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Model T Ford Forum
Forum 2016
Starter won't start 'er
Eido Walny, Milwauke -09/23, 10:03 pm- Last weekend I was having
Craig Anderson, cent -09/23, 11:29 pm- Same old same old Eido...
Jim Eviston -09/23, 11:30 pm- Eldon, battery connection
Jim Eviston -09/23, 11:32 pm- Pardon me. Eido. Eyes, we
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/23, 11:33 pm- 1 Check cable connections
Eido Walny, Milwauke -09/24, 07:43 am- Good news is that this we
Royce in Dallas TX -09/24, 08:54 am- You should start by remov
Jerry Davis Houston  -09/24, 09:06 am- Starter switch. If your
john kuehn -09/24, 10:41 am- THOURGHLY clean the frame
Ken Todd, .......... -09/24, 10:56 am- Battery is 2 weeks old.
Eido Walny, Milwauke -09/25, 06:40 am- Update: I checked the bat
Brian Dowell -09/25, 06:45 am- Check the switch and what
Eido Walny, Milwauke -09/25, 06:53 am- What do I check the switc
Brian Dowell -09/25, 07:03 am- Check with amp gauge, amp
Peter Claverie, Memp -09/25, 07:22 am- Think of electricity as j
Charlie B actually i -09/25, 09:04 am- Listen: do you have a set
Peter Nikolajevs Dea -09/25, 09:32 am- You said your battery is
Charlie B actually i -09/25, 09:57 am- The whole point of hookin
New tires and rebuilt carb
tt newbee Thomas R.  -09/24, 07:10 pm- The guy at the carb shop
Royce in Dallas TX -09/24, 08:23 pm- Tell them to cancel the o
Pat Kelly Montana -09/24, 08:36 pm- I have 5.1 gears in my 25
Ed in California -09/24, 09:00 pm- It means nothing that the
Ed in California -09/24, 09:02 pm- The tires should look the
Joe Fedullo, Milford -09/24, 10:23 pm- With one wheel stopped ac
Jim Eviston -09/24, 10:41 pm- ttnewbee-you DID just put
steven miller -09/25, 12:24 am- I am shocked. No compete
tt newbee Thomas R.  -09/25, 07:54 am- I will take a rear tire b
Joe Fedullo, Milford -09/25, 09:27 am- There is some NH carb reb
Joe Fedullo, Milford -09/25, 09:55 am- Not sure about your geari
Night Touring in our Model Ts
Warren Henderson, Du -09/25, 08:01 am- Several central New Hamps
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/25, 09:35 am- I assume the flashing lig
Bill Everett -09/25, 09:39 am- Warren, thats a great vid
Gary Schreiber- Sant -09/25, 09:55 am- Cool night drive vid. Its
Old Photo - Model T Era - Street Scene, Beggs Oklahoma
Jay - In Northern Ca -09/25, 09:39 am- It must have been a chore
Old Photo - Looking West On South Water Street Chicago-1915
Jay - In Northern Ca -09/25, 09:21 am- [Looking-West-On-South-Wa
Dennis Hoshield; Oak -09/25, 09:30 am- Wow... thats amazing. Po
Dennis Hoshield; Oak -09/25, 09:32 am- Must be quite the gons on
Old Photo - Model T Era - Main Street, West Algona, Iowa
Jay - In Northern Ca -09/25, 09:31 am- [kmlyukuty ui111.jpg]
Old Photo - Model T Era - Pequot, Minn. Street Scene
Jay - In Northern Ca -09/25, 09:27 am- [onip9o76.jpg]
Old Photo - Model T Era - Santa Monica Blvd, Looking East...
Jay - In Northern Ca -09/25, 09:23 am- [tbyubu999.jpg]
Adjusting clutch
Dennis Hoshield; Oak -09/24, 01:41 pm- Got the hogshead back on,
Mark Gregush Portlan -09/24, 07:11 pm- I have found most of the
Dennis Hoshield; Oak -09/24, 07:24 pm- Clutch engaged = brake le
Mark Gregush Portlan -09/24, 07:45 pm- bo
Dennis Hoshield; Oak -09/24, 09:01 pm- Darn... looked fine befor
Phillip Maurici -09/24, 10:14 pm- The Kevlar bands should b
Dan Treace, North FL -09/24, 10:32 pm- Some photos to help. [IM
Dennis Hoshield; Oak -09/24, 10:40 pm- Yes... from what I read,
Dan Treace, North FL -09/24, 10:42 pm- Dennis Oh, just noticed
Dennis Hoshield; Oak -09/24, 11:05 pm- Yes... from what I read,
Dennis Hoshield; Oak -09/24, 11:11 pm- Sorry for the re-post...
Royce in Dallas TX -09/25, 08:54 am- Use a 13/16 lug nut as a
Dennis Hoshield; Oak -09/25, 09:22 am- Perfect.... Ill add a pie
Dennis Hoshield; Oak -09/25, 09:23 am- Arggg... add a piece of s
FJ - Any members live near Yampa, Colorado ?
Freighter Jim -09/25, 09:23 am- I am going to be dropping
Will I find this at Hershey
Doug Keppler, Fredon -09/24, 06:20 pm- Hey guys, has any of you
Michael Saggese -09/24, 07:29 pm- I believe there is a repr
Dan B -09/24, 07:33 pm- Doug - Possibly, but the
Bill Harper - Keene, -09/24, 08:01 pm- Hi Doug, Have a look at
Dan B -09/24, 08:36 pm- The originals ALWAYS fit.
William L Vanderburg -09/24, 09:37 pm- Restoration Supply Compan
Doug Keppler, Fredon -09/24, 10:20 pm- Thanks, Bill I think that
Dan B -09/25, 08:15 am- Doug - The ones from lang
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/25, 09:22 am- This may be a long shot,
International Rally at Coal Creek 04 Many Photos!
Dane Hawley Near Mel -09/25, 03:02 am- Another batch of photos.
David Dare - Just a  -09/25, 06:21 am- Excellent pics. Hope you
Mark Strange - Hills -09/25, 07:56 am- Great photos, thanks! [:
Royce in Dallas TX -09/25, 08:57 am- You Aussie blokes are mig
New engine is in but have a question?
Neil Haywood -09/25, 08:11 am- I installed the engine la
Mark Strange - Hills -09/25, 08:24 am- [678909.jpg]
Neil Haywood -09/25, 08:46 am- Im glade I put all the nu
Need Info On A Garage Sale Model T Radiator Find
Dale Hammond -09/21, 08:27 pm- So far this is all the in
john kuehn -09/21, 08:35 pm- Looks to me like its what
Dale Hammond -09/21, 09:08 pm- Thanks, John. The neck is
Erik Johnson -09/21, 09:09 pm- Replacement for 1909 thro
Erik Johnson -09/21, 09:21 pm- Not an expert on Peerless
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/21, 09:26 pm- Like hundreds, or maybe t
Dale Hammond -09/21, 09:35 pm- Thanks to everyone. I ch
Jim Eviston -09/21, 09:38 pm- And I, for one, am green
Dale Hammond -09/21, 09:45 pm- Heres the other side. [A
James A smith -09/21, 10:15 pm- You need to find one of t
Mark Chaffin......Co -09/21, 10:54 pm- Um! Wheres the inlet?
Jay - In Northern Ca -09/21, 11:12 pm- Good point Mark! [:-]
Roger Karlsson, sout -09/22, 02:03 am- There are lots of types o
Dale Hammond -09/22, 08:41 pm- Thanks to all who comment
Dale Hammond -09/22, 10:05 pm- One final comment here, t
Erik Johnson -09/22, 10:57 pm- All Peerless aftermarket
Erik Johnson -09/22, 11:02 pm- Below is an example of a
Dale Hammond -09/23, 07:46 am- Thanks Erik, I have been
Mark Osterman -09/23, 07:59 am- I have a salesmen so broc
Dale Hammond -09/23, 08:21 am- That would be great, Mark
Erik Johnson -09/23, 10:46 am- The graphics in automobil
James A smith -09/24, 08:19 am- Also, by 1927 Peerless ad
Dan Treace, North FL -09/24, 10:01 am- Dale Here is one of thos
Dale Hammond -09/24, 02:17 pm- Dan Treace, was the outer
Dale Hammond -09/24, 02:27 pm- Thanks again, Erik Johnso
Dan Treace, North FL -09/24, 05:43 pm- Dale Dont know details o
Dale Hammond -09/24, 09:50 pm- Great info, thanks a lot,
Dale Hammond -09/25, 08:29 am- RED? I was thinking about
M1917 WW1 Ambulance Gets a New Engine
David ONeal -09/24, 08:49 pm- Mike Bender finished my E
Roger Hudson -09/24, 09:49 pm- Congratulations, Mike dos
Mark Strange - Hills -09/25, 08:06 am- Nice and simple engine st
Central New Hampshire Model T Ford Club a.k.a. “GraniTers”
Warren Henderson, Du -09/24, 10:57 am- Club members help Big Bro
Bill Harper - Keene, -09/24, 11:24 am- A most enjoyable outing.
Dave Dufault -09/24, 11:26 am- What a wonderful, refresh
Warren Henderson, Du -09/25, 07:50 am- Thanks, Bill & Dave i
Recognize these washers?
Duey_C -09/25, 02:56 am- [P1010038.JPG] What on E
Charlie Gagel, Orang -09/25, 07:43 am- They remind me of the was
My First Magneto crank start....
Doug Menkhaus -09/24, 10:55 pm- Today I was asked to brin
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/25, 12:07 am- If the mag is really good
Troy Todd -09/25, 12:56 am- I had the same experience
Roger Karlsson, sout -09/25, 04:42 am- If the spark is set to th
Duey_C -09/25, 05:29 am- Woohoo! Mine wants me to
Robert Skingley .... -09/25, 07:23 am- Roger I have had the same
New Aluminum finish Model T head lamp Reflectors sold by ...
Mark Gregush Portlan -09/23, 05:28 pm- In dealer price/product u
Erik Johnson -09/23, 07:06 pm- In my opinion, silver tar
Martin Vowell, Sylma -09/23, 08:29 pm- I would think that alumin
Erik Johnson -09/23, 08:51 pm- Description says vacuum m
Ron Patterson-Nichol -09/23, 09:24 pm- Given history using the w
Rich Bingham -09/23, 10:23 pm- Is it just me, or do the
James J. Lyons III - -09/23, 10:31 pm- Using aluminum as the ref
James J. Lyons III - -09/23, 10:35 pm- Vacuum metalized is actua
David Dewey, N. Cali -09/23, 11:30 pm- If you read the facts she
Verne Shirk -09/23, 11:42 pm- I had a set of aluminum p
Charles Weisgerber-  -09/23, 11:59 pm- In the interest of silver
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/24, 12:49 am- How about a Caswell kit?
David Dewey, N. Cali -09/24, 12:57 am- As has been mentioned, th
Terry Woods, Richmon -09/24, 02:00 am- Ron Patterson, you are a
Mark Osterman -09/24, 07:50 am- You could try cold platin
James J. Lyons III - -09/24, 07:57 am- David... silver can be ap
David Dewey, N. Cali -09/24, 10:30 am- James, Cool, I suppose
Sean Butler Huntingt -09/24, 12:00 pm- Steve: $1099 for a silve
Jim Eubanks, Powell, -09/25, 06:38 am- A similar process has bee
Snyders dash light
Eido Walny, Milwauke -09/23, 10:09 pm- I ordered a dash light fo
Larry Smith, Lomita, -09/24, 12:15 am- The main thing you need t
Tom Bergmann Sydney  -09/24, 07:11 am- This might be useful - [2
Eido Walny, Milwauke -09/24, 07:39 am- Seems my light looks righ
Ron Horton, Utah -09/24, 08:01 am- Had the same problem. The
Gary Schreiber- Sant -09/24, 08:25 am- What Ron said. Place an a
Royce in Dallas TX -09/24, 08:46 am- The one from Snyders is a
Eido Walny, Milwauke -09/24, 10:03 am- Thanks guys. Im sure thi
john kuehn -09/24, 10:28 am- There are several repo pa
Jay - In Northern Ca -09/24, 11:02 am- The ad said the holes wer
Eido Walny, Milwauke -09/24, 11:38 am- Yup - lesson learned.
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -09/24, 01:22 pm- Snyders will take it back
Glen Chaffin -09/24, 01:35 pm- The ad is not misleading,
thomas elliott nw pa -09/24, 03:19 pm- Pretty nice light, mine f
Glen Chaffin -09/24, 03:47 pm- I have seen many so calle
Terry Woods, Richmon -09/24, 06:16 pm- I dont know how long ago
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -09/24, 09:55 pm- I have seen dozens of dif
Larry Smith, Lomita, -09/24, 10:03 pm- The photo posted above lo
Eido Walny, Milwauke -09/25, 06:16 am- Mine looks like that, too
Old Photo - We Parked Our Car In The Worlds Largest Parki...
Dan Killecut -09/25, 06:04 am- 6 to 7 years after T prod
1926 Fordor restore...another winter project
Gary Schreiber- Sant -09/18, 01:29 pm- I too look forward to you
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -09/18, 02:59 pm- I, too, always look forwa
Don Booth@ Bay City, -09/18, 03:41 pm- Yeah thanks I
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -09/19, 02:25 am- Well, I dont know if it c
David Stroud -09/19, 03:30 am- Don, keep us posted. I ha
David Stroud -09/19, 03:30 am- Don, keep us posted. I ha
David Stroud -09/19, 03:31 am- Oops!Dave
Andrew Webb -09/19, 06:03 am- Hi Don Can you please sha
Don Booth@ Bay City, -09/19, 07:21 am- Hi Andrew, There are no
Don Booth@ Bay City, -09/19, 07:24 am- Andrew let me know if thi
Don Booth@ Bay City, -09/19, 07:27 am- Well if Dave Sonosky is i
Dale Peterson Colleg -09/19, 06:46 pm- My 26 Canadian Fordor has
David Sosnoski -09/19, 10:16 pm- Don, I just looked throu
Tim Lloid -09/19, 10:27 pm- Looks like a great stArt
Don Booth@ Bay City, -09/23, 09:56 am- These dang old cars just
Michael D Peterson -09/23, 11:01 am- Its not an addiction... I
Don Booth@ Bay City, -09/23, 11:17 am-  D pillars are fabd...[0
Don Booth@ Bay City, -09/23, 11:18 am- Base frame is roughed in.
David Paul -09/23, 11:18 am- Well Don, I could help yo
Don Booth@ Bay City, -09/23, 11:30 am- David, im not sure what i
JohnCodman -09/23, 11:48 am- Hi Don, Whats with all of
Don Booth@ Bay City, -09/23, 11:53 am- John, im not sure but the
Eric Macleod -09/23, 11:23 pm- I have a 26 Fordor that w
Don Booth@ Bay City, -09/24, 08:10 am- Eric, heres a link you m
Ed Baudoux Grayling  -09/25, 06:03 am- Eric, I remember meeting
Issues with Nickel Headlamp rims... Any suggestions
Larry Smith, Lomita, -09/18, 10:02 am- Like Ive said many times
Richard L Grzegorowi -09/18, 10:57 am- Hi, Larry. Ive had this p
Dan Treace, North FL -09/19, 09:30 pm- Simon Here is an older p
Kevin Whelihan Danbu -09/20, 08:01 am- Actually, the last repop
thomas elliott nw pa -09/20, 10:13 pm- I have been struggling wi
David Dewey, N. Cali -09/21, 12:17 am- I keep hoping that someon
Allan Bennett - Aust -09/21, 12:27 am- David, I find that there
David Dewey, N. Cali -09/21, 01:20 am- Allen Thats why I keep h
Allan Bennett - Aust -09/21, 05:23 am- Devid, I can have origina
Allan Bennett - Aust -09/21, 05:25 am- Devid, I can have origina
Kevin Whelihan Danbu -09/21, 07:01 am- Allan, My last set of or
Allan Bennett - Aust -09/21, 08:13 am- Kevin, that was a quoted
JohnCodman -09/21, 10:08 am- Simon, I had the same iss
Derek Kiefer - Manto -09/21, 10:29 am- I just bought a pair of t
David Dewey, N. Cali -09/21, 12:23 pm- The A reflectors are very
Roger Karlsson, sout -09/21, 12:36 pm- Model A Uvira reflectors
David Dewey, N. Cali -09/21, 11:57 pm- I believe those are the o
Kevin Whelihan Danbu -09/22, 06:47 am- Allan, Contact details f
David Dewey, N. Cali -09/23, 11:30 pm- As noted on another threa
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -09/24, 09:53 am- http://www.snydersantique
David Dewey, N. Cali -09/24, 10:28 am- BTW, order sent!! Oh boy,
David Hagerty -09/24, 10:55 pm- And this has to do with A
David Dewey, N. Cali -09/25, 12:54 am- David, that was one of th
David Hagerty -09/25, 01:06 am- Okay David, I was kind of
Simon Bayley -09/25, 05:02 am- Thanks all - will have to
International Rally at Coal Creek 02 Many Photos!
Dane Hawley Near Mel -09/24, 11:29 pm- More photos from Coal Cre
Burger in Spokane -09/25, 01:11 am- Was it Harry Ford who sai
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -09/25, 02:34 am- Looks like Andrew Brand g
Andrew Brand -09/25, 04:02 am- I sure did Wayne! Very ha
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -09/25, 04:31 am- LOL! Glad to see, and rea
International Rally at Coal Creek 03 Many Photos!
Dane Hawley Near Mel -09/25, 02:40 am- Another batch of photos f
1927 Wire Wheel Rear Hubs
Tom Donahue -09/22, 07:38 pm- \image Im have a 27 with
Kevin Whelihan Danbu -09/22, 07:49 pm- Ive used a large bearing
Tom Donahue -09/22, 07:49 pm- Sorry, dont know what I d
Tom Donahue -09/22, 07:51 pm- Kevin, do you have a pict
Tom Donahue -09/22, 07:58 pm- [rear hub]
Dan Treace, North FL -09/22, 08:05 pm- Here is old post with inf
John Doolittle -09/22, 08:53 pm- This is a very common whe
John Warren -09/22, 10:29 pm- Tom , the secret to pulli
Kevin Whelihan Danbu -09/24, 06:54 pm- Tom, sorry for not gettin
Jim Eviston -09/25, 01:33 am- Tom, any news? If your ca
Ruckstell & 3:1 gears
Michael D Peterson -09/23, 11:24 am- Hello all... Been away fr
John Seelman -09/23, 11:46 am- I asked the same question
Frank Harris from Lo -09/23, 12:34 pm- Three to one gears are ju
Chadwick Azevedo -09/23, 02:05 pm- While on the topic of 3:1
Walt Berdan, Bellevu -09/23, 04:06 pm- Chadwick - same same
Norman T. Kling -09/23, 04:14 pm- I have one of my 3 cars w
Eric Hylen- Central  -09/24, 02:15 am- Chadwick, Original Rucks
Kohnke Rebabbitting, -09/24, 11:12 pm- Eric, I had a 13-39 out o
Chadwick Azevedo -09/25, 01:05 am- Thanks for the clarificat
Carbide tank dimensions
Chadwick Azevedo -09/24, 12:26 am- Could somebody help me ou
Russell Furstnow Jr. -09/24, 11:27 pm- Chadwick I have a brass r
Chadwick Azevedo -09/25, 01:03 am- Thank you, I have a brass
Model T PVC Valve
Peter Kirk -09/23, 01:20 pm- Having smoke come out of
John Doolittle -09/23, 01:29 pm- It seems that set-up migh
Seth in Alabama -09/23, 01:30 pm- Thats a neat little setup
Andre Valkenaers -09/23, 01:33 pm- Peter, You need a piston,
Peter Kirk -09/23, 01:35 pm- The reason for the smoke
Peter Kirk -09/23, 01:37 pm- Andre, check out the thre
Terry Horlick in Pen -09/23, 01:54 pm- Years ago I ran a PCV pos
Peter Kirk -09/23, 03:56 pm- PCV not PVC Thats the pr
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/23, 05:12 pm- [668929.jpg] Dean Yoder
George John Drobnock -09/23, 05:21 pm- If your car survived two
John Warren -09/24, 09:19 am- My car use to smoke out t
Peter Kirk -09/24, 12:27 pm- George, its called having
Dennis Hoshield; Oak -09/24, 12:39 pm- Steve.... is that a horn
George John Drobnock -09/24, 12:57 pm- If you havent looked may
David Hagerty -09/24, 04:10 pm- Dennis, Those are commonl
Chris Laughary -09/24, 06:40 pm- PCV is said to be the sy
Kevin Whelihan Danbu -09/24, 06:50 pm- Chris, where did you get
Les Schubert -09/24, 07:33 pm- Kevin I think the biggest
Kevin Whelihan Danbu -09/24, 08:17 pm- Les, Im sure all those th
Ed Baudoux Grayling  -09/24, 09:24 pm- Speaking of engine longev
Chadwick Azevedo -09/24, 09:52 pm- Kevin, The next evolutio
Les Schubert -09/24, 09:58 pm- Chad Are you talking abou
Chadwick Azevedo -09/24, 10:29 pm- Had to look it up but yup
Art Wilson -09/25, 12:09 am- I read that the major rea
Tie rod bushing replacement
Michael Saggese -09/22, 01:14 pm- I am about to replace my
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -09/22, 01:16 pm- Its the spindle bushings
john kuehn -09/22, 02:02 pm- Ford used steel bushings
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/22, 02:19 pm- Ill blather about both ti
Philip Berg -09/22, 02:48 pm- I used steel in my cars.
