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Model T Ford Forum
Forum 2015
My new baby
Rob Patterson. Moruy -05/28, 02:58 am- [DSC06183.jpg]
Bill Harper - Keene, -05/28, 03:01 am- Hubba hubba!
George n Los Angeles -05/28, 03:44 am- Thats a next time for me
Anbody post some interior pics of 15millionth T
George n Los Angeles -05/25, 02:01 am- Want to see inner door pa
Dan Treace, North FL -05/25, 11:53 am- George Here are two: [S
George n Los Angeles -05/26, 01:59 am- Thanks Dan, got any close
Dan Treace, North FL -05/26, 09:52 pm- This is the best scan I c
George n Los Angeles -05/27, 02:20 am- Thanks again Dean, Im try
Dan Treace, North FL -05/27, 05:37 pm- George Those panels seem
George n Los Angeles -05/28, 01:31 am- Thanks again Dan, I was w
David Dewey, N. Cali -05/28, 02:13 am- Note that the original na
George n Los Angeles -05/28, 03:41 am- Yeah I got got it. One o
Laid out my 1914 Project the other day!
Benjamin Morgan - Mi -05/27, 11:52 pm- Well, after accumulating
Benjamin Morgan - Mi -05/27, 11:53 pm- [20150523_200612.jpg] [
Benjamin Morgan - Mi -05/27, 11:54 pm- [20150526_105622.jpg]
Mark Gregush Portlan -05/27, 11:58 pm- Reminds me of something o
Benjamin Morgan - Mi -05/28, 12:05 am- Hahaha! Yes it does now t
mike conrad -05/28, 01:09 am- Your firewall looks like
David Dewey, N. Cali -05/28, 01:11 am- Looks a lot like Watch us
Bill Harper - Keene, -05/28, 03:00 am- The slot cut from the ste
Replacing Glass Felt Channel on 1927 Tudor Doors
Jim Kelsey -05/27, 02:09 am- I have looked and looked
Roger Karlsson, sout -05/27, 03:52 am- Here is one thread close
Ted Dumas -05/27, 05:20 pm- Remove the regulator from
helga jones -05/28, 01:36 am- Hello there. I think you
Do you paint over body and door numbers
Robert Poane -05/26, 05:14 pm- I asked this question a w
Dean Kiefer - Adams, -05/26, 06:06 pm- In my shop I strip the me
Keith Townsend ; ^ ) -05/26, 06:43 pm- Robert- The numbers on th
Robert Poane -05/26, 07:37 pm- Thanks Keith, I did not k
Tom Moorehead -05/26, 09:41 pm- Just curious. What is th
Keith Townsend ; ^ ) -05/27, 12:39 am- Tom- The car belongs to a
Mack Cole ---- Earth -05/27, 12:42 pm- Tom, I think that is a K-
Keith Townsend ; ^ ) -05/28, 01:25 am- Robert- Here is your 1912
Don't Miss the 39th Annual Mother Lode Swap Meet, May 31,...
Jay - In Northern Ca -05/24, 10:59 pm- This Swap meet has ALWAYS
David Dewey, N. Cali -05/24, 11:07 pm- Jay, PIPE down!!! Youll
Jay - In Northern Ca -05/26, 10:18 pm- I say the more the merrie
David Dewey, N. Cali -05/27, 04:24 am- AND, there wont be any Le
Jay - In Northern Ca -05/27, 10:43 am- David, Funny you should m
John Saylor, Citrus  -05/27, 12:44 pm- Hope to see you all there
Scott Owens -05/27, 11:22 pm- Jay, I will be there and
Jay - In Northern Ca -05/27, 11:40 pm- Scott, Ill be wearing my
Scott Owens -05/27, 11:58 pm- Jay, Whats your space num
bob middleton -05/28, 12:38 am- How about mountain man pi
Erik Barrett in Aubu -05/28, 01:08 am- If anybody is coming for
David Dewey, N. Cali -05/28, 01:09 am- Scott, I dont think they
David Dewey, N. Cali -05/28, 01:16 am- Hmm, I am looking for a b
Model T on the auction block
Vanessa Ehrhardt -05/27, 11:24 am- http://bid.auctionbymayo.
