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Model T Ford Forum
Forum 2014
1921 Interior upholstery questions
Charlie Larsen -08/21, 11:43 am- I have a 1921 touring tha
Mike Walker, NW AR -08/21, 11:59 am- Charlie -- Call Classtiqu
Mark Strange -08/21, 12:17 pm- There is a thread from ea
Mark Strange -08/21, 12:28 pm- I should have been more s
William L Vanderburg -08/21, 04:51 pm- Tacks are about three inc
john kuehn -08/21, 05:47 pm- The tack spacing original
Mike Walker, NW AR -08/21, 07:51 pm- Mike at Classtique told m
Steve Boothroyd, Vic -08/21, 11:49 pm- Charles, I have an origin
1912 Touring top bow length
John Haynes -08/21, 10:21 pm- Ladies and Gentlemen, I a
Richard Gould -08/21, 11:43 pm- John, there is an article
dennis delano -08/17, 04:11 pm- Well, my hardheadedness h
Stephen D Heatherly -08/17, 04:25 pm- Dennis, it is difficult t
Will Copeland - Tren -08/17, 04:32 pm- Unless your starter is. 1
Royce in Georgetown  -08/17, 04:33 pm- Ring gears wear out on 6
Harold Schwendeman - -08/17, 04:41 pm- Dennis - Thank you for yo
Martin Vowell, Sylma -08/17, 04:56 pm- Dont they still make the
dennis delano -08/17, 05:18 pm- Stephen, Yes the ring gea
dennis delano -08/17, 05:27 pm- I had previously noted wh
Ricks - Surf City -08/17, 05:47 pm- I had a starter ring gear
Glen Chaffin -08/17, 10:47 pm- I have said this a thousa
Norman T. Kling -08/17, 10:55 pm- The main reason people us
Michael Deichmann, B -08/17, 11:35 pm- Did I just saw a post fro
Jerry Dvis -08/17, 11:53 pm- I converted my first T to
Ted Dumas -08/17, 11:53 pm- I have successfully used
Jerry Dvis -08/18, 12:09 am- Another thing I failed to
Mike Stitt-Southern  -08/18, 12:58 am- Norm, I have a poor mag.
Dave Huson, Berthoud -08/18, 01:24 am- HEY dont dicourage these
Erik Barrett -08/18, 01:44 am- Model T starter drives do
dennis delano -08/18, 02:30 am- thanks for the advice and
samuel pine -08/18, 05:47 am- I feel bad for ya there D
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -08/18, 07:41 am- Anybody ever put an ohm m
Royce in Georgetown  -08/18, 08:00 am- We measured the voltage d
Jerry Dvis -08/18, 08:56 am- Guys, be aware of using m
Ricks - Surf City -08/18, 10:34 am- Here is a dropping spring
Glen Chaffin -08/18, 10:40 am- You just dont get it. Sur
Jerry VanOoteghem -08/18, 10:55 am- Glen, I have said this
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -08/18, 07:46 pm- Royce, I have to admit,
Royce in Georgetown  -08/19, 07:14 am- Hal, Ive pulled apart T
Larry Smith -08/19, 10:47 am- If you are running on mag
dennis delano -08/19, 02:38 pm- Hey guys, forgive me ,but
Ricks - Surf City -08/19, 02:47 pm- Times when I had to cran
Norman T. Kling -08/19, 04:28 pm- Since it kicks over and k
Fred McDonald -08/19, 11:39 pm- For those of you who are
Willard Revaz -08/21, 06:10 pm- Im with you Fred. I run 8
Doug Money - Braidwo -08/21, 10:10 pm- I dont really care who ru
Russell E Purvis -08/21, 10:58 pm- I run my car on 6 volts,
Paul Mikeska, Denver -08/21, 11:26 pm- FWIW I ran a T for many y
New (to me) Ford Wire Wheels
Seth from NC -08/21, 09:40 pm- So I been needing to have
Erik Barrett -08/21, 09:52 pm- Good looking wheels. Be s
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -08/21, 09:54 pm- Looking good so far. Now
Seth from NC -08/21, 10:02 pm- I have caps for the outsi
Rob Heyen -08/21, 11:24 pm- Seth, Looks great. Than
**1909-1910 Kingston Model 4100 (5 Ball) Carburetor Assem...
Martin Vowell, Sylma -08/20, 09:01 pm- I was going to wait a bit
Mark Strange -08/20, 09:02 pm- Martin, your drawings are
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -08/20, 10:06 pm- Your work is amazing but
Nicholas Lingg - Tar -08/20, 10:12 pm- I think 4109 should go be
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -08/20, 11:50 pm- Thats pretty amazing, Mar
Keith Townsend ; ^ ) -08/21, 12:25 am- Martin- Although I have n
Mike Husted -08/21, 03:22 am- I believe I have one of t
Martin Vowell, Sylma -08/21, 03:31 am- 4109 screws up from the b
Mike Husted -08/21, 03:33 am- Stan is right there is a
Martin Vowell, Sylma -08/21, 03:57 am- Oh I dont doubt hes right
Kim Dobbins -08/21, 07:43 pm- [DSCN0679.JPG] [DSCN0680.
Martin Vowell, Sylma -08/21, 08:18 pm- Hmmm these are very inter
Martin Vowell, Sylma -08/21, 09:06 pm- Oh I forgot to add this t
Kim Dobbins -08/21, 11:15 pm- Martin, the drawings I po
Show Off Your TT's :-)...
Tom Lovejoy, So Cal -08/15, 12:40 am- Seth, heres my delays - s
Keith Townsend ; ^ ) -08/15, 02:11 am- Ralph???
Stefan Schaller -08/15, 02:43 am- [fordttrailer.jpg]
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -08/15, 07:34 am- Just a few comments: I l
John McGinnis in San -08/15, 07:53 am- I robbed this photo from
Ryan Glowacki -08/15, 08:32 am- Hal, I found bits of the
Anthony J Marino -08/15, 09:34 am- I can only imagine the so
Burger in Spokane -08/15, 10:03 am- What is the story on the
jeff cordes -08/15, 10:36 am- Tony, when I hauled you t
jeff cordes -08/15, 10:42 am- This is another fellow T
Dave Barker - Dayton -08/15, 03:57 pm- Burger - It seems thats f
Henry Petrino in Mod -08/15, 04:13 pm- It might be fun to get on
Anthony J Marino -08/16, 08:12 am- I put together another Si
greg ragland -08/16, 08:44 am- Here is one of my future
Burger in Spokane -08/16, 10:29 am- DB wrote: Burger - It s
Derek Kiefer - Manto -08/16, 10:46 am- Early 1909s did have a Fo
Anthony J Marino -08/16, 01:53 pm- Took her out to test the
Dave Barker - Dayton -08/16, 02:20 pm- Burger - Agreed. Besides,
Shawn Hayward -08/16, 04:53 pm- Heres ours,,,still has or
george house -08/18, 05:38 pm- Now thats the most intere
Jack Leonhardt -08/19, 12:07 am- 26 Model TT Closed Cab St
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -08/19, 07:27 am- I think Derek is right. I
Robert Skingley -08/19, 08:30 am- Here is Jim & Tina We
James J Williams -08/19, 09:05 am- This is my 1921 TT Wrecke
Shawn Hayward -08/19, 12:48 pm- Hello George if it was mi
Jason DeGooyer -08/19, 03:07 pm- Bought this wreak a few m
Roger Gooding, Cryst -08/20, 03:41 am- My 1925 at the 2011 OCF.
Michael R Beary -08/20, 08:49 am- Neat truck Roger. Good in
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -08/20, 10:40 am- Roger - Nice truck! Will
Roger Gooding, Cryst -08/20, 11:49 am- Yes, I am planning on bei
kent sumner -08/20, 12:55 pm- my before and after[rsz_r
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -08/20, 02:12 pm- Roger - Ill be sure to lo
george house -08/20, 06:07 pm- Yeah, it was your truck o
Harold Schwendeman - -08/20, 06:59 pm- George - A TT of very uni
Shawn Hayward -08/20, 07:21 pm- Harold and George this o
Burger in Spokane -08/21, 01:11 am- What is OCF ??? And wh
Roger Gooding, Cryst -08/21, 02:14 am- Burger: OCF is Old Car F
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -08/21, 05:30 pm- Hi Roger - I think Ill fi
Roger Gooding, Cryst -08/21, 10:45 pm- Keith, Ok, I will be su
Marty Bufalini -08/21, 10:59 pm- Burger, OCF is a unique c
Roger Gooding, Cryst -08/21, 11:11 pm- Marty Yes, I know there
Old Photo - Postcard Of A Neat Brass Era Store Interior
Jay - In Northern Ca -08/21, 10:45 pm- [dddhkl887a.jpg] [dd4z1.J
Clayton Swanson -08/21, 10:55 pm- nice photo, looks like he
Herb Iffrig -08/21, 10:55 pm- Thats a good one!
OT - Sunset
Mike Vaughn -08/21, 09:38 pm- Here is a shot of our sun
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -08/21, 09:48 pm- Red sky at nite, sailors
Clayton Swanson -08/21, 10:43 pm- very nice. here in minnes
Power plant how many on the forum
James J Williams -08/21, 03:01 pm- Since mine is up and runn
Brian Holcomb, Water -08/21, 03:20 pm- I have a 27 with a belt p
Ron -08/21, 03:38 pm- Put a deposit on a 17. N
Albert Belling -08/21, 04:13 pm- I bought one last night.
James J Williams -08/21, 04:20 pm- Pretty cool I like the mu
Albert Belling -08/21, 05:35 pm- Yes it does. Its interest
dan doughty -08/21, 05:47 pm- I have one that runs coun
James J Williams -08/21, 07:23 pm- All these variations are
Mark Gregush Portlan -08/21, 08:14 pm- I have one but it has a g
Roger Hallett -08/21, 09:31 pm- This one I am told was ma
Michael R Beary -08/21, 10:40 pm- I have one like Rogers. M
Fronty on the Block
Ed in California -08/18, 07:48 pm- Bare Fronty, for those th
Ricks - Surf City -08/18, 08:22 pm- Stupid or sly seller does
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -08/18, 11:22 pm- I wouldnt bet on being NO
Clayton Swanson -08/21, 10:38 pm- any one else have any tho
1913 with long top straps-Photo
Herb Iffrig -08/21, 09:01 pm- [1913 ford with long top
Dennis Henrichs -08/21, 09:24 pm- Herb, I dont know the an
roy palmer -08/21, 10:04 pm- I think the long straps e
charley shaver -08/21, 10:24 pm- the end of the windshield
Erik Johnson -08/21, 10:29 pm- The window in the rear cu
Ra jo head
stuart clipson -08/21, 03:04 pm- hi gentlemen before i li
John P. Steele, Mont -08/21, 05:25 pm- I believe it is a B. Bef
Erik Barrett -08/21, 06:25 pm- Its a B model, been mille
Tom Magee -08/21, 08:41 pm- Since the head has pipe t
Erik Barrett -08/21, 09:53 pm- B heads have the exhaust
Clayton Swanson -08/21, 10:25 pm- are those the real manifo
charley shaver -08/21, 03:50 pm- thanks to who ever fixed
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -08/21, 07:29 pm- How did you fix it? Hasnt
charley shaver -08/21, 10:12 pm- I didnt it just started w
Where to mount a Stewart Spedometer
Bud Holzschuh - Pana -08/21, 12:58 pm- I recently acquired a Ste
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -08/21, 02:55 pm- You dont need a speedomet
Jon Allen -08/21, 03:10 pm- Might I suggest a Garmin
Andy Loso St Joseph, -08/21, 03:21 pm- Bud, Contact Russ Furs
Terry Woods, Richmon -08/21, 04:56 pm- Your Stewart speedometer
Bud Holzschuh - Pana -08/21, 06:09 pm- Terry Thanks for the ide
Erik Johnson -08/21, 06:20 pm- The bevel gear on the bot
Dennis Henrichs -08/21, 06:54 pm- Bud, Terry did a great j
Dennis Henrichs -08/21, 06:57 pm- Also the model 102 you ha
Chester Leighton -08/21, 07:18 pm- I have the elbow for your
Leon Parker -08/21, 07:57 pm- 1915 firewall pictures of
Mark Stewart -Calif. -08/21, 09:59 pm- Hi Bud Here is a picture
Old Photo - Four Period Photos Of People Posing
Jay - In Northern Ca -08/21, 09:52 pm- [mqopvg3.JPG] [uujnmk5r.J
What Kind and Year "Please"
Chester W. Lowery TN -08/21, 09:06 pm- Joe Gregory, is my brothe
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -08/21, 09:17 pm- It is a Dodge and Im gues
Chester W. Lowery TN -08/21, 09:35 pm- Richard, I had no clue...
Opinions on.....
William L Vanderburg -08/21, 05:43 pm- the new 6 volt Halogen he
Tony Bowker -08/21, 06:06 pm- We have sealed beam on th
Kevin Whelihan -08/21, 06:27 pm- I have them in my 26 Tour
Mack Cole ---- Earth -08/21, 08:28 pm- Part numbers or sources f
Dave Wells -08/21, 09:23 pm- I have those bulbs and ar
Line from carb to gas tank on 1914 Touring
J McCathern, Lexingt -08/21, 01:38 pm- Does any one have a pic o
Roger Karlsson, sout -08/21, 01:48 pm- The old picture/diagram o
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -08/21, 02:10 pm- I didnt care for this. To
J McCathern, Lexingt -08/21, 02:51 pm- Thanks Steve and Roger!!!
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -08/21, 03:58 pm- After a vapor lock proble
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -08/21, 04:01 pm- Forgot to mention I also
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -08/21, 04:23 pm- Steve I think the only p
Mike Walker, NW AR -08/21, 07:36 pm- Not to be argumentative,
Mike Walker, NW AR -08/21, 07:46 pm- Here are some pics of the
Norman T. Kling -08/21, 09:23 pm- I have routed mine straig
Purpose of the MTFCA
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -08/21, 12:41 pm- I recently read the About
Zachary Dillinger -08/21, 12:44 pm- I would argue that the fi
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -08/21, 01:13 pm- The first paragraph state
Mack Cole ---- Earth -08/21, 01:15 pm- May have to go back to so
Dave Wells -08/21, 02:22 pm- And I believe evolution r
Derek Kiefer - Manto -08/21, 02:34 pm- The purpose is fun. When
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -08/21, 04:38 pm- My question is.....Didnt
Jim Rutherford -08/21, 04:54 pm- Im in my early 40s and no
Willis Jenkins -08/21, 05:22 pm- Water pumps? That so need
john kuehn -08/21, 05:25 pm- Your right Jim. Nowdays i
Hap Tucker in Sumter -08/21, 05:30 pm- Yes, the MTFCA still has
Terry Woods, Richmon -08/21, 05:35 pm- Im paraphrasing, not dire
Mike Vaughn -08/21, 07:57 pm- Model T Ford Club of Amer
Mike Vaughn -08/21, 08:12 pm- Hap, The BYLAWS are conta
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -08/21, 08:17 pm- Thanks guys. Im still not
Mack Cole ---- Earth -08/21, 08:26 pm- And may I say Amen to tha
Hap Tucker in Sumter -08/21, 08:34 pm- Mike -- thanks for pointi
Mike Vaughn -08/21, 08:43 pm- Hap, No problem. The rea
Dennis Henrichs -08/21, 08:52 pm- Hal, I totally agree wit
Norman T. Kling -08/21, 09:12 pm- There are two extremes in
1916 Headlight Switch mounting.
Patrick Mulrooney, W -08/21, 07:54 pm- Hi All, I have my headli
Leon Parker -08/21, 08:02 pm- 1915-16 firewall. The swi
Patrick Mulrooney, W -08/21, 08:09 pm- Wow that was FAST! Thank
Hap Tucker in Sumter -08/21, 08:26 pm- Patrick, Even though Leo
Dennis Henrichs -08/21, 08:59 pm- Good one Hap! I didnt kno
1924/1925 Coupe Interior
James Keen -08/20, 10:00 pm- I am searching for photos
Jamesdean -08/21, 08:09 pm- Does anyone have a late 1
john kuehn -08/21, 08:23 pm- James have you tried to c
Jamesdean -08/21, 08:32 pm- Hi John, Ill try contacti
Finally! An Easy Way to Clean Up After Messy Stock Timer...
Mike Kossor -08/21, 01:08 am- Dealing with Messy stock
Floyd Voie - Chehali -08/21, 01:38 am- A great cause. Great fun.
Tim Wrenn -08/21, 08:28 am- That was too cool!! LOL
Zachary Dillinger -08/21, 08:40 am- Thats hilarious. Well don
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -08/21, 09:28 am- I wonder how many times D
Gene Carrothers Hunt -08/21, 09:44 am- Im still laughing Mike...
Gary Schreiber- Sant -08/21, 09:55 am- That was great [:-]
Tom Carnegie -08/21, 12:35 pm- I about busted a stitch.
Ricks - Surf City -08/21, 01:11 pm- Thank you from the bottom
Seth from NC -08/21, 01:15 pm- I dont have a link but I
Ricks - Surf City -08/21, 01:35 pm- Generosity Continues with
Rob Heyen -08/21, 02:24 pm- OK Dave, Ill see your ch
Bob Jablonski -08/21, 02:56 pm- Does it count if you use
Mike Zahorik -08/21, 03:01 pm- This is great. Our club,
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -08/21, 03:36 pm- Here you go Rob http://yo
Mike Kossor -08/21, 08:29 pm- Thanks for the great feed
Attaching repo pedal heads and clutch spring questions
Mark Gregush Portlan -08/21, 10:41 am- When attaching the repo h
Roger Karlsson, sout -08/21, 10:48 am- I wouldnt thrust a brazed
Roger Karlsson, sout -08/21, 10:51 am- I wouldnt trust.. but ins
Mark Gregush Portlan -08/21, 10:54 am- Roger too fast with your
Mark Gregush Portlan -08/21, 10:57 am- In the context of the sen
Roger Karlsson, sout -08/21, 11:10 am- Actually I got a round sp
Dave Huson, Berthoud -08/21, 11:26 am- Roger Karlsson: You are
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -08/21, 05:05 pm- The original pedals were
Allan Richard Bennet -08/21, 07:38 pm- Thats sound advice Wayne.
Mark Gregush Portlan -08/21, 08:11 pm- I asked about brazing the
Torque tube and drive shaft shortening.
Paul Booth -08/21, 07:28 pm- I have a driveshaft that
Eric Hylen- Central  -08/21, 08:02 pm- Yes the u-joint is mandat
Harold Schwendeman - -08/21, 08:05 pm- Erik Barrett: I could pr
1927 Fan hub Blade hits Belt :-(...
Bill Harris, Hunting -08/18, 12:34 am- I just purchased a Texas
Roger Karlsson, sout -08/18, 06:20 am- I havent had the problem
Bill Harris, Hunting -08/18, 09:56 am- Roger: Thanks for the fe
Larry Bohlen, Severn -08/18, 10:37 am- Bill, It sounds like som
Norman T. Kling -08/18, 09:58 pm- Larry beat me to it. I t
Jerry Dvis -08/18, 11:13 pm- Bill. I replaced the orig
Bill Harris, Hunting -08/19, 12:56 am- Thanks for all of the ide
Larry Smith -08/19, 10:59 am- You dont need a ball bear
Eric Sole - Castelld -08/19, 05:35 pm- Bill, your original radia
Daryl W. Becker -08/19, 05:47 pm- a
Jerry Dvis -08/19, 08:05 pm- Bill, OK, my Texas T Part
Bill Harris, Hunting -08/20, 10:34 am- Update: I ran the engine
Mike Robison -08/21, 12:42 pm- Here are some photos of m
Mike Robison -08/21, 01:13 pm- Here is a picture with a
Mike Walker, NW AR -08/21, 08:00 pm- I like it!
Protecting your wood spokes in an awesome way :-)...