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -09/22, 03:15 pm- Dont know if Dads Touring
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/22, 04:24 pm- I want the bushings to we
Dennis Plank - Three -09/22, 04:57 pm- After I installed the las
Michael Saggese -09/22, 05:05 pm- For the springs, I unders
John Warren -09/22, 10:47 pm- You can use a similar too
thomas elliott nw pa -09/24, 07:44 pm- I just came across this p
Charles Weisgerber-  -09/24, 09:55 pm- I have the same issue Tho
Don Lyon, PDX, OR. -09/24, 11:48 pm- I dont plug the holes. I
Collector in Finley WA
Jim Young--- Maltby, -09/23, 03:42 pm- Does anyone know the name
Steve Tomaso - Longb -09/24, 11:58 am- Hey Jim - where the heck
Bill Dugger -09/24, 12:07 pm- My Road atlas does not sh
Burger in Spokane -09/24, 12:14 pm- Finley is just downriver
Burger in Spokane -09/24, 12:22 pm- Finley, Hobart, and Malty
Jim Young--- Maltby, -09/24, 11:34 pm- Yes, near Tri Cities. J
Engine surges with no smooth acceleration
Harvey Cash - Winnem -09/23, 08:24 pm- I just replaced the head
John Noonan - Norton -09/23, 08:38 pm- Harvey, did the problem j
Harvey Cash - Winnem -09/24, 07:05 am- I was having the same pro
Royce in Dallas TX -09/24, 08:58 am- You can spray WD-40 aroun
Harvey Cash - Winnem -09/24, 09:26 am- Thanks Royce, Once it wa
Harvey Cash - Winnem -09/24, 10:47 pm- couldnt find any gasket l
Les Schubert -09/24, 11:01 pm- Harvey Timer?
Luke----central TX. -09/24, 11:18 pm- When our lawn mower surge
International Rally at Coal Creek 01
Dane Hawley Near Mel -09/24, 11:09 pm- I am just home from Coal
What have you done? September 2016
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/20, 10:25 am- I dont believe Ive seen o
Corey Walker, Browns -09/20, 11:21 am- Pedal looks good. Lots of
Richard Eagle Idaho  -09/20, 11:54 am- Good job Steve. That is a
John McGinnis in San -09/20, 12:09 pm- Corey, What a neat T road
Dan Treace, North FL -09/20, 02:46 pm- Decided to wrestle off a
Doug Keppler, Fredon -09/20, 05:21 pm- [20160904_151017.jpeg.jpg
Doug Keppler, Fredon -09/20, 05:24 pm- [20160902_163734.jpeg.jpg
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -09/20, 05:32 pm- Took a 79 mile drive in P
Erik Barrett in Aubu -09/20, 05:52 pm- Putting a new rear end an
Mike Walker, NW AR -09/20, 07:19 pm- Im building a WW-I Light
Mark Strange - Hills -09/20, 09:11 pm- I hesitate to post this b
Andrew Purgert -09/20, 09:44 pm- September has been a very
Mark Strange - Hills -09/20, 09:47 pm- Steve, great welding job
Brian Beatty _Kansas -09/20, 10:25 pm- Well today I found the bo
Robert Blanchard -09/20, 10:35 pm- Apart from finding time t
Michael Garrison - R -09/21, 12:11 am- I finally got the bows fi
James J. Lyons III - -09/21, 08:18 am- I just finished building
JohnCodman -09/21, 10:01 am- No Big projects. I tried
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -09/21, 11:08 am- Restored two H-1 Holleys
Corey Walker, Browns -09/21, 11:21 am- I gave my friend 1/2 a to
Tim Eckensviller - T -09/21, 11:43 am- Corey youre going to need
Frank Harris from Lo -09/21, 12:05 pm- Got a clear California ti
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/21, 09:02 pm- [IMG_0133 copy.JPG] The
Philip Berg -09/21, 09:07 pm- No pictures but I continu
Bryan Ostergren -09/21, 11:08 pm- Ive been on the road in t
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/21, 11:24 pm- I love that, especially t
Tom Lovejoy, So Cal -09/22, 10:31 pm- What an neat trip Bryan,
Tom Lovejoy, So Cal -09/22, 10:35 pm- could only seem to load 1
John Aldrich Orting  -09/23, 01:32 pm- Went on a two day Canadia
Harold Schwendeman - -09/23, 02:39 pm- John - Gotta say, Mike Ro
Harold Schwendeman - -09/23, 02:51 pm- By the way, for those who
Zachary Dillinger -  -09/23, 03:44 pm- Getting ready to drop the
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -09/24, 07:54 pm- Just got home from a grea
Dean Yoder, Iowa Cit -09/24, 10:42 pm- Drove to Utah drove the U
Compression good but burning oil is it the valves
Peter Kirk -09/22, 12:19 pm- I am getting blue smoke a
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -09/22, 01:13 pm- That would not be too com
Peter Kirk -09/22, 01:43 pm- That is what I was thinki
keith g barrier Sava -09/22, 01:47 pm- Oil control rings. KGB
JohnCodman -09/22, 01:47 pm- I would do another dry co
Peter Kirk -09/22, 03:45 pm- At idle it can run with v
Pat Kelly Montana -09/22, 03:56 pm- Peter, I rebuilt my 26 la
Erik Johnson -09/22, 04:27 pm- Peter: On September 14,
Dennis Plank - Three -09/22, 04:39 pm- It could be the oil rings
Peter Kirk -09/22, 04:54 pm- I though about too much o
Charlie B actually i -09/23, 08:39 am- Pete: what youre describi
Norman T. Kling -09/23, 11:23 am- There is no pressure in t
Peter Kirk -09/23, 01:16 pm- Yes there is smoke coming
Jim Eviston -09/23, 03:15 pm- One of my long ago T ment
Charlie B actually i -09/24, 12:08 am- Compression: 47 to 51 PSI
Richard E Moore Jr.  -09/24, 04:29 pm- Yep. Kieth said it all.
Jim Eviston -09/24, 10:23 pm- This evening, I spoke wit
Hershey weather watch
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/24, 02:44 pm- Fortunately, rain predict
Dan B -09/24, 06:20 pm- I often wonder how they a
George Mills_Cherry  -09/24, 06:42 pm- Part of the fun at Hershe
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -09/24, 07:46 pm- Never trust a forecast mo
Peter B. Ratledge -09/24, 09:49 pm- Steve,I have been going t
Clutch finger adjusting screws
Dennis Hoshield; Oak -09/23, 01:55 pm- Arghhhhh....finally ready
Dennis Hoshield; Oak -09/23, 01:57 pm- 2 out of the 3 old ones a
Dan Treace, North FL -09/23, 02:37 pm- The clutch finger screw ,
Dennis Hoshield; Oak -09/23, 02:51 pm- 3/8 x 24 works..I got a s
Harold Schwendeman - -09/23, 03:10 pm- Dennis - One small point
Dennis Hoshield; Oak -09/23, 05:19 pm- I called Snyder to let th
Dennis Hoshield; Oak -09/23, 05:22 pm- .. and u have to add, tha
Tom Moorehead -09/23, 09:30 pm- Dennis You ever tried an
Dennis Hoshield; Oak -09/24, 12:30 am- Hmmm.. no,I have not. Ar
Tom Moorehead -09/24, 09:25 pm- Correct. Plug in flasher
Dennis Hoshield; Oak -09/24, 09:36 pm- Good c deal. Thanks for
Need garnish moldings
ken bechtel -09/24, 11:39 am- Anyone know where i can b
Hap Tucker in Sumter -09/24, 08:59 pm- Ken, Do you need all the
ken bechtel -09/24, 09:19 pm- Thanks for the post Hap.
ken bechtel -09/24, 09:23 pm- Sorry Hap ! I need one u
Old Photo with Ford
Robbie Price -09/24, 01:37 pm- Can anybody tell what mod
Robbie Price -09/24, 02:00 pm- Picture was dated 1905
Hap Tucker in Sumter -09/24, 02:22 pm- Robbie the easy part that
Robbie Price -09/24, 02:29 pm- I dont have a better pict
Jim Eviston -09/24, 06:23 pm- Great picture, Robbie. Im
Royce in Dallas TX -09/24, 07:06 pm- Sure looks like a Winton,
Richard Eagle Idaho  -09/24, 07:54 pm- It looks like a 1902 or 0
Richard Eagle Idaho  -09/24, 07:57 pm- I guess the Rambler would
Erik Johnson -09/24, 08:03 pm- Too small for a Winton.
Robbie Price -09/24, 09:06 pm- Someone said it might be
Larry Smith, Lomita, -09/24, 09:09 pm- I agree with Richard
1909 1910 double twist horn RHD
Daniel Kraft -09/24, 09:02 pm- This is what I believe to
Daniel Kraft -09/24, 09:04 pm- Should read this is what
Daniel Kraft -09/24, 09:05 pm- Oops, also should be in c
Radiator Electrolysis
Marv Konrad (Green B -09/21, 09:53 pm- Interesting two-minute te
David Menzies -09/23, 10:35 pm- I do not believe that a r
Chadwick Azevedo -09/23, 11:06 pm- I wonder if new lead free
Gary Tillstrom 30 mi -09/24, 08:29 am- The test only shows elect
David Menzies -09/24, 01:55 pm- In order for a radiator i
Dave Dufault -09/24, 06:14 pm- .... a faulty electrical
Royce in Dallas TX -09/24, 06:34 pm- You can find a lot of bog
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -09/24, 06:53 pm- Chad. - in a word NO. Mo
Gary Tillstrom 30 mi -09/24, 07:01 pm- David and Royce This has
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -09/24, 07:53 pm- Dave, If you wind the cl
Lots a speedsters here:
Rod Letcher - Eugene -09/24, 03:44 pm- ALL KINDS for your fetish
Dave Barker - Dayton -09/24, 04:12 pm- Too bad I can only see a
Craig Anderson, cent -09/24, 07:27 pm- Dave.......thats what hap
Changing the motor in a Beach Wagon
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -09/23, 06:39 pm-
Bill Everett -09/24, 12:04 pm- Fred, that was a wonderfu
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -09/24, 06:46 pm- When I put it on the big
Stromberg OF
Richard E Moore Jr.  -09/23, 08:30 pm- Just sent my OF off to St
Ed in California -09/23, 08:53 pm- Ive run them off and on o
Bob Cascisa - Poulsb -09/23, 09:51 pm- I was disappointed in the
Dean Yoder, Iowa Cit -09/23, 10:50 pm- I replaced the one I have
John Warren -09/24, 08:46 am- Bob, can you post more in
Bob Cascisa - Poulsb -09/24, 12:32 pm- John, Check these links
John Aldrich Orting  -09/24, 12:56 pm- I have a Stromberg OF fre
Bob Cascisa - Poulsb -09/24, 01:31 pm- John, Same - Same - Me .
John L Williams -09/24, 02:50 pm- Hi From Iowa: I have run
Richard E Moore Jr.  -09/24, 03:23 pm- Good advise. Thanks all.
Bruce Compton -09/24, 03:45 pm- Attention : All you guys
Richard E Moore Jr.  -09/24, 04:27 pm- Under the seat as spare.
Les Schubert -09/24, 05:31 pm- Ive run one for 15 years
Bob Cascisa - Poulsb -09/24, 05:36 pm- Just to be absolutely cle
Richard E Moore Jr.  -09/24, 06:04 pm- No worries Bob. I wasnt c
OT - But a really cool short film
Marty Bufalini - Gro -09/24, 06:38 am- This guy took turn-of-the
Bill Everett -09/24, 09:12 am- The link took me right to
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -09/24, 09:40 am- Thanks Marty! This is one
JohnCodman -09/24, 12:24 pm- A great video. Thanks for
Dennis Hoshield; Oak -09/24, 12:46 pm- Very cool. On can really
Craig Anderson, cent -09/24, 05:50 pm- Stunning work!
International tour in Australia - last minute preparations
Andrew Brand -09/22, 06:15 am- Well, despite my best int
Warwick Landy Traral -09/22, 08:46 am- Not much getting done on
Scott Conger -09/22, 11:36 am- Have a great time, guys
Andrew Brand -09/22, 05:04 pm- Thanks Scott. There are
JohnCodman -09/22, 06:09 pm- Wish I were there...
Frank van Ekeren (A -09/22, 10:12 pm- Already delivered one T f
Steve Bumgarner -09/23, 05:18 am- Looking forward to drivin
Steve Bumgarner -09/24, 05:37 pm- Franks car did great on t
3 inch Dropped Rear Crossmember
Tom Stephens - Arnol -09/24, 05:23 pm- Ive seen 2 dropped crossm
OT - I think I have a stumper for you this time!
Tim -09/24, 12:24 pm- What is it - #4 is now av
Dave Wilson, Saint J -09/24, 12:28 pm- oiler for early auto or t
Dennis Hoshield; Oak -09/24, 12:36 pm- I 2nd that... or hydrolic
David Sullivan -09/24, 12:50 pm- Float valve for oil stove
charley shaver- libe -09/24, 02:30 pm- Dave has it right. charle
Howard D. Dennis Byr -09/24, 04:51 pm-
Howard D. Dennis Byr -09/24, 04:57 pm- Well Im still stumped, Tw
Old Photo - Scrap Yard Pre WW2
Jay - In Northern Ca -09/23, 11:17 am- [jmfhj yj64uj44.jpg]
Mark Strange - Hills -09/23, 11:40 am- Are you sure its pre-war?
Terry Horlick in Pen -09/23, 01:01 pm-  Is that sign on a rather
Peter Kirk -09/23, 01:39 pm- Im a gearhead and a sci f
Peter Kirk -09/23, 01:40 pm- and some parts!
charley shaver- libe -09/23, 02:38 pm- hell i want all of them!!
Gary H. White - Sher -09/23, 03:43 pm- Why wish for a loaf of br
tt newbee Thomas R.  -09/23, 05:06 pm- Maybe after Pearl harbour
Dave Wells, Hamilton -09/23, 08:04 pm- He must have got in troub
Peter Kirk -09/23, 10:46 pm- I think all those cars en
Rich Bingham -09/23, 10:53 pm- How can you guys get all
Tim Lloid -09/23, 10:54 pm- Love to be able to go bac
Marty Bufalini - Gro -09/24, 08:10 am- Looks like its somewhere
Norman T. Kling -09/24, 12:07 pm- Many cars were scrapped d
Norman T. Kling -09/24, 12:10 pm- Many old cars were crushe
Gary H. White - Sher -09/24, 04:46 pm- If you go back to that ju
Texas T Party Room Swap
Bill Severn - SE Tex -09/24, 04:37 pm- Still looking.
Do you clear-coat your brass? If so, what do you use?
James J. Lyons III - -09/21, 12:40 pm- Some of my purist friends
Michael Sommers -09/21, 12:54 pm- Someone in our club has u
Chadwick Azevedo -09/21, 01:17 pm- If Im not mistaken Ive se
Royce in Dallas TX -09/21, 01:20 pm- My experience having had
Troy Todd -09/21, 02:00 pm- I have some of mine clear
Tim -09/21, 02:31 pm- I did an experiment with
Greg Adkisson -09/21, 03:34 pm- Put Maas Metal Polish cre
Richard E Moore Jr.  -09/21, 04:18 pm- I use blue magic. I drive
Tim Eckensviller - T -09/21, 04:47 pm- Oddly enough, I enjoy pol
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/21, 05:17 pm- I havent applied a clear
Allan Bennett - Aust -09/21, 05:28 pm- With both clearcoat and g
Andy Clary -09/21, 05:39 pm- Having removed clear coat
Terry Bond -09/21, 06:09 pm- Well said - the topic alw
Mat Klemp -09/21, 06:14 pm- I use #12164 brass coat f
James J. Lyons III - -09/21, 06:49 pm- Looks like the Dont do it
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -09/21, 08:44 pm- Richard M & Tim E Im
Richard E Moore Jr.  -09/21, 08:48 pm- Oh Tim. Just 1 brassy is
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -09/22, 07:57 am- I just punch out the prim
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -09/22, 08:11 am- Richard, yeh, I can relat
James J. Lyons III - -09/22, 09:14 am- The issue I have with pol
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -09/23, 07:41 am- I have to agree James. Wh
Royce in Dallas TX -09/23, 08:33 am- Since I got a bench mount
HARRY A DAW Troy, Mo -09/23, 07:06 pm- Gunk gasket remover spray
Martin Vowell, Sylma -09/23, 08:16 pm- I have very little brass
Richard E Moore Jr.  -09/23, 08:28 pm- Im going to start having
Martin Vowell, Sylma -09/23, 08:40 pm- Another reason to wax aft
Troy Todd -09/24, 02:07 am- Ive never heard of waxing
John Warren -09/24, 08:13 am- It was fun reading about
Richard E Moore Jr.  -09/24, 03:19 pm- I love it when they walk
Richard E Moore Jr.  -09/24, 03:21 pm- Bump
Help!!! Still puzzled, problem with my 1920 touring
Ken Klemmer -09/18, 02:57 pm- Some of you may recall my
Harold Schwendeman - -09/18, 03:08 pm- Ken - Just a thought here
Norman T. Kling -09/18, 03:40 pm- Hows the coil box? The to
Ken Klemmer -09/18, 04:28 pm- @ Harold: good idea, I wi
Jim Eviston -09/18, 04:36 pm- I wonder if there could b
Ken Klemmer -09/18, 05:37 pm- @ Jim, Thats why i am co
Jim Eviston -09/18, 05:55 pm- Ken, unless you have coil
Garnet -09/18, 06:07 pm- With everything youve cov
Garnet -09/18, 06:08 pm- ... also check out the ig
Shawn Hayward -09/18, 09:35 pm- We had a similar issue wi
David Coleman-Grand  -09/18, 10:22 pm- Watching and listening Ke
Jim Eviston -09/18, 10:24 pm- Ken, just for kicks, try
jeff cordes -09/18, 10:40 pm- Have you verified compres
Richard Gould, Folso -09/18, 10:59 pm- Had a similar problem aft
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/18, 11:26 pm- My roadster is currently
Steven Thum -09/19, 12:32 am- I had the same problem wh
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/19, 01:04 am- Theres why I use the fun
Troy Todd -09/19, 01:27 am- I ran into a very similar
Troy Todd -09/19, 01:29 am- Mine was also running the
Larry Smith, Lomita, -09/19, 10:07 am- Ive run coil boxes in the
Jim Eviston -09/19, 03:43 pm- Any news? Im fascinated b
jeff cordes -09/19, 06:44 pm- Ive been known to remove
Ken Klemmer -09/19, 10:36 pm- Yesterday I filled the ta
David Coleman-Grand  -09/19, 11:09 pm- What does your fuel tank
Jim Eviston -09/19, 11:10 pm- But, Ken, you already swa
Jim Eviston -09/19, 11:13 pm- And Ken says fuel flowing
Roger Hudson -09/20, 12:49 am- I will vote for a coil bo
Ken Klemmer -09/20, 07:29 am- @jim: Ill try to pull the
Charlie B actually i -09/20, 11:09 am- I suppose the coil box wo
JohnCodman -09/20, 11:26 am- Ill always go for the sim
Jim Eviston -09/20, 11:38 am- Ken-the Nash with the bub
Chadwick Azevedo -09/20, 11:45 am- Silly question but did yo
Gus Devolder -09/20, 12:02 pm- Ken, The carbon tracking
Gus Devolder -09/22, 01:26 pm- Ken, Any developments?
Ken Klemmer -09/23, 06:30 am- All, I havent had much ch
Harold Schwendeman - -09/23, 03:22 pm- Ken, mentioned tha
Harold Schwendeman - -09/23, 03:24 pm- Oops! Now, after reading
Ken Klemmer -09/24, 02:57 pm- Further development. Tir
Old Photo - Model T Era Main Street - Rosendale, Mo.
Jay - In Northern Ca -09/23, 11:07 am- [gbhnjkjgiouou.jpg]
Henry Petrino in Mod -09/23, 11:19 am- You cant see it because t
John Warren -09/24, 10:13 am- What a great photo, it wa
charley shaver- libe -09/24, 02:44 pm- no way going out business
1917 Model T (coolant during storage)
David Benny -09/24, 12:17 pm- Should I leave anti-freez
Mark Gregush Portlan -09/24, 12:23 pm- I would replace with fres
Erik Johnson -09/24, 01:03 pm- Change the coolant every
Power coat pros n cons.
Brian Dowell -09/23, 03:37 pm- Been threatening to powde
Gary H. White - Sher -09/23, 04:28 pm- Someone had powder coated
David Dewey, N. Cali -09/23, 04:45 pm- It is recommended you mas
Martin Vowell, Sylma -09/23, 07:58 pm- I had my Model A wheels d
Les Gitts - Ferndale -09/23, 08:07 pm- Pros: They look good and
Marc Roberts, York,  -09/24, 04:11 am- Very difficult to remove
John Warren -09/24, 07:54 am- I had my wire wheels done
David Dewey, N. Cali -09/24, 10:36 am- Brake Clean shouldnt AFAI
Burger in Spokane -09/24, 10:46 am- Powder coating is suppose
George Barclay in we -09/24, 10:56 am- I agree with Burger, will
Walter Higgins -09/24, 11:15 am- There are different types
Dan Woolf -09/24, 11:44 am- I had a set of Model A wh
Old Photo - A Curious Picture Titled from Dakota's to Mon...
Lance Sorenson, Hect -09/23, 11:31 pm- Interesting picture, incl
John Noonan - Norton -09/23, 11:49 pm- Looks like the guy tied t
Tom Carnegie Spokane -09/23, 11:56 pm- I once drove my T from th
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -09/24, 12:19 am- Considering they have a W
Scott Owens -09/24, 12:39 am- Looks like some of Jimmy
Corey Walker, Browns -09/24, 01:18 am- Hope they dont stall the
Eric Hylen- Central  -09/24, 02:24 am- Well, now we know how the
John Warren -09/24, 07:57 am- They are actually perform
Lance Sorenson, Hect -09/24, 09:59 am- Did anyone notice the two
John T. Tannehill II -09/24, 10:48 am- Is this an early 13 touri
Don Lang -09/24, 10:55 am- Its a 1913 Windshield f
Warped head possibility?
Jonathan Delancey -09/23, 12:27 am- I want to change the two
Mark Gregush Portlan -09/23, 12:53 am- What are the chances are
Jonathan Delancey -09/23, 01:20 am- Maybe some PB Blaster?
Dave Dufault -09/23, 08:30 am- Kroil is my friend to hel
Roger Karlsson, sout -09/23, 09:16 am- Its very rare to break Mo
David L Corman -09/23, 10:28 am- Use air impact wrench on
JohnCodman -09/23, 11:55 am- A couple of years ago I p
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/23, 12:20 pm- [Penetrants.jpg]
Dave Dufault -09/23, 01:56 pm- Mr Frugal Finishes First!
