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Model T Ford Forum
Forum 2015
Question for the really old timers
Tyrone Thomas - Tope -07/04, 06:03 pm- What paint colors were or
Royce in Georgetown  -07/04, 06:20 pm- Then as now race cars wer
Royce in Georgetown  -07/04, 06:27 pm- Indianapolis race first w
Harold Schwendeman - -07/04, 06:49 pm- Royce - Speaking of Indy,
Robert G. Hester Jr. -07/04, 07:36 pm- Another taboo, dont be ca
brass car guy -07/05, 11:00 am- My original 1920s dual ov
Steve Tomaso - Milto -07/05, 12:20 pm- You mean Chris Egsgards/R
Tyrone Thomas - Tope -07/05, 02:05 pm- thank you for the info. T
Steve Tomaso - Milto -07/05, 02:27 pm- When Ron on right purchas
Dave Dufault -07/05, 02:50 pm- Steve, Can you relate Th
Steve Tomaso - Milto -07/05, 03:01 pm- Nope !
Larry Smith -07/05, 03:23 pm- For those who never met C
For those who like quotes (kinda OT)
Bud Holzschuh - Pana -07/04, 11:27 pm- One of my favorite quotes
Burger in Spokane -07/05, 09:15 am- If I knew you were having
Charlie B actually i -07/05, 09:59 am- 2 from HF. Actual quotes.
Ken Todd, .......... -07/05, 12:05 pm- An old Mexican once told
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/05, 12:39 pm- Most internet quotes are
John E Cox -07/05, 02:46 pm- Im with you on that Steve
G.R.Cheshire -07/05, 03:03 pm- Yogi Berra Its like Deja-
Right Hand Drive Carb Rod
Larry Dodson -07/05, 01:34 pm- Does anyone have a right
Mark Strange - Hills -07/05, 02:10 pm- A Google search for right
Larry Dodson -07/05, 02:44 pm- Thanks Mark
Wanted to buy Smith Form A Truck Parts
Randy Shelton -07/04, 06:19 am- Wanted to buy Smith Form
Hap Tucker in Sumter -07/04, 07:14 am- Randy, Since this is you
Mark Gregush Portlan -07/04, 09:07 am- Randy; When you put your
keith g barrier Sava -07/04, 12:18 pm- Stan Howe had one a coupl
Mike Robison -07/04, 02:06 pm- Call Tom Carnegie At Ford
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -07/04, 04:39 pm- And for what it is worth,
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -07/05, 11:16 am- The Jewett was not connec
gene french -07/05, 02:42 pm- Randy: I have a chassis
Model T folding Top - Video
Stuart Graham -07/04, 07:00 pm- Happy 4th of July from th
Hap Tucker in Sumter -07/04, 09:42 pm- Stuart, Be very careful
Stuart Graham -07/05, 03:43 am- Many thanks for the warni
Stuart Graham -07/05, 03:57 am- A couple of pictures of m
John Carter - South  -07/05, 06:55 am- Perhaps this will help: [
Larry Smith -07/05, 11:54 am- If Im correct, the servic
Hap Tucker in Sumter -07/05, 02:40 pm- Larry, That is correct.
LARK trailer
Tom Strickling -06/30, 09:57 am- Does or did anyone ever
keith g barrier Sava -06/30, 11:26 am- Tom I think you will find
kevin findley -06/30, 11:41 am- This might help with the
mark heathman -06/30, 11:49 am- TOM..YOU WANT A CAR TRAIL
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -06/30, 04:25 pm- Tom & Inte
Freighter Jim -07/01, 11:41 pm- Tom, Mark is correct. Y
Kevin Holland, Utah -07/02, 03:52 pm- Do not confuse a cargo tr
Bills Auto Works -07/04, 08:04 pm- A cargo trailer has barn
Roar Sand -07/04, 08:14 pm- Tom, Dont know if you hav
Bills Auto Works -07/04, 08:26 pm- Yes, a good controller is
Kenneth W DeLong -07/04, 08:55 pm- To the expert/If the fron
Freighter Jim -07/04, 09:00 pm- My commercial enclosed ca
Freighter Jim -07/04, 09:18 pm- Regarding a rear dove tai
Bills Auto Works -07/04, 09:23 pm- Your so called commercial
Freighter Jim -07/04, 09:24 pm- Kenneth, I always try to
Bills Auto Works -07/04, 09:29 pm- Also, why is it that you
Freighter Jim -07/04, 09:44 pm- Just joined February 4th,
Kenneth W DeLong -07/04, 09:45 pm- My grandson who just got
Bills Auto Works -07/04, 10:08 pm- I will be glad to buy a m
Jerome Hoffman, Hays -07/04, 10:21 pm- Hey Bill, you first.
Bills Auto Works -07/04, 10:26 pm- Please see my ad in the c
John Warren -07/05, 10:15 am- Wow, I cant believe where
Kenneth W DeLong -07/05, 10:50 am- Im not sure about all sta
Bill in Adelaida Cal -07/05, 01:25 pm- If you buy a two axle tra
Gene Carrothers Hunt -07/05, 01:50 pm- Bill, your attack on Jim
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -07/05, 02:14 pm- Jim has transported for t
Bills Auto Works -07/05, 02:33 pm- Gene & Dave, I will
Old photo - Mt McKinley Alaska TT tour
Anthony J. Marino -  -07/04, 04:00 pm- Photo of a photo. What ye
Henry Petrino in Mod -07/04, 04:37 pm- Well, it looks like a fac
Henry Petrino in Mod -07/04, 04:39 pm- Make that 1924-26. I d
Anthony J. Marino -  -07/04, 06:58 pm- The park ranger said it w
Mike Walker, NW AR -07/04, 07:00 pm- Make that 1924-27. There
Anthony J. Marino -  -07/05, 03:00 am- Missing oil lamps makes m
Justin H. - Western  -07/05, 08:41 am- I believe that the later
Anthony J. Marino -  -07/05, 12:47 pm- Good eye
Steve Tomaso - Milto -07/05, 02:32 pm- One Ton Express w/canopy
Had a flat tire on the 4th
Mike Zahorik -07/05, 11:54 am- My 1926 Tudor suffered a
Jeff Hood -Long Beac -07/05, 12:51 pm- An original type all-meta
Mark Gregush Portlan -07/05, 12:53 pm- On the tubes with the thi
Mike Zahorik -07/05, 01:57 pm- Well..... I got the stem
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -07/05, 02:26 pm- Yes. Maybe use more than
Mike Zahorik -07/05, 02:30 pm- Hey, Keith, long time no
More 16 pics running great!
paul iverson freepor -07/05, 01:41 pm- [image.jpg] [image.jpg] [
paul iverson freepor -07/05, 01:48 pm- I was trying to show the
Donald Manlove -07/05, 02:10 pm- I second that. My Model A
OT, my new toy, O&S steam donkey winch
Donnie Brown North C -07/05, 08:16 am- Most everyone knows of th
George Andreasen -07/05, 08:26 am- Interesting that they add
Burger in Spokane -07/05, 09:03 am- A couple of 6 x 70 logs a
David Dewey, N. Cali -07/05, 12:32 pm- Yeah, did you get the boi
paul iverson freepor -07/05, 02:01 pm- nice! I would like to see
Old desert pic
Scott Lay,,,,,,,,,,, -07/04, 06:01 pm- [image.jpg]
Tyrone Thomas - Tope -07/04, 06:07 pm- Interesting how they are
Patrick Martin -07/04, 06:50 pm- YAY!!!! :D
Kevin Whelihan Danbu -07/05, 07:47 am- HMMMM? This pic must have
Scott Lay,,,,,,,,,,, -07/05, 11:05 am- The caption from this pic
M G Hillhouse -07/05, 11:35 am- Maybe the 50th anniversar
Henry Petrino in Mod -07/05, 12:07 pm- 1916 is a little late for
Ken Todd, .......... -07/05, 12:34 pm- Wheres the driver?
Jim Weir Atascadero -07/05, 01:50 pm- Taking the picture Since
Front wheel bearing question on the 16
paul iverson freepor -07/03, 08:52 pm- I took off the left front
James J. Lyons III - -07/03, 09:18 pm- Paul.. The inner and oute
Gene Carrothers Hunt -07/03, 09:41 pm- James did you mean Spindl
Larry Smith -07/03, 10:37 pm- Go ahead and use what you
paul iverson freepor -07/04, 06:50 pm- James the ball track does
Larry Smith -07/05, 11:58 am- If you tap the outer race
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/05, 01:00 pm- Before getting some new w
paul iverson freepor -07/05, 01:23 pm- thanks guys I packed the
Mark Strange - Hills -07/05, 01:32 pm- Good for you, enjoy your
Who uses the filter under transmission door?
Steve Redelman, Kout -07/03, 10:02 pm- What experience have you
John Zibell, Huntsvi -07/03, 10:07 pm- In my opinion, the filter
mike_black SC/FL -07/03, 10:09 pm- Its amazing what all you
John Noonan - Norton -07/03, 10:21 pm- Steve, i would highly rec
Donnie Brown North C -07/03, 10:23 pm- The filter is one of the
Gene Carrothers Hunt -07/03, 10:41 pm- One of those milk straine
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/04, 01:03 am- The screens I got at Chaf
Bill dugger -07/04, 02:29 am- It may take a bit of you
Kevin Weeds -07/04, 03:23 am- I got my screen from Macs
Richard E Moore Jr.  -07/04, 08:21 am- I removed the cover on my
brass car guy -07/04, 09:19 am- I have a filter in my bar
Steve Redelman, Kout -07/04, 09:30 am- Thanks everyone for respo
James Chochole, Oswe -07/04, 09:37 am- You can run to Harbor Fre
Charlie B actually i -07/04, 09:44 am- Recommended. You never kn
Donnie Brown North C -07/04, 10:14 am- Steve, Not much work on t
Ken Todd, .......... -07/04, 11:28 am- There was an article abou
Brian Billing -07/04, 12:42 pm- Ken, Are you able to scan
Kevin Holland, Utah -07/04, 01:18 pm- I put one in last year. I
Gene Carrothers Hunt -07/04, 02:05 pm- Im not sure you guys are
Ron in Central Massa -07/04, 03:16 pm- I have them on all my Ts
john kuehn -07/04, 05:03 pm- The transmission filter s
Harold Schwendeman - -07/04, 05:22 pm- John, John, John,......yo
Norman T. Kling -07/04, 06:28 pm- The screen will catch the
Bill dugger -07/04, 07:05 pm- Transmission oil screen N
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -07/04, 07:34 pm- I use one. Best damn fil
Ken Todd, .......... -07/05, 11:58 am- Heres the article [oil s
Brian Billing -07/05, 01:24 pm- Thank you Ken.
Heat Pipe During The Summer?
John Noonan - Norton -07/04, 11:45 pm- Last year i tried running
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -07/05, 12:19 am- Leave it on all year.
Alan George Long -07/05, 02:02 am- Never had one on either o
Peter Borland. Bathu -07/05, 07:14 am- Never had one on my car.
Chad Marchees _____T -07/05, 07:32 am- I will just keep mine on.
Mark Strange - Hills -07/05, 08:37 am- I leave mine on all year,
Bob Cascisa - Poulsb -07/05, 12:00 pm- Took mine off of my 16 wh
G.R.Cheshire -07/05, 12:05 pm- I live in Fla, so no heat
Mark Gregush Portlan -07/05, 12:49 pm- Fall, winter and spring O
Looking for enclosed trailer advice
Joe Fedullo -06/29, 08:45 am- I am considering buying a
mike_black SC/FL -06/29, 09:24 am- Joe, If an A is no lo
Freighter Jim -06/29, 09:25 am- No difference between a f
G.R.Cheshire -06/29, 09:57 am- Joe most people that have
Wes Nelson ........B -06/29, 10:03 am- I have what you are looki
Joe Van Evera in the -06/29, 10:20 am- Freighter Jim: Interesti
Joe Van Evera in the -06/29, 10:22 am- Jim: PS - There is a hug
Greg Whaley, Caledon -06/29, 10:34 am- Here is my experience wit
Joe Fedullo -06/29, 11:00 am- Truck is rated for 9,500
Kenneth W DeLong -06/29, 11:48 am- It might be nice to have
Paul Sherman Tacoma  -06/29, 12:03 pm- Look on Craigs List Seatt
Henry Petrino in Mod -06/29, 12:13 pm- Bud, Truck tires and trai
Jeff Hood -Long Beac -06/29, 12:33 pm- I have a high, flat-nose
Kenneth W DeLong -06/29, 01:13 pm- Henry,im sure your right
Derek Kiefer - Manto -06/29, 01:23 pm- Bud, my truck weighs 5,60
Wes Nelson ........B -06/29, 01:28 pm- Joe, You are 700 miles aw
Joe Fedullo -06/29, 02:56 pm- Wes, Thanks for the
Joe Fedullo -06/29, 03:08 pm- Also looking for a brand
Kenneth W DeLong -06/29, 03:24 pm- Joe,I have not seen the c
Greg Whaley, Caledon -06/29, 03:29 pm- Joe - dont forget extra t
Val Soupios -06/29, 03:31 pm- I have a V nose and a Fla
Dean Kiefer - Adams, -06/29, 05:53 pm- On my 26 ft trailer I put
Freighter Jim -06/29, 06:26 pm- Joe, Leg is healing slow
Freighter Jim -06/29, 06:36 pm- Jeff, I drive a Ford F35
Roar Sand -06/29, 08:42 pm- Trailer tires, marked ST
Michael Thomas - Cen -06/29, 09:13 pm- I bought a brand new v-no
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -06/29, 09:32 pm- Michael - We appreciate t
Michael Thomas - Cen -06/29, 09:51 pm- Ill have to go out tomorr
mike_black SC/FL -06/29, 10:12 pm- I agree with Jim on fuel
HARRY A DAW Troy, Mo -06/29, 10:17 pm- Just had a 8.5 x 18 V nos
HARRY A DAW Troy, Mo -06/29, 10:28 pm- Might add that it has a r
Freighter Jim -06/29, 10:50 pm- Most manufacturers cut th
Freighter Jim -06/29, 10:55 pm- Regarding tires .... ST
Gilbert V. I. Fitzhu -06/30, 09:47 am- Since youre building from
Michael Thomas - Cen -06/30, 04:53 pm- Someone asked earlier wha
Kenneth W DeLong -06/30, 04:58 pm- Sorry about the on and on
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -06/30, 05:19 pm- Michael - Thanks for the
Gilbert V. I. Fitzhu -06/30, 05:47 pm- Since youre ordering a ne
Gilbert V. I. Fitzhu -06/30, 05:48 pm- Sorry for posting twice -
Freighter Jim -06/30, 11:53 pm- Gilbert, I am perpetuall
Derek Kiefer - Manto -07/01, 01:50 am- Not sure why youre so ala
Freighter Jim -07/01, 05:54 am- Regarding the curb weight
Joe Fedullo -07/01, 11:06 am- THanks for all of the com
Kenneth W DeLong -07/01, 11:32 am- Joe,I have owned our Haul
Freighter Jim -07/01, 11:39 am- Joe, Measure your vehicl
Gene Carrothers Hunt -07/01, 08:57 pm- Dont have this one but I
Freighter Jim -07/01, 11:43 pm- Gene, Tire pressure sens
R. S. Cruickshank -07/02, 06:19 am- In a few places in this t
Gary Tillstrom 30 mi -07/02, 07:34 am- R.S. Cruickshank That is
Dick Fischer - Arroy -07/02, 10:52 am- Regarding tandem axle tra
Kenneth W DeLong -07/02, 11:31 am- It would be my guess that
Dick Fischer - Arroy -07/02, 12:50 pm- Bud, No, I thought of r
Gene Carrothers Hunt -07/02, 01:02 pm- Ive heard that on some ax
Kenneth W DeLong -07/02, 02:02 pm- Dick,Im not positive abou
Derek Kiefer - Manto -07/02, 02:24 pm- I keep extra trailer whee
Joe Fedullo -07/02, 02:31 pm- I measured the T and it i
Joe Fedullo -07/02, 02:48 pm- I measured the T and it i
Joe Fedullo -07/04, 04:42 pm- Jim, I appreciate y
Bill in Adelaida Cal -07/05, 11:39 am- Joe I have heard that
Floyd Voie - Chehali -07/05, 12:48 pm- Joe, You may want to look
How do I remove the headlight bezel to change bulb on a 1...
Austin Baker -07/04, 06:41 pm- How do I remove the headl
george house . . .ca -07/04, 07:21 pm- Austin, I see by your Pro
george house . . .ca -07/04, 07:25 pm- Or do it the way Royce ad
Ron in Central Massa -07/04, 07:34 pm- Tinkerin Tips recommended
Burger in Spokane -07/04, 07:39 pm- By pushing in against the
Ed in California -07/04, 08:02 pm- [2885318l.jpg] https://w
Royce in Georgetown  -07/04, 09:17 pm- Click here: http://www.
