was hard t
John Doolittle -10/26, 10:54 am- Jack- great video. Listen
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/26, 11:08 am- Great video. I love the c
John Aldrich Orting  -10/26, 12:44 pm- Teaching my grandson to h
Jack Lewis -10/26, 01:41 pm- I knew Id get some kickba
Dean Kiefer - Adams, -10/26, 03:41 pm- Deer hunting laws are dif
George n LakeOzark,M -10/27, 02:00 am- Well, Jack, loved the tri
Richard L Grzegorowi -10/23, 05:50 pm- OT NEED TO FIND A GOOD 45
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -10/23, 05:53 pm- Have you tried the Nash C
Frank van Ekeren (A -10/23, 06:30 pm- Google Nash club of Ameri
Richard L Grzegorowi -10/23, 08:42 pm- thank you guys, yes, this
Ted Dumas -10/24, 01:43 am- Whats the situation with
Jim Eviston -10/24, 02:04 am- Without benefit of my 194
Jim Eviston -10/24, 02:10 am- Oooops, remembered wrong.
Richard L Grzegorowi -10/24, 09:58 am- THANK GUYS,THIS SHURE IS
Roger Karlsson, sout -10/24, 10:07 am- Maybe its just a seized p
john kuehn -10/24, 10:15 am- Maybe all is not lost on
David Dewey, N. Cali -10/24, 12:07 pm- Yes, take the engine out
Steve Humphrey -10/24, 02:25 pm- Richard, Never write of
Richard L Grzegorowi -10/24, 04:26 pm- BEEN DOWN ALL THOSE ROADS
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -10/24, 04:30 pm- WHEN TRYING TO TAKE THE R
Ed in California -10/24, 04:39 pm- I agree with the Nash clu
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -10/25, 02:14 am- I gave a 29 Standard 6 Na
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -10/25, 11:47 am- Aaron, I live in Kenosha
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -10/26, 01:11 am- Keith, my 29 was made in
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -10/26, 01:08 pm- You might contact Harold
Ted Dumas -10/26, 10:31 pm- You need to contact Mark
Chassis/Frame questions
Rob Patterson. Austr -10/25, 06:41 pm- Hi Folks, Im trying to g
Jim Eviston -10/25, 07:37 pm- I would say late 16 -late
Royce in Dallas TX -10/25, 07:40 pm- I would say late 1916 - 1
Rob Patterson. Austr -10/25, 09:51 pm- Thanks gents, Thats good
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -10/26, 01:28 pm- What year do you plan to
Sam Mendenhall -10/26, 08:39 pm- Very nice project.
Hap Tucker in Sumter -10/26, 08:52 pm- Rob, Note the dating for
Fixed a flat
Peter Adey -10/26, 11:36 am- My first flat tire - rear
Steve Humphrey -10/26, 11:59 am- And I dont know what that
Roger Karlsson, sout -10/26, 12:07 pm- Heres the garbage bag met
John Aldrich Orting  -10/26, 12:40 pm- Pretty darn slick!
Steve Tomaso - Longb -10/26, 01:46 pm- When I tried that, I coul
tommy coffey -10/26, 02:51 pm- I find that the biggest p
Joe Schrepfer -10/26, 03:30 pm- Peter, did that wheel wor
Peter Adey -10/26, 05:13 pm- Tommy - agree - that took
tommy coffey -10/26, 08:35 pm- Look at the time on the v
Steve Tomaso - Longb -10/26, 08:45 pm- Agreed Tommy - tried it o
Matching timing gears
Sam Romeo -10/24, 10:49 am- I just bought a pair of t
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -10/24, 10:55 am- Sam, I dont know what th
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/24, 11:22 am- Dans gears have a great r
Dennis Plank - Three -10/24, 11:38 am- One plus for using both g
David Dewey, N. Cali -10/24, 11:49 am- Sam, sorry for your accid
R.V. Anderson -10/24, 06:32 pm- For the most quiet and lo
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -10/24, 08:39 pm- If I could afford to, Dan
Ted Dumas -10/24, 09:00 pm- Dans gears have the best
Glen Chaffin -10/26, 08:38 pm- Our Bronze gears are made
OT - Identification of High Compression Model A Head
Larry Gresh -10/25, 03:28 pm- Does anyone know anything
Jim Eviston -10/25, 04:49 pm- A factory high compressio
Steve Husa -10/25, 05:44 pm- C heads require a special
David L Corman -10/25, 05:56 pm- 32/33 four cylinder B or
gene french -10/25, 06:02 pm- Larry : i just sold a hig
Jim Eviston -10/25, 06:13 pm- As Gene points out, Model
Kevin Pharis -10/25, 10:34 pm- As I remember the police
wayne tomlins -10/26, 03:16 am- This looks to be a modern
gene french -10/26, 11:37 am- Larry: the cyl. head i
gene french -10/26, 07:30 pm- also if anyone is interes
Hogsheads chase question
richard lee -10/25, 08:45 pm- Was kinda thinking about
Norman T. Kling -10/25, 08:59 pm- That depends on your cran
Jim Eviston -10/25, 09:22 pm- Are you asking if the 26
Royce in Dallas TX -10/25, 09:29 pm- It will work fine if you
Jim Eviston -10/25, 09:35 pm- I left that a bit unclear
Ted Dumas -10/25, 11:22 pm- If you have a hole for th
Jim Eviston -10/25, 11:50 pm- Richard, when you get a c
Roger Karlsson, sout -10/26, 04:59 am- Youll already have to pul
richard lee -10/26, 07:56 am- Jim Eviston and everyone
Tony Bowker, Ramona, -10/26, 11:32 am- That should be 19-25 hogs
Charlie B actually i -10/26, 12:11 pm- I was thinking that too T
john kuehn -10/26, 01:21 pm- The 19-25 transmission co
richard lee -10/26, 06:51 pm- A big thanks to everyone
Odd Accessory: Boyce light and mirror
Roger Karlsson, sout -10/26, 07:26 am- Heres an accessory to shi
Jay - In Northern Ca -10/26, 10:03 am- Heres a NOS one not as fa
Roger Karlsson, sout -10/26, 10:58 am- Yes, thats one you could
Erik Johnson -10/26, 12:46 pm- See the bottom of the ad
Roger Karlsson, sout -10/26, 12:54 pm- Thanks Erik [:-] [lamp a
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -10/26, 05:39 pm- I have seen several thing
Leona is alive and well
John Mays -10/26, 01:46 pm-
Michael Deichmann, B -10/26, 01:50 pm- Thats i nice ride!
John Mosher  -10/26, 02:38 pm- Thats great ! Can you ke
David Dewey, N. Cali -10/26, 03:12 pm- Dang, Found?? The only ti
Larry Smith, Lomita, -10/26, 03:42 pm- Get those rims zinc plate
Richard Eagle Idaho  -10/26, 04:01 pm- Very Nice!
Gary Schreiber- Sant -10/26, 04:53 pm- Leona is looking great !
If its true, I might have an unusual opportunity
Marty Bufalini - Gro -10/22, 10:26 am- I agree with Royce. See
Will Copeland - West -10/22, 12:49 pm- Because of HIPPA Im not a
David Dewey, N. Cali -10/22, 02:02 pm- Will, I wondered about H
Dave Dufault -10/22, 02:25 pm- Rainy day here in the Nor
David Coco - Winches -10/22, 05:46 pm- Did Harry Bennett ever be
Duey_C -10/23, 01:08 am- My own wife is a home hea
Jim Kelsey -10/23, 01:17 am- Wow! What great informat
Kevin Weeds -10/23, 01:45 am- Thanks for posting this W
Eric Hylen- Central  -10/23, 12:49 pm- Im sad for my profession
Roger Karlsson, sout -10/23, 12:58 pm- Neither her name or addre
Will Copeland - West -10/23, 06:04 pm- Wow, Really Eric? As Rodg
Sam Mendenhall -10/23, 06:57 pm- Mr Copeland, ask your wif
Sam Mendenhall -10/23, 07:16 pm- Will I stand corrected. I
Eric Hylen- Central  -10/23, 07:55 pm- Yes, really. Nursing is
Thomas Jull in Oakla -10/23, 08:24 pm- I hate to continue this s
Royce in Dallas TX -10/23, 08:28 pm- Thanks Will. Very interes
Eric Hylen- Central  -10/23, 08:57 pm- Thomas, youre right. If
David Dewey, N. Cali -10/23, 11:43 pm- Well, I did go to the sit
Will Copeland - West -10/24, 11:23 am- I have a tendency to surr
David Dewey, N. Cali -10/24, 11:56 am- Will, Do write them down,
Walter Higgins -10/24, 12:07 pm- An all or nothing throw t
Mike Kossor - Kenilw -10/24, 12:27 pm- Will, Fastening reading;
Eric Hylen- Central  -10/24, 12:38 pm- If she were my client, I
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -10/24, 02:46 pm- Eric, I would ask her if
Norman Bolz -10/25, 07:59 am- Health Insurance Portabil
Tom Miller, mostly i -10/25, 08:41 am- I read the answers she ga
Royce in Dallas TX -10/25, 11:02 am- Maybe Willow Run?
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -10/25, 11:12 am- Tom, What about that lit
Nicholas Lingg - Tar -10/25, 11:17 am- Thanks Norman! I was wond
David Dewey, N. Cali -10/25, 01:41 pm- My wife, who is a CNA and
Harold Schwendeman - -10/25, 01:50 pm- There is a magazine that
Will Copeland - West -10/26, 03:23 pm- I had a talk with my wife
David Dewey, N. Cali -10/26, 03:31 pm- AH!! Resolution!! Thank y
Will Copeland - West -10/26, 04:08 pm- Matthew messed up her hom
Starter Question
lorenzo leon -10/26, 01:14 pm- I mixed my parts and even
lorenzo leon -10/26, 01:29 pm- Got it ,They are same ,Mu
Ron Patterson-Nichol -10/26, 03:15 pm- Lorenzo The formal name o
OT I wish all forums were this helpful...
Jared Buckert -10/24, 07:06 pm- Just wanted to rant for a
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -10/24, 07:10 pm- Well, Ill start out to pr
Corey Walker, Browns -10/24, 07:41 pm- Im a member of the Hudson
Dallas landers -10/24, 07:53 pm- There are other forums ??
Hap Tucker in Sumter -10/24, 07:58 pm- Jared, Not only is this
Freighter Jim -10/24, 08:29 pm- One Big Dysfunctional Fam
David Dewey, N. Cali -10/24, 11:29 pm- Until Uncle Jim digs out
Burger in Spokane -10/25, 01:06 am- When Uncle Jim digs out t
David Dewey, N. Cali -10/25, 01:15 am- Burger, what about the ac
Dan B -10/25, 01:16 am- Yup, this forum is a tota
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -10/25, 05:04 am- I LOVE the sound of bagpi
Jared Buckert -10/25, 08:59 am- Tim, I guess theres a fir
Freighter Jim -10/25, 09:54 am- You folks give me too muc
Charlie B actually i -10/25, 10:03 am- Got a laugh at your first
G.R.Cheshire -10/25, 10:25 am- Wait a minute Hap! Jest w
Eric Sole - Castelld -10/25, 11:01 am- David Dewey, I visit this
David Dewey, N. Cali -10/25, 01:41 pm- Eric, Uh oh, get thee to
Burger in Spokane -10/25, 05:12 pm- I LOVE the sound of bagpi
Burger in Spokane -10/25, 05:31 pm- This kind of stuff is as
David Dewey, N. Cali -10/25, 06:06 pm- One of my toy train frien
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -10/25, 07:27 pm- Burger in S, well, if you
Burger in Spokane -10/25, 11:28 pm- About 15 years ago I and
Duey_C -10/26, 12:10 am- Wayne, so thats the name
Burger in Spokane -10/26, 02:13 am- A friend once explained t
David Dewey, N. Cali -10/26, 03:07 pm- Wayne, Yeah, its too late
Copper coat removal?
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/26, 01:03 pm- I wonder if anybody has f
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -10/26, 01:20 pm- Steve, I just use a scra
Bruce Spainhower - P -10/26, 01:32 pm- This stuff is what I use.
Steve Tomaso - Longb -10/26, 01:33 pm- I use BrakeKleen for near
Rick Goelz-Knoxville -10/26, 01:34 pm- I just use lacquer thinne
G.R.Cheshire -10/26, 01:36 pm- I have used fingernail po
David Dewey, N. Cali -10/26, 02:40 pm- Fingernail polish remover
Clutch Lever Bolt and "Free" Neutral
Gary M. Wheeler -10/24, 08:23 pm- I followed the Adjusting
Norman T. Kling -10/24, 09:03 pm- If you get a good neutral
Gary M. Wheeler -10/25, 05:17 am- Hi Norm.. I get the best
Dan Killecut -10/25, 06:45 am- Gary, once you get a prop
Mark Gregush Portlan -10/25, 10:49 am- Take of the inspection co
Roger Karlsson, sout -10/25, 11:00 am- Sometimes all connections
Stephen D Heatherly -10/25, 11:06 am- Sounds like your low peda
Norman T. Kling -10/25, 04:22 pm- I agree with Stephen. Ad
Charlie B actually i -10/25, 04:31 pm- I find, in traffic, pulli
Steve Addington -10/26, 11:57 am- I was never completely sa
Which jack handle is correct for this jack?
Dan Killecut -10/25, 05:50 pm- I found a good use for th
Larry Smith, Lomita, -10/26, 11:43 am- Im not positive, but ther
Camerons swap meet info
Mark Cameron -10/25, 11:28 am- We will hold our 14th ann
Derek Kiefer - Manto -10/25, 01:07 pm- Ill be there with as much
Mark Osterman -10/25, 03:44 pm- What state ?
Mark Cameron -10/25, 05:02 pm- Minnesota, Southern Minne
Jerome Hoffman, Hays -10/25, 11:35 pm- Mark, do you need RSVP?
Dennis Seth - Jeffer -10/26, 08:12 am- Jerome, Inquiring minds
Mike-Iowa -10/26, 08:28 am- Jerome and All, Mark
Larry Smith, Lomita, -10/26, 11:40 am- Wish I could go Mark, but
1926 Tudor
Aaron frazer -10/25, 05:48 pm- I got my winter project j
Aaron frazer -10/25, 05:53 pm- [ENGINE.JPG] [TRANS.JPG]
Craig Sutton -10/25, 07:09 pm- Only help with the trans
Jack Daron - Brownsb -10/25, 09:28 pm- Tranny may be Chevrolet.