John Warren -09/24, 10:02 am- If your head is not leaki
Cowboys and a Model T-Photo
Herb Iffrig -09/23, 09:33 pm- [cowboy model t.GIF resiz
John Warren -09/24, 08:52 am- cool photo
Larry Smith, Lomita, -09/24, 09:50 am- My T came from a ranch li
OT -- Really nice country song to listen to while you rea...
Hap Tucker in Sumter -09/22, 08:23 pm- I dont usually post OT it
John Albert Lemon -09/22, 09:30 pm- OMG Hap, that video was j
Kohnke Rebabbitting, -09/23, 12:43 am- Excellent Hap. Herm.
Kohnke Rebabbitting, -09/23, 02:05 am- Banjo I just got back fro
Robert G. Hester Jr. -09/23, 02:15 am- See? Now thats what Im ta
Kohnke Rebabbitting, -09/23, 02:56 am- More. [Beacon Banjo FF-P
Gary Tillstrom 30 mi -09/23, 05:38 am- Thats not really a banjo,
Gary Schreiber- Sant -09/23, 07:31 am- Just the purdiest tenor b
Jesse L. Ashcraft -09/23, 09:54 am- The best soundtrack John
Will Copeland - West -09/23, 10:24 am- The best song I have ever
Luke----central TX. -09/23, 10:34 am- Thoroughly enjoyed that.
Gene Carrothers Hunt -09/23, 12:45 pm- Wow that was so great!! I
R.V. Anderson -09/23, 02:25 pm- The banjo is beautiful al
Noel D. Chicoine, MD -09/23, 02:25 pm- Thanks for the video, Hap
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/23, 03:55 pm- A Denver song sung by a c
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -09/23, 04:00 pm- Noel, did I ever send you
Hap Tucker in Sumter -09/23, 07:52 pm- Herm -- that is a beautif
Glen Chaffin -09/23, 09:58 pm- Hap. That is awesome. The
Mike Walker, NW AR -09/24, 09:49 am- Herm -- That banjo is an
Anybody know what this wheel is?
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -09/23, 01:59 pm- Bought this at an auction
Jim Eviston -09/23, 02:24 pm- If anybody knows, I know
brass car guy -09/23, 03:38 pm- I will suggest Simplex br
Layden Butler -09/23, 04:11 pm- Early Pasco for Model T F
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -09/23, 04:23 pm- Thanks,Layden and Brass C
Dave Barker - Dayton -09/24, 08:39 am- Not sure what it is, but
John Warren -09/24, 09:24 am- I am looking for somethin
Copper Head Gasket Question
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -09/19, 03:21 pm- Tonights project: Replace
Trent Boggess -09/19, 04:21 pm- Jerry, I think it is the
Mark Gregush Portlan -09/19, 07:47 pm- Personally I just use wha
JohnCodman -09/19, 08:07 pm- I used one from Langs and
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -09/19, 08:51 pm- Trent, I have examples o
Jonathan Delancey -09/19, 09:08 pm- Mark, when you say copper
Garnet -09/19, 10:24 pm- If you use the very stick
Mark Gregush Portlan -09/19, 10:47 pm- google Copper coat and ye
Jim Eviston -09/19, 11:51 pm- And in addition to grease
Verne Shirk -09/20, 08:36 am- Ive never heard about soa
Royce in Dallas TX -09/20, 09:53 am- The white filler in coppe
Charlie B actually i -09/20, 10:42 am- Really cant see using gre
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -09/20, 10:52 am- Royce, The white filler
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -09/20, 10:56 am- Heres the Copper Coat spr
paul griesse--Granvi -09/20, 12:51 pm- Your headgsaket replaceme
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -09/20, 12:53 pm- Have you checked your oil
paul griesse--Granvi -09/20, 01:02 pm- Oil level stable---not mi
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -09/20, 01:08 pm- Paul, I had some coolant
Jim Eviston -09/20, 02:07 pm- Charlie -i dont consider
Harold Schwendeman - -09/23, 06:28 pm- Jim & Charlie - Im a
Royce in Dallas TX -09/23, 06:36 pm- Bud Scudder installed a n
John Warren -09/24, 09:10 am- I have re-used many head
Theatre Sound Guy needs help Western Mass.
Patrick Drone -09/23, 11:55 pm- Greetings Everyone, I was
David Dewey, N. Cali -09/24, 12:35 am- Hmm, IF Brad is being re
David Dewey, N. Cali -09/24, 12:59 am- Pat, That email doesnt wo
Wayne Jorgensen, Bat -09/24, 07:41 am- Our members have a lot of
Dick Lodge - St Loui -09/24, 08:53 am- Pat, That email doesnt wo
Umbrella Ford-Photo
Herb Iffrig -09/23, 09:40 pm- [umbrella ford.GIF] [umbr
John Warren -09/24, 08:50 am- Looks like they need a cr
This is test
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -09/23, 06:14 pm-  I wonder if it works her
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -09/23, 06:25 pm- please disregard Message
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -09/23, 06:30 pm- Still cant make it work.
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -09/23, 06:34 pm-
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -09/23, 06:35 pm- Yea it works! Maybe.
Dave Dufault -09/23, 06:39 pm- Just dont understand how
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -09/23, 06:51 pm- Big belly?
Bill Thompson, Sudbu -09/23, 09:44 pm- Hi Fred, How is the new e
Bill Thompson, Sudbu -09/23, 09:51 pm- HI Fred, How is the new e
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -09/23, 10:36 pm- Hi Bill, I really apprec
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/23, 11:14 pm- I see you raised the body
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -09/24, 08:50 am- Steve Yes it only had 6
Cars & Coffee tomorrow in Portland?
Chris Bamford, Edmon -09/24, 07:31 am- My bride and I are flying
T Ford Top Installation
John Oldland - Perth -09/23, 10:01 pm- I have just finished fitt
Ron Dupree -09/24, 07:20 am- A couple of other thought
Old Photo - Model T Era - The White Way - Clintonville, Wis.
Jay - In Northern Ca -09/23, 11:10 am- [h vkjr7yu yu.jpg]
Chris Landry, Hudson -09/23, 12:51 pm- Not much the same. [clin
Burger in Spokane -09/23, 11:20 pm- Yeah, ... our culture ha
charley shaver- libe -09/24, 07:11 am- that is the home of the f
Camping-Not being attentive-Photo
Herb Iffrig -09/23, 09:37 pm- [not being attentive.GIF
Jim Eviston -09/23, 09:39 pm- Packard?
Rich Bingham -09/23, 09:42 pm- Packard. 3rd Series six
Jim Eviston -09/23, 09:55 pm- Great eye, Rich. In all h
Rich Bingham -09/23, 10:13 pm- Thanks, Jim. I got a kick
Tim Lloid -09/23, 11:17 pm-  It was just to hot for t
Mysterious Magneto Problem
Marty Bufalini - Gro -09/19, 02:25 pm- So, Im on a weekend tour
Mark Strange - Hills -09/19, 02:27 pm- Perhaps the screw provide
Royce in Dallas TX -09/19, 03:08 pm- Before you do anything el
Val Soupios -09/19, 06:35 pm- Royce why do you need the
Mark Strange - Hills -09/19, 07:02 pm- Description of why the bu
Val Soupios -09/19, 07:12 pm- Thanks, I guess the bulb
Garnet -09/19, 07:24 pm- Memorial test? Which one
Richard Gould, Folso -09/19, 07:53 pm- I had a similar problem.
JohnCodman -09/19, 08:06 pm- I read all of the posts -
Mark Strange - Hills -09/19, 08:07 pm-
John F. Regan -09/20, 10:12 am- Sorry but the problem wit
David Menzies -09/23, 11:03 pm- As a graduate back yard m
Crank pulley
John Mosher  -09/23, 08:03 pm- Im having a problem with
Chadwick Azevedo -09/23, 09:02 pm- Is there end play in your
Dan Treace, North FL -09/23, 10:29 pm- This older post may help.
Dan Treace, North FL -09/23, 10:39 pm- Here are some things to m
Jerry Davis Houston  -09/23, 10:45 pm- Flip the fan belt inside
Engine pans
Dean Yoder, Iowa Cit -09/23, 10:43 pm- Can you tell me what year
Early Drive in Church service?-Photo
Herb Iffrig -09/23, 09:44 pm- [early drive in service.j
Gary H. White - Sher -09/23, 09:54 pm- Note the candle stick on
Jim Derocher -09/23, 09:55 pm- The men all have hats on,
charley shaver- libe -09/23, 09:55 pm- the car in frist pic at t
Gary H. White - Sher -09/23, 09:56 pm- Menorah?
Gary H. White - Sher -09/23, 10:00 pm- The men have their hats o
Jim Eviston -09/23, 10:11 pm- Where was this? The house
Old photo, what are these cars?
Kevin Weeds -09/23, 12:35 am- [Gladston Hotel.jpg]
Bill Elliott -09/23, 05:35 am- Extinct!
Royce in Dallas TX -09/23, 07:03 am- The Gladstone was in Quee
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -09/23, 08:55 am- LMBU Bill!
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -09/23, 08:56 am- Nice picture, now that Im
Roger Karlsson, sout -09/23, 09:08 am- The need for window scree
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -09/23, 09:27 am- Roger, forgot about that
Rod Letcher - Eugene -09/23, 10:01 am- Was stationed 33 months o
Tony Bowker, Ramona, -09/23, 11:27 am- I lived in England for th
Nevin Gough -09/23, 03:23 pm- Darracq service cars and
Nevin Gough -09/23, 03:30 pm- .[800px-Bonhams_-_The_Par
Nevin Gough -09/23, 03:37 pm- Mt Cook Darracq Service c
Nevin Gough -09/23, 03:44 pm- Not extinct Bill. Two of
Nevin Gough -09/23, 03:52 pm- The Gladstone Hotel still
Kevin Weeds -09/23, 05:32 pm- Good spotting Nevin, your
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -09/23, 05:57 pm- Flies and bugs in the hou
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -09/23, 06:53 pm- Think Ill move to NZ Kevi
Nevin Gough -09/23, 09:14 pm- I have some bumble bees t
Turtle Deck Prices
Neil Haywood -09/18, 07:05 pm- Looking to sell my 23 tur
Neil Haywood -09/18, 07:37 pm- Saying thank you again fo
Mark Strange - Hills -09/18, 07:40 pm- That is one cool utility
Mark Eyre -09/18, 07:56 pm- I restored the tobacco tr
Jon Crane -09/18, 08:11 pm- There is a similar vehicl
David Dewey, N. Cali -09/19, 12:24 am- If you werent so far away
Mike Walker, NW AR -09/19, 09:41 am- Neil -- The turtle looks
john kuehn -09/19, 09:49 am- Thats a nice turtle deck.
David Mazza -09/19, 11:37 am- Neil if interested in the
David Hagerty -09/19, 01:19 pm- Jon Crane, Myself being
David Dewey, N. Cali -09/19, 02:07 pm- David, Yah, but Lionel
David Dewey, N. Cali -09/19, 02:13 pm- PS, Today, Lionel makes A
Tim Knapp -09/19, 04:25 pm- I am surprised. In our p
William bender  -09/19, 05:29 pm- Hello Neil if I had that
Hal Schedler, Sacram -09/19, 06:15 pm- Niel, I paid 400 for one
John Leffler -09/19, 10:12 pm- If your interested in sel
David Dewey, N. Cali -09/19, 10:30 pm- Hal, Your cousins atti
Neil Haywood -09/20, 08:51 pm- John, sent you a pm Just
David Hagerty -09/20, 09:49 pm- David, My time with Lion
JohnCodman -09/21, 07:20 pm- I do like the American Fl
JohnCodman -09/21, 07:24 pm- Neil, I dont want to lin
David Hagerty -09/21, 10:15 pm- John, Minor correction, s
David Dewey, N. Cali -09/22, 12:48 am- Ah, but they have made ma
David Hagerty -09/22, 12:59 am- Hey David, Superman... HA
David Dewey, N. Cali -09/22, 03:19 am- Gee, does it show?? [:-]
David Stroud -09/22, 03:38 am- Back to the OP. I have a
Neil Haywood -09/22, 05:27 pm- John sent you a PM
Harold Schwendeman - -09/22, 06:24 pm- David & David - Just
David Dewey, N. Cali -09/23, 12:09 am- Harold, Nah, it doesnt l
Jack Daron - Brownsb -09/23, 12:32 am- I will Sweetin the pot ,s
David Dewey, N. Cali -09/23, 01:55 am- DAng Jack, that sound jus
Ted Dumas -09/23, 08:07 pm- If all I was going to get
Ed in California -09/23, 08:55 pm- I see them frequently at
Disc Brakes
Eddy Lee Emerson -09/23, 04:18 pm- I just added a set of the
Peter Kirk -09/23, 04:50 pm- Yes, you have to dish it
Eddy Lee Emerson -09/23, 05:03 pm- Peter. Thank you for your
Peter Kirk -09/23, 05:58 pm- Firewall
Rick Goelz-Knoxville -09/23, 06:17 pm- I did not have a problem
Pat Kelly Montana -09/23, 08:21 pm- On my 26 Roadster I mount
Photo - Starting another tour out of Benson, Minn.
Lance Sorenson, Hect -09/22, 11:43 pm- Benson, Minnesota had an
charley shaver- libe -09/23, 07:03 am- frist car is 09 or 10 ove
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -09/23, 08:51 am- Nice picture. That is one
Chris Landry, Hudson -09/23, 07:52 pm- Different angle. The bui
New MFG. 12 Volt starter
Mike Robison -09/20, 07:42 pm- Anyone know the current s
Bob Jablonski -09/20, 09:35 pm- Mike, try : 1-319-577-12
Bob Jablonski -09/20, 09:36 pm- Wrong area code..... use
JohnCodman -09/21, 07:03 pm- Whats wrong with the fact
John E Cox -09/21, 08:13 pm- They dont work well on 12
Ted Dumas -09/21, 09:11 pm- John, They work just fin
Jerry Davis Houston  -09/21, 09:14 pm- Use a bendix spring as a
Mike Robison -09/22, 10:57 am- Guys, I know all the tric
Steve Bourgeois -09/22, 11:16 am- Hello Jerry, Can you post
Mark Gregush Portlan -09/22, 11:25 am- Mount one end of the spri
Kirk Peterson  -09/22, 12:33 pm- Mike You probably alread
Ted Dumas -09/22, 01:35 pm- I think you need to consu
Ed Montgomery -09/22, 07:35 pm- I have one of Beckers 12
Mark Chaffin......Co -09/22, 09:38 pm- I have what appears to be
Kirk Peterson  -09/22, 09:53 pm- No wonder my car is hard
Mike Hanson -09/22, 09:54 pm- I just sold two as spares
Mark Chaffin......Co -09/22, 10:15 pm- I meant to say Bendix sup
Daryl W. Becker -09/22, 10:42 pm- The starters sold by Beck
Mike Walker, NW AR -09/23, 08:58 am- Mike -- Ive had several r
Larry Smith, Lomita, -09/23, 09:58 am- What is wrong with an ori
Roger Karlsson, sout -09/23, 10:09 am- Larry - the hand crank in
Ted Dumas -09/23, 12:09 pm- His customer wants 12 vol
Frank Harris from Lo -09/23, 12:24 pm- The main reason to use a
Mark Chaffin......Co -09/23, 02:42 pm- I just purchased a 6 volt
Dick Fischer - Arroy -09/23, 06:04 pm- Ted Dumas is exactly righ
Mike Robison -09/23, 06:42 pm- Thanks, Ive offered a reb
tim moore, "Island C -09/23, 07:25 pm- Dick, Just had this ques
Old Photo - Model T Era - Main Street Looking West - Belm...
Jay - In Northern Ca -09/23, 11:12 am- [hgkl4 y9FF.jpg]
Doug Keppler, Fredon -09/23, 07:21 pm- Look at all those old str
Old Photo - Model T Era - Fishing With Dupont Spinners :-)...
Jay - In Northern Ca -09/21, 11:29 am- [dflkjfg.lbkj.k22.jpg]
David Dewey, N. Cali -09/21, 11:26 pm- Now we know why todays li
Ken Todd, .......... -09/22, 11:11 am- Im guessing that Dupont s
Jay - In Northern Ca -09/22, 11:24 am- Fishing Rods?.....We dont
Kenneth W DeLong -09/22, 01:26 pm- Anyone notice how comfort
Jim Eviston -09/22, 01:54 pm- That boat and trailer wou
David Hagerty -09/22, 10:34 pm- Ken, or anyone... I have
Kevin Weeds -09/23, 12:40 am- Over here we called them
Kenneth W DeLong -09/23, 12:55 am- No i sure dont know but i
David Hagerty -09/23, 12:59 am- No dynamite...? Thats pro
David Dewey, N. Cali -09/23, 01:31 am- How was the fishing trip,
Gary H. White - Sher -09/23, 04:48 pm- As a young lad I went to
Kenneth W DeLong -09/23, 05:17 pm- I sold a small pole barn
Lonnie Doan S. E. Il -09/23, 06:25 pm- A friend or mine,as a you
Model T Ford PVC Valve part two
George John Drobnock -09/23, 05:46 pm- Fuel-saving appliance for
5:1 OR 7:1 TT REAR END RATIO (How many licks to the cente...
Steven Sebaugh in Ja -09/22, 09:13 pm- I have a question. If I
Joe Fedullo, Milford -09/22, 09:25 pm- To make the rear axle tur
Mack Cole ---- Earth -09/22, 09:37 pm- Well my experience in gat
Burger in Spokane -09/23, 12:05 am- So ... how many chucks co
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -09/23, 07:32 am- Thats funny, Mack![:-]
Nicholas Lingg - Tar -09/23, 08:47 am- I think you just put the
Tony Bowker, Ramona, -09/23, 11:30 am- I may be wrong but I thin
tt newbee Thomas R.  -09/23, 11:36 am- Install it on your TT. Se
Gary Schreiber- Sant -09/23, 11:39 am- I think you can even just
Robert L. Rogers -09/23, 12:47 pm- I found my high speed gea
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -09/23, 04:56 pm- Four starts Teeth on the
1913 coil box lid
mike kolsrud -09/19, 04:28 pm- Hey all fellow model Ters
R.V. Anderson -09/23, 02:33 pm- What is the make of the c
Gasoline regulating needle valve
Robert Blanchard -09/22, 07:40 pm- Okay this might seem like
Royce in Dallas TX -09/22, 09:21 pm- Back when Model Ts were n
Roger Karlsson, sout -09/23, 02:48 am- The Model T carburetor is
Erik Johnson -09/23, 10:21 am- Read answers 42 through 4
Robert Blanchard -09/23, 10:30 am- Thanks guys! That video o
Jay - In Northern Ca -09/23, 11:01 am- Heres a few accessory aut
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/23, 12:29 pm- The idea for the video ca
Old Photo - Model T Era - Bank Of Phillip, South Dakota
Jay - In Northern Ca -09/23, 11:14 am- [hjmhj,ttrew33e4.jpg]
Dallas landers -09/23, 11:56 am- UFO alert !
Cliff Colee -09/23, 12:07 pm- Looks like a wire-suspend
Holes in firewall and brake cam
Dennis Hoshield; Oak -09/21, 08:45 pm- Might the larger hole her
Roger Karlsson, sout -09/22, 01:29 am- Is it the firewall and th
Dennis Hoshield; Oak -09/22, 11:27 pm- Yes. Its titled as a 24..
Roger Karlsson, sout -09/23, 09:19 am- Yes [:-]
Mark Strange - Hills -09/23, 09:24 am- If you decide to turn the
Tim Eckensviller - T -09/23, 11:10 am- Whatever accessory it was
Mark Gregush Portlan -09/23, 11:16 am- Round over the sharp edge
Dennis Hoshield; Oak -09/23, 12:06 pm- Roger. My brake quadrant
OT MACS are you kidding me talk about a gotcha
Michael Garrison - R -09/22, 12:01 am- There are no companies le
Burger in Spokane -09/22, 12:13 am- Garrison ~ You have
Michael Garrison - R -09/22, 12:24 am- You should be a speech wr
Jay - In Northern Ca -09/22, 12:26 am- Good thing it wasnt a pac
Burger in Spokane -09/22, 12:56 am- Id rather eat my own stoo
Michael Garrison - R -09/22, 07:34 am- Awe, yeah! Alrighty then!
Michael Garrison - R -09/22, 08:26 am- To be fair to Macs Antiqu
Tony Barchock Plymou -09/22, 08:46 am- So let me get this straig
Greg Whaley, Caledon -09/22, 08:51 am- Lol - go ahead and phone
Greg Whaley, Caledon -09/22, 08:52 am- Didnt see Mikes post abou
Dave Barker - Dayton -09/22, 09:15 am- Not sure why the gripe in
Charlie B actually i -09/22, 09:20 am- Sometimes when you beg fo
Mack Cole ---- Earth -09/22, 10:10 am- Burger ,thanks for the go
Jay - In Northern Ca -09/22, 10:21 am- Ditto Mack! The Devil ha
Richard L Grzegorowi -09/22, 10:35 am- all Ive got to say about
John McGinnis in San -09/22, 10:37 am- Why did I waste my time r
tt newbee Thomas R.  -09/22, 11:25 am- I complain too. I had di
John Semprez-Templet -09/22, 11:59 am- Please take no offence, b
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -09/22, 12:00 pm- At least you got to talk
Jay - In Northern Ca -09/22, 12:16 pm- [complaint.png]
Peter Kirk -09/22, 12:32 pm- For the opposite of Macs
Robert G. Hester Jr. -09/22, 12:38 pm- Mrs. Waite is in charge o
Phil Mino, near Port -09/22, 01:42 pm- I tried them many, many y
Ted Dumas -09/22, 05:41 pm- You need to quit bitching
Gary Schreiber- Sant -09/22, 07:02 pm- Different thread Ted [:-]
Charlie B actually i -09/22, 11:35 pm- I kind of agree with you
Larry Smith, Lomita, -09/23, 10:03 am- Yesterday, just for the h
OT - Any Steam people in the SE Michigan Area?