Jim Patrick -07/04, 11:24 pm- I know you are supposed t
Alan George Long -07/05, 02:06 am- I use a large piece of in
Kevin Whelihan Danbu -07/05, 07:20 am- If the trim rings are re-
David Dewey, N. Cali -07/05, 12:40 pm- The rim rivets develop a
Driving your T on the 4th
Paul Mikeska, Denver -07/04, 11:25 pm- If you own and drive a T
Scott Lay,,,,,,,,,,, -07/05, 12:27 am- I drove my 26 roadster ar
Bob Coiro -07/05, 01:27 am- Didnt take snapshots, but
Kevin Whelihan Danbu -07/05, 07:13 am- I took mine to the grocer
Warren Henderson, Du -07/05, 07:25 am- I drove my 1926 coupe in
Bruce Balough -07/05, 07:54 am- I drove my 26 in a parade
John Warren -07/05, 08:32 am- [photo.JPG] The Southern
John Warren -07/05, 08:43 am- [photo american legion 20
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/05, 08:54 am- I put one of Bobs flag se
Pat Kelly Montana -07/05, 09:47 am- We did two parades and di
Mark Gregush Portlan -07/05, 10:11 am- Drove the mile to the sto
Larry Smith -07/05, 11:46 am- I drove mine off the trai
Dave Barker - Dayton -07/05, 12:21 pm- Took the speedster to a f
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/05, 12:36 pm- Mark, dont keep it in you
Differences between '23,'24,&'25 Roadsters
John McGinnis in San -07/03, 02:32 pm- I have a 25 Roadster PU b
Hap Tucker in Sumter -07/03, 03:22 pm- John, The side panels on
David Dewey, N. Cali -07/03, 04:00 pm- There are different versi
Larry Smith -07/03, 11:09 pm- Ive seen 25 pickup beds m
Tex Holtby -07/04, 07:14 am- Larry - I have two 25 bed
David Dewey, N. Cali -07/04, 11:58 am- Larry, that was 5 or 6 ye
Larry Smith -07/05, 12:09 pm- There are two different s
Tex Holtby -07/05, 12:18 pm- Thanks Larry. Are the wi
Dan Treace, North FL -07/05, 12:32 pm- [25 bed.jpg] 25 bed [b
OT nicopp
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -07/04, 10:43 pm- We are using Nicopp tubin
Justin H. - Western  -07/05, 08:46 am- Fred, that may be a good
Jerome Hoffman, Hays -07/05, 11:31 am- 20 plus years using it fo
Bob Cascisa - Poulsb -07/05, 11:51 am- I went to the local auto
Ken Todd, .......... -07/05, 12:32 pm- Is that the same as Cunif
Broken crankshaft
James E Bowery -07/03, 10:17 pm- My crankshaft broke Tuesd
Gilbert V. I. Fitzhu -07/03, 10:37 pm- Amazing what can be done
Bob Gruber- Spanaway -07/03, 11:05 pm- Youre lucky. Mine broke t
Walt Berdan, Bellevu -07/03, 11:49 pm- Oops! I think I see the
Bob Gruber- Spanaway -07/04, 12:07 am- Thanks Walt! Ill remember
Tom Moorehead -07/04, 07:34 am- Jim, so what all did he h
Allan Bennett - Aust -07/04, 08:39 am- Bob, are you sure your cr
Bob Gruber- Spanaway -07/04, 09:16 am- Allan, I really think the
kep -07/04, 05:14 pm- i ponder whether using th
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -07/04, 10:46 pm- Bob G, I am glad that you
Allan Bennett - Aust -07/04, 10:55 pm- Bob, thanks for the feedb
kep -07/05, 02:44 am- Should i radius the shelf
Bob Gruber- Spanaway -07/05, 09:12 am- Heres that sharp corner o
Allan Bennett - Aust -07/05, 09:28 am- Bob, your second and thir
Kohnke Rebabbitting, -07/05, 12:27 pm- All the breaks I have see
Advice on rear end problem please
Kevin Weeds -06/30, 04:05 am- Finally got my recently p
Frank van Ekeren (A -06/30, 04:10 am- The nut must be missing t
Allan Bennett - Aust -06/30, 04:18 am- Kevin, theres a big castl
Kevin Weeds -06/30, 04:38 am- Thanks guys hopefully I c
Kevin Weeds -06/30, 07:55 am- Guys when I went for a sp
Royce in Georgetown  -06/30, 07:59 am- Do not drive the car unti
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -06/30, 08:33 am- Kevin..if your most recen
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -06/30, 08:52 am- You are officially ground
Robert G. Hester Jr. -06/30, 09:11 am- Kevin, check the toe-in o
James A. Golden -06/30, 10:06 am- The debris from the disol
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -06/30, 10:35 am- Kevin, Please post some
Norman T. Kling -06/30, 10:59 am- Disregard the posts about
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -06/30, 01:25 pm- Disregard posts about dis
Erik Johnson -06/30, 01:47 pm- Dont just tighten up the
Kevin Weeds -06/30, 05:34 pm- I get it guys, no more dr
Kevin Weeds -06/30, 06:28 pm- Robert G, boy that was a
jeff cordes -06/30, 06:35 pm- Ive driven a car with a c
Kevin Weeds -06/30, 06:52 pm- I guess there would have
Harold Schwendeman - -06/30, 07:04 pm- Kevin - Also, I guess thi
Larry Smith -06/30, 07:54 pm- The reason Ford used cast
Stephen D Heatherly -06/30, 08:14 pm- Kevin, it would be best i
Frank van Ekeren (A -06/30, 09:05 pm- That front spring perch i
John Doolittle -06/30, 09:27 pm- Good eye Frank! I did tha
Dennis Plank - Three -06/30, 10:05 pm- It looks to me like the p
Frank van Ekeren (A -06/30, 11:19 pm- Right. Dimple at the fron
Dan Treace, North FL -06/30, 11:43 pm-
Frank van Ekeren (A -07/01, 12:16 am- Dan, have that too, been
James Michael Rogers -07/01, 07:08 am- I just checked my touring
Dan Treace, North FL -07/01, 11:41 am- Frank If consensus says
Mike Walker, NW AR -07/01, 11:46 am- It seems there is some co
Dan Treace, North FL -07/01, 11:55 am- Ford Service Manual Para
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -07/01, 01:33 pm- Kevin, From your front e
Jim Thode Chehalis W -07/01, 02:14 pm- The perch is installed co
Dan Treace, North FL -07/01, 03:42 pm- [image.jpg] Ford Manua
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -07/01, 03:54 pm- Kevin, This really doesn
Frank van Ekeren (A -07/01, 05:20 pm- It would only be correct
Kevin Weeds -07/01, 07:56 pm- Im away from the car for
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -07/01, 08:04 pm- Just for peace of mind, I
Kevin Weeds -07/04, 03:20 am- Guys upon inspection toda
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/04, 08:58 am- Yes, take the perch with
Dan Treace, North FL -07/04, 09:58 am- The castle nut for the re
Norman T. Kling -07/04, 10:39 am- First jack up the rear of
kep -07/04, 04:44 pm- You do not really need a
Mike Walker, NW AR -07/04, 06:57 pm- I wonder where the nut we
Kevin Weeds -07/04, 07:06 pm- Thanks Guys, Kep using yo
kep -07/05, 02:51 am- No i dont.
Kevin Weeds -07/05, 05:21 am- Mike, just read your post
James Michael Rogers -07/05, 09:11 am- The flat on the wishbone
Allan Bennett - Aust -07/05, 09:36 am- Kevin, the curved surface
Dan Treace, North FL -07/05, 10:03 am- To add to Jamess post. Y
Ken Todd, .......... -07/05, 12:15 pm- Kevin, check the nuts tha
OT - Running in the K 6-40
Rob Heyen - Eastern  -07/04, 11:18 pm- The K is home in Nebraska
John P. Steele, Mont -07/04, 11:51 pm- Congratulations on gettin
Larry Bohlen, Severn -07/05, 12:04 pm- Rob, She sure sounds goo
1923 Top
Richard A Eddinger S -07/04, 08:17 pm- OK I know there will be s
Eric Hylen- Central  -07/04, 09:10 pm- It really depends on what
joe bell -07/04, 09:31 pm- I saw Elizabeths tops out
Richard A Eddinger S -07/04, 09:41 pm- I have heard the same thi
Dan B -07/04, 09:41 pm- Does anyone know the stat
Richard A Eddinger S -07/05, 12:15 am- Dan do you have the locat
Paul Mikeska, Denver -07/05, 12:42 am- After buying kits from bo
Royce in Georgetown  -07/05, 09:00 am- Vince Iaccono was the V i
Royce in Georgetown  -07/05, 09:01 am- BTW JV Group was in New Y
Larry Smith -07/05, 11:49 am- A friend of mine bought a
Transmission advice
jason macintyre -07/04, 05:52 pm- Looking for advice on get
Trent Boggess -07/04, 07:13 pm- You can probably save the
Burger in Spokane -07/04, 07:16 pm- A lot of guys like the SB
Verne Shirk -07/04, 07:19 pm- Id look into installing a
Richard Gould, Folso -07/04, 07:59 pm- Jason, I have no way of k
jason macintyre -07/05, 07:15 am- Well the transmission is
jason macintyre -07/05, 07:19 am- [
Richard Gould, Folso -07/05, 09:30 am- Couple things I see. The
Royce in Georgetown  -07/05, 10:06 am- Most of the parts in the
jason macintyre -07/05, 11:38 am- Royce that was my thought
jason macintyre -07/05, 11:43 am- Royce that was my thought
Happy 4th of July
Will Rice -07/04, 12:33 pm- Happy Independence Day fr
Will Rice -07/04, 12:35 pm- and some more [1 target 3
Will Rice -07/04, 12:36 pm- I mean grandpa and grandm
Mike Hanson - Kingwo -07/04, 01:43 pm- Happy 4th to you and your
Will Rice -07/04, 06:24 pm- Beautiful touring Mike!
Mike Hanson - Kingwo -07/04, 06:47 pm- Excellent Will! Great d
paul iverson freepor -07/04, 07:01 pm- very nice I like that dog
Craig Anderson, cent -07/04, 07:38 pm- My Dad was a pyromaniac o
Will Rice -07/05, 11:21 am- I wish fireworks were sti
Finally found a tow vehicle
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -07/04, 08:33 pm- A few months ago I asked
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -07/04, 08:47 pm- A bit of rust, is there?
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -07/04, 08:51 pm- Rust is the state color i
Joe Van Evera in the -07/04, 11:13 pm- Years ago we were visitin
Chad Marchees _____T -07/05, 07:25 am- Congrats on the new purch
Kevin Whelihan Danbu -07/05, 07:36 am- My 1997 Chevrolet Silvera
Burger in Spokane -07/05, 09:10 am- Ive always lived out west
Dick Fischer - Arroy -07/05, 11:04 am- Regarding rusted cars fro
OT: Looking for the book "Adventure South" (epic journey ...
Chris Bamford, Edmon -07/05, 10:12 am- Our good friends Guy Butc
Chris Bamford, Edmon -07/05, 10:25 am- Guy, Eunice, and the migh
Dick Lodge - St Loui -07/05, 10:46 am- Chris, would I be correct
Gary Schreiber- Sant -07/05, 10:56 am- Great picture [:-]
How to sandblast 26 gas tank?
kep -07/05, 02:55 am- If cleaning the inside of
Scott Lay,,,,,,,,,,, -07/05, 02:59 am- I just had mine hot tanke
Dan Treace, North FL -07/05, 10:27 am- The inside of the Improve
Dale L Myers -07/05, 10:32 am- Here is a link showing ho
Floor mat to tight around pedals
Adam Golabek , Polan -07/04, 04:53 pm- I bought from Langs front
Bob Trevan - Austral -07/04, 05:00 pm- Original mat had all the
Norman T. Kling -07/04, 06:33 pm- All your pedals move side
Royce in Georgetown  -07/04, 06:37 pm- Original 1917 mat. There
Bud Holzschuh - Pana -07/04, 11:16 pm- Adam As Norman suggested
Adam Golabek , Polan -07/05, 05:36 am- Thank You all for help. I
Dan Treace, North FL -07/05, 10:20 am- [100_3080 (600x400) (590x
Kirk Peterson  -07/05, 10:23 am- Dan Thanks for the T Tip.
No water pump, no problem.
Scott Lay,,,,,,,,,,, -07/04, 06:54 pm- Living in the Mojave dese
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -07/04, 07:49 pm- Scott. --- My son informs
Scott Lay,,,,,,,,,,, -07/04, 08:03 pm- Well Fred I have been her
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -07/04, 08:12 pm- That explains your addict
Pat Kelly Montana -07/04, 08:39 pm- My wife and I both grew u
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -07/04, 08:48 pm- The world is very small..
Scott Lay,,,,,,,,,,, -07/04, 09:12 pm- Yep Lancaster keeps getti
Mark Strange - Hills -07/05, 09:14 am- I lived in Lancaster, CA
Richard A Eddinger S -07/05, 09:46 am- I lived near there during
Pat Kelly Montana -07/05, 09:51 am- I miss the desert every m
Totally OT. History of dating
Jim Patrick -07/04, 11:45 pm- I respect the wide variet
Mark Strange - Hills -07/05, 09:05 am-
Burger in Spokane -07/05, 09:13 am- My old man based history
New England Brass & Gas Tour
Gilbert V. I. Fitzhu -07/03, 08:24 pm- This was a week-long HCCA
Dave Dufault -07/04, 07:59 am- Very nice write up....but
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -07/04, 04:27 pm- Wonderful tour report GFt
Mike Walker, NW AR -07/04, 07:02 pm- Looks like it was a great
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -07/04, 07:41 pm- I am almost in tears. Why
Dave Dunlavy, Iowa U -07/05, 08:37 am- Gil, thanks for the heads
Info on speedster rear spring
Allan Bennett - Aust -06/28, 08:10 pm- Michael, along with softe
Hal Schedler, Sacram -06/28, 10:17 pm- Kevin, have U checked you
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -06/29, 01:26 pm- Dont remove any. Your sof
Kevin Weeds -07/05, 05:36 am- Hal I havent checked the
Glen Chaffin -07/01, 11:26 pm- I finally found the photo
Herb Iffrig -07/02, 02:07 am- I knew the man who sold t
Glen Chaffin -07/02, 12:40 pm- Yes Herb, This is a photo
Hap Tucker in Sumter -07/02, 01:26 pm- Glen, First thank you f
Glen Chaffin -07/02, 01:59 pm- Hap, Thanks for your post
Hap Tucker in Sumter -07/02, 02:17 pm- Glen, Thank you for the
Glen Chaffin -07/02, 08:23 pm- Sure Hap, I will send you
Kim Dobbins -07/02, 11:45 pm- Glen, I talked to Edward
bob middleton -07/02, 11:54 pm- I know theres still a 2 p
Dan Woolf -07/03, 08:46 am- Here are pictures of the
Royce in Georgetown  -07/03, 08:54 am- #714 is the chassis in th
Glen Chaffin -07/03, 10:04 am- Kim, All you say about th
David Dewey, N. Cali -07/03, 01:14 pm- Its very telling about th
Hap Tucker in Sumter -07/03, 01:28 pm- Glen, Thank you so muc
brass car guy -07/03, 01:56 pm- #220 is in Portland Ore.
Mike Spaziano, Bellf -07/03, 01:57 pm- Royce, I know for a fact
Kim Dobbins -07/03, 04:11 pm- Royce, 714 belongs to Los
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -07/03, 04:41 pm- My little for what it is
Glen Chaffin -07/03, 05:19 pm- Car 131 was restored by M
Mike Spaziano, Bellf -07/03, 05:54 pm- In my post above, I meant
Glen Chaffin -07/03, 05:56 pm- Hap Tucker, Thank you for
Ed in California -07/03, 06:05 pm- Since 2012 you can purcha
Ed in California -07/03, 06:06 pm-
John E Cox -07/03, 06:23 pm- When I was in High School
Hap Tucker in Sumter -07/03, 07:43 pm- Glen, Thank you again fo
Mike Walker, NW AR -07/03, 07:46 pm- Gotta put that Peterson m
Larry Smith -07/03, 10:48 pm- Im happy to say that duri
Mike Robison -07/04, 01:58 pm- I was invited to Freds Pl
Gary Schreiber- Sant -07/04, 02:20 pm- Outstanding pictures!!
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -07/04, 02:33 pm- Beautiful! Absolutely bea
Mark Gregush Portlan -07/04, 02:55 pm- It is a beautiful car, th
Royce in Georgetown  -07/04, 04:04 pm- I believe #839 is on the
Trent Boggess -07/04, 05:46 pm- I also have had the oppor
Glen Chaffin -07/04, 11:22 pm- Hi Trent. Its been a long
Kim Dobbins -07/05, 03:16 am- When Ford started designi
My Happy 4th
George_Cherry Hill N -07/04, 11:04 pm- Sometimes it is in the ge
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -07/05, 01:12 am- Got to love good family!
2015 Edition of Show Us Your Model T Doodlebug/Conversion...
Chad Marchees _____T -06/28, 08:28 pm- Someone posted video from
Ron in Central Massa -06/28, 10:04 pm- Chad, Thanks for pos
Chad Marchees _____T -06/29, 07:29 am- Found another video: http
Zachary Carrico -06/29, 09:36 am- Chad, I am glad the other
Zachary Carrico -07/03, 11:58 pm- The new doodlebug came ho
Chad Marchees _____T -07/04, 07:01 am- Sweet. Were going to need
Zachary Carrico -07/04, 08:04 am- I was looking at the orig
Chad Marchees _____T -07/04, 08:41 am- The fact that thing is wo
Zachary Carrico -07/04, 08:50 am- I will try to be there, i
Ron in Central Massa -07/04, 03:20 pm- Easily the most unique do
Zachary Carrico -07/05, 12:16 am- Thank you Ron, I think th
Crank case support
ken bechtel -07/04, 03:00 pm- Does anyone have a crank
Wilf Bradbury -07/04, 04:00 pm- This is something I have
Ed in California -07/04, 04:03 pm- [458842.jpg]
Charlie B actually i -07/05, 12:11 am- Had something similar on
Through the window
William L Vanderburg -07/04, 09:58 pm- I took this picture today
Dan Killecut -07/04, 10:53 pm- neat pic.
OT - Thought For The Day ..... :-)...
Freighter Jim -07/04, 05:15 pm- I took this a few days ag
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -07/04, 10:46 pm- I like that!
What have you done in June?
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -07/04, 10:37 pm- In spite of some serious
Dad gummit
Michael Garrison - R -07/04, 06:06 am- The speedsters low band i
Kevin Whelihan Danbu -07/04, 07:48 am- Mike, Bummer! Guess we k
keith g barrier Sava -07/04, 12:23 pm- Mike, saying dad gummit m
Michael Garrison - R -07/04, 07:56 pm- I certainly hope my aggre
keith g barrier Sava -07/04, 10:00 pm- No offence here mike, jus
12th Annual 4th of July Tour and Potluck Picnic
Eric Hylen- Central  -07/04, 08:40 pm- We had great weather and
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -07/04, 09:10 pm- Werent any tours around,
Eric Hylen- Central  -07/04, 09:49 pm- I like the Stearman. I t
Old Photo - Model TT Semi
Jay - In Northern Ca -07/03, 11:17 pm- [Model-T-Semi.jpg]
Burger in Spokane -07/04, 07:00 pm- Driving a TT, one is ofte
Chad Marchees _____T -07/04, 07:25 pm- Looks like they were tryi
Fred B -07/04, 09:21 pm- Thanks. This picture rem
OT - Built .... Ford .... Tough .... I get a week off ......
