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OT Just Had To Share
Howard D. Dennis -09/02, 02:02 pm- Stumbled across this on a
Tony Barchock -09/02, 02:05 pm- Its 106 miles to Chicago,
keith g barrier -09/02, 02:12 pm- That is H. Nelson Jackson
Howard D. Dennis -09/02, 02:28 pm- Thanks Keith, now I know
Bill Severn - SE Tex -09/02, 02:47 pm- OK dog, Im tired. Its yo
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/02, 02:52 pm- Jackson was first, but no
David Dewey, N. Cali -09/02, 02:54 pm- Are you sure its a LEFT t
I may have found the rod knock noise cause....
Terry Horlick in Pen -09/02, 12:38 am- A month or two ago Rusty
Tony Bowker -09/02, 12:49 am- What a mess. Never actu
Terry Horlick in Pen -09/02, 01:03 am- I forgot to mention that
Allan Bennett - Aust -09/02, 07:40 am- Terry, I once had the sam
Royce in Georgetown  -09/02, 07:42 am- I bet the ring gear was d
Terry Horlick in Pen -09/02, 09:38 am- Tony, I went to the jun
Norman T. Kling -09/02, 01:14 pm- Since you are doing so mu
Terry Horlick in Pen -09/02, 01:51 pm- Norman, I agree. That is
Dave Huson, Berthoud -09/02, 02:10 pm- Terry: I had the same pro
Willie K Cordes -09/02, 02:26 pm- I had some rear end oil t
Bob Cascisa - Poulsb -09/02, 02:53 pm- Dave H. I remember that
David Dewey, N. Cali -09/02, 02:54 pm- Hmm, that second gear mus
Here we go again: Stock vs distributor & 12 volt.
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -08/31, 12:30 pm- This old argument goes on
Royce in Georgetown  -08/31, 12:37 pm- Ive been on perhaps 20,00
Charlie B actually i -08/31, 01:11 pm- Im wouldnt convert to 12
Dan Treace, North FL -08/31, 01:28 pm- Have driven thousands of
Les Schubert -08/31, 01:53 pm- I run totally stock on my
Les VonNordheim -08/31, 02:38 pm- I have been running a Dis
Jon Allen -08/31, 02:48 pm- I have run all three igni
Ed in California -08/31, 02:49 pm- Plenty of Ts were driven
Mike Walker, NW AR -08/31, 03:01 pm- I drove my 15 Touring fro
Henry Petrino in Mod -08/31, 03:23 pm- I have no clue how many m
Bob Cascisa - Poulsb -08/31, 03:25 pm- I have had my T since 198
Steve Tomaso - Milto -08/31, 03:37 pm- Why are you running your
Norman T. Kling -08/31, 03:39 pm- They will run either way!
Bud Holzschuh - Pana -08/31, 05:42 pm- Steve While I havent put
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -08/31, 06:29 pm- We have a TT and a T. Whe
Martin Vowell, Sylma -08/31, 07:25 pm- Well, I havent driven ga-
Ed in California -08/31, 07:46 pm- As Bob said above… stand
Ron Patterson-Nichol -08/31, 07:55 pm- I spend most of my time t
JohnH -08/31, 08:01 pm- Ive done around 27,000km
Bob Cascisa - Poulsb -08/31, 08:04 pm- Steve, The charging syst
Dave Wells -08/31, 09:34 pm- I have to wonder how many
Steve Tomaso - Milto -08/31, 09:42 pm- Beings Im electrically ch
Jerry Davis -08/31, 10:57 pm- I converted my 4 Ts to 12
Peter Kable -09/01, 12:26 am- When I bought my first Mo
Michael Seager -09/01, 12:48 am- I have used trufire for 1
Doug Money - Braidwo -09/01, 01:51 am- I run a stock system, I r
Karl Gilchrist -09/02, 12:34 am- Each to there own but pe
Larry Smith -09/02, 09:12 am- Use stock coils, and by a
Roger Byrne - Racine -09/02, 02:15 pm- Ive had Model Ts for almo
Les Schubert -09/02, 02:49 pm- I have had excellent life
Are these Model T's?
John Minnis -09/01, 10:55 am- Are these Model Ts in the
James Baker -09/01, 10:57 am- Yes and no
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/01, 11:03 am- Looks like April, Mud Sea
Mark Gregush Portlan -09/01, 11:20 am- Looks like a rope between
Tim Wrenn -09/01, 11:25 am- John, nice pics. What tho
John Minnis -09/01, 01:55 pm- Actually, I am doing an A
Derek Kiefer - Manto -09/01, 01:59 pm- The first one is a 1915-1
Richard Wolf -09/01, 02:30 pm- What areas were serviced
Bill Harris, Hunting -09/01, 03:30 pm- Its just a guess, but the
John Minnis -09/01, 03:56 pm- Heres a link to higher re
Bill Harris, Hunting -09/01, 04:18 pm- Thank you! Im sticking w
Tim Wrenn -09/01, 04:57 pm- Yep, Haps still around. H
John Minnis -09/02, 02:47 pm- Thanks, Bill, Tim, Richar
Rear axle bearing replacement
Mike Conte -09/02, 02:08 pm- Hello, Id like to replace
brass car guy -09/02, 02:31 pm- I recently replaced the w
Triple Gear Bushing Clearance
Dave Loving -09/02, 10:35 am- What is the recommended c
Dave Huson, Berthoud -09/02, 11:22 am- Dave Loving: There has be
Roger Karlsson, sout -09/02, 11:22 am- This will be a long threa
Mark Gregush Portlan -09/02, 11:30 am- Running clearance of .002
Les Schubert -09/02, 11:41 am- My experience has been th
Steve Tomaso - Milto -09/02, 11:47 am- I agree to a point, Les b
Les Schubert -09/02, 12:11 pm- Steve A easy fix is to go
Kohnke Rebabbitting -09/02, 12:23 pm- I have never found that p
Norman T. Kling -09/02, 12:50 pm- Heres the way it looks to
Ron Patterson-Nichol -09/02, 01:07 pm- [1] Dan McEachern convin
Les Schubert -09/02, 01:23 pm- I think the needle roller
Glen Chaffin -09/02, 02:24 pm- Thank you Dave for the ki
Front axle spindle threads are gone...
Eric Sole - Castelld -09/02, 08:59 am- The threads have been dri
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -09/02, 09:14 am- Throw that nut away and g
Mark Strange -09/02, 09:18 am- Langs sells an axle threa
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/02, 09:21 am- No, hes asking about dril
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/02, 09:23 am- Mark types and attaches f
Dan Treace, North FL -09/02, 09:25 am- Earlier post on axle thre
Val Soupios -09/02, 09:46 am- Im not sure exactly what
John Semprez-Templet -09/02, 11:59 am- Eric, I agree with Steve,
Eric Sole - Castelld -09/02, 01:42 pm- Thanks very much for the
Dan Hatch -09/02, 02:24 pm- Eric: The Langs kit is th
Wishbone ball socket question
Patrick Hartzell -09/02, 08:38 am- First off, I have ordered
Val Soupios -09/02, 09:17 am- The ball on the end of th
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/02, 09:28 am- When you replace the stud
Mike Walker, NW AR -09/02, 09:53 am- The ball was 1-1/4 dia.
Dan Treace, North FL -09/02, 09:55 am- That wishbone ball must b
Patrick Hartzell -09/02, 10:33 am- Thanks for the input. Wh
Dan Treace, North FL -09/02, 10:58 am- The braze can be just gro
Dave Huson, Berthoud -09/02, 11:06 am- Patrick Hartzell: Dont ev
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/02, 11:50 am- Mama dont allow no editin
Willie K Cordes -09/02, 11:56 am- As Dave posted, Dont atta
Patrick Hartzell -09/02, 12:23 pm- Thanks Dave and Willie.
Norman T. Kling -09/02, 12:59 pm- Here is what I do, and so
Terry Woods, Richmon -09/02, 01:10 pm- This may have been posted
keith g barrier -09/02, 02:02 pm- Patrick, I have built up
Hand crank bushing from Langs?
Matthew Temple -09/01, 07:07 pm- I ordered a bushing repai
Jack Daron - Brownsb -09/01, 07:51 pm- They drive into the pan t
Allan Bennett - Aust -09/01, 07:55 pm- Matthhew, it is not a goo
Matthew Temple -09/01, 09:07 pm- Thanks I have a large spr
Allan Bennett - Aust -09/02, 01:01 am- Matthew, I missed your re
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -09/02, 01:01 am- Without seeing it, I cann
Roger Karlsson, sout -09/02, 05:23 am- I have tried to pull the
Bud Holzschuh - Pana -09/02, 07:55 am- My experience was the sam
Matthew Temple -09/02, 01:39 pm- Thank you all!!!
GPS Locaters?
Charles W. Little So -09/02, 10:24 am- Now that the stolen T has
G.R.Cheshire -09/02, 10:34 am- A 12V solar panel should
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -09/02, 10:46 am- I just did a quick search
Gene Carrothers Hunt -09/02, 01:29 pm- Install the gps in your T
Stewart 160 speedometer on a 1927 touring...?
Andrew Nolte -09/02, 01:25 am- Never gave it much though
Larry Smith -09/02, 09:01 am- Buy Russ Furstnows speedo
Russ Furstnow -09/02, 09:12 am- Andrew, I have a Stewart
Russ Furstnow -09/02, 09:14 am- Andrew, I forgot to menti
Justin Heim -09/02, 10:30 am- Russ, are the odometer di
Terry Woods, Richmon -09/02, 01:18 pm- Andrews touring, appears
Stolen Model T Alert
David Miller -09/01, 02:54 pm- I would like to alert the
Ed in California -09/01, 04:49 pm- If I had a trailer, Id po
Tim Wrenn -09/01, 04:54 pm- Ed, thats a great idea. I
James Chochole -09/01, 05:15 pm- Ill be on the lookout her
Ron Patterson-Nichol -09/01, 05:30 pm- The Tile Ron the Coilman
Danial - Veneta OR U -09/01, 05:30 pm- Scumbags. And if I typ
Danial - Veneta OR U -09/01, 05:32 pm- Ron thats a pretty cool l
Mark Strange -09/01, 05:35 pm- The thieves probably were
Ed in California -09/01, 06:11 pm- Call the local paper and
Mike Vaughn -09/01, 06:17 pm- I will be on the lookout
David Mazza -09/01, 06:44 pm- Put it up on the aaca fac
Tyrone Thomas - Tope -09/01, 07:32 pm- will keep an eye out. Sor
Dave Wells -09/01, 07:41 pm- You might want to alert C
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -09/01, 08:22 pm- Sorry about your loss. I
D.j. Fiveash -09/01, 09:10 pm- I will keep a look out he
Tim Eyssen - Abilene -09/01, 09:20 pm- Make sure law enforcement
Willie K Cordes -09/01, 09:22 pm- That trailer is a little
Greg Whaley, Georget -09/01, 09:41 pm- Ive posted the info in al
Craig Anderson, cent -09/01, 10:58 pm- Doing the same as Greg.
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/01, 11:20 pm- Crime is primarily a stup
Jim -09/01, 11:27 pm-  The Tile has a 100 foot
Doug Money - Braidwo -09/01, 11:48 pm- What tow vehicle was stol
David Miller -09/01, 11:55 pm- Good news the location of
Michael R Beary -09/01, 11:56 pm- The classifieds say the v
Greg Whaley, Georget -09/02, 06:41 am- Great news David! Glad y
Dan B -09/02, 07:09 am- Great news David. So it
Tim Wrenn -09/02, 08:22 am- Glad you got your trailer
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -09/02, 08:36 am- Stealing someones Model T
Chris Olsen -09/02, 09:33 am- I dunno Fred, even us lef
Mike Walker, NW AR -09/02, 09:50 am- Congratulations, David, o
Jay - In Northern Ca -09/02, 10:34 am- Great news! Give your T a
Bob Coiro -09/02, 10:46 am- Glad to hear you got your
Jay - In Northern Ca -09/02, 11:01 am- Beating the cane out of t
Norman T. Kling -09/02, 01:06 pm- The punishment should be
Two guys, one speedster, seven days, 2,000 miles (knock o...
Chris Bamford, Edmon -08/28, 01:22 am- Friend Jerry and I left E
Frank van Ekeren (A -08/28, 02:10 am- Ah!! you know how to make
Justin in South Afri -08/28, 02:32 am- Awesome guys! Thats what
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -08/28, 08:10 am- You need to plan a Speeds
Ricks - Surf City -08/28, 09:28 am- Great adventure! Do you
Mike Robison -08/28, 11:29 am- If you have time Stop in
Tyrone Thomas - Tope -08/28, 11:54 am- the best of luck
Ricks - Surf City -08/28, 11:57 am- Hey! With no gen, what d
Thomas Elliott -08/28, 12:03 pm- See you guy at the run. W
Roger Byrne - Racine -08/28, 12:24 pm- Great attitude, great pho
G.R.Cheshire -08/28, 12:45 pm- Ahhh the smell of freshly
Chris Bamford, Edmon -08/29, 12:43 am- Hello all, Day two, a mor
Tony Barchock -08/29, 09:55 am- this is awesome!
Ron Mc Willie -08/29, 10:03 am- This is great. Thank you
Larry Bohlen, Severn -08/29, 10:32 am- Loved the fill up photo.
Rob Heyen -08/29, 03:45 pm- Great adventure guys. En
Patrick Mulrooney, W -08/29, 05:11 pm- A great adventure indeed!
Gene Carrothers Hunt -08/29, 05:21 pm- Chris, Some really cool p
Chris Bamford, Edmon -08/30, 02:46 am- Hello all, Day 3, 283 mil
Tim Wrenn -08/30, 07:12 am- One word: Awesome! Noth
Fred Schrope - Uplan -08/30, 08:41 am- I have also ridden in Tom
Mike Walker, NW AR -08/30, 09:57 am- Its good to see that Mike
Dennis Henrichs -08/30, 05:24 pm- Mike, A clean workbench
JohnCodman -08/30, 05:30 pm- Mike, by my definition, t
Bob Gruber- Spanaway -08/30, 07:31 pm- I bet he knows where ever
Daniel M. Chapasko -08/30, 09:34 pm- Could I ask you guys, Did
Chris Bamford, Edmon -08/31, 12:10 am- Hello all, Day 4, made it
Chris Bamford, Edmon -09/01, 01:55 am- Day 5 Sunday, and its bee
Ricks - Surf City -09/01, 09:27 am- Thanks for relating your
Chris Bamford, Edmon -09/02, 12:43 am- Hello all, Day 6 Monday,
Ken Todd -09/02, 12:43 pm- Chris, those Nash Metropo
Old Photo - Early Model T Tourabout
Jay - In Northern Ca -09/02, 10:14 am- [tourabout.jpg]
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -09/02, 12:23 pm- What a fantastic photo. Y
"10 cars you must drive before you die" article, T=1
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -09/02, 12:06 am- Link to article in car an
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/02, 12:35 am- What, no beetle?
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -09/02, 12:38 am- Steve, I agree.
Dave Wells -09/02, 08:24 am- I only want to drive nine
Dan Killecut -09/02, 08:40 am- Im only interested in dri
Bob Coiro -09/02, 09:16 am- Back in the days when I w
G.R.Cheshire -09/02, 09:39 am- I think they were a littl
Bob Coiro -09/02, 10:11 am- I agree with G.R. -Drivi
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -09/02, 10:32 am- The 11th vehicle has to b
Burger in Spokane -09/02, 12:16 pm- I always get a laugh when
Rebound Straps - Do They Help? Is Anyone Running Them?
Mark Strange -09/02, 10:36 am- I have seen several old p
Jay - In Northern Ca -09/02, 10:45 am- They would help on dirt w
Willie K Cordes -09/02, 12:01 pm- I have a set that needs n
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -09/02, 12:13 pm- [straps01.jpg] [straps02.
Old Photo Model K assembly line at rest
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -09/02, 12:50 am- [WorkerswithFinishedFordM
Rob Heyen -09/02, 04:44 am- Erich, I believe they ar
Rob Heyen -09/02, 04:57 am- More Model B assembly at
Hap Tucker in Sumter -09/02, 05:51 am- Erich, The top photo is
Rob Heyen -09/02, 06:13 am- Hap, This is the best Im
Dan Woolf -09/02, 12:13 pm- On the topic of Model B F
One Man Top 1921
George John Drobnock -09/02, 11:21 am- McCalley writes p 327,456
Burger in Spokane -09/02, 11:58 am- The American Forging and
George John Drobnock -09/02, 12:11 pm- May be this will answer B
OT - Touring Piquette and other Ford related sites today
Rob Heyen -09/02, 05:20 am- This morning several of u
David Chantrell - Ad -09/02, 05:32 am- Yes please!!!!
Royce in Georgetown  -09/02, 07:28 am- Why would you say the Piq
Tony Barchock -09/02, 07:35 am- Here are some photos I to
Royce in Georgetown  -09/02, 07:37 am- By the way, Mack Avenue w
Rob Heyen -09/02, 08:01 am- Tony, very nice pics. Th
Tim Wrenn -09/02, 08:13 am- All I know is when I tour
Tony Barchock -09/02, 08:14 am- Thank you and I spent 4 w
Tony Barchock -09/02, 08:44 am- FYI Piquette is not opene
Larry Smith -09/02, 08:48 am- Piquette is great! You mu
Rob Heyen -09/02, 09:08 am- Tony, They are open today
Rob Heyen -09/02, 09:11 am- The Piquette Party of fou
Tony Barchock -09/02, 09:21 am- Awesome! Didnt want you g
Mike Walker, NW AR -09/02, 09:38 am- Wow! You even have a Mod
Rob Heyen -09/02, 10:31 am- Honey, were home..... [4
Rob Heyen -09/02, 10:33 am- Honey, were home..... [4
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -09/02, 11:49 am- Rob - Ya, I know.....You
Speedster body mfg?
Wes Nelson ........B -09/02, 07:15 am- I just saw this on CL and
mike dixon -09/02, 07:27 am- I know this guy, he does
Mark Chaffin -09/02, 11:29 am- Very nice work indeed.
Scott Owens -09/02, 11:48 am- Ok, So what kind of money
1912 Touring Ebay Results
Gene Carrothers Hunt -08/31, 12:51 pm- I hope we will hear the f
Bill in Adelaida Cal -08/31, 01:42 pm- I believe E-Bay showed it
Steve Tomaso - Milto -08/31, 02:23 pm- Its listed as Ended not S
Craig Anderson, cent -08/31, 03:03 pm- Nope....didnt sell. Itll
Richard Wolf -08/31, 03:11 pm- Craig, Can u post a pic?
Craig Anderson, cent -08/31, 03:49 pm- Tons of photos there htt
Gary Schreiber- Sant -08/31, 03:57 pm- Sorry but I smell fish
John Semprez-Templet -08/31, 06:07 pm- Gary, What I think you sm
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -08/31, 06:29 pm- Better than that. I think
Craig Anderson, cent -08/31, 06:51 pm- FISH??????????? Have you
Rex Pyles -08/31, 07:18 pm- Only fish Craig smells of
Craig Anderson, cent -08/31, 07:24 pm- You GOT it Rex!....... [:
Tony Bowker -08/31, 08:20 pm- the
Bob Gruber- Spanaway -08/31, 08:34 pm- Loaded for me just fine.
Tim Wrenn -08/31, 08:40 pm- And if I havent got my na
Craig Anderson, cent -08/31, 09:08 pm- HA HA Tim........and so a
Don Skille -09/01, 01:50 am- Craig, Thats a very nice
Craig Anderson, cent -09/01, 02:19 am- Thanks Don.......thats wh
Eric Hylen- Central  -09/01, 08:39 am- Craig, Ive been buying an
Gene Carrothers Hunt -09/01, 01:09 pm- Craig, keep up the great
Craig Anderson, cent -09/01, 03:53 pm- Thanks for your support..
Bob Coiro -09/01, 03:55 pm- Sure does look like a dar
Craig Anderson, cent -09/01, 05:46 pm- CMON Bob.......its ONLY m
William L Vanderburg -09/01, 05:59 pm- fingers can be amputated
Craig Anderson, cent -09/01, 10:42 pm- LOL William. Don Skille h
william louis rosent -09/02, 11:46 am- I too am very much intere
Blaze's Red Letter Day
Mike Hanson -09/01, 11:58 pm- Today was a red letter da
Dennis Seth - Ohio -09/02, 07:25 am- Great video and a great s
Mike Hanson -09/02, 11:22 am- He certainly did have fun
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -09/02, 11:40 am- Way to go. There is nothi
Stutzman's and thereabouts
Bud Holzschuh - Pana -09/02, 11:19 am- A recent trip to visit a
Old Photo - Setting Up The Revival Tent
Jay - In Northern Ca -09/02, 10:22 am- [photo19232menmodelT.JPG]
Old Photo - Stopping For Water
Jay - In Northern Ca -09/02, 10:20 am- [huop009.JPG]
1926-27 Improved models, A study of ... Front Axle
Donnie Brown North C -09/01, 09:36 pm- This is the fourth in a s
Mike Walker, NW AR -09/01, 09:48 pm- Sometime during 26 or 27,
Larry Smith -09/01, 10:12 pm- There was a picture of on
Jim Thode Chehalis W -09/01, 10:48 pm- The casting date is not r
Donnie Brown North C -09/01, 11:19 pm- Mike, I went out and look
Roger Karlsson, sout -09/02, 06:02 am- Most 26/27:s over here in
JohnCodman -09/02, 09:44 am- My 27 engine number indic
Jack Daron - Brownsb -09/02, 09:54 am- I was always told,dated f
Roger Karlsson, sout -09/02, 10:12 am- John - all US and Canadia
Dan Treace, North FL -09/02, 10:17 am- Have several axle with da
New user with project questions
steve Hoover -08/31, 06:10 pm- Hello everyone, Im pretty
Mike Walker, NW AR -08/31, 07:26 pm- Steve -- Welcome to the w
Donnie Brown North C -08/31, 07:42 pm- Steve, the project you ar
Tman - Right Coast -08/31, 07:55 pm- The first thing I would b
Tim Wrenn -08/31, 08:54 pm- I would have to agree wit
Donnie Brown North C -08/31, 09:22 pm- I do agree with Tman and
John P Noonan -08/31, 09:36 pm- Steve, i also agree with
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -08/31, 09:45 pm- Yes, the T is simple. But
Martin Vowell, Sylma -08/31, 09:54 pm- I had a really large leak
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -08/31, 10:13 pm- No, no, keep the catalogu
steve Hoover -08/31, 10:57 pm- Holy Moly! Ok, THIS is wh
Donnie Brown North C -09/01, 09:58 am- Steve, we all forgot the
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/01, 10:24 am- [IMG_0020 copy.JPG]
Mike Walker, NW AR -09/01, 07:48 pm- Steve -- It looks like yo
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/01, 08:50 pm- Yes, but I dont think thi
Larry Smith -09/02, 09:16 am- Steve, did you use an old
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/02, 09:34 am- Not quite heavy enough fo
Mike Walker, NW AR -09/02, 09:42 am- He just did. [:-]
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/02, 09:49 am- Im busted!