Joe Fedullo, Milford -09/22, 09:11 pm- I recently purchased a 19
Thomas Mullin -09/22, 11:00 pm- Joe, Borrow a copy of Sto
David Dewey, N. Cali -09/23, 12:08 am- Ah Joe, It has been sai
Mark Strange - Hills -09/23, 09:05 am- Some good stuff in here:
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -09/23, 09:09 am- Joe, one of the members o
Running Board Blocks?
Marv Konrad (Green B -09/22, 12:05 am- Was doing some re-assembl
Mark Gregush Portlan -09/22, 12:14 am- Sure you could make your
Marv Konrad (Green B -09/22, 12:21 am- Thank you, Mark! Would th
Duey_C -09/22, 01:08 am- Yep, supposed to be somet
David Stroud -09/22, 03:43 am- Marv, the wood ones that
Mark Gregush Portlan -09/22, 11:31 am- You really dont want to u
Marv Konrad (Green B -09/22, 12:04 pm- Am hearing all of you! El
Erik Johnson -09/22, 12:16 pm- Suggest you purchase the
Marv Konrad (Green B -09/22, 01:27 pm- Thanks, Erik. It proves a
john kuehn -09/22, 01:45 pm- The blocks that are cheap
James A Bartsch -09/22, 10:42 pm- I use plastic deck board
John F. Regan -09/23, 01:06 am- All of the blocks that Fo
OT - For Yahoo Users
Marv Konrad (Green B -09/22, 11:12 pm- Saw a post earlier today
Marv Konrad (Green B -09/23, 12:24 am- What to do: http://money.
Some visitors this past weekend
Frank Fenton -09/18, 08:02 pm- Back home after taking th
Kirk Peterson  -09/18, 09:17 pm- Frank Best of Luck in Cal
Donnie Brown North C -09/18, 10:05 pm- Frank.... Glad you made i
David Dewey, N. Cali -09/18, 10:53 pm- Frank, To what part of
Frank Fenton -09/19, 06:47 am- David, well be in Rosevil
Mike Walker, NW AR -09/19, 09:38 am- Glad to hear you made it
David Dewey, N. Cali -09/19, 11:52 am- Frank, Welcome new nei
Frank Fenton -09/20, 06:02 am- Thanks, David. We look fo
Mike Walker, NW AR -09/22, 11:37 pm- For anyone who might be i
Mystic Seaport Tour this weekend
Dave Young in Mays L -09/20, 08:04 pm- Any of you guys going on
Charlie B actually i -09/20, 08:24 pm- Would love to but 200 mil
Garnet -09/20, 09:02 pm- Is there any Mystic pizza
Dave Young in Mays L -09/20, 09:23 pm- Even better... The fish f
Bob Jablonski -09/20, 09:24 pm- hey Dave, Cathy, Scott &a
Dave Young in Mays L -09/21, 06:56 am- Thanks Bob. When are you
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -09/21, 12:11 pm- I didnt know they did tha
Dave Young in Mays L -09/21, 10:07 pm- This event has been going
Ted Dumas -09/22, 11:15 pm- Dick Wren always drove hi
Our "new" 1920 Roadster
Noel D. Chicoine, MD -09/21, 09:41 pm- My September purchase. We
Jim Eviston -09/21, 09:54 pm- Congratulations,Doctor.A
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -09/21, 11:15 pm- Hi Noel, It looks REALLY
John Warren -09/21, 11:31 pm- Wow, nice car!!!!
David Heavner -09/21, 11:45 pm- Hey Noel. Good looking r
Duey_C -09/22, 01:11 am- Doc, what a sweety! In a
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -09/22, 02:33 am- What a find!! That is on
David Stroud -09/22, 03:50 am- Doc, nice score!!! Dave
Gary Schreiber- Sant -09/22, 07:16 am- Awesome !!
Jim Eubanks, Powell, -09/22, 07:19 am- Great looking car Doc.
Jim Eubanks, Powell, -09/22, 07:20 am- Wait a minute, how are yo
Randy Brown - Austin -09/22, 08:56 am- Great find! The Pasco wh
John McGinnis in San -09/22, 08:57 am- Put on black wood-spoke w
Steve Tomaso - Longb -09/22, 10:19 am- Nice T !!! Anyone know o
Larry Smith, Lomita, -09/22, 10:28 am- Is it possible that floor
Dale Peterson Colleg -09/22, 05:01 pm- Are those tires 30X3 all
Noel D. Chicoine, MD -09/22, 11:11 pm- In the trunk are side cur
What are these leather pieces for ???
Donnie Brown North C -09/20, 10:27 pm- I acquired some old lefto
Michael Garrison - R -09/21, 12:14 am- My old girlfriend had som
Rick Goelz-Knoxville -09/21, 10:58 am- Fan Belts ? Rick
john kuehn -09/21, 01:54 pm- Any kind of info on the b
Donnie Brown North C -09/21, 06:19 pm- John, there was nothing o
Don Azevedo -09/21, 06:35 pm- Door straps????
Allan Bennett - Aust -09/21, 07:01 pm- Donnie, if nothing else,
Jack Daron - Brownsb -09/22, 08:57 pm- They look like they are s
Donnie Brown North C -09/22, 09:42 pm- Jack, You may be right. I
don ellis -09/22, 10:21 pm- not for the hood ,too thi
Mag update
Val Soupios -09/22, 05:46 pm- Some time ago I lost the
Thomas Mullin -09/22, 05:59 pm- Val, One thing that can z
Val Soupios -09/22, 10:19 pm- That is what I thought an
Riding on an accessorized Model T Ford-Photo
Herb Iffrig -09/21, 10:51 pm- [riding on a model t ford
Dennis Plank - Three -09/22, 08:49 am- After all that, they coul
Dennis Hoshield; Oak -09/22, 10:03 pm- What are the support thin
Jay - In Northern Ca -09/22, 10:10 pm- rebound strap?
Old Shorpy Photo. Cars in the street including Fords
Dane Hawley Near Mel -09/22, 06:41 am-
Larry Smith, Lomita, -09/22, 10:32 am- Most of those buildings a
Ed Archer Hayward, C -09/22, 07:27 pm- Larry, not a Mercury. Loo
Carl Sorenson-Montro -09/22, 09:36 pm- I like the curve and the
Cool old building file
don ellis -09/22, 10:31 am- Burlington NC[image.jpeg]
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -09/22, 12:17 pm- Are these antique flowers
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -09/22, 12:21 pm- and a red one! [oldbldg3
Chris Landry, Hudson -09/22, 02:10 pm- Found this: Stanley H. M
don ellis -09/22, 09:26 pm- might be his cars still i
Ring and pinion for model t speedster
Mark Anderson -09/22, 04:42 pm- I would like to know what
Chadwick Azevedo -09/22, 05:05 pm- I would like to help but
Trent Boggess -09/22, 05:11 pm- In my humble opinion, the
Chadwick Azevedo -09/22, 05:18 pm- Trent, Im not sure if thi
Rick Goelz-Knoxville -09/22, 06:05 pm- Mark, I would use the 4 t
Les Schubert -09/22, 06:10 pm- Some of us have 4 wheel b
Mike Bender Tulsa Ok -09/22, 06:59 pm- Have you seen Newport hil
Andy Clary -09/22, 09:02 pm- Do you have a ruckstell?
Changing the oil and this fell out
Robert Govoni -09/22, 04:00 pm- Trying to find the link t
Peter Kirk -09/22, 04:11 pm- I have a magnet attached
Mark Strange - Hills -09/22, 04:11 pm-
Robert Govoni -09/22, 08:57 pm- Thanks everyone I ordered
Will 1925 21" wheels fit on my 1924?
Chris Laughary -09/22, 02:13 pm- Is there a chart or does
George Mills_Cherry  -09/22, 02:21 pm- If the brake drum on the
Chris Laughary -09/22, 03:28 pm- Ha! Thx! So far I haven
George Mills_Cherry  -09/22, 04:40 pm- If a rear wheel you can u
Gary Schreiber- Sant -09/22, 04:55 pm- Ive done the drive around
Mark Strange - Hills -09/22, 04:56 pm- If you get the Ford wheel
Chris Laughary -09/22, 08:55 pm- Im still undecided. I gue
Sunberg auction
Mark Strange - Hills -09/18, 11:41 am- Somebody got some great d
Rick J. Gunter -- Sp -09/22, 06:16 pm- Wow, some of those went f
Donnie Brown North C -09/22, 08:19 pm- Some real good deals.....
Dan Treace, North FL -09/22, 08:19 pm- Got this message from Jim
Pratt's Garage-Photo Doe's Charley have this pump?
Herb Iffrig -09/22, 03:03 pm- [pratts garage.jpg]
charley shaver- libe -09/22, 03:32 pm- i have two one with a 5 g
charley shaver- libe -09/22, 03:37 pm- p.s. i need that guys bik
Rich Bingham -09/22, 07:28 pm- What a great photo. It wo
charley shaver- libe -09/22, 07:53 pm- i think the car could be
"Good Night Sleeper"
Rick J. Gunter -- Sp -09/22, 06:21 pm- Thats the perfect car for
Harold Schwendeman - -09/22, 06:35 pm- ......with side curtains
Gary H. White - Sher -09/22, 06:36 pm- Voice of experience?
Harold Schwendeman - -09/22, 06:38 pm- Well,.....maybe,......but
Update on " My Front end adventures"
Richard Eagle Idaho  -09/22, 02:19 pm-
Mark Strange - Hills -09/22, 02:25 pm- Glad to hear you found th
David Dewey, N. Cali -09/22, 04:26 pm- Good moves Rich---especia
Old Photo - Brass Era Touring Car With Accessory Front Bu...
Jay - In Northern Ca -09/22, 09:42 am- [kklkljhkghzzaaa.jpg] H
Larry Smith, Lomita, -09/22, 10:22 am- Looks like that car has s
Harold Schwendeman - -09/22, 12:24 pm- .....lectric headlights t
Marty Bufalini - Gro -09/22, 04:17 pm- I think thats Margaret Ha
Here is something for those that can not got to Hershey
Dan Hatch -09/21, 06:40 pm- It is getting close to He
Dan B -09/21, 06:53 pm- Too funny! I thought it
David Hagerty -09/21, 07:12 pm- I have been to Hershey on
Mark Strange - Hills -09/21, 07:58 pm- The golf carts and scoote
Ed Fuller -09/21, 08:10 pm- Thanks Dan. I feel like
Dan Hatch -09/21, 08:34 pm- Dan B. You mean this. Ple
David Hagerty -09/21, 09:37 pm- Thank you Mark, That make
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/21, 09:38 pm- My favorite announcement
Bill Harper - Keene, -09/22, 09:58 am- I miss Hershey. I was ble
Dan Hatch -09/22, 04:11 pm- Steve: If you had been at
Very early Model T hubs are these pre T
Donnie Brown North C -09/21, 11:22 pm-
John Warren -09/21, 11:28 pm- Definitely pre-T :^
Erik Johnson -09/21, 11:49 pm- Those are skeins, the cas
Kim Dobbins -09/22, 01:40 am- Thanks Eric, I was just a
David Stroud -09/22, 03:47 am- Kim, [:-]. Dave
Steve Tomaso - Longb -09/22, 10:26 am- My 1890s Austin horse-dra
John Albert Lemon -09/22, 10:37 am- Like Eric said, theyre sk
Herb Iffrig -09/22, 12:56 pm- Steve I have one of those
Steve Tomaso - Longb -09/22, 01:16 pm- Ive not found a brass Man
Donnie Brown North C -09/22, 03:33 pm- I thought maybe pre teen
tt newbee Thomas R.  -09/22, 03:46 pm- They are from either a 12
'New and Improved' Runningboard Script
george house . . .ca -09/21, 03:56 pm- Or I guess I couldve call
Donnie Brown North C -09/21, 06:10 pm- This is one more of the m
Dan Treace, North FL -09/21, 06:18 pm- George My guess is the t
george house . . .ca -09/21, 07:32 pm- Good to hear from yall Do
Noel D. Chicoine, MD -09/21, 09:55 pm- looks like its time to ch
Donnie Brown North C -09/21, 11:14 pm- Noel, With the amount of
Kevin Matthiesen -09/22, 01:38 am- Back in the mid 1970s my
Larry Smith, Lomita, -09/22, 10:38 am- I owned a 26 back in the
george house . . .ca -09/22, 03:08 pm- Maybe it was a transition
Magneto problems
Bill Elliott -09/22, 10:24 am- O.k., about a month or tw
Mark Gregush Portlan -09/22, 11:23 am- Did you check the switch
James J. Lyons III - -09/22, 11:33 am- That happened to me once
Bill Elliott -09/22, 12:11 pm- Mark, I went that whole s
Andre Valkenaers -09/22, 01:43 pm- Bill, Just a suggestion,
Royce in Dallas TX -09/22, 02:41 pm- I see a sheared off rivet
Old Photo - Model T Era - Medford Oregon, The Gateway To ...
Jay - In Northern Ca -09/22, 09:31 am- [rytim57846bbn.jpg]
G.R.Cheshire -09/22, 09:38 am- Wouldnt you just love to
Larry Smith, Lomita, -09/22, 10:24 am- Those buildings are still
Norman T. Kling -09/22, 11:21 am- I dont know whether Hubba
Bill Dugger -09/22, 11:57 am- Well Norman if you ever g
Chris Landry, Hudson -09/22, 02:21 pm- [medford.jpg]
Front axle and springs question.
Frank Seress, Presco -09/22, 12:49 pm- How important, or not, to
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -09/22, 01:06 pm- Frank, Pretty important
1923 Japan no Fords-Photo
Herb Iffrig -09/21, 10:48 pm- [1923 japan no fords.GIF
Royce in Dallas TX -09/22, 07:58 am- I suspect this might be a
Roger Karlsson, sout -09/22, 10:01 am- They were lucky they visi
Tom Carey -09/22, 12:43 pm- Notice all the chauffeurs
New Car show in Nampa, Idaho, just Antiques!!
Marvin C. Miller -09/22, 11:53 am- We are starting a new car
Model S coming to auction
Will Copeland - West -09/22, 10:36 am- Found this on my daily fe
Royce in Dallas TX -09/22, 10:48 am- Kind of a hodge podge of
Will Copeland - West -09/22, 10:51 am- Royce, What is that round
Trent Boggess -09/22, 10:57 am- The water pump. Model NR
Old Photo - Brass Era - Lady Posing In A Touring Car
Jay - In Northern Ca -09/21, 11:46 am- [cbnhn g64.jpg]
Tim Eckensviller - T -09/21, 11:54 am- She looks please with tha
Jim Eviston -09/21, 11:59 am- lectric lights,even!Brand
Jim Eviston -09/21, 12:09 pm- And, the qstuck.mean1912.
John Semprez-Templet -09/21, 12:30 pm- Not a Stynoski winner pot
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -09/21, 12:52 pm- I cant see the grease cup
charley shaver- libe -09/21, 02:53 pm- i think the windshield sh
Russ Furstnow -09/21, 05:03 pm- Charlie, I had that exact
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -09/21, 07:11 pm- Those windshields have be
Erik Johnson -09/21, 07:24 pm- Appears to be a 1913 Mich
Royce in Dallas TX -09/21, 08:41 pm- That is one of several st
Keith Townsend ; ^ ) -09/21, 10:47 pm- Nice photo, Jay. Notice
Larry Smith, Lomita, -09/22, 10:45 am- Its nice to see a 12 with
Old Photo - Model T Era - Best Of Friends
Jay - In Northern Ca -09/21, 11:39 am- [drf9990cbmv,.jpg]
Dennis Plank - Three -09/21, 06:59 pm- Top looks really nice. Th
Burger in Spokane -09/21, 11:17 pm- Whoever put the tar paper
Larry Smith, Lomita, -09/22, 10:41 am- What I like is the correc
Hoosier sub-carburetor mailer-Photo
Herb Iffrig -09/22, 09:00 am- [hoosier sub carburetor 2
Roger Karlsson, sout -09/22, 09:24 am- A lot of hot air - both f
Steve Tomaso - Longb -09/22, 10:15 am- Herb - any chance of gett
Ed in California -09/22, 10:21 am- Did you just get that in
Old Photo - Model T Era - Madras Oregon Street Scene
Jay - In Northern Ca -09/22, 09:35 am- [MADRAS-Oregon.jpg]
Old Photo - Model T Era - Business Section, Dyer, Indiana
Jay - In Northern Ca -09/22, 09:27 am- [vb fgjmh56y5.jpg]
OT Now I'm going to rant, just a bit!
Tim Lloid -09/18, 01:37 pm- New cars as many as we ha
tt newbee -09/18, 09:11 pm- I would suggest that you
Burger in Spokane -09/18, 11:51 pm- The review of that test w
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/19, 12:20 am- I bought a new car once.
Kevin Whelihan Danbu -09/19, 10:43 am- I know I am the lone voic
tt newbee -09/19, 11:24 am- Kevin - I cant imagine an
Erik Johnson -09/19, 11:36 am- My take: New car engines
Roger Karlsson, sout -09/19, 11:56 am- Well, Erik - sell that PO
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/19, 12:19 pm- What Ive done with modern
Michael Garrison - R -09/19, 01:14 pm- The dealership is trying
Walt Berdan, Bellevu -09/19, 01:19 pm- I dont care to buy unknow
tt newbee -09/19, 01:29 pm- Michael, I know it is rou
Michael Garrison - R -09/19, 02:02 pm- The dealership has been i
tt newbee -09/19, 02:22 pm- there is no excuse for th
David Dewey, N. Cali -09/19, 05:04 pm- Im too closely related to
Harold Schwendeman - -09/19, 05:10 pm- tt newbee - Im surprised
Walt Berdan, Bellevu -09/19, 05:49 pm- TT Newbie - I understand
tt newbee -09/19, 06:07 pm- Harold, I read your first
tt newbee -09/19, 06:14 pm- Walt, the blatantly disho
Jim Eviston -09/19, 07:00 pm- ttnewbee-you are precisel
JohnCodman -09/19, 08:20 pm- To Michael Garrison : As
Dick Lodge - St Loui -09/19, 08:44 pm- And I do remember there w
Michael Garrison - R -09/20, 12:14 am- John Codman, I apologize,
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -09/20, 12:21 am- This whole discussion see
Michael Garrison - R -09/20, 12:37 am- Stan, you have, in a nuts
Jim Eviston -09/20, 12:46 am- Michael, I still feel you
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -09/20, 01:36 am- I havent been following t
gary hammond -09/20, 07:22 am- The most ridiculous threa
tt newbee Thomas R.  -09/20, 08:36 am- Cars are FAR FAR better n
Tom Carey -09/20, 08:37 am- Having run an independent
Bill Everett -09/20, 09:38 am- In the early Spring of 19
Dave Dufault -09/20, 09:53 am- Why I love this Forum...
Michael Garrison - R -09/20, 10:36 am- Im sorry folks, you cant
Charlie B actually i -09/20, 10:52 am- Call Detroit. Experience
Burger in Spokane -09/20, 11:24 am- I guess I am the only one
JohnCodman -09/20, 11:36 am- Hi Tom Carey. I agree wit
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -09/20, 11:42 am- My grandfather bought a n
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -09/20, 11:48 am- I drove my 1964 Eldorado
Michael Garrison - R -09/20, 12:07 pm- Im going to try to back o
Michael Garrison - R -09/20, 12:28 pm- Stan, as a result of my d
tt newbee Thomas R.  -09/20, 12:35 pm- Great thread, no apologie
David Dewey, N. Cali -09/20, 02:24 pm- Michael, Are you sayin
Timothy Miller -09/20, 02:48 pm- Michael, I have not read
Harold Schwendeman - -09/20, 03:39 pm- Michael - I agree with wh
Charlie B actually i -09/22, 09:26 am- I repeat: CALL DETROIT!!!
Old Photo - Salesmans Bodied Roadster - Grayling Michigan
Jay - In Northern Ca -09/22, 09:15 am- [wetrh rn6445xz.jpg]
The Fire Proof Garage Rush City Minnesota-Photo
Herb Iffrig -09/22, 08:40 am- [fire proof garage.GIF re
Old Photo - Lunch Stop On The Range, Texas
Jay - In Northern Ca -09/21, 11:34 am- [texas.jpg]
Rick Goelz-Knoxville -09/21, 12:16 pm- Dean and George two weeks
David Dewey, N. Cali -09/21, 11:28 pm- Looks like Terry Horlick
What were the Ford Factory Paint Colors used in Model T F...
Daniel M. Chapasko -09/21, 11:57 am- I have a 1926 Fordor and
Mark Strange - Hills -09/21, 12:05 pm-
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/21, 12:10 pm- A lot of old car colors w
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/21, 12:12 pm- Previous discussion here:
Roger Karlsson, sout -09/21, 12:13 pm- From the comprehensive de
Trent Boggess -09/21, 04:11 pm- Look in Bruces Encycloped
David Dewey, N. Cali -09/21, 11:24 pm- Actually, most modern col
How is it possible that a tube that leaked in the tire no...
Peter Kirk -09/20, 01:54 pm- I got a flat the other da
Mark Strange - Hills -09/20, 01:57 pm- I had one like that - try
tt newbee Thomas R.  -09/20, 01:57 pm- Valve?
Jim Eviston -09/20, 02:09 pm- Porous tube; high pressur
Peter Kirk -09/20, 02:18 pm- I just sprayed it with so
Walter Higgins -09/20, 02:19 pm- You can fill it to the po
Jim Eviston -09/20, 02:26 pm- Peter-the small spot wher
Jim Eviston -09/20, 02:28 pm- And by see what it does I
Gene Carrothers Hunt -09/20, 03:42 pm- NO no guys I won a bet at
Peter Kirk -09/20, 03:44 pm- But the tire did not fill
Bill Harris, Hunting -09/20, 03:52 pm- I had this happen with ou
Peter Kirk -09/20, 03:56 pm- The tube has been filled
tt newbee Thomas R.  -09/20, 04:00 pm- I have had leaks in tubes
Ken Parker -09/20, 04:11 pm- Gene nailed it. Air trapp
Peter Kirk -09/20, 04:14 pm- I dont plan on using it a
Dave Dufault -09/20, 04:39 pm- Walter H. answered it abo
Jim Eviston -09/20, 08:31 pm- Peter, it leaks only when
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -09/20, 08:41 pm- HOLY CRAP is that tube pu
Norman T. Kling -09/20, 09:07 pm- Here is a possibility. A
Tim Lloid -09/20, 09:15 pm- I had a model A wheel lea
Peter Kirk -09/20, 09:35 pm- Mystery solved I put the
Mark Strange - Hills -09/20, 09:41 pm- Glad thats settled, the s
gary hammond -09/21, 05:36 am- When all else fails watch
Donnie Brown North C -09/21, 06:29 pm- Back when I was a kid, we
Steve Tomaso - Longb -09/21, 08:37 pm- Thats really cool, Donnie
Donnie Brown North C -09/21, 10:53 pm- You would think that the
Looking for AUTO Camping ITEM from the 1920s
Anthony Ventrice -09/21, 12:12 pm- Hi, Its on the YouTube vi
Roger Karlsson, sout -09/21, 12:27 pm- That one? https://www.yo
Richard E Moore Jr.  -09/21, 04:23 pm- I cant figure whether to
Steve Bourgeois -09/21, 04:50 pm- Dont forget the news pape
Ron in Central Massa -09/21, 09:20 pm- Apparently T camping was
Ron in Central Massa -09/21, 09:25 pm- Jay probably has a dozen
Top is done.. Next?
