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Model T Ford Forum
Forum 2014
Windows 8.1 will loose support after May 13th - Update NOW!
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -04/15, 07:16 pm- Yep. Anyone that got stuc
Tim Wrenn -04/15, 07:19 pm- If it werent for the fact
Mike Spaziano, Bellf -04/15, 07:22 pm- What about Windows 7? My
Philip Berg -04/15, 07:56 pm- My 10 year old Dell 8400
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -04/15, 07:58 pm- Windows 7 will be support
Gary Tillstrom -04/15, 08:18 pm- A buddy of mine in IT say
John Aldrich Orting  -04/15, 08:36 pm- Microsoft may be becoming
Mike Walker, NW AR -04/15, 08:39 pm- I was thinking of getting
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -04/15, 08:39 pm- Two years ago I made the
Kevin Whelihan -04/15, 09:14 pm- Dont know what your probl
Paul Vitko -04/15, 09:19 pm- My PC geek put a start bu
Cary Abate -04/15, 09:20 pm- Been using MACS and Apple
Kirk Peterson -04/15, 10:01 pm- Been working around IBM C
John Zibell -04/15, 10:33 pm- Guys, dont blow this out
Terry Woods, Richmon -04/15, 11:29 pm- I am still using Windows
Doug Money - Braidwo -04/16, 03:19 am- Terry, that is actually I
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -04/16, 05:16 am- When will Microsoft learn
Jared Buckert -04/16, 09:02 am- Ive tried Apple stuff, an
OT letter to my uncle "Sam" completed a day early
Willie K Cordes -04/14, 07:43 pm- This is somewhat T relate
William L Vanderburg -04/14, 08:19 pm- My uncle doesnt get any e
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -04/14, 08:20 pm- I thought you were going
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -04/14, 09:04 pm- Withholding is an interes
Henry Petrino in Mod -04/14, 09:18 pm- Of course you are 100% ri
Norman T. Kling -04/14, 09:22 pm- I already spent my refund
Derek Kiefer - Manto -04/14, 09:45 pm- I claimed all 9 of my car
Michael R Beary -04/14, 10:27 pm- I sign my tax documents t
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -04/14, 11:19 pm- There are free tax prepar
Terry Woods, Richmon -04/15, 12:18 am- Willie, What two local sw
G.R.Cheshire -04/15, 07:15 am- It was a good year, I onl
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -04/15, 07:45 am- My wife has an intermitte
Kevin Whelihan -04/15, 09:07 am- I keep trying to figure o
Willie K Cordes -04/15, 10:26 am- Terry, San Marcos I belie
John Aldrich Orting  -04/15, 11:09 am- I dont really mind paying
Henry Petrino in Mod -04/15, 11:39 am- John, There are a lot of
Kenneth W DeLong -04/15, 11:42 am- I know this will po some
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -04/15, 12:25 pm- I calculate early - If th
Henry Petrino in Mod -04/15, 12:44 pm- It would not be necessary
Willie K Cordes -04/15, 01:59 pm- I used to hear that there
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -04/15, 09:31 pm- Pay enough taxes and youl
Michael R Beary -04/16, 12:59 am- I got lucky! A decent ref
G.R.Cheshire -04/16, 07:50 am- One year I made the Mista
Seth from NC -04/16, 09:00 am- The problem is the loop h
Center door ran when parked
G.R.Cheshire -04/15, 11:45 am- http://jacksonville.craig
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -04/15, 11:53 am- Rear window, radiator, ho
Erik Johnson -04/15, 12:18 pm- Related, earlier thread:
john kuehn -04/15, 01:50 pm- It is a pretty rare early
Mike Walker, NW AR -04/15, 08:24 pm- Its more rare than a 15 C
Royce in Georgetown  -04/16, 07:53 am- Another 1915 center door
Roger Karlsson, sout -04/16, 08:27 am- Is one or more of the pai
Best rims/ wrong rims?
John P Noonan -04/15, 11:08 pm- Well i need to replace so
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -04/15, 11:58 pm- Pictures are better than
John P Noonan -04/16, 12:14 am- Will do Steve, i thought
Hap Tucker in Sumter -04/16, 08:20 am- John, Below is a cross s
Anti theft device for Model T Ford does any one know
ROBERT BERGSTADT -04/15, 01:27 pm- I just got this nice anti
Gary Schreiber- Sant -04/15, 01:47 pm- That is a really neat pie
Steve McClelland -04/15, 02:35 pm- I would think it fits ove
ROBERT BERGSTADT -04/15, 03:43 pm- This is so cool, but no i
Ed in California -04/15, 03:53 pm- That would be very simple
Will Copeland - Tren -04/15, 03:55 pm- Looks relatively easy to
Jem Bowkett -04/15, 03:55 pm- I dont see the relevance
ROBERT BERGSTADT -04/15, 04:00 pm- No that is a steel block
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -04/15, 04:10 pm- I doubt the chain goes to
Greg Griffin -04/15, 05:47 pm- Maybe the chain secures t
john kuehn -04/15, 06:26 pm- Just wondering if its a r
Erik Johnson -04/15, 06:49 pm- In Google books, if you s
Steve McClelland -04/16, 02:32 am- Thanks for sharing the pi
Joe Van Evera -04/16, 07:34 am- Could the chain merely be
Jim Patrick -04/16, 07:34 am- This would prevent the ca
Dennis Seth - Ohio -04/16, 08:13 am- The chain wouldnt secure
Help-1920/1921 Ford Price List of Parts and Accessories.
Ron Patterson-Nichol -04/14, 09:20 pm- I am working on a researc
David Menzies -04/15, 12:40 pm- I dont know if this will
Dave Huson, Berthoud -04/15, 02:08 pm- David Menzies: Let me kn
Ron Patterson-Nichol -04/15, 02:39 pm- Thanks to all those who r
Royce in Georgetown  -04/15, 06:56 pm- Heres the service bulleti
Mark Gregush Portlan -04/15, 07:24 pm- Ron; I have a March of 19
Mark Gregush Portlan -04/15, 07:32 pm- I just checked my Wholesa
Stephen D Heatherly -04/15, 07:34 pm- Royce, I have a timer bru
David Menzies -04/15, 07:56 pm- I contacted my local serv
Royce in Georgetown  -04/16, 07:43 am- Stephen, Ive got somethi
Olympic tires
Ed in California -04/14, 11:18 am- Set of 2 new Olympic 30x
Allan Richard Bennet -04/14, 06:35 pm- Ed, I wish they were here
Ray Green -04/14, 09:08 pm- Alan, they could be going
Ray Green -04/14, 09:12 pm- Allan if you do want to b
Constantine in Melbo -04/15, 10:05 am- Made in Australia, you do
David Chantrell - Ad -04/15, 10:06 am- Im still running the Dunl
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -04/15, 10:13 am- Safety first but, as an a
Allan Richard Bennet -04/15, 06:17 pm- David, I bought new old s
David Chantrell - Ad -04/15, 06:26 pm- Allan, you and I have the
Peter Borland. Bathu -04/16, 01:15 am- Gday, Two Olympic and tw
David Chantrell - Ad -04/16, 06:51 am- I must also add the origi
Adding shims to main bearings...
Rodney Aspenson -04/14, 08:38 pm- Last fall I put in a new
Bob Shirley -04/14, 09:06 pm- Rodney, you need to deter
Mike Walker, NW AR -04/14, 09:09 pm- Rodney -- Three thou is a
Mike Walker, NW AR -04/14, 09:12 pm- p.s. -- You dont lightly
Norman T. Kling -04/14, 09:18 pm- It should be about .0015
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -04/14, 09:22 pm- I would rather you set th
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -04/14, 09:24 pm- Sorry to say the same as
joe bell -04/14, 09:25 pm- are you sure the noise ca
Rodney Aspenson -04/14, 09:31 pm- Originally I used plastig
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -04/14, 09:34 pm- Now that I think about it
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -04/14, 09:36 pm- If you could still turn t
Rodney Aspenson -04/14, 09:37 pm- Also, yes, I did oil ever
Rodney Aspenson -04/14, 09:40 pm- Yup, no problem hand cran
Rodney Aspenson -04/14, 09:43 pm- Joe, I didnt replace the
Kerry van Ekeren (Au -04/14, 09:49 pm- Was oil galleries cut fro
Rodney Aspenson -04/14, 10:07 pm- Actually Kerry, all the b
Brian Holcomb, Water -04/14, 10:12 pm- line bore off? Try some
Chris Bamford, Edmon -04/14, 10:17 pm- I have witnessed squealin
Adam Doleshal -04/15, 11:44 am- I think it is unlikely th
Craig Anderson, cent -04/15, 03:50 pm- Check a main cap for sign
James Michael Rogers -04/15, 06:06 pm- Just another thought, you
Colin Mavins -04/15, 06:18 pm- Just a thought ,you do kn
James Michael Rogers -04/16, 06:50 am- Colin, that would be 1.25
Original Fronty Blue Prints
Wlliam Dunbar -04/12, 04:19 pm- I found a set of blue pri
mark herdman -04/13, 05:07 am- Certainly are AF16! Thank
Wlliam Dunbar -04/13, 11:05 am- Thanks Mark, I appreciate
Les Schubert -04/14, 10:14 am- William Please post the r
mark herdman -04/16, 05:48 am- Wlliam I thought the cam
Some Carburetors
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -04/15, 02:44 am- Here are 4 Kingston 4 Bal
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -04/15, 02:55 am- This is a Rayfield MV3 th
Michael Deichmann, B -04/15, 05:51 am- Globalisation have reache
G.R.Cheshire -04/15, 06:40 am- Stan; Do you have a protť
Dennis Seth - Ohio -04/15, 07:13 am- Beautiful work Stan. Th
Tim Wrenn -04/15, 09:21 am- Ditto to that Dennis!! T
Jon Allen -04/15, 09:38 am- Hey Stan, What a show-off
Bob Coiro -04/15, 10:02 am- Works of art. Nothing le
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -04/15, 10:45 am- Thanks, making them look
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -04/15, 10:59 am- Ive had a couple messages
Les VonNordheim -04/15, 11:30 am- Stan, You are the Master
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -04/15, 01:22 pm- Les - I sent you a PM. K
Randy Glowacki -04/15, 01:40 pm- Stan, That is some beauti
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -04/15, 02:45 pm- Les, I should have those
Les VonNordheim -04/15, 04:04 pm- Stan, I have forwarded y
george house -04/15, 04:25 pm- Oh, . . . . I dont know .
Mark Gregush Portlan -04/15, 07:35 pm- A bump from the past! [:-
Bob Cascisa - Poulsb -04/16, 01:00 am- Stan, That OC-2 looks re
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -04/16, 01:05 am- Its all done except a tes
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -04/16, 01:10 am- Hey George!!! You ever l
Hose for tire pump
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -04/15, 12:25 am- I am restoring a late T s
Allan Richard Bennet -04/15, 05:22 am- Erich, I have use red rub
G.R.Cheshire -04/15, 06:51 am- Eric I used vacuum hose a
Tim Morsher -04/15, 11:34 am- There is a small company
Dan Treace, North FL -04/15, 02:38 pm- Langs sells a black hose,
Tim Morsher -04/15, 03:13 pm- A&L parts specialties
Howard D. Dennis -04/15, 04:08 pm- A & L Specialties Web
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -04/15, 04:13 pm- Thanks everyone for the i
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -04/15, 04:17 pm- Its also available from m
Tim Morsher -04/15, 06:33 pm- I have a bunch of tire pu
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -04/16, 12:11 am- I have a great VW special
Wire wheel ID?
Mattthew G Californi -04/12, 03:39 pm- I picked this up @ Bako b
Clayton Swanson -04/12, 07:40 pm- need to see the hub close
Ricks - Surf City -04/12, 09:07 pm- Its a #4 Houk, made for a
Mattthew G Californi -04/16, 12:10 am- Thanks Ricks! The rim an
Holley G info please
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -04/16, 12:07 am- I believe the Holley G st
Get your bid in for the Buffalo wheeled speedster
Constantine in Melbo -04/14, 12:22 am- Im guessing it needs a fa
Seth from NC -04/14, 07:16 am- I dont know if itll go fo
Royce in Georgetown  -04/14, 07:40 am- Agree with Seth, it would
Gary Schreiber- Sant -04/14, 10:26 am- It looks like the item on
Ed in California -04/14, 10:28 am- I bet somebody hits the b
Constantine in Melbo -04/14, 10:40 am- So how much are a herd...
Seth from NC -04/14, 10:49 am- I bet if a set like the o
Ed in California -04/14, 11:07 am- Buffalo wheels in good sh
Dave Dufault -04/14, 09:31 pm- Didnt Seth Harbuck have a
Mike Walker, NW AR -04/14, 10:18 pm- Seths had a quasi-pickup
Dave Dufault -04/15, 07:55 am- Thanks Mike - failing mem
Jon Allen -04/15, 09:31 am- I am buying it! It is of
Ed in California -04/15, 09:43 am- Whatever method you choos
Bill in Adelaida Cal -04/15, 09:52 am- Ed is right. In fact Ji
Constantine in Melbo -04/15, 09:57 am- Jon, Congratulations! If
Jon Allen -04/15, 10:34 am- Thanks to you Ed, Bill an
Mark Chaffin -04/15, 10:34 am- Congratulations John! Lo
Mike Walker, NW AR -04/15, 11:04 am- Congratulations on your p
Jon Allen -04/15, 12:44 pm- Mark, The RAJO in the gar
Jim -04/15, 06:04 pm- Jon, I have hauled for s
Jon Allen -04/15, 06:05 pm- I have a shipping quote f
Ron Mc Willie -04/15, 06:29 pm- I have used Inter City Li
Mike Walker, NW AR -04/15, 07:46 pm- Jon -- Were gonna have so
Bill in Adelaida Cal -04/15, 11:31 pm- Jon: Although I have n
Speedster body like mine in Harold Lloyd movie, what mov...
Donnie Brown -04/15, 09:47 am- I found these pics of a o
Rob Heyen - Nebraska -04/15, 09:48 am- Hard to say.... [:-]
Donnie Brown -04/15, 09:50 am- [Herold Loyd movie car He
Donnie Brown -04/15, 09:58 am- This is my speedster body
Seth from NC -04/15, 10:11 am- Hey Donnie check out my p
Erik Johnson -04/15, 10:14 am- Another photo of the spee
Donnie Brown -04/15, 10:26 am- Eric It says the movie ma
Donnie Brown -04/15, 10:31 am- Here are a couple ads tha
Donnie Brown -04/15, 10:34 am- [358180.jpg]
Erik Johnson -04/15, 10:55 am- I dont believe its from t
Seth from NC -04/15, 11:18 am- [image.jpg] Side view o
Donnie Brown -04/15, 11:57 am- Seth: Yours looks very si
Mike Walker, NW AR -04/15, 08:32 pm- Gee, Donnie -- Maybe you
Donnie Brown -04/15, 09:00 pm- Mike: I did !! Boy what
Dan Treace, North FL -04/15, 09:09 pm- Donnie Here are some mor
Donnie Brown -04/15, 11:15 pm- Dan: Nice pics. The ad f
Engine seized???
Larry Pletcher -04/15, 09:53 pm- I started up my 26 T Sund
Rion Schulze  -04/15, 09:58 pm- I had the same problem on
Jim Thode Chehalis W -04/15, 10:02 pm- Sounds like it could be a
James Michael Rogers -04/15, 10:02 pm- Put the car in high gear
Dave Wells -04/15, 10:22 pm- Same thing happened to my
John Zibell -04/15, 10:23 pm- If you do pull the starte
Larry Pletcher -04/15, 10:33 pm- Thanks, everyone. I menti
Verne Shirk -04/15, 10:42 pm- Has the engine been rebui
Larry Pletcher -04/15, 11:07 pm- Verne, Its an old restor
Changing from Tru-Fire to Ford Coils
Cary Abate -04/10, 11:25 am- Hi All, I am changing fr
Mike Robison -04/10, 11:32 am- Make sure your Magneto wo
Rob Heyen - Nebraska -04/10, 11:37 am- Even if your mag doesnt w
Henry Petrino in Mod -04/10, 11:59 am- I think you should be goo
Cary Abate -04/10, 01:05 pm- Henry, A shoehorn from W
James A. Golden -04/13, 08:54 am- I also bought 5 coils fro
Tim Wrenn -04/13, 09:38 am- Rob--how long can you run
Michael Seager -04/13, 11:52 am- Cary is your trufire for
Cary Abate -04/13, 12:18 pm- Michael, Later this summ
Norman T. Kling -04/13, 10:04 pm- There is a strap of sheet
Cary Abate -04/14, 09:25 am- Norman, Is this the appro
Cary Abate -04/14, 09:32 am- I just got on Langs and f
Mark Strange -04/14, 09:35 am- Yep
Cary Abate -04/14, 10:27 am- Thank you Mark and Norman
Jeff Hood -04/14, 12:35 pm- Tim, you can run a very l
Jim Thode Chehalis W -04/14, 12:55 pm- Jeff, Just a note, even t
Jeff Hood -04/14, 02:47 pm- Jim, I understand its bes
Cary Abate -04/14, 03:13 pm- Day or night my lights ar
Marty Bufalini -04/14, 08:57 pm- Because my mag doesnt wor
Cary Abate -04/14, 09:51 pm- Dear Marty, My system is
David Stroud -04/15, 02:06 am- Cary, not all coil boxes
Michael Pawelek Broo -04/15, 08:24 am- Cary, Be sure to get the
Cary Abate -04/15, 08:47 am- Folks, Does anyone have a
Mark Strange -04/15, 09:08 am- Cary, its a .pdf file, to
Harold Schwendeman - -04/15, 04:13 pm- Jim Thode - Your post yes
Harold Schwendeman - -04/15, 04:19 pm- I should have added that
Mark Strange -04/15, 04:31 pm- Like Cary, my 1923 tourin
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -04/15, 05:01 pm- Some have wired a 12 volt
John F. Regan -04/15, 05:26 pm- I am responding to Harold
Harold Schwendeman - -04/15, 08:52 pm- Thank you so much John,..