Roger Karlsson, sout -10/26, 05:04 am- When youve got the castle
Aaron Rogahn - Davis -10/26, 06:46 am- That is a Chevy Superior
Aaron frazer -10/26, 09:12 am- Are parts available for t
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/26, 09:39 am- Looks like all your magne
Chris Landry, Hudson -10/26, 09:40 am- These work fine for those
Aaron frazer -10/26, 09:45 am- Cool thanks chris. Steve:
Model T Touring
Warren Henderson, Du -10/24, 05:45 pm- Model T Touring or, Beep,
Tim Eyssen - Abilene -10/24, 09:39 pm- Thanks Warren. Always enj
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -10/25, 09:12 am- Great vid Warren! I gotta
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/25, 09:41 am- Good camera location. I t
David Dewey, N. Cali -10/25, 01:42 pm- Wind noise?? In a stock m
Will Copeland - West -10/25, 03:01 pm- Wonderful video, If I sti
Bill Harper - Keene, -10/25, 11:12 pm- We did enjoy a really nic
Warren Henderson, Du -10/26, 08:01 am- Bill Harper, thanks for p
Richard L Grzegorowi -10/25, 08:22 pm- IS THERE A WAY OF REMOVEI
Dan Treace, North FL -10/25, 08:29 pm- Have before cold bent sma
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -10/26, 03:52 am- I just use a large 10 to
Interesting Oil Lamp
Thomas Mullin -10/25, 12:21 am- At a recent local car sho
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -10/25, 05:27 am- There were lamps made tha
Gary Blake, Kansas C -10/25, 08:00 am- Was the idea of using bot
Chris Paulsen - McPh -10/25, 08:10 am- That type lamp, kerosene
Larry Smith, Lomita, -10/25, 10:06 am- There must have been a co
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -10/25, 10:56 am- Larry, The company that
Ken Parker -10/25, 11:15 am- Gary, They will burn for
R.V. Anderson -10/25, 11:21 am- From a 1914 catalog: [la
Nevin Gough -10/26, 02:34 am- My 1914 Buick has electri
Phil Mino, near Port -10/26, 03:05 am- Heres an E & J tailli
Phil Emerson - Calif -10/25, 10:53 pm- Look for opinion of relia
Bill Anziani -10/25, 11:24 pm- Call Freighter Jim at 260
Freighter Jim -10/25, 11:44 pm- Thanks Bill. I have been
Rear axle shipping
Bill Anziani -10/25, 07:20 am- Looking for a good reliab
Royce in Dallas TX -10/25, 07:31 am- Fastenal
Bill Anziani -10/25, 11:31 pm- Thank you Mr. Royce gave
Transportation to the 2017 Montana tour from New Jersey
Dave Young in Mays L -10/25, 08:56 pm- Bump
And you think you've got the perfect wife?
Robert Brough -10/21, 02:18 pm- Heres mine . . . no tradi
Bill Harris, Hunting -10/21, 02:53 pm- I think Im doing ok [:-]
Harold Schwendeman - -10/21, 03:13 pm- I think Ive got both of y
Will Copeland - West -10/21, 03:48 pm- Im not bragging but my wi
Eric Sole - Castelld -10/21, 04:04 pm- Ladies like these have ef
Bill Harper - Keene, -10/21, 05:15 pm- Huh. I must be lookin in
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -10/21, 05:56 pm- Bill, You need to find a
Freighter Jim -10/21, 06:21 pm- Bill, Check out T Match
Craig Sutton -10/21, 08:02 pm- [1] [2] Yes, I thank th
Seth in Alabama -10/21, 09:10 pm- Psh. I got all yall beat.
Peter B. Ratledge -10/21, 09:14 pm- Craig, That is my car at
Norman T. Kling -10/21, 09:43 pm- When I met my wife of 58
Craig Sutton -10/21, 09:46 pm- I look forward to seeing
Les VonNordheim -10/21, 09:54 pm- A good wife = A happy li
Craig Sutton -10/21, 10:03 pm- Robert, do you have a thr
Hal Schedler, Sacram -10/22, 02:12 am- We celebrate her 80th bir
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -10/22, 09:12 am- Hal, Please express our m
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -10/22, 01:01 pm- My wife isnt perfect but
Robert L. Rogers -10/22, 03:41 pm- Mine is perfect! She held
Hal Schedler, Sacram -10/22, 03:58 pm- Thanks Keith...twod be ni
Walt Berdan, Bellevu -10/22, 04:31 pm- My wife has been perfect
David Dewey, N. Cali -10/22, 05:07 pm- Gee Walt, doesnt look lik
Walt Berdan, Bellevu -10/22, 05:23 pm- Yes - young, naive, no pl
Craig Anderson, cent -10/22, 06:03 pm- I have to jump on the Goo
Eric Hylen- Central  -10/22, 10:32 pm- I win. I met her when I w
David Dewey, N. Cali -10/23, 02:00 am- Well, after 40 years I th
Dick Fischer - Arroy -10/24, 01:44 am- Another guy with a great
Dave Dufault -10/24, 09:13 am- Well said Dick ! [:-]
G.R.Cheshire -10/24, 09:35 am- We have only been married
Charlie B actually i -10/24, 10:15 am- Mines not real big in the
Robert Brough -10/24, 10:24 am- Dick, I have to respectiv
frank b -10/24, 10:26 am- After 40 years, she still
Craig Sutton -10/24, 10:29 am- Robert, your projects and
Dean Kiefer - Adams, -10/24, 10:32 am- My wife Emily and I are t
Dick Fischer - Arroy -10/24, 03:50 pm- Robert, Having learned m
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -10/25, 02:24 am- Mine never touches the ca
Don Booth@ Bay City, -10/25, 06:09 pm- Im a very lucky man. She
Darel J. Leipold -10/25, 06:43 pm- Here is our photo with th
Info on value of this 1919 model T touring
robert steinmetz -10/24, 01:01 pm- I am looking at a 1919 mo
Gary Blake, Kansas C -10/24, 01:06 pm- Does the trailer or the c
G.R.Cheshire -10/24, 01:08 pm- Pictures, the more the be
robert steinmetz -10/24, 01:23 pm- Wheel and tires new on ca
robert steinmetz -10/24, 01:28 pm- Here a pictures thank you
robert steinmetz -10/24, 01:30 pm- [Resized_20161023_171848.
robert steinmetz -10/24, 01:30 pm-  
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/24, 01:31 pm- Without actually seeing t
Gary Blake, Kansas C -10/24, 01:37 pm- Well its not show car, mo
Gary Schreiber- Sant -10/24, 01:37 pm- Cant tell much from the
robert steinmetz -10/24, 01:38 pm- Trying to get pocs to pos
G.R.Cheshire -10/24, 01:45 pm- I have never seen Snap Do
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/24, 01:48 pm- Theres a 250 KB limit on
robert steinmetz -10/24, 01:48 pm- Could not post pics not s
Royce in Dallas TX -10/24, 01:59 pm- Upholstery looks correctl
robert steinmetz -10/24, 02:08 pm- my wife is the computer o
john kuehn -10/24, 02:25 pm- A little high. Car value
Dave Dufault -10/24, 02:43 pm- Just trying to be helpful
robert steinmetz -10/24, 02:59 pm- john kuehn could I please
Willis Jenkins -10/24, 04:09 pm- Someone did a real crappy
John Noonan - Norton -10/24, 04:41 pm- Robert, i would be more t
john kuehn -10/24, 05:46 pm- Robert if you want to get
Royce in Dallas TX -10/24, 05:48 pm- [Front 1919.jpg]
Royce in Dallas TX -10/24, 05:49 pm- [LH rear 1919.jpg]
Royce in Dallas TX -10/24, 05:52 pm- [RH 1919.jpg]
Royce in Dallas TX -10/24, 05:56 pm- It is easy to spend $25,0
John Doolittle -10/24, 05:59 pm- I see- an extra shifter w
Ted Dumas -10/24, 06:05 pm- It looks like a nice car.
Will Copeland - West -10/24, 06:11 pm- [14671202_102073120708622
Keith Townsend ; ^ ) -10/24, 06:33 pm- The price seems a little
Erik Johnson -10/24, 06:49 pm- That is really awful upho
Bob Peterson -10/24, 07:35 pm- I like to see what people
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -10/24, 09:09 pm- I hate appraising other p
Charlie B actually i -10/24, 09:10 pm- Used trailer needing tire
Dan Hatch -10/25, 09:18 am- If you want to see what a
Will Copeland - West -10/25, 11:35 am- I guess since this is my
Dave Dufault -10/25, 12:37 pm- Isnt a little knowledge a
Will Copeland - West -10/25, 01:18 pm- Dave, Im sorry you didnt
Dave Dufault -10/25, 02:05 pm- I am sorry to bring back
Will Copeland - West -10/25, 03:51 pm- Im ment to say $30,000. H
Ted Dumas -10/25, 04:00 pm- 7500 for the Dan Hatch se
Craig Sutton -10/25, 04:51 pm- Will I am so sorry to hea
Engines with generator and starter block off plates / cas...
Mark Osterman -10/24, 08:25 am- Looking for pictures of t
Stephen, South Texas -10/24, 08:43 am- The starter has two--One
Roger Karlsson, sout -10/24, 08:49 am- From some time in 1919 wh
Hap Tucker in Sumter -10/24, 09:04 pm- Mark, Corey Walker poste
James A. Golden -10/25, 08:42 am- I have an extra one, if y
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/25, 10:47 am- Block-off plates. Not a g
Steve Tomaso - Longb -10/25, 01:27 pm- Never have seen a starter
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -10/25, 04:46 pm- My non-starter 1919 is ve
Old photo - early chassis put to work
Roger Karlsson, sout -10/25, 12:11 pm- Swedish photo. Looks like
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -10/25, 01:17 pm- Oh my, it has a water pum
Craig Sutton -10/25, 01:32 pm- Yeah Jerry, only its the
Dennis Seth - Jeffer -10/25, 02:01 pm- That is exactly what I th
John Semprez-Templet -10/25, 02:13 pm- Great Picture Roger, A ve
Craig Sutton -10/25, 02:20 pm- But the hogshead looks li
Roger Karlsson, sout -10/25, 02:24 pm- The common shape inspecti
Craig Sutton -10/25, 03:45 pm- Didnt think about that.
Roger Karlsson, sout -10/25, 03:54 pm- It wasnt Fords type of ea
OT - Anyone have their car in Strange Beasts?
Tim Eckensviller - T -10/25, 03:31 pm- I took my wife out to the
Joe Meakin  -10/25, 03:46 pm- I know that Neil Tuckett
Troop 183 Update, 24 October 17
Mark Rakestraw -10/24, 10:26 pm- Howdy again from Kansas!
Dennis Seth - Jeffer -10/25, 07:40 am- I sure hope they all get
Gary Schreiber- Sant -10/25, 08:09 am- I enjoy your update posts
Harold Schwendeman - -10/25, 01:11 pm- Mark - Just a safety warn
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/25, 01:59 pm- That thrust washer looks
High speed gear set for TT
Les Schubert -10/24, 09:22 pm- A good friend has a TT eq
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/24, 09:37 pm- Heres the source for the
Henry Petrino in Mod -10/24, 09:53 pm- Ive seen TTs with high sp
Donnie Brown North C -10/24, 10:35 pm- Les, As far as I know Mik
Les Schubert -10/24, 11:03 pm- Guys Thank you for all th
Ted Dumas -10/24, 11:42 pm- Les, With all your inge
Les Schubert -10/25, 12:02 am- Ted I thank you for the f
Tom Lovejoy, So Cal -10/25, 01:16 am- I put a set of those in m
Colin Knowles - Monc -10/25, 06:23 am- I have the high speed gea
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -10/25, 11:59 am- Colin, I hear you. I als
Robert L. Rogers -10/25, 12:45 pm- I had a TT once with just
Colin Knowles - Monc -10/25, 01:42 pm- Robert, thats exactly whe
Bendix cover
ken bechtel -10/24, 08:12 pm- Does anyone have an annoy
Mark Strange - Hills -10/24, 08:44 pm- The gasket surface of my
HARRY A DAW Troy, Mo -10/24, 08:49 pm- Is your bendix cover flat
ken bechtel -10/24, 08:55 pm- Thanks Mark for your very
Ted Dumas -10/24, 09:02 pm- The can could also be cra
ken bechtel -10/24, 09:02 pm- Harry, thanks for your su
ken bechtel -10/24, 09:07 pm- Ted, very good thought i
Steve Tomaso - Longb -10/24, 10:14 pm- Another point to ponder -
Dale McMurry -10/24, 11:56 pm- Make sure the low speed p
Mark Gregush Portlan -10/25, 10:53 am- Try a cork type gasket. T
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/25, 11:03 am- I use Harrys grease sugge
G.R.Cheshire -10/25, 11:08 am- Mine leaked until I got r
Have Trouble Starting
Ryan Fenrich -10/23, 10:32 pm- Today, my Dad and I made
Roger Karlsson, sout -10/23, 10:46 pm- Could be lots of things..
Royce in Dallas TX -10/23, 10:48 pm- I would bring a known goo
David Dewey, N. Cali -10/24, 12:34 am- Check the intake for mud-
Charlie Dill -10/24, 08:58 am- Side question - when you
Roger Karlsson, sout -10/24, 09:07 am- Charlie, if it isnt reall
Dave Dufault -10/24, 09:10 am- Ryan wrote: because it w
Corey Walker, Browns -10/24, 09:43 am- Mine was doing that, gas
Charlie B actually i -10/24, 09:54 am- Dripping around the carb
mattress wade -10/25, 01:51 am- Remove the side cover and
Ryan Fenrich -10/25, 01:59 am- Thanks everyone for your
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -10/25, 09:07 am- Corey, get rid of the Gro
Corey Walker, Browns -10/25, 09:35 am- Tim, that would be nice b
Craig Sutton -10/25, 10:15 am- Ive never had a T that wa
Dave Dufault -10/25, 10:42 am- Craig, I used to have th
Roger Karlsson, sout -10/25, 10:47 am- And if the spark timing c
26/27 crank
Bob Benedict, Humbol -10/24, 07:37 am- What is the difference wi
Roger Karlsson, sout -10/24, 08:35 am- The big change in crank d
Jim Patrick in Flori -10/24, 10:42 pm- How do you know he is ask
John Semprez-Templet -10/24, 11:45 pm- Because Bob is a retired
Les Schubert -10/25, 12:08 am- The late ee crank is made
Frank van Ekeren (A -10/25, 12:20 am- And they still break too!