Dan Killecut -09/20, 07:42 pm- I have spent the last two
Mark Strange - Hills -09/20, 08:47 pm- Great work and a clever b
Dennis Hoshield; Oak -09/20, 08:52 pm- Ni c erwin work on the to
Norman T. Kling -09/20, 09:00 pm- Looks like you did a very
richard lee -09/20, 09:07 pm- Man it looks great
Royce in Dallas TX -09/20, 09:08 pm- Great job on the top Dan.
David Dewey, N. Cali -09/20, 09:17 pm- Ouch! Being the owner of
Bob Richmon - Richmo -09/20, 09:47 pm- Nice Job on the top!!! Lo
Allan Bennett - Aust -09/21, 12:48 am- Dan, thats the neatest to
Gary Schreiber- Sant -09/21, 08:22 am- Looks fantastic
G.R.Cheshire -09/21, 08:32 am- great Job on the top... n
Larry Smith, Lomita, -09/21, 10:03 am- Dan, is that a Classtique
Dan Killecut -09/21, 08:42 pm- Thanks everyone for the p
Michael Garrison - R -09/21, 09:18 pm- I brought my touring down
OT- I spent yesterday with a lucky friend
Tom Miller, mostly i -09/21, 06:46 am- My friend John called me
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -09/21, 07:31 am- I have a friend who manag
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -09/21, 08:55 am- Same here Hal, same here!
Dan B -09/21, 09:33 am- No jealousy here, just gl
Larry Smith, Lomita, -09/21, 09:56 am- I have two of them, and t
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/21, 10:43 am- Yep, lots of cast iron in
Tom Miller, mostly i -09/21, 12:16 pm- Which is precisely while
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -09/21, 08:47 pm- Hey Larry, ol buddy, ol p
Old Photo - Model T Era - Dallas Center Iowa
Jay - In Northern Ca -09/21, 11:26 am- [Dallas-Center-IA.jpg]
Mark Strange - Hills -09/21, 11:54 am- Still some road apples in
Shawn Hayward -09/21, 01:58 pm- Today [Dallas Center Iow
charley shaver- libe -09/21, 02:39 pm- looks as good as ever. ch
charley shaver- libe -09/21, 08:02 pm- woops!! looks like the ri
Hard to start, starts on 2 cylinders.
Jonathan Delancey -09/20, 07:01 pm- I just did a compression
Royce in Dallas TX -09/20, 07:51 pm- You have a vacuum leak at
Jonathan Delancey -09/20, 08:27 pm- Should I be concerned abo
Royce in Dallas TX -09/20, 08:42 pm- The ones that are wet are
Tim Lloid -09/20, 09:17 pm- Could be a leaking intake
Tim Lloid -09/20, 10:18 pm- Could be a leaking intake
Tim Lloid -09/20, 10:19 pm- Sorry bout the second pos
Thomas Mullin -09/20, 10:50 pm- Jonathon, When you put t
Jonathan Delancey -09/21, 08:01 pm- Thanks thats great to kno
Hershey SM
Doug Keppler, Fredon -09/18, 05:14 pm- Got my wagon ready for th
tt newbee -09/18, 05:33 pm- I have never been to Hers
Mark Strange - Hills -09/18, 06:10 pm- Hershey is great, well wo
tt newbee -09/18, 06:43 pm- I dont know that a sedime
Mark Strange - Hills -09/18, 06:51 pm- Do you belong to a local
Dan Hatch -09/18, 06:59 pm- The Hershey swap meet ven
Mark Strange - Hills -09/18, 07:05 pm- Dan has nailed it. Carry
tt newbee -09/18, 07:08 pm- If you are at Hershey, lo
Mark Strange - Hills -09/18, 07:38 pm- Now youre getting into th
tt newbee -09/18, 08:36 pm- I hate to see anything go
Mark Strange - Hills -09/18, 09:47 pm- Yes, I never understood w
Chadwick Azevedo -09/18, 10:42 pm- Perhaps due to the vendor
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/18, 11:48 pm- If you havent been, brace
Peter B. Ratledge -09/19, 08:22 am- Steve, Why dont you park
Dave Wilson, Saint J -09/19, 09:02 am- Steve, you could also par
Dave Wilson, Saint J -09/19, 09:11 am- Mark.They are called swap
Doug Keppler, Fredon -09/20, 04:46 pm- If you park in the hotel
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/20, 05:46 pm- Maybe the best $10 I ever
Mark Strange - Hills -09/20, 05:49 pm- I have one of those foldi
Fred Wicker -09/20, 06:55 pm- I add bungee cords and my
Nicholas Lingg - Tar -09/20, 07:10 pm- Non-Vendors are not allow
tt newbee Thomas R.  -09/20, 07:16 pm- For clarification, if I g
Mark Strange - Hills -09/20, 09:18 pm- I dont remember seeing an
Howard Tomlinson -09/20, 09:36 pm- I have taken core items s
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/20, 11:03 pm- Non-Vendors are not allow
Nicholas Lingg - Tar -09/21, 05:17 am- Should say: Only Vendors
Dan Carstensen-Trosk -09/21, 05:52 am- Thinking of going. Never
Nicholas Lingg - Tar -09/21, 07:16 am-
Dave Wilson, Saint J -09/21, 09:03 am- Doug. The shuttle buses a
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/21, 11:05 am- I see nothing on the AACA
Dan Hatch -09/21, 06:27 pm- The rules about getting o
Doug Keppler, Fredon -09/21, 07:16 pm- Dave, thats a good idea ,
Michael Garrison - R -09/21, 07:29 pm- How do they feel about sm
Mark Strange - Hills -09/21, 07:56 pm- Regarding personal mobili
Final checks before recounting the hogshead head
Dennis Hoshield; Oak -09/20, 08:50 pm- Rebuilt the pedal shafts
Corey Walker, Browns -09/20, 11:26 pm- If those magnet clamps ar
Roger Karlsson, sout -09/21, 06:11 am- RV Anderson sells the iso
Dennis Hoshield; Oak -09/21, 09:22 am- Cory: very good. They we
Larry Smith, Lomita, -09/21, 09:58 am- You cant solder the conta
john kuehn -09/21, 02:01 pm- If the mag coil is an ori
Dennis Hoshield; Oak -09/21, 07:44 pm- Hmmmm.. well call good to
Dennis Hoshield; Oak -09/21, 07:53 pm- magneto coil..
Autralian Article about the Model T
Tom Miller, mostly i -09/21, 05:55 am- My colleagues alerted me
Tom Miller, mostly i -09/21, 06:05 am- I tried to re-spell Austr
JohnCodman -09/21, 10:19 am- Either there is some misi
Roger Karlsson, sout -09/21, 11:36 am- Reporters are often less
JohnH -09/21, 07:46 pm- As an owner of an origina
"What is it" - round three!
Tim -09/21, 01:28 pm- There is a new Whats it o
Richard Eagle Idaho  -09/21, 02:35 pm- Anti-shimmy springs for f
Don Azevedo -09/21, 04:05 pm- I believe these are anti-
Richard E Moore Jr.  -09/21, 04:14 pm- Anti rattle springs can b
Doug Keppler, Fredon -09/21, 07:25 pm- Richard #2 is correct the
Richard E Moore Jr.  -09/21, 07:46 pm- Band aid is correct but t
Old Photo - Model T Era - Main Street Granite Falls, Minn.
Jay - In Northern Ca -09/21, 11:32 am- [sdgjl,uiyt776.jpg]
Ed Baudoux Grayling  -09/21, 11:52 am- [rsz_granite_falls.jpg]
Michael Garrison - R -09/21, 07:19 pm- Nice town full of really
*** VIDEO: Driving my Model T on the Highway! ***...
Mitch Taylor -09/20, 09:35 pm- Hi there fellow Model Ter
Mark Strange - Hills -09/20, 09:40 pm- Pretty cool! I love the
Craig Anderson, cent -09/20, 10:22 pm- Nice job, nice car and ni
JohnCodman -09/21, 07:02 pm- Froze at 3.07 but conside
Stynoski 1912 Winner
Larry Smith, Lomita, -09/20, 12:08 pm- I received my beautiful M
Tom Strickling -09/20, 12:32 pm- Werent those doors an opt
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -09/20, 12:32 pm- Its possible that those t
James J. Lyons III - -09/20, 12:40 pm- No matter the minor flaws
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -09/20, 12:55 pm- James, I too prefer the
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -09/20, 12:57 pm- Larry, you could post som
John Wightman -09/20, 01:46 pm- Discussing another mans g
Russ Furstnow -09/20, 02:00 pm- As the Chief Judge of the
Mark Strange - Hills -09/20, 02:05 pm- There are two ways to int
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -09/20, 02:23 pm- Well said, Russ, as it ne
Ron in Central Massa -09/20, 02:43 pm- I opened this expecting t
Hal Schedler, Sacram -09/20, 02:52 pm- I wish the grease cup cap
Craig Anderson, cent -09/20, 03:39 pm- Russ........I think its p
Dave Young in Mays L -09/20, 07:51 pm- This car was absolutely s
Bob Richmon - Richmo -09/20, 10:13 pm- Fellows, thanks for all t
James A. Golden -09/21, 07:40 am- Are the Stynoski runners
Dan Treace, North FL -09/21, 08:17 am- James Yes. Copy of judg
JohnCodman -09/21, 10:06 am- I agree with Hal.
Larry Smith, Lomita, -09/21, 10:33 am- I didnt find any faults w
Mark Strange - Hills -09/21, 10:42 am- Glad to hear the intentio
Gus Devolder -09/21, 11:29 am- Bull.
Ron in Central Massa -09/21, 11:51 am- Amen. We all can read.
David L Corman -09/21, 12:05 pm- Outstanding cars going fo
David Dewey, N. Cali -09/21, 12:29 pm- I guess it helps to know
Charlie Gagel, Orang -09/21, 02:20 pm- Due to the time that it t
Royce in Dallas TX -09/21, 04:16 pm- Sure would like to see ph
Terry Bond -09/21, 06:15 pm- Glad to see Charlies post
How to Remove Windshield from '26 Coupe
Walt Berdan, Bellevu -09/21, 01:41 pm- This may seem like a real
Don Booth@ Bay City, -09/21, 01:57 pm- You will need to remove t
Walt Berdan, Bellevu -09/21, 02:45 pm- Dan, Thats the problem,
Michael Saggese -09/21, 02:48 pm- If its like mine, you ope
Dan Treace, North FL -09/21, 03:53 pm- A couple of earlier posts
Walt Berdan, Bellevu -09/21, 04:53 pm- OK, I have the early vers
Michael Saggese -09/21, 05:47 pm- I suppose mine is missing
Help please - NH Carb Leak from Bowl Drain Valve Assembly.
Tom Melham -09/20, 12:50 pm- This is doubtless a compl
ALAN FAIRCLOUGH from -09/20, 12:52 pm- I would resort to teflon
Tom Melham -09/20, 12:57 pm- Thanks! I didnt think of
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -09/20, 01:02 pm- Dont do that. It will sp
Steve Tomaso - Longb -09/20, 01:03 pm- Gasoline & Teflon tap
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/20, 01:07 pm- You can get a roll of thi
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -09/20, 01:17 pm- Stan, He already has a n
Bill Harris, Hunting -09/20, 01:33 pm- I had this happen with a
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -09/20, 02:30 pm- Or, you can make one from
Gary H. White - Sher -09/20, 04:50 pm- A large fishing sinker ca
Gary H. White - Sher -09/20, 04:54 pm- A large fishing sinker ca
Tom Melham -09/20, 06:28 pm- Thanks to all for the ima
Richard E Moore Jr.  -09/21, 04:33 pm- Hey Stan. Got that OF tod
Need a space to store my grandfathers Model T ford
SharonJValladares -09/21, 05:13 am- My parents died when I wa
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -09/21, 07:39 am- Contact them and ask. I
Dan B -09/21, 08:10 am- Sharon, Are there any lo
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -09/21, 08:52 am- Sharon, check around with
Greg Whaley, Caledon -09/21, 09:36 am- Sharon, I will drop you
John Mays -09/21, 11:31 am- Do you have a buddy that
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -09/21, 11:38 am- Sharon, I suggest you jo
David Dewey, N. Cali -09/21, 12:17 pm- For a few years I had to
Erik Johnson -09/21, 01:04 pm- Talk to the little old la
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -09/21, 01:07 pm- Ive rented garages too. T
Bruce Spainhower - P -09/21, 01:44 pm- The cost of rental storag
Troy Todd -09/21, 01:54 pm- I store two of mine in en
Wondering if I need to adjust low band
John Seelman -09/21, 07:43 am- Starting off I push the l
John Doolittle -09/21, 08:03 am- Sounds as if you may be r
Mark Strange - Hills -09/21, 10:03 am- If the low band is firmly
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/21, 10:37 am- I bet I could figure out
Roger Karlsson, sout -09/21, 11:10 am- Makes me think of that li
Norman T. Kling -09/21, 11:20 am- Or you could put more pad
John Seelman -09/21, 11:50 am- So, it looks like the con
Roger Karlsson, sout -09/21, 12:03 pm- If you do have some dista
john kuehn -09/21, 01:47 pm- To each his own but I hav
Rebuilt coils
Joao De Sousa, Beams -09/20, 08:48 pm- Gents, Anyone know where
Bob Jablonski -09/20, 09:30 pm- Best to have all 4 coils
Jay - In Northern Ca -09/20, 09:54 pm- Id Bite the bullet and ha
Garrie Nolting -09/20, 09:58 pm- Google Coil Dr. He does g
Joao De Sousa, Beams -09/20, 10:05 pm- Coil Dr. Is in Ohio USA.
Chris Barker, Somers -09/21, 04:11 am- Properly set-up coils are
Kevin Whelihan Danbu -09/21, 07:09 am- Im not sure the cost is a
Charlie B actually i -09/21, 09:17 am- Some questions Joao: Is t
john kuehn -09/21, 09:48 am- I think Chris B. has a po
steven miller -09/21, 12:17 pm- I think Chris has it righ
Joao De Sousa, Beams -09/21, 01:01 pm- Gents, Sorry I was not cl
Any Plans / Drawings Available For This?
Bill Everett -09/21, 12:33 pm- In a few weeks, Ill have
Roger Karlsson, sout -09/21, 12:41 pm- Over here cut off frames
Bill Everett -09/21, 12:52 pm- Roger; I agree, and to t
Thomas Mullin -09/21, 12:57 pm- Bill, Take a look at thi
Old Photo - Brass Era - Posing Before A Trip to Town
Jay - In Northern Ca -09/21, 11:43 am- [,jkljklibtrre55.jpg]
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -09/21, 11:52 am- They look fairly well to
Heads Up Dave Dunlavy
Mark Strange - Hills -09/21, 09:19 am- Hello Dave, I noticed thi
Dave Dunlavy, Iowa U -09/21, 09:48 am- I just learned about this
Dave Dunlavy, Iowa U -09/21, 10:30 am- Youre are good to go!
Mark Strange - Hills -09/21, 10:44 am- Thanks Dave! I was havin
Shawn Hayward -09/19, 09:42 pm- Anyone on here in to Buic
Jim Eviston -09/19, 11:25 pm- The six cylinder Buick en
Rusty Berg - West Bl -09/19, 11:51 pm- Hello Shawn, I picked up
Bill in Adelaida Cal -09/20, 12:05 am- Shawn Could be a head
Erik Barrett in Aubu -09/20, 12:14 am- These are great cars, we
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -09/20, 01:25 am- Well, I do not mind readi
Rusty Berg - West Bl -09/20, 08:27 am- Shawn, As a follow-up th
Ed Baudoux Grayling  -09/20, 08:49 am- The inexpensive test kit
Tom Carey -09/20, 08:57 am- That era Buick is a tank
Roar Sand -09/20, 10:02 am- Rusty, Nice Buick! Was t
Shawn Hayward -09/20, 10:11 am- Here is a picture of Dad
Henry Petrino in Mod -09/20, 10:12 am- I dont know much about ol
Chuck Lebeda, Humbol -09/20, 10:28 am- I know nothing about old
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -09/20, 10:42 am- Shawn, I have a 1924 Bui
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -09/20, 10:43 am- You might also look here:
Erik Barrett in Aubu -09/20, 10:49 am- Beautiful coupe. Its a Ma
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -09/20, 10:49 am- The vacuum tank can also
Terry Horlick in Pen -09/20, 11:59 am- My first antique car was
mike conrad -09/20, 12:21 pm- I second the water pump d
David Dewey, N. Cali -09/20, 02:21 pm- I had a 46 Chy water pump
Shawn Hayward -09/20, 09:16 pm- Some great advice, and be
Erik Barrett in Aubu -09/20, 09:26 pm- It will take forever to g
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -09/21, 01:35 am- Believe this, or dont. Yo
JohnCodman -09/21, 10:34 am- I had a 1933 eight and it
Please Post Your 2016 Hershey Swap Spots Here in This Thread
Mark Strange - Hills -09/18, 11:45 am- Bump! [:-]
Donald Vagasky,Tucso -09/18, 11:50 am- I have GAC 1 thru 6 I wil
R.V. Anderson -09/19, 11:12 am- Slight correction to my p
Michael Duffy -09/19, 11:20 am- I will be at RNE 50. Mis
Mike Kossor - Kenilw -09/19, 11:47 am- Mark, Thanks for collect
Mark Strange - Hills -09/19, 02:32 pm- Mike, sorry that you miss
RJ Walworth, New Yor -09/19, 05:48 pm- CN64-69 Chocolate field
Fred Wicker -09/19, 06:24 pm- Im in CJ 71-73 T parts A
Mark Strange - Hills -09/20, 04:56 pm- Bump of the day! [:-O]
Willard Revaz -09/20, 05:15 pm- Will be at CK19 -22, near
Mark Strange - Hills -09/21, 10:13 am- Daily bump! [:-]
Brass speedster in1920-Photo
Herb Iffrig -09/20, 07:19 am- [speedster girls.jpg resi
tt newbee Thomas R.  -09/20, 08:22 am- HOT cars attract the HOT
Herb Iffrig -09/21, 09:41 am- This car is one that a lo
Long distance racer/speedster
Chadwick Azevedo -09/20, 10:04 pm- Updated photo, a little m
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -09/20, 11:15 pm- Looking better and better
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -09/21, 12:38 am- i have seen and known Ch
tt newbee Thomas R.  -09/21, 05:51 am- Very pretty, but how fast
Chadwick Azevedo -09/21, 08:59 am- As far as speed, somethin
Question for speedster bunch
Tyrone Thomas - Tope -09/20, 03:03 pm- I have the store bought s
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -09/20, 03:34 pm- 4 inches of foam
Harold Schwendeman - -09/20, 03:59 pm- And THAT prompts another
paul wilcox germanto -09/20, 04:37 pm- The best foam i have foun
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -09/20, 06:55 pm- I use the thick green foa
Chadwick Azevedo -09/20, 09:51 pm- Ive played with seats for
Kevin Pharis -09/21, 12:10 am- I gave up on plywood seat
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -09/21, 01:59 am- I have used temporary cus
Frank Harris from Lo -09/21, 03:18 am- Be sure to add a four inc
SharonJValladares -09/21, 04:40 am- Use cushions
International Rally in Local News
Dane Hawley Near Mel -09/21, 01:56 am- Published in this weeks e
Warwick Landy Traral -09/21, 02:08 am-
Dane Hawley Near Mel -09/21, 02:12 am- I hope to see you, Warwic
Alan George Long -09/21, 03:12 am- I too will be watching wi
Dave Szumoski- pictures please
Walter B. Szumowski -09/20, 03:03 pm- Daves car.[GOPR0226.JPG]
Ed Baudoux Grayling  -09/20, 04:03 pm- Holy Schizzle!!!
Gary Schreiber- Sant -09/20, 05:29 pm- DOHC, holy schizzle is an
Walter B. Szumowski -09/20, 05:51 pm- I will try to add a coupl
Hap Tucker in Sumter -09/20, 06:09 pm- That is going to be one v
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -09/20, 06:58 pm- Roof?
Clayton Paddison -09/20, 07:48 pm- Oh good lord! I LIKE that
Walter B. Szumowski -09/20, 08:15 pm- Clayton you are correct t
Clayton Paddison -09/20, 08:19 pm- incredible Walter. I gues
Derek Kiefer - Manto -09/20, 11:20 pm- Truly amazing car! [FB_I
Michael Garrison - R -09/20, 11:55 pm- No, shop floor? [:-]
Gas HeadLight Lenses
Ronald Naab -09/20, 12:18 am- what type of glass is use
R.V. Anderson -09/20, 10:02 am- You can use regular plate
Mark Gregush Portlan -09/20, 03:17 pm-
Ronald Naab -09/20, 11:26 pm- thanks for the reply
2016 Cannonball Coast to Coast starts this Saturday
JD, Wichita, KS -09/20, 12:54 am- A few pics of the racers
JD, Wichita, KS -09/20, 12:58 am- A few more.. [IMG_5065.J
Dave Young in Mays L -09/20, 06:45 am- Great pictures. This rea
JD, Wichita, KS -09/20, 11:17 am- The 3-wheeler was still i
Daniel Kraft -09/20, 11:03 pm- My dad and my grandpa are
Question about 1915 Runabout top
Bob on Texas Gulf Co -09/20, 08:59 pm- What is the purpose of th
Royce in Dallas TX -09/20, 09:14 pm- The strap keeps the rear
Mark Strange - Hills -09/20, 09:14 pm- [677706.jpg] Isnt it me
Royce in Dallas TX -09/20, 09:14 pm- The strap keeps the rear
Royce in Dallas TX -09/20, 09:15 pm- [15 top.jpg]
Bob on Texas Gulf Co -09/20, 09:31 pm- Thanks all. That is the
Erik Johnson -09/20, 10:28 pm- For the purist, thats a b
Look what followed me home today.