Dennis Seth - Ohio -05/27, 06:33 pm- Would the experts on 1912
RJ Walworth, New Yor -05/27, 07:24 pm- to register for this on l
Royce in Georgetown  -05/27, 07:25 pm- Dennis, Send me a PM.
Allan Bennett - Aust -05/27, 07:26 pm- Dennis, apart from the me
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -05/27, 07:28 pm- Well Im no expert, but ha
Ed in California -05/27, 07:31 pm- [3227524_2.jpg]
Frank van Ekeren (A -05/27, 07:48 pm- Looks like a high head on
Dennis Henrichs -05/27, 08:07 pm- Also no triple twist bras
Mike Curtis...Atlant -05/27, 09:37 pm- As an aircraft Inspector
Michael Garrison - R -05/27, 09:54 pm- Mike, Ive got a question.
Keith Townsend ; ^ ) -05/28, 01:11 am- It looks like a very earl
FOX Theatre 90th Birthday with Model T Fords
Bill Harris, Hunting -05/28, 12:27 am-
Bill Harris, Hunting -05/28, 12:33 am- Vintage Pauls Runabout:
Bill Harris, Hunting -05/28, 12:41 am- Our Long Beach Pres Jeff
Bill Harris, Hunting -05/28, 12:43 am- The still getting busted
Did anyone here get this one?
Mike Walker, NW AR -05/27, 05:40 pm- Looks like a good deal at
Bill in Adelaida Cal -05/27, 10:49 pm- I wonder how long seconds
Bob Coiro -05/27, 11:03 pm- Wow, deals dont get much
Jerry Brancato -05/27, 11:27 pm- Okay, Im killing myself.
Mark Gregush Portlan -05/27, 11:29 pm- Very nice looking one the
Mark Chaffin......Co -05/27, 11:36 pm- We are in Corona and I do
Mark Gregush Portlan -05/27, 11:54 pm- Huh? is right!!!
Keith Townsend ; ^ ) -05/28, 12:37 am- Starting time: May-26-15
Nebraska Sugar Valley Rally June 2015
Daniel M. Chapasko -05/27, 11:18 am- I have entered the Sugar
John Haynes - Chadro -05/27, 02:23 pm- I have attended the Sugar
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -05/27, 02:30 pm- While youre there be sure
Mike Walker, NW AR -05/27, 09:34 pm-  I heard the scenery is g
Rob Heyen - Eastern  -05/27, 09:43 pm- I heard that, Walker.....
Mike Walker, NW AR -05/27, 09:50 pm- [:-][:-][:-]
Harold Schwendeman - -05/27, 10:10 pm- Mike - Ive heard it said
Mike Vaughn -05/27, 10:28 pm- Careful now! [:-]
gene french -05/27, 11:05 pm- I will be attending the r
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -05/28, 12:18 am- Part of the scenery inclu
What have you done in May?
Seth from NC -05/27, 09:16 pm- Got my Hickory box on car
Dean Yoder, Iowa Cit -05/27, 10:45 pm- I have used 7 tanks of Ga
Dean Yoder, Iowa Cit -05/27, 10:49 pm- I forgot Timing gear. sti
Mark Gregush Portlan -05/27, 11:34 pm- 64 mile round trip to Mom
Bill Harper - Keene, -05/27, 11:59 pm- I pulled the engine from
Tom Lovejoy, So Cal -05/28, 12:04 am- Finally got my TTs trans
Timing rod length with a 7 degree advanced timing gear
lee crenshaw -05/27, 11:10 pm- Im working on a 13 tourin
Mark Gregush Portlan -05/27, 11:22 pm- No you need to re time it
Mark Gregush Portlan -05/27, 11:25 pm- I have that gear on mine
John F. Regan -05/28, 12:03 am- As Mark said the timing n
Rip Van Winkle 1917 side curtains
Kim Dobbins -05/25, 05:38 pm- Today Larry Smith and I u
Mark Strange - Hills -05/25, 05:45 pm- Wow, what a treasure! Im
Freighter Jim -05/25, 06:38 pm- Kim, Again .... a pleasu
James Chochole, Oswe -05/25, 06:53 pm- Fascinating- thanks for s
Mike Walker, NW AR -05/25, 08:03 pm- Those curtains are in rem
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -05/25, 11:35 pm- Yes, thank you for sharin
Larry Smith -05/26, 11:24 am- You cant find better side
Erik Johnson -05/26, 11:40 am- You should mention that t
Roger Karlsson, sout -05/26, 11:41 am- Thanks for the detail pic
Ken Parker -05/26, 01:25 pm- Larry,, Doesnt that lowe
Erik Johnson -05/26, 01:55 pm- It does go around the sid
Kim Dobbins -05/26, 03:29 pm- Yes, it does go around th
Keith Townsend ; ^ ) -05/27, 12:49 am- Kim- These photographs ar
Kim Dobbins -05/27, 11:42 pm- Heres some more detail on
Me & My T on Television
Bill Harris, Hunting -05/27, 08:39 pm-
Dale  -05/27, 08:45 pm- VERY cool! Looks great!