Les Schubert -10/25, 12:30 am- And Scat cranks break too
John Noonan - Norton -10/25, 12:33 am- I have always heard the v
George Mills_Cherry  -10/25, 03:51 am- John, No...his mind was
Gary Blake, Kansas C -10/25, 07:38 am- Vanadium. https://en.wik
Gary Blake, Kansas C -10/25, 07:46 am- Regarding breakage, lets
Les Schubert -10/25, 10:39 am- Gary Yes to your thoughts
Re-attaching oil pan inspection plate
Charlie Dill -10/21, 11:41 pm- Inspection plate off. My
Eric Sole - Castelld -10/23, 08:47 am- I used Permatex Ultra Bla
Bill Robinson, Salty -10/23, 11:09 am- A note about Seths pan an
Ken Todd, .......... -10/24, 10:22 am- Those puckers can and sho
george house . . .ca -10/24, 10:57 am- Norman briefly mentioned
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -10/24, 11:02 am- Hard to say when Ive seen
Charlie Dill -10/24, 11:11 am- Always good to hear a res
Terry Woods, Richmon -10/24, 11:20 am- If it hasnt already been
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/24, 11:27 am- When you have a drawer fu
Larry Smith, Lomita, -10/24, 11:54 am- You dont need anything ex
Dave Barker - Dayton -10/24, 03:10 pm- Admittedly, this may be m
R. S. Cruickshank -10/24, 06:55 pm- I recently had the pan of
Charlie Dill -10/25, 10:20 am- No question I can get the
Model T Speedster Era History
Ed Archer Hayward, C -10/24, 08:17 pm- Thanks Wayne you pretty m
Jim Eviston -10/24, 08:48 pm- If mentioned above, I mis
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -10/25, 03:12 am- Thank you Ed, I know you
Don Azevedo -10/25, 10:07 am- The original post asked w
OT, 1948 Lincoln V 12 Ignition
Andre Valkenaers -10/24, 06:32 am- Hey All, This is a little
Tom Miller, mostly i -10/24, 06:45 am- Our local expert on these
Tom Miller, mostly i -10/24, 07:32 am- Andre, I looked at your p
Gary Blake, Kansas C -10/24, 07:42 am- Yes you remove the distri
Andre Valkenaers -10/24, 07:44 am- Thank you Tom, Are you ta
Tom Miller, mostly i -10/24, 07:56 am- Yes, They are tapered rub
Gary Blake, Kansas C -10/24, 07:59 am- Andre, yes, that is what
Andre Valkenaers -10/24, 08:54 am- Gary, Thanks for the help
Gary Blake, Kansas C -10/24, 09:52 am- Yes, you can get close wi
Charlie B actually i -10/24, 10:02 am- Can you power the unit el
Andre Valkenaers -10/24, 12:02 pm- Thanks Gary, I will try i
David Dewey, N. Cali -10/24, 02:46 pm- In my tool box I still ha
Andre Valkenaers -10/25, 06:06 am- Hey all, I just came back
Gary Blake, Kansas C -10/25, 07:18 am- Excellent work Andre!! Y
Charlie B actually i -10/25, 09:59 am- Nice diagnostics as Gary
What do you think
Eck Sheppard -10/23, 05:57 pm- One of the clutch adjustm
Dexter Doucet -10/24, 10:11 pm- Bump
Allan Bennett - Aust -10/25, 03:49 am- Eck, removing the pivot p
Old Photo - Posing With A Coupelet, 1916 and 1917
Jay - In Northern Ca -10/24, 10:05 am- [015161.jpg] [015151.jpg
Royce in Dallas TX -10/24, 10:08 am- Neat set of Firestone woo
Philip Berg -10/24, 12:08 pm- Thats the first photo of
G.R.Cheshire -10/24, 12:55 pm- Looks like the front whee
Dennis Seth - Jeffer -10/24, 01:27 pm- Philip, The Coupe became
charley shaver- libe -10/24, 01:28 pm- you are right i see a jac
charley shaver- libe -10/24, 05:45 pm- could be draining the dip
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -10/24, 06:24 pm- Great pictures! Photos ar
Erik Johnson -10/24, 08:17 pm- New York plates: 1916 =
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -10/25, 03:19 am- Thank you Erik J! I had z
Old Photo - Model T Era Street Scene, Constantine, Michigan
Jay - In Northern Ca -10/24, 10:17 am- [Constantine-Michigan-Str
Ed Baudoux Grayling  -10/24, 10:56 am- [rsz_constantine_mi.jpg]
David Dewey, N. Cali -10/24, 12:07 pm- Looks like the second bui
Dennis Seth - Jeffer -10/24, 01:31 pm- That sewer drain in the c
Burger in Spokane -10/24, 01:58 pm- That was actually a light
Chris Landry, Hudson -10/24, 03:12 pm- I couldnt quite get that
Ed Baudoux Grayling  -10/24, 04:09 pm- You win, Chris [:-]
Chris Landry, Hudson -10/24, 04:43 pm- Ha, but I waste way too m
Harold Schwendeman - -10/24, 06:01 pm- Chris - Its only a waste
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -10/24, 07:15 pm- Sure cant beat the fantas
David Dewey, N. Cali -10/24, 11:37 pm- Well, thats disappointing
Burger in Spokane -10/25, 01:03 am- Such a shame what America
Glenwood Minnesota-Photo
Herb Iffrig -10/21, 01:51 pm- [Glenwood minnesota.GIF r
Erik Johnson -10/21, 02:21 pm- The original photograph i
Chris Brancaccio - C -10/21, 02:31 pm- The front axle of the car
Tim Eckensviller - T -10/21, 02:55 pm- I know this is a Model T
Erik Johnson -10/21, 03:26 pm- RE: 1913 Model T at the v
charley shaver- libe -10/21, 05:14 pm- the ford on the right loo
Gilbert V. I. Fitzhu -10/21, 05:17 pm- The roadster looks like a
Tom Carey -10/23, 10:57 am- I like them all but realy
charley shaver- libe -10/23, 11:48 am- motorcycles on the left e
Duey_C -10/24, 11:30 pm- Such a short filler neck
Erik Johnson -10/24, 11:40 pm- With the exception of the
Erik Johnson -10/25, 12:03 am- [Glenwood.jpg] [Glenwoo
Grocery Van
Kevin Weeds -10/23, 01:56 am- A small town in our area
mike conrad -10/23, 03:01 am- [FB_IMG_1430897486558.jpg
David Dewey, N. Cali -10/23, 03:24 am- Interesting. Is that a PL
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -10/23, 04:27 am- That photo, taped inside
G.R.Cheshire -10/23, 08:19 am- I was thinking the same t
Allan Bennett - Aust -10/24, 05:39 am- I drove the 4 square van
Allan Bennett - Aust -10/24, 05:52 am- I drove that 4 square van
Kevin Weeds -10/24, 09:23 pm- Funny story Allan.
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -10/24, 10:49 pm- What the $%^LL is a cica
Frank van Ekeren (A -10/24, 11:16 pm- Aaron, Hows my drawing? a
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/24, 11:38 pm- There are several species
OT But Old Car Related
Howard D. Dennis Byr -10/23, 03:47 pm- Anyone have any connectio
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/23, 04:52 pm- The Texaco executives in
Howard D. Dennis Byr -10/24, 09:48 am- Thanks Steve, I think you
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -10/24, 07:41 pm- Howard, Please do not fee
Corey Walker, Browns -10/24, 07:51 pm- I was going from Denison
Howard D. Dennis Byr -10/24, 11:15 pm- Thanks Wayne, what really
Bad year for using my Model "T"
Willie K Cordes -10/24, 01:03 pm- 2016 started with chemo t
Ted Dumas -10/24, 01:09 pm- We will hope 2017 will be
Burger in Spokane -10/24, 02:17 pm- We duffers, creeping up o
Warren F Rollins -10/24, 03:34 pm- Willie I hope you will ha
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -10/24, 03:54 pm- Willie..sorry to hear of
Royce in Dallas TX -10/24, 04:28 pm- I was wondering why you w
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -10/24, 05:43 pm- I knew of your chemo, and
Hap Tucker in Sumter -10/24, 08:14 pm- Willie, Hang in there.
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/24, 09:30 pm- Hang in there, Willie. Se
21" tyre pressures ?
Rob Patterson. Austr -10/23, 07:50 pm- Freshly powder-coated 21
Jim Eviston -10/23, 08:08 pm- I like 32psi for 21 regar
James A. Golden -10/23, 08:43 pm- I have always used 40 to
Don Lyon, PDX, OR. -10/23, 08:58 pm- I run 32 - 34 in mine. I
Rob Patterson. Austr -10/23, 10:19 pm- Thanks gents. 30 - 35 ps
Ken Todd, .......... -10/24, 10:27 am- Service bulletins, page 4
Robert Brough -10/24, 10:29 am- Thanki God I read this po
Kevin Whelihan Danbu -10/24, 10:46 am- Ive used 35 PSI in mine a
Kohnke Rebabbitting, -10/24, 11:48 am- 32 pounds is right. Herm
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -10/24, 08:14 pm- I like 32 psi. A little m
Old Photo - Brass Era - Posing In The Family Ford
Jay - In Northern Ca -10/24, 10:11 am- [sdvrghb.jpg]
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -10/24, 07:46 pm- Nice mid to late 12! I ca
Kenneth W DeLong -10/24, 07:53 pm- That kid might have smile
What have you done on your project(s), October 2016
Richard Eagle Idaho  -10/24, 06:34 pm- The Coupe starter started
Mark Strange - Hills -10/24, 07:48 pm- Well done, Jay! I love g
What brand of wheel are these??
Jeff Perkins / St. C -10/24, 09:12 am- I just brought home a 24
Bill Kerndt-Waukon,  -10/24, 09:27 am- Maybe Hayes with a differ
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -10/24, 10:58 am- I think theyre Hayes whee
Jay - In Northern Ca -10/24, 11:10 am- NICE WHEELS!!!!!
Jeff Perkins / St. C -10/24, 12:31 pm- Thanks Jerry, Bill, and J
Dan McEachern -10/24, 02:56 pm- They are definitely Hayes
Allan Bennett - Aust -10/24, 07:46 pm- They look like Hayes to m
Sunday drive
Dallas landers -10/23, 06:03 pm- Worked the last two weeke
Dallas landers -10/23, 06:03 pm- [image.jpg]
Dallas landers -10/23, 06:04 pm- [image.jpg]
Dallas landers -10/23, 06:06 pm- We are very lucky to have
David Dewey, N. Cali -10/23, 06:38 pm- Dallas, Looks like you
Rich Bingham -10/23, 06:45 pm- Makes me happy just to re
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -10/23, 07:27 pm- We pile more miles on our
Dallas landers -10/23, 07:48 pm- On it happened ! Unbeliev
Dallas landers -10/23, 07:50 pm- [image.jpg]
Royce in Dallas TX -10/23, 07:51 pm- Looks like a perfect day
Norman T. Kling -10/23, 08:02 pm- I was always wondering ab
Duey_C -10/24, 05:12 pm- Great pics Dallas! Love y
Dallas landers -10/24, 05:31 pm- Duey I did find a perfect
Photo - Driver stops to photograph Matavan, Mn.
Lance Sorenson, Hect -10/24, 10:57 am- This is an interesting ph
Jay - In Northern Ca -10/24, 11:08 am- Great photo! Are those ti
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -10/24, 11:17 am- That is an Eclipse windmi
Lance Sorenson, Hect -10/24, 11:33 am- I reviewed the eBay listi
Gary Blake, Kansas C -10/24, 02:18 pm- I am amazed at the near t
Lance Sorenson, Hect -10/24, 02:28 pm- From Wikipedia: Waseca Co
Chris Landry, Hudson -10/24, 04:46 pm- Maybe surprisingly, Mataw
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -10/24, 04:54 pm- A lot of homesteaders fro
Harold Schwendeman - -10/24, 05:29 pm- Many communities are only
Foot Starter Switch to frame mounting hardware?
Robert Brough -10/22, 02:42 pm- Cant find from the vendor
Mark Gregush Portlan -10/22, 03:23 pm- Me, I would use a nut and
Allan Bennett - Aust -10/22, 07:49 pm- Robert, on our Canadian s
Stephen, South Texas -10/22, 08:45 pm- There were no less than f
Robert Brough -10/22, 10:35 pm- Im seeing the vendors sel
Allan Bennett - Aust -10/23, 12:14 am- Robert, in my experience,
Chad Marchees _____T -10/23, 07:14 am- Robert, Langs sells fas
Robert Brough -10/23, 10:47 am- Are the bolts in question
Allan Bennett - Aust -10/23, 05:58 pm- Robert, the running board
Larry Smith, Lomita, -10/23, 08:51 pm- The hand brake brackets u
arnie johansen -10/23, 09:53 pm- Larry: Are T-1905 and T-
Larry Smith, Lomita, -10/23, 09:59 pm- Im with you Arnie! Im out
Larry Smith, Lomita, -10/24, 04:39 pm- Well, Im home, and I chec
Old Photo - Model T Era - El Reno Oklahoma Town Gathering
Don Kirtley -10/24, 02:47 pm- I think its a hanging??
Frank Harris from Lo -10/24, 02:53 pm- Speaking of the Wedloch g
Old Photo - Model T Era - Washington Street, Redwood Fall...
Jay - In Northern Ca -10/24, 10:02 am- [Washington-Street-Redwoo
Erik Johnson -10/24, 11:23 am- Note the Franklin on the
Dennis Seth - Jeffer -10/24, 12:35 pm- I thought George had the
G.R.Cheshire -10/24, 12:40 pm- Well if the drug store on
Bill Harper - Keene, -10/24, 01:17 pm- A pharmacy on each side o
Burger in Spokane -10/24, 02:00 pm- When will our drug proble
Chris Landry, Hudson -10/24, 02:34 pm- Not much Street View in R
Coil will Fire on Bat but not Mag?
Philip Berg -10/23, 06:26 pm- Weird issue, new points a
Mark Gregush Portlan -10/23, 06:40 pm- Did you switch the coils
Philip Berg -10/23, 06:47 pm- Yes, I replaced the coil
Mark Gregush Portlan -10/23, 06:53 pm- It may have an open wire
Royce in Dallas TX -10/23, 07:22 pm- Get someone to test the o
Dave Young in Mays L -10/23, 08:16 pm- Im having the same issue
James A. Golden -10/23, 08:40 pm- If the coil was a recent
Jim Eviston -10/24, 01:56 am- Ditto to James. The ones
Royce in Dallas TX -10/24, 07:34 am- Good comment, I forget th
Philip Berg -10/24, 12:10 pm- The coils that came with
Larry Smith, Lomita, -10/24, 12:19 pm- Perhaps you magneto is we
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -10/24, 12:57 pm- The OP didnt say whether
Royce in Dallas TX -10/24, 01:34 pm- They can work OK if they
Jim Eviston -10/24, 01:42 pm- Philip, those are the new
New model t owner ( in a couple of weeks)
Greg Joiner -10/23, 11:11 am- Hello all, getting my fir
Greg Joiner -10/23, 11:24 am- It might help to add the
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/23, 11:57 am- As we like to say hereabo
David Dewey, N. Cali -10/23, 12:37 pm- Greg, If it was too hard
G.R.Cheshire -10/23, 12:49 pm- First get a manifold cook
Cliff Colee -10/23, 01:28 pm- Greg: good advice in all
Greg Joiner -10/23, 02:15 pm- Thanks to all!