Vapor lock
Michael R Beary -09/01, 09:15 pm- Vapor lock? What does a T
Norman T. Kling -09/01, 09:20 pm- It would behave as if it
Michael R Beary -09/01, 11:24 pm- Thank you Norm! My gas li
Ralph Cunningham -09/02, 12:05 am- Aluminum clothes pins
Bud Holzschuh - Pana -09/02, 07:49 am- A properly routed fuel li
Mark Strange -09/02, 09:48 am- Earlier thread on fuel li
"Flat" country tour again
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/02, 09:46 am- Its only a month away, so
Old photos variety of images
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -09/02, 12:46 am- [475714.jpg] [Assembly-Pi
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -09/02, 12:46 am- [Ford_Model_-T-_car_no._2
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -09/02, 12:47 am- [modelTruck600x417.jpg] [
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -09/02, 12:48 am- [WorkersStartingEngineson
Tony Bowker -09/02, 12:52 am- Those are so neat. A mod
Don Watson -Florence -09/02, 01:22 am- I like the shot of the 13
Michael R Beary -09/02, 01:34 am- I wonder what the scoop i
Andrew Benoit -09/02, 01:54 am- Ford Model T car no. 2, w
Andrew Benoit -09/02, 01:56 am- This is a pretty good way
Royce in Georgetown  -09/02, 07:55 am- Actually both the Ford ca
Larry Smith -09/02, 09:41 am- Looks like they used the
Running board oddity
Allan Bennett - Aust -09/01, 08:28 am- Took photos of the runnin
Allan Bennett - Aust -09/01, 08:35 am- Close up showing holes fo
Ken Parker -09/01, 07:13 pm- Allan, Looks like the ru
Larry Smith -09/02, 09:34 am- You have a nice early run
Kinsson Governor
Albert Belling -09/02, 09:31 am- I took this off a Model T
Magneto question
Zachary Dillinger -08/29, 09:37 am- Well, I found one of thos
Val Soupios -08/29, 10:59 am- Zach I had the end play i
Ron Patterson-Nichol -08/29, 11:10 am- Zach Here is an excellent
Zachary Dillinger -08/29, 11:13 am- Ron, I found that article
Mark Gregush Portlan -08/29, 11:44 am- I did the same thing as d
John F. Regan -08/29, 12:28 pm- Zachary: You are very sm
Zachary Dillinger -08/29, 01:12 pm- John, thanks. Im just fol
John F. Regan -08/29, 01:35 pm- Zachary: You are a rare
Norman T. Kling -08/29, 02:29 pm- If that is steel wire, it
Val Soupios -08/29, 04:00 pm- Zach, it held up for a ye
john kuehn -08/29, 05:14 pm- I had post problems with
Zachary Dillinger -08/29, 06:55 pm- Measured the crank end pl
Andre Valkenaers -08/30, 01:39 am- Zachary, You can also buy
John F. Regan -08/31, 01:44 am- I somehow think the mag r
Zachary Dillinger -09/02, 09:02 am- John, I do believe you a
Dimensions of main wood rails
Mark Rothrock -09/01, 08:27 pm- What little remains of th
Leon Parker -09/02, 08:31 am- Mark send me an e-mail an
1914 dash hole locations
Ted Mahoney -08/26, 09:01 pm- Clayton, I asked your ex
Clayton Swanson -08/26, 10:31 pm- thank you Ted for taking
Clayton Swanson -08/27, 10:17 pm- anyone have an original f
Clayton Swanson -08/29, 10:39 pm- Ted M, here is something
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -08/29, 11:28 pm- I believe John can supply
Clayton Swanson -09/01, 10:27 pm- the plan for today was to
Royce in Georgetown  -09/02, 07:45 am- Get one from RV and Jon.
Help !!! identify year of T Ford frame,
Russ haines -08/30, 10:41 pm- Hi all, photo attached :
Russ haines -08/30, 10:48 pm- just to clarify, The pads
Donnie Brown North C -08/30, 10:50 pm- It is a 21 to 25 car fram
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -08/30, 11:44 pm- On LHD cars the hand brak
Allan Bennett - Aust -08/31, 04:25 am- Russ, that frame in Austr
john kuehn -08/31, 09:14 am- I believe thats a 21-25 f
Gavin Harris (Napier -09/01, 04:48 am- have a look at this threa
Russ haines -09/02, 03:12 am- hi all, thanks for all th
Hap Tucker in Sumter -09/02, 06:34 am- Russ, I dont know about
T320 front perch
harvey cash -08/31, 10:21 am- Just have a question. I p
harvey cash -08/31, 06:22 pm- btt
Bud Holzschuh - Pana -08/31, 09:28 pm- Heres Harveys pics: [rux
keith g barrier -08/31, 09:35 pm- Harvy, that is an early s
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -08/31, 09:43 pm- 1920ish and earlier usual
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -08/31, 09:53 pm- Wayne is correct. That fr
David Stroud -08/31, 10:17 pm- It looks like it has a hi
Dan Treace, North FL -08/31, 10:22 pm- Chassis appears to be 23-
Bud Holzschuh - Pana -08/31, 10:39 pm- The wheels are interestin
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -08/31, 10:42 pm- How many rivets in the ha
Bud Holzschuh - Pana -08/31, 10:45 pm- Dan [ruxtell_frame_004-8
Dan Treace, North FL -08/31, 10:59 pm- Bud Oh Yea...thought so.
David Dewey, N. Cali -09/01, 12:17 am- It also appears to have a
David Stroud -09/01, 03:22 am- David, I think you are co
harvey cash -09/01, 07:44 am- Thank you Bud for posting
harvey cash -09/01, 10:28 am- btt
Dan Treace, North FL -09/01, 12:06 pm- Harvey I would bet the s
harvey cash -09/01, 07:12 pm- Dan, you are correct. I p
harvey cash -09/02, 06:00 am- btt
What is the minimum piston head clearance advisable on a ...
David Dare - Just a  -08/29, 09:48 pm- Will zero with the head b
Tony Bowker -08/29, 10:34 pm- I have a customer who bou
Roger Karlsson, sout -08/30, 12:59 am- I agree, the clearance yo
David Dare - Just a  -08/30, 01:03 am- I see that you have stepp
David Dare - Just a  -08/30, 01:09 am- we are all good now, we h
Roger Karlsson, sout -08/30, 01:11 am- Yes, but I dont think tha
David Dare - Just a  -08/30, 04:05 am- good job ... and fast.
Les Schubert -08/30, 10:24 am- Guys The big guys have fi
David Dare - Just a  -08/30, 05:39 pm- OK thanks for that Les, l
Les Schubert -08/30, 08:09 pm- David The flame can not b
David Dare - Just a  -09/02, 05:46 am- heres another l found ...
Why I Like The Forum
Larry Smith -08/30, 10:16 pm- I look forward to reading
Tim Morsher -08/30, 10:48 pm- Id have to agree with you
David Dewey, N. Cali -08/30, 11:18 pm- Larry, I not only LIKE
Burger in Spokane -08/30, 11:46 pm- To jump from late 50s tec
Danial - Veneta OR U -08/31, 12:10 am- Whats not to like? Grin.
John P Noonan -08/31, 12:52 am- This is indeed a great fo
Craig Anderson, cent -08/31, 01:06 am- I dont comprehend the MOR
David Stroud -08/31, 03:49 am- Tim M., I had the same is
Bud Holzschuh - Pana -08/31, 09:13 am- I know my T wouldnt run a
john kuehn -08/31, 09:26 am- I like the forum because
G.R.Cheshire -08/31, 09:33 am- I like this forum because
Larry Smith -08/31, 09:48 am- In response to Tims post,
Frank Harris from Lo -08/31, 10:38 am- No matter what time of da
John Manuel, Lafayet -08/31, 10:49 am- I especially enjoy the po
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -08/31, 11:01 am- I like to work on old car
James Chochole -08/31, 11:57 am- Coffee and forum every da
kep -08/31, 11:41 pm- My gas line clamps are re
Jack Daron - Brownsb -08/31, 11:48 pm- Frank,good to see you pos
Kirk Peterson -09/01, 10:13 am- To read and digest the th
Frank Harris from Lo -09/01, 12:02 pm- Jack, I am building a BB
Eric Sole - Castelld -09/02, 01:43 am- While David Dewey says he
Old photo Brrrrrrr brass? what is it?
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -09/02, 12:42 am- [475709.jpg]
Erik Johnson -09/02, 12:58 am-
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -09/02, 01:29 am- OOOPS, I shoulda seen tha
Ray from Oregon? was he a contributor here while living
wes heustess -08/30, 03:58 pm- I bought my model t at au
Mark Gregush Portlan -08/30, 04:24 pm- Ray who and where? I don
Fred Miller, Sequim  -09/01, 01:02 am- Wes, was this the Auction
wes heustess -09/02, 01:15 am- Ray Benzel....Yes Fred. T
Various town car photos
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -09/02, 12:53 am- [09 town car.jpg] [460_Im
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -09/02, 12:53 am- [
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -09/02, 12:54 am- [Breker13tc.jpg]
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -09/02, 12:55 am- [P1020248-153-Ford-1909-M
Ok to run without battery?
Vince M -08/31, 02:07 pm- I have a 22 with starter/
Royce in Georgetown  -08/31, 02:09 pm- Either remove the generat
Vince M -08/31, 02:09 pm- I should continue that I
Royce in Georgetown  -08/31, 02:10 pm- Same answer applies.
Vince M -08/31, 02:11 pm- Thanks Royce Vince m
JohnCodman -09/01, 02:36 pm- Im not suggesting that Ro
Dave Dufault -09/01, 02:53 pm- John, Does the middle par
Ron Patterson-Nichol -09/01, 05:44 pm- John Codman John Regan di
Henry Petrino in Mod -09/01, 07:23 pm- Ron, Typo I think, NEVER
Ron Patterson-Nichol -09/01, 10:34 pm- Typo
JohnCodman -09/01, 10:38 pm- Thanks for the explanatio
Erik Barrett -09/01, 11:13 pm- I remember a thread about
Erik Johnson -09/02, 12:23 am- Read paragraphs 1107 and
My lucky day?
Dennis Plank -09/01, 07:24 pm- I attended an antique eng
Herb Iffrig -09/01, 07:40 pm- Since I dont know what yo
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/01, 08:54 pm- They generally go for $70
Eric Hylen- Central  -09/01, 09:03 pm- Nice find. Its a Ford 18-
John P. Steele, Mont -09/02, 12:12 am- The 18-Z-245 is cast into
Interesting heavy duty aftermarket radiator
Erik Johnson -09/01, 07:13 pm- Thought this is worth pos
Mark Strange -09/01, 08:02 pm- Thats a pretty beefy look
Henry Petrino in Mod -09/01, 08:13 pm- I really like that thing.
John McGinnis in San -09/01, 09:22 pm- Yep, sounds great. Cant
Dave Wells -09/01, 09:56 pm- With those two cross supp
Steve McClelland -09/01, 09:59 pm- One thing about it, if it
Jay - In Northern Ca -09/01, 10:02 pm- I have seen that same rad
Bill in Adelaida Cal -09/01, 11:43 pm- Not a good radiator for h
OT - non-Ford steering column - what is it?
Derek Kiefer - Manto -09/01, 12:46 pm- I recently picked up this
Ed in California -09/01, 12:53 pm- it is in the early 1920s,
Derek Kiefer - Manto -09/01, 01:09 pm- If it helps narrow it dow
Derek Kiefer - Manto -09/01, 06:21 pm- I did find some markings.
Bob McDonald-Federal -09/01, 06:29 pm- That might be a steering
Derek Kiefer - Manto -09/01, 08:45 pm- It does have wiring termi
Walter Higgins -09/01, 11:07 pm- It is from a 27 thereabou
Unusual Canadian serial number.
Dave Wells -09/01, 06:42 pm- Im doing some repairs on
Ed in California -09/01, 06:53 pm- SM may be a marine design
Les Schubert -09/01, 07:50 pm- Ed may be onto something.
Dave Wells -09/01, 07:58 pm- Interesting. I will be ba
Rod McKenzie -09/01, 10:49 pm- Thats an interesting puzz
How much does a model t weigh, so I can calculate the tow...
Robert Poane -09/01, 10:26 am- how much does a model t w
Jim Thode Chehalis W -09/01, 10:33 am- [1912-001.jpg] From thi
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/01, 11:11 am- Bob, they vary not only b
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -09/01, 10:49 pm- 1200 pounds seems a bit l
Question for John Regan
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/01, 09:43 am- I just painted my 2587 E1
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/01, 01:30 pm- Bump.
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/01, 08:44 pm- Again.
Mike Walker, NW AR -09/01, 09:54 pm- Why not just call him in
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -09/01, 10:18 pm- Paint should be dry by no
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/01, 10:28 pm- Yep. I thought the answer
Clayton Swanson -09/01, 10:30 pm- he must be goofing off, l
Kerosene Lamp Wick: Trimming
Marty Bufalini -08/30, 09:08 am- What suggestions do you h
Bob Coiro -08/30, 10:27 am- I found this somewhere on
Mark Gregush Portlan -08/30, 10:32 am- I trim all my lamp wicks
Marty Bufalini -08/30, 10:34 am- Bob, thanks. I saw the s
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -08/30, 10:45 am- I think the trimming desc
David Dewey, N. Cali -08/30, 10:52 am- Nother question; I always
Mark Gregush Portlan -08/30, 11:18 am- I lower the wick, less sm
Mark Gregush Portlan -08/30, 11:21 am- RE No1, my experience is
Mark Gregush Portlan -08/30, 11:25 am- RE Re No 1, never mind, i
Roger Karlsson, sout -08/30, 11:41 am- How do you all do to keep
Ken Todd -08/30, 12:10 pm- I was taught to cut the w
Val Soupios -08/30, 01:52 pm- I do 2 peaks for a double
Bill Elliott -08/30, 03:30 pm- I understand that the sid
Roger Karlsson, sout -08/30, 03:42 pm- Sure, the side lights are
Willie K Cordes -08/30, 03:55 pm- I guess most of you must
Marty Bufalini -08/30, 03:58 pm- Ken, Im going to try that
Marty Bufalini -08/30, 04:05 pm- Ken, I forgot to ask: wha
Mark Gregush Portlan -08/30, 04:07 pm- At 35 my 17 to 26 style s
Val Soupios -08/30, 06:03 pm- I think it is the chimney
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -08/31, 12:25 am- I have read that before.
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -08/31, 06:20 am- Wayne, I think electric
Val Soupios -08/31, 08:37 am- Wayne, Fords with gas hea
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -08/31, 04:56 pm- I know that there were a
Dave Wells -08/31, 10:09 pm- What about wick availabil
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -08/31, 10:23 pm- Ive bought chimneys and w
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -09/01, 07:50 am- Dave, I tried looking at
Dave Wells -09/01, 08:15 am- Steve, thats probably the
Marty Bufalini -09/01, 09:33 am- For those asking about wi
Dave Wells -09/01, 02:43 pm- Thanks Marty. I would nev
Greg Griffin -09/01, 10:20 pm- I have heard that Chaffin
OT - Model K Ford
Timothy Kelly -08/28, 09:07 pm- Following the New London
Eric Hylen- Central  -08/28, 09:26 pm- I wish I could help. Rob
Timothy Kelly -08/28, 09:43 pm- Eric: Yes indeed the pit
Allen Henning Temper -08/29, 12:56 pm- PM sent
George_Cherry Hill N -08/29, 01:48 pm- To ride along on the post
Timothy Kelly -08/29, 01:54 pm- Allen I received the PM
Rob Heyen -08/29, 03:08 pm- Tim, Im on my way, with s
Rob Heyen -08/31, 09:16 am- Tim, if your still follow
Royce in Georgetown  -08/31, 10:46 am- George, I sent you Toms
George_Cherry Hill N -08/31, 11:20 am- Thanks Royce, I did not h
Jon Crane -08/31, 11:30 am- If you are not too busy o
Timothy Kelly -08/31, 11:55 am- Yesterday three very kind
Royce in Georgetown  -08/31, 12:56 pm- Tim, My Dykes manual rec
Thomas A. Voltz -08/31, 02:52 pm- Tim, Thanks for the oppo
Timothy Kelly -08/31, 05:43 pm- Royce: I appreciate your
Eric Hylen- Central  -09/01, 11:00 am- Rob, Dearborn to Lansing
David Greenlees -09/01, 11:16 am- Tim: I am curious about
Timothy Kelly -09/01, 10:18 pm- David: The Sodium Silica
Totally OT: Cloud storage?
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -08/28, 11:00 am- Cloud storage that comes
Bob Solak -08/28, 11:07 am- Well. 1GB isnt a lot, an
Mark Strange -08/28, 11:07 am- As always, try to figure
G.R.Cheshire -08/28, 12:30 pm- My opinion If I dont own
Steven Thum -08/28, 01:24 pm- Have a hard drive die and
Charles W. Little So -08/28, 01:26 pm- Maybe the IRS should use
Mike Zahorik -08/28, 01:54 pm- I made a FreeNAS Network
Royce in Georgetown  -08/28, 03:00 pm- It is not as good as havi
Philip Berg -08/28, 03:00 pm- Ive built a FreeNAS NAS a
Craig Anderson, cent -08/28, 03:16 pm- You can buy a couple 16 G
Mark Strange -08/28, 03:35 pm- Mmmm, raspberry pie.....
Bud Holzschuh - Pana -08/28, 04:08 pm- As others have pointed ou
Kirk Peterson -08/28, 05:27 pm- What if there is a cloud
Tim Wrenn -08/28, 07:20 pm- Maybe Im wrong, but my fe
brass car guy -08/28, 07:33 pm- My wife runs 2 high volum
Judy Edwards -08/28, 07:55 pm- I noticed at Costco the o
John Semprez-Templet -08/28, 10:35 pm- I know of two cases where
Bud Holzschuh - Pana -08/29, 09:35 am- Johns right, if you store
Ricks - Surf City -08/29, 10:19 am- How much is it with sales
Carl Klem -08/29, 10:21 am- Check the time restrictio
Les Burg -08/29, 11:50 am- Steve. With icloud you sh
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -08/29, 11:59 am- Yes, thats from Apple. Th
Charlie B actually i -08/29, 12:21 pm- This is getting big in th
Chris Landry, Hudson -08/29, 01:52 pm- The problem with cloud st
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -08/30, 12:47 pm- I am thinking about using
Dick Lodge - St Loui -08/30, 04:28 pm- Fred, how do you do that?
Carl Klem -08/30, 07:27 pm- Dick, Costco Photo They s
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -08/30, 09:35 pm- Dick - Go to ebay and sea
Dick Lodge - St Loui -08/30, 10:21 pm- I am sorry that my quirky
David Dewey, N. Cali -08/30, 11:19 pm- Dick, I caught it, thou
Doug Money - Braidwo -09/01, 01:30 am- One thing to point out. A
Royce in Georgetown  -09/01, 05:54 pm- iCloud accounts are not s
Ed in California -09/01, 06:37 pm- As Royce stated, nothing
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -09/01, 08:32 pm- LoL got it-- I know of a
Wiring differential studs?
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -08/30, 03:48 pm- [IMG_3894 copy.JPG] Im n
keith g barrier -08/30, 04:01 pm- That will work, if you ha
Mark Strange -08/30, 04:05 pm- Steve, here is a short sl
Mark Strange -08/30, 04:13 pm- For those who like videos
Mark Strange -08/30, 04:40 pm- I finally found a picture
ex trooper -08/30, 06:50 pm- Then theres the correct m
Mark Strange -08/30, 07:03 pm- Great video, very compreh
Mike Walker, NW AR -08/30, 07:25 pm- ex-troops video has some
John F. Regan -08/31, 08:53 pm- On my 23 rear end those 3
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -08/31, 10:07 pm- Yes, the parts book shows
John P. Steele, Mont -09/01, 12:19 pm- Thanks guys, picked up so
Dean Dorholt - Mpls, -09/01, 08:29 pm- My neighbor was a mechani
How complicated is it to build a body?