Paul ONeil, Fullerto -05/27, 09:05 pm- This car looks every bit
Bill Harris, Hunting -05/27, 11:25 pm- Thanks Paul [:-] Ill post
T Ford folk are great. Even downunder.
Rob Patterson. Moruy -05/27, 09:49 pm- Yesterday I made a 3 hour
gene french -05/27, 11:19 pm- Rob: not all that uncom
Headlight frames
jon pederson, Minnea -05/26, 01:31 pm- I have 2 of these, anyone
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -05/26, 01:33 pm- Looks like a 1928 Model A
Mark Wetherbee - Dow -05/27, 12:18 pm- 28 & 29 used the same
Donnie Brown North C -05/27, 11:17 pm- Ill add a third for 28-29
Looking for an Ames bodied speedster
Royce in Georgetown  -05/25, 09:05 am- Anyone seen this car? It
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -05/25, 04:11 pm- Royce, I have looked at a
Royce in Georgetown  -05/25, 04:49 pm- Wayne, I am not in that
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -05/26, 01:23 pm- PM sent
Royce in Georgetown  -05/27, 07:07 am- Jerry thanks for the lead
Hap Tucker in Sumter -05/27, 07:57 am- Royce, If Jerry’s lead d
Royce in Georgetown  -05/27, 11:26 am- Hap, It was a complete c
Donald Vagasky,Tucso -05/27, 07:27 pm- Royce, I bought the book
Dan Treace, North FL -05/27, 10:42 pm- Found this adv photo in 1
A clear photo of an NRS car
Herb Iffrig -05/25, 08:42 am- [Nrs clear photo.jpg resi
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -05/25, 08:49 am- Very nice photo Herb. Wha
Royce in Georgetown  -05/25, 09:12 am- It is a Model N built in
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -05/25, 09:14 am- Large houses heated with
Wayne Jorgensen -05/25, 09:41 am- Look at the horse in the
G.R.Cheshire -05/25, 09:43 am- The numbers on the radiat
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -05/25, 09:53 am- License plate. Many early
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -05/25, 10:02 am- It looks like the horn bu
Walter Higgins -05/25, 10:28 am- The side lamps look later
Richard Gould, Folso -05/25, 10:58 am- Hi Royce. How did you de
Bob Coiro -05/25, 11:08 am- Hope you dont mind—though
Herb Iffrig -05/25, 12:47 pm- Its a better picture now
Ken Parker -05/25, 01:17 pm- The horn bulb appears on
john kuehn -05/25, 01:25 pm- Is that something on the
Bob Trevan - Austral -05/25, 01:25 pm- Hi Richard. The N was
Hal Schedler, Sacram -05/25, 02:30 pm- John, thats a storm drain
Richard Gould, Folso -05/25, 09:17 pm- Bob, the N was produced i
Rob Heyen - Eastern  -05/25, 11:19 pm- I believe its a 1907/08 N
Gary London, Camaril -05/26, 02:12 am- Steve; California did not
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -05/26, 10:51 am- Not sure what Royce sees
Kevin Weeds -05/26, 04:36 pm- How come the handle bars
Mike Walker, NW AR -05/26, 11:27 pm- Kevin -- Thats because He
Kevin Weeds -05/27, 01:51 am- What period did Henry mak
John Page -05/27, 01:55 am- The Model T was the first
Kevin Weeds -05/27, 04:41 am- That is interesting, I wi
Royce in Georgetown  -05/27, 07:41 am- The car has no doors in t
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -05/27, 04:10 pm- Kevin W, That is interest
Rob Heyen - Eastern  -05/27, 08:01 pm- The Model N in this threa
Hap Tucker in Sumter -05/27, 10:02 pm- For all -- Great discussi
Richmonds homecoming
joe bell -05/27, 09:15 pm- I was asked to do a pouri
Mike Walker, NW AR -05/27, 09:57 pm- Joe -- I can bring one.
