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OT. The weatherman was wrong again
Dan Killecut -03/01, 03:41 pm- Im stubborn! Im just sitt
Did I get anything wrong?
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -03/01, 12:48 am-
Burger in Spokane -03/01, 01:24 am- I see a minor typo, but o
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -03/01, 01:48 am- ring that goes under thge
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -03/01, 04:44 am- On the later plugs, where
John Housego (United -03/01, 04:58 am- Very nice job Steve
harvey cash -03/01, 06:51 am- Job well done Steve ! Har
Jeff Perkins -03/01, 06:58 am- Thanks Steve, just got a
Bill Alexander in Al -03/01, 08:23 am- Shows that there is a lot
Justin H. - Western  -03/01, 08:24 am- Great article. 1st parag
Tim Wrenn -03/01, 09:04 am- Excellent info Steve. Hav
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -03/01, 09:19 am- Hal, the answer is no. Ma
Dick Lodge - St Loui -03/01, 09:32 am- Steve, one of the interes
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -03/01, 10:11 am- Im gonna try it that way
Mike Walker, NW AR -03/01, 10:14 am- Nice job, Steve. I agree
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -03/01, 10:20 am- Another thought that just
Steve Blancard -03/01, 10:21 am- Great article Steve, this
John P. Steele, Mont -03/01, 10:32 am- Steve, great job. Like Mi
Rod Barrett - Anders -03/01, 10:38 am- Great article! I have pr
Burger in Spokane -03/01, 01:15 pm- Period correct would be
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -03/01, 02:00 pm- No, I havent tried doubli
Clayton Swanson -03/01, 02:19 pm- for thin soft washers, i
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -03/01, 02:23 pm- Steve - Do you have any F
James M. Riedy, Sand -03/01, 02:25 pm- Steve, Very good article
James M. Riedy, Sand -03/01, 02:27 pm- Thats what I get for proo
Harold R Carpenter - -03/01, 02:36 pm- Steve you have done a fan
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -03/01, 03:30 pm- Ive seen the Ford script
Stan Howe
Robbie Price -03/01, 08:17 am- Stan, I just got an emai
Robbie Price -03/01, 08:19 am- Looks like about 20 other
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -03/01, 09:26 am- Id think it should be fin
Scott Kramer -03/01, 10:10 am- My antivirus program stop
Jack Daron - Brownsb -03/01, 11:16 am- Looks like Stan has a tro
Ricks - Surf City -03/01, 11:42 am- Speaking of trojans, sale
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -03/01, 12:10 pm- I got the same thing in m
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -03/01, 12:25 pm- I just ran the McAfee sca
P. Jamison -03/01, 01:46 pm- I got a similar one with
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -03/01, 02:27 pm- I have about 1600 email a
Pat Kelly Montana -03/01, 03:14 pm- Stan, my Blackfoot mail a
Dennis Seth - Ohio -03/01, 03:30 pm- Awh shucks and I thought
Removing a Cylent composition timing gear/ patent May 13 ...
Lee Crenshaw Richmon -03/01, 02:36 pm- I am working on a 13 engi
Frank van Ekeren (A -03/01, 03:28 pm- Take the cam out and pres
What accessory do you think was one of the best for the M...
ROBERT BERGSTADT -02/27, 03:27 pm- I think this is one of th
Mike Vaughn -02/27, 03:31 pm- [440966.jpg]
Harold Schwendeman - -02/27, 03:37 pm- Mike - Thats the only one
john kuehn -02/27, 03:55 pm- I dont have a picture but
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -02/27, 05:17 pm- Since the Ruckstell is al
Bill Harper - Keene, -02/27, 05:25 pm- The lined brake shoe for
Dan B -02/27, 05:28 pm- The Ruckstell axle greatl
Robert Blanchard -02/27, 05:30 pm- For winter I think the Sn
Roger Karlsson, sout -02/27, 06:07 pm- The oil screen under the
Peter B. Ratledge -02/27, 06:09 pm- Bob, I agree with you. I
Ron -02/27, 06:15 pm- Roger - agree. Those two
Tim Wrenn -02/27, 07:08 pm- Ditto Peter!
Dan B -02/27, 07:16 pm- Wow Robert! In all the y
Seth from NC -02/27, 07:32 pm- [image.jpg] I know, I k
Jared Buckert -02/28, 01:01 am- Motometers are great. Th
Harold Schwendeman - -02/28, 03:18 am- I really think the combin
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -02/28, 06:18 am- Being one of those despis
Ed Baudoux -02/28, 06:45 am- Scat crank.
Norman T. Kling -02/28, 12:15 pm- The older brown New Day t
Joseph Geisler -02/28, 12:56 pm- YOU are ALL correct!!!!!
Henry Petrino in Mod -02/28, 01:12 pm- All mentioned are great!
Burger in Spokane -02/28, 04:34 pm- The tree-lined back road
Glen Chaffin -02/28, 06:36 pm- Looks like we are doing o
John Semprez-Templet -02/28, 07:59 pm- [girl cranking T.jpg]
Burger in Spokane -02/28, 08:50 pm- John, You are highligh
Norman T. Kling -02/28, 09:06 pm- John, that is an accessor
Harold Schwendeman - -02/28, 09:46 pm- Norm - Theyre usually qui
Eric Hylen- Central  -02/28, 09:48 pm- Rear view mirror.
Jack Daron - Brownsb -02/28, 09:51 pm- Surprised no one has ment
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -03/01, 05:22 am- Joseph, It was kind of a
Gary Schreiber- Sant -03/01, 06:48 am- Didnt realize a V8 Chevy
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -03/01, 07:18 am- Gary, I was explaining my
Nick Miller -03/01, 03:28 pm- When I purchased my early
1922 Center Door project...
Don Booth@ Bay City, -02/24, 04:46 am- Well I just picked up ano
Hap Tucker in Sumter -02/24, 06:19 am- And be looking for body n
Mike Garrison North  -02/24, 06:37 am- Hey Don, I think the cent
Don Booth@ Bay City, -02/24, 07:26 am- Thank you Hap, Mike. I w
Tim Wrenn -02/24, 07:42 am- Don, Ill be glad to bear
Joseph A. Stearns -02/24, 07:49 am- Well, good on you Don, I
Dave Huson, Berthoud -02/24, 07:53 am- Dan: I have had a 20 and
Don Booth@ Bay City, -02/24, 07:58 am- Tim, I looked at that spe
Don Booth@ Bay City, -02/24, 08:02 am- Dave, I will take a pictu
Hap Tucker in Sumter -02/24, 08:17 am- Don, You really will wan
Gary Schreiber- Sant -02/24, 08:21 am- If it turns out like the
Don Booth@ Bay City, -02/24, 08:27 am- Hap, thank you greatly fo
Dave Huson, Berthoud -02/24, 08:28 am- Dan: One of the High Ups
Dave Huson, Berthoud -02/24, 08:41 am- Dan: I see you have one g
Dave Huson, Berthoud -02/24, 08:41 am- Dan: I see you have one g
Jack Hedges -02/24, 09:52 am- Hello and nice center doo
Willie K Cordes -02/24, 10:14 am- I own a 1916 and a 1919 c
Dennis Seth - Ohio -02/24, 10:22 am- Quote I plan to flood thi
James J. Lyons III - -02/24, 11:18 am- Id clean it up, put a top
Don Booth@ Bay City, -02/24, 11:40 am- James, I think that is th
Clayton Swanson -02/24, 11:42 am- i too like it just the wa
Dave Wells -02/24, 12:37 pm- I lean towards restoring
Joseph A. Stearns -02/24, 01:28 pm- Hi Don, As you probably r
Don Booth@ Bay City, -02/24, 01:55 pm- Hi Joe, wow I didnt see t
Don Booth@ Bay City, -02/24, 02:02 pm- Clayton, that is a panel
Hap Tucker in Sumter -02/24, 09:59 pm- For Jack Hedges – thank y
Eric Hylen- Central  -02/24, 11:09 pm- Congrats Don! Ive bought
David Stauffacher -02/25, 01:35 am- Congratulations! I own a
Don Booth@ Bay City, -02/25, 05:45 am- Thanks Eric, David I appr
Hap Tucker in Sumter -02/25, 08:09 am- Don, Have a safe trip [d
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -02/25, 11:52 am- I am happy you acquired t
Don Booth@ Bay City, -02/25, 01:58 pm- Well I just got it home a
Philip Berg -02/25, 02:59 pm- Nice car, I hope you will
Hap Tucker in Sumter -02/25, 09:53 pm- Don, We are all glad you
Don Booth@ Bay City, -02/26, 07:21 am- Thanks Hap, Phillip Richa
Roger Karlsson, sout -02/26, 07:50 am- Sheet metal doesnt seem t
James J. Lyons III - -02/26, 08:00 am- Don.. Sorry I am late ge
Ed Baudoux -02/26, 09:53 am- I say do a frame up resto
Bill Brunia -02/26, 10:16 am- Hey, I am a board member
Jack Hedges -02/26, 10:17 am- Don to check if you car i
Don Booth@ Bay City, -02/26, 01:35 pm- Well this should shake up
Don Booth@ Bay City, -02/26, 01:37 pm- Forgot to mention the eng
Jack Hedges -02/26, 01:45 pm- Don also look at the top
David Dewey, N. Cali -02/26, 01:53 pm- Don, Current pics!! We w
Don Booth@ Bay City, -02/26, 01:54 pm- Nothing there Jack, I too
Don Booth@ Bay City, -02/26, 01:56 pm- David I have to dry it ou
David Dewey, N. Cali -02/26, 04:22 pm- Hmm, Ford tag--maybe you
Eric Hylen- Central  -02/26, 04:48 pm- Dang it! You guys are get
Don Booth@ Bay City, -02/26, 05:23 pm- Eric, now is not the time
Frank Seress -02/26, 05:41 pm- You have the Wadsworth an
Jack Hedges -02/26, 05:47 pm- Frank my 1918 has the ind
Don Booth@ Bay City, -02/26, 06:21 pm- Ok now Im confused, my ca
Jack Hedges -02/26, 06:24 pm- Thats what makes this fun
Don Booth@ Bay City, -02/27, 11:11 am- A few pictures but they a
Don Booth@ Bay City, -02/27, 11:24 am- and a few more[IMG_0934 (
Ed Baudoux -02/27, 01:10 pm- Your arms must be too tir
Ed Baudoux -02/27, 01:27 pm- Is that really as solid a
Don Booth@ Bay City, -02/27, 02:10 pm- It is pretty solid but I
Ed Baudoux -02/27, 02:15 pm- The family is heading dow
Les Sumner lapeer mi -02/27, 03:54 pm- The indent you all are ta
Colin Mavins Winnipe -02/27, 05:24 pm- I find the windshield wip
Don Booth@ Bay City, -02/27, 06:17 pm- Colin, no you arent seein
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -02/28, 04:33 am- I have a near new-old-sto
Don Booth@ Bay City, -02/28, 07:10 am- So Wayne, I havent looked
Don Booth@ Bay City, -02/28, 11:58 am- Yup Wayne, the inside wip
Don Booth@ Bay City, -03/01, 05:02 am-  Centerdoor sedans had so
Bob Scherzer -03/01, 10:20 am- Don I have a similar 22 C
Don Booth@ Bay City, -03/01, 11:59 am- Hi Bob, thanks for the gr
Ed Baudoux -03/01, 12:03 pm- Ha! Don, Bob Scherzer is
Jim Derocher -03/01, 03:08 pm- I got a chance to see thi
Valve Lash is 45 thousands?
Pat Kelly Montana -02/23, 08:46 pm- Ive never pulled the valv
keith g barrier -02/23, 09:00 pm- Pat, wear could be the cu
Donnie Brown North C -02/23, 09:06 pm- I had aprox. 36 thousands
Mark Gregush Portlan -02/23, 09:36 pm- The valves were adjusted
Norman T. Kling -02/23, 09:52 pm- The only way you can adju
Pat Kelly Montana -02/24, 12:09 am- Thanks for the info. This
Frank van Ekeren (A -02/24, 01:01 am- Mark, have you any docume
Brendan Hoban -02/24, 04:59 am- I fitted adjustable cam f
Tim Wrenn -02/24, 07:45 am- OK, Ill start another oil
Ted Dumas -02/24, 10:25 am- Norm is right on. Leave i
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -02/24, 10:38 am- Still, no harm removing t
Pat Kelly Montana -02/24, 05:24 pm- Well Jerry Ill be doing t
Mark Gregush Portlan -02/24, 07:31 pm- Re Piston travel setting
Pat Kelly Montana -02/26, 04:07 pm- Here are some pics of the
Clayton Swanson -02/26, 04:19 pm- that all looks very clean
Norman T. Kling -02/26, 04:19 pm- It looks like you do not
Pat Kelly Montana -02/26, 06:36 pm- Well that is the story I
Clayton Swanson -02/26, 06:44 pm- as long as you are in tha
Tom Carnegie Spokane -02/26, 08:47 pm- I know Dave Butcher. I t
Pat Kelly Montana -02/26, 09:44 pm- Tom, I bought this car at
Ken Todd, .......... -02/27, 10:37 am- How about a better pictur
Pat Kelly Montana -03/01, 03:08 pm- Here is a shot showing th
Sall we go play in the snow
Joe Van. Saint Louis -03/01, 10:12 am- It snowed most of the day
zach kubesh -03/01, 10:24 am- Looks good!
Robert Skingley .... -03/01, 10:30 am- Now thats what Im talking
Steven Thum -03/01, 12:24 pm- Joe, havent heard from yo
Chuck Lebeda -03/01, 03:03 pm- They use so much salt on
OT-need help for a Toyota master brake cylinder
Michael Velling, Ger -03/01, 10:29 am- Hello, i have a Toyota Ce
Henry Petrino in Mod -03/01, 11:00 am- You should be able to go
Les Schubert -03/01, 11:03 am- Michael This is not the a
Timothy Kelly -03/01, 11:24 am- Michael I just looked at
Ed Baudoux -03/01, 11:51 am- My Napa shop program show
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -03/01, 11:58 am-
Michael Velling, Ger -03/01, 02:44 pm- Thanks a lot. Will check
Shipping a Model T
jason macintyre -03/01, 01:08 pm- Looking for advice or rec
Tyrone Thomas - Tope -03/01, 02:21 pm- Get a reputable shipper w
Tom Strickling -03/01, 02:36 pm- I have used Freighter Jim
Re building a Frontenac head and have questions
Steel cleat -03/01, 01:16 pm- A newbie here so patience
Ricks - Surf City -03/01, 01:51 pm- Found this in my notes fo
Road Improver, or ride improver-Photo
Herb Iffrig -02/28, 10:09 pm- [road improver.jpg]
Dale Peterson Colleg -03/01, 11:14 am- Gotta be in the South, wo
Henry Petrino in Mod -03/01, 11:18 am- Thats quite a contraption
Jim Thode Chehalis W -03/01, 01:43 pm- Looks like a trench digge
What did you do today #2
Ken Parker -02/22, 03:57 pm- Donnie Brown, I have a s
Donnie Brown North C -02/22, 06:56 pm- Ken, the stems on mine we
Steve Blancard -02/22, 07:47 pm- A buddy and I took an 8 h
Pat Kelly Montana -02/22, 08:35 pm- I pulled the front off th
Rod Barrett - Anders -02/22, 08:43 pm- I bought a used 28 enclos
Spencer Vibert - Gra -02/22, 11:02 pm- I spent the weekend patch
Erik Barrett in Aubu -02/23, 12:29 am- Spent the day as usual, w
Tony Bowker -02/23, 12:43 am- Busy day today... This mo
bob middleton -02/23, 12:44 am- Got the okd shoo motor to
George n Los Angeles -02/23, 01:44 am- Hooked up horn today befo
Tony Barchock Canton -02/23, 07:43 am- got the starter disassemb
Warren Henderson -02/23, 02:07 pm- Got my block and crank ba
Mark Stewart -Calif. -02/23, 03:56 pm- I drove my 14 T Roadster
George_Cherry Hill N -02/25, 12:12 pm- Wasnt actually today....b
Randy Glowacki -02/25, 01:08 pm- I have not been doing a t
Mark Strange - Hills -02/25, 01:22 pm- Yesterday morning I rotat
Mike Green - So Cal -02/25, 01:31 pm- Put in a new gas tank on
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -02/25, 02:05 pm- Going back to Ken Ps ques
Gary H. White - Sher -02/25, 09:19 pm- Started fitting the new f
Tony Bowker -02/25, 11:21 pm- Today I decided to play..
Pat Kelly Montana -02/26, 01:10 am- Tony, what set up are you
Roger Karlsson, sout -02/26, 06:23 am- Its running in grease, so
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -02/28, 12:35 pm- [14Door01.jpg] [14Door02.
Pat Kelly Montana -02/28, 01:47 pm- Did a check fit of my new
Sam "POPS" Humphries -02/28, 03:37 pm- Opened the garage door an
Martin Vowell, Sylma -02/28, 06:09 pm- I worked on the 1919-1925
Paul Mikeska, Denver -02/28, 07:01 pm- Today I shoveled snow aga
Erik Barrett in Aubu -02/28, 11:15 pm- Line bored a T block for
Robert Skingley .... -03/01, 09:48 am- Finished this week, a Mod
Bob Cascisa - Poulsb -03/01, 01:16 pm- Finished a Weston and a J
OT Early Chey Engines
Dan Hatch -03/01, 12:01 pm- Guys: I know this is off
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -03/01, 12:14 pm- VCCA Chat - Vintage Chevr
Mark Gregush Portlan -03/01, 01:01 pm-
A register for Model T Fords
George John Drobnock -02/23, 10:15 am- A register for Model T Fo
G.R.Cheshire -02/23, 10:38 am- R U volunteering?
Anthonie Boer -02/23, 10:56 am- George ; Olivier Chabanne
Norman T. Kling -02/23, 11:08 am- You would be hard pressed
Charlie B actually i -02/23, 11:37 am- A head count from the MTF
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -02/23, 11:37 am- In previous discussions o
Henry Petrino in Mod -02/23, 11:59 am- In addition to the diffic
G.R.Cheshire -02/23, 12:35 pm- Henry is correct all 1923
Dave Wells -02/23, 12:39 pm- As much as I would like t
George John Drobnock -02/23, 12:40 pm- No I dont want to volunte
Chuck Hoffman - Gold -02/23, 12:40 pm- The State Trooper wasnt b
George John Drobnock -02/23, 02:37 pm- Really, in a Model T, a 1
Rod McKenzie -02/23, 11:17 pm- I keep the register for M
Alan George Long -02/24, 12:16 am- Im a member of the Model
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -02/24, 08:25 am- The forecast says today w
Kenneth W DeLong -02/24, 08:38 am- Have you checked with the
Chuck Hoffman - Gold -03/01, 12:56 pm- At one time on the net th
OT - Silver
Ricks - Surf City -02/26, 10:59 pm- The Lone Ranger and Tonto
Dick Lodge - St Loui -02/26, 11:07 pm- Ouch!! [:-]
Clayton Swanson -02/27, 11:20 am- i saw this cartoon in a m
Dick Lodge - St Loui -02/27, 11:47 am- The Lone Ranger and Tonto
Henry Petrino in Mod -02/27, 11:58 am- The Lone Ranger and Tonto
Mark Gregush Portlan -02/27, 07:34 pm- All of these are LOL but
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -02/27, 09:15 pm- I am shocked at the racia
Henry Petrino in Mod -02/27, 09:38 pm- I apologize for my slur a
Dick Lodge - St Loui -02/27, 11:16 pm- Hal, I am a native Americ
David Dewey, N. Cali -02/28, 01:19 am- Hmm, I dunno Hal, all but
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -02/28, 06:35 am- I have a seriously left w
Gilbert V. I. Fitzhu -02/28, 09:39 am- I, too, am a native Ameri
Ricks - Surf City -02/28, 10:58 am- I did the dna test throug
Henry Petrino in Mod -02/28, 11:23 am- Three of my grandparents
Burger in Spokane -02/28, 11:30 am- It is funny/interesting/b
george house . . .ca -02/28, 11:45 am- I remember back in the 3r
Henry Petrino in Mod -02/28, 11:46 am- No kidding Burger! Ive o
Harold Schwendeman - -02/28, 12:30 pm- My paternal grandfather w
Henry Petrino in Mod -02/28, 12:51 pm- Harold, My oldest son wa
Burger in Spokane -02/28, 04:26 pm- Diversity is great. I en
Henry Petrino in Mod -02/28, 05:21 pm- I once read that our fear
Martin Vowell, Sylma -02/28, 05:55 pm- Ahh, ya know, not even in
Harold Schwendeman - -02/28, 06:04 pm- Semper Fi Kemo Sabe,....