Freighter Jim -07/04, 10:01 am- Since I rolled over my le
Kenneth W DeLong -07/04, 12:05 pm- This picture may give som
Freighter Jim -07/04, 12:17 pm- Kenneth, I always get re
Mike Walker, NW AR -07/04, 07:10 pm- Looks like that big side
Freighter Jim -07/04, 09:11 pm- Mike, I have always had
4th of July fireworks.
Eugene Adams -07/03, 03:58 pm- Chinese fireworks. Click
Eugene Adams -07/03, 04:05 pm- Whoa! Looks like these a
Bob Cascisa - Poulsb -07/03, 05:28 pm- I am suspicious - I think
Marty Bufalini - Gro -07/04, 08:55 am- Bob, youre right. All co
Charlie B actually i -07/04, 02:15 pm- I was at a friends house
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -07/04, 02:44 pm- San Antonio has a NO fire
Paul Bourgeois -07/04, 04:23 pm- Wow, pretty good. Happy 4
Eugene Adams -07/04, 07:53 pm- The Texas Tenors perform
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -07/04, 08:56 pm- My opinion--- The Fourth
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -07/04, 09:00 pm- Fred, Im with you. Frankl
Reversing rotation on a Du4 magneto?
Daniel Kraft -07/03, 08:34 pm- In laymans terms, could s
Dan McEachern -07/03, 11:24 pm- you can retime the gears
Daniel Kraft -07/03, 11:49 pm- Ok, I have some other set
Craig Anderson, cent -07/04, 02:35 am- You have to take the impu
Dan McEachern -07/04, 11:45 am- The above link covers onl
Daniel Kraft -07/04, 01:31 pm- Ok, that doesnt seem too
Craig Anderson, cent -07/04, 08:13 pm- If you click on the OTHER
Coupe windshield seal rubber.
Jim Sims--Reed City, -07/04, 07:02 pm- I am working on a 21 coup
Wire Wheel Tyre valve on an angle
Kevin Weeds -07/04, 05:14 am- I found this today, none
Dennis Seth - Ohio -07/04, 06:42 am- Your tube looks like it s
Hap Tucker in Sumter -07/04, 06:42 am- Side note -- for the 21 i
Hap Tucker in Sumter -07/04, 06:42 am- Kevin, Yes, you should a
Kevin Weeds -07/04, 07:15 am- Thanks Guys, Hap the whee
Hap Tucker in Sumter -07/04, 11:33 am- Kevin, That is a good re
Mark Strange - Hills -07/04, 11:43 am- Better check every fasten
Kevin Weeds -07/04, 06:53 pm- Good advice, makes you th
Headlight bulb relacement
Austin Baker -07/04, 05:50 pm- How do I remove the headl
Royce in Georgetown  -07/04, 06:41 pm- You push toward the rear
rick howerton -07/01, 12:07 am- Where can I buy the safet
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -07/01, 12:28 am- Should be available at an
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -07/01, 12:55 am- Farm stores
Mark Gregush Portlan -07/01, 01:52 am- Check your state rules be
Freighter Jim -07/01, 05:58 am- Mark is correct ... I re
rick howerton -07/01, 07:20 am- Thanks for the help, afte
Tom Strickling -07/01, 07:35 am- I have battery powered bl
G.R.Cheshire -07/01, 07:41 am- After a friend got a tick
Dale L Myers -07/01, 07:58 am- I have been thinking abou
Freighter Jim -07/01, 08:32 am- Conspicuity tape can be u
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -07/01, 11:26 am- You could do something li
Derek Kiefer - Manto -07/01, 12:17 pm- I run with a magnetic SMV
Dan Treace, North FL -07/01, 12:39 pm- Obtained magnetic signs i
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -07/01, 01:25 pm- I have battery powered bl
Bob Coiro -07/01, 03:57 pm- The official slow-moving-
Dennis Seth - Ohio -07/01, 04:09 pm- Bob, What size sign did
Bud Holzschuh - Pana -07/01, 05:28 pm- Perfect size for my T. h
mike conrad -07/01, 05:38 pm- Rick, That man was hit by
Bob Coiro -07/01, 07:07 pm- Dennis, My sign measures
Dennis Seth - Ohio -07/01, 09:48 pm- Thanks Bob for the inform
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -07/01, 10:18 pm- We dont know the drunk wo
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -07/01, 10:22 pm- You can get too crazy wit
Mark Gregush Portlan -07/04, 02:36 pm- I recall reading some pla
George John Drobnock -07/04, 03:54 pm- Pennsylvania discusses th
Rod Barrett - Anders -07/04, 04:13 pm- I bought 2 of these flash
Fred Burkhardt -07/04, 04:33 pm- in texas it is illegal to
Boiling over
john a sellers -07/03, 01:45 pm- Just fired up my 1st T a
Doug Wilson - Omaha  -07/03, 01:51 pm- Was it boiling, or did it
Henry Petrino in Mod -07/03, 02:01 pm- John, There are a number
Peter Claverie, Memp -07/03, 02:03 pm- Since youre a newbie, her
Peter Claverie, Memp -07/03, 03:04 pm- Two more things: The coo
paul griesse--Granvi -07/03, 03:24 pm- just to add to the spark
Henry Petrino in Mod -07/03, 03:50 pm- John, See what I mean?
Norman T. Kling -07/03, 04:32 pm- All of the above are true
john a sellers -07/03, 06:45 pm- I started her again and l
Richard E Moore Jr.  -07/03, 07:01 pm- Make sure the fins in the
George_Cherry Hill N -07/03, 07:25 pm- Get a meat thermometer an
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -07/03, 07:40 pm- John my 2.5 cents, adjust
Jim Sims--Reed City, -07/03, 07:40 pm- One problem you have is r
Tyrone Thomas - Tope -07/03, 10:15 pm- Just a thought John. On t
Royce in Georgetown  -07/04, 09:12 am- It should not be run for
Charlie B actually i -07/04, 09:57 am- Im pretty sure the car sh
Tyrone Thomas - Tope -07/04, 04:02 pm- John, so today I drove Mo
Old Photo - Patriotic Model T Ford Wearing the Stars and ...
David Greenlees -07/04, 12:29 pm- [T.jpg] This postcard i
Derek Kiefer - Manto -07/04, 12:32 pm- Black radiator with equal
Front Radius Rod Cap
Chester W. Lowery TN -07/02, 09:25 pm- I looked at all the previ
John Doolittle -07/02, 09:44 pm- Same problem on this end,
Rick Goelz-Knoxville -07/02, 09:45 pm- Thats normal, install the
Ted Dumas -07/02, 10:02 pm- You need to add a spacer
Jerry Kramer -07/02, 10:03 pm- I have installed three of
Justin H. - Western  -07/02, 11:29 pm- It looks like the springs
Chester W. Lowery TN -07/02, 11:30 pm- Thanks for the advice, I
Allan Bennett - Aust -07/03, 06:01 am- You are right Justin. If
Allan Bennett - Aust -07/03, 06:02 am- OOPS!! make that the safe
Rod Barrett - Anders -07/03, 08:07 am- Curious. Why arent you us
Royce in Georgetown  -07/03, 08:12 am- The spring is not intende
Mark Strange - Hills -07/03, 08:24 am- You could stack washers u
Justin H. - Western  -07/03, 08:36 am- Okay, Im still not follow
Royce in Georgetown  -07/03, 08:41 am- The flanges should not to
Chester W. Lowery TN -07/03, 08:41 am- I went with Royce and tig
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/03, 09:02 am- Rod, the answer to your q
Roger Karlsson, sout -07/03, 09:22 am- Indeed, Steve [:-] Old h
Chester W. Lowery TN -07/03, 09:59 am- Steve I dont think that w
Justin H. - Western  -07/03, 10:32 am- Thanks for the clarificat
Chester W. Lowery TN -07/03, 11:08 am- Steve, I went back out to
Rod Barrett - Anders -07/03, 11:16 am- I would not trust the ite
Norman T. Kling -07/03, 11:26 am- One thing I did not see a
Dan Treace, North FL -07/03, 11:32 am- Here is another type of a
Chester W. Lowery TN -07/03, 11:34 am- Thanks Rod, I will be ord
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/03, 12:14 pm- Chet, my comment had a lo
Chester W. Lowery TN -07/03, 02:43 pm- Dan, is that one you made
Ed in California -07/03, 02:50 pm-
Chester W. Lowery TN -07/03, 03:07 pm- Ed, have you ever used on
R.V. Anderson -07/03, 04:10 pm- The springs are not there
Rod Barrett - Anders -07/03, 05:55 pm- Chester, I also put thes
Frank van Ekeren (A -07/03, 06:11 pm- What about a little bit o
R.V. Anderson -07/03, 06:14 pm- Those springs are the rea
Frank van Ekeren (A -07/03, 06:16 pm- Shouldnt be done at all,
Larry Smith -07/03, 10:59 pm- The cap does in fact mate
Justin H. - Western  -07/04, 08:43 am- I found this in one of my
John Doolittle -07/04, 08:56 am- OooooH~ use of pins inste
Chester W. Lowery TN -07/04, 10:42 am- Took my first ride this m
YOM: a precaution that may save you some time
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/01, 08:39 am- Year of Manufacture laws
James Baker -07/01, 09:29 am- Steve I had a similar exp
G.R.Cheshire -07/01, 09:41 am- Your right Steve, Not all
Larry Smith -07/01, 10:05 am- In California, they have
James Chochole, Oswe -07/01, 11:02 am- Here in Illinois I carry
Paul ONeil, Fullerto -07/01, 12:08 pm- I have been running YOM p
Derek Kiefer - Manto -07/01, 12:19 pm- Give me the ticket sir, I
Jeff Rhoads -07/01, 12:39 pm- A year or so ago, I was p
Mark Strange - Hills -07/01, 12:46 pm- So its OK if the number o
Gary Tillstrom 30 mi -07/01, 12:48 pm- Come to Memphis! We have
Burger in Spokane -07/01, 01:23 pm- Years ago, the fine peopl
Tex Holtby -07/01, 01:57 pm- YOM vintage plates regist
Dick Lodge - St Loui -07/01, 02:10 pm- Mark, in Missouri there c
Mark Strange - Hills -07/01, 02:54 pm- Thanks, Dick. I would ha
Jeff Rhoads -07/01, 06:15 pm- In Kentucky, when your ca
Steven Thum -07/01, 06:44 pm- Dick, Try to find anybody
William L Vanderburg -07/01, 09:09 pm- New Jersey doesnt allow Y
Terry Woods, Richmon -07/01, 09:36 pm- Texas has the law, but th
Bob Bishop, San Dieg -07/01, 09:48 pm- As mentioned above, Calif
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -07/01, 10:00 pm- I have a nice pair of CA.
Jeff Schreier -07/01, 10:21 pm- Here are a few Nebraska R
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/01, 10:39 pm- Steven, I dont get that.
Steven Thum -07/02, 12:29 am- You can get a used or not
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/02, 01:03 am- Aha, Ive never tried that
Frank Harris from Lo -07/02, 01:10 am- This note below is going
Kirk Peterson  -07/02, 11:11 am- License Plates are Kool!
Justin H. - Western  -07/02, 11:28 am- PA just recently started
Mark Strange - Hills -07/02, 11:32 am- If my email ever comes up
David Dewey, N. Cali -07/02, 01:04 pm- Hmm, Im not sure why mor
Gustaf in Idaho -07/02, 01:27 pm- If I recall correctly, yo
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/02, 02:07 pm- I still wonder about New
Kirk Peterson  -07/02, 02:39 pm- These plates contain my i
Bob Solak -07/02, 02:47 pm- Illinois doesnt get much
Brian Eliason, Whitt -07/02, 07:01 pm- A few things California d
Mark Strange - Hills -07/02, 09:07 pm- Boy, I really like that f
Paul Mikeska, Denver -07/03, 12:42 am- A little off topic but th
Tex Holtby -07/03, 09:22 am- Steve - New Yorks require
john kuehn -07/03, 10:05 am- I am going through gettin
Kevin Holland, Utah -07/03, 01:09 pm- I carry in my T and A a c
Willard Revaz -07/03, 02:02 pm- CT has YOM free registrat
brass car guy -07/04, 10:12 am- Washington State has the
Model T's in Oregon
Norman T. Kling -07/03, 11:03 am- Oregon is about to enact
Mark Gregush Portlan -07/03, 11:40 am- Funding is down for road
Kenneth W DeLong -07/03, 12:13 pm- Sounds like a brain fart
Henry Petrino in Mod -07/03, 01:04 pm- This sort of problem is,
Gustaf in Idaho -07/03, 01:13 pm- I think that most of our
Royce in Georgetown  -07/03, 01:20 pm- Texas is not considering
David Dewey, N. Cali -07/03, 01:56 pm- Here in Oroville they cut
brass car guy -07/03, 02:13 pm- The real reason the need
Henry Petrino in Mod -07/03, 03:25 pm- The problem permeates our
Marvin C. Miller -07/03, 04:15 pm- Idaho just installed a 7
paul iverson freepor -07/03, 07:06 pm- 10 years ago in chicago I
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -07/03, 07:45 pm- Part of the problem too i
Max L. Christenson -07/03, 11:09 pm- Gasoline taxes decrease a
Max L. Christenson -07/03, 11:31 pm- To be clear, gasoline tax
brass car guy -07/04, 09:43 am- Cutting to the chase, our
John Stokes -07/02, 06:36 pm- I added to Kevin Weeds th
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -07/02, 07:34 pm- My hopes are up! Glad to
John Stokes -07/03, 02:53 am- Thanks Wayne. Im still a
Rod McKenzie -07/03, 06:36 pm- Id like a signed copy ple
Hap Tucker in Sumter -07/03, 07:53 pm- John, I and many others
Rob Heyen - Eastern  -07/04, 09:31 am- John, Glad to hear its go
Gorman and Sabinal Tx
CharlesHebert -07/02, 09:59 pm- Gorman Texas from the ear
Royce in Georgetown  -07/03, 08:07 am- Looks like a Studebaker d
Burger in Spokane -07/03, 09:57 pm- Why did some Studebakers
Dan Woolf -07/03, 11:02 pm- Royce, I agree that the
Terry Woods, Richmon -07/03, 11:04 pm- What part of this post is
Royce in Georgetown  -07/04, 09:16 am- I think you are right Dan
New coils today
Richard E Moore Jr.  -06/30, 08:12 pm- Got my new coils today an
BRENT MIZE -07/01, 06:06 pm- Richard, Glad to hear tha
Larry Smith -07/01, 09:41 pm- Brent goes out of his way
Charlie B actually i -07/01, 11:23 pm- Its an amazing difference
Roar Sand -07/02, 09:18 am- Brent did a set of coils
john kuehn -07/02, 09:31 am- Brent did a set for me an
Marty Bufalini - Gro -07/02, 01:06 pm- Brent does great work, is
Richard E Moore Jr.  -07/02, 11:29 pm- I love to hear my coils r
John F. Regan -07/04, 08:54 am- As others have stated; Fo
Generator ?
samuel pine -06/30, 08:06 am- Yesterday with my younges
Royce in Georgetown  -06/30, 08:10 am- You may have a bad batter
Gary Tillstrom 30 mi -06/30, 09:04 am- The second part of your q
George John Drobnock -06/30, 10:56 am- Take some time and review
samuel pine -07/01, 03:38 am- This is interesting ? I g
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -07/01, 07:20 am- If youre getting voltage
Royce in Georgetown  -07/01, 07:43 am- If this is a diode style
samuel pine -07/02, 02:51 am- Thanks guys, the batt is
Ken Todd, .......... -07/02, 01:05 pm- What kind of meter are yo
Norman T. Kling -07/03, 11:38 am- There are a couple of oth
John F. Regan -07/04, 08:50 am- The 1.41 Volt reading is
OT- Happy Independence Day
John Noonan - Norton -07/03, 11:53 pm- Hope all the great forum
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/04, 12:15 am- Dont get too cocky about
Chris Brancaccio - C -07/04, 12:28 am- Steve, I corrected the sp
Chris Brancaccio - C -07/04, 12:29 am- An old neighbour of ours
John Noonan - Norton -07/04, 12:30 am- But Steve, there was plan
Dan B -07/04, 08:40 am- On a side note, i am very
OT But Restoration Related
Howard D. Dennis Byr -07/04, 12:12 am- My Maxwell radiator had a
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/04, 12:26 am- Dremel #420 cutoff wheels
Mark Strange - Hills -07/04, 08:27 am- If you use the Dremel whe
Water pump lube
Tyrone Thomas - Tope -07/02, 02:44 pm- My dad would put a milky
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/02, 02:55 pm- ....................Royce
Justin H. - Western  -07/02, 03:11 pm- Did it come in a tube? I
Kevin R Bligh Carson -07/02, 03:13 pm- macs 1300 water pump lube
Tyrone Thomas - Tope -07/02, 03:19 pm- Thank you Kevin. No Justi
Justin H. - Western  -07/02, 03:22 pm- Out of curiosity, is it a
Tim Eckensviller - T -07/02, 03:38 pm- Would that be the soluble
Tyrone Thomas - Tope -07/02, 03:42 pm- Justin. It is like if you
Tim Eckensviller - T -07/02, 03:49 pm- Hmmm... Cutting fluid is
Justin H. - Western  -07/02, 03:52 pm- Okay. I would be interes
Tyrone Thomas - Tope -07/02, 04:07 pm- OK more info. Just talked
Scott Owens -07/02, 04:09 pm- Hey guys, It is water sol
Tyrone Thomas - Tope -07/02, 04:12 pm- Justin. The greasing of a
Tyrone Thomas - Tope -07/02, 04:13 pm- So give us a name and or
ROBERT BERGSTADT -07/02, 04:19 pm- we have water pump grease
Dan Treace, North FL -07/02, 04:22 pm- [31k6PfgrDoL__SL500_AA300
Tyrone Thomas - Tope -07/02, 06:02 pm- Dan, perhaps Gunk is it.