1926 Tudor pic
Travis Melnick -Wate -05/26, 12:22 pm- Had the Tudor out again f
john kuehn -05/26, 02:16 pm- You need to take that pic
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -05/26, 02:25 pm- Where are you people buyi
Travis Melnick -Wate -05/26, 02:33 pm- Ken , I wish cracker jack
Fred Miller, Sequim  -05/26, 02:52 pm- Enlarged [26 T.jpg]
Travis Melnick -Wate -05/26, 05:43 pm- Ken , I wish cracker jack
Travis Melnick -Wate -05/27, 02:31 pm- Thanks Fred , did one pic
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -05/27, 03:10 pm- Red Ryders? Youll put yer
Jim Kelsey -05/27, 06:55 pm- That is awesome!
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -05/27, 07:18 pm- A picture like that would
Travis Melnick -Wate -05/27, 09:28 pm- Thanks Tim , as I said ea
Ruckstell shifters
Kim Dobbins -05/26, 05:20 pm- Last week i sold 3 shifte
Keith Townsend ; ^ ) -05/26, 06:47 pm- Kim- The shifter with rod
Kim Dobbins -05/26, 07:39 pm- Good thinking! Ive never
Richard Gould, Folso -05/26, 08:02 pm- There was yet another sty
Richard Gould, Folso -05/26, 08:02 pm- There was yet another sty
Steve Tomaso - Milto -05/26, 09:03 pm- I have one or two of that
Burger in Spokane -05/27, 01:48 am- My TT has a round shafted
Richard Gould, Folso -05/27, 10:03 am- To my knowledge only the
Larry Smith -05/27, 10:22 am- Richard: How does the low
Gerald Hansen -05/27, 09:19 pm- On the later, current shi
Straightened Pan and Pan Side Rail Gaskets - Issue
Philip Berg -05/27, 12:28 pm- Yesterday I installed my
Mike Walker, NW AR -05/27, 01:01 pm- Philip -- I think Im unde
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -05/27, 01:05 pm- Philip, Are you determin
Mark Gregush Portlan -05/27, 01:29 pm- If the 4th main fits with
Mike Vaughn -05/27, 01:46 pm- Philip - There is a prope
Mike Vaughn -05/27, 02:06 pm- Taken directly from the r
Philip Berg -05/27, 03:24 pm- Let me explain more. I
Kohnke Rebabbitting, -05/27, 04:00 pm- The best way to install a
Norman T. Kling -05/27, 04:10 pm- Put on all the engine gas
Gary London, Camaril -05/27, 05:24 pm- What type of front crank
Philip Berg -05/27, 07:17 pm- Right now I have no seal
Gary London, Camaril -05/27, 08:17 pm- What is strange is the ga
Norman T. Kling -05/27, 08:39 pm- Very simple. When the fr
Kohnke Rebabbitting, -05/27, 09:16 pm- The pan is not in Alignme
Must be the timing ?
Randy Glowacki -05/25, 02:29 pm- Hi, I filled the tank wit
Stephen D Heatherly -05/25, 02:44 pm- Did the car have this pro
John F. Regan -05/25, 03:50 pm- I think you might have go
Peter Claverie, Memp -05/25, 03:54 pm- Sounds like two cylinders
Mark Gregush Portlan -05/25, 04:35 pm- Or you have the through h
Randy Glowacki -05/25, 08:47 pm- Thanks everyone, Stephen
John F. Regan -05/26, 12:03 am- Timer is wired 1243 but r
Mike Green - So Cal -05/26, 03:32 pm- Check the insides of the
Mark Strange - Hills -05/26, 03:39 pm- [timer_wiring.jpg]
Randy Glowacki -05/27, 12:27 pm- Mark and John, Thank you,
Seth from NC -05/27, 01:58 pm- Randy you aint got it sol
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -05/27, 02:10 pm- Heres the color version.