Jim Thode Chehalis W -04/15, 09:50 pm- Harold, Yes in my case wi
brass car guy -04/15, 10:41 pm- I run Tru-Fire systems on
Planning the tour
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -04/14, 04:50 pm- [IMG_3067 copy.JPG] This
Chris Paulsen - McPh -04/14, 06:32 pm- I hope the weather is bet
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -04/14, 06:46 pm- Ive been looking at onlin
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -04/14, 08:34 pm- That doesnt look like the
Gilbert V. I. Fitzhu -04/14, 08:41 pm- Ive been using a site cal
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -04/14, 08:57 pm- Youve got that right. Som
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -04/14, 11:05 pm- I should have mentioned t
Verne Shirk -04/15, 12:14 am- Sounds like fun! Its bee
George Clipner-Los A -04/15, 01:30 am- Steve is that going to be
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -04/15, 01:52 am- Yes. [:-] Were planning
Dennis Seth - Ohio -04/15, 07:31 am- Mr. Thrifty, Would the d
Mike Walker, NW AR -04/15, 09:27 am- How many hotels are there
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -04/15, 10:53 am- No motels here, but four
Chris Paulsen - McPh -04/15, 09:42 pm- I would strongly recommen
Engine serial numbers, curious data point from Bakersfield
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -04/14, 05:01 pm- I picked up an engine at
Greg Griffin -04/14, 07:12 pm- My block has a casting da
Mike -04/14, 07:22 pm- I doubt if the concept of
Philip Berg -04/14, 08:32 pm- My 16 coupelet block has
Rich Chillingworth -04/14, 10:47 pm- Wayne, I saw your block a
Barry Fowler - Eagle -04/15, 12:29 am- Phillip: My 15 Coupelet
Hap Tucker in Sumter -04/15, 06:55 am- Just a reminder the date
Dave Wells -04/15, 10:03 am- My block was cast Apr 1 1
Hap Tucker in Sumter -04/15, 09:16 pm- Dave, Just to clarify a
Dave Wells -04/15, 09:37 pm- Hap, yes the info you hav
OT Permanent cars
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -04/15, 10:20 am- In 1928 Allen Swift recei
Bob Coiro -04/15, 11:58 am- Old Rolls Royces not the
Erik Johnson -04/15, 12:13 pm- English: http://www.trut
Bob Coiro -04/15, 12:25 pm- Gee... so it turns out I
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -04/15, 12:28 pm- I wonder if he changed is
Erik Johnson -04/15, 12:38 pm- MOS http://www.springfie
Ed in California -04/15, 01:21 pm- [rolls-royce_springfield-
Mark Gregush Portlan -04/15, 07:40 pm- Love those big drum head
David Dewey, N. Cali -04/15, 09:30 pm- Mark, The lenses are Bosh
Fun ideas wanted for Model T parade decorations
David Kriegel Mishaw -04/11, 07:45 am- I put my Model T with WW
G.R.Cheshire -04/11, 08:47 am- If your car will free Sta
ROBERT BERGSTADT -04/11, 08:58 am- Flag holder from Bobs
Jim Patrick -04/11, 11:58 am- Get some red white and bl
steve miller- missis -04/11, 01:23 pm- exhaust whistle?
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -04/11, 01:38 pm-
Doug Money - Braidwo -04/11, 04:07 pm- Here are how we did our e
A. Gustaf Bryngelson -04/11, 11:47 pm- The Veterans talked me in
Seth from NC -04/12, 06:54 am- Hey Doug I like that! I b
Derek Kiefer - Manto -04/12, 08:38 am- Prior to its restoration
Derek Kiefer - Manto -04/12, 08:43 am- Heres a color film showin
Royce in Georgetown  -04/12, 09:20 am- Wow, great film.
Bob Coiro -04/12, 03:29 pm- That was wonderful. Sure
Harold Schwendeman - -04/12, 04:54 pm- Just to add a bit to what
Harold Schwendeman - -04/12, 04:58 pm- Oops,....meant to say HOW
Bob Coiro -04/13, 01:30 am- For better or worse I don
A. Gustaf Bryngelson -04/13, 11:04 am- Hey Bob, you better be ca
Bob Coiro -04/13, 12:03 pm- You forgot to say, For be
A. Gustaf Bryngelson -04/13, 03:47 pm- Sorry, but I could not se
Doug Money - Braidwo -04/13, 08:00 pm- Seth, I have a speaker mo
Mike Garrison_Rice M -04/13, 08:16 pm- Great video Derek. The ca
Andy Loso St Joseph, -04/13, 10:12 pm- Derek, Great video. It
Jim Patrick -04/14, 07:23 am- I wonder how many kids at
Andrew Benoit -04/14, 08:18 am- Hi Jim, Thanks for post
David Kriegel Mishaw -04/14, 08:51 am- I like the ideas thanks.
David Kriegel Mishaw -04/14, 09:28 am- My grandkids like the car
Bob Robb -04/14, 11:17 am- One thing not mentioned h
Doug Money - Braidwo -04/14, 12:16 pm- I downloaded a picture of
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -04/14, 03:18 pm- This is what we did.. [0
Dennis Seth - Ohio -04/14, 03:41 pm- Fred, Very pretty young
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -04/14, 03:54 pm- The two standing by the c
Doug Money - Braidwo -04/14, 10:26 pm- Bob Robb makes an excelle
A. Gustaf Bryngelson -04/15, 06:59 pm- The last time we were all
Bob Ronning -04/15, 09:29 pm- I set it up for our car c
Contact Info For Gale Garrison-Bakersfield Swap Meet.
Gary Hagen -04/14, 10:58 pm- Hello, Gale gave me his e
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -04/15, 02:45 pm- Gary H, What? Rolled over
Ed in California -04/15, 03:18 pm- Thats not good. Is this t
Art Wilson -04/15, 08:36 pm- This is the same Couple t
Still dragging
michael grady -04/13, 02:21 pm- Hi Guys, Newbie here - 1
Stephen D Heatherly -04/13, 02:33 pm- Michael, it appears your
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -04/13, 02:43 pm- No, the A hole is for ins
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -04/13, 02:52 pm- Stephen types faster than
michael grady -04/13, 02:55 pm- That someone is me! Holy
Stephen D Heatherly -04/13, 03:01 pm- Michael, either you can f
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -04/13, 03:11 pm- I agree on turning the tu
michael grady -04/13, 03:17 pm- what do I need
Mark Strange -04/13, 03:29 pm- Another newbie question h
Mark Gregush Portlan -04/13, 03:47 pm- Grease in from the bottom
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -04/13, 03:49 pm- I havent done that yet bu
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -04/13, 03:57 pm- A grease cup or a Zerk wi
michael grady -04/13, 04:45 pm- Steve - Your statement
Paul Mikeska, Denver -04/13, 05:00 pm- It will not hurt anything
Paul Mikeska, Denver -04/13, 05:21 pm- Michael, There are a bun
michael grady -04/13, 05:43 pm- Hi Paul, I started anoth
Rick Goelz-Knoxville -04/13, 05:51 pm- While you have the rear e
Steve McClelland -04/13, 11:42 pm- I agree with Rick I would
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -04/14, 01:34 am- Yes, if you dont know for
Mike Walker, NW AR -04/14, 10:34 am- Michael -- You should be
michael grady -04/14, 11:20 am- Thanks all...., Ill keep
Jim Thode Chehalis W -04/14, 12:46 pm- Michael, Just to be clear
Seth from NC -04/14, 01:29 pm- Hey Jim, if you read his
Dennis Seth - Ohio -04/14, 03:47 pm- Im still dragging too. Ha
Jim Thode Chehalis W -04/14, 05:24 pm- Seth, Maybe if Michael ro
Dave Huson, Berthoud -04/15, 03:49 pm- Michael Grady: How many
Bill Robinson Salty  -04/15, 04:07 pm- It would seem that if Mic
michael grady -04/15, 05:01 pm- Hi Guys, The wild card h
Bill Robinson Salty  -04/15, 06:30 pm- Have it ready for Dan to
michael grady -04/15, 08:27 pm- how will I know if Dan is
Gary Gregory -04/15, 07:01 pm- Would brass/bronze bushin
Stephen D Heatherly -04/15, 07:19 pm- If you do buy new pedal s
Kohnke Rebabbitting -04/15, 08:03 pm- Bushings and seals.[129_2
Gary Gregory -04/15, 08:10 pm- Herm...did you use bronze
Ford 1917 coupelette for $42K?
Constantine in Melbo -04/15, 11:15 am- with removable door posts
Rick Goelz-Knoxville -04/15, 11:39 am- Constantine, this is a ra
Darel J. Leipold -04/15, 11:42 am- A nice example. There ar
Don Watson -Florence -04/15, 12:11 pm- Darel, Beg to differ Tell
Erik Johnson -04/15, 12:16 pm- That car has been discuss
Constantine -04/15, 04:01 pm- Thanks. Okay, I understa
Mike Walker, NW AR -04/15, 08:07 pm- Eric -- Thanks for postin
Cars that ran away
Steve Schmidt -04/15, 04:30 pm- How many Model T Fords do
Stephen D Heatherly -04/15, 04:51 pm- If you look at :21 you ca
Royce in Georgetown  -04/15, 06:49 pm- Looks like Signal Hill CA
Bob Coiro -04/15, 06:55 pm- Nobody loves the big, bra
Dave Huson, Berthoud -04/12, 10:51 pm- Moon Mullings, I can not
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -04/12, 11:02 pm- You can find him with Goo
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -04/14, 08:30 pm- didnt he make moon wheel
Ted Dumas -04/14, 09:02 pm- Fred, he also made Moon P
Bill Elliott -04/15, 06:33 am- I believe he lived near M
Dennis Seth - Ohio -04/15, 07:16 am- He built his house with M
Charlie B actually i -04/15, 09:05 am- Seeing those cartoons rem
Dennis Seth - Ohio -04/15, 06:53 pm- He could never polish his
Old Photo, Another T first
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -04/15, 10:26 am- Sidney J. Catts was the f
Henry Petrino in Mod -04/15, 10:43 am- The two guys in the front
Darel J. Leipold -04/15, 11:45 am- That is a 1916 Model T.
Dennis Seth - Ohio -04/15, 06:48 pm- If he would have campaign
Who wants to make a T today.
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -04/15, 10:40 am- Link to downloadable pape
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -04/15, 04:28 pm- Heck with that. It tries
Anderson Timer advance question
Cameron Whitaker -04/12, 11:05 pm- I was working on my frien
Jim Thode Chehalis W -04/12, 11:23 pm- Cameron, That is a proble
John F. Regan -04/12, 11:41 pm- This is a question that I
Jim Thode Chehalis W -04/12, 11:56 pm- The brush will only fit o
Chris Barker, Somers -04/13, 07:07 am- I had this with my first
Will Copeland - Tren -04/13, 07:24 am- I ran the Anderson for ma
Joseph A. Stearns -04/13, 07:31 am- Will, that is interesting
Cameron Whitaker -04/13, 07:54 am- Jim, I had the same ide
Kerry van Ekeren (Au -04/13, 08:13 am- Im trying an Anderson for
Will Copeland - Tren -04/13, 08:37 am- The biggest difference be
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -04/13, 09:45 am- Kerry, some run the Ander
Mike Walker, NW AR -04/13, 09:58 am- Kerry -- I use a little d
Constantine in Melbo -04/13, 10:03 am- Kerry, I use the very thi
Will Copeland - Tren -04/13, 11:23 am- http://www.twcomponents.c
Ray Syverson -04/13, 12:14 pm- Why would the timing posi
Mark Gregush Portlan -04/13, 12:54 pm- The bracket for the timer
Mike Walker, NW AR -04/13, 01:09 pm- I just shorten the timer
Mark Gregush Portlan -04/13, 01:14 pm- If its close or hitting t
Val Soupios -04/13, 01:15 pm- I ran Anderson timers on
Mike Walker, NW AR -04/13, 07:52 pm- Val -- If you were runnin
Ron Patterson-Nichol -04/14, 04:34 pm- An occupational hazard of
Jerry VanOoteghem -04/14, 04:55 pm- Cameron, In your photo,
Jim Thode Chehalis W -04/14, 05:21 pm- It is too bad that the TW
Val Soupios -04/14, 05:44 pm- Mike the problem with th
Mark Gregush Portlan -04/14, 07:40 pm- Question; can you use the
Roger Karlsson, sout -04/14, 08:10 pm- The new TW timer cant be
Mike Walker, NW AR -04/14, 09:17 pm- If the New Day qualifies,
Ron Patterson-Nichol -04/14, 09:42 pm- Mike Here is an even bett
Mike Walker, NW AR -04/14, 10:16 pm- Youre right, Ron, it is v
Mark Gregush Portlan -04/14, 10:30 pm- How is the new timer diff
George_Cherry Hill N -04/14, 11:22 pm- Not to persuade/dissuade,
Ron Patterson-Nichol -04/15, 12:57 am- Hi George I have several
Tom Carnegie -04/15, 01:38 am- Ive had some experience w
George_Cherry Hill N -04/15, 01:40 am- Good luck with further re
Dennis Henrichs -04/15, 01:44 am- Hi Ron, I checked my par
Mark Gregush Portlan -04/15, 11:07 am- I was taking a stab at th
David Dare - Just a  -04/15, 11:38 am- Frank, just pack it with
William A. Reep III -04/15, 02:17 pm- Been useing Anderson tim
Craig Anderson, cent -04/15, 04:00 pm- My 27 Tudor came with an
UP Releases Schedule For BigBoy 4014 Trip.
Fred Miller, Sequim  -04/14, 01:34 pm- For all of you watching
Tim Eyssen - Abilene -04/14, 03:25 pm- Fred: Thanks for posting,
Larry Bohlen, Severn -04/14, 04:41 pm- My goodness she must have
Jerry VanOoteghem -04/14, 04:42 pm- Fred, Thanks for the upd
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -04/14, 05:07 pm- If you havent seen it bef
William L Vanderburg -04/14, 05:13 pm- It hasnt been in the shop
Bob McDonald-Federal -04/14, 05:21 pm- Back in 2004 I stopped at
Ted Dumas -04/14, 08:30 pm- My grandson climbed into
Jon Crane -04/14, 08:40 pm- The Steam Railroad Instit
Steve Schmidt -04/14, 08:57 pm- The Steam Railroading Ins
Larry Bohlen, Severn -04/14, 09:36 pm- William, Thank you for t
Steve Schmidt -04/14, 10:12 pm- There are several videos
William L Vanderburg -04/14, 11:01 pm- The schedule was posted s
george house -04/15, 03:25 pm- Looks like ol Big Boy cou
OT Yamaha Electone E3 organ amplifier schematics needed
Robert E. (Bob) Blac -04/15, 02:32 pm- I have the service manual
Peter Marton, Australia
Dave Huson, Berthoud -04/15, 01:43 pm- Peter: I dont have much
Richard Wolf -04/15, 02:11 pm- U dont have much luck se
Original 1915 Center Door Sedan for sale Jacksonville FL
Dave Huson, Berthoud -04/15, 01:55 pm- If the wood and panels ar
Peter Marton, Australia
Dave Huson, Berthoud -04/15, 01:46 pm- Peter: I dont have much
OT - Tax Day Humor ... California Themed
Jim -04/15, 09:37 am- I have decided to offer R
Kevin Whelihan -04/15, 09:39 am- Mexico...definitely Mexic
Willie K Cordes -04/15, 10:12 am- They look like Kevin migh
G.R.Cheshire -04/15, 10:39 am- Mexico might be too close
Jim -04/15, 11:53 am- So ..... Is like ... thi
Philip Berg -04/15, 12:11 pm- Those guys dont look like
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -04/15, 12:34 pm- No No They are definitely
Kirk Peterson -04/15, 01:45 pm- In the 70s, When I worked
The Flower Fields Tour
Tony Bowker -04/13, 02:03 pm- Yesterday we were invited
Les VonNordheim -04/13, 02:39 pm- Tony, If it had not been
Tim Wrenn -04/13, 07:43 pm- Gorgeous setting for a go
Thomas Mullin -04/15, 12:52 pm- Your first picture looks
Anyone notice the generation gap with T repair?
Paul Vitko -04/11, 02:52 pm- Many young folk now throw
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -04/11, 03:38 pm- [BLONDIE 9-24-07_2.JPG]
David Dewey, N. Cali -04/11, 05:02 pm- as most of you know by no
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -04/11, 09:27 pm- David, I have a player pi
Mike Garrison_Rice M -04/11, 09:37 pm- For a couple years I rest
Paul Vitko -04/11, 10:22 pm- There is such a large wea
David Dewey, N. Cali -04/11, 10:33 pm- Steve, Yes, most out of
Paul Vitko -04/11, 11:55 pm- David, Bought this dress
David Dewey, N. Cali -04/12, 01:56 am- Paul, Very nice! Yes, it
Jim Patrick -04/12, 10:24 am- I spent almost a year res
Charlie B actually i -04/12, 11:20 am- As to the question: About
Paul Vitko -04/12, 02:15 pm- Part of what I meant Char
David Dewey, N. Cali -04/12, 03:28 pm- Jim, Yep, congrats!! I
Jim Kelsey -04/12, 05:47 pm- Paul: As an educator, I
Mike Garrison_Rice M -04/12, 07:40 pm- David, there really is a
Paul Vitko -04/12, 09:21 pm- My mentor a master German
David Dewey, N. Cali -04/12, 09:57 pm- Mike, Sounds like we hav
Norman T. Kling -04/12, 10:47 pm- We are short of jobs in t
Charlie B actually i -04/13, 10:05 am- Norm, that last line is s
Paul Vitko -04/13, 12:16 pm- You are right in my opini
Mark Gregush Portlan -04/13, 12:45 pm- Even in the same age grou
Marvin Konrad -04/13, 01:20 pm- Two of my most-favorite q
Paul Vitko -04/13, 01:43 pm- Kind of ticks you off Mar
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -04/13, 02:27 pm- Gas range knobs? You mean
Mark Strange -04/13, 03:07 pm- I thought that was what t
Mark Gregush Portlan -04/13, 03:38 pm- http://failblog.cheezburg
Paul Vitko -04/13, 03:51 pm- LOL Mark! Thought it was
A. J. "Art" Bell -04/13, 05:06 pm- Keep in mind that many of
Richard Erfert -04/13, 06:37 pm- Yesterday I took a perfec
Mike Garrison_Rice M -04/13, 07:54 pm- David, I was lucky enough
Jim Patrick -04/13, 09:01 pm- Funny you should mention
David Dewey, N. Cali -04/14, 12:56 am- Mike, Somewhere in my s
Mack Cole ---- Earth -04/14, 07:19 pm- It is strange how things
Dane Hawley Near Mel -04/15, 06:34 am- I hate to throw away item
Paul Vitko -04/15, 12:20 pm- The throw away generation
OT - The Wild-Looking 1913 James Scripps Booth BiAutogo Ė...
David Greenlees -04/15, 06:50 am- [Scripps1.jpg] The Boot
Don Booth@ Bay City, -04/15, 09:06 am- Im actually a descendant
Jerry VanOoteghem -04/15, 10:38 am- Although attributed to th
David Greenlees -04/15, 12:08 pm- Jerry, Yes it is on loan
Jim -04/15, 12:09 pm- David, You post the abso
Old Photos, Jensen family and?
