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Model T Ford Forum
Forum 2014
Carbide Gas Light Wrench ??? on e Bay????
Ross Benedict - Calg -09/23, 08:14 pm- Title reads Brass Era Mod
Mike Vaughn -09/23, 08:18 pm- Ross - I think they are r
Mike Conte -09/23, 08:08 pm- Still only 2 bids, reserv
Danial - Veneta OR U -09/23, 08:14 pm- Hey those are period corr
1917 Runabout front & rear spring questions
Warwick Landy -09/22, 08:11 pm- My friend has a 1917 runa
Royce in Georgetown  -09/22, 08:20 pm- The rear spring on my 17
Dan Treace, North FL -09/22, 08:28 pm- From the Encly on the clu
Royce in Georgetown  -09/22, 08:34 pm- Dan, The encyclopedia is
Dan Treace, North FL -09/22, 08:46 pm- Royce Thanks, will add t
Royce in Georgetown  -09/22, 09:03 pm- Mine has the normal kind
Erik Johnson -09/22, 10:17 pm- Royce: My May 1917 roads
Warwick Landy -09/22, 10:26 pm- Thankyou guys for your re
Dan Treace, North FL -09/23, 09:55 am- Here are some dimensions
Larry Smith -09/23, 10:19 am- It would be neat to see a
Warwick Landy -09/23, 04:28 pm- Thankyou Dan. A picture d
Andy Loso St Joseph, -09/23, 05:50 pm- Did this one come from Mi
Royce in Georgetown  -09/23, 08:10 pm- Mine came from Minnesota.
Front wheel bearings
Dick Fischer -09/22, 08:53 pm- Has anybody out there eve
Dan Treace, North FL -09/23, 10:55 am- Dick Here are some earli
Kenneth W DeLong -09/23, 11:25 am- I wonder why Ford said th
Dan Treace, North FL -09/23, 11:32 am- Bud 20 years is a while
Royce in Georgetown  -09/23, 01:14 pm- Dick, The metal seal ret
Roger Karlsson, sout -09/23, 01:14 pm- The hub CAP can be a grea
ROBERT BERGSTADT -09/23, 01:35 pm- I have n.o.s. retainers,
Kenneth W DeLong -09/23, 04:33 pm- Dan,Your right time is no
Dick Fischer -09/23, 07:56 pm- Thank you guys for the he
Dick Fischer -09/23, 08:01 pm- Correction to previous po
Royce in Georgetown  -09/23, 08:03 pm- The ball retainer is a sn
Mark Strange -09/23, 08:04 pm- The vendors carry the bal
More Model T treasures found in a garage
Scott Kramer -09/21, 10:16 pm- Here are a few pictures o
Bob Trevan - Austral -09/22, 12:21 am- Stuff one dreams about --
Keith Townsend ; ^ ) -09/22, 01:02 am- Scott- The fore-door look
Scott Kramer -09/22, 06:34 am- Hi Keith, There is only t
Dave Barker - Dayton -09/22, 08:58 am- If the block number is co
Don Watson -Florence -09/22, 03:27 pm- Scott, Cool find on the D
Rick J. Gunter -09/22, 09:15 pm- Wow, and I thought there
Scott Kramer -09/23, 05:47 pm- Keith, I couldnt find any
Keith Townsend ; ^ ) -09/23, 07:58 pm- Scott- Here is the number
Odd Universal Joint
JD, Wichita, KS -09/22, 12:17 am- Some pics of an odd u-joi
Dave Huson, Berthoud -09/22, 12:20 am- JD I have some of them th
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -09/22, 12:33 am- Without checking the fit,
Erik Barrett -09/22, 02:15 am- Im with Wayne. Looks like
Verne Shirk -09/22, 07:40 am- Since it has a Ford scrip
John Danuser -09/22, 10:29 am- Is it for sale? danuser88
JD, Wichita, KS -09/23, 03:18 pm- I was thinking Muncie, bu
Mike Bender Tulsa Ok -09/23, 07:56 pm- I have a couple and they
OT-Motorcycle Cannonball Run- BIKES & VEHICLE STOLEN!
Dan Killecut -09/23, 06:23 pm- Taken from the Motorcycle
John Aldrich Orting  -09/23, 07:48 pm- A short rope and a long d
HCCT Weston Meter ON eBay :-)...
Bob Cascisa - Poulsb -09/22, 10:37 pm- Get your BIG wallet out f
Steve Tomaso - Milto -09/22, 10:44 pm- This one was a good deal.
Mark Wetherbee -09/23, 12:32 pm- I watched that second one
Garnet -09/23, 07:47 pm- Beware the international
12 Rivet Rear End Housings :-)...
Mike Vaughn -09/23, 07:42 pm- Here is a pretty good buy
Old Photo - Early Touring Car
Jay - In Northern Ca -09/22, 10:40 pm- [mnb5499z,.JPG]
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/22, 11:27 pm- Looks to me like that low
Royce in Georgetown  -09/23, 06:16 am- Later 1909 car. Steel run
Hap Tucker in Sumter -09/23, 07:15 am- Jay, Great photo! Ditto
Tim Wrenn -09/23, 08:19 am- The wife looks like she j
Larry Smith -09/23, 10:25 am- Nice detail an the top bo
Norman T. Kling -09/23, 11:07 am- That wasnt nice, Tim. Sh
Roger Karlsson, sout -09/23, 11:19 am- Another reason for not sm
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -09/23, 04:12 pm- I am still trying to figu
Bob McDonald-Federal -09/23, 05:46 pm- Wayne There is somethi
Mike Vaughn -09/23, 07:32 pm- I would say that the lice
What type of brakes do I have.
Matthew Temple -09/23, 07:29 pm- I have a set of brakes th
Matthew Temple -09/23, 07:30 pm- [image.jpg] forgot pics
Help please proper TW commutator wiring placement ?
David Kriegel Mishaw -09/23, 05:46 pm- OK I know that if somethi
David Kriegel Mishaw -09/23, 05:47 pm- It also seems the wire bu
George_Cherry Hill N -09/23, 05:55 pm- David, How they go depe
David Kriegel Mishaw -09/23, 06:05 pm- Here is a pictures of how
David Kriegel Mishaw -09/23, 06:07 pm- Thank you George it is a
Bob Coiro -09/23, 06:09 pm- This isnt mine, but it su
David Kriegel Mishaw -09/23, 06:18 pm- You men can laugh at me l
David Kriegel Mishaw -09/23, 06:32 pm- Bob yes, it looks like th
Mark Strange -09/23, 06:33 pm- Here is a 2013 thread on
David Kriegel Mishaw -09/23, 07:14 pm- WOW thank you all soo soo
Mark Strange -09/23, 07:24 pm- Youre welcome! [:-] Act
Allan Bennett - Aust -09/23, 11:38 am- Thats Adelaide Black Powd
Harold Schwendeman - -09/23, 04:04 pm- Allan - Im thinking that
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -09/23, 04:26 pm- I do believe that Harold
Allan Bennett - Aust -09/23, 05:19 pm- Harold, you are right abo
Harold Schwendeman - -09/23, 06:47 pm- Allan & Wayne - In ca
Taps and Dies
Brice Chalanšon -09/22, 04:39 pm- Hi everybody. I would buy
Mark Strange -09/22, 04:41 pm- I dont know if their qual
john kuehn -09/22, 04:55 pm- Go to Ebay and check out
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/22, 05:03 pm- There are several other s
Royce in Georgetown  -09/22, 08:09 pm- eBay is your friend. ht
Dan B -09/22, 08:12 pm- Brice, Here is a link to
Tony Barchock -09/22, 08:58 pm- Tapping fresh metal or cl
Brice Chalanšon -09/23, 01:18 pm- Thank you for your messag
Gene Carrothers Hunt -09/23, 06:11 pm- Brice, I sent you a PM if
New to the T looking for some help
Jason Butler -09/20, 03:15 pm- Hey guys im back its been
Hap Tucker in Sumter -09/20, 04:27 pm- Jason, While a T in good
Jason Butler -09/20, 05:23 pm- Yeah i just checked for s
Roger Karlsson, sout -09/20, 06:06 pm- A 12v battery works just
JohnCodman -09/20, 06:14 pm- Ill be the odd man out he
Jason Butler -09/20, 06:39 pm- Yeah this has no starter.
Roger Karlsson, sout -09/20, 06:59 pm- 6v is just as incorrect a
Norman T. Kling -09/20, 07:24 pm- Do all of the below with
mike_black -09/20, 08:29 pm- Jason, In my 15, I use
Jason Butler -09/20, 10:01 pm- It is wired up already fo
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/20, 11:07 pm- Why would there be a batt
Val Soupios -09/20, 11:09 pm- Hate to add fuel to the r
Jason Butler -09/20, 11:46 pm- Yeah i just started readi
Roger Karlsson, sout -09/21, 02:11 am- The T engine is different
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/21, 09:46 am- Granted, this was not in
Norman T. Kling -09/21, 10:17 am- Very easy. You prime usi
Dave Barker - Dayton -09/21, 01:56 pm- Roger, Im sorry, but I mu
Jason Butler -09/22, 06:09 pm- Ok i understand how to st
george house -09/22, 09:14 pm- Good looking 14 touring J
Donnie Brown North C -09/22, 09:31 pm- Jason, the mag still may
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/22, 09:44 pm- If theres agriculture aro
Kenneth W DeLong -09/22, 09:46 pm- If your trying to hand cr
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -09/23, 12:44 pm- Youre getting advice all
Royce in Georgetown  -09/23, 01:11 pm- 6 volt batteries cost twi
Jason Butler -09/23, 05:37 pm- Great. I touched them bec
Kenneth W DeLong -09/23, 05:51 pm- Jason,The mag is alternat
Charlie B actually i -09/22, 11:24 pm- Thinking about making a r
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/22, 11:30 pm- The show is Saturday. htt
Dan B -09/23, 06:02 am- If you want to see any of
Richard Wolf -09/23, 08:45 am- Do they still have the sh
doug hauge upstate N -09/23, 09:03 am- yes, last year they had s
James J. Lyons III - -09/23, 09:55 am- The accu-weather extended
Keith Townsend ; ^ ) -09/23, 10:34 am- Who is going? Not me. H
Larry Bohlen, Severn -09/23, 10:36 am- James, I hope you are wr
Charlie B actually i -09/23, 11:39 am- Thats the big problem for
James J. Lyons III - -09/23, 01:38 pm- Larry.. I know. I was th
ROBERT J STEINER  -09/23, 04:47 pm- for extra protection from
Scott Kramer -09/23, 05:34 pm- Hi Richard, The showers a
Richard Wolf -09/23, 05:48 pm- Thanks Scott
Marvel Mystery Oil
Dave Wells -09/17, 08:02 pm- Im not sure if anyone her
Ricks - Surf City -09/17, 08:49 pm- But, Dave, its not origin
Dave Wells -09/17, 09:08 pm- Maybe it is. It says 1923
Dick Lodge - St Loui -09/17, 10:24 pm- My argument inn favor of
Joseph W. Rudzik -09/18, 01:32 am- The diesel fuel mix is wh
Ricks - Surf City -09/18, 09:42 am- Pioneer on this Forum, Ke
Charlie B actually i -09/18, 09:59 am- [marvel (Small).jpg] Pro
Tom Miller, Mostly i -09/18, 10:13 am-
A. Gustaf Bryngelson -09/18, 11:31 am- Hydrotex makes a product
Kenneth W DeLong -09/18, 11:48 am- The org question was [how
A. Gustaf Bryngelson -09/18, 11:59 am- The original question has
John H. Nichols -09/18, 12:26 pm- Does anyone have any expe
Kenneth W DeLong -09/18, 01:25 pm- Gustaf,How much MM Oil do
Micheal Crowe -09/18, 03:23 pm- 1/2 cup
David Stroud -09/18, 03:23 pm- Gustaf, forty years ago w
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -09/18, 04:00 pm- The MMO folks recommend 4
A. Gustaf Bryngelson -09/18, 05:37 pm- David, I have always had
Dave Wells -09/18, 07:00 pm- I just threw some MMO in
Wilf Bradbury -09/18, 08:08 pm- Dave Wells tried to con
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -09/18, 08:32 pm- Wilf - you almost gave me
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -09/18, 08:39 pm- Tuesday I told the boss h
Wilf Bradbury -09/18, 09:17 pm- Newmarket is just north e
Dick Fischer -09/18, 09:53 pm- Ive tried MMO and cant re
Dave Wells -09/18, 11:03 pm- Wilf , I just saw this no
Charlie B actually i -09/18, 11:37 pm- Two reasons this debate w
John P Noonan -09/18, 11:52 pm- Charlie, so aside from th
Charlie B actually i -09/19, 12:08 am- The pic is because this s
Royce in Georgetown  -09/19, 07:30 am- Charlie B, Agree totally
Dave Wells -09/19, 09:38 am- I agree Charlie, the deba
Ricks - Surf City -09/19, 09:45 am- John Wayne had a very har
A. Gustaf Bryngelson -09/19, 09:53 am- Good point Dave. There i
Charlie B actually i -09/19, 12:41 pm- Useable 4 year old gas? S
Royce in Georgetown  -09/19, 02:15 pm- Tried it. Got smoke.
A. Gustaf Bryngelson -09/19, 02:37 pm- Charlie, I am not selling
Dave Wells -09/19, 03:12 pm- Royce, you must have pour
Harold Schwendeman - -09/19, 03:15 pm- There are those who claim
A. Gustaf Bryngelson -09/19, 05:30 pm- Harold, I have made that
Mack Cole ---- Earth -09/19, 06:13 pm- Well the trouble is the f
Dennis Seth - Ohio -09/19, 06:16 pm- I just thought I would sa
Kenneth W DeLong -09/19, 06:28 pm- If anyone says it works g
Royce in Georgetown  -09/19, 07:10 pm- By saying it works I gues
Paul Mikeska, Denver -09/19, 08:29 pm- The last time I drove my
A. Gustaf Bryngelson -09/19, 08:56 pm- I have been using 2 cycle
Paul Mikeska, Denver -09/19, 09:10 pm- To come clean the reason
Peter B. Ratledge -09/19, 09:43 pm- Gentlemen, All these po
Mike Walker, NW AR -09/19, 09:47 pm- Model Ts run fantastic wi
Paul Mikeska, Denver -09/19, 10:04 pm- There is another benefit.
Bob Jablonski -09/19, 10:16 pm- Wonder if Royce added MMO
A. Gustaf Bryngelson -09/20, 12:52 am- Hey Paul, I remember shu
Mack Cole ---- Earth -09/20, 08:58 am- Maby Royces T was trying
Royce in Georgetown  -09/20, 10:49 am- I am guessing this is sor
Roger Karlsson, sout -09/20, 11:41 am- Its quite rational to con
Kenneth W DeLong -09/20, 02:37 pm- Roger,Not all two stroke
Scott Owens -09/20, 11:41 pm- Did Royce say he was gett
Paul Mikeska, Denver -09/21, 12:30 am- I have a hard time unders
Paul Mikeska, Denver -09/21, 12:42 am- I forgot to add that The
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -09/21, 07:21 am- [:-] [:-] Your point of
Dan Knoll -09/21, 08:20 am- I broke my ARM sliding on
Royce in Georgetown  -09/21, 09:29 am- Paul, I have an open min
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -09/21, 09:37 am- Just to clarify a few thi
Kenneth W DeLong -09/21, 09:58 am- Maybe if your running roo
Bud Holzschuh - Pana -09/21, 09:58 am- I dont think Im a believe
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -09/21, 10:44 am- Theres too many variables
A. Gustaf Bryngelson -09/21, 11:14 am- OK, adding a gas additive
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -09/21, 01:02 pm- I dont care if it is snak
A. Gustaf Bryngelson -09/21, 03:46 pm- Hey Royce, I do not think
Royce in Georgetown  -09/21, 05:37 pm- Hey Gustav, If you want
Bob Jablonski -09/21, 05:41 pm- OK Royce, respond with do
Royce in Georgetown  -09/21, 06:10 pm- Yes Bob, I already have.
A. Gustaf Bryngelson -09/21, 06:11 pm- Royce, does everything yo
Royce in Georgetown  -09/21, 06:44 pm- Gustaf sorry for typing G
A. Gustaf Bryngelson -09/21, 06:59 pm- Royce, do not worry about
Frank van Ekeren (A -09/21, 07:18 pm- Something interesting to
Charlie B actually i -09/21, 07:20 pm- In reference to oil fouli
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -09/21, 07:42 pm- Dan - Chop Suey is not
Willis Jenkins -09/22, 08:24 am- If youre using MMO and yo
Chuck Hoffman - Gold -09/22, 01:53 pm- At age 73, I feel as heal
Willie K Cordes -09/22, 04:48 pm- After reading all those p
Harold Schwendeman - -09/22, 04:58 pm- I put Sta-bil in my Marve
Mike Walker, NW AR -09/22, 06:47 pm- [:-] [:-] [:-]
R. S. Cruickshank -09/22, 07:12 pm- Now that we have hashed t
Royce in Georgetown  -09/22, 08:10 pm- Sea Foam LOL!!!!!!! Aga
Michael R Beary -09/22, 08:44 pm- This has been a great thr
Jeff Hood -09/22, 09:02 pm- Its all in the name! Its
Ricks - Surf City -09/22, 10:11 pm- Good, Jeff. So much heat
Joseph Geisler -09/23, 12:18 am- I want to thank you all f
Gary Tillstrom -09/23, 08:03 am- Royce Im not familiar wi
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -09/23, 08:50 am- I am somewhat of an exper
Roar Sand -09/23, 10:10 am- Gustaf, You and the Swedi
A. Gustaf Bryngelson -09/23, 04:58 pm- Hey Roar, We are not rela
Russell Prideaux -09/23, 05:08 pm- An Australian perspective
A. Gustaf Bryngelson -09/23, 05:34 pm- Hey Russell, that is an i
Old Photo - Mixed Transportation
Jay - In Northern Ca -09/23, 10:36 am- [mhfgjkb4451.JPG]
Norman T. Kling -09/23, 10:58 am- They both have a mind of
Mark Wetherbee -09/23, 12:34 pm- Norm - are you commenting
Tyrone Thomas - Tope -09/23, 04:47 pm- I dont like B/W photos. Y
Bob McDonald-Federal -09/23, 05:31 pm- Tyrone Remember any color
Loose dust cap
Bill Elliott -09/23, 05:05 pm- I went to put my rebuilt
Allan Bennett - Aust -09/23, 05:14 pm- Bill, as far as I know, t
R.V. Anderson -09/23, 05:15 pm- What type of hub do you h
Cup Grease
Larry Smith -09/23, 02:41 pm- I havent seen cup grease
A. Gustaf Bryngelson -09/23, 05:09 pm- Hey Larry, I use a grease
1914 Running Board / Fender Wood??
David Schwab -09/23, 04:35 pm- The catalogs show an 8 pi
R.V. Anderson -09/23, 05:07 pm- Yes; the bolts have a spe
AutoTrain loading- unloading instructions
Will Copeland - Tren -09/18, 04:25 pm- I was asked to write out
Will Copeland - Tren -09/18, 04:38 pm- Opps, I already see a pro
Peter Claverie -09/18, 05:00 pm- Theres also a typo in the
Randy Glowacki -09/18, 05:28 pm- Will, I think you forgot
Bob McDonald-Federal -09/18, 06:29 pm- Will How much insurance
Richard Wolf -09/18, 06:53 pm- Will; I dont think I woul
Will Copeland - Tren -09/18, 07:00 pm- Its a big choice for me b
Richard Wolf -09/18, 07:07 pm- Will; Ive had my 14 T for
Bob McDonald-Federal -09/18, 07:07 pm- Will I think that they
Bud Holzschuh - Pana -09/18, 07:59 pm- I HOPE that they will ask
Mack Cole ---- Earth -09/18, 09:39 pm- I must aggree with severa
Mack Cole ---- Earth -09/18, 09:41 pm- Also, 1 issue I have not
Ron Mc Willie -09/18, 09:50 pm- A few years back, a frien
Dan B -09/19, 06:21 am- Theyre not going to have
Dan B -09/19, 06:22 am- Or I should say, depress
JohnCodman -09/19, 09:21 am- The directions will work
Bill Severn - SE Tex -09/20, 11:26 am- The railroad would be bet
Paul Shinn -09/20, 04:59 pm- Jay Leno caught a lot of
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -09/20, 08:50 pm- Make sure that you have b
michael grady -09/20, 09:13 pm- I think you want it on ba
Will Copeland - Tren -09/21, 10:07 am- Michael, My car starts ea
Royce in Georgetown  -09/21, 10:44 am- This is not going to have
Ted Dumas -09/23, 03:03 pm- I suggest you go down and
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -09/23, 03:26 pm- since this came back I ha
Bob McDonald-Federal -09/23, 04:18 pm- Fred Great idea, thanks
Will Copeland - Tren -09/23, 04:30 pm- That is a great idea, I w
Globe Trekker on PBS and how not to start a T
A. Gustaf Bryngelson -09/22, 11:50 pm- There was a frighting bit
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -09/23, 04:16 am- Yikes!! Gotta love our ed
James Chochole -09/23, 07:27 am- Correction- you gotta lov
A. Gustaf Bryngelson -09/23, 11:37 am- Actually, Wayne is partia
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -09/23, 04:23 pm- Thank you AGB! I will, ho
36th Annual Can - Am Tour is in the Books !