Patrick Martin -08/21, 03:46 am- Just got my rear spokes f
Patrick Martin -08/21, 03:49 am- And painted... [t11.jpg]
Patrick Martin -08/21, 03:50 am- And assembled... [w1.JPG]
Tim Wrenn -08/21, 08:23 am- Looks good....per Joe Bel
Charlie B actually i -08/21, 11:31 am- Bit of a shock there in t
Henry Petrino in Mod -08/21, 12:08 pm- Charlie, Maybe theyre fo
Patrick Martin -08/21, 07:42 pm- HAHAHA! :D No theyre no
Age of Ignition Coils
Charlie B actually i -08/21, 06:48 pm- Got into a discussion abo
Ron Patterson-Nichol -08/21, 07:01 pm- Charlie Go to the Encyclo
Model T Retail Supply Changes
Jon Allen -08/15, 01:12 pm- I have been amazed and a
keith g barrier -08/15, 03:50 pm- I figure you have to have
Jared Buckert -08/17, 09:25 am- The problem is the deep p
Jon Allen -08/17, 02:38 pm- Jared, Yea, well thats wh
RJ Walworth, New Yor -08/17, 03:21 pm- Jon its not just Model Ts
Norman T. Kling -08/17, 03:37 pm- What if you gave a party
Ricks - Surf City -08/17, 03:52 pm- Is Langs shrinking or gro
Royce in Georgetown  -08/17, 04:34 pm- Don Lang makes a LOT of m
ROBERT J STEINER  -08/17, 04:38 pm- For the companies left yo
Mack Cole ---- Earth -08/17, 05:22 pm- Robert, my thoughts exact
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -08/17, 05:32 pm- I cant help but think tha
Glen Chaffin -08/17, 06:09 pm- Jon, Chaffins is not clos
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -08/17, 06:14 pm- Ford doesnt make it easy
Jared Buckert -08/17, 11:47 pm- I dont understand the lic
Mack Cole ---- Earth -08/17, 11:55 pm- Using their name I think
Mike Spaziano, Bellf -08/18, 12:08 am- Its called trade mark cop
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -08/18, 12:56 am- Mack summed it up well. U
Mark Chaffin -08/18, 01:01 am- Yep. It does cost a few
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -08/18, 01:51 am- That was the reason I did
Jon Allen -08/18, 10:20 am- Glen, Glad to hear that C
Mike Walker, NW AR -08/18, 10:40 am- It might turn out that Te
George John Drobnock -08/18, 10:46 am- The demographics of old c
Jon Allen -08/18, 10:46 am- Mike, Not a bad idea. Ma
Mike Walker, NW AR -08/18, 11:05 am- Jon, I think youre worryi
Steve Husa -08/18, 11:25 am- Big Problem! Chaffins and
Mark Chaffin -08/18, 11:38 am- The RAJO business is a se
Charlie B actually i -08/18, 11:41 am- Its a tough business. You
Larry Smith -08/18, 11:46 am- We dont sell retail, beca
ROBERT BERGSTADT -08/18, 11:57 am- Charlie B. You are right,
Glen Chaffin -08/19, 12:26 am- To show you how screwed u
Glen Chaffin -08/19, 12:30 am- To show you how screwed u
Ricks - Surf City -08/19, 01:51 am- Glen, that charge is for
Walter Higgins -08/19, 07:32 pm- Paying money to be afford
Dan B -08/19, 09:32 pm- Protection? Right. If y
Ricks - Surf City -08/19, 09:50 pm- Too many people object to
Glen Chaffin -08/19, 10:55 pm- sorry, I got screwed twic
Ricks - Surf City -08/20, 12:03 am- It costs a whopping $35 t
Mark Chaffin -08/20, 12:40 am- Ill be the first to admit
Ricks - Surf City -08/20, 01:19 am- Why incorporate then? Is
Glen Chaffin -08/20, 01:13 pm- The $800.00 is not a cost
Chester W. Lowery TN -08/20, 02:09 pm- Rick, I hate to contribut
Walter Higgins -08/21, 12:44 pm- Why incorporate? In a wo
Glen Chaffin -08/21, 01:22 pm- Walter, you are exactly r
Ricks - Surf City -08/21, 01:29 pm- The $800 California corpo
Walter Higgins -08/21, 02:15 pm- The fact that regulation
Glen Chaffin -08/21, 02:59 pm- Ralph, Running a business
John E Cox -08/21, 03:03 pm- Glenn I had always though
Mike Robison -08/21, 03:23 pm- How do you pay $800 with
Walter Higgins -08/21, 03:24 pm- Incorporating would only
Tom Carnegie -08/21, 04:02 pm- There are insidious thing
Glen Chaffin -08/21, 05:30 pm- Walter, Tom, Exactly my p
John P. Steele, Mont -08/21, 06:33 pm- Glen, Mike and Tom are ri
Fronty powered T on American Pickers
Bob Jablonski -08/19, 10:20 am- ..... tune in Wednesday n
Harold Schwendeman - -08/19, 01:54 pm- Bob - I also immediately
Bob Jablonski -08/20, 06:32 am- So, a, Harold ....... yo
Zachary Dillinger -08/20, 10:09 am- The more... Reubenesque o
Willis Jenkins -08/20, 02:00 pm- There is a marathon of Am
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -08/20, 04:56 pm- Check your local listings
george house -08/20, 05:55 pm- Willie, Here in CST
Harold Schwendeman - -08/20, 06:06 pm- Take this with a grain of
Warren Henderson -08/21, 06:54 am- I watched the show last n
Zachary Dillinger -08/21, 08:16 am- Yep, about 2 or 3 minutes
Dave Barker - Dayton -08/21, 10:39 am- Is it just me, or does $4
Mike Vaughn -08/21, 10:52 am- Dave, I think it was high
Charlie B actually i -08/21, 11:08 am- Not being a car show I di
George John Drobnock -08/21, 11:13 am- Wow! The T on pickers was
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -08/21, 04:28 pm- The friend on the phone s
Steve McClelland -08/21, 05:41 pm- I seen the same thing guy
Erik Barrett -08/21, 06:21 pm- You guys are right, 15-18
Rear End Grind noise...what do you think?
James Chochole -08/20, 05:22 pm- I just did a complete reb
James Chochole -08/20, 05:26 pm- I realize the video is sh
Mark Strange -08/20, 05:27 pm- Im a relative newbie, so
Steve Tomaso - Milto -08/20, 05:29 pm- Drop one wheel at a time
James Chochole -08/20, 05:32 pm- Thanks- I saw the wobbly
Seth from NC -08/20, 05:38 pm- Put your hand on the tube
Hal Schedler, Sacram -08/20, 05:53 pm- I think most Ts will soun
James Chochole -08/20, 06:00 pm- Hal- it makes that grindi
Erik Johnson -08/20, 06:02 pm- I agree with Hal Schedler
James Chochole -08/20, 06:06 pm- I have both wheels jacked
keith g barrier -08/20, 06:38 pm- Sounds to me like to much
James Chochole -08/20, 06:43 pm- Keith- meaning my pinion
keith g barrier -08/20, 06:54 pm- Or ring gear closer to pi
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -08/20, 07:37 pm- I got a grinding noise wh
Norman T. Kling -08/21, 11:32 am- In the video near the beg
Jerry VanOoteghem -08/21, 12:43 pm- Its nothing to do with th
Dan Treace, North FL -08/21, 05:35 pm- Easy to check the rear ge
Bud Holzschuh - Pana -08/21, 06:13 pm- Just for fun - try applyi
Replacing rear end
Warren Henderson -08/21, 05:23 pm- Today I finally started w
John F. Regan -08/21, 05:31 pm- If you do not already hav
John F. Regan -08/21, 05:35 pm- I just occurred to me tha
john kuehn -08/21, 05:37 pm- Remove the shackles first
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -08/21, 05:56 pm- First, apply 50/50. [Pene
South Shore Event in Massachusetts?
Ron -08/19, 02:53 pm- Am on vacation on the Sou
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -08/19, 04:03 pm- Ron -- Those are vehicles
Ron -08/19, 04:19 pm- Fred, I live in Massachu
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -08/19, 04:35 pm- [:-] I grew up in Taunton
Warren Henderson -08/19, 05:21 pm- Fred, If i lived in Taunt
michael grady -08/19, 05:49 pm- I grew up on the south sh
R. S. Cruickshank -08/19, 07:28 pm- Fred Dimock--Ive always s
samuel pine -08/20, 04:48 am- Correct Fred, I am from S
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -08/20, 08:59 am- Taunton was great until I
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -08/20, 09:09 am- Warren - After meeting yo
Gene Carrothers Hunt -08/20, 09:15 am- Were staying in Newport t
Ron -08/20, 09:27 am- Wow - has this drifted.
Warren Henderson -08/20, 01:06 pm- Fred Dimock, after seeing
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -08/20, 01:35 pm- Thanks Warren I think! Yo
Robert C.(Bob) Borde -08/20, 09:45 pm- OK now that you all have
samuel pine -08/21, 04:37 am- Ha Ha Warner Blvd drag st
Ron -08/21, 07:00 am- Thanks Bob! That explai
Warren Henderson -08/21, 02:09 pm- To tell the truth like Ge
James Baker -08/21, 03:14 pm- I was born and raised in
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -08/21, 03:47 pm- Sam is a Bristol County g
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -08/21, 04:05 pm- Forgot to mention we used
JohnCodman -08/21, 04:23 pm- Born in Waltham. Grew up
Warren Henderson -08/21, 05:32 pm- Fred, Middlesex was doing
Robert C.(Bob) Borde -08/21, 05:54 pm- Fred, Im in Avon, Norfolk
Heavy Felt Inner Axle Seals
Larry Smith -08/20, 09:58 pm- I just installed some of
Dave Huson, Berthoud -08/20, 10:10 pm- Depending on what the per
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -08/21, 12:01 am- Yep, Im trying three felt
Tim Wrenn -08/21, 08:32 am- All I know is theyre also
Seth from NC -08/21, 09:09 am- Lol hey Larry dont sugar
Larry Smith -08/21, 10:06 am- I just worked them in wit
Mark Gregush Portlan -08/21, 10:47 am- I think the book says up
Tyrone Thomas - Tope -08/21, 11:34 am- I tried to install them.
Bill Thompson -08/21, 12:34 pm- What is the best way to p
Seth from NC -08/21, 01:10 pm- Has anybody tried my idea
Steve McClelland -08/21, 05:48 pm- I used them in my T coate
Fordor update.
Ed Baudoux -08/19, 11:33 pm- I have been spending my e
Ed Baudoux -08/19, 11:35 pm- Scat crank, Prus head, St
Dennis Seth - Ohio -08/20, 08:37 am- ED, Great looking projec
Seth from NC -08/20, 08:43 am- LOL, my namesake never fa
Ed Baudoux -08/20, 09:28 am- Gosh, Seth. Guess I was w
Jack Putnam -08/20, 11:59 am- Dennis: I think he is wo
Seth from NC -08/20, 02:14 pm- But hes got the coil box
Andrew Deckman, Ogde -08/20, 09:45 pm- See the T is winking at u
Dennis Henrichs -08/20, 09:54 pm- Ed, Sure looks nice! Wi
Tim Wrenn -08/21, 08:35 am- Dang it took t
Ed Baudoux -08/21, 08:48 am- Got the mag gapped last n
Mark Strange -08/21, 11:08 am- Ed, you work a lot faster
Ed Baudoux -08/21, 02:19 pm- I made up my mind that no
Dennis Seth - Ohio -08/21, 05:37 pm- So Ed, Did you move the c
Seldom seen Kingstons
Kim Dobbins -08/15, 12:56 am- Stan, that float setup on
Martin Vowell, Sylma -08/15, 08:26 am- Great pictures Stan, but
Ed in California -08/15, 09:04 am- Stan, do you reuse the or
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -08/15, 10:14 am- I replace it with a moder
Martin Vowell, Sylma -08/15, 09:48 pm- Stan, thanks for the offe
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -08/16, 12:37 am- I dunno. Ive never seen
Martin Vowell, Sylma -08/16, 02:47 am- Heres what Hap sent me...
Herb Iffrig -08/16, 04:49 am- I would have thought that
Martin Vowell, Sylma -08/20, 07:40 pm- Does anybody know if ther
keith g barrier -08/21, 05:14 pm- Stan, Im always amazed at
Pitman arm ball play
Alex Dragone -08/18, 11:19 pm- The pitman arm on my car
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -08/18, 11:33 pm- Heres my 2 worth. [IMG_
Alex Dragone -08/19, 12:20 am- Thanks steve! Looks like
Chris Olsen -08/19, 01:38 am- Make sure to use 1983? or
Jim Patrick -08/20, 12:59 am- An APCO anti rattler will
G.R.Cheshire -08/20, 09:28 am- Chris 1983 used both comp
Larry Smith -08/20, 10:05 am- Why not clean off the pit
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -08/21, 12:33 am- Drop a 1982 or earlier pe
Craig Anderson, cent -08/21, 03:08 am- ^ Copper Steve.......copp
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -08/21, 07:52 am-
keith g barrier -08/21, 07:55 am- Larry Smith is right, fix
Roger Karlsson, sout -08/21, 08:12 am- Keith, as I see it all th
Seth from NC -08/21, 09:10 am- I like the APCOs but he d
Dan Treace, North FL -08/21, 09:28 am- Believe remembering that
Roger Karlsson, sout -08/21, 10:04 am- I didnt remember Constant
Bud Holzschuh - Pana -08/21, 11:32 am- Does this mean that my ja
Stephen D Heatherly -08/21, 04:25 pm- Alex, replacing the pit-m
Model T Era Overland-Trail Camps Booklet For Motorists
Jay - In Northern Ca -08/20, 05:28 pm- [overland cover.jpg] [ove
Jay - In Northern Ca -08/20, 05:31 pm- [overland 11.jpg] [overla
Verne Shirk -08/20, 06:19 pm- Neat!!!
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -08/20, 07:01 pm- I love it!!! Thank you Ja
Dennis Seth - Ohio -08/20, 07:04 pm- Another great post of per
keith g barrier -08/20, 07:26 pm- Love it! KGB
Frank M. Brady -08/20, 07:43 pm- What a great post - Im pu
Jay - In Northern Ca -08/20, 08:22 pm- I bought this booklet fro
Jay - In Northern Ca -08/21, 03:42 pm- BUMP!
Removing rear wheel
Stuart Carey -08/21, 06:41 am- Well Ive tried a hub pull
Seth from NC -08/21, 07:14 am- Hey Stuart, a lot of the
Seth from NC -08/21, 07:15 am- Sorry, that should be bre
Tim Wrenn -08/21, 08:19 am- I had a tough one a while
brass car guy -08/21, 09:47 am- Try a Bingo. I have remov
Norman T. Kling -08/21, 10:00 am- If you do it Brass car gu
Larry Smith -08/21, 10:11 am- What is a Bingo? Havent h
Roger Karlsson, sout -08/21, 10:18 am- Bcg is talking about a kn
Ken Todd -08/21, 10:46 am- Where I grew up bingo was
Seth from NC -08/21, 10:52 am- I thought you needed penn
Jerry VanOoteghem -08/21, 10:59 am- If you use a bingo/knock-
Roger Karlsson, sout -08/21, 11:00 am- Guess the card game versi
Mark Strange -08/21, 11:02 am- I had one a while back th
Mark Gregush Portlan -08/21, 11:26 am- With all that whacking an
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -08/21, 11:44 am- Last week Ed Archer could
Bud Holzschuh - Pana -08/21, 12:00 pm- Ive used a knocker to rem
Warren Henderson -08/21, 01:57 pm- I used a small sledge ham
Kohnke Rebabbitting -08/21, 02:16 pm- Knock offs always work.
Big steering wheel on a Hucksters-Photo
Herb Iffrig -08/21, 03:30 am- [Big steering wheel.jpg]
Warren Henderson -08/21, 02:14 pm- Herb, great photo, thanks
Official car, what is it?-Photo
Herb Iffrig -08/20, 09:05 pm- [official car.jpg reswize
charley shaver -08/20, 09:14 pm- what else its a ford!!!!!
Mike Walker, NW AR -08/20, 09:18 pm- Looks like a Ford with an
Dennis Henrichs -08/20, 09:19 pm- Sure looks like a 1915 T
charley shaver -08/20, 09:20 pm- p.s. there is not much le
charley shaver -08/20, 09:22 pm- look again the back fende
Erik Barrett -08/20, 09:32 pm- Something looks odd about
Dennis Henrichs -08/20, 09:42 pm- Charley, You have better
Dennis Henrichs -08/20, 09:47 pm- Also what looks odd about
Larry Smith -08/20, 09:52 pm- Yeah, but look at the Dod
Clayton Swanson -08/20, 10:14 pm- splash aprons look too ta
Erik Johnson -08/20, 10:15 pm- Discussion earlier this y
Harold Schwendeman - -08/20, 10:40 pm- The accessory shock absor
Harold Schwendeman - -08/20, 10:44 pm- Actually, I think Dennis
JohnCodman -08/20, 10:58 pm- The emblem on the radiato
Harold Schwendeman - -08/20, 11:47 pm- Actually, the radiator sh
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -08/21, 02:08 am- Ames built a kit very muc
Royce in Georgetown  -08/21, 06:18 am- The windshield and lamps
charley shaver -08/21, 11:22 am- Royce. The windshield &am
A. Gustaf Bryngelson -08/21, 11:26 am- I am surprised that no on
charley shaver -08/21, 12:51 pm- the old ford is working h
O.T. but VERY AMAZING 1790's technology!!!
Darren J Wallace -08/20, 06:55 pm- I restore antique music b
Herb Iffrig -08/20, 07:41 pm- Thank you Darren. That is
Dennis Seth - Ohio -08/20, 07:45 pm- Darren, Those are amazin
Martin Vowell, Sylma -08/20, 08:34 pm- A friend of mine still bu
Harry Hart of Reno,  -08/20, 08:42 pm- This reminds me of some s
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -08/20, 08:44 pm- Darren....Wow! I agree t
Norman T. Kling -08/20, 08:48 pm- Wow! People were quite s
Andrew Benoit -08/20, 09:13 pm- Gakken in Japan released
Marty Bufalini -08/20, 10:27 pm- Martin, I looked up Thoma
A. Gustaf Bryngelson -08/20, 11:05 pm- Dennis, Tinsel is not as
Darren J Wallace -08/21, 12:11 pm- Hey Keith, Hope you have
Charlie B actually i -08/21, 12:20 pm- While I appreciate the wo
OT - 77 year old woman on tour around the world in a 1930...
Rob Heyen -08/21, 12:00 pm- Quite an adventure: http
How many pounds for Wheel Nuts?
James Chochole -08/15, 01:49 pm- Putting my 30 wheels back
Tony Bowker -08/15, 01:53 pm- The rear 15/16 nut to abo
Royce in Georgetown  -08/15, 02:28 pm- The rear axle nuts you ti
Robert Scott Owens -08/15, 02:55 pm- Can any one show me where
Hap Tucker in Sumter -08/15, 09:22 pm- Scott, I agree with Royc
Hap Tucker in Sumter -08/16, 07:34 am- On a lighter side, from a
James Chochole -08/16, 11:05 am- very funny!
Eric Sole - Castelld -08/16, 11:51 am- With Ken Kopskys permissi
Bob Coiro -08/16, 04:48 pm- Ive been given to underst
Ray Syverson -08/16, 05:25 pm- I would feel a lot safer
Paul Mikeska, Denver -08/16, 09:33 pm- FWIW I tighten them to 90
David Stroud -08/16, 10:46 pm- Bob C., I would not trust
John P Noonan -08/16, 11:17 pm- I asked this very same qu
Clayton Swanson -08/16, 11:23 pm- every car i have ever own
Scott Conger -08/18, 11:46 am- Clayton, you and I must b
Jerry VanOoteghem -08/18, 01:24 pm- Scott, Your analogy of t
Kenneth W DeLong -08/18, 04:21 pm- What Jerry says is true b
Hap Tucker in Sumter -08/18, 06:40 pm- Scott, I think there is
Scott Conger -08/19, 06:04 am- Hap years ago, one of th
Hap Tucker in Sumter -08/20, 09:03 pm- Scott, Thanks for lookin
Dan B -08/20, 10:54 pm- Hap - Thanks for your con
Hap Tucker in Sumter -08/21, 06:42 am- Dan, Thank you, I apprec
Royce in Georgetown  -08/21, 06:46 am- You can use any length br
Norman T. Kling -08/21, 11:11 am- A problem with tightening
We are "real men".
Dave Wells -08/19, 03:24 pm- Saw this on a 59 Chevy at
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -08/19, 03:56 pm- Amen to that! [:-] Keit
Jay - In Northern Ca -08/19, 04:05 pm- Real men also dont eat qu
Jay - In Northern Ca -08/19, 04:07 pm- [quickie.jpg]
Dave Wells -08/19, 05:13 pm- Unfortunately this exclud
Tyrone Thomas - Tope -08/19, 05:23 pm- I think that makes us rea
William L Vanderburg -08/19, 06:01 pm- Early T men need two peda
Norman T. Kling -08/20, 11:00 am- The Chevy had a manual sh
Ricks - Surf City -08/20, 11:12 am- The evil accelerator peda
Dave Wells -08/20, 12:09 pm- Excellent point Ralph. It
William L Vanderburg -08/20, 12:23 pm- Several years ago in my h
G.R.Cheshire -08/20, 01:32 pm- Hummm Accelerator pedal i
Ricks - Surf City -08/20, 03:16 pm- Back during the runaway T
Norman T. Kling -08/20, 04:34 pm- I used to be a telephone
Henry Petrino in Mod -08/20, 05:07 pm- I think I shared this sto
Mark Strange -08/20, 05:23 pm- Variation on that theme f
Hal Schedler, Sacram -08/20, 05:31 pm- I flew the Lockheed Super
Dennis Henrichs -08/20, 05:32 pm- Old Story: Man cones hom
Ricks - Surf City -08/20, 08:22 pm- Ricks - Surf City on Thur
Harold Schwendeman - -08/20, 08:36 pm- Ralph - What you say make
Henry Petrino in Mod -08/20, 08:42 pm- Harolds right. The next
Dennis Henrichs -08/20, 09:29 pm- If the driverless cars wo
Dennis Henrichs -08/20, 09:37 pm- In regard to hand throttl
Ricks - Surf City -08/20, 10:19 pm- The hand throttle doesnt
Clayton Swanson -08/20, 10:22 pm- in your next new car you
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -08/21, 07:40 am- With our government and a
Justin Heim -08/21, 07:59 am- I drove a car once that b
Ricks - Surf City -08/21, 10:59 am- There are runaway car acc
Norman T. Kling -08/21, 11:06 am- A little change, but simi
Where and what is this water leak in my block?