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -04/15, 10:55 am- [1912_Model_T_Ford_Fore-D
Darel J. Leipold -04/15, 11:48 am- The first photo is of a 1
Bennett brakes question
Chris Landry, Hudson -04/13, 08:24 pm- I have a set of original
Stephen D Heatherly -04/13, 09:31 pm- Why not buy new parking b
Henry Petrino in Mod -04/13, 09:43 pm- I agree with Stephen. Im
Stephen D Heatherly -04/13, 10:09 pm- Maybe I should mention wh
Roger Karlsson, sout -04/14, 04:15 am- The problem when using th
Gary London, Camaril -04/14, 04:20 am- The actual original Benne
Chris Landry, Hudson -04/14, 10:31 pm- Yes, the Bennett drums ar
Mark Gregush Portlan -04/15, 11:12 am- You might be able to put
Another new item in production
ROBERT BERGSTADT -04/09, 09:36 am- It is spring loaded to ke
Jared Buckert -04/09, 11:38 am- Very cool! I may just ha
Tyrone Thomas - Tope -04/09, 11:51 am- and here i thought it was
ROBERT BERGSTADT -04/09, 11:53 am- Thanks guys the first 12
Bob Scherzer -04/15, 10:44 am- Bob, Glad you are doing t
One family owned Duncan and Fraser
Constantine in Melbo -04/15, 10:21 am- Its still available it se
56 years ago
Roar Sand -04/09, 11:38 am- Roger, Hurry over to Eda
Erik Johnson -04/09, 02:30 pm- We have a 1948 Tatra 87 n
Mark Strange -04/09, 07:05 pm- Jay Leno owns a Tatra. h
Roar Sand -04/09, 08:17 pm- Erik, I remember well the
Constantine in Melbo -04/12, 12:07 am- Forum member Misha in Tul
Michael Gotesman -04/14, 04:31 am- Thanks, Constantine! This
Andrew Benoit -04/14, 06:10 am- Michael, That is a very
Roger Karlsson, sout -04/14, 06:39 am- Heres a video with a rest
Constantine in Melbo -04/15, 10:08 am- It really is one of the m
Beardsleys Cider Mill Model T & A Show Shelton Connecticu...
Alex Dragone -04/15, 09:13 am- I just wanted to make sur
New Starter
brass car guy -04/15, 12:01 am- I thought I saw someone s
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -04/15, 08:19 am- I normally dont mention i
Mike Walker, NW AR -04/15, 09:09 am- Ken has rebuilt several s
OT packing tools to move
Jason Given - St. Pa -04/13, 09:08 am- Unexpectedly this past we
Charlie B actually i -04/13, 09:28 am- Sounds unexpected as you
Tim Wrenn -04/13, 09:32 am- The first thing I did was
mike_black -04/13, 09:42 am- Jason, Is the spot fo
Eric Hylen- Central  -04/13, 02:01 pm- Last summer, I found that
Henry Petrino in Mod -04/13, 02:11 pm- Eric gives good advice.
Jason Given - St. Pa -04/13, 02:59 pm- Our current house is not
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -04/13, 06:11 pm- If someone else is doing
Jason Given - St. Pa -04/13, 10:30 pm- I wish someone else was d
Warren W. Mortensen -04/15, 02:51 am- Heck Jason, if its only 4
Dennis Seth - Ohio -04/15, 07:24 am- Warren, Im sure he wante
G.R.Cheshire -04/15, 08:02 am- Jason if your tools will
Need help with Windshield ID
James Chochole -04/11, 09:44 pm- I have a 1914 T and am re
charley shaver -04/11, 10:14 pm- not ford !I have one like
James Chochole -04/11, 10:16 pm- Danged- I wonder if I can
Jim Rodell, Sr.- Wis -04/11, 11:25 pm- James, Did you just buy t
James Chochole -04/12, 09:06 am- Jim, Yes, I did- you cal
Royce in Georgetown  -04/12, 09:07 am- The 1914 windshield assem
James Chochole -04/12, 09:33 am- Thanks Royce, nice pic! T
James Chochole -04/14, 08:26 pm- Royce, and others do the
Jim Rodell, Sr.- Wis -04/14, 11:14 pm- The tubular braces that a
Royce in Georgetown  -04/15, 07:41 am- You can see the top strap
1926 Rear Parking Brake
William B. Rady -04/14, 10:52 am- Hi I have just finished
Seth from NC -04/14, 11:11 am- Hey Bill, lever arm point
Stephen D Heatherly -04/14, 04:27 pm- Also, the point on the ca
Mark Strange -04/14, 04:36 pm- Before you button everyth
Dale L Myers -04/15, 07:26 am- Here are 3 of my before p
Business Cards. Anyone one here design and print cards?
Tyrone Thomas - Tope -04/12, 07:24 pm- As for text Im not sure y
A. Gustaf Bryngelson -04/12, 09:16 pm- If you have a computer an
David Dewey, N. Cali -04/12, 10:01 pm- Hmm, Tyrone, Which perio
Mack Cole ---- Earth -04/12, 10:16 pm- vista, 10 dolla
Tyrone Thomas - Tope -04/12, 10:33 pm- lol, dont make life so di
John Semprez-Templet -04/12, 10:33 pm- Im with Gus... I print my
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -04/12, 10:57 pm- You can get free software
Terry Woods, Richmon -04/13, 12:47 am- You can buy an Avery/Denn
Doug Money - Braidwo -04/13, 01:20 am- [New Model T Card (Small)
Danial - Veneta OR U -04/13, 01:50 am- What Steve said. OpenOff
Mike Walker, NW AR -04/13, 10:22 am- I got my cards from Cafe
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -04/13, 10:46 am- Heres one of mine done on
David Dewey, N. Cali -04/13, 11:18 am- Terry, Nothing is idiot
Terry Woods, Richmon -04/14, 12:33 am- I stand corrected on idio
Terry Woods, Richmon -04/14, 10:39 pm- [IMG.jpg]
Jim Patrick -04/15, 07:10 am- Ive been seeing commercia
Who was the guy that makes the radiators
Will Copeland - Tren -04/13, 02:57 pm- Never seen this happen be
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -04/13, 03:03 pm- Was it Bergs? http://ber
Will Copeland - Tren -04/13, 03:50 pm- Thanks Steve, Yes it was
Philip Berg -04/13, 04:50 pm- Does anybody know if Berg
R. S. Cruickshank -04/13, 04:57 pm- Will, I hope you were not
Bud Holzschuh - Pana -04/13, 06:13 pm- Bergs will not build new
Will Copeland - Tren -04/13, 06:31 pm- R.S. , It wasnt the winge
Dave Huson, Berthoud -04/13, 06:38 pm- Will Copeland: Dog Bone
Craig Anderson, cent -04/13, 07:16 pm- There is no need to be se
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -04/13, 07:16 pm- Did the neck break or was
Steven Thum -04/13, 07:19 pm- At Chickasaw Bergs had a
Val Soupios -04/13, 07:24 pm- I have run heavy radiator
Mike Garrison_Rice M -04/13, 07:26 pm- Dog bones will break the
Will Copeland - Tren -04/13, 07:27 pm- Steven, Iv never heard of
Mike Garrison_Rice M -04/13, 07:32 pm- And it was a short radiat
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -04/13, 07:38 pm- The mount is on the upper
Will Copeland - Tren -04/13, 07:40 pm- Ken, Im not sure where it
Kevin Whelihan -04/13, 07:40 pm- Hey Mike, its Whelihan.
Mike Garrison_Rice M -04/13, 08:00 pm- Sounds good Kevin. Am I g
Steven Thum -04/13, 08:18 pm- Will, its on the top side
John Aldrich Orting  -04/13, 08:21 pm- Had to have a radiator ne
Constantine in Melbo -04/14, 12:24 am- Why did Berg stop making
Roger Karlsson, sout -04/14, 06:06 am-
Will Copeland - Tren -04/14, 12:48 pm- Sorry guys, The forum wil
Ed in California -04/14, 02:30 pm- If Bergs is selling all t
Seth from NC -04/14, 02:38 pm- Ive been wanting to get i
Philip Berg -04/14, 02:46 pm- I would like to keep the
Will Copeland - Tren -04/14, 02:53 pm- Ok, I got the radiator ou
R. S. Cruickshank -04/14, 06:49 pm- Will and Others: I also h
Mike Walker, NW AR -04/14, 06:58 pm- Philip -- Contact Rob Hey
David Stroud -04/15, 02:23 am- I have a dog bone cap and
Lang's Old Car Parts Official Move Date
A. Gustaf Bryngelson -04/09, 10:14 am- Cool, it looks like you a
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -04/09, 12:37 pm- When my daughter lived in
doug hauge upstate N -04/09, 03:14 pm- I have always wanted to a
Larry Smith -04/09, 09:03 pm- You know if I didnt live
Kim Dobbins -04/09, 09:22 pm- I think you all should se
Hal Schedler, Sacram -04/09, 09:32 pm- LOOKS GREAT!! Only thing
Zachary Dillinger -04/10, 08:35 am- LOOKS GREAT!! Only thing
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -04/10, 09:04 am- No, midway is [800px-Kan
Dan B -04/10, 09:31 am- Great! Now if you could
Ashley Lang -04/14, 08:55 am- After a VERY long weekend
Dave Dufault -04/14, 02:09 pm- Just made it inside Kansa
Mark Strange -04/14, 03:22 pm- Steve, your midway map go
Les VonNordheim -04/15, 01:21 am- Ashley, Great Digs! I
FREE Ford Model T Learning Resources - Have a Look :-)...
Mitch -04/12, 01:01 am- Hey there fellow Ters! It
Tyrone Thomas - Tope -04/12, 07:27 pm- way too cool. Thanks bud
Mitch -04/12, 07:33 pm- No worries Tyrone, Im gla
Mitch -04/14, 03:50 am- Thought you all might be
Les VonNordheim -04/15, 01:00 am- I enjoyed your video, tha
Extra Seat For Open Express
Howard D. Dennis -04/14, 11:17 pm- Having just acquired an o
Verne Shirk -04/14, 11:50 pm- I bought some Window Sash
OT What does this bumper clamp fit ???
Donnie Brown -04/14, 09:10 pm- I posted this once before
Donnie Brown -04/14, 09:11 pm- [bumper clamp.jpg] [bumpe
Dan Treace, North FL -04/14, 09:51 pm- Donnie Dont know but Chr
Donnie Brown -04/14, 10:43 pm- Dan: Thanks that is one,
Comming soon the new Neville wheel
ROBERT BERGSTADT -04/10, 11:44 am- This is another long proc
Larry Smith -04/10, 12:25 pm- Bob: If you want to repro
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -04/10, 12:27 pm- I like it. That is going
ROBERT BERGSTADT -04/10, 12:48 pm- They will have a very nic
Ed in California -04/10, 01:48 pm- Are you going to reproduc
ROBERT BERGSTADT -04/10, 02:05 pm- Have to check it out to s
Steve Tomaso - Milto -04/10, 02:06 pm- Nice project Bob. Only is
ROBERT BERGSTADT -04/10, 06:56 pm- Then I guess we will make
John Danuser -04/10, 07:33 pm- Mine dishes up like Bobs,
keith g barrier -04/10, 09:21 pm- Very nice Robert. KGB
David Dewey, N. Cali -04/11, 12:43 am- Bob, VERY NICE--now for
Peter Kable -04/11, 12:50 am- Polished brass for those
John Page -04/11, 01:18 am- [img031.jpg]
Royce in Georgetown  -04/11, 07:35 am- This picture was taken on
Constantine in Melbo -04/11, 08:11 am- Bob, I like it. If possi
Allan Richard Bennet -04/12, 06:38 am- Bob, if you are having na
Bob Scherzer -04/14, 12:49 pm- Having tried this project
ROBERT BERGSTADT -04/14, 02:04 pm- Thank you, thats one reas
Seth from NC -04/14, 02:26 pm- Hey Bob those look great.
ROBERT BERGSTADT -04/14, 03:39 pm- Somewhere in the 400.00 r
Tim Morsher -04/14, 04:10 pm- Seems as though for $400
Mack Cole ---- Earth -04/14, 07:06 pm- Ye wont git mine for $400
Dave Huson, Berthoud -04/14, 07:56 pm- Robert Bergstadt: One so
Mike Walker, NW AR -04/14, 09:19 pm- In my experience, you eit
Tim Morsher -04/14, 10:29 pm- Mike, I think it is the
OT- One of the funniest Craigslist ads ever!
Eric Hylen- Central  -04/13, 08:46 pm- I really got a kick out o
Ed in California -04/13, 09:44 pm- Strangely, I am attracted
William L Vanderburg -04/13, 09:52 pm- Its a jack
Harold Schwendeman - -04/13, 09:56 pm- I think its a foot releas
A. J. "Art" Bell -04/13, 09:59 pm- Looks like a hitch for a
Jim Thode Chehalis W -04/13, 10:04 pm- I dont know what it is bu
Floyd Voie - Chehali -04/13, 10:48 pm- Harold, youre right on th
Eric Hylen- Central  -04/14, 09:56 pm- Who cares what it is? it
Tail and brake lamps on a '24 Tudor
Richard Erfert -04/14, 05:35 pm- I have a 1924 Tudor with
Roger Karlsson, sout -04/14, 07:51 pm- A lamp on top of the left
Dan Treace, North FL -04/14, 08:10 pm- [Scan0645.JPG] Aftermar
Richard Erfert -04/14, 08:23 pm- Thank you Dan, my vehicle
George_Cherry Hill N -04/14, 08:44 pm- Rich... I was going to c
Dan Treace, North FL -04/14, 08:57 pm- Richard If you can post
OT: Just For Oldtimer's & Just For Laughs
Charlie B actually i -04/14, 11:06 am-
Will Copeland - Tren -04/14, 12:43 pm- Rolling on the floor Char
G.R.Cheshire -04/14, 12:49 pm- After looking for my hub
Steven Thum -04/14, 12:59 pm- My new theme song!
Sam "POPS" Humphries -04/14, 01:20 pm- Been there Done that a lo
Kenneth W DeLong -04/14, 07:53 pm- I have only watched it 3
Need some new axles.
Bill Aber -04/12, 06:51 pm- I know there was a contro
Stephen D Heatherly -04/12, 11:15 pm- Bill, was that a new axle
Bill Aber -04/13, 09:22 am- Not new and no damage, bu
samuel pine -04/13, 11:04 am- Gotta think about this on
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -04/13, 11:18 am- It was more likely a 100
Willie K Cordes -04/13, 11:22 am- Samuel, the axle that bro
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -04/13, 11:33 am- Yup. IMHO, one other cri
Bob Coiro -04/13, 12:11 pm- If not for the largeness
Seth from NC -04/13, 01:29 pm- Bob! You dont need any me
Bill Aber -04/13, 03:27 pm- Some observations from th
Bill Aber -04/13, 03:36 pm- BTW..I was surprised to s
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -04/13, 05:54 pm- Examine the axle for a sm
Larry Bohlen, Severn -04/13, 07:40 pm- Bill, If you need some sp
Bill Aber -04/13, 08:25 pm- Sorry, I meant the gears
Larry Bohlen, Severn -04/13, 08:28 pm- Bill, No problem. And ni
Bill Aber -04/13, 10:02 pm- Drop in anytime ,great Mo
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -04/14, 01:14 am- No one makes new axle gea
ROBERT BERGSTADT -04/14, 09:20 am- We sell USA Made by mark,
Mike Bender Tulsa Ok -04/14, 09:58 am- Robert I know the axle r
Bob Jablonski -04/14, 10:05 am- What year ? If later,or
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -04/14, 10:07 am- In the past few years Ive
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -04/14, 10:10 am- Part of the reason I am n
ROBERT BERGSTADT -04/14, 10:19 am- No the axles are made by
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -04/14, 10:52 am- Are the Mark axles fully
Andy Loso St Joseph, -04/14, 11:01 am- Mark Auto axles are groun
Bill Aber -04/14, 03:46 pm- Here is a summary of our
Jerry VanOoteghem -04/14, 04:38 pm- Bill, You see what can h
Dan Killecut -04/14, 06:13 pm- You can get them at Chaff
Bill Aber -04/14, 06:51 pm- I spoke with this morning
Roger Karlsson, sout -04/14, 07:14 pm- Ts broke rear axles back
Roger Karlsson, sout -04/14, 07:37 pm- By the way, Bill.. Did yo
Bill Aber -04/14, 07:49 pm- The car is a 1923 4Dor, b
Model T Battery Cables
Howard D. Dennis -04/13, 11:39 am- When I was doing my 1917
Andy Loso St Joseph, -04/13, 12:01 pm- I would try Rhode Island
ROBERT J STEINER  -04/13, 12:07 pm- also try RJ&L AUTOMOT
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -04/13, 12:08 pm- Just go to your nearest w
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -04/13, 12:14 pm- Robert says zero gage, I
ROBERT J STEINER  -04/13, 12:51 pm- Arron. 1 gauge is standa
Mark Gregush Portlan -04/13, 12:57 pm- You can buy the cloth cov
Clayton Swanson -04/13, 01:01 pm- if you live out near a fa
ROBERT J STEINER  -04/13, 01:18 pm- Guys... Howard is asking
Howard D. Dennis -04/13, 01:57 pm- Thanks guys, Ill call Mon
Ron Patterson-Nichol -04/13, 06:15 pm- Dennis Original Model T b
Spencer Vibert -04/13, 09:25 pm- Ron, what do you think ab
Harold Schwendeman - -04/13, 09:47 pm- Howd Henry attach the lug
George_Cherry Hill N -04/13, 10:57 pm- I look at it this way...
Bob Jablonski -04/14, 08:26 am- George: Well said. I ad
James A. Golden -04/14, 07:19 pm- I didnt make this chart u
OT Any info on a Manzel Mechanical Oiler?
Mark Stewart -Calif. -04/13, 06:46 pm- I bought an Manzel Brothe
Rob Heyen - Nebraska -04/13, 07:22 pm- Mark, Is this a similar
Craig Anderson, cent -04/13, 07:23 pm- I love the Manzel design.