Steve Tomaso - Milto -09/21, 06:46 pm- The Rankins, McLoughlins
Bruce Hopkins -09/22, 10:44 am- Totally agree with you St
Tom Carnegie -09/22, 04:46 pm- As a first-timer, I reall
Ken Findlay -09/23, 03:12 am- Another great CanAm. How
Ken Findlay -09/23, 03:32 am- [WP_20140919_004 (Custom)
Hap Tucker in Sumter -09/23, 06:18 am- Looks like a lot fun and
Dan Killecut -09/23, 06:36 am- Thanks for sharing the to
John Aldrich Orting  -09/23, 11:46 am- It was a truly wonderful
John Aldrich Orting  -09/23, 11:49 am- Hap, My red 1927 Touring
Renea Aldrich in Ort -09/23, 03:36 pm- Thanks for the pictures a
1926 Missouri Registration Card
Jay - In Northern Ca -09/23, 10:30 am- [$_57.JPG]
Joe Van -09/23, 11:13 am- Very Nice Jay, love seein
Dan Treace, North FL -09/23, 03:32 pm- Wonder how the secretary
State Of New Jersey Registration Card 1921
Jay - In Northern Ca -09/22, 10:29 am- [reg 1.jpg] [reg.jpg]
Mike Stitt-Southern  -09/23, 02:48 pm- Those were the days. That
Vaporizer to NH Conversion
Bill Harris, Hunting -09/21, 11:24 pm- Well, it only took me abo
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/21, 11:27 pm- Did you knock a hole thro
Bill Harris, Hunting -09/21, 11:32 pm- The hole in the block was
Bill Harris, Hunting -09/22, 12:22 am- Heres the Before picture:
Ken Todd -09/22, 10:58 am- Did you replace the throt
Harold Schwendeman - -09/22, 03:11 pm- Bill - For what its worth
Bill Harris, Hunting -09/23, 12:07 am- Ken: I did have to chang
Jeff Hood -09/23, 12:15 am- Harold, I remember that P
Harold Schwendeman - -09/23, 12:30 am- Jeff - I was told that Pe
Mike Spaziano, Bellf -09/23, 01:07 am- The late Louie Baglietto,
Harold Schwendeman - -09/23, 01:41 am- Mike - Thanks,.....I wish
Harold Schwendeman - -09/23, 01:50 am- Oh, and one other thing,.
Charlie B actually i -09/23, 12:40 pm- When I converted my 27 I
Larry Smith -09/23, 02:45 pm- I would re shape your gas
Old school leather helmet on the cheap (for speedsters ec...
Nathan Bright -09/22, 04:55 pm- Hey yall, So Belk the cl
Gary H. White - Sher -09/22, 06:07 pm-
Shawn Hayward -09/22, 06:08 pm-
Nathan Bright -09/22, 10:02 pm- yup! thats it!
Clayton Swanson -09/22, 10:08 pm- lots of cool old leather
Derek Kiefer - Manto -09/23, 02:19 pm- I just tried to buy this,
The competition 1920 Chevy Dealership in Quanah, Texas ow...
Terry Woods, Richmon -09/22, 12:19 am- Above. I posted about an
Terry Woods, Richmon -09/23, 02:07 pm- I remember from my first
Mark Strange -09/23, 02:15 pm- First two pictures, conve
Show Us Your T Doodlebug or Conversion Tractor!!
Ron -09/20, 07:41 pm- On another thread, someon
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -09/20, 09:15 pm- I could really use one of
Fred Schrope - Uplan -09/20, 09:33 pm- How did they drive that m
Ron -09/20, 09:50 pm- Its not the most well-bal
Bob Gruber- Spanaway -09/20, 10:05 pm- Heres my Fond Du Lac. Hav
Bob Gruber- Spanaway -09/20, 10:06 pm- Should have said its base
Fred Schrope - Uplan -09/20, 10:07 pm- Yeah, I understand that,
Michael R Beary -09/20, 10:45 pm- My Doodlebug has a TT fra
Ron -09/20, 11:48 pm- Fred - youre correct. Si
Ron -09/21, 06:44 am- Mike, I really want to se
Chad Marchees -09/21, 06:47 am- Boy Oh Boy. I have no pra
Ron -09/21, 07:23 am- Chad, Here you go!
Chad Marchees -09/21, 07:34 am- Ron, Thanks. I hope you
Brian Holcomb, Water -09/21, 07:43 am- I have 2, one the my gran
Brian Holcomb, Water -09/21, 07:46 am- I should comment also. Th
Ron -09/21, 07:51 am- Brian - find someone to t
John McGinnis in San -09/21, 08:59 am- Here is one I discovered
CharlieT -09/21, 10:41 am- Here is a factory made Mo
Royce in Georgetown  -09/21, 11:48 am- This is my dad about 1934
Ron -09/21, 12:11 pm- Would be nice to have tha
Lance Sorenson, Hect -09/21, 01:50 pm- My load going to a thresh
Ron -09/21, 02:27 pm- Was waiting for you to po
Todd Retterer -09/21, 04:47 pm- [IMG_9313 (575x767).jpg]
Gary H. White - Sher -09/21, 04:50 pm- http://grandrapids.craigs
Lance Sorenson, Hect -09/21, 06:40 pm- No Ron, I fixed it up for
Ron -09/21, 06:49 pm- Lance, that is a great st
Donnie Brown North C -09/21, 07:12 pm- Here are some photos of m
Ron -09/21, 07:22 pm- Donnie - she is great! I
Lance Sorenson, Hect -09/21, 07:30 pm- I saw this one in a state
Ron -09/21, 07:37 pm- Lance, There was one sim
Lance Sorenson, Hect -09/21, 08:07 pm- Ron, I posted about the s
Derek Kiefer - Manto -09/21, 08:12 pm- Heres an old film from th
Donnie Brown North C -09/21, 08:15 pm- Lance, Ron, and anyone el
Ron -09/21, 08:21 pm- Lance - doodlebugs and co
Todd Retterer -09/21, 08:47 pm- This is slightly OT: Are
Ron -09/21, 08:55 pm- Donnie - see if you can d
Chad Marchees -09/22, 06:34 am- Well I can say you guys h
Michael R Beary -09/22, 08:22 am- Chad, Im not sure you wan
Donnie Brown North C -09/22, 09:00 am- Chad, these conversions a
Kenneth W DeLong -09/22, 10:12 am- On the for sale part of t
Michael R Beary -09/22, 05:57 pm- My Doodlebug with my brot
Chad Marchees -09/22, 06:58 pm- Gotcha on the speed thing
Ron -09/22, 07:26 pm- Mike, Shes FANTASTIC
Ron -09/22, 07:42 pm- Chad, Playing with
Ron -09/22, 07:43 pm- BTW - the Ts are my porce
Michael R Beary -09/22, 08:23 pm- That seat came off a spee
Chad Marchees -09/22, 08:34 pm- OK, lets try this. [Mode
Chad Marchees -09/22, 08:35 pm- [ModelT-to-TractorPlans-p
Chad Marchees -09/22, 08:35 pm- [ModelT-to-TractorPlans-p
Chad Marchees -09/22, 08:36 pm- [ModelT-to-TractorPlans-p
Chad Marchees -09/22, 08:37 pm- [ModelT-to-TractorPlans-p
Ron -09/22, 09:30 pm- Price went up $30!!
Rex Pyles -09/23, 10:18 am- found this. http://grand
Ron -09/23, 02:02 pm- Not a bad price if its a
Checking in, T updates
Jim Rutherford -09/18, 10:02 am- More news - the DMV had a
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -09/18, 10:21 pm- Sounding better! Thanks f
Royce in Georgetown  -09/19, 07:55 am- Jim, The number on your
Dick Lodge - St Loui -09/19, 09:14 am- Jim, what do you mean by
John H. Nichols -09/19, 09:27 am- Dick, I would have at
Dick Lodge - St Loui -09/19, 09:36 am- John, I might have but he
Jim Rutherford -09/19, 12:37 pm- Ill give everyone the off
Val Soupios -09/19, 05:22 pm- I bought a 14 T from Cali
Matthew Atchinson  -09/20, 09:49 am- Jim, If you do decide to
Jim Rutherford -09/21, 12:05 pm- Val - Im with you. Play b
JohnCodman -09/21, 12:10 pm- To Dick Lodge - I had alm
Royce in Georgetown  -09/21, 01:11 pm- Jim, Ive been down this
Jim Rutherford -09/22, 09:54 am- Royce - the way it works
Craig Anderson, cent -09/22, 07:46 pm- I figured Orygon would be
joe bell -09/22, 08:37 pm- Jim, I had my grandfather
Jim Rutherford -09/23, 12:41 pm- Joe - I have no idea if t
Willie K Cordes -09/23, 01:25 pm- Here in South Central Tex
Old Photo - A Few Swigs For The Road
Jay - In Northern Ca -09/22, 10:24 am- [$(KGrHqJ,!qwFIyPJ-cg+BSQ
Scott Owens -09/22, 10:42 am- Ted Kennedy,s Uncle,s?
Dave Wells -09/22, 10:50 am- Looks like a 17 or 18 car
Ivan Warrington -09/22, 10:52 am- These Ts will drive you t
Steve Tomaso - Milto -09/22, 10:59 am- Just adding a bit of anti
Dennis Seth - Ohio -09/22, 11:01 am- I can hear the driver say
Roger Karlsson, sout -09/22, 11:19 am- Im thinking about an old
Don Watson -Florence -09/22, 11:52 am- Center person resembles W
Gary H. White - Sher -09/22, 06:13 pm- More like the Bambino.
John Sundstrom -09/22, 06:31 pm- If it was 1920, they may
Michael Hamburg -09/22, 07:07 pm- Id like to say THANKS, I
Jay - In Northern Ca -09/22, 08:50 pm- Great stuff Rodger! Thank
Gary H. White - Sher -09/23, 10:51 am- The Babe [Babe-Ruth-19_v
Charlie B actually i -09/23, 12:36 pm- Cant be Teds Uncles Scott
Old Photo - Posing With The Field Hands
Jay - In Northern Ca -09/22, 10:42 pm- [C04973a.jpg]
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -09/23, 01:52 am- 14 touring? Thank you Jay
Barry Fowler - Eagle -09/23, 02:00 am- Im thinking 13.
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -09/23, 04:20 am- Windshield brace looks li
Dennis Seth - Ohio -09/23, 06:45 am- Are you sure thats not St
Norman T. Kling -09/23, 11:12 am- It must be the angle of t
Jay - In Northern Ca -09/23, 11:19 am- Norm, Maybe this is the p
Charlie B actually i -09/23, 12:33 pm- OK. back to work! Say wha
Canyonville, Oregon-Photo
David Menzies -09/23, 10:36 am- There was a chap there th
Ricks - Surf City -09/23, 12:31 pm- Funny thing; growing up i
Front wheel hub ?
ken bechtel -09/22, 10:29 pm- My wheels are 21 , my que
John Zibell -09/22, 10:33 pm- Could just be a cracked r
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/22, 11:24 pm- [IMG_4128 copy.JPG] This
G.R.Cheshire -09/23, 07:25 am- Ken here is an ebay listi
keith g barrier -09/23, 08:44 am- The race cracks because i
Roger Karlsson, sout -09/23, 08:53 am- If the race hasnt turned
Jerry VanOoteghem -09/23, 10:37 am- Ken, If the race is loos
Norman T. Kling -09/23, 10:57 am- For the wood spoke type w
Mark Strange -09/23, 12:09 pm- Ken, I sent you a PM. Ma
Old Photo - Coupe Fender Bender
Jay - In Northern Ca -09/22, 10:44 pm- [C05170.jpg]
Dana A. Crosby in Gl -09/22, 11:58 pm- That looks brand new!
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -09/23, 01:59 am- Ouch!! And a 24 coupe lik
Royce in Georgetown  -09/23, 06:00 am- The building in the backg
Larry Smith -09/23, 10:29 am- Id say the car is a 25. L
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -09/23, 12:07 pm- See what happens when a b
Stabil or drain?
Tyrone Thomas - Tope -09/21, 01:41 pm- Which is better with toda
Mark Strange -09/21, 01:47 pm- When I lived in Connectic
Charlie B actually i -09/21, 01:57 pm- Drain. Period. If it ran
Royce in Georgetown  -09/21, 03:10 pm- Drain it and use in the m
A. Gustaf Bryngelson -09/21, 03:29 pm- I mix Bel Ray 2 cycle oil
Tim Wrenn -09/21, 07:22 pm- I am a firm believer in S
Dave Wells -09/21, 08:37 pm- I have no opinion on Stab
Mack Cole ---- Earth -09/21, 08:51 pm- Well I can shed a differe
Dick Fischer -09/21, 10:43 pm- OK, heres my story. Just
Roar Sand -09/22, 06:28 am- The BP station in Town ha
David Menzies -09/22, 03:02 pm- Ethonal is a big industry
Bob Coiro -09/22, 03:44 pm- Regardless of the season,
Jerry VanOoteghem -09/22, 04:16 pm- For over the winter, I do
David Stroud -09/22, 04:31 pm- Same here Jerry. Dave
Ron -09/22, 05:02 pm- Same as Dick, Jerry and D
Craig Anderson, cent -09/22, 08:18 pm- This must be STA-BIL day
Derek Kiefer - Manto -09/22, 08:34 pm- I drain mine... easy to d
Scott Owens -09/22, 08:42 pm- Alcohol Is a good race ga
Kenneth W DeLong -09/22, 09:37 pm- Are you really sure about
T Thompson -09/23, 11:09 am- Thanks for the info here
A. Gustaf Bryngelson -09/23, 11:44 am- Mr Thompson, if you are n
A. Gustaf Bryngelson -09/23, 11:50 am- Here is a web site that l
John Aldrich Orting  -09/23, 11:52 am- Im with Bob on this one.
New to the T world need some help
David Morris -09/22, 12:01 pm- Hi my name is David just
Jim Rutherford -09/22, 01:17 pm- David - there are 2 T par
Dan B -09/22, 01:47 pm- David, Welcome to the fo
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/22, 02:30 pm- Dave, welcome to the foru
Mark Strange -09/22, 03:27 pm- Dave, if you have the tim
Tim Eyssen - Abilene -09/22, 05:40 pm- David: Dallas and Ft.Wort
george house -09/22, 09:24 pm- My advice would be to con
David Morris -09/23, 11:50 am- Thank you so much for the
Old Photo - Overseas T
David Stroud -09/16, 11:50 pm- The body and hood appear
Mike Walker, NW AR -09/17, 09:08 am- The cowl lamps are placed
David Stroud -09/17, 01:07 pm- Id say new. Dave
Ken Carpenter -09/17, 05:12 pm- This car looks very Engli
Michael Deichmann, B -09/17, 11:08 pm- New Zealand.
Dane Hawley Near Mel -09/18, 06:00 am- I agree with Ken. Backgro
David Chantrell - Ad -09/18, 06:56 am- Cant be kiwi, there are n
Hap Tucker in Sumter -09/18, 07:12 am- Bottom Line Up Front: If
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -09/18, 09:18 pm- What I know about that ca
Jem Bowkett -09/23, 10:37 am- No doubts - its English.
Fuel line question
harvey cash -09/23, 07:27 am- The fuel line on my 25 at
Tim Wrenn -09/23, 08:11 am- Im still kinda a newbie h
Mark Strange -09/23, 08:35 am- I agree, 1 inch should be
Roger Karlsson, sout -09/23, 08:44 am- If its going over the exh
Larry Smith -09/23, 10:23 am- There is a diagram of how
OT - Your "other" life ????
Gary London, Camaril -09/18, 08:44 pm- I spend time in the woods
Ricks - Surf City -09/18, 09:26 pm- Ive seen sunfish while af
Gary London, Camaril -09/18, 09:31 pm- Yup, theyre great eating!
Ricks - Surf City -09/18, 10:30 pm- The ones I saw were near
Matthew Atchinson  -09/18, 10:58 pm- Gustav, is that second ph
Gary London, Camaril -09/18, 11:05 pm- I think its different...