David Stroud -09/18, 03:39 pm- Justin, I cant help you w
Duey_C -09/20, 09:28 pm- Nice Tudor! Those garnish
Took a ride in Rusty yesterday--good fun!!
David Dewey, N. Cali -09/18, 07:12 pm- Well, wasnt much at the s
David Dewey, N. Cali -09/18, 11:20 pm- Bumper looks pretty good
Roger Karlsson, sout -09/19, 04:45 am- The correct screws for th
Frank Harris from Lo -09/19, 06:40 pm- Its hard to get an Allen
bob middleton -09/20, 12:47 am- David was planning to go
David Dewey, N. Cali -09/20, 12:27 pm- Bob, Probably wouldnt h
Terry Horlick in Pen -09/20, 08:00 pm- David, Rusty looks great
David Dewey, N. Cali -09/20, 09:13 pm- Terry, Great--I hope you
OT: Anyone Know What These Steering Colmns Are From???
Paul jacobs -09/20, 06:54 pm- Does anyone Know What The
James A. Golden -09/20, 07:25 pm- A friend had a 1922 fire
Chadwick Azevedo -09/20, 08:32 pm- I would be interested in
charley shaver- libe -09/20, 08:56 pm- the one with the quadrant
Worn linkage fix
Steve Addington -09/20, 02:51 pm- I have been adjusting the
Mark Strange - Hills -09/20, 03:08 pm- Well done! Did the new L
Steve Addington -09/20, 03:29 pm- No, I made it about 3/4 l
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/20, 04:45 pm- Many times you can fix a
john kuehn -09/20, 05:22 pm- Did that to mine. Brazed
Allan Bennett - Aust -09/20, 06:43 pm- Just dont make the hole i
Royce in Dallas TX -09/20, 08:49 pm- Here are photos to go wit
Richard L Grzegorowi -09/20, 06:13 pm- did I make a mistake? I f
Mark Strange - Hills -09/20, 06:38 pm-
Allan Bennett - Aust -09/20, 06:38 pm- Greg, there being no wire
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -09/20, 06:49 pm- No mistake! The tires on
Richard L Grzegorowi -09/20, 08:01 pm- wow all those fixs shur
1 pesky coil
Corey Walker, Browns -09/20, 12:31 pm- Ive had these rebuilt coi
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -09/20, 12:35 pm- Corey, Maybe you need to
Garnet -09/20, 04:41 pm- The only adjustments are
James A. Golden -09/20, 05:03 pm- That battery buzz box can
Corey Walker, Browns -09/20, 07:35 pm- I just got in from work,
OY: Today I toured the marathon motors factory
Chris Laughary -09/20, 05:17 pm- Nashville has preserve th
Chris Laughary -09/20, 07:28 pm- Cast in pairs
Older Mitsubishi Alternator Repair
James A. Golden -09/20, 07:21 pm- Jeff, that was a good tip
Help - engine runs only with carb choked. Ideas?
Tom Melham -09/20, 02:20 pm- Since I have just opened
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -09/20, 02:33 pm- Paint
Tom Melham -09/20, 06:32 pm- I think thats right. By t
Signs on car-Photo can you read them?
Herb Iffrig -09/20, 08:18 am- [look 1915.GIF] [look 191
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -09/20, 08:59 am- All I see is LOOK...proba
Bill Harper - Keene, -09/20, 09:22 am- Those signs STILL work; w
Harold Schwendeman - -09/20, 02:28 pm- There certainly must be a
Gary H. White - Sher -09/20, 04:56 pm- Drivers side guy is diffe
Gary H. White - Sher -09/20, 04:57 pm- Not drivers side guy. The
Mark Gregush Portlan -09/20, 06:00 pm- Bet the guy on the driver
Not for sale "YET"
Shawn Hayward -09/18, 09:19 pm- It appears I found the bo
Shawn Hayward -09/18, 09:27 pm- what does SPECIAL NOTICE
Hap Tucker in Sumter -09/19, 06:27 am- Shawn, I’ve been followi
Hap Tucker in Sumter -09/19, 08:29 am- For Shawn, “IF” the car h
Shawn Hayward -09/19, 09:45 am- Hello Hap thanks the car
Gustaf in Idaho -09/19, 10:39 am- If this is the original f
Jason Given - St. Pa -09/19, 11:21 am- Very nice car. Would lov
Shawn Hayward -09/19, 08:38 pm- Not really clear, located
Shawn Hayward -09/19, 08:41 pm- [T body number.jpg2.jpg]
Fred Joosse -09/19, 09:52 pm- Shawn, The numbers and le
Harold Schwendeman - -09/20, 01:41 am- Duey C - You mentioned Ne
Duey_C -09/20, 03:05 am- Point taken Harold. My 7-
Hap Tucker in Sumter -09/20, 06:17 am- Shawn, Thanks for postin
Robert L. Rogers -09/20, 05:55 pm- I have rubbed sidewalk ch
Differences in 1909 front axles
Andrew Brand -09/18, 06:34 pm- #904 also appears to have
Royce in Dallas TX -09/18, 09:32 pm- Andrew I dont see a numbe
Andrew Brand -09/20, 05:39 pm- Hi Royce. Thanks for chec
Spectators and Funny Hats, Spring 2016
Bob Coiro -09/20, 12:54 pm- We ran into this nice cou
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -09/20, 01:00 pm- Bob, Do you change your
Val Soupios -09/20, 02:35 pm- Bob, if you want more bra
Bob Coiro -09/20, 05:37 pm- [chick_magnet_by_pinkysin
Seldom discussed cause of rough shifts
Richard Gould, Folso -09/20, 12:24 pm- During my last rebuild I
Jim Eviston -09/20, 02:16 pm- Richard,i believe the tai
Richard Gould, Folso -09/20, 05:24 pm- In the past, I rarely lo
Serialized TT Rear End???
Henry Petrino in Mod -09/20, 05:13 pm- A new found friend on thi
AutoZone Muffler for Model T I think it looks good but pu...
Peter Kirk -09/19, 12:13 pm- I needed a muffler, I bou
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -09/19, 12:35 pm- Looks OK to me. It is ju
Harold Schwendeman - -09/19, 12:56 pm- Tractor Supply sells repl
Roger Karlsson, sout -09/19, 12:58 pm- Langs has a welded togeth
Henry Petrino in Mod -09/19, 01:04 pm- Muffler? Model Ts have a
john kuehn -09/19, 06:17 pm- Thats a close enough muff
Charlie B actually i -09/19, 06:29 pm- Whats it sound like? Any
Harold Schwendeman - -09/19, 08:05 pm- I have always liked the p
Mike Walker, NW AR -09/20, 09:33 am- FYI -- The Ford tractor m
Larry Smith, Lomita, -09/20, 10:18 am- There is room for everyon
Burger in Spokane -09/20, 10:48 am- I am going to go the oppo
Craig Anderson, cent -09/20, 03:33 pm- Mufflers and exhaust syst
Took her out to stretch her legs.
Steve Bourgeois -09/19, 09:43 pm- The T is scheduled to go
David Dewey, N. Cali -09/19, 10:25 pm- Did you leave the spark u
Steve Bourgeois -09/19, 10:54 pm- During my panic of gettin
Jim Eviston -09/19, 11:38 pm- And, dont retard spark wi
john kuehn -09/20, 02:37 pm- I slow the car down by us
Is The Speedometer Suppose To Be Crooked?
Paul jacobs -09/18, 02:33 pm- Im transferring everythin
Royce in Dallas TX -09/18, 02:47 pm- Heres where the speedomet
Paul jacobs -09/18, 02:51 pm- Are you saying it could h
Royce in Dallas TX -09/18, 02:54 pm- Paul, Probably your car
Paul jacobs -09/18, 03:27 pm- Since my floorboard was r
Larry Smith, Lomita, -09/19, 10:22 am- The photo Royce posted is
Royce in Dallas TX -09/19, 10:29 am- Actually Larry that is no
Jesse L. Ashcraft -09/19, 10:54 am- ...could someone tell me
David Dewey, N. Cali -09/19, 12:09 pm- Notice the nice red color
Russ Furstnow -09/20, 12:15 pm- Hi Royce, Actually, Larr
Royce in Dallas TX -09/20, 02:29 pm- Russ, Maybe I misunderst
Driveshaft question
Dick Fischer - Arroy -09/18, 07:26 pm- I have a used driveshaft
Tony Bowker, Ramona, -09/18, 07:38 pm- Rub on a little grease, t
Mark Strange - Hills -09/18, 07:41 pm- If youre worried about a
Jack Daron - Brownsb -09/18, 08:29 pm- I spray the center sectio
John F. Regan -09/20, 01:39 pm- Just because you have it
Tips on adjusting AC brakes with Rich Baughman linkage
Thomas A. Voltz -09/19, 10:15 pm- Does anyone have any tips
Mark Gregush Portlan -09/19, 10:17 pm- Try installing a spring o
Thomas A. Voltz -09/19, 10:28 pm- Mark, there is a return r
Mark Gregush Portlan -09/19, 10:41 pm-
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/20, 12:38 am- It happens that Im curren
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/20, 12:49 am- Eventually Ill be able to
Mark Gregush Portlan -09/20, 02:56 am- Ok now I see! No comment
Bill Ramsey -09/20, 06:05 am- Thomas, Here is the link
Thomas A. Voltz -09/20, 01:31 pm- Thanks, Mark, Steve, and
Ammeter - Magneto Question
Jeff Boyles -09/19, 06:19 pm- Talked to owner about a c
Charlie B actually i -09/19, 06:28 pm- It sounds like a good pos
Roger Karlsson, sout -09/20, 05:01 am- All kinds of possibilitie
John F. Regan -09/20, 09:59 am- Jeff: Not enough details
Jeff Boyles -09/20, 11:33 am- Thanks to all for the ans
Norman T. Kling -09/20, 12:23 pm- Check out all the wiring.
Thank You Lang's!
Peter Kirk -09/19, 03:40 pm- For all the talk about Ma
Jim Eviston -09/19, 04:09 pm- Langs are indeed great. M
Jim Eviston -09/19, 04:16 pm- And, JC almighty! HOW muc
John Leffler -09/19, 10:15 pm- I give them a thumbs up a
Tim Lloid -09/19, 10:34 pm- I have been ordering from
Michael Garrison - R -09/20, 12:33 am- I ordered parts from Lang
Larry Smith, Lomita, -09/20, 10:29 am- Peter should read the art
Tom Carey -09/20, 11:12 am- Langs is the BEST. I ord
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -09/20, 12:21 pm- Is it time to have a grou
Barn find of 3 Ts in Vermont
Burger in Spokane -09/18, 11:14 am- Old barns. Rusty junk.
Mark Strange - Hills -09/18, 11:37 am- Sounds like a fun day! [
Dennis Hoshield; Oak -09/18, 11:59 am- Wow... SCORE! Id like to
Richard Eagle Idaho  -09/18, 12:03 pm- Finding them like that is
Warren Henderson, Du -09/18, 12:47 pm- Burger, thanks for sharin
Chad Marchees _____T -09/18, 01:05 pm- Pullford tractor? Where i
Hap Tucker in Sumter -09/18, 02:07 pm- What a great way to spend
William Weiss -09/18, 03:35 pm- That is a great find and
Shawn Hayward -09/18, 03:39 pm- Beautiful!! the best way
Dave Wells, Hamilton -09/18, 10:32 pm- Old barn broads Better t
Tim Lloid -09/18, 10:52 pm- What a great day for all
Warren Henderson, Du -09/19, 08:21 am- There was a crew of 5 Ken
Ron in Central Massa -09/19, 08:51 am- Its a Sears kit. Really n
lorenzo leon -09/19, 09:41 am- Just love to see old iron
Warren Henderson, Du -09/19, 11:04 am- I have it on very good au
Ron in Central Massa -09/19, 11:48 am- Would defer to your good
David Stroud -09/20, 02:10 am- WOW! What fun! I am jealo
Frank Kelley -09/20, 02:33 am- I want to hear more about
Warren Henderson, Du -09/20, 10:13 am- Frank, the old barn broad
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/20, 10:37 am- [Barn Raising.jpg] I thi
Warren Henderson, Du -09/20, 12:12 pm- Great photo Steve, thanks
2nd "What's it"
Tim -09/19, 11:47 am- I have added a super easy
Erik Johnson -09/19, 11:55 am- Valve grinder.
Dennis Hoshield; Oak -09/19, 12:05 pm- I dont know what it is.
Erik Johnson -09/19, 12:05 pm- The long handle allows th
Shawn Hayward -09/19, 12:15 pm- I didnt know they made th
Tim -09/19, 12:18 pm- Thanks for keeping it fun
David Stroud -09/20, 02:06 am- Shawn, I dont think using
Frank van Ekeren (A -09/20, 07:30 am- David, thats true but how
charley shaver- libe -09/20, 11:21 am- i still wish they would m
Vee radiator on a 1915-Photo
Herb Iffrig -09/20, 08:16 am- [vee radiator.jpg resized
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -09/20, 09:01 am- Wow thats a ton of brass
Royce in Dallas TX -09/20, 09:16 am- It is an early 1915 cente
charley shaver- libe -09/20, 11:12 am- its a 15 but the early on
charley shaver- libe -09/20, 11:14 am- also headlights are not f
Let's talk generators
John Leffler -09/19, 06:09 am- While checking my chargin
Roger Karlsson, sout -09/19, 06:29 am- At what rpm? It could be
Kevin Whelihan Danbu -09/19, 09:42 am- I tested my generator out
Tony Bowker, Ramona, -09/19, 11:23 am- As Kevin points out, you
John F. Regan -09/20, 10:20 am- What problem is your char
Spare Tire Carrier for 1914????
Dennis Sanford - Luc -09/19, 12:49 pm- I would like to see pictu
Marty Bufalini - Gro -09/19, 02:33 pm- Me too! Any ideas?
Dan Treace, North FL -09/19, 08:42 pm- Did these close ups of th
Jack Daron - Brownsb -09/19, 08:46 pm- I have an original,N.O.S.
Robbie Price -09/19, 08:53 pm- I sent you a pm
Jack Daron - Brownsb -09/19, 09:47 pm- Some how,I hit something
John Seelman -09/20, 07:37 am- Jack, I would be inter
Dennis Sanford - Luc -09/20, 10:11 am- Dan, These are pictures o
:-) - Denver to Las Vegas - Las Vegas to anywhere enclosed ...
Freighter Jim -09/20, 10:07 am- September 25th Dropping
Help with a Mercury
Bob Shirley -09/19, 06:31 pm- Bought it this way years
tim moore, "Island C -09/19, 08:26 pm- You need this; https://ww
Hap Tucker in Sumter -09/19, 09:14 pm- For Tim -- you mentioned
Hap Tucker in Sumter -09/20, 07:31 am- Bob, Below is cropped se
OT Just printed up Chaffin's full catalog in color
Chadwick Azevedo -09/19, 09:14 pm- Man do I love this printe
Dave Wilson, Saint J -09/19, 09:19 pm- Can you buy the ink at re
Garnet -09/19, 10:26 pm- Uh-oh. Expect men in dark
Chadwick Azevedo -09/19, 10:31 pm- Well I do get a real funn
Mark Gregush Portlan -09/19, 10:44 pm- There are several in ebay
Marv Konrad (Green B -09/20, 12:33 am- Noticed on Ebay about a $
Mark Gregush Portlan -09/20, 03:16 am-
Model T Ford Service Manual
Larry Smith, Lomita, -09/19, 03:09 pm- I finally have a picture
Kevin Matthiesen -09/19, 05:24 pm- Steve, Mike, Mark, If an
Jim Eviston -09/19, 05:45 pm- Starter switch
Jim Eviston -09/19, 05:49 pm- Thats what happens when I
Dan B -09/19, 06:15 pm- Great post. Thank you.
Trent Boggess -09/19, 08:24 pm- Larry Smith and I were tr
Duey_C -09/19, 09:30 pm- Beautiful Bibles guys. :-
David Stroud -09/20, 03:01 am- Ill have to look again, b
Ford versus Ford Brown headlight rims
Terry Woods, Richmon -09/18, 01:51 pm- This may have been discus
Jim Eviston -09/18, 07:26 pm- Brown was a supplier of l
Terry Woods, Richmon -09/18, 07:50 pm- I knew John Brown was an
Roger Karlsson, sout -09/19, 04:56 am- I think all nickle plated
Allan Bennett - Aust -09/19, 07:14 am- A couple of observations.
Verne Shirk -09/19, 07:50 am- The 1915 brass headlight
Dan Treace, North FL -09/19, 09:14 pm- Allan Guess that is a Ca
David Stroud -09/20, 01:46 am- I have a steel headlight
30s wire wheels on model T
Daniel Kraft -09/18, 06:05 pm- My brother has a model A
Mark Gregush Portlan -09/18, 06:30 pm- Its not so much how they
Daniel Kraft -09/18, 06:33 pm- I think we have enough of
Mack Cole ---- Earth -09/18, 10:21 pm- I would say steering is g
Scott Owens -09/18, 10:32 pm- Mack. I though the 26-7 2
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -09/18, 10:51 pm- I have done it on two car
Scott Conger -09/19, 05:20 am- Looks are one thing...han
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -09/19, 10:21 pm- Mine were on speedsters.
Mack Cole ---- Earth -09/19, 11:41 pm- Scott I think the op was
Bendix for starter pic
thomas elliott nw pa -09/19, 08:12 pm- I just dodged a bullet wh
Bob Coiro -09/19, 11:18 pm- [Bendix Only small.jpg]
Charlie's ride in Charlie
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -09/19, 08:04 am- So our neighbors, whom I
Ed Baudoux Grayling  -09/19, 10:52 pm- THIS is what its all abou
'24 brake and reverse adjusting shafts......
Dennis Hoshield; Oak -09/19, 10:12 pm- Did get a set from Harbor
Weekend tour failure
R. S. Cruickshank -09/19, 08:56 pm- I took my 1915 touring on
Jim Eviston -09/19, 09:21 pm- Ive had blown gaskets bet
Dad's model T engines
Ron Satzler -09/19, 10:11 am- I am new to this form. T
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/19, 11:54 am- I think about the only at
David Dewey, N. Cali -09/19, 12:09 pm- Well Ron, as you can see,
Mark Strange - Hills -09/19, 02:25 pm- I downloaded the test fil
Rod Barrett - Anders -09/19, 05:38 pm- Never upload, download or
Garnet -09/19, 07:27 pm- Document opened perfect f
Color of kevlar bands
JOHN BEVARDOS -09/19, 04:32 pm- Hi folks, just picked up
Harold Schwendeman - -09/19, 04:45 pm- The last set I saw were s
Harold Schwendeman - -09/19, 04:52 pm- Oops! I forgot the smile
JOHN BEVARDOS -09/19, 05:11 pm- Ha Ha ----funny Harold!!
Harold Schwendeman - -09/19, 05:24 pm- Yeah,....maybe Ive been r
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/19, 05:39 pm- [IMG_0323 copy 2.JPG]
Dennis Hoshield; Oak -09/19, 06:36 pm- Mine are like Steves, wit
Four door Motel T
Albert Belling -09/19, 01:40 pm- What was the first year t
Rick Goelz-Knoxville -09/19, 01:53 pm- 1923. Rick
Thomas Mullin -09/19, 06:04 pm- If you count Canadian tou
Central New Hampshire Model T Club Tour 9-11-2016
Bill Harper - Keene, -09/18, 12:17 pm- Yes, it really was a nice
Gary Schreiber- Sant -09/19, 05:14 pm- Spent our first 52 years
Battery vs. hand crank compression test
tt newbee -09/18, 03:21 pm- I just did a compression
Royce in Dallas TX -09/18, 05:46 pm- Should be the same either
tt newbee -09/18, 06:38 pm- I thought they should be
John E Cox -09/18, 08:12 pm- If you have leakagerings
Charlie B actually i -09/18, 08:24 pm- You are most likely crank
Dave Young in Mays L -09/18, 08:44 pm- What matters is that you
Mark Gregush Portlan -09/18, 09:01 pm- Because on battery you ar
Thomas Mullin -09/19, 02:08 pm- I was surprised how fast
tt newbee -09/19, 02:35 pm- Has anyone else tried che
Philip Berg -09/19, 02:52 pm- On my freshly rebuilt eng
David Dewey, N. Cali -09/19, 05:04 pm- My compression tester is
Looking for the correct model t bible
Marty Bufalini - Gro -09/19, 02:42 pm- Trent, I couldnt agree wi
Jim Eviston -09/19, 05:02 pm- I bought my copy of FordO
Glow in the dark manifold
Eido Walny, Milwauke -09/18, 11:17 am- With the amazing help of
Cameron Whitaker, Ok -09/18, 11:18 am- Either too lean of a mixt
Eido Walny, Milwauke -09/18, 11:21 am- Any chance its a coolant
Royce in Dallas TX -09/18, 11:25 am- Theres not any coolant in
Eido Walny, Milwauke -09/18, 11:27 am- What do I do for a retard
Mark Strange - Hills -09/18, 11:33 am- What ignition system are
Norman T. Kling -09/18, 11:33 am- Some of your fuel mixture
Eido Walny, Milwauke -09/18, 11:44 am- Thanks Norm. Yes, I star
Peter Kirk -09/18, 11:59 am- Mark, you have me confuse
Mark Strange - Hills -09/18, 12:09 pm- Sorry, I could have worde
Eido Walny, Milwauke -09/18, 12:18 pm- Bah. Now I cant get her
Mark Gregush Portlan -09/18, 12:30 pm- Lots of talk about the sp
Dan Treace, North FL -09/18, 12:34 pm- Backfiring at carb? Red
Eido Walny, Milwauke -09/18, 12:34 pm- Thanks Mark. Ill try tha
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -09/18, 01:01 pm- Hey, at least he made use
Thomas Mullin -09/19, 02:14 pm- Eido, How open do you ha
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -09/19, 03:30 pm- It idles well when it is
Fan belt flies off
John Mosher  -09/19, 10:05 am- I have a 27 with a water
Royce in Dallas TX -09/19, 10:32 am- Thats one of the typical
Les Schubert -09/19, 10:37 am- John Couple of things on
Peter Claverie, Memp -09/19, 10:59 am- The interesting thing abo
Norman T. Kling -09/19, 11:46 am- On a 27 the fan pulley is
John Mosher  -09/19, 12:14 pm- I like to say thanks to a
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/19, 12:30 pm- The car not overheating w
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -09/19, 12:50 pm- John, The water pump is
Val Soupios -09/19, 02:25 pm- I have a 27 without a wat
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -09/19, 03:25 pm- John, Ill amend my previ
Good reason to have a spare tire tube and a spare tire
Thomas Mullin -09/19, 02:19 pm- Some people Im one of the
Rick J. Gunter -- Sp -09/19, 02:59 pm- I remember my grandpa tel
Reverse problem
Michael Duffy -09/18, 10:22 pm- I loaded my 17 roadster
Royce in Dallas TX -09/19, 07:34 am- Yes.