Harold Schwendeman - -02/28, 06:07 pm- Hey,....Im just trying no
Bud Holzschuh - Pana -02/28, 06:48 pm- Great Lone Ranger jokes -
Kenneth W DeLong -02/28, 07:13 pm- A couple of people posted
Eugene Story -02/28, 08:10 pm- When I was a little boy t
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -03/01, 05:56 am- Perhaps I should apologiz
Gary Tillstrom -03/01, 08:10 am- I agree Hal. If youve eve
Dick Lodge - St Loui -03/01, 09:02 am- Funny how the people havi
Dick Lodge - St Loui -03/01, 09:23 am- As a quick addendum on po
Gilbert V. I. Fitzhu -03/01, 10:22 am- I help support an Ojibwe-
Dick Lodge - St Loui -03/01, 11:22 am- Exactly, Gilbert. I had o
Ricks - Surf City -03/01, 11:47 am- The newest museum on the
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -03/01, 12:51 pm- Living in Montana, where
Project Finished - ECCT
Mike Kossor - Kenilw -02/28, 03:25 pm- This project took a lot l
Roger Karlsson, sout -02/28, 04:17 pm- Ok, good luck, always goo
Bob Jablonski -02/28, 04:29 pm- Congratulations Mike !!!
Willard Revaz -02/28, 05:01 pm- WOW! Mike I think you h
Bud Holzschuh - Pana -02/28, 06:42 pm- Mike As you know I was o
Walt Berdan, Bellevu -02/28, 07:06 pm- Mike, Have you had the o
Garnet -02/28, 09:19 pm- Email me the details Mike
Mike Kossor - Kenilw -02/28, 10:27 pm- The ECCT operates very di
Dan B -03/01, 07:10 am- Nice work Mike.
Timothy Kelly -03/01, 07:17 am- Mike Can every Model T F
Ricks - Surf City -03/01, 11:36 am- Congratulations, Mike! N
Gene Carrothers Hunt -03/01, 12:50 pm- Congratulations Mike! I c
Who needs all those fancy coil adjusting doohickies!
John Noonan - Norton -02/28, 10:42 pm- You have to love this guy
Frank van Ekeren (A -03/01, 12:31 am- I dont know what part was
George n Los Angeles -03/01, 02:43 am- Yep Its a bittsa mate !!!
Martin Vowell, Sylma -03/01, 04:29 am- My grandfather told me on
Tim Eckensviller -03/01, 09:36 am- Tuning coils on the fly w
Charlie B actually i -03/01, 10:05 am- OK, he goofs a bit with t
Les Schubert -03/01, 10:12 am- Martins comment gave a sm
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -03/01, 11:00 am- It will be interesting to
Charlie B actually i -03/01, 11:05 am- Honestly Ive never checke
John Aldrich Orting  -03/01, 11:52 am- I like Tims comment. Coul
Mystery Hub wrench and magnet iron
Dan Cheatham -02/28, 07:31 pm- Alright, I am at a loss.
Dan Cheatham -02/28, 08:02 pm- Here are the two pictures
Hap Tucker in Sumter -02/28, 08:41 pm- Dan, The lower photo is
Harold Schwendeman - -02/28, 08:49 pm- Dan - Wherever you found
Mike Walker, NW AR -02/28, 09:36 pm- Hap -- Ive not seen a mag
Hap Tucker in Sumter -02/28, 09:57 pm- Mike, Yes, that should b
Ted Dumas -02/28, 10:07 pm- I think some Ford heavy t
Dan Cheatham -02/28, 10:23 pm- Thank you all for the ans
Scott Owens -02/28, 10:35 pm- Maybe TT? Scott
Ken Todd, .......... -03/01, 11:25 am- What size is the large he
1926 Roadster Sheet Metal Thickness
Gregory J Crites -02/27, 08:22 pm- Hi this has probably been
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -02/27, 11:26 pm- Which part? I think the m
Scott Lay,,,,,,,,,,, -02/28, 10:55 am- Gregory. I have a 26 road
Joseph Geisler -02/28, 11:56 am- Ken is correct. The older
Roger Karlsson, sout -02/28, 02:55 pm- I measured a few 26/27 bo
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -02/28, 07:29 pm- Were those measurements o
Roger Karlsson, sout -03/01, 03:49 am- The measures were over go
Ron Dupree -03/01, 11:10 am- .041 steel is 19ga. Used
Holes in Firewall
Forrest Kahle -02/28, 02:48 pm- I have three 3/16 inch ho
Norman T. Kling -02/28, 03:34 pm- There should be a fourth
Jack Daron - Brownsb -02/28, 05:32 pm- Great Paint job!
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -02/28, 06:56 pm- Firewall Webbing: https:/
Donnie Brown North C -02/28, 07:30 pm- Just in support of the an
Forrest Kahle -02/28, 07:38 pm- You hit it on the head! T
George n Los Angeles -03/01, 03:07 am- Most likely for this htt
Michael Archer -03/01, 04:17 am- Looks great!
Larry Smith -03/01, 11:09 am- Too bad you let the state
OT - EBay Question
Henry Petrino in Mod -02/28, 06:41 pm- Im asking this here becau
Mark Strange - Hills -02/28, 06:45 pm- This page implies that th
Henry Petrino in Mod -02/28, 06:53 pm- The way I read it, buyers
Mark Strange - Hills -02/28, 06:56 pm- Hmmm, looks like youre ri
Peter Claverie -02/28, 07:07 pm- My first purchase from EB
Michael Pawelek Broo -02/28, 07:16 pm- I think there is collusio
Lonnie Smith Baxter  -02/28, 07:22 pm- I know the older generati
harvey cash -02/28, 08:42 pm- If I remember, In 2002 eb
Charlie B actually i -02/28, 08:50 pm- No problems with Pay Pal
Ricks - Surf City -02/28, 09:28 pm- Tbay is spinning off Papa
john kuehn -02/28, 09:59 pm- I buy on Ebay occasionall
John P. Steele, Mont -02/28, 10:14 pm- I use now use PayPal. I f
Mack Cole ---- Earth -02/28, 10:47 pm- John P, that is what I di
Rob Patterson. Moruy -02/28, 11:00 pm- For me, PayPal has always
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -02/28, 11:30 pm- Ive never had a problem w
Erik Barrett in Aubu -03/01, 12:55 am- PayPal has worked well fo
Dave Wells -03/01, 01:18 am- Used PayPal for many year
David Coco -03/01, 06:50 am- I use Paypal quite a lot
John F. Regan -03/01, 11:01 am- I have used paypal for we
Suisin City California, Check out this rack!-Photo
Herb Iffrig -02/28, 10:06 pm- [Suisun City CA.jpg] Iv
Dave Wells -03/01, 08:37 am- I started from the left o
Tim Wrenn -03/01, 08:56 am- Dave... LOL... I think we
Ken Parker -03/01, 09:05 am- Dave, you are right. Its
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -03/01, 09:23 am- Buicks? Studebakers?
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -03/01, 10:28 am- Must be the new Speed Sho
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -03/01, 10:34 am- Oh yeah, its not what I w
Old Photo - Kirkland, Illinois
Wayne Jorgensen -03/01, 09:38 am- Dont try this at home - y
Roger Karlsson, sout -03/01, 09:55 am- I was wondering how the w
How Free is a "Free" Neutral?
Mark Strange - Hills -02/26, 04:42 pm- My 1924 cut-off touring n
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -02/26, 05:00 pm- Mark, Sounds like its do
john kuehn -02/26, 07:08 pm- Mark you mention using bo
Val Soupios -02/26, 07:41 pm- With my jumbo planetor tr
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -02/26, 07:57 pm- If it will hand crank col
G.R.Cheshire -02/26, 08:39 pm- I find that it takes more
Dennis Seth - Ohio -02/27, 06:39 am- Gentlemen, Your trying to
Alan George Long -02/27, 06:49 am- There are many more items
john kuehn -02/27, 09:13 am- Maybe another Model T hal
Charlie B actually i -02/27, 09:54 am- Yeah theres a bit of lege
Bob Coiro -02/27, 12:10 pm- A Model T that creeps on
Henry Petrino in Mod -02/27, 12:24 pm- My TT has a Muncie auxili
Roger Karlsson, sout -02/27, 01:33 pm- Henry, if your TT still h
Henry Petrino in Mod -02/27, 02:50 pm- Thanks Roger! It has Be
Roger Karlsson, sout -02/27, 04:52 pm- Well, without the cam on
Henry Petrino in Mod -02/27, 05:06 pm- Now thats an idea. It ne
Frank van Ekeren (A -02/27, 06:48 pm- I can still push with one
Ricks - Surf City -02/27, 07:04 pm- A T clutch can never be a
Roger Karlsson, sout -03/01, 09:36 am- Henry - as long as your T
Henry Petrino in Mod -03/01, 09:47 am- Anybody here speak Russia
**Tie Rod and Spring Shackles Assembly**
Martin Vowell, Sylma -02/28, 05:09 pm- Ok, since Im not sure wha
Allan Bennett - Aust -02/28, 07:32 pm- Hi Martin, great work aga
Harold Schwendeman - -02/28, 08:16 pm- Martin - I think your CAD
Gary Tillstrom -02/28, 08:25 pm- Wow Martin! These drawin
Harold Schwendeman - -02/28, 08:30 pm- Hint, hint,.....right Gar
Gary Tillstrom -02/28, 09:55 pm- Really? I didnt see a co
Martin Vowell, Sylma -02/28, 10:58 pm- Allan, thats the way it i
George n Los Angeles -03/01, 02:48 am- LIKE
Martin Vowell, Sylma -03/01, 03:47 am- Ok, I hope these correcti
Martin Vowell, Sylma -03/01, 03:52 am- Found an error on the 191
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -03/01, 09:46 am- Tie Rod Yoke Spindle con.
Help! stuck steel screws in brass casting
Art Wilson -02/22, 11:09 pm- Ken, With the Rands winds
Walter Higgins -02/23, 10:58 am- I have an original Rands
Ken Findlay -02/23, 12:57 pm- Well unfortunately the au
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -02/23, 01:04 pm- Ken, With a screw that s
Gary London, Camaril -02/23, 02:25 pm- Ken; Can you please post
Art Wilson -02/24, 01:42 am- Ken, Im thinking that wel
Walter Higgins -02/24, 09:11 am- Ah, my mistake. This is
Joseph Geisler -02/28, 03:09 pm- Ken, If I understand you
Ken Findlay -03/01, 02:59 am- Theyre out!!! Sorry for t
Les Schubert -03/01, 09:40 am- Ken Im glad it worked out
Model t buddy---sebring fl
harold lee cartwrigh -02/27, 07:11 pm- looking for someone aroun
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -02/27, 09:48 pm- Harold- Go up to Flywheel
Val Soupios -02/27, 10:07 pm- Its Avon Park Cut off Roa
mike_black -02/27, 10:32 pm- Harold, Do you live i
Joseph Geisler -02/28, 01:04 pm- Harold, There are several
Richard Jesteadt -03/01, 08:31 am- Hi Harold, The HCCA Flor
Wire wheels
Bob Benedict -02/26, 08:48 am- [model T chassie.jpg] Im
Jack Daron - Brownsb -02/26, 08:54 am- The hubs are likely alrea
Roger Karlsson, sout -02/26, 09:04 am- Go look at it if the pric
Seth from NC -02/26, 09:10 am- Yes, much easier to swap
Seth from NC -02/26, 09:13 am- While typing all of that
Bob Benedict -02/26, 09:19 am- The asking price for this
Wes Nelson ........B -02/26, 09:32 am- Isnt this the very same c
John T. Tannehill II -02/26, 09:41 am- It has a model wire wheel
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -02/26, 09:42 am- Four hours wouldnt stop m
Larry Smith -02/26, 10:13 am- I used some wire wheels t
Bob Benedict -02/26, 10:35 am- I blew the picture up and
Gary Schreiber- Sant -02/26, 10:35 am- They would look great all
Bob Benedict -02/26, 10:38 am- Wes...Yes it is. I didnt
Bob Benedict -02/26, 10:57 am- Gary, Here are some Model
David Dewey, N. Cali -02/26, 01:35 pm- Yep, looked like A wheels
Gary Schreiber- Sant -02/27, 07:28 am- Well I was referring to T
george house . . .ca -02/27, 08:01 pm- How about Model T wire wh
Clayton Swanson -02/27, 09:51 pm- George, i would be intere
Joseph Geisler -02/28, 01:24 pm- BOB Offer him 500.00 smil
Bob Benedict -03/01, 08:11 am- Joseph, The left front hu
OT - - Farewell Friends - Update
Ricks - Surf City -02/27, 07:23 pm- I posted the following in
Jerry Davis Houston  -02/27, 07:40 pm- Rick....This is Jerry Dav
Ed Baudoux -02/27, 07:51 pm- Ralph, thanks for keeping
Rob Heyen -02/27, 08:00 pm- Ralph, I was worried when
Dave Dufault -02/27, 08:10 pm- Im grateful that you can
Bob Jablonski -02/27, 08:18 pm- Ralph, My thoughts are th
Tony Barchock Canton -02/27, 09:32 pm- Give em Hell buddy!
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -02/27, 09:36 pm- Ralph, Were praying for y
Mike Spaziano, Bellf -02/27, 11:39 pm- I remember talking with y
David Dewey, N. Cali -02/28, 01:12 am- Ralph, I think you kno
George n Los Angeles -02/28, 02:44 am- LIKE
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -02/28, 05:00 am- Ralph, It pleases me so
Gary Schreiber- Sant -02/28, 07:26 am- I too would like to read
Joseph Geisler -02/28, 12:52 pm- Ricks! or Ralph? Same her
John Semprez-Templet -02/28, 08:47 pm- Ralph, Its human nature t
Harold Schwendeman - -02/28, 09:07 pm- Ralph - In your original
Mark McWethy -02/28, 09:22 pm- Cant add a whole lot more
Burger in Spokane -02/28, 11:16 pm- Ralph, Sorry to hear o
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -03/01, 05:04 am- Ralph, Thanks for the up
Pesky flat tire-Photo
Herb Iffrig -02/28, 10:07 pm- [pesky flat tires.jpg]
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -02/28, 11:33 pm- Two Fords stop to help a
Time to retire and pass the torch
Walter B. Szumowski -02/27, 11:59 am- While many of you know I
William P Schubert.. -02/27, 12:05 pm- Thank you for your wonder
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -02/27, 12:26 pm- Wally, great that you are
Ted Dumas -02/27, 12:27 pm- Wally, we wish you and Fr
Steve Tomaso - Milto -02/27, 12:46 pm- Thank You, Wally & Fr
Dennis Seth - Ohio -02/27, 01:15 pm- Best wishes on your retir
Hal Schedler, Sacram -02/27, 01:33 pm- Your coils were always PE
John Semprez-Templet -02/27, 01:45 pm- Wally, as a retired motor
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -02/27, 04:42 pm- Wally, Thanks for all yo
Ned Protexter -02/27, 04:54 pm- Thanks for everything Wal
george house . . .ca -02/27, 07:26 pm- Thanks Wally. Your field
Eric Hylen- Central  -02/28, 10:18 pm- The business is going fro
Jack Putnam, Bluffto -02/28, 10:59 pm- Wally: Thank you, for you
Show Us Your Doodlebug or Conversion Tractor 2015 Edition...
Ron -02/22, 08:43 pm- This was posted by Donald
Ron -02/22, 08:58 pm- So, my son saw me writing
Ron -02/22, 09:01 pm- Ooops - will retry that s
Zachary Carrico -02/22, 10:41 pm- Id hang it in my garage,
Zachary Carrico -02/22, 11:08 pm- Your son now has me think
Chad Marchees _____T -02/23, 06:21 am- Damn there are some talen
Donald Hagstrom -02/23, 12:47 pm- Yes Chad, I will post a
Zachary Carrico -02/24, 08:17 pm- When reading the early po
Zachary Carrico -02/24, 08:27 pm- -On my way home from work
Donald Hagstrom -02/24, 08:35 pm- Zachary, I continue to b
Ron -02/24, 08:58 pm- Zac, My 27/IHC conve
Ron -02/24, 09:12 pm- Donald, I have been
Donald Hagstrom -02/24, 09:20 pm- Your Shaw is AWESOME Ron
Ron -02/24, 09:33 pm- Donald - the hood graphic
Ron -02/24, 09:35 pm- was only tracking 1....
Ron -02/24, 09:47 pm- Backing her into a displa
Ron -02/28, 09:43 pm- Finished the wheels and r
Ron -02/28, 10:02 pm- Celtic Rusts engine. Loo
Ron -02/28, 10:14 pm- Some more pictures of Cel
John Noonan - Norton -02/28, 10:19 pm- Ron, thats my favorite of
Ron -02/28, 10:38 pm- John - I bought her from
Ron -02/28, 10:46 pm- Here is what she looked l
John Noonan - Norton -02/28, 10:50 pm- Very cool, thanks Ron. I
Battery Box Location
henry h -02/24, 07:40 am- On a runabout with an ear
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -02/24, 08:57 am- Is the chassis original t
Dave Huson, Berthoud -02/24, 09:05 am- Henry: I have also though
Larry Smith -02/24, 09:53 am- I would investigate this
john kuehn -02/24, 10:26 am- I was thinking the batter
Mark Gregush Portlan -02/24, 11:02 am- How far back is the frame
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -02/24, 11:02 am- The carrier that Langs se
Mark Gregush Portlan -02/24, 11:16 am- A quick check on mine loo
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -02/24, 11:44 am- Wheres all that frame res
Clayton Swanson -02/24, 12:02 pm- two bare frames i have la
Mark Strange - Hills -02/24, 12:11 pm- Heres and old thread that
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -02/24, 12:25 pm- Thats the frame measureme
Jerry Davis Houston  -02/24, 12:40 pm- My 26 Coupe, 27 Touring,
henry h -02/24, 12:52 pm- I will take some measurem
henry h -02/24, 12:59 pm- Below is a photo showing
john kuehn -02/24, 07:00 pm- Henry, do a search on the
Mark Gregush Portlan -02/24, 07:26 pm- ken, I measured from the
Larry Smith -02/25, 09:59 am- If you look at the batter
Mark Gregush Portlan -02/28, 10:48 pm- Any up dates?