Kohnke Rebabbitting, -07/02, 07:14 pm- There are many brands. H
Jerry Davis Houston  -07/02, 09:57 pm- It was called drilling mi
Ted Dumas -07/02, 09:59 pm- I think you can use any m
Erik Johnson -07/02, 10:06 pm- My dad put water pump lub
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -07/02, 10:20 pm- most water pump lubes you
Frank van Ekeren (A -07/02, 10:29 pm- Dont use to much, rubber
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -07/02, 10:34 pm- NAPA stores can get it, t
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -07/02, 10:43 pm- the coolant does not get
Tyrone Thomas - Tope -07/03, 10:19 pm- this stuff is hard to fin
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -07/04, 02:25 am- Machine shop supply store
What was your best (Oh CRap Moment)?
Will Copeland - Melb -06/30, 11:25 am- After seeing the photo of
Henry Petrino in Mod -06/30, 12:16 pm- Well, its non-automotive,
Rob from Nova Scotia -06/30, 12:22 pm- A few years ago I rebuilt
James J. Lyons III - -06/30, 12:23 pm- Mine was actually on a to
G.R.Cheshire -06/30, 12:32 pm- Definitely not automotive
Frank Harris from Lo -06/30, 12:37 pm- I was cleaning the two li
Marvin Konrad -06/30, 12:47 pm- In retrospect, some non-a
David Dewey, N. Cali -06/30, 01:43 pm- Well Franks screw in the
Bob Cascisa - Poulsb -06/30, 02:43 pm- BEST Oh Crap Moment. Is
Mark Strange - Hills -06/30, 02:48 pm- Back in the early 1980s,
Rick Goelz-Knoxville -06/30, 03:31 pm- Learning to drive and pus
Les Gitts - Ferndale -06/30, 03:34 pm- Long time ago..... I boug
Norman T. Kling -06/30, 04:32 pm- A couple of mine which ha
mike conrad -06/30, 05:19 pm- I reused two piece valves
Richard A Eddinger S -06/30, 06:53 pm- Was in a hurry to respoke
brass car guy -07/01, 12:38 am- This is not something I d
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/01, 02:30 am- [IMG_2849 copy.JPG]
George n Los Angeles -07/01, 02:51 am- Steve, WCFields selling
Peter Kable - Kiama  -07/01, 03:50 am- This didnt happen to me t
David Stroud -07/01, 04:39 am- Ive had MANY. One of the
Michael Pawelek Broo -07/01, 06:54 am- Years ago my Dad and I we
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -07/01, 11:42 am- The boat story reminds me
Joseph W. Rudzik -07/02, 12:08 am- This did not happen to me
George n Los Angeles -07/02, 02:04 am- Pulled my brake apart to
Kevin Holland, Utah -07/03, 01:01 pm- I looked over all the OH
Ken Todd, .......... -07/03, 04:51 pm- Many years ago late at ni
Mark Strange - Hills -07/03, 06:00 pm- Ken, I thought you were g
Dean Kiefer - Adams, -07/03, 06:11 pm- Back when I was in high s
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -07/03, 07:42 pm- I just had an OH Crap mom
Bob Coiro -07/03, 08:16 pm- _So, there I was... a stu
Tony Bowker, Ramona, -07/04, 01:13 am- I was going to tell of my
U joint hole, previous thread, found problem, now how do ...
Norman T. Kling -06/28, 03:35 pm- I dont remember there bei
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -06/28, 04:12 pm- I am not the expert. But
Verne Shirk -06/28, 06:27 pm- I have never seen a washe
Allan Bennett - Aust -06/28, 07:58 pm- Fellows, I too am mystifi
Mike Walker, NW AR -06/28, 08:35 pm- Bob -- I agree with the o
John F. Regan -06/28, 08:51 pm- WOAH here! This man is i
Robert Poane -06/28, 09:08 pm- Whoever put it in years a
Mike Walker, NW AR -06/28, 09:21 pm- Bob -- The adjustable kit
Evan in Paso Robles -06/28, 10:23 pm- Hello Bob, Have you had
John F. Regan -06/28, 10:37 pm- Evan: I dont think this
David Dewey, N. Cali -06/28, 11:17 pm- Robert, I hate to say t
Larry Smith -06/28, 11:40 pm- Is there a problem with d
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -06/29, 01:22 pm- It really shouldnt matter
Allan Bennett - Aust -06/29, 08:09 pm- Jerry, a modified torque
Roger Karlsson, sout -06/29, 08:39 pm- The U-joint position is d
Allan Bennett - Aust -06/30, 12:36 am- Roger, it doesnt matter h
Roger Karlsson, sout -06/30, 06:26 am- Youre right Allan - with
Robert Poane -06/30, 09:46 pm- I took the shaft out of t
Mark Gregush Portlan -06/30, 10:05 pm- A simple answer to whethe
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -07/01, 05:02 pm- Mark G., You are 100% co
Robert Poane -07/01, 08:28 pm- Are these pictures any he
Chester Leighton -07/01, 08:31 pm- I have the same problem.
Larry Smith -07/01, 09:31 pm- If you choose to use the
Dan Treace, North FL -07/01, 11:04 pm- Appears to be the new sha
Leon Parker - Benton -07/02, 01:05 pm- Dan, are the length of th
Ted Dumas -07/02, 01:25 pm- If everything else is fit
David Dewey, N. Cali -07/02, 01:48 pm- Maybe its just me, but I
John Zibell, Huntsvi -07/02, 04:28 pm- If you are using the Reag
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -07/02, 04:39 pm- John Z, Once the assembl
John Zibell, Huntsvi -07/03, 10:04 am- Jerry, I just read the in
Royce in Georgetown  -07/03, 12:59 pm- The fit of the U Joint to
John F. Regan -07/04, 12:11 am- Chester: Something in yo
Rough Engine
Annette Ford -07/01, 11:24 pm- Heres an update on my T.
Mark Strange - Hills -07/02, 08:56 am- So glad its working out f
Dave Dufault -07/03, 10:24 am- Thanks for the update. I
John F. Regan -07/03, 11:32 am- Annette: I am sooooo gla
Mark Strange - Hills -07/03, 06:20 pm- Kudos too, to the antique
Ron in Central Massa -07/03, 11:26 pm- Annette - am glad someone
OT Henry Ford's Office Mystery: Can You Help?
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -07/02, 11:32 am- Since I live near the For
Harold Schwendeman - -07/02, 11:52 am- My first thought on seein
Kenneth W DeLong -07/02, 12:10 pm- Jerry,Could it be a drawi
Tom Miller, Mostly i -07/02, 12:17 pm- Im thinking it might be J
Thomas Mullin -07/02, 12:22 pm- Jerry, Im thinking some
David Dewey, N. Cali -07/02, 12:22 pm- I know those are blow ups
Thomas Mullin -07/02, 12:23 pm- aargh! /image{calendar}
Erik Johnson -07/02, 12:26 pm- May or may not be a Gibso
Thomas Mullin -07/02, 12:31 pm- [calendar] [Couzens]
George_Cherry Hill N -07/02, 12:32 pm- Jerry, Hope that you get
Rob Heyen - Eastern  -07/02, 02:40 pm- My guess would be along t
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -07/02, 04:51 pm- Thanks for the great sugg
Darel J. Leipold -07/02, 04:59 pm- Here is a sample illustra
Darel J. Leipold -07/02, 05:01 pm- My1903 catalog has severa
Jim Patrick -07/02, 11:01 pm- The white squiggly, smoke
Peter Kable - Kiama  -07/03, 02:53 am- The photo of the girl app
Roger Karlsson, sout -07/03, 09:07 am- The first batch of Vanadi
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/03, 09:19 am- The sharpness of old phot
Thomas Mullin -07/03, 04:21 pm- And really old cameras ju
Kenneth W DeLong -07/03, 08:07 pm- I have heard that Vanadiu
Ed in California -07/03, 08:14 pm- I enjoy old photographs.
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -07/03, 11:08 pm- I agree about some of tho
OT RV / Trailer AC units
Royce in Georgetown  -07/01, 01:01 pm- I tow a 22 foot enclosed
G.R.Cheshire -07/01, 02:02 pm- Coleman or Dometic but th
mike_black SC/FL -07/01, 07:37 pm- Many of the enclosed trai
Michael in northeast -07/01, 08:31 pm- Instead of a roof mount,
Freighter Jim -07/01, 11:47 pm- Royce, Unless your trail
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -07/02, 08:27 am- If the trailer isnt insul
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -07/02, 09:49 am- The portable units use fl
Royce in Georgetown  -07/02, 11:08 am- Jim, I can accommodate a
Kevin Holland, Utah -07/02, 02:40 pm- Royce, I too plan to make
Kevin Holland, Utah -07/02, 02:45 pm- My link does not work. th
George Harrison,Eato -07/02, 03:06 pm- I have a Coleman 15000 bt
Mack Cole ---- Earth -07/03, 08:09 pm- Remember going down the r
John E Cox -07/03, 10:43 pm- Hi Royce, I have used Col
Long Beach Swap Meet July 25
Gene Carrothers Hunt -07/03, 10:32 pm- Its time to make plans to
16 takes first ride in 70 years!
paul iverson freepor -07/03, 02:55 pm- First ride in over 70 yea
John P. Steele, Mont -07/03, 03:31 pm- What a Gem. Youre a lucky
David Dewey, N. Cali -07/03, 04:04 pm- Wow!! I have saved these
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -07/03, 05:17 pm- Looking good. I love the
paul iverson freepor -07/03, 06:10 pm- I put the fan belt on and
Freighter Jim -07/03, 06:45 pm- Paul, I hope you leave i
Mike Walker, NW AR -07/03, 07:39 pm- Paul -- I once saw a NOS
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -07/03, 10:08 pm- Every picture I see of it
Alan George Long -07/03, 10:11 pm- Absolutely love it! As W
Larry Smith -07/03, 10:31 pm- Paul: Ive liked every pho
Glen Chaffin -07/02, 02:52 pm- Mike Hansen, Here are the
Terry Woods, Richmon -07/02, 03:37 pm- Glen, between 1970 and 19
Glen Chaffin -07/03, 10:22 am- Terry, Forget timid. Jump
Mike Hanson - Kingwo -07/03, 12:55 pm- Very nice. Thanks Glen!
David Dewey, N. Cali -07/03, 01:14 pm- The Ford dealership in do
Roger Karlsson, sout -07/03, 01:58 pm- David - now when theyre c
Donnie Brown North C -07/03, 03:30 pm- When our dealership in Cl
David Dewey, N. Cali -07/03, 03:51 pm- As well-known as our hobb
Glen Chaffin -07/03, 05:29 pm- When I moved to Corona in
Burger in Spokane -07/03, 10:22 pm- Yes, it pays to ask, AND
Start 'em early
Val Soupios -07/01, 04:50 pm- Theyre never too young to
Dennis Seth - Ohio -07/01, 09:54 pm- Looks like they are enjoy
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/01, 11:04 pm- [IMG_1317 copy 2.JPG] My
Mike Vaughn -07/02, 12:01 am- My Grandson agrees, start
Chris Bamford, Edmon -07/02, 09:15 am- Little Julielle thought f
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -07/03, 12:19 pm- Turn Signal. [
Willie K Cordes -07/03, 01:48 pm- I did the same thing abou
Marvin C. Miller -07/03, 04:19 pm- The little baby with the
Val Soupios -07/03, 10:08 pm- Chris, looks like you st
Glover Ruckstell Axle Book Donated
Gene Carrothers Hunt -07/03, 10:06 pm- Many THANKS to Author Gle
Sabinal and Coke
CharlesHebert -07/02, 10:02 pm- Sabinal Tx and CocaCola
Burger in Spokane -07/02, 11:33 pm- Alex, Ill take Post-Confe
Jay - In Northern Ca -07/02, 11:41 pm- Id like to buy a vowel![:
Dennis Seth - Ohio -07/03, 07:24 am- Charles, I know its a sm
CharlesHebert -07/03, 08:16 am- The Coke pic wouldnt uplo
Mark Strange - Hills -07/03, 08:22 am- Picture file size must be
Dave Dufault -07/03, 08:37 am- Which one??? https://www
Dave Dufault -07/03, 08:39 am- Whoops... https://www.go
Mike Spaziano, Bellf -07/03, 02:07 pm- Jay, I dont think Martin
David Dewey, N. Cali -07/03, 04:12 pm- MIke, Vanna is shaking h
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -07/03, 08:00 pm- I am completely clue less
Lizzie is 101 today!!
Kenneth W DeLong -07/03, 09:38 am- No im not the org owner!!
paul iverson freepor -07/03, 10:27 am- happy birthday Lizzie! gi
Kenneth W DeLong -07/03, 08:00 pm- Sorry no pictures,im to d
Radiator Uh-Oh
G.R.Cheshire -07/01, 06:51 pm- While working on my steer
Kevin Holland, Utah -07/02, 04:06 pm- I would not use JB weld o
Chuck Martel in Temp -07/02, 10:43 pm- Your radiator looks very
Adam Doleshal -07/03, 10:59 am- Chuck, I dont think they
Norman T. Kling -07/03, 11:11 am- I have had the same probl
David Dewey, N. Cali -07/03, 01:05 pm- and the modern lead-free
G.R.Cheshire -07/03, 07:05 pm- I didnt say I used J.B. b
OT? Good DIY Idea! - Spare key holder
Marvin Konrad -07/02, 05:30 pm- Easy, and it makes sense!
Will Copeland - Melb -07/02, 05:43 pm- I like the idea, But I th
paul iverson freepor -07/02, 07:33 pm- the best way to hide a ke
tim moore, "Island C -07/02, 08:44 pm- Take your spare key and p
Fred Schrope - Uplan -07/02, 09:34 pm- Or just never take the ke
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -07/02, 11:05 pm- I used to do the key on t
Bill in Adelaida Cal -07/03, 01:12 am- Spare key somewhere in th
Gilbert V. I. Fitzhu -07/03, 07:20 am- My 13 T doesnt use a key.
Kirk Peterson  -07/03, 07:58 am- Bill I totally agree
Stephen D Heatherly -07/03, 12:29 pm- Gilbert, it should. Step
Model T friends
rick howerton -07/03, 12:09 pm- I found this on Facebook,
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/03, 12:18 pm- Theres also this group: h
Bosch front plate question?
Daniel Kraft -07/03, 12:49 am- I got a front plate magne
Bill Kerndt-Waukon,  -07/03, 09:12 am- Daniel It depends on wha
Mark Gregush Portlan -07/03, 10:58 am- The Bosch should have an
Daniel Kraft -07/03, 11:27 am- Its a tripple gear plate
TT rear end question
Jason - UT -07/02, 09:25 pm- Hey forum, I have heard
Jason - UT -07/02, 09:28 pm- Shoot, I dont think my pi
Burger in Spokane -07/02, 09:56 pm- Interesting .... I am
Henry Petrino in Mod -07/02, 10:16 pm- Jason, I have what I beli
Burger in Spokane -07/02, 10:27 pm- Henry, can you provide a
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -07/02, 10:28 pm- Like Henry P, I have been
Jerome Hoffman, Hays -07/02, 10:41 pm- Its my understanding that
Henry Petrino in Mod -07/02, 10:43 pm- Burger, Ill give it a try
Tony Howard -07/02, 10:49 pm- Another riddle left to us
Justin H. - Western  -07/02, 11:15 pm- I passed one up last fall
Burger in Spokane -07/02, 11:30 pm- Justin, You can give u
Rich Chillingworth -07/02, 11:37 pm- The MTFCI Judging Guideli
Justin H. - Western  -07/02, 11:40 pm- Burger, my father used to
Jason - UT -07/02, 11:41 pm- Thanks fellas - I wonder
Henry Petrino in Mod -07/02, 11:55 pm- If you guys are really in
Jason - UT -07/03, 12:04 am- Rich C., You must have be
Jared Antonino -07/03, 10:58 am- Here is what my TT Ruckst
Glen Chaffin -06/30, 09:42 pm- For those who requested.
John Page -06/30, 09:55 pm- Thank you Glen for sharin
Glen Chaffin -07/01, 10:21 am- Thanks John, glad you enj
Ken Todd, .......... -07/01, 11:20 am- Very nice, thanks for sha
Paul ONeil, Fullerto -07/01, 11:56 am- I have been to see Glenns
Ernie Spittler -07/01, 08:15 pm- Glenn, I have an identica
Glen Chaffin -07/01, 08:47 pm- Your a lucky man Earnie.
Mike Hanson - Kingwo -07/01, 08:51 pm- Glen - Would it be possib
Glen Chaffin -07/01, 11:28 pm- Sure Mike, Ill take some
Dan Treace, North FL -07/02, 06:48 pm- Here are a couple of mfg.
Glen Chaffin -07/02, 08:19 pm- Here are some more litera
Don Watson -Florence -07/03, 12:46 am- Glen, Can you tell me the
Glen Chaffin -07/03, 10:30 am- Don, Pismo Beach is north
OT - "It's Alive" the 6-40 saga continues
Rob Heyen - Eastern  -06/30, 11:57 pm- [457415714.082285.jpg]
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -07/01, 12:24 am- Fantastic!!!!!! Maybe eve
Scott Owens -07/01, 12:27 am- Well Rob you said it for
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -07/01, 12:35 am- Wow. No wonder you could
Dean Yoder, Iowa Cit -07/01, 04:44 am- Dave, I did the hard par
Dennis Seth - Ohio -07/01, 06:51 am- Its great to hear it run.
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -07/01, 08:50 am- We need a few pictures ou
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -07/01, 08:50 am- Nice! Curious though; Is
HARRY A DAW Troy, Mo -07/01, 11:03 am- Would sure like to see it
Mike Walker, NW AR -07/01, 11:16 am- Congratulations, Rob! An
Rob Heyen - Eastern  -07/01, 11:35 am- Thanks all. Ken, no, jus
Kenneth W DeLong -07/01, 01:49 pm- Its interesting to see th
Rob Heyen - Eastern  -07/01, 02:02 pm- Bud, I meant to post this
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -07/01, 02:56 pm- I really enjoy some of th
William Devine -07/01, 06:58 pm- Rob, We all missed you
Rob Heyen - Eastern  -07/01, 09:57 pm- Wayne, Its always a pleas
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -07/02, 08:44 pm- Hey I thought this was g
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -07/02, 10:14 pm- I wanna see dust flying!!