A. J. "Art" Bell -04/13, 08:19 pm- [Manzel Oiler Ad 1.jpg]
Mark Stewart -Calif. -04/13, 10:52 pm- It looks like my Oilier w
Tim Morsher -04/14, 12:22 am- Mark, someone in Oz is s
Mark Stewart -Calif. -04/14, 05:47 pm- I just noticed that the s
Allan Richard Bennet -04/14, 06:10 pm- Mark, are you sure that i
Mark Stewart -Calif. -04/14, 06:35 pm- I think you may be right
Mark Stewart -Calif. -04/14, 07:15 pm- Allan, It just dawned on
Polishing brass
michael grady -04/10, 11:58 am- I have some stains on my
G.R.Cheshire -04/10, 12:27 pm- This one works well I kno
Willie K Cordes -04/10, 01:04 pm- Some fine steel wool help
Bob Coiro -04/10, 02:42 pm- Michael, You didnt post
Bud Holzschuh - Pana -04/12, 07:25 pm- Checked Amazon - $11.95
patrrick mischler -04/12, 09:51 pm- Use eagle chrome cleaner
Royce in Georgetown  -04/13, 09:25 am- Bob, Go to the nearest H
Bob Coiro -04/13, 10:17 am- Vanity sink washer. Got
Mark Strange -04/13, 10:52 am- Yep, the neoprene washer
Royce in Georgetown  -04/13, 11:07 am- Ha! Don Lang is a smart b
Bob Coiro -04/13, 12:01 pm- Oh. Yeah. I already hav
Jim Patrick -04/14, 08:01 am- Red Rouge buffing compoun
Dave Dufault -04/14, 08:14 am- Bob, If you havent alre
Roger Karlsson, sout -04/14, 08:16 am- Bob, since the filler nec
Bob Coiro -04/14, 12:44 pm- Dave, Thanks for the link
R. S. Cruickshank -04/14, 07:00 pm- Michael, in an earlier po
RAJO 4 Valve Head
Mark Chaffin -04/14, 12:52 pm- I recently added a RAJO 4
Ed in California -04/14, 01:19 pm- Dan McEachern was selling
Mark Chaffin -04/14, 04:06 pm- Thanks Ed! Ill check wit
Steve Pitts -04/14, 05:24 pm- Mark, If you find more th
Terry Woods, Richmon -04/14, 05:33 pm- Mark, Check your email.
What the HUB - Difference
Scott Batta -04/10, 10:05 pm- Why do these two hubs hav
Scott Batta -04/11, 07:19 am- Bump
Royce in Georgetown  -04/11, 07:29 am- Lets see the rest of the
G.R.Cheshire -04/11, 08:54 am- Just a guess but hub a lo
Tim Wrenn -04/11, 08:57 am- Anybody know what size th
Roger Karlsson, sout -04/11, 09:06 am- I think the hubcap thread
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -04/11, 12:04 pm- B looks like the rear hub
Allan Richard Bennet -04/12, 06:35 am- They both look like rear
David Stroud -04/12, 11:22 am- I agree with G.R., hub B
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -04/12, 12:03 pm- Boy, was I confused! I ne
john kuehn -04/12, 12:29 pm- I have hubs with differen
Richard Wolf -04/12, 12:45 pm- TT hubs threads are bigge
David Stroud -04/12, 01:24 pm- John, Im by far no expert
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -04/12, 01:32 pm- The thread pitch for car
Allan Richard Bennet -04/14, 06:40 am- Scott, you mention differ
Roger Karlsson, sout -04/14, 06:46 am- I think he means counting
David Stroud -04/14, 03:31 pm- Roger, look again. Hub B
Front top straps. How do they attach?
Dave Wells -04/10, 08:55 pm- In a previous thread, Jac
Keith Townsend ; ^ ) -04/10, 09:19 pm- Dave- I believe these cor
Dave Wells -04/10, 09:29 pm- Keith, I agree on that. W
Keith Townsend ; ^ ) -04/10, 09:29 pm- Heres they are on the pas
James Michael Rogers -04/10, 09:34 pm- Dave, center of the bow j
Jack Daron - Brownsb -04/10, 09:52 pm- Originally they used abou
Dave Wells -04/11, 10:06 pm- I had a look at where the
Larry Smith -04/12, 09:21 pm- I believe Ford wrapped th
Greg Griffin -04/13, 12:40 pm- Does anyone know what tho
Ed in California -04/13, 01:45 pm- They are commonly called
John Sundstrom -04/13, 02:03 pm- These are my bows circa A
John Sundstrom -04/13, 02:07 pm- The picture of front bow,
Dave Wells -04/14, 07:59 am- Thanks John. I now see ex
John Sundstrom -04/14, 08:56 am- Hi Dave, I found that the
Keith Townsend ; ^ ) -04/14, 10:19 am- John- Please explain what
John Sundstrom -04/14, 11:19 am- Keith, That fabric was ap
OT Ford Tri-Motor "Tin Goose" at Fly-in, in Lakeland, FL...
Jim Patrick -04/11, 08:57 am- Good morning. Here is a
Bob Robb -04/11, 10:49 pm- Great old flyin machine!
Jim Patrick -04/14, 10:31 am- Never ridden in one, but
Charlie B actually i -04/14, 11:02 am- Worked on & rode in G
OT - I am in Paso Robles, CA ...
Jim -04/13, 10:01 pm- Drove the California 1 up
Les VonNordheim -04/14, 01:02 am- The Bakersfield swap meet
Bill in Adelaida Cal -04/14, 09:40 am- Jim: I dont know if t
Jim -04/14, 10:19 am- Heavy misty fog here this
Tie rod and drag link boots
Mark Strange -04/09, 09:35 am- Maybe use that super-stre
Roger Karlsson, sout -04/11, 08:57 pm- I found a period ad for l
Dennis Seth - Ohio -04/12, 07:49 am- A local harness maker or
stuart clipson -04/12, 09:09 am- you might try rudy rosale
Zachary Dillinger -04/14, 09:57 am- Roger, Thanks! That is e
Anyone read T Model Tommy?
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -04/14, 02:36 am- Is it any good? For kids
Donald Conklin -04/14, 09:22 am- I read it years ago as ki
Pan-jig in NC and other questions
Seth from NC -04/13, 01:19 pm- Since Im replacing my cra
keith g barrier -04/13, 02:05 pm- On Seths note, I would li
Rick Shinta -04/13, 06:27 pm- James Rodgers at DreamWor
Seth from NC -04/13, 08:04 pm- Hey Rick, thanks for the
J and M Machine Co I -04/14, 08:38 am- Seth: youre definitely do
Seth from NC -04/14, 09:04 am- Whats the easy way then?
Any T's enthusiasts in the Pittsburgh area?
Jim Patrick -04/14, 08:58 am- Justin and I met yesterda
Is your car's flag Model T correct???
Constantine in Melbo -04/11, 10:04 am- Here are the correct flag
ROBERT BERGSTADT -04/11, 10:06 am- Very cool I have the 48 s
Constantine in Melbo -04/11, 10:17 am- I believe the main reason
Larry Bohlen, Severn -04/11, 11:52 am- The 46 star flag is what
A. Gustaf Bryngelson -04/11, 11:51 pm- I find it interesting tha
David Dewey, N. Cali -04/12, 12:03 am- That is a typical thing t
Gary H. White - Sher -04/12, 09:11 am- The White Star Line was A
Larry Bohlen, Severn -04/12, 09:27 am- You all are correct White
Larry Smith -04/12, 09:12 pm- I bought an old decal bac
Michael Deichmann, B -04/12, 11:42 pm- Correct danish flag 1219
Ray Green -04/13, 05:36 am- Hey Constantine, that Aus
Kerry van Ekeren (Au -04/13, 07:10 am- 1901 to 1954, the red ens
Constantine in Melbo -04/13, 07:48 am- Hi Ray, Correct, the red
Constantine in Melbo -04/13, 07:51 am- History of the Australian
Gary H. White - Sher -04/13, 09:34 am- Michael, Each August ther
Ray Green -04/13, 10:17 am- Constantine, I think you
Constantine in Melbo -04/13, 11:39 am- Ray; well, if I was you I
Constantine in Melbo -04/13, 11:46 am- [turner.jpg] NX3048 Ser
Constantine in Melbo -04/13, 12:43 pm- Sergeant Tom Derrick hois
Ray Green -04/14, 08:50 am- Hi Constantine, Im Back n
Sunday Morning coffee drive - any excuse would have done ...
David Dare - Just a  -04/13, 06:12 am-
Kerry van Ekeren (Au -04/13, 06:29 am- Nice one Dav!!
David Dare - Just a  -04/13, 07:47 am- Thanks Frank, it was a gr
Warwick Landy -04/13, 07:50 am- Looks good David. Video l
Bob Gruber- Spanaway -04/13, 08:20 am- Great video! Nice T roads
Gary Schreiber- Sant -04/13, 10:11 am- Enjoyed it very much. Tha
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -04/13, 10:21 am- David, as if I didnt alre
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -04/13, 10:27 am- LHD?
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -04/13, 10:32 am- Warwick, good idea.
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -04/13, 10:45 am- Can you update us on what
Willie K Cordes -04/13, 11:38 am- Steve, I think they were
Mike Walker, NW AR -04/13, 11:45 am- I enjoyed seeing the vide
ken bechtel -04/13, 12:51 pm- Great video! Was that a r
Les VonNordheim -04/13, 01:30 pm- David, Thank you for post
Dave Huson, Berthoud -04/13, 02:38 pm- David Dare; My work used
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -04/13, 03:00 pm- I wondered if the driver
Tyrone Thomas - Tope -04/13, 03:03 pm- maybe its just my eyes bu
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -04/13, 03:15 pm- Yes, but its upside down
David Dare - Just a  -04/13, 05:45 pm- Holy cow, what a response
David Dare - Just a  -04/13, 05:58 pm- Road kill, no! thats what
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -04/14, 03:01 am- David, whats stopping me?
Warwick Landy -04/14, 04:58 am- Erich, The 2016 Aussie To
David Dare - Just a  -04/14, 08:15 am- During late August and Se
Steering arms
James Michael Rogers -04/11, 09:34 pm- I know the subject is ste
Mark Gregush Portlan -04/11, 10:00 pm- If you have a copy of the
James Michael Rogers -04/13, 07:28 am- A bit more investigation
James Michael Rogers -04/13, 07:32 am- BTW Mark, I removed the t
Dave DeYoung ....... -04/13, 08:52 am- It would be interesting t
James Michael Rogers -04/13, 06:43 pm- Here are the pictures. Th
Donnie Brown -04/13, 06:59 pm- I have never seen nything
Dave DeYoung ....... -04/13, 07:14 pm- Now, that is odd. Doesnt
Mike Walker, NW AR -04/13, 08:12 pm- 10-4 on the wallhanger.
James Michael Rogers -04/13, 08:43 pm- The arm was not bent to f
Roger Karlsson, sout -04/14, 05:29 am- Spindles with an angled h
Ford Wing Patch
Tim Williams -04/12, 11:31 pm- Does anyone know where to
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -04/13, 12:16 am- [IMG_6627_2.JPG] Due to
Tim Williams -04/13, 02:09 am- Thanks Steve. I appreciat
Terry Woods, Richmon -04/14, 12:36 am- Steve, I understand the F
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -04/14, 01:22 am- If you dont find a local
Got stuff done today!
David Mazza -04/13, 05:47 pm- Made a least one wheel lo
David Mazza -04/13, 05:49 pm- Also made these little sl
Bob Coiro -04/13, 06:05 pm- Thems some gorgeous looki
David Mazza -04/13, 06:07 pm- Just three more to finish
Les VonNordheim -04/13, 08:37 pm- David, Are you using a Te
David Mazza -04/13, 10:11 pm- I was going to use the ou
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -04/14, 12:33 am- David M, How will the sli
Les VonNordheim -04/14, 12:35 am- Having fun making things
Dave Huson, Berthoud -04/12, 11:05 pm- This is a picture of some
Paul Mikeska, Denver -04/13, 04:52 pm- And both the seminar and
Tim Wrenn -04/13, 07:42 pm- How cool is that!
Mike Garrison_Rice M -04/13, 07:56 pm- I thought I heard you guy
Paul Mikeska, Denver -04/13, 09:30 pm- Upper 70s and clear on Fr
Jim -04/13, 11:53 pm- You guys should run some
Seeing Customers In My Model T
Bill Everett -04/12, 11:02 am- When I first started work
Charlie B actually i -04/12, 11:09 am- I have to assume that any
Erik Johnson -04/12, 11:12 am- This retailer is well kno
Michael Thomas -04/12, 01:16 pm- Get one of those battery
Rick Goelz-Knoxville -04/12, 01:21 pm- You can use your Garmin o
Brian Holcomb, Water -04/12, 02:32 pm- I charge my Garmin Nuvi o
Seth from NC -04/12, 03:25 pm- Yeah, hook you up a light
Joe Van -04/12, 08:47 pm- I built at buck transform
Dave Dufault -04/12, 09:02 pm- Joe, How? Dave
Dave DeYoung ....... -04/13, 09:06 am- Ive been using the 6v sys
Dennis Seth - Ohio -04/13, 12:51 pm- You may want to check wit
Cary Abate -04/13, 12:56 pm- You can charge an Apple I
Jared Buckert -04/13, 03:32 pm- Do you even need a transf
Cary Abate -04/13, 03:57 pm- Should have said 5 volts.
Rick Goelz-Knoxville -04/13, 05:54 pm- Be SURE to use the plug t
Dave Huson, Berthoud -04/13, 11:36 pm- Bill Everett: I am surpr
Model t roadster
mike dixon -04/13, 10:02 pm- well, I just, aquired ano
Ruckstell Manfacture Date
Pat Kelly -04/12, 11:45 pm- I picked up a Ruckstell S
Keith Townsend ; ^ ) -04/13, 01:22 am- Pat- As long as it is a l
Pat Kelly -04/13, 07:38 pm- Thanks Keith. I need to t
24 - 25 Coupe Body Serial Numbers
David Sosnoski -04/13, 07:32 pm- Every so often I post thi
Trailer hitch for a T
Terry Woods, Richmon -04/13, 06:21 pm- Heres a photo of the comm
Top material
stuart clipson -04/13, 09:17 am- would like opinions on wh
Royce in Georgetown  -04/13, 09:26 am- You can get correct origi
Keith Townsend ; ^ ) -04/13, 11:45 am- Stu- I believe Haartz rep
stuart clipson -04/13, 12:54 pm- thanks all for the input.
Clayton Swanson -04/13, 01:09 pm- a little ot here, but the
stuart clipson -04/13, 01:17 pm- clayton.... the original
Mark Gregush Portlan -04/13, 03:50 pm- He is asking about the to
Royce in Georgetown  -04/13, 04:03 pm- The original side curtain
Seat Kit Install
Jared Buckert -04/10, 07:48 pm- Ive bought a Cartouche ki
Jack Daron - Brownsb -04/10, 08:09 pm- You have to tuck material
Mark Strange -04/10, 08:21 pm- Looks like youre doing a
William L Vanderburg -04/10, 09:42 pm- Heres the Front Seat on m
Jared Buckert -04/10, 10:57 pm- I guess some wrinkling is
Jack Daron - Brownsb -04/10, 11:03 pm- We use quilt stuffing and
Jared Buckert -04/11, 09:22 am- Jack, that seems to be th
Dennis Seth - Ohio -04/11, 12:07 pm- When I did my seat I adde
Larry Smith -04/12, 09:28 pm- Keep the backrest spring
David Coco -04/13, 06:42 am- I just put in a Cartouche
Jared Buckert -04/13, 02:48 pm- I had some extra stuffing
Tubes loosing air
george house -04/09, 05:38 pm- Reference this threads ti
David Stroud -04/09, 05:48 pm- George, now that is funny
Larry Smith -04/09, 08:54 pm- Another note on reproduct
Bob Coiro -04/13, 01:27 pm- Havent been doing much wi
Dave Dufault -04/13, 02:05 pm- to say nothing of muscle
What kind of bearing does my TT use for the driveshaft
Mark McWethy -04/12, 09:26 pm- Hi Guys. I have another
Henry Petrino in Mod -04/12, 09:47 pm- It sounds like you need t
Dean Yoder -04/12, 09:52 pm- TT driveshaft bushing is
David Stroud -04/12, 10:22 pm- Mark, I dont know for sur
Michael R Beary -04/12, 10:31 pm- I changed the bushing on
Henry Petrino in Mod -04/13, 12:07 pm- This is interesting to me
Andy Loso St Joseph, -04/13, 12:18 pm- It could be the bushing,
Mark Gregush Portlan -04/13, 01:11 pm- You could get one made us
The Amish fellow and Bud.
Kenneth W DeLong -04/12, 05:54 pm- While at a auction sale i
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -04/12, 06:13 pm- Hey Bud - Do you suppose
Dick Lodge - St Loui -04/12, 06:25 pm- [amish segway.jpg]
Stephen D Heatherly -04/12, 06:41 pm- Dick, thats hilarious! S
Kenneth W DeLong -04/12, 07:24 pm- Dick,I almost fell out of
Dennis Seth - Ohio -04/12, 08:59 pm- The Amish and others aren
David Dewey, N. Cali -04/12, 10:05 pm- Dick, ROFLMFHO! Im going
Kenneth W DeLong -04/12, 10:49 pm- It was 8.00 but a Rasberr
Gary H. White - Sher -04/13, 09:18 am- Our car club is having ou
Kenneth W DeLong -04/13, 10:38 am- Gary,Is Marys the place o
David Dewey, N. Cali -04/13, 11:34 am- Gary, does all the fixins
Gary H. White - Sher -04/13, 12:46 pm- Kenneth, Not on M-91. Its
Dennis Seth - Ohio -04/13, 01:02 pm- Gee I didnt mean to high-
Another old shop - A painting
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -04/11, 08:40 am- [Anothershop.jpg] Not
Mark Strange -04/11, 08:57 am- All I can say is - Wow!