Danial - Veneta OR U -09/21, 05:06 pm- Tons of creative guys her
A. Gustaf Bryngelson -09/21, 05:32 pm- Matthew, Yes the second i
A. Gustaf Bryngelson -09/21, 05:33 pm- Opps ,sorry Mr. Jelfs, I
A. Gustaf Bryngelson -09/21, 06:16 pm- I thought I would add a b
Derek Kiefer - Manto -09/21, 07:35 pm- These little guys keep me
Duane Markuson -09/21, 07:43 pm- I have sooo many interest
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -09/22, 12:14 pm- Here is where I spend at
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -09/22, 12:47 pm- Stan - Looking good! Kei
G.R.Cheshire -09/22, 12:59 pm- Which other life? Retired
Craig Anderson, cent -09/22, 08:02 pm- Much of my other life, fo
John H. Nichols -09/22, 08:11 pm- In my other life I am a f
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/22, 11:08 pm- Were quite the Renaissanc
Warren Webb -09/22, 11:40 pm- I do phone systems and da
Randy Glowacki -09/23, 06:16 am- I have been doing quite a
David Walker -09/23, 08:57 am- What keeps me from workin
Danial - Veneta OR U -09/23, 10:06 am- Steve, thats awesome. I
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -09/23, 10:13 am- At 69 years old and I sho
Simple Brake question
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -09/21, 05:08 pm- The question is simple bu
Mike Walker, NW AR -09/21, 05:33 pm- Fred -- If you buy the RM
Mark Strange -09/21, 05:48 pm- Larry Sidmore makes the r
Dave Dufault -09/21, 06:29 pm- Complicated??? Maybe - S
John Semprez-Templet -09/21, 06:56 pm- My good friend Bill insta
Jack Daron - Brownsb -09/21, 07:02 pm- I have an original set of
John Zibell -09/22, 09:11 am- This is an option also. h
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -09/22, 09:23 am- It sounds as if I can be
Mark Strange -09/22, 09:32 am- It was an even simpler ch
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -09/22, 09:34 am- Does Larry Skidmore have
Mark Strange -09/22, 09:40 am- I dont think so, here is
Kirk Peterson -09/22, 09:24 pm- Larry and Rich are good g
Bill in Adelaida Cal -09/22, 11:51 pm- Fred: When you install
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -09/23, 09:30 am- Bill -- Thanks for the he
New Carbon Brush Model T Timer
Rodney Aspenson -09/20, 05:04 pm- Just installed an Accurat
James Chochole -09/20, 09:57 pm- Is that the TW timer?
Chris Brancaccio - C -09/20, 11:48 pm- .
Dan B -09/21, 12:26 am- What were you using?
JohnH -09/22, 09:02 pm- If its new and has a carb
Tim Wrenn -09/23, 08:32 am- I just googled Accurate M
doug hauge upstate N -09/23, 09:05 am- I am running the TW timer
G.R.Cheshire -09/23, 09:18 am- Chris are you writing in
Mark Strange -09/23, 09:25 am- I think Chris does that w
Still searching for the problem
Randy Glowacki -09/20, 03:42 pm- I cant get the coils to b
Bob Jablonski -09/20, 03:52 pm- Randy: Original Ford ign
Mike Zahorik -09/20, 03:58 pm- To check for the timer. T
Tyrone Thomas - Tope -09/20, 04:26 pm- how many times do we find
john kuehn -09/20, 06:30 pm- Dead battery? DO THE LIG
Norman T. Kling -09/20, 07:37 pm- If you get positive volta
Randy Glowacki -09/20, 09:08 pm- Norman, I will try your m
G.R.Cheshire -09/21, 07:20 am- Randy My T mentor showed
Randy Glowacki -09/21, 03:35 pm- I found the problem ! G.R
G.R.Cheshire -09/22, 09:37 am- Good luck hope it is an e
George John Drobnock -09/22, 10:17 am- Check your grounds. If y
Ron Patterson-Nichol -09/22, 11:48 am- Coilbox grounded????? Ron
Ron Patterson-Nichol -09/22, 11:54 am- PS If the starter works p
George John Drobnock -09/22, 02:19 pm- I attached one end to the
Peter Claverie -09/22, 02:34 pm- Youre right, George. By
G.R.Cheshire -09/22, 02:35 pm- George that is correct bu
Randy Glowacki -09/22, 07:26 pm- I want to thank everyone
Bob Jablonski -09/22, 09:05 pm- Randy: What brand of tim
Clayton Swanson -09/22, 09:52 pm- Ron Patterson, coil box g
Ron Patterson-Nichol -09/23, 06:51 am- Some other expert asked t
Royce in Georgetown  -09/23, 07:04 am- Buenos Aires is a wonderf
The limit of machining has been exceeded!!
Frank van Ekeren (A -09/23, 01:34 am- Pulled a head to change a
Harold Schwendeman - -09/23, 01:54 am- Maybe time for sleeves?
Throttle and spark lever non model T
Scott Elliott, Tigar -09/23, 01:32 am- Can anybody help identify
What I did today...Ok, Yesterday
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -09/22, 05:15 pm- Update: I got the glass i
Jim Hycner -09/22, 07:17 pm- [image.jpg] Put the fend
Howard D. Dennis -09/22, 07:27 pm- Richard, since you have b
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -09/22, 09:34 pm- Howard, the channel in th
Clayton Swanson -09/22, 09:39 pm- well dang it richard, i t
Clayton Swanson -09/22, 09:40 pm- nice job, i forgot to add
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -09/22, 09:45 pm- Clayton, the Maxwell ofte
Howard D. Dennis -09/22, 09:55 pm- Funny you should mention
Eric Hylen- Central  -09/23, 01:06 am- Richard, As far as Im co
Handling issue 1913 Touring
James J. Lyons III - -09/22, 07:19 am- I have an un-restored 191
Royce in Georgetown  -09/22, 07:34 am- The front axle kingpin an
Royce in Georgetown  -09/22, 07:48 am- Heres a picture that migh
Hap Tucker in Sumter -09/22, 07:53 am- Ditto what Royce said and
Dave Dufault -09/22, 08:00 am- MMMMMmmmmm The axle must
James J. Lyons III - -09/22, 08:03 am- Royce and Hap, Thanks for
James J. Lyons III - -09/22, 08:05 am- By the way, I will perfor
Royce in Georgetown  -09/22, 08:07 am- If the toe in is actually
James J. Lyons III - -09/22, 08:16 am- Ill check that too....
Tim Wrenn -09/22, 08:43 am- might want to
James J. Lyons III - -09/22, 09:02 am- Will do Tim... Thank you!
Mike Walker, NW AR -09/22, 09:15 am- ...if I make a steering c
Larry Smith -09/22, 09:23 am- Jim, if you take a good l
R.V. Anderson -09/22, 10:11 am- I could be wrong, but I b
R.V. Anderson -09/22, 10:29 am- I could be wrong but I re
R.V. Anderson -09/22, 10:30 am- Dunno why the double post
George_Cherry Hill N -09/22, 11:36 am- When logic and standard r
Jerry VanOoteghem -09/22, 05:20 pm- James, My friends 14 had
James J. Lyons III - -09/22, 06:30 pm- [rsz_11913.jpg] [rsz_1915
Keith Townsend ; ^ ) -09/22, 07:04 pm- James- Although your 1915
James J. Lyons III - -09/22, 07:58 pm- Keith - Ball caps were a
Royce in Georgetown  -09/22, 08:03 pm- Better check the toe in.
James J. Lyons III - -09/22, 08:27 pm- Ill check Royce.... Thank
Ricks - Surf City -09/22, 10:07 pm- I would not drive a T wit
Dave Huson, Berthoud -09/23, 12:06 am- James Lyons: 1. Years a
Jeff Hood -09/23, 12:31 am- Make sure that your king
OT, but there is a Model T wrench involved
Jeff Hood -09/23, 12:06 am- Musical tool box, mostly
J.B.Van Sciver Automobile Collection
Don Watson -Florence -09/22, 03:13 pm- I am curious to know if a
George_Cherry Hill N -09/22, 03:37 pm- J.B. Van Schiver as a com
P. Jamison -09/22, 07:55 pm- His son retains most of t
Verne Shirk -09/22, 10:05 pm- I had a teacher in middle
Buying parts: Efficiency appreciated
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/22, 09:56 am- I like to spread my busin
john kuehn -09/22, 10:10 am- When I buy T parts I usua
John Semprez-Templet -09/22, 12:14 pm- For the above reasons I u
Mack Cole ---- Earth -09/22, 12:22 pm- It is hard to find good v
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/22, 01:58 pm- I agree about Chaffins. N
Jim Kelsey -09/22, 02:32 pm- I agree!!! Dave at Chaff
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -09/22, 03:18 pm- It doesnt matter who I or
Kenneth W DeLong -09/22, 03:31 pm- I have not bought any T o
Mike Walker, NW AR -09/22, 06:56 pm- Ken -- You might try TX T
Tom VanMeeteren -09/22, 07:33 pm- I use Birdhaven in Colfax
Clayton Swanson -09/22, 10:05 pm- and lets not forget, bird
Mack Cole ---- Earth -09/22, 12:39 pm- I was just at the local T
Charlie B actually i -09/22, 02:32 pm- When I worked at a small
Craig Anderson, cent -09/22, 08:08 pm- I think that woman is sti
Royce in Georgetown  -09/22, 08:13 pm- When I worked for Fred Ty
Scott Owens -09/22, 08:23 pm- Looks like MMO would have
Royce in Georgetown  -09/22, 08:42 pm- Scott, That was perhaps
Mack Cole ---- Earth -09/22, 09:56 pm- Royce you hit on a hot to
1926-27 Improved Models, a study of ... Springs, front an...
Donnie Brown North C -09/18, 02:17 pm- This is number 7 in a stu
Donnie Brown North C -09/18, 02:20 pm- I meant to say subject li
arnie johansen -09/20, 05:34 pm- Donnie: The only thing I
Roger Karlsson, sout -09/20, 06:15 pm- Arnie, Im not aware of an
Roger Karlsson, sout -09/20, 06:16 pm- Ugh, improved cars.. D###
Tom Carnegie -09/20, 07:38 pm- I am on the Can-Am tour r
Norman T. Kling -09/20, 10:01 pm- I think there was a diffe
Donnie Brown North C -09/21, 11:53 am- Hi, Ive been gone for sev
Donnie Brown North C -09/21, 02:01 pm- Arnie: I do not have any
Eric Sole - Castelld -09/21, 05:48 pm- Does anyone have the meas
Donnie Brown North C -09/21, 08:26 pm- Eric, That is the questio
Roger Karlsson, sout -09/21, 11:18 pm- Heres what Bruce said in
Donnie Brown North C -09/22, 09:08 pm- Roger, Thanks for the inf
OK Mr. Jelf ... You needed this - What is it?
Bob Cascisa - Poulsb -09/21, 10:28 pm- No markings on this tool,
Dan B -09/21, 10:30 pm- A camera stand for the be
Danial - Veneta OR U -09/21, 11:02 pm- Bottom tap for tapered th
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/21, 11:04 pm- Bushing puller?
Paul Mikeska, Denver -09/21, 11:13 pm- Drive shaft bushing pulle
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/21, 11:22 pm- I like Stans idea of scre
Bob Cascisa - Poulsb -09/21, 11:37 pm- Drive-shaft bushing pulle
Kohnke Rebabbitting -09/22, 12:04 pm- It is a Drive shaft bushi
Mike Walker, NW AR -09/22, 07:09 pm- I wonder whether it might
tim moore -09/22, 07:44 pm- looks like a large castin
Bob Cascisa - Poulsb -09/22, 08:54 pm- Tim, It is indeed a comb
Safety Glass
T Thompson - Long Is -09/22, 04:23 pm- Ive been through most of
Mark Strange -09/22, 04:35 pm- I took mine, in the frame
William L Vanderburg -09/22, 05:37 pm- I took the individual fra
Chester Leighton -09/22, 05:54 pm- I had a real tough time g
T Thompson - Long Is -09/22, 07:27 pm- Perfect. Thanks!
Bud Holzschuh - Pana -09/22, 08:46 pm- Mine had a single crack i
Awning repair anyone here?
Tyrone Thomas - Tope -09/22, 04:03 pm- My awnings are getting ol
David Stroud -09/22, 04:19 pm- Tyrone, those are cool! W
Nathan Bright -09/22, 04:59 pm- what kind of material are
Mike Spaziano, Bellf -09/22, 05:40 pm- Do a search on Sunbrella.
Tyrone Thomas - Tope -09/22, 06:24 pm- David, my dad when he res
David Stroud -09/22, 07:25 pm- Tyrone, theres a tent and
Tyrone Thomas - Tope -09/22, 07:55 pm- Please Dave. Thank you.
David Stroud -09/22, 08:00 pm- Tyrone, here you go. B
Sheet metal install ?
ken bechtel -09/20, 07:35 pm- I have my running board,r
Jack Daron - Brownsb -09/20, 07:48 pm- Apron,running board,and f
Hap Tucker in Sumter -09/21, 09:23 am- And dont forget the space
john kuehn -09/22, 07:42 pm- I have found the use of l
OT Model A stuff huge auction
Ron Osburn -09/21, 09:28 am- Check out this auction in
Royce in Georgetown  -09/21, 09:37 am- I can only hope that one
Jack Daron - Brownsb -09/21, 10:40 am- Dont pay more than 4 cent
brass car guy -09/21, 11:50 am- Having collected and rest
Terry Woods, Richmon -09/21, 02:01 pm- What a load! Now, maybe I
Terry Woods, Richmon -09/21, 02:06 pm- Mike Walker and Steve Jel
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/21, 02:26 pm- Lots of A and not much T,
Jerome Hoffman, Hays -09/21, 03:48 pm- Yesterday I went to an au
Trent Boggess -09/21, 08:54 pm- There is such a thing as
Mark Wetherbee -09/22, 12:29 pm- YES Trent - looking thru
Terry Woods, Richmon -09/22, 01:11 pm- If you have the land to p
Dave Dufault -09/22, 01:40 pm- And a H U G E Barn t
Chuck Hoffman - Gold -09/22, 01:45 pm- I know a guy who had a NO
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -09/22, 03:24 pm- It amazes me that they pl
Mike Walker, NW AR -09/22, 07:02 pm- Right on, Uncle Stan. Ov
Keith Townsend ; ^ ) -09/22, 07:17 pm- Wow. Thats all I can say
Tim Wrenn -09/22, 07:36 pm- Good Lord! Thats nuts! A
Sort of OT, sort of not
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/22, 05:24 pm- Maybe you remember that a
Mike Walker, NW AR -09/22, 06:43 pm- It looks really official
Speedster progress
Chris Olsen -09/21, 10:20 pm- Still a lot of work to do
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -09/21, 11:23 pm- Uff Da
Bill Harris, Hunting -09/21, 11:34 pm- It looks a lot like my Da
Chris Olsen -09/22, 01:29 am- Bill: his was one of the
Bill Harris, Hunting -09/22, 01:35 am- Very nice Chris [:-]
Chris Olsen -09/22, 02:09 am- Thank you.
Frank Harris from Lo -09/22, 04:32 am- That is a nice one Chris,
Hap Tucker in Sumter -09/22, 05:37 am- Chris, It has come a lon
Chris Olsen -09/22, 05:38 am- Frank: Im not familiar wi
Chris Olsen -09/22, 05:54 am- Hap, photo added ;-}
Harold Schwendeman - -09/22, 01:28 pm- Chris - Frank Harris is a
ex trooper -09/22, 06:18 pm- That piece in reference t
Allan Bennett - Aust -09/22, 06:37 pm- Those two are true boat t
Type BB Roof head
Ross Harris -09/18, 10:17 pm- Any 1 going to Hershey th
Les Schubert -09/22, 03:41 pm- All Thank you Ross for lo
Ross Harris -09/22, 05:59 pm- Hey Les To bad its so exp
Test - '14 Touring at OCF
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -09/21, 11:06 pm- Heres a picture of our 14
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -09/21, 11:06 pm- Hey, it worked!!!!!! Kei
Kenneth W DeLong -09/21, 11:20 pm- Keith,You look good! Any
Royce in Georgetown  -09/21, 11:36 pm- Nice!
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -09/22, 12:22 pm- Thank you Bud and Royce.
Val Soupios -09/22, 12:35 pm- I am still running on the
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -09/22, 02:14 pm- Val - Yes and yes. I hav
Jack Putnam -09/22, 03:44 pm- Keith: Saw you 14 at the
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -09/22, 05:29 pm- Hi Jack - Yes, I know you
Carlisle pa
Kenneth LeBlanc -09/21, 10:13 pm- is anyone going to carlis
Larry Smith -09/21, 10:24 pm- Waste of time, plus you h
Kenneth LeBlanc -09/21, 10:33 pm- usually go to hershey but
Leonard J Evansic -09/22, 11:49 am- Please dont go to Carlisl
Charlie B actually i -09/22, 02:12 pm- I concur. Especially if i
ROBERT J STEINER  -09/22, 04:33 pm- Hershey is the best of th
30x3 Beaded Edge Tire Pressure?
John Cleland -09/21, 11:41 pm- Hi can anyone tell me wha
Steve Tomaso - Milto -09/22, 12:23 am- I run 60 to 65 all the wa
Bob Coiro -09/22, 12:44 am- For clinchers, too little
Val Soupios -09/22, 09:08 am- The early treatises sugge
Kenneth W DeLong -09/22, 10:27 am- I have allways thought th
Dave Barker - Dayton -09/22, 10:42 am- Curious how many run 70 l
Val Soupios -09/22, 12:47 pm- I think 70 is the ideal b
Mark Strange -09/22, 04:30 pm- I run 60 psi in my 30 x 3
Correct tools help!
Dean Yoder -09/21, 11:56 pm- [ttbreak.jpg] I should b
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -09/22, 01:15 am- They look good to me?
Tim Wrenn -09/22, 08:50 am- Nothing like a BFH to hel
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/22, 09:12 am- Maybe some usable bearing
Evan Mason -09/22, 11:34 am- Reminder: If it cannot be
Bob Cascisa - Poulsb -09/22, 02:09 pm- Same tool we use. Be_Zer
Horse and some kind of old car-Photo
Herb Iffrig -09/20, 05:21 pm- [horse and car.jpg]
Peter Martin, Sydney -09/20, 05:43 pm- 1907-08 Reo
John Semprez-Templet -09/22, 01:04 pm- Now we have a Reo and som
What about your trip RV Anderson????????
R.V. Anderson -09/19, 11:47 am- Hi Bud: Im finally back o
Kenneth W DeLong -09/20, 07:52 pm- Glad to hear you made it
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -09/20, 08:12 pm- RV - Dog gone it, I misse
Dan B -09/21, 12:32 am- R.V. - hopefully it doesn
Kenneth W DeLong -09/21, 07:28 am- My guess would be straigh
Rich Stinchcomb, Tru -09/21, 07:57 am- RV - Did you ever make th
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/21, 09:52 am- I bet he did. Now that he
R.V. Anderson -09/21, 05:04 pm- Bud, you are correct; a m
Royce in Georgetown  -09/21, 05:50 pm- RV, A good copper head g
Dan B -09/21, 06:12 pm- Royce - Thats kinda where
R.V. Anderson -09/21, 08:07 pm- Well, it appears that the
James Elenbaas - Gra -09/22, 12:47 pm- R.V. I can feel you frus
Took the T to a Bluegrass festival ....