George John Drobnock -08/31, 12:03 pm- My question about the num
Hap Tucker in Sumter -08/31, 09:09 pm- George, There is so much
George John Drobnock -09/01, 08:32 am- First off - Happy Labour
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -09/01, 08:28 pm- An arm here A leg there a
Examples of tail lights
Paul Booth -08/28, 09:15 pm- I would like to see what
Norman T. Kling -08/28, 09:38 pm- What year are you looking
Paul Booth -08/28, 09:49 pm- This is for my TT. Anyth
Dennis Seth - Ohio -08/29, 06:47 am- Speaking of tail lights.
Kevin Whelihan -08/29, 07:29 am- Im not sure what Ford TT
Val Soupios -08/29, 09:02 am- Has anyone used the 6 vol
Ken Todd -08/29, 10:53 am- I use the Stainless Model
John Aldrich Orting  -08/29, 11:59 am- [Tail lights-1.jpg]
Ricks - Surf City -08/29, 12:01 pm- I found brass electric si
Charlie B actually i -08/29, 12:17 pm- Those are the ones I use
Tim Morsher -08/29, 01:28 pm- Paul, nowadays, two tail
Mark Strange -08/29, 01:36 pm- Heres an earlier thread o
Dave Wells -08/29, 01:53 pm- I checked the laws in my
Kevin Whelihan -08/29, 02:26 pm- Val, tail lights
Val Soupios -08/29, 10:18 pm- Thanks Kevin. I think LE
Gary H. White - Sher -08/30, 05:09 pm- Drum style housing. htt
Craig Anderson, cent -08/30, 06:39 pm- I got the brackets and li
Stephen D Heatherly -08/30, 06:48 pm- Craig, whats the car net
Pat Kelly -08/30, 07:50 pm- I used a mix of old light
Craig Anderson, cent -08/30, 08:35 pm- Stephen........1925 Dodge
James M. Riedy, Sand -08/30, 11:57 pm- I picked this one up at a
Bob Scherzer -08/31, 12:01 pm- Is it for your TT? Heres
Paul Booth -08/31, 12:15 pm- Thanks guys. Im looking
Burger in Spokane -08/31, 12:41 pm- I have a Warford equipped
Bob Scherzer -08/31, 12:56 pm- I got the loan of an orig
Tim Morsher -08/31, 01:43 pm- Paul, this is the type o
Bob Cascisa - Poulsb -08/31, 02:52 pm- here is how I did mine on
Bernard Beary -08/31, 11:09 pm- Bob Where did you get the
Eric Dunlap -09/01, 08:27 pm- My boys helped me install
Type BB Roof head
Les Schubert -08/26, 04:45 pm- Well we will see if Ross
Ross Harris -08/26, 09:46 pm- Hey guys not going to sel
Les Schubert -08/26, 11:16 pm- Ross That is where I can
Mike Bender Tulsa Ok -08/26, 11:30 pm- Ross If you do have a se
Les Schubert -08/27, 10:44 am- Mike Thx for the kind wor
Ross Harris -08/27, 09:44 pm- Mike & Les the head &
John P. Steele, Mont -08/28, 04:00 pm- I could use a set or two.
Ross Harris -08/28, 06:40 pm- Here are the pictures guy
Mark Strange -08/28, 07:28 pm- Flipped. [474781.jpg]
Mike Bender Tulsa Ok -08/28, 09:51 pm- Mark You have a set of R
Mike Bender Tulsa Ok -08/28, 09:54 pm- Sorry about that it shoul
John P. Steele, Mont -08/28, 10:05 pm- [image.jpg] This is a BB
John P. Steele, Mont -08/28, 10:08 pm- Ross do you have push rod
Les Schubert -08/28, 11:35 pm- Well those like a pretty
Ross Harris -08/28, 11:48 pm- John what you see in the
Mike Bender Tulsa Ok -08/29, 12:06 am- Push rod were two piece,
Mike Bender Tulsa Ok -08/29, 12:11 am- I getting ready to make s
John McGinnis in San -08/29, 12:54 am- I used standard pushrods
Les Schubert -08/29, 04:32 pm- Mike I need a set of exha
John P. Steele, Mont -08/29, 05:23 pm- Les I have a spring numbe
Mike Bender Tulsa Ok -08/29, 05:50 pm- Les. What is the stem d
Ron Mc Willie -08/29, 06:28 pm- Are valve covers availabl
Les Schubert -08/29, 08:05 pm- Ron I have valve cover ca
Ross Harris -09/01, 02:59 pm- Mike; Was away for the we
Les Schubert -09/01, 03:27 pm- Ron I dont think anyone h
Les Schubert -09/01, 08:03 pm- Ron Valve covers are $300
Early 1909 T photos - again
Andrew Brand -09/01, 03:02 am- Hi all. A few weeks back
David Dare - Just a  -09/01, 06:03 am- Its certainly not a new c
Tim Wrenn -09/01, 07:44 am- Looks to me like these pe
Royce in Georgetown  -09/01, 08:37 am- As we discussed before th
Don Skille -09/01, 10:40 am- It looks as if it could b
Don Watson -Florence -09/01, 11:03 am- Thanks Andrew on revisiti
David Greenlees -09/01, 11:10 am- Andrew, Would you mind i
Andrew Brand -09/01, 06:24 pm- Sure David. Ive sent you
Ken Parker -09/01, 07:37 pm- The young fellow is bare-
"History and Evolution of design in Ford Motor Company" a...
Gabriel Tamarit - Ar -09/01, 11:55 am- I´m going to teach a clas
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -09/01, 12:49 pm- I suggest you start with
Dennis Seth - Ohio -09/01, 01:54 pm- There are many videos on
Gabriel Tamarit - Ar -09/01, 06:31 pm- Keith, Dennis, thank you
Andrew Benoit -09/01, 07:24 pm- Thats a great profile pic
Gabriel Tamarit - Ar -09/01, 07:35 pm- Thank you, Andrew! That´s
It's getting deep-Photo
Herb Iffrig -09/01, 09:25 am- [its getting deep in here
Darren J Wallace -09/01, 10:52 am- Can you imagine the effor
Erik Johnson -09/01, 11:24 am- There are enough details
Tim Wrenn -09/01, 11:26 am- Wow! That poor little ca
Burger in Spokane -09/01, 12:12 pm- We get a fair amount of s
Kevin Holland, Utah -09/01, 12:15 pm- Herb, Do you know where t
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -09/01, 01:08 pm- Based on the depth of the
Dennis Seth - Ohio -09/01, 01:49 pm- I love this photo thanks
Burger in Spokane -09/01, 03:42 pm- Kevin Holland, Did you p
brass car guy -09/01, 05:42 pm- I think the car in questi
Erik Johnson -09/01, 06:38 pm- 1903 Franklin - the hig
Les VonNordheim -09/01, 07:19 pm- Brass car guy....a 1905-0
1909 ? For Sale
Larry Bohlen, Severn -08/31, 09:33 am- Saw this on Craigslist
G.R.Cheshire -08/31, 09:41 am- the headlights are electr
Derek Kiefer - Manto -08/31, 09:50 am- Body & fenders appear
Ed in California -08/31, 09:53 am- Thats the kind of car you
Larry Bohlen, Severn -08/31, 10:11 am- Ed, I agree thats why I
Mark Chaffin -08/31, 10:12 am- Late front mount and batt
Larry Bohlen, Severn -08/31, 10:16 am- Mark, Youre BADDDDDD! [
Mark Chaffin -08/31, 11:08 am- Couldnt help myself. [:-]
Keith Townsend ; ^ ) -08/31, 11:23 am- Ed- Are you talking about
Ed in California -08/31, 11:46 am- Keith, I dont remember, i
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -08/31, 11:53 am- With just two crappy litt
Mark Chaffin -08/31, 02:25 pm- Will do. Still attemptin
Warren Webb -08/31, 02:36 pm- This was listed a while b
Greg Whaley, Georget -08/31, 06:39 pm- Tom Stewarts 1909 Canadia
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -08/31, 08:49 pm- If anybody ever offered 3
Tim Wrenn -09/01, 08:02 am- Looks like a mutt!
Roger Karlsson, sout -09/01, 08:11 am- Wayne, the craigslist car
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -09/01, 06:35 pm- Roger, My comment was bas
1912 original dash dilled for rh or lh drive Canadian car
Colin Mavins -08/31, 11:17 pm- This is the original dash
Colin Mavins -08/31, 11:19 pm- [100_1066.JPG] [100_1067.
David Chantrell - Ad -09/01, 07:48 am- Out of curiosity, where i
Colin Mavins -09/01, 08:00 am- hello In Canada our seria
David Chantrell - Ad -09/01, 10:55 am- Interesting indeed, the R
Ray Green -09/01, 11:19 am- Hi Collin, as a matter of
Larry Smith -09/01, 11:36 am- That looks like a Heinze
Norman T. Kling -09/01, 12:06 pm- Are the holes exactly the
Colin Mavins -09/01, 01:02 pm- Norman You are correct th
Colin Mavins -09/01, 01:10 pm- heres a pic of the dash[c
Colin Mavins -09/01, 01:21 pm- David it almost looks lik
Dan Hatch -09/01, 01:28 pm- I have an NOS 13/14 dash
David Chantrell - Ad -09/01, 06:02 pm- Dont use the position of
Rebuilding the best T rearend you can have
John P Noonan -08/31, 11:45 pm- Well, like it or not summ
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/01, 12:17 am- Modern improvements that
Bob Gruber- Spanaway -09/01, 12:20 am- The Fun Projects pinion b
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/01, 12:21 am- I should have mentioned t
John McGinnis in San -09/01, 08:10 am- Bronze thrust washers are
Marty Bufalini -09/01, 09:40 am- I agree with Steve. I ju
Mike Walker, NW AR -09/01, 09:47 am- Im with Steve on this one
Mike Walker, NW AR -09/01, 09:49 am- Did someone mention axles
Jon Allen -09/01, 10:06 am- I did my rear end last wi
Jon Allen -09/01, 10:08 am- An even better rear end..
Larry Smith -09/01, 11:58 am- I disagree with Steve. Th
Jon Allen -09/01, 12:05 pm- You guys got no sense of
Glen Chaffin -09/01, 12:34 pm- Bradleys new sleeves are
Walt Berdan, Bellevu -09/01, 05:34 pm- I really like the Fun Pro
Old photo - The Whole Fam Damily Posing
Jay - In Northern Ca -08/31, 10:09 am- [C02486.jpg]
Dana A. Crosby in Gl -08/31, 10:59 am- An 8 passenger Center Doo
Tony Bowker -08/31, 02:16 pm- Look like mother , father
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -08/31, 05:14 pm- I have ridden five in a 5
David A. Siver -09/01, 09:30 am- Looks like the little one
Norman T. Kling -09/01, 12:21 pm- Notice there is no guard
Jim Weir -09/01, 12:28 pm- Not a joyful looking crow
Tim Wrenn -09/01, 04:58 pm- No doubt another example
Hoquiam Washington-Photo
Herb Iffrig -09/01, 09:29 am- [Hoquiam Washington.jpg r
Gilbert V. I. Fitzhu -09/01, 09:42 am- I presume those are troll
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/01, 09:54 am- The poles along the curb
Richard Wolf -09/01, 09:58 am- Steve; Those poles are on
Richard Wolf -09/01, 10:01 am- Steve; Maybe U R right.
Herb Iffrig -09/01, 10:05 am- Is that a spreader bar ne
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/01, 10:16 am- Looking north, right is e
William L Vanderburg -09/01, 10:25 am- Its an electric traction
William L Vanderburg -09/01, 10:26 am- however I didnt see the p
Kim Dobbins -09/01, 10:46 am- Thanks Herb, I lived righ
Warren W. Mortensen -09/01, 11:18 am- All but 2 buildings gone,
Dana A. Crosby in Gl -09/01, 11:36 am- I find the modern picture
Larry Smith -09/01, 11:40 am- Not the same location.
Burger in Spokane -09/01, 12:03 pm- Grays Harbor County long
Mark Gregush Portlan -09/01, 12:13 pm- Looks like the same locat
Kim Dobbins -09/01, 01:53 pm- Burger, average rain fall
Ricks - Surf City -09/01, 02:28 pm- Wifey and I with sturgeon
Burger in Spokane -09/01, 03:40 pm- Guess I should have said
John Wightman -09/01, 04:10 pm- Yes, we used to go there
Rear end
Bill Thompson -09/01, 10:28 am- How can I tell what year
Kevin Holland, Utah -09/01, 12:23 pm- Picture?
Val Soupios -09/01, 12:36 pm- Are there rivets around
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/01, 01:23 pm- Reinforcing ribs on the b
Dan Hatch -09/01, 01:31 pm- Is it machined for a clos
Bill Thompson -09/01, 01:34 pm- I dont know about the spo
Dan Hatch -09/01, 01:43 pm- Look at where the spool b
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/01, 02:55 pm- [IMG_3925 copy.JPG] Step
Petersen Museum in LA
Jerry Brancato -08/31, 08:48 pm- Went to this very famous
Ricks - Surf City -08/31, 09:53 pm- Thats why I havent been b
Scott Owens -08/31, 11:24 pm- I belive that they change
Eric Sayer -08/31, 11:49 pm- Yes they definately do ch
Bill in Adelaida Cal -09/01, 12:02 am- I know of at least occasi
Larry Smith -09/01, 12:05 pm- They have a T on the grou
Peter C. Strebeck -09/01, 01:44 pm- The Mustang exhibit is a
Old Car Festival: Names and Faces
Marty Bufalini -08/30, 09:13 am- If youre going to the OCF
Jamesdean -08/30, 09:54 am- Will do. Putting the inte
Marty Bufalini -08/30, 10:35 am- Wow,Jamesdean! Thats cut
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -08/30, 12:35 pm- Marty - Will do. BTW, di
Bruce Balough -08/30, 12:58 pm- Ill have my S Roadster at
Bill Elliott -08/30, 03:34 pm- Ditto for me and my 1916
Marty Bufalini -08/30, 03:59 pm- There is NO other event l
Marty Bufalini -08/30, 04:01 pm- There is NO other car eve
Don Booth@ Bay City, -09/01, 07:10 am- Where is the narrators st
Willis Jenkins -09/01, 08:35 am- Yes, that is where the ca
Darren J Wallace -09/01, 10:55 am- This year yet again I can
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -09/01, 12:29 pm- Hi Darren - Thats a bumme
SMD Fliver
Herb Iffrig -09/01, 10:55 am- [S M D Fliver.jpg resized
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -09/01, 11:10 am- My guess is a stationary
Kevin Holland, Utah -09/01, 12:28 pm- It looks to me like Fred
Photo - Stuck truck
Justin Heim -08/31, 11:09 am- Looks like a chain drive
Norman T. Kling -08/31, 11:27 am- I wonder why they are smi
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -08/31, 11:32 am- Smith Form-A Truck conver
Scott Owens -08/31, 12:18 pm- Is he stuck or broke down
Burger in Spokane -08/31, 12:35 pm- The worst day spent out d
Steve Tomaso - Milto -08/31, 02:25 pm- Hes holding lunch.
Mike Walker, NW AR -08/31, 07:51 pm- Hes having some of Mamas
John P Noonan -08/31, 08:21 pm- Looks like he has somebod
Justin Heim -09/01, 09:27 am- Probably not cornbread si
Donnie Brown North C -09/01, 12:10 pm- I lean toward a plug of t
Norman T. Kling -09/01, 12:23 pm- Are you sure its not his
Mixture adjustment
JohnCodman -08/30, 03:23 pm- I remember a thread that
Roger Karlsson, sout -08/30, 04:05 pm- The mixture screw going t
Mark Gregush Portlan -08/30, 04:11 pm- A 26/27 setup, pulling th
Bob Coiro -08/30, 04:49 pm- Twisting the mixture cont
JohnCodman -09/01, 11:29 am- Thanks guys!
Jim Thode Chehalis W -09/01, 11:55 am- Here is a list of when an
Norman T. Kling -09/01, 12:13 pm- The choke restricts the a
Old Photo - Finding A Place To Ride Along
Jay - In Northern Ca -09/01, 10:26 am- [B00597.jpg]
Warren Henderson -09/01, 11:23 am- either that or just tryin
Tim Wrenn -09/01, 11:27 am- Awwww...cute doggie! Tha
Larry Smith -09/01, 11:48 am- It looks like it may have
OT MotoMeter Instructions Sought
Howard D. Dennis -08/31, 08:22 pm- Just purchased this N.O.S
Tim Wrenn -08/31, 08:43 pm- No, but that one is sure
Dennis Seth - Ohio -08/31, 08:47 pm- Does that mount on your s
Howard D. Dennis -08/31, 08:56 pm- Dennis, Yes this is a col
Steve Tomaso - Milto -08/31, 09:54 pm- I have the same temp. gau
Howard D. Dennis -08/31, 11:34 pm- Steve, sadly I didnt get
Steve Tomaso - Milto -09/01, 11:34 am- Ill look for the info and
Clayton Swanson -09/01, 11:44 am- speedometer shop in mpls
Show Off Your TT's :-)...
mike_black -08/26, 11:48 pm- [P0002020 (Small).JPG]
Erick Keenan -08/28, 09:36 am- I got this 1925 TT in 198
Willie K Cordes -08/28, 12:28 pm- This truck was bought new
G.R.Cheshire -08/28, 12:34 pm- Willie Is it hay ride tim
Mark Strange -08/28, 12:48 pm- Possibly a silly question
Willie K Cordes -08/28, 12:53 pm- G.R. I was long winded en
Willie K Cordes -08/28, 12:58 pm- Mark, exposure to sunligh
John McGinnis in San -08/28, 01:14 pm- This thread has evolved i
Anthony J Marino -08/28, 06:02 pm- It may be manganese that
Willie K Cordes -08/30, 03:34 pm- Yes Anthony, that is the
Burger in Spokane -08/30, 04:24 pm- Manganese is a decolorize
Bob Scherzer -08/31, 12:20 pm- Heres my two. Both have b
Erick Keenan -08/31, 07:03 pm- How many of the above TTs
Anthony J Marino -09/01, 07:49 am- Mine came out of the barn
John McGinnis in San -09/01, 08:02 am- Anthony, I assume you are
Anthony J Marino -09/01, 09:16 am- Thats the one John. Your
Willie K Cordes -09/01, 11:19 am- Anthony, this is not TT b
Tim Wrenn -09/01, 11:40 am- This thread is getting ki
Old Photo - More Fender Iron Testing
Jay - In Northern Ca -09/01, 10:24 am- [A08793.jpg]
Warren Henderson -09/01, 11:24 am- Jay, looks like the fende
Turtle deck for 1921 Coupe
Skip Lane -08/31, 08:47 am- Is turtledeck for 21 coup
Leon Parker -08/31, 08:53 am- No they are not the same
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -08/31, 12:11 pm- [turtle01.jpg] [turtle02.
Mark Gregush Portlan -08/31, 03:09 pm- To add; the coupe side pa
Skip Lane -08/31, 03:34 pm- Thank you, Leon, Richard
john kuehn -08/31, 04:15 pm- Richard do you have the m
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -08/31, 06:28 pm- John, I just went out and
john kuehn -08/31, 08:51 pm- Thanks Richard for the up
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -09/01, 12:18 am- Ive made the sides quarte
David Stroud -09/01, 03:25 am- Skip, you could use a pic
Mark Gregush Portlan -09/01, 11:14 am- The back behind the seat
Old Photo - Happy Couple
Jay - In Northern Ca -09/01, 10:29 am- [U07834.jpg]
Does anyone know if we can see the vendor list for Hershey?
Robert Poane -08/31, 07:03 am- Does anyone know if we ca
Nicholas Lingg - Tar -08/31, 08:20 am- The Hershey Program is on
ROBERT J STEINER  -08/31, 09:27 am- The program directory als
Robert Poane -09/01, 08:03 am- Last years booklet, thats
Nicholas Lingg - Tar -09/01, 09:33 am- Here is last years book [
Nicholas Lingg - Tar -09/01, 09:34 am- First page[trailers 1.jpg
Robert Poane -09/01, 10:24 am- I will google these guys,
Been along time
Neil Haywood -09/01, 10:09 am- Ive been off the boards f
Jay - In Northern Ca -09/01, 10:22 am- Neil, Heres a link to a s
OT A vehicle for your final ride
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -08/31, 04:19 pm- I saw this posted on FB a
Dennis Henrichs -08/31, 05:06 pm- Its a foreign taxi. Used
Jack Daron - Brownsb -08/31, 05:47 pm- One way tickets only...
Henry Petrino in Mod -08/31, 05:50 pm- Ive thought of having the
Greg Whaley, Georget -08/31, 06:33 pm- That is one serious roof
Dan Killecut -08/31, 06:42 pm- I saw this on the Model T
Dennis Henrichs -08/31, 08:17 pm- Dan, Youre right. It de
Tim Wrenn -08/31, 08:45 pm- Nice, but kinda creepy. T
Bill in Adelaida Cal -09/01, 12:49 am- A bit garish but I like t
David Stroud -09/01, 03:38 am- Definitely not a TT, Dodg
Andy Loso St Joseph, -09/01, 08:21 am- I have done this three ti
Jem Bowkett -09/01, 10:11 am- That is a horrible roof!