Mike Walker, NW AR -04/11, 10:44 am- Very nice, Richard. Youd
John Manuel, Lafayet -04/11, 11:14 am- Nice, Rich! One thing I
G.R.Cheshire -04/11, 11:23 am- Rich did you make them sw
Gaylon Blackmon -04/11, 12:29 pm- So what was your inspirat
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -04/11, 12:53 pm- Absolutely, Gaylon. And y
Bob Bishop, San Dieg -04/11, 01:29 pm- Rich, As Ive said before,
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -04/11, 04:35 pm- [closerlook.jpg] Close
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -04/12, 02:26 pm- Beautiful! Absolutely bea
Bob Coiro -04/12, 03:36 pm- Sure looks finished to me
Herb Iffrig -04/13, 10:16 am- Is that an NRS coilbox se
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -04/13, 10:25 am- Wow, Richard. Thank you
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -04/13, 12:37 pm- Herb, Its a Splitdorf. No
Stromberg LF rebuild
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -04/09, 10:08 pm- Thanks to help from Stan
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -04/09, 10:52 pm- Not as pretty as the jems
Jay - In Northern Ca -04/09, 11:20 pm- NEAT! I enjoyed your pho
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -04/10, 12:09 am- Thats one of the better o
Erik Barrett -04/10, 12:18 am- Stan, Thanks for what yo
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -04/10, 12:53 am- Jay and Stan, thank you,
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -04/10, 02:30 am- Thanks. As Ive said a lo
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -04/10, 02:35 am- Ive met a lot of interest
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -04/10, 02:37 am- Bakersfield? I dont have
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -04/10, 12:21 pm- Just figured a non-elegan
Jim Thode Chehalis W -04/10, 02:07 pm- I have a question for Eri
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -04/10, 02:24 pm- Youre kidding, right? St
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -04/10, 02:44 pm- Jim, some thoughts. Fair
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -04/10, 04:15 pm- Erich, if it turns that h
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -04/10, 04:20 pm- Erich, if it turns that h
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -04/10, 05:39 pm- I guess what I mean is th
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -04/10, 05:41 pm- It is loose, but it sure
Jim Thode Chehalis W -04/10, 09:04 pm- Stan and Erich, I can und
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -04/10, 10:04 pm- The reason they dont allo
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -04/10, 11:24 pm- All the above seems to fi
Bill in Adelaida Cal -04/10, 11:31 pm- If that E-Pay carb is the
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -04/11, 12:55 am- Bill, I think hed had it
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -04/11, 11:11 am- Jim, I see your point. M
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -04/12, 07:40 pm- [13750078593_092f75cecb_z
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -04/12, 08:19 pm- So on an NH the float lev
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -04/13, 09:53 am- [c1.jpg] Adapted for a be
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -04/13, 09:57 am- P.S. I know the phillips
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -04/13, 11:24 am- Looks good, Erich. The s
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -04/13, 11:29 am- Some of you will cringe a
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -04/13, 12:09 pm- Nice Stan, I will PM you.
Reading spark plugs, not tea leaves.
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -04/13, 10:38 am- These have been running i
Chester Leighton -04/13, 10:48 am- Normal burn. Mixture is c
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -04/13, 10:52 am- I have not done a comp te
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -04/13, 11:00 am- They look pretty good as
Keith Townsend ; ^ ) -04/13, 11:20 am- Erich- My eye might be a
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -04/13, 11:28 am- I must say, the images lo
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -04/13, 11:29 am- Keith, you are toooooo ki
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -04/13, 12:07 pm- Here is a comparison from
T Shake Down Tour upcoming
Steve Elliott -04/13, 11:30 am- Lets have this a huge T g
Gala Day Rides
Karl Gilchrist -04/13, 04:33 am- My faith in the the young
Bob Coiro -04/13, 10:21 am- Now, thats the stuff I lo
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -04/13, 10:29 am- I love it. I am always a
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -04/13, 10:31 am- Kinda feel bad for the ow
Dennis Seth - Ohio -04/13, 10:46 am- If you ride in the speedw
Off to the prom
Keith Townsend ; ^ ) -04/13, 01:20 am- I was chauffeur tonight f
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -04/13, 01:23 am- Besides the low front tir
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -04/13, 01:25 am- I dont see anything wrong
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -04/13, 01:26 am- Just showed Ralene, she t
Keith Townsend ; ^ ) -04/13, 01:55 am- We aired up the tires ear
Warwick Landy -04/13, 03:49 am- Looks like the weather wa
william louis rosent -04/13, 07:11 am- Looking sharp Keith. Rega
Tim Wrenn -04/13, 09:44 am- Ahhh, yet another reason
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -04/13, 10:00 am- Is that like the guy who
Another Bakersfield Swap Meet Thread!
Erik Barrett -04/09, 01:29 pm- We will be there with a b
David Dewey, N. Cali -04/11, 12:55 am- Cant make it again this y
Bob Coiro -04/11, 01:11 am- Nice shot. I detailed th
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -04/12, 03:40 am- And, once again, I made i
David Dewey, N. Cali -04/12, 03:28 pm- Wayne, In answer to your
Philip Berg -04/12, 03:42 pm- I went this morning arriv
Larry Smith -04/12, 09:06 pm- Im glad I went, but was d
Norman T. Kling -04/12, 10:55 pm- I was there at 7:00 AM an
Dale Peterson -04/13, 02:45 am- DB front axle, 2 decent e
Warwick Landy -04/13, 03:45 am- Anyone got any pictures?
Jay - In Northern Ca -04/13, 09:08 am- Anyone know the dates for
Newbie tire question
John P Noonan -04/12, 12:01 am- The car i recently bought
Constantine in Melbo -04/12, 12:15 am- Well, depends how tight $
John P Noonan -04/12, 12:25 am- Well thats not what i ask
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -04/12, 12:29 am- I agree on getting four.
John P Noonan -04/12, 12:38 am- Thanks Constanine and Ste
John P Noonan -04/12, 12:55 am- Constantine, sorry for be
Bob Coiro -04/12, 01:21 am- One of the most important
Constantine in Melbo -04/12, 06:36 am- John, no problem.
Tim Wrenn -04/12, 09:22 am- John, if youre like me, I
Bob Coiro -04/12, 01:20 pm- It was very tempting to g
Mike Walker, NW AR -04/12, 05:24 pm- ...for period correctness
Royce in Georgetown  -04/12, 05:49 pm- Agree with Mike - Non Ski
Mike Walker, NW AR -04/12, 06:55 pm- I suspect that the change
Royce in Georgetown  -04/12, 07:25 pm- Notice too, the wrecked 1
Bob Coiro -04/13, 01:11 am- Mike Walker, My understa
Erik Johnson -04/13, 01:26 am- Period Firestone advertis
Keith Townsend ; ^ ) -04/13, 01:27 am- Bob- The upside down car
Bob Coiro -04/13, 01:32 am- And I stand corrected yet
Royce in Georgetown  -04/13, 08:53 am- Lets look at new 16 Ts to
T engine block with no Ford name cast into it.
Leigh Schubert -04/11, 08:04 pm- I have a really nice late
James A. Golden -04/11, 08:16 pm- I suspect that it does no
Dan Treace, North FL -04/11, 08:50 pm- Typical. The later blocks
Erik Barrett -04/11, 09:18 pm- 26/27 engines did not hav
Leigh Schubert -04/11, 11:33 pm- Thats interesting. The 2
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -04/11, 11:52 pm- .002? Thats barely past t
Steve McClelland -04/12, 10:10 am- .002 Has always been our
James A. Golden -04/12, 01:52 pm- Ford USA made some of the
Ray Green -04/13, 05:50 am- James, there were a few c
Bakersfield Musings
Ed in California -04/12, 04:42 pm- I thought this years Bake
John McGinnis in San -04/12, 08:00 pm- This is my first Bakersfi
Norman T. Kling -04/12, 11:00 pm- There were also many Ruck
John Semprez-Templet -04/12, 11:07 pm- Wise choice Norm, Ive had
Bill Harris, Hunting -04/12, 11:11 pm- Cindy & I had a great
Dick Fischer -04/13, 12:48 am- Yes, great meet. The ven
Dick Fischer -04/13, 01:05 am- One more comment on Baker
Les VonNordheim -04/13, 01:28 am- I was busy selling mostly
Ricks - Surf City -04/13, 01:57 am- I talked Greg Griffin int
Keith Townsend ; ^ ) -04/13, 02:00 am- Where are the pictures???
Finally found a screwdriver for my tool roll.....
Mike Walker, NW AR -04/09, 10:17 am- Heres my tool kit all san
kep -04/09, 03:02 pm- You would think with all
Jack Daron - Brownsb -04/09, 03:38 pm- Screw driver has no Ford
Mike Walker, NW AR -04/09, 07:06 pm- Unc -- Its marked with Fo
Jack Daron - Brownsb -04/09, 07:37 pm- I would still recommend a
Larry Smith -04/09, 08:44 pm- Mike: I dont know the yea
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -04/09, 09:25 pm- It would be nice to have
Mike Walker, NW AR -04/09, 10:34 pm- Larry -- I put this set t
Dan B -04/09, 10:38 pm- Ive never understood why
Jack Daron - Brownsb -04/09, 11:25 pm- Information on Ford tools
Mike Walker, NW AR -04/12, 10:32 pm- Larry?
mike_black -04/12, 11:21 pm- Mike W, Have you got
Charlie B actually i -04/13, 12:23 am- The screw driver is very
Question About T Tools
Charlie B actually i -04/12, 11:05 am- Yesterday at the Englisht
Charlie B actually i -04/12, 08:01 pm- Nobody knows?
Donald Hagstrom -04/12, 08:34 pm- Charlie, The square ta
William L Vanderburg -04/12, 08:34 pm- Painted black i think but
Larry Smith -04/12, 08:58 pm- The square end on the mon
Jack Daron - Brownsb -04/12, 08:58 pm- The square tang came out
Mark Gregush Portlan -04/12, 10:06 pm- The 27 to late 28 or earl
Charlie B actually i -04/13, 12:14 am- The reason I asked was th
OT - Possibly the most widely photographed Ford Model K
Rob Heyen - Nebraska -04/12, 09:59 am- This may be the most wide
Rob Heyen - Nebraska -04/12, 12:39 pm- By the day of the race, f
Robert L. Rampton -04/12, 02:47 pm- Rob - I suspect that the
Royce in Georgetown  -04/12, 03:10 pm- It is fairly amazing the
Rob Heyen - Nebraska -04/12, 03:43 pm- Robert, Thank you for th
Kenneth W DeLong -04/12, 05:19 pm- Yes the Itala droped out!
Warwick Landy -04/12, 07:21 pm- Just for interest sake if
Rob Heyen - Nebraska -04/12, 11:24 pm- Bud, It looks as if the
Rob Heyen - Nebraska -04/13, 12:05 am- It looks as though the It
I have disc wheels and hubs need to know mfg.
Forrest W OKeane -04/12, 05:28 pm- I have a set of disc whee
Royce in Georgetown  -04/12, 05:39 pm- Are they three lug or six
Forrest W OKeane -04/12, 05:44 pm- They are 6 lug
Royce in Georgetown  -04/12, 05:58 pm- 23 - 24 Chevrolet. [24 c
Forrest W OKeane -04/12, 10:09 pm- Beautiful car. Do you kn
First Drive with Mixed Results
Dave Barker - Dayton -04/12, 02:31 pm- What I have: 1919 Speedst
Walt Berdan, Bellevu -04/12, 03:56 pm- Good news for most of the
Dave Barker - Dayton -04/12, 04:47 pm- Thanks for the encouragem
Dave Barker - Dayton -04/12, 06:18 pm- Made a carb adjustment an
Mike Walker, NW AR -04/12, 06:40 pm- It couldve been just a bi
David Menzies -04/12, 07:42 pm- I would suggest possibly
tim moore -04/12, 08:44 pm- Possibly a sticky valve a
Dave Barker - Dayton -04/12, 09:35 pm- Thanks, all. Ran it again
Kingston B Regenerator Vaporizer Carburetor...
Jim Kelsey -04/12, 04:19 am- Those diagrams are amazin
Larry Smith -04/12, 09:16 pm- Too bad you didnt include
Information about Ruxstall in '23 TT C-Cab Truck
Dennis Wilt -04/12, 07:36 pm- I am looking for informat
Henry Petrino in Mod -04/12, 08:11 pm- I dont know what youre tr
Brass/bronze Carb restore how to ?
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -04/09, 09:54 pm- Well, I should start a ne
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -04/09, 10:34 pm- So wheres the photos?????
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -04/09, 10:45 pm- Pictures almost done. Wi
Karl Gilchrist -04/10, 10:52 pm- Stan -I hope my Breeze ca
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -04/11, 01:06 am- Karl: No, but its all cl
Karl Gilchrist -04/11, 11:32 pm- Stan thats good but dont
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -04/12, 03:06 am- Thats why I write the add
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -04/12, 07:37 pm- I should post an after ph
OT, What kept me from working on my T this week
Paul Mikeska, Denver -04/11, 09:28 pm- I thought some of you wou
Paul Mikeska, Denver -04/11, 09:31 pm- [100_3390A.jpg]
Paul Mikeska, Denver -04/11, 09:34 pm- [100_3394A.jpg] [100_34
Paul Mikeska, Denver -04/11, 09:36 pm- [100_3414A.jpg]
Paul Mikeska, Denver -04/11, 09:40 pm- [100_3423A.jpg]
Paul Mikeska, Denver -04/11, 09:43 pm- [100_3431A.jpg] [100_34
Paul Mikeska, Denver -04/11, 09:45 pm- [100_3436A.jpg] [100_34
Paul Mikeska, Denver -04/11, 09:50 pm- [100_3444A.jpg] [100_34
Paul Mikeska, Denver -04/11, 09:53 pm- [100_3456A.jpg] The las
Paul Mikeska, Denver -04/11, 10:06 pm- I should proof read. It i
Bob Robb -04/11, 10:20 pm- Yeah, Paul, thats pretty
Paul Mikeska, Denver -04/11, 10:25 pm- Bob, Hehe. What that does
Bob Jablonski -04/11, 10:55 pm- Paul: Not everyone has b
Paul Mikeska, Denver -04/11, 11:14 pm- Bob Jablonski, I made a
Bob McDonald-Federal -04/12, 01:21 am- Is that at Elich sp park.
John Aldrich Orting  -04/12, 11:11 am- I love the part about Mad
Roy Mathis, Van Bure -04/12, 11:18 am- Really neat Paul, you do
Paul Mikeska, Denver -04/12, 05:54 pm- Elitch Gardens is the par
Bob McDonald-Federal -04/12, 06:41 pm- Paul Do they still ha
Kenneth W DeLong -04/12, 07:10 pm- Paul,Just remember to use
Just a note about TW Components Inc.timer. My opinion only
Will Copeland - Tren -04/12, 02:05 pm- I installed the new TW Co
Stephen D Heatherly -04/12, 03:16 pm- I just installed one of t
john kuehn -04/12, 07:10 pm- To me this another versio
Timer Cover Popping Out of Position?
Mark Strange -04/12, 04:19 pm- Hi all, I took my 1923 to
Peter Claverie -04/12, 04:32 pm- If you find that everythi
Harold Schwendeman - -04/12, 05:07 pm- Good point Peter,....and
Mark Strange -04/12, 05:41 pm- Thanks for the ideas, I j
OT- 999 lost for seventeen years?
Royce in Georgetown  -04/12, 04:02 pm- It is easy to tell Arrow
Royce in Georgetown  -04/12, 04:08 pm- This is Arrow in 1904 aft
Allen Electric generator support
Jack Putnam -04/12, 12:27 pm- OT A new cast iron repro
Jim Thode Chehalis W -04/12, 02:18 pm-
Ron Patterson-Nichol -04/12, 03:49 pm- If you work on Model T ge
OT - The1921 Edmond Rumpler Designed Streamliner
David Greenlees -04/11, 09:05 am- [Trof1.jpg] Edmond Rump
Jim -04/11, 09:21 am- David, That is very cool
John Semprez-Templet -04/11, 03:04 pm- David, do you know if Rum
Warren W. Mortensen -04/11, 06:35 pm- They burned a few of thes
David Greenlees -04/12, 06:03 am- John Semprez David, do yo
John Semprez-Templet -04/12, 01:35 pm- Thank you David.
OT Gas Headlamps: What did I buy?
Eric Hylen- Central  -04/10, 09:00 pm- I bought these gas headla
Roger Karlsson, sout -04/11, 06:38 am- 1917 would be very late f
Royce in Georgetown  -04/11, 07:21 am- Trucks used gas headlamps
Eric Hylen- Central  -04/11, 11:14 pm- Roger, I agree. 17 does s
Rob Heyen - Nebraska -04/11, 11:31 pm- Eric, We owned a 13 Buick
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -04/12, 11:36 am- [Lamps.jpg] There were
John Semprez-Templet -04/12, 01:00 pm- Royce, The truck you show
RM Brakes and AC Brakes
Andre Valkenaers -04/12, 08:36 am- Hello All, A few weeks a
Mark Gregush Portlan -04/12, 11:05 am-
Andre Valkenaers -04/12, 11:34 am- Thanks Mark, great info.
Poor man leakdown meter
Dean Yoder -04/11, 09:33 pm- How long will it take to
Jack Daron - Brownsb -04/11, 09:34 pm- How many MPH?
Dean Yoder -04/11, 09:38 pm- Just hand crank to TDC on
Mark Gregush Portlan -04/11, 09:49 pm- If it were mine, not long
Rob Heyen - Nebraska -04/11, 11:25 pm- Dean, Interesting thread
Dean Yoder -04/11, 11:54 pm- I just ordered one from H
Ricks - Surf City -04/12, 01:58 am- 80 psi is standard for ai
Mark Gregush Portlan -04/12, 11:14 am- Got it. Didnt think about
I Wanna Throw A Birthday Party and Need Help
Marty Bufalini -04/09, 09:53 pm- I almost hesitate to ask
Jack Daron - Brownsb -04/09, 10:14 pm- Are you serious?? Some wh
George_Cherry Hill N -04/09, 10:22 pm- Marty, ALL of the above
Will Rice -04/09, 10:32 pm- My T disagrees with you,
Craig Anderson, cent -04/09, 10:43 pm- Someone got up on the wro
Jack Daron - Brownsb -04/09, 10:48 pm- Common sense is a rare th
Will Rice -04/09, 10:55 pm- She forgives you. At he
Clayton Swanson -04/09, 10:55 pm- jack, funny, one of my fr
Marty Bufalini -04/09, 10:57 pm- Wow, Jack!! It was just
Bob Coiro -04/09, 11:21 pm- I think Martys desire to
Marty Bufalini -04/09, 11:50 pm- Thanks, Bob. Great respo
Craig Anderson, cent -04/10, 02:11 am- made me la
Roger Karlsson, sout -04/10, 03:56 am- Marty, there is a 10-15%
Bill Alexander in Al -04/10, 07:20 am- Celebrate twice. Youre bo
Joe Van Evera -04/10, 08:11 am- Its a 1914, right? Party
Marty Bufalini -04/10, 09:51 am- Thanks to all for your he
Rob Heyen - Nebraska -04/10, 10:08 am- Marty, Party? Did I hear
Roger Karlsson, sout -04/10, 10:15 am- If you ever has a reason
Norman T. Kling -04/10, 10:48 am- If your car is like most
Bob Ronning -04/10, 11:08 am- it came out of the factor
Jared Buckert -04/11, 09:26 am- I think either one would
Marty Bufalini -04/11, 09:57 am- Thank you to all of you f
G.R.Cheshire -04/11, 11:10 am- Marty reach out to Steve
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -04/11, 11:39 am- I might. Ill check my lit
Marty Bufalini -04/12, 10:12 am- G.R. and Steve, thanks.
Hayes wire wheels
Leigh Schubert -04/11, 12:32 am- Im restoring my 15 roadst
Tom Bergmann Sydney  -04/11, 04:34 am- Leigh; Check out what A
Leigh Schubert -04/11, 12:08 pm- Tom, I took a close look
Allan Richard Bennet -04/12, 06:27 am- Leigh, the hubcaps I ment
Ed in California -04/12, 10:06 am- There was a set at the Ba
OT- Old Photo - Carters Spinal Carriages - What Every Mod...