Norman T. Kling -10/23, 03:42 pm- Wheres the picture? Norm
Norman T. Kling -10/23, 03:52 pm- Depends on what condition
Greg Joiner -10/23, 04:03 pm- Thanks again, and Norm I
Bill Dugger -10/23, 04:36 pm- Greg: be prepared for an
Bob Coiro -10/23, 04:38 pm- Welcome to the affliction
Charlie Dill -10/24, 09:01 am- Do your plans change if t
tommy coffey -10/24, 11:29 am- I can relate to your situ
Larry Smith, Lomita, -10/24, 11:43 am- Get on a creeper, and sta
Can anyone recognize this carb? I need a part
Charlie Dill -10/21, 11:14 pm- i managed to find the rep
Corey Walker, Browns -10/21, 11:20 pm- A lot of those new small
Charlie Dill -10/22, 12:30 am- Corey - Texas Ts carries
Charlie Dill -10/24, 11:39 am- The pin is definitely mis
Michelle Miller(Eyre)1967-2016
Peter B. Ratledge -10/21, 07:59 am- Mark, I was shocked to he
Mark Eyre -10/21, 09:47 am- My family and I thank all
Steve Stapley -10/24, 10:03 am- Very Sorry to hear this n
Steve Stapley -10/24, 10:04 am- Very Sorry to hear this n
george house . . .ca -10/24, 11:06 am- She mustve been a dear la
Slide show
Tim -10/23, 02:34 pm- Went to a car show today
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -10/23, 02:57 pm- Nice. That brings up a qu
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/23, 05:06 pm- 1927 at the Henry Ford [
Tim -10/24, 10:55 am- My guess is black pan and
Electric fuel pump-6v
Tyrone Thomas - Tope -10/23, 07:14 pm- Any one here run a 6 volt
Les Schubert -10/23, 07:23 pm- Tyrone Assuming you have
Richard A Eddinger S -10/23, 08:44 pm- They should also be mount
Tyrone Thomas - Tope -10/23, 10:20 pm- thank you all. Yeah, I bu
Gary Blake, Kansas C -10/23, 10:26 pm- Ive dealt with the pressu
Walt Berdan, Bellevu -10/23, 10:48 pm- Napa and most other parts
Roger Karlsson, sout -10/23, 10:52 pm- Gary, the 12V pump will
JohnH -10/23, 11:04 pm- Some years ago I installe
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -10/24, 01:06 am- Moss Motors, the MG, Triu
Nevin Gough -10/24, 01:54 am- I have run an electric 12
Dave Barker - Dayton -10/24, 08:49 am- I run a Carter 6v pump th
G.R.Cheshire -10/24, 09:48 am- I run a cheap one I bough
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -10/24, 10:49 am- I have used a 6V, Airtex
Old Photo - Model T Era Street Scene, Birmingham, Alabama
Jay - In Northern Ca -10/24, 10:07 am- [BIRMINGHAM-ALABAMA.jpg]
Another shipment missing. Rats.
Rob Patterson. Austr -10/22, 04:59 pm- Recently I started a thre
David Dewey, N. Cali -10/22, 05:08 pm- Decades ago I had some wo
Frank van Ekeren (A -10/22, 06:24 pm- I feel for you Rob, OUCH!
Seth in Alabama -10/22, 06:41 pm- Surely theres some way to
Garnet -10/22, 07:38 pm- Sounds like theres a thie
Mack Cole ---- Earth -10/22, 08:14 pm- Yea, if the forms are mar
Rob Patterson. Austr -10/22, 09:29 pm- FedEx have accepted that
Doug Money - Braidwo -10/23, 08:58 am- Mack, I use this when I m
G.R.Cheshire -10/23, 09:10 am- Rob, I hate to hear of th
Allan Bennett - Aust -10/23, 06:07 pm- Rob, you can make things
Rob Patterson. Austr -10/23, 10:31 pm- Gents, Thanks for all th
Ross Benedict - Calg -10/24, 01:25 am- Fed-Ex have a Lost Preven
Rob Patterson. Austr -10/24, 03:33 am- Ive had a REALLY good day
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -10/24, 04:07 am- Dont hold your breath! Yo
Charlie Dill -10/24, 08:54 am- Watching from afar, it se
Complete, I Think, 24 Tudor
ken bechtel -10/22, 11:14 am- First i want to thank eve
Seth in Alabama -10/22, 11:34 am- Pics from the interior an
Norman T. Kling -10/22, 11:55 am- Is that the same car as i
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -10/22, 12:00 pm- Ken, It looks REALLY nice
ken bechtel -10/22, 12:11 pm- Yep, same car. guess i ne
G.R.Cheshire -10/22, 12:17 pm- Ken Great job! Not to fri
Gary Schreiber- Sant -10/22, 12:26 pm- Beautiful. See tons of fa
ken bechtel -10/22, 09:45 pm- Here you go Seth, a few m
Craig Sutton -10/22, 09:58 pm- Ken, it looks fantastic!
Tim Lloid -10/22, 10:09 pm- Great job. Super looking
Seth in Alabama -10/22, 10:49 pm- HOOOOO-WEEEEEE!!! Man loo
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/22, 11:55 pm- Looks great, Ken. Id ditc
Doug Keppler, Fredon -10/23, 07:41 am- Hey Ken its beautiful, ho
Doug Keppler, Fredon -10/23, 07:42 am- oops I just saw you said
Marty Bufalini - Gro -10/23, 08:39 am- You shore got a purty car
G.R.Cheshire -10/23, 08:50 am- Hey Ken I think I found y
ken bechtel -10/23, 09:12 am- G.R.CHESHIRE, you sure di
ken bechtel -10/23, 09:17 am- I sure would like to loos
Dave Huson, Berthoud -10/24, 05:37 am- Steve Jeff: One of the dr
Roger Karlsson, sout -10/24, 05:47 am- Dave, Steve suggests Aft
Dan Killecut -10/24, 06:23 am- Ken,looks good. Look for
Hap Tucker in Sumter -10/24, 06:35 am- Ken, Beautiful car! You
ken bechtel -10/24, 06:58 am- Hello all! Im gonna take
Front seat spring unit dimensions?
Colin Watt - Bedford -10/24, 04:40 am- I am restoring a 1915 Tou
Roger Karlsson, sout -10/24, 05:40 am- Sorry, cant give you the
OT: Whatsit wheel?
Roger Karlsson, sout -10/24, 03:02 am- Among some 30 demountable
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -10/24, 04:16 am- I had a pair of those, ma
Allan Bennett - Aust -10/24, 05:01 am- I have a pair of front 21
Roger Karlsson, sout -10/24, 05:27 am- Thanks Wayne and Allan. F
Tightening loose spokes
Jim Patrick in Flori -10/23, 11:54 pm- I would imagine it would
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -10/24, 05:20 am- While shimming wheels, it
Wood Pickup Bed floor joints
mattress wade -10/24, 02:59 am- I recommend that you asse
Where have you gone in October?
Richard Eagle Idaho  -10/23, 07:23 pm- This weekend we drove our
John Page -10/23, 07:36 pm- Rich, I love your Tudor.
Richard Eagle Idaho  -10/23, 07:41 pm- Thanks John. We put it to
Hal Schedler, Sacram -10/23, 08:09 pm- Ive gotten to this point
Mark Strange - Hills -10/23, 08:12 pm- If there is a limit on th
Hal Schedler, Sacram -10/24, 01:30 am- Thanks Mark
Firewall dash shields
John F. Regan -10/24, 01:03 am- They should be #6 and wer
Distributor Gears
Sam Mendenhall -10/23, 06:41 pm- I was in the process of i
Mark Gregush Portlan -10/23, 07:00 pm- Langs sells the gears for
Sam Mendenhall -10/23, 07:45 pm- Thanks Mark, mine is the
Frank van Ekeren (A -10/23, 07:51 pm- Cam shaft should be 9/16
Sam Mendenhall -10/23, 07:59 pm- You are right Frank it is
Mark Gregush Portlan -10/23, 08:00 pm- This might be what you ne
Sam Mendenhall -10/23, 08:13 pm- I think you got it Mark,
Dan McEachern -10/23, 09:57 pm- I may have just a cam gea
Mark Gregush Portlan -10/24, 12:50 am- Yes you will need the loc
Need help to ID part
George schmidt -10/23, 11:09 pm- Found a part that may be
Mark Gregush Portlan -10/24, 12:47 am- Non T coil. The upper two
Coil Point Sparking - After Capacitor Change
Royce in Dallas TX -10/21, 09:59 am- I copied and paste the te
Garnet -10/21, 10:18 am- Aluminum contacts? The co
Royce in Dallas TX -10/21, 10:33 am- Garnet, Have you ever se
Charlie B actually i -10/21, 10:40 am- No dog in this fight real
Greg Adkisson -10/21, 10:45 am- I agree with G.R. that th
Richard L Grzegorowi -10/21, 11:38 am- I live in the woods in Ve
Bill Harper - Keene, -10/21, 01:26 pm- Whenever I read one of th
Mike Kossor - Kenilw -10/21, 01:48 pm- Royce, why donít you tell
Gary Schreiber- Sant -10/21, 01:58 pm- I highly doubt this went
Royce in Dallas TX -10/21, 02:31 pm- The ECCT adjusts coils ti
Bill Harper - Keene, -10/21, 05:02 pm- Another fact is that I ru
Mike Kossor - Kenilw -10/21, 05:02 pm- Royce, I respect your rig
Garnet -10/21, 05:34 pm- I do have an ECCT and hav
Mike Vaughn - Lincol -10/21, 06:08 pm- ENOUGH!!! Sometimes rea
Bob Jablonski -10/21, 07:55 pm- Mike respectively speakin
Bob Jablonski -10/21, 07:58 pm- Sorry, present the facts.
Harold Schwendeman - -10/21, 08:05 pm- Thank you Mike! Actually
Mike Kossor - Kenilw -10/21, 08:46 pm- Mike, I appreciate your v
Garnet -10/21, 08:58 pm- Ill be a good boy, but I
David Dewey, N. Cali -10/21, 09:27 pm- This is as bad as the IBM
Mike Kossor - Kenilw -10/21, 10:18 pm- David, its not even an ar
Gene Carrothers Hunt -10/21, 11:08 pm- Sorry guys Mike is correc
David Dewey, N. Cali -10/21, 11:35 pm- MIke, I guess I havent f
Paul Vitko -10/22, 11:06 am- This thread makes me happ
Harold Schwendeman - -10/22, 02:53 pm- Paul - ,,,,and one other
Bob Jablonski -10/22, 03:02 pm- Mike Kossor: Ill second
Walt Berdan, Bellevu -10/22, 04:26 pm- But Harold - what about t
Charlie B actually i -10/22, 05:12 pm- Mike, Royce, both you guy
JohnH -10/23, 07:58 pm- I find it strange and dis
Royce in Dallas TX -10/23, 08:19 pm- John, You dont know what
Gene Carrothers Hunt -10/23, 09:13 pm- Royce, Your comment to an
Royce in Dallas TX -10/23, 10:19 pm- Gene, I only say things
JohnH -10/24, 12:07 am- If Im not mistaken, I bel
Speedster steering
Corey Walker, Browns -10/22, 03:13 pm- I finally got all this st
Seth in Alabama -10/22, 03:20 pm- Hey Corey, are you still
Tim -10/22, 03:24 pm- Page is fragmented still
Corey Walker, Browns -10/22, 03:25 pm- Yes, and if you take the
Corey Walker, Browns -10/22, 03:28 pm- I guess you would never h
Walt Berdan, Bellevu -10/22, 04:18 pm- I use a VW bus steering b
Tim -10/22, 04:21 pm- I changed the one in my f
Seth in Alabama -10/22, 04:58 pm- Tim, whats under the hood
Les Schubert -10/22, 05:23 pm- If it is of any interest,
Seth in Alabama -10/22, 06:39 pm- Les, I know youre having
Tom Magee -10/22, 07:05 pm- Les, I am interested in y
Les Schubert -10/22, 09:07 pm- Seth &Tom Ill figure
Walt Berdan, Bellevu -10/23, 01:10 pm- Les - Does this disc fit
Seth in Alabama -10/23, 01:27 pm- Thats a good point - my c
Les Schubert -10/23, 01:30 pm- It fits 26-7
Walt Berdan, Bellevu -10/23, 02:12 pm- Great Les, please add me
Les Schubert -10/23, 04:57 pm- locking disc [IMG_1622.JP
Mark Strange - Hills -10/23, 05:38 pm- Simple and elegant soluti
kep -10/23, 10:51 pm- That disk would work real
Royce in Dallas TX -10/23, 10:58 pm- Les that is awesome!
Les Schubert -10/23, 11:34 pm- Thank you for the kind wo
Removing ball bearing 4th main
lorenzo leon -10/21, 10:05 am- Dave if you have a #2 pic
Dave Eddie -10/21, 11:00 am- Thanks gentlemen, I have
Les Schubert -10/21, 02:22 pm- I have to ask why? Consid
Kohnke Rebabbitting, -10/21, 03:54 pm- If any body uses a Alumin
Les Schubert -10/21, 06:24 pm- Herm So what you are desc
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -10/21, 09:55 pm- Les, thats a good rant an
David L Corman -10/21, 10:52 pm- Its hard to beat the orig
Les Schubert -10/22, 12:14 am- David It is tragic that
Royce in Dallas TX -10/22, 02:39 pm- Heres one my dad made usi
Kohnke Rebabbitting, -10/23, 11:15 pm- Ours you have to take .05
Horseless farming with Ford tractors-Video
Herb Iffrig -10/23, 06:07 pm-
Dan Jensen -10/23, 09:05 pm- Here is a picture of an e
Kevin Fielding "Ewe- -10/23, 10:05 pm- Herb, The story goes, tha
Dave -10/23, 08:48 pm- I am looking for as much
Royce in Dallas TX -10/23, 08:58 pm- It looks good until you s
Erik Johnson -10/23, 09:15 pm- Cant the current owner pr
Mark Strange - Hills -10/23, 09:19 pm- Maybe it was a rail car a
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/23, 09:25 pm- It looks like a 26-27 tha
David Dewey, N. Cali -10/23, 09:45 pm- Early Armored Car?? [:-]
San Diego Speedster run
Norman T. Kling -10/23, 08:23 pm- Here are a few pictures t
Gene Carrothers Hunt -10/23, 09:20 pm- Norm, Thanks so much for
Engine work in Rochester / Buffalo Area?