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -07/02, 10:15 pm- Well? Drive carefully, an
Rob Heyen - Eastern  -07/02, 11:56 pm- Ok, a teaser: https://ww
Dean Yoder, Iowa Cit -07/03, 12:03 am- Yes I had my first ride i
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -07/03, 08:28 am- Awesome. No arm sling ev
Mike Walker, NW AR -07/03, 08:28 am- Its great to see the beas
Kenneth W DeLong -07/03, 09:31 am- GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bud
Tisch Timer
Dick Pakeman -06/30, 09:28 pm- Does anyone have a comple
John Carter - South  -07/01, 05:02 am- Dick - it looks like it w
Dick Pakeman -07/02, 12:43 am- Thank you John for your r
John Carter - South  -07/02, 06:01 am- Id love to see a picture
Dick Pakeman -07/02, 10:13 pm- Hello again John This is
Jay - In Northern Ca -07/02, 10:21 pm- Nice work on the rotor Di
John Carter - South  -07/03, 06:12 am- Looks good - thanks for p
Strange Compression Test Results
James A. Golden -07/01, 06:14 pm- A recent compression test
Royce in Georgetown  -07/01, 06:36 pm- Worn shaft.
Charlie B actually i -07/01, 07:26 pm- You need to go further. G
Charles whitehouse -07/01, 07:37 pm- Carbon build up in no.1?
Henry Petrino in Mod -07/01, 08:26 pm- Also, be sure the throttl
Norman T. Kling -07/01, 08:38 pm- What kind of head and pis
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -07/01, 10:08 pm- Screw the plugs back in p
paul iverson freepor -07/01, 10:19 pm- dont be to quick to take
Charlie B actually i -07/01, 11:30 pm- Another thought. That 65
James A. Golden -07/02, 07:44 am- An excellent possibility!
Royce in Georgetown  -07/02, 07:59 am- The worn out cam shaft is
Andre Valkenaers -07/02, 09:13 am- James,for the #3 coil boi
Anthonie Boer---- Kl -07/02, 09:23 am- Andre gebruikte hij 12 vo
Andre Valkenaers -07/03, 12:49 am- Weet ik niet Toon maar vo
OT, Whistle noise in 2002 Pontiac
David Dewey, N. Cali -07/02, 12:58 pm- yes, way off-topic, but w
Mark Strange - Hills -07/02, 01:05 pm- Put a passenger in the ca
Dan B -07/02, 02:26 pm- Sounds like a perfect que
Justin H. - Western  -07/02, 02:33 pm- Does it have any of those
Jack Daron - Brownsb -07/02, 03:35 pm- Could also be a faulty Mo
Tim Eckensviller - T -07/02, 03:42 pm- Does it have a roof rack?
David Dewey, N. Cali -07/02, 05:44 pm- Hmm, already tried the pr
Jack Daron - Brownsb -07/02, 07:35 pm- David,I had a brand new 8
Dennis Plank - Three -07/02, 08:16 pm- There should be some plas
Greg Whaley, Caledon -07/02, 08:33 pm- Dennis is right on the mo
Peter Kable - Kiama  -07/02, 10:04 pm- Had a Mazda that did that
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -07/02, 10:50 pm- I had a Canadian Pontiac
David Dewey, N. Cali -07/03, 12:18 am- Thanks for the suggestion
Tony Howard -07/03, 12:20 am- Whistling eh?.. Reminds m
OT- How are you going to use your Leap Second?
Dean Kiefer - Adams, -06/30, 08:56 am- Today we get an extra sec
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -06/30, 09:17 am- I didnt learn about the e
Henry Petrino in Mod -06/30, 09:50 am- I need more data. What
Roger Karlsson, sout -06/30, 10:17 am- Henry: Heres more on the
Norman T. Kling -06/30, 11:03 am- When at precisely in Paci
Dean Kiefer - Adams, -06/30, 11:23 am- Henry, sorry I didnt get
Tony Bowker, Ramona, -06/30, 04:13 pm- Norm, from reading the Wi
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -06/30, 04:16 pm- Ill sleep through the lea
Henry Petrino in Mod -06/30, 05:47 pm- I get it. Maybe, if we
Darel J. Leipold -06/30, 06:20 pm- Just a second now! Do yo
Kevin Holland, Utah -07/02, 04:12 pm- Hang on just a sec.
Marvin Konrad -07/02, 06:40 pm- Too bad we werent going f
Paul Hunter, Lithgow -07/02, 06:48 pm- I slept! :- Paul
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -07/02, 07:02 pm- I think I blinked. I was
Burger in Spokane -07/02, 11:35 pm- I spent mine as directed:
Rocky Mountain Brake Adjustment
Scott Miles -07/02, 09:38 pm- Quick question -- Needed
Dan Treace, North FL -07/02, 10:50 pm- Scott Correct, the inst
Scott Miles -07/02, 10:55 pm- Thanks Dan!
Model T Employee Purchase Plan
Joe Amara -07/02, 04:38 pm- Its my understanding that
Burger in Spokane -07/02, 09:58 pm- I believe the company mad
New chain hoist
Tony Bowker, Ramona, -07/02, 04:42 pm- I have a new to me chain
Chris Brancaccio - C -07/02, 05:34 pm- Good thing you lifted tha
Tony Bowker, Ramona, -07/02, 06:45 pm- Couldnt find an engine on
Norman T. Kling -07/02, 09:31 pm- Thats a great hoist. I r
Timer shield / felt question
Justin H. - Western  -07/02, 08:17 am- Im in the process of gett
Mike Vaughn -07/02, 08:27 am- For just a couple of buck
Roger Karlsson, sout -07/02, 08:33 am- I remember seeing a respo
Anthonie Boer---- Kl -07/02, 08:45 am- Justin : I do it the same
Larry Smith -07/02, 10:06 am- Since there is no oil pre
Dave Barker - Dayton -07/02, 11:58 am- Justin - I used the neopr
Justin H. - Western  -07/02, 02:30 pm- Thanks for the clarificat
Pat Kelly Montana -07/02, 08:23 pm- Justin, I just put a mode
Steering gear pinion question
Stephen D Heatherly -07/02, 07:53 pm- I have a model t steering
Jack Daron - Brownsb -07/02, 08:02 pm- Im guessing about 1912 or
Tips on Using a Distributor on a T?
James Chochole, Oswe -07/01, 10:51 pm- Gents, I picked up a 27
Dave Barker - Dayton -07/01, 11:02 pm- In short, no. No advance
Les VonNordheim -07/01, 11:12 pm- I do not advance the Texa
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -07/02, 01:37 am- I think it depends upon t
Chad Marchees _____T -07/02, 06:07 am- I have found with my Texa
Larry Smith -07/02, 10:08 am- The best advice is to rem
Dave Barker - Dayton -07/02, 11:53 am- Larry - Thats your opinio
Doug Wilson - Omaha  -07/02, 12:19 pm- I have a Texas T distribu
Harold Schwendeman - -07/02, 12:38 pm- Larry - Besides putting a
Frank Harris from Lo -07/02, 01:00 pm- Here is the way it works:
Harold Schwendeman - -07/02, 01:48 pm- Frank - you mean horizont
Walt Berdan, Bellevu -07/02, 02:26 pm- Key question not asked is
James Chochole, Oswe -07/02, 03:37 pm- Thanks guys, I am taking
James Chochole, Oswe -07/02, 03:43 pm- Here is a pic of thetype
Walt Berdan, Bellevu -07/02, 07:06 pm- Looks a lot like the one
Storing Ford bits - why vertical shelves?
George John Drobnock -07/02, 09:01 am- From a 1921 new dealer sh
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -07/02, 09:19 am- 1. The owner must be very
Erik Johnson -07/02, 09:54 am- The same reason why loose
Tony Barchock Canton -07/02, 09:56 am- It may seem like wasted s
Greg Kuhnash Southea -07/02, 10:01 am- My guess is lighting. Ta
Charlie B actually i -07/02, 10:31 am- Donno. They look to be ab
Dan Treace, North FL -07/02, 06:55 pm- Here is another from Ford
1918 Touring Convertible Top
Jonathon Boyer -07/02, 12:57 am- Hello, I have a question
Mark Gregush Portlan -07/02, 02:46 am- These mount to the front
Jonathon Boyer -07/02, 05:26 pm- Thanks for the help! I n
Tom Strickling -07/02, 06:01 pm- I used cat leashes on my
It's Hard to Expect the Unexpected
Craig Anderson, cent -07/01, 11:20 pm- I and a couple friends ha
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/02, 12:08 am- Fixing this will cost you
Craig Anderson, cent -07/02, 02:18 am- LOL........while I have t
R. S. Cruickshank -07/02, 05:40 am- The way things are changi
Roger Karlsson, sout -07/02, 06:37 am- R.S, youre supposed to us
G.R.Cheshire -07/02, 06:46 am- The metal in the nickel i
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -07/02, 07:04 am- Actually, theyre worth le
Jeff Rhoads -07/02, 07:15 am- I used a nickel for a fre
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/02, 07:30 am- These are the ones I used
Craig Anderson, cent -07/02, 05:59 pm- Steve.......when I met yo
Rad Hose question on 16
paul iverson freepor -07/01, 07:26 pm- I took off the old hoses
G.R.Cheshire -07/01, 07:31 pm- I usually put the hose on
Charles whitehouse -07/01, 07:33 pm- You can remove the radiat
Mike Walker, NW AR -07/01, 07:47 pm- The vendors sell brass pi
paul iverson freepor -07/01, 08:05 pm- Thanks guys I dont know i
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -07/01, 08:08 pm- Well, to each his own, an
Henry Petrino in Mod -07/01, 08:20 pm- Charles, What thermostat
G.R.Cheshire -07/01, 09:08 pm- Paul remove the radiator
Larry Smith -07/01, 09:18 pm- Since your radiator has s
paul iverson freepor -07/01, 09:42 pm- I did get the radd. I thi
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/01, 11:15 pm- [BEDOYA A.jpg] Thermosta
Mike Walker, NW AR -07/01, 11:23 pm- Paul -- If those bolts ar
paul iverson freepor -07/02, 05:20 pm- well I got it. I took off
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/02, 05:36 pm- Mike, Alfonso actually sa
Mark Strange - Hills -07/02, 05:38 pm- Flush videos, once again.
Production date
Karen Krawchuk -06/30, 12:31 pm- Hi, I am trying to help m
Royce in Georgetown  -06/30, 12:52 pm- You can safely assume the
Karen Krawchuk -06/30, 01:20 pm- I will have to see if I c
Keith Townsend ; ^ ) -06/30, 01:38 pm- Karen- The casting date w
Erik Johnson -06/30, 01:43 pm- I would think that the se
Karen Krawchuk -06/30, 01:49 pm- Got it. 7 1 16. With it b
Karen Krawchuk -06/30, 01:51 pm- Erik, how can I get a mor
Erik Johnson -06/30, 01:57 pm- If you post the serial nu
Royce in Georgetown  -06/30, 02:04 pm- The serial number is a ba
Karen Krawchuk -06/30, 02:07 pm- Thank you so much Erik!!
James Chochole, Oswe -06/30, 02:24 pm-
Erik Johnson -06/30, 02:30 pm- Your serial number corres
Tony Bowker, Ramona, -06/30, 02:31 pm- Stamped aug 1916. Most p
Erik Johnson -06/30, 02:32 pm- James: The online encycl
Tony Bowker, Ramona, -06/30, 03:51 pm- I misread the number, it
Erik Johnson -06/30, 03:56 pm- 1917 model year did not o
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -06/30, 04:18 pm- According to the MTFCI Ju
Karen Krawchuk -06/30, 04:21 pm- The car came with a brass
Erik Johnson -06/30, 04:38 pm- Its not complicated folks
Hap Tucker in Sumter -06/30, 09:00 pm- Karen, First welcome to
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -06/30, 09:23 pm- Wow, so much to comment o
Hap Tucker in Sumter -06/30, 09:58 pm- I believe using a single
Karen Krawchuk -07/01, 05:47 am- Here are a few photos. On
Royce in Georgetown  -07/01, 07:58 am- It looks great Karen! I e
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/01, 08:17 am- The only things I see tha
Karen Krawchuk -07/01, 10:46 am- Thanks, Royce, I found th
Royce in Georgetown  -07/01, 01:06 pm- That makes perfect sense.
Mark Strange - Hills -07/01, 02:57 pm- By the way, happy 99th bi
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -07/01, 03:28 pm- That is a beauty! It look
Tony Bowker, Ramona, -07/01, 04:11 pm- I have been slightly admo
John C Codman -07/01, 05:37 pm- I agree that the natural
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -07/01, 08:36 pm- Throughout most of model
Mike Walker, NW AR -07/01, 09:30 pm- It is well known that sed
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -07/01, 10:42 pm- And I keep learning! Than
Ron Dupree -07/02, 08:15 am- Your car was built just a
Tony Bowker, Ramona, -07/02, 12:07 pm- With the major changes be
Erik Johnson -07/02, 12:55 pm- Its fun to make up storie
Erik Johnson -07/02, 01:13 pm- Whoops - I was looking at
Karen Krawchuk -07/02, 05:01 pm- Thank you so much for all
Tony Bowker, Ramona, -07/02, 05:14 pm- Still learning.... I se
OT - Guess What I Forgot
Andrew Harris -06/29, 11:00 pm- Guess what I forgot to do
Keith Townsend ; ^ ) -06/30, 01:06 am- Andrew- Please tell me t
George n Los Angeles -06/30, 03:03 am- Not the first or last tim
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -06/30, 04:40 am- I seem to recall that I d
Mark Myers_____Pitts -06/30, 07:16 am- Maybe its the lighting bu
G.R.Cheshire -06/30, 07:34 am- Shoo the pets away until
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -06/30, 08:36 am- EEE-Yuck!! Too bad for t
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -06/30, 09:06 am- Andrew - Ya, but it could
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -06/30, 09:13 am- I know -- I know -- I kno
john kuehn -06/30, 09:16 am- And while you have the he
Andrew Harris -06/30, 09:44 am- I just thought Id share m
Mike Walker, NW AR -06/30, 10:53 am- Andrew -- See this recent
Norman T. Kling -06/30, 11:07 am- Now you will need to drai
George Andreasen -06/30, 11:18 am- At least you didnt forget
Kevin Holland, Utah -07/02, 04:31 pm- I call them Gezzer Momen
Ford Model T friends page on Facebook
Rodney Aspenson -06/29, 09:22 am-
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -06/29, 09:53 am- Theres also this one: htt
george house . . .ca -06/29, 11:24 am- This here Forum is about
Chuck Hoffman - Moke -06/29, 12:41 pm- Too many rainbow people w
Tony Barchock Canton -06/29, 03:39 pm- Too many rainbow people w
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -06/29, 04:24 pm- Wheres the Like button wh
Rodney Aspenson -06/29, 05:49 pm- Thanks for the link Steve
Chuck Hoffman - Moke -06/29, 09:25 pm- Too many rainbow people w
Robert Anderson -06/30, 10:34 am- You have a reverse pedal.
Chuck Hoffman - Moke -06/30, 11:39 am- Yeah, Im using it right n
Kevin Holland, Utah -07/02, 04:27 pm- I like the Model T pages,
Headlamp identification
Pat Punter -07/02, 02:12 am- Could someone identify th
Eric Magyor-Northwes -07/02, 09:26 am- The one on the left might
Dan Treace, North FL -07/02, 11:20 am- The style with the offset
Phil Mino, near Port -07/02, 03:51 pm- This two bulb type for 19
Rebuilt Coils
Skip Wheeler -07/02, 02:15 pm- Is there anyone in the Sa
Mike Vaughn -07/02, 02:47 pm- Skip, you can purchase th
Skip Wheeler -07/02, 02:58 pm- Thank you Mike. I didnt
Early fan pulley adjustment
R.V. Anderson -07/02, 12:21 pm- OK; I checked the drawing
David Dewey, N. Cali -07/02, 01:22 pm- You also need to check th
ROBERT BERGSTADT -07/02, 01:54 pm- We also sell the new bras
Great pic of a T on rails
Duane Markuson -06/30, 11:48 am- [image.jpg]
Dennis Seth - Ohio -07/01, 07:16 am- What a great picture, tha
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -07/01, 08:43 am- That rail is awfully clos
Kenny Edmondson, Ind -07/01, 01:28 pm- Hope theyve got 3:1 or hi
Mark Gregush Portlan -07/01, 11:03 pm- and them flanges are real
David Dewey, N. Cali -07/02, 01:53 pm- Standard flanges, but I w
Close-ups of Original Stakes for TT Flatbed Truck
Donald Hagstrom -06/28, 05:27 pm- Gary Schreiber and others
Vic Patterson. Grand -06/28, 07:40 pm- We just reproduced what w
Burger in Spokane -06/28, 08:40 pm- In none of the early phot
Mike Walker, NW AR -06/28, 08:52 pm- Burger -- You are correct
Vic Patterson. Grand -06/28, 10:20 pm- Appropriate Mr. Burger! I
Gary Schreiber- Sant -06/29, 08:37 am- Thank you Donald & Vi
Ryan in Illinois -06/29, 09:43 am- In peeling the layers of
Ryan in Illinois -06/29, 09:45 am- Donald, the truck looks g
Donald Hagstrom -06/30, 09:07 am- Thanks for sharing your T
Allan Bennett - Aust -06/30, 11:50 pm- Bob Scherzer, the square
Larry Smith -07/01, 10:16 am- Two questions for the TT
Mike Walker, NW AR -07/01, 10:27 am- Did they make a C cab in
Burger in Spokane -07/01, 10:43 pm- Appropriate Mr. Burger! I
David Dewey, N. Cali -07/02, 12:24 am- Burger, That IS a very
Vic Patterson. Grand -07/02, 01:08 am- No, not being snotty, jus
David Dewey, N. Cali -07/02, 01:44 pm- Ah, welcome to the world
Brass Cars Needed for Des Moines Concours
Ned Protexter -07/02, 01:16 pm- I am in need of brass era
Ned Protexter -07/02, 01:17 pm- Here is the link: http:/
'23 Coupe on ebay
Mike Walker, NW AR -07/01, 12:05 pm- Heres a good deal waiting
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -07/01, 12:18 pm- Thanks Mike. There is a l
Kenny Edmondson, Ind -07/01, 01:24 pm- Rare 23 with Suicide door
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -07/01, 02:58 pm- Well, that didnt take lon
Mark Strange - Hills -07/01, 03:01 pm- Wow, what a deal, I hope
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -07/01, 03:57 pm- Not a bad price consideri
Fred Schrope - Uplan -07/02, 09:41 am- No out of state sales????