Orofino Idaho-Photo
Herb Iffrig -02/28, 10:03 pm- [OROFINO, Idaho.jpg] I
brass car guy -02/28, 10:15 pm- The only difference is th
John P. Steele, Mont -02/28, 10:17 pm- Its got a Ford Dealership
Ken Parker -02/28, 10:46 pm- You are correct! [orofin
What 20 horses will do - Part II
Wayne Jorgensen -02/28, 10:34 pm- I came across the followi
Wayne Jorgensen -02/28, 10:36 pm- [DSC05918 3.jpg]
OT - Chevy disc wheels
Lee Kilmer -02/28, 02:33 pm- Are the Chevy disc wheels
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -02/28, 04:04 pm- I dont know any specifics
Shawn Hayward -02/28, 05:22 pm- tHIS is A 20 CHEV WHEEL
Donald Vagasky,Tucso -02/28, 05:27 pm- Lee, I have some chevy di
Lee Kilmer -02/28, 06:08 pm- I have 4 good matching di
Layden Butler -02/28, 10:22 pm- [jaxon_30a_chev_disc.jpg]
Finished Project - Service HCCT
Steve Tomaso - Milto -02/27, 07:21 pm- Finished rewiring with cl
Steve Tomaso - Milto -02/27, 07:26 pm- Another photo indicating
Steve Tomaso - Milto -02/27, 07:30 pm- Anyone ever seen this mak
Jim Thode Chehalis W -02/27, 08:49 pm- Looks like a nice job. I
Ron Patterson-Nichol -02/28, 09:00 am- Steve I have restored a f
Steve Tomaso - Milto -02/28, 11:01 am- Thanks Guys - I cant make
Larry Smith -02/28, 11:47 am- Mine is just like that, b
Steve Tomaso - Milto -02/28, 12:44 pm- How tall is the casting o
R.V. Anderson -02/28, 01:19 pm- Bit of trivia: After John
Ron Patterson-Nichol -02/28, 03:02 pm- Over the last twenty year
Ron Patterson-Nichol -02/28, 06:58 pm- Ford HCCT [Ford HCCT]
Ron Patterson-Nichol -02/28, 07:03 pm- Weidenhoff HCCT [Weide
Ron Patterson-Nichol -02/28, 07:05 pm- Service Station Equipment
Ron Patterson-Nichol -02/28, 07:06 pm- Allen Electric HCCT One m
Ron Patterson-Nichol -02/28, 07:08 pm- Allen Electric HCCT two m
Ron Patterson-Nichol -02/28, 07:09 pm- K.R. Wilson HCCT [KRW]
Ron Patterson-Nichol -02/28, 07:10 pm- K.R. Wilson HCCT motorize
Ron Patterson-Nichol -02/28, 07:12 pm- Early Ford 17-Z-803 HCCT
Ron Patterson-Nichol -02/28, 07:13 pm- Service Products HCCT
Ron Patterson-Nichol -02/28, 07:17 pm- Goss HCCT Made in Holland
Ron Patterson-Nichol -02/28, 07:22 pm- HCCT Meters [Weston]
Ron Patterson-Nichol -02/28, 07:23 pm- HCCT meters [Dual Jew
Randall Strickland,  -02/28, 08:55 pm- Hey Ron Whats the purpos
Steve Tomaso - Milto -02/28, 08:59 pm- Ask and yee shall receive
Randall Strickland,  -02/28, 09:02 pm- [T trans 024.jpg]
Bob Cascisa - Poulsb -02/28, 10:04 pm- Great job Steve. It looks
John P. Steele, Mont -02/28, 10:22 pm- Geez Randal for a minute
1917 tt rear rims needed
jeff b bell -02/25, 06:12 pm- I need the rear rims for
Layden Butler -02/25, 06:42 pm- Dont the pre1919 rear whe
bob middleton -02/25, 09:50 pm- I had an 18 witch had sol
Kevin Crouch -02/25, 10:11 pm- I thought the TT didnt co
Fred Miller, Sequim  -02/25, 10:24 pm- There were a few built fo
Layden Butler -02/26, 12:54 am- Rim info indicates that t
jeff b bell -02/26, 05:20 pm- my wheels could have been
Layden Butler -02/26, 06:08 pm- Most of the 23 for the re
Jerome Hoffman, Hays -02/26, 07:30 pm- Layden, do you by chance
jeff b bell -02/26, 07:55 pm- thanks for the info Layde
Justin H. - Western  -02/26, 08:48 pm- Here are some pictures of
Jerome Hoffman, Hays -02/26, 09:19 pm- Mine look like that. Wou
Justin H. - Western  -02/26, 09:40 pm- I have a Kelsey 23 but it
Jerome Hoffman, Hays -02/26, 10:13 pm- Thanks Justin, that is th
Layden Butler -02/28, 10:04 pm- Hope these help. [hayes_
***Model T Videos - Please Subscribe & Keep Us Going...
Mitch -02/28, 09:30 pm- Hi its Mitch here, Id li
Replacing an engine pan arm
Gary London, Camaril -02/28, 04:19 am- I have a very nice 15 pan
Roger Karlsson, sout -02/28, 04:58 am- Youll need lots and lots
Allan Bennett - Aust -02/28, 07:31 am- Gary, as Roger pointed ou
Gary M. Wheeler -02/28, 07:31 am- I had the same issue with
John McGinnis in San -02/28, 07:42 am- Just do what Roger says..
Les Schubert -02/28, 09:24 am- Gary Did it to save a 13
Gary London, Camaril -02/28, 11:36 am- les; why cold riveting? I
Joseph Geisler -02/28, 12:33 pm- Ok I will chime in here t
Joseph Geisler -02/28, 12:36 pm- A quick note addition her
Gary London, Camaril -02/28, 03:39 pm- Joe; Im comfortable setti
Allan Bennett - Aust -02/28, 07:48 pm- Gary, as far as I know, t
Gary London, Camaril -02/28, 08:37 pm- The new arms are later; t
Marietta Swap Meet
Tom Moorehead -02/28, 07:13 am- Only 7 seven more days un
Scott Batta - Dayton -02/28, 08:25 am- Looking forward to it. T
Tom Moorehead -02/28, 10:27 am- Be there at 7 as that is
Jack Daron - Brownsb -02/28, 03:26 pm- I am coming to the swap m
Scott Batta - Dayton -02/28, 04:34 pm- What are Hassler bolts?
Jack Daron - Brownsb -02/28, 05:19 pm- Hasssler bolts are the ma
Rebound Straps
David Schwab -02/28, 11:28 am- Is anybody out there maki
Mark Strange - Hills -02/28, 11:38 am- Im not aware of any repro
Erik Johnson -02/28, 11:41 am- Talk to your local harnes
Gary H. White - Sher -02/28, 04:35 pm- He retired.
Ricks - Surf City -02/28, 05:15 pm- They help in cornering al
Old Photo - It's amazing What 20 Horsepower Will Do!
Jay - In Northern Ca -02/26, 10:18 am- [Gospel Mission.jpg]
Bob Benedict -02/26, 10:41 am- My lawn mover has 25 HP.
Herb Iffrig -02/26, 07:27 pm- Praise the Lord!
Allan Bennett - Aust -02/26, 07:34 pm- The TT has a chassis exte
Henry Petrino in Mod -02/26, 07:48 pm- Alan is correct. Also,
Dave Wells -02/26, 08:47 pm- Good photo because it cle
Noel D. Chicoine, MD -02/26, 11:23 pm- I bet a team of 20 horses
John Wightman -02/27, 09:57 am- Photo likely taken at 30t
Ken Parker -02/27, 10:17 am- John, I believe you are
John Wightman -02/28, 11:46 am- Great to see the now and
Dave Wells -02/28, 03:50 pm- Seems meant to be theres
Any interest in old forum posts going back as far as 1998?
Hap Tucker in Sumter -02/23, 08:02 pm- Christopher, Thank you f
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -02/23, 08:12 pm- [downloadwww.gif]
Hap Tucker in Sumter -02/24, 09:14 pm- Ken, I like your posting
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -02/25, 07:52 am- [:-] When I tried to view
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -02/25, 09:13 am- OT: I was interested to s
Henry Petrino in Mod -02/25, 11:44 am- The older forum threads a
Bob McDaniel(Indiana -02/28, 03:48 pm- Glad to see someone have
T & A fun in the desert
Bill Rigdon -02/28, 02:02 pm- At the end of this text y
Jim Thode Chehalis W -02/28, 02:34 pm- Bill, It looks like your
Bill Rigdon -02/28, 02:59 pm- THANKS JIM !!!! I still
Can any one identify these parts i dug up with 1919 keys?
Trevor A. Holmstedt -02/23, 06:58 am- I found these with my met
Lonnie Smith Baxter  -02/23, 07:15 am- Points for the coils.
Roger Karlsson, sout -02/23, 07:20 am- The three parts with thre
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -02/23, 08:21 am- The keys sell new for abo
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -02/23, 09:01 am- The keys look like theyre
Tim Eyssen - Abilene -02/23, 09:05 am- Look for the rest of the
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -02/23, 09:16 am- I forgot to mention; the
Willie K Cordes -02/23, 10:00 am- Tim, you beat ne to that
Trevor A. Holmstedt -02/26, 04:54 pm- Thank you all for the inf
Trevor A. Holmstedt -02/26, 07:14 pm- The keys have a new home
John Aldrich Orting  -02/26, 10:01 pm- Classy gift. Someone owes
Clayton Swanson -02/26, 11:14 pm- im the lucky winner! some
Joseph Geisler -02/28, 02:05 pm- Trevor, That was nice!!!!
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -02/28, 02:41 pm- Trevors profile says hes
OT - 1904 Ford featured tonight on "Chasing Classics," Ve...
Rob Heyen -02/27, 08:06 pm- Velocity Channel has a 19
Rob Heyen -02/27, 08:35 pm- Looks as though its on ag
Rion Schulze  -02/27, 09:04 pm- I am watching this episod
Marvin Konrad -02/28, 01:50 am- Sorry to say, Wayne gets
george house . . .ca -02/28, 12:01 pm- If thats the one Wayne tr
Ed in California -02/28, 02:33 pm- I believe Waynes father w
1910 2 Piece Timer Rod
Gary Hagen -02/25, 12:15 am- Ernie Brown used to make
Gary Hagen -02/25, 12:19 am- My original is in a box s
charley shaver- libe -02/25, 07:44 am- Gary post your pic on the
John F. Regan -02/25, 09:13 am- Rod: I dont have a pictu
Kim Dobbins -02/26, 11:59 am- Rod, here is a picture of
Joseph Geisler -02/28, 02:24 pm- Kim, thanks I needed that
OT Model "B" Serr-Miller Head
Hal Schedler, Sacram -02/28, 02:11 pm- I thought this may intere
Hal Schedler, Sacram -02/28, 02:17 pm- Sorry, that didnt work so
Old Photo - A Day At The Auto Exchange
Jay - In Northern Ca -02/25, 10:20 am- [dcsdcs111.JPG]
Dale Peterson Colleg -02/25, 10:56 am- Interesting texture when
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -02/25, 11:14 am- That is an interesting re
Ken Parker -02/25, 12:12 pm- Could the trucks be from
Tom Carnegie Spokane -02/25, 03:22 pm- Free air! Thats a good d
Dennis Seth - Ohio -02/25, 08:38 pm- Auto Exchange!...Is that
Chris Landry, Hudson -02/26, 05:22 pm- Not even convinced it say
Joseph Geisler -02/28, 02:17 pm- Anyone notice the front f
Chickasha, Where are you going to be, and note about park...
Donnie Brown North C -02/25, 12:01 pm- I received my stickers a
R.V. Anderson -02/25, 12:11 pm- West side of North buildi
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -02/25, 01:09 pm- When Im not wandering aro
Eric Hylen- Central  -02/26, 09:20 am- FH06-just outside the Sou
Jack Daron - Brownsb -02/26, 08:15 pm- FM 1&2 along with Joh
Dylan Thomas Wills -02/27, 12:18 am- If Im not wandering, my w
Scott Rosenthal in C -02/27, 09:12 am- I will be in the North Bl
Walter B. Szumowski -02/27, 11:11 am- Total ReCoil will be in t
Steven Thum -02/27, 04:06 pm- FQ46-47. Come over and sa
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -02/28, 11:44 am- I will probably not have
george house . . .ca -02/28, 11:54 am- Hey unca Stan, Jack, John
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -02/28, 12:03 pm- George, I got boxes and b
OT - 1905 Ford Motor Company Export Catalog
Rob Heyen -02/25, 07:55 pm- The Harvard Business Scho
Herb Iffrig -02/26, 08:29 am- Thanks Rob those are some
Roger Karlsson, sout -02/26, 11:44 am- Very interesting [:-] Did
Rob Heyen -02/26, 12:17 pm- Herb, The Ford Board of D
Herb Iffrig -02/26, 07:26 pm- Thanks Rob. You can find
Gilbert V. I. Fitzhu -02/26, 08:46 pm- Im surprised that shipmen
Dane Hawley Near Mel -02/27, 04:15 am- Surely the shipping route
Hap Tucker in Sumter -02/27, 08:02 am- Rob, Great find! Thank
Rob Heyen -02/27, 08:33 pm- According to this 1901 Ne
Gilbert V. I. Fitzhu -02/27, 09:25 pm- I continue to learn new t
Peter Kable - Kiama  -02/28, 03:25 am- The normal shipping route
Ricks - Surf City -02/28, 10:42 am- Offloading in North Bend,
Joseph Geisler -02/28, 12:00 pm- Great photo Ricks. Hope y
Wanting (and waiting) to get outside???
Marvin Konrad -02/27, 01:18 am- Although we havent gotten
Warren Henderson -02/27, 06:31 am- Thanks for posting Marvin
Kevin Whelihan Danbu -02/27, 07:00 am- Marv, Its -9 and headed l
Tim Wrenn -02/27, 08:02 am- Thatll make it sometime i
Will Copeland - Tren -02/27, 09:19 am- Im looking forward to the
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -02/27, 09:35 am- Weve had a few nice days
Paul Vitko -02/27, 10:25 am- 47 here at 7:13 AM wet an
Kenneth W DeLong -02/27, 10:32 am- Both weather sites say Tu
Henry Petrino in Mod -02/27, 10:39 am- Here in the California Ce
Dale L Myers -02/27, 12:52 pm- [IMG_1228.JPG]
William Goodheart, E -02/27, 01:03 pm- I am waiting for warmer w
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -02/27, 01:09 pm- A couple of days ago we g
Gary H. White - Sher -02/27, 02:24 pm- By then it would be too h
Tim Wrenn -02/27, 07:12 pm- Well, Meteorologically sp
James M. Riedy, Sand -02/27, 10:59 pm- Tim, I think maybe we sho
Tim Wrenn -02/28, 07:58 am- Might not be a bad idea J
Paul Mikeska, Denver -02/28, 09:40 am- It was -3 at 5am when I g
Paul Vitko -02/28, 10:12 am- 40 here at 7 AM still wet
george house . . .ca -02/28, 10:58 am- Had to feed the cows a fe
Joseph Geisler -02/28, 11:30 am- Nothing like some of you
1911 on American Pickers Wed. night 02-25-15
Tom Moorehead -02/25, 10:03 pm- Anyone see what was descr
Spencer Vibert - Gra -02/25, 10:09 pm- For the price they bought
Clayton Swanson -02/25, 11:50 pm- they have a web site, see
Doug Money - Braidwo -02/26, 12:03 am- They no longer sell onlin
John T. Tannehill II -02/26, 02:48 am- I believe its already sol
Chad Marchees _____T -02/26, 06:14 am- Maybe he could have sold
Dan B -02/26, 08:50 am- Yep, I agree Chad. A bir
David Dewey, N. Cali -02/26, 01:50 pm- Dans right. I remember so
george house . . .ca -02/26, 03:54 pm- Back to Mike and Frankie
John T. Tannehill II -02/26, 09:16 pm- Cant really say right now
Clayton Swanson -02/26, 09:21 pm- i know two guys who have
Dan B -02/26, 09:58 pm- I dont care how its done.
bob middleton -02/26, 11:40 pm- Show scripted i been aske
Bill Elliott -02/27, 05:48 am- Sounds suspiciously like
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -02/27, 07:26 am- I have a friend whose loc
Bruce Kile ....San J -02/27, 11:21 am- I personally would not le
Dan B -02/27, 11:41 am- Bruce - Are we watching t
Bill Elliott -02/27, 12:56 pm- Personally, the only reas
Terry Bond -02/27, 10:42 pm- I knew Hank Snow well. H
Tim Wrenn -02/28, 08:04 am- Im like Bill,plus I just
Donnie Brown North C -02/28, 08:40 am- I also agree with Dan, I
Bill Elliott -02/28, 10:03 am- I once picked a pick that
A fuel tank curiosity question for the Aussies
Frank van Ekeren (A -02/25, 04:09 am- I know we had the tropica
Alan George Long -02/25, 04:20 am- New one on me Frank howev
Tony Howard -02/25, 05:43 am- Dalgety tank?Possibly? Kn
Warwick Landy -02/25, 07:04 am- Frank, I forgot to tell y
Frank van Ekeren (A -02/25, 05:26 pm- Warwick, Before you get o
Les Schubert -02/27, 11:36 am- Frank Could you post some
Frank van Ekeren (A -02/28, 12:02 am- Les. 13wide x10.5high x27
Warwick Landy -02/28, 07:08 am- Only one use for that tan
Les Schubert -02/28, 09:29 am- Frank Thank you for the p
OT - Update on our "K" Runabout
Rob Heyen -02/24, 10:07 pm- [446526270.569757.jpg]
Clayton Swanson -02/24, 10:41 pm- will your mother inlaw ri
Dennis Seth - Ohio -02/25, 06:50 am- Thanks for the progress r
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -02/25, 08:56 am- Im a bit surprised by the
Ed in California -02/25, 10:10 am- Heres a K I think with tu
Rob Heyen -02/25, 05:10 pm- Clayton, doubtful.... [:-
Dennis Seth - Ohio -02/25, 08:28 pm- I think the smooth seats
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -02/26, 01:14 pm- A valid consideration Den
Seth from NC -02/26, 01:20 pm- Man that American Roadste
Rob Heyen -02/26, 05:01 pm- I think part of the diffe
Seth from NC -02/27, 06:44 am- Youre right Rob - a big p
Rob Heyen -02/27, 08:28 pm- Seth, Your lucky day.....
Gilbert V. I. Fitzhu -02/27, 09:27 pm- I dont suppose they have
Ed in California -02/27, 10:09 pm- Rob, I have enjoyed your
Seth from NC -02/27, 10:19 pm- I would drive that car li
Rob Heyen -02/27, 10:42 pm- Gil, Always a fly in the
Rob Heyen -02/27, 10:49 pm- That didnt take long. Wo
Ken Parker -02/28, 08:34 am- Notice where the Prest-O-
Rob Heyen -02/28, 09:04 am- Ken, We sold our K tourin
Old Photo - Everyone's Getting Into The Act
Jay - In Northern Ca -02/27, 10:14 am- [D04842.jpg]
Dave Wells -02/27, 11:23 am- The radiator is equipped
Thomas Mullin -02/27, 03:19 pm- Always wondered what that
G.R.Cheshire -02/27, 04:28 pm- Somebody stole the hose f
John Mays -02/27, 05:36 pm- Here is a recent modern d
joe bell -02/27, 06:06 pm- John, Now I like that one
John Mays -02/28, 08:53 am- The young couple in the 1
Langbein Transmission shiffting problem
Stefan Schaller -02/28, 04:37 am- The Langbein trans is bac
Robert G. Hester Jr. -02/28, 08:18 am- Stefan, Perhaps you could
Old Photo - Roadside Leg Stretch
Jay - In Northern Ca -02/27, 10:17 am- [D04843.jpg]
Henry Petrino in Mod -02/27, 10:30 am- Whats wrong with you Jay?
Frank M. Brady -02/27, 10:59 am- Theyre all legs until the
Gary H. White - Sher -02/27, 11:19 am- No comment on the startin
Gilbert V. I. Fitzhu -02/27, 11:56 am- Those cars must have been
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -02/27, 12:40 pm- The guy cranking the car
Mark Gregush Portlan -02/27, 07:26 pm- In the back ground there
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -02/27, 08:05 pm- I am guessing the cars ar
Dave Wells -02/27, 08:39 pm- Replacement top I would s
Rob Heyen -02/27, 08:53 pm- I caught that, Frank.....
Frank M. Brady -02/27, 11:23 pm- HI Rob: Model T or T-10 S
Scott Owens -02/27, 11:28 pm- Frank that would be a 7TU
Warren Henderson -02/28, 07:43 am- Gilbert, no one swiped th
Parts wanted - pickup box wheels tires
bbrunia -02/27, 07:29 pm- I am looking for: Nice 1
bbrunia -02/27, 07:37 pm- Oh, forgot to mention - I
Gregory J Crites -02/27, 08:29 pm- Hi if you look on Craigs
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -02/27, 10:50 pm- Too bad we werent closer.
bbrunia -02/27, 11:19 pm- Thanks for the info on th
Radar Detector for a Model T
Mark Stewart -Calif. -02/27, 04:31 pm- I am tired of getting spe
Bud Holzschuh - Pana -02/27, 05:13 pm- Wow ... they gotta be rar
Will Copeland - Tren -02/27, 05:56 pm- Looks more like a radar g
Garnet -02/27, 07:43 pm- Convert it to an air pump
Bill Harris, Hunting -02/27, 09:48 pm- Youd better watch out for
Mark Stewart -Calif. -02/27, 10:25 pm- Bill I still have on 8mm
Mark Stewart -Calif. -02/27, 10:28 pm- That Kodak Camera belonge
John Noonan - Norton -02/27, 10:53 pm- Last summer while driving
Dick Lodge - St Loui -02/27, 11:10 pm- Bill, I dont have to watc
Old Photo - Why Walk Up Steps When You Can Drive
Jay - In Northern Ca -02/27, 10:10 am- [hhlly781.JPG]
Jack Putnam, Bluffto -02/27, 10:14 am- I suspect a shortage of o
Gilbert V. I. Fitzhu -02/27, 12:03 pm- Sure hope those original
Steve Tomaso - Milto -02/27, 12:19 pm- Might well have been an a
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -02/27, 04:44 pm- Reminds me of seeing Bud
harvey cash -02/27, 10:40 pm- Ill bet he ran out of gas
Dave Wells -02/27, 10:53 pm- Look where hes heading to
Windom Minnesota-Photo
Herb Iffrig -02/26, 10:48 pm- [windon minnesota.jpg]
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -02/26, 10:58 pm- What language was that pe
Dane Hawley Near Mel -02/27, 04:06 am- Aaron- Sat. eve July 20
Burger in Spokane -02/27, 08:34 am- Where our house stood ...