Donnie Brown North C -09/21, 06:37 pm- We have a Christian Blueg
Clayton Swanson -09/21, 09:39 pm- looks like too much fun t
Michael R Beary -09/21, 10:16 pm- Took my rustic 23 Centerd
Donnie Brown North C -09/22, 10:13 am- The main reason for takin
Dennis Prince Madras -09/22, 12:15 pm- There is a group of us fr
An other test for picture posting
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -09/21, 09:47 pm- Heres a picture of my tt:
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/21, 10:13 pm- The same picture twice wo
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -09/21, 10:34 pm- Thanks Steve. How do I d
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/21, 10:56 pm- After you click Open and
Mark Strange -09/22, 09:51 am- I guess I can stop crossi
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -09/22, 11:53 am- Thanks Mark and Steve - I
It is black again
Justin Heim -09/21, 12:43 pm- After many years, this TT
Mark Strange -09/21, 12:46 pm- Back in Black! - AC/DC [
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/21, 01:11 pm- Yes, the Model T is AC/DC
Burger in Spokane -09/21, 02:22 pm- Oh great ! .... now look
Danial - Veneta OR U -09/21, 05:11 pm- Looking good, Justin! Wi
Justin Heim -09/21, 05:54 pm- It will all be sanded by
Larry Smith -09/22, 09:32 am- Very nice. I hope you hav
mike kolsrud -09/22, 09:59 am- looks great justin
Justin Heim -09/22, 11:11 am- Thanks for the positive c
Old Photo - Climb On!
Jay - In Northern Ca -09/22, 10:22 am- [X00319.jpg]
Anthony J Marino -09/19, 12:01 pm- What does the term charab
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -09/19, 12:39 pm- The word Charabanc derive
Dan Treace, North FL -09/19, 01:22 pm- [IMG_1514 (600x450).jpg]
Anthony J Marino -09/19, 03:41 pm- Is It from down under?
Dan Treace, North FL -09/19, 04:47 pm- That charabanc was from E
Mark Strange -09/19, 05:11 pm- OMG Dan, theres that tubb
Dennis Seth - Ohio -09/19, 06:17 pm- So how is the center of g
Allan Bennett - Aust -09/19, 06:28 pm- In Australia, they often
Anthony J Marino -09/20, 08:48 am- Thank Allan
Joe Meakin  -09/20, 09:50 am- Hello The above charaban
Burger in Spokane -09/20, 11:07 am- Perhaps a gastric bypass
Hap Tucker in Sumter -09/20, 08:39 pm- Joe, Thank you so much f
Bob McDonald-Federal -09/20, 09:59 pm- I like it but it looks li
John H. Nichols -09/21, 01:18 pm- But you got to admit, tha
Anthony J Marino -09/22, 09:51 am- If you do a keyword searc
Late 27 C Cab pics
Donald Vagasky,Tucso -09/21, 05:29 pm- Tha owner of this C Cab c
Justin Heim -09/21, 05:48 pm- I have seen the later C c
Donald Vagasky,Tucso -09/21, 07:28 pm- No other pics, except dif
Fred Miller, Sequim  -09/22, 02:24 am- Don these are pictures of
Roger Karlsson, sout -09/22, 02:57 am- Did it have an oval switc
Anthony J Marino -09/22, 09:48 am- My Model A has chicken wi
Dual Rajo NH Carbs
Ed in California -09/22, 08:20 am- This is a strange creatio
Dave Barker - Dayton -09/22, 08:30 am- Looks to be a dual carb m
Mark Chaffin -09/22, 09:45 am- It was a RAJO C35 manifol
Timer Cover, 1912, Which one?
Greg sarky K -09/19, 07:48 am- Does anyone know for cert
william louis rosent -09/19, 08:25 am- Its the one on the bottom
Tom Miller, Mostly i -09/19, 08:53 am- There was a large hole co
Larry Smith -09/19, 09:52 am- The top one is a 17-18.
roy palmer -09/19, 10:22 am- So shorter spout, bottom
Steve McClelland -09/19, 10:27 am- Im no expert but I though
roy palmer -09/19, 11:00 am- Anyone have a photo of th
Frank van Ekeren (A -09/19, 05:14 pm- Ive just rebuilt a 12 and
Val Soupios -09/19, 05:25 pm- If it is not on the car y
Tom Miller, Mostly i -09/19, 09:41 pm- This the cover of which I
roy palmer -09/20, 08:15 am- What Tom shows in the pho
Allan Bennett - Aust -09/20, 08:57 am- Mine is like the one on t
Dan Treace, North FL -09/20, 08:59 am- From earlier post appears
Royce in Georgetown  -09/20, 10:10 am- The lower one in Gregs pi
Larry Smith -09/20, 10:34 am- Im going to disagree with
Hap Tucker in Sumter -09/20, 06:24 pm- First -- thanks to everyo
Greg sarky K -09/21, 10:08 am- Thanks to all , much appr
Royce in Georgetown  -09/21, 10:20 am- The 1912 style only laste
Frank van Ekeren (A -09/21, 05:31 pm- Canadian parts books chan
Larry Smith -09/22, 09:30 am- If you guys need a photo,
Update on a former forum participant, and why he's former...
Dane Hawley Near Mel -09/17, 07:08 am- Good to hear that Garrett
Clayton Swanson -09/17, 10:40 pm- i said it then, and ill s
Craig Anderson, cent -09/18, 12:31 am- A Model A with a manifold
Garrett F. -09/18, 04:31 pm- Craig, Im not trying to
Eric Sole - Castelld -09/19, 10:47 am- Garrett, Im glad youre st
Garrett F. -09/19, 02:12 pm- Eric, Thank You! Ive had
Dan Haynes -09/21, 11:11 am- When I was 13 - 14 years
Royce in Georgetown  -09/21, 11:27 am- My dad drove a 28 Model A
Burger in Spokane -09/21, 02:18 pm- Dan, Your story rings
Eric Sole - Castelld -09/21, 05:44 pm- Dan, your story rings a b
Danial - Veneta OR U -09/21, 06:13 pm- Burger, your description,
Burger in Spokane -09/21, 06:45 pm- Hahahaha ! You got that
Derek Kiefer - Manto -09/21, 06:58 pm- Every forum has at least
Garrett F. -09/21, 08:32 pm- Thank You, everyone for r
Garrett F. -09/21, 08:33 pm- Sorry, I mean 50-55 mile
Kenneth W DeLong -09/21, 09:27 pm- Garrett,That is one nice
Clayton Swanson -09/21, 09:34 pm- garrett, i must say, i ag
Danial - Veneta OR U -09/21, 09:40 pm- Off topic Garrett, but wh
Garrett F. -09/21, 10:27 pm- Kenneth: I plan on mainta
Burger in Spokane -09/21, 11:34 pm- Live your life, kid. Fol
Eric Sole - Castelld -09/22, 01:57 am- Garrett, on my first tour
Garrett F. -09/22, 04:17 am- Burger, Thank You for the
Electronic dummy
John P Noonan -09/20, 11:48 pm- This has always been a we
Mike Stitt-Southern  -09/21, 12:25 am- It will/should charge in
John P Noonan -09/21, 12:56 am- Thanks Mike, that makes s
Chris Barker, Somers -09/21, 04:56 am- The 6v generator, starter
Andre Valkenaers -09/21, 05:06 am- John, Mike is right. Her
Ron Patterson-Nichol -09/21, 10:25 am- John It is important to r
Andre Valkenaers -09/21, 12:25 pm- Sorry All, It was me the
Ron Patterson-Nichol -09/21, 12:50 pm- I work on Model T chargin
John F. Regan -09/21, 10:38 pm- Andre: I dont see any er
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/21, 11:14 pm- For those saving things,
John F. Regan -09/22, 03:41 am- I think what is confusing
John F. Regan -09/22, 03:49 am- Well I goofed too. I mea
Can-Am Tour a Great Success :-) ...
Bob Cascisa - Poulsb -09/21, 10:51 pm- The 36th Can-AM Tour was
Steve Tomaso - Milto -09/22, 12:30 am- Great photos, Bob - look
Jim Kelsey -09/22, 02:43 am- Yes, Bob. That is Dads p
U Joint or Ball Cap problem?
kenny isaacs -09/21, 07:07 pm- Still putting my 24 Touri
Tim Wrenn -09/21, 07:13 pm- Did you pack the cavity o
kenny isaacs -09/21, 07:28 pm- Did put some in, may not
Tyrone Thomas - Tope -09/21, 07:37 pm- Did you face to fit the d
Dave Wells -09/21, 08:19 pm- Its like Tyrone said. I h
keith g barrier -09/21, 08:32 pm- In my opinion you cannot
Tyrone Thomas - Tope -09/21, 09:16 pm- If you were to over greas
Clayton Swanson -09/21, 09:22 pm- temporarily take off the
Larry Smith -09/21, 10:18 pm- I always OIL the u-joint
Larry Smith -09/21, 10:21 pm- I always OIL the U-Joint
Mark Gregush Portlan -09/22, 01:56 am- Dont forget the small gre
Burned up generator?
Vince M -09/20, 06:38 pm- Did a dumb thing when I r
Mike Zahorik -09/20, 07:22 pm- With the engine running i
Norman T. Kling -09/20, 07:31 pm- If the regulator burnt ou
Vince M -09/20, 08:14 pm- Mike I havent checked the
Mike Zahorik -09/20, 08:19 pm- My bet is that the genera
John F. Regan -09/20, 08:30 pm- Guys it is possible that
Mike Zahorik -09/20, 08:40 pm- John is correct. The gene
Vince M -09/20, 08:44 pm- LOL I hear you john but u
Vince M -09/20, 08:46 pm- Mike I do have the old cu
Vince M -09/21, 11:12 am- Touring the car today, s
Mike Zahorik -09/21, 11:20 am- I believe that motorizing
Vince M -09/21, 12:11 pm- Thanks Mike. I appreciate
John F. Regan -09/21, 12:28 pm- We offer a flat rate repa
John F. Regan -09/21, 12:38 pm- I should have commented t
Vince M -09/21, 10:46 pm- Thanks John. Fortunately
John F. Regan -09/21, 11:56 pm- Rons work is very high qu
Missed church picnic today.
Willie K Cordes -09/21, 02:12 pm- Some days are all fun and
John Semprez-Templet -09/21, 03:23 pm- Willie, look at it this w
Willie K Cordes -09/21, 11:43 pm- John, I do not think the
One more time trying to post a picture of my TT
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -09/21, 10:08 pm- 1925 TT. Were getting clo
Justin Heim -09/21, 10:52 pm- Really looks nice Keith.
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -09/21, 11:08 pm- Hi Justin - Ya, I do too.
I think I've got it figured out. We'll see....
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -09/21, 10:45 pm- 14 Touring once more.[191
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -09/21, 10:46 pm- YES!!!! We were hitting
Test for '14 Touring picture
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -09/21, 10:42 pm- Heres a picture of my 14
Old Photo - Band Playing At The Auto Camp
Jay - In Northern Ca -09/21, 10:29 pm- [band at auto camp.JPG]
Old Photo - Post Card - Crating Feburary Cabbage In The F...
Jay - In Northern Ca -09/21, 10:23 pm- [hbnm,9.JPG]
Old Photo - Post Card - Ford Motor Plant-- Shipping 1000 ...
Jay - In Northern Ca -09/21, 10:19 pm- [rfghjkbvcer45.JPG]
Test for picture posting
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -09/21, 09:40 pm- This is a picture of my T
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -09/21, 09:41 pm- Didnt work. Bummer. Wil
Today's project: unfold a quarter panel.
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -09/20, 08:30 pm- [panels01.jpg] [panels02
Dane Hawley Near Mel -09/21, 06:34 am- Nice work, Richard. It lo
Donnie Brown North C -09/21, 02:10 pm- Richard, Way to go. I lov
John Semprez-Templet -09/21, 03:33 pm- The trick to good body wo
Mack Cole ---- Earth -09/21, 08:52 pm- Good job! Most of us hav
James Baker -09/21, 09:39 pm- Excellent job Richard jus
How to install rear brake lever pins?
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/21, 02:08 pm- I expect there are severa
Royce in Georgetown  -09/21, 03:13 pm- First make dang sure you
Mike Walker, NW AR -09/21, 05:46 pm- A couple of hammers do it
Garnet -09/21, 08:43 pm- That buck bar looks like
Royce in Georgetown  -09/21, 08:59 pm- Garnet, Correct sir! Cos
A question on clutch adjustment
Will Copeland - Tren -09/21, 09:00 am- Finally got the chance ye
Norman T. Kling -09/21, 10:25 am- When you shift into high,
Erik Johnson -09/21, 10:44 am- Instead of stuffing rags
Roger Karlsson, sout -09/21, 10:56 am- Ive been through that pro
John Zibell -09/21, 11:08 am- When making the clutch ad
Will Copeland - Tren -09/21, 06:00 pm- Thanks everyone, 90% of m
Jim Sims -09/21, 08:39 pm- You turn the 3 screws IN
Speedster Front Brakes Project
Allen Godard -09/21, 07:06 pm- Any updates?
Chris Bamford, Edmon -09/21, 08:12 pm- Not much to report. Still
OT - Famous people in Model K's
Rob Heyen -09/18, 10:15 pm- Just into Dearborn and sp
Rob Heyen -09/19, 04:11 am- From another Ford Times:
Dane Hawley Near Mel -09/19, 05:55 am- Not to forget Twinings Ea
Dan Killecut -09/19, 06:33 am- Governor Hughes was a shi
Rob Heyen -09/19, 06:42 am- Dane, how could I forget.
Rob Heyen -09/19, 07:52 am- General Frederick Funston
Rob Heyen -09/20, 05:26 am- The most famous political
Rob Heyen -09/20, 06:24 pm- Probably the highest rank
Rob Heyen -09/20, 06:25 pm- Oops, a repeat..... [:-]
Rob Heyen -09/20, 06:28 pm- Thats strange, it showed
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -09/20, 09:09 pm- I think you are staring a
Rob Heyen -09/21, 07:18 am- Dave, Im in Northern Ohio
John H. Nichols -09/21, 12:49 pm- Kermit was a son of Teddy
Rob Heyen -09/21, 02:40 pm- John, Thanks for sharing
Rob Heyen -09/21, 07:58 pm- Robert Allison is general
Cautionary tail
Chris Olsen -09/21, 03:02 am- I just spent some time in
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -09/21, 04:42 am- We all need these reminde
Hap Tucker in Sumter -09/21, 07:48 am- Chris, Im glad you and t
Chris Olsen -09/21, 08:13 am- We are fine. I took some
Bob Coiro -09/21, 08:19 am- Glad to hear youre okay,
Dan Knoll -09/21, 08:30 am- I too, had a little wake
Ricks - Surf City -09/21, 10:22 am- Good warning, Chris; than
Ricks - Surf City -09/21, 10:23 am- Cautionary tail, indeed,
Hap Tucker in Sumter -09/21, 03:20 pm- Chris, Thanks for the ad
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -09/21, 03:42 pm- Dan K, Saddened to hear a
OT Antique bearing
Norman Miller -09/20, 10:16 am- What do they call this ty
brass car guy -09/20, 10:40 am- What is the application?
Ted Dumas -09/20, 09:58 pm- Its a tapered roller bear
brass car guy -09/20, 11:35 pm- I understand what the bea
Chris Olsen -09/21, 03:04 am- BCG, I think ?Ted was ans
Norman Miller -09/21, 10:19 am- Its application is the dr
brass car guy -09/21, 11:30 am- This bearing and support
Ted Dumas -09/21, 03:07 pm- Frick is still in busines
Cheapo "facing reamer"
Eric Sole - Castelld -09/21, 03:01 pm- I just used the facing to
OT Around the world as a way of life
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/21, 09:18 am- I met the Zapps at the Pa
Willie K Cordes -09/21, 02:26 pm- Their wallet must have a
Totally OT: Should I get a modern old car?
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/18, 05:35 pm- Im toying with the notion
john kuehn -09/18, 05:52 pm- How modern? To modern for
Steve McClelland -09/18, 06:09 pm- Maybe a late 70s to early
Donnie Brown North C -09/18, 06:22 pm- Steve Almost anything pre
Brian Eliason -09/18, 06:31 pm- Steve, My daily driver is
Bud Holzschuh - Pana -09/18, 07:55 pm- Steve I feel your pain r
Steven Thum -09/18, 08:09 pm- [IMGP2400 (Mobile).JPG]
David Mazza -09/18, 08:13 pm- Four cylinder pre 86 must
Eric Hylen- Central  -09/18, 08:14 pm- Steve, Ive done it a few
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -09/18, 08:19 pm- I had an 80 Fairmont wago
Mark Strange -09/18, 08:20 pm- Regarding pickups, in 198
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -09/18, 08:23 pm- LOL here we go again! I
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -09/18, 08:31 pm- I had an 80 Fairmont wago
John Semprez-Templet -09/18, 08:34 pm- Steve, I think an AMC pac
Ricks - Surf City -09/18, 09:23 pm- Why werent Saturns succes
Mack Cole ---- Earth -09/18, 09:35 pm- I would look for a mid to
Norman T. Kling -09/18, 09:36 pm- My choice would be not ve
Ed in California -09/18, 09:43 pm- I still have a 65 VW beet
Terry Woods, Richmon -09/18, 09:57 pm- Steve, Maybe you cant str
JohnH -09/18, 09:57 pm- I have never owned a vehi
Tyrone Thomas - Tope -09/18, 10:15 pm- Model A
Wes Nelson ........B -09/18, 10:21 pm- Steve I have old ford van
G.R.Cheshire -09/18, 10:43 pm- Steve My 65 Corvair isnt
Ricks - Surf City -09/18, 10:44 pm- Wes has the right idea. E
Roger Karlsson, sout -09/19, 12:45 am- Here in Sweden its a no b
Kevin Whelihan -09/19, 06:49 am- Personally, all my modern
Gary Schreiber- Sant -09/19, 07:13 am- Ive owned, collected and
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -09/19, 07:56 am- Steve after re-reading y
Mark Strange -09/19, 08:20 am- Norman, your choice is po
Greg Kuhnash Southea -09/19, 08:53 am- I was also going to recom
JohnCodman -09/19, 09:05 am- Someone commented about t
Kenneth W DeLong -09/19, 09:15 am- Everyone complains i cant
Ricks - Surf City -09/19, 10:06 am- Yeh, Bud, and to that I a
Kenneth W DeLong -09/19, 10:47 am- Your right RD and a cup h
Norman T. Kling -09/19, 11:16 am- I dont know whether this
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/19, 11:30 am- Yeah, all the new automat
Dick Fischer -09/19, 11:49 am- This has been said in pie
Ricks - Surf City -09/19, 12:26 pm- 1996 and Up have OBDII co
Terry Woods, Richmon -09/19, 12:39 pm- Steve, I think that I men
Peter Claverie -09/19, 12:42 pm- One word of warning about
Charlie B actually i -09/19, 01:03 pm- Another little known item
Les Schubert -09/19, 01:08 pm- So last November I bought
Zachary Dillinger -09/19, 01:16 pm- Im actively looking to bu
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/19, 01:41 pm- Peter, its not just the h
Roar Sand -09/19, 01:58 pm- Lots of good stuff here.