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -09/01, 10:19 am- I guess Id better get my
Duncan and Fraser wide body roadster
Allan Bennett - Aust -09/01, 09:34 am- I meant to post this befo
Dnf accessories
Allan Bennett - Aust -09/01, 09:20 am- [rps20140901_222439.jpg]
I just got back from Mt. Pleasant Iowa
Herb Iffrig -09/01, 12:32 am- I had a good time. It was
Warren Webb -09/01, 01:26 am- Any Pictures
Jerry Kramer -09/01, 08:54 am- Were still there! With a
Photo - Brass truck
Justin Heim -08/31, 11:04 am- [T truck 1.jpg]
Erik Johnson -08/31, 11:30 am- 1915 or 16. However, not
Keith Townsend ; ^ ) -08/31, 11:34 am- Id say very early 15 beca
Tim Wrenn -09/01, 08:04 am- And looks like brass rimm
***UPDATE*** Free Ford Model T Learning Resources...
Mitch -09/01, 03:31 am- Hi Again Fellow Ters [:-]
1923 roadster belt rail
Leon Parker -09/01, 03:13 am- I am looking for anyone t
model t engine with a rear pully.
Reginald Urness -08/31, 05:09 pm- I bought a model t engine
John Semprez-Templet -08/31, 06:13 pm- You show us yours ... wel
Donnie Brown North C -08/31, 07:14 pm- need a photo......
Willie K Cordes -08/31, 10:51 pm- I have seen several with
Wayne Murray - Anaco -09/01, 12:29 am- Reg,try this link... htt
OT mobile app
Dennis Plank -08/31, 09:59 pm- Do any of you use the mob
Thomas Mullin -09/01, 12:02 am- Are you using iCabMobile
Looking to connect with owner of this car
David Mazza -08/30, 11:28 pm- I am looking to make cont
Burger in Spokane -08/30, 11:40 pm- Excuse the minor detour,
Danial - Veneta OR U -08/30, 11:46 pm- That yellow speedster has
Dan Woolf -08/30, 11:53 pm- The blue car is a 1913 Do
David Mazza -08/31, 04:49 pm- The blue car is a dorris,
Justin Heim -08/31, 05:01 pm- Maybe owned by Pete Beckl
David Mazza -08/31, 11:13 pm- Yup, I think you are corr
Rear end support rod and brackets
Colin Mavins -08/30, 10:48 am- I seem to have read somet
Anthonie Boer -08/30, 12:06 pm- Colin : here are some pic
Colin Mavins -08/30, 12:20 pm- That look great. That wil
Jay - In Northern Ca -08/30, 12:45 pm- Heres one on our 15 roads
Larry Smith -08/30, 03:06 pm- I recently pulled out the
Colin Mavins -08/31, 05:38 pm- Well Larry thats the Ques
Keith Townsend ; ^ ) -08/31, 11:12 pm- I think period accessorie
1921 Interior upholstery questions
John Sundstrom -08/26, 09:58 pm- [1920 T 28.jpg] [IMG_1313
John Sundstrom -08/26, 10:02 pm- [IMG_1174.jpg] Forgot t
Mike Walker, NW AR -08/26, 10:08 pm- John -- It appears that t
Mike Walker, NW AR -08/26, 10:13 pm- It also appears to me tha
John Sundstrom -08/26, 10:16 pm- [IMG_0700.jpg] Ah one m
John Sundstrom -08/26, 10:33 pm- Mike, The seat pleats va
Mike Walker, NW AR -08/28, 10:31 am- Steve B. -- Would you min
Steve Boothroyd, Vic -08/29, 12:11 am- No problem Mike;I will tr
Larry Smith -08/29, 10:16 am- Steve: Thankyou for posti
Mike Walker, NW AR -08/29, 10:37 am- Yes Steve, thanks for pos
Steve Boothroyd, Vic -08/29, 03:08 pm- Thanks , glad I could hel
Steve Boothroyd, Vic -08/30, 08:00 pm- I took these pics this af
Mike Walker, NW AR -08/31, 11:59 am- Steve -- Thanks for the p
Keith Townsend ; ^ ) -08/31, 06:02 pm- Steve- I did not realize
Mike Walker, NW AR -08/31, 07:30 pm- That line of stitching wa
Steve Boothroyd, Vic -08/31, 07:36 pm- Ill have a quick look lat
Steve Boothroyd, Vic -08/31, 10:53 pm- Keith, I measured 15 inch
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -08/31, 05:16 pm- [IMG_3923 copy.JPG] Ive
Ron Patterson-Nichol -08/31, 05:32 pm- Steve Ford had a unique n
Dan Treace, North FL -08/31, 10:46 pm- And this is from earlier
Looking for a 26 frame how do i tell the differance
mike mclean -08/30, 06:24 pm- Going to look at a frame
Clayton Swanson -08/30, 06:52 pm- rear cross member is wide
George Clipner-Los A -08/30, 06:56 pm- Check for serial number o
Stephen D Heatherly -08/30, 06:59 pm- Mike, the rear cross memb
Donnie Brown North C -08/30, 08:38 pm- Mike, There are 2 differe
Donnie Brown North C -08/30, 09:31 pm- I meant to say there are
Jim Thode Chehalis W -08/30, 11:01 pm- Sometimes a photo helps.
Donnie Brown North C -08/30, 11:23 pm- Jim, a very good descript
mike mclean -08/31, 08:18 am- thank you all so much now
keith g barrier -08/31, 03:44 pm- Ill throw something else
Donnie Brown North C -08/31, 04:10 pm- Keith, The commercial cha
keith g barrier -08/31, 07:32 pm- The way I understand it t
Mike Walker, NW AR -08/31, 07:47 pm- Donnie -- I believe the C
Donnie Brown North C -08/31, 07:51 pm- Keith, Thanks for explain
keith g barrier -08/31, 09:00 pm- Yes Mike, I am sure you k
Mike Walker, NW AR -08/31, 10:46 pm- Keith -- OK, now Im makin
Old Photo - Loading Up The Kids
Jay - In Northern Ca -08/31, 10:14 am- [A08824.jpg]
Dennis Seth - Ohio -08/31, 10:19 am- Nice photo. Not sure if t
Steven Thum -08/31, 06:21 pm- My daughter has three lit
Dennis Seth - Ohio -08/31, 08:05 pm- I like the little sailor
Tim Wrenn -08/31, 08:47 pm- Looks like a first day to
Car #134 still in use 1926.
David Chantrell - Ad -08/31, 06:46 pm- Just found this small art
Rob Heyen -08/31, 07:17 pm- David, Its good to see c
Dave Wells -08/31, 07:23 pm- That is a really neat sto
Ruckstell Assembly Instructions
Larry Smith -08/28, 11:34 am- This is a paragraph from
Mark Gregush Portlan -08/28, 11:53 am- Are you still running cas
Glen Chaffin -08/28, 12:49 pm- As I said before, no one
Fred Miller, Sequim  -08/28, 04:56 pm- If your talking about the
Glen Chaffin -08/28, 09:36 pm- Fred, Larry is talking ab
Mark Chaffin -08/29, 02:07 am- When rebuilding a rear ax
Dave Huson, Berthoud -08/29, 06:37 am- No one knows as much abou
Richard Gould -08/29, 09:25 am- I too have wondered about
Larry Smith -08/29, 10:05 am- All I can say is Ruckstel
Norman T. Kling -08/29, 10:55 am- I dont know why, but I wo
Glen Chaffin -08/29, 08:24 pm- There are a lot of questi
David Stroud -08/30, 02:24 am- Glenn, I have absolutley
Royce in Georgetown  -08/30, 09:11 am- I always use a brass wash
Glen Chaffin -08/30, 02:00 pm- David, A bronze washer wo
Larry Smith -08/30, 03:00 pm- And just think, if you do
Glen Chaffin -08/31, 01:54 pm- Larry. We do make a fibre
Tim Morsher -08/31, 02:02 pm- I am just starting to ass
Royce in Georgetown  -08/31, 02:07 pm- Use a brass washer. I thi
Steve Tomaso - Milto -08/31, 02:18 pm- I believe this discussion
Tim Morsher -08/31, 05:18 pm- That is correct Steve and
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -08/31, 05:40 pm- Lets see. Lets just say 5
Richard Gould -08/31, 07:01 pm- My take is that fibre was
Rear wheel drive
Bill Hickey -08/31, 02:57 pm- My 1912/13 tourings drive
Steve Tomaso - Milto -08/31, 03:39 pm- No - limited slip.
John Semprez-Templet -08/31, 03:50 pm- Clue, Differential.
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -08/31, 04:14 pm- Stopping either rear whee
Will Rice -08/31, 04:49 pm- Differential allows back
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -08/31, 04:52 pm- You are obviously not try
Scott Owens -08/31, 02:24 pm- Hi, So does anybody know
And what have you done recently?
George_Cherry Hill N -08/29, 06:11 pm- I missed posting the last
Tyrone Thomas - Tope -08/29, 06:23 pm- I had my second knee repl
Bob McDonald-Federal -08/29, 07:37 pm- Reading two Ts for transp
Bob McDonald-Federal -08/29, 07:42 pm- Readying fat fingers - sm
Larry Smith -08/30, 10:29 am- I just poured a cup of co
Michael R Beary -08/30, 02:08 pm- I dont know how to post p
Erik Barrett -08/30, 03:51 pm- Sitting at the bar on a b
Mark Chaffin -08/30, 03:54 pm- Sitting at home viewing t
Erik Barrett -08/30, 04:27 pm- Thats funny Mark. I would
Gary H. White - Sher -08/30, 04:52 pm- Just back from town where
Steve Tomaso - Milto -08/30, 06:28 pm- One down & one to go
brass car guy -08/30, 06:31 pm- Eric, Im betting the wife
Mark Chaffin -08/30, 06:38 pm- Steve, A glutton for pun
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -08/30, 07:42 pm- I still have a couple of
Steve Tomaso - Milto -08/31, 10:19 am- Not really, Mark ! Your s
John Manuel, Lafayet -08/31, 10:56 am- Got caught in a torrentia
Erik Barrett -08/31, 01:58 pm- B.C.G., You nailed it! Ac
Vender high flow intakes
John P Noonan -08/27, 11:39 pm- In the process of buying
John Saylor, Citrus  -08/28, 12:43 am- I have one on my 21 touri
Mike Vaughn -08/28, 12:49 am- I run them on three cars
Bob Coiro -08/28, 02:46 am- Ive got the high-flow man
Justin in South Afri -08/28, 02:47 am- Hi John, I too have that
Royce in Georgetown  -08/28, 07:29 am- I bought one of the high
Glen Chaffin -08/28, 03:29 pm- Royce. If your manifold h
Bob Jablonski -08/28, 03:47 pm- Glenn, I agree . Any star
Royce in Georgetown  -08/28, 05:39 pm- Glen, Having access to a
John P Noonan -08/28, 08:11 pm- Thanks guys for the input
Glen Chaffin -08/28, 09:26 pm- The new manifolds are obv
John P Noonan -08/29, 09:28 pm- Well, like usual you guys
Ricks - Surf City -08/29, 09:52 pm- Now that the problem is s
Frank van Ekeren (A -08/29, 10:04 pm- He didnt, Ford carby conf
Roar Sand -08/29, 10:33 pm- Frank, The flow through a
Frank van Ekeren (A -08/29, 11:04 pm- Roar, that is good to kno
Roar Sand -08/30, 09:35 pm- Frank, I said that is my
Jim Thode Chehalis W -08/30, 11:58 pm- Ricks, The Ford carb had
Larry Smith -08/31, 10:04 am- I tried one of Glens mani
James Chochole -08/31, 11:59 am- Anyone have a high-flow i
Glen Chaffin -08/31, 01:42 pm- Original Smith, Dont you
Bob Jablonski -08/31, 01:51 pm- Glen: Thats the same thi
#4 rod clearance
Bob Gruber- Spanaway -08/29, 01:53 pm- It always seems to me tha
Norman T. Kling -08/29, 02:21 pm- Be sure and check it anyw
Erik Barrett -08/29, 07:06 pm- A lot of guys with three
Les Schubert -08/30, 10:36 am- I hate working under a T
Norman T. Kling -08/30, 11:04 am- Les, You must be a lot yo
Norman T. Kling -08/30, 11:05 am- So seeing my above post,
Les Schubert -08/30, 03:00 pm- Norm Im 65. Ive done it s
Norman T. Kling -08/31, 11:43 am- I might be able to, but w
Dave Huson, Berthoud -08/31, 11:52 am- I think the above posts a
Norman T. Kling -08/30, 10:54 am- Every time I pass through
Danial - Veneta OR U -08/30, 11:07 am- Whether I am in my 77 tra
Mark Gregush Portlan -08/30, 11:14 am- The stations I go to hand
Burger in Spokane -08/30, 01:03 pm- I like to park my old car
Richard Wolf -08/30, 01:14 pm- Why would u want to do th
Burger in Spokane -08/30, 01:56 pm- For the same puzzled resp
Ricks - Surf City -08/30, 03:04 pm- Seeing the obese wasting
brass car guy -08/30, 06:13 pm- Now the unintelegent soci
William L Vanderburg -08/30, 06:39 pm- In NJ, no one is allowed
Ricks - Surf City -08/30, 08:01 pm- Maybe for $15 they can at
Burger in Spokane -08/30, 11:51 pm- Funny how social engineer
Danial - Veneta OR U -08/31, 12:15 am- Its fairly important to y
Ricks - Surf City -08/31, 12:36 am- Thinking gas pumpers wage
Burger in Spokane -08/31, 01:18 am- When it becomes LAW that
Danial - Veneta OR U -08/31, 01:42 am- What the hell does that m
Mark Gregush Portlan -08/31, 11:14 am- I just went on a job inte
Burger in Spokane -08/31, 11:48 am-  What the hell does that
Old Photo - The "Unholy Three"
Jay - In Northern Ca -08/30, 10:03 am- [unholy three a.jpg] [unh
brass car guy -08/30, 10:31 am- The 3 Stooges when they w
Brian Eliason -08/30, 11:47 am- To fit three across in a
Tim Wrenn -08/30, 08:47 pm- Looks like they were havi
John P Noonan -08/30, 09:25 pm- Great cursive handwriting
Tim Wrenn -08/31, 09:20 am- Thank texting for that Jo
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -08/31, 11:45 am- Cursive is not totally lo
Need advice on shipping wheels
Bud Holzschuh - Pana -08/28, 03:47 pm- I have two non demountabl
keith g barrier -08/28, 05:16 pm- Bud, I have had them ship
Jack Daron - Brownsb -08/28, 05:40 pm- I shipped four wheels via
Mark Gregush Portlan -08/30, 12:36 am- Watch it shipping UPS. I
David Dewey, N. Cali -08/30, 12:45 am- O once shipped some 21 wo
Richard Gould -08/30, 08:10 am- I had wheels packaged and
Bud Holzschuh - Pana -08/30, 09:57 am- Wow - some good ideas her
Bill in Adelaida Cal -08/30, 02:04 pm- If the wheels are used yo
Burger in Spokane -08/30, 02:12 pm- Have you considered rolli
Bob Coiro -08/30, 03:23 pm- My experience has been th
Burger in Spokane -08/30, 04:13 pm- What if we are shipping w
Dave Huson, Berthoud -08/30, 07:54 pm- A Radiator shop is a good
Ray Syverson -08/31, 09:16 am- A wheel with a tire mount
charley shaver -08/31, 11:41 am- fasnal!! just band them t
Question about pulling the Model T engine
William Goodheart -08/28, 02:50 pm- Should I use the spark pl
Philip Berg -08/28, 02:51 pm- I used the spark plug ada
Kenny Edmondson, Ind -08/28, 02:58 pm- Same here. If I remember
Anthonie Boer -08/28, 03:29 pm- I use this one, I dont tr
Steve Tomaso - Milto -08/28, 06:17 pm- Nice Toon ! I have one si
Tim Wrenn -08/28, 07:15 pm- Toon, are you sure that b
William Goodheart -08/28, 08:13 pm- Toon, I like that one, ma
Bud Holzschuh - Pana -08/28, 08:57 pm- Just curious - because I
Erik Barrett -08/28, 10:05 pm- The number three plug hol
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -08/28, 11:50 pm- Bill, I dont know about y
Tom Lovejoy, So Cal -08/29, 12:56 am- Steve, another good idea
Roger Karlsson, sout -08/29, 06:59 am- I lifted my engine with a
Dave Wells -08/29, 09:40 am- I ran a chain between the
William Goodheart -08/29, 04:27 pm- Steve, Thanks for your he
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -08/29, 06:44 pm- I see that I am not the o
Tom Lovejoy, So Cal -08/30, 12:28 am- William, I like your KJ -
William Goodheart -08/30, 09:23 am- Tom, I am not sure what y
JohnCodman -08/30, 10:37 am- I dont care how carefully
Ken Todd -08/30, 11:59 am- Steve, ifn you loosen the
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -08/30, 12:54 pm- Ken are you saying to rem
Ken Todd -08/31, 10:44 am- Fred, been a while since
Old Photo - The Gals Testing The New Front Bumper
Jay - In Northern Ca -08/31, 10:13 am- [B08077.jpg]
Side curtain patterns
Colin Mavins -08/31, 09:57 am- The side curtain patterns
I went to look at a friend's 1912 Model T today
Craig Anderson, cent -08/27, 07:59 pm- Bummer........ [:-] .....
Craig Anderson, cent -08/27, 09:35 pm- Off to the races....... h
John P Noonan -08/27, 09:52 pm- Good luck Craig, somebody
William L Vanderburg -08/28, 12:35 am- Im just curious as to why
Craig Anderson, cent -08/28, 02:19 am- He doesnt want to money w
Craig Anderson, cent -08/28, 02:19 am- CRAP.......MONKEY........
William L Vanderburg -08/28, 08:45 am- Its ok lol. No need for
David Coco -08/28, 11:58 am- See it had an offer, wond
Craig Anderson, cent -08/28, 02:04 pm- I wont post this anywhere
Ed in California -08/31, 09:46 am- The auction was ended, so
Petronix ignition happy
Steve Elliott -08/30, 10:10 pm- Finally had some time to
Bob McDonald-Federal -08/30, 10:59 pm- Sounds great, just need t
Steve Elliott -08/31, 12:31 am- I did not know, him,
Jim Eubanks, Powell, -08/31, 09:24 am- The 6v P systems had a lo
Royce in Georgetown  -08/31, 09:31 am- The Pertronix modules are
New babbitt in 20 block
Mark Gregush Portlan -08/30, 12:34 pm- I am putting an engine to
Mike Bender Tulsa Ok -08/30, 02:15 pm- Mark Easy answer. Your
John Semprez-Templet -08/30, 02:36 pm- Mark, Tell him what you f
Kohnke Rebabbitting -08/30, 03:08 pm- The person that poured th
keith g barrier -08/30, 04:03 pm- Herm, what do you use to
Mark Gregush Portlan -08/30, 04:18 pm- This is one way picture m
keith g barrier -08/30, 04:21 pm- Mark, Ive seen those but
brass car guy -08/30, 05:55 pm- When my wife saw my KRW b
Kohnke Rebabbitting -08/30, 07:30 pm- The best is an air gun, a
Mark Gregush Portlan -08/30, 08:12 pm- Well I went out and did s
ken bechtel -08/30, 08:15 pm- Hi Herm ! where on the be
Kohnke Rebabbitting -08/30, 11:32 pm- The caps should be cleane
Dan Hatch -08/31, 08:53 am- Herm: Sent you a Pm. Chec
Lizzie got a new pair of shoes
David Stroud -08/30, 02:04 am- Donnie, I have one 30x3 1
David Stroud -08/31, 04:22 am- Bump. Dave
Bob Jablonski -08/31, 08:32 am- Donnie: Friends TT runs
OT Kinda, Trip to Arkansas DMV for title ..
Donnie Brown North C -08/30, 10:42 pm- Just an update for the Ar
Dick Lodge - St Loui -08/30, 11:03 pm- Since the statute of limi
mahlon hawker -08/30, 11:09 pm- Dont know about other sta
Dick Lodge - St Loui -08/30, 11:24 pm- Quite so, Mahlon... [:-]
Jim Thode Chehalis W -08/30, 11:29 pm- brasscarguy, I bet that t
David Stroud -08/31, 04:14 am- I know a guy that bought
David Coco -08/31, 06:45 am- A friend of mine bought a
What kept you...
Dan Killecut -08/29, 08:27 pm- Spoiled the boy today. Le
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -08/29, 08:44 pm- I did a bit of work on th
Bill in Adelaida Cal -08/29, 10:07 pm- A well-placed piece of ta
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -08/29, 10:22 pm- Well placing a piece of t
Dave Dufault -08/30, 07:38 am- Fred, ...a shake that st
Pat Kelly -08/30, 11:23 am- Got in the way all week.
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -08/30, 11:33 am- Thats somewhat different
Greg Whaley, Georget -08/30, 11:59 am- I havent got to play with
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -08/30, 12:28 pm- Dave -I drive down 495 in
Charlie B actually i -08/30, 12:40 pm- [SANY0560 (Small).JPG] [S
John Semprez-Templet -08/30, 02:43 pm- Bill, At least one vendor
Larry Smith -08/30, 02:54 pm- So Dan, what car did your
Dan Killecut -08/30, 08:21 pm- Larry, What you see is wh
Dan Killecut -08/30, 08:25 pm- Larry, Most 3 year old ki
Tom Lovejoy, So Cal -08/30, 08:50 pm- I have been busy trying t
Greg Whaley, Georget -08/30, 09:28 pm- Great artwork Tom!