Michael Duffy -09/19, 07:54 am- Thanks, i will take a loo
Tim -09/19, 01:36 pm- Check the pedal cam wear
Albert Belling -09/19, 01:26 pm- What year was the first f
Stephen D Heatherly -09/19, 01:28 pm- December 1922 1923 model
What Are These Holes For On My 1914 Firewall?
Paul jacobs -09/18, 02:09 pm- As Im transferring everyt
Layden Butler -09/18, 02:19 pm- Registration holder?
Royce in Dallas TX -09/18, 02:45 pm- VMCCA tour plate?
Ed in California -09/18, 02:49 pm- Maybe it had a larger 191
Ed in California -09/18, 02:55 pm- Royce may be right, i for
Paul jacobs -09/18, 03:04 pm- Ok, thanks for the info
Ken Parker -09/18, 04:29 pm- Paul, Just an observatio
Royce in Dallas TX -09/18, 04:49 pm- Actually Ken you have it
Paul jacobs -09/18, 06:16 pm- Royce, My car was made in
Paul jacobs -09/18, 06:17 pm- Also, the serial number i
Ken Parker -09/18, 07:47 pm- Paul, The Stewart Model
Jesse L. Ashcraft -09/19, 10:02 am- Hi Paul - My 1914 serial#
Larry Smith, Lomita, -09/19, 10:11 am- Looks like there was a ma
Royce in Dallas TX -09/19, 10:28 am- Jesse, That Stewart #191
Les Schubert -09/19, 10:30 am- Larry Interesting thought
Jesse L. Ashcraft -09/19, 11:18 am- That Stewart #1913 swivel
1925 speedometer
John E Cox -09/18, 03:21 pm- My 1925 pickup came with
Mark Gregush Portlan -09/18, 03:57 pm- From the clubs book; SPEE
John E Cox -09/18, 04:41 pm- Thanks Mark!
Larry Smith, Lomita, -09/19, 10:16 am- Your dash board has a sli
Mercury bodies speedster on Hemmings
Kim Dobbins -09/18, 10:21 am- Yes Mike, thats him, real
John E Cox -09/18, 10:38 am- Is Bill related to Jim of
Andy Clary -09/18, 12:37 pm- This car has been on Hemm
Mike Walker, NW AR -09/19, 09:49 am- John -- Yes, Bill was the
Spark from one of the coils.
Jonathan Delancey -09/18, 11:43 pm- When I run the T in the d
Steven Thum -09/19, 12:36 am- All the coils should have
Chris Barker, Somers -09/19, 04:34 am- Stevens answer is correct
Windows Going down by Themselves
Dale Peterson Colleg -09/19, 12:33 am- I resprung two of the reg
By the numbers
ALAN FAIRCLOUGH from -09/18, 10:53 pm- I just finished replacing
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/18, 11:40 pm- No, its not the original
Thrill ride: NASCAR drivers team up to make teenager’s wi...
Peter Nikolajevs Dea -09/18, 07:52 pm- Randy Perry III, a 10th g
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -09/18, 08:39 pm- Absolutely fantastic stor
Rear end play
tt newbee -09/18, 04:09 pm- With TTs rear axle jacked
Jim Eviston -09/18, 04:11 pm- Sounds OK to me. In fact,
Jim Eviston -09/18, 04:14 pm- How much up-and-down slop
tt newbee -09/18, 04:31 pm- Thanks, I like good news!
Jim Eviston -09/18, 04:39 pm- Grab hubcap and lift up a
tt newbee -09/18, 05:04 pm- The right rear has no pla
Jim Eviston -09/18, 05:09 pm- Not necessary. Will run f
tt newbee -09/18, 05:11 pm- Great! Thank you so much
Trent Boggess -09/18, 07:55 pm- While my experience with
More things going to Hershey
Dan Hatch -09/18, 07:13 pm- I am bringing a few repai
Dan Hatch -09/18, 07:16 pm- Boy I did it!! Wrong page
Benjamin Morgan - Me -09/18, 07:19 pm- Emailed you some question
Jim Eviston -09/18, 07:48 pm- See if the guy looking fo
1923 Model T Touring Car
Kenneth W DeLong -09/18, 10:30 am- A 10,000 car 12,000 at be
Chris Laughary -09/18, 11:39 am- SOLD for $22k!!!! Gotch
john kuehn -09/18, 03:15 pm- Its the price you want to
Doug Keppler, Fredon -09/18, 05:05 pm- I know I will never recou
Float set too high?
Corey Walker, Browns -09/18, 02:12 pm- I think my float could be
Royce in Dallas TX -09/18, 02:50 pm- There are brass floats th
Corey Walker, Browns -09/18, 03:22 pm- Ill keep an eye out but w
Mark Gregush Portlan -09/18, 03:34 pm- Try adjusting the float l
Mark Strange - Hills -09/18, 04:14 pm- Royce, is this the Harley
Royce in Dallas TX -09/18, 04:42 pm- Its this one: http://www
Transmission n pedal shafts
Tim -09/18, 10:16 am- If the o-ring is doing it
Dennis Hoshield; Oak -09/18, 10:49 am- Dan .... re: If theres r
Dan Treace, North FL -09/18, 11:31 am- Dennis The low pedal not
Dennis Hoshield; Oak -09/18, 12:01 pm- Very good! Thats water I
Tim -09/18, 02:55 pm- Maybe this will help? ht
Interesting 1911 on tbay
Ed in California -09/18, 10:54 am-
Royce in Dallas TX -09/18, 11:09 am- I dont see many 1911 part
Steve Schmidt .....  -09/18, 11:46 am- So what is the value of a
Perry Goble -09/18, 02:37 pm- It is very hard to say .
Royce in Dallas TX -09/18, 02:44 pm- I would say if the car ha
No mag, run distributor, coil, battery
Tom Stephens - Arnol -09/18, 02:42 pm- Thanks very much to every
One of those days
Burger in Spokane -09/18, 11:08 am- Have you called your loca
Tim Lloid -09/18, 01:24 pm- Thanks everyone couldnt g
Chester Leighton -09/18, 02:11 pm- Another optionnot for the
"Junk" TT Ruckstell
Burger in Spokane -09/18, 11:10 am- The gears are bronze and
Henry Petrino in Mod -09/18, 11:30 am- I think Burger is right.
Justin H. - Western  -09/18, 12:08 pm- It is a low speed rear.
Robert L. Rogers -09/18, 01:31 pm- Yes just counted the teet
The vs. TT fenders
Jason - UT -09/18, 11:43 am- Did Ford use different fe
Jason - UT -09/18, 11:44 am- Opps. Title was supposed
Bill Harper - Keene, -09/18, 12:35 pm- Hi Jason, Cars and truck
St.Louis Horsless Carriage Club Swap Meet
Mark Strange - Hills -09/18, 11:54 am- I just got home from the
Does A Wooden Coil Box Exist To Fit These Coils?
James J. Lyons III - -09/18, 09:59 am- Bill.. I apologize for no
Left and Right outer threaded wheel bearings 1919-1927
gary hammond -09/25, 09:24 am- Gone- Stephen is a great
Dave Huson, Berthoud -09/24, 11:30 am- Have gave away some of th
Andrew Purgert -09/25, 08:41 am- Sending you a PM now
1927 Fenders, etc.
Gary H. White - Sher -09/23, 05:00 pm- Front and rear fenders, r
Les Sumner lapeer mi -09/25, 05:42 am- Gary, I am interested in
Wanted: Canadian rim spreader
Jim Kelsey -09/24, 10:52 pm- I Im looking for a Canadi
Wanted: Original later style battery box lid.
Charles Weisgerber-  -09/24, 09:27 pm- I would like to find a la
1911 nonpariel double twist horn
Daniel Kraft -09/24, 09:21 pm- This is a double twist ho
1909-1910 nonpareil double twist horn RHD
Daniel Kraft -09/24, 09:14 pm- This is what I believe to
Tired of your 3 to 1 gears?
Seth in Alabama -09/23, 01:56 pm- Then Ive got a deal for y
Thomas Elliott -09/23, 02:31 pm- Seth: For a trade like th
Seth in Alabama -09/23, 02:42 pm- But when faced with the p
Richard Gould, Folso -09/23, 02:52 pm- New or used?
Seth in Alabama -09/23, 03:25 pm- My 3.64 set is used - and
Seth in Alabama -09/24, 09:10 pm- Wide open to offers! Heck
24 tudor garnish moldings
ken bechtel -09/24, 08:52 pm- I need the upper and two
Dave Huson, Berthoud -09/24, 08:52 pm- I still have some of the
Wanted: King Pin
Stephen D Heatherly -09/19, 09:26 pm- Does anybody have 1 NOS o
R.V. Anderson -09/20, 10:20 am- For what year chassis do
Dave Huson, Berthoud -09/20, 10:23 am- If RV does something ITS
Larry Smith, Lomita, -09/20, 10:33 am- Hershey is coming up! Ive
Stephen D Heatherly -09/20, 11:08 am- Sorry I forgot to mention
Stephen D Heatherly -09/24, 08:26 pm- Bump
Carbide-Pullers-Misc T tools
Matt Madison -09/24, 11:50 am- For sale this great assor
Dennis Hoshield; Oak -09/24, 12:49 pm- WHT are the bushings for?
Chadwick Azevedo -09/24, 02:50 pm- I would be interested in
John Albert Lemon -09/24, 04:51 pm- Id be interested in the o
Benjamin Morgan - Me -09/24, 07:26 pm- I emailed you on the carb
Parts for sale
Vernon G Enis -09/24, 01:06 pm- 8 coils are sold
Speedster Z frame For Sale
Layden Butler -09/24, 12:47 pm- ttt
30 x 3 1/2 demountable rim For Sale
Layden Butler -09/24, 12:46 pm- ttt
Non-generator timimg cover For Sale
Layden Butler -09/24, 12:45 pm- ttt
Dave Huson, Berthoud -09/20, 09:40 am- Starter; $69.98, I have b
Dave Huson, Berthoud -09/20, 09:41 am- Ford Starter; [v8 start
Dave Huson, Berthoud -09/22, 10:21 am- Starter still for sale, c
David Sullivan -09/23, 06:05 pm- Think that one is in the
Dave Huson, Berthoud -09/23, 11:32 pm- David, That is what someo
Larry Smith, Lomita, -09/24, 12:19 am- What does the plate say?
Dave Huson, Berthoud -09/24, 11:18 am- Larry: The plate says, as
WTB: 6V dash lamp for my 1927 Tudor
Eido Walny, Milwauke -09/24, 10:55 am- Im looking for a stock da
FS 1928 Chevy Head
George schmidt -09/23, 10:50 pm- I purchased a very large
George schmidt -09/24, 09:48 am- I must correct myself. I
WTB 1923-1925 Coupe deck lid
Bob Peterson -09/23, 02:03 pm- WTB 1923-1925 coupe deck
Dan McEachern -09/23, 03:33 pm- Bob- PM sent. Dan
Don Blain -09/24, 12:56 am- Bob PM sent Don
Battery Box
Larry Smith, Lomita, -09/22, 10:50 am- I just had another run of
Mike Spaziano, Bellf -09/22, 11:05 am- Larry, Please put my nam
Bill Anziani -09/22, 10:38 pm- Larry, Ill take one as we
Larry Smith, Lomita, -09/24, 12:17 am- Thanks everyone! All the
For Sale: Early Heinze Coilbox
Dan B -09/21, 08:34 pm- For Sale: Early Heinze c
Dan B -09/23, 03:08 pm- Sold pending payment.
R.V. Anderson -09/23, 07:59 pm- Looks like the Heinze use
Dan B -09/23, 11:17 pm- This coilbox is still for
Carburetors for Sale -- Zoom Zoom!!
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -09/23, 04:21 pm- Here are two carbs ready
Rick Goelz-Knoxville -09/23, 06:22 pm- Stan, is that an adjustab
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -09/23, 10:55 pm- Yes, it is a summer - win
1926 engine for sale
Spencer Vibert - Gra -09/21, 11:18 am- for sale is a 1926 engine
G.R.Cheshire -09/21, 11:26 am- So much t stuff... so far
Spencer Vibert - Gra -09/23, 09:34 pm- engine is sold waiting pi
Pinion gear
Rick Goelz-Knoxville -09/23, 06:43 pm- I am looking for a 10 too
Mark Chaffin......Co -09/23, 07:46 pm- Chaffins Garage makes the
Rick Goelz-Knoxville -09/23, 08:46 pm- OK, I will call on Monday
Large hub Ruckstell for sale: $1,000
Nick Powell -09/19, 11:06 am- Photos will be uploaded t
Nick Powell -09/19, 09:44 pm- [image.jpeg]
Nick Powell -09/19, 09:45 pm- [image.jpeg]
Nick Powell -09/19, 09:46 pm- [image.jpeg]
Nick Powell -09/19, 09:47 pm- [image.jpeg]
Nick Powell -09/21, 03:51 pm- Photos added
Nick Powell -09/23, 11:43 am- Howdy all, I have receiv
Nick Powell -09/23, 06:19 pm- Ruckstell is sold, pendin
Dave Dufault -09/23, 08:43 pm- Nick, You wrote: This l
WTB 1917-1925 Model T
David Griffith -09/19, 02:09 pm- I have a 1921 Model T tou
ken bechtel -09/23, 08:41 pm- I need two rear vertical
Model T Steering Wheels
Kevin Allen -09/23, 02:28 pm- Model T steering wheel ri
Richard Schrage -09/23, 03:14 pm- [image.jpeg] I can atte
Nick Powell -09/23, 06:23 pm- Kevin, Do you make an en
FS Nice original brass radiator
Jack Lewis -09/19, 09:02 pm- Taken off running car. Ra
Jack Lewis -09/19, 09:49 pm- [IMG_6997.JPG]
Jack Lewis -09/19, 09:52 pm- [IMG_6998.JPG]
Jack Lewis -09/23, 12:26 am- Now $750 shipping!!!
David Hagerty -09/23, 12:47 am- Why was it removed from t
Royce in Dallas TX -09/23, 08:35 am- I would say 1916 since it
Tim -09/23, 09:47 am- Decorative overflow tube?
Larry Smith, Lomita, -09/23, 10:08 am- Looks like a nice one oth
Jack Lewis -09/23, 06:20 pm- Radiator sold pending pay
FS 13-14' rear axle housings.
Jack Lewis -09/19, 09:23 pm- nice shape,minor flat fro
Jack Lewis -09/23, 12:32 am- Now $250 shipping !!! ni
Don Blain -09/23, 11:43 am- Jack ,Do you have a good
Marvin C. Miller -09/23, 03:26 pm- Don, let me know if he ha
Jack Lewis -09/23, 06:11 pm- Everything but the pan...
Running Board tire pump , "Inland Pump" brand
gene french -09/23, 05:19 pm- For sale ...Running Board
Early Pasco wire wheel for sale
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -09/23, 04:28 pm- I believe this is an earl
Small Drum Ruckstell housing for sale -- early spool
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -09/23, 02:18 pm- Nice small drum Ruckstell
Stromberg LF
Scott Elliott, Tigar -09/23, 02:14 pm- Looks like a good parts c
Kingston updraft carburetor
Scott Elliott, Tigar -09/23, 02:03 pm- Missing throttle shaft an
Dave Huson, Berthoud -09/23, 12:56 am- The oil pans are not mivi
Edward C Cholota -09/23, 01:36 pm- sent you a pm
OT For Sale: 1915 or 1916 Overland model 83b tillotson carbs
Scott Elliott, Tigar -09/23, 01:11 pm- For the Overland enthusia
Wanted? Model T Radiator Cap with Military/Patriotic Theme
Robert Brough -09/22, 03:11 pm- Restorcreating a 1915 WWI
Erik Johnson -09/22, 04:14 pm- Go to your local trophy s
Mark Wetherbee - Dow -09/23, 09:24 am- I have to agree with Erik
M G Hillhouse -09/23, 01:06 pm- You might check with a tr
Extra Vintage Ford Magazines
Larry Smith, Lomita, -09/23, 12:49 pm- I have ten old Vintage Fo
JOHN BEVARDOS -09/23, 01:01 pm- PM SENT
NOS Accessory Emergency Door Tank for T
Ron in Central Massa -09/22, 10:33 am- NOS emergency gas tank, m
Ron in Central Massa -09/22, 10:35 am- Two, small, shallow dents
Ron in Central Massa -09/23, 06:02 am- Price dropped to $185 plu
Dennis Hoshield; Oak -09/23, 11:57 am- Cool accessory. I cant
Daniel M. Chapasko -09/21, 12:08 pm- I have a rust free solid
Ed Baudoux Grayling  -09/21, 12:26 pm- How complete is it?
Jack Putnam, Bluffto -09/21, 12:45 pm- Pictures???
Tim -09/21, 01:24 pm- Why do you have to be so
Travis Melnick -Wate -09/21, 02:39 pm- Daniel , what are you ask
Daniel M. Chapasko -09/21, 09:04 pm- Wanted $5,500.00 Will ta
Daniel M. Chapasko -09/21, 09:07 pm- It is just a body. Neve
Adam Doleshal -09/23, 11:53 am- About 10 years ago I had
Fs 1917 engine block good condition cast date 1-16-17
Don Blain -09/20, 12:20 am- Have a nice 1917 engine b
Don Blain -09/21, 01:04 pm- Bump
Don Blain -09/23, 11:36 am- bump
For Sale ; 1915 Model T Touring Car Runs and Drives $...
Tom Strickling -09/18, 02:42 pm- Is this still for sale
Don Lang -09/18, 09:42 pm- The car is still availabl
Don Lang -09/20, 10:12 am- Delivery to Hershey avail
Don Lang -09/23, 09:45 am- TTT
Robert Blanchard -09/23, 10:35 am- Tempting... but the divor
Dave Huson, Berthoud -09/19, 05:38 pm- Sediment Bowl; $25.00. Bo
Dave Huson, Berthoud -09/19, 05:39 pm- Sediment Bowl; [sedimen
Dave Huson, Berthoud -09/19, 05:45 pm- Sediment Bowl; [Sedime
Dave Huson, Berthoud -09/19, 05:48 pm- Sediment Bowl: [sedimen
Dave Huson, Berthoud -09/19, 06:17 pm- Sediment Bowl; [sedimen
Dave Huson, Berthoud -09/19, 06:22 pm- The picture makes the it
Dave Huson, Berthoud -09/23, 12:53 am- Sediment Bowl still for s
FS VG '14 block
Jack Lewis -09/19, 09:18 pm- Very clean block with goo
Jack Lewis -09/19, 10:14 pm- [WP_20160620_001.jpg] [WP
Royce in Dallas TX -09/19, 10:34 pm- I would not worry about t
Jack Lewis -09/19, 11:02 pm- I will measure bore in th
Jack Lewis -09/20, 05:31 pm- standard bore
Jack Lewis -09/23, 12:28 am- Now $750 shipping inclu
Dave Huson, Berthoud -09/23, 12:25 am- Air Horn, $20.00 Dont sho
Dave Huson, Berthoud -09/23, 12:26 am- Air Horn: [air horn]
FS Small drum Ruckstell
Jack Lewis -09/19, 08:41 pm- Complete with radius rods
Jack Lewis -09/23, 12:23 am- Ruckstell is sold pending
Front and rear Hasslers $280
Mark Gregush Portlan -09/18, 11:15 pm- Front and rear Hasslers.
Mark Gregush Portlan -09/23, 12:22 am- Sold thank you! [:-]
Kingston L4 swivel type spray needle
Mark Gregush Portlan -09/23, 12:19 am- $30
Dave Huson, Berthoud -09/22, 05:35 pm- Shackles; $15.00 Each. Us
Dave Huson, Berthoud -09/22, 05:36 pm- Rear Axle Shackles; [sh
John Albert Lemon -09/22, 08:53 pm- Dave, those are NICE ones
Dave Huson, Berthoud -09/23, 12:13 am- Please no more requests,
Dave Huson, Berthoud -09/22, 09:47 am- Allan I also use radiator
RVB -09/22, 04:50 pm- Dave, Hide the garbage c
Dave Huson, Berthoud -09/23, 12:09 am- RVB I am up to my neck in
Gas Tank 26/27 Cowl Mount
Gary H. White - Sher -09/20, 06:13 pm- Solid tank, no leaks. Wit
Robert G. Hester Jr. -09/21, 08:43 am- Gary, Im interested in yo
Tommy black -09/21, 10:43 am- I sent you a private mess
Tommy black -09/22, 03:11 pm- I am interested in your t
Gary H. White - Sher -09/23, 12:06 am- Sold pending receipt of p
Farmer's Oil co. Fuel Tank to fit Model T car Chssis
Mike Walker, NW AR -09/22, 11:42 pm- I have listed this fuel t
Dave Huson, Berthoud -09/22, 05:06 pm- Kinstone L-4: Was asking
Dave Huson, Berthoud -09/22, 05:08 pm- L-4 Kingston Carburetor
Richard L Grzegorowi -09/22, 09:48 pm- Dave, interested in your
Dave Huson, Berthoud -09/22, 11:08 pm- Richard; I will put your
1926 1927 Original Hood In Nice Condition
Steve in S.C. -09/22, 10:26 pm- Reasonable offers???