Jim Rutherford -09/19, 01:58 pm- Im fairly sure I am one o
Roger Karlsson, sout -09/19, 02:05 pm- Hey, the Dodge pick up is
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/19, 02:15 pm- Actually, the Dodge isnt
Roger Karlsson, sout -09/19, 02:40 pm- Well, its popular to mode
Bob Gruber- Spanaway -09/19, 02:54 pm- I agree with Steve about
Derek Kiefer - Manto -09/19, 03:27 pm- Lifes too short to drive
Mike Spaziano, Bellf -09/19, 03:30 pm- Two words-Rambler America
David Walker -09/19, 04:18 pm- I miss my 78 Olds Cutlass
Harold Schwendeman - -09/19, 05:04 pm- Mike I could not agree wi
Charlie B actually i -09/19, 05:06 pm- Just got rid of a 75 Ford
Harold Schwendeman - -09/19, 05:13 pm- Or,.....a friend of mine
Peter Taylor -09/19, 05:20 pm- Ok, I love Beetles, VW Bu
Craig Anderson, cent -09/19, 05:56 pm- Anything with a straight
Nathan Bright -09/19, 06:08 pm- How about a VW Caddy pick
JohnCodman -09/19, 06:11 pm- The modern, OBD-2 cars ar
Burger in Spokane -09/19, 07:51 pm- Should I get a modern old
Bud Holzschuh - Pana -09/19, 10:25 pm- Steve For your 94 Camry..
Ricks - Surf City -09/19, 10:39 pm- Its almost never the comp
Bob Gruber- Spanaway -09/19, 10:51 pm- Ralph... You just gave St
Craig Anderson, cent -09/19, 11:31 pm- A common man cant FIX a c
Ricks - Surf City -09/19, 11:52 pm- You either buy a car with
Terry Woods, Richmon -09/20, 12:00 am- My Dad had a 64 Rambler f
Bob Gruber- Spanaway -09/20, 12:25 am- If it costs $500 every ti
Eddy Lee Emerson -09/20, 06:54 am- Steve, My uncle Clarence
Ricks - Surf City -09/20, 10:12 am- The only sensor to go bad
Dexter Doucet -09/20, 05:33 pm- A year ago I came across
Derek Kiefer - Manto -09/20, 06:10 pm- If I didnt have to subjec
Chuck Hoffman - Gold -09/20, 09:50 pm- I spent the last 20 years
Wes Nelson ........B -09/21, 09:49 am- Well Steve, youve had two
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/21, 10:03 am- Given the current state o
Jim Rutherford -09/21, 11:52 am- Good luck with everything
George_Cherry Hill N -09/21, 12:12 pm- The Honda Accords that ar
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -09/21, 12:41 pm- I stay away from Honda au
Mark Strange -09/21, 12:44 pm- If you get a check engine
Bob McDonald-Federal -09/21, 12:44 pm- Steve I have come to
Ricks - Surf City -09/21, 12:47 pm- George, Ill send you the
Derek Kiefer - Manto -09/21, 01:52 pm- The cheap OBDII scanners
Mark Strange -09/21, 02:03 pm- Bingo, Derek. Most moder
Question for Coil experts
G.R.Cheshire -09/21, 11:44 am- I came across a set of co
Mark Gregush Portlan -09/21, 01:14 pm- Wood warps and swells. Su
Charlie B actually i -09/21, 02:00 pm- There were odd sized earl
G.R.Cheshire -09/21, 02:03 pm- Thanks guys I thought I c
Roberts marine engine
Dennis -09/21, 06:30 am- Got my Roberts marine eng
Dennis -09/21, 06:57 am- Several pics here, before
John H. Nichols -09/21, 12:57 pm- Tried to look at facebook
1926 1927 Roaster Top Irons HELP
Daniel M. Chapasko -09/21, 11:35 am- Does anybody have 1926 1
G.R.Cheshire -09/21, 11:47 am- When I get home I can tak
Dan Treace, North FL -09/21, 12:34 pm- Daniel You will find tha
Bonnet Strips - Correct name & Part Number
Colin Mavins -09/21, 11:39 am- Hello David If you want t
Old Photo - Four Photos Of People Posing
Jay - In Northern Ca -09/21, 11:14 am- [C00836.jpg] [C04121.jpg]
Rebound Straps - Do They Help? Is Anyone Running Them?
Mark Strange -09/21, 10:46 am- Reporting back after abou
Newbie - Help on Long Island - 1923 Model T
T Thompson - Long Is -09/20, 08:24 pm- Update: I met with LI Bo
Dan B -09/20, 09:59 pm- Looks like youre starting
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/20, 11:22 pm- The magneto may need majo
Mike Walker, NW AR -09/21, 09:02 am- T -- The front end shimmy
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/21, 09:24 am- Looking back at previous
Tire Pump Repair Kit Rant
Jim Kelsey -09/19, 07:39 pm- Many years ago, my uncle
Justin Heim -09/19, 07:48 pm- I have a couple of origin
Jim Kelsey -09/19, 10:02 pm- Justin: Thanks for the i
Mark Strange -09/19, 10:10 pm- I bought the Langs repair
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/19, 10:20 pm- It used to be that your l
Larry Smith -09/20, 10:41 am- Clay Adkins used to have
Jay - In Northern Ca -09/20, 11:15 am- Heres a pump leather coun
David Stroud -09/20, 11:38 am- Larry, I checked into get
David Stroud -09/20, 11:41 am- I dont understand why the
Paul Mikeska, Denver -09/20, 02:28 pm- How about this? http://w
Dan Knoll -09/21, 08:53 am- Good luck finding leather
Dan Knoll -09/21, 08:58 am- This youtube video is pre
Why are rims so expensive?
Mike Conte -09/20, 11:23 am- Its not that im cheap but
Ed in California -09/20, 11:33 am- Its costs a lot to make t
michael grady -09/20, 12:01 pm- Im pretty certain Dan Hat
Jon Allen -09/20, 12:10 pm- Mike, Why not get them fr
Bob Coiro -09/20, 12:19 pm- I guess its a matter of S
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/20, 12:22 pm- The new ones are expensiv
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -09/20, 01:37 pm- Like several folks on thi
Tim Wrenn -09/20, 02:25 pm- Mike, you think thats bad
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/20, 02:38 pm- Ive always figured I over
Ricks - Surf City -09/20, 02:43 pm- I heard the new rims are
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -09/20, 03:20 pm- I suspect the difference
Mike Conte -09/20, 04:58 pm- I guess the bottom line i
john kuehn -09/20, 06:22 pm- Think of it this way: Wh
Allan Bennett - Aust -09/20, 07:22 pm- Good clincher rims are sc
Fred Wicker -09/20, 08:33 pm- Im Bringing 4 of these 3-
Mike Conte -09/20, 09:01 pm- John, a truck wheel looks
Dan Hatch -09/20, 09:04 pm- Allan: A little trade sec
Allan Bennett - Aust -09/20, 10:20 pm- Thanks for the tip Dan. I
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/20, 10:43 pm- The advantage of the need
Tom Miller, Mostly i -09/21, 07:31 am- I had to kick my Model A
Indianapolis Hoosier Auto Show and Swap Meet Sept. 19th a...
Kenny Edmondson, Ind -09/21, 07:18 am- The show went really well
OT - Intersting things found at Benson Library today.
Rob Heyen -09/19, 05:34 pm- I spent part of the day a
george house -09/19, 05:44 pm- This model was going to b
Rob Heyen -09/19, 05:47 pm- [:-]
Rob Heyen -09/19, 05:53 pm- A few more drawings: [43
Dennis Seth - Ohio -09/19, 06:13 pm- No wonder the Model M did
Mike Walker, NW AR -09/19, 06:14 pm- Apparently Henry and The
Rob Heyen -09/19, 06:27 pm- Using a displacement calc
Rob Heyen -09/19, 06:56 pm- After thinking about it a
Mike Walker, NW AR -09/19, 09:59 pm- All I said was that the M
Dennis Seth - Ohio -09/20, 07:25 am- I wonder if the M was for
Mike Spaziano, Bellf -09/20, 03:55 pm- Judging by the smaller di
Rob Heyen -09/20, 05:14 pm- Denny, Im just not sure.
Thomas Mullin -09/20, 10:01 pm- Rob, On your next visit,
Rob Heyen -09/21, 06:46 am- Thomas, Do you recall the
Modeltt 1923 rear tire size
William Rietter -09/20, 01:46 pm- what is the correct tire
William Rietter -09/20, 01:48 pm- correction 1923 modeltt
Fred Miller, Sequim  -09/20, 08:03 pm- That would be the 32 x 4
Layden Butler -09/20, 08:55 pm- Both the Hayes and Kelsey
David Stroud -09/21, 02:19 am- William, the wheels on my
Wanted TT rims 600/20 rear
Steve Elliott -09/17, 12:16 am- Wanted for. Doug Averys 2
Tim Wrenn -09/17, 08:43 am- My advice is for what you
Kenneth W DeLong -09/17, 09:40 am- I dont know what a new se
Terry Woods, Richmon -09/17, 11:28 am- John Danuser used to have
Kenneth W DeLong -09/17, 08:02 pm- Rims with the mounting fl
Fred Miller, Sequim  -09/20, 08:14 pm- Steve dont get depressed.
Terry Woods, Richmon -09/20, 09:27 pm- I sold a set to mark Frie
Jerome Hoffman, Hays -09/20, 09:40 pm- I spent 6 hours and 90 mi
Michael R Beary -09/20, 10:08 pm- I have two rear wheels wi
Ted Dumas -09/20, 11:10 pm- Looks like half the cost
First oil change
Brian Reh -09/18, 06:06 pm- Hello T Forum - I am a ne
Mike Zahorik -09/18, 06:13 pm- Question 1, yes you are c
Dan Treace, North FL -09/18, 06:15 pm- Welcome Brian Oil changi
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -09/18, 08:41 pm- The only thing I would ad
Mike Walker, NW AR -09/19, 09:39 am- Brian -- And if you like,
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -09/19, 09:50 am- Mike -If you decide to fo
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -09/19, 10:04 am- Add 4 ounces of gasoline
Patrick Mulrooney, W -09/19, 05:48 pm- Brian, I emailed you. I
Mike Walker, NW AR -09/19, 06:18 pm- Brian -- RV Anderson is o
Royce in Georgetown  -09/19, 07:22 pm- From the 1917 Dykes Model
Mike Zahorik -09/19, 08:12 pm- I havent seen Gargoyle Mo
Frank van Ekeren (A -09/19, 08:27 pm- Of cause it depends on ho
Royce in Georgetown  -09/20, 06:40 pm- Mobil E Arctic Light grad
Cam shaft rear bearing; trouble with new
Gary London, Camaril -09/18, 11:13 pm- Im rebuilding a 15 engine
Les VonNordheim -09/18, 11:39 pm- Does the new bearing/bush
Gary London, Camaril -09/18, 11:44 pm- Les where did you find a
Roger Karlsson, sout -09/19, 12:24 am- You can make a rear cam b
Les VonNordheim -09/19, 12:55 am- Gary, I found it in an ol
Steve Tomaso - Milto -09/19, 10:35 am- The original Ford rear ca
Gary London, Camaril -09/20, 12:40 am- Steve; the early ones wer
Steve Tomaso - Milto -09/20, 10:39 am- Really ? Ive got several
ROBERT BERGSTADT -09/20, 12:13 pm- I have some n.o.s. cast b
Richard Gould -09/20, 02:34 pm- Roger nailed it on both c
Jack Putnam -09/20, 06:20 pm- Steve has it right!
OT - Is anyone doing the Glidden Tour in Defiance OH?
Rob Heyen -09/18, 09:55 pm- Just in to Detroit to pic
Dennis Seth - Ohio -09/20, 07:37 am- I wish I had time to run
Rob Heyen -09/20, 05:19 pm- Denny, Too bad its not a
Kenneth W DeLong -09/20, 05:29 pm- Rob,Glad you got to see t
Metamorphism of a disturbed Model T owner. A speedster o...
Tyrone Thomas - Tope -09/20, 02:49 pm- Its been painted, weather
Tyrone Thomas - Tope -09/20, 03:00 pm- All body work had been pa
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -09/20, 04:40 pm- I am really curious to se
Oil bubbles from #1 spark plug
harvey cash -09/20, 03:32 pm- Bought a chassis and just
kep -09/20, 03:37 pm- Normal. Some people wrap
Eric Hylen- Central  -09/20, 03:38 pm- That is common. Compressi
More front axle resto woes.
Chad Marchees -09/18, 05:17 pm- Still working on my 25 fr
Dan Treace, North FL -09/18, 05:40 pm- Yes, perches just slip fi
Chad Marchees -09/20, 02:12 pm- Thanks for the reply. Hop
Just Finished!!!
Ron -09/17, 11:48 am- Just finished my 27/21 do
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -09/17, 11:51 am- Congratulations!!! Looks
Ron -09/17, 11:55 am- Thanks Rich!! She is a l
Ron -09/17, 12:25 pm- Those pictures were reall
Ron -09/17, 12:38 pm- Couple of more better siz
John Aldrich Orting  -09/17, 12:42 pm- Some very cool stuff!
Roger Karlsson, sout -09/17, 12:45 pm- Great, Im collecting part
Ron -09/17, 12:48 pm- Roger, Rear end is s
Roger Karlsson, sout -09/17, 01:06 pm- Thanks for the tire info
Ron -09/17, 01:20 pm- Roger, There is a guy in
Ron -09/17, 01:26 pm- Here they are: America:
Ron -09/17, 01:28 pm- Just tried them - the act
Steve McClelland -09/19, 11:07 am- Ron, Ive never wanted one
Gary Schreiber- Sant -09/19, 11:23 am- The tires are 7.50-20 and
Ron -09/19, 02:25 pm- Steve - THANK YOU!!! Non
Hap Tucker in Sumter -09/19, 04:12 pm- Ron, Looks great! And w
Ron -09/19, 04:29 pm- Thank you Hap!
Michael R Beary -09/19, 04:33 pm- Those rear tires are fant
Ron -09/19, 05:25 pm- Mike - I was thrilled wit
Nathan Bright -09/19, 06:12 pm- oh man, you need a 4 whee
Ron -09/19, 07:13 pm- Nathan, I found a 1
Tyrone Thomas - Tope -09/19, 08:28 pm- dont see many T doodle bu
Ron -09/19, 08:43 pm- Tyrone, You are abs
Michael R Beary -09/19, 09:12 pm- I was proud of the look o
John P Noonan -09/19, 09:28 pm- Another great job Ron, co
Ron -09/19, 09:36 pm- Mike - post pictures of y
Ron -09/19, 09:38 pm- Thanks John!
Michael R Beary -09/20, 12:24 am- Ron: I need to take the t
Ron -09/20, 01:52 pm- Mike - looking forward to
Speedster project for this winter
Ron Osburn -09/20, 04:55 am- Recently dug this out of
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -09/20, 06:05 am- Looks like some great pot
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -09/20, 01:49 pm- What a great way to spend
Interesting old catalog.
Gary H. White - Sher -09/20, 11:20 am- Quite long but interestin
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -09/20, 01:44 pm- That is wonderful.
Slightly OT- Mixed feelings about selling Dad's T.
Gilbert V. I. Fitzhu -09/16, 11:50 pm- David, thats a wonderful
Keith Townsend ; ^ ) -09/17, 01:26 am- Eric- I see that the car
Burger in Spokane -09/17, 10:22 am- Eric ~ My comments are
Bob McDaniel(Indiana -09/20, 12:55 am- Eric, I know how hard i
Hap Tucker in Sumter -09/20, 09:11 am- Eric. Thank you for shar
Eric Hylen- Central  -09/20, 12:14 pm- Thanks, Hap. As usual, yo
1919 Speedster selling at Government auction online today
David Kriegel Mishaw -09/18, 12:33 pm- Saw this link It is in A
Eric Hylen- Central  -09/18, 08:21 pm- $5,400. That seems about
Burger in Spokane -09/19, 12:41 am- Was the red steering whee
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -09/19, 09:40 pm- Burger, I only did a very
Mike Walker, NW AR -09/19, 10:10 pm- The red Model A steering
Burger in Spokane -09/19, 11:58 pm- WOW ! Youze guys are lik
Gilbert V. I. Fitzhu -09/20, 04:30 am- The early 28 A wheels wer
Dennis Henrichs -09/20, 05:28 am- 1920-27 T wheel: stamp st
David Stroud -09/20, 11:45 am- Alex Alongi, who used to
Headlight stem question
Dennis Plank -09/19, 08:55 pm- I have a 25 TT. I am pre
Dan Treace, North FL -09/19, 10:59 pm- Dennis For the 25 you wo
Roger Karlsson, sout -09/20, 04:25 am- The stem part is straight
Burger in Spokane -09/20, 11:10 am- I have been collecting T
Dan Treace, North FL -09/20, 11:41 am- Burger Have fun, the mor
Pack Nut Wrench
Larry Smith -09/17, 01:52 pm- For those who dont have a
David Stroud -09/17, 02:12 pm- I found one a couple of y
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -09/17, 02:18 pm- What is the dimension acr
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/17, 03:33 pm- Supposed to be 2, but tha
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/17, 03:44 pm- After a little check of w
Thomas Mullin -09/17, 03:53 pm- I found a 2-1/8 wrench wa
Willie K Cordes -09/17, 03:53 pm- Larry, I am glad your pac
william louis rosent -09/17, 03:56 pm- 33.00 is not obscene for
Will Copeland - Tren -09/17, 04:07 pm- I tighten mine so that it
Kenneth W DeLong -09/17, 08:09 pm- I think 30-35 for a one u
Dave Wells -09/17, 08:26 pm- I carry that wrench with
Royce in Georgetown  -09/18, 07:24 am- I bought an original KR W
Larry Smith -09/19, 10:01 am- I dont tighten them hot,
Peter C. Strebeck -09/19, 03:04 pm- I had bought a reproducti
Dave Wells -09/19, 03:53 pm- So Peter, now you can tel
Larry Smith -09/20, 10:46 am- From the above photo, it
I don't think this will work but I want to see what will ...
Terry Horlick in Pen -09/17, 12:14 pm- Try pre-heating with a to
Willie K Cordes -09/17, 01:02 pm- Brass works also, but it
keith g barrier -09/17, 01:57 pm- I save my cast iron rings
George_Cherry Hill N -09/17, 02:43 pm- Mike, Jump up and down a
Norman T. Kling -09/17, 03:58 pm- You can buy a brand new m
Mark Strange -09/17, 09:43 pm- I got a scratch & den
Chris Cook -09/17, 09:49 pm- Good to hear that the rep
Jake Henson -09/18, 09:11 am- Use a 120v mig. Turn off
John Semprez-Templet -09/18, 01:26 pm- Mike, Im with George. I b
JohnCodman -09/20, 09:31 am- I go along with those who
Overloaded trailer.