Dan B -08/30, 09:40 pm- This old johnson was a ba
Richard Wolf -08/30, 09:54 pm- Pat; That Peterbult is an
Pat Kelly -08/30, 11:53 pm- Richard, its a 73 Pete. G
David Stroud -08/31, 03:57 am- Pat, the trucker guys aro
Diode cutout
Cecil Paoletti -- Rr -08/30, 07:19 pm- I have a diode cutout for
James A. Mahaffey -08/30, 07:53 pm- Cecil, The purpose of th
John F. Regan -08/31, 01:27 am- I have to point out that
Kids of all ages get to sit in a Model T at Richmond Coun...
Mike Conte -08/31, 12:57 am- Richmond County Fair in H
Some Speedster Questions Concerning Rajo Kit
Jon Allen -08/26, 04:40 pm- Well, sorting through wha
David Walker -08/26, 04:49 pm- Id be tempted to configur
Terry Woods, Richmon -08/26, 04:52 pm- Jon, I dont know anything
Tom Magee -08/26, 05:00 pm- Jon, The manifold is a c
Jon Allen -08/26, 07:12 pm- Terry, I have talked to S
Ricks - Surf City -08/26, 07:26 pm- If you run out of gas, th
Dave Barker - Dayton -08/26, 08:16 pm- Jon - Agreed. I had an RF
Erik Barrett -08/26, 09:53 pm- If your speedster has a s
Andy Clary -08/27, 12:17 am- Erik beat me to the hood
Jon Allen -08/27, 10:00 am- Erik and Andy, What you a
Ricks - Surf City -08/27, 10:11 am- You dont need much extra
Jon Allen -08/27, 11:34 am- Ricks, Yea, I was thinkin
Steve Tomaso - Milto -08/27, 11:52 am- Jon - Hows about I just s
Seth from NC -08/27, 12:12 pm- Man Steve! Thats mighty g
Mark Wetherbee -08/27, 12:36 pm- Nice steering column - NR
Jon Allen -08/27, 12:37 pm- Steve and Seth, I guess i
Steve Tomaso - Milto -08/27, 02:53 pm- That was an attempt at hu
Seth from NC -08/27, 03:00 pm- Yeah, I was just sarcasti
Erik Barrett -08/27, 03:20 pm- Jon, Looks from the pics
Steve Tomaso - Milto -08/27, 03:38 pm- I hear ya, Seth - sometim
Jon Allen -08/27, 06:36 pm- That bit of philosophical
Erik Barrett -08/27, 09:11 pm- Jon, The cool thing abo
Ricks - Surf City -08/28, 01:20 am- I might have enough cherr
Frank Harris from Lo -08/28, 02:00 am- Tom is correct. Do not c
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -08/28, 08:07 am- If you live near a Rockle
Ed in California -08/28, 08:20 am- If I was building that se
Ed in California -08/28, 08:22 am- Maybe someone could photo
Jon Allen -08/28, 11:31 am- Frank, Tell me a little b
Steven Meixner -08/28, 01:49 pm- I also have one of Marks
Mark Strange -08/28, 02:19 pm- Some ram induction theory
Seth from NC -08/28, 02:30 pm- Mmm. Personally, Id have
Ed in California -08/28, 08:06 pm- John, the hood can be cut
John P. Steele, Mont -08/28, 10:26 pm- Jim Cullinane and Humble
Mark Chaffin -08/28, 10:55 pm- Yes, the manifold was des
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -08/30, 04:29 pm- Ed did a good drawing, bu
Chris Bamford, Edmon -08/31, 12:49 am- Aaron, if thats toast pop
F.A.S.T. "Flat Hillclimb" in Northwood IA - Sept. 13
Derek Kiefer - Manto -08/30, 09:00 pm- http://www.hotforhotfours
Mike Vaughn -08/30, 09:56 pm- Derek, Im planning on go
John P. Steele, Mont -08/30, 11:37 pm- Hi Derek, think Im headed
Mike Bender Contact
Ron Patterson-Nichol -08/30, 08:40 pm- Can anyone please email m
Mike Bender Tulsa Ok -08/30, 08:53 pm- Ce
1926-27 Improved models A study of ... rear radius rods
Donnie Brown North C -08/29, 09:36 pm- These are the two rear ra
Donnie Brown North C -08/29, 09:45 pm- This is the 3rd thread in
arnie johansen -08/30, 06:55 pm- I believe there was a rig
Donnie Brown North C -08/30, 08:47 pm- Arnie, You are correct ab
Oil leaks? or seeps?
G.R.Cheshire -08/29, 08:56 pm- It came time for an oil c
Mark Gregush Portlan -08/29, 10:42 pm- I put the gasket on with
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -08/29, 11:45 pm- A nice coating of oil kee
Scott Owens -08/29, 11:53 pm- You can buy sealing washe
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -08/30, 12:32 pm- Leaks and seeps? That is
john kuehn -08/30, 07:49 pm- Retighten the crankcase a
Late Kingston L4 Carburetor
Rich Chillingworth -08/30, 07:45 pm- I’ve got a late Kingston
Finally! An Easy Way to Clean Up After Messy Stock Timer...
Keith Townsend ; ^ ) -08/30, 03:49 pm- Well, Im not cleaning the
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -08/30, 06:17 pm- Love it.
Rob Heyen -08/30, 07:32 pm- Im still laughing......
Mike Walker, NW AR -08/30, 07:40 pm- That was the best one Ive
Mike Kossor -08/30, 07:44 pm- Great technique Keith, an
Two Cylinder T Tractor
Jim Thode Chehalis W -08/27, 12:17 am- Here is kind of an intere
Andrew Benoit -08/27, 12:25 am- The tractor weights look
Floyd Voie - Chehali -08/27, 12:42 am- Hi Jim, I saw that machin
Jim Thode Chehalis W -08/27, 12:53 am- Floyd, No, didnt take my
Evan Mason -08/27, 09:59 am- The generator is Chevrole
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -08/27, 10:13 am- Lots of fun to see it. Th
Michael Mullis -08/27, 10:53 am- Id love to own it. It wou
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -08/27, 11:12 am- Michael - Go for it! Bui
Ken Todd -08/27, 11:22 am- Quite the wheel weights.
Bob McDonald-Federal -08/27, 11:57 am- Its still for sale, just
Charlie B actually i -08/27, 12:38 pm- They made a movie about t
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -08/27, 02:53 pm- I saw it too. Thought it
Henry Petrino in Mod -08/27, 04:12 pm- Its kinda neat, but I don
Floyd Voie - Chehali -08/27, 04:42 pm- Stan, I feel bad about th
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -08/27, 06:44 pm- Its no big deal, Ive been
brass car guy -08/27, 10:32 pm- Stan, I invite you to th
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -08/28, 01:39 am- Thanks. My brother has g
Ron -08/28, 10:58 am- Stan, Happens to me a
Bob Gruber- Spanaway -08/28, 03:21 pm- My wife and I stumbled ac
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -08/28, 03:52 pm- Yeah, thats the kind of s
Bob Gruber- Spanaway -08/28, 09:24 pm- The more I think about th
Roger Byrne - Racine -08/29, 10:07 am- The big Case at the Barns
Dan Treace, North FL -08/29, 04:51 pm- This 1/2 Model T engine w
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -08/29, 07:08 pm- A lot of Holier than thou
Erik Barrett -08/29, 07:17 pm- Chevy generator is there
Jim Thode Chehalis W -08/29, 08:40 pm- Erik, It is clear that th
Erik Barrett -08/30, 03:46 pm- I wondered about that too
Bob McDonald-Federal -08/30, 07:07 pm- The gentleman that owns i
Starter issue
wes heustess -08/30, 03:54 pm- Hey guys. My solenoid see
keith g barrier -08/30, 03:58 pm- wes, you MUST take the st
wes heustess -08/30, 04:13 pm- How do I know if I caused
keith g barrier -08/30, 04:18 pm- Once the starter is of, y
wes heustess -08/30, 04:24 pm- Also the car has been tak
keith g barrier -08/30, 04:25 pm- Possibly. KGB
wes heustess -08/30, 06:21 pm- No mag coil. Whew
Chuck Hoffman - Gold -08/30, 06:35 pm- Since a T doesnt have a s
Holly vaporizer filter
Jimmy Davis, Panama  -08/30, 08:32 am- Does anyone know of a way
Bob Jablonski -08/30, 08:40 am- Sorry, filter would be a
James A. Mahaffey -08/30, 04:20 pm- Jimmy, Its possible to n
Terry Woods, Richmon -08/30, 05:10 pm- See Jim Kelseys post titl
How to tell if you damaged the coil while improperly tryi...
wes heustess -08/30, 04:16 pm- Ahh yes. True to form I d
Andy Loso St Joseph, -08/30, 04:48 pm- With the bendix and start
Stephen D Heatherly -08/30, 04:50 pm- Wes, is the starter out n
Frontenac Speedster Images
Billy Evans -08/29, 03:12 pm- Hey all, new to the forum
Warwick Landy -08/29, 06:09 pm- Thanks for sharing Billy.
Ed in California -08/29, 07:12 pm- That came out real nice.
Billy Evans -08/29, 11:19 pm- Mr. Landy, thank you for
Royce in Georgetown  -08/29, 11:25 pm- Awesome picture, and a fa
mark herdman -08/30, 12:43 am- Great car Billy. Well don
Dana A. Crosby in Gl -08/30, 10:34 am- My My My....that is Beu-T
Burger in Spokane -08/30, 12:57 pm- I have been wondering, ..
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -08/30, 04:35 pm- Billy - Great Speedster,
1926-27 Improved models, a study of Torque or Driveshaft ...
Donnie Brown North C -08/28, 09:58 pm- This is the second in a p
Dan Treace, North FL -08/29, 05:07 pm- Donnie Unfortunately, th
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -08/29, 07:28 pm- I know nothing, except fo
jeff cordes -08/29, 08:39 pm- My dad has a 26 tudor wit
Jack Daron - Brownsb -08/29, 08:45 pm- I asked Bruce one time if
Donnie Brown North C -08/29, 09:11 pm- The fossil evidence of ex
David Stroud -08/30, 02:56 am- I have seen this posted o
Donnie Brown North C -08/30, 09:50 am- One other problem with th
Donnie Brown North C -08/30, 10:06 am- I do not want to miss the
Burger in Spokane -08/30, 02:09 pm- Donnie, I am a neophyt
Donnie Brown North C -08/30, 02:58 pm- Burger, the focus of this
A Neat Model TT Ford Product Mobile Photo
David Greenlees -08/30, 06:36 am- [s3.jpg] The Royal Edis
Henry Petrino in Mod -08/30, 02:53 pm- The roots of the Ford has
Very Off Topic - Chrysler Woes
Mike Perigo - Linton -08/28, 05:38 pm- Let me say first that my
Charlie B actually i -08/28, 05:54 pm- The first thing to find o
Jon Crane -08/28, 06:00 pm- Old alloy pistons. Car w
G.R.Cheshire -08/28, 08:25 pm- Mike I put a small electr
Mack Cole ---- Earth -08/28, 08:53 pm- In this hot weather my 66
David Dewey, N. Cali -08/28, 09:05 pm- I had this problem for ye
Ed in California -08/28, 09:21 pm- If it is not an electrica
Mike Perigo - Linton -08/28, 09:24 pm- Thank you all for your co
Norman T. Kling -08/28, 09:37 pm- Many years ago I had a 19
John P. Steele, Mont -08/28, 10:45 pm- There is an excellent art
Charlie B actually i -08/29, 01:24 am- If the choke is closing w
Mark Gregush Portlan -08/29, 01:53 am- I had the same problem ba
Roar Sand -08/29, 02:03 pm- Somebody often parked a 1
David Walker -08/29, 02:13 pm- How old is the ignition c
Ricks - Surf City -08/29, 02:43 pm- I changed an engine once
Mike Perigo - Linton -08/29, 03:09 pm- Well.....Ive tested the i
Zachary Dillinger -08/29, 03:41 pm- One way to test electrica
JohnCodman -08/29, 03:54 pm- I believe that the Mopars
Mike Perigo - Linton -08/30, 11:27 am- Interesting! My grandfa
Bob Jablonski -08/30, 12:25 pm- Theres a pesky ground wir
Ricks - Surf City -08/30, 12:50 pm- Bob, my first useful car
Bob Jablonski -08/30, 01:21 pm- RD: Dad had the 4 dr sed
Dealers: Are you driving away customers?
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -08/27, 09:42 am- I just ordered some parts
Bill in Adelaida Cal -08/27, 10:00 am- My pet peeve is Hello and
Ricks - Surf City -08/27, 10:02 am- I was just about to order
George John Drobnock -08/27, 10:23 am- Worried about the fedex c
Henry Petrino in Mod -08/27, 10:30 am- George, The sad part of
ROBERT BERGSTADT -08/27, 10:35 am- We are using usps more th
Dick Lodge - St Loui -08/27, 10:57 am- George, you missed a key
Henry Petrino in Mod -08/27, 11:00 am- I dont really know much a
Mark Strange -08/27, 11:07 am- USPS still offers Priorit
Chris Olsen -08/27, 11:07 am- I am not bugged by a mach
Norman T. Kling -08/27, 11:12 am- Do any of you realize wha
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -08/27, 11:17 am- Henry, seeing your questi
A. Gustaf Bryngelson -08/27, 11:32 am- USPS flat rate boxes are
Ricks - Surf City -08/27, 11:50 am- I shipped about 5 pounds
George John Drobnock -08/27, 12:03 pm- I like USPS mail delivery
Jay - In Northern Ca -08/27, 12:14 pm- If I ship something reall
Anthonie Boer -08/27, 12:30 pm- My last order from the US
Charlie B actually i -08/27, 12:45 pm- Shippings up there. Espec
A. Gustaf Bryngelson -08/27, 12:49 pm- If anyone needs to send s
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -08/27, 12:50 pm- Pay attention to Ricks wa
John Semprez-Templet -08/27, 12:53 pm- I recently ordered a gask
Bob McDonald-Federal -08/27, 12:59 pm- A couple of years ago I c
Dave Wells -08/27, 01:08 pm- You only have to look at
Craig Anderson, cent -08/27, 01:18 pm- Snyders provides a shippi
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -08/27, 02:38 pm- Most Priority Mail is now
Chuck Hoffman - Gold -08/27, 03:50 pm- I once sent some T coils
Danial - Veneta OR U -08/27, 04:51 pm- Heres a little USPS Flat
Chad Marchees -08/27, 05:19 pm- I have dealt with Langs a
JohnCodman -08/27, 05:30 pm- Langs has been outstandin
Terry Woods, Richmon -08/27, 05:37 pm- When I ship something tha
A. Gustaf Bryngelson -08/27, 06:47 pm- Dave, One reason you ofte
Allan Richard Bennet -08/27, 06:54 pm- I just received a box of
Warren Webb -08/27, 06:56 pm- Well for all you that LOV
Terry Woods, Richmon -08/27, 08:44 pm- Warren, and I can give yo
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -08/27, 09:30 pm- I try to buy all parts ou
Bill in Adelaida Cal -08/27, 09:36 pm- Just as a note: E-bay sin
Mack Cole ---- Earth -08/27, 09:40 pm- Unless Ebay changed somet
Danial - Veneta OR U -08/27, 10:41 pm- At least for me and my st
Ricks - Surf City -08/27, 11:29 pm- Some tbay sellers includi
Erik Johnson -08/27, 11:37 pm- To recoup the commission
Danial - Veneta OR U -08/27, 11:49 pm- Ralph, the tactic you des
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -08/28, 01:24 am- Couple years ago I shippe
JohnCodman -08/28, 08:49 am- To Aaron Griffey, If the
Dick Lodge - St Loui -08/28, 09:12 am- ...and the driver was Win
Roger Karlsson, sout -08/28, 09:50 am- Aaron, there were several
Dave Huson, Berthoud -08/28, 10:54 am- about 25 years ago I got
Ron Patterson-Nichol -08/28, 11:47 am- Shipping complaints occur
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -08/28, 11:59 am- I followed up on all the
Mark Strange -08/28, 12:02 pm- I agree that requiring a
Norman T. Kling -08/28, 02:06 pm- Many years ago I bought a
brass car guy -08/28, 08:29 pm- Heres a interesting thoug
Danial - Veneta OR U -08/28, 11:42 pm- That may be true for the
brass car guy -08/29, 03:59 pm- We get upwards of 20 pack
Danial - Veneta OR U -08/29, 05:21 pm- Yeah we do about the same
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -08/30, 12:51 pm- I sent the left axle hous
Source for bronze bushings?
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -08/29, 12:36 pm- Knowing that some folks a
Andy Loso St Joseph, -08/29, 12:51 pm- Steve, Just buy some bea
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -08/29, 01:00 pm- Nope, no lathe yet. For n
Kevin R Bligh Carson -08/29, 01:13 pm- Steve mcmaster carr have
Tim Eyssen - Abilene -08/29, 01:32 pm- Steve: I have had luck at
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -08/29, 02:43 pm- No, Tim, not out here in
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -08/29, 02:50 pm- Zip. [:-]
Verne Shirk -08/29, 03:02 pm- BRC Bearing in Wichita is
Allen Godard -08/29, 03:04 pm- Have you tried calling th
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -08/29, 04:40 pm- So heres how it turned ou
Chad Marchees -08/29, 06:54 pm- Steve, Steve at Langs g
Glen Chaffin -08/29, 08:02 pm- Steve, we have most Model
Craig Anderson, cent -08/29, 11:08 pm-
Craig Anderson, cent -08/29, 11:09 pm- By the way......McMaster
David Stroud -08/30, 01:07 am- Glenn, brass or bronze? B
Danial - Veneta OR U -08/30, 08:18 am- Randall Bronze http://
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -08/30, 11:24 am- Ive sent quote requests t
Peter C. Strebeck -08/30, 11:52 am- I am fortunate enough to
Kohnke Rebabbitting -08/30, 11:55 am- We use only Brass for tha
Visit to national Model A Museum at The Gilmore in MI
Dan Treace, North FL -08/29, 06:41 pm- Gilmore Auto grounds has
Tyrone Thomas - Tope -08/29, 08:03 pm- Not a ford but my friend
David Stroud -08/30, 02:17 am- Dan, thanks for those pic
Fred Wicker -08/30, 05:58 am- I was there in July, stay
Gary H. White - Sher -08/30, 11:07 am-
Gary H. White - Sher -08/30, 11:14 am- Check out the Events Mode
ID required for cam gear cover
Andrew Heffey NZ -08/30, 07:23 am- I have a friend that has
Les Schubert -08/30, 10:29 am- Andrew I have one of thos
Welding a gas tank!!??... how long to wait after draining?
David Stroud -08/30, 01:55 am- Donnie Brown has some VER
Bud Holzschuh - Pana -08/30, 09:55 am- I used to work for a fork
Willie K Cordes -08/30, 10:23 am- There was a story about a
Wire wheels paint
dennis delano -08/28, 02:43 pm- Hi everyone, is there any
Michael R Beary -08/28, 05:09 pm- Touch up with a brush. Th
dennis delano -08/28, 11:16 pm- Thanks michael, It is als
George Clipner-Los A -08/29, 02:22 am- Best wayis to remove whee
Steve McClelland -08/30, 01:27 am- Dennis You can paint them
Danial - Veneta OR U -08/30, 08:10 am- Get ambitious and take th
Ed in California -08/30, 09:55 am- The right way would be to
Heading to the Rodeo Parade
Robert Kelly -08/30, 07:15 am- Just minding my own busin
Old Photo - Model T Taxi
Jay - In Northern Ca -08/29, 09:10 pm- [hgfd444356.JPG]
Don Watson -Florence -08/30, 02:48 am- Note the Unusual Horn,Lug
Chris Barker, Somers -08/30, 04:20 am- This garage was in Bovey
Master coil questions
Andre Valkenaers -08/28, 03:03 pm- Hello All, As the weathe
Willard Revaz -08/28, 03:49 pm- Andre, the Master Vibrato
Ron Patterson-Nichol -08/28, 05:14 pm- Andre The purpose of the
Andre Valkenaers -08/28, 05:32 pm- Thanks Ron, I will try t
Andre Valkenaers -08/29, 06:30 am- I couldnt wait till the w
Willie K Cordes -08/29, 09:53 am- Andre, A few years ago I
Andre Valkenaers -08/30, 03:12 am- In my willing to understa
1926 -27 Improved models, a study of .... Rear Axle Housings
Donnie Brown North C -08/27, 05:39 pm- This is the first in I ho
Donnie Brown North C -08/27, 07:13 pm- I chose the axle housing
arnie johansen -08/27, 07:59 pm- Donnie: By small rivets
David Menzies -08/27, 08:19 pm- You may have to consider
Donnie Brown North C -08/27, 08:22 pm- Arnie, Yes it is the four
Donnie Brown North C -08/27, 08:25 pm- David, you are correct, t
Norman T. Kling -08/27, 08:39 pm- You have taken on a very
Donnie Brown North C -08/27, 09:01 pm- Norman I do not think we
Donnie Brown North C -08/28, 08:50 pm- If there is no disagreeme
Donnie Brown North C -08/28, 09:58 pm- btt
Tom Carnegie -08/29, 02:48 pm- Here are three different
Dan Treace, North FL -08/29, 03:27 pm- Tom Nice photos. Accord
Tom Carnegie -08/29, 04:04 pm- Yes Dan, that appears to
Donnie Brown North C -08/29, 04:32 pm- Tom and Dan, Thanks for t
Tom Carnegie -08/29, 07:25 pm- By the way. The style 1.
arnie johansen -08/29, 07:54 pm- Tom & Dan: Thanks fo
David Stroud -08/30, 02:09 am- Arnie, I feel the same wa
Radiator Cooling
william louis rosent -08/28, 02:47 pm- Follow-up report....Got t
john kuehn -08/28, 05:29 pm- I spent the money on my o
Kenneth W DeLong -08/28, 06:21 pm- William,Im glad the new f
Tim Wrenn -08/28, 07:13 pm- can hardly
william louis rosent -08/29, 08:36 am- Hello Bud: Agreed with Ti
Dave Wells -08/29, 09:32 am- The flat tube must be goo
Willie K Cordes -08/29, 10:49 am- Near the top of this tren
John Doolittle -08/29, 11:24 am- [radiator.jpg]
Verne Shirk -08/29, 03:57 pm- I cant help but wonder if
Tim Wrenn -08/29, 09:02 pm- Amen John!! My first rad
Norman T. Kling -08/29, 09:54 pm- Did it overheat before yo
David Stroud -08/30, 01:25 am- Keep an eye out for flat
Smells like fresh paint
Andy Clary -08/27, 11:30 pm- Third look for this car i
Jay - In Northern Ca -08/27, 11:34 pm- Cool Beans! Looks Great,
Tony Barchock -08/28, 07:08 am- WOW what a beaut! I hope
Kevin Pharis -08/28, 11:53 pm- Andy is right, if you cou
Tim Williams -08/29, 08:45 am- is that car 121?