Matthew Atchinson  -08/20, 07:46 pm- Hey guys. Today I hooked
James Chochole -08/20, 07:50 pm- Thats the freeze plug- ju
Ted Dumas -08/20, 07:59 pm- James meant to say nickel
Mark Strange -08/20, 08:01 pm- Heres more info on using
Chuck Lebeda -08/20, 08:03 pm- I had a pin-hole leak in
Mike Vaughn -08/20, 08:08 pm- Mathew, it is possible to
Matthew Atchinson  -08/20, 08:11 pm- thanks guys, ill give it
Norman T. Kling -08/20, 08:55 pm- The brass plugs are bette
Norman T. Kling -08/20, 08:58 pm- The best way to fix the w
Erik Barrett -08/20, 09:05 pm- You need to repack the wa
Kenneth W DeLong -08/20, 09:31 pm- Usually if you have a lea
Erik Barrett -08/20, 09:34 pm- Good point Kenneth. Not a
Andrew Deckman, Ogde -08/20, 09:41 pm- The best why to fix a wat
Alan George Long -08/20, 09:41 pm- My experience was water l
Dave Huson, Berthoud -08/20, 09:56 pm- Matthew Atchinson: You c
Dennis Henrichs -08/20, 10:10 pm- Ive never had a leaking w
Royce in Georgetown  -08/21, 06:27 am- My water pump never leaks
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -08/21, 09:52 am- I remember the time about
The inner workings of a Detrioter-Photo
Herb Iffrig -08/20, 09:29 pm- [Detroiter repair resized
ex trooper -08/20, 09:31 pm- Detrioter??? Due in 2015
Dennis Henrichs -08/20, 10:07 pm- Gee Dad, now well never g
Rob Heyen -08/20, 10:53 pm- Thats an obscure one. It
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -08/20, 11:13 pm- I worked on a Detroiter l
brass car guy -08/20, 11:41 pm- The heck with the Detroit
Alan George Long -08/21, 05:17 am- I dont think that the Mec
Jim Eubanks, Powell, -08/21, 08:14 am- how would you ever get th
Herb Iffrig -08/21, 08:18 am- Thats probably why the bo
Roger Karlsson, sout -08/21, 08:20 am- Jim, thats why they were
Seth from NC -08/21, 09:16 am- LOL - I always knew when
Interior view of a machine shop/tire shop-Photo
Herb Iffrig -08/15, 09:41 pm- [interior of a machine sh
Chad Marchees -08/16, 07:45 am- Cool photo. I bet OSHA wo
Royce in Georgetown  -08/16, 09:30 am- Look at the tail lamps on
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -08/16, 09:49 am- So many great details of
Charlie B actually i -08/16, 10:24 am- Vulcanizing set up?
Robert Anderson -08/16, 10:53 am- Or maybe a rig to find le
Dan McEachern -08/16, 11:33 am- Actually, if you look clo
Peter Borland. Bathu -08/19, 08:46 pm- How did we survive with s
John E Cox -08/19, 09:11 pm- unnatural selection for s
Matthew Temple -08/19, 11:22 pm- Did anyone see the one cy
Matthew Temple -08/19, 11:24 pm- Ok now I see Robert Ander
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -08/19, 11:48 pm- I dont see any blade in t
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -08/20, 07:31 am- The guy on the right is j
Dennis Seth - Ohio -08/20, 07:58 am- I had a saw just like tha
Erik Barrett -08/20, 11:25 am- The one lung engine power
Darren J Wallace -08/20, 06:50 pm- Thats one big mother of a
Erik Barrett -08/20, 09:25 pm- Looks about the size of m
Mark Strange -08/21, 09:07 am- Cropped, converted to gre
1925 TT
Dennis Plank -08/20, 12:17 pm- A couple of months ago a
William L Vanderburg -08/20, 12:26 pm- The experts were the peop
Wes Nelson ........B -08/20, 12:27 pm- Dennis, dont be bashful t
Henry Petrino in Mod -08/20, 12:41 pm- Dont let a couple of dumm
Pat Kelly -08/20, 12:58 pm- Hang in there Dennis. Im
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -08/20, 01:14 pm- Hi Dennis - Dont let a fe
Paul Grohsmeyer -08/20, 01:33 pm- There are people like tha
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -08/20, 01:39 pm- Damn the torpedoes, post
Seth from NC -08/20, 01:47 pm- Dennis you might not can
Anthony J Marino -08/20, 04:40 pm- You will have to use a ph
Anthony J Marino -08/20, 04:41 pm- Click on my name to see m
Mark Strange -08/20, 04:45 pm- Actually, below 194K, bet
Ronnie wehba -08/20, 05:48 pm- Hey I got a 25 tt also an
Dennis Plank -08/20, 07:44 pm- I appreciate all the posi
Mark Strange -08/20, 08:08 pm- Wow, Dennis, nice truck!
Henry Petrino in Mod -08/20, 08:13 pm- Its a neat truck, Dennis!
Harold Schwendeman - -08/20, 08:22 pm- Dennis ex-lurker Plank -
Todd Retterer -08/20, 09:49 pm- Nice truck! What show ar
John P Noonan -08/20, 10:41 pm- Dennis, welcome to the fo
Tom Lovejoy, So Cal -08/21, 12:16 am- neat TT Dennis !
Burger in Spokane -08/21, 01:07 am- Dennis, You are lookin
Dennis Plank -08/21, 08:46 am- Todd, the show is at West
Hayes Wheels Spoke info needed.
Ockert van der Berg -08/19, 03:56 am- Hi In the past I saw se
Allan Richard Bennet -08/19, 07:31 am- Ockert, welcome to the ow
Mark Williamson -08/19, 07:36 am- Im a newbie so cant answe
Allan Richard Bennet -08/19, 10:02 am- Mrtk, I can help you out
Allan Richard Bennet -08/19, 10:13 am- Mark, I forgot to mention
Mark Williamson -08/19, 05:24 pm- Thanks, Allan. Its an in
Ockert van der Berg -08/20, 02:29 am- Thanks Allan That was ex
Allan Richard Bennet -08/20, 07:32 am- Ockert, For the keyway f
Peter Kable -08/20, 08:29 am- Ockert, Where are you now
Ockert van der Berg -08/21, 07:33 am- Thanks Allan for your hel
Verne Shirk -08/21, 07:52 am- T
450-21 Tires & Tubes
Robert Scott Owens -08/20, 03:16 pm- Hi, Ok I now have my new
Tom Miller, Mostly i -08/20, 03:18 pm- EEC = European Economic C
Donald Vagasky,Tucso -08/20, 07:44 pm- I recommend you air up th
Mike Walker, NW AR -08/20, 09:30 pm- Id definitely do as Donal
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -08/21, 01:10 am- Slight thread drift. I do
Robert Scott Owens -08/16, 07:10 pm- Hi, So Iam getting to mou
Terry Woods, Richmon -08/16, 07:15 pm- Id use the flap as insura
Ricks - Surf City -08/16, 07:20 pm- Are yours clinchers?? I
Steve Tomaso - Milto -08/16, 07:29 pm- What size tires on what s
Jay - In Northern Ca -08/16, 08:49 pm- Id use tape just like Ral
Robert Scott Owens -08/16, 11:01 pm- Sorry guys when I said wi
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -08/16, 11:21 pm- Do NOT use duct tape. I h
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -08/16, 11:27 pm- Maybe called Shurtape and
Robert Scott Owens -08/16, 11:31 pm- Aaron. That tape is used
HARRY A DAW -08/20, 11:29 pm- If you have any tower peo
1919 wheel question
Gordon Drisko -08/20, 09:51 am- I recently acquired what
Roger Karlsson, sout -08/20, 10:11 am- It was likely changed dur
Mark Strange -08/20, 10:15 am- Can you post some picture
john kuehn -08/20, 05:01 pm- These cars had wooden fir
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -08/20, 06:51 pm- Besides. By the late 20s,
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -08/20, 07:34 pm- My 1919 has demountables
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -08/20, 11:06 pm- 1919 was the first year f
Odd tire pump?
Justin Heim -08/20, 06:54 pm- I came across a Ford tire
Jack Daron - Brownsb -08/20, 07:03 pm- Look on the bottom of foo
Justin Heim -08/20, 08:58 pm- T1434 is the number. It
Jack Daron - Brownsb -08/20, 11:00 pm- Your pump is from 25-27 e
1916 American Field Service ambulance on you tube
Les Burg -08/19, 10:59 pm- Im sorry if this has been
Hap Tucker in Sumter -08/20, 08:52 pm- Les, Thanks for posting
Les Burg -08/20, 10:20 pm- Thanks Hap for the added
I went to look at a friend's 1912 Model T today
Craig Anderson, cent -08/17, 04:40 pm- I got 40 some photos of t
Craig Anderson, cent -08/17, 05:44 pm- Here are links to 49 high
Ed in California -08/17, 05:55 pm- Nice. Is it for sale?
Craig Anderson, cent -08/17, 06:02 pm- Yes it is Ed. I hate to f
Steve Tomaso - Milto -08/17, 06:26 pm- Whats he asking for it, C
Craig Anderson, cent -08/17, 06:39 pm- ^ Thats the rub Steve. Ob
brass car guy -08/17, 07:40 pm- Compared to my barn fresh
Royce in Georgetown  -08/17, 07:44 pm- Craig, The best way to g
brass car guy -08/17, 07:51 pm- Looking again my guess th
Ted Dumas -08/17, 07:52 pm- I think you should give i
Don Skille -08/17, 08:12 pm- Craig, Very nice origina
John E Cox -08/17, 08:16 pm- Royce, Is the small box w
John E Cox -08/17, 08:22 pm- I answered my first quest
Steve Tomaso - Milto -08/17, 08:56 pm- Coilbox, front wheels &am
Eric Hylen- Central  -08/17, 09:16 pm- Its really tough to deter
Craig Anderson, cent -08/17, 09:37 pm- Thank you everyone. While
Richard Gould -08/17, 09:48 pm- Id ask $17500 if it were
Eric Hylen- Central  -08/17, 09:54 pm- Craig, remember that if y
Craig Anderson, cent -08/17, 10:01 pm- Im VERY familiar with eba
Ed in California -08/17, 11:46 pm- Ebay is the way to go for
Royce in Georgetown  -08/18, 07:27 am- I agree with Richard and
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -08/18, 10:00 am- Nobody mentioned the 1916
paul griesse--Granvi -08/18, 10:22 am- I paid $15000 for my very
Keith Townsend ; ^ ) -08/18, 12:22 pm- Craig- Very nice. The
Royce in Georgetown  -08/18, 12:46 pm- eBay charges zero to list
Craig Anderson, cent -08/18, 12:52 pm- Steve, the car is definit
Craig Anderson, cent -08/18, 12:57 pm- Thank you Royce......I ha
william louis rosent -08/18, 04:44 pm- I purchased one of these
mike peterson -08/18, 05:28 pm- cars are cheap to sell on
Colin Mavins -08/18, 08:12 pm- You guys have said the re
Craig Anderson, cent -08/18, 10:57 pm- THANKS Colin....... [:-]
Eric Hylen- Central  -08/19, 12:35 am- Sorry guys, I was unaware
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -08/19, 01:50 am- Based upon past discussio
Royce in Georgetown  -08/19, 06:55 am- The serial number is 1380
Craig Anderson, cent -08/19, 08:36 pm- The car is 17 miles away
Larry Smith -08/20, 10:21 am- Its a shame the former ow
Craig Anderson, cent -08/20, 04:00 pm- A former owner do doubt d
Colin Mavins -08/20, 09:53 pm- In former post called 191
Watt's eye view of 2014 Montana 500
Tom Carnegie -08/15, 01:39 pm- A video from Alex Sandy W
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -08/15, 05:05 pm- Cool. Like the music too
Tom Carnegie -08/15, 07:06 pm- Erich, it is a two step p
Warwick Landy -08/15, 07:07 pm- Next year Erich??? would
Mark Strange -08/15, 07:25 pm- Newbie question, not a cr
Tom Carnegie -08/15, 07:38 pm- Mark, I really dont know
Tom Carnegie -08/15, 07:58 pm- Warwick, are you planning
george house -08/18, 05:52 pm- Yeah, thanks for the vide
Tom Carnegie -08/18, 07:11 pm- Rain-X is allowed. The T
Gilbert V. I. Fitzhu -08/18, 07:31 pm- I think a 5-day, 500-mile
Tom Carnegie -08/18, 08:32 pm- Gilbert, that is the fun
Norman T. Kling -08/18, 09:41 pm- I am surprised at how fla
Harold Schwendeman - -08/18, 09:56 pm- Norm - In very broad term
george house -08/20, 07:58 pm- OK . . . I still want to
Seth from NC -08/20, 09:25 pm- Cmon fellas, my hats in f
Alternator supplier for T's
Tom Moorehead -08/20, 09:06 pm- I have used LD Becker alt
Ohio Jamboree
Rex Pyles -08/18, 07:58 pm- Anybody attending? This w
Tom Moorehead -08/18, 09:16 pm- We will be there. We hav
Rex Pyles -08/18, 09:31 pm- Tom, the 26 runabout prol
Tom Moorehead -08/18, 09:53 pm- This is our 14th year to
Jerry VanOoteghem -08/19, 10:41 am- Ill be there. Its either
paul griesse--Granvi -08/19, 10:46 am- I`ll be there with my bum
scott porter -08/19, 05:39 pm- This is my first looking
David Kriegel Mishaw -08/19, 05:43 pm- How do you find out about
Randall Strickland -08/19, 06:40 pm-
Tom Moorehead -08/20, 08:34 pm- The Ohio Jamboree is alwa
Weeks carburetor
James J Williams -08/20, 08:07 pm- I stumbled across half a
Mark Strange -08/20, 08:10 pm- More on the Weeks from an
Camshaft Question
Jon Allen -08/18, 10:59 am- I have the dubious distin
Royce in Georgetown  -08/18, 11:18 am- Chaffins cam is a regrind
Jon Allen -08/18, 11:50 am- Hi Royce, Are you absolut
Seth from NC -08/18, 12:25 pm- Hey Jon, heres a thread w
Gerald Hansen -08/18, 01:39 pm- I have a couple of Chaffi
Jon Allen -08/18, 01:39 pm- Hi Seth, In discussion wi
Seth from NC -08/18, 01:52 pm- Yeah, Glen said same thin
Jon Allen -08/18, 02:24 pm- Seth, I am going to be us
Les VonNordheim -08/19, 01:29 am- Glen, Its my understandin
Royce in Georgetown  -08/19, 06:57 am- Glen, When I bought mine
Seth from NC -08/19, 07:15 am- Jon thats gonna be a swee
Eric Hylen- Central  -08/19, 08:01 am- Ive built motors with new
Jon Allen -08/19, 09:47 am- Seth, Maybe I caught John
Seth from NC -08/19, 10:08 am- Well thats cool. I dont w
Jerry VanOoteghem -08/19, 10:27 am- John has pretty much turn
Dave Huson, Berthoud -08/19, 10:28 am- Seth, thats a problem for
Seth from NC -08/19, 10:45 am- Hahahaha I dont wanna hea
Terry Woods, Richmon -08/19, 10:58 am- Jon, Installing a non-sto
Jon Allen -08/19, 01:48 pm- Terry, I have talked with
Dave Barker - Dayton -08/19, 01:57 pm- Perhaps it depends on the
Walt Berdan, Bellevu -08/19, 02:06 pm- Ive been very happy using
Terry Woods, Richmon -08/19, 04:30 pm- Now, Im curious. Why woul
Gene Carrothers Hunt -08/19, 04:45 pm- I was advised a few exper
Glen Chaffin -08/19, 11:29 pm- Either cam will work with
Glen Chaffin -08/20, 07:53 pm- We produced our first 280
Do you want to come for a quiet drive in the country with...
David Dare - Just a  -08/17, 06:18 pm-
David Dare - Just a  -08/17, 06:23 pm- It didnt open again for m
Craig Anderson, cent -08/17, 06:47 pm- Works just FINE here Davi
Warren Henderson -08/17, 07:22 pm- Heres one of my 1917 Cano
David Dare - Just a  -08/18, 02:01 pm- Nice drive Warren, great
Willie K Cordes -08/18, 03:44 pm- David, I guess the T was
David Dare - Just a  -08/18, 05:36 pm- Willie, you have given me
Danial - Veneta OR U -08/18, 11:37 pm- What a cool vid, David.
Burger in Spokane -08/18, 11:56 pm- Its not like Veneta is up
Danial - Veneta OR U -08/19, 12:01 am- You dont know Veneta very
Danial - Veneta OR U -08/19, 12:06 am- ANd as for great back cou
Les VonNordheim -08/19, 12:59 am- Cheers David, As you kno
george house -08/20, 07:52 pm- Thanks for the video Davi
Right hnd drive transmission cam and pedal shaft question
Mark Gregush Portlan -08/17, 03:46 pm- Can I use the US pedal sh
Allan Richard Bennet -08/17, 09:16 pm- Mark, the LH cams are usa
Peter Kable -08/17, 10:02 pm- Mark, if you have a RHD t
Mark Gregush Portlan -08/17, 10:06 pm- The shafts and holes for
Mark Gregush Portlan -08/19, 07:44 pm- bump
Peter Kable -08/20, 05:42 am- Mark, As Allan said the L
Mark Gregush Portlan -08/20, 07:51 pm- Thanks Peter; I didnt und
Horseing around with a Model N Ford -Photo
Herb Iffrig -08/18, 08:45 am- [Model N Ford.jpg]
Hap Tucker in Sumter -08/19, 08:17 am- Herb, Thanks for posting
george house -08/20, 07:39 pm- The Model N was used to p
6 volt alternator
Daryl W. Becker -08/19, 05:47 pm- Mr Vanderburgs Alternator
William L Vanderburg -08/19, 05:57 pm- Yes, I should be receivi
Mark Strange -08/19, 06:06 pm- Here is a quick way to te
Seth from NC -08/19, 09:58 pm- Why hasnt anyone recommen
Ken Todd -08/20, 11:30 am- Mark S., do you know what
Mark Strange -08/20, 11:41 am- It came with the car when
William L Vanderburg -08/20, 12:16 pm- That part number would be
Mark Strange -08/20, 12:18 pm- Heres a link to it on the
Mark Strange -08/20, 12:26 pm- Heres a closeup view of t
Mike Stitt-Southern  -08/20, 12:26 pm- It is a CS alternator. Ca
William L Vanderburg -08/20, 12:29 pm- No, its not like the one
William L Vanderburg -08/20, 12:30 pm- unless that pin connector
Daryl W. Becker -08/20, 01:08 pm- These are all Larry Becke
Daryl W. Becker -08/20, 01:11 pm- Marks alternator was an e
Mark Strange -08/20, 01:15 pm- Thanks for the info, Dary
Ron Patterson-Nichol -08/20, 01:15 pm- Can you elaborate in deta
Bob Jablonski -08/20, 06:48 pm- Would the internal modifi
ex trooper -08/20, 07:05 pm- with an on/off switch [I
William L Vanderburg -08/20, 07:32 pm- I just installed the alte
Front spring rebuild question
Chad Marchees -08/18, 05:17 pm- While I have the front su
Stephen D Heatherly -08/18, 05:25 pm- Chad, it would be a good
Chad Marchees -08/18, 08:58 pm- Thanks Stephen. I do have
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -08/18, 09:51 pm- You want to use an NOS bo
Mike Walker, NW AR -08/18, 09:52 pm- Chad -- Now that you have
Dave Barker - Dayton -08/18, 10:08 pm- Chad - Youll also want to
Chad Marchees -08/19, 06:32 am- Steve, I will try and fin
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -08/19, 07:57 am- Yes, the new bolts Ive se
Mark Strange -08/19, 09:31 am- I think RV Anderson was p
Tyrone Thomas - Tope -08/19, 10:02 am- The answer is Yes. If you
Larry Smith -08/19, 10:42 am- I use a flexible sanding
Chad Marchees -08/20, 06:41 am- Larry, that sounds like a
Chad Marchees -08/20, 06:49 pm- I lucked out and Bobs had
Fantomworks on Velocity Midnight Eastern time
Mike Conte -08/17, 11:55 pm- For those interested Fant
Howard D. Dennis -08/20, 03:02 pm- Watched this last night.
Bob Coiro -08/20, 06:44 pm- I also saw the show. -Wi
The electric model T.... well, sort of...