R. S. Cruickshank -05/27, 04:42 pm- There is an old adage tha
Randy Glowacki -05/27, 09:14 pm- Seth, I will try and work
GPS speedometer
Doug Wilson - Omaha  -05/24, 08:51 pm- I found a neat free GPS s
Lonnie Smith Baxter  -05/24, 10:29 pm- I disagree with Verizons
Kevin Weeds -05/25, 05:21 am- Thanks for the tip Doug j
Anthonie Boer---- Kl -05/25, 06:03 am- Doug ; here some pictures
Kevin Weeds -05/26, 02:13 am- Test run the App on my ce
Seth from NC -05/26, 08:30 am- Hey Doug - Im a big fan o
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -05/26, 09:38 am- Ive been using a bike spe
Bob Coiro -05/26, 09:54 am- So, how does one install
Anthonie Boer---- Kl -05/26, 10:04 am- Bob : Here two pictures h
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -05/26, 10:25 am- [IMG_3191 copy.JPG] Here
Mark Strange - Hills -05/26, 11:01 am- I dont have a speedometer
Doug Wilson - Omaha  -05/26, 11:13 am- I have a bike speedometer
John Saylor, Citrus  -05/26, 11:28 am- Have tried a couple of b
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -05/26, 12:14 pm- I tried the bike speedome
Craig Anderson, cent -05/26, 02:25 pm- Doug........your bicycle
Dave Barker - Dayton -05/26, 04:13 pm- Doug - FWIW, heres a thre
Kevin Weeds -05/26, 04:27 pm- For those of you that car
Gary H. White - Sher -05/26, 06:31 pm- Or; http://www.speedhut.c
Doug Wilson - Omaha  -05/27, 08:12 am- The bike speedometers I h
Bud Holzschuh - Pana -05/27, 08:49 am- I second the move to a bi
Bob Coiro -05/27, 10:36 am- Gary H. White. I really
Paul ONeil, Fullerto -05/27, 11:55 am- How do you get power into
Dave Barker - Dayton -05/27, 02:42 pm- Paul - You dont need a US
Kirk Peterson Absaro -05/27, 03:08 pm- or a power plug with USB
Doug Wilson - Omaha  -05/27, 03:16 pm- BOUGHT at Menards for $10
Doug Wilson - Omaha  -05/27, 03:18 pm- failed to mention the cha
Paul ONeil, Fullerto -05/27, 05:01 pm- Thats funny, I have one j
Kirk Peterson Absaro -05/27, 05:35 pm- Paul I have a small 12V M
Paul ONeil, Fullerto -05/27, 07:27 pm- I just ordered a female u
Bud Holzschuh - Pana -05/27, 07:38 pm- Paul The standard conven
Paul ONeil, Fullerto -05/27, 09:09 pm- Yes, that is good to know
OT. Need advice from coin collectors
Jim Patrick -05/26, 03:37 pm- I am putting together a c
Tim Eckensviller - T -05/26, 04:30 pm- Would something as simple
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -05/26, 04:43 pm- Numismatists coin collect
Frank van Ekeren (A -05/26, 05:52 pm- When I was a kid, a life
Bill Alexander in Al -05/26, 07:04 pm- Wayne is correct. The dri
Dale  -05/26, 07:20 pm- Toning that naturally occ
john kuehn -05/26, 07:57 pm- Well at least dont do to
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -05/26, 09:22 pm- Look at the coins in your
Harold Schwendeman - -05/26, 09:36 pm- Id only add one thing to
Marvin Konrad -05/27, 01:48 am- Just another possible ide
George n Los Angeles -05/27, 02:11 am- If they are uncirculated
Harvey Cash - Winnem -05/27, 10:21 am- Jim I am an active coin c
Dan Hatch -05/27, 12:10 pm- Question: Would a Model o
Dan Hatch -05/27, 12:11 pm- Should say Model T Owner
Harvey Cash - Winnem -05/27, 06:52 pm- The economy in 1926 wasnt
Dale  -05/27, 08:29 pm- Harvey: good advice. Sinc
Loose tank in straps
bob middleton -05/25, 09:31 pm- I got my straps up as tii
Bill Harper - Keene, -05/25, 09:57 pm- Hi Bob, The tank should
bob middleton -05/26, 11:06 pm- Thanks bill this would ma
Roger Karlsson, sout -05/27, 04:23 am- What type of tank is it?