Mark Osterman -10/23, 08:57 am- Anyone have a suggestion
Dan McEachern -10/23, 11:09 am- J&M is in Mass.
Donald Conklin -10/23, 11:21 am- Assessing what your engin
David Dewey, N. Cali -10/23, 12:47 pm- Why do you assume it will
doug hauge upstate N -10/23, 01:48 pm- rons machine shop in Shel
Mark Osterman -10/23, 02:13 pm- Hey David, Thanks for we
David Dewey, N. Cali -10/23, 05:24 pm- Ah, THAT Mark!! I didnt m
Mark Osterman -10/23, 05:50 pm- Ha ... yes, I have gone
Aaron Rogahn - Davis -10/23, 08:47 pm- Mark Moriarty Warsaw, N.Y
Texas T Parts.. Watch Out!!
Dave Wightman -10/21, 04:55 pm- It appears that they have
Herb Spies - Ft. Wal -10/21, 05:04 pm- Texas T was sold to Birdh
Jason Given - St. Pa -10/21, 05:18 pm- Check with Birdhaven, th
Kohnke Rebabbitting, -10/21, 05:25 pm- You will never have to wo
Pat Kelly Montana -10/21, 06:53 pm- Bird Haven is a good outf
Dave Wightman -10/21, 07:12 pm- This is the past week...n
Tom Moorehead -10/21, 08:36 pm- The folks at Birdhaven ha
Max L. Christenson -10/21, 08:45 pm- So, VW parts, instead of
Kohnke Rebabbitting, -10/21, 09:25 pm- Max, it is not like you a
Bill Robinson, Salty -10/21, 09:59 pm- VW parts, instead of T pa
Terry Woods, Richmon -10/21, 11:02 pm- Patience and understandin
Chad Marchees _____T -10/22, 07:57 am- Parts that may help you,
Chad Marchees _____T -10/22, 08:20 am- Dave and Max. By your pos
Dave Wightman -10/22, 09:48 am- Im not trying to do any b
Dave Dufault -10/22, 09:53 am- Calm is the operative wor
Doug Wilson - Omaha  -10/23, 07:10 pm- Birdhaven is good people.
James A. Golden -10/23, 08:46 pm- The one part often requir
OT Groovy bench light
Doug Keppler, Fredon -10/23, 04:52 pm- [20161023_150739.jpeg.jpg
Burger in Spokane -10/23, 08:37 pm- Love the clock. They wer
Windshield help
R. S. Cruickshank -10/23, 08:19 am- While on tour several mon
Royce in Dallas TX -10/23, 09:14 am- The brass windshield part
R. S. Cruickshank -10/23, 07:28 pm- bump
N Ford auto racr-Photo 1908
Herb Iffrig -10/23, 06:29 pm- [N ford auto race.jpg]
Royce in Dallas TX -10/23, 07:24 pm- Thats fun.
A Few Months Late But DONE!
Dan Killecut -10/21, 06:37 am- Thanks again Guys! Tim,
Don Booth@ Bay City, -10/21, 06:49 am- History revived!! Good on
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -10/21, 11:43 am- Dan, Your cars really loo
Dan Killecut -10/21, 07:36 pm- Keith, Thanks for your ki
Dan Killecut -10/23, 07:04 pm- Craig, Here are the pictu
Oil change?
ken bechtel -10/23, 09:05 am- Hi all! Engine was hot,
Royce in Dallas TX -10/23, 09:08 am- A T engine will hold a ga
ken bechtel -10/23, 10:41 am- Thanks Royce! I feel bett
Mark Gregush Portlan -10/23, 06:49 pm- I have yet to get a full
OT/Sorta - Ford housing grants in Detroit
Marv Konrad (Green B -10/23, 06:27 pm- They may be tiny houses f
Speedster Gas Tank Filler Neck
Sam Mendenhall -10/23, 05:28 pm- Has anyone fastened the b
Les Schubert -10/23, 05:56 pm- Personally I solder it on
Engine knocking
Jack Hedges -10/23, 09:18 am- My engine started knockin
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/23, 09:40 am- Is it really knocking? Wh
Mark Strange - Hills -10/23, 09:52 am-
Les Schubert -10/23, 05:03 pm- Jack The T can make a hos
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -10/23, 05:29 pm- Open the door and find ou
Old pic, Rabbit hunting in a T
Kevin Weeds -10/23, 01:58 am- [Rabbits.JPG]
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -10/23, 04:22 am- Hasenpfeffer? Who says
Tony Howard ( Austra -10/23, 05:55 am- Is that a NZ photo Kevin?
G.R.Cheshire -10/23, 08:13 am- Thanksgiving Dinner Yummm
Kevin Weeds -10/23, 05:14 pm- Im not sure Tony, if you
Model T safety inspection
Bob Coiro -10/23, 05:12 pm- I did some research and c
Some kind of hub cap wrech, can anyone tell me for whay
ROBERT BERGSTADT -10/23, 12:36 pm- I found this wrench in on
Corey Walker, Browns -10/23, 12:42 pm- I think the wrench fits a
Dennis Seth - Jeffer -10/23, 01:59 pm- Looks like that wrench wi
Corey Walker, Browns -10/23, 02:12 pm- [IMG_0497.JPG]
ROBERT BERGSTADT -10/23, 02:30 pm- Looks like it, any idea o
Troy Todd -10/23, 03:00 pm- Appears to be 15-22 aprox
Freighter Jim -10/23, 09:25 am- Bill, I forgot to send y
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/23, 09:49 am- Heres a page of Colby pho
Royce in Dallas TX -10/23, 10:08 am- Heres one of the existing
Royce in Dallas TX -10/23, 10:10 am- It is in the Mason City I
Bill Kerndt-Waukon,  -10/23, 01:06 pm- Thanks to everyone that p
David Dewey, N. Cali -10/23, 01:10 pm- Hmm, sounds like there ar
1926 Model T Roadster Fuel Tank
AJ Bowlin -10/23, 10:09 am- Hello all, Im new to ow
G.R.Cheshire -10/23, 10:14 am- No unfortunately that is
AJ Bowlin -10/23, 10:19 am- G.R. Thank you for your
G.R.Cheshire -10/23, 10:19 am- BTW I see you are a new p
Bill Robinson, Salty -10/23, 10:24 am- Check the local radiator
AJ Bowlin -10/23, 10:24 am- Thank you very much for a
AJ Bowlin -10/23, 10:26 am- Bill, Thank you very mu
G.R.Cheshire -10/23, 10:30 am- AJ speak of the devil you
AJ Bowlin -10/23, 10:45 am- G.R. Thank you! Just wro
Eric Sole - Castelld -10/23, 11:19 am- I bought a fuel tank seal
Help ID part. Jack extension handle? Bubba? OE?
Robert Brough -10/22, 10:46 pm- Picked up at the family b
Bruce Kile ....San J -10/22, 11:12 pm- I thick that could be use
Robert Brough -10/23, 10:22 am- I was trying to figure ou
Dan Hatch -10/23, 10:26 am- Robert: A lot of that stu
Jay - In Northern Ca -10/23, 10:42 am- Petcock checking tools ht
Headed to Miami to install Ugo Rondionoe's latest Mountai...
Dennis Plank - Three -10/23, 10:09 am- Saw a segment on CBS Sund
OT: Back from Allentown Pa. Presentation of Paper
George John Drobnock -10/23, 09:47 am- Over the weekend I was at
Royce in Dallas TX -10/23, 09:55 am- Great video here: https:
Erik Johnson -10/23, 09:58 am- https://www.historicvehic
Valve Job Help?
Tony Barrancotta -10/22, 10:27 am- Im in deep. Long story
Peter Kirk -10/22, 11:16 am- I was thinking of doing t
David Sullivan -10/22, 12:55 pm- Probably been done a mill
Will Copeland - West -10/22, 03:07 pm- Tony, A valve job is one
David Dewey, N. Cali -10/22, 04:04 pm- IMHO, if your valve seats
Rick Rice -10/23, 08:04 am- Hi Tony, You are in luck!
Tony Barrancotta -10/23, 09:18 am- Hey Rick. Thanks for the
Looking to Buy a Brass T Touring Car
Gilbert V. I. Fitzhu -10/21, 08:35 pm- Iíve just sold the very n
Rich Bingham -10/22, 12:20 am- Gil, Ill sure continue to
Rich Bingham -10/22, 12:01 pm- Bump
Bob McDaniel(Indiana -10/22, 05:49 pm- When I finish the 13 tour
Rich Bingham -10/23, 12:07 am- Hm. There was an old song
jerry knouse -10/23, 09:08 am- Gil, sent you PM re: 1914
Broke my crank today
Don Lyon, PDX, OR. -10/22, 08:46 pm- I just joined the two-pie
Mark Gregush Portlan -10/22, 09:22 pm- Don called me while he wa
Tim Lloid -10/22, 10:19 pm- Thats never good!
Jim Kelsey -10/23, 01:14 am- Been there, bought the T-
G.R.Cheshire -10/23, 08:25 am- Ding dag nab it! Another
Top to windshield snaps 1920 roadster
Noel D. Chicoine, MD -10/22, 10:30 pm- recently purchased a 1920
Jim Sims--Reed City, -10/23, 07:53 am- The snap is for side curt
Timing gear question
Gary Tillstrom 30 mi -10/21, 07:06 am- The alternator may be in
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/21, 08:39 am- If the only choice is bet
Royce in Dallas TX -10/21, 09:50 am- Any of the timing gears -
Norman T. Kling -10/21, 11:10 am- Winter 2017 is only a few
Norman T. Kling -10/21, 11:13 am- Added to the above sugges
Bob Benedict, Humbol -10/21, 03:01 pm- How is the alternator shi
Mark Strange - Hills -10/21, 05:47 pm- See page 114 of the Ford
Bob Benedict, Humbol -10/23, 07:52 am- Well, I removed the alter
Top for 1909-10 Roadster
Dale McMurry -10/22, 10:45 pm- Has anyone purchased the
Richard Gould, Folso -10/22, 11:11 pm- IMHO! The 09 roadster top
David Dewey, N. Cali -10/23, 12:36 am- Dale, If anyone has a ki
Peter B. Ratledge -10/23, 07:28 am- Dale, Richard is right.
Feels good
Doug Keppler, Fredon -10/22, 07:01 pm- [20161022_103830.jpeg.jpg
Tim Rogers - South o -10/23, 07:20 am- Looking good Doug. It is
Spare tire carrier
Brooks Schlieben -10/22, 12:52 pm- Not sure what type spare
Mark Gregush Portlan -10/22, 03:19 pm- Google mtfca: spare tire
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/22, 04:59 pm- You often see spares moun
Duane Markuson -10/22, 07:16 pm- Thanks for posting, Ive b
Mark Strange - Hills -10/22, 07:31 pm-
Noel D. Chicoine, MD -10/22, 10:18 pm- these are on my recently
David Dewey, N. Cali -10/23, 12:25 am- Heres the period accessor
Brooks Schlieben -10/23, 04:27 am- As always, overwhelmed by
Nasty oil - can I diagnose anything from the old oil?
Charlie Dill -10/21, 11:32 pm- To retrieve a dropped mag
John Noonan - Norton -10/22, 12:13 am- Charlie, hard to tell fro
Charlie Dill -10/22, 12:16 am- The car was my uncles and
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -10/22, 03:09 am- Brown usually means water
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -10/22, 03:34 am- Changing from non deterge
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -10/22, 03:47 am- Clean it the best you can
G.R.Cheshire -10/22, 07:45 am- If you really want to see
G.R.Cheshire -10/22, 08:04 am- BTW this thread reminded
Royce in Dallas TX -10/22, 09:51 am- Charlie it sounds like yo
Charlie Dill -10/22, 10:06 am- Great advice. One small
Norman T. Kling -10/22, 12:10 pm- Sometimes oil gets into t
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -10/22, 12:45 pm- I agree with Norman, just
Charlie Dill -10/22, 05:10 pm- Awesome commentary. Turni
Allan Bennett - Aust -10/23, 12:34 am- Charlie I have had multip
How do I adjust bands?
Rod Handsfield -10/21, 02:00 pm- I have a 1927 Roadster th
Robert Govoni -10/21, 02:12 pm- Brother I feel your pain.
Mark Gregush Portlan -10/21, 02:18 pm- Buy a copy of the owners
Peter Claverie, Memp -10/21, 02:30 pm- There are two different a
Duey_C -10/22, 11:10 pm- Rod, tell us more. :-
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/22, 11:44 pm- For transmission band adj
Verne Shirk -10/22, 11:47 pm- The most common problem i
Made my own dash light cap.How do you give copper and bra...
Chadwick Azevedo -10/22, 12:48 am- Just remember nitrogen wh
Tim Eckensviller - T -10/22, 10:04 am- If it were mine Id just p
Peter Kirk -10/22, 10:55 am- Decided to paint it [sma
Seth in Alabama -10/22, 11:08 am- Looks good Peter. I have
Rich Bingham -10/22, 12:00 pm- That looks great. I reali
Peter Kirk -10/22, 12:12 pm- Thanks Rich. Seth, I wou
Steve Tomaso - Longb -10/22, 12:51 pm- Seth - most if not all da
Seth in Alabama -10/22, 02:19 pm- Steve that sounds like a
Peter Kirk -10/22, 02:47 pm- Heres one on ebay $150.0
Steve Tomaso - Longb -10/22, 08:14 pm- Ill see what I have.