Brian Mettling -08/20, 12:36 pm- Found on CL today. Old a
Mack Cole ---- Earth -08/20, 12:57 pm- that is cute, I would do
Dave Wells -08/20, 01:16 pm- Makes you wonder if any r
G.R.Cheshire -08/20, 01:47 pm- I agree with Mack functio
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -08/20, 01:58 pm- Price seems reasonable -
keith g barrier -08/20, 06:34 pm- Rat rodders need those in
Lang's Old Car Parts at Hershey
Ashley Lang -08/20, 03:42 pm- Hershey AACA Fall Meet is
Ashley Lang -08/20, 03:59 pm- Forgot to add - pre-order
2 cylinder model T engine
Brian Holcomb, Water -08/20, 12:50 pm- Does anyone have a copy o
Mark Strange -08/20, 01:05 pm- Maybe check with the folk
Erik Johnson -08/20, 01:10 pm- Heres one in action: htt
Nicholas Lingg - Tar -08/20, 02:13 pm- I made one, its easy enou
Zachary Dillinger -08/20, 02:25 pm- It would be a hoot to mak
Dan Treace, North FL -08/20, 03:45 pm- Feb 1937 Popular Mechanic
Checking in after being away
Jim Rutherford -08/20, 09:56 am- Hi all, I posted a few t
Mike Walker, NW AR -08/20, 10:38 am- Welcome back, Jim. Good
Norman T. Kling -08/20, 10:42 am- Does the rust go through
Keith Townsend ; ^ ) -08/20, 10:57 am- Jim- Welcome. Or Welcome
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -08/20, 01:53 pm- Hi Jim, My T was restor
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -08/20, 03:30 pm- Welcome back! If the rust
Jim Rutherford -08/20, 03:41 pm- Thanks for all the good w
Any clever ways to stop the touchy feely at shows and par...
Jake Henson -08/19, 01:47 pm- A few times now ive had t
Frank Harris from Lo -08/19, 01:58 pm- I have a line indented fr
G.R.Cheshire -08/19, 02:02 pm- A little bit of vaseline
Seth from NC -08/19, 02:05 pm- Jake! There are several t
Dave Barker - Dayton -08/19, 02:15 pm- How about just disconnect
Dave Wells -08/19, 02:17 pm- Show car with the hood up
Cameron Whitaker -08/19, 02:19 pm- I agree with Dave on this
Kenny Edmondson, Ind -08/19, 02:43 pm- I tell everyone that they
Ricks - Surf City -08/19, 02:50 pm- I liked this one: [Touch
Dave Barker - Dayton -08/19, 02:55 pm- FWIW, If Im at a cruise-i
Bob Coiro -08/19, 03:27 pm- If they cant see it, they
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -08/19, 03:54 pm- I have read many stories
Jay - In Northern Ca -08/19, 04:04 pm- Check out these two adjus
Mike Perigo - Linton -08/19, 04:08 pm- How about a T coil hooked
Ron -08/19, 04:14 pm- Dave - I do the same with
Dave Barker - Dayton -08/19, 05:09 pm- Ron - I hear you. With on
Warren Henderson -08/19, 05:45 pm- Bob Coiro, I like your ai
Brian Mettling -08/19, 06:09 pm- i was taking other colleg
Andrew Benoit -08/19, 06:45 pm- @Ricks Surf City Do you
Ricks - Surf City -08/19, 07:19 pm- No, somebody else posted
Bob Bishop, San Dieg -08/19, 07:25 pm- Dave- I agreed with you u
Tim Wrenn -08/19, 07:48 pm- Wow Warren...sure would l
Gene Nelson - Easter -08/19, 10:10 pm- A slight drift: Look how
Danial - Veneta OR U -08/20, 12:07 am- The sign I put in my 27 C
Roger Karlsson, sout -08/20, 05:37 am- The 1912 hillbilly truck
Warren Henderson -08/20, 01:13 pm- Tim, Ill try an locate on
Does radiator paint affect heat transfer?
Harry Hart of Reno,  -08/15, 09:52 am- Hi All My radiator core
Ron Patterson-Nichol -08/15, 10:00 am- Harry Your local radiator
Paul Mikeska, Denver -08/15, 10:05 am- Try this link to Eastwood
Frank Harris from Lo -08/15, 10:20 am- Yes it causes engines to
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -08/15, 04:40 pm- Proper radiator paint wou
Noel D. Chicoine, MD -08/15, 11:41 pm- The last radiator repairm
David Coco -08/16, 07:09 am- I remember in the 1960s,
Frank van Ekeren (A -08/16, 07:46 am- Original radiator paint w
keith g barrier -08/16, 08:26 am- Thin lacquer paint is the
john kuehn -08/16, 10:25 am- A thin coat of flat black
Ted Dumas -08/16, 12:06 pm- John is right on the mone
JohnCodman -08/19, 10:58 pm- To David Coco: Yes. I may
David Coco -08/20, 06:36 am- ...and I bet every radiat
Eric Sole - Castelld -08/20, 08:26 am- Really interesting David!
Jerry VanOoteghem -08/20, 10:55 am- Eric, Its not about shin
Jerry VanOoteghem -08/20, 10:59 am- Actually, I stand a bit c
Ken Todd -08/20, 11:50 am- Many years ago I was told
OT Wife just got back from Big Box store
G.R.Cheshire -08/20, 08:48 am- The workers in the Jackso
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -08/20, 09:08 am- The time to buy Christmas
Dick Lodge - St Loui -08/20, 09:41 am- Yes, Steve, and in doesnt
Norman T. Kling -08/20, 10:51 am- Our summer is just beginn
Henry Petrino in Mod -08/20, 11:02 am- Actually, I think the ent
OT - I may have had a better day in "Okieland" than Steve...
Rob Heyen -08/19, 12:55 pm- Just back from Tulsa with
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -08/19, 01:29 pm- In the last picture, what
Dave Barker - Dayton -08/19, 01:37 pm- Almost looks like its set
Rob Heyen -08/19, 01:40 pm- Steve Maybe Mike will se
Steve Tomaso - Milto -08/19, 02:15 pm- Pressurized oiling.
Mark Strange -08/19, 02:18 pm- I have a nutty question -
Harold Schwendeman - -08/19, 02:20 pm- Oil pressure to the mains
Harold Schwendeman - -08/19, 02:29 pm- Oops! Sorry Steve,.....w
Rob Heyen -08/19, 03:11 pm- Mark, The second year of
Mark Strange -08/19, 03:18 pm- Whoa, gnarly! Thanks Rob
Dennis Seth - Ohio -08/19, 05:28 pm- Rob, Did you and Mike ch
Garnet -08/19, 05:38 pm- ... funny ... an E-Oiler
Frank van Ekeren (A -08/19, 05:46 pm- Thats interesting Rob, th
Mike Bender Tulsa Ok -08/19, 06:37 pm- Steve , Harold The nipp
Eric Hylen- Central  -08/20, 09:43 am- Rob, is that your spare K
Ricks - Surf City -08/20, 10:03 am- No splash? Thats how the
Rob Heyen -08/20, 10:46 am- Frank, Each of the four
Anyone in the Seattle area?
Richard Adamo -08/19, 11:09 pm- I will be in Seattle Labo
Andrew Benoit -08/19, 11:23 pm- I saw this 1924 Popcorn T
Bob Gruber- Spanaway -08/20, 12:03 am- I live south of Tacoma or
Richard Adamo -08/20, 09:35 am- Thanks Bob. This is our s
Steve Tomaso - Milto -08/20, 10:12 am- We are also in the Tacoma
Richard Adamo -08/20, 10:37 am- Sounds good Steve. I will
Turbocharged model T
Mike Conte -08/19, 11:13 pm- Tomorrows American Picker
Bob Gruber- Spanaway -08/20, 12:07 am- 75 MPH with 30 MPH brakes
Ricks - Surf City -08/20, 12:10 am- I have it set. The young
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -08/20, 12:15 am- 100 year old turbo charge
Royce in Georgetown  -08/20, 07:38 am- The preview did not show
Dave Wells -08/20, 07:39 am- Hopefully theyre not doin
Tim Wrenn -08/20, 08:36 am- Maybe Mike meant a 100 y.
Jim Eubanks, Powell, -08/20, 08:56 am- The boys from Texas had a
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -08/20, 09:14 am- The only charger my T has
Steve Tomaso - Milto -08/20, 10:15 am- It has a Fronty on it.
OT Kinda, Trip to Arkansas DMV for title ..
Donnie Brown North C -08/19, 07:54 pm- This is mostly for other
Mike Walker, NW AR -08/19, 10:22 pm- OK then -- It looks like
brass car guy -08/19, 10:50 pm- I tried to get a title fo
Donnie Brown North C -08/19, 10:51 pm- Mike, I may be spoiled he
Donnie Brown North C -08/19, 10:58 pm- Brass car guy, Every stat
Mike Walker, NW AR -08/20, 08:47 am- Donnie -- What I had to d
Jim Rutherford -08/20, 10:06 am- Im trying to get a title
Australian Fire Appliance
Chris Holtum -08/20, 05:41 am- [image.jpg] 1925 photo
David Chantrell - Ad -08/20, 06:40 am- Here is the original, sur
Alan George Long -08/20, 07:20 am- I notice the hand brake l
Tim Wrenn -08/20, 08:39 am- And the dog is saying.. c
Chris Holtum -08/20, 09:29 am- [image.jpg] Here is ano
A wasted day in Okieland
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -08/18, 12:29 pm- Saturday morning I drove
daniel ryan -08/18, 12:35 pm- Thanks for the pictures a
Dave Dufault -08/18, 12:40 pm- Thanks very much for the
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -08/18, 01:01 pm- Thanks for the pictures,
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -08/18, 01:01 pm- Sure is fun to look at th
Mark Strange -08/18, 01:42 pm- That TT looked like a goo
Mack Cole ---- Earth -08/18, 02:29 pm- Shame the complete cars a
george house -08/18, 04:37 pm- Yeah, thanks for inviting
Kenneth W DeLong -08/18, 05:21 pm- Yup,Thanks for the pictur
John P Noonan -08/18, 08:49 pm- Hey Steve, dont forget th
Norman T. Kling -08/18, 09:30 pm- That yellow Model A coupe
kep -08/18, 09:39 pm- That is horrifying. Loo
Lance Sorenson, Hect -08/18, 10:45 pm- Is this the patented whee
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -08/18, 10:59 pm- Nope, not the same wheels
Chris Olsen -08/19, 01:41 am- The parting out bit makes
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -08/19, 11:18 am- ALL cars are parts. Some
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -08/19, 12:22 pm- Stan - That almost makes
Craig Anderson, cent -08/19, 08:44 pm- ^ It would be but if ther
charley shaver -08/19, 09:52 pm- all cars are made from pi
Mark Strange -08/20, 08:38 am- Sign on the front of a lo
Keystone Cops Regional Tour 2014
Dan Killecut -08/18, 08:45 pm- Our cameras battery went
Dan Killecut -08/18, 08:58 pm- The tour was held in Quak
TOM -08/19, 07:54 pm- I noticed there is a Mode
Dan Killecut -08/20, 07:17 am- There were three model As
Rear axle bearings
Robert Richmon -08/18, 05:37 pm- Hi Folks, Im restoring my
Allan Richard Bennet -08/18, 11:29 pm- Robert, I have never seen
Royce in Georgetown  -08/19, 07:01 am- Many folks in the Dallas
Robert Richmon -08/20, 05:59 am- Thanks for the informatio
Assembling the rear axle, what do you think?
Allan Richard Bennet -08/18, 07:52 am- Recent posts have prompte
Roger Karlsson, sout -08/18, 08:30 am- Sounds like a great metho
Val Soupios -08/18, 08:56 am- Allan, I find that the br
Mike Garrett -08/19, 12:23 pm- The brass thrust washers
Dan Hatch -08/19, 12:34 pm- MIKE: Check the hole in t
Seth from NC -08/19, 12:44 pm- Hey Mike - you can have t
Mike Garrett -08/19, 01:07 pm- Dan & Seth, good info
Jerry VanOoteghem -08/19, 01:16 pm- Mike, Its true that the
Val Soupios -08/19, 01:27 pm- Thicker brass washers hel
Mike Garrett -08/19, 02:32 pm- I used grease to glue the
Allan Richard Bennet -08/19, 08:32 pm- Seth, I use the three fin
Glen Chaffin -08/19, 11:03 pm- Allan, The gear mesh shou
Allan Richard Bennet -08/20, 02:11 am- Glen, once I have the cen
Naughty boy, but forgiven
Robert E. (Bob) Blac -08/19, 03:05 pm- Yesterday I was driving m
Terry Woods, Richmon -08/19, 04:23 pm- Did he look like Broderic
Eric Sole - Castelld -08/19, 04:54 pm- Bob, whatchu got under th
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -08/19, 08:19 pm- A friend of mine was pull
Robert E. (Bob) Blac -08/19, 08:28 pm- Eric, its the original en
Chester Leighton -08/19, 08:31 pm- I wasnt so lucky a few we
Gilbert V. I. Fitzhu -08/19, 08:48 pm- On the New London-New Bri
Norman T. Kling -08/19, 09:08 pm- I hope you have good brak
Robert E. (Bob) Blac -08/19, 09:19 pm- Forgot to mention, I have
Eric Sole - Castelld -08/20, 12:49 am- Ok, sounds like youve got
Rajo cylinder head questions and value
Cameron Whitaker -08/18, 01:23 pm- Long story short, I have
Seth from NC -08/18, 01:41 pm- Cameron I can give you $1
Cameron Whitaker -08/18, 01:47 pm- Seth, I tried tried tha
Mark Chaffin -08/18, 03:48 pm- Its a Model BB Heating po
John P. Steele, Mont -08/18, 05:23 pm- Mark your more of a exper
John P. Steele, Mont -08/18, 07:06 pm- Mark or anyone, Do you kn
Mark Chaffin -08/18, 08:34 pm- The Model B and Model 31
Mark Chaffin -08/18, 08:37 pm- Oops! Correction to abov
John P. Steele, Mont -08/19, 02:06 pm- Mark, Thank you for the i
Mike Penserini -08/19, 02:36 pm- I have to respectfully di
John McGinnis in San -08/19, 03:02 pm- I had what appears to be
John P. Steele, Mont -08/19, 04:06 pm- This just get more intere
Mike Penserini -08/19, 04:24 pm- 25 or 30 years ago there
Erik Barrett -08/19, 06:23 pm- Mike is spot on with the
Mark Chaffin -08/20, 12:33 am- I have also seen many var
Driving T thru WV to Gallipolis
Randall Strickland -08/19, 10:27 pm- Will be driving T thru B
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -08/20, 12:25 am- If you zoom in, you see W
Ross steering box progress
Les Schubert -08/16, 12:53 pm- The Ross steering box pro
Mark Strange -08/16, 01:09 pm- Les, pardon the newbie qu
Les Schubert -08/16, 02:36 pm- Mark It is two turns lock
Gene Carrothers Hunt -08/17, 09:53 am- Les, Keep me posted on yo
Les Schubert -08/17, 10:33 am- Gene Thx for the kind wor
Gene Carrothers Hunt -08/17, 05:32 pm- My horn has a big rubber
Les Schubert -08/17, 06:48 pm- 26-7 Canadian Ts had the
Mike Walker, NW AR -08/17, 10:11 pm- And Apco made an accessor
Les Schubert -08/17, 10:49 pm- All true Mike. I will onl
Mack Cole ---- Earth -08/17, 10:55 pm- Help me out on this. Does
Jerome Hoffman, Hays -08/17, 10:58 pm- Mack, Les I think so. I h
Mark Gregush Portlan -08/18, 11:39 am- Would I be correct in gue
Les Schubert -08/18, 12:07 pm- Mark Excellent observatio
Les Schubert -08/18, 12:09 pm- Mack Yes now the shaft wi
Mark Gregush Portlan -08/18, 08:29 pm- Working around Model As i
Ricks - Surf City -08/18, 11:17 pm- Ford went back to side-si
Les VonNordheim -08/19, 01:16 am- Les, I am not familiar wi
Jack Daron - Brownsb -08/19, 01:34 am- I would trade my 1/2 acre
Jay - In Northern Ca -08/19, 09:27 am- So Les are you teasing us
Allan Richard Bennet -08/19, 10:28 am- Les, as far as I know our
Les Schubert -08/19, 09:26 pm- Les, Jack, Jay I am copyi
Mark Gregush Portlan -08/19, 10:25 pm- I guess it would depend o
Les Schubert -08/19, 10:37 pm- Mark The model A steering
Ricks - Surf City -08/19, 11:21 pm- The shaft is too short on
Brass spark plug
James J Williams -08/19, 08:40 pm- I found this plug its mis
Old Photo - Five Random Period Photos Of People Posing
Jay - In Northern Ca -08/19, 10:54 am- [C00874.jpg] [C01115.jpg]
Bill Z , Candlewood  -08/19, 12:48 pm- Thanks Jay, always enjoy
Dale Peterson -08/19, 01:46 pm- Two car garage! Not many
Rob Heyen -08/19, 01:47 pm- Thanks Jay.
Dennis Seth - Ohio -08/19, 05:33 pm- Ill bet the fellow who to
1913/14 Splash shield
Bill Elliott -08/19, 12:30 pm- Will a 1913 splash shield
Richard Wolf -08/19, 05:17 pm- Yep.
1909 mother in law roadster-Photo
Herb Iffrig -08/18, 08:33 pm- [1910 Newkirk
Dennis Henrichs -08/19, 03:44 am- Why does mother in law ge
Bob Trevan - Austral -08/19, 06:57 am- Heading of for a girls n
John Doolittle -08/19, 10:57 am- 2 girl top?
Henry Petrino in Mod -08/19, 11:05 am- From the look of things,
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -08/19, 04:44 pm- It looks kind of awkward
Dennis Seth - Ohio -08/19, 05:11 pm- Nice Halloween photo but
Correct Position for Neutral?
James Chochole -08/18, 03:55 pm- Just wanted to check- I r
Mark Strange -08/18, 04:08 pm- Not the greatest picture,
Mike Vaughn -08/18, 04:17 pm- When the clutch pedal is
James Chochole -08/18, 04:31 pm- Thanks- Ill check that mo
Jerry VanOoteghem -08/18, 04:35 pm- James, There is no corre
James Chochole -08/18, 05:15 pm- Thanks Jerry!
Norman T. Kling -08/18, 05:50 pm- If you cant get the bolt
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -08/18, 09:41 pm- The hand brake lever shou
Norman T. Kling -08/19, 11:18 am- For clarification, what I
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -08/19, 04:59 pm- I pretty much knew that y
Biennial Head-Scratcher
Bob Coiro -08/18, 01:10 pm- Well, its a week later an
G.R.Cheshire -08/18, 01:53 pm- Bob Have you tried turnin
Peter Claverie -08/18, 02:05 pm- It sounds like the timing
Charlie B actually i -08/18, 03:21 pm- What shape were the old p
Charlie B actually i -08/18, 03:38 pm- PS: Happens both in batt
Bob Coiro -08/18, 08:05 pm- G.R., Yeah, I tried the s
Jack Daron - Brownsb -08/18, 08:21 pm- Try changing out the plug
Tim Wrenn -08/18, 08:29 pm- I was having some similar
Vince M -08/18, 10:20 pm- Check the terminal washer
Jerry Dvis -08/18, 11:25 pm- Bob, try this. Advance t
Charlie B actually i -08/18, 11:36 pm- The positive feed termina
Pat Kelly -08/19, 12:16 am- Is the cam pin in place f
Charlie B actually i -08/19, 01:46 am- That ^ should be a 6
Jerry VanOoteghem -08/19, 04:34 pm- Do the compression test a
OT USS Constellation CV 64 on last voyage
Fred Miller, Sequim  -08/18, 02:40 pm- The USS-Constellation lef
Mike Vaughn -08/18, 02:57 pm- I was onboard the USS Con
Mack Cole ---- Earth -08/18, 04:23 pm- why not put a shopping ma
Chuck Hoffman - Gold -08/18, 04:30 pm- Mack, why are you trying
Henry Petrino in Mod -08/18, 04:46 pm- From the Connies home pag
Danial - Veneta OR U -08/18, 04:50 pm- My Uncle David served abo
Gene Carrothers Hunt -08/18, 05:41 pm- I served 4 years active d
Mike Vaughn -08/18, 06:01 pm- I became a Trusty Shellba
Mike Walker, NW AR -08/18, 06:44 pm- Looks like you were just
mahlon hawker -08/18, 06:47 pm- What were you doing, sigh
Henry Petrino in Mod -08/18, 06:56 pm- Yeah, you must have been
Mike Vaughn -08/18, 08:51 pm- We actually made a port c
John Aldrich Orting  -08/18, 09:11 pm- Mombassa... The garden sp
Mike Vaughn -08/18, 09:22 pm- John, I still have a few
Chris Brancaccio - C -08/18, 10:58 pm- I stayed on the Constella
Bob Coiro -08/19, 08:36 am- So let me get this straig
Kenneth W DeLong -08/19, 09:03 am- Bob,Will you be taking yo
Wayne Rosenkrans -08/19, 10:04 am- We have several significa
Gene Carrothers Hunt -08/19, 10:39 am- I just noticed the Sarato
Mack Cole ---- Earth -08/19, 01:36 pm- Sickening as it is, could
G.R.Cheshire -08/19, 01:55 pm- Bob I was on the U.S.S. F
Mack Cole ---- Earth -08/19, 03:59 pm- I am with you Bob, could
John Aldrich Orting  -08/19, 04:28 pm- An old article stating we
My primitive pickup
Roger Karlsson, sout -08/19, 12:47 am- A couple of years ago I w
Allan Richard Bennet -08/19, 12:58 am- How about Beaut Ute! Fro
Michael R Beary -08/19, 01:02 am- I like!