Bill Harper - Keene, -05/27, 03:44 pm- I couldnt find these pict
Stephen D Heatherly -05/27, 05:54 pm- Bill, are both of the str
Bill Harper - Keene, -05/27, 07:01 pm- Hi Stephen, Yes. They h
Vibration at half throttle
Chuck Godfrey -05/26, 08:29 pm- here is whats going on. M
Jack Daron - Brownsb -05/26, 08:56 pm- Id lean toward checking t
Norman T. Kling -05/26, 09:24 pm- Have you checked the comp
Bob Coiro -05/26, 09:30 pm- Yeah, I was thinking the
Roger Karlsson, sout -05/27, 06:26 am- Is it something that has
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -05/27, 10:48 am- Chuck, Try running it wi
Willie K Cordes -05/27, 06:18 pm- Chuck, you are talking ab
Dash panel screws and nuts
JohnCodman -05/25, 12:30 pm- When I purchased my 1927
ROBERT BERGSTADT -05/25, 12:47 pm- I have the interior screw
Dan Treace, North FL -05/25, 03:17 pm- John Have two to send, s
John C Codman -05/27, 12:52 pm- Thanks Dan! Now all I hav
Mark Strange - Hills -05/27, 01:15 pm- Should be in your email,
Dan Treace, North FL -05/27, 06:16 pm- John If you cant find it
Today's anniversary
Larry Bohlen, Severn -05/26, 11:51 am- May 26,1927: The last For
Burger in Spokane -05/26, 12:09 pm- Ive heard of those ! [:-
G.R.Cheshire -05/26, 12:27 pm- A mere 88 years ago[:-]
Erik Johnson -05/26, 01:25 pm- May 26 is the anniversary
Larry Bohlen, Severn -05/26, 01:54 pm- Thanks Erik, That was my
Sam "POPS" Humphries -05/26, 04:34 pm- Our Ts 99th anniversary t
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -05/26, 09:25 pm- [Someone+is+wrong+on+inte
Dan Treace, North FL -05/26, 09:25 pm- [259466.jpg] [
Henry Petrino in Mod -05/26, 09:32 pm- As long as were picking n
William L Vanderburg -05/26, 09:41 pm- Actually, the first Model
Mark Stewart -Calif. -05/27, 04:50 pm- My dad turned 88 two mont
Robert Poane -05/27, 05:04 pm- so is today the anniversa
Dan Treace, North FL -05/27, 06:09 pm- No confusion, but stoppin
Cracked fender mount.
Dave Wells, Hamilton -05/27, 11:16 am- One of my rear fender to
John McGinnis in San -05/27, 11:37 am- Its hard to say how it fi
R.V. Anderson -05/27, 11:58 am- Swipe one off an unrepair
Greg Whaley, Georget -05/27, 12:02 pm- Love the first sentence..
Jack Putnam, Bluffto -05/27, 12:22 pm- That is an original part.
Mack Cole ---- Earth -05/27, 12:36 pm- JB weld will do nothing f
Ted Dumas -05/27, 01:37 pm- Clean it V it out a touc
Dave Wells, Hamilton -05/27, 05:34 pm- I dont have equipment to
8 volt battery
harold lee cartwrigh -05/27, 11:20 am- thinking of putting a 8 v
Scott Conger -05/27, 11:29 am- just change the generator
Mark Gregush Portlan -05/27, 01:35 pm- I have had a few tight en
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -05/27, 02:56 pm- Itll loosen up quick enou
Frank van Ekeren (A -05/27, 05:29 pm- I run 8 volt battery for
1911 Torpedo photo and description
Darel J. Leipold -05/27, 02:22 pm- This T is going to be in
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -05/27, 02:47 pm- Ya, thats kinda dumb.