Justin H. - Western  -02/27, 08:58 am- Leave in am
Chris Landry, Hudson -02/27, 09:59 am- And today . . . [Clipboa
Herb Iffrig -02/27, 01:27 pm- Wow almost the same camer
Dave Wells -02/27, 07:57 pm- Nice to finally see a tow
Erik Johnson -02/27, 10:14 pm- Windom, Minnesota is name
Eric Hylen- Central  -02/27, 10:36 pm- Two Ford Centerdoor sedan
Original 1919 Ford manual
Steve Blancard -02/24, 04:59 pm- I came home from work thi
Steve Tomaso - Milto -02/24, 06:08 pm- Very nice ! Sooo, does a
Steve Blancard -02/24, 08:27 pm- No, but a 24 touring does
Steve Tomaso - Milto -02/25, 04:42 pm- Thats a joke, ah say, tha
Dennis Seth - Ohio -02/25, 08:30 pm- Senator Claghorn from Fre
Steve Tomaso - Milto -02/26, 11:58 am- Colonel Foghorn Leghorn c
Henry Petrino in Mod -02/26, 12:37 pm- Foghorn Leghorn appeared
David Dewey, N. Cali -02/26, 01:39 pm- Steve T, thats a very coo
Steve Tomaso - Milto -02/26, 06:34 pm- Thanks for the correction
Steve Tomaso - Milto -02/26, 06:35 pm- I wish I would have used
David Dewey, N. Cali -02/27, 02:57 am- Steve, Thats what Photo
Steve Blancard -02/27, 09:12 am- The manual looks old, but
Dave Wells -02/27, 08:23 pm- Heres one way to tell. Th
Steve Blancard -02/27, 09:25 pm- Unfortunately the back co
Berg Turbulator Cast Iron High Compression Head
Mike Sumerall - Athe -02/23, 02:25 pm- The head has been sold an
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -02/26, 06:05 pm- Bump..... No T nut here
Bob Jablonski -02/26, 10:02 pm- I had a Berg cylinder hea
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -02/27, 12:47 pm- So they made at least 2.
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -02/27, 08:11 pm- The valve chamber area in
Bob Jablonski -02/27, 08:21 pm- Erich.... the head lacks
Early Model T-Photo
Herb Iffrig -02/26, 11:21 pm- [model t early.jpg]
Roger Karlsson, sout -02/26, 11:50 pm- Nice picture [:-] I would
charley shaver- libe -02/27, 08:03 am- thats a rubber bumper. th
Ken Parker -02/27, 09:42 am- Roger, My guess on the r
Mark Strange - Hills -02/27, 09:43 am- Looks like it also has re
charley shaver- libe -02/27, 09:55 am- i dont think so!!!!!! cha
Mark Strange - Hills -02/27, 10:05 am- [521687a.jpg]
Herb Iffrig -02/27, 01:26 pm- Thanks for the enlargemen
Tim Wrenn -02/27, 07:14 pm- Wonder where the car is?
Henry Petrino in Mod -02/27, 07:27 pm- Tim, If all three people
Old Photo - Checking The Petcocks...........The Hard Way!
Jay - In Northern Ca -02/26, 10:22 am- [get out and get
Seth from NC -02/26, 10:31 am- LOL, I watched this movie
Jay - In Northern Ca -02/26, 10:33 am- GET OUT AND GET UNDER
Ken Todd, .......... -02/26, 10:43 am- Thats what happens when y
john kuehn -02/26, 11:01 am- Maybe its just me but the
Erik Johnson -02/26, 11:07 am-
Ed in California -02/26, 11:35 am- He should have used the c
Donnie Brown North C -02/26, 02:24 pm- Erik, thanks for the link
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -02/26, 04:57 pm- Donnie, I think this one
Rick Benjamin -02/27, 09:47 am- The T speedster is Lloyds
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -02/27, 06:16 pm- Shows how well my memory
1919 Ford dealers Convention, St Louis Mo.-Photo
Herb Iffrig -02/26, 10:47 pm- [ford dealers convention
Dick Lodge - St Loui -02/26, 11:10 pm- No, but Ill bet Peter Heu
Clayton Swanson -02/26, 11:11 pm- i know the guy by the R/B
Dennis Seth - Ohio -02/27, 06:27 am- Some very interesting sho
Joe Van. Saint Louis -02/27, 10:22 am- Great photo Herb, love se
Greg Kuhnash Southea -02/27, 02:16 pm- Could it be the assembly
Dennis Seth - Ohio -02/27, 03:48 pm- It must be an assembly pl
Henry Petrino in Mod -02/27, 04:31 pm- What do you think the let
charley shaver- libe -02/27, 05:51 pm- i have that burn in machi
Which drag link for 1927?
Richard Gould, Folso -02/27, 03:05 pm- I am helping a fellow put
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -02/27, 03:25 pm- Just went out to the barn
Richard Gould, Folso -02/27, 05:43 pm- Thank you, Steve!!
23 Speedster on ebay
Rod Letcher -02/22, 07:29 pm- My apologies if this is n
Henry Petrino in Mod -02/22, 09:51 pm- Since the car is in Eugen
Rod Letcher -02/23, 12:05 am- Yup, good assumption. Ro
Rod Letcher -02/27, 05:06 pm- The car has sold Thank y
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -02/27, 05:12 pm- Beautiful car but I have
Oatman Az
John Aldrich Orting  -02/26, 09:26 pm- Out Model Ts got almost a
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -02/26, 09:37 pm- Ah, memories! Its remarka
John Aldrich Orting  -02/26, 09:45 pm- Roads are pretty good tod
harvey cash -02/26, 10:04 pm- Do they still let you buy
John Aldrich Orting  -02/26, 10:10 pm- Harvey, They sell burrow
Brian Eliason -02/26, 10:14 pm- Probably one of the Soyle
Pat Kelly Montana -02/26, 10:42 pm- I used to live in Bullhea
Harold Schwendeman - -02/26, 11:42 pm- Steve Jelf & John Ald
Harold Schwendeman - -02/26, 11:47 pm- Note: I should have ment
John Aldrich Orting  -02/27, 12:39 am- Dave is on the mend and s
Roger Karlsson, sout -02/27, 12:47 am- Ouch, what happened? A tr
Harold Schwendeman - -02/27, 01:00 am- Roger - An one car Model
Roger Karlsson, sout -02/27, 02:39 am- Great to hear he who hit
Harold Schwendeman - -02/27, 03:21 am- Roger - Ive done the same
Wes Nelson ........B -02/27, 06:56 am- Harold, I vote for no sea
Roger Karlsson, sout -02/27, 07:58 am- sorry about the thread dr
Burger in Spokane -02/27, 08:29 am- I have a feeling that a g
Herb Iffrig -02/27, 09:06 am- Burger you better get a m
Burger in Spokane -02/27, 05:07 pm- Herb, you are correct. W
P.J. Thiessen -02/24, 12:18 am- pricing out full body woo
Hap Tucker in Sumter -02/24, 07:14 am- P.J., Recommend you cons
Jim Eubanks, Powell, -02/24, 08:14 am- Contact Smith and Jones i
Chuck Hoffman - Gold -02/24, 11:33 am- I bought a kit from Fordw
john kuehn -02/24, 02:51 pm- I have built 2 Ts using F
P.J. Thiessen -02/24, 05:15 pm- Thank you for all of the
mike_black -02/24, 06:11 pm- PJ, Ive used Classic W
john kuehn -02/24, 06:47 pm- Mike does the supplier in
Mark Gregush Portlan -02/24, 07:43 pm- RE; Classic Wood they hav
P.J. Thiessen -02/24, 07:48 pm- Thanks Mike. I will let
Kirk Peterson -02/24, 09:02 pm- PJ I have heard good thi
P.J. Thiessen -02/24, 09:29 pm- Thanks Kirk.
mike_black -02/24, 09:48 pm- John, Youd have to call t
mike_black -02/24, 09:58 pm- Ive also spent a lot of t
P.J. Thiessen Elkhor -02/27, 04:39 pm- I ordered a set from Cla
Identity of car wrecked by Erie locomotive
D.E. Phenicie -02/26, 06:23 am- Taken in Indiana, approx
Roger Karlsson, sout -02/26, 06:32 am- Looks like the remains of
Mike Garrison North  -02/26, 07:41 am- Awe heck, that ought to b
Gilbert V. I. Fitzhu -02/26, 08:03 am- With a little work, will
Ken Parker -02/26, 08:05 am- No lip on fender, no lowe
Ken Parker -02/26, 08:08 am- Touring.
Burger in Spokane -02/26, 08:16 am- Mashed touring.
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -02/26, 08:30 am- Is it a 23-25 windshield,
Roger Karlsson, sout -02/26, 08:46 am- It had stantions, earlier
Ken Parker -02/26, 09:49 am- The car has New York 158-
Ken Parker -02/26, 10:14 am- I found that I cant add a
Dennis Seth - Ohio -02/26, 10:24 am- That car is a 1924 Pancak
Jay - In Northern Ca -02/26, 10:29 am- Some assembly required [:
Norman T. Kling -02/26, 11:02 am- You will need to check th
n maver -02/26, 06:17 pm- Sadly for the owner of th
Paul Mikeska, Denver -02/26, 06:28 pm- Ran when parked
Henry Petrino in Mod -02/26, 06:32 pm- N, Duct tape would have b
Mark Strange - Hills -02/26, 06:48 pm- Dont be so sure! [:-O]
Dave Wells -02/26, 08:40 pm- This is what they meant b
D.E. Phenicie -02/27, 11:10 am- Wreck was in Indiana, lic
D.E. Phenicie -02/27, 11:24 am- Close up of plate[1928 pl
Ken Parker -02/27, 01:53 pm- D.E., You have looken an
Some Speedster Progress Concerning RAJO Kit
Jon Allen -02/24, 05:08 pm- As some of you may have r
Jon Allen -02/24, 05:56 pm- Ok. Here is what I have
Tyrone Thomas - Tope -02/24, 06:18 pm- sweet
Rob Heyen -02/24, 06:25 pm- Jon, thank you for postin
Ed in California -02/24, 07:50 pm- Looking good!
Roger Karlsson, sout -02/25, 05:19 am- The forces from the steer
Jon Allen -02/25, 12:02 pm- Hi Roger, I have heard of
Harold Schwendeman - -02/25, 01:06 pm- In regard to the the Vega
Harold Schwendeman - -02/25, 01:09 pm- Roger K, - Actually, I gu
Walt Berdan, Bellevu -02/25, 01:20 pm- Harold, I use a similar
Jon Allen -02/25, 02:57 pm- Thanks everyone for your
Walt Berdan, Bellevu -02/25, 03:38 pm- Jon, If the torque was f
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -02/25, 03:52 pm- Jon, I wouldnt worry abo
Erik Barrett in Aubu -02/25, 05:43 pm- The frame WILL twist. I s
Les Schubert -02/26, 03:39 pm- Jon Great information and
Allan Bennett - Aust -02/27, 07:19 am- Hi fellows, I am not fami
Mark Strange - Hills -02/27, 09:33 am- The modern ones are rebui
Les Schubert -02/27, 10:04 am- Allan Im finally hard at
Jon Allen -02/27, 11:02 am- The Vega Box in the pictu
Les Schubert -02/27, 11:19 am- I went onto a Alfa Romeo
Jon Allen -02/27, 01:17 pm- Les, Yea, my solution is
Les Schubert -02/27, 01:40 pm- Jon My research indicates
What year is this hubcap
Herb Iffrig -02/26, 11:22 pm- [hubcap.jpg]
Keith Townsend ; ^ ) -02/27, 12:22 am- Herb- I believe that is
John Page -02/27, 04:01 am- Here are two pictures of
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -02/27, 08:34 am- I had to zoom in and look
Dave Wilson, Saint J -02/27, 09:31 am- I saw what looked like Mo
Mark Gregush Portlan -02/27, 11:18 am- Later V8 era up trucks us
Colin Mavins Winnipe -02/27, 01:34 pm- That hub cap looks bigger
Old Photo - Bringing Home The Firewood
Jay - In Northern Ca -02/27, 10:22 am- [wsasnow3.jpg]
Gary H. White - Sher -02/27, 11:23 am- Looks cold enough to free
Dave Wells -02/27, 11:27 am- Hell be ok as long as it
Henry Petrino in Mod -02/27, 11:48 am- A downhill grade could be
Dennis Seth - Ohio -02/27, 01:21 pm- He is probably the counte
Another two piece crank
Erik Barrett in Aubu -02/26, 09:39 pm- Posting this as a test of
John Aldrich Orting  -02/26, 09:52 pm- Test complete!
Erik Barrett in Aubu -02/26, 09:56 pm- I have loaded several app
Gene Carrothers Hunt -02/26, 11:49 pm- Hope you didnt damage the
Erik Barrett in Aubu -02/27, 12:38 am- Couldnt save the block. I
Colin Mavins Winnipe -02/27, 12:09 pm- Then the crank broke on t
Headlight gasket
Ed Saniewski Denvill -02/27, 06:33 am- I tried to search out the
keith g barrier -02/27, 06:55 am- Ed, I dont know what ford
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -02/27, 09:02 am- Ford probably didnt use a
John Zibell -02/27, 09:39 am- I found a few dabs of rub
Ken Todd, .......... -02/27, 10:50 am- From the parts list in th
John Aldrich Orting  -02/27, 11:06 am- I use a hot glue gun to i
Mike Spaziano, Bellf -02/27, 11:08 am- I used a few dabs of my d
Get out and get under
Bud Holzschuh - Pana -02/27, 09:38 am- Watched the Harold Lloyde
OT One picture. A thousand words.
Gary H. White - Sher -02/25, 02:26 pm- This is one of my favorit
Harold Schwendeman - -02/25, 02:41 pm- Much more than a thousand
Frank M. Brady -02/25, 04:53 pm- A hauntingly beautiful pa
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -02/25, 04:59 pm- I think Progressive is th
Jim Eubanks, Powell, -02/25, 05:10 pm- Amen to that!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Joe Van Evera -02/25, 05:20 pm- Great picture Gary. On a
Bob Coiro -02/25, 06:44 pm- Is there a free country t
Henry Petrino in Mod -02/25, 06:49 pm- Joe, If thats a true sto
Kohnke Rebabbitting -02/25, 08:59 pm- The picture above looks l
Rob from Nova Scotia -02/25, 09:15 pm- good eye Herm.
John Noonan - Norton -02/25, 09:20 pm- Good eye indeed. It makes
Rion Schulze  -02/25, 09:28 pm- I noted the blue star, co
Hap Tucker in Sumter -02/25, 09:39 pm- Many a young man went off
John Noonan - Norton -02/25, 10:54 pm- One blue star should be e
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -02/25, 11:38 pm- The soldier they are talk
Evan in Paso Robles -02/26, 02:01 am- Actually they became Gold
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -02/26, 09:22 am- As Rion says, a blue star
Gary H. White - Sher -02/26, 11:40 am- I think youre right on Je
David Dewey, N. Cali -02/26, 01:22 pm- We also need to recognize
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -02/26, 02:08 pm- Yes, wonderful details. H
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -02/26, 05:40 pm- Jack handle?
Harold Schwendeman - -02/26, 07:13 pm- I looked at that too Stev
Clayton Swanson -02/26, 07:56 pm- the item Steve is referri
Mike Garrison North  -02/26, 08:20 pm- Well, if the three main p
Justin H. - Western  -02/26, 08:29 pm- Im not sure what is hangi
Clayton Swanson -02/26, 09:18 pm- thats a del-sole spotligh
David Dewey, N. Cali -02/27, 02:57 am- The back light is light c
Close-ups of Original Stakes for TT Flatbed Truck
Fred Miller, Sequim  -02/22, 05:20 pm- These are the one which c
mike_black -02/23, 10:43 pm- Fred, Do you also have
Jim Thode Chehalis W -02/23, 11:57 pm- Ryan, Thanks for posting
Ryan Glowacki -02/24, 08:22 am- You got it, Jim. Ill take
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -02/24, 08:31 am- Mike: Northern Tool use t
George_Cherry Hill N -02/24, 10:06 am- Jerry, The correct term
Bob Scherzer -02/24, 11:29 am- Heres some shots of my 19
Donald Hagstrom -02/24, 02:50 pm- A big thanks to the OP of
Ryan Glowacki -02/24, 07:05 pm- Bob and Donald! Wow! I lo
mike_black -02/24, 09:25 pm- Donald -- Are those stake
Donald Hagstrom -02/24, 09:39 pm- Mike, Im not aware of an
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -02/24, 10:15 pm- Bob Scherzer - On your th
Bob Scherzer -02/25, 10:39 am- Keith, I think the white
Gary Schreiber- Sant -02/25, 10:54 am- I would love to see a pic
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -02/25, 02:34 pm- Hi Bob - Thank you for th
Fred Miller, Sequim  -02/25, 02:41 pm- Bob your TT looks more li
Bob Scherzer -02/25, 07:07 pm- I think the vaporizer was
Erick Keenan -02/25, 07:15 pm- I have a kinda off topic
Henry Petrino in Mod -02/25, 07:32 pm- My TT is a stake side.
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -02/25, 11:42 pm- Erick - Yes, just about a
Erick Keenan -02/26, 07:10 am- Maybe a new thread about
Ryan Glowacki -02/26, 01:14 pm- Here are the closeup of t
george house . . .ca -02/26, 04:06 pm- Bob, Although the engine
Bob Scherzer -02/26, 06:23 pm- George, you and Fred have
Jim Thode Chehalis W -02/27, 12:36 am- Ryan, Thanks for posting
Roger Karlsson, sout -02/27, 12:56 am- 14,418,129 is a October 1
How to resize photos?
Forrest Kahle -02/26, 02:24 pm- The limit here is 1/10th
Forrest Kahle -02/26, 02:31 pm- Sorry for the bother. I f
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -02/26, 03:31 pm- Sorry, you cant. Now ever
JohnH -02/26, 05:37 pm- I have used this online p
charley shaver- libe -02/26, 10:53 pm- ok i looked at this still
Erik Barrett in Aubu -02/27, 12:18 am- John, First resize prog
Hal Schedler, Sacram -02/27, 12:44 am- It easy with a Mac. If y
Brass plating services needed.
Matt Foye -02/25, 10:21 pm- I have forked black and b
Mike Walker, NW AR -02/25, 10:43 pm- I had several parts brass
jerry knouse -02/26, 11:16 am- Matt, try Providence Elec
Seth from NC -02/26, 11:22 am- Metro Plating and Polishi
Vince Altieri.... Gr -02/27, 12:16 am- M&P Refinishing....21
Two Questions
Jeff Livingston -02/26, 01:16 am- Gentlemen, The first que
Roger Karlsson, sout -02/26, 06:10 am- Im not aware of any safet
Roger Karlsson, sout -02/26, 07:57 am- Hey, I just remembered yo
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -02/26, 08:48 am- I know nothing about the
Jeff Livingston -02/26, 09:08 am- Thank you Gentlemen, The
Tony Bowker -02/26, 04:57 pm- Without a steering column
Clayton Swanson -02/26, 05:02 pm- agree with Tony, and if t
Jeff Livingston -02/26, 10:16 pm- Thank you again Gentlemen
James Baker -02/26, 10:24 pm- Let someone that has time
General purpose oil
Ronald L Babb -02/24, 01:25 pm- I have been reading throu
keith g barrier -02/24, 01:29 pm- I like to use bar and cha
G.R.Cheshire -02/24, 01:51 pm- Like Keith said Bar chain
Mark Strange - Hills -02/24, 02:15 pm- Ditto on the chainsaw bar
john kuehn -02/24, 02:57 pm- You can tell that I was r
Kevin Whelihan Danbu -02/24, 03:14 pm- Most chainsaw oils are pr
john kuehn -02/24, 06:32 pm- I have mixed up some STP
Paul Mikeska, Denver -02/24, 07:29 pm- I have been using the 600
Mark Gregush Portlan -02/24, 07:45 pm- 600W or rear end lube. Th
Ronald L Babb -02/24, 10:34 pm- Thanks for all the great
Ted Dumas -02/24, 10:56 pm- I use whatever is handy.