Jack Daron - Brownsb -08/19, 01:17 am- Giterdone!
Chris Olsen -08/19, 01:35 am- Very nice post! I love th
Ricks - Surf City -08/19, 02:01 am- Super, Roger! After all
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -08/19, 02:40 am- That is Mega Cool!!! Joh
Jon Crane -08/19, 02:41 am- Roger 1. What is a gravel
Justin in South Afri -08/19, 03:32 am- Wow Roger! This should in
Chad Marchees -08/19, 06:23 am- That is freakin SWEET!!!!
Seth from NC -08/19, 06:51 am- Lol Hey Jon - looks like
Roger Karlsson, sout -08/19, 07:45 am- Thanks for the comments.
Roger Karlsson, sout -08/19, 08:11 am- Chad, Ive mounted an oval
G.R.Cheshire -08/19, 08:12 am- how about Karlssons klunk
Ricks - Surf City -08/19, 09:38 am- What kind of wood is tha
Willie K Cordes -08/19, 09:54 am- IT IS DIFFERENT
Tyrone Thomas - Tope -08/19, 09:55 am- I love it.
Roger Karlsson, sout -08/19, 09:58 am- The wood isnt anything sp
Seth from NC -08/19, 10:03 am- Isnt the handbrake move t
Mike Walker, NW AR -08/19, 10:57 am- I wouldnt be surprised to
Roger Karlsson, sout -08/19, 10:59 am- Sure, Seth. Theres a joke
John P. Steele, Mont -08/19, 11:20 am- Hi Roger, Cool! I made
Mark Strange -08/19, 11:34 am- Looks like a motorized ve
Seth from NC -08/19, 11:42 am- I do like the pickup. Pro
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -08/19, 12:12 pm- Great truck! How about J
John P. Steele, Mont -08/19, 01:01 pm- [Scan0001 (3).jpg]
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -08/19, 01:20 pm- shouldnt really drive tha
John P. Steele, Mont -08/19, 02:02 pm- Rodger I see I screwed up
Roger Karlsson, sout -08/19, 03:12 pm- Thanks John [:-] Steve, T
Just couldn't stop
Warren Henderson -08/18, 08:25 am- Sorry, but I just couldnt
Tim Wrenn -08/18, 08:33 am- Oh my. Dont want my neigh
Willie K Cordes -08/18, 10:33 am- Did his horse die???
Charlie B actually i -08/18, 11:04 am- Probably ran away.
Warren Henderson -08/18, 06:18 pm- I thought that those who
Herb Iffrig -08/18, 07:45 pm- Now that is a photo Warre
Bob Coiro -08/18, 08:07 pm- Ditto on the photo. They
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -08/18, 11:17 pm- I think Buick. One of the
Warren Henderson -08/19, 06:32 am- Heres another photo, hope
Willie K Cordes -08/19, 10:19 am- Warren, some of the vehic
Dan Woolf -08/19, 12:10 pm- I agree with Wayne, the f
Warren Henderson -08/19, 02:44 pm- Willie, you are correct,
Springfield Missouri swap meet. photos
Donnie Brown -08/18, 10:32 pm- I went to the Springfield
Donnie Brown -08/18, 10:40 pm- A nice horseless carriage
Donnie Brown -08/18, 10:54 pm- A 1902 Locomobile steem e
Donnie Brown -08/18, 11:00 pm- Mike Walker and Greg Ragl
Donnie Brown -08/18, 11:06 pm- Some of my treasures [IM
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -08/18, 11:42 pm- I thought Id go again for
David Dewey, N. Cali -08/19, 12:11 am- Interesting, I sold my li
Eric Hylen- Central  -08/19, 12:41 am- Donnie, if your looking f
Donnie Brown -08/19, 09:08 am- Eric, I still need 2 more
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -08/19, 09:17 am- That makes me feel even w
Eric Hylen- Central  -08/19, 10:20 am- $30 for a Ford O? Ive bee
Donnie Brown -08/19, 12:12 pm- Eric, The one I bought is
Eddy Lee Emerson -08/19, 01:00 pm- Driving home from the Eme
Andy Loso St Joseph, -08/19, 02:43 pm- Donnie or anyone else for
Transmission brake band adjustment.
john kuehn -08/19, 09:23 am- Good luck with your new T
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -08/19, 11:15 am- Here you go, Wes. Somethi
Seth from NC -08/19, 11:34 am- Steve is right, I dont kn
Victim of over engineering
Mike Conte -08/17, 04:50 pm- I am in the process of re
Martin Vowell, Sylma -08/17, 05:05 pm- You have to remember that
Stephen D Heatherly -08/17, 05:09 pm- Mike, bolts are fine here
Brian Eliason -08/17, 07:42 pm- Mike, I used these ribbed
Ted Dumas -08/17, 08:06 pm- If you drill out the cent
Mike Conte -08/17, 09:44 pm- Brian, the ribbed bolt is
JohnCodman -08/19, 10:06 am- I just had the same issue
Larry Smith -08/19, 10:32 am- Ive replaced them, and ha
Dave Huson, Berthoud -08/19, 10:39 am- Mike Conte: Use bolts. I
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -08/19, 10:45 am- The Correct Police are go
Norman T. Kling -08/19, 10:51 am- Unless you are going to a
Seth from NC -08/19, 10:54 am- Lol Steve, I think those
Some TT ?'s
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -08/19, 08:29 am- The high speed gear ad wi
Willie K Cordes -08/19, 10:13 am- Mike, The TTs did not jus
Mike Walker, NW AR -08/19, 10:46 am- Thanks, Willie. I figure
Steering problem
Jerry Kramer -08/17, 09:50 am- How do you tighten the br
Royce in Georgetown  -08/17, 10:01 am- You tighten it by hand th
Mike Walker, NW AR -08/17, 10:30 am- Jerry -- The lower part o
Jerry Kramer -08/17, 12:00 pm- My column is in a 27 and
william louis rosent -08/17, 12:02 pm- Jerry; Your lower brass c
Jerry Kramer -08/17, 12:07 pm- William, I dont suppose
william louis rosent -08/17, 12:10 pm- Hello Jerry: Sorry Im tra
Tim Wrenn -08/18, 08:54 am- Jerry, I have the exact s
Jerry VanOoteghem -08/18, 04:55 pm- Jerry, Youve got 4 guys
Mike Walker, NW AR -08/18, 07:06 pm- I win! I win!!! [:-]
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -08/18, 10:20 pm- I am so confused! We seem
Royce in Georgetown  -08/19, 07:08 am- It requires good skills t
Jerry VanOoteghem -08/19, 10:36 am- Royce, Read Jerrys comme
My TT is so slow
Ronnie wehba -08/17, 11:09 am- What is the best way to g
Michael R Beary -08/17, 11:17 am- How is it set up now? All
Jim Thode Chehalis W -08/17, 11:23 am- Higher gear ratio in the
Henry Petrino in Mod -08/17, 12:15 pm- Sounds like you have a st
jeff cordes -08/17, 12:42 pm- Come to the t party in sa
Ronnie wehba -08/17, 02:00 pm- Stock with a rucksell is
Justin Heim -08/17, 02:50 pm- When a TT is referred to
Henry Petrino in Mod -08/17, 03:23 pm- There was an ad for repro
Norman T. Kling -08/17, 03:34 pm- The TT was made to haul h
jeff cordes -08/17, 03:57 pm- Every TT ruckstell I have
Henry Petrino in Mod -08/17, 04:04 pm- Thats very interesting, J
Terry Woods, Richmon -08/17, 04:43 pm- Jeff, Any truth to the ru
Justin Heim -08/17, 04:54 pm- That doesnt make me feel
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -08/17, 05:52 pm- Mine has the low speed re
Tom Lovejoy, So Cal -08/18, 12:24 am- high sped gears come up c
Jim Thode Chehalis W -08/18, 12:56 am- My TT Ruckstell has the l
Erik Barrett -08/18, 01:23 am- I have bought and sold a
samuel pine -08/18, 06:08 am- Dont feel bad Ron, last w
Fred Miller, Sequim  -08/18, 11:58 am- Jim you do realize that t
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -08/18, 01:12 pm- The chart is good for any
Ron -08/18, 02:21 pm- Am happy to take any TT t
jeff cordes -08/18, 03:00 pm- I have never heard of so
Anthony J Marino -08/18, 03:30 pm- Jeff, whats your experien
kep -08/18, 03:33 pm- This thread makes me want
Fred Miller, Sequim  -08/18, 04:59 pm- Jim I didnt mean to beat
Jim Thode Chehalis W -08/19, 12:50 am- Fred, Yes the chart is fo
Chris Olsen -08/19, 07:57 am- Kep: Im with you, along w
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -08/19, 08:31 am- The high speed gear ad wi
Open car mirror supplier, want to locate
Tom Moorehead -08/17, 08:05 pm- When at Chickasha a coupl
Brian Eliason -08/17, 08:12 pm- Sounds like Bill Bohlens
Mike Walker, NW AR -08/17, 10:04 pm- Thats the guy, all right.
Tom Moorehead -08/18, 06:06 pm- Thanks Thats the one!
Craig Anderson, cent -08/18, 08:16 pm- Those are gorgeous mirror
James Michael Rogers -08/19, 07:58 am- I have one of the antique
Rear spring perch oil caps
John P Noonan -08/17, 12:53 am- I searched the forum but
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -08/17, 08:20 am- Rear perches on a 1925 sh
Dennis Henrichs -08/17, 06:16 pm- Steve is right. It is als
Roger Karlsson, sout -08/18, 07:11 am- Make bushings in a lathe
John P Noonan -08/18, 09:09 pm- Thanks guys, i never noti
Mike Walker, NW AR -08/18, 09:45 pm- That looks like a 15 hous
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -08/18, 09:46 pm- 1915-1916 shackles had oi
Mike Walker, NW AR -08/18, 09:47 pm- John -- Id be glad to tra
John P Noonan -08/18, 10:04 pm- Wow, really? Mike, sorry
Mike Walker, NW AR -08/18, 10:22 pm- John -- The rear end hous
Dan B -08/18, 10:38 pm- Any tips on getting oil i
John P Noonan -08/18, 10:57 pm- Thanks Mike, seems i lear
John P Noonan -08/18, 11:19 pm- Dan, it is indeed a tight
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -08/18, 11:26 pm- [IMG_3822 copy.JPG] Back
John P Noonan -08/18, 11:45 pm- Thank you Steve, to be ho
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -08/18, 11:57 pm- I guess the ribs make the
John P Noonan -08/19, 12:11 am- I appreciate that Steve,
New member takes his first 200 mile drive from sea level ...
Frank Harris from Lo -08/17, 03:34 am- Greg Griffin awoke at 3:0
Frank van Ekeren (A -08/17, 05:19 am- Living the dream! good on
Eric Sole - Castelld -08/17, 05:31 am- Very cool! [:-]
Warren Henderson -08/17, 06:54 am- Greg Griffin awoke at 3:0
Ricks - Surf City -08/17, 09:58 am- Good Goin, Greg!
Richard Wolf -08/17, 01:18 pm- Hope u lit those gas ligh
Brian Eliason -08/17, 08:05 pm- Electric headlights are f
Greg Griffin -08/17, 10:22 pm- SISSIES!!!! My favorite
Greg Griffin -08/17, 11:03 pm- This was a great trip, 14
Bill Harris, Hunting -08/18, 12:12 am- Greg had prime parking at
Eric Sayer -08/18, 12:54 am- Looks like a fun trip:?
Hap Tucker in Sumter -08/18, 05:25 am- Greg, Looks like fun! A
Warren Henderson -08/18, 07:23 am- Thanks again Greg for sha
Ricks - Surf City -08/18, 10:07 am- How was the traffic, Greg
John E Cox -08/18, 10:49 am- The last time Google mapp
Gene Carrothers Hunt -08/18, 01:50 pm- I think theres only 3 sho
Greg Griffin -08/18, 10:35 pm- I took Hwy 38 out of Redl
1926 Touring rear bumper brackets instalation
John Zibell -08/15, 08:38 am- If the kit is a repro, mo
John Zibell -08/15, 08:40 am- Forgot to mention, cuttin
Bob on Texas Gulf Co -08/15, 02:26 pm- Thanks John
Gene Nelson - Easter -08/15, 11:39 pm- Bob, I just installed a r
Bob on Texas Gulf Co -08/16, 10:13 am- Thanks Gene. Maybe pictu
John Zibell -08/16, 07:22 pm- Bob said Thanks Gene. May
Gene Nelson - Easter -08/16, 10:22 pm- My set is for the full bu
dennis delano -08/17, 12:43 am- Hi Bob, I ran out in the
dennis delano -08/17, 12:46 am- 26 touring rear brackets
Bob on Texas Gulf Co -08/18, 10:02 pm- Thanks everyone for your
OT auction funny bisness
Clayton Swanson -08/16, 10:43 pm- today i was at a small fa
Jared Buckert -08/17, 09:12 am- Ive been to several aucti
Ryan Glowacki -08/17, 09:15 am- Ive watched these rearran
A. Gustaf Bryngelson -08/17, 09:26 am- I was bidding on an item
Richard Wolf -08/17, 01:15 pm- I was at a small auction
Ivan Copping -08/18, 08:36 pm- I was at an estate auctio
Mack Cole ---- Earth -08/18, 09:54 pm- What ticks me is when the
OT, A predicament at the railroad-Photo
Herb Iffrig -08/17, 07:48 pm- [Railroad predicament.jpg
Bill Alexander in Al -08/17, 07:50 pm- Looks like they are tryin
Terry Woods, Richmon -08/17, 08:54 pm- Looks like they were fixi
Dennis Seth - Ohio -08/17, 09:52 pm- How would you like to be
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -08/17, 10:16 pm- They certainly arent on t
keith g barrier -08/17, 10:19 pm- In those days they manhan
Dave Wells -08/17, 10:21 pm- St that was lucky, dang n
Dennis Henrichs -08/18, 03:48 am- The inspiration for the f
tyler searle -08/18, 05:54 am- Good one Dave.
Warren Henderson -08/18, 07:16 am- Great photo Herb! Keith a
Bob McDonald-Federal -08/18, 11:28 am- There just going to inspe
Seth from NC -08/18, 11:37 am- Has anyone on the forum e
Charlie B actually i -08/18, 11:43 am- An area hard hit by the D
Howard D. Dennis -08/18, 11:45 am- The other unknown here is
Bob McDonald-Federal -08/18, 12:11 pm- Seth Google hand car r
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -08/18, 12:21 pm- We ran a hand car like th
John Semprez-Templet -08/18, 12:36 pm- Bob, Ewe gotte won illite
Derek Kiefer - Manto -08/18, 02:00 pm- Funny Dave, my mind insta
Harold Schwendeman - -08/18, 03:31 pm- Herb - To answer your que
Harold Schwendeman - -08/18, 03:33 pm- Keith - said the
Dave Wells -08/18, 04:50 pm- Derek, I know I have to s
Gary H. White - Sher -08/18, 07:39 pm- Actually they were 40 mil
Rick Benjamin -08/18, 08:20 pm- That really looks like a
Terry Woods, Richmon -08/18, 08:25 pm- For those that are unfami
David Dewey, N. Cali -08/18, 09:46 pm- Hmm,interesting; right no
Flathead Dave, contact me
Terry Woods, Richmon -08/16, 07:20 pm- Will forum member who goe
Mark Gregush Portlan -08/16, 11:01 pm- If you have not done so p
Dave -08/17, 07:21 pm- Hi, Terry....
Dennis Seth - Ohio -08/17, 09:55 pm- Terry, Didnt your Mothe
Dave -08/17, 11:16 pm- hahahahaha
Terry Woods, Richmon -08/17, 11:43 pm- O.K., how about chrome do
Dave -08/18, 08:32 pm- Sorry, Terry. I wont be n
American Cityscapes
William L Vanderburg -08/18, 08:00 pm-
Help identifying huge parts stash found.
justin west -08/18, 11:18 am- My friend recently acquir
george house -08/18, 04:51 pm- I volunteer Dave Huson .
Dan B -08/18, 05:22 pm- Justin - If youre able to
justin west -08/18, 05:28 pm- I will try to get up ther
Mike Walker, NW AR -08/18, 06:52 pm- I agree with George. Dav
Marshall V. Daut -08/18, 07:08 pm- Agreed. Dave Huson will t
OT-- On line computer cleaning services
Dennis Seth - Ohio -08/17, 10:35 am- My computer is having iss
Jack Daron - Brownsb -08/17, 10:45 am- I use geek squad live. Th
Dan Treace, North FL -08/17, 10:53 am- Son-in-law is in computer
Norman T. Kling -08/17, 10:54 am- Fortunately, two of my so
John Aldrich Orting  -08/17, 10:57 am- I used Iyogi and was happ
John Aldrich Orting  -08/17, 11:03 am- A couple of things you ca
Terry Woods, Richmon -08/17, 11:08 am- I use U.S. Tech support f
Royce in Georgetown  -08/17, 11:08 am- Dennis, You need to get
Ken Todd -08/17, 11:52 am- Ill second the malwarebyt
Bill dugger -08/17, 12:30 pm- Heres what has been happe
Ricks - Surf City -08/17, 01:14 pm- Just yesterday a woman to
Royce in Georgetown  -08/17, 01:26 pm- If you use malwarebytes f
Dave Barker - Dayton -08/17, 01:30 pm- Dennis - I use Norton 360
David Kriegel Mishaw -08/17, 01:57 pm- I have been working on co
David Kriegel Mishaw -08/17, 02:16 pm- Royces recommendation on
David Kriegel Mishaw -08/17, 02:20 pm- Here are the two download
Dave Barker - Dayton -08/17, 02:28 pm- David - Can the cc cleane
Dennis Seth - Ohio -08/17, 04:12 pm- Thanks Royce and David. I
Terry Woods, Richmon -08/17, 04:35 pm- RE: the Windows phone sca
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -08/17, 07:02 pm- 786 issues? Holly smoke!
David Kriegel Mishaw -08/17, 08:53 pm- Ken I cleaned a slow comp
Dennis Seth - Ohio -08/17, 09:31 pm- David, Well if its my me
Bud Holzschuh - Pana -08/18, 12:55 am- Dennis I do computer rep
Danial - Veneta OR U -08/18, 01:27 am- You really want to speed
Mack Cole ---- Earth -08/18, 09:56 am- I am concerned that a onl
Ricks - Surf City -08/18, 10:40 am- Danial, where do I find t
G.R.Cheshire -08/18, 11:35 am- I used to work for AOL I
David Kriegel Mishaw -08/18, 11:42 am- Dennis and all who can no
Darel J. Leipold -08/18, 11:50 am- I have two Apple IMACs.
Danial - Veneta OR U -08/18, 04:28 pm- Rick, Im at work running
Danial - Veneta OR U -08/18, 04:29 pm- Blast -it seriously multi
Danial - Veneta OR U -08/18, 04:32 pm- I just cleared my Prefetc
Danial - Veneta OR U -08/18, 04:38 pm- I forgot to mention, to d
Ricks - Surf City -08/18, 04:50 pm- Thanks, Veneta. [:-] Im
Danial - Veneta OR U -08/18, 05:13 pm- Glad it helped, Ralph!
While I can not continue to repair my rear axle I do othe...
EDUARDO,STA COLOMA D -08/17, 11:16 am- Finally I decided to chan
Justin in South Afri -08/17, 02:36 pm- looking good Eduardo!
Warren Henderson -08/18, 07:48 am- Great job, Eduardo! Happ
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -08/18, 09:14 am- Nunca he visto bandas de
EDUARDO,STA COLOMA D -08/18, 11:42 am- Hola, Steve No se de que
george house -08/18, 04:49 pm- Theyre for the New And Im
Be very careful with barbecues that loads the devil.
EDUARDO,STA COLOMA D -08/18, 02:52 pm- [BRICOLAGE 1_90x88.jpg]
kep -08/18, 03:25 pm- The good news is the weld
Eric Sole - Castelld -08/18, 03:48 pm- Vaya rollo, a mi se me qu
O T its a dodge...
Steve Humphrey -08/18, 12:41 pm- Just watch... and from th
Tyrone Thomas - Tope -08/18, 01:01 pm- No way. Computer generate
Howard D. Dennis -08/18, 01:17 pm- Heres another one: http:/
Mike Spaziano, Bellf -08/18, 01:41 pm- Not computer generated. A
John Aldrich Orting  -08/16, 09:23 pm- Curious as to preferences
Cameron Whitaker -08/16, 09:42 pm- I personally run a Crysta
Donnie Brown -08/16, 09:52 pm- John, The timer question
Ron Patterson-Nichol -08/16, 11:12 pm- John I assist Model T own
Kevin Whelihan -08/17, 08:27 am- Id have to second Ron Pat
Val Soupios -08/17, 08:54 am- I too love the TW timer.