Herb Iffrig -05/27, 03:12 pm- Nice car, some might say
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -05/27, 03:20 pm- Im with Darel. I know Ma
Keith Townsend ; ^ ) -05/27, 05:17 pm- As compared to a 1910 tou
Mike Walker, NW AR -05/27, 05:28 pm- Its a very pretty car, bu
Rear End Disassembly and Check
Dennis Sanford - Luc -05/26, 10:03 am- I am trying to decide whe
Dennis Seth - Ohio -05/26, 10:20 am- I have a saying: When in
john kuehn -05/26, 10:22 am- If your not in a real big
Mike Walker, NW AR -05/26, 10:25 am- Dennis -- The best source
Seth from NC -05/26, 10:25 am- Dennis, the answer is YES
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -05/26, 10:29 am- Ditto to Mike and Seth. W
Charlie B actually i -05/26, 10:32 am- If its already on the flo
James Chochole, Oswe -05/26, 10:34 am- Ill chime in and say that
Dennis Sanford - Luc -05/27, 10:02 am- Thanks for all of the res
Seth from NC -05/27, 10:14 am- I bought a big Tupperware
Dennis Sanford - Luc -05/27, 12:02 pm- I removed the plug on the
Steve Tomaso - Milto -05/27, 12:11 pm- There should NOT be any l
Chris Brancaccio - C -05/27, 12:42 pm- I took my halves to get t
Richard Williams, Hu -05/27, 01:13 pm- Dennis, I just built my
Seth from NC -05/27, 02:06 pm- Yeah, the pins on my diff
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -05/27, 02:23 pm- Washing out axle and driv
Seth from NC -05/27, 02:29 pm- Steve isnt even DIRTY! I
Dennis Sanford - Luc -05/27, 03:23 pm- Steve, I removed the plu
Philip Berg -05/27, 03:30 pm- The best book I used to r
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -05/27, 04:39 pm- Steves brush is still whi
Mike Walker, NW AR -05/27, 05:20 pm- Dennis -- When I was chec
Nevada Iowa 1923-Photo
Herb Iffrig -05/27, 07:19 am- [Nevada Iowa 1923.jpg]
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -05/27, 07:27 am- What a cool contrast of t
G.R.Cheshire -05/27, 07:30 am- Be careful not to hit the
Frank M. Brady -05/27, 08:13 am- A little ditty from the E
Ed Baudoux Grayling  -05/27, 08:35 am- [Nevada Ia.jpg]
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -05/27, 08:44 am- I doubt 1923. All the car
Ken Parker -05/27, 09:47 am- It does appear to be earl
Larry Smith -05/27, 10:09 am- Looks like a 14 roadster.
Herb Iffrig -05/27, 02:05 pm- The postcard was canceled
Gary H. White - Sher -05/27, 05:13 pm- Ole Dobbin didnt just lea
Distributor ID ?
JD, Wichita, KS -05/25, 11:35 pm- What is the brand, style,
John Saylor, Citrus  -05/26, 12:17 am- Looks like one of the mad
JD, Wichita, KS -05/27, 04:24 pm- Thanks for the info. Any
Frame Question
Rand Ward -05/25, 11:46 pm- I measured the frame on m
Hal Schedler, Sacram -05/26, 12:18 am- Try to shorten the long m
Rand Ward -05/26, 12:27 am- How about a come-a-long m
Mike Walker, NW AR -05/26, 08:29 am- Rand -- A come-along prob
Rand Ward -05/26, 09:07 am- Thanks, Ill check it lat
John F. Regan -05/26, 10:18 am- Rand: There is a dimensi
Roger Karlsson, sout -05/26, 10:19 am- I dont think a 1/4 differ
Roger Karlsson, sout -05/26, 10:34 am- Heres a frame drawing for
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -05/26, 10:34 am- I doubt it was ever any b
Rand Ward -05/26, 12:39 pm- Thanks to all for your he
justin cox -05/26, 01:15 pm- My early 26 touring has a
Pat Clark-Deer Lodge -05/26, 08:00 pm- Wescotts has two differen
Rand Ward Payson, Ut -05/26, 08:14 pm- Here is a photo of my car
Rand Ward Payson, Ut -05/26, 08:14 pm- Sorry, the photo was too
Rand Ward Payson, Ut -05/26, 08:24 pm- [IMG_2803 (6).jpg] Here
John F. Regan -05/27, 01:17 am- The dimensions on my fram
Roger Karlsson, sout -05/27, 04:14 am- Mr Regan - my post wasnt
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -05/27, 10:58 am- Rand, Is it worth pullin
Rand Ward Payson, Ut -05/27, 11:46 am- Thanks Jerry, I will leav
Rand Ward Payson, Ut -05/27, 11:49 am- Cam someone tell me what
Willie K Cordes -05/27, 12:03 pm- Rand, If you have your he
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -05/27, 01:15 pm- I wouldnt want to spray w
Ted Dumas -05/27, 01:31 pm- You might just polish it
Rand Ward Payson, Ut -05/27, 03:56 pm- Ill give the Simichrome P
TDoodlebug/Conversion Tractor Thread Part VI 2015
Chad Marchees _____T -05/23, 02:59 pm- Managed to get a few more
Chad Marchees _____T -05/23, 03:01 pm- Some more.. [T-tractor
Zachary Carrico -05/23, 11:12 pm- Fab work is always slow g
Chad Marchees _____T -05/24, 06:49 am- WOW!!, Zac, I am emailing
tyler searle -05/24, 07:10 am- Looking good there, Chad.