Mike Penserini -08/29, 12:10 pm- Looks GREAT Kevin !!
Kevin Pharis -08/29, 03:55 pm- Sorry for the confusion T
mark herdman -08/30, 01:13 am- Great work Kevin. very ni
mark herdman -08/29, 04:59 am- Richard My original R Fr
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -08/29, 11:19 am- Thanks Mark. Its nice to
mark herdman -08/30, 12:47 am- I,ll keep looking too, Ri
mark herdman -08/30, 01:08 am- Richard Bu-Nite Pistons
Detecting U Joint noise
Arthur Dewey Asher W -08/29, 09:53 am- I recently posted a threa
James Baker -08/29, 09:59 am- Arthur has the rear axel
Steve Tomaso - Milto -08/29, 10:29 am- I would think one could t
Norman T. Kling -08/29, 10:48 am- Pull out the plug for the
Robb Wolff -08/29, 01:59 pm- For what its worth here a
Ted Dumas -08/29, 04:01 pm- Its not likely the u join
keith g barrier -08/29, 08:04 pm- Robb, I use the modern pi
Robb Wolff -08/30, 01:04 am- Keith, it could be that m
Tony Bowker -08/29, 11:34 pm- The T in the SDAM is a 19
Ricks - Surf City -08/30, 12:02 am- They used to have a T pic
How many disks?
Dave Huson, Berthoud -08/28, 01:31 pm- I recently got to the bot
Mark Strange -08/28, 01:38 pm- I count 8 eight in this p
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -08/28, 01:46 pm- Turn on the lights. [:-]
Dave Huson, Berthoud -08/28, 02:09 pm- Mark: thanks for the quic
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -08/28, 02:10 pm- Dave -If you have 8 disks
Dave Huson, Berthoud -08/28, 02:14 pm- Steve: I found a real ni
Dave Huson, Berthoud -08/28, 02:18 pm- When you get to the top o
Dave Huson, Berthoud -08/28, 02:22 pm- The picture above is look
Tony Bowker -08/29, 11:17 pm- I thought you used the wh
Dave Huson, Berthoud -08/29, 11:22 pm- Tony Bowker: I do. [we
Dave Huson, Berthoud -08/29, 11:24 pm- I try again [wedding]
National Automobile Museum - 1909 T
Dan Woolf -08/29, 10:45 pm- We visited the National A
Thrust washer: How old?
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -08/29, 11:41 am- [IMG_3877 copy 2.JPG] Th
Mark Gregush Portlan -08/29, 11:49 am- The new replacements I ha
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -08/29, 11:54 am- Heres a current one, I as
Jack Daron - Brownsb -08/29, 11:55 am- I have found them in 26-2
Dan Treace, North FL -08/29, 02:06 pm- Most are with the two str
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -08/29, 02:31 pm- Yes, heres another origin
Larry Smith -08/29, 03:48 pm- I have found the spiral t
Dan Treace, North FL -08/29, 04:17 pm- The Part # 2528, Fac. #T-
Layden Butler -08/29, 08:49 pm- I remember bronze with sp
Ted Dumas -08/29, 10:15 pm- I believe I used them in
Ted Dumas -08/29, 10:16 pm- That would have been in t
Station hack in museum
Tim Morsher -08/27, 11:22 am- Couple of weeks ago there
Dan Treace, North FL -08/27, 12:09 pm- Tim This is that one.
Tim Morsher -08/27, 01:10 pm- Thats it, Dan. Many,
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -08/27, 06:35 pm- Tim If you are going to
Tim Morsher -08/28, 06:07 pm- Ill keep you posted, Fred
John A Voss -08/28, 08:10 pm- i looked at it -- priva
Dan Killecut -08/29, 09:13 pm- I was at that winery with
Wood salvage
Robbie Price -08/28, 06:03 am- Looking at some small pie
David Coco -08/28, 06:13 am- Sounds like you need Quik
Don Booth@ Bay City, -08/28, 06:57 am- If you want high saturati
Brendan Doughty -08/28, 07:23 am- I have repaired body wood
Dan Killecut -08/28, 07:55 am- I have used QuickPoly for
Donnie Brown North C -08/28, 10:12 am- I have used quick poly fo
John McGinnis in San -08/29, 08:35 am- Robbie, Following is some
Jeff V -08/29, 10:48 am- I used a products called
Robbie Price -08/29, 04:14 pm- John, Interesting. I hav
John McGinnis in San -08/29, 08:45 pm- Robbie, Yes, let it remai
Pint size lookalike T's
Dan Treace, North FL -08/29, 06:27 pm- These little runners were
Mack Cole ---- Earth -08/29, 08:43 pm- The top of those engines
Verne Shirk -08/29, 08:45 pm- My son & his Model T
Old Photo - Suite Of Photos Of A Young Lady Posing With ...
Jay - In Northern Ca -08/28, 11:04 am- [C03004a.jpg] [
Gary H. White - Sher -08/28, 11:55 am- Must be a cold day. Looks
Dan Killecut -08/29, 08:33 pm- It looks to be a winter f
Road Trip
Tony Bowker -08/29, 06:06 pm- We saw an advert in the C
Mike Vaughn -08/29, 08:26 pm- Tony - If you come back f
This will get some of you going
Herb Iffrig -08/26, 09:39 pm- I received this in an ema
John McGinnis in San -08/26, 09:52 pm- Im afraid to take my 57 C
Alan George Long -08/26, 10:00 pm- When my Daughter got her
Ken Todd -08/26, 10:32 pm- Its been a few years alre
Dick Lodge - St Loui -08/26, 10:34 pm- When my daughter turned 1
Clayton Swanson -08/26, 10:51 pm- driving down any freeway
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -08/26, 11:39 pm- When my 21 year old daugh
A. Gustaf Bryngelson -08/26, 11:47 pm- You do not need to change
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -08/26, 11:48 pm- Last summer I worked two
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -08/27, 02:13 am- Ignorance of old technolo
kep -08/27, 04:35 am- i shut off lamps by turni
A. Gustaf Bryngelson -08/27, 04:55 am- I do too, you get less sm
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -08/27, 07:41 am- My wife had to special or
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -08/27, 07:47 am- If you shut off a kerosen
G.R.Cheshire -08/27, 08:00 am- I beg to differ with the
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -08/27, 08:27 am- Aaron said I had enough t
Richard Wolf -08/27, 08:31 am- My lady friend bought a n
michael grady -08/27, 08:52 am- Times change. Younger pe
Ricks - Surf City -08/27, 08:56 am- Speaking of aiming a miss
James Baker -08/27, 09:08 am- Tire changing story to sh
JohnCodman -08/27, 09:23 am- The current Queen Elizabe
Mack Cole ---- Earth -08/27, 09:36 am- Changing a tire or drivin
Ricks - Surf City -08/27, 09:38 am- John, thats worth sending
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -08/27, 09:48 am- [article-2149307-134390F5
Larry Smith -08/27, 10:27 am- Changing a tire, and chan
Mark Strange -08/27, 10:43 am- But Royce and his Steve G
Norman T. Kling -08/27, 10:59 am- Some people dont even kno
Richard Wolf -08/27, 10:59 am- Mack; That is one of the
JohnCodman -08/27, 11:16 am- Norman, My late mother wa
A. Gustaf Bryngelson -08/27, 11:30 am- What is really sad is tha
Mack Cole ---- Earth -08/27, 12:54 pm- What is really sad is so
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -08/27, 01:50 pm- Quote -- they are brain
Gene Carrothers Hunt -08/27, 02:09 pm- Were doing good these day
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -08/27, 02:27 pm- Gene -- My wife had a fla
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -08/27, 08:28 pm- I have ridden in a stagec
James Chochole -08/27, 09:15 pm- Cmon guys...jack, spare?
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -08/27, 09:42 pm- A few years back I came u
Bud Holzschuh - Pana -08/27, 10:40 pm- I insisted that both of m
Danial - Veneta OR U -08/27, 10:44 pm- I think the writer of the
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -08/28, 12:49 am- Not all teens and not all
G.R.Cheshire -08/28, 07:27 am- Wayne: I was driving my
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -08/28, 08:22 am- A couple years ago my mot
Mack Cole ---- Earth -08/28, 09:08 am- The world is getting in b
Kenneth W DeLong -08/28, 09:37 am- Our many year old generat
Dick Fischer -08/28, 12:03 pm- Some years ago I was work
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -08/28, 02:29 pm- Dick - I was taught exact
Dick Fischer -08/28, 02:42 pm- Fred, Yes, she put the n
Herb Iffrig -08/29, 07:19 pm- This is something else th
Dick Lodge - St Loui -08/29, 08:18 pm- Dicks post about the flat
A Few More TT's
Dan Killecut -08/27, 08:11 pm- The 25 Cab is in excellen
Henry Petrino in Mod -08/27, 08:36 pm- Hi Dan, Just an observat
Dan Killecut -08/27, 08:43 pm- Henry, Yes, it is a Warfo
Michael R Beary -08/27, 10:06 pm- Very nice!
Jim Eubanks, Powell, -08/28, 07:51 am- Thats a 32 radiator, noti
Dan Killecut -08/28, 10:00 pm- Jim, the radiator is from
Erik Barrett -08/28, 10:15 pm- Warford and a Ruckstell i
John McGinnis in San -08/28, 10:49 pm- Lots of discussion of War
Michael R Beary -08/29, 09:29 am- Dan, will someone be tell
Dan Killecut -08/29, 08:04 pm- Michael, You never can te
Front bearing races - how can this be ?
Bud Holzschuh - Pana -08/26, 05:08 pm- Some time ago I bought a
Stephen D Heatherly -08/26, 05:14 pm- Bud, there are races in y
Mark Strange -08/26, 05:15 pm- Your hub has roller beari
Tim Morsher -08/26, 05:22 pm- Bud, your wheel has rolle
John Semprez-Templet -08/26, 05:23 pm- Bud, you need to knock th
Bud Holzschuh - Pana -08/26, 05:26 pm- Well .......... that expl
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -08/26, 05:41 pm- What I want to know is wh
Steve Tomaso - Milto -08/26, 07:07 pm- Bud - you might want to v
Bud Holzschuh - Pana -08/26, 07:39 pm- Well I got them out. It w
Mark Gregush Portlan -08/26, 07:55 pm- Langs has the outer race
Scott Owens -08/26, 08:06 pm- Bud, The easy way to get
JohnCodman -08/27, 09:02 pm- Ill go along with what Ti
Fred Miller, Sequim  -08/29, 12:12 am- I use the same method as
Bud Holzschuh - Pana -08/29, 09:40 am- Question. Those of you wh
Larry Smith -08/29, 09:59 am- Some of the early hubs do
Erik Barrett -08/29, 06:56 pm- We have used Scotts techn
David Stroud -08/29, 08:03 pm- If you dont have a welder
New Model T Rods
Ron Patterson-Nichol -08/29, 07:09 pm- Anyone know of a source f
Glen Chaffin -08/29, 08:00 pm- Ron, Scat Crank is workin
OT but old car related - Looking for a contact in Geneva
Andrew Brand -08/29, 05:04 am- Hi. Are there any forum m
Dave Dufault -08/29, 09:12 am- Geneva???? Which country
Roger Karlsson, sout -08/29, 09:24 am- Geneva lies in the french
Ricks - Surf City -08/29, 10:15 am- Maybe Geneva, Illinois.
Dave Dufault -08/29, 10:16 am- But there is a Geneva in
Ricks - Surf City -08/29, 10:24 am- I think hes Dunnunda. It
Dick Lodge - St Loui -08/29, 10:33 am- Ralph, years ago I read a
Andrew Brand -08/29, 06:13 pm- Apologies all - I posted
Albert Belling -08/29, 12:23 pm- I cleaned up this old And
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -08/29, 12:40 pm- With all the parts, $68.9
john kuehn -08/29, 05:04 pm- Frank Fenton would rebuil
Dan Treace, North FL -08/29, 05:31 pm- John Hutch will do that
Auburn, Indiana Auction???
David Schwab -08/28, 11:06 pm- I havent been to the auct
Paul Levans - Lafaye -08/29, 08:10 am- My son and I went last ye
Tim Wrenn -08/29, 08:15 am- Paul you can send us in N
Michael Scott -08/29, 04:22 pm- I went yesterday, militar
Is 14 foot flat bed adequate for a touring?
JohnCodman -08/29, 04:09 pm- A model T is not heavy. A
Old Photo - Stan Behind The Wheel In Country Hospital 1932
Jay - In Northern Ca -08/29, 12:06 am- [COUNTY HOSPITAL (1932).j
Paul Mikeska, Denver -08/29, 01:05 am- LOL... That is not the St
Evan Mason -08/29, 09:46 am- It was taken when he was
Michael R Beary -08/29, 10:32 am- If Stan didnt sleep all d
Norman T. Kling -08/29, 10:38 am- I wonder how Stan and Oll
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -08/29, 11:25 am- Theres our boy. Typical T
Darel J. Leipold -08/29, 11:36 am- That is a location shot.
Tom Miller, Mostly i -08/29, 12:10 pm- Norm, Film makers employ
Terry Horlick in Pen -08/29, 03:53 pm- I have a Saks 5th. hard s
Stromberg OF
John Aldrich Orting  -08/27, 09:30 pm- Purchased a Stromberg OF
Jack Daron - Brownsb -08/27, 09:38 pm- Amen.
Michael R Beary -08/27, 10:00 pm- I also purchased a OF fro
Thomas Elliott -08/29, 12:38 pm- Can someone give me Stans
Mark Strange -08/29, 01:03 pm- His contact info is on hi
Axle washer
Bill Thompson -08/29, 09:46 am- How thick is the fiber wa
Larry Smith -08/29, 09:53 am- As I recall, the NOS one
Philip Berg -08/29, 12:13 pm- I machined mine from alum
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -08/29, 12:21 pm- Just measured a new one.
Mark Gregush Portlan -08/29, 12:26 pm- How thick it needs to be
Battery Box
Donald Vagasky,Tucso -08/26, 09:17 pm- I make the bottoms only p
Dan B -08/26, 09:35 pm- Why does it say on the La
Allan Richard Bennet -08/27, 06:47 am- Dan, if you have ever had
Larry Smith -08/27, 11:00 am- Here are some photos show
Dan B -08/27, 01:33 pm- Thats not what Im asking.
Larry Smith -08/29, 10:26 am- The battery box pictured
Ruckstell Serial Number Plates
John Page -08/28, 05:25 am- Here is one from our Cana
Glen Chaffin -08/28, 01:10 pm- I found two Ruckstell pat
Larry Smith -08/29, 10:18 am- Ive seen two examples of
Michigan T's in Ohio
Gary Schreiber- Sant -08/29, 09:28 am- A friend from Ohio just s
Bob Coiro -08/29, 09:34 am- I sure do love how the ol
Trailer for movie about Model T parts found in a cave
Steven Thum -08/28, 01:22 pm- I was approached to ident
John Semprez-Templet -08/28, 02:07 pm- Funny thing about this fi
Mark Gregush Portlan -08/29, 12:10 am- Its a money pit, anything
Ed in California -08/29, 08:12 am- I have a similar pile of
Haulin' a T
William L Vanderburg -08/28, 07:48 pm- OK, U-haul has updated th
Gilbert V. I. Fitzhu -08/28, 08:11 pm- I use over-the-tire tiedo
Jerry Davis -08/28, 11:11 pm- I go right perch to left
Mark Chaffin -08/28, 11:17 pm- The economy way to go is
William L Vanderburg -08/28, 11:49 pm- Mark, how is it secured i
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -08/29, 12:04 am- Gils over-the-tire straps
Mark Chaffin -08/29, 01:32 am- The box trailer has large
George Clipner-Los A -08/29, 02:12 am- I used the UHaul and four
Mark Chaffin -08/29, 02:15 am- The over the tire straps
Tom Miller, Mostly i -08/29, 06:11 am- Learn from my mistake!
Doug Partington -08/29, 07:00 am- I do not tie my Model Ts
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -08/29, 07:38 am- I feel it is important to
Reverse Pedal Revamped
Dave Huson, Berthoud -08/29, 05:34 am- Recently while some guys
Model T drag race vs Model A
Joe Van -08/26, 04:25 pm- Seth, Like you say, calc
Ricks - Surf City -08/26, 04:47 pm- At San Diego State, I too
Bob Coiro -08/26, 05:02 pm- Wow, great story, Seth!
James Michael Rogers -08/26, 06:12 pm- Seth, come see me and bri
Rob Heyen -08/26, 06:21 pm- Race, did I hear race? [
Seth from NC -08/26, 06:31 pm- James youre on!! Except y
Kenneth W DeLong -08/26, 07:24 pm- Rob,I think your car is r
Bud Holzschuh - Pana -08/26, 07:49 pm- Seth As the Brits would
Seth from NC -08/26, 08:26 pm- Hey, if anyone wants to s
James Michael Rogers -08/26, 09:21 pm- Better get some bigger gu
James Michael Rogers -08/26, 09:24 pm- Mine is a Mustang killer.
David Walker -08/26, 11:22 pm- Eliza sounds great! Thank
Erik Barrett -08/26, 11:32 pm- Seth, Well done! Splittin
Rob Heyen -08/26, 11:52 pm- Seth, Just watched the vi
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -08/27, 12:30 am- No one answered Robs ques
Roger Karlsson, sout -08/27, 05:42 am- Nice video, Seth J M Rog
Seth from NC -08/27, 06:44 am- LOL Alright James. Mustan
Rob Heyen -08/27, 07:43 am- As Jay Leno says in this
Gene Carrothers Hunt -08/27, 12:35 pm- Seth and Erik, Im trying
Seth from NC -08/27, 01:05 pm- Hey Gene - for 95% of my
Gene Carrothers Hunt -08/27, 01:58 pm- Hmmnn, Ill have to try th
Erik Barrett -08/27, 02:08 pm- Seth, I hope you get a c
Seth from NC -08/27, 02:34 pm- Hey Gene - I have an old
Erik Barrett -08/27, 03:03 pm- Seth, Ditto on the stea
Chris Barker, Somers -08/28, 11:31 am- Seth, I wonder, did you g
James Michael Rogers -08/28, 05:38 pm- Seth, the only thing that
Noel D. Chicoine, MD -08/28, 07:14 pm- That split shift is easy
Seth from NC -08/29, 01:34 am- Hey Chris, I usually get
Exhaust whistle on tailpipe
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -08/28, 07:58 am- How many of you have an e
Dan Treace, North FL -08/28, 11:53 am- Dave Several photos have
Erik Johnson -08/28, 05:39 pm- Minerva Ford Specials, Ju
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -08/28, 08:21 pm- Dan You misunderstood.
Gene Carrothers Hunt -08/28, 08:44 pm- I see that I have mounted
Karl Gilchrist -08/28, 10:41 pm- Dave I Have something clo
Jay - In Northern Ca -08/28, 11:50 pm- Heres the Jericho whistle
Two Piece Crank Club (Autopsy)
Bob Gruber- Spanaway -08/26, 11:02 pm- Got it torn apart and fou
Les VonNordheim -08/26, 11:28 pm- Bob, There is a cast iron
Erik Barrett -08/26, 11:45 pm- Bob, broken cranks rip th
Bob Gruber- Spanaway -08/27, 12:24 am- Erik, Allan Richard Benne
Allan Richard Bennet -08/27, 06:32 am- Hi Bob, thanks for checki
Allan Richard Bennet -08/27, 06:38 am- I forgot to mention one p
Andrew Benoit -08/27, 07:15 am- Bob, Were there any beac
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -08/27, 08:13 am- I see where people want t
Kenneth W DeLong -08/27, 08:21 am- Bob,I have doubts about t
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -08/27, 08:54 am- I wonder if the engine ca
Bob Gruber- Spanaway -08/27, 08:57 am- There are no obvious flaw
Ricks - Surf City -08/27, 08:59 am- I wonder how many broken
Bob Gruber- Spanaway -08/27, 09:11 am- No aux trans.