Rick Goelz-Knoxville -08/17, 09:26 am- I have a TW timer but whe
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -08/17, 09:31 am- On the TW website, the ti
John Aldrich Orting  -08/17, 10:52 am- I want to thank everyone
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -08/17, 11:20 am- Anderson may be the only
Mark Gregush Portlan -08/17, 04:48 pm- So far my experience is;
JohnH -08/17, 10:04 pm- The mechanical reliabilit
John Aldrich Orting  -08/17, 10:38 pm- TWs seem to be winning th
Dave Wells -08/18, 07:33 am- I have an Anderson and th
Royce in Georgetown  -08/18, 07:37 am- John H, I suspect youve
Tim Wrenn -08/18, 08:43 am- Rick, Steve...I have one
Seth from NC -08/18, 09:03 am- This is my favorite timer
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -08/18, 09:06 am- I have no doubt that the
Roger Karlsson, sout -08/18, 09:37 am- Steve, Its better than an
john kuehn -08/18, 09:51 am- I have an Anderson in my
Ron Patterson-Nichol -08/18, 10:07 am- The brush used in an peri
Roger Karlsson, sout -08/18, 10:53 am- Ok, thanks for the update
Greg Kuhnash Southea -08/18, 11:27 am- I really love the TW time
Ron Patterson-Nichol -08/18, 01:00 pm- Greg I could be wrong, bu
Starter motor/cover plate mounting questions
Matthew Atchinson  -08/17, 03:01 pm- Hey guys, so I went to mo
Stephen D Heatherly -08/17, 03:09 pm- Matthew, why not just ins
Stephen D Heatherly -08/17, 03:12 pm- Langs has starter side bl
Donnie Brown -08/17, 05:59 pm- Matthew, If you mount the
Mark Strange -08/17, 06:18 pm- Langs sells used starter
Norman T. Kling -08/17, 06:28 pm- If you leave off the cove
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -08/17, 07:36 pm- Theres IS one more option
Nicholas Lingg - Tar -08/17, 07:44 pm- Take The armature out and
Mark Strange -08/18, 08:40 am- Looks like somebody read
Roger Karlsson, sout -08/18, 09:09 am- When you get or make a co
Matthew Atchinson  -08/18, 11:17 am- Thanks for the responses
No pink slip
Ronald D Stanley -08/15, 07:16 pm- I am building a 25 roadst
Layden Butler -08/15, 07:28 pm- If you do that, you may n
John Semprez-Templet -08/15, 07:53 pm- Ron, youre probably on th
Dick Lodge - St Loui -08/15, 07:54 pm- In Missouri, there is a s
Chuck Hoffman - Gold -08/15, 08:17 pm- Dont bank on no inspectio
Henry Petrino in Mod -08/15, 08:45 pm- Ronald, Youre getting go
Martin Vowell, Sylma -08/15, 09:08 pm- Ron, Im curious, beside m
John Semprez-Templet -08/15, 09:18 pm- Am I the only one who see
John E Cox -08/15, 09:51 pm- Ron, You are a few years
Ricks - Surf City -08/15, 10:09 pm- See, California is not al
Mack Cole ---- Earth -08/16, 01:52 pm- California is not all bad
Les VonNordheim -08/17, 12:02 am- Its expensive living in C
Chester W. Lowery TN -08/17, 12:08 am- Les, Thats the way TN is,
Ricks - Surf City -08/17, 12:45 am- I got chiggers or somethi
Paul Mikeska, Denver -08/17, 12:55 am- I would rather live in Ar
David Dewey, N. Cali -08/17, 02:03 am- In CA, even if you have H
JohnCodman -08/17, 09:37 am- To John Semprez - Actuall
Henry Petrino in Mod -08/17, 12:19 pm- I dunno David. Theres a
Chester W. Lowery TN -08/17, 03:02 pm- I forgot to add that TN o
JohnCodman -08/17, 04:10 pm- In Massachusetts, if you
Dave Dufault -08/17, 05:06 pm- The hole I see ourselves
William L Vanderburg -08/17, 05:07 pm- Any car registered as a M
Stephen D Heatherly -08/17, 05:11 pm- William, I could not agre
Stephen D Heatherly -08/17, 05:17 pm- William, I could not agre
Brian Mettling -08/17, 06:05 pm- nothings worse than seein
David Dewey, N. Cali -08/17, 06:41 pm- Henry, yes, there is, is
Martin Vowell, Sylma -08/17, 08:23 pm- The only problems I see w
William L Vanderburg -08/17, 09:38 pm- No the problem with this
John Brennan -08/17, 10:19 pm- Calif. D. M. V. - Check
Martin Vowell, Sylma -08/18, 05:20 am- William, yeah I couldnt f
Gary Schreiber- Sant -08/18, 09:46 am- Dont worry guys, he proba
Chuck Hoffman - Gold -08/18, 11:10 am- The reality is that if yo
To Bone and back for hamburgers.
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -08/17, 11:35 am- [Bone14_77.jpg] [Bone1
A. Gustaf Bryngelson -08/17, 03:36 pm- Is Bone still open? Holl
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -08/17, 05:03 pm- Yes, Gustaf. Its paved to
Michael R Beary -08/17, 06:12 pm- I like this thread. Neat
Dennis Henrichs -08/17, 06:20 pm- What kind of bones does t
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -08/17, 06:25 pm- Large concrete ones?
Mark Strange -08/17, 06:25 pm- So, one of the two reside
Dan Killecut -08/17, 06:28 pm- Richard, Great pictures a
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -08/17, 06:40 pm- I always wondered about t
Burger in Spokane -08/17, 06:46 pm- Wish more forum members w
A. Gustaf Bryngelson -08/17, 09:22 pm- Things change in 40 years
Warren Henderson -08/18, 07:45 am- Richard, great post, than
G.R.Cheshire -08/18, 08:38 am- Mark if one of the reside
Tim Wrenn -08/18, 08:41 am- Beautiful car, beautiful
A. Gustaf Bryngelson -08/18, 10:42 am- G.R. If it is like it wa
Matthew Atchinson  -08/18, 11:06 am- I love that speedster. Lo
E-Z Power
Tom Strickling -08/17, 09:57 am- I just picked up an E-Z P
Norman T. Kling -08/17, 11:11 am- Can someone describe what
Jay - In Northern Ca -08/17, 12:26 pm- Norm, Check out the two l
James J Williams -08/17, 09:41 pm- Tom the input shaft is s
James J Williams -08/17, 09:48 pm- I forgott to mention when
Lance Sorenson, Hect -08/17, 10:30 pm- When I had mine apart I t
Lance Sorenson, Hect -08/17, 10:34 pm- I cant get the next two p
Lance Sorenson, Hect -08/17, 10:37 pm- Here they are. [Misc 008
Matt Lindberg -08/18, 09:57 am- Here is a print I made up
No more knees to replace. Thank Goodiness
Bob Coiro -08/15, 12:34 am- Welcome to the club, Tyro
Eric Sayer -08/15, 12:46 am- Get well, I know about kn
A. Gustaf Bryngelson -08/15, 10:31 am- I only had one knee repla
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -08/15, 11:51 am- Obviously the origin of s
Rob Heyen -08/15, 12:02 pm- Tyrone, For me, it took t
Les VonNordheim -08/15, 04:39 pm- Tyrone, both of my knees
A. Gustaf Bryngelson -08/15, 04:53 pm- Steve, if the statisticia
HARRY A DAW -08/16, 10:27 pm- I am a dual knee replace
Les VonNordheim -08/16, 11:41 pm- Harry, After recovering f
Burger in Spokane -08/17, 12:13 am- I just had my knees remov
Les VonNordheim -08/17, 01:53 am- During the first week....
Tyrone Thomas - Tope -08/18, 09:35 am- Thank you all for your we
OT Antique Buggy Seat Info Sought
Howard D. Dennis -08/16, 06:48 pm- Just stopped by an antiq
Howard D. Dennis -08/16, 06:53 pm- Try Again.[spindle_seat_b
Howard D. Dennis -08/17, 01:19 pm- Heres pictures of the act
Erik Johnson -08/17, 01:42 pm- That style of buggy seat
Howard D. Dennis -08/17, 02:30 pm- Erick, did you read the d
Erik Johnson -08/17, 03:10 pm- Sorry - I missed the refe
George John Drobnock -08/18, 09:18 am- Henry Ford and his kin di
Lineville, Iowa Daily- Luce Auto Co.-Photo
Herb Iffrig -08/17, 07:44 pm- [Lineville, Iowa, Dailey-
Chris Olsen -08/18, 08:34 am- After looking around the
Chris Olsen -08/18, 08:39 am- and $100 for an old postc
Texas T Distributor Complaints?
Tom Wayne Rowe -08/16, 09:56 pm- Any complaints with the T
Bob McDonald-Federal -08/16, 10:41 pm- Ive ran three with no pro
Les VonNordheim -08/16, 11:21 pm- I have been using one on
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -08/16, 11:40 pm- Lots of bad coils out the
Tom Moorehead -08/17, 07:52 am- I have four on Ts with no
Jon Allen -08/17, 02:51 pm- I agree very much with Aa
Steve Elliott -08/18, 12:53 am- No problems and I run 6
OT - Old Photo - Electronically Delivered Mail
Mike in Gruver TX -08/17, 08:45 pm- [batt.pwr. mail.jpg]
Dennis Seth - Ohio -08/17, 09:46 pm- I wish my mail carrier us
Herb Iffrig -08/17, 09:49 pm- Is that a IHC High-wheele
Erik Johnson -08/18, 12:00 am- Its an IHC. Im familiar w
My TT Lives On....
John Cassara Long Is -08/17, 10:35 am- [tt1.jpg] [tt2.jpg] [tt3.
Dan B -08/17, 10:42 am- Youve got to be joking.
Ed in California -08/17, 10:43 am- That is not living, that
John Cassara Long Is -08/17, 10:55 am- Remember to each is own.
Burger in Spokane -08/17, 11:58 am- My friend Dave has a real
Tyrone Thomas - Tope -08/17, 12:14 pm- True John, to each his ow
Erik Johnson -08/17, 12:20 pm- The original Gallinkers I
Erik Johnson -08/17, 12:22 pm- Whoops, Galliker, no n...
John Cassara Long Is -08/17, 12:30 pm- Tyrone I didnt build the
Dave Barker - Dayton -08/17, 02:22 pm- John - Just curious; Is t
John Cassara Long Is -08/17, 02:38 pm- Dave you peeked....No I w
Dave Barker - Dayton -08/17, 02:45 pm- John - Thanks for the add
John Cassara Long Is -08/17, 02:47 pm- I posted this earlier tod
Burger in Spokane -08/17, 02:48 pm- I consider the black era
John Cassara Long Is -08/17, 02:49 pm- Your welcome Dave......
Tom Lovejoy, So Cal -08/17, 11:58 pm- I like it, looks good to
600 W - home brew - improvement anyone?
Tyrone Thomas - Tope -08/16, 05:43 pm- Has anyone come up with a
Ricks - Surf City -08/16, 06:03 pm- I use 90-140 synthetic.
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -08/16, 09:06 pm- Id go with what RD said a
Paul Mikeska, Denver -08/16, 09:15 pm- You will need a double va
Paul Booth -08/16, 09:39 pm- Paul, Before I read you
Terry Horlick in Pen -08/16, 09:58 pm- I do the STP mix. Only I
Ted Dumas -08/16, 10:09 pm- 85-140 from Tractor Suppl
Jerry Dvis -08/16, 10:37 pm- Down here in hot Texas I
Royce in Georgetown  -08/17, 10:22 am- I used this: [DSCF2840.JP
Charlie B actually i -08/17, 10:44 am- Geez this drives me nuts.
Norman T. Kling -08/17, 11:00 am- If you decide to use a mi
Terry Horlick in Pen -08/17, 11:51 am- Charlie, sorry about your
Ricks - Surf City -08/17, 12:12 pm- The T rearend is just gea
Robert Scott Owens -08/17, 12:57 pm- Terry, You are out of lin
Royce in Georgetown  -08/17, 01:23 pm- Regarding Henry Fords ant
Robert Scott Owens -08/17, 02:03 pm- Royce, You too are out of
Royce in Georgetown  -08/17, 02:11 pm- Robert, the only person w
Norman T. Kling -08/17, 03:44 pm- What has transmission lub
Royce in Georgetown  -08/17, 03:58 pm- Norman, Not one thing. P
Ricks - Surf City -08/17, 04:00 pm- As long as weve beaten th
James Chochole -08/17, 04:22 pm- For what it is worth- and
James Chochole -08/17, 04:22 pm- Meant to write farther in
Charlie B actually i -08/17, 05:06 pm- Ill gladly accept any mon
Mack Cole ---- Earth -08/17, 05:27 pm- Eh help me out here. I am
John Semprez-Templet -08/17, 05:43 pm- I see a corollary here, s
Charlie B actually i -08/17, 06:18 pm- John you made my point be
Mack Cole ---- Earth -08/17, 10:40 pm- Well, my Power King 24-17
Kelly Blackburn -08/15, 10:59 am- Thanks for the help Hap.
Warwick Landy -08/15, 08:02 pm- Kelly, I hope you get lot
Henry Petrino in Mod -08/15, 08:09 pm- One of your question is a
David Dare - Just a  -08/16, 05:38 am- The interesting part of t
David Dare - Just a  -08/16, 05:40 am- Ah l got it, no right arm
Hap Tucker in Sumter -08/16, 11:14 am- Kelley Im glad that an
Larry Smith -08/17, 10:32 pm- The kick panels do indeed
Still setting gear lash.. more questions
Chris Olsen -08/16, 02:08 am- OK, let me see if I have
Royce in Georgetown  -08/16, 09:24 am- With the original setup p
Richard Gould -08/16, 10:46 am- Royce and I have a couple
Royce in Georgetown  -08/16, 11:17 am- Richard, You are right a
Warren W. Mortensen -08/16, 04:17 pm- Royce; Compared to the o
Chris Olsen -08/17, 07:44 am- Thanks, guys. I think I h
Allan Richard Bennet -08/17, 09:05 am- Chris, you have me a litt
Norman T. Kling -08/17, 11:28 am- Chris, Are you using new
Chris Olsen -08/17, 10:05 pm- I am using used gears fro
Allan Richard Bennet -08/17, 10:26 pm- Chris, if you have minima
OT- Laser Spine Surgery
Terry Woods, Richmon -08/16, 10:53 pm- Has any Forum reader had,
David Stroud -08/16, 11:20 pm- Terry, I dont have any in
Terry Woods, Richmon -08/17, 12:00 am- Dave, the way one surgica
Hal Schedler, Sacram -08/17, 01:29 am- My wife had LSI Laser Spi
Terry Woods, Richmon -08/17, 01:32 am- Thanks, Hal for respondin
Bob Coiro -08/17, 02:26 am- Laser surgery is a wonder
Steven Thum -08/17, 08:32 am- If it wasnt for my laser
Ed in California -08/17, 09:39 am- Just curious, what was th
Michael R Beary -08/17, 10:16 am- A week ago, a friend of m
Terry Woods, Richmon -08/17, 04:51 pm- Stem cell shots are one t
Eugene Adams -08/17, 06:15 pm- There is another Spine In
Eugene Adams -08/17, 06:35 pm- Here is a video interpret
Gary H. White - Sher -08/17, 07:12 pm- Terry, Ive had lower back
Terry Woods, Richmon -08/17, 08:51 pm- I meant to say it helped,
Robert Poane -08/17, 10:23 pm- Terry, laser is a viable
OT - Milford Nebraska "Fun Days" car show and parade
Rob Heyen -08/17, 12:13 pm- Sandwiched between New Lo
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -08/17, 01:18 pm- Does that make you feel y
Rob Heyen -08/17, 09:23 pm- Dave, No, it doesnt help
Craigslist TT
John Cassara Long Is -08/17, 01:32 pm- http://longisland.craigsl
Henry Petrino in Mod -08/17, 03:11 pm- Of course Im way too far
Tom Strickling -08/17, 08:41 pm- It is frequently on Ebay
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -08/17, 06:27 pm- [Lynite.jpg] Lynite is
Smoking and going through oil
Gene Carrothers Hunt -08/15, 01:24 am- Patrick, Its not a big jo
Justin in South Afri -08/15, 04:43 am- Mine did exactly the same
James Michael Rogers -08/15, 06:23 am- Oil companies claim, if y
Kenneth W DeLong -08/15, 07:14 am- I think a compression tes
Mark Williamson -08/15, 08:18 am- Theres an old joke about
Norman T. Kling -08/15, 02:19 pm- My T usually doesnt smoke
Patrick Mulrooney, W -08/15, 05:21 pm- Hi All, I have made a lis
brass car guy -08/15, 06:03 pm- I replaced the original r
JohnCodman -08/17, 10:01 am- To brasscarguy: Any vibra
brass car guy -08/17, 11:30 am- None what so ever and I d
Gene Carrothers Hunt -08/17, 05:28 pm- Ive experienced and heard
OT Learned something charging a really dead battery how...
David Kriegel Mishaw -08/17, 12:49 pm- My car battery died after
Joseph W. Rudzik -08/17, 01:10 pm- Do you have an absorbent
Ricks - Surf City -08/17, 01:18 pm- Go find the recent thread
Robert Scott Owens -08/17, 02:10 pm- David, I worked at a Volv
Roar Sand -08/17, 04:53 pm- I have had the same exper
Model T Air Bag
Bruce Balough -08/17, 04:42 pm- One of the local T owners
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -08/17, 04:51 pm- At car shows I usually pu
Engine serial number
Michael Conte -08/15, 12:21 am- Hello all I recently purc
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -08/15, 01:11 am- Howdy Mike, and welcome.
Allan Richard Bennet -08/15, 04:41 am- Steve, telling the height
Hap Tucker in Sumter -08/15, 07:50 am- Michael, Bottom Line Up
Mike Conte -08/15, 03:33 pm- Thats my car, saw it on e
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -08/15, 03:58 pm- Just a thought from me. M
Dave Wells -08/15, 04:42 pm- To get a better look at t
Ken Todd -08/16, 11:00 am- Pretty nice lookin car fo
Mike Conte -08/17, 02:34 pm- Thanks for the help!!! I
OT - Anyone know of a modern equivelent for "non-fluid oi...
Rob Heyen -08/17, 09:36 am- Our Model K op manual cal
ex trooper -08/17, 09:42 am- Probably lard or some oth
Royce in Georgetown  -08/17, 09:48 am- Vaseline is what the Ford
Gilbert V. I. Fitzhu -08/17, 10:31 am- I use a Lubriplate produc
Erik Johnson -08/17, 10:57 am- Casual research on the in
Rob Heyen -08/17, 11:49 am- Thanks guys. My concern
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -08/17, 12:54 pm- I have seen Non Fluid rec
John Semprez-Templet -08/17, 01:13 pm- There is a product called
Attention coil box wiring experts
John Memmelaar Jr -08/17, 07:02 am- I am working on a new res
Royce in Georgetown  -08/17, 09:33 am- Turning the switch to BAT
Ron Patterson-Nichol -08/17, 01:03 pm- John The second part of y
1927 Radiator trouble
Jeff V -08/15, 09:30 pm- OK, Im either doing somet
Jeff V -08/15, 09:36 pm- Sorry, the message was ri
Terry Woods, Richmon -08/15, 10:46 pm- Jeff, If my memory serves
Jeff V -08/15, 11:05 pm- Terry, while you are corr
Terry Woods, Richmon -08/16, 12:46 pm- Jeff, The long snout fan
Hap Tucker in Sumter -08/16, 03:32 pm- Jeff, If you put a short
Mark Gregush Portlan -08/17, 12:05 pm- Which water outlet do you
Probably a stupid question...