Model t speedster seats rootlieb
bob middleton -09/20, 01:07 am- Set of seats skins mounte
Matthew Atchinson  -09/20, 05:08 pm- Is this photo of the spee
bob middleton -09/20, 11:04 pm- Mathew please send an ema
bob middleton -09/22, 09:53 pm- Seats are spoken for pend
FS: "Poor Man's" RAJO 28 Chevy Overhead Set Up w/ Adapter...
Benjamin Morgan - Me -09/20, 09:44 pm- Since I came across an or
Benjamin Morgan - Me -09/20, 09:49 pm- This did not load [DSCN0
Mark Strange - Hills -09/20, 09:51 pm- What the heck are those s
Benjamin Morgan - Me -09/20, 09:58 pm- Hahaha, I dont know, they
Daniel Kraft -09/20, 10:56 pm- If it doesnt sell as a pa
Benjamin Morgan - Me -09/21, 08:10 pm- still for sale. Daniel,
Daniel Kraft -09/22, 12:42 am- Thanks Benjamin, keep me
Benjamin Morgan - Me -09/22, 09:28 pm- Sold, thanks all for look
Hassler bee hive spring and holder
Thomas Elliott -09/22, 09:10 pm- I have the rear spring be
Rebuildable field coil
Thomas Elliott -09/22, 09:04 pm- If anyone can use a core
Ford Model T Bodies.... Updated website...
D. R. Currier -09/19, 06:17 am- [14 Canadian at Starkey 2
D. R. Currier -09/22, 07:52 pm-
WTB - Pre 26 Frame
Larry Noller -09/20, 12:37 pm- I would like to buy a pre
David Stroud -09/20, 03:15 pm- Larry, PM sent. Dave
Brian Beatty _Kansas -09/20, 03:17 pm- There are piles and piles
Dave Huson, Berthoud -09/20, 05:10 pm- Larry; Do you ever get ba
Kirk Peterson  -09/20, 05:32 pm- Dave That looks like Gene
Dave Huson, Berthoud -09/20, 05:44 pm- Kirk, that picture was ta
Dave Huson, Berthoud -09/20, 05:47 pm- Kirk: I think I remember
David Stroud -09/22, 12:18 am- Larry, did you get my PM?
Dave Huson, Berthoud -09/22, 01:07 am- Larry I still have a few
David Stroud -09/22, 06:43 pm- Larry, got your message a
1926 speedster for sale
Adam -09/22, 05:40 pm- Btt
Coming to Hershey? Need a new drive shaft?
John F. Regan -09/22, 01:25 am- Since UPS has changed rul
Mark Strange - Hills -09/22, 06:43 am- John, I dont need a new d
John F. Regan -09/22, 10:43 am- Mark: I do not vend at H
Mark Strange - Hills -09/22, 11:05 am- Thanks, John. I hope to
Dan Hatch -09/22, 05:19 pm- John: Come an see me, I h
Dave Huson, Berthoud -09/22, 04:40 pm- Kingston L-2; $45. Appear
Dave Huson, Berthoud -09/22, 04:41 pm- L-2: [L-2]
Dave Huson, Berthoud -09/22, 04:18 pm- Drum; $35.00 Will includ
Dave Huson, Berthoud -09/22, 04:21 pm- I meant to type Wide Tran
Dave Huson, Berthoud -09/20, 12:24 pm- Speedometer Head; $35.00.
Dave Huson, Berthoud -09/20, 12:26 pm- Head: [head]
Dave Huson, Berthoud -09/20, 12:29 pm- Head; [head]
Dave Huson, Berthoud -09/20, 12:36 pm- Head; [head]
Dave Huson, Berthoud -09/22, 01:38 pm- Head still for sale; [p
Dave Huson, Berthoud -09/20, 12:04 pm- Tail Light; $40.00. A rea
Dave Huson, Berthoud -09/20, 12:05 pm- Tail Light; [tail light
Dennis Hoshield; Oak -09/20, 01:57 pm- Have a shot of the back?
Dave Huson, Berthoud -09/22, 01:35 pm- Dennis: Yes the wires are
Reduced price 1926 T Coupe
Donald G Victory -09/22, 12:16 pm- The price is now $6500.00
Dave Huson, Berthoud -09/20, 01:05 pm- Hub Cap; $20.00. Hub cap
Dave Huson, Berthoud -09/20, 01:06 pm- Hub Cap; [overland hub
charley shaver- libe -09/21, 07:40 am- Dave! what is the inside
Dave Huson, Berthoud -09/21, 03:37 pm- I dont have the cap with
Dave Huson, Berthoud -09/22, 12:34 am- Charley; As near as I can
charley shaver- libe -09/22, 07:53 am- Dave i want it, send addr
Dave Huson, Berthoud -09/22, 09:39 am- Charley: The address is D
charley shaver- libe -09/22, 11:38 am- check in the mail thanks
Dave Huson, Berthoud -09/20, 09:14 am- RUCKSTELL; $1,400. Has al
Dave Huson, Berthoud -09/22, 10:34 am- Item has been sold pendin
Dave Huson, Berthoud -09/20, 10:28 am- Fan; $100.00. These dont
Dave Huson, Berthoud -09/20, 10:29 am- FAN; [FAN]
Dave Huson, Berthoud -09/20, 11:28 am- Fan has been sold.
Dennis Hoshield; Oak -09/20, 01:59 pm- Thats a cool fan!!
Dave Huson, Berthoud -09/22, 09:59 am- Dennis, Thanks it is. I h
Dave Huson, Berthoud -09/20, 05:01 pm- DRUMS; $19.98 Each; Shipp
Dave Huson, Berthoud -09/20, 05:02 pm- Drums; [drums]
Dave Huson, Berthoud -09/22, 09:50 am- Drums still for sale. [p
Russell Furstnow Jr. -09/19, 01:54 am- Brass carbide tank in exc
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -09/19, 07:36 am- Wow, wish I could afford
Russell Furstnow Jr. -09/20, 10:50 am- I believe this carbide ge
Russell Furstnow Jr. -09/22, 09:18 am- Btt
Cheap radiator cap wanted for project.
Chadwick Azevedo -09/21, 06:25 pm- The heading says it all.
Chris Laughary -09/22, 01:06 am- I have one with a hole in
Chadwick Azevedo -09/22, 08:59 am- If I find one I will let
International tour in Australia - last minute preparations
Andrew Brand -09/22, 06:12 am- Well, despite my best int
Andrew Brand -09/22, 06:13 am- Oops. Sorry please ignore
Dave Huson, Berthoud -09/19, 04:27 pm- Rayer Carburetor: $100.00
Dave Huson, Berthoud -09/19, 04:28 pm- Rayer Carb: [Rayer Carb]
Dave Huson, Berthoud -09/19, 05:20 pm- Rayer Carb; [Rayer Carb]
Terry Woods, Richmon -09/20, 12:14 am- Rayor, or Rayfield?
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -09/20, 12:22 am- Mayer
Dave Huson, Berthoud -09/20, 08:47 am- Stan, you are right I too
Dave Huson, Berthoud -09/20, 08:51 am- Stan, you are right I too
Dave Huson, Berthoud -09/22, 12:56 am- Carb still for sale. [pi
Dave Huson, Berthoud -09/20, 05:51 pm- Coil; $50.00. I cant expl
Dave Huson, Berthoud -09/20, 05:52 pm- Coil; [coil]
Dave Huson, Berthoud -09/20, 05:55 pm- Coil; [coil]
Dave Huson, Berthoud -09/22, 12:47 am- I was told today that the
Wanted to buy Still need firewall from '26-'27 4 dr....
Frank Kelley -09/21, 02:38 pm- Seem to have found the ro
Jerome Hoffman, Hays -09/21, 09:47 pm- Call Mark Freimeiler? Mod
Frank Kelley -09/21, 10:23 pm- thanks, Ill give him a c
Want To Trade
Sam Mendenhall -09/18, 09:01 pm- I have a 1959 restored be
bob middleton -09/18, 10:06 pm- I Sam got your email plea
George schmidt -09/21, 06:27 pm- I contacted Sam about a t
bob middleton -09/21, 09:49 pm- I got contacted by Sam an
Model tt ruxtell
richard webb -09/21, 09:03 pm- As found model tt ruxtell
FS: Late 14 Steering Column w/ the Special Upturned Sheet...
Benjamin Morgan - Me -09/20, 10:09 pm- Here is a steering column
Benjamin Morgan - Me -09/21, 08:09 pm- still for sale.
FS 13 - 14 Aluminum Hogshead with Lettered Pedals Nice Sh...
Benjamin Morgan - Me -09/20, 09:56 pm- I have a spare aluminum h
Benjamin Morgan - Me -09/21, 08:09 pm- still for sale.
FS: Pair of Forged End Radius Rods - Good Threads
Benjamin Morgan - Me -09/18, 07:06 pm- Some more parts here, a s
Benjamin Morgan - Me -09/20, 05:09 pm- still for sale
Benjamin Morgan - Me -09/21, 08:08 pm- still for sale.
FS: Above Axle Perches - Good Threads
Benjamin Morgan - Me -09/18, 07:51 pm- Here is a set of above ax
Benjamin Morgan - Me -09/20, 05:09 pm- still for sale
Benjamin Morgan - Me -09/21, 08:08 pm- still for sale.
FS: Pair of 17 - 25 Headlights w/ Rims
Benjamin Morgan - Me -09/18, 07:58 pm- A pair of 17-25 headlight
Benjamin Morgan - Me -09/20, 05:09 pm- still for sale
Benjamin Morgan - Me -09/21, 08:08 pm- still for sale.
FS 13 - 15 Aluminum Hogs Head
Benjamin Morgan - Me -09/18, 08:51 pm- Here is a decent aluminiu
Benjamin Morgan - Me -09/20, 05:09 pm- still for sale
Benjamin Morgan - Me -09/21, 08:08 pm- still for sale.
FS 13 - 14 Parts Hood Former, Steering Cover, Lower Stee...
Benjamin Morgan - Me -09/18, 08:44 pm- Here is a lot of several
Benjamin Morgan - Me -09/18, 09:22 pm- Hood former sold pending
Benjamin Morgan - Me -09/20, 05:09 pm- btt
Benjamin Morgan - Me -09/21, 08:08 pm- btt
FS 17- 20 ? Combintation Headlight Switch and Horn Button
Benjamin Morgan - Me -09/18, 08:22 pm- Here is a combo light swi
Herb Iffrig -09/19, 06:58 am- I had one like that once.
Benjamin Morgan - Me -09/20, 05:08 pm- Thanks for the info Herb.
Benjamin Morgan - Me -09/21, 08:07 pm- still for sale.
My Hershey Wish/Short List of item's I'm looking for...
RVB -09/21, 07:56 pm- Heres the short list of i
For sale - 1925 Runabout
Don Skille -09/21, 07:51 pm- I had a request for pictu
Rajo Kit at Hershey
Dan Hatch -09/20, 04:52 am- btt
Dan Hatch -09/21, 04:33 pm- btt
bill Crosby Webster, -09/21, 06:32 pm- Dan, I sent you a PM, Bil
WTB 21" Split Rum
bbrunia -09/20, 03:18 pm- Still looking for one 21
bbrunia -09/20, 03:19 pm- Must have booze on my bra
Dan Hatch -09/21, 06:21 pm- I will have some at Hersh
Ot stuff may take to HERSHEY
Dan Hatch -09/20, 04:54 am- btt
Dan Hatch -09/21, 06:19 pm- btt
Wanted - Timer with vertical "Ford" Script
David Martin -09/21, 06:19 pm- Looking for a timer with
I need parts transport to Hershey
John L Williams -09/21, 01:23 pm- I still need Help!! Thank
bill Crosby Webster, -09/21, 05:48 pm- John, Im In Webster NY ab
Wanted - Later style rear spring shackles
Justin H. - Western  -09/20, 02:57 pm- Im in need of a good orig
Dave Huson, Berthoud -09/21, 03:41 pm- Justin I have many of the
Gas head lights
Ronald Naab -09/20, 12:14 am- what type of glass is use
Verne Shirk -09/20, 08:43 am- I just used regular glass
Verne Shirk -09/20, 08:45 am- I just used regular glass
Adam Doleshal -09/21, 03:39 pm- I just replaced the glass
Tim -09/21, 03:36 pm- I have added a 1927 Vapor
Any Plans / Drawings Available For This?
Bill Everett -09/21, 12:22 pm- In a few weeks, Ill have
Steve Tomaso - Longb -09/21, 12:52 pm- Heres what I use - made f
Bill Everett -09/21, 12:54 pm- Thank you, Steve, and to
24/25 TT Closed Cab
Ryan Bourgeois -09/21, 12:03 pm- Hello James, Is this TT
1921 Centerdoor almost barn fresh
Dave Dunlavy, Iowa U -09/18, 06:16 pm- I must sell my favorite M
Ted Dumas -09/18, 07:01 pm- Year? Electric Starter?
Ted Dumas -09/18, 07:02 pm- Took a second look,questi
Joe Schrepfer -09/18, 08:52 pm- Hard to tell but looks to
Dave Dunlavy, Iowa U -09/18, 08:56 pm- Yes,starter & generat
Dave Wells, Hamilton -09/18, 10:38 pm- Theres a sign on the wind
Tim Lloid -09/18, 11:04 pm- Very cool car. I need mor
Dave Wightman -09/20, 07:41 am- Do you have any pics of t
george house . . .ca -09/20, 02:09 pm- Howdy Dave, Is the wi
Dave Dunlavy, Iowa U -09/21, 08:54 am- Will take pix this mornin
Dave Dunlavy, Iowa U -09/21, 11:58 am- 53 New pictures now. http
FS Set of 30 x 3 1/2 Split Rims
Don Azevedo -09/21, 10:50 am- FS Four 30 x 3-1/2 split
Don Azevedo -09/21, 11:09 am- Rims are sold pending rec
Michael Donovan -09/21, 10:35 am- I am looking for about a
Mark Gregush Portlan -09/21, 10:59 am- If you have not signed up
FS: Pair of Nice Cowl Lamps w/ Square Reflector
Benjamin Morgan - Me -09/18, 07:12 pm- Here is a nice pair of Co
Benjamin Morgan - Me -09/18, 07:46 pm- Sold Pending payment, tha
Benjamin Morgan - Me -09/20, 05:19 pm- Tim, my emails keep bounc
Tim Morsher -09/21, 10:54 am- I sent you message. Mi
Model A tires
Bill Hickey -09/21, 09:48 am- wtb 2 tires size 6.00-16.
1923 TT For Trade
Chris Dailledouze -09/21, 09:13 am- .
Dave Huson, Berthoud -09/20, 06:05 pm- Valve Tool; $19.98. This
Dave Huson, Berthoud -09/20, 06:06 pm- Valve Tool; [valve tool]
Dave Huson, Berthoud -09/21, 05:55 am- Valve Tool has been spoke
FS complete running Rajo BB overhead engine
Bill Bohlen -09/21, 05:39 am- For sale Rajo overhead en
Bill Bohlen -09/21, 05:45 am- [MVC-028S.JPG] [MVC-029S.
WTB MATCO Magneto Cross Drive Gear and Nut that goes on t...
Bill Kerndt-Waukon,  -09/20, 09:30 pm- I am in need of both the
John P. Steele -09/20, 11:00 pm- Bill I think Dan McEacher
Dan McEachern -09/20, 11:55 pm- Bill you can contact me o
John From Oregon -09/21, 02:08 am- I think Langs sells them.
Wanted Aluminum water Outlet adapter for 28 chev
Daniel Kraft -09/20, 10:59 pm- Im building a poor mans r
1915 Model T Roadster/Pickup $16000.00 Firm
Richard A Eddinger S -09/18, 11:52 pm- bump
john kuehn -09/19, 10:04 am- Hard to build one like th
Richard A Eddinger S -09/20, 09:05 am- 15 might be doable
Richard A Eddinger S -09/20, 09:30 pm- Still on the market
FS Horn and Light Switch Combo
Mark Chaffin......Co -09/19, 09:42 pm- Original early horn and l
Mark Chaffin......Co -09/20, 05:18 pm- Reduced to $35.00
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -09/20, 06:00 pm- I will take it if still a
Mark Chaffin......Co -09/20, 09:17 pm- Sold to Dave. PM sent.
Adapters, Chevy wheels to T wood hubs
Donald Vagasky,Tucso -09/20, 08:16 pm- Jerry,I guess my emails a
FS Pair of 30x3.5 Simplex Wire Wheels
Benjamin Morgan - Me -09/18, 09:09 pm- I will admit I know very
Benjamin Morgan - Me -09/18, 09:15 pm- [20160914_192959 (Custom)
Dave Barker - Dayton -09/19, 10:08 am- If anyone is interested i
Benjamin Morgan - Me -09/20, 05:11 pm- Thanks for the info Dave.
Dave Barker - Dayton -09/20, 05:46 pm- I really dont know, as I
FS Spark Plug Adaptors
Mark Chaffin......Co -09/19, 09:44 pm- One set of four spark plu
Mark Chaffin......Co -09/20, 05:17 pm- Reduced to $15.00
FS Model A Transmission
Mark Chaffin......Co -09/19, 09:46 pm- Got this with a large loa
Mark Chaffin......Co -09/20, 05:16 pm- Reduced to $125.
Dave Huson, Berthoud -09/20, 11:51 am- Lid; 40.00 Lid is solid,
Dave Huson, Berthoud -09/20, 11:52 am- Lid; [lid]
Dave Huson, Berthoud -09/20, 04:51 pm- For some reason the light
Starter for sale
Layden Butler -09/20, 04:48 pm- ttt
1915 Kingston L carburetor For Sale
Layden Butler -09/20, 04:47 pm- ttt
Ruckstell axle parts For Sale
Layden Butler -09/20, 04:45 pm- Have other pieces too!
FS Frame to Body Brackets (6 each)
John LaFalce -09/19, 05:50 pm- Now $100 plus $6.80 shipp
John LaFalce -09/20, 03:20 pm- Sold
For sale Model T muffler
Thomas Elliott -09/20, 02:51 pm- Model T muffler for sale.
For sale exhaust cutout
Thomas Elliott -09/20, 02:28 pm- Exhaust cutout for Model
WTB one good 30 x 3 1/2 demountable wooden wheel
Chris Laughary -09/19, 10:35 pm- For my 1924 Touring Than
george house . . .ca -09/20, 02:13 pm- Howdy Chris, Does it
Nice set chrome hub caps
Chris Laughary -09/19, 10:30 pm- Pm you
Mark Gregush Portlan -09/20, 11:51 am- Sold pending payment. Tha
Dave Huson, Berthoud -09/19, 10:05 pm- Straps;$14.00 per pair. G
Dave Huson, Berthoud -09/19, 10:06 pm- Straps; [straps]
Dave Huson, Berthoud -09/20, 11:43 am- Straps have been sold.
Early repo aeremore whistel
bob middleton -09/20, 12:32 am- This whistel I have owned
FS 26/27 Windshield Stanchions
Mark Chaffin......Co -09/19, 09:31 pm- One pair of very nice ori
John L Williams -09/19, 10:03 pm- Mark! I could also use th
Fred Joosse -09/19, 10:48 pm- Mark, If sale falls throu
Mark Chaffin......Co -09/19, 10:58 pm- Sold to John. Thanks Joh
FS Bosch Distributor Parts Lot
Mark Chaffin......Co -09/19, 09:39 pm- Bosch distributor parts.
Andy Clary -09/19, 10:15 pm- Mark, sent you a PM. And
Mark Chaffin......Co -09/19, 10:52 pm- Sold to Andy!
FS Rear View Mirrors
Mark Chaffin......Co -09/18, 04:45 pm- Btt
Mark Chaffin......Co -09/19, 12:01 pm- The mirrors have been sol
Dennis Hoshield; Oak -09/19, 09:33 pm- Oh, man... just checked b
Dave Huson, Berthoud -09/19, 06:11 pm- Roller Bears; $$12.50 Eac
Dave Huson, Berthoud -09/19, 06:12 pm- Roller Bearings: [rolle
David Mazza -09/19, 09:14 pm- Can you mike at least fou
David Mazza -09/19, 09:19 pm- Would even take eight to
FS Brass radiator
Jack Lewis -09/19, 09:05 pm- Above average condition.H
Garry Potter -09/19, 08:15 pm- Want to buy a good brass
FS New Exhaust Manifold Never Used
Benjamin Morgan - Me -09/18, 08:13 pm- So I think this is one of
Nevin Gough -09/18, 09:05 pm- Sent you a PM
Robert G. Hester Jr. -09/19, 02:35 pm- Benjamin, if Nevin doesnt
Dave Dufault -09/19, 04:28 pm- Robert, An alternative?.
FS Black & Brass side lights
Jack Daron - Brownsb -09/19, 03:59 pm- Sold,pending payment.Than
Lights,more Pics
Jack Daron - Brownsb -09/19, 03:57 pm- Sold,pending payment.Than
FOR SALE: 1921 FORD Model T TOURING- very good condition-...
David Griffith -09/19, 02:13 pm- Still for sale. I keep re
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -09/19, 03:42 pm- David, I think $10K - $1
Spare Tire Carrier for 1914????
Dennis Sanford - Luc -09/19, 12:42 pm- I would like to see pictu
Dennis Sanford - Luc -09/19, 12:46 pm- Sorry I posted in the Cla
PART FOR SALE $25 FREE SHIPPING Vintage Analog Distance ...
Kimberly Drobot -09/19, 12:05 am- FOR SALE $25 FREE SHIPPIN
Tony Bowker, Ramona, -09/19, 11:18 am- Is it accurate for Model
Erik Johnson -09/19, 11:48 am-&nbs