Joseph A. Stearns -10/22, 08:56 pm- I have used this shop cla
Top iron-L bracket part
Corey Walker, Browns -10/22, 06:26 pm- I found this picture in a
Layden Butler -10/22, 06:52 pm- Looks like part of the st
Jim Sims--Reed City, -10/22, 07:04 pm- I have one of the same on
charley shaver- libe -10/22, 07:09 pm- that is what it is for bu
Tail Light Socket Replacement
Charlie Dill -10/21, 11:57 pm- My tail light seems to wo
Jay - In Northern Ca -10/22, 12:03 am- Id make sure you have a b
Charlie Dill -10/22, 12:25 am- Battery disconnect switch
Bill Harper - Keene, -10/22, 01:10 am- Hi Charlie, Do confirm t
Jay - In Northern Ca -10/22, 09:26 am- Way to go Charlie on the
Charlie Dill -10/22, 09:40 am- Bill - I believe the grou
Royce in Dallas TX -10/22, 02:15 pm- Heres what I do to conver
Frank Harris from Lo -10/22, 02:54 pm- I modify the double prong
Frank Harris from Lo -10/22, 03:33 pm- You will have to file off
Mark Osterman -10/22, 06:51 pm- Here is the conversion I
Bosch DU4 Magneto Timing
Joe Meakin  -10/22, 04:58 am- Hello all, Im hoping th
Seth in Alabama -10/22, 06:33 am- Joe what model number is
David Sullivan -10/22, 01:17 pm- Why not use a timing ligh
Craig Anderson, cent -10/22, 05:44 pm- If its running fine and n
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -10/22, 06:18 pm- Well, I am not a magneto
Jim Eviston -10/21, 11:19 pm- Yes, Robert, you stirred
Robert G. Hester Jr. -10/22, 12:34 am- Beautiful! [:-] [:-]
Gustaf in Idaho -10/22, 11:50 am- My mother claims my first
Rich Bingham -10/22, 11:55 am- Gustaf, thats wisdom !
Burger in Spokane -10/22, 12:55 pm- Redefining a good day, or
Robert L. Rogers -10/22, 01:06 pm- When my daughter was four
Jim Eviston -10/22, 01:56 pm- Burger, this is indeed th
Craig Anderson, cent -10/22, 05:52 pm- Burgers approach to getti
Mag Post / External Oiler
Charlie Dill -10/21, 11:26 pm- Got it! I removed the oi
Charlie Dill -10/21, 11:45 pm- Have to give credit where
Mark Gregush Portlan -10/22, 12:45 am- Great! [:-] And she looks
Bill Harper - Keene, -10/22, 01:02 am- Hi Charlie, I am pleased
Duey_C -10/22, 01:38 am- Youre a good egg, young m
Hal Schedler, Sacram -10/22, 01:57 am- I showed the picture to m
Chad Marchees _____T -10/22, 07:33 am- Bill, I was thinking the
Royce in Dallas TX -10/22, 10:02 am- Glad to hear the happy en
Charlie Dill -10/22, 10:12 am- Thanks for the compliment
Steve Tomaso - Longb -10/22, 10:54 am- Thats what happened to th
Seth in Alabama -10/22, 11:05 am- LOL all you long-haired h
Les VonNordheim -10/22, 12:26 pm- Great job Louise..... You
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -10/22, 12:53 pm- The pictures Charlie post
Charlie Dill -10/22, 05:06 pm- The camera came in extrem
How would the low band take this?
Hal Schedler, Sacram -10/22, 04:43 pm- [Model T stuck in mud.JPG
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/22, 05:04 pm- One of my uncles told me
Squeek Padding?
Robert Brough -10/22, 01:23 pm- Just wondering if anyone
Jim Eviston -10/22, 02:18 pm- Taking the rattles and sq
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/22, 04:47 pm- The hard part of stopping
Charlie Dill -10/22, 04:57 pm- Thought you might be talk
Query about transporting from north America to Europe.
Glascott Symes -10/22, 09:38 am- When using freight forwar
Charlie Dill -10/22, 09:56 am- Have a look at this site.
Freighter Jim -10/22, 10:08 am- Glascott, Start where yo
Burger in Spokane -10/22, 12:57 pm- Jim, Have you consider
Robert Brough -10/22, 01:32 pm- In the military vehicle h
Freighter Jim -10/22, 02:21 pm- Burger, Most of the week
Maxwell/Model T radiator cap
Gene Carrothers Hunt -10/21, 11:11 pm- I have a buddy that has a
Jim Eviston -10/21, 11:22 pm- Does the Maxwell cap have
John Warren -10/22, 12:13 am- The Maxwells radiator cap
Troy Todd -10/22, 01:01 am- OK thanks. I was afraid t
Jim Eviston -10/22, 01:36 am- Troy, take heart. Many ca
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -10/22, 03:35 am- Wings and motometers are
Troy Todd -10/22, 01:24 pm- Thanks for the responses.
Reliable Carburetion.
Kevin Whelihan Danbu -10/21, 06:52 am- If the tank is reasonably
Charlie B actually i -10/21, 09:12 am- Your generator has an in-
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -10/21, 09:25 am- TT newbie..I vote for the
Derek Kiefer - Manto -10/21, 10:46 am- The viton tip needle is t
Norman T. Kling -10/21, 11:04 am- Two things to check first
Royce in Dallas TX -10/21, 12:37 pm- Here is a step - by - ste
tt newbee Thomas R.  -10/21, 01:43 pm- Thanks for posting that R
Jim Kelsey -10/21, 01:46 pm- I initially installed a g
Roger Karlsson, sout -10/21, 02:29 pm- Thomas, read this thread
Harold Schwendeman - -10/21, 02:48 pm- TT newby Thomas R. Hicks
Ed Fuller -10/21, 03:52 pm- Keep everything Ford and
Walt Berdan, Bellevu -10/21, 04:03 pm- Ive used filters on both
tt newbee Thomas R.  -10/21, 05:23 pm- Mr. Karlsson, I appreciat
john kuehn -10/21, 05:35 pm- I think the guys are sayi
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -10/21, 05:44 pm- This is a case of old bei
Roger Karlsson, sout -10/21, 05:48 pm- Hey, if youre not into fi
Stephen D Heatherly -10/21, 06:02 pm- Fixing the new needles in
Royce in Dallas TX -10/21, 07:02 pm- I just bought three of th
Harold Schwendeman - -10/21, 07:50 pm- tt newbee - Im wondering
John Noonan - Norton -10/21, 08:46 pm- Well said Harold, well sa
David Dewey, N. Cali -10/21, 10:07 pm- The really frustrating th
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/21, 11:26 pm- When people are put off b
Jim Kelsey -10/22, 12:32 am- TT Newbie: I was a newbi
Jim Eviston -10/22, 02:00 am- Steve and Jim, you have e
Jim Eviston -10/22, 02:02 am- Damn sPELLCheck.
tt newbee Thomas R.  -10/22, 06:20 am- I apologize to those who
Dan B -10/22, 07:48 am- There are many mechanics
Jim Eviston -10/22, 08:58 am- Thomas, you didnt offend
Jim Kelsey -10/22, 12:01 pm- Have you checked the floa
David Sullivan -10/22, 12:47 pm- Youll be able to haul 14
Denver Club Member in the News
Gerry Hibbs -10/21, 01:22 pm- Here is a feature in the
Les Burg -10/21, 02:54 pm- Roy is a great guy, thank
Dennis Seth - Jeffer -10/21, 04:34 pm- What a great story thanks
Gerry Hibbs -10/22, 08:31 am- He really wails on that t
Engine shop-Photo
Herb Iffrig -10/21, 02:04 pm- [engine shop.GIF resized.
Jamie Holmes, Missis -10/21, 02:37 pm- Guy on the far right is a
Dick Fischer - Arroy -10/21, 02:49 pm- OK. Ill bite. Whats a K
Thomas Mullin -10/21, 03:12 pm- I think hes the only one
Jamie Holmes, Missis -10/21, 03:16 pm- Thats what I meant or tea
Harold Schwendeman - -10/21, 03:21 pm- Hmmm,....must be an ol Mi
Jamie Holmes, Missis -10/21, 03:29 pm- Harold, probably, lol Mis
Stephen, South Texas -10/22, 12:15 am- I spent a little over a w
Rich Bingham -10/22, 12:27 am- Wow. And have your heard
Duey_C -10/22, 01:46 am- Overland training/garage?
charley shaver- libe -10/22, 07:18 am- no not overland!!!! charl
Hazel's Model T
Henry Petrino in Mod -10/21, 05:55 am- So Wayne, it sounds like
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -10/21, 11:24 pm- Henry, For Kindergarten a
Henry Petrino in Mod -10/22, 12:04 am- Wayne, Actually, I atten
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -10/22, 02:07 am- Henry, You are just a bit
A Great Night in Dallas
Tom Miller, mostly i -10/21, 09:24 am- Ive been in Dallas Texas
Royce in Dallas TX -10/21, 10:05 am- Tom it was my pleasure. D
Larry Smith, Lomita, -10/21, 10:36 am- Royce, you have done a lo
Shawn Hayward -10/21, 11:06 am- Yes ,I want to thank Royc
Gary Blake, Kansas C -10/21, 12:25 pm- Hi Royce. I grew up in Da
Royce in Dallas TX -10/21, 12:33 pm- Gary, I live in Dallas,
Gary Blake, Kansas C -10/21, 01:08 pm- Ah, ok that makes sense.
Les VonNordheim -10/21, 01:54 pm- Royce, That was a wonder
Terry Woods, Richmon -10/21, 11:52 pm- Gee, some guys have a lot
Troy Todd -10/22, 01:29 am- I have to admit that afte
Troy Todd -10/22, 01:30 am- That car really reminds m
26/27 steering box same size as previous years?
Duey_C -10/21, 11:48 pm- Bob, I sound like Bubba.
Jim Eviston -10/22, 12:04 am- Duey, you are indeed a ma
Jim Eviston -10/22, 12:11 am- And, this is why I get so
New Tires. Summit Racing. True Story.
Steve Bourgeois -10/21, 08:48 pm- Robert, Are you putting t
Robert Brough -10/21, 09:07 pm- Heres where my wire wheel
Jim Eviston -10/21, 09:28 pm- Robert-and foreman ---Fla
Norman T. Kling -10/21, 09:36 pm- The picture in the front
Jim Eviston -10/21, 10:20 pm- Norm, Im not sure we are
Charles Weisgerber-  -10/21, 10:44 pm- I just tossed out an old
Tim Rogers - South o -10/21, 02:30 pm- How do the spark and thro
Roger Karlsson, sout -10/21, 03:08 pm- Well, the levers are rive
Robert Govoni -10/21, 03:40 pm- So when you put in the ne
Tim Rogers - South o -10/21, 03:44 pm- Roger, arent those the pi
Michael Saggese -10/21, 04:05 pm- Those are split pins for
Stephen D Heatherly -10/21, 04:07 pm- Tim, the pins can be used
Roger Karlsson, sout -10/21, 04:11 pm- Tim, theyre the same. Wor
Rich Bingham -10/21, 06:03 pm- What ? Cant you use a fin
Roger Karlsson, sout -10/21, 06:22 pm- Sure Rich, anything that
Norman T. Kling -10/21, 09:58 pm- You should remove the ste
Slightly OT - 2016 Hershey Hangover Tour Photos
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -10/21, 12:20 pm- This looks like a really
Gilbert V. I. Fitzhu -10/21, 04:48 pm- Keith, could you please c
Thomas M. Edfors -10/21, 04:58 pm- Hello Keith. Why dont we
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -10/21, 05:31 pm- Gil the Elder aka oldcarf
Thomas M. Edfors -10/21, 06:08 pm- Keith, Joyce and I hosted
Gilbert V. I. Fitzhu -10/21, 06:19 pm- Keith, it sounds very muc
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -10/21, 09:50 pm- Tom and Gil, Thank you fo
Help ! My Model T is in New Jersey . . .
Dan Woolf -10/21, 08:02 am- I used Intercity Lines to
Cliff Colee -10/21, 08:09 am- Rich, I used RoadRunner A
jerry knouse -10/21, 08:25 am- I used Reliable Carriers
Dave Young in Mays L -10/21, 08:37 am- Rich. What town is it in
Dave Young in Mays L -10/21, 09:07 am- RSX Motorsports Trucking.
Ken Erman -10/21, 09:08 am- I used U-ship to get mine
Rich Bingham -10/21, 09:47 pm- Thanks to the recommendat
Late Model Commercial Chassis
Jerome Hoffman, Hays -10/21, 08:49 pm- If an early 26 it may hav
We Lost a Modern Legend
Freighter Jim -10/21, 05:37 am- Thank you Verne for a gre
Verne Shirk -10/21, 06:30 pm- Thanks for all of the nic
Mark Chaffin......Co -10/21, 07:54 pm- Anyone who drove a RAJO e
Mike Vaughn - Lincol -10/21, 07:54 pm- Thanks Verne, Gary was a
I'm So Excited
Mark Osterman -10/21, 08:24 am- I have found the right bu
John T. Tannehill II -10/21, 08:28 am- Congrats! Cant wait to se
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/21, 08:33 am- Low, if its a 23. That ne
Mark Osterman -10/21, 12:37 pm- Yes, low radiator ... 30
Eric Sole - Castelld -10/21, 01:36 pm- Cool Mark. Congratulation
Tony Barrancotta -10/21, 03:45 pm- Hey, Im excited too becau
Hap Tucker in Sumter -10/21, 03:49 pm- Mark, Just a little medi
Mark Osterman -10/21, 06:59 pm- Yes, Tony is the one who
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -10/21, 07:10 pm- Any good model T is a gre
Dinner site for next Fall's 2017 OCF
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -10/21, 12:03 pm- This looks like a great p
Willis Jenkins -10/21, 06:34 pm- From the looks of the res
How to remove rust from a T engine before painting
Ron MacDonald -10/21, 06:19 pm- As is always the case the
Muncie Transmission
Norman T. Kling -10/21, 11:17 am- A new member of our local
Robert G. Hester Jr. -10/21, 12:44 pm- Hi, Norman. My 22 TT has
William Bennett -10/21, 01:06 pm- One other thing about the
Thomas Elliott -10/21, 01:20 pm- I have run a Muncie in my
Henry Petrino in Mod -10/21, 06:06 pm- My 18 TT has a Muncie.
Castle nut and split pin location. Can I make a presumpt...
Robert Brough -10/21, 01:08 pm- I dont have a reference p
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/21, 01:55 pm- Pan-to-frame bolts both f
Dennis Plank - Three -10/21, 04:07 pm- Just remember as a rule o
Robert Brough -10/21, 04:24 pm- Dennis, a good rule of
Original Drive Shaft
Colin Knowles - Monc -10/21, 01:31 pm- What type of steel were t
Dan Treace, North FL -10/21, 04:22 pm- Likely made from Ford AA
Question about firewall/hood trim
Erik Johnson -10/21, 09:43 am- See this recent thread:
Mark Lynn -10/21, 04:03 pm- Thank you.
AA Worm Gear Set in a TT
Tim -10/21, 11:34 am- Ted try my search engine.