David Greenlees -04/12, 07:09 am- [sp.jpg] Just what we a
Old Photos - A Model T, a Muddy Road and Some Incredible ...
David Greenlees -04/10, 06:53 am- [Mud1.jpg] We are right
David Greenlees -04/10, 01:23 pm- Can any of you Model T ex
A. Gustaf Bryngelson -04/10, 01:32 pm- It does not look to me th
Erik Johnson -04/10, 01:45 pm- The sedan is 1918. Prett
Henry Petrino in Mod -04/10, 01:48 pm- David, Im FAR from an exp
Erik Johnson -04/10, 01:55 pm- Also - on your blog you s
Erik Johnson -04/10, 01:58 pm- Its definitely a 1918 sed
David Greenlees -04/10, 02:17 pm- Eric and Henry: Thanks fo
Darel J. Leipold -04/10, 03:41 pm- The Big 4 traction engine
David Greenlees -04/10, 04:25 pm- Darel; Thanks for the inf
Roger Byrne - Racine -04/10, 04:45 pm- Here is a link to the cur
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -04/10, 06:44 pm- I was just going to post
Manuel Voyages, ACT  -04/11, 01:12 am- Love those EB big 4s [and
Roger Byrne - Racine -04/11, 08:32 am- Hi Stan . . . I may not p
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -04/11, 12:41 pm- As Manuel Voyages said ab
Henry Petrino in Mod -04/11, 01:09 pm- Found this information on
Kevin Fielding -04/11, 03:34 pm- Keith, I believe the rear
Roger Byrne - Racine -04/11, 04:16 pm- Kevin has given you the w
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -04/11, 05:52 pm- Kevin and Roger - Thank y
Warren W. Mortensen -04/11, 06:28 pm- My brothers and I were go
David Greenlees -04/11, 07:42 pm- [Mud7.jpg] Since so man
Mike Garrison_Rice M -04/11, 09:21 pm- Wasnt a Big Four found so
David Greenlees -04/12, 06:23 am- [eb.jpg] More info and
Henry Ford on left hand steering, October 1908
Rob Heyen - Nebraska -04/10, 10:32 am- Ive heard several stories
David Chantrell - Ad -04/10, 05:53 pm- How dare Henry defy our K
Ken Phillips -04/10, 06:13 pm- would have been easier ju
Karl Gilchrist -04/10, 10:49 pm- Exactly Ken !
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -04/10, 11:56 pm- [800px-Countries_driving_
Ken Phillips -04/11, 01:12 am- I didnt realize there wer
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -04/11, 07:19 am- I thought they were Repub
Leigh Schubert -04/11, 11:44 pm- I had assumed that the re
Leigh Schubert -04/11, 11:47 pm- Ken, unfortunately with t
John Stokes -04/12, 04:12 am- Rob Thank you for sharing
Another Hand Crank Coil Tester Question
James A. Golden -04/11, 09:47 am- Can anyone explain this p
Ron Patterson-Nichol -04/11, 09:55 am- Jim Connect the coil test
Bob Jablonski -04/11, 10:29 am- Will the same output resu
Tom Carnegie -04/11, 10:43 am- I presume there is an ind
Mark Gregush Portlan -04/11, 11:03 am- That might be what the co
James A. Golden -04/11, 12:09 pm- Well, actually there was
James A. Golden -04/11, 02:43 pm- Let me try my question on
Tom Carnegie -04/11, 03:23 pm- Because the .6 amp readin
John F. Regan -04/11, 04:21 pm- Tom C. has explained it t
Bob Jablonski -04/11, 04:39 pm- John Regan: All well &am
David Dewey, N. Cali -04/11, 04:52 pm- A friend of mine acquired
Ron Patterson-Nichol -04/11, 06:34 pm- David Try this link. h
Ron Patterson-Nichol -04/11, 06:37 pm- Well that did not work. T
Mark Strange -04/11, 06:54 pm- When embedding links into
David Dewey, N. Cali -04/11, 11:21 pm- Thanks Ron, & Mark.
T Selfie
Roger Karlsson, sout -04/11, 09:27 pm- Steves rumble seat idea i
Jack Daron - Brownsb -04/11, 09:39 pm- Were going to need a lot
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -04/11, 10:41 pm- [me1.jpg] Not as creati
Harold Schwendeman - -04/11, 10:55 pm- Well then,.......that wou
Elmer Bemis Model K roadster
Erik Johnson -04/09, 09:55 pm- For Rob Heyen and Timothy
Rob Heyen - Nebraska -04/09, 11:46 pm- Erik, Great pics and sto
Timothy Kelly -04/10, 12:55 pm- Erik Thanks for taking t
Royce in Georgetown  -04/11, 12:45 pm- Back on March 20 Rob Heye
Rob Heyen - Nebraska -04/11, 12:56 pm- Royce, Is this your metho
Dennis Seth - Ohio -04/11, 02:54 pm- Im sure the headlight wou
Royce in Georgetown  -04/11, 03:49 pm- Rob, Everything I see on
Rob Heyen - Nebraska -04/11, 04:03 pm- - I respectfully post fac
Royce in Georgetown  -04/11, 05:49 pm- OK then you agree with my
Rob Heyen - Nebraska -04/11, 07:55 pm- No I dont. Regarding t
Royce in Georgetown  -04/11, 09:17 pm- OK so the engine number a
Rob Heyen - Nebraska -04/11, 09:53 pm- I dont know why anyone wo
Royce in Georgetown  -04/11, 09:57 pm- Rob, I dont pass judgmen
Bob Robb -04/11, 10:28 pm- Yknow, I have found a mea
Bob Jablonski -04/11, 10:41 pm- Bob Robb: Ive enjoyed Ro
Bob Jablonski -04/11, 10:45 pm- Thanks to Eric for the hi
Rob Heyen - Nebraska -04/11, 10:54 pm- I apologize to Erik, the
OT - What does it say when the competitors talk about you...
Royce in Georgetown  -04/10, 08:39 pm- Its only fair to say that
Rob Heyen - Nebraska -04/10, 09:06 pm- Narcissistic personality
Doug Partington -04/10, 09:22 pm- Rob, Always remember FORD
Royce in Georgetown  -04/11, 07:41 am- Rob, I hope you seek trea
Jim Patrick -04/11, 12:01 pm- Now, Boys... Quote by War
Rob Heyen - Nebraska -04/11, 12:51 pm- Two suppliers helping the
Royce in Georgetown  -04/11, 09:31 pm- Hmmm thats interesting. H
Royce in Georgetown  -04/11, 09:34 pm- Heres complete coverage o
Rob Heyen - Nebraska -04/11, 10:10 pm- Royce, I thought you didn
Model A at Chickasha
Eddy Lee Emerson -04/11, 09:07 pm- I have been asked to find
Ronald Bolser -04/11, 09:24 pm- It sold on ebay today for
Eddy Lee Emerson -04/11, 10:05 pm- Thanks for the informatio
Toe in
Mark Gregush Portlan -04/11, 09:26 pm- Quick question, What is t
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -04/11, 09:32 pm- 3/16 to 1/4.
Mark Gregush Portlan -04/11, 09:52 pm- Thanks, I have to stop 2e
What have you done on your T today?
Pat Kelly -04/09, 07:24 pm- I took the New Day Timer
Mark Gregush Portlan -04/11, 06:07 pm- My clutch has been slippi
Don Watson -Florence -04/11, 06:23 pm- Rob, Good to see that you
Mark Gregush Portlan -04/11, 09:40 pm- Took mine for another dri
Clutch woun't release
Frank Olsen -04/11, 08:01 pm- We are putting together a
Erik Johnson -04/11, 08:13 pm- Later drive plate with sm
Two Videos: Someone Selling a Nice Looking 1916 Touring
Bob Coiro -04/11, 03:17 pm- He says its all original,
Darel J. Leipold -04/11, 05:17 pm- The differential looks as
Darel J. Leipold -04/11, 05:17 pm- I mean refitted to look l
Royce in Georgetown  -04/11, 05:52 pm- Great looking car.
Tim Wrenn -04/11, 07:58 pm- Wow! I KNOW this guy! I
Broken Crank Pic
Jim Kelsey -04/10, 12:21 am- I finally had a chance to
Tony Bowker -04/10, 01:45 am- That is where the crank b
Royce in Georgetown  -04/10, 07:41 am- Mine broke in a different
John Doolittle -04/10, 01:35 pm- THAT is why I dont want t
Jack Daron - Brownsb -04/10, 01:45 pm- Mine broke right in front
Jack Daron - Brownsb -04/10, 01:46 pm- Forgot,you can save your
Barry Fowler - Eagle -04/10, 05:10 pm- I drive a lot in Alaska a
Jim Kelsey -04/10, 10:22 pm- Royce: Your crankshaft l
Royce in Georgetown  -04/11, 07:28 am- Jim, That was in my 12.
Kerry van Ekeren (Au -04/11, 08:18 am- I dont think thats comple
Tim Wrenn -04/11, 09:07 am-, that sucks..
Jim Kelsey -04/11, 05:19 pm- The one that broke in my
Royce in Georgetown  -04/11, 05:48 pm- Kerry, I dont think Ford
Kerry van Ekeren (Au -04/11, 06:09 pm- Dodge may well have been
Kerry van Ekeren (Au -04/11, 06:10 pm- [img166.jpg]
Royce in Georgetown  -04/11, 07:10 pm- Interesting article. Wher
TT dually
Fred Miller, Sequim  -04/11, 03:29 pm- I was wrong, I have seen
Fred Miller, Sequim  -04/11, 03:46 pm- Opps, I hit the wrong but
John Danuser -04/11, 06:13 pm- Gator Gould in lower L.A.
Replacing crank gear
Seth from NC -04/11, 07:34 am- Howdy everybody - so, hop
Royce in Georgetown  -04/11, 07:38 am- OK I give up - why would
Roger Karlsson, sout -04/11, 08:17 am- To change the timing gear
Seth from NC -04/11, 10:43 am- Royce - the timing gear o
Ken Todd -04/11, 10:57 am- According to the Ford ser
Seth from NC -04/11, 11:06 am- Yeah yeah Ken thats what
Scott Conger -04/11, 11:44 am- Seth I think Rogers givi
Seth from NC -04/11, 01:35 pm- Well, money sometimes con
ROBERT BERGSTADT -04/11, 04:06 pm- I have a oversize cam gea
Mike Walker, NW AR -04/11, 05:03 pm- Seth -- The oversize timi
Ted Dumas -04/11, 05:15 pm- It could be the spacing o
Model T education classes Midwest locations?
David Kriegel Mishaw -04/11, 07:38 am- I have been trying to fin
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -04/11, 12:30 pm- For professional level in
Daniel Green, Dexter -04/11, 12:42 pm- Have you seen this? ----
Doug Money - Braidwo -04/11, 04:03 pm- Joe Bell does a demonstra
The Model T Ford Club International page
Mark Gregush Portlan -04/10, 04:56 pm- I just clicked on my book
Mark Strange -04/10, 05:03 pm- Looks the same to me, did
Erik Johnson -04/10, 05:03 pm- Thats been the web addres
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -04/10, 05:04 pm- Same here. Theyve been wo
Mark Gregush Portlan -04/10, 05:17 pm- Did you click on the link
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -04/10, 05:22 pm-  [] This what
Steven Thum -04/10, 05:25 pm- It looks like they forgot
Mark Gregush Portlan -04/10, 05:26 pm- Thanks Steve, I tried to
Mark Gregush Portlan -04/10, 05:27 pm- It was working earlier to
Mark Strange -04/10, 05:45 pm- Steve, thats very odd, he
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -04/10, 05:58 pm- Yep, I just tried it agai
Mike Walker, NW AR -04/10, 06:02 pm- It works normally for me
Mark Gregush Portlan -04/10, 06:04 pm- Must be working its way w
Kirk Peterson -04/10, 06:09 pm- Works for Me too using Ch
George_Cherry Hill N -04/10, 06:22 pm- for those that
Charlie B actually i -04/10, 06:28 pm- I get Steves page too.
Kirk Peterson -04/10, 06:33 pm- still works for me and on
Charlie B actually i -04/10, 06:45 pm- Whoops. Its back. No new
Jay - In Northern Ca -04/10, 06:47 pm- I posted there this morni
Jack Daron - Brownsb -04/10, 07:35 pm- Same old dull page here.
James Zabala -04/10, 07:54 pm- The MTFCI is switching ou
Bob McDonald-Federal -04/10, 07:57 pm- I havent gotten it to wor
Jay - In Northern Ca -04/10, 08:31 pm- James, Thanks for the inf
Peter Borland. Bathu -04/10, 08:39 pm- I just get the 403 bugger
Danial - Veneta OR U -04/10, 08:59 pm- 5:58 pm pacific time here
Jay - In Northern Ca -04/10, 11:52 pm- Its back on line now.
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -04/11, 12:05 am- I just tried it and got t
Jay - In Northern Ca -04/11, 12:23 am- oh well, I spoke to soon.
Mark Gregush Portlan -04/11, 10:19 am- The page is back up. I am
James A. Golden -04/11, 12:22 pm- The MTFCI Forum page stil
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -04/11, 12:57 pm- So did I, Jim. The site h
James A. Golden -04/11, 01:16 pm- Is there any way to tell
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -04/11, 03:45 pm- As of now 2:45 PM CDT thi
E. Wash. T parts for sale
Bob Gruber- Spanaway -04/11, 03:21 pm- I just got this email and
OT- Arroyo Grande, CA for a few days I guess ....
Jim -04/10, 07:27 pm- Tuesday I got to visit a
John Semprez-Templet -04/10, 07:34 pm- Jim head east on 46 to Ba
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -04/10, 09:03 pm- I like the Bakersfield id
Jim -04/10, 09:25 pm- John, I got a room here
Bill in Adelaida Cal -04/10, 10:35 pm- Steve: Hiway 58 is a gr
Jim -04/10, 10:45 pm- Bill, I like that refere
Jim -04/11, 03:19 pm- Well ... Did my laundry
Rear Snow Travel model A Modified
Bob McDonald-Federal -04/10, 07:48 pm- This unit has been found
Constantine in Melbo -04/11, 07:05 am- I love it!
Andy Loso St Joseph, -04/11, 07:14 am- Learned something new tod
Mark Strange -04/11, 09:16 am- Neat vehicle! Did it dro
Jim -04/11, 09:23 am- Mark, Those are Patina
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -04/11, 09:32 am- This months Central NH Mo
Bob McDonald-Federal -04/11, 01:00 pm- Andy Its staying in S
Gas Tanks
John Aldrich Orting  -04/09, 10:59 am- I filled the tank to just
Roger Karlsson, sout -04/09, 11:10 am- Originally the gas cap wa
Mark Strange -04/09, 11:22 am- Attach the tube to the ga
John Aldrich Orting  -04/09, 11:37 am- Thanks Mark, Roger and To
Jared Buckert -04/09, 12:02 pm- Im getting an engineering
John F. Regan -04/09, 12:18 pm- As a temporary fix you mi
Jeff Hood -04/09, 12:20 pm- Sometimes you can find th
Steven Thum -04/09, 12:29 pm- The fix I used for this p
John Aldrich Orting  -04/09, 06:47 pm- Very nice. Didnt even kno
Steve Tomaso - Milto -04/09, 07:12 pm- Cheaper to just not fill
Ken Todd -04/10, 10:31 am- I have had good luck usin
Mark Gregush Portlan -04/11, 11:42 am- Or you can get this kit;
Old Photo - Dying For A Ride
Jay - In Northern Ca -04/10, 11:15 am- [Dying For A Ride.jpg]
Dave Wells -04/10, 11:19 am- Customer said, Ill take
G.R.Cheshire -04/10, 12:21 pm- Does that taxi charge by
Rod McKenzie -04/10, 05:04 pm- RHD?
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -04/10, 05:18 pm- Looks like everything fro
David Chantrell - Ad -04/10, 05:32 pm- I know this will upset so
Mike Walker, NW AR -04/10, 10:26 pm- Seems to me that it would
Jay - In Northern Ca -04/10, 10:31 pm- I dont know Mike, Theres
John P Noonan -04/10, 11:30 pm- Jay, that thing is incred
David Stroud -04/11, 07:52 am- David C., a TT with the h
Tim Wrenn -04/11, 09:09 am- That would do the Adams f
Jim -04/11, 09:25 am- My first reaction is Her
Building a steering column for 1912
Constantine in Melbo -04/11, 05:55 am- 1912 chocolate van? Tell
Tim Wrenn -04/11, 09:13 am- Dark or Milk Chocolate?
G.R.Cheshire -04/11, 09:14 am- Pictures Please!
Wards Riverside date code.
Erik Johnson -04/09, 02:51 pm- I tried to find out exact
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -04/09, 04:03 pm- That tiny picture with th
Erik Johnson -04/09, 06:13 pm- Makes sense.
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -04/10, 04:05 pm- Just as a follow up on th
Royce in Georgetown  -04/11, 07:52 am- Erik, Dad says the warra
OT - brand new USA made Model A engine blocks available i...
Constantine in Melbo -04/11, 01:25 am- Les, I didnt know new 5 m
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -04/11, 02:02 am- 1941
Roger Karlsson, sout -04/11, 04:03 am- Constantine, its Les hims
Constantine in Melbo -04/11, 07:39 am- Ah; okay, thanks.
Accessory Wish List
Jared Buckert -04/09, 11:52 am- After seeing Bobs new rep
Bob Coiro -04/09, 12:10 pm- A smallish running board
Donnie Brown -04/09, 12:14 pm- I want a running board ki
Mark Gregush Portlan -04/09, 12:24 pm- Atwater-Kent clip on dist
Seth from NC -04/09, 12:24 pm- Hey Bob, whats up with th
Dave Wells -04/09, 02:53 pm- I prefer my car factory c
Jack Daron - Brownsb -04/09, 03:44 pm- Dave youd best check loca
Mark Gregush Portlan -04/09, 05:03 pm- That and discountable rim
Ron -04/09, 06:02 pm- Saw that speedometer one
Bob Coiro -04/09, 06:46 pm- Seth, thats not my car.
Dave Wells -04/09, 09:08 pm- I knew Id hear about the
Jack Daron - Brownsb -04/09, 09:20 pm- They go up inside of the
Dave Wells -04/09, 09:34 pm- Ok Jack thanks. Ill see i
Craig Anderson, cent -04/09, 10:25 pm- I posted this before but
Will Rice -04/09, 10:27 pm- Boyco cans. I got some or
Jim Kelsey -04/10, 12:40 am- That fender-mounted tool
Bob Coiro -04/10, 01:17 am- Jim, The neat thing abo
Jared Buckert -04/10, 06:16 pm- The running board kitchen
Jay - In Northern Ca -04/10, 06:42 pm- Jared, Heres ours. For th
Charlie B actually i -04/10, 06:58 pm- Ive often thought about a
Peter Kable -04/11, 07:32 am- Charlie, Is this what you
Front brake kit?