Erik Barrett -08/27, 02:32 pm- Bob and Allan, Your po
Bob Gruber- Spanaway -08/27, 02:46 pm- Erik, Its hard to argue w
Erik Barrett -08/27, 03:32 pm- Bob, Condolences on your
John Semprez-Templet -08/27, 03:37 pm- It looks like your engine
Bob Gruber- Spanaway -08/27, 04:25 pm- Erik, Ill never forget th
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -08/27, 09:47 pm- John S, What kind of a ha
John Semprez-Templet -08/28, 12:53 pm- Wayne, I used to work for
Norman T. Kling -08/28, 01:54 pm- Dont be afraid to weld th
Ricks - Surf City -08/28, 02:09 pm- John, that reminds me of
John Semprez-Templet -08/28, 09:04 pm- Ralph, Thats an accurate
Andrew Benoit -08/28, 11:34 pm- I vaguely remember readin
Stamped body number - ?
George John Drobnock -08/26, 07:06 pm- Ok Then how would the Bri
Mark Gregush Portlan -08/26, 08:01 pm- Briggs was building bodie
David Sosnoski -08/26, 09:49 pm- Im almost positive this i
David Sosnoski -08/26, 09:52 pm- Sorry - Centerdoors were
George John Drobnock -08/27, 07:58 am- David S. What periodical
David Sosnoski -08/27, 08:41 am- George, Thanks for the i
Mark Gregush Portlan -08/28, 11:43 am- I was very incorrect goin
George John Drobnock -08/28, 05:13 pm- The doors and quarter win
Mark Gregush Portlan -08/28, 10:04 pm- As I said before, Briggs
Becky's New Blue T
Charles Linsenbarth -08/27, 02:45 pm- Just a quick update! Re-
Paul Booth -08/28, 09:56 pm- Wow!
T barely runs...
Jim Hycner -08/28, 08:25 pm- My 26 is a pain to start
G.R.Cheshire -08/28, 08:29 pm- Check the upper contacts
Henry Petrino in Mod -08/28, 08:32 pm- Well, if it purrs like a
Norman T. Kling -08/28, 09:43 pm- It could be the switch, t
Archeologists discover Labrador's 1st snowmobile
Warren Henderson -08/28, 06:44 am- Heres the link, looks lik
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -08/28, 07:27 am- Glad they could retrieve
G.R.Cheshire -08/28, 08:02 am- Someone should send them
G.R.Cheshire -08/28, 08:14 am- P.S. Get them on this for
Gary Schreiber- Sant -08/28, 08:31 am- I think Bob McDonald is a
Danial - Veneta OR U -08/28, 09:39 am- What a great story! I mu
john kuehn -08/28, 02:44 pm- Someone from the Vintage
Donnie Brown North C -08/28, 08:41 pm- The thing that gets me ab
Bob McDonald-Federal -08/28, 09:30 pm- I am in contact with them
ken bechtel -08/28, 08:56 pm- Hi All ! I need the phone
ben jermainne -08/28, 09:01 pm- 330-897-1391
Sediment bowl seal
harvey cash -08/28, 10:46 am- can anyone fill me in on
Dan Treace, North FL -08/28, 10:59 am- It is a pipe thread. For
Seth from NC -08/28, 11:04 am- Harvey theres a yellow te
Larry Smith -08/28, 11:24 am- I used the yellow on my 1
harvey cash -08/28, 07:10 pm- Thanks for the info. Har
Transporting Car To Calgary?
Craig French -08/28, 02:45 pm- Is there any interest in
Gene Carrothers Hunt -08/28, 04:21 pm- Good idea, Maybe someone
Nickel Plating of small model parts
Mark Strange -08/28, 02:46 pm- A follow-up on my experie
O'leary's Auto Fender Ad
Jay - In Northern Ca -08/27, 11:12 pm- [$(KGrHqJ,!ooFHjvkcRoWBR8
Dennis Seth - Ohio -08/28, 07:18 am- Thanks for posting this i
keith g barrier -08/28, 07:40 am- Good thing something like
Roger Karlsson, sout -08/28, 07:45 am- Well, people had a differ
Thomas Mullin -08/28, 12:59 pm- They still wander out in
Willie K Cordes -08/28, 01:56 pm- I have heard some similar
Model T Auburn Auction result
David Kriegel Mishaw -08/28, 01:52 pm- A rather plain 1925 Model
Champion x plugs unique configuration
dennis delano -08/27, 02:52 pm- Hi all, just thought I wo
Larry Bohlen, Severn -08/27, 03:35 pm- Den, We have all done so
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -08/27, 04:27 pm- [IMG_5816 copy.JPG] Here
dennis delano -08/27, 05:56 pm- I cant see the electrodes
dennis delano -08/27, 05:58 pm- Oops, once again spoke to
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -08/27, 06:10 pm- Dennis, look at the long
Warren W. Mortensen -08/27, 06:14 pm- Actually these are normal
Royce in Georgetown  -08/27, 07:32 pm- Champion and many other c
Tim Wrenn -08/27, 08:21 pm- Dennis I just got a set o
Donnie Brown North C -08/27, 08:43 pm- If you look at Royces ad
dennis delano -08/28, 01:44 am- Unbelievable amount of in
kep -08/28, 04:42 am- i have seen modern plugs
keith g barrier -08/28, 07:45 am- kep, a lot of those moder
Dick Johnson -08/28, 12:15 pm- I bought one plug from OR
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -08/28, 12:47 pm- [IMG_0076 copy.JPG] Whet
Dick Johnson -08/28, 01:05 pm- Steve Jelf: I think you
Warford front u joint
mark aden -08/26, 03:44 pm- just got a tt truck with
Henry Petrino in Mod -08/26, 04:17 pm- Im NOT SURE, but I think
Erik Barrett -08/26, 04:25 pm- Warford uses a stock T u
John McGinnis in San -08/26, 06:40 pm- But you gotta have the ho
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -08/26, 09:25 pm- The iron case Warford nee
Paul Booth -08/26, 09:35 pm- Should look like this.[Wa
Paul Booth -08/26, 09:36 pm- Support. [Bracket.jpg]
Jerry Davis -08/26, 09:48 pm- My cast iron bolted right
mark aden -08/27, 09:33 am- Thanks for the info guys
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -08/27, 07:31 pm- Muncie uses a special sup
Henry Petrino in Mod -08/27, 08:01 pm- My TT has a Muncie. When
Layden Butler -08/27, 09:19 pm- Wayne, The coupling with
Paul Booth -08/27, 09:49 pm- The ujoint housing for th
Layden Butler -08/28, 12:50 pm- Paul, The front Warford u
Old Photo - Checking The Water
Jay - In Northern Ca -08/28, 11:07 am- [ggthnbki8.JPG]
Mark Strange -08/28, 11:24 am- Neat pic, thanks! I have
Dan Treace, North FL -08/28, 11:36 am- Mark The threads shouldn
Mark Strange -08/28, 11:37 am- Thanks, Dan, Ill try the
Derek Kiefer - Manto -08/28, 11:59 am- I sure wish we could see
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -08/28, 12:25 pm- running without a gasket
Northwest Vintage Speedsters Endurance Run
Scott Elliott, Tigar -08/28, 12:07 pm- I hope all my fellow spee
Old Photo - Loaded Up
Jay - In Northern Ca -08/28, 11:16 am- [ghjkl33z3.JPG]
Henry Petrino in Mod -08/28, 11:36 am- That guy has the same hoo
Any one know how this works
Herb Iffrig -08/28, 09:01 am- This is on the classified
Mark Strange -08/28, 09:25 am- My opinion from looking a
Dale Peterson -08/28, 10:04 am- Could it be a press as Ma
Kevin Fielding -08/28, 10:17 am- Looks to me like it is me
Mark Strange -08/28, 10:39 am- Kevin, I missed the part
Scott Elliott, Tigar -08/28, 11:22 am- Yes. It would mount on th
Bolt on counterweights
Robert Anderson -08/27, 05:40 pm- I recently bought a 14 T
Kenneth W DeLong -08/27, 05:53 pm- If your going to put alot
Jerry Davis -08/27, 06:04 pm- I added a set to my 26 To
Les Schubert -08/27, 06:27 pm- Robert Is there any evide
Royce in Georgetown  -08/27, 07:39 pm- I would leave it alone an
joe bell -08/27, 09:09 pm- I recently fixed two engi
Robert Anderson -08/27, 09:12 pm- I did not see any balanci
Jerry Davis -08/27, 10:04 pm- Robert, I bolted the weig
Les Schubert -08/27, 10:38 pm- The biggest problem that
Robert Anderson -08/28, 10:31 am- Thanks, guys. Im taking t
Old Photo - LUMBER
Jay - In Northern Ca -08/27, 11:14 pm- [310258.jpg]
Evan Mason -08/27, 11:38 pm- Very interesting. The tra
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -08/28, 10:14 am- Another nice photo. Great
Justin Heim -08/28, 10:22 am- Those C cabs have a great
Where can I find the OCF status page?
Dave Wells -08/28, 10:04 am- Although the link Thomas
The Internet Remembers
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -08/26, 08:46 pm- Bob C, Cartoons! I even r
Burger in Spokane -08/26, 08:51 pm- You guys are a sick bunch
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -08/26, 09:20 pm- Burger - Please join us -
Bob Coiro -08/26, 11:52 pm- Milton the Monster: https
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -08/27, 12:34 am- Huckleberry Hound, Snagle
Burger in Spokane -08/27, 01:27 am- Trust me, .. I say sick
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -08/27, 02:01 am- ...and it all comes rushi
Eric Sole - Castelld -08/27, 04:02 am- Dad drat the dad dratted
Dave Dufault -08/27, 07:31 am- Remember whenfunnies were
Bob Coiro -08/27, 01:53 pm- [
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -08/27, 02:47 pm- Those who got only the ca
Larry Bohlen, Severn -08/27, 03:47 pm- Yay Steve, What evil lur
Danial - Veneta OR U -08/27, 08:11 pm- Anyone here remember Seym
Tom Miller, Mostly i -08/28, 10:03 am- Speaking of cartoons. Now
Broken Driveshaft Housing
Robert Butler -08/27, 11:44 pm- While out on a drive the
Dave Huson, Berthoud -08/27, 11:50 pm- Robert Butler: Dont try a
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -08/28, 12:38 am- Where are you? There may
Robert Butler -08/28, 09:03 am- Thanks for the offer Dave
'27 Upholstery question
JohnCodman -08/27, 04:11 pm- I thought that I had post
Dan Treace, North FL -08/27, 10:06 pm- John Here is your earlie
JohnCodman -08/28, 08:52 am- Thanks Dan! My car is eve
Park Brake
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -08/26, 08:28 pm- It is my firm belief that
Norman T. Kling -08/26, 09:36 pm- Wayne, How would you do t
Mark Gregush Portlan -08/26, 09:42 pm- I know of a car that has
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -08/27, 04:22 am- One brake handle, one bra
Peter Kable -08/27, 05:14 am- The idea that you can hav
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -08/27, 04:51 pm- Thank you Peter K! I have
Donnie Brown North C -08/27, 09:30 pm- Peter, Can you post a lin
Peter Kable -08/28, 03:55 am- Donnie, The Kamper is RHD
Mark Strange -08/28, 08:47 am- Very clever, Peter, well
Local Newspaper
Mark Williamson -08/27, 07:43 pm- This article was publishe
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -08/28, 12:50 am- Is the green interior fro
Andrew Benoit -08/28, 01:08 am- Thats pretty game, tellin
Mark Williamson -08/28, 01:20 am- Is telling the newspaper
Andrew Benoit -08/28, 01:56 am- Clearly you live on the e
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -08/28, 08:01 am- Why consult with your wif
1911 T on the left of Alhambra shorpy photo
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -08/27, 06:06 pm-
Dan Woolf -08/27, 06:32 pm- Nice picture of what look
Gilbert V. I. Fitzhu -08/27, 07:17 pm- The car in rear view behi
Royce in Georgetown  -08/27, 07:26 pm- The T is a late 11 or ear
Dan Woolf -08/27, 08:05 pm- Royce, I did name 3 of
Dennis Seth - Ohio -08/28, 07:24 am- Ive been down that street
How much is it worth?
JohnCodman -08/27, 05:21 pm- I have probably been star
Seth from NC -08/27, 05:29 pm- Someone else will know be
Ricks - Surf City -08/27, 05:45 pm- I got $50 for a Chevy one
mike peterson -08/27, 05:59 pm- seth is right on, unless
JohnCodman -08/27, 08:55 pm- Thanks, guys. I just need
Old Photo - Posing On A Bridge
Jay - In Northern Ca -08/27, 10:59 am- [C00269.jpg]
Richard Wolf -08/27, 11:08 am- Kind of reminds me of the
Bob McDonald-Federal -08/27, 11:12 am- Can anyone read the licen
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -08/27, 08:03 pm- It looks like a Califunny
Persistent aggravating engine noise
Arthur Dewey Asher W -08/27, 03:47 pm- I have a 1925 model T tou
Larry Bohlen, Severn -08/27, 03:58 pm- Arthur, Have you checked
Norman T. Kling -08/27, 04:04 pm- Does the noise change whe
Warren W. Mortensen -08/27, 06:49 pm- Im with Larry on this one
Chris Dailledouze -08/27, 10:07 am- I have a clients car in t
Larry Smith -08/27, 10:20 am- Elizabeth knows what she
Keith Townsend ; ^ ) -08/27, 03:40 pm- Chris- I believe it kinda
Mike Walker, NW AR -08/27, 06:38 pm- Seems like the change to
Shorpy photo peace and progress, nice lizzy in the crowd
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -08/27, 05:37 pm-
Henry Petrino in Mod -08/27, 05:57 pm- Cool period photo, Erich.
Old Shorpy Photo. Robey Motor Co.
Dane Hawley Near Mel -08/27, 06:59 am-
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -08/27, 04:53 pm- Great photo! Thank you Da
Hap Tucker in Sumter -08/27, 05:53 pm- Thanks for posting the li
Old Photo - Hauling A Pair Of Trailers
Jay - In Northern Ca -08/27, 10:57 am- Accessory brakes would co
A. Gustaf Bryngelson -08/27, 11:37 am- You do not want good brak
Henry Petrino in Mod -08/27, 11:41 am- Brakes would be good. He
Frank M. Brady -08/27, 12:13 pm- The trailer in front appe
Jay - In Northern Ca -08/27, 12:17 pm- Frank, Its a Mobile Mafia
Frank M. Brady -08/27, 03:51 pm- Good one Jay: My father
Warren Henderson -08/27, 05:38 pm- Looks like very flat coun
Shorpy photo laundry trucks
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -08/27, 05:34 pm- Seen this before but its
Drive today
Warren Henderson -08/26, 05:25 pm- Great photo, looks like y
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -08/26, 08:37 pm- It started as fun and the
Tom Lovejoy, So Cal -08/27, 12:46 am- that cracked me up Fred.
Warren Henderson -08/27, 07:57 am- Im with Tom! Sounds like
G.R.Cheshire -08/27, 08:05 am- Fred when you do that hav
JohnCodman -08/27, 11:42 am- I took the new-to-me 27 t
Eric Hylen- Central  -08/27, 12:00 pm- John, welcome to the hobb
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -08/27, 02:00 pm- Eric - Be gentle with Joh
JohnCodman -08/27, 04:03 pm- Eric, I like the Aussie t
Warren Henderson -08/27, 05:31 pm- John, I have been watchin
Ford T january 1909 2 levers (2014)
Brice Chalançon -08/26, 03:29 pm- Hi everyboby, I did not
Brice Chalançon -08/26, 03:41 pm- [IMG_6677.JPG]
Brice Chalançon -08/26, 03:42 pm- [IMG_6676.JPG]
Brice Chalançon -08/26, 03:53 pm- I cant send pictures of m
Brice Chalançon -08/26, 04:00 pm- I put under the links of
Andrew Brand -08/26, 05:27 pm- Hi Brice. Thanks for the
Jerry VanOoteghem -08/26, 09:14 pm- It looks as if someone ha
Brice Chalançon -08/27, 04:08 pm- Hi everybody, I tried to
Brice Chalançon -08/27, 04:12 pm- [IMG_8658.JPG]
Brice Chalançon -08/27, 04:13 pm- [IMG_8654.JPG] [IMG_865
Brice Chalançon -08/27, 04:14 pm- [IMG_8659.JPG]
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -08/27, 04:41 pm- Nice work on the steering
OT - 1936 Chevrolet Radiator Grill Installation Troubles
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -08/26, 08:15 pm- Sorry Jerry VanO! I have
Jerry VanOoteghem -08/27, 04:23 pm- Wayne, Thanks! I did get
1926 27 Improved models, a study of... input wanted
Dennis Henrichs -08/26, 07:01 pm- Donnie, I think that is
Val Soupios -08/26, 07:36 pm- I have a very late 27 tou
Hap Tucker in Sumter -08/26, 07:52 pm- Donnie, I think that is
arnie johansen -08/26, 09:56 pm- Great idea Donnie. Per
Spencer Vibert -08/26, 10:49 pm- I like the idea Donnie, w
Donnie Brown North C -08/27, 10:38 am- Ok, I guess thats enough
Norman T. Kling -08/27, 11:05 am- The seven major changes a
Donnie Brown North C -08/27, 12:35 pm- The purpose of my startin
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -08/27, 01:03 pm- Donnie - I think this is
mike peterson -08/27, 01:36 pm- just wait till u get to t
G.R.Cheshire -08/27, 01:55 pm- Ill help if I can but my
Norman T. Kling -08/27, 04:17 pm- Add two more major change
Suggestions for home-built accelerator pedal?
Ken Todd -08/26, 09:58 pm- Lorenzo, I guess I missed
lorenzo leon -08/27, 03:46 pm- Ken ,I made one ,the hole
H.S. Auto Shop: Where & When
David Walker -08/26, 05:03 pm- My path to VoTech was obs
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -08/27, 07:49 am- David, I wasnt allowed t
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -08/27, 08:45 am- Hal - After years of expe
Mike Kossor -08/27, 12:46 pm- Took auto shop at David B
OT - Another thing to do while at the Old Car Festival
Rob Heyen -08/27, 12:16 pm- Weve had two more people
Old Photo - Changing A Tire On The Way To The Lake
Jay - In Northern Ca -08/27, 10:54 am- [C00275.jpg]
Steve Tomaso - Milto -08/27, 11:57 am- Must be where Royce got t
I927 Touring Upholstery
JohnCodman -08/27, 11:27 am- My new-to-me 27 tourer ap
Dan Treace, North FL -08/27, 11:56 am- March 1927 would have pla
L4 cork plug
Ronnie wehba -08/27, 07:40 am- Was looking in langs for
G.R.Cheshire -08/27, 07:45 am- Ronnie I think that gives
G.R.Cheshire -08/27, 07:53 am- Forgot send a P.M. to thi
Roger Karlsson, sout -08/27, 08:32 am- Martin Vowells drawing of
keith g barrier -08/27, 11:54 am- Ronnie, trim the plug dow
Thrust plate pins: What the heck is this?
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -08/26, 05:57 pm- This afternoon I set abou
Ted Dumas -08/26, 06:11 pm- Why not put the pins in a
Steve Tomaso - Milto -08/26, 07:04 pm- Early housings used a str
Mike Walker, NW AR -08/26, 08:08 pm- I believe Steve T. has th
Dan Treace, North FL -08/26, 08:28 pm- 2531 thrust plate pin is
Peter Kable -08/27, 03:34 am- Im surprised no one has s
Donnie Brown North C -08/27, 10:52 am- Peter, I like the fix....
Out with the old, in with the new
Warren Henderson -08/26, 05:18 pm- Out with the old, in with
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -08/26, 09:09 pm- BE SAFE!!!!!
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -08/26, 09:14 pm- Warren - dont be afraid o
Marty Bufalini -08/26, 09:17 pm- Warren, it totally agree
Thomas Mullin -08/26, 09:23 pm- I used a floor jack under
Bob McDonald-Federal -08/26, 09:36 pm- Warren I made lifting
Ken Todd -08/26, 10:39 pm- Heres a jig for the floor
Steve Tomaso - Milto -08/26, 10:50 pm- Very nice tool, Ken ! Min
Tom Lovejoy, So Cal -08/27, 12:53 am- I did my TTs rear by myse
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -08/27, 01:26 am- [IMG_0474 copy.JPG] Here
Justin in South Afri -08/27, 03:46 am- Have fun Warren, youre go
Warren Henderson -08/27, 07:53 am- Thank you to everyone for
G.R.Cheshire -08/27, 08:12 am- Warren knocking the carri
Larry Bohlen, Severn -08/27, 09:55 am- Warren, You likely know
Justin in South Afri -08/27, 09:58 am- well when the job is done
Larry Smith -08/27, 10:25 am- I removed the rear end fr
Upholstery on a 23 Roadster Pick up
Alan George Long -08/27, 05:18 am- Can anyone please assist
Mark Strange -08/27, 10:00 am- My 1924 is a cut-off tour
How many cracks are too much
Tony Barchock -08/26, 09:36 pm- I have two cracks on the
Jack Putnam -08/26, 09:53 pm- Another block is the best
John McGinnis in San -08/26, 10:18 pm- It all depends on the con
Mike Walker, NW AR -08/26, 10:24 pm- Water jacket cracks on a
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -08/26, 11:18 pm- Like John McG says. Plus,
Tony Barchock -08/27, 06:46 am- I am going to be using he
John McGinnis in San -08/27, 07:34 am- Dont be too sure about re
john kuehn -08/27, 09:29 am- Not all T blocks have to
Tony Barchock -08/27, 09:38 am- Ill give ya 20$ or it ;
J and M Machine Co I -08/27, 09:39 am- Tony: You may find you ha
Michael R Beary -08/26, 09:03 pm- Small pin hole in left re
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -08/26, 09:10 pm- clean the area with solve
Dan Treace, North FL -08/26, 09:13 pm- Should work ok. Have been
Dave Wells -08/26, 09:14 pm- Another vote for black RT
Norman T. Kling -08/26, 09:25 pm- The only problem with you
Michael R Beary -08/26, 10:05 pm- Norm, I have let it drip
Clayton Swanson -08/26, 10:57 pm- cast steel, welds nicely,
john kuehn -08/27, 09:38 am- Black RTV or JB weld is t
OT - Old Photo - Three, Year Specific Wagons
Mike in Gruver TX -08/26, 04:33 pm- [1924.jpg] [1926.jpg] [19
Warren Henderson -08/26, 05:21 pm- Dang I got to get me one
Dennis Seth - Ohio -08/26, 05:57 pm- Photographers would trave
Henry Petrino in Mod -08/26, 07:09 pm- Well Warren, if you get t
Dan Killecut -08/26, 10:24 pm- I have the wagon, but I d
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -08/27, 04:41 am- Studebaker also made such
Roger Karlsson, sout -08/27, 05:25 am- Hey, Wayne, youve got a p
Dan Killecut -08/27, 07:13 am- Wayne, You are correct, S
Warren Henderson -08/27, 07:26 am- Henry, Ill have no proble
Mystery Number
David Sosnoski -08/26, 09:42 pm- The Fordor came out in De
David Stroud -08/26, 11:29 pm- Dave, my 25 coupe has a n
David Sosnoski -08/27, 06:57 am- Dave, That would be what
1914 Brisbane WW1. Accessories ?
Victor Bloxsome -08/27, 04:20 am- From about October 1915 A
Bob Trevan - Austral -08/27, 06:10 am- Thank you Victor--The bad
Dual Exhaust Zoom Zoom!!