Will Copeland - Tren -02/25, 08:17 am- On my tie rods and kingpi
Jared Buckert -02/26, 09:56 pm- Im not sure which is heav
Barbed wire plug wires? I can beat that
Jem Bowkett, Brackne -02/25, 11:47 am- From now on, Ill have a p
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -02/25, 11:54 am- Here in Idaho we do that
Donnie Brown North C -02/25, 12:04 pm- Maybe we need to see if R
Henry Petrino in Mod -02/25, 12:04 pm- In the late 1950s we had
Dave Wells -02/25, 01:44 pm- Put the wired potato in y
Steve in Tennessee -02/25, 03:42 pm- when I was a kid it was s
Dave Wilson, Saint J -02/25, 03:52 pm- An old mechanic I used to
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -02/25, 08:20 pm- I saw two license plates,
Joseph A. Stearns -02/26, 11:36 am- Ok, so what is the theory
Scott Owens -02/26, 12:28 pm- HI, Can someone please dr
Bill Harper - Keene, -02/26, 01:28 pm- And to add to this topic
Tony Bowker -02/26, 04:25 pm- Joseph, a condenser actu
Mat Klemp -02/26, 05:57 pm- does the ignition system
Joseph W. Rudzik -02/26, 09:43 pm- Mark, had to look it up i
Mystery Pieces
Forrest Kahle -02/26, 02:30 pm- After about 4 years, I am
Dan Schultz_Sheboyga -02/26, 02:43 pm- Kahle, those are firewall
Jack Putnam, Bluffto -02/26, 02:44 pm- firewall to frame bracket
Seth from NC -02/26, 02:49 pm- They go on the outside fr
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -02/26, 03:08 pm- You were correct in your
Mark Strange - Hills -02/26, 03:10 pm- Heres a pic of the passen
Forrest Kahle -02/26, 03:46 pm- Wow! Thank you all. I kne
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -02/26, 03:53 pm- Forrest, Hope you dont m
Paul ONeil, Fullerto -02/26, 09:36 pm- Weve all been there. I ha
Another new guy question about jacking up the car
Ronald L Babb -02/25, 04:33 pm- I have never seen one on
Steve Tomaso - Milto -02/25, 04:47 pm- Everyone seems to have a
Steve Tomaso - Milto -02/25, 04:48 pm- I might add that to place
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -02/25, 05:00 pm- I put the jack under the
Dan Treace, North FL -02/25, 05:19 pm- [IMG_1256 (774x800) (532x
keith g barrier -02/25, 05:19 pm- Im with Jerry on this, if
Val Soupios -02/25, 06:53 pm- I would not lift my car f
Dan Killecut -02/25, 07:09 pm- I would not lift an early
Dale Peterson Colleg -02/25, 07:10 pm- I lifted my 15 with a flo
Paul ONeil, Fullerto -02/25, 08:25 pm- Any problems jacking a Ru
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -02/25, 08:32 pm- It may be OK to lift in t
Norman T. Kling -02/25, 08:32 pm- you might not have any pr
kep -02/26, 02:16 pm- At the ends. Not in the
Chris Landry, Hudson -02/26, 02:49 pm- $38 minus 20% at Harbor F
Ronald L Babb -02/26, 02:55 pm- Think I will head over to
Paul Bourgeois -02/26, 04:25 pm- Chris, I just went on the
Paul Bourgeois -02/26, 04:31 pm- Sorry, didnt look far eno
Paul ONeil, Fullerto -02/26, 07:47 pm- What does Harbor Freight
Chris Landry, Hudson -02/26, 08:11 pm- Steel floor jack cross be
Harold Schwendeman - -02/26, 08:22 pm- Chris - It might be well
Paul ONeil, Fullerto -02/26, 09:17 pm- Thanks guys, the number d
Chris Landry, Hudson -02/26, 09:30 pm- Harold, you are correct.
Dave Huson, Berthoud -02/26, 07:53 pm- Julian, please call me at
Rare Jericho Horn
Ed in California -02/26, 07:47 pm- There is a rare Ford mode
Floorboard Trivia
Larry Smith -02/26, 06:46 pm- Today, I discovered who m
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -02/26, 07:03 pm- Larry - Im not able to lo
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -02/26, 07:45 pm- Ive heard that Ford remov
Dealer Repair Orders.
Peter C. Strebeck -02/25, 01:50 pm- I just picked up a big st
Tim Wrenn -02/25, 07:25 pm- Those are cool! Wish I co
Roger Karlsson, sout -02/26, 01:23 pm- Cool! Does the orders sa
Peter C. Strebeck -02/26, 07:39 pm- Here is a copy of a coupl
24 Touring Progress, Body Drop
Dan Killecut -02/25, 06:34 pm- My wife and I set the bod
Gary Tillstrom -02/25, 07:09 pm- Nice paint work! If you
Dan Killecut -02/25, 07:23 pm- Gary, thanks for the comp
Gary Tillstrom -02/25, 07:53 pm- I know what you mean abou
Don Booth@ Bay City, -02/25, 08:05 pm- Ditto on the paint job.
Paul ONeil, Fullerto -02/25, 08:18 pm- I like the way you stabil
Hap Tucker in Sumter -02/25, 08:38 pm- Dan, Nice job! Great pa
Dan B -02/25, 08:49 pm- Man, Dan that looks great
Mike Walker, NW AR -02/25, 10:53 pm- All you lack now is finis
Rob Heyen -02/25, 11:06 pm- Looks great. I hope you
Allan Bennett - Aust -02/26, 04:00 am- Fellows, the body drop he
Dan Killecut -02/26, 06:23 am- Thanks for the compliment
Tim Wrenn -02/26, 07:54 am- Dan, what kind of paint d
Larry Smith -02/26, 10:02 am- Dan, I wouldnt expect any
Dan Killecut -02/26, 04:24 pm- Tim the paint I use is Li
Dan Killecut -02/26, 04:43 pm- Larry, the gas tank reall
OT: A great deal from Krause
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -02/26, 10:09 am- Heres a great reference w
Gary H. White - Sher -02/26, 12:01 pm- That sounds like a good d
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -02/26, 02:26 pm- I have the individual sof
Can anyone pinpoint the change?
Jason -02/25, 04:04 pm- Can anyone pinpoint exact
Jack Daron - Brownsb -02/25, 05:39 pm- Explain ????
Dan Treace, North FL -02/25, 06:35 pm- Jason might have been thi
Jason -02/26, 01:42 pm- Thats correct. I am refer
Henry Petrino in Mod -02/26, 02:01 pm- Jason, I dont know if yo
Jason -02/26, 02:21 pm- Yes, I meant to say rivet
Old Photo - Going Fishing In A Center Door
Jay - In Northern Ca -02/25, 10:22 am- [IMG_3878.JPG]
Herb Iffrig -02/26, 08:33 am- My guess is Dad took the
Ken Parker -02/26, 08:45 am- Sonora, California? Ken
Dennis Seth - Ohio -02/26, 10:31 am- Must have been a good day
Henry Petrino in Mod -02/26, 10:48 am- Ken, If that is Sonora, j
Jeff Rhoads -02/26, 01:01 pm- I think they would have c
Old Photo - Spoore's Garage, Union City, Michigan
Jay - In Northern Ca -02/26, 10:27 am- [Spoores Garage.jpg]
Tom Carnegie Spokane -02/26, 11:32 am- It became Engle-Stanton g
Old Photo - Down Under Model T Roadside Stop
Jay - In Northern Ca -02/26, 10:32 am- [157552.jpg]
OT? - Escrow recommendations
Bill Harris -02/23, 06:46 pm- Bob If you use a bank th
Bob Solak -02/24, 04:03 pm- My bank isnt national. B
Clayton Swanson -02/24, 10:55 pm- whats wrong with cash? i
Bob Solak -02/26, 10:11 am- In this case, Im having t
I need help removing door windows on ’27 Coupe
Alby Anderson -02/25, 07:46 pm- I have removed the door p
Dale L Myers -02/25, 07:58 pm- I think those frames slid
Don Booth@ Bay City, -02/25, 07:58 pm- Alby,if I remember correc
Alby Anderson -02/25, 08:19 pm- I assume that the frame i
Alby Anderson -02/25, 09:58 pm- Problem Solved. On the 1
Dennis Plank - Three -02/25, 10:55 pm- You can PM Bob Benedict.
Bob Benedict -02/26, 05:47 am- Alby, Replacing the windo
Don Booth@ Bay City, -02/26, 07:05 am- Whoa, very different than
1913 Touring finds new home with new member
Gene Carrothers Hunt -02/22, 04:14 pm- Bill, Thats a terrible st
Brian Eliason -02/22, 05:28 pm- Outstanding, Bill. Gotta
Bill Harris, Hunting -02/22, 06:15 pm- Thanks for all of the kin
Frank Harris from Lo -02/25, 01:05 am- Bill. Still no email her
Bill Harris, Hunting -02/25, 11:35 pm- Update: Its really hard
Easter 1925, Conduit Street, Annapolis, Maryland
Larry Bohlen, Severn -02/24, 12:08 pm- Mighty spiffy fordor with
Ken Parker -02/24, 01:19 pm- Where is that Ford? [108
Mark Strange - Hills -02/24, 02:17 pm- The two tenants of the du
Kevin Holland, Utah -02/24, 03:16 pm- New up grade on the house
Dennis Seth - Ohio -02/24, 04:25 pm- Was Seth looking for the
Norman T. Kling -02/24, 04:29 pm- I have spent about 5 minu
Frank van Ekeren (A -02/24, 04:30 pm- No parking sign, the T ha
Dave Wells -02/24, 05:02 pm- Norman, it looks like the
Jack Putnam, Bluffto -02/24, 06:23 pm- Who made the demountable
Clayton Swanson -02/24, 06:27 pm- hayes i believe
Larry Smith -02/25, 10:08 am- That sedan appears to be
Ken Parker -02/25, 06:55 pm- That sure looks like a fa
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -02/25, 09:21 pm- The radiator cap? I have
Mike Spaziano, Bellf -02/25, 10:42 pm- For what its worth, the l
Old Photo - A Day At The Swimming Hole
Jay - In Northern Ca -02/25, 10:27 am- [IMG_3882.JPG]
Dale Peterson Colleg -02/25, 10:35 am- Now trying to figure out
Dave Wells -02/25, 10:44 am- Now theres unsafe crankin
Harold Schwendeman - -02/25, 12:47 pm- Odd combination of brass
Roger Karlsson, sout -02/25, 12:51 pm- All parts fit fine for 19
Dale Peterson Colleg -02/25, 04:09 pm- Fender looks to be crowne
Tony Bowker -02/25, 04:39 pm- Didnt the 1915 come with
Harold Schwendeman - -02/25, 05:55 pm- Tony - Yes! Brass rims o
John P. Steele, Mont -02/25, 07:41 pm- I think its all 15.
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -02/25, 10:03 pm- Definitely not 15/16 fron
Where to get TT drive shaft pins?
Justin H. - Western  -02/25, 08:53 pm- I am at the point of re-c
bob middleton -02/25, 09:47 pm- Yes they are bigger and l
1915 speedster project
Andrew Schrodt -02/25, 04:21 pm- Im about to get my hands
Mark Strange - Hills -02/25, 04:27 pm- http://www.dauntlessgeeze
Bud Holzschuh - Pana -02/25, 04:32 pm- Most exhaustive list Ive
James J. Lyons III - -02/25, 05:02 pm- Good grief. I guess you
Val Soupios -02/25, 07:05 pm- It might be helpful to fi
Andrew Schrodt -02/25, 07:49 pm- Thanks for all the great
Val Soupios -02/25, 08:57 pm- You may get lucky then.
Two Model Ts to be given away Feb 28th
Donnie Brown North C -02/24, 09:14 pm- [img116 (Small).jpg]
Ron -02/24, 09:23 pm- I about broke my fingers
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -02/24, 09:24 pm- Probably 1917 or 1918 War
Bill Harper - Keene, -02/24, 09:30 pm- The story of my life: A
Marvin C. Miller -02/24, 09:33 pm- Looks more like 97 years
Jack Putnam, Bluffto -02/24, 09:43 pm- I count 8 faces, do I wi
Clayton Swanson -02/24, 10:44 pm- jack, you win!! your car
Mike Walker, NW AR -02/25, 07:19 am- I think it was 17 cars be
Roger Karlsson, sout -02/25, 08:30 am- 16 cars seems to have had
Tim Wrenn -02/25, 08:41 am- Me too Ron!! Made my hea
Donnie Brown North C -02/25, 09:59 am- Sorry about any heart att
Mack Cole ---- Earth -02/25, 01:04 pm- Well, by the time you wea
Ken Parker -02/25, 01:18 pm- FYI, I used 47460 for th
Donnie Brown North C -02/25, 07:24 pm- Oops ... I just re-read t
Rob Heyen -02/25, 07:47 pm- Not the first Ford won at
Vintage Ford
Mark Strange - Hills -02/23, 04:11 pm- I got my copy of V50N1 to
John McGinnis in San -02/23, 04:24 pm- With regard to the distri
Tom Moorehead -02/23, 06:32 pm- I for one appreciate the
Larry Smith -02/24, 10:05 am- I think Jay should start
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -02/24, 10:41 am- I got mine yesterday and
Jay - In Northern Ca -02/24, 10:50 am- Milt Webb had club member
Steve Tomaso - Milto -02/24, 11:56 am- No Jerry, - Keith T.s Tou
harold lee cartwrigh -02/24, 12:10 pm- need the web site so I c
Mark Strange - Hills -02/24, 12:12 pm- Its been mentioned before
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -02/24, 12:19 pm- Harold, if I understand y
Jay - In Northern Ca -02/24, 12:20 pm- Harold, This is Milt Webb
Mike Walker, NW AR -02/24, 01:05 pm- I was disappointed that t
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -02/24, 02:11 pm- I suspect what appears in
Tim Voss -02/25, 06:48 pm- Hey I had my youngest wri
Original WWI 1917 Model T Ford Ambulance
Rick J. Gunter -02/25, 12:09 pm- For you that are interest
Henry Petrino in Mod -02/25, 12:21 pm- Very interesting body.
Rick J. Gunter -02/25, 12:34 pm- Yes, Looks like the engin
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -02/25, 05:51 pm- Obviously, a lot has happ
Herb Iffrig -02/24, 09:18 pm- [FREMONT OHIO FLOOD PHOTO
Jack Putnam, Bluffto -02/24, 09:24 pm- The 1913 flood was one of
joe bell -02/24, 10:13 pm- It took all the bridges o
Clayton Swanson -02/24, 10:37 pm- every one looks very seri
Tim Wrenn -02/25, 08:59 am- This wouldve been the San
william schaller -02/25, 04:42 pm- They are hunting for $26.
John L Williams -02/25, 05:45 pm- Joe: That old idea of put
Model T tours in Chattanooga
Edward C Cholota -02/25, 03:06 pm- Entrepreneurs here in Cha
Harold Schwendeman - -02/25, 05:26 pm- Sounds like a great idea
How do you tell the difference between '23 and '24 Front ...
Wayne Jorgensen -02/24, 07:20 pm- My 1915 roadster came wit
Ted Dumas -02/24, 07:26 pm- 24 fenders have a lip on
keith g barrier -02/24, 07:44 pm- I thought I knew at one t
Steve Blancard -02/24, 07:48 pm- Heres a pic of my 24 tour
keith g barrier -02/24, 07:51 pm- Steve, thats the way they
Steve Blancard -02/24, 08:13 pm- Keith - do these help? [
Mark Strange - Hills -02/24, 08:43 pm- LOL, those Universal T-dr
keith g barrier -02/24, 09:15 pm- Yes that shows a lot, tha
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -02/24, 09:46 pm- The fender on the left is
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -02/25, 07:38 am- I was thinking when they
Mark Strange - Hills -02/25, 08:09 am- Heres a pic that might he
keith g barrier -02/25, 08:17 am- Here is the fender I have
john kuehn -02/25, 09:19 am- The encyclopedia on this
Larry Smith -02/25, 09:40 am- What Ken has posted is co
keith g barrier -02/25, 10:22 am- What do I have then? that
Ken Todd, .......... -02/25, 10:54 am- Ken K, thanks for the pic
Bill Harper - Keene, -02/25, 02:11 pm- Hi Keith, The fender in
keith g barrier -02/25, 02:20 pm- Bill, thats what I was lo
Fred Miller, Sequim  -02/25, 02:26 pm- So guys am I correct to a
keith g barrier -02/25, 02:36 pm- Fred, I am lost in this m
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -02/25, 02:38 pm- Yes. Keith
Someone Should Reproduce This Under The Hood Oil Can Holder
Jay - In Northern Ca -02/22, 09:40 pm- Heres what I think is one
Steve Tomaso - Milto -02/22, 09:45 pm- I have one like that also
Jay - In Northern Ca -02/22, 09:49 pm- Steve I think these were
Donnie Brown North C -02/22, 10:05 pm- I had one on a 1925 Frank
Mike Walker, NW AR -02/23, 12:37 am- I had one like that made
Gary London, Camaril -02/23, 04:38 am- Actually a guy did a few
Roger Karlsson, sout -02/23, 06:01 am- So the brass oil can hold
joe bell -02/23, 06:22 am- Don Shanabrook of Tiffin
Clayton Swanson -02/23, 10:33 am- all the WW2 dodges and je
Larry Smith -02/23, 10:37 am- I have an old fashioned o
Charlie B actually i -02/23, 11:34 am- I think Id back it up wit
Jay - In Northern Ca -02/23, 11:43 am- Joe, Many thanks for the
Darren J Wallace -02/23, 12:28 pm- Jay, the one in your phot
Dan B -02/23, 01:32 pm- hot does it ge
Gary London, Camaril -02/23, 02:18 pm- Darren; yours looks bette
Jay - In Northern Ca -02/23, 02:38 pm- I think these would be a
joe bell -02/23, 04:16 pm- Jay, Dons number is 419-4
Mike Walker, NW AR -02/23, 06:30 pm- Roger K. -- I was waiting
Terry Woods, Richmon -02/23, 08:13 pm- Ive got one, too.
Mike Walker, NW AR -02/25, 02:04 pm- Roger -- I finally rememb
Mike Walker, NW AR -02/25, 02:05 pm- p.s. -- Its made of brass
Roger Karlsson, sout -02/25, 02:22 pm- Maybe the weight of the o
Chickasha news flash
Jared Buckert -02/22, 08:19 pm- Im no expert, but $20 per
charley shaver- libe -02/22, 08:27 pm- what hear its the fairgro
Steven Thum -02/22, 08:47 pm- Since my rv is self conta
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -02/23, 01:15 pm- Steven, You should sell
george house . . .ca -02/23, 02:25 pm- Sounds to me like the Ers
Timothy Kelly -02/23, 02:42 pm- My perspective, which I r
john kuehn -02/23, 03:23 pm- Another perspective which
Willie K Cordes -02/23, 03:41 pm- You got that right John
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -02/23, 03:41 pm- Most likely this is a mov
Mike Bender Tulsa Ok -02/23, 08:16 pm- It is not a fee imposed b
harold lee cartwrigh -02/23, 08:53 pm- take a small generator
keith g barrier -02/23, 09:03 pm- Cancel the whole event! K
Terry Woods, Richmon -02/23, 09:27 pm- For those needing to char
Doug Kahler- Springf -02/24, 02:05 am- Its my understanding its
Mack Cole ---- Earth -02/24, 08:26 am- It is common now any time
Burger in Spokane -02/24, 09:34 am- When I first came to this
Warren F Rollins -02/24, 10:01 am- Looks like we may have to
Dennis Seth - Ohio -02/24, 10:15 am- I wasnt going to enter th
Jared Buckert -02/24, 10:26 am- Mack Cole has mentioned t
charley shaver- libe -02/24, 11:33 am- well i think $ 60.00 for
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -02/24, 11:58 am- Dennis, all the infrastru
Jerry Davis Houston  -02/24, 12:48 pm- Lets just go and be happy
Mike Robison -02/24, 02:33 pm- I heard that at the Portl
Kevin Holland, Utah -02/24, 02:44 pm- Take a small camp stove f
george house . . .ca -02/24, 03:28 pm- Thankfully, the fairgroun
R.V. Anderson -02/24, 03:36 pm- BYOC--Bring Your Own Cord
Donnie Brown North C -02/24, 05:19 pm- Im not going to worry abo
charley shaver- libe -02/24, 05:36 pm- r.v. good luck with that
Richard Jesteadt -02/24, 07:18 pm- Going to Chickasha once w
Mike Walker, NW AR -02/24, 07:52 pm- I hope the one in VA work
Eric Hylen- Central  -02/24, 08:07 pm- Mike, theyve already got
Rob Heyen -02/24, 08:15 pm- Eric, I didnt know you we
Eric Hylen- Central  -02/24, 10:52 pm- Rob, Ill be there on Wed
Fred Wicker -02/25, 01:01 am- I wonder how many Sellers
Dennis Fleming -02/25, 01:11 pm- Fred we have 30 spaces re
K R wilson rod alignment tool.