Constantine in Melbo -04/11, 01:59 am- Les, will the kit be usab
In Memory of Ben Yumori
Eric Sayer -04/11, 01:56 am- The family thanks you for
O.T.New Photo 1924 American La France (enjoy tim)
Constantine in Melbo -04/11, 01:10 am- What great looking trucks
Door Lock on a 1926 Fordor
Peter Taylor -04/10, 04:51 pm- I was wondering. Were al
Jack Daron - Brownsb -04/10, 05:09 pm- The left side latched fro
Stephen D Heatherly -04/10, 06:31 pm- As far as I know they wer
george house -04/10, 08:34 pm- Does anyone know who furn
Terry Woods, Richmon -04/10, 09:53 pm- Along with B and S, I am
John Page -04/11, 12:05 am- George, This link to a p
For Model T Camper Lovers
Mike Vaughn -04/10, 09:23 pm- Very interesting e-bay it
Kerry van Ekeren (Au -04/10, 10:07 pm- Has been listed for sale
Jay - In Northern Ca -04/10, 10:27 pm- Just save the paint and t
Jared Buckert -04/10, 11:02 pm- I love how they say in th
Mattthew G Californi -04/10, 11:09 pm- Now that is my new favori
Mattthew G Californi -04/10, 11:17 pm- If I got it I would do th
Mike Spaziano, Bellf -04/11, 12:03 am- That thing was for sale a
Cowl welting
Merv Gadd -04/10, 11:20 pm- Hello All I am putting my
Warren W. Mortensen -04/10, 11:59 pm- It gets split at that poi
Jim Thode Chehalis W -04/11, 12:00 am- I put mine on in two piec
New Top for My 1926 TuDor
Mike Zahorik -04/09, 04:57 pm- Well.... Ive been making
Craig Anderson, cent -04/09, 07:16 pm- Looks like youre doing a
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -04/10, 10:43 pm- I think you should have a
Jared Buckert -04/10, 11:03 pm- Cant wait to see what hap
Fellow / Spoke Rim question
Scott Batta -04/09, 10:57 pm- I am working on a 23 coup
keith g barrier -04/10, 07:23 am- Scott, most likely the ri
Hap Tucker in Sumter -04/10, 09:48 am- Scott, I would recommend
keith g barrier -04/10, 02:35 pm- Hap I think he was mixing
Hap Tucker in Sumter -04/10, 08:37 pm- Scott, I do not yet know
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -04/10, 08:57 pm- Scott, in Haps first pict
keith g barrier -04/10, 09:19 pm- Hap, I will try and take
Scott Batta -04/10, 10:00 pm- Sorry Guys. It was late
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -04/10, 11:03 pm- With that notch over the
What front and rear springs to use on speedster project.
Donnie Brown -04/09, 09:31 pm- Im in the process of sett
Clayton Swanson -04/09, 10:29 pm- folks usually eliminate o
Bob Robb -04/09, 11:19 pm- I installed a reversed ey
Jack Daron - Brownsb -04/09, 11:21 pm- If you go fenderless,does
John Danuser -04/10, 02:31 pm- Donnie I have a rear spri
Mike Walker, NW AR -04/10, 06:26 pm- I think Id use a stock 26
Donnie Brown -04/10, 08:21 pm- John: Thanks for the offe
Allan Richard Bennet -04/10, 08:30 pm- Donnie, it has been my ex
Jerry VanOoteghem -04/10, 08:38 pm- I tried using less leaves
Donnie Brown -04/10, 09:08 pm- Allen and Jerry..... Two
Mike Walker, NW AR -04/10, 10:22 pm- Id listen to those who ha
Jack Daron - Brownsb -04/10, 10:52 pm- I left the full springs o
Launch and shift
John P Noonan -04/09, 10:37 pm- Well its been a week sinc
Jim Thode Chehalis W -04/09, 10:48 pm- Start with the spark full
Clayton Swanson -04/09, 10:49 pm- shift too soon and she wi
Bob Coiro -04/09, 11:06 pm- Conventional wisdom has i
John P Noonan -04/09, 11:08 pm- Thanks Jim and Clayton. A
John P Noonan -04/09, 11:12 pm- Thanks Bob, i guess its t
Wayne Murray - Anaco -04/10, 12:38 am- Hi John, Have you been to
John P Noonan -04/10, 12:58 am- Wayne i have not, but i d
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -04/10, 07:33 am- I usually give it a quick
Norman T. Kling -04/10, 11:01 am- Depends on whether you ar
Craig Anderson, cent -04/10, 01:59 pm- I start at low throttle a
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -04/10, 02:08 pm- John since you mentioned
John P Noonan -04/10, 09:34 pm- Steve, Im not yet a membe
Pig in a Ford
William Goodheart -04/09, 08:36 pm- While sitting in a Doctor
Jim Thode Chehalis W -04/09, 08:45 pm- And interesting event, be
Will Rice -04/09, 10:38 pm- Whew I thought someone ha
Neil McKay -04/09, 11:06 pm- 2012 Pig and Ford race: h
Willie K Cordes -04/10, 11:15 am- Will, I think you oink a
Jay - In Northern Ca -04/10, 11:23 am- [hqdefault.jpg]
Dave Dufault -04/10, 01:27 pm- [smiling pig moving.gif]
Don Lyon, PDX, OR. -04/10, 04:55 pm- This pig race is pretty s
Rob Heyen - Nebraska -04/10, 08:52 pm- You PNW guys know how to
Where can I find a 11/16 X 4-1/2 inch bolt grade 5 or 8
Donnie Brown -04/09, 09:22 am- Yes my brackets are origi
Roger Karlsson, sout -04/09, 09:54 am- I think I used M18x120 bo
mike_black -04/09, 04:44 pm- Donnie, My sources fa
Terry Woods, Richmon -04/09, 05:51 pm- Have you tried McMaster-C
Craig Anderson, cent -04/09, 08:48 pm- I had an 11/16 USF tap an
Kevin Pharis -04/09, 09:28 pm- I may be able to help you
Donnie Brown -04/09, 09:48 pm- Terry I checked out McMas
Roger Karlsson, sout -04/09, 10:55 pm- I had a look at my bolts.
Ted Dumas -04/09, 10:57 pm- You could make 11/16 shaf
Craig Anderson, cent -04/10, 02:16 am- There are some good work-
Donnie Brown -04/10, 08:26 am- Craig: The easiest fix is
Roger Karlsson, sout -04/10, 08:54 am- With 18mm bolts youll onl
Donnie Brown -04/10, 08:52 pm- Seem like problem may be
Can this be fixed ? tras. cover 26
lorenzo leon -04/09, 08:13 pm- can this be repared .the
Jack Daron - Brownsb -04/09, 08:24 pm- Yes,It is cast iron,and c
lorenzo leon -04/09, 08:36 pm- thank u Jack
Richard Wolf -04/09, 08:42 pm- Jack; U doing OK??
Jack Daron - Brownsb -04/09, 08:47 pm- Richard,sent you PM.
Roger Karlsson, sout -04/09, 10:34 pm- Lorenzo, Im not sure its
Jack Daron - Brownsb -04/09, 11:18 pm- I had one on front of tra
Terry Woods, Richmon -04/09, 11:49 pm- Lorenzo, I dont know if y
David Stroud -04/10, 02:04 am- Lorenzo, it can be readil
Donnie Brown -04/10, 08:44 am- Lorenzo: That type of cas
Steve Tomaso - Milto -04/10, 10:24 am- Do you all think this one
Dan Treace, North FL -04/10, 10:33 am- Water jacket that bad in
Steve Tomaso - Milto -04/10, 01:11 pm- This block was in a speed
lorenzo leon -04/10, 08:00 pm- Thanks to all ,Terry than
Donnie Brown -04/10, 08:37 pm- Steve: I could weld that
OT Humor quick BAD STUPID modern disk brake repair
David Kriegel Mishaw -04/09, 07:39 pm- I changed out my wifes fr
Tyrone Thomas - Tope -04/09, 07:51 pm- Yeap, that would have bee
Gary Tillstrom -04/09, 08:29 pm- Problem solved, they were
A. Gustaf Bryngelson -04/09, 09:11 pm- It is always a good idea
A. Gustaf Bryngelson -04/09, 09:12 pm- I forgot to mention, if t
Jerry Kramer -04/10, 08:42 am- Been there, done that. F
David Kriegel Mishaw -04/10, 11:18 am- The sad part is what perc
Henry Petrino in Mod -04/10, 11:21 am- David, My kids know exac
Willie K Cordes -04/10, 11:48 am- I have the opposite probl
Paul Vitko -04/10, 11:55 am- Henry could not have been
Harold Schwendeman - -04/10, 01:50 pm- In my opinion, the only t
Steve Tomaso - Milto -04/10, 01:58 pm- The only reference in the
Charlie B actually i -04/10, 02:01 pm- have a 2011 Nissan Rogue
Henry Petrino in Mod -04/10, 02:28 pm- Well Charlie, I too find
Paul Vitko -04/10, 03:17 pm- My bride was laughing abo
Doug Money - Braidwo -04/10, 08:20 pm- Before my kids could driv
Snowmobile conversion for a Model T
Brian Jackson -04/10, 04:03 pm- I an looking for a snowmo
Mark Strange -04/10, 04:11 pm- Maybe check with these fo
John F Burns -04/10, 04:13 pm- Check with www.NHSnoCar.
Bob McDonald-Federal -04/10, 08:05 pm- Looking for a used or new
Wheel shims
Dave Eddie -04/10, 12:14 am- Wondering who sells the s
Jack Daron - Brownsb -04/10, 12:15 am- If you feel you must,they
Peter Borland. Bathu -04/10, 12:55 am- Gday I would personally r
Dave Huson, Berthoud -04/10, 01:06 am- DaveEddie; I have hundre
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -04/10, 08:53 am- Old wood thats deteriorat
Jerry Kramer -04/10, 09:01 am- I made a set out of valve
Steve Tomaso - Milto -04/10, 10:19 am- Very dangerous Band-Aid -
Dave Huson, Berthoud -04/10, 11:31 am- OH OH the sky is falling.
Steve Tomaso - Milto -04/10, 01:18 pm- Better put your hard hat
keith g barrier -04/10, 02:25 pm- Tight is tite shimmed or
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -04/10, 02:27 pm- Were talking black era he
keith g barrier -04/10, 02:37 pm- I love my junk! KGB
John McGinnis in San -04/10, 03:49 pm- Good for you Keith, I am
Mike Walker, NW AR -04/10, 06:15 pm- Ill side with Keith and D
Mag ring
James A Bartsch -04/10, 09:48 am- Andre: Thank you for an
Andre Valkenaers -04/10, 10:25 am- James, To stretch and cle
Norman T. Kling -04/10, 10:34 am- I agree wholeheartedly wi
James A Bartsch -04/10, 04:17 pm- Thank you, Andre. jb
More money than bra!!!!!!!
ROBERT BERGSTADT -04/10, 02:08 pm- E bay item #201066645697
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -04/10, 02:12 pm- Come on, Bob, its only th
Zachary Dillinger -04/10, 02:30 pm- Well, at least its vintag
ROBERT BERGSTADT -04/10, 02:36 pm- If I knew the buyer I wou
Darel J. Leipold -04/10, 03:33 pm- I believe the face plate
The March/April VF
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -04/10, 03:29 pm- Just finished reading it
Mark Strange -04/10, 03:31 pm- I got mine today in Hills
Photo - A Norman Rockwell Scene?
Tony Bowker -04/10, 02:01 am- We have this picture on t
Bob Coiro -04/10, 07:19 am- Heres another Norman Rock
Tim Voss -04/10, 11:53 am- The top pic in Bobs post
Any members near Annapolis Maryland ?
David Kriegel Mishaw -04/09, 01:09 pm- I am visiting my Navy Fam
Tom Tuominen -04/10, 08:26 am- Im less than 60 miles sou
Larry Bohlen, Severn -04/10, 11:35 am- Dave, There are several
Ruckstell Bearing
Greg Kuhnash Southea -04/10, 10:33 am- I ordered a new bearing f
Jim Thode Chehalis W -04/10, 10:55 am- Looks like you are correc
Richard Gould -04/10, 11:20 am- The way I think of it is
13/32" -16 tap: source?
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -04/09, 09:36 pm- I had to go to Wichita to
Dexter Doucet -04/09, 09:40 pm- For the rear axle, right.
Mike Walker, NW AR -04/09, 10:19 pm- Steve -- I bought one of
Clayton Swanson -04/09, 10:21 pm- taps, end mills, reamers,
Paul Mikeska, Denver -04/09, 11:13 pm- Steve, I bought 2 sets o
Rick Goelz-Knoxville -04/10, 10:03 am- Steve, i purchased some o
Jack Daron - Brownsb -04/09, 09:03 pm- Why does site never remem
Richard Wolf -04/09, 09:12 pm- Jack; I dont even remembe
A. Gustaf Bryngelson -04/09, 09:13 pm- You should be able to set
Jack Daron - Brownsb -04/09, 09:18 pm- Chris should be able to t
John Aldrich Orting  -04/09, 09:34 pm- It remembers my password
Mark Gregush Portlan -04/09, 09:34 pm- In Google Chrome I didnt
Richard Wolf -04/09, 09:39 pm- Dont know how I did it,
Mike Walker, NW AR -04/09, 10:23 pm- Unc -- I switched to Goog
Craig Anderson, cent -04/09, 10:31 pm- You can set any browser t
keith g barrier -04/10, 07:27 am- I dont let my computer sa
Royce in Georgetown  -04/10, 07:46 am- Jack, I had the same pro
G.R.Cheshire -04/10, 08:01 am- Jack depending on what ve
Ricks - Surf City -04/10, 09:35 am- I enable cookies only for
OT - 1907 "The Automobile" price and spec reference
Rob Heyen - Nebraska -04/09, 09:51 am- Interesting choice, a thr
Royce in Georgetown  -04/09, 11:28 am- Edges record was for most
Rob Heyen - Nebraska -04/09, 03:13 pm- regardless of any other f
Royce in Georgetown  -04/09, 07:56 pm- Who ever wrote the articl
Dennis Seth - Ohio -04/09, 08:37 pm- WOW! what an arrogant S.O
Rob Heyen - Nebraska -04/09, 11:30 pm- For anyone still followin
Rob Heyen - Nebraska -04/10, 07:02 am- Denny, I should have said
Royce in Georgetown  -04/10, 07:39 am- Right. So the Napier was
Rob Heyen - Nebraska -04/10, 09:23 am- Different races, differen
1927 Used Ford Coupe Bill Of Sale
george house -04/09, 05:22 pm- Does anyone understand th
Mike Kossor -04/10, 08:12 am- A 2.57% simple interest l
A friend's remisences
Herb Iffrig -04/09, 06:49 pm- He wrote me some more tho
Bob Coiro -04/09, 07:17 pm- I never met Henry Austin
Herb Iffrig -04/09, 11:25 pm- Thanks Bob. Its good to h
Dane Hawley Near Mel -04/10, 06:19 am- Lovely stories both. Than
Royce in Georgetown  -04/10, 07:56 am- I totally agree about Hen
Model T Country Side Painting
Jay - In Northern Ca -04/09, 11:23 am- [Model T Country Side Pai
Bob Coiro -04/09, 12:11 pm- Mmmmmmmmmm. I can smell
George Clipner-Los A -04/10, 01:50 am- LIKE
Hi-comp head question how to make from original lo or hi ...
Paul Vitko -04/09, 12:55 pm- Wonder if some careful th
joe bell -04/09, 03:54 pm- Chris , that is correct!
Jack Daron - Brownsb -04/09, 04:54 pm- At todays machining price
Terry Woods, Richmon -04/09, 05:45 pm- Anybody got any idea how
Bob Gruber- Spanaway -04/09, 06:11 pm- I milled a high head .125
Mike Walker, NW AR -04/09, 06:48 pm- With reference to what Un
Terry Woods, Richmon -04/09, 10:46 pm- Dang, Mike, Youve got an
chris becker -04/10, 01:35 am- I just had one milled .05
What kept you from getting work done on yout T today, Con...
Larry Smith -04/09, 09:16 pm- Couldnt work on the T tod
John Aldrich Orting  -04/09, 09:33 pm- Did some fencing to keep
Carl Klem -04/09, 09:47 pm- Cars are only part of lif
Craig Anderson, cent -04/09, 10:11 pm- Its hard to work on somet
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -04/09, 10:29 pm- Nothing. Wife out of tow
Jim Kelsey -04/10, 12:39 am- The flu. I cant remember
Stopping oil leaks (?)
G.R.Cheshire -04/09, 09:18 am- Model Ts , Harley Davidso
Mark Gregush Portlan -04/09, 12:32 pm- Re 4th main seal; I put o
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -04/09, 12:51 pm- It has been said many tim
Dave Wells -04/09, 02:49 pm- I tore my engine 19 engin
Anthonie Boer -04/09, 03:57 pm- For the crankshaft , I ha
David Stroud -04/09, 04:37 pm- Mark G., can you post a p
Mark Gregush Portlan -04/09, 05:34 pm- I put them on Photobucket
Roger Karlsson, sout -04/09, 07:13 pm- Odd Mark, isnt there a se
Mark Gregush Portlan -04/09, 07:56 pm- I just use two full gaske
Bob Robb -04/09, 11:13 pm- Bob Coiro, Yes, it leaks
Body Bracket Dimensions Needed
Howard D. Dennis -04/09, 02:13 pm- Just got my New Express b
Jack Daron - Brownsb -04/09, 02:49 pm- Those are correct for abo
Steve Tomaso - Milto -04/09, 03:07 pm- The bracket in the foregr
Clayton Swanson -04/09, 05:58 pm- howard, those are the bra
Howard D. Dennis -04/09, 06:06 pm- Clayton, I just checked a
Clayton Swanson -04/09, 10:41 pm- 1 1/2 half inches is a 2x
Rajo C35 Rocker Arms
Paul Mc Ginnis Dearb -04/09, 08:55 pm- Thanks for all the replie
Clayton Swanson -04/09, 10:35 pm- why not ask mark to send
Country Garage Painting
Jay - In Northern Ca -04/09, 11:20 am- [Country Garage Painting.