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -07/02, 10:19 am- I looked at that when it
Mark Gregush Portlan -07/02, 10:52 am- I bet an S was dropped fr
Harold Schwendeman - -07/02, 12:02 pm- This line appears in the
Fred Schrope - Uplan -07/02, 01:00 pm- Any way you look at it -
Does anybody know this speedster?
Derek Kiefer - Manto -07/01, 11:38 pm- Id like to find this spee
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -07/02, 10:42 am- Have you checked the Nort
Mark Gregush Portlan -07/02, 10:58 am-
Dean Kiefer - Adams, -07/02, 12:45 pm- Dont you have enough proj
How do I adjust my gas and spark linkage for best perform...
Travis Melnick -Wate -07/01, 09:38 pm- Wondering the proper proc
Bob Coiro -07/02, 02:52 am- Modern carburetors—wait a
Mark Gregush Portlan -07/02, 02:55 am- Its a learning process, e
Travis Melnick -Wate -07/02, 07:20 am- I appreciate the response
Roger Karlsson, sout -07/02, 07:47 am- Does the lever at the car
Dan Treace, North FL -07/02, 11:35 am- Travis The carb steel ro
Spectators and Funny Hats 2015
Bob Coiro -07/01, 12:15 am- Welcome to this seasons f
Dennis Seth - Ohio -07/01, 07:04 am- Great to see this thread
Bob Coiro -07/01, 03:46 pm- Its good to be back, Denn
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -07/01, 04:54 pm- Great fun! That and appre
Jay - In Northern Ca -07/02, 09:49 am- Cool Beans Bob! I always
Bob Coiro -07/02, 11:27 am- This year, were adding St
Old Car Festival Registration
Willis Jenkins -07/01, 03:27 pm- Are they being slow to co
Ned Protexter -07/01, 04:57 pm- You could always skip it
Rob Heyen - Eastern  -07/01, 05:12 pm- Willis, I just received a
Thomas Mullin -07/01, 05:56 pm- Willis, They shouldnt be
Kenneth W DeLong -07/01, 06:05 pm- Tom,Do you have the numbe
Thomas Mullin -07/01, 08:13 pm- Bud, Not a direct number
Kenneth W DeLong -07/01, 08:34 pm- Thank You Tom!!!!!!!!!!!!
John Seelman -07/02, 08:52 am- Called last week because
John Seelman -07/02, 11:13 am- Just got the acceptance e
Blockton Iowa cars in towm-Photo
Herb Iffrig -07/02, 10:45 am- [cars in town.PNG Blockto
G.R.Cheshire -07/02, 10:48 am- I wonder what everyone is
Mark Gregush Portlan -07/02, 10:54 am- You will note the number
Model T golf cart
Jon Baumann -06/29, 05:03 pm- I work for GREAT Theatre
Tim Eckensviller - T -06/29, 05:43 pm- How about making a set of
Mark Strange - Hills -06/29, 06:04 pm- Neat project, but why not
Ryan in Illinois -06/29, 06:10 pm- I think the idea is elect
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -06/29, 07:45 pm- While it has worked out g
Erik Johnson -06/29, 08:16 pm- If you Google Ragtime Mod
Jon Baumann -06/30, 09:59 am- Tim - I think hubcaps are
Erik Johnson -06/30, 10:29 am- In my opinion, less and s
Ed in California -06/30, 11:07 am- Here is a T golfcart [17
Erik Johnson -06/30, 11:40 am- Yuck…….
Jon Baumann -06/30, 12:25 pm- Erik - The play is at the
Patrick Drone -06/30, 02:16 pm- Jon, When the University
Tim Eckensviller - T -06/30, 05:54 pm- Jon, if you want to go ri
Jon Baumann -07/02, 10:25 am- Patrick - We tried to sou
Charlie B actually i -07/02, 10:49 am- Jon: How many purists in
Went to Bobs model T in Loves Park IL today
paul iverson freepor -07/01, 06:45 pm- went to Bobs today for th
ROBERT BERGSTADT -07/02, 09:20 am- Thank you glad you three
Tell me an easy way
John Leffler -06/30, 08:26 pm- I got everything ready to
Harold Schwendeman - -06/30, 08:48 pm- John - Ive certainly adju
Rod Barrett - Anders -06/30, 08:48 pm- I cant speak for all year
Rod Barrett - Anders -06/30, 08:50 pm- I forgot to tell you that
John Doolittle -06/30, 09:17 pm- Do your bands have the qu
Val Soupios -06/30, 09:25 pm- There is no easy way but
Craig Anderson, cent -06/30, 10:01 pm- Try to keep the bolts in
Craig Anderson, cent -06/30, 10:03 pm- I forgot to mention zip t
John Noonan - Norton -06/30, 10:11 pm- John, when i removed mine
Mike Walker, NW AR -06/30, 10:59 pm- There is no easy way. Id
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -07/01, 02:02 am- The shop manual says chan
John Aldrich Orting  -07/01, 03:43 am- I have the quick change t
Val Soupios -07/01, 10:19 am- John, who is selling a ne
Steve Tomaso - Milto -07/01, 12:03 pm- I believe RV Anderson use
Royce in Georgetown  -07/01, 01:12 pm- I changed the brake and c
Chris Barker, Somers -07/01, 01:20 pm- On my Vaporized 26 you ha
Mike Walker, NW AR -07/01, 04:03 pm- Chris -- If youre asking
Bud Holzschuh - Pana -07/01, 05:24 pm- If your lucky enough to h
bob middleton -07/01, 11:31 pm- I taken the 4 u joint bol
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -07/02, 08:30 am- Taking the hogshead off m
Dave Henry - Werribe -07/02, 08:48 am- I removed the hogshead on
Roar Sand -07/02, 08:57 am- Chris, On my 26 Touring
Pic: Slowly One Goes Far
Zachary Carrico -07/01, 11:11 pm- Image from a January 1939
Burger in Spokane -07/01, 11:26 pm- Venezuelas gay capital ?
Tim Eckensviller - T -07/01, 11:56 pm- The one with the fastest
Abandoned Texas Trailer
CharlesHebert -06/29, 11:00 pm- A friend of min found a t
Freighter Jim -06/29, 11:34 pm- Charles, So - did she ca
Harold Schwendeman - -06/29, 11:41 pm- If the owner reported the
scot uran -06/30, 03:42 pm- Found this Good morning A
Mark Gregush Portlan -06/30, 09:23 pm- Bottom line contact the p
CharlesHebert -07/01, 05:16 pm- Actually Mark it was in t
Mark Gregush Portlan -07/01, 11:02 pm- I know this old horse has
Original? 16 tires
paul iverson freepor -07/01, 06:30 pm- I took off the front tire
Larry Smith -07/01, 09:39 pm- DONT get new valve stems!
paul iverson freepor -07/01, 10:12 pm- Larry did new tubes come
OT - Canada Day
Dick Lodge - St Loui -07/01, 10:33 am- Happy Canada Day to all o
Paul Bourgeois -07/01, 11:05 am- Thanks Dick, and we hope
Gene Carrothers Hunt -07/01, 09:14 pm- Hey, thanks for the remin
Kirk Peterson  -07/01, 09:20 pm- Thanks Dick Our red Mode
Gene Carrothers Hunt -07/01, 09:24 pm- Very Cool Kirk, have a sa
Greg Whaley, Caledon -07/01, 09:37 pm- Thanks Dick! Hope you gu
Molasses question
Pat Clark-Deer Lodge -07/01, 07:41 pm- I would like know, what h
Ed in California -07/01, 07:49 pm- It needs to be ground out
Marc Johnson, Medina -07/01, 08:30 pm- Use a bit of heat from a
Frank Harris from Lo -07/01, 08:37 pm- You mix it sulfur to aid
Thomas Jull in Oakla -07/01, 08:46 pm- I would not risk it. If
Pat Clark-Deer Lodge -07/01, 09:20 pm- Thanks guys I had the sam
Two piece crank club
James E Bowery -07/01, 09:37 am- Yesterday I became a memb
Roger Karlsson, sout -07/01, 09:53 am- That sucks! Was it with a
Roy Stone WV -07/01, 10:31 am- Jim, sorry to hear that.
Dean Kiefer - Adams, -07/01, 10:46 am- Just heard my 14 motor ru
Dana A. Crosby in Gl -07/01, 12:22 pm- Would you please let us k
John Aldrich Orting  -07/01, 01:19 pm- I fear the day when that
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -07/01, 03:32 pm- Yuck! I have not been the
Val Soupios -07/01, 06:59 pm- It took me over 30 years
Dave Wells, Hamilton -07/01, 08:19 pm- Like you said John. Ive t
Tom Moorehead -07/01, 09:16 pm- Jim Just curious, under w
Kevlar bands again!
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -07/01, 11:47 am- Tony Bowker said: If you
Ron Patterson-Nichol -07/01, 12:01 pm- Initial adjustment, break
George_Cherry Hill N -07/01, 12:32 pm- I am an equal opportunity
Ed Archer Hayward, C -07/01, 05:38 pm- George, great way of desc
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -07/01, 08:57 pm- Wow! George used a bunch
OT - Found on 'PowerNation'... Dumb Blonde 'Reality'?...
Burger in Spokane -06/28, 03:28 pm- Try these on your friends
David Dewey, N. Cali -06/28, 03:37 pm- Hmm, if there are 4 3¢ st
Burger in Spokane -06/28, 03:44 pm- Both of those came from a
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -06/28, 04:14 pm- I was removed from class
Henry Petrino in Mod -06/28, 04:57 pm- What I really get fired u
Marshall V. Daut -06/28, 04:57 pm- My second grade teacher w
Burger in Spokane -06/28, 05:29 pm- SFB Syndrome has been aro
kep -06/28, 05:48 pm- How many 3 cent stamps ar
Burger in Spokane -06/28, 07:20 pm- As I was going to St. Ive
Mark Strange - Hills -06/28, 07:40 pm- LOL, One! [:-]
kep -06/28, 08:54 pm- You did not state which d
David Coco - Winches -06/28, 10:27 pm- Living in New Orleans, vi
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -06/29, 11:59 am- Whitey Bulger wouldnt let
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -06/29, 12:28 pm- One of my favorite tests
David Dewey, N. Cali -06/30, 12:57 am- Steve, I remember that t
Dennis Sanford - Luc -06/30, 11:15 am- Another question that mos
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -06/30, 12:42 pm- A blind guy goes into a b
David Stroud -07/01, 05:18 am- Where does the white go w
Tex Holtby -07/01, 06:19 am- Aaron - To answer your ea
David Dewey, N. Cali -07/01, 04:10 pm- David, More important q
David Stroud -07/01, 04:21 pm- HeHeHe. Dave
Bob Gruber- Spanaway -07/01, 04:37 pm- My 7th grade English teac
Rob Heyen - Eastern  -07/01, 05:09 pm- Dennis, 5 What former dec
Henry Petrino in Mod -07/01, 05:38 pm- Dennis, 1. What does t
Will Copeland - Melb -07/01, 06:05 pm- A plane carrying 62 passe
Chester Leighton -07/01, 08:20 pm- I couldnt watch the whole
Neoprene axle seals
Glen Chaffin -06/29, 07:32 pm- Your absolutely right Ted
alex mc dougall -07/01, 07:19 pm- Many thanks to all for g
George n Los Angeles -07/01, 08:01 pm- Glenn, like John Reagen,
Dan McEachern -07/01, 08:10 pm- If I remember correctly,
Model T Ford assembly history
John Stokes -07/01, 05:32 pm- I have not been on the fo
Peter Kable - Kiama  -07/01, 07:36 pm- Great News John, I thoug
John Stokes -07/01, 07:47 pm- Its not accepted yet Pete
Removing rear Hassler shocks
Donald Manlove -07/01, 02:15 pm- I have the spring compres
Donald Manlove -07/01, 02:16 pm- I tried to post photo but
Mark Strange - Hills -07/01, 02:43 pm-
Donald Manlove -07/01, 03:03 pm- [hassler1.jpg]
Will Copeland - Melb -07/01, 03:23 pm- Donald, Compress the spri
Dan Treace, North FL -07/01, 03:26 pm- This post has the install
Donald Manlove -07/01, 05:27 pm- Will I am switching to a
Will Copeland - Melb -07/01, 05:50 pm- Donald, This is my T with
Champion X Plugs
Bill Elliott -06/29, 10:01 pm- I found three Champion X
Jim Derocher -06/29, 10:08 pm- Bill, do a search and fin
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -06/30, 01:29 am- Other than a thorough cle
Bill Elliott -06/30, 08:12 am- Thanks, guys, I didnt rea
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -06/30, 08:37 am- For the steel parts base
Paul ONeil, Fullerto -06/30, 01:32 pm- What a great page! I have
Mike Walker, NW AR -06/30, 01:50 pm- There are differing opini
Bill Elliott -07/01, 03:40 pm- Hey, Steve; have you ever
Royce in Georgetown  -07/01, 05:10 pm- Bill, The more expensive
Stevens Front Axle Video
Dan Hatch -06/29, 09:39 am- Bill Robinson sent me thi
Mark Strange - Hills -06/29, 10:20 am- Cant see the video withou
Richard Gould, Folso -06/29, 10:29 am- So you leave the top of t
Richard Gould, Folso -06/29, 10:31 am- Mark, I was able to delet
Dan Hatch -06/29, 10:31 am- I did not have to. I just
Mark Strange - Hills -06/29, 10:34 am- It worked for me this tim
Dan Hatch -06/29, 10:35 am- Richard: Yes, The Stevens
P. Jamison- PA -06/29, 11:54 am- Very helpful video. I was
Richard Gould, Folso -06/29, 07:04 pm- I would love to have a co
Andre Valkenaers -06/30, 12:04 am- Where can I buy this tool
Dan Hatch -06/30, 04:54 am- Andre: Check out my ad on
Dan Hatch -07/01, 03:58 pm- Bump to top
Yellowstone & Jackson Wyo. in our '09 'T'
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -07/01, 12:06 pm- The National Parks are wo
Mark Strange - Hills -07/01, 12:15 pm- Sounds like a great time,
John Manuel, Lafayet -07/01, 02:10 pm- Sure looks like a nice tr
Gary Schreiber- Sant -07/01, 02:55 pm- Thank you for posting the
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -07/01, 03:43 pm- That sounds like such a w
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -07/01, 03:54 pm- The car got some dirt on
Trying to figure out what year and make this is...
Don Booth@ Bay City, -06/30, 04:23 pm- Bump
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -06/30, 04:54 pm- The hubcaps look like a R
Royce in Georgetown  -06/30, 07:29 pm- 1920 Studebaker big six.
Don Booth@ Bay City, -07/01, 03:01 pm- Thanks guys !!
Carbide lamps
Bill Elliott -06/29, 08:39 am- Just a little side note h
Kenneth W DeLong -06/29, 10:56 am- When using carbide after
Ken Parker -06/29, 12:43 pm- Bill, Sounds like you ar
Peter Kable - Kiama  -06/29, 08:07 pm- I was told the trough was
Royce in Georgetown  -06/30, 08:03 am- The trough cannot over fl
Peter Kable - Kiama  -07/01, 01:00 am- Royce, You are correct. t
Roger Karlsson, sout -07/01, 05:59 am- Peter, some Model Ts were
Peter Kable - Kiama  -07/01, 06:22 am- Rodger, Understand Presto
Willie K Cordes -07/01, 07:04 am- I have two cars equipped
Ken Parker -07/01, 02:12 pm- Roger, Ford did ship new
OT 1950 Ford coupe opinions
Wes Nelson ........B -06/29, 10:20 am- I am thinking about getti
John McGinnis in San -06/29, 11:35 am- Just dont get a 6 cylinde
keith g barrier Sava -06/29, 11:43 am- John, why not the six? Fi
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -06/29, 12:43 pm- Both only and will get cr
Bill Rigdon -06/29, 12:56 pm- Wes: The 49 and 50 Ford c
Wes Nelson ........B -06/29, 01:36 pm- Bill, I love the V8 sound
Ed in California -06/29, 01:48 pm- I owned a 1949 Ford club
Michael Thomas - Cen -06/29, 01:48 pm- Rebuilding those old flat
Ed in California -06/29, 01:51 pm- The club coupe was smalle
Harold Schwendeman - -06/29, 02:15 pm- Hello Wes - I think you a
Robert G. Hester Jr. -06/29, 02:20 pm- As wonderful as the stack
Harold Schwendeman - -06/29, 02:41 pm- Dang! One more thought,.
John McGinnis in San -06/29, 02:43 pm- Well, I didnt have a coup
Ed in California -06/29, 02:46 pm- The modern Smittys are no
Justin H. - Western  -06/29, 03:52 pm- Porter steel packs are al
Dan B -06/29, 04:28 pm- John - That is the defini
Kirk Peterson  -06/29, 04:36 pm- John Very Nice!
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -06/29, 04:41 pm- Im guessing the convertib
John McGinnis in San -06/29, 06:12 pm- Steve, Yes it was. Thank
John McGinnis in San -06/29, 06:29 pm- And here is my father...
Gary H. White - Sher -06/29, 07:01 pm- Ah. Memories. Had a 49 Bu
Dan B -06/29, 09:09 pm- John - Any shots under th
Dan Killecut -06/29, 09:19 pm- I have been involved with
Erik Barrett in Aubu -06/29, 09:32 pm- What I have heard often a
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -06/29, 11:02 pm- I always figure when I am
Bob Gruber- Spanaway -06/30, 12:56 am- My 40 coupe has straight
Dan Killecut -06/30, 07:03 am- Aaron, I have a 50 Panel
Mike Walker, NW AR -06/30, 07:36 am- Dan -- Thats a nice looki
Jim williams Baldwin -06/30, 07:52 am- Love those flatheads I ha
John McGinnis in San -06/30, 08:13 am- Dan Killecut, Yes a 53 Me
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -06/30, 08:23 am- Jims beautiful red Flathe
John McGinnis in San -06/30, 08:34 am- Dan B, No 50 engine shots
Roger Karlsson, sout -06/30, 08:48 am- Wow, John, [:-] How fast
Frank Harris from Lo -06/30, 09:58 am- My six was far faster tha
John McGinnis in San -06/30, 10:54 am- Frank Harris, Perfect..I
Gary R. Bussell -06/30, 12:08 pm- If memory{lacking with ag
Frank Harris from Lo -06/30, 12:20 pm- We used to grind down the
Robert G. Hester Jr. -06/30, 12:26 pm- The guys racing the flath
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -06/30, 12:36 pm- That was a nice rig Dan.