JohnCodman -08/15, 06:22 pm- Is the radiator shell on
Donald Conklin -08/15, 06:33 pm- Nickel
Bob Jablonski -08/15, 07:57 pm- Radiator shells were made
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -08/16, 01:22 am- Stupid question? Definite
Martin Vowell, Sylma -08/16, 02:42 am- If you find one at a swap
JohnCodman -08/16, 11:12 am- OK, now I know about the
JohnCodman -08/16, 11:41 am- Post #2. Hi Martin, I stu
Hap Tucker in Sumter -08/16, 02:56 pm- For John: From: http://w
Darel J. Leipold -08/16, 05:35 pm- Back in 1955 I bought a n
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -08/16, 09:08 pm- Something to help muddy t
Hap Tucker in Sumter -08/16, 10:31 pm- Wayne, Thank you for the
JohnCodman -08/17, 09:53 am- To Hap and everyone else
Norman T. Kling -08/17, 11:20 am- I wonder what parts in th
Video: Touring New Mexico by T
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -08/16, 11:14 pm- The other day I mentioned
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -08/16, 11:58 pm- A lot of videos that I ha
John P Noonan -08/16, 11:59 pm- Very cool vid, i would lo
Warren Henderson -08/17, 07:35 am- Great video and informati
greg ragland -08/17, 09:00 am- I loved the video. It is
Mike Walker, NW AR -08/17, 11:20 am- Great video! Wonderful do
Model T Era Dealer Dash Plaques
Burger in Spokane -08/16, 10:45 pm- My brother pulled this fr
Warwick Landy -08/17, 06:33 am- [1-PB010218.JPG] Here is
Warwick Landy -08/17, 06:33 am- [1-PB010218.JPG] Here is
Wildwood Springs Lodge
Eddy Lee Emerson -08/16, 09:11 am- I spent an entire morning
Dick Lodge - St Loui -08/16, 01:26 pm- The chairman/organizer of
Eddy Lee Emerson -08/16, 06:13 pm- The restrooms are definit
Dick Lodge - St Loui -08/16, 09:32 pm- Eddy, I lived in Paris fo
Tony Bowker -08/17, 12:51 am- We went to Yellowstone to
Old Photo - Posing On The Hood
David Stroud -08/15, 04:42 am- Joe, not a 23, it has a h
Tim Morsher -08/15, 10:08 am- Late 23 went to a high ra
Frank Harris from Lo -08/15, 10:16 am- My grandmother told me th
David Stroud -08/15, 02:31 pm- From what I have read her
Tim Morsher -08/15, 04:20 pm- David, the on line encyc
Bob Gruber- Spanaway -08/15, 04:36 pm- People sitting on hoods i
David Stroud -08/16, 05:10 pm- OK, so has everyone that
Mike Walker, NW AR -08/16, 07:06 pm- Dave -- I havent changed
David Stroud -08/16, 10:23 pm- Mike, thats what I have r
Mike Walker, NW AR -08/16, 11:23 pm- Heres a quote attributed
Tony Bowker -08/17, 12:29 am- Most of us practical guys
Old Car festival
Dean Yoder -08/17, 12:16 am- I am looking fore a ride
rick howerton -08/16, 11:32 pm- Doe`s anyone know the mea
The guy's night out "Taking a break to fix a flat tire"-P...
Herb Iffrig -08/16, 08:23 am- [flat tire break.jpg]
Royce in Georgetown  -08/16, 08:42 am- Looks like both the guys
James Chochole -08/16, 11:04 am- sure, make the guy with w
Andrew Deckman, Ogde -08/16, 09:02 pm- the other guys where whit
John E Cox -08/16, 11:04 pm- where that of be?
Clayton Swanson -08/16, 11:17 pm- working on the T some tim
Early 26 Improved Car features part #2
arnie johansen -08/15, 09:55 am- Donnie: Can you post a p
Tom Carnegie -08/15, 11:59 am- 26-7 Fordors had the gas
Tom Carnegie -08/15, 03:32 pm- Dan, I believe Donnie is
arnie johansen -08/15, 08:36 pm- So were do we stand on th
Tom Carnegie -08/15, 08:52 pm- Arnie, I have seen many h
Donnie Brown -08/15, 09:53 pm- I went to the Springfield
Clayton Swanson -08/15, 10:30 pm- i believe early windshiel
Tom Carnegie -08/15, 11:16 pm- 26-7 Fordors used a regul
Donnie Brown -08/16, 09:28 am- Clayton, I have a photo p
Warren W. Mortensen -08/16, 04:52 pm- Washers on the cams are f
Donnie Brown -08/16, 05:41 pm- I went and looked at a co
Donnie Brown -08/16, 09:30 pm- Im finally getting around
Donnie Brown -08/16, 09:34 pm- Here is one I forgot [IM
Donnie Brown -08/16, 09:43 pm- Chris, how did I do .?? J
Other brand of torpedo for comparison-Photo
Herb Iffrig -08/15, 09:43 pm- [other torpedo.jpg]
Erik Johnson -08/15, 09:45 pm- Metz
Dennis Seth - Ohio -08/16, 06:42 am- The license plate is made
Tim Wrenn -08/16, 09:03 am- The guy could pass for th
Trent Boggess -08/16, 09:41 am- Notice that the body has
Herb Iffrig -08/16, 11:40 am- Thank you Trent for the c
Tim Morsher -08/16, 12:08 pm- I respectfully disagree
Rob Heyen -08/16, 12:40 pm- What Ive noticed about th
Rob Heyen -08/16, 12:49 pm- This 1914 Metz 22 ad show
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -08/16, 01:58 pm- Language is such a fluid
Tim Morsher -08/16, 02:35 pm- You contradict yourself,
Rob Heyen -08/16, 03:06 pm- I wrote most if not all t
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -08/16, 06:32 pm- Sorry Rob. The Metz 22 do
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -08/16, 07:15 pm- A few more details about
Rob Heyen -08/16, 07:20 pm- Thanks Wayne. A sporty l
Tim Morsher -08/16, 07:42 pm- Thanks Wayne, the Metz is
Rob Heyen -08/16, 09:06 pm- Whos arguing? Enjoy your
E Z Power PTO
Tom Strickling -08/16, 12:23 pm- I just bought an E Z powe
Warren W. Mortensen -08/16, 04:00 pm- bump
Jay - In Northern Ca -08/16, 05:02 pm- Heres a past thread Tom.
Jay - In Northern Ca -08/16, 05:07 pm- Another link http://www.m
Tom Strickling -08/16, 08:52 pm- Thank you. Can anyone de
Change transmission on early T
Kevin Holland, Utah -08/15, 12:21 pm- I have a 1916 rebuilt mot
Trent Boggess -08/15, 12:59 pm- It will fit, but you will
Kevin Holland, Utah -08/15, 01:07 pm- Do I need to change the m
Henry Petrino in Mod -08/15, 01:16 pm- Kevin, Im a little confu
Jeff V -08/15, 01:16 pm- Youll probably also want
Lee Frost Pierce -08/15, 01:24 pm- I changed hogs head on my
Bill Thompson -08/15, 01:58 pm- Later trans will not fit
Doug Wilson -08/15, 02:11 pm- I have a 27 engine in my
Matthew Atchinson  -08/15, 02:55 pm- If you are going to switc
Dave Barker - Dayton -08/15, 03:44 pm- Matthew - I dont believe
Dave Barker - Dayton -08/15, 03:45 pm- Excuse my previous incorr
Stephen D Heatherly -08/15, 04:21 pm- Kevin, in order to instal
Kevin Holland, Utah -08/15, 07:44 pm- Thanks all for the input.
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -08/16, 01:07 am- There are about a hundred
Peter Kable -08/16, 05:29 am- Its only been mentioned b
jeff cordes -08/16, 06:16 pm- You can also machine the
Commutator oil
harvey cash -08/15, 08:03 am- I am using 20wt oil in th
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -08/15, 08:24 am- Some use 20W or 30W oil,
john kuehn -08/15, 09:37 am- I use a dab of STP in my
Dan B -08/15, 10:28 am- What kind of commutator H
harvey cash -08/15, 07:11 pm- the timer appears to be a
Royce in Georgetown  -08/16, 11:03 am- The Ford roller timers wo
harvey cash -08/16, 06:02 pm- Thanks to all. What a we
OT - New London to New Brighton pics and info:
Gilbert V. I. Fitzhu -08/15, 03:16 pm- I just posted a report an
Eric Hylen- Central  -08/16, 05:45 pm- Mark your calendars, next
Confused about Brake Rods- probably missing something?
James Chochole -08/15, 08:08 pm- Okay, I feel stupid askin
Allan Richard Bennet -08/15, 08:14 pm- James, do you have the ca
James Chochole -08/15, 08:24 pm- Yes, when cams are up: h
James Chochole -08/15, 08:28 pm- Allan- if I re-attach bra
John Semprez-Templet -08/15, 09:08 pm- James, The brake rods on
Stephen D Heatherly -08/15, 09:34 pm- James, did you assemble t
James Chochole -08/15, 10:39 pm- My brake rods have a rais
Allan Richard Bennet -08/16, 06:52 am- James, Stephen has a poin
Allan Richard Bennet -08/16, 09:11 am- James, delete that last p
Royce in Georgetown  -08/16, 09:26 am- Is the rear axle installe
michael grady -08/16, 09:48 am- Photos ?
Norman T. Kling -08/16, 10:18 am- put your shoes and spring
john kuehn -08/16, 10:22 am- If you have the Model T F
James Chochole -08/16, 10:47 am- Yes, my filler hole in th
Robert Anderson -08/16, 11:00 am- And dont forget to instal
James Chochole -08/16, 11:02 am- Okay two images: first on
Mark Strange -08/16, 11:05 am- Pictures? Sounds like th
Mark Strange -08/16, 11:08 am- Oops, sorry James, we mus
Royce in Georgetown  -08/16, 11:13 am- Heres a picture of the po
Mark Gregush Portlan -08/16, 11:16 am- The levers are both the s
Mark Strange -08/16, 11:17 am- Oops, my bad, thanks for
James Chochole -08/16, 11:32 am- Okay, so if I embark down
Mark Gregush Portlan -08/16, 11:50 am- They should work the same
Mike Walker, NW AR -08/16, 11:54 am- The parts vendors have th
James Chochole -08/16, 11:59 am- I am already looking at L
Steve Tomaso - Milto -08/16, 12:37 pm- I use tension pins on the
James Chochole -08/16, 01:27 pm- Steve- are the tension pi
Mark Strange -08/16, 01:49 pm- Maybe its an illusion, bu
James Chochole -08/16, 01:52 pm- No, illusion- I have two
James Chochole -08/16, 04:53 pm- Thanks to all who chimed
Mark Strange -08/16, 04:58 pm- Well done, James, good lu
James Chochole -08/16, 05:36 pm- Got it and need to study
James Chochole -08/16, 05:45 pm- [get-attachment.jpg]
Herb Iffrig -08/16, 11:55 am- [couplet.jpg] Or am I w
Barry Fowler - Eagle -08/16, 02:41 pm- I believe you are correct
Barry Fowler - Eagle -08/16, 02:44 pm- Upon a closer look, I thi
Hal Schedler, Sacram -08/16, 03:50 pm- This helps a little: [471
Philip Berg -08/16, 03:58 pm- Is it possible that Ford
Barry Fowler - Eagle -08/16, 04:03 pm- Agreed, Henry was not one
Hal Schedler, Sacram -08/16, 04:08 pm- Still better??? Pictures
Dennis Seth - Ohio -08/16, 04:31 pm- Herb & Hal, Would yo
Gilbert V. I. Fitzhu -08/16, 04:56 pm- Aftermarket radiator shel
Hal Schedler, Sacram -08/16, 05:27 pm- Seth, Thats a very poor p
Rebuild help
Bryan C -08/15, 04:17 pm- Hey guys, Im proud to say
Mark Strange -08/15, 04:30 pm- The boss on the perch wit
John Zibell -08/15, 05:18 pm- It may just be the angle
Mark Strange -08/15, 05:40 pm- The shaft of the perch sh
John Semprez-Templet -08/15, 08:12 pm- Bryan, Paint choices depe
Garnet -08/15, 09:04 pm- Bryan, the leaf spring pa
John Zibell -08/15, 10:18 pm- Mark, the spring paint is
Willie K Cordes -08/16, 12:35 pm- Bryan, I know there are a
Bryan C -08/16, 03:02 pm- Willie, your absolutely r
New brush type timer
marvin turner -08/16, 09:52 am- I remember a post a while
Ken Todd -08/16, 11:24 am- Try this one: http://www.
Val Soupios -08/16, 11:30 am- TW components, Inc at www
marvin turner -08/16, 12:23 pm- Thats the one.Thanks Marv
David Kriegel Mishaw -08/16, 12:31 pm- I bought one but have not
Roof Speedster
Ed in California -08/15, 11:30 pm-
Andy Clary -08/16, 09:58 am- Good looking car, should
Norman T. Kling -08/16, 10:07 am- It looks fast. I wonder
Mark Strange -08/16, 11:22 am- The title says no reserve
Henry Petrino in Mod -08/16, 11:44 am- Mark, The way I understan
T wire wheel, what brand?
Colin Knowles - Monc -08/15, 09:03 pm- I only have one of these
Mike Bender Tulsa Ok -08/15, 10:40 pm- Hayes wheel looks like a
Allan Richard Bennet -08/16, 01:33 am- Its a Hayes, 23. The rear
Colin Knowles - Monc -08/16, 05:02 am- Thanks guys. Headed for a
Royce in Georgetown  -08/16, 10:34 am- Colin I would like to buy
2 views of a 1909 Ford Touring car-Photos
Keith Townsend ; ^ ) -08/15, 02:17 am- Radiator has the external
Royce in Georgetown  -08/15, 07:46 am- Very early 1909. Has the
Herb Iffrig -08/15, 07:44 pm- It looks like the startin
Erik Johnson -08/15, 09:16 pm- The crank is in the horiz
Kenneth W DeLong -08/15, 09:57 pm- Look at the top of the ru
Erik Johnson -08/15, 10:02 pm- Linoleum with brass trim.
Bill Severn - SE Tex -08/15, 10:09 pm- With those reflectors, I
Clayton Swanson -08/15, 10:35 pm- headlights look like vest
Hap Tucker in Sumter -08/16, 06:39 am- Herb and Erik, Below are
Royce in Georgetown  -08/16, 08:37 am- The early crank ratchet w
One-car Tour
Hap Tucker in Sumter -08/16, 06:50 am- Dewey, Thanks for the ad
Model TT seat
Fred Miller, Sequim  -08/16, 12:21 am- Jim, I have some of the F
John McGinnis in San -08/16, 06:27 am- Yes, I find the C-cab unc
Spectators and Funny Hats Spring 2014
Bob Coiro -08/16, 02:21 am- And these are the last of
Photo update of my Model T build project
Matthew Atchinson  -08/15, 10:37 pm- It has been at least two
Clayton Swanson -08/15, 10:43 pm- test drive is the funnest
Matthew Atchinson  -08/15, 10:43 pm- [3.jpg] [4.jpg]
Clayton Swanson -08/15, 10:45 pm- looks like you forgot to
Matthew Atchinson  -08/15, 10:51 pm- The forum seems to be giv
John P Noonan -08/15, 10:53 pm- Very cool Matthew, after
Matthew Atchinson  -08/15, 10:54 pm- nah thats just a spare I
Matthew Atchinson  -08/15, 11:06 pm- This car has never been r
Matthew Atchinson  -08/15, 11:08 pm- [6.jpg]
Spencer Vibert -08/15, 11:31 pm- looks good
Jay - In Northern Ca -08/15, 11:49 pm- Great work! hope you have
Tom Lovejoy, So Cal -08/16, 12:30 am- very cool, looking good.
Ron branche -08/15, 10:47 pm- You sir are a mastermind.
Wining When Braking.
Steve Strong -08/15, 08:07 pm- T is making a wining type
Steve Strong -08/15, 08:09 pm- Make that a whining Sound
Stephen D Heatherly -08/15, 09:18 pm- Steve, some whining durin
Steve Strong -08/15, 09:27 pm- Unknown, have had car for
Royce in Georgetown  -08/15, 09:37 pm- If you have never examine
Stephen D Heatherly -08/15, 09:53 pm- Steve, model Ts whine dur
Pedals on 1914
Rfbuff -08/15, 05:53 pm- I have big feet, is there
Richard Wolf -08/15, 05:56 pm- Sure, just bend them.
Mark Strange -08/15, 06:02 pm- I had issues with the ped
Royce in Georgetown  -08/15, 09:40 pm- I have size 14 d feet. No
Ford Factory - North Freemantle, West Australia.
mark herdman -08/15, 09:13 pm- Fortunately I took a lot
mark herdman -08/15, 09:15 pm- [406881 2013-10-23 Old Fo
mark herdman -08/15, 09:16 pm- [406883 2013-10-23 Old Fo
mark herdman -08/15, 09:17 pm- [406885 2013-10-23 Old Fo
mark herdman -08/15, 09:19 pm- [406887 2013-10-23 Old Fo
mark herdman -08/15, 09:22 pm- [406891 2013-10-23 Old Fo
mark herdman -08/15, 09:23 pm- [406893 2013-10-23 Old Fo
mark herdman -08/15, 09:39 pm- [406907 2013-10-23 Old Fo
Chemicals for our work ?
Mark Strange -08/15, 05:45 pm- I lucked out - the small
Danial - Veneta OR U -08/15, 08:56 pm- Fully chlorinated by toda
Old Photo - Headed To Town
Dave Wells -08/15, 08:41 am- Must be day one for that
Larry Smith -08/15, 09:41 am- Looks like a dogbone, wit
Burger in Spokane -08/15, 10:05 am- Looks like Mrs. Rice play
Dennis Henrichs -08/15, 08:33 pm- Larry, I have one of tho
Flap size
Bill Elliott -08/15, 05:25 pm- I know this is probably a
Mark Strange -08/15, 05:35 pm- Yes, they come in differe
Steve Tomaso - Milto -08/15, 08:01 pm- Simple answer - 24 on the
It turns out my cousin also has a T
Tom Miller, Mostly i -08/15, 06:23 am- As the saying goes, we on
Tom Miller, Mostly i -08/15, 08:23 am- Im surprised no one has s
Larry Smith -08/15, 09:44 am- California top?
Tom Miller, Mostly i -08/15, 10:04 am- Thats what I said as well
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -08/15, 04:32 pm- Now THAT is an interestin
Henry Petrino in Mod -08/15, 05:16 pm- Im far from a closed car
Erik Barrett -08/15, 06:27 pm- Lower half is a Ford tour
mike conrad -08/15, 07:45 pm- Rex winter top?
Ed in California -08/15, 07:53 pm- That is a rare 4-man top
Throttle lincage
Bill Thompson -08/15, 02:01 pm- Looking for picture of 27
Val Soupios -08/15, 05:55 pm- Are you running a vaporiz
Randall Strickland -08/15, 06:00 pm- [mack and vap 015 (Small)
G.R.Cheshire -08/15, 06:09 pm- Bill this is one conversi
Jim Dowd -08/15, 06:56 pm- Throttle on the 27 T pick
Right way, Wrong way..MY WAY!
G.R.Cheshire -08/15, 07:24 am- Mark G. thanks I am still
Mark Strange -08/15, 08:30 am- Yep, pickups sure are con
G.R.Cheshire -08/15, 05:59 pm- Mark this is how I wanted
Mark Strange -08/15, 06:12 pm- Neat design! I like your
How do I ground the car
Terry Woods, Richmon -08/15, 12:14 am- An old anti-theft trick w
Terry Woods, Richmon -08/15, 12:54 am- Let it down off the jack
wes heustess -08/15, 01:04 am- most of this is very help
keith g barrier -08/15, 06:32 am- Running a dizzy, Im with
Frank Harris from Lo -08/15, 11:45 am- Wes, You can ground your
Dennis Seth - Ohio -08/15, 02:00 pm- I would look for a hot wi
Kenny Edmondson, Ind -08/15, 03:05 pm- Bad ground. Had the same
Mike Conte -08/15, 03:41 pm- Sparks and carburetors do
Gary H. White - Sher -08/15, 05:56 pm- Ah. St Elmos fire. How
Old Photo - I Bet This Is Where Dad Hides The Candy
Jay - In Northern Ca -08/15, 10:52 am- [I Bet This Is Where Dad
Richard Wolf -08/15, 11:03 am- I love this car
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -08/15, 11:15 am- I Love Jays pictures.....
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -08/15, 11:39 am- Fantastic!!!
Dennis Seth - Ohio -08/15, 02:02 pm- Looks like it could be Da
Bob Cascisa - Poulsb -08/15, 03:03 pm- Is that Hap ??? [:-] Be_
Danial - Veneta OR U -08/15, 03:29 pm- Hmmm...just a little touc
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -08/15, 04:54 pm- I will just hide my new p
Gary H. White - Sher -08/15, 05:29 pm- Maybe hes looking for his
Power of the young mind....
michael grady -08/15, 12:35 pm- Ive seen threads about ge
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -08/15, 12:43 pm- Timer linkage disconnecte
justin cox -08/15, 12:51 pm- Fuel valve not fully open
G.R.Cheshire -08/15, 01:09 pm- Sediment bulb clogged?
John Aldrich Orting  -08/15, 01:22 pm- There is hope for todays
michael grady -08/15, 01:26 pm- nope, not yet...keep gues
G.R.Cheshire -08/15, 01:30 pm- do you have a weak batter
michael grady -08/15, 01:38 pm- Bingo!