Chad Marchees _____T -05/24, 07:23 am- Thanks Tyler. It has come
Chad Marchees _____T -05/24, 09:02 pm- A couple of more from tod
Zachary Carrico -05/24, 10:55 pm- I am still waiting to see
Chad Marchees _____T -05/25, 06:40 am- To bad to see that Zac, T
Ron in Central Massa -05/25, 08:30 pm- Saturday I went to the Be
Ron in Central Massa -05/25, 08:41 pm- Sunday and today I pushed
Layden Butler -05/25, 09:45 pm- Have this set of 18 cast
Chad Marchees _____T -05/25, 10:27 pm- Ron, Youve been holding
Chad Marchees _____T -05/26, 10:32 pm- Teaser Alert: AG tires ar
Donnie Brown North C -05/26, 10:43 pm- Ron, the power unit looks
Ron in Central Massa -05/27, 02:00 pm- Donnie - funny you should
Ron in Central Massa -05/27, 02:03 pm- Chad - that accessory man
? re: Wheeler Shebler carburetor
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -05/25, 09:56 pm- I do not know if Stan wil
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -05/26, 02:15 am- The one in the middle of
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -05/26, 09:23 pm- Thank you for the informa
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -05/27, 12:37 am- Id open the main jet adju
Mark Gregush Portlan -05/27, 01:09 pm- After you get the idle se
Roadster Rear fender differences 17 - 25
Daryl Dannefer -05/24, 08:48 am- I am curious as to the di
Henry Petrino in Mod -05/24, 09:14 am- According to two vendor c
Daryl Dannefer -05/24, 10:28 pm- Yes that does help. Thank
Bill Alexander in Al -05/25, 07:06 am- I converted my 25 roadste
Daryl Dannefer -05/25, 08:29 am- Thanks Bill, I am going
George Danek_ Salem, -05/27, 12:58 pm- Daryl, I hope I am not t
Brake Rods - How to Straighten
Dennis Sanford - Luc -05/21, 11:57 am- In December 2014 there wa
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -05/21, 12:13 pm- A hammer, an anvil, and p
Scott Conger -05/21, 12:14 pm- Dennis I just did this l
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -05/21, 12:20 pm- Scotts way works good too
john kuehn -05/21, 12:42 pm- Ive used the method that
Donald Conklin -05/21, 10:48 pm- While straightening the b
Dennis Sanford - Luc -05/21, 11:52 pm- Thanks for all of the res
Scott Conger -05/27, 12:05 pm- you know, Dennis, my brak
Aftermarket body Model T
Willie K Cordes -05/26, 01:21 pm- Some pictures of my After
George John Drobnock -05/26, 01:43 pm- 1920s Four passenger Abre
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -05/26, 04:23 pm- As much as I prefer horse
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -05/26, 04:48 pm- That is a very charming c
Gary H. White - Sher -05/26, 05:42 pm- Neat car. Just a note. I
Rob Heyen - Eastern  -05/26, 05:50 pm- Great car! Thanks for po
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -05/26, 08:47 pm- How comfortable is that f
Willie K Cordes -05/26, 09:18 pm- Dave, that front passenge
Mike Walker, NW AR -05/26, 11:03 pm- Willie -- I remember seei
Willie K Cordes -05/27, 11:43 am- Mike, I think the Centenn
Gary Schreiber- Sant -05/27, 11:56 am- I always enjoy seeing thi
The joke's on me _ Front