Jim Sims -09/19, 08:37 pm- I think I overloaded my t
Michael Pawelek Broo -09/19, 08:43 pm- Ok Jim, I think youve fin
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -09/19, 10:22 pm- I want to be in your shop
Burger in Spokane -09/20, 12:02 am- How do you keep all that
Jim Sims -09/20, 07:16 am- Sorry about the sideways
Mack Cole ---- Earth -09/20, 09:02 am- The engine in my TT and a
Andre Valkenaers -09/20, 09:05 am- Jim, Can you just bring
Mark Strange -09/20, 09:06 am- Pictures flipped and crop
Hap Tucker in Sumter -09/20, 09:20 am- Jim, Good save. And pot
What does a double spark form coil mean?
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -09/16, 08:38 pm- Well be sitting here wait
Warren Henderson -09/18, 05:46 pm- Problem solved, thanks to
John Eaton -09/19, 07:55 am- Hi Warren . I picked up r
Warren Henderson -09/20, 07:15 am- Hello John, very happy to
Garage finds OT but car related-Slideshow
Herb Iffrig -09/19, 06:48 pm-
David Chantrell - Ad -09/20, 06:34 am- Wow...some good stuff the
What is this bit?
Tony Howard -09/18, 04:01 am- Digging through my rusty
Alan George Long -09/18, 05:05 am- It appears to me to be a
JohnH -09/18, 09:01 am- Reminds me of my Carburai
JohnCodman -09/18, 09:08 am- Vacuum-operated whistle.
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -09/18, 10:07 pm- Wolf whistle? I know some
Tony Howard -09/19, 03:39 am- Thanks for the replies..
Peter Kable -09/19, 03:51 am- Tony, The device on your
Chris Holtum -09/19, 08:11 am- Peter is right, I have on
Tim Eyssen - Abilene -09/19, 05:25 pm- Tony: There is a spring i
Tony Howard -09/19, 05:28 pm- Well another mystery solv
Tony Howard -09/19, 05:34 pm- Tim, all I have of the Sn
Peter Kable -09/19, 08:46 pm- here is an ad for the Gab
Tony Howard -09/20, 01:52 am- Thanks for that Peter...
*Clayton Paddison's Carb Heater and Ruckstell expiriment!...
Clayton Paddison (Va -09/19, 05:21 pm- Here is some practice run
Tim Williams -09/19, 11:11 pm- sorry my finger was in th
Rear axle assembly: Apply sealant where?!?
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/19, 10:34 pm- Im a big fan of the MTFCA
James Baker -09/19, 10:45 pm- Steve it would be really
Biennial Head-Scratcher
Bob Coiro -09/19, 03:31 am- Well, it seems the answer
Val Soupios -09/19, 09:03 am- Bob, unless they are now
JohnCodman -09/19, 09:12 am- Im Glad you solved your p
Willie K Cordes -09/19, 10:34 am- Bob, that roller timer is
Bob Coiro -09/19, 12:37 pm- --Val, --The outer edge o
Charlie B actually i -09/19, 12:51 pm- Well youve got 5 rebuilt
Bob Coiro -09/19, 06:22 pm- Charlie, For the first ti
Bob Jablonski -09/19, 10:31 pm- Bob: Nows the time to go
Toe In - Am I doing something wrong?
Skip Wheeler -09/17, 02:03 pm- Still having trouble with
Skip Wheeler -09/17, 02:11 pm- Here is a photo of what I
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -09/17, 02:16 pm- Skip - The first step in
Steve Tomaso - Milto -09/17, 02:24 pm- You apparently have a geo
Jerry VanOoteghem -09/17, 03:16 pm- Skip, To eliminate wheel
Jerry VanOoteghem -09/17, 03:17 pm- Skip, You may end up det
Skip Wheeler -09/17, 03:25 pm- Thanks Fred. I will do t
Norman T. Kling -09/17, 03:54 pm- I would suspect one or th
Mark Strange -09/17, 09:47 pm- Heres the recent thread t
Trent Boggess -09/18, 10:48 am- I agree that there is a s
Ted Dumas -09/18, 12:30 pm- You have to measure from
Ted Dumas -09/18, 12:36 pm- Might the spindles be rev
Charlie B actually i -09/18, 12:57 pm- Yeah something else is wr
Skip Wheeler -09/18, 10:45 pm- Ok. With both tires off i
Royce in Georgetown  -09/19, 07:40 am- Bent wheel rims can affec
Skip Wheeler -09/19, 09:54 pm- Thanks for everyones help
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -09/19, 10:17 pm- Jerry VanO and Royce both
Vee Radiator ?
Ed in California -09/19, 10:16 pm- [S12.jpg]
Period attire
michael grady -09/18, 11:17 pm- Hi Guys, I have been ask
Dick Lodge - St Loui -09/18, 11:25 pm- Depends on the period. St
Les VonNordheim -09/18, 11:28 pm- I have done several weddi
michael grady -09/18, 11:50 pm- Sorry - 1916
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -09/19, 12:50 am- Just wear a tux and you w
Chris Olsen -09/19, 01:23 am- The Gentlemans Emporium i
Tom Miller, Mostly i -09/19, 08:36 am- I know a lot of us despis
Mark Strange -09/19, 08:44 am- Might be some good ideas
Kenneth W DeLong -09/19, 08:51 am- What about a nice clean p
James Chochole -09/19, 09:20 am- Im with Ken, if you have
Dick Lodge - St Loui -09/19, 09:27 am- A newsboy cap is often ov
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/19, 10:29 am- Dicks look is correct exc
Dick Lodge - St Loui -09/19, 10:49 am- Steve, I prefer buttons t
Steve McClelland -09/19, 10:52 am- Last one I did was earlie
Willis Jenkins -09/19, 10:59 am- Try the Historical Empori
Mike Sumerall - Athe -09/19, 12:13 pm- Take a look at www.premi
Bob Coiro -09/19, 01:59 pm- Because Im whimsical, I l
Dan Treace, North FL -09/19, 04:57 pm- Steve Had to period adju
Erik Johnson -09/19, 09:59 pm- I have five pairs of anti
Joe Bell
R.V. Anderson -09/19, 03:09 pm- Anyone have a phone numbe
Greg Whaley, Georget -09/19, 03:14 pm- R.V. I just sent you a PM
R.V. Anderson -09/19, 07:45 pm- Thanks, Greg; I was able
Greg Whaley, Georget -09/19, 09:39 pm- Your very welcome R.V.
Mag/ transmission question
Will Copeland - Tren -09/19, 11:02 am- When installing the flywh
Norman T. Kling -09/19, 11:08 am- The transmission should b
Will Copeland - Tren -09/19, 11:20 am- Norman, just to be clear,
Mike Zahorik -09/19, 11:22 am- Heres how I did it. The e
Will Copeland - Tren -09/19, 11:30 am- Im set up like your photo
Will Copeland - Tren -09/19, 11:45 am- I just checked again, Ive
john kuehn -09/19, 01:39 pm- According to the Ford man
Roger Karlsson, sout -09/19, 03:55 pm- The main reason for havin
Dan Treace, North FL -09/19, 04:33 pm- Yep. Ford Service Bullet
john kuehn -09/19, 04:59 pm- The reference from the Fo
Mark Strange -09/19, 05:08 pm- Mike and Dan, those are s
Will Copeland - Tren -09/19, 06:15 pm- Im done for today, I ende
john kuehn -09/19, 06:47 pm- Will you stated that the
Will Copeland - Tren -09/19, 08:20 pm- Sorry, I was very tired w
Norman T. Kling -09/19, 09:22 pm- 25 thousandths = .025. I
Old Photo - What A Wreck!
Jay - In Northern Ca -09/18, 11:17 am- [IMG_20140224_103733.jpg]
Steve Tomaso - Milto -09/18, 11:20 am- Bummer - appears to be a
Norman T. Kling -09/18, 02:19 pm- The man on the right appe
James Chochole -09/18, 02:50 pm- Hit a streetcar maybe? Hu
Will Copeland - Tren -09/18, 03:29 pm- Looks a bit odd with both
john kuehn -09/18, 05:57 pm- Looks to me he rolled it
Larry Smith -09/19, 09:56 am- Looks like it was taken i
Dave Wells -09/19, 10:46 am- It would be nice if all t
Noel D. Chicoine, MD -09/19, 02:42 pm- I would guess the right d
Peter Taylor -09/19, 05:09 pm- Mr. Tomaso, I believe you
Dave Wells -09/19, 07:57 pm- In a centerdoor crash, ho
Another Neutral problem discovered
Norman T. Kling -09/18, 02:06 pm- In process of rebuilding
Kohnke Rebabbitting -09/18, 03:18 pm- Take the linkage pin out
Norman T. Kling -09/18, 06:54 pm- herm, thats not the probl
Scott Conger -09/19, 06:02 am- Norm, I suspect that you
Mark Gregush Portlan -09/19, 10:50 am- If you installed a new sh
Norman T. Kling -09/19, 11:03 am- The problem is in the ped
Mark Gregush Portlan -09/19, 07:19 pm- IT STAYS IN NEUTRAL WHEN
Royce in Georgetown  -09/19, 07:23 pm- Norman, I recently had a
Photo Size
Donald Vagasky,Tucso -09/19, 03:43 pm- What is the max photo siz
michael grady -09/19, 03:45 pm- itll tell you if you try
Mark Strange -09/19, 05:19 pm- To post on the forum, pho
Donald Vagasky,Tucso -09/19, 06:50 pm- Thanks Mark, thats exactl
CRAP! Now what? Rocky brake with extension is depressed w...
Robert Poane -09/18, 06:22 pm- I replaced the original b
Mark Strange -09/18, 07:25 pm- Is your low pedal link in
Robert Poane -09/18, 07:34 pm- Thanks for your advice Ma
Mark Strange -09/18, 07:50 pm- Robert, can you take some
Mark Strange -09/18, 08:23 pm- Here is a really clear ph
Robert Poane -09/19, 06:46 am- wow, I think mine looks a
Norman T. Kling -09/19, 11:38 am- I had a similar problem w
Dan Treace, North FL -09/19, 01:40 pm- Robert That first photo
Anthonie Boer -09/19, 02:05 pm- Robert , I expected the s
Robert Poane -09/19, 06:35 pm- This is great! You guys h
Jim York
Les Schubert -09/19, 03:52 pm- Jim Your email address do
Dennis Seth - Ohio -09/19, 06:19 pm- Les, I guess youll just
One more Trophy
Gary H. White - Sher -09/16, 08:50 pm- David, Very sorry to hear
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -09/17, 11:26 am- I am with David on taking
Bob Coiro -09/17, 01:01 pm- Its true; theres no justi
David Kriegel Mishaw -09/19, 04:45 pm- This is the sign I put up
A problem with Sure-Stop brakes on early cars.
Jon Allen -09/19, 12:59 pm- Last winter was rear end
Scott Elliott, Tigar -09/19, 01:09 pm- I put flexible hoses to t
Jon Allen -09/19, 01:38 pm- Yea, Scott, I really like
Royce in Georgetown  -09/19, 02:14 pm- Jon, You dont change tir
Roger Karlsson, sout -09/19, 02:14 pm- Royce has shown with pict
Dale Peterson -09/19, 03:55 pm- Having changed tires both
Radius rod alignment
Fritz Hady Mt. Top,P -09/18, 09:49 pm- I recently installed the
Mark Gregush Portlan -09/19, 11:01 am- By how much? Is it too fa
Dan Treace, North FL -09/19, 02:03 pm- Check to make sure you ha
Ford Tri Plane in Hutchinson, Ks
Micheal Crowe -09/17, 10:40 pm- The Ford Tri Plane was in
Bob Jablonski -09/17, 10:47 pm- Great opportunity ! What
Charlie B actually i -09/17, 10:51 pm- Watching The Roosevelts o
Micheal Crowe -09/17, 10:58 pm- 75.00 was the price. it w
Jerome Hoffman, Hays -09/17, 11:45 pm- Mike I could hear your sm
Craig Anderson, cent -09/18, 02:33 am- I flew in a Tri-Motor a f
Ronald Bolser -09/19, 12:26 pm- I got to fly in it when i
C cab paint scheme
Anthony J Marino -09/17, 09:27 am- I wonder if that second T
John McGinnis in San -09/17, 10:02 am- Why does everybody seem t
Burger in Spokane -09/17, 10:28 am- Back then they had a Comf
Dan Treace, North FL -09/17, 11:47 am- Anthony wonder if that s
Justin Heim -09/17, 01:15 pm- Wouldnt the C cab have be
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -09/17, 02:24 pm- I strongly agree that a T
Justin Heim -09/17, 10:07 pm- I think it was Fred Mille
Mike Walker, NW AR -09/18, 09:20 am- Ford did produce some 27
Anthony J Marino -09/18, 09:37 am- Thanks Dan, does anyone h
Steve Tomaso - Milto -09/18, 09:46 am- My Gramps bought this one
Kenneth W DeLong -09/18, 10:07 am- Can you imagine driving t
Gary Schreiber- Sant -09/18, 10:28 am- Or back up to a berm, Bud
Anthony J Marino -09/18, 11:31 am- Thanks Steve, do you have
Donnie Brown North C -09/18, 12:24 pm- I agree with the TT speci
Justin Heim -09/18, 12:55 pm- Anthony, since you have a
Bob on Texas Gulf Co -09/18, 01:32 pm- I own a Flatbed TT and a
Anthony J Marino -09/19, 07:19 am- Bobby, Im still sticking
Justin Heim -09/19, 08:00 am- That is a good suggestion
Donnie Brown North C -09/19, 08:24 am- Justin, I believe the TTs
Steve Tomaso - Milto -09/19, 10:22 am- No, I do not have the bac
Anthony J Marino -09/19, 10:42 am- Thanks Steve
Anthony J Marino -09/19, 11:18 am- Justin, my TT DOES have t
Anthony J Marino -09/19, 11:23 am- It must be for the canopy
Anthony J Marino -09/19, 11:25 am- I also have canopy panel
Anthony J Marino -09/19, 11:26 am- I also have the hole in t
Justin Heim -09/19, 11:46 am- Thanks for looking at tho
Justin Heim -09/19, 11:49 am- I forgot to also mention
Reamer Sizes
Matis Max -09/19, 08:44 am- Thanks for sharing! I cam
Richard Gould -09/19, 10:11 am- Steve, I always figured F
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/19, 11:02 am- The Stevens list shows on
Red Flag tour
Tom VanMeeteren -09/19, 07:57 am- Is anyone going on the Re
New to Hobby, looking for some mentors in Michigan
Andreswright -09/18, 11:53 pm- yes ! keep your eye on eb
James Michael Rogers -09/19, 06:41 am- Dave, look up Gord Kholl.
The Ideal Garage (No Fords?) NY - Photo
Herb Iffrig -09/17, 08:36 pm- [Ideal garage NY
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -09/17, 10:35 pm- Nice four cylinder Maxwel
Dan Haynes -09/17, 10:44 pm- What is coming out of the
Nathan Bright -09/17, 11:46 pm- Im sorry... but if it ha
Burger in Spokane -09/18, 12:35 am- When I hear/read comments
Craig Anderson, cent -09/18, 02:30 am- I dont like the all or no
Roger Karlsson, sout -09/18, 02:39 am- Nice picture Herb. I wond
Dennis Seth - Ohio -09/18, 07:47 am- I look at the No Fords co
Burger in Spokane -09/18, 11:10 am- In the brass era, cars we
Herb Iffrig -09/18, 09:18 pm- Well we are on a Model T
Burger in Spokane -09/18, 11:11 pm- Hey, I own two trucks. I
John P Noonan -09/18, 11:34 pm- Burger, than why are you
Nathan Bright -09/19, 12:22 am- I was certainly joking in
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -09/19, 01:33 am- I did say it was a nice M
Left-Hand Ruckstell Shifter
Clayton Swanson -09/17, 10:46 pm- i would agree royce, its
Terry Horlick in Pen -09/18, 01:29 am- Please re-think using tha
Tom Bergmann Sydney  -09/18, 08:31 am- The missing instructions
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -09/18, 09:48 pm- I would add to the commen
Valve Job
Tom Kesselhon -09/18, 09:49 am- I need to replace the val
Trent Boggess -09/18, 10:32 am- Definitely. But if you a
Dennis Seth - Ohio -09/18, 10:44 am- Be careful on what valve
John Semprez-Templet -09/18, 11:59 am- Tom, I recently replaced
Jerry VanOoteghem -09/18, 12:57 pm- Tom, Ill add my 2 cents
Tom Kesselhon -09/18, 05:27 pm- I had planed on cutting t
John Semprez-Templet -09/18, 08:58 pm- Tom, The Neway cutter has
John Semprez-Templet -09/18, 09:01 pm- I forgot to add, you can
John Semprez-Templet -09/18, 09:25 pm- Sorry here is where to fi
Old Photo - Unknown early car
Herb Iffrig -09/18, 09:35 am- [unknown.jpg resized.jpg]
Keith Townsend ; ^ ) -09/18, 10:18 am- Looks to me like an early
Val Soupios -09/18, 10:20 am- 2 cylinder Maxwell
Eric Hylen- Central  -09/18, 08:34 pm- Keith is right on. The to
ROBERT J STEINER  -09/18, 08:44 pm- Here a 1907 Maxwell [maxw
Herb Iffrig -09/18, 09:13 pm- Robert you shouldnt leave
Rare SOHC Roof Victory Eight Racing Engine Fantastic Rest...
Larry Young -09/18, 04:19 pm- The Chandler Park Tulsa H
tim moore -09/18, 08:30 pm- Outstanding and I nominat
1913 Waverly Iowa-Photo Dealer plate?
Herb Iffrig -09/18, 09:27 am- [1913 Waverly Iowa.jpg re
Harold Schwendeman - -09/18, 01:21 pm- Interesting photo Herb.