Bob Coiro -04/09, 12:13 pm- Im a big fan of broad-str
John P. Steele, Mont -04/09, 01:54 pm- Thats the cleanest garage
Mike Walker, NW AR -04/09, 07:13 pm- John -- I was thinking th
Steve Tomaso - Milto -04/09, 07:46 pm- Come on fellas - its the
Royce in Georgetown  -04/09, 07:49 pm- I like it!
zach kubesh -04/09, 10:20 pm- looks good!
Laurel & Hardy with the Model T Ford
Marty Bufalini -04/09, 08:27 pm- Steve Schmidt, where is t
Mike Spaziano, Bellf -04/09, 09:46 pm- Marty, The car above tha
Marty Bufalini -04/09, 09:54 pm- Mike, thanks! I was just
Old Photo - Mudding Out and About
Jay - In Northern Ca -04/09, 11:16 am- [Out and About
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -04/09, 03:14 pm- If two of the hefty folks
Jack Daron - Brownsb -04/09, 09:00 pm- That I doubt. A center do
mike_black -04/09, 09:51 pm- Maybe theyre lost, stuck,
1924 Model T Steering
Larry Smith -04/09, 09:21 pm- I would start with the dr
Model T Firing Order
Randy Stevens -04/09, 10:31 am- Yesterday I ran across an
Norman T. Kling -04/09, 10:44 am- You will notice that the
Willie K Cordes -04/09, 11:03 am- Randy, sometime two wrong
George_Cherry Hill N -04/09, 11:40 am- If you are wired right at
Mark Gregush Portlan -04/09, 11:48 am- Best I can tell is there
David Kriegel Mishaw -04/09, 07:33 pm- This is an EXCELLENT Post
Tim Wrenn -04/09, 07:43 pm- David...what I do when I
Engine skipping on #4
Will Copeland - Tren -04/09, 06:45 pm- Possibility may have foun
Mark Gregush Portlan -04/09, 07:31 pm- Even with the seal out an
Where'd You Get Your License?
Henry Petrino in Mod -04/09, 10:04 am- Clayton: I believe my tr
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -04/09, 12:56 pm- When someone upset my dad
Richard Wolf -04/09, 01:22 pm- My dad used to say a Cra
Darel J. Leipold -04/09, 06:23 pm- I have a wrapped set of 4
Timothy Rogers -04/09, 06:46 pm- Henry, that is an unbelie
Englishtown N.J. Swap Meet
Charlie B actually i -04/09, 05:54 pm- Its this Fri., Sat &
OT - No ethanol added gas in Oklahoma City
keith g barrier -04/09, 09:10 am- What I dont get is the fa
Rion Schulze  -04/09, 09:23 am- It is roughly an 18% redu
G.R.Cheshire -04/09, 09:36 am- Non-ethanol Gas is becomi
Terry Woods, Richmon -04/09, 11:55 am- When in the OKC area for
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -04/09, 12:11 pm- The regular 87 octane aro
Randy Stevens -04/09, 12:37 pm- I remember reading years
Gary Schreiber- Sant -04/09, 01:00 pm- $1.48 US for a gallon of
Terry Woods, Richmon -04/09, 01:09 pm- Gary, I guess you dont ha
David Kriegel Mishaw -04/09, 01:12 pm- Terry, I asked my Brother
G.R.Cheshire -04/09, 01:25 pm- I miss the days when a ne
Henry Petrino in Mod -04/09, 01:36 pm- G.R., Not far from where
Dave Dufault -04/09, 01:46 pm- Of course you can now get
Paul Vitko -04/09, 02:01 pm- The early Dodge Cummings
Henry Petrino in Mod -04/09, 04:34 pm- Dave - Sorry to be dense
David Kriegel Mishaw -04/09, 05:37 pm- Henry, EBT Card worse ta
Recovering, At Home, From Knee Replacement Surgery
george house -04/09, 05:06 pm- It is good to again hear
Ignition switch
Fred L. Olenberger -04/09, 11:31 am- tried to find old post ab
Bill Vaughn -04/09, 11:53 am- Fred, with the key in the
Bob Coiro -04/09, 11:54 am- [bat.jpg] My computer d
Jim Thode Chehalis W -04/09, 12:08 pm- A very useful tool what t
Fred L. Olenberger -04/09, 04:31 pm- Jim thanks for your sugge
Fronty plugs
Kenneth Martin Carpe -04/09, 04:13 pm- Can someone give me advic
1 + 1 = 1
Mike Walker, NW AR -04/09, 10:04 am- I wonder whether a guy co
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -04/09, 10:05 am- Steve, will you build ano
Richard Wolf -04/09, 10:19 am- I think Steve should have
Willie K Cordes -04/09, 10:46 am- Steve, When I first saw t
Jack Putnam, Bluffto -04/09, 11:18 am- Mike: A three pound hamm
kep -04/09, 03:06 pm- And i approve of building
Old Photo - A Load Of Young Ladies Going Green
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -04/09, 01:01 pm- That is the first time I
Lifter and Valve Guide Replacement
Bill Johnson -04/09, 11:12 am- I have a 14 block that ha
Jared Buckert -04/09, 11:33 am- I think the question is c
Mark Gregush Portlan -04/09, 11:51 am- Should be no problem for
Kohnke Rebabbitting -04/09, 12:20 pm- Any good Machine shop has
No coils buzz
Robert L. Cook -04/09, 11:50 am- Thanks all. It was the
Spark Plug polarity makes a difference
Ricks - Surf City -04/09, 11:39 am- The voltage developed de
Speedster Throttle Lever Question
Dave Barker - Dayton -04/09, 09:59 am- Thanks to all three of yo
What is the best high tension mag fot the Model T
Roger Karlsson, sout -04/09, 09:15 am- Thanks Tom, Ok, it needs
Paso Robles, CA to Vancouver, WA enclosed hauling now !
Jim -04/14, 11:19 pm- April 16th Customer Fe
Dennis Seth - Ohio -04/15, 07:38 am- OK tell the truth Jim, Th
Jim -04/15, 09:29 am- Dennis, HA .... [:-] S
Bill in Adelaida Cal -04/16, 12:15 am- That is his security team
OT- Need a Model B choke plate
Terry Woods, Richmon -04/15, 11:35 pm- Need a Model B Ford Zenit
Help Wanted - Auto Body Shop Manager
Chris Dailledouze -04/15, 11:16 pm- .
Wanted: drive shaft bushing
Stephen D Heatherly -04/15, 11:01 pm- Does anybody have a NOS b
Wanted front top irons for 26,27 roadster
John T. Tannehill -04/13, 09:43 am- hello forum Im looking fo
Jack Daron - Brownsb -04/13, 10:40 am- I found you one set,youre
John T. Tannehill -04/13, 10:47 am- LoL indeed you did those
John T. Tannehill -04/15, 10:37 pm- Bump
Dave Huson, Berthoud -04/15, 10:33 pm- Four TT RUNNING BOARD BRA
Dave Huson, Berthoud -04/15, 10:34 pm- Sorry I left out the pict
I have mostly 26-27 parts to sell
Benny Harvell -04/11, 03:17 pm- My 1926 tudor is sold. I
JOHN BEVARDOS -04/11, 03:48 pm- sent a pm
Benny Harvell -04/11, 03:51 pm- Original tow T home with
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -04/11, 05:21 pm- I sent you a PM
James Zabala -04/12, 08:29 am- PM Sent
Ron Horton -04/12, 08:54 am- Iím looking for a front m
Steve Tomaso - Milto -04/12, 10:33 am- I can help you out if you
Ron Horton -04/12, 10:52 am- Thanks Steve, Iíll wai
Ron Horton -04/12, 12:15 pm- Steve, Should have said
Benny Harvell -04/12, 05:28 pm- Ron, I had two and sold o
Benny Harvell -04/12, 09:25 pm- TT front motor mount ?[20
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -04/12, 09:30 pm- Benny - Yes, the heavier
David Stroud -04/13, 01:03 am- Benny, that motor mount i
Benny Harvell -04/13, 11:55 am- More spare parts to sell.
Benny Harvell -04/13, 12:02 pm- More pictures of parts to
Bill Vaughn -04/13, 12:26 pm- Benny, I sent a pm. Than
Robert Mclellan -04/14, 10:08 am- I PMd you on some parts [
Benny Harvell -04/14, 02:08 pm- Parts for sale[20140414_1
jon pederson -04/15, 02:31 pm- Sent you a PM yesterday,
Benny Harvell -04/15, 05:16 pm- Jon I sent reply to wrong
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -04/15, 05:57 pm- Benny - I sent you a PM o
JOHN BEVARDOS -04/15, 06:28 pm- benny, I sent a pm on ap
Kevin Whelihan -04/15, 06:50 pm- Benny, Sent you a PM. I
Benny Harvell -04/15, 10:06 pm- Keith, sent you a reply y
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -04/15, 10:26 pm- Benny - No, I didnt get i
Dave Huson, Berthoud -04/15, 10:18 pm- HIGH HEADS $25.00 ea. Why
Dave Huson, Berthoud -04/15, 10:11 pm- brakes drums both small a
Brackets For Sale
Dave Huson, Berthoud -04/15, 10:01 pm- I have many, many BRACKET
Larry Ciuffo -04/15, 08:02 pm- We are traveling to south
Wanted New Day Timer parts
Donald G Victory -04/14, 12:27 pm- I am looking for a brush
Mark Gregush Portlan -04/14, 07:44 pm- Snyders and Langs sell ne
Donald G Victory -04/14, 08:26 pm- The one from Snyders says
Mark Gregush Portlan -04/14, 10:42 pm- Its a copy of the origina
Donald G Victory -04/15, 11:14 am- Thanks, I will get the on
john kuehn -04/15, 06:29 pm- The one from Snyders work
09-13 frame
Richard Gould -04/15, 06:06 pm- Bare frame for 09-13 Mode
09-10 parts
Richard Gould -04/15, 05:58 pm- 1909-10 steering column c
Large lot of small T parts, lots of pictures
Paul jacobs -04/13, 12:08 pm- Here are the small model
Paul jacobs -04/13, 01:34 pm- Found some more parts. [i
Tony Bowker -04/13, 03:48 pm- Hi Paul, sent a PM, might
Paul jacobs -04/13, 04:56 pm- Tony, I got it but it loo
William L Vanderburg -04/14, 08:54 pm- Message sent
Paul jacobs -04/15, 09:20 am- For some reason people ar
William L Vanderburg -04/15, 04:52 pm- Id like to have the Scand
Aluminum hogs head, needs repair
Paul jacobs -04/13, 12:25 pm- Here is an early aluminum
Gene Carrothers Hunt -04/14, 03:19 pm- Paul, I sent you a PM. I
Ed in California -04/15, 03:11 pm- That is an easy fix with
One new rear axle ,purchased from Langs
David Baker -04/15, 10:08 am- I have a extra never use
Ed Baudoux -04/15, 12:07 pm- Ill take it.
John Aldrich Orting  -04/14, 07:20 pm- Would like to have the co
Rodney Aspenson -04/14, 08:43 pm- Check Bobs Antique Auto P
John Aldrich Orting  -04/15, 10:51 am- Thanks!
GEMSA Performance Engine
Mark Chaffin -04/15, 12:35 am- Completely restored Joe G
Joseph A. Stearns -04/15, 09:58 am- Mark, I am in awe at the
Mark Chaffin -04/15, 10:29 am- As it sits now, about as
Olympic Tires
Ed in California -04/14, 11:29 am- Set of 2 new Olympic 30x
Tony Bowker -04/14, 08:45 pm- I sent you an email, I wa
Ed in California -04/15, 10:21 am- Sold!
One piece pan
Mike Husted -04/14, 04:11 pm- Need the back half of an
Erik Barrett -04/15, 02:30 am- Mike, We have one of the
WANTED RAJO 4 Valve Parts
Mark Chaffin -04/15, 12:11 am- I am looking for the two
lorenzo leon -04/09, 08:23 pm- I have a trany for parts
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -04/09, 08:24 pm- Bob, are you wanting a ca
Richard Gould -04/13, 05:08 pm- Bob, I have a good iron W
Terry Woods, Richmon -04/13, 07:49 pm- Bob, Ive got a good alumi
Bob Petithomme -04/14, 06:59 pm- Thanks folks for the good
1927 engine and trans
Jack Hedges -04/09, 12:08 pm- several low style heads,3
Jack Hedges -04/14, 02:23 pm- Lower price to 550 might
26-7 hogshead
lorenzo leon -04/14, 02:10 pm- [26-7 repaired (1).JPG]
Wanted: 26/27 Steering gear case and quadrant
Stephen D Heatherly -04/13, 01:42 pm- Does anybody have a good
Ron Horton -04/14, 10:17 am- Iím looking for a steerin
WANTED: Model T Doodlebugs & Conversion Tractors
Ron -04/14, 07:04 am- Always looking for Model
WANTED: Model T Worthington Tractor
Ron -04/14, 07:00 am- Btt
1926-27 Ford Phaeton Body
Tom Gormley -04/14, 06:47 am- I have a very nice 1926-2
2713-14 reamers
Darren Larkin -04/14, 12:09 am- Hello all, Going through
Dave Huson, Berthoud -04/14, 12:00 am- Bob Petithomme: I have f
Wanted dash panel
James E Bowery -04/13, 10:19 pm- Wanted dash panel for 192
Model T or other vehicle transport available from Paso Ro...
Jim -04/13, 10:11 pm- April 13th I am in Paso
Rolling chassis & parts for sale
Marvin Konrad -04/12, 07:34 pm- 23 rolling chassis with 2
Robert M Davis -04/13, 10:09 pm- Wht kind of shape is your
1919 touring car, original condition
Richard Gould -04/12, 10:42 pm- Daniel Holthaus of Bakers
Richard Gould -04/13, 10:08 pm- [photo 1.JPG] [photo 2.JP
Ricardo head
Richard Gould -04/13, 10:04 pm- Nice looking Ricardo head
WANTED Good Rebuildable Holly or Ford NH Carb
Chris Dailledouze -04/13, 08:47 pm- I need a pre 26/27 NH car
Wanted; crankshaft
Gary London, Camaril -04/13, 04:50 pm- I am looking for a good o
Andy Loso St Joseph, -04/13, 07:08 pm- Contact me at
'23 TT 4 Sale C
Steve Elliott -04/12, 12:15 pm- Good rolling Chassis with
Jerome Hoffman, Hays -04/12, 10:26 pm- Any pictures of cab and r
Jim -04/12, 11:03 pm- Steve, If you end up sel
Steve Elliott -04/13, 11:20 am- Email for Pix, the rear
Coil Box Face Plate
Larry Smith -04/12, 08:54 pm- Mike: Randall Anderson se
Mike Walker, NW AR -04/13, 10:35 am- Larry -- Thanks for the t
1926-1927 Trans driven plate
Peter Martin, Sydney -04/11, 08:26 pm- bump
Tom Miller, Mostly i -04/12, 06:57 am-
Peter Martin, Sydney -04/12, 06:42 pm- Yes exactly like that one
Dave Huson, Berthoud -04/13, 12:41 am- Peter Martin: I dont kno
Peter Martin, Sydney -04/13, 03:46 am- Sorry Dave my mistake, I
lorenzo leon -04/09, 08:31 pm- Dave how is the square u
Dave Huson, Berthoud -04/12, 11:39 pm- Lorenzo Leon: I have no
1924 roadster body
Jack Daron - Brownsb -04/12, 09:15 pm- I have a really nice 24 r
Jack Daron - Brownsb -04/12, 09:18 pm- More pictures but cant se
Jack Daron - Brownsb -04/12, 09:21 pm- again....[1924 roadster 0
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -04/12, 09:32 pm- Jack - It looks really ni
Jack Daron - Brownsb -04/12, 09:36 pm- Thanks,My son and I worke
Anyone wanting/needing used Coil Boxes ?
William L Vanderburg -04/12, 08:48 pm- Got any 24 or 25 era. And
Wanted: 21" spare tire carrier for '25 Touring
Marvin Konrad -04/12, 07:52 pm- Just posted today. Have a
24 tudor sill plate
ken bechtel -04/12, 07:24 pm- I need a passenger side a
Model t parts and cars
Larry Ciuffo -04/12, 11:39 am- 1916 rolling chassis $600
Jim -04/12, 12:44 pm- Larry, Looks like you ar
Anyone have a 1914 Windshield?
James Chochole -04/12, 09:37 am- Is anyone out there in no
Floating Hubs
Micheal Crowe -04/11, 10:38 pm- Floating Hubs for wood wh
Wanted Victor Model 2 Brass headlight bonnet
John T. Tannehill -04/11, 07:39 pm- Bump
Touring wood plans by Mel Milller 9 sheets 1921 to 25
Mark Gregush Portlan -04/11, 06:09 pm- Bump
Transmission Ratchet
Dave Huson, Berthoud -04/11, 05:46 pm- TRANSMISSION RATCHET, $20
Looking for 1915 parts
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -04/11, 04:33 pm- Exhaust manifolds 1913-19
Snowmobile conversion for aModel T
Brian Jackson -04/11, 04:11 pm- I am looking to buy a sno
WANTED: 1926 or 27 front fenders
Fred Miller, Sequim  -04/10, 10:32 pm- I thought that I should b
Don Blain -04/11, 11:51 am- Hello Fred, I have a pair
In California today - available to haul your Model T or o...
Jim -04/11, 08:29 am- April 11th I will be in
Maybe, just maybe I will find his Model A
Tom Gormley -04/11, 06:54 am- Scott I would suggest the
Trasmision cover 1920? sale
lorenzo leon -04/09, 08:19 pm- great trany cover for sal
lorenzo leon -04/09, 08:46 pm- [002.JPG] pic#2
lorenzo leon -04/09, 08:53 pm- [007.JPG] more pics
JOHN BEVARDOS -04/10, 08:00 pm- sent a pm
For Sale 26 27 Wire Wheels and Hubs
Mark Chaffin -04/09, 10:14 pm- Loading up for Bakersfiel
Mark Chaffin -04/09, 10:13 pm- Loading up tomorrow for B
RAJO Model B
Mark Chaffin -04/09, 10:12 pm- Loading up for Bakersfiel
Trasmision cover 1920? sale
lorenzo leon -04/09, 08:16 pm- great trany cover for sal
lorenzo leon -04/09, 08:51 pm- pic [003.JPG]
Wanted brass headlight rims for 1914
Mark Gregush Portlan -04/09, 08:10 pm- If you dont have one, ask
1911 Torpedo-open valve block, serial # tag and build she...
Chris Paulsen - McPh -04/09, 02:46 pm- It is still available. Fe
Up for trade (or sale) at Bakersfield tailgate windshield...
Mattthew G Californi -04/09, 12:09 pm- Oh one more thing I am lo
For Sale-Rebuilt 1919-1925 Coilbox
Ron Patterson-Nichol -04/09, 10:46 am- Still available
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