Dan Killecut -06/30, 09:09 pm- Thanks Mike. The AC works
Mark Strange - Hills -07/01, 08:42 am- LOL, Dan, your comment re
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -07/01, 12:45 pm- I keep a pair of safety g
Transmission bands question
Bob Benedict, Humbol -06/30, 03:13 pm- After returning from the
Jack Daron - Brownsb -06/30, 03:39 pm- Nope.
Bob Benedict, Humbol -06/30, 03:43 pm- Thats what I like. Short
Norman T. Kling -06/30, 03:51 pm- There isnt anywhere else
Tony Bowker, Ramona, -06/30, 03:56 pm- If you use Kevlar, prefer
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -06/30, 03:57 pm- Bob - That loose brass ri
mike_black SC/FL -06/30, 09:55 pm- Bob, The rivets can
Bill Robinson Salty  -06/30, 10:02 pm- Bob- I was behind you on
Mark Gregush Portlan -06/30, 10:55 pm- The split rivets should l
Bob Benedict, Humbol -07/01, 07:44 am- The rivet is steel and wa
Bill Robinson Salty  -07/01, 08:28 am- Maybe Ill run into you so
OT - Brass Air Pump (for what?)
Lance Sorenson, Hect -06/30, 03:07 pm- I purchased this pump eve
Erik Johnson -06/30, 03:49 pm- Lance: I see those pumps
Bob Cascisa - Poulsb -06/30, 04:59 pm- Ships foghorn?? Be_Zero_
G.R.Cheshire -06/30, 05:07 pm- Ohhhh we could have soooo
Dennis Seth - Ohio -07/01, 07:08 am- Ill bet you could adapt t
Russ Furstnow please contact me
Chester Leighton -06/30, 07:43 pm- Russ, I was told you may
Rod Barrett - Anders -07/01, 06:29 am- You can try and reach him
Can I simply remove my distributor to clean?
James Chochole, Oswe -06/30, 02:19 pm- Never had a T with a dist
Tony Bowker, Ramona, -06/30, 02:24 pm- It is possible to make a
Frank Harris from Lo -06/30, 02:30 pm- Crank the engine to T.D.C
John Aldrich Orting  -06/30, 05:24 pm- I do what Frank recommend
Harold Schwendeman - -06/30, 06:53 pm- The real key to what Fran
Harold Schwendeman - -06/30, 06:55 pm- Frank - My apology! In r
M G Hillhouse -06/30, 07:12 pm- Just put a bag over the h
Chad Marchees _____T -06/30, 07:20 pm- While I do agree with MG
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -06/30, 10:12 pm- Why not just crank the en
James Chochole, Oswe -06/30, 11:39 pm- Thanks guys, I want to cl
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -07/01, 12:58 am- So crank it over and clea
Where did you go in your T today?
Kevin Weeds -06/29, 09:28 am- Several times a week we d
Mark Strange - Hills -06/29, 10:28 am- Beautiful, thanks for sha
Keith Townsend ; ^ ) -06/29, 11:04 am- The local Optimist Club i
Kevin Weeds -06/29, 08:54 pm- Looks like a great day Ke
Jerome Hoffman, Hays -06/29, 09:51 pm- Because my tàgs are due n
Scott Lay,,,,,,,,,,, -06/29, 10:20 pm- I live in the city but it
Jim Kelsey -06/30, 01:21 am- I sanded down the primer
Craig Anderson, cent -06/30, 01:58 am- Didnt go anywhere in the
George n Los Angeles -06/30, 02:57 am- Drove to the market, then
Kevin Weeds -06/30, 07:44 am- Gee two Coffees on the on
G.R.Cheshire -06/30, 08:23 am- Kevin: you wrote Because
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -06/30, 08:25 am- Nowhere! It wont quit ra
Dave Barker - Dayton -06/30, 11:53 am- I hear you, Tim. I took m
Norman T. Kling -06/30, 04:43 pm- Today, June 30 I removed
Kevin Weeds -06/30, 05:41 pm- GR yes your correct and i
Norman T. Kling -06/30, 05:47 pm- She was right! It poured
Larry Smith -06/30, 08:01 pm- I drove up to ,and comple
Harold Schwendeman - -06/30, 09:04 pm- George - So what made you
George n Los Angeles -07/01, 12:53 am- Harold, cause Ive been lu
john a sellers -06/30, 02:05 pm- what lights are required
Bud Holzschuh - Pana -06/30, 02:27 pm- In most states and defini
Harold Schwendeman - -06/30, 02:53 pm- I anyone happens to know,
Henry Petrino in Mod -06/30, 03:23 pm- I agree with Harold. Iv
Joe Van Evera in the -06/30, 06:07 pm- Differs from state to sta
Royce in Georgetown  -06/30, 07:25 pm- The MTFCA does not judge
James J. Lyons III - -06/30, 08:29 pm- State of Maryland last I
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -06/30, 10:08 pm- California requires a sto
John Noonan - Norton -06/30, 10:41 pm- Believe it or not Massach
Greg Griffin - Hunti -07/01, 12:32 am- Actually, California does
OT - Wayne Sheldon will be back soon!
Gary Hagen -06/30, 10:49 pm- Bless you Wayne. Always
Wayne Sheldon he's kinda ok
Gary Hagen -06/30, 10:46 pm- Good health to you Wayne!
1909-1910 oil pan ear
Gary Hagen -06/30, 01:55 pm- Hello Brian, Sent you an
Gary Hagen -06/30, 01:58 pm- Ron Brown used to make in
Gary Hagen -06/30, 03:23 pm- I talked to a 9-10 friend
Gary Hagen -06/30, 07:34 pm- The oil dams have never b
Gary Hagen -06/30, 07:38 pm- The oil dams have never b
Gary Hagen -06/30, 10:42 pm- Kim Dobbins will know the
2015 Speedsters Trial and Reunion
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -06/28, 11:10 pm- [rsz_100_1410.jpg] [rsz_
Mike Vaughn -06/29, 01:08 am- Dave it was a pleasure to
Tyrone Thomas - Tope -06/29, 10:32 pm- I had a great time. Sorry
Mike Vaughn -06/29, 11:58 pm- A couple more shots of th
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -06/30, 11:57 am- Mike Vaughn, could you pl
Mike Vaughn -06/30, 12:08 pm- Keith, The guy on the lef
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -06/30, 03:36 pm- Thanks, Mike. Keith
Paul Booth -06/30, 07:15 pm- I need to see more of tha
Kirk Peterson  -06/30, 08:15 pm- Thanks Mike
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -06/30, 08:43 pm- Paul That hauler is prob
Mike Vaughn -06/30, 09:34 pm- Ron Kelleys car hauler is
Putting the TT to work (again)
Ryan in Illinois -06/29, 03:03 pm- Illinois has been hit by
Robert G. Hester Jr. -06/29, 03:35 pm- Way to go, Ryan! [:-]
Donald Hagstrom -06/29, 03:37 pm- Nice! Nice setting, nic
Donald Hagstrom -06/29, 03:40 pm- I should have said littl
Ryan in Illinois -06/29, 04:16 pm- Donald, only the one in y
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -06/29, 04:23 pm- That is so wonderful! I w
Burger in Spokane -06/30, 01:22 am- That might be construed a
Ryan in Illinois -06/30, 10:13 am- Sadly, we arent getting f
Burger in Spokane -06/30, 11:56 am- Truth be told, that truck
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -06/30, 06:43 pm- Burger, About 36 1/2 year
John Leffler -06/30, 08:28 pm- I love it these old cars
Burger in Spokane -06/30, 09:24 pm- Wayne, et al; I grew u
OT - what is this part to?
Jim Kelsey -06/30, 01:18 am- I was going through some
George n Los Angeles -06/30, 03:02 am- I dont recognize it, but
Dennis Henrichs -06/30, 03:16 am- Looks like a Stewart spee
Allan Bennett - Aust -06/30, 04:20 am- Dennis has it. There is a
Jim Kelsey -06/30, 04:32 pm- Sure enough - you guys ca
Larry Smith -06/30, 08:11 pm- And, it is clearly illust
Firewall bracket mounting question
Hap Tucker in Sumter -06/29, 10:27 pm- Larry, Do you know which
Ken Broyles -06/30, 02:18 am- Mike, Hap, and Larry.
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -06/30, 04:39 am- Well, I am looking back h
Mike Walker, NW AR -06/30, 07:44 am- The ones with the square
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -06/30, 04:37 pm- Thank you Mike W! I thoug
Larry Smith -06/30, 08:08 pm- Your car most likely has
Accessory Hand Brake Extension
Herb Iffrig -06/28, 08:31 pm- Someone might say somethi
Ed in California -06/28, 10:13 pm-
Paul ONeil, Fullerto -06/29, 06:49 pm- I just missed out on that
Ed in California -06/29, 07:11 pm- Paul, contact the seller
Roger Karlsson, sout -06/29, 07:18 pm- Thanks for the picture of
Paul ONeil, Fullerto -06/30, 11:51 am- Thanks Ed, I just pinged
Richard A Eddinger S -06/30, 07:11 pm- Hey Paul if you find any
Got the new Hasslers installed
Will Copeland - Melb -06/29, 03:28 pm- [hassler shocks.jpg]
John McGinnis in San -06/29, 07:42 pm- Nice shot of the license
Willie K Cordes -06/29, 10:21 pm- lighting is a little poor
Will Copeland - Melb -06/30, 06:49 am- Sorry guys about the ligh
Will Copeland - Melb -06/30, 11:38 am- [11057893_102043947728516
Will Copeland - Melb -06/30, 11:42 am- I took the car for a test
Dave Barker - Dayton -06/30, 11:58 am- Maybe its the way the pho
Will Copeland - Melb -06/30, 01:45 pm- Ha, You made me look. I p
Jack Daron - Brownsb -06/30, 03:43 pm- They look good.Enjoy.
CO2 in Tire Tubes
John C Codman -06/28, 06:00 pm- Any compressed gas will b
doug hauge upstate N -06/28, 10:18 pm- Willard, as bob can attes
Willard Revaz -06/29, 07:56 pm- I was there watching. Can
Royce in Georgetown  -06/30, 08:08 am- Nitrogen is used to infla
Mark Strange - Hills -06/30, 01:55 pm- The Tire Rack agrees with
keith g barrier Sava -06/30, 03:31 pm- I would never use anythin
Prest-O-Lite "B" Tank For Gas Lamps
Ken Parker -06/29, 11:53 pm- We have been posting on a
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -06/30, 09:12 am- Ken - Thanks for posting
Kenneth W DeLong -06/30, 09:43 am- Yes,and i also say Thank
Frank Harris from Lo -06/30, 10:06 am- The work well and no mess
Ken Parker -06/30, 12:36 pm- Frank shows the strap typ
Frank Harris from Lo -06/30, 12:42 pm- Here is my shutoff valve
Erik Johnson -06/30, 12:46 pm- For a reference, upper le
Ken Parker -06/30, 02:28 pm- Erik, That is an informa
Erik Johnson -06/30, 02:46 pm- I scanned it from a 1913
Firewall dimensions......
George Andreasen -06/30, 01:24 pm- I need to cut a brand new
Seat Cushions for "Larger" Modern Drivers?
Paul ONeil, Fullerto -06/30, 12:06 pm- Just an update here, I te
Thank you Stan Howe
Will Copeland - Melb -06/30, 11:10 am- Received my new NH carbur
Free start backfire question
paul iverson freepor -06/28, 06:49 pm- thanks guys for all the i
Jim Rose -06/30, 04:37 am- Mark: If the cylinder fir
1913 Kingston magneto
Ronald Behe -06/29, 09:26 pm- How much is a 1913 Kingst
Mark Gregush Portlan -06/29, 10:01 pm- Because you are a first t
Keith Townsend ; ^ ) -06/29, 10:50 pm- Ronald- Welcome to the F
Rod Barrett - Anders -06/30, 04:37 am- RV Anderson builds the ea
John Haynes Sale
Noel D. Chicoine, MD -06/29, 12:16 am- Id have been there if we
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -06/29, 12:28 pm- Noel, I came through Rapi
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -06/29, 01:33 pm- I even underspent Stan. I
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -06/29, 03:08 pm- I felt bad that so much o
Noel D. Chicoine, MD -06/29, 11:45 pm- Looks like I might have s
Brass radiator re-core
Allan Bennett - Aust -06/29, 01:24 am- Im with Frank on the nece
John McGinnis in San -06/29, 09:02 am- I have built several radi
John T. Tannehill II -06/29, 11:03 pm- I had a 1912 radiator rec
1925 Tudor body number on subframe ??
Travis Melnick -Wate -06/28, 07:15 pm- Heres a pic , thanks[imag
Hap Tucker in Sumter -06/28, 08:34 pm- Travis, Thank you so muc
Travis Melnick -Wate -06/28, 09:12 pm- Hap , the arrow is facing
Hap Tucker in Sumter -06/29, 08:19 am- Travis, Thank you so muc
Travis Melnick -Wate -06/29, 08:41 am- Hap , thanks again for al
Roger Karlsson, sout -06/29, 10:07 am- The engine #14,408,302 wo
Travis Melnick -Wate -06/29, 02:38 pm- No vaporizer It had a r
Roger Karlsson, sout -06/29, 03:10 pm- According to a december 3
Travis Melnick -Wate -06/29, 06:04 pm- Heres a good one , engine
Mark Strange - Hills -06/29, 06:07 pm- It happens, there have be
Roger Karlsson, sout -06/29, 07:09 pm- [:-] Which one of the # d
Travis Melnick -Wate -06/29, 07:18 pm- The engine number , looki
Roger Karlsson, sout -06/29, 07:25 pm- Your roadster pickup has
Travis Melnick -Wate -06/29, 07:40 pm- Thank you !! No , it had
Hap Tucker in Sumter -06/29, 10:20 pm- Travis -- yes, it appears
Travis Melnick -Wate -06/29, 11:01 pm- No problem Hap , Id like
How much is my 1919 Model T Touring worth
Corey Hanson -06/28, 11:50 pm- I appreciate the assistan
Val Soupios -06/29, 06:24 pm- Corey, I am always lookin
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -06/29, 08:21 pm- More and more in recent y
Freighter Jim -06/29, 08:34 pm- Corey, I see you are in
Charlie B actually i -06/29, 09:41 pm- Reading about the dings o
Ted Dumas -06/29, 10:49 pm- Get the top fixed. It wi
Thank You Orange County Model T Ford Club Swap Meet
Scott Gilham Bellflo -06/28, 03:51 pm- I had a great day yesterd
Scott Owens -06/28, 04:00 pm- I did not see anything ab
Paul ONeil, Fullerto -06/29, 06:52 pm- I was there too and found
MTFCI Judging Guidelines
Jason - UT -06/28, 11:06 pm- Can someone talk to me ab
Jason - UT -06/28, 11:44 pm- Are they basically consid
Mark Strange - Hills -06/29, 07:53 am-
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -06/29, 01:15 pm- Yes Jason, its a great gu
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -06/29, 04:33 pm- Yes, there are bound to b
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -06/29, 04:56 pm- Steve, I really love thi
Who has the youngest* T still on the road today?
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -06/28, 04:52 pm- For what it is worth, and
John C Codman -06/28, 05:51 pm- Where do you find the fra
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -06/28, 06:30 pm- The frame number is usual
Niels Andersen -06/29, 01:42 am- Justin H. There is more i
Roger Karlsson, sout -06/29, 02:40 am- Heres Niels thread from 2
Justin H. - Western  -06/29, 06:57 am- Niels, I remember the thr
John C Codman -06/29, 08:00 am- Thanks Keith.
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -06/29, 03:43 pm- John - Youre welcome! Ha
1914 Pumpkin Housing
Bill Elliott -06/29, 08:31 am- Is the rear axle housing
Charlie B actually i -06/29, 09:15 am- When you say Lubriplate t
Bill Elliott -06/29, 10:35 am- No, Lubraplate is 140W ge
Charlie B actually i -06/29, 10:53 am- OK. Yeah. Id look into th
James J. Lyons III - -06/29, 11:15 am- Bill... THe 12-rivet rear
Bill Elliott -06/29, 12:57 pm- James, Im thinking its no
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -06/29, 01:33 pm- They do get pretty warm B
Montana 500 Start
Tom Carnegie Spokane -06/28, 08:36 pm- Here is the last line-up
Kirk Peterson  -06/29, 11:57 am- Tom Thanks for sharing th
Gene Carrothers Hunt -06/29, 12:44 pm- Now I can tell you, There
Bows and irons on a 23 T touring car
Richard A Eddinger S -06/29, 12:26 pm- Thanks for all the inform
How do I properly bypass a cut out on a generator?
Scott Conger -06/29, 12:22 pm- be sure and take Marks ad
keith g barrier Sava -06/28, 08:58 pm- The best supposedly water
George Andreasen -06/29, 12:33 am- Yes, I meant flax in my p
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -06/29, 01:59 am- I remember the water tast
Roger Karlsson, sout -06/29, 02:41 am- Maybe the taste depends o
Joseph W. Rudzik -06/29, 08:59 am- Or how hot, dry, dusty an
Mike Walker, NW AR -06/29, 09:25 am- Or whether its made from
keith g barrier Sava -06/29, 11:46 am- Or how much oil and gas h
Throttle linkage
john a sellers -06/29, 10:46 am- Just bought my 1st model
Henry Petrino in Mod -06/29, 10:54 am- Sounds like whats left of
What sort of timer is this?