Bob McDonald-Federal -09/18, 07:00 pm- Harold. In reading som
Erik Johnson -09/18, 08:22 pm- Most likely 1913 Iowa dea
With reluctance, I need to sell My Model T Touring
David Kriegel Mishaw -09/17, 04:19 pm- I put the add in the Foru
Tim Wrenn -09/17, 07:31 pm- Nice looking car. Sorry t
David Kriegel Mishaw -09/17, 08:25 pm- Thanks Tim.. The military
David Stroud -09/17, 08:33 pm- David, find a good VSOVet
Ricks - Surf City -09/17, 08:53 pm- PVA is outstanding, and I
Rob Heyen -09/17, 09:56 pm- David, Sorry you must sel
David Kriegel Mishaw -09/18, 07:23 am- Well I am relieved Adam m
David Stroud -09/18, 09:44 am- Good news David. Yes, peo
David Kriegel Mishaw -09/18, 11:02 am- Yup Mr. Stroud, I can re
Howard D. Dennis -09/18, 11:46 am- David, dont mess around
Anthony J Marino -09/18, 12:09 pm- I found my VSO Veterans S
Craig Anderson, cent -09/18, 05:19 pm- Im happy to hear things a
Tim Wrenn -09/18, 07:35 pm- Just saw on the local new
David Kriegel Mishaw -09/18, 08:18 pm- Tim I was with some of th
TT Fire Engine Identified
Frank Canino -09/17, 07:29 pm- Repost from Oct 3, 2013 h
G.R.Cheshire -09/18, 07:15 am- cool truck Frank dont see
Tim Wrenn -09/18, 08:13 am- what a beautif
Frank Canino -09/18, 09:49 am- Thanks Guys Hoping JAMES
Frank Canino -09/18, 09:50 am- Tim, it is a Buffalo. We
Tim Wrenn -09/18, 07:42 pm- Yes we did, didnt we Fran
1912 word of caution Wreck -Photo
Herb Iffrig -09/17, 07:54 pm- [1912 wreck back.jpg] [19
Jack Daron - Brownsb -09/17, 07:57 pm- That is no T.
Brian Eliason -09/17, 08:40 pm- I have heard that type of
charley shaver -09/17, 10:43 pm- still worth more than mos
Terry Horlick in Pen -09/18, 01:25 am- Clarence and Clara Carlso
Dane Hawley Near Mel -09/18, 05:53 am- Radiator looks uncommonly
Gilbert V. I. Fitzhu -09/18, 07:02 am- If thats a band of white
Tim Wrenn -09/18, 08:16 am- Clarence didnt win the sp
Mark Williamson -09/18, 06:41 pm- A bit hard to tell but it
brass car guy -09/18, 07:20 pm- Think I saw the rhs headl
New Repro starter ring- fitment
David Dare - Just a  -09/17, 05:38 am- OK l am about to receive
Tom Miller, Mostly i -09/17, 06:09 am- Ive never had to heat a T
Andre Valkenaers -09/17, 06:29 am- David, Tom is right but d
Royce in Georgetown  -09/17, 07:35 am- Yes, the bolts need to be
Ron Patterson-Nichol -09/17, 08:05 am- Dave The reproduction rin
David Dare - Just a  -09/17, 06:00 pm- Thank you, l did order th
Roger Karlsson, sout -09/18, 06:17 am- David, all the wear is co
Ned Protexter -09/18, 12:57 pm- Or take your old gear and
dennis delano -09/18, 04:19 pm- Question! Do you still h
Tom Miller, Mostly i -09/18, 04:42 pm- You have to remove the tr
dennis delano -09/18, 06:41 pm- Ok thanks!
Kohnke Rebabbitting -09/18, 07:19 pm- Some of the Repro Gears a
T Party circumnavigate AUSTRALIA on fundraising mission
Bob Trevan - Austral -09/17, 06:15 am- Im sure all T owners arou
Tim Wrenn -09/17, 08:40 am- Cool. Just darned cool. N
Warwick Landy -09/18, 03:14 am- Some excellent new pictur
Mark Williamson -09/18, 06:48 pm- Unfortunately for me the
Old Photo - Posing In The Field
Jay - In Northern Ca -09/17, 11:22 pm- [fghfhhyy67.JPG]
Dennis Seth - Ohio -09/18, 08:02 am- With the basket and goodi
Tim Wrenn -09/18, 08:04 am- Hard working farm folk. S
Tony Barchock -09/18, 08:24 am- They are OUT standing in
Trent Boggess -09/18, 10:37 am- Neat photo. Most likely
Jerry VanOoteghem -09/18, 10:48 am- I would NOT want that wom
Gary H. White - Sher -09/18, 06:48 pm- A real plow horse. Oh yea
Ears on hogshead
James J Williams -09/18, 04:33 pm- I looked at an engine tod
Val Soupios -09/18, 04:41 pm- The 26/27 hogs head has e
James J Williams -09/18, 05:00 pm- Another question will thi
Dan Treace, North FL -09/18, 05:57 pm- The Improved Car 26-27 ho
So. Cal. Hill climb
Bill Bohlen -09/18, 09:07 am- Nov. 2, 2014 the So. Cal.
Ed in California -09/18, 09:18 am- [DSCF4972.jpg]
Ed in California -09/18, 09:27 am- [DSCF4974.jpg]
Mike Bender Tulsa Ok -09/18, 10:09 am- Question. Is it anothe
Norman T. Kling -09/18, 02:24 pm- In Southern California th
Help- Car Fires on #3...always?
James Chochole -09/17, 09:21 pm- Pulled my 17 Runabout in
James Chochole -09/17, 09:42 pm- I agree- I suspected some
James Chochole -09/17, 10:02 pm- Forgot to mention- I am r
Dan Treace, North FL -09/17, 10:17 pm- James May be #3 timer co
Bob Jablonski -09/17, 10:51 pm- The timer roller may have
James Chochole -09/18, 09:31 am- Actually Dan, now that yo
Charlie B actually i -09/18, 09:52 am- A coil that constantly fi
Jerry VanOoteghem -09/18, 10:33 am- James, Please answer Dan
James Chochole -09/18, 11:56 am- Oops, yes, I mean the whe
Willie K Cordes -09/18, 12:33 pm- If I was trying to solve
Charlie B actually i -09/18, 12:53 pm- Nice one Willie.
James Chochole -09/18, 02:06 pm- Good idea!
Old Photo - Coast Tire Store Front
Jay - In Northern Ca -09/18, 11:15 am- [IMG_20140224_103828.jpg]
Dave Wells -09/18, 01:04 pm- Looks to be a 19 to 22 Ru
Old Photo - Gasing Up The Snowmobile
Jay - In Northern Ca -09/18, 11:12 am- [snow mobile 22341.jpg]
Bob McDonald-Federal -09/18, 12:21 pm- Correction: SNOW FLY
Old Photo - Brass Era, Young Lady Behind The Wheel
Jay - In Northern Ca -09/17, 11:30 pm- [hhyy768ik.JPG]
Scott Owens -09/18, 01:02 am- Is that a corn cob pipe i
Dennis Seth - Ohio -09/18, 07:53 am- Great picture of an early
Larry Smith -09/18, 10:47 am- It proves the horn bracke
Trent Boggess -09/18, 11:02 am- Larry, With all due resp
Mike Walker, NW AR -09/18, 11:47 am- ...fraught with peril. I
Mike Walker, NW AR -09/18, 11:50 am- The car has interesting h
Mike Walker, NW AR -09/18, 11:56 am- I just looked up South Da
Triple gear clearance again
Mike Bender Tulsa Ok -09/17, 05:44 pm- Not to start the debate o
Scott Owens -09/17, 06:06 pm- Mike, If the bushing is r
Kenneth W DeLong -09/18, 09:42 am- Great Info!!!!!!!!!!!!! B
Need info
waynette gatlin -09/18, 01:32 am- Hello all! I need informa
Frank van Ekeren (A -09/18, 02:53 am- Looks like a fiberglass m
Roger Karlsson, sout -09/18, 03:00 am- Its a fiberglass repro bo
Mike Walker, NW AR -09/18, 09:09 am- Yes, its an aftermarket h
Old Photo - Overseas Street Scene
Jay - In Northern Ca -09/17, 11:26 pm- [mngfd56789.JPG]
Roger Karlsson, sout -09/18, 02:44 am- Looks like a english spea
Dane Hawley Near Mel -09/18, 05:50 am- The AA badge Automobile A
Roger Karlsson, sout -09/18, 06:06 am- Now that I think about it
Dane Hawley Near Mel -09/18, 06:15 am- I am not sure that your r
Roger Karlsson, sout -09/18, 06:29 am- Yes, they produced RHD Ts
Hap Tucker in Sumter -09/18, 08:44 am- Roger, thank you for the
Gas Tank / Sediment Bulb Leak
Howard Tomlinson -09/17, 07:54 pm- Hello All, I installed a
Dan Treace, North FL -09/17, 09:18 pm- The bulb should have the
Howard Tomlinson -09/17, 09:23 pm- Thanks Dan. I think Ill t
Dan Treace, North FL -09/17, 09:23 pm- ?? [:-] Disregard that la
David Stroud -09/17, 09:37 pm- Dan, you cant start the b
Steve Tomaso - Milto -09/17, 09:50 pm- There is/was an issue a w
Clayton Swanson -09/17, 09:56 pm- i have a new tank and the
Dan Treace, North FL -09/17, 10:02 pm- Well, Im probably wrong o
David Stroud -09/17, 10:22 pm- Yep Dan, the varying leng
Bud Holzschuh - Pana -09/17, 11:17 pm- Yellow teflon tape is fue
P.J. Thiessen -09/17, 11:20 pm- Use teflon tape on the th
Steve Tomaso - Milto -09/17, 11:48 pm- Ive actually applied sold
David Stroud -09/18, 12:05 am- Also, if you use teflon t
Custom speedster bodies hand built near St. Louis Missouri
Nathan Bright -09/17, 08:01 pm- HEy guys, I found this g
keith g barrier -09/17, 08:27 pm- Sure looks like nice work
Mark Strange -09/17, 09:34 pm- Festus, thats the next to
Bill Kerndt -09/17, 11:02 pm- Could I get this guy on c
Nathan Bright -09/17, 11:43 pm- This is the email address
Stromberg OF question
Gary London, Camaril -09/17, 10:19 pm- Does anybody know the inl
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -09/17, 11:26 pm- 1/8 npt
F.A.S.T. "Flat Hillclimb" in Northwood IA - Sept. 13
Eric Hylen- Central  -09/17, 03:51 pm- I remember the day that h
Clayton Swanson -09/17, 10:22 pm- don is currently building
Just something to look at
Mike Walker, NW AR -09/16, 09:47 pm- Are those your kids, Tyro
Dennis Seth - Ohio -09/17, 07:27 am- Beautiful fire truck but
Tim Wrenn -09/17, 08:26 am- Cute kids, and I wouldnt
Tyrone Thomas - Tope -09/17, 10:44 am- Dennis, you know how hard
Steve Tomaso - Milto -09/17, 11:35 am- Is that your rig, Tyrone
Tyrone Thomas - Tope -09/17, 05:03 pm- No steve its not my car.
Steve Tomaso - Milto -09/17, 07:18 pm- Thanks Tyrone - all I hav
Tyrone Thomas - Tope -09/17, 08:21 pm- Post photos when done ste
Steve Tomaso - Milto -09/17, 09:54 pm- Its almost there ![wheels
OT - woodpecker elimination?
Scott Conger -09/17, 06:23 am- OK, so I dont generally l
mike dixon -09/17, 06:39 am- the problem is that the b
mike dixon -09/17, 06:44 am- sorry, but i thought of o
G.R.Cheshire -09/17, 06:52 am- Scott; the only reason fo
George_Cherry Hill N -09/17, 07:12 am- G.R. is correct, Woodpeck
Kevin Whelihan -09/17, 07:16 am- I have the same problem o
Dave Dufault -09/17, 07:35 am- Scott, Have you looked at
Ricks - Surf City -09/17, 09:03 am- I havent been able to fin
Ricks - Surf City -09/17, 09:05 am- I would have the house te
John Zibell -09/17, 09:26 am- Wood peckers also sound a
Larry LaPatka -09/17, 09:44 am- Scott...Having a log home
Burger in Spokane -09/17, 10:44 am- An often overlooked woodp
Scott Conger -09/17, 11:21 am- to all: thank you to Larr
Scott Conger -09/17, 11:23 am- and to Kevin: it is a tri
John F. Regan -09/17, 11:40 am- Woodpeckers here too. Th
eugene story -09/17, 02:13 pm- I had a dead limb on one
Justin Heim -09/17, 03:32 pm- I had one try for a whole
James Baker -09/17, 03:39 pm- Here are a couple picture
James Baker -09/17, 03:40 pm- [image.jpg]
Larry LaPatka -09/17, 08:31 pm- Scott....I failed to ment
Peter C. Strebeck -09/17, 09:31 pm- I had the same problem wi
Dan Treace, North FL -09/17, 09:41 pm- When lived in west TN, ha
Another delivery truck non T-photo
Herb Iffrig -09/17, 01:16 pm- [delivery truck.jpg resiz
G.R.Cheshire -09/17, 01:27 pm- That one looks like it wo
Will Copeland - Tren -09/17, 04:14 pm- Those folks that drove th
Henry Petrino in Mod -09/17, 04:21 pm- Yes to everything you sai
Howard D. Dennis -09/17, 05:02 pm- I always thought that tho
Dennis Henrichs -09/17, 05:04 pm- Pretty neat cab over for
Val Soupios -09/17, 06:41 pm- When you consider what te
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -09/17, 09:08 pm- Like so many things. It i
Measurement needed
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/17, 03:50 pm- I dont have a new drive s
John Haynes -09/17, 08:06 pm- I dont have a new one, bu
Dan Treace, North FL -09/17, 08:33 pm- Steve As John says, the
Time to work up some pole wood-Photo
Herb Iffrig -09/17, 01:02 pm- [Working up pole wood.jpg
Mike Walker, NW AR -09/17, 08:22 pm- Theyve got quite a stack
Top speed to trailer an open top car with top tied down ?
David Kriegel Mishaw -09/17, 06:39 pm- My THANK YOU to all who g
Replacement block question
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/17, 12:16 am- Several times weve seem i
Jack Daron - Brownsb -09/17, 12:26 am- I have a 13 casting block
Frank van Ekeren (A -09/17, 12:32 am- Any year parts books come
Mark Chaffin -09/17, 12:37 am- I have a October 15 block
Frank van Ekeren (A -09/17, 12:41 am- Forgot to mention why I p
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -09/17, 04:34 am- I just left a response to
Roger Karlsson, sout -09/17, 05:52 am- In northern states it was
Justin Heim -09/17, 07:27 am- I am a little confused on
Roger Karlsson, sout -09/17, 07:37 am- The throttle hole was dis
John H. Nichols -09/17, 11:24 am- Perhaps it is now the tim
Mark Gregush Portlan -09/17, 11:26 am- You could also buy blocks
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -09/17, 05:28 pm- There were blocks made by
Help id hubs & wheels
Ron Osburn -09/17, 01:36 am- Just bought an Ames speed
Gary Schreiber- Sant -09/17, 07:43 am- Bump
Ed in California -09/17, 07:47 am- Possibly a variation of a
Layden Butler -09/17, 04:50 pm- Ed is correct. Phelps bra
Gould Underdrive & Piston height query
peter mccool -09/17, 05:35 am- I gave up clearances to g
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -09/17, 03:47 pm- So what is the Gould unde
TT C cab Help needed
John Semprez-Templet -09/17, 03:44 pm- John, My TT was a closed
OT- Math thru the ages or why the cashier can't count cha...
A. Gustaf Bryngelson -09/16, 09:08 pm- Hey Henry, Do not worry a
Chuck Hoffman - Gold -09/16, 10:17 pm- Someday, Ill tell you abo
Michael Deichmann, B -09/16, 10:58 pm- Spare the effort, Chuck -
Henry Petrino in Mod -09/17, 03:35 pm- Stan, Thanks for the invi
TT tire and rear wheel rims
Mike Husted -09/16, 10:41 pm- The wheel rim measures 22
John Semprez-Templet -09/17, 01:24 am- It sounds like the wheel
Fred Miller, Sequim  -09/17, 01:38 am- Mike I just went and meas
Mike Husted -09/17, 11:41 am- Fred I do not have any ri
John Semprez-Templet -09/17, 12:28 pm- Mike, Once you find a pai
Willie K Cordes -09/17, 12:56 pm- Fred, Rim size is measure
John Semprez-Templet -09/17, 01:53 pm- Willie, You are correct a
David Stroud -09/17, 02:09 pm- Or, you can measure the I
Advice on a hard to read vin block number to get a title
Terry Woods, Richmon -09/16, 11:54 pm- David, As rust pitted as
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -09/17, 03:54 am- Just my opinion. Because
David Dare - Just a  -09/17, 05:47 am- Holy cow thats a tricky n
Fred Wicker -09/17, 06:32 am- 4 4 _ 2 4 6 or
Dave Dufault -09/17, 07:42 am- David, Just for grins &am
Ed in California -09/17, 08:51 am- 449246 or 449 ? 246
Roger Karlsson, sout -09/17, 09:52 am- If its a 7 digit number l
Jon Allen -09/17, 10:59 am- David, I dont see any men
Skip Anderson -09/17, 01:47 pm- Use the frame number if y
Framingham MA non Ford delivery truck- Photo
Herb Iffrig -09/17, 01:05 pm- [FRAMINGHAM, MA - RPPC -
OT - Ford Agent Dutee Wilcox Flint
Ron -09/17, 12:59 pm- [photo (3).JPG]
T's on the Run
John Aldrich Orting  -09/17, 12:30 pm- Spent the weekend with fr
John Aldrich Orting  -09/17, 12:39 pm- We had us some fun in the
Running board truss rod
Dave Wells -09/16, 09:43 pm- Jack, I dont think Bill w
Bill Elliott -09/16, 10:02 pm- Dave, Youre absolutely r
Dave Wells -09/16, 10:33 pm- Yup, I even have to loose
Les VonNordheim -09/16, 11:01 pm- I have used a floor jack
Erik Johnson -09/16, 11:43 pm- In my opinion, the runnin
John F. Regan -09/17, 01:52 am- I would suggest that over
John F. Regan -09/17, 02:04 am- I meant to also post some
Bill Elliott -09/17, 05:42 am- Thanks everyone, for the
Royce in Georgetown  -09/17, 07:30 am- I have an accessory runni
Bill Elliott -09/17, 09:53 am- It appears that my runnin
John F. Regan -09/17, 11:47 am- They can be bent cold and
New Ring and Pinion Gears - Problems?
Robert Butler - West -09/16, 10:29 pm- Reading through past thre
Jack Daron - Brownsb -09/16, 10:32 pm- That was a few years back
Andrew Benoit -09/17, 04:52 am- I picked up an unused cro
Roger Karlsson, sout -09/17, 05:30 am- Compare the pinion keyway
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/17, 08:12 am- [IMG_6598 copy.JPG] Thre
Richard Gould -09/17, 10:00 am- Andrew, I heard the Argen
Ron Osburn -09/17, 01:38 am- These are the wheels from
Tim Wrenn -09/17, 08:41 am- very nice!
Mike Bender Tulsa Ok -09/17, 09:06 am- I think Ron wants to know
Randy Brown - Austin -09/17, 09:23 am- Look like Phelps to me.
What would be wrong with making parts that fit?
ex trooper -09/16, 09:00 pm- Whats next; O-rings???
Bud Holzschuh - Pana -09/17, 09:21 am- All the above comments no
Build Up a New Flywheel Now, or Wait?