Henry Petrino in Mod -08/15, 01:39 pm- Plugged gas cap vent? Fo
michael grady -08/15, 03:05 pm- GR nailed it
Patrick Mulrooney, W -08/15, 04:54 pm- Michael, you have obvious
Fred McDonald -08/15, 03:44 pm- Thanks to all who suggest
Making video
Bill Harris, Hunting -08/15, 10:55 am-
Robert E. (Bob) Blac -08/15, 03:18 pm- I was in a group of Ts la
Old Photo - Leon's Pride And Joy And My Pride And Joy
Jay - In Northern Ca -08/15, 11:03 am- Leons pride and joy. [Leo
Dennis Seth - Ohio -08/15, 02:05 pm- I love the old white acce
Abnormal tire wear
Ken Todd -08/15, 11:32 am- I had a similar problem o
Norman T. Kling -08/15, 11:46 am- Thats why they invented t
Dennis Seth - Ohio -08/15, 01:54 pm- Norm, My tires rotate ev
Norman T. Kling -08/15, 02:02 pm- Ha! [:-]
Old Photo - Young Lady Posing With A Coupe
Jay - In Northern Ca -08/15, 10:57 am- [Posing With A Coupe.jpg]
Steve Tomaso - Milto -08/15, 11:31 am- Wow - check out them neck
Henry Petrino in Mod -08/15, 11:32 am- Now Steve, I had the same
Norman T. Kling -08/15, 11:40 am- Actually one of the main
Steve Tomaso - Milto -08/15, 12:12 pm- We have neckin blinds in
Jay - In Northern Ca -08/15, 12:25 pm- Norm, Id mow that grass i
Jeff V -08/15, 12:26 pm- Ill back Norm up on that.
My t starts trying to go forward as the engine starts
Val Soupios -08/15, 08:53 am- I jack up a rear wheel an
Grady L Puryear -08/15, 09:12 am- I have mentioned this bef
Bob Coiro -08/15, 09:36 am- Sounds like your parking
Doug Wilson -08/15, 10:52 am- A buddy of mines T with a
Henry Petrino in Mod -08/15, 11:28 am- Same issue, but a little
GPS Speedometer
keith g barrier -08/15, 06:40 am- If you guys would quit dr
Garnet -08/15, 08:47 am- Yeah, but if yer gonna go
Dave Barker - Dayton -08/15, 08:58 am- Thanks all for chiming in
John Manuel, Lafayet -08/15, 10:06 am- I use my phone occasional
The competition 1920 Chevy Dealership in Quanah, Texas ow...
Jake Henson -08/15, 09:35 am- The rest of the fordson i
Jake Henson -08/15, 09:37 am- Looks like they split the
Old Photo - Home Is Where His Model T is.
Wes Nelson ........B -08/15, 07:01 am- He said NO and she said..
Herb Iffrig -08/15, 08:00 am- Is that what is called a
Jim Eubanks, Powell, -08/15, 08:37 am- I doubt is is a dwelling
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -08/15, 09:32 am- Interesting that a spare
Ignition questions
Ron Patterson-Nichol -08/15, 09:22 am- Illdeuce Regarding your p
Illdeuce -08/15, 09:24 am- To sand the inner contact
Dan Hatch -08/15, 09:29 am- The best way is to take t
Ron Patterson-Nichol -08/15, 09:30 am- Here is a photo underside
G.R.Cheshire -08/15, 09:30 am- The individual coils just
Old Photo - Friends Posing On The Road
Danial - Veneta OR U -08/14, 11:59 pm- WTHs going on in the driv
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -08/15, 12:53 am- I dunno. But it has H&
Peter Borland. Bathu -08/15, 01:18 am- Its the Strawman from the
Tim Wrenn -08/15, 08:10 am- Thats a good one Peter!
Justin Heim -08/15, 08:27 am- Obviously it is one of St
Cleaning a block with good babbitt
Terry Woods, Richmon -08/15, 12:24 am- Whats the best way to cle
Erik Barrett -08/15, 01:44 am- Take it to an engine mach
Frank van Ekeren (A -08/15, 02:28 am- Best to refit the main ca
keith g barrier -08/15, 06:28 am- Terry, I scrape and wire
Flux Core Welding
Allan Richard Bennet -08/15, 12:10 am- When fitting patch panels
David Stroud -08/15, 04:02 am- I am a retired weldor way
Peter Kable -08/15, 05:02 am- The best way to repair pa
New Product - Windshield Weatherstrip for Closed Cars
Joseph W. Rudzik -08/15, 12:33 am- When we bought our 25 cou
Tim Eckensviller -08/15, 12:10 am- I would love to some day
Lots of good parts In California
Kris smith  -08/20, 03:32 pm- I have a lot of good part
bernie glass -08/21, 11:55 pm- could you sent pictures t
For sale model a engine block and head
Spencer Vibert -08/18, 11:24 pm- Model a engine block and
Spencer Vibert -08/21, 11:12 pm- Price drop to $125 I need
For sale 1913 or about that year Ruckstell
Thomas Elliott -08/21, 09:44 pm- Ruckstell axle with 12 ri
Wanted: longer rear spring to crossmember bolts
Dave Huson, Berthoud -08/17, 02:22 pm- Kim Doty: I have a few re
Dave Huson, Berthoud -08/17, 02:24 pm- I for got to say that the
Kim Doty New Salisbu -08/21, 08:43 pm- This is what Ill use if I
David Stroud -08/19, 07:40 pm- Gary, what are you asking
David Stroud -08/21, 04:09 am- Are you there Gary? Im ju
GARY EUGENE CONSTABL -08/21, 08:33 pm- holler when you get a cha
1915 roadster
Matt Madison -08/20, 12:06 am- Car For Sale Barn Fresh 1
bob middleton -08/20, 10:02 pm- Send pics please Jalopyt
Eric Dysart - SoCal -08/21, 03:27 am- PM sent.
Matt Madison -08/21, 08:27 pm- forgot to put in the pric
1915 Chassis
Warren Webb -08/21, 12:59 am- Have a 1915 Chassis for s
bob middleton -08/21, 01:18 am- Send pics thanks Jalopyt@
Warren Webb -08/21, 10:01 am- I also have brass radiato
Warren Webb -08/21, 08:19 pm- The Radiator goes with th
1917-1925 Parts for Sale
Mike Bird -08/21, 07:05 pm- Bump
GEMSA Engine Sold!
Mark Chaffin -08/21, 01:25 am- The GEMSA racing engine h
Seth from NC -08/21, 09:19 am- Mark will you ask the pur
Jim -08/21, 06:44 pm- Mark, Great news for you
Very rare 1922 Himico manual transmission
Kris Barber -08/20, 10:00 pm- Selling a very rare Himic
Kris Barber -08/20, 10:07 pm- adding a picture[IMG_2014
Tim Morsher -08/20, 11:00 pm- Im interested Kris. Fee
Larry Smith -08/21, 09:33 am- As I recall, there was on
Tony Bowker -08/21, 05:57 pm- Is it me or is it set up
1926 Model T Fordor For Sale!
Peter Taylor -08/15, 12:55 pm- For pictures and more inf
Peter Taylor -08/16, 08:21 am- Will consider a trade for
Peter Taylor -08/19, 12:22 pm- bump
Peter Taylor -08/21, 03:27 pm- Still for sale!
Speedster Starter Kit
Ed in California -08/21, 08:32 am- Taking best offers
Fenders Needed 26-27
Jon Crane -08/20, 08:34 pm- Anyone planning on bringi
Rick Rice -08/21, 06:16 am- Hi John, Please call me t
Toledo, Ohio to anywhere enclosed transport today !
Jim -08/21, 05:42 am- August 21st Direct encl
Open trailer available San Diego to Minneapolis
Tony Bowker -08/18, 11:41 pm- LAST CALL We leave Frida
Jim -08/21, 05:41 am- Early morning bump ... [:
Direct enclosed auto transport from Visalia, CA to anywhe...
Jim -08/21, 05:38 am- Hi Bill ! I want your F
Jim -08/21, 05:39 am- This trip is done Jim
Leaving Ft. Bragg for Visalia around 2:00 p.m. today with...
Jim -08/21, 05:36 am- This trip is done Jim
California to Ohio car hauling leaving August 18th
Jim -08/21, 05:35 am- This trip is done Jim
Leaving Visalia for Bakersfield now - then Ohio ...
Jim -08/15, 03:34 pm- August 15th Leaving Vis
Jim -08/21, 05:34 am- This trip is done Jim
New Mexico to Ohio enclosed transport August 18th
Jim -08/17, 11:12 am- August 18th I will be p
Jim -08/18, 11:00 pm- August 19th Leaving Tu
Jim -08/21, 05:33 am- This trip is done Jim
Leaving Marshfield, MO for Ohio now ....
Jim -08/20, 08:27 am- August 20th Leaving Mar
Jim -08/21, 05:32 am- This trip is done Jim
1909-11 open valve block
Kim Dobbins -08/15, 01:07 am- Still for sale.
brass car guy -08/15, 06:18 pm- If this is a Mac Tavish b
Don Watson -Florence -08/17, 01:20 am- Do you have any photos of
Kim Dobbins -08/17, 01:45 am- Don, I think Sandy also m
Kim Dobbins -08/21, 02:36 am- Sold
1916 Brass T Touring for sale
Jerry Brancato -08/20, 08:37 pm- Hi Andrew, I saw your pos
Andrew Deckman, Ogde -08/20, 09:35 pm- Jerry thank you for your
bob middleton -08/21, 01:21 am- Deal falls through contac
1931 Tenn. Tag
Steve McClelland -08/21, 01:17 am- Looking for a good 1931 T
WANTED Pics YOU have taken of old Mom & Pop Gas Stations
Danial - Veneta OR U -08/15, 02:03 pm- Thats great, Donnie, than
Donnie Brown -08/16, 11:15 am- Daniel, Here are some pic
Donnie Brown -08/16, 11:28 am- The lighting was very bad
Danial - Veneta OR U -08/18, 11:10 pm- These are great Donnie, t
Danial - Veneta OR U -08/18, 11:15 pm- Donnie, Can you email me
Donnie Brown -08/18, 11:22 pm- Danial, The second photo.
Danial - Veneta OR U -08/18, 11:27 pm- Ah ok, cool thanks. Good
Mike Vaughn -08/20, 05:23 pm- Here are a couple of old
Danial - Veneta OR U -08/21, 12:33 am- Thanks Mike! Would you
Model A Hydraulic Brake Set
Chris Dailledouze -08/19, 07:34 pm- .
Steve McClelland -08/19, 11:29 pm- You say As per MACs Late
Chris Dailledouze -08/20, 04:17 pm- Had it listed for $1950.0
Steve McClelland -08/20, 07:46 pm- I likeem Chris but Im not
Chris Dailledouze -08/20, 08:56 pm- Thank you for taking a lo
Part wanted
Mike-Iowa -08/19, 08:30 pm- I just acquired an authen
Michael R Beary -08/19, 10:37 pm- I wish I was the Iowa-Mik
brass car guy -08/19, 10:57 pm- Was that the same Livings
Duane Epper -08/19, 11:19 pm- Any pictures?
Mike-Iowa -08/20, 06:06 pm- Brass car guy, yes it is
Ed in California -08/20, 08:29 pm- I do not think it has a c
Mike-Iowa -08/20, 08:55 pm- Correction: the outside d
1926 model t
richard v masden -08/20, 07:38 pm- 1926 model t out of estat
Rootlieb curved rear speedster fender for trade.
David Mazza -08/16, 08:39 pm- I have a set of curved re
David Mazza -08/16, 08:40 pm- These are just the rear f
David Mazza -08/16, 11:24 pm- 1911-1914 depot hack rear
David Mazza -08/20, 06:15 pm- bump
Model T Era Overland-Trail Camps Booklet For Motorists
Jay - In Northern Ca -08/20, 05:20 pm- [overland cover.jpg] [ove
Jay - In Northern Ca -08/20, 05:23 pm- [overland 11.jpg] [overla
Ruckstell Parts
Larry Smith -08/18, 11:27 am- Would there be a market f
Glen Chaffin -08/18, 12:54 pm- Larry, Why use them? they
Dave Huson, Berthoud -08/18, 09:35 pm- I do a lot of ruckstells
Larry Smith -08/19, 10:28 am- If it is in good conditio
Brendan Doughty -08/20, 08:18 am- I think there would be a
Larry Smith -08/20, 09:58 am- Its funny that there are
Glen Chaffin -08/20, 04:57 pm- Ruckstell made more than
I need TT driver side closed cab door
Don Price -08/20, 01:52 pm- I need a drivers side doo
Tt closed cab door
Don Price -08/20, 01:49 pm- I need a drivers side doo
3 T's FOR SALE (get ready for Winter driving.)
Bob McDonald-Federal -08/20, 12:59 pm- 1.- 1921? Roadster PU W/
Wanted 13 side lamp brackets
Bob Shirley -08/20, 10:27 am- Looking for a pair of sid
ROBERT BERGSTADT -08/20, 11:39 am- We have new brackets for
Mark Wetherbee -08/20, 12:27 pm- I have a pair for sale -
Dave Huson, Berthoud -08/20, 12:54 am- I sold some of the axles
Orginal Bruce McCalley's Model T Encyclopedia CD's for Sa...
Leroy G. Brandon -08/19, 10:21 pm- Bruce McCalleys Model T E
Wanted rear fender
Leroy G. Brandon -08/19, 10:06 pm- Hi Jim, I have a 17-25 dr
Model T and A Engines, Full Service Repair Shop
Chris Dailledouze -08/19, 07:33 pm- .
Model A Auxillary Transmission for Sale
Chris Dailledouze -08/19, 07:32 pm- Sold thank you.
Exhaust manifold good threads For Sale
Layden Butler -08/19, 04:19 pm- Good threads and not erod
Misc. early parts For Sale
Layden Butler -08/19, 04:12 pm- Odd lot: brass radiator t
Dave Huson, Berthoud -08/18, 09:27 pm- Radiator Outlet: $23.87.
Dave Huson, Berthoud -08/19, 10:13 am- Maybe someday I will lear
Larry Smith -08/19, 10:26 am- I believe this is the inl
Dave Huson, Berthoud -08/19, 03:46 pm- The brackets that are on
Want to Trade for1926-27' Wire Wheels & Hubs
Donald D. Staples -08/18, 09:28 pm- I recently purchased a re
Mark Strange -08/19, 01:56 pm- Here are pictures of the
Wanted - Left Side - Cast Iron Side Lamp Bracket for a 19...
Benjamin Morgan -08/16, 10:54 pm- Evenin all! I am in ne
Mike Walker, NW AR -08/16, 11:38 pm- I dont have an original o
Benjamin Morgan -08/18, 12:46 pm- Hey Mike! That sounds gr
Charles -08/18, 08:55 pm- Hey Benjamin, I should ha
Benjamin Morgan -08/19, 11:28 am- Here is a pic of the brac
Mark Wetherbee -08/19, 12:20 pm- I have a pair for sale, b
Mark Wetherbee -08/19, 12:21 pm- By the way - Im pretty su
Benjamin Morgan -08/19, 12:42 pm- ha! I guess they would b
For sale 1913/14 Model T plus parts $6900
Todd Karasti -08/16, 08:50 pm- Sale is pending, Thanks
Steve McClelland -08/16, 11:25 pm- Todd if you were closer t
Charles -08/18, 08:59 pm- If only this was closer!!
GEMSA Engine Price Reduced
Mark Chaffin -08/16, 01:30 am- bump
Tony Barchock -08/16, 08:47 pm- that is pure sex! I wish
Mark Chaffin -08/16, 09:17 pm- Sex is one reason why I m
Tony Barchock -08/16, 09:19 pm- LOL sorry I cant help ya.
Mark Chaffin -08/18, 08:41 pm- STILL AVAILABLE $12,500.
WANTED 1913 Engine Block
Ed in California -08/18, 07:52 pm- Wanted: Good 1913 engine
Sediment bulb For Sale
Layden Butler -08/18, 03:11 pm- Not stuck! $25 [t sedimen
Layden Butler -08/18, 07:15 pm- Spoken for
WANTED: TT Chassis (in New England Area)
Ron -08/18, 02:23 pm- Btt
Mirror for open car
Tom Moorehead -08/17, 08:04 pm- When at Chickasha a coupl
Steve Tomaso - Milto -08/17, 08:44 pm- Sounds like Bill Bohlen -
Mark Strange -08/17, 08:59 pm- Heres a link: http://www
Bill Bohlen -08/17, 09:24 pm-
Mike Walker, NW AR -08/18, 10:59 am- Bill -- Id like to buy on
Bill Bohlen -08/18, 11:23 am- Mike, my web site is not
Pinion gear For Sale
Layden Butler -08/17, 06:50 pm- Very very light wear, rea
Chris Olsen -08/18, 07:45 am- I would like it.
Layden Butler -08/18, 11:05 am- Spoken for, sale pending.
Dave Huson, Berthoud -08/18, 10:16 am- Bump
Early sparkplugs
David Baker -08/17, 06:39 pm- I have a extra set of re
David Baker -08/17, 08:50 pm- Change the plug to a AC G
Mario Brossard -08/18, 09:06 am- How much? Any pictures?
1911-1913 rear frame bracket For Sale
Layden Butler -08/17, 12:38 pm- $26 domestic postage paid
Mario Brossard -08/18, 09:05 am- For how many bracket at t
For Sale unusual speedster 17" wire wheels and adapters
Bill Bohlen -08/17, 09:14 pm- Unusual wire wheel set up
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -08/17, 10:51 pm- location?
Bill Bohlen -08/17, 11:10 pm- La Habra, Ca
Wanted John Brown model 16 headlamp latch
Larry Reed -08/17, 10:51 pm- I have a nice set of mode
Dave Huson, Berthoud -08/17, 10:21 pm- One of the guys here just
Dave Huson, Berthoud -08/17, 08:14 pm- Fan Brackets $18.00 ea. b
Rolling Chassis
Marvin Konrad -08/17, 08:13 pm- Bump
Wanted - TT high speed gear set
Justin Heim -08/16, 09:01 pm- btt
Ted Dumas -08/16, 10:58 pm- The fellow who made new o
Justin Heim -08/17, 09:12 am- Thanks Ted. Yes, he has a
Dan Hatch -08/17, 06:43 pm- Justin: I am fixing to pa
Jack Leonhardt -08/17, 07:31 pm- Justin, I have two high
Justin Heim -08/17, 08:11 pm- Thanks Dan and Jack, PMs
For Sale pr. new rear depot hack pie wagon fenders
Bill Bohlen -08/17, 03:59 pm- Pair of new Rootleib rear
David Mazza -08/17, 05:59 pm- I will trade you new root
David Mazza -08/17, 06:00 pm- I really do want them if
Early top prop brackets For Sale
Layden Butler -08/17, 05:56 pm- Dont know what exactly th
1917 to 1922 NEW Top bows and Irons
lloyd franz -08/17, 05:03 pm- If you need a set of top
Wanted 1924 passenger side window & tt wheels
jeffery l mccrary -08/17, 01:12 pm- I am looking for a 1924 p
For Sale 1919 T Speedster with '14 BRASS body
Steve Saltzman -08/17, 10:53 am- For Sale or trade for a b
Steve Saltzman -08/17, 10:54 am- $11,000 negotiable for a
Dave Huson, Berthoud -08/17, 12:16 pm- Picture????????
Brass t wanted
Steve Saltzman -08/17, 12:14 pm- I have a 19 chassisd Spee
1926 fan bracket for sale
Spencer Vibert -08/16, 11:08 pm- Price drop to $30
Flat tire party (Guys night out on the town)-Photo
Herb Iffrig -08/16, 04:53 am- [flat tire break.jpg]
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -08/16, 09:41 am- Those hats must be top ha
Herb Iffrig -08/16, 03:21 pm- Nyuk Nyuk. I must have g
Wanted PTO Coupler
Tom Strickling -08/16, 01:25 pm- Looking for a coupler and
For sale 1 pr 1911-16 firewall bracket
ROBERT BERGSTADT -08/15, 03:16 pm- Very nice pair 45.00 plus
Mike Bird -08/15, 09:05 pm- Bob, I sent you an email
ROBERT BERGSTADT -08/16, 08:57 am- Sold, thank you, Bob
WANTED - Spare tire carrier
JohnCodman -08/16, 08:49 am- Im looking for the Y-shap
AA Chassis
lloyd franz -08/16, 08:30 am- Transmission goes with it
Dave Huson, Berthoud -08/16, 03:18 am- Fan Blade: $10.00. No cra
Warford For Sale
Alan Brickey -08/15, 10:27 pm- It is missing some intern
Alan Brickey -08/15, 10:31 pm- The Warford has been sold
For Sale: 1928 Model A roadster
Keith Townsend ; ^ ) -08/15, 07:15 pm- O.B.O.
1913 PART
Jack Daron - Brownsb -08/15, 06:24 pm- Kims set came today,and I
For sale pair rear fender brackets 1917-25
ROBERT BERGSTADT -08/15, 03:14 pm- This is a very good pair
1927 Model T Roadster for sale
Kevin Pharis -08/15, 03:05 pm- Bump
For sale 1915-16 hood former very hard to find
ROBERT BERGSTADT -08/15, 02:42 pm- Above average condition,
Body brackets early For Sale
Layden Butler -08/15, 11:54 am- Have 7 of these early sty
1924 Tudor Door Lock Knob/Lever
Rick Goelz-Knoxville -08/15, 09:08 am- Russ, send me your mailin
1912 - undrilled fender irons for sale
george schreppler -08/15, 08:08 am- dear simon, are you sendi
For Sale 1913 running engine
Bill Bohlen -08/15, 06:39 am- sold
Early model T parts for sale
Kim Dobbins -08/15, 01:05 am- The frame, brake lever, r
Warford Transmission with cross member
Eric Sayer -08/15, 12:35 am- Can you send me pics kage
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