Mark Lynn -10/21, 04:02 pm- It has been done. contact
Small dealer showroom-Photo
Hap Tucker in Sumter -10/21, 07:56 am- Craig, If someone ordere
Larry Smith, Lomita, -10/21, 10:46 am- The detailed photos of th
Thomas Mullin -10/21, 10:53 am- Larry, no date, but I sus
Hap Tucker in Sumter -10/21, 03:53 pm- And dont forget there alm
My Model T and I were invited to a photo shoot
Jamie Holmes, Missis -10/21, 03:20 pm- Hmmm, those shoes in pict
Will Copeland - West -10/21, 03:42 pm- This was a amature photo
Jamie Holmes, Missis -10/21, 03:45 pm- Will, Normen, I had to cl
J. Allan Saunders
Hap Tucker in Sumter -10/21, 07:49 am- Jesse, I did a search of
Jesse L. Ashcraft -10/21, 03:20 pm- Thanks for the lead, Hap.
Hap Tucker in Sumter -10/21, 03:31 pm- Jesse, Good luck and kee
Cheap way to "Cad-plate" Rims
Dan Killecut -10/21, 06:32 am- Charles, this picture mak
Roger Karlsson, sout -10/21, 06:40 am- Silver painting was the s
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/21, 08:55 am- Roger is correct. [IMG_
Dan Hatch -10/21, 10:26 am- Zinc Plated not Hot dip G
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/21, 11:27 am- Galvanizing is zinc plati
Michael Thomas - Cen -10/21, 03:19 pm- I used the Rustoleum silv
Flat Tire Poll
samuel pine -10/21, 09:29 am- As a retired cop, the pre
Mark Chaffin......Co -10/21, 11:54 am- I put new tires and tubes
Nevin Gough -10/21, 12:04 pm- One puncture in 11 years
Chadwick Azevedo -10/21, 03:09 pm- When we were driving the
Deals in Tires
Les VonNordheim -10/21, 02:07 pm- Check out Lucas old River
Coil Box
Robert Govoni -10/21, 08:02 am- So last night I took the
John Zibell, Huntsvi -10/21, 08:23 am- The 26/27 coil box seems
G.R.Cheshire -10/21, 08:40 am- Robert I know this seems
Robert Govoni -10/21, 09:35 am- I think its on the right
Roger Karlsson, sout -10/21, 09:48 am- Heres what the hold down
Robert Govoni -10/21, 11:24 am- Thats what mine looks lik
G.R.Cheshire -10/21, 12:10 pm- That is correct. check th
Robert Govoni -10/21, 12:25 pm- Thanks G.R Cheshire. I b
TT bed strips
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/21, 09:14 am- [IMG_1266 copy.JPG] TT b
Two Products to Make Band Work Easier
Dan Killecut -10/21, 07:57 am- Dennis, with the angle of
Brass Top coils and box
Jerry Hollenbaugh -10/27, 05:41 pm- I am going to sell my Coi
Ted Dumas -10/27, 10:39 pm- Do all the coils have a s
Allan Bennett - Aust -10/28, 12:23 am- Jerry, in the light of th
WTB 1917-21 Model T Coupe
brass car guy -10/26, 12:44 am- Prefer original unrestore
Mike Walker, NW AR -10/26, 09:27 am- FYI -- 22 & 23 would
brass car guy -10/27, 11:56 pm- bump
Need small acetylene generator for 1909T
Dennis Michaud -10/23, 09:46 am- top
Dennis Michaud -10/27, 09:32 pm- top
Here is the Christmas present for your 1909
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -10/27, 01:19 am- First one of these I have
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -10/27, 10:47 am- Got a nice email from an
Adam Doleshal -10/27, 11:08 am- My big question: Is ther
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -10/27, 11:55 am- No, I dont think so is my
Rick Goelz-Knoxville -10/27, 01:09 pm- I want my U&Js to be
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -10/27, 02:40 pm- For the people wanting to
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -10/27, 03:06 pm- Apparently this post hit
Mark Osterman -10/27, 06:53 pm- Hey Stan, I feel your pa
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -10/27, 07:50 pm- The 5 ball is sold, thank
Rich Bingham -10/27, 08:41 pm- Stan, thanks much for let
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -10/27, 08:47 pm- Obviously that is Kim Dob
Dave Huson, Berthoud -10/22, 01:13 am- Three more fly wheels wit
Gerry Hibbs -10/26, 03:40 pm- Hi, Dave. Ill take one. W
Dave Huson, Berthoud -10/26, 11:38 pm- Larry, If you will take o
Gerry Hibbs -10/27, 10:48 am- Thanks! Ill carry the on
Dave Huson, Berthoud -10/27, 08:24 pm- I just got buckets, boxes
FS Horns
Jerry Hollenbaugh -10/24, 09:20 pm- Here are a couple of Mode
Jerry Hollenbaugh -10/26, 09:08 pm- Lower it to $75 plus ship
Tom Miller, mostly i -10/27, 07:43 am- Jerry, PM sent
Jerry Hollenbaugh -10/27, 07:50 pm- Sold pending payment
1915 brass set for sale. Lights horns speedo
Daniel Kraft -10/22, 05:30 pm- Here is a lot of brass st
Daniel Kraft -10/22, 06:02 pm- I forgot to mention. Two
Daniel Kraft -10/23, 01:51 am- The coils and box sold. $
Daniel Kraft -10/23, 01:52 am- Also all of the doors are
Greg Joiner -10/23, 04:04 pm- Dan, did you see my PM?
Daniel Kraft -10/23, 04:29 pm- I didnt, I prefer phone c
Daniel Kraft -10/23, 04:35 pm- $600 shipped
Daniel Kraft -10/24, 12:53 pm- Top
Daniel Kraft -10/25, 11:33 am- $575 shipped
Daniel Kraft -10/27, 12:44 pm- $550 Shipped
Daniel Kraft -10/27, 07:43 pm- $500 shipped. Final offer
FS Model T Kiddie Ride
Jerry Hollenbaugh -10/27, 06:20 pm- I am going to be listing
Mark Chaffin......Co -10/27, 06:38 pm- It based on the picture,
Mark Strange - Hills -10/27, 07:19 pm- [688547.jpg]
Jerry Hollenbaugh -10/27, 07:27 pm- It is located in Plymouth
Mark Chaffin......Co -10/27, 07:42 pm- I like it! Wish was clos
OT-Model A Victoria Doors
Mike Perigo - Linton -10/26, 08:39 pm- Im asking for a friend wh
Mark Gregush Portlan -10/27, 11:13 am- Mike; Put an ad on Fordba
Mike Perigo - Linton -10/27, 07:27 pm- Okay......and a thanks to
Want To Buy Wheels
Bill Everett -10/25, 11:36 am- I e-mailed Mark; I hope t
Ed Archer Hayward, C -10/27, 02:09 pm- Bill, my first time on th
Craig Sutton -10/27, 02:18 pm- If Bill isnt interested p
Dave Huson, Berthoud -10/27, 02:52 pm- Bill: I have many, many w
Dave Huson, Berthoud -10/27, 02:57 pm- Bill: I have many, many w
Bill Everett -10/27, 06:31 pm- Ed, I sent you a PM.
Bill Everett -10/27, 06:36 pm- Dave, sent you a PM.
For Sale - Set Of Three Different New Ford Licensed Coffe...
Jay - In Northern Ca -10/26, 06:38 pm- Mugs have the same logo o
Will Copeland - West -10/27, 06:20 pm- If thats 15 shipping for
Dave Huson, Berthoud -10/27, 06:17 pm- Still For Sale, some went
Dave Huson, Berthoud -10/27, 06:13 pm- Disks Still for sale. [
FS Klaxon Horns
Jerry Hollenbaugh -10/27, 05:54 pm- Here is two Klaxon Hand H
Jonathan Bodine -10/27, 03:33 pm- Looking for 1914 magneto
Jim Sims--Reed City, -10/27, 05:02 pm- I believe I have a timing
R.V. Anderson -10/27, 05:44 pm- Do you want the field coi
Machine Shop Tools for sale
RJ Walworth, New Yor -10/24, 08:31 pm- These are some shop tools
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -10/25, 11:17 am- RJ, What are the XY tabl
RJ Walworth, New Yor -10/25, 12:32 pm- Jerry it weighs 85#s
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -10/25, 01:41 pm- Im sorry RJ, I meant to a
RJ Walworth, New Yor -10/25, 06:26 pm- 9 x 9 table 8 tall with
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -10/26, 12:36 pm- Thank you RJ. Just a bit
RJ Walworth, New Yor -10/26, 03:27 pm- We used these in our brid
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -10/27, 09:54 am- Thats exactly what I want
Adam Doleshal -10/27, 11:20 am- I think 9x9 is as small a
RJ Walworth, New Yor -10/27, 03:44 pm- 9x9 is the smallest Troke
Adam Doleshal -10/27, 03:58 pm- RJ, Price on the 4 riser
RJ Walworth, New Yor -10/27, 04:13 pm- $250 with the bolts
Car For Sale, 1925 Coupe
Fr. Sean OBrien -10/27, 05:11 am- 1925 Coupe. Runs well, so
Bill Harper - Keene, -10/27, 09:51 am- Huh, a red Doctors coupe,
Dave Dufault -10/27, 11:27 am- Good one, Bill ! [:-]
Paul Goddard  -10/27, 03:18 pm- Wow, She is a beauty. Goo
Bruce Compton -10/27, 03:56 pm- Do you have any pics of t
For Sale 1910 Coupe make offer
Bill Bohlen -10/27, 03:19 pm- located in Southern Cal.
andrew o sullivan -10/27, 03:42 pm- hi there love you car goo
Looking for gas tank
Mark Osterman -10/26, 06:05 pm- Would like to find an ori
craig hall -10/26, 06:34 pm- call bobs antiques in Roc
Hal Schedler, Sacram -10/26, 07:52 pm- I have a clean one with l
Hal Schedler, Sacram -10/26, 07:54 pm- I bought a new one from K
Hal Schedler, Sacram -10/26, 07:59 pm- I bought this round one,
Adam Doleshal -10/27, 11:27 am- I would highly recommend
Mark Osterman -10/27, 11:51 am- Sure ... that is my fail
john kuehn -10/27, 01:49 pm- I bought a nice oval tank
bill Crosby Webster, -10/27, 02:55 pm- Mark I have an oval tank
Nickle stewart speedometer for sale.
Daniel Kraft -10/23, 02:15 am- The bezel has been re nic
Daniel Kraft -10/23, 04:39 pm- $135 shipped
Daniel Kraft -10/24, 12:50 pm- 125 shipped
Daniel Kraft -10/25, 11:37 am- Top
Daniel Kraft -10/27, 12:45 pm- $100 plus 15 shipping
1927roadster-touring doors for sale
Spencer Vibert - Gra -10/27, 12:10 pm- For sale is a set of door
I want To Buy This Wrench
Bill Everett -10/27, 08:23 am- btt
Dave Huson, Berthoud -10/27, 08:42 am- Bill, I have about 10 of
Erik Johnson -10/27, 09:56 am- There were also aftermark
Phil Mino, near Port -10/27, 11:21 am- Steve - I think the wren
Wanted- Hinged connecting Rod
Robert Skingley .... -10/27, 07:08 am- I would like to find a co
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -10/27, 09:51 am- Robert, Send me an email
FS Winshield Wiper
Jerry Hollenbaugh -10/24, 09:05 pm- Here is a New windshield
Jerry Hollenbaugh -10/26, 09:09 pm- lowered to $25 plus shipp
Mark Osterman -10/27, 07:59 am- Is there a mounting brack
1926 1927 Original Hood In Nice Condition
Steve in S.C. -10/26, 11:23 pm- For Sale .Message me if i
Roger Karlsson, sout -10/27, 03:14 am- Heres one that sold at au
Dave Huson, Berthoud -10/21, 07:34 pm- Nevin; I do ship to New Z
Nevin Gough -10/22, 02:43 am- Thanks for posting overse
Dave Huson, Berthoud -10/23, 01:27 am- Nevin: I have a device th
Nevin Gough -10/23, 02:28 am- Thanks Dave. Monday is a
Nevin Gough -10/26, 02:25 am- Sent you a PM Dave.
Gerry Hibbs -10/26, 02:12 pm- Hi, Dave. If it falls th
Gerry Hibbs -10/26, 02:19 pm- Hi, Dave. If it falls th
Gerry Hibbs -10/26, 02:31 pm- Hi, Dave. If it falls th
Dave Huson, Berthoud -10/26, 02:36 pm- Gerry, I am sure I have m
Gerry Hibbs -10/26, 03:44 pm- Thanks, Dave. Sorry abou
Dave Huson, Berthoud -10/26, 11:23 pm- Gerry Dont feel bad about
For Sale: Stevens & misc. Ford Tools ++
Steve Tomaso - Longb -10/21, 10:42 am- Thanks fellas & MTFCA
Steve Tomaso - Longb -10/21, 11:02 am- Update: Still available a
Robert Govoni -10/21, 11:56 am- Ill take a fly wheel wren
Steve Tomaso - Longb -10/21, 01:03 pm- Yes, sent you a note.
Robert Govoni -10/21, 02:18 pm- Steve I just sent you a n
Sam Mendenhall -10/21, 04:28 pm- Steve I sent you a pm
Steve Tomaso - Longb -10/23, 02:27 pm- Thanks for all the respon
Steve Tomaso - Longb -10/23, 02:28 pm- Oh, and the early cam gea
Steve Tomaso - Longb -10/24, 10:23 am- Thanks again all & MT
timothy wanfalt -10/24, 09:57 pm- I am interested in the ca
Steve Tomaso - Longb -10/24, 10:06 pm- Cam nut wrench is availab
Robert Govoni -10/26, 10:38 pm- I have to say Steve Tomas
WTB: 26/27 stock dash light
Eido Walny, Milwauke -10/21, 10:18 pm- Im searching for a stock
Larry Smith, Lomita, -10/23, 09:05 pm- I have one that I restore
Eido Walny, Milwauke -10/23, 09:11 pm- Larry, DM sent. Thx.
Eido Walny, Milwauke -10/26, 10:13 pm- Bump
FS Early Brass Carburetor
Jerry Hollenbaugh -10/24, 09:15 pm- Here is a early all Brass
Jerry Hollenbaugh -10/26, 09:07 pm- Lets Try $225 plus shippi
FOR SALE - Antique Automobile Club Of America License To...
Jay - In Northern Ca -10/26, 06:03 pm- Asking $25 plus $6.80 pri
Jay - In Northern Ca -10/26, 08:26 pm- SOLD! Many Thanks MTFCA!
TT chassis for sale
William Brian Jordan -10/24, 08:43 pm- 1927 chassis with warford
Dallas landers -10/24, 09:02 pm- Sent PM
Tom Strickling -10/24, 10:20 pm- sent PM
William Brian Jordan -10/26, 08:17 pm- Sale pending.