Seth from NC -08/26, 08:28 pm- Hey heres a video of my d
Bob McDonald-Federal -08/26, 09:52 pm- Seth You might want to
Craig Anderson, cent -08/26, 11:35 pm- très COOL!.
Tom Lovejoy, So Cal -08/27, 01:04 am- Ha Ha that sounds awesome
What I did today...Ok, Yesterday
David Mazza -08/26, 04:06 pm- scavenged model t parts f
Howard D. Dennis -08/26, 04:30 pm- Richard, that is an incre
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -08/26, 08:21 pm- Howard, fortunately all b
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -08/26, 08:37 pm- Also, Howard, I found the
Tom Lovejoy, So Cal -08/27, 12:40 am- Very impressive Rich! goo
Got a carb problem
Bernard Beary -08/26, 11:48 pm- I am a new owner of a 192
Installing replacement triple gear pins in the flywheel
Dan Treace, North FL -08/26, 08:59 pm- Later Ford print, with EE
Les VonNordheim -08/26, 11:45 pm- Thanks to all who respond
Don't you hate it...
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -08/26, 09:05 pm- Has this turned to a Mom
Craig Anderson, cent -08/26, 11:38 pm- Urine is sterile. I guess
OT Model A Air Conditioner?
Hal Schedler, Sacram -08/26, 04:54 pm- Ill post a few pictures t
ken bechtel -08/26, 08:34 pm- Hope he has some extra ho
Marty Bufalini -08/26, 09:26 pm- That sure is cool!!! sorr
Thomas Mullin -08/26, 09:47 pm- Looks like the same AC un
Hal Schedler, Sacram -08/26, 10:36 pm- Ken...That seems to be wh
JohnCodman -08/26, 10:58 pm- I read somewhere that eve
Charles Linsenbarth -08/26, 11:28 pm- You really need AC, if yo
Ring gear wiring: factory correct?
Dave Barker - Dayton -08/26, 08:04 pm- Steve - My seemingly undi
Dan Treace, North FL -08/26, 08:18 pm- Pair wiring shown in the
Mark Strange -08/26, 08:24 pm- If it comes down to a vot
David Stroud -08/26, 10:47 pm- Is it just me, but arent
Tuning an aermore
Clayton Swanson -08/26, 10:39 pm- i posted on the other thr
Vaporizer carburetor issue
Ken Todd -08/26, 10:05 pm- Ifn you have one bad pin,
Old Photo - Where To Sir ?
Hap Tucker in Sumter -08/26, 08:50 pm- Jay, Thanks for posting
Hap Tucker in Sumter -08/26, 08:53 pm- Oops -- forgot the refere
Ot... smart(?) phone testing
Garnet -08/26, 08:35 pm- Pixel count IS everything
Generator not charging - how do I check it out?
Ron Patterson-Nichol -08/26, 06:24 pm- Gary In taking your gene
Gary Defosse -08/26, 07:43 pm- Thanks to all of you for
Camshaft Question
joe bell -08/26, 04:04 pm- For every ones to know I
Jon Allen -08/26, 04:49 pm- Thank you, Joe, for that
richard e moore -08/28, 08:01 pm- would you sell me one of
Dave Huson, Berthoud -08/29, 01:57 pm- The starters can be bough
Dave Huson, Berthoud -08/29, 02:08 pm- If the remaining two star
Noel D. Chicoine, MD -08/29, 02:24 pm- Dave, I want one. also, o
James Baker -08/29, 02:30 pm- Dave I have just gotten o
Thomas Elliott -08/29, 07:24 pm- Dave: If you still have o
Dave Huson, Berthoud -09/02, 02:19 pm- For those of you requesti
WANTED - 26 / 27 Rear End
Burger in Spokane -08/30, 11:58 pm- WTB a complete, functioni
Steve Elliott -08/31, 12:23 am- Have a few like many , I
Burger in Spokane -08/31, 05:12 pm- Schtevo ~ Ill need an e
Donnie Brown North C -08/31, 09:38 pm- Burger, There are several
Burger in Spokane -09/01, 12:17 am- Donnie, I am angling to
Donnie Brown North C -09/01, 12:21 pm- Burger, No cussing needed
Larry Bohlen, Severn -09/01, 01:29 pm- Youll need to deal with t
Burger in Spokane -09/01, 03:26 pm- Heres my vision: A Mod
Donnie Brown North C -09/01, 09:49 pm- Burger, #7 - dress period
Dan Hatch -09/02, 09:07 am- Saw a TT once that had th
Dave Huson, Berthoud -09/02, 01:58 pm- Donnie Brown: I like that
WTBuy 26-27 roadster top and bot windshield
Michael R Beary -09/02, 01:05 pm- Want to but a 26-27 roads
Dave Huson, Berthoud -09/02, 01:53 pm- Mike: I believe that I h
Dave Huson, Berthoud -09/02, 01:53 pm- Mike: I believe that I h
30x3 1/2 rims
Jerry Banks  -09/02, 01:24 pm- WANTED, please respond if
Mark Chaffin -09/01, 11:13 pm- Great start for a speedst
Mark Chaffin -09/02, 12:39 pm- SOLD! Thank you MTFCA.
Dave Huson, Berthoud -09/01, 10:28 pm- Roller Bearings $10.00 ea
David J. Holland -09/02, 10:21 am- I need your address to se
Mark Strange -09/02, 10:31 am- David, based on his ad, I
Dave Huson, Berthoud -09/02, 11:24 am- Mark: Thanks you are corr
WANTED TO BUY. Engine truss
Tim Morsher -09/02, 11:20 am- I am looking for this typ
Stolen Model T Alert
David Miller -09/01, 05:14 pm- I would like to alert the
Jim -09/01, 08:05 pm- No help now but ... Alwa
Tim Williams -09/01, 11:03 pm- Good tips Jim. Thank-you.
David Miller -09/01, 11:40 pm- Good news the vehicles tr
Michael R Beary -09/01, 11:52 pm- Great outcome!
Hal Schedler, Sacram -09/02, 02:27 am- Who took um and were they
Danny Johnston -09/02, 07:28 am- Excellent David! If you
Mark Strange -09/02, 08:49 am- Glad to hear that everyth
John Aldrich Orting  -09/02, 09:28 am- FINALLY! A happy ending.
G.R.Cheshire -09/02, 10:26 am- Adding to Jims advice I t
Dave Huson, Berthoud -09/02, 10:49 am- I drive one of my Ts ever
Dave Huson, Berthoud -09/02, 10:57 am- I drive one of my Ts ever
Ron -09/02, 11:15 am- I do the same with my mot
WANTED: TT Chassis (in New England Area)
Ron -08/28, 06:42 am- Btt
Ron -09/02, 10:49 am- Btt
Wanted wood pickup box hardware
Neil Haywood -09/01, 08:26 pm- I have the wood and the p
Mark Strange -09/02, 08:57 am- The vendors carry at leas
WTB - Accelerator "Foot Feed"
Brad Van Meter -09/01, 10:03 am- WTB original accelerator
Warren F Rollins -09/01, 05:15 pm- Im not into texting. What
Mark Strange -09/01, 05:30 pm- WTB - Want to Buy
Warren F Rollins -09/01, 06:42 pm- Brad, I will take a look
Brad Van Meter -09/02, 08:15 am- Thanks, Mark
Bosch magneto switch For Sale
Layden Butler -08/31, 02:33 pm- Works great, with key. Gr
Tony Barchock -09/02, 07:32 am- How much you Looking for?
Parts for sale- Stewart Speedometer parts
Chris White -09/01, 08:26 pm- Stewart Speedometer parts
Tony Bowker -09/02, 12:32 am- There was someone looking
Justin Heim -09/02, 06:59 am- Chris, I sent you a PM.
Mark Chaffin -09/01, 11:33 pm- Very nice 28 Whippet hone
1924 Touring For Sale
Mark Chaffin -08/26, 11:40 pm- bump
Mark Chaffin -08/29, 01:56 pm- bump
Hal Schedler, Sacram -08/30, 01:58 am- It looks like a nice car
Mark Chaffin -08/30, 02:25 am- Engine has good compressi
Mark Chaffin -09/01, 11:10 pm- BUMP
1914 Model T Touring For Sale
Albin Werner  -09/01, 09:11 pm- I have had my obsession w
Colin Mavins -09/01, 11:09 pm- In Canada this is the hor
Dave Huson, Berthoud -08/30, 07:18 pm- Running board brackets: $
Dave Huson, Berthoud -09/01, 10:31 pm- I found a fourth TT Runni
Wanted 1914 or earlier Model T touring car
Joe Fedullo -08/31, 01:04 am- Hello, I am in the
Mike Walker, NW AR -08/31, 12:08 pm- Now thats a well-done ad.
Bill Bohlen -09/01, 05:05 pm- Joe, Are you looking for
Joe Fedullo -09/01, 08:53 pm- Bill, Thanks for th
1913 Ohio Licence Plate
Tom Sloma -08/26, 04:49 pm- Looking for 1913 Ohio Lic
Tom Sloma -08/30, 07:37 am- Bmp email
Warren F Rollins -09/01, 05:07 pm- I have a pretty good 1912
Tim Wrenn -09/01, 08:52 pm- Warren...dropping you a P
Model A Hydraulic Brake Set
Chris Dailledouze -09/01, 08:29 pm- .
WANTED: Turtle Deck for 1921 Coupe
Skip Lane -08/31, 11:41 am- Same design used from 191
Skip Lane -08/31, 11:43 am- Sorry, RE: 1921 Turtle D
Ed in California -08/31, 02:56 pm- There is one for sale her
Skip Lane -09/01, 08:14 pm- Thanks, Ed. I did call.
Holbrook, AZ to Denver to San Luis Obispo, CA hauling now !
Jim -09/01, 05:04 pm- September 2nd Empty tr
Jim -09/01, 06:42 pm- I am NOT going thru Denve
Teens era parts For Sale
Layden Butler -09/01, 04:17 pm- All as one lot $75, pick
ORIGINAL set of 1926-7 bumpers, complete, $600
Tim Morsher -09/01, 02:59 pm- I have an ORIGINAL set of
Dave Huson, Berthoud -09/01, 02:27 pm- Anderson Timer $20.00, Th
Justin Heim -09/01, 02:39 pm- Dave, I sent you a PM.
7 Budd 23" Wire Wheels
Ted Van Beek -08/31, 08:29 pm- 7 Budd 23 wire wheels wit
Ted Van Beek -09/01, 02:09 pm- The wheels have been sold
Tap for Bendix Cover Screws
JD, Wichita, KS -08/26, 11:45 pm- I have several of these t
David Stroud -08/27, 04:34 pm- JD, payment is on the way
Steve Linney -09/01, 12:12 pm- is this part still availa
Dave Huson, Berthoud -09/01, 11:43 am- Generator $70.00, was $98
Wanted original 1923 roadster belt rail wood
Leon Parker -09/01, 11:14 am- Wanted: I am looking for
Dave Huson, Berthoud -09/01, 09:47 am- Turner Timer $18.00 This
Dave Huson, Berthoud -09/01, 09:57 am- I Will try that picture a
* * Ford_Field Truck Cab and Bed
ThomasT -09/01, 08:19 am- Ford _ Field Truck is a C
Wanted 1915 Switch plate for Coilbox - Canadian
Brian Churchill -09/01, 03:00 am- Hi, I just purchased a ve
Coker tire for model t
Ricky Elmore -08/31, 10:29 pm- looking for good used or
Dave Huson, Berthoud -08/31, 10:17 pm- Floor Board Risers $20.00
Model T and A Engines, Full Service Repair Shop
Chris Dailledouze -08/31, 06:53 pm- .
1912 Steering Column parts For Sale
Layden Butler -08/31, 06:50 pm- Tube with 4 plain straigh
Gaslamp fender irons cutoff For Sale
Layden Butler -08/31, 12:30 pm- Bump
Bob McDonald-Federal -08/31, 06:21 pm- Layden The snow atta
Wanted - Stewart speedometer parts
Justin Heim -08/31, 04:50 pm- I am in need of some part
Jack Daron - Brownsb -08/31, 05:15 pm- I can help with a cable h
Prest-O-Lite tank For Sale
Layden Butler -08/31, 05:10 pm- Original Prest-O-Lite tan
Dave Huson, Berthoud -08/30, 04:24 pm- Excellent Slow Speed Tran
tyler searle -08/31, 02:12 pm- Dave Sent you a p.m. o
Speedster lengthwise script running boards For Sale
Layden Butler -08/31, 12:29 pm- How about $60?
Speedometer head bracket wanted
Layden Butler -08/31, 12:27 pm- bump
Dave Huson, Berthoud -08/30, 10:31 pm- Universal Joint: $45.00.
Larry Smith -08/31, 09:03 am- I hope your wife doesnt g
M G Hillhouse -08/31, 09:25 am- Dave I sent a pm. Mgh
Dave Huson, Berthoud -08/31, 11:33 am- M.G. The U-Joint above ha
For Sale: 1928 Model A roadster
Keith Townsend ; ^ ) -08/30, 03:54 pm- Labor Day Weekend Special
Larry Smith -08/31, 09:12 am- With the exception of the
Dan Hatch -08/31, 09:49 am- Wish it was closer! Dan
Arizona - New Mexico - California enclosed Model T or oth...
Jim -08/30, 12:39 pm- August 30th Available
Jim -08/31, 08:48 am- August 31st Still avail
Rajo for sale
stuart clipson -08/27, 07:44 pm- rajo B head with manifold
stuart clipson -08/30, 09:43 am- still for sale.....will e
stuart clipson -08/31, 08:40 am- the head has been decked
stuart clipson -08/31, 08:42 am- added picture for your ex
Wanted - Transportation to Hershey this October
Tex Holtby -08/28, 01:54 pm- Would anyone be able to t
Tex Holtby -08/31, 08:36 am- bump
Seeberg Auto Spoke and Rim Press
Scott Elliott, Tigar -08/27, 07:19 pm- Mounts on wall. Comes wit
Jack Daron - Brownsb -08/27, 09:41 pm- Interesting piece.
Mark Strange -08/28, 10:42 am- Scott, can you post a pic
Larry Reed -08/30, 09:26 pm- I will purchase if availa
Mechanic help ! Western New York
Robert Ponton -08/30, 12:03 pm- I own a 1924 Fordor and n
tyler searle -08/30, 08:45 pm- Left a message on your an
For sale model a engine block and head
Spencer Vibert -08/26, 10:53 pm- bump
Spencer Vibert -08/29, 11:08 pm- price drop to $100
Spencer Vibert -08/30, 07:35 pm- here is a picture of the
Spencer Vibert -08/30, 07:42 pm- its $100 or best offer I
Dave Huson, Berthoud -08/30, 07:10 pm- Drive Shafts; $64.00. Dri
Dave Huson, Berthoud -08/30, 05:27 pm- Brake Assembly; ;$30.00.
Dayton wire wheel wrench for Sale
Layden Butler -08/30, 04:57 pm- Original Model T size Day
For Sale 1914 Carburator
dan doughty -08/30, 04:54 pm- For sale; Holly G for a 1
Wanted Rear T Hydraulic Brake set up
John L Williams -08/30, 04:40 pm- Hi From Iowa! - I am buil
Dave Huson, Berthoud -08/30, 01:03 pm- Spring Clamp; $35.00; The
WANTED 26-27 Fordor body brackets
Andrew Webb -08/28, 05:59 pm- Hi there, I am missing se
Donnie Brown North C -08/28, 09:01 pm- Andrew, do you have a pic
Andrew Webb -08/28, 10:06 pm- [Brackets.jpg] Hi Donni
Donnie Brown North C -08/28, 10:36 pm- Andrew I think I have the
Donnie Brown North C -08/30, 12:55 pm- Andrew, sorry for the del
richard e moore -08/28, 09:02 pm- looking for drums. how mu
Dave Huson, Berthoud -08/30, 12:48 pm- Richard; Did you get my e
Albuquerque, NM to Tulsa, OK then Northern AZ hauling rig...
Jim -08/27, 09:18 am- August 27th On my way n
Jim -08/30, 12:37 pm- This trip is done Jim
Tulsa, OK to Northern Arizona hauling right now ....
Jim -08/28, 09:32 am- August 28th Leaving Tuls
Jim -08/30, 12:36 pm- This trip is done Jim
Rolling Chassis
Marvin Konrad -08/30, 11:18 am- Bump
Lots of 26-27 T Parts FS
tyler searle -08/27, 05:42 am- Hey Grant If your gene
Grant Curtis -08/27, 09:16 am- Also still have the boatt
Tony Barchock -08/27, 10:07 am- any photos of the boattai
Grant Curtis -08/27, 10:54 am- http://orangecounty.craig
Grant Curtis -08/27, 06:27 pm- Warfords are spoken for.
Ted Dumas -08/28, 06:54 pm- Is that $400 for one whee
Grant Curtis -08/29, 12:59 pm- $400 for all four and one
tyler searle -08/30, 06:25 am- Grant Im still interes
Grant Curtis -08/30, 08:51 am- Tyler, Check your email.
WANTED Pics YOU have taken of old Mom & Pop Gas Stations
Danial - Veneta OR U -08/30, 01:00 am- One more time, back to th
Wanted trailer`
Patrick Hughes -08/28, 04:46 pm- Looking for a good enclos
Ron Osburn -08/30, 12:53 am- Ray Cooper , near Tulsa O
Ron Osburn -08/30, 12:56 am- Forgot to say it has extr
Old Photo - The "Unholy Three"
Jay - In Northern Ca -08/29, 10:58 pm- [cbnh7gn6668.jpg] [kb 77f
Three Italian Model T Parts Books and Manuals
Fred Miller, Sequim  -08/29, 10:16 pm- I know that we have some
Dave Huson, Berthoud -08/29, 05:13 am- Fender Brackets: $20.00.
Darel J. Leipold -08/29, 11:43 am- Carburetor? Do you mean
Darel J. Leipold -08/29, 11:43 am- OH i now see what your br
Jack Daron - Brownsb -08/29, 09:40 pm- Those are hood shelf supp
For Sale TT jack handles
Dan Hatch -08/28, 07:48 pm- I have what I think are a
Jack Daron - Brownsb -08/28, 09:39 pm- Look more like Mustang to
Dan Hatch -08/29, 10:55 am- Jack: Do not know, I have
Mark Wetherbee -08/29, 01:08 pm- Not TT. The TT used a spe
Jack Daron - Brownsb -08/29, 01:23 pm- I have several repro TT j
Jack Daron - Brownsb -08/29, 09:38 pm- Here are pictures of the
1917-1925 Parts for Sale
Mike Bird -08/29, 08:31 pm- Bump
1927 Model T Roadster for sale
Kevin Pharis -08/29, 06:34 pm- Bump
Part wanted
Charles -08/27, 09:47 pm- Hello, I believe i have
Jack Daron - Brownsb -08/27, 10:08 pm- After reading two differe
brass car guy -08/27, 10:38 pm- I have advertised for ori
Walter Higgins -08/28, 06:17 pm- He has a pretty impressiv
brass car guy -08/28, 07:45 pm- what is his ebay sellers
Jack Daron - Brownsb -08/28, 07:46 pm- Lots of smoke and mirrors
Hap Tucker in Sumter -08/28, 08:40 pm- His e-bay link is listed
Charles -08/28, 09:00 pm- Hello, I am sorry that y
Charles -08/29, 10:11 am- I thought i may as well a
Ray Green -08/29, 09:06 am- Hi Dave, do you have any
Dave Huson, Berthoud -08/29, 09:15 am- Mike Walker: your right,
For Sale: Texas T Leakless Waterpump
Paul jacobs -08/29, 09:03 am- Sold pending funds
Dave Huson, Berthoud -08/29, 05:56 am- Wrench; $15.00. This wren
Dave Huson, Berthoud -08/29, 04:56 am- New Turbo Disks; $50.00.
Wanted: TT Ruckstell Parts