Matthew Temple -02/23, 07:59 pm- I am still in need of the
Matthew Temple -02/23, 08:00 pm- Pm or call me and let me
Steve Tomaso - Milto -02/23, 09:58 pm- Keep asking & looking
Mark Gregush Portlan -02/23, 10:13 pm- Re; sea lion tool which p
John T. Tannehill II -02/25, 10:40 am- Could anyone that has one
Donnie Brown North C -02/25, 11:25 am- Here are some ads for the
Steve Tomaso - Milto -02/25, 01:01 pm- I have the Stevens fixtur
Any one know about Prefex replacement radiators
bob middleton -02/22, 11:26 pm- Seen a few just wondering
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -02/23, 01:12 pm- Bob, If its a honeycomb
Derek Kiefer - Manto -02/23, 02:21 pm- I know Great-Grandpa put
bob middleton -02/23, 10:10 pm- Guy weighed it at 65 lbs
bob middleton -02/24, 11:42 pm- My bad its more like 35lb
Clayton Swanson -02/25, 12:11 am- i agree with Derek, and a
keith g barrier -02/25, 07:54 am- Bob, If you can get it ch
Dan Treace, North FL -02/25, 11:46 am- Got a cheap honeycomb at
Radiator cleaning
harold lee cartwrigh -02/25, 09:16 am- the radiator on my car is
Mark Strange - Hills -02/25, 09:24 am- If the radiator passages
Steve Blancard -02/25, 11:05 am- I made this simple rig fo
Is It OK to Fall in Love with Your Insurance Company?
Gilbert V. I. Fitzhu -02/24, 01:53 pm- I’m posting this to the A
Rob Heyen -02/24, 02:29 pm- Gil, Glad all went well,
Chad Marchees _____T -02/24, 06:42 pm- Gil, That is great to hea
Gilbert V. I. Fitzhu -02/24, 08:11 pm- Chad - Good idea! In fac
Craig Anderson, cent -02/24, 09:24 pm- I frequent some other for
Paul Mikeska, Denver -02/24, 10:22 pm- I have been insuring my a
Warwick Landy -02/25, 01:00 am- It is fine to love your i
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -02/25, 07:33 am- THAT is customer service!
Bob Coiro -02/25, 07:35 am- Hagerty is the Langs of i
Dave Wells -02/25, 10:41 am- When I lost an expensive
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -02/25, 11:01 am- Just sent an email to Hag
Old Photo Postcard - New Post Office, Pasadena, California
Jay - In Northern Ca -02/25, 10:24 am- [yuu44xq.JPG]
Old Photo - You put your left foot in You take your left ...
Jay - In Northern Ca -02/25, 10:17 am- [jjkfbbk55.JPG]
Henry Petrino in Mod -02/25, 10:23 am- Hes showing off. Look M
Local tours
Dave Ireland, Montro -02/25, 09:29 am- bump.
Ned Protexter -02/25, 10:20 am- Check out the Red Flag To
Old Photo - Third Street Looking East, Bemidji, Ninn.
Jay - In Northern Ca -02/24, 10:19 am- [BEMIDJI, MN..JPG]
Dave Wells -02/24, 10:30 am- I see a Runabout with the
Erik Johnson -02/24, 11:30 am- Includes current views:
Ed Baudoux -02/24, 11:35 am- [rsz_bemidji_mn.jpg]
Mike Garrison North  -02/24, 12:18 pm- One of my favorite Minnes
Burger in Spokane -02/24, 04:50 pm- Mike, See if you can m
Hap Tucker in Sumter -02/24, 08:57 pm- Dave, I am always trying
Dave Wells -02/25, 10:09 am- Id say youre right Hap. I
Middletown, PA. Model T'er need a buddy.
BRENT MIZE -02/24, 07:01 pm- Hi guys, I have been in c
John Leffler -02/24, 07:09 pm- my name is John Leffler ,
Mike Walker, NW AR -02/24, 07:54 pm- Thats great! One of the
BRENT MIZE -02/24, 08:06 pm- This is great. Thanks Jo
Marc Roberts, York,  -02/24, 08:06 pm- I am in York, Pennsylvani
Daniel Parkinson -02/25, 05:44 am- Im in Marietta Pa. Just 2
John Earl -02/25, 07:57 am- I live in Palmyra, just a
Mike Walker, NW AR -02/25, 09:37 am- As Howard Cosell would sa
Vintage Shop Coats
Tom Strickling -02/24, 08:58 pm- Does anyone carry the vin
Gary H. White - Sher -02/24, 09:01 pm- http://www.vintageshopcoa
Gary H. White - Sher -02/24, 09:03 pm- Oops. Dont show Ford logo
Mark Strange - Hills -02/24, 09:15 pm- Heres a 2011 thread on th
Ron -02/24, 09:17 pm- I bought mine about 4 yea
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -02/24, 09:18 pm- [IMG_6625_2.JPG] I downl
Fred Wicker -02/25, 01:02 am- I have K R Wilson on the
Speedway Motor Speedster Reunion Question
Tyrone Thomas - Tope -02/22, 06:39 pm- Has anyone here been to t
Doug Partington -02/22, 08:45 pm- Wonderful event,had a bal
Rob Heyen -02/22, 09:23 pm- Doug was a guest of honor
Jerome Hoffman, Hays -02/22, 10:27 pm- This year will be my 6th.
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -02/23, 12:05 am- I have been to one. Grea
Doug Partington -02/23, 05:03 am- Dave, what is great about
John L Williams -02/23, 12:21 pm- Hi From Sub 0 Iowa! I can
Frank Harris from Lo -02/23, 03:20 pm- I was elected into the Sp
Brian Beatty _Kansas -02/23, 04:21 pm- Another question for thos
Mike Garrison North  -02/23, 04:37 pm- Wow, I seriously never kn
Mike Garrison North  -02/23, 04:46 pm- Frank, Im really sorry to
Mike Vaughn -02/23, 04:59 pm- Brian - Thursday after th
Brian Beatty _Kansas -02/23, 05:12 pm- Thanks Mike! Heck maybe
Tyrone Thomas - Tope -02/23, 08:36 pm- Brian, Im planning to go
Tyrone Thomas - Tope -02/23, 08:37 pm- Heck, Brian, your in KC a
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -02/23, 09:06 pm- Brian Wednesday afternoo
Brian Beatty _Kansas -02/24, 03:22 pm- Thanks all! I will defin
Tyrone Thomas - Tope -02/24, 07:02 pm- still in progress but wil
Frank Harris from Lo -02/24, 08:17 pm- Tyrone Thomas, Get your
Tyrone Thomas - Tope -02/24, 09:08 pm- Good thought Frank. Ill p
Tim Williams, Hillsb -02/24, 10:10 pm- Who is up for induction i
OFF topic, computer question
Don Booth@ Bay City, -02/22, 04:57 pm- Why one computer is fast
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -02/22, 06:24 pm- Northbridge and Southbrid
Mark Gregush Portlan -02/22, 06:34 pm- Mine has been doing the b
Don Booth@ Bay City, -02/22, 07:18 pm- You are right Ken I was j
Chuck Hoffman - Gold -02/23, 01:22 pm- Back in the old days, I u
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -02/23, 01:58 pm- Windows 7 is a great rele
Craig Anderson, cent -02/23, 04:06 pm- Install the free, and cra
David J. Holland Ohi -02/24, 09:00 am- Windows 7 is ok except Ca
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -02/24, 10:06 am- Outlook Express was not s
Ken Todd, .......... -02/24, 11:27 am- I got a tablet for Christ
Mack Cole ---- Earth -02/24, 07:15 pm- I use Outlook express for
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -02/24, 09:13 pm- Any PC, laptop or desktop
What "Lagging" is Best for the Exhaust Pipe?
Paul ONeil, Fullerto -02/24, 09:04 pm- Joe - there is a stainles
A new game who can guess what this is
Allan Bennett - Aust -02/22, 10:00 pm- This from down under,offe
ROBERT BERGSTADT -02/23, 08:56 am- Foot feed bell crank ? Bo
Willie K Cordes -02/23, 10:04 am- It looks like it will be
Donnie Brown North C -02/23, 06:36 pm- OK here is my unique part
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -02/23, 07:33 pm- Ok, now were bordering on
Howard D. Dennis -02/23, 07:42 pm- Donnie, is that a spindle
Donnie Brown North C -02/23, 08:00 pm- Howard. You got it. I hav
Bill Harper - Keene, -02/23, 09:56 pm- Hi Warren, Below is
Andre Valkenaers -02/23, 11:41 pm- Donnie Brown, Here is a n
Eugene Story -02/24, 05:22 am- Ken Kopski Due to the fi
Allan Bennett - Aust -02/24, 06:17 am- Dang me Bob,you got it in
Warren Henderson -02/24, 07:27 am- Congratulations Bill Harp
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -02/24, 07:51 am- Gene - Youre right that i
Mark Gregush Portlan -02/24, 08:11 pm- Everready oil system. The
T Starter Removal
Richard A Eddinger -02/24, 02:08 pm- I always find the answers
Mark Strange - Hills -02/24, 02:13 pm- Maybe somebody really goo
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -02/24, 02:15 pm- Uh-oh. I hope you havent
Richard A Eddinger -02/24, 02:19 pm- Thanks Mark I had given i
Mark Strange - Hills -02/24, 02:19 pm- Steve, read his post agai
Richard A Eddinger -02/24, 02:20 pm- Steve you did not read my
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -02/24, 02:29 pm- I think theres an echo in
Richard A Eddinger -02/24, 02:40 pm- Got her out. It was just
Richard A Eddinger -02/24, 02:44 pm- Hey Steve my wife is alwa
Frank van Ekeren (A -02/24, 03:05 pm- Starter on a 15T should b
Dave Wells -02/24, 05:07 pm- You cant type carefully a
Stephen D Heatherly -02/24, 06:23 pm- Frank, I was going to say
Old Photo - State Street Looking North From Madison
Jay - In Northern Ca -02/24, 10:23 am- [CHICAGO - STATE STREET -
Norman T. Kling -02/24, 11:14 am- The number of pedestrians
Jay - In Northern Ca -02/24, 11:23 am- Chicago
Mike Garrison North  -02/24, 12:29 pm- All the pedestrians appea
Larry Bohlen, Severn -02/24, 12:35 pm- This was from a time when
Robert Matheny  -02/24, 12:40 pm- Old photos are so neat, e
Ken Parker -02/24, 12:51 pm- The look today is so diff
Burger in Spokane -02/24, 04:47 pm- That vehicle may have a F
Scott Dwyer in Troy, -02/24, 05:21 pm- Norman made the comment t
Henry Petrino in Mod -02/24, 05:54 pm- When I was a kid in San J
Graham Brothers Chain Drive Truck Conversion Brochure
Jay - In Northern Ca -02/24, 10:40 am- [xzfghcn5560.JPG]
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -02/24, 04:14 pm- That is fantastic Jay! Si
Bob Solak -02/24, 04:23 pm- Wayne, the March 2015 iss
Rob Heyen -02/24, 04:55 pm- 1917 Motor Age descriptio
charley shaver- libe -02/24, 05:46 pm- i have one of those truck
Howell's Fenders
Gary H. White - Sher -02/24, 05:37 pm- Just now FEDEX delivered
Just back from another American adventure
Rob Patterson. Moruy -02/24, 02:39 pm- My daughter renewed her w
Mid-America Pre-War Swap Meet
Jared Buckert -02/24, 10:30 am- In another thread about C
Gary H. White - Sher -02/24, 10:44 am- I think it was a suggesti
Dan Treace, North FL -02/24, 10:53 am- Link to website with info
arnie johansen -02/24, 11:03 am- I think reference was mad
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -02/24, 11:42 am- The museum event isnt lis
Mike Walker, NW AR -02/24, 01:12 pm- That same ad is in the VF
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -02/24, 02:02 pm- Correction: The event is
We're there different widths of rear rims for a Ford TT...
John T. Tannehill II -02/23, 10:58 pm- Recently Ive been working
bob middleton -02/24, 12:00 am- There were many cars and
David Dewey, N. Cali -02/24, 12:41 am- TT 600x20 rims are all th
Layden Butler -02/24, 12:57 pm- John, The TT Ford truck w
Model T Art Print
Jay - In Northern Ca -02/24, 10:15 am- [lfdk6nff.JPG]
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -02/24, 10:34 am- That was posted not too l
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -02/24, 12:29 pm- Nice work. I wonder if it
A Woman and her Model T
Gilbert V. I. Fitzhu -02/24, 11:45 am- Todays Wall Street Journa
Looking for a Model T Mechanic in Staten island ???
Anthony Ventrice -02/24, 10:30 am- Hi,can anyone suggest a F
Will Copeland - Tren -02/24, 11:43 am- Youre asking for a lot of
Old Photo - Posing Before The Drive
Jay - In Northern Ca -02/22, 10:54 pm- [bnbvdgb449.JPG]
John Semprez-Templet -02/23, 01:15 am- Do you think the two with
Burger in Spokane -02/23, 01:49 am- ... related to the guy wi
Larry Smith -02/23, 10:43 am- Nice photo of a 1922.
Henry Petrino in Mod -02/23, 10:53 am- Make me wonder how many f
Norman T. Kling -02/23, 11:00 am- They might have gotten ma
John Doolittle -02/23, 11:03 am- The youngest girl- over h
James M. Riedy, Sand -02/23, 11:05 pm- Looks to me to be a winds
Ken Parker -02/24, 08:33 am- Check out the custom wood
Norman T. Kling -02/24, 11:24 am- I think that rope over th
The addictive nature of a PC and this forum.
Mike Garrison North  -02/22, 03:56 pm- Sounds like its time for
Harold Schwendeman - -02/22, 06:29 pm- Henry - I also have no pr
David Dewey, N. Cali -02/22, 07:52 pm- Dick, I didnt state in w
Paul Vitko -02/23, 10:07 am- After one day in a row of
Charlie B actually i -02/23, 10:11 am- Of course you could answe
Donnie Brown North C -02/23, 10:21 am- I cant wait till they get
G.R.Cheshire -02/23, 10:34 am- At one time I guess I was
Larry Smith -02/23, 10:55 am- After I make the coffee i
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -02/23, 12:12 pm- Wonder if anyone gave up
Henry Petrino in Mod -02/23, 12:44 pm- Hal, If they did, how co
Dana A. Crosby in Gl -02/23, 03:16 pm- Lent...thats what you do
Chuck Hoffman - Gold -02/23, 06:53 pm- I just got a pop up messa
David Dewey, N. Cali -02/24, 01:02 am- I gave up dieting for Len
Paul Vitko -02/24, 09:38 am- On my second day of optim
Jay - In Northern Ca -02/24, 10:34 am- A laptop or a tablet is a
Paul Vitko -02/24, 10:54 am- The phones do every thing
Model T prices???
Andre Valkenaers -02/23, 01:56 pm- Just found on a Belgian o
Dave Wells -02/23, 02:21 pm- Looks like a 1920 or 1922
Derek Kiefer - Manto -02/23, 02:22 pm- It looks like the driver
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -02/23, 03:52 pm- I like it, but not enough
Mike Garrison North  -02/23, 04:00 pm- Theres more than just tha
Charles Linsenbarth -02/23, 04:03 pm- It doesnt even have a wat
Mike Garrison North  -02/23, 04:21 pm- etimer?
Donnie Brown North C -02/23, 08:09 pm- I like it, too much money
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -02/24, 10:51 am- Would be a nice speedster
Old Photo - Model T Era Repair Shop
Jay - In Northern Ca -02/24, 10:25 am- [eer4fzzx.JPG]
1909-13 Ford pliers without a screwdriver handle***Info n...
R.V. Anderson -02/22, 04:59 pm- All early Ford drawings s
Henry Petrino in Mod -02/22, 05:19 pm- Justin and Mike, Each of
Justin H. - Western  -02/22, 05:34 pm- Henry, I sometimes get th
Henry Petrino in Mod -02/22, 05:40 pm- No kidding! I am using
Rick J. Gunter -02/22, 07:08 pm- In other discussions abou
Larry Smith -02/22, 09:02 pm- The only early Ford tool
Rick J. Gunter -02/22, 09:25 pm- Larry, Yes, I agree with
Allan Bennett - Aust -02/22, 09:37 pm- I wish I had a dollar for
Rick J. Gunter -02/22, 09:48 pm- My conclusion of this mat
Larry Smith -02/23, 10:51 am- I agree with Rick. I dont
R.V. Anderson -02/23, 11:59 am- I went back through my Ar
Mike Walker, NW AR -02/23, 06:42 pm- RV -- Just after you got
R.V. Anderson -02/24, 10:03 am- Well, chalk up another on
Help Needed in Savannah
Willard Revaz -02/22, 05:11 pm- Help is needed in Savanna
Hap Tucker in Sumter -02/23, 07:51 pm- Willard, Engine knocks i
Ed in California -02/24, 08:51 am- By cheap automotive steth
OT Another "What kind of car is this?"old photo
Dale L Myers -02/23, 08:32 pm- [0065.jpg] I volunteer
Chris Paulsen - McPh -02/23, 08:35 pm- Maxwell. 2-cylinder, circ
Clayton Swanson -02/23, 10:43 pm- its a 09 maxwell jr. i ha
Chris Paulsen - McPh -02/23, 11:23 pm- Thanks for the clarificat
Clayton Swanson -02/23, 11:25 pm- its a great photo, i had
Frank Harris from Lo -02/24, 01:27 am- That Maxwell had a drive
Dale L Myers -02/24, 06:38 am- Thank you all. Now if we
Estate Sales - Some Times You Get Lucky
Jay - In Northern Ca -02/22, 05:10 pm- Went to an estate sale an
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -02/22, 05:24 pm- Must have been a crowd th
Steve Tomaso - Milto -02/22, 07:01 pm- Cool grease cups, Jay ! I
Mike Garrison North  -02/22, 07:10 pm- Great score Jay!
john kuehn -02/22, 07:32 pm- The deals are out there!
Jay - In Northern Ca -02/22, 07:38 pm- The grease cups are brass
Marvin C. Miller -02/22, 07:46 pm- I would not have known wh
Burger in Spokane -02/22, 07:51 pm- Imagine all the stuff we
Jay - In Northern Ca -02/22, 07:59 pm- We picked this turn of th
Mike Garrison North  -02/22, 08:02 pm- Well Geez Jay! Ive got to
Bill dugger -02/22, 08:12 pm- Mike : My Son was somewhe
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -02/22, 08:55 pm- WOW!
kep -02/23, 03:40 pm- A pristine original car s
Mike Garrison North  -02/23, 04:19 pm- I usually stop at one or
Henry Petrino in Mod -02/23, 04:29 pm- Mike, Even though youre i
Henry Petrino in Mod -02/23, 04:30 pm- Make the MN!
Mike Garrison North  -02/23, 04:49 pm- Whew, Henry. Okay, I gues
Henry Petrino in Mod -02/23, 05:09 pm- I dunno Mike. I could ch
David Dewey, N. Cali -02/24, 01:02 am- Jay great finds! But, Id
? one classifieds
bob middleton -02/23, 10:13 pm- Have an issue dave huso
Henry Petrino in Mod -02/23, 10:43 pm- No problem here. All ads
mike_black -02/23, 10:47 pm- no problems here!
bob middleton -02/24, 12:01 am- Ok must be my issue thank
What do I look for when buying a T that I can drive 1000 ...
Glen McConachie -02/22, 04:30 pm- Hi Kevin, Gary will have
Peter Kable - Kiama  -02/22, 06:20 pm- It is obvious from some o
Mark Strange - Hills -02/22, 06:37 pm- Kevin, if you want some p
Karl Gilchrist -02/23, 10:05 pm- Kevin Im in Feilding. If
Derek Kiefer - Manto -02/23, 10:24 pm- People who never take any
Daytona 500 today
Gene Carrothers Hunt -02/22, 04:18 pm- So your not over at the h
Ken Parker -02/22, 04:44 pm- green white checker! here
Dave Wells -02/22, 05:52 pm- Great race and won by a F
Harold Schwendeman - -02/22, 06:35 pm- Three wide, 8 rows bunche
Chris Brancaccio - C -02/22, 06:57 pm- That 3 wide racing was un
Greg Whaley, Georget -02/22, 07:46 pm- I thought so too. I was w
Ricks - Surf City -02/22, 09:21 pm- That racing is so simple,
Greg Whaley, Georget -02/22, 09:25 pm- Too bad she used 4 cars d
Steve Tomaso - Milto -02/22, 09:48 pm- Denny Hamlin surely didnt
bob middleton -02/23, 12:37 am- Nhra for me as well not r
Paul Mikeska, Denver -02/23, 01:29 am- NASCAR is not what it use
Dan B -02/23, 06:03 am- Cant be too PC. Theyre t
Seth from NC -02/23, 07:23 am- Itd be a lot cooler if th
Dan Killecut -02/23, 08:12 am- They have a general outli
Kenneth W DeLong -02/23, 08:30 am- I wish they would pay for
Rob Heyen -02/23, 09:55 am- Chris, Henry Ford was the
Seth from NC -02/23, 10:01 am- 2 miles to the minute! Ch
Dan B -02/23, 10:01 am- Dan - If your theory was
Dan Killecut -02/23, 11:16 am- Dan B- My theory is based
Brian Sullivan, Powe -02/23, 12:53 pm- Turn 4, standing at the f
Dan B -02/23, 01:17 pm- Jeff Gordon did lead a lo
Seth from NC -02/23, 01:37 pm- As Steve Jelf has posted
Chris Brancaccio - C -02/23, 01:54 pm- Some pictures. [DSC_0262
Seth from NC -02/23, 02:05 pm- Those pictures are SWEET
Dan Killecut -02/23, 02:27 pm- Chris, Awesome pics, espe
Dan Killecut -02/23, 02:37 pm- Dan B- If you reread my p
Dan B -02/23, 09:00 pm- Yea, but the basic premis
Ricks - Surf City -02/23, 10:11 pm- Unless youre the lead dog
Hayes Wire Wheel Hubcaps
Ed in California -02/23, 08:14 pm-
Allan Bennett - Aust -02/23, 10:10 pm- Ed, those are nice caps,
1908- Found on CR?