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -09/16, 08:32 pm- I wonder if Dave ordered
Tyrone Thomas - Tope -09/16, 08:32 pm- PM sent.
john kuehn -09/16, 08:34 pm- Dont know when the next s
Mark Strange -09/16, 08:49 pm- Tyrone, I got your PM and
Les Schubert -09/16, 08:53 pm- Mark I would like to buy
Mark Strange -09/16, 08:59 pm- Les, thanks for the offer
Mark Gregush Portlan -09/16, 09:20 pm- I would vote to build a n
Mike Walker, NW AR -09/16, 09:42 pm- Mark S. -- You can build
Steven Thum -09/16, 11:23 pm- Mark I have the oil slin
Mark Strange -09/17, 08:42 am- Thanks, Steve, Im away fr
Ron Osburn -09/16, 11:38 pm- test for photo[DSCN1288 (
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/16, 11:45 pm- Thats only 49 KB. Go bigg
Ron Osburn -09/16, 11:51 pm- thanks Steve
Mark Strange -09/17, 08:37 am- I find that 150 dots per
Old Photo - Loaded For Auto Camping
Jim Eubanks, Powell, -09/17, 08:28 am- That had to be one crowde
I am new to Model Ts
Martin Cobb -09/17, 07:18 am- Thank you all for your he
Gary Tillstrom -09/16, 08:57 pm- Not sure how many of thos
Duane Markuson -09/17, 02:19 am- Bob, I think it was a tip
Andre Valkenaers -09/17, 06:54 am- Gary, This what I found a
21 coupe windshield
Ross Harris -09/16, 09:17 pm- Jim You first push out th
Jim Sims -09/17, 06:52 am- Thanks for the info. I gu
Old Photo - Brass Era Roadside Rest Stop
Hap Tucker in Sumter -09/17, 05:39 am- Thanks Royce for clarifyi
Any way we can get the photo upload size upped? I can't e...
ex trooper -09/16, 08:38 pm- Needs changed to 12 volts
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/16, 11:42 pm- Plus a water pump and a l
John P Noonan -09/16, 11:53 pm- Glad to see you back Stev
wes heustess -09/17, 12:22 am- All of that but what abou
Windshield Tudor 24
David Stroud -09/17, 12:06 am- Man Richard! I wish I cou
OT windfall
brass car guy -09/16, 11:11 pm- If its too good to be tru
Terry Woods, Richmon -09/16, 11:49 pm- Gustaf, as the saying goe
I guess t-bay is getting expensive but isn't this model "...
Terry Woods, Richmon -09/16, 08:44 pm- Go for it, Mike! I like t
Mark Gregush Portlan -09/16, 08:47 pm- Dodge may have had them a
mike peterson -09/16, 10:13 pm- I know what u mean Terry!
Photos of ts in wilsall Montana at the base of the crazy ...
Mack Cole ---- Earth -09/16, 09:27 pm- Boy they sure are Moooovi
ID this please. Ford coupe trunk and year?
john kuehn -09/16, 08:42 pm- A reasonable price would
Tyrone Thomas - Tope -09/16, 09:23 pm- Thank you all.
Thanks for the towing advice
David Kriegel Mishaw -09/16, 09:09 pm- Paul Yes a VERY interest
Wanted Bosch Front Plate
Ed in California -09/23, 07:38 pm- Are you looking for a Bos
Ed in California -09/23, 07:59 pm- Are you looking for a Bos
1914 radiator
Jerry Kramer -09/18, 08:50 am- 1914 Model T radiator foe
Brinson burks -09/18, 02:23 pm- Pic? New,used,original??
Jerry Kramer -09/18, 02:32 pm- Original I think.had no l
Jerry Kramer -09/22, 02:06 pm- Brinson, send me your ema
Mark Strange -09/22, 03:13 pm- To post on the forum, pic
Jerry Kramer -09/23, 06:09 pm- I will reduce price to $5
Iron sediment buld For Sale
Layden Butler -09/23, 01:13 pm- OK how about $20?
Layden Butler -09/23, 04:50 pm- Spoken for Thanks to MTFC
For Sale - Three Steering wheels
Tony Bowker -09/23, 04:17 pm- The shiny 16 and the 17 a
Part Wanted: 15/16 Crank Pulley
Philip Berg -09/23, 02:54 pm- Still looking for a 15/16
Carl Mazzuca -09/23, 11:26 am- Fully welded steel speeds
Tony Barchock -09/23, 01:33 pm- Photos? Location?
Tony Barchock -09/23, 01:36 pm- Sorry I had to remove the
1910 - early 1911 Rearend For Sale (can deliver to Hershe...
Don Lang -09/23, 01:29 pm- This early rearend is com
1909 - 1910 early Frame For Sale (can deliver to Hershey)...
Don Lang -09/23, 01:26 pm- This frame is a very nice
30 x 5 tire wanted
R.V. Anderson -09/20, 02:58 pm- Good used, for ton truck.
R.V. Anderson -09/23, 09:58 am- bump
Still want to buy a flat belt power takeoff for front of ...
Donnie Brown North C -09/22, 09:38 pm- Still want to find a powe
Bryan Grube -09/23, 09:23 am- I have one that I might s
Bryan Grube -09/23, 09:24 am- PM me your email address
For Sale T Snowmobile kit
doug hauge upstate N -09/18, 09:49 am- had a few inquires about
doug hauge upstate N -09/23, 09:18 am- anyone interested in the
Packing for Hershey!!!
doug hauge upstate N -09/19, 10:44 am- 4 very good to excellent
Dan Hatch -09/19, 03:24 pm- Spaces???
doug hauge upstate N -09/20, 08:42 am- lots of T stuff will be a
doug hauge upstate N -09/23, 09:16 am- found more T stuff in the
Wire wheels and hubs
Rex Pyles -09/18, 06:42 pm- Might trade for a running
Rex Pyles -09/23, 08:39 am- bump
1914 Model T Driveshaft for Sale
James Chochole -09/21, 10:48 am- I have a complete set for
James Chochole -09/22, 09:11 am- Forgot to post location-
Allan Bennett - Aust -09/23, 08:13 am- James, your customer may
Rear wheel puller for sale
David J. Holland -09/23, 08:03 am- Rear wheel puller for sal
1916 Ohio plate for sale
David J. Holland -09/23, 08:01 am- 1916 Ohio plate for sale
WANTED: TT Chassis (in New England Area)
Ron -09/23, 06:44 am- Btt
Looking for rear wheels for TT
Matthew Temple -09/22, 08:43 pm- I am looking for rear whe
Tom Strickling -09/22, 09:19 pm- Hi Matt. I see you are s
Matthew Temple -09/22, 09:26 pm- I sent you a pm
1914 Model T Touring Car For Sale
Amy Dennis -09/21, 08:57 pm- 1914 Model T - 3 Door To
Amy Dennis -09/21, 09:09 pm- Sorry for the second post
Amy Dennis -09/22, 08:52 pm- Just wanted to update tha
Mark Chaffin -09/18, 09:21 pm- Cant believe someone has
Tony Barchock -09/19, 09:05 am- Why is the lower outlet o
Mark Chaffin -09/19, 10:54 am- Hi Tony, Yes, you will n
Mark Chaffin -09/20, 04:39 pm- bump
Mark Chaffin -09/22, 08:19 pm- Sold! Thanks Larry! Tha
San Diego to Santa Rosa, CA enclosed parts hauling Sep 24th
Jim -09/22, 07:46 pm- September 24th Leaving
1913 Ohio Licence Plate
Tom Sloma -09/22, 07:45 pm- Bump
WANTED: striker plates or a 1912 touring.
Robert Poane -09/19, 06:39 pm- repost.
Robert Poane -09/22, 02:37 pm- repost
Jack Daron - Brownsb -09/22, 04:47 pm- Do you have picture of th
OT Parts Needed....
Steve McClelland -09/22, 12:14 am- Yes I know this isnt the
Warren F Rollins -09/22, 01:43 pm- Steve, I have 4 that came
Steve McClelland -09/22, 02:57 pm- Warren Ill try to get up
Warren F Rollins -09/22, 04:01 pm- Look forward to seeing yo
Wanted Ford Keys #51,55,73 and 74 original
Leon Parker -09/22, 03:43 pm- Wanted Ford original keys
For Sale Old: Coil Tester $200.00
Hal Schedler, Sacram -09/21, 12:41 am- All functions work. It t
Hal Schedler, Sacram -09/22, 12:59 am- I have an offer.
Hal Schedler, Sacram -09/22, 03:34 pm- Sold, pending.....
1914 "Canadian" Runabout For Sale
Michael Nash -09/22, 01:14 pm- 1914 Canadian runabout ri
Himico pedals
John P. Steele, Mont -09/17, 01:11 pm- At some point in the next
John Danuser -09/22, 10:26 am- John are you still coming
Large Collection of Model T Parts At Hershey
Paul Shirley -09/21, 03:42 pm- Bringing a large collecti
Mario Brossard -09/22, 09:46 am- Any picture of your 1915?
Bill Kerndt -09/22, 08:56 am- WANTED: I need a Car Driv
1912 Brass Radiator for sale
Tim Wrenn -09/18, 05:14 pm- I have a very nice brass
Eric Hylen- Central  -09/18, 08:51 pm- If I wre you, Id save it
James J. Lyons III - -09/22, 07:46 am- Tim... Im sending you an
1913 Touring car for sale in Ohio - $18k
Joe Fedullo -09/21, 08:41 pm- I have been looking for a
Joe Fedullo -09/21, 08:44 pm- One other minor thing, th
Royce in Georgetown  -09/21, 09:16 pm- Wow. Great car.
San Diego & other CA cities to anywhere enclosed auto tra...
Jim -09/21, 08:56 pm- Customer Feedback Here @
Ames / Amesbuilt book just out.
Bill -09/21, 08:30 pm- A new book about the hist
Wanted 1914 or earlier Model T touring car
Ed in California -09/21, 02:00 pm-
Royce in Georgetown  -09/21, 03:19 pm- Pretty decent 13, and pri
Joe Fedullo -09/21, 08:03 pm- Royce, Thanks for t
Amy Dennis -09/21, 08:25 pm- I am looking to sell a 19
Bosch magneto drive For Sale
Layden Butler -09/21, 05:23 pm- Excellent condition resto
Layden Butler -09/21, 06:26 pm- Spoken for Thanks to MTFC
Wanted: 1914 Front fender
Bill Elliott -09/21, 05:53 pm- Im in the market for a 19
1915/16 Windshield Hinge For Sale
Alan Woolf -09/21, 05:36 pm- For Sale - 1915/16 Model
26-27 Water Outlet and Fan Assy For Sale
Alan Woolf -09/21, 05:32 pm- Original 26-27 Model T Wa
Temperature gauge For Sale
Layden Butler -09/21, 04:23 pm- Great for speedster or th
Layden Butler -09/21, 05:11 pm- Spoken for Thanks to MTFC
Outside brake set For Sale
Layden Butler -09/20, 01:18 pm- Pair of original accessor
Layden Butler -09/21, 01:46 pm- Spoken for! Thanks to MTF
1916 Brass T Touring for sale
n maver -09/19, 09:42 pm- Well boys and girls it se
bob middleton -09/20, 01:00 pm- Enjoy and hope it arrives
Andrew Deckman, Ogde -09/21, 12:55 pm- [:-]
Vaporizer carburetor for sale
Marvin C. Miller -09/21, 11:58 am- Model T vaporizer carbure
Exhaust Whistle and cut out
Matt Madison -09/16, 09:08 pm- New Price $175.00 with fr
John P Noonan -09/16, 11:01 pm- Matt, considering the two
John P Noonan -09/19, 10:52 pm- Done deal Matt, sent you
John P Noonan -09/20, 11:09 pm- Did you not get my pm Mat
Matt Madison -09/21, 08:34 am- Worked out a deal The Whi
Robert Butler - West -09/21, 12:36 am- Dave, You say the differe
Jack Daron - Brownsb -09/16, 08:32 pm- Wish you were closer,Id b
Mark Chaffin -09/18, 09:18 pm- REDUCED TO $1,900. GREAT
Mark Chaffin -09/20, 04:37 pm- OK GUYS. I UNDERSTAND TH
Mark Chaffin -09/20, 09:29 pm- SOLD! Thanks Larry! Tha
A Rolling Chassis for your New Speedster Project?!
Marvin Konrad -09/20, 09:16 pm- From a 25 coupe. 100 whee
26-7 shortblock rebuilt for hershey
joe bell -09/20, 04:01 pm- I may have time to rebuil
WTB: End Brackets for '24 Coupe Rear Window Shade
Rich Stinchcomb, Tru -09/20, 06:14 am- Looking for a pair of end
Tim Morsher -09/20, 09:53 am- I have a bunch of loose o
Rich Stinchcomb, Tru -09/20, 01:42 pm- Thanks Tim, email sent.
Model T and A Engines, Full Service Repair Shop
Chris Dailledouze -09/20, 12:42 pm- .
Model A Hydraulic Brake Set
Chris Dailledouze -09/20, 12:40 pm- .
Need a Pair of 21" Demountable Rims
Chris Dailledouze -09/20, 12:38 pm- Need a pair of demountabl
1915 Block
John H. Nichols -09/17, 12:46 pm- Looking for 1915 block. L
John H. Nichols -09/17, 12:50 pm- Willing to Travel to Hers
Thomas Elliott -09/17, 09:32 pm- John: I have a 1915 engin
John H. Nichols -09/18, 03:34 pm- Tom I have one block t
Thomas Elliott -09/20, 12:27 pm- My engine sold yesterday.
For Sale: 1928 Model A roadster
Keith Townsend ; ^ ) -09/20, 01:23 am- Sold! Thanks MTFCA!
Royce in Georgetown  -09/20, 10:53 am- I really like the way Mod
Austin Houston Dallas San Antonio to California enclosed ...
Jim -09/19, 12:19 am- September 20th Leaving
Jim -09/20, 09:44 am- September 20th Leavin
1914 Front fender
Bill Elliott -09/20, 09:17 am- Im looking for a decent r
Model T Steering Wheel Rims
Kevin Allen -09/20, 07:20 am- Model T steering wheel ri
Car for sale
Ron Osburn -09/20, 03:58 am- [DSCN1243 (590x443).jpg]
Hershey stuff
Dan Hatch -09/17, 11:12 am- High radiators, 30 X 3.5
Dan Hatch -09/17, 12:36 pm- More stuff: Warford nose
Dan Hatch -09/17, 04:25 pm- Rajo offset spindles. 24/
Dan Hatch -09/18, 03:26 am- Just to clear up somethin
Warwick Landy -09/18, 04:38 am- Dan, how much for the dea
Dan Hatch -09/18, 09:14 am- PM me Dan
Bill Kerndt -09/18, 09:30 am- Dan Did you get my PM? B
Dan Hatch -09/20, 02:28 am- Bill: I have been sending
Model T Wheels
Larry Ciuffo -09/19, 12:53 pm- Looking for T wood wheels
Thomas Elliott -09/19, 01:21 pm- Larry: I have a nice full
Tony Bowker -09/20, 12:52 am- Larry, Contact me
For Sale 1917 WW I Scout vehicle
Dennis Michaud -09/19, 06:44 pm- I am in the process of as
Wanted Jno Brown 19's
Dennis Michaud -09/19, 06:40 pm- I am looking for a pair o
Wanted Right hand early front perches
Dennis Michaud -09/19, 06:36 pm- I need a pair of early 2-
26-27 Coil Boxes for sale
Marvin C. Miller -09/18, 01:36 pm- 2 Coil Boxes Motor mount
harvey cash -09/19, 07:38 am- Marvin, Could you please
Marvin C. Miller -09/19, 01:54 pm- Absolutely. the springs
Marvin C. Miller -09/19, 05:29 pm- Good box is sold pending
1927 Model T Roadster for sale
Travis E. Towle -09/19, 01:52 pm- I have a rumble seat kit
30x3 1/2 rims
Thomas Elliott -09/19, 01:34 pm- Jerry: I have a full set
1925 parts needed in the west
harvey cash -09/18, 08:30 am- Looking for a good useabl
harvey cash -09/19, 11:43 am- Parts found, thank you Du
For Sale:1916 Depot Hack
Bill Andersen -09/18, 01:39 pm- Brass era 1916 Depot Hack
Bill Andersen -09/19, 11:23 am- Correction to ad posted o
For Sale New Rootlieb Hood 1917-23 still in box also 1916...
ROBERT BERGSTADT -09/18, 12:46 pm- All most gone 1 each left
Scott Conger -09/19, 10:21 am- Bob PM sent to you. scot
ROBERT BERGSTADT -09/19, 10:43 am- All 17-22 hoods sold stil
5-Z-XXXX wrenches for sale
Scott Conger -09/17, 06:24 am- bump
Scott Conger -09/19, 06:14 am- Boy, not even a nibble. B
Parts for sale early to late accessories
Warren Webb -09/18, 11:19 pm- I am selling my extra T p
1926 engine/trans, NOS parts for sale
Rick Rice -09/17, 09:56 am- I have a nice and complet
Brinson burks -09/17, 11:26 pm- Price??
Rick Rice -09/18, 09:19 pm- Many thanks to MTFCA! The
WANTED 26-27 Fordor body brackets
Andrew Webb -09/18, 08:47 pm- Bump
For Sale - Pair of 1913 (?) headlamps, poor condition...
Tony Bowker -09/18, 04:03 pm- Sold Thanks MTFCA
Hubcaps for sale.
Bill Kerndt -09/18, 09:00 am- All screw on Hubcaps. Ma
Model TT Tow Truck
Matt Madison -09/17, 09:13 pm- For Sale 1924 Model TT wr
Danny Johnston -09/18, 08:49 am- Matt, Good Morning, Thats
Hpholstry kit
Jerry Kramer -09/18, 08:46 am- Brand new Cartouche compl
Side Lamp For Sale
John S. MacKiernan -09/18, 12:42 am- MODEL T FORD SIDE LAMP --
1913 14 headlamp for sale
Jack Daron - Brownsb -09/17, 09:45 pm- Clay, What are numbers on
1921 Depot Hack
Matt Madison -09/17, 09:24 pm- Up for sale is a Model T
1918 Model T Touring
Matt Madison -09/17, 09:19 pm- up for sale is a nice 191
Direcr enclosed transport available now from Austin, TX t...
Jim -09/17, 07:14 pm- August 18th Direct encl
1914 Model T Touring For Sale
n maver -09/17, 04:02 pm- is this wonderful vehicle
Charles L. Kuntz -09/17, 06:59 pm- Yes it is still for sale.
WANTED 1913 Engine Block
Ed in California -09/17, 04:52 pm- Nobody? How about a 1914
1917-1925 Parts for Sale
Mike Bird -09/17, 12:46 pm- Drag link Sold. Thanks M
Vintage Champion Spark Plug Cleaner Tester and Stand
Mario Brossard -09/17, 08:55 am- bump
Explosion Whistles and adaptors
Matt Madison -09/16, 09:06 pm- Will split up the pair-
Looking for used tires and old steering wheel
Steve Schmidt -09/16, 08:42 pm- Need 4 free bad model T t
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