Kevin Weeds -06/28, 07:09 pm- Thanks Royce good stuff,
Royce in Georgetown  -06/29, 07:40 am- Kevin, When that book wa
Kevin Weeds -06/29, 08:10 am- Thanks Royce. just got in
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -06/29, 10:16 am- [IMG_0160 copy 2.JPG] Or
Depot Hack v Speedster
Kevin Weeds -06/29, 09:10 am- Took carby off and cleane
Questions on mag starting the 16
John Carter - South  -06/29, 06:43 am- It looks like some play i
Dave Dufault -06/29, 08:34 am- Thanks John - I was wonde
paul iverson freepor -06/29, 09:07 am- I am learning! after a lo
1915 Kingston Carburetor - all Bronze & 1926-27 Parts
mike west -06/29, 07:58 am- Selling some odds and en
Unusual Lens
John Aldrich Orting  -06/28, 04:50 pm- The wife found this out i
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -06/28, 04:57 pm- Interesting. But I dont r
Calvin Watts -06/28, 05:05 pm- Looks like lens off a flo
Dennis Seth - Ohio -06/28, 05:14 pm- Put it back in the garden
Burger in Spokane -06/28, 05:30 pm- OK, ... how long would i
Mike Walker, NW AR -06/28, 09:03 pm- You have to cut it in hal
Bill in Adelaida Cal -06/28, 11:53 pm- Calvin nailed it. Now yo
Burger in Spokane -06/29, 12:15 am- How exactly does a person
Brian Eliason, Whitt -06/29, 05:19 am- The halogen floodlight in
Ed Baudoux Grayling  -06/29, 07:42 am-
Mobile apps for actuators
Samuel Denson -06/29, 06:04 am- I have found such company
Tracking changes to the Ford TT
Jason - UT -06/28, 10:20 pm- I was out of town this we
Burger in Spokane -06/29, 12:12 am- Jason, I have a purty
Centerdoor gives more history
Michael R Beary -06/28, 11:54 pm- The 23 Centerdoor gave up
Demountable-rim wheel lugs
William L Vanderburg -06/28, 10:48 pm- The ones marked for the 1
White Tyres for 1910 Canadian Touring Car
Eric Hylen- Central  -06/28, 10:40 pm- The white tires sure look
Front end problem solved
Colin Mavins Winnipe -06/28, 10:28 pm- It would seem that the pr
Experience with
Tyrone Thomas - Tope -06/28, 10:10 pm- My first rolling chassis
Look what I found buried in mud
Pat Clark-Deer Lodge -06/28, 08:58 pm- Well I have been out work
Large timing gear notch....?
Allan Bennett - Aust -06/28, 08:06 pm- Years ago, I think it was
Does varnish or shallach go on T wood?
Burger in Spokane -06/28, 03:40 pm- Dennis ... so refreshing
Peter Kable - Kiama  -06/28, 07:52 pm- Obviously things are diff
Model T car show displays or ideas?
Burger in Spokane -06/28, 03:33 pm- I would display it in som
Greg Whaley, Caledon -06/28, 04:07 pm- All the indoor shows I ha
Robert Poane -06/28, 07:19 pm- some good ideas, thanks
Mark Strange - Hills -06/28, 07:43 pm- Im afraid Ive been out of
Pleasant Surprise in my Trans
R.V. Anderson -06/28, 06:34 pm- The low speed drum may ha
Twisted Wooden Wheel Hub
Les VonNordheim -06/28, 05:52 pm- Rod, I have repaired a na
WTB 26/27 coupe wire wheel spare rack
Bob Benedict, Humbol -07/01, 08:31 pm- Looking for a spare tire
Terry Woods, Richmon -07/01, 09:22 pm- Bob, be aware that two di
William bender  -07/01, 10:13 pm- Sent you a PM
Terry Woods, Richmon -07/02, 01:13 pm- P.S. Bob, if you are chan
Bob Benedict, Humbol -07/03, 08:38 am- Terry. I am going to run
Mark Gregush Portlan -07/04, 05:28 pm- If you go down the page i
Terry Woods, Richmon -07/04, 10:30 pm- Bob, I forgot that you wa
Jack Daron - Brownsb -07/05, 02:15 pm- Why dont you just use a M
Wanted to buy Smith Form A Truck Parts
Randy Shelton -07/05, 01:42 pm- Wanted to buy Smith Form
26-27 Coupe Body for sale
Bora Tashan -07/05, 09:44 am- Hello, Do you have any pi
Mark Eyre -07/05, 10:59 am- I have a few. email me a
New top
Richard A Eddinger S -07/04, 08:24 pm- I also posted this on the
William L Vanderburg -07/04, 10:40 pm- http://www.classtiqueupho
Mark Strange - Hills -07/05, 08:33 am- Ditto on Classtique! [:-
Dave Huson, Berthoud -07/03, 09:14 am- Covers; $9.50 ea. These a
Dave Huson, Berthoud -07/03, 09:15 am- Valve Stem Covers; [cove
Dave Huson, Berthoud -07/03, 09:19 am- For some reason the base
Larry Smith -07/03, 10:23 pm- To my knowledge this styl
Royce in Georgetown  -07/04, 09:48 am- The 09 - 16 Ts used a few
Dave Huson, Berthoud -07/05, 06:38 am- I have some of the ones y
Early Cast Flange Steering Column
Robb Wolff -07/04, 11:41 pm- This column tube is rough
1923 Martin Parry 6 post express ALL ORGINAL
Don Lang -07/04, 03:46 pm- Nice all original 1923 Ma
Ed in California -07/04, 04:06 pm- Ohh...thats a nice one.
Mike Walker, NW AR -07/04, 07:25 pm- I like the patina on that
Freighter Jim -07/04, 08:39 pm- Don, What a beauty ! F
Warren F Rollins -07/04, 10:25 pm- Like it.
Bills Auto Works -07/04, 08:52 pm- Hello Everyone, I will b
Enclosed Trailer For Sale
Bill Everett -07/04, 04:33 pm- Trailer Sold; thank you.
13-14 rear axle complete
joe bell -07/04, 01:52 pm- I have an unrestored 13-1
For Sale Great Original 1927 Model T Ford
Bob Peterson -06/28, 06:23 pm- Excellent unrestored 1927
Jack Putnam, Bluffto -06/28, 08:09 pm- Sure would be nice if we
Rex Pyles -06/28, 08:30 pm- Kenyon, MN according to h
Bob Peterson -06/29, 09:19 pm- [IM002469.JPG]
Bob Peterson -06/29, 09:30 pm- [IM002475.JPG]
Bob Peterson -06/30, 08:26 pm- [IM002460.JPG]
James J. Lyons III - -07/01, 10:23 am- Bob, can you add a shot o
Bob Peterson -07/04, 08:57 am- bttt
Wick holder wanted for E&J1909 patten
Ray Green -07/04, 08:41 am- I am in need of a wick ho
Trailer towing available from Albuquerque, NM to Geotgia ...
Freighter Jim -07/04, 06:01 am- July 9th Available for b
Georgia - Enclosed transport for your Model T or other ve...
Freighter Jim -07/04, 05:57 am- July 14th Anyone can re
For Sale - Early 1911 Open valve engine with photos
Simon Bayley -07/04, 01:30 am- March 1911 open valve blo
Simon Bayley -07/04, 01:39 am- Email address - smbayley
Simon Bayley -07/04, 01:54 am- [image.jpg]
Simon Bayley -07/04, 01:55 am- [image.jpg]
Simon Bayley -07/04, 01:56 am- [image.jpg]
Simon Bayley -07/04, 01:57 am- [image.jpg]
For sale flaps for 21 inch wood wheels
Thomas Elliott -06/30, 12:01 pm- I have four 4 rubber flap
Travis Melnick -Wate -07/03, 01:23 am- Sent you a pm , thanks .
Thomas Elliott -07/03, 07:49 pm- Sold
1909 steering column
R.V. Anderson -07/03, 05:44 pm- Column is fully restored.
1923 Model TT for Trade
Chris Dailledouze -07/03, 11:35 am- .
Body Work and Paint
Chris Dailledouze -07/03, 11:34 am- .
Building Wood Frames
Chris Dailledouze -07/03, 11:34 am- .
Model T Engines
Chris Dailledouze -07/03, 11:34 am- .
Tt rear radiouse rods WTB
bob middleton -06/28, 11:45 pm- Wow nice sent pm sent see
Jerome Hoffman, Hays -06/29, 10:12 pm- I have the cast ends and
bob middleton -07/01, 12:27 am- Yep I looking for a set a
Burger in Spokane -07/02, 10:25 pm- Have you inquired of Anti
bob middleton -07/02, 11:46 pm- No model t haven has not
Justin H. - Western  -07/02, 11:47 pm- Bob, I have a set with th
FOR SALE; New still in the box front wheel roller bearings
Dave Huson, Berthoud -07/02, 10:54 pm- Bearings; Inner bearing $
Dave Huson, Berthoud -07/02, 10:56 pm- New still in the box, rol
Dave Huson, Berthoud -07/02, 11:10 pm- Timken Front Axle Cups;
Dave Huson, Berthoud -07/02, 11:38 pm- I forgot shipping will be
Texas t distributor set up wanted
Tom Moorehead -07/01, 09:40 pm- Does anyone have a Texas
David Mazza -07/02, 05:07 am- sent pm
Tom Moorehead -07/02, 09:28 pm- Got what I wanted and met
1926 1927 Model T sedan / coupe sun visor $40.00
mike west -07/02, 10:48 am- Nice clean visor ,still h
mike west -07/02, 02:42 pm- SOLD Going to Carson City
Harvey Cash - Winnem -07/02, 06:30 pm- Going to Winnemucca Nevad
For sale - Speedster Cowl
Tony Bowker, Ramona, -07/02, 05:02 pm- For sale - Speedster cowl
For sale - Zenith carburetor
Tony Bowker, Ramona, -07/02, 04:36 pm- For sale - Zenith carbure
Cal license plates
Richard A Eddinger S -06/30, 01:48 pm- Still looking
Tom Supak -07/01, 06:55 pm- I have 2 1923 California
Tom Supak -07/01, 06:58 pm- I have 2 1923 California
Bill dugger -07/01, 08:34 pm- I have a set of 1919 Cali
Richard A Eddinger S -07/02, 10:22 am- Thanks Tom sent you a e-m
Bill dugger -07/02, 02:02 pm- Just listed mine so there
Richard A Eddinger S -07/02, 02:57 pm- Smart Kid Bill
Richard A Eddinger S -07/02, 02:59 pm- Sent you a E-mail Tom. d
Wanted: Cam gear and ring and pinion
John P. Steele, Mont -07/02, 02:19 pm- Im looking for a 42 and 4
Early style speedster frame 88 inch WB , Front axle wishb...
mike west -07/02, 10:53 am- Good start on a speedster
1926 1927 hood shelves ,new wood blocks $40.00
mike west -07/02, 10:50 am- Shelves have been media b
Dave Huson, Berthoud -07/01, 10:24 pm- 15 Fender Bracket; $25.00
Dave Huson, Berthoud -07/02, 09:42 am- 1915 Fender bracket; [b
Dave Huson, Berthoud -07/02, 09:30 am- PEDAL: $30.00. Use a safe
Dave Huson, Berthoud -07/02, 09:36 am- 26 Brake Pedal; [pedal]
Parts For Sale
Mike Walker, NW AR -06/28, 09:16 pm- I looked at the Cleveland
Mike Walker, NW AR -06/29, 09:45 pm- I might be interested in
Ed in California -06/29, 10:02 pm- No pictures are showing
Mike Walker, NW AR -06/30, 06:12 pm- I am going to buy the eng
Eric Magyor-Northwes -07/02, 09:34 am- Richard, I would be inter
Need MISSOURI to COLORADO Delivery P/U Bed
Daniel M. Chapasko -07/02, 07:28 am- Bought 1927 Pickup Bed in
Jack Daron - Brownsb -07/02, 08:57 am- Try Fastenal?
Wanted enclosed trailer Holly Springs MS
kelly jordan -07/01, 10:41 pm- Need a 20-24 foot trailer
Wes Nelson ........B -07/02, 04:41 am- I have what you are looki
Freighter Jim -07/02, 05:02 am- Kelly, That is a lot of
For Sale: Holley NH (straight thru) Carburetor.
Larry Smith -07/01, 11:00 pm- Ron, did you or Russ file
WTB - 39 tooth ring gear
Steve Schmidt .....  -07/01, 02:37 pm- Looking for a good used 3
William bender  -07/01, 10:12 pm- Sent you a PM
Larry Smith -07/01, 10:55 pm- I have a mint used 39 too
Dave Huson, Berthoud -07/01, 10:14 pm- Valve Tool; $15.00 This t
Dave Huson, Berthoud -07/01, 10:15 pm- Valve Tool; [valve tool
Model T Skis (?) For Sale
William Fedak -07/01, 07:40 pm-
Erik Johnson -07/01, 10:07 pm- Those are for a horse dra
For Sale COMPLETE Stevens Front Axle tools
keith g barrier Sava -06/28, 09:03 pm- Very nice Dan, will have
Dan Hatch -06/28, 09:25 pm- Keith: Do not wait too lo
Randall Strickland,  -06/29, 10:00 pm- Dan did you get the reame
Kohnke Rebabbitting, -06/30, 12:08 pm- Are you going to have ext
Dan Hatch -06/30, 12:50 pm- Herm: Yes, I have been ma
Dan Hatch -07/01, 12:38 pm- I only have few of these
Dan Hatch -07/01, 08:02 pm- All sold, waiting on paym
Wanting to buy an engine.
Dexter Doucet -07/01, 01:03 pm- Howdy folks, yall sure yo
Jack Hedges -07/01, 03:50 pm- I may have what you need
1920 Depot Hack
Keith Larson -07/01, 03:42 pm- 1920 Depot Hack 27 transm
Engine & Transmission transport
Mike Walker, NW AR -07/01, 11:42 am- I need a Model T engine &
Mike Walker, NW AR -07/01, 12:34 pm- OK, Never mind. I got a
Wanted Firewall
Rick Goelz-Knoxville -07/01, 10:03 am- I need a 23/25 high firew
Ed Fuller -07/01, 10:31 am- Rick, Sent you a private
Brass Kingston 1915 Carburetor 1926-7 parts also,
mike west -06/29, 09:46 pm- Looking over odds and end
Paul Bourgeois -06/30, 09:51 pm- Mike, I sent you a PM
WANTED: Assorted Model T parts
James Keller -06/29, 09:34 pm- Hi all, I am looking for
Andy Loso St Joseph, -06/30, 07:12 am- James, Email me at aloso
Kevin Whelihan Danbu -06/30, 07:35 am- James, You might want to
James Keller -06/30, 08:35 pm- I now need: Radiator tall
Enclosed transport Albuquerque, NM to Georgia & Southeast...
Freighter Jim -06/30, 08:32 pm- July 3rd Anyone can regi
FOR SALE: 1917-1925 Coupe Interior and Top Kit
Russ Furstnow -06/30, 01:31 pm- This interior and top kit
Russ Furstnow -06/30, 04:04 pm- CORRECTION: This kit is f
Mainbearing Mold for Model T engine
gene french -06/30, 01:16 pm- Babbitt bearing mainbeari
Dave Huson, Berthoud -06/30, 12:19 am- Brass Sediment Bowl; $49.
Dave Huson, Berthoud -06/30, 12:20 am- Brass Sediment Bowl; [se
Larry LaPatka- East  -06/30, 10:09 am- Dave...I Ill take the bow
Jack Daron - Brownsb -06/30, 10:24 am- That is a 1912 sediment b
Dave Huson, Berthoud -06/30, 01:10 pm- Jack Daron: Thanks I knew
WTB - Arizona License Plate 1927 or Earlier
Harold Regbrief -06/30, 06:41 am-
Dave Huson, Berthoud -06/30, 12:06 am- Bearings; $30.00 I dont b
Dave Huson, Berthoud -06/30, 12:07 am- Roller Bearings; [beari
Wanted 1922 va license plates
Randall Strickland,  -06/29, 10:07 pm- Thanks Randall
Wanted 1922 va license
Randall Strickland,  -06/29, 10:06 pm- Thanks Randall
WANTED: Any Model T Body
James Keller -06/29, 08:55 pm- Hi all, I am looking for
Tom Strickling -06/29, 10:05 pm- James does your school st
Enclosed transport Albuquerque, NM to NE - IA - IL - PA f...
Freighter Jim -06/29, 10:05 am- Will be dropping off July
Freighter Jim -06/29, 08:24 pm- Update .... Fairfield, I
Ron in Central Massa -06/29, 09:29 pm- Hmmm.....anyone can also
richard gahr -06/29, 04:59 pm- Purchased this engine thr
For Sale - 1912 Model T Touring
Tony Bowker, Ramona, -06/29, 01:31 am- Now I have some pictures.
Eric Sayer -06/29, 04:43 pm- Looks Amazing Tony, I hop
Ed in California -06/29, 04:49 pm- Shown driving driving as
Forrest W OKeane -06/29, 04:05 pm- I have some Vintage Ford
For sale: TT aux trans adapter parts
Rich Chillingworth -06/29, 10:42 am- Justin, I send a message
Justin H. - Western  -06/29, 11:50 am- Sold pending payment.
Body needed for replacement of car wrecked in Tulsa OK
Mike Bender Tulsa Ok -06/29, 01:00 am- I have been contacted by
Dave Huson, Berthoud -06/28, 11:20 pm- Spenser: No, I just have
Free doodlebug leftovers
James A smith -06/28, 03:41 pm- If no interest in 2 weeks
James A smith -06/28, 06:25 pm- Parts are spoken for.
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -06/28, 10:06 pm- GOOD! I hate for parts to
Old Photo - Accessory Topped Touring
Jay - In Northern Ca -06/28, 09:48 pm- [fnloo3e7y.JPG]
Jay - In Northern Ca -06/28, 09:49 pm- Sorry wrong place for thi
1915 Top part wanted
Daniel Kraft -06/28, 09:43 pm- I would like to buy the l
1924 "T" Depot Hack
Bill dugger -06/28, 08:38 pm- Just the record if any on
20' Trailer for sale. 96" High Door
John Memmelaar Jr -06/28, 08:05 pm- It did sell and in its ne
TRANSPORT AVAIL: OH, MI, IN, WPA to Des Moines, Omaha, Ka...
Bills Auto Works -06/28, 08:00 pm- THIS SPOT HAS BEEN FILLED
Model Ts for sale
Mark Eyre -06/28, 07:19 pm- Model Ts for sale. 1919
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