James Chochole -02/23, 07:42 pm- http://detroit.craigslist
Richard Gould, Folso -02/23, 07:51 pm- What a find!
Brian Beatty _Kansas -02/23, 08:12 pm- Well, the ad does say or
Dan Treace, North FL -02/23, 08:20 pm- Was discussed before, obv
bob middleton -02/23, 10:04 pm- Was dicussed 267 coil bo
Price check - Nice 1914 Touring car
David C Jahnke -02/22, 04:08 pm- I think you should also r
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -02/22, 07:25 pm- Lots of good advice above
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -02/22, 07:48 pm- One other thing that shou
Joe Fedullo -02/22, 08:43 pm- I would drive the car, bu
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -02/22, 09:24 pm- You could not buy and res
Dan Killecut -02/23, 08:42 am- Wayne is correct, $30,000
Kenneth W DeLong -02/23, 09:38 am- Joe,We look forward to se
Dave Dufault -02/23, 09:44 am- Joe, All the foregoing
Seth from NC -02/23, 09:55 am- Pretty car - as a 14 is i
Ted Dumas -02/23, 10:17 am- You could offer him 25K a
Ken Parker -02/23, 11:31 am- Just buy it. The bitterne
Craig Anderson, cent -02/23, 04:13 pm- I had a 29 Model A Tudor.
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -02/23, 05:03 pm- To answer Seths question.
Kenneth W DeLong -02/23, 05:59 pm- Right or wrong i have see
Jeff Perkins -02/23, 06:23 pm- Bravo Ken Parker!!
Eric Hylen- Central  -02/23, 06:33 pm- Simple facts that I see:
Ed in California -02/23, 07:24 pm- Its a shame when a T cant
James Chochole -02/23, 07:36 pm- Simple supply and demand,
Joe Fedullo -02/23, 09:03 pm- I appreciate all the comm
Ford Chalkboard
Ron -02/23, 09:25 am- It was suggested that I g
Rob Heyen -02/23, 09:31 am- Ron, Great idea. Would y
harold lee cartwrigh -02/23, 09:31 am- that is just awesome gift
Mike Walker, NW AR -02/23, 09:43 am- Very nice! Your son did
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -02/23, 09:55 am- That is superb! What a gr
Joe Van Evera -02/23, 10:15 am- WOW!!! How neat to have
Donnie Brown North C -02/23, 01:43 pm- Ron, very nice ... It lo
Tim Wrenn -02/23, 07:21 pm- Way too cool. He could ma
Dashboard question
John McGinnis in San -02/23, 07:17 pm- Donnie...and others. Than
Repro Tail light
Mike Zahorik -02/23, 04:55 pm- I purchased a new tail li
Dave Wells -02/23, 05:01 pm- I hope it works for you b
John F. Regan -02/23, 05:49 pm- Powder coating is tough a
Lenovo consumer product PCs loaded with malware/crapware!
Thomas Mullin -02/23, 03:47 pm- More about Superfish from
G.R.Cheshire -02/23, 04:00 pm- Thats why I buy the lapto
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -02/23, 04:56 pm- What do you mean by No ma
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -02/23, 05:03 pm- Oh, I forgot to mention;
Waverly Iowa-Photo
Ken Parker -02/22, 10:51 pm- The National Bank built a
Burger in Spokane -02/23, 01:51 am- What was the semaphore si
Ken Parker -02/23, 09:20 am- Burger, It is a standard
Burger in Spokane -02/23, 09:44 am- I am only familiar with t
Seth from NC -02/23, 09:52 am- Do we build the buildings
Herb Iffrig -02/23, 10:20 am- Our town of St. Peters, M
Ken Parker -02/23, 10:29 am- Burger, That was a guess
Burger in Spokane -02/23, 04:45 pm- Herb, Be careful not t
New leather seats
Richard Gould, Folso -02/22, 05:51 pm- Just got my seat reuphols
Skip Anderson, in MN -02/22, 06:52 pm- Very nice work. What year
Larry Smith -02/22, 09:05 pm- Beautiful job Richard, yo
George n Los Angeles -02/23, 01:45 am- LIKE
Dennis Seth - Ohio -02/23, 07:25 am- Very nice. You know if y
Richard Gould, Folso -02/23, 04:19 pm- Thanks folks, the car is
Need help finding info on a VIN
Vanessa Ehrhardt -02/23, 10:49 am- Thanks Mike! And Jack, i
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -02/23, 04:02 pm- And since condition is ex
Old Photo - The White Family
Jay - In Northern Ca -02/22, 11:06 pm- Looks like they only shop
Dick Lodge - St Loui -02/23, 09:20 am- Ill see your White family
Gary H. White - Sher -02/23, 11:01 am- No. This is the White fam
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -02/23, 12:09 pm- I wonder if that first pi
Jay - In Northern Ca -02/23, 12:18 pm- Hal - Looks more like Pal
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -02/23, 03:50 pm- Ill bet the White family
Old Photo - Before The Rumble Seat
Jay - In Northern Ca -02/22, 10:58 pm- [ertfhyjk7.JPG]
Dennis Seth - Ohio -02/23, 07:39 am- If they make a sudden sto
Larry Smith -02/23, 10:41 am- Since when does that TRUN
Dennis Seth - Ohio -02/23, 11:16 am- Good point Larry. My bad.
Spring Shackle Bushings Out Of Brass??
Allan Bennett - Aust -02/22, 10:09 pm- Frank, you obviously did
Larry Smith -02/23, 10:48 am- I believe Ford figured it
Fan belt tracking
Allan Bennett - Aust -02/22, 09:47 pm- Richard, I am amazed no-o
Dave Wells -02/22, 10:16 pm- I would get rid of the wa
bob middleton -02/23, 12:47 am- Try turning the bel the o
Larry Smith -02/23, 10:45 am- I have two 13s, and Ive h
Oil to treat leather suitcase?
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -02/22, 07:56 pm- I thought Pam was nothing
Mike Garrison North  -02/22, 08:08 pm- Lithium grease and used m
Harold Schwendeman - -02/23, 12:52 am- Mike - Remind me to never
Mike Garrison North  -02/23, 08:12 am- Ha! Whats this toothpaste
john kuehn -02/23, 09:56 am- Just for grins I thought
Northwest indiana help needed
William Brian Jordan -02/22, 05:48 pm- Motor home broke down and
Freighter Jim -02/23, 08:10 am- You sold the motor home t
Richard Wolf -02/23, 08:29 am- My Motor Home, a Cummins
Freighter Jim -02/23, 08:56 am- Richard, Good to hear th
Old Photo - Two Gals In A Cut-Off Pickup
Jay - In Northern Ca -02/22, 10:47 pm- [D02919.jpg]
Chad Marchees _____T -02/23, 06:23 am- Looks like the builder sh
Roger Karlsson, sout -02/23, 07:02 am- Low hood and the sloping
Trevor A. Holmstedt -02/23, 07:06 am- This guy has a truck..AND
Looking for descendants of Frank Kulick
James A. Golden -02/22, 07:55 pm- Frank Kulick quite racing
Mike Garrison North  -02/22, 08:25 pm- Oh wait a minute! Did you
Rob Heyen -02/22, 10:25 pm- Henry Ford gave Frank Kul
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -02/23, 12:00 am- I wonder how many of you
Rob Heyen -02/23, 06:35 am- Dave, I think Henry Ford
Old photo, city bus.
Dane Hawley Near Mel -02/23, 04:06 am- Ian, I agree, only the re
Doug Partington -02/23, 05:12 am- Dane,WOW, many thanks my
1920 /1921 Runabout
Larry Smith -02/22, 09:17 pm- The splash apron that Hen
Jim Rodell, Sr.- Wis -02/23, 01:04 am- Henrys car does not have
Jim Rodell, Sr.- Wis -02/23, 01:13 am- Oops- thread not tread ti
George n Los Angeles -02/23, 01:24 am- The interesting and somet
George n Los Angeles -02/23, 01:40 am- Forgot to note On Rons 20
Asbestos Transmission Brake Band Linings Brochure
Jay - In Northern Ca -02/22, 10:30 pm- [multibestos2z.jpg] [mult
Show Us Your Dooldebug or Conversion Tractor 2015 Edition
Chad Marchees _____T -02/22, 09:54 pm- Looks great! Do you have
Rocky Mountain Brakes
Larry Smith -02/22, 09:30 pm- The old style Rocky Mount
All Black Cars the latest fashion statement - Henry would...
JohnH -02/22, 08:31 pm- Modern black car = oven i
Chad Marchees _____T -02/22, 08:48 pm- JohnH, No different than
What kind of parts you think should be reproduced or impr...
Jared Buckert -02/22, 08:31 pm- The problem with creating
Collinsville Oklahoma-Photo
Wes Nelson ........B -02/22, 07:50 pm- Imagine that, whoda thoug
Ed Baudoux -02/22, 08:24 pm- [rsz_collinsville_ok.jpg]
Happy Birthday to Hal Schedler!
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -02/22, 05:27 pm- Well, I do like to wish a
Gene Carrothers Hunt -02/22, 08:07 pm- Happy birthday Hal and ha
Mike Garrison North  -02/22, 08:11 pm- Happy birthday young fell
Kirk Peterson -02/22, 08:15 pm- Happy Birthday Hal!
Bob Jablonski -02/22, 08:15 pm- Happy Birthday Hal !! G
If the people don't go to church the church will go to th...
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -02/22, 06:30 pm- And so much of what we th
Burger in Spokane -02/22, 07:55 pm- It is the learned thinker
Allen Electric Generator Tester Wiring Diagram
Ron Patterson-Nichol -02/22, 04:03 pm- This is a Allen Electric
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -02/22, 07:18 pm- I have a separate line-vo
Ron Patterson-Nichol -02/22, 07:39 pm- The line voltage test lam
On e-bay
Joe Van Evera -02/22, 07:10 pm- Bob, methinks youre selli
John F. Regan -02/22, 07:13 pm- Tim: The accession you m
Tim Wrenn -02/22, 07:18 pm- Thanks John for that enli
Mike Garrison North  -02/22, 07:21 pm- Bob, its a beautiful car.
Dip Stick
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -02/22, 06:35 pm- Dennis S, And I thought i
Spark Plug Parts
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -02/22, 05:39 pm- I assume the stuff inside
Mark Gregush Portlan -02/22, 06:24 pm- Its more then likely the
Band adjustment
john kuehn -02/22, 03:53 pm- Harold, with the hand bra
Mark Strange - Hills -02/22, 04:03 pm- Hmmm, you might be right,
Norman T. Kling -02/22, 05:37 pm- Several of the above post
RM Brake Question
James A. Mahaffey -02/22, 04:32 pm- Ive heard many times that
Henry Petrino in Mod -02/22, 04:48 pm- This subject is always in
Jay - In Northern Ca -02/22, 05:14 pm- The best way to stop a T
Norman T. Kling -02/22, 05:16 pm- The problem I have seen i
Need detail images of carb mixture rod in 25 Fordor
Keith Buckley -02/22, 04:36 pm- Erich, sent you a PM
Help: Cooling Fan Rivets
R.V. Anderson -02/22, 04:35 pm- Also, I have found the ne
1914 front seat spring wanted
Bob Peterson -03/01, 03:50 pm- bttt
Minnesota to Chickash
Bob Peterson -03/01, 03:49 pm- bttt
Rebabbitted mainbearing caps and lapping kit
gene french -02/28, 03:03 pm- this package includes the
Jack Daron - Brownsb -02/28, 09:20 pm- I can get a whole engine
Frank van Ekeren (A -02/28, 09:52 pm- So, there is someone out
Jack Daron - Brownsb -02/28, 09:59 pm- I thought we all did that
gene french -03/01, 09:41 am- Jack: thank you for tha
Mike Walker, NW AR -03/01, 10:30 am- Around this neck of the w
Clayton Swanson -03/01, 10:50 am- 600 here, with rods
Jack Daron - Brownsb -03/01, 03:01 pm- P&H machine shop in J
Jack Daron - Brownsb -03/01, 03:02 pm- Should be 765-676-6323.
Swap rear curtain trim strip
Keith Townsend ; ^ ) -03/01, 12:43 pm- I have an extra rear curt
New Right Front fender for sale
Dan Hatch -02/28, 01:12 pm- I have a new Right Front
Dan Hatch -03/01, 12:06 pm- Here some pictures of the
FORSALE: 26.27 switch plate non-starter w/key PICS
Jerome Hoffman, Hays -02/28, 11:18 pm- Forgot to add my cell num
Larry Smith -03/01, 11:14 am- I think someone has been
Late 1912 to early 1915 12 rivet rear axle housings
Ed Fuller -03/01, 10:56 am- Housings are sold. Thank
Trade or buy bumpers
Bob Benedict -03/01, 08:16 am- Im looking for a set of f
Ready-to-Run Rolling Chassis
Marvin Konrad -02/23, 11:34 am- Ready to lift the body of
Marvin Konrad -03/01, 12:49 am- Talk to me about a Title!
Dave Huson, Berthoud -02/28, 02:41 am- I need on more ELEKTRA ST
Dave Huson, Berthoud -03/01, 12:42 am- Elektra Step Plate: [ste
Wanted: Model T Ford trailer hitch
Nathan Fahrni -02/26, 07:40 pm- I am looking for a traile
Jack Putnam, Bluffto -02/27, 10:27 am- I have a repro of an orig
Nathan Fahrni -02/27, 12:39 pm- Jack, I sent you a PM Tha
Terry Woods, Richmon -02/27, 09:51 pm- Nathan, if you dont buy J
Steve Tomaso - Milto -02/28, 10:54 am- Did you receive my e-mail
Nathan Fahrni -02/28, 08:38 pm- I purchased a hitch. Than
Jack Putnam, Bluffto -02/28, 09:37 pm- Steve: Sent you a PM. J
RICH WEILAND -02/28, 11:39 pm- This is the coolest site!
brass car guy -02/28, 10:34 am- Need top boot for 1926 to
Mark Gregush Portlan -02/28, 10:43 am-
Larry Smith -02/28, 11:53 am- Not having ever seen an o
Donnie Brown North C -02/28, 01:37 pm- I contacted the owner of
Charles Reichlin -02/28, 11:30 pm- brass car guy what is you
Model t whirligigs for sale
George and Barbara A -02/28, 02:01 am- will you ship to Australi
Spencer Vibert - Gra -02/28, 10:22 am- George shoot me an email
David Schwab -02/28, 11:49 am- Is that right hand cranki
Richard A Eddinger -02/28, 08:01 pm- Sent you a third PM
Spencer Vibert - Gra -02/28, 11:27 pm- Richard I am still playin
Low Head
Tom Rootlieb -02/28, 02:52 pm- Need a 13 or later low he
joe bell -02/28, 04:44 pm- Tom, I have a couple up i
Seth from NC -02/28, 10:23 pm- How much would you want f
Front radius rod ball cap
Donald Shanabrook -02/26, 01:21 pm- Wanted Front radius rod b
Mark Wetherbee - Dow -02/26, 04:14 pm- Are you looking for a sto
Stephen D Heatherly -02/28, 07:42 pm- Donald, new caps are avai
Rear spring leaf
Jack Daron - Brownsb -02/28, 12:03 pm- I need to findpurchase th
Mike Bird -02/28, 04:05 pm- Jack sent you a PM
Dave Huson, Berthoud -02/26, 06:18 pm- Brackets: $20.00. Note th
Dave Huson, Berthoud -02/26, 06:19 pm- Headlight brackets. [hea
William Fedak -02/27, 06:07 pm- DAve - I sent you a PM to
Dave Huson, Berthoud -02/28, 02:08 am- William, I just put your
William Fedak -02/28, 08:35 am- Thanks! Dave. Let me kno
Dave Huson, Berthoud -02/28, 02:55 pm- Bill; my address is Dav
New Faultless style Body
bob middleton -02/28, 01:28 pm- Just curiose how much for
Hotel Room for Chickasha Pre-War Swap Meet
Ron Patterson-Nichol -02/27, 04:59 pm- I have one extra to my ne
Ron Patterson-Nichol -02/28, 07:55 am- The room reservation has
Dave Huson, Berthoud -02/26, 07:49 am- STGABILIZER PAIR; $20.00.
Dave Huson, Berthoud -02/26, 07:50 am- Stabilizers; [stabilize
Dave Huson, Berthoud -02/26, 07:53 am- STABILIZER; [stabilizer
Dave Huson, Berthoud -02/26, 08:02 am- STABILIZER #2 [stabilize
Dave Huson, Berthoud -02/26, 08:07 am- I forgot to say, please a
Eric Magyor -02/27, 08:10 pm- Dave, I emailed you the m
Dave Huson, Berthoud -02/28, 12:41 am- Eric: I didnt get your em
Eric Magyor -02/28, 07:26 am- Will do.
MO to KS to CO to WY to UT to ID to WA Model T transport ...
Freighter Jim -02/25, 09:05 am- February 25th I will be
Freighter Jim -02/26, 06:24 am- February 26th Leaving
Jerome Hoffman, Hays -02/26, 10:19 am- Sounds like you may be th
Freighter Jim -02/28, 05:25 am- Hi Jerome .... Friday wa
Freighter Jim -02/28, 05:25 am- February 28th Decided t
Dave Huson, Berthoud -02/28, 02:49 am- KNOCKERS; $15.00 ea. Whee
Dave Huson, Berthoud -02/28, 02:51 am- I forgot to say please in
Dave Huson, Berthoud -02/28, 03:04 am- KNOCKERS [knockers]
Dave Huson, Berthoud -02/28, 02:21 am- RODS; $35.00. These rod a
Dave Huson, Berthoud -02/28, 02:24 am- FRONT RADIUS RODS I Have
OT: 1929 Model A Fordor for sale
Bob on Texas Gulf Co -02/27, 05:27 pm- I have a 1929 Model A For
Mark Gregush Portlan -02/27, 11:13 pm- Bob; You might want to li
Wire Harness Braiding Machine
ROBERT J STEINER  -02/22, 05:23 pm- I see motor drive on the
RJ Walworth, New Yor -02/23, 04:20 pm- you can do it manually or
Chris Dailledouze -02/25, 07:32 pm- RJ would love to know mor
Warren Webb -02/25, 08:14 pm- Is the one that Coles had
RJ Walworth, New Yor -02/27, 07:58 pm- Warren no these 2 braider
Wanted 1925 pickup bed 21" wheels and tires
bbrunia -02/27, 07:55 pm- I am looking for a a nice
Wanted: 26/27 pickup bed
ginom -02/27, 06:12 am- Need 26/27 pickup bed in
Kevin Whelihan Danbu -02/27, 07:28 am- Check the Minneapolis Cra
LeRoy Ruff -02/27, 06:24 pm- RUFUS RANCH IN NORTHERN M
Early 1913 Touring Body for sale
Dan Hatch -02/27, 09:57 am- Early 1913 Touring body,
Paul jacobs -02/27, 10:09 am- Location?
Dan Hatch -02/27, 10:34 am- Sorry, forgot to add that
Dan Hatch -02/27, 05:44 pm- SOLD Thanks MTFCA. Dan
Car for sale 23 speedster
Rod Letcher -02/27, 05:03 pm- Car has sold! Thank you.
For Sale Henry Ford Signed 1932 Reprints of McGuffey’s Ec...