MORE Machine Shop Tools Kick Press
RJ Walworth, New Yor -10/26, 07:39 pm- Kick Press $250 great s
***MORE*** Machine Shop Tools***...
RJ Walworth, New Yor -10/26, 07:37 pm- here are more equipment w
FOR SALE - Antique Automobile Dealer Photo Engraved Dash ...
Jay - In Northern Ca -10/26, 06:11 pm- Asking $30 plus $2 shippi
Peerless tool box running board For Sale
Layden Butler -10/26, 01:46 pm- Good solid Peerless brand
Layden Butler -10/26, 05:19 pm- Spoken for Thanks to MTFC
FS Bergs Radiator, Chrome Shell and Hood Shelves
Mark Chaffin......Co -10/24, 02:47 pm- One virtually brand new B
JOHN BEVARDOS -10/24, 06:29 pm- Why do you do this to me.
Mark Chaffin......Co -10/24, 07:16 pm- Funny thing. I was think
Mark Chaffin......Co -10/25, 11:29 am- Reduced to $825.
Mark Chaffin......Co -10/25, 01:11 pm- Was just informed the rad
Mark Chaffin......Co -10/25, 02:35 pm- Price reduced to $800. Pi
Mark Chaffin......Co -10/25, 10:28 pm- Reduced to $775.00. Afte
Mark Chaffin......Co -10/26, 11:38 am- Btt
Derek Kiefer - Manto -10/26, 03:39 pm- Would you be willing to s
Mark Chaffin......Co -10/26, 04:54 pm- Bottom dollar $750.00. B
Jay - In Northern Ca -10/26, 11:45 am- These are hard to come by
Mark Chaffin......Co -10/24, 02:52 pm- Very nice BOYCO can set w
Mark Chaffin......Co -10/25, 11:31 am- Reduced to $425.
MNToys -10/25, 11:39 am- PM sent
Mark Chaffin......Co -10/26, 11:37 am- Reduced to $400.00. Dome
Dave Huson, Berthoud -10/26, 12:12 am- I had more bearings come
G.R.Cheshire -10/26, 07:10 am- Dave: would you please mo
Craig Sutton -10/26, 09:14 am- I wish he would load ever
Dave Huson, Berthoud -10/26, 10:12 am- Craig, Thanks for the sug
Worm Gears and More
MARGARET EVERSOLE -10/25, 10:40 pm- Im not sure what I am doi
MARGARET EVERSOLE -10/25, 11:03 pm- We have a Model A left fr
Ted Dumas -10/25, 11:49 pm- Yes, the picture came thr
Steven Sebaugh in Ja -10/26, 08:21 am- Margaret I sent you PM ab
John Albert Lemon -10/26, 09:12 am- Hello Margaret, looking f
Dave Huson, Berthoud -10/24, 10:32 pm- Inspection Plate; $25.00.
Dave Huson, Berthoud -10/24, 10:33 pm- Inspection Plate; [insp
Dave Huson, Berthoud -10/24, 10:35 pm- The picture makes the pla
Dave Huson, Berthoud -10/26, 06:42 am- Plate has been spoken for
Dave Huson, Berthoud -10/26, 06:48 am- Plate has been spoken for
FS accessory oil site gauge
Tom Butterworth -10/24, 05:54 am- Now $125.00
Tom Butterworth -10/26, 05:41 am- Sold
Wanted Reeder Low head
Royce in Dallas TX -10/25, 05:30 pm- Anyone have a Ralph Reede
Warwick Landy Traral -10/26, 02:26 am-
joe bell -10/26, 05:28 am- Snyders had one on there
Reproduction 6 volt horn
Bill Anziani -10/26, 12:06 am- new black powder coated s
Small drum rear axle perches
Bill Anziani -10/26, 12:02 am- Pair of small drum perche
4 dip oil pan
Bill Anziani -10/26, 12:00 am- straight four dip pan wit
:-) - Houston, TX to Tyrone, GA & back again enclosed Model...
Freighter Jim -10/22, 06:40 am- October 22nd Empty trail
Freighter Jim -10/24, 09:14 am- October 24th Leaving Bil
Freighter Jim -10/25, 11:48 pm- October 26th Leaving Try
FS Front Axle Parts and 14mm Spark Plug Adapptors
Mark Chaffin......Co -10/25, 02:33 pm- One lot of new Model T pa
Mark Chaffin......Co -10/25, 10:26 pm- Reduced to $30.00 domesti
FS Accessory Radiator Shell
Mark Chaffin......Co -10/24, 04:19 pm- Nice early style steel ra
Mark Chaffin......Co -10/25, 11:30 am- Reduced to $175.00
Mark Chaffin......Co -10/25, 05:44 pm- Reduced to $150.00. Dome
Mark Chaffin......Co -10/25, 09:43 pm- Sold. Thanks Ed! Thanks
4 Nos lunkenneimer grease cups
Tom Butterworth -10/25, 07:17 am- Match set of 4 all brass
Jonathan Bodine -10/25, 06:33 pm- Tom: I will take these p
Aftermarket grease cups
Tom Butterworth -10/25, 07:20 am- 3 matched sets of brass g
Jonathan Bodine -10/25, 06:31 pm- Tom: I will take these p
FS Model A Steering Wheel
Mark Chaffin......Co -10/25, 02:25 pm- A MTFCA member recently a
Mark Chaffin......Co -10/25, 05:53 pm- Sold. Thanks Jerry! Tha
FS Accessory Road Flares and Holder
Mark Chaffin......Co -10/24, 04:21 pm- Nice set of three road fl
Mark Chaffin......Co -10/25, 11:29 am- Reduced to $175.
Mark Chaffin......Co -10/25, 05:42 pm- Reduced to $150. Domesti
Diamond tufted seat cover for sale
Daniel Kraft -10/23, 02:07 am- This looks like a good re
Daniel Kraft -10/23, 04:38 pm- $150 plus 25 shipping
Daniel Kraft -10/24, 12:51 pm- Top
Daniel Kraft -10/25, 11:36 am- $140 plus 25 shipping
James Baker -10/25, 12:46 pm- Does the mouse come with
Daniel Kraft -10/25, 02:00 pm- I can catch you a mouse b
Warren F Rollins -10/25, 02:43 pm- Simple question. What did
Daniel Kraft -10/25, 05:18 pm- It looks like 1912 to me.
Model T
Tim Franko  -10/25, 01:44 pm- 1914 Engine Block with cr
Tim Franko  -10/25, 04:53 pm- Engine is sold! Thank yo
FS Tiger Timers
Mark Chaffin......Co -10/25, 02:29 pm- Two new Tiger Timers. Th
Mark Chaffin......Co -10/25, 04:01 pm- Sold. Thanks Jonathan!
For sale Ford script U-Joint n.o.s.
ROBERT BERGSTADT -10/25, 01:45 pm- I just bead blasted this
ROBERT BERGSTADT -10/25, 01:46 pm- or
ROBERT BERGSTADT -10/25, 02:38 pm- Sold, thank you, forum
John McGinnis in San -10/25, 03:19 pm- How do you get the grit/a
For Sale - 1924 Touring Model T Automobile
Rex G. Hinkle -10/25, 03:13 pm- Bump
FS Early Tapered Leaf Front Spring
Mark Chaffin......Co -10/25, 02:27 pm- One early tapered leaf fr
Bill Everett -10/25, 02:29 pm- Mark, PM coming your way.
Mark Chaffin......Co -10/25, 02:37 pm- Sold! Thanks Bill! Than
WTB 1913 license plate
Rich Bingham -10/25, 01:56 pm- Anyone have a 1913 Idaho
Dave Huson, Berthoud -10/24, 10:25 pm- Differential Spider and g
Dave Huson, Berthoud -10/24, 10:26 pm- Differential spider and g
Constantine -10/24, 10:54 pm- Hi Dave, Just out of inte
Dave Huson, Berthoud -10/25, 01:32 am- Constantine You must be c
Glen Chaffin -10/25, 12:42 pm- SPIDER GEARS ARE USUALLY
Dave Huson, Berthoud -10/25, 01:19 pm- Thanks Glen, When in our
FS New Exhaust Manifold Never Used
MARGARET EVERSOLE -10/24, 04:39 pm- Do you still have this ma
Nevin Gough -10/25, 01:11 pm- Hi Margaret. I bought the
Fs 1917 engine block good condition cast date 1-16-17
Don Blain -10/25, 12:10 pm- I can send pictures to yo
1926 Tudor parts needed
Dave Rocha -10/22, 12:25 pm- Hi Donnie, thanks for the
David Dewey, N. Cali -10/24, 03:56 pm- Donnie, I think the sill
Dave Rocha -10/25, 12:07 pm- Donnies sill plates are t
Bills Auto Works -10/25, 12:01 pm- Hello Everyone, I had wo
NOS high-end spark plugs for brass cars or speedsters
Constantine -10/22, 08:14 am- still available
Constantine -10/24, 11:35 pm- Last call. No price redu
Constantine -10/25, 11:41 am- Sold!
Lots of assorted greasers
Tom Butterworth -10/22, 06:05 am- Collection of aftermarket
Leo van Stirum -10/25, 08:03 am- This whole forum is a col
Richard Eagle Idaho  -10/25, 11:15 am- ;0
Stewart #114 manual horn plunger wanted
Reuben Lefebre -10/25, 10:41 am- I am looking for a horn p
Dave Huson, Berthoud -10/24, 10:17 pm- Differential; $35.00. Ple
Dave Huson, Berthoud -10/24, 10:18 pm- Differential; [differen
JOHN BEVARDOS -10/25, 10:14 am- Dave , how does the back
Dave Huson, Berthoud -10/25, 10:27 am- John: I will try and get
Lower price on my 23 Touring
Dan Hatch -10/22, 01:56 pm- Still for sale. Anybody i
Freighter Jim -10/22, 02:01 pm- I am on my way to Tyrone,
Dan Hatch -10/23, 07:12 am- btt
Dan Hatch -10/25, 09:16 am- btt
Alan F. Stein -10/23, 06:41 pm- I recently learned a good
Mark Gregush Portlan -10/23, 07:12 pm- NEVER send money by any o
Jim Van Maanen -10/23, 07:38 pm- Mark: how about just MTFC
James J. Lyons III - -10/24, 07:00 am- How about it stay the way
Erik Johnson -10/24, 10:06 am- The lesson here is never
Adam Doleshal -10/24, 10:49 am- There is ABSOLUTELY NO RE
andrew o sullivan -10/24, 05:34 pm- hi there I put an add up
Freighter Jim -10/24, 08:25 pm- Dont do business with any
brass car guy -10/24, 11:39 pm- If you are worried that s
Bills Auto Works -10/25, 08:47 am- Do NOT deal with anyone w
Hassler top front shock arm
Tom Butterworth -10/24, 06:41 am- Looks to be NOS $50.00 pl
Tom Butterworth -10/25, 08:45 am- Includes shipping
Ford Model T Bodies.... Updated website...
D. R. Currier -10/23, 01:56 pm- [aphoto5.jpg] www.everet
D. R. Currier -10/25, 07:00 am- [preview_jpe.jpg]
Dave Huson, Berthoud -10/23, 01:46 am- I still have many, many d
Greg Griffin in Brea -10/23, 04:03 pm- Hi Dave-- Do you have a
Dave Huson, Berthoud -10/24, 12:28 am- Greg Griffin, If you mean
Don Skille -10/24, 03:58 pm- Dave, I sent you a PM but
Dave Huson, Berthoud -10/25, 01:46 am- Don Skille: I answered yo
2 NOS X cores in "driver" condition no boxes and washers...
Constantine -10/22, 08:15 am- still available
Constantine -10/24, 11:37 pm- Last call.
NOS X core (great condition but missing one washer)
Constantine -10/22, 08:15 am- still available
Constantine -10/24, 11:37 pm- Last call.
NOS X core (best condition one I have for sale)
Constantine -10/22, 08:14 am- still available
Constantine -10/24, 11:36 pm- Last call.
Two sets of 5 NOS boxed B.F. Goodrich plugs
Constantine -10/24, 11:26 pm- Two sets of 5 plugs. The
Dave Huson, Berthoud -10/24, 10:11 pm- Fan; $35.00. includes sha
Dave Huson, Berthoud -10/24, 10:12 pm- Fan: [fan]
Dave Huson, Berthoud -10/24, 10:13 pm- lkRivets on fan blades ab
Rocky Mountain Brakes
Stephen D Heatherly -10/24, 09:39 pm- Does anybody have a set o
Dave Huson, Berthoud -10/23, 02:19 pm- Buick Parts: Free, Please
Dave Huson, Berthoud -10/23, 02:21 pm- Buick Front axle: [Buic
Dave Huson, Berthoud -10/24, 12:55 am- I will try the Buick fron
David Dewey, N. Cali -10/24, 03:52 pm- Dave, Someone wants the
Dave Huson, Berthoud -10/24, 09:34 pm- David Dewey, thanks for t
Drivers side door for 27 coupe WANTED
gene french -10/24, 09:04 pm- am looking for a drivers
Accessory brass dash light and switch
Tom Butterworth -10/24, 07:48 am- Neat light perfect for sp
Mike-Iowa -10/24, 09:08 am- Tom, email me at mike.leb
Tom Butterworth -10/24, 04:31 pm- Sold THANKS
Trying to find grandfathers 1926 Model TT
Michael Alexander -10/22, 05:34 pm- I am trying to find a 193
Michael Alexander -10/24, 06:45 am- Got this from my Aunt Rea
Adam Doleshal -10/24, 10:56 am- Michael, Contact the loc
Tom Strickling -10/24, 01:08 pm- Maybe St Louis? http://w
Michael Alexander -10/24, 01:57 pm- I tried contacting The Mo
Dennis Hoshield; Oak -10/24, 04:19 pm- Just an FYI ... the presi
!7 Inch model t steering wheel
Phil Emerson - Calif -10/24, 03:42 pm- Thomas I am interested if
1919 model T
robert steinmetz -10/24, 01:00 pm- I am looking at a 1919 mo
Freighter Jim -10/24, 01:05 pm- Robert, Are you and this
robert steinmetz -10/24, 01:58 pm- We are both in brevard co
robert steinmetz -10/24, 01:59 pm- Wheel and tires new on ca
robert steinmetz -10/24, 02:01 pm- Having trouble could i te
Dave Dufault -10/24, 02:41 pm- Just trying to be helpful
For Sale: New reproduction ring gear
Constantine -10/22, 08:13 am- still available
Constantine -10/24, 01:42 pm- Sold
Steve Suttle -10/24, 01:11 pm- Made by Johnson Lock Co.