Ron Patterson-Nichol -02/27, 09:18 am- In 1932 Henry Ford reprin
Ron Patterson-Nichol -02/27, 01:39 pm- The McGuffey readers have
Muncie transmission parts
jeffery l mccrary -02/24, 07:21 am- TT
Mike Bender Tulsa Ok -02/24, 11:51 am- I have extra parts, gears
jeffery l mccrary -02/26, 11:05 am- TT
jeffery l mccrary -02/27, 01:32 pm- TT
Dave Huson, Berthoud -02/27, 12:00 pm- Timing Gears $24.00 ea. N
Dave Huson, Berthoud -02/27, 12:01 pm- TIMING GEARS; [timing g
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -02/27, 11:52 am- One of the harder ones to
I would like to buy some used Bittner coils
Tom Carnegie Spokane -02/26, 04:31 pm- Im still holding out hope
Clayton Swanson -02/26, 04:57 pm- ive got a set of kws that
Tom Carnegie Spokane -02/27, 11:35 am- Clayton, those are not ex
Dave Huson, Berthoud -02/26, 06:32 pm- Support $35.00. When the
Dave Huson, Berthoud -02/26, 06:34 pm- REAR DOOD SUPPORT; Not su
ben jermainne -02/26, 10:15 pm- Dave i would like to buy
Dave Huson, Berthoud -02/26, 10:27 pm- Ben, I apologize I always
Dave Huson, Berthoud -02/26, 10:31 pm- Ben: I will put you name
ben jermainne -02/27, 09:36 am- Thanks dave
Wanted; Vintage HC head
Rob Patterson. Moruy -02/25, 10:12 pm- Hi, Im looking to buy a
Frank van Ekeren (A -02/25, 10:45 pm- Rob, I have a 4 valve Raj
Rob Patterson. Moruy -02/26, 03:32 am- Thanks Frank, Im in the p
Rob Patterson. Moruy -02/26, 03:37 pm- Folks, Frank is asking a
Mike-Iowa -02/26, 03:57 pm- I have a very nice Waukes
Rob Patterson. Moruy -02/26, 05:14 pm- Head found. Thanks &
Seth from NC -02/26, 07:07 pm- Frank, how much are you a
Frank van Ekeren (A -02/26, 07:24 pm- Seth, returned answer to
Seth from NC -02/26, 09:57 pm- I didnt get anything yet.
Roger Karlsson, sout -02/27, 03:04 am- I did get a return on my
Seth from NC -02/27, 06:41 am- Man get out of here Roger
Roger Karlsson, sout -02/27, 09:21 am- Sorry Seth, sent a PM to
Dave Huson, Berthoud -02/27, 08:49 am- Carburetor; $60.00. New s
Dave Huson, Berthoud -02/27, 08:50 am- NH Carb; [NH]
Dave Huson, Berthoud -02/27, 08:58 am- NH CARB; [carb]
Dave Huson, Berthoud -02/27, 08:40 am- SPOOLS; $15.00 EA. There
Dave Huson, Berthoud -02/27, 08:41 am- SPOOLS; [spools]
Dave Huson, Berthoud -02/27, 08:32 am- Brackets $3.00 ea. These
Dave Huson, Berthoud -02/27, 08:33 am- Brackets; [brackets]
Dave Huson, Berthoud -02/27, 08:33 am- Brackets; [brackets]
Looking for two TT 20 inch rear wheels
Bob on Texas Gulf Co -02/26, 10:09 pm- I need two 20 inch rear w
Jerome Hoffman, Hays -02/26, 10:30 pm- Would you also consider t
Bob on Texas Gulf Co -02/27, 07:00 am- You can PM me or email me
Bob on Texas Gulf Co -02/27, 07:03 am- Jerome - I have a Rux. E
For Sale: Big Old Headlight
Paul jacobs -02/26, 08:37 pm- Im not really sure what t
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -02/27, 05:29 am- Not totally sure, but I b
Dave Huson, Berthoud -02/27, 12:33 am- Compressor; $20.00. Will
Dave Huson, Berthoud -02/27, 12:37 am- COMPRESSOR: Has a patent
Tt rear hubs wtb
bob middleton -02/25, 12:31 am- Looking for a set of tt r
Dennis Michaud -02/25, 10:29 am- How about the wheels,, I
Jerome Hoffman, Hays -02/25, 04:00 pm- Bob, I have some already
bob middleton -02/25, 09:42 pm- Dennis i dont want destro
Matthew Temple -02/25, 11:00 pm- Bob call me Matt Temple.
JD, Wichita, KS -02/26, 12:55 pm- These are headed to Chick
bob middleton -02/26, 11:32 pm- Pm sent jd
FOR SALE: 1914-1921 Touring Rear Body Panel New Stock
Larry Gresh -02/26, 09:10 pm- Panel sold, pending payme
1912-1913-1914 Rear Fenders Rootlieb
Larry Gresh -02/25, 04:20 pm- This is an excellent unus
Larry Gresh -02/26, 09:08 pm- Sold, pending payment.
FOR SALE: 1912-1913-1914 Rear Fenders Rootlieb
Larry Gresh -02/25, 04:25 pm- This is an excellent unus
Larry Gresh -02/26, 09:07 pm- These are sold, pending p
FOR SALE: Early Electric Fire Truck/Speedster Search Light
James A. Lightfoot -02/24, 03:22 pm- Hello, Do you still have
Chris Dailledouze -02/26, 12:42 pm- Larry if you still have t
Larry Gresh -02/26, 08:41 pm- The Searchlight has been
Dave Huson, Berthoud -02/26, 05:42 pm- UNDERCUTTER; $50.00 Use o
Dave Huson, Berthoud -02/26, 08:06 pm- One more try: [undercutt
Rocky Mountain Brake!
Bill Kerndt-Waukon,  -02/26, 01:32 pm- Anyone have the address a
Keith Buckley -02/26, 05:23 pm- Yes... Rocky Mountain Br
Bill Kerndt-Waukon,  -02/26, 08:02 pm- Thanks, Keith
Dave Huson, Berthoud -02/26, 07:43 pm- Julian Bankston: Please c
FOR SALE: 1917 Pickup Truck Components
Mike Hanson -02/26, 01:17 pm- Hello everyone, I am pla
Bill Kerndt-Waukon,  -02/26, 01:40 pm- Mike Could I please have
Mike Hanson -02/26, 07:10 pm- Items are no longer avail
Model T and A Engines, Full Service Repair Shop
Chris Dailledouze -02/25, 07:27 pm- .
LeRoy Ruff -02/26, 06:51 pm- how much for a rebuilt t
1926-27 Touring Windshield Stantions & Upper Frame
Paul jacobs -02/25, 11:24 am- Stantions Still for sale
Don Blain -02/26, 12:29 am- Paul I will take them for
Paul jacobs -02/26, 06:35 pm- Don, I sent you an email.
Henry Ford/Ford Motor Company 1912 Winged Pyramid Logo We...
Ron Patterson-Nichol -02/26, 10:09 am- In the October 1912 issue
Ron Patterson-Nichol -02/26, 05:58 pm- The Ford Motor Company 19
Dave Huson, Berthoud -02/26, 07:28 am- Needed a spider to comple
Dave Huson, Berthoud -02/26, 07:29 am- SPIDER: [spider] MAIN F
Steve Tomaso - Milto -02/26, 11:42 am- Also referred to as a sea
Dave Huson, Berthoud -02/26, 02:07 pm- Steve: ;Thanks I had neve
Donnie Brown North C -02/26, 02:30 pm- Dave, here is a link to a
FS Late-Style T Engine Block Needs Work
Rodger Erickson -02/26, 01:31 pm- Im selling a late-style T
WANTED: TT Rear 6 Lug Split Rim
Bill Patterson -02/26, 08:08 am- Need TT 23x4 6 lug split
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -02/26, 01:04 pm- Bill - Try Model T Haven
21" Buffalo wire wheels on a speedster in phoenix
Don Small -02/24, 11:22 am- Found a speedster for sal
Ed in California -02/24, 11:25 am- http://phoenix.craigslist
bob middleton -02/24, 11:28 pm- Wow wish i had the funds
Don Small -02/25, 09:15 am- SOLD.....The ad has disap
Erik Barrett in Aubu -02/26, 11:33 am- Car is coming back to Cal
Old Photo - Ford Dealership Union City
Jay - In Northern Ca -02/26, 10:12 am- [Fordson Garage - 1923 Po
Jay - In Northern Ca -02/26, 10:13 am- DUH! WRONG PLACE FOR THIS
charley shaver- libe -02/26, 10:32 am- jay, i will take them any
ForSale: 1917 Canadian Block
Jerome Hoffman, Hays -02/24, 09:35 am- 1917 Canadian engine bloc
Jerome Hoffman, Hays -02/25, 09:31 am- Casting date makes it a 1
Mario Brossard -02/25, 02:45 pm- Hi, did you have any pict
Jerome Hoffman, Hays -02/25, 03:54 pm- [DSCF0768m.jpg] Picked
Mario Brossard -02/26, 08:54 am- Did you have more picture
Wanted to find.. 1927 Roadster Turtle deck and Pikup Bed
jerry sherer -02/25, 09:26 pm- keith, the stake pocket o
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -02/25, 10:32 pm- Jerry, Thanks for the in
Jack Daron - Brownsb -02/25, 11:00 pm- There is a turtle on Ebay
Dave Huson, Berthoud -02/25, 10:50 pm- Spindles: $10.00 ea. All
Dave Huson, Berthoud -02/25, 10:51 pm- Spindles; [spindles]
For sale wire wheel hub
Spencer Vibert - Gra -02/22, 10:51 pm- Here is one front wire wh
Benjamin Morgan - Mi -02/22, 11:49 pm- Emailed you on the speedo
Spencer Vibert - Gra -02/23, 01:51 pm- bump
Benjamin Morgan - Mi -02/23, 03:45 pm- Did you get my email on t
Spencer Vibert - Gra -02/23, 05:47 pm- Ben I got your email I wi
Spencer Vibert - Gra -02/23, 06:13 pm- Speedometer bracket is so
Spencer Vibert - Gra -02/24, 07:06 pm- $100 on the hub and that
Spencer Vibert - Gra -02/25, 07:53 pm- bump
Brian Beatty _Kansas -02/25, 10:15 pm- Spencer,I sent you a PM t
Spencer Vibert - Gra -02/25, 10:38 pm- Brian use my email the pm
1924 Restored Touring
R. S. Cruickshank -02/25, 07:13 pm- Update to my original ad
1926-7 rear brakes shoes For Sale
Layden Butler -02/25, 04:10 pm- Rusty but still serviceab
Layden Butler -02/25, 04:43 pm- Spoken for Thanks to MTFC
FOR SALE: 1912-1914 New Rootlieb Splash Shields
Larry Gresh -02/25, 04:30 pm- This is a new set of spla
FOR SALE: 1915-1916 Front Fenders Rootlieb
Larry Gresh -02/25, 04:17 pm- This is an excellent unus
Taper leaf For Sale
Layden Butler -02/25, 04:15 pm- This single leaf came wit
Radiator shell
Rick Goelz-Knoxville -02/25, 03:24 pm- I need a high radiator sh
Dave Huson, Berthoud -02/23, 10:42 pm- Coil Box Lids; $20.00 ea.
Dave Huson, Berthoud -02/23, 10:44 pm- Coil Box Lids Above. [co
Dave Huson, Berthoud -02/23, 10:52 pm- COIL BOX LIDS [lids]
Benjamin Morgan - Mi -02/23, 11:22 pm- Hey Dave! You dont have
Dave Huson, Berthoud -02/24, 07:32 am- Benjamin: Sorry I am curr
Tony Barchock Canton -02/24, 08:16 am- any good latches?
Dave Huson, Berthoud -02/24, 09:36 am- Tony: If you were here I
Tony Barchock Canton -02/25, 01:22 pm- Dave I shot you an email
Dave Huson, Berthoud -02/25, 01:55 pm- Tony: I will see if I can
Dave Huson, Berthoud -02/25, 01:49 pm- Arms; $5.00 ea Each arm w
Dave Huson, Berthoud -02/25, 01:51 pm- SPINDLE ARMS ABOVE; [sp
1911-12 Steering Column
Kim Dobbins -02/23, 02:59 pm- For sale is a 1911-12 ste
Kim Dobbins -02/25, 12:00 pm- Sold
Bringing to Chickasha
Walter B. Szumowski -02/25, 11:31 am- Limited number of rebuilt
Early 1912 Engine for sale
Dennis Michaud -02/24, 05:22 pm- Bump
Scott Rosenthal in C -02/25, 11:03 am- Hello Dennis: Per our dis
Wanted 26-27 interior light switch
Erick Keenan -02/24, 11:42 am- I am looking for a 1926 -
Terry Woods, Richmon -02/24, 12:13 pm- Erick, the original 26-27
Colin Mavins Winnipe -02/24, 01:08 pm- What does this switch loo
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -02/24, 01:14 pm- What Terry said above is
Terry Woods, Richmon -02/24, 01:37 pm- Colin, are you asking wha
Dale Peterson Colleg -02/24, 04:37 pm- The switch on the Fordor
Donnie Brown North C -02/24, 05:27 pm- If someone can post a pic
Paul Bourgeois -02/24, 07:41 pm- Just asking, did the 26 T
Terry Woods, Richmon -02/24, 09:52 pm- Only fordors came with do
Ted Dumas -02/24, 11:03 pm- You might try Mike Peters
Dan Treace, North FL -02/24, 11:57 pm- Pictures of the dome lamp
Erick Keenan -02/25, 07:20 am- Thank you, for all of the
Donnie Brown North C -02/25, 10:13 am- I do not think any of my
Terry Woods, Richmon -02/25, 10:27 am- No, Donnie it is an optic
ROBERT BERGSTADT -02/25, 10:32 am- I make the 1915-19 light
'26-'27 Running Boards
Marvin Konrad -02/25, 10:27 am- Both boards are un-altere
New leather seat
Colin Mavins Winnipe -02/22, 03:58 pm- Very nice job is he movin
Ed in California -02/22, 05:36 pm- I need my 13 runabout sea
Steve Tomaso - Milto -02/22, 06:53 pm- Is it for sale, Richard ?
Richard Gould, Folso -02/23, 09:41 pm- Oops, should have been po
Steve Tomaso - Milto -02/23, 09:54 pm- Thanks Richard - didnt fi
Richard Gould, Folso -02/24, 09:01 am- Hi Steve, I hope to have
Larry Smith -02/25, 10:20 am- Richard, do you recall wh
TT wheel puller for sale on Ebay
Fred Miller, Sequim  -02/23, 10:57 pm- I have nothing to do with
Richard A Eddinger -02/24, 09:21 am- That guy thinks it is mad
Chad Marchees _____T -02/24, 07:41 pm- New ones are not cheaper,
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -02/24, 10:19 pm- If he measured correctly,
Richard A Eddinger -02/25, 08:57 am- looking at Snyders catalo
Richard A Eddinger -02/25, 09:58 am- The one for the TT is $82
Donnie Brown North C -02/25, 10:09 am- This seller sells a lot o
Wanted 30x3-1/2 Non-demountable Square fellow wheels rears
Dennis Michaud -02/22, 06:50 pm- I need a pair of rear 30
Dave Huson, Berthoud -02/25, 01:19 am- Dennis: I am pretty sure
For Sale Running board mount gas, oil and water cans
Kim Dobbins -02/24, 11:31 pm- For sale is a nice set of
FOR SALE: 1913-14 Black & Brass E & J Side, Tail & Corco...
Larry Gresh -02/24, 09:09 pm- This is a beautiful set o
Larry Gresh -02/24, 09:10 pm- [DSC00009.JPG] [DSC00011.
Larry Gresh -02/24, 09:11 pm- [DSC00013.JPG] [DSC00015.
26/27 windshield stantions and lower frame WTB
Matt Foye -02/24, 08:34 pm- looking for pair of stanc
26/27 Front doors wanted -touring
Matt Foye -02/24, 08:31 pm- Not looking for rotted do
Early Spring Cleaning- Free for postage
Larry LaPatka -02/24, 01:43 pm- Cleaning out Old Issues o
Larry LaPatka -02/24, 06:24 pm- The Vintage Ford Issues h
K.R.Wilson hand crank coil tester for saleI
Dennis Michaud -02/24, 05:16 pm- Bump
Huge Model T parts collection
Matt Madison -02/23, 11:20 pm- Up for sale is a large as
Matt Madison -02/24, 04:42 pm- sold headed south
Looking for Specific Back Issues of Model T Times (revisi...
Mark Strange - Hills -02/24, 12:20 pm- Oops, make that still sea
IN to IL to ID to WA to NM enclosed transport right now !
Freighter Jim -02/23, 08:54 am- I am leaving Marion, IL o
Freighter Jim -02/23, 11:37 pm- February 24th Leaving Ma
1926 tudor coup drive train
Felipe Perea Jr. -02/23, 08:20 pm- I am looking to sell the
harvey cash -02/23, 10:19 pm- Felipe, What exactly are
Early 23 roadster body
bob middleton -02/23, 10:18 pm- Currently spoken for
Dave Huson, Berthoud -02/23, 10:15 pm- Low Speed Drum; $85.00. T
Dave Huson, Berthoud -02/23, 10:16 pm- LOW SPEED DRUM ABOVE; [
1909-10 Steering Column
Kim Dobbins -02/23, 02:56 pm- For sale is an original 1
Les Gitts - Ferndale -02/23, 04:16 pm- Kim, sent you an e-mail
Kim Dobbins -02/23, 04:50 pm- Sold pending payment.
Russ Furstnow -02/23, 01:01 pm- 1914 Canadian engine bloc
Russ Furstnow -02/23, 03:53 pm- This block has been sold,
1913 Steering Column
Kim Dobbins -02/23, 03:02 pm- For sale is a 1913 steeri
Kim Dobbins -02/23, 03:34 pm- Sold
Coil Box For Sale 1917-?
Bill Severn - SE Tex -02/23, 02:30 pm- Its a new week. Heres a
Dietz lamps WW1 color F/S
Layden Butler -02/23, 01:22 pm- Pair of original Dietz WW
Russ Furstnow -02/23, 12:58 pm- 1914 engine, rebuilt and
Dave Huson, Berthoud -02/23, 12:23 pm- Generator Block Off: $10.
Dave Huson, Berthoud -02/23, 12:25 pm- GENERATOR BLOCK OFF; [g
Dave Huson, Berthoud -02/23, 12:05 pm- Bendix Block Off; $10.00.
Dave Huson, Berthoud -02/23, 12:09 pm- BENDIX BLOCK OFF; [Bend
Dave Huson, Berthoud -02/23, 12:00 pm- Block Off; $10.00. These
Dave Huson, Berthoud -02/23, 12:07 pm- STARTER BLOCK OFF; [Sta
Dave Huson, Berthoud -02/23, 11:46 am- Set Screw; $4.25 ea. Thes
Dave Huson, Berthoud -02/23, 11:48 am- SET SCREWS; [set screws
Dave Huson, Berthoud -02/23, 11:35 am- Clamps: $6.00 for early c
Dave Huson, Berthoud -02/23, 11:36 am- MANIFOLD CLAMPS; [CLAMP
Dave Huson, Berthoud -02/23, 11:36 am- MANIFOLD CLAMPS; [CLAMP
Clasco side and tail lites
Ken Findlay -02/22, 11:49 pm- New price $250 Ken
Dave Huson, Berthoud -02/22, 11:23 pm- Please add $6.30 shipping
Dave Huson, Berthoud -02/22, 10:56 pm- Axles: Two Each: $50.00 e
Dave Huson, Berthoud -02/22, 10:59 pm- AXLE SHAFTS [axle shafts
Dave Huson, Berthoud -02/22, 11:12 pm- AXLE SHAFTS; [Axle Shaft
T parts for sale
bob middleton -02/22, 10:54 pm- Rear spring u bolts in ve
Dave Huson, Berthoud -02/22, 10:43 pm- Rear Spring Perches: [sp
Dave Huson, Berthoud -02/22, 10:34 pm- Differential Spiders; [
Ltb 26-27 roadster body
rick howerton -02/22, 08:34 pm- I`m looking for a 26-27 r
For Sale 1912 Model T Touring
Tim Wrenn -02/22, 07:49 pm- Why are all the cars I wa
23 Speedster on ebay
Rod Letcher -02/22, 07:26 pm- My apologies if this is n
E&J 3 tier all brass sidelamps For Sale
Layden Butler -02/22, 04:28 pm- These are 13 tall and ver
Fork mount elecrtic headlamps For Sale
Layden Butler -02/22, 04:21 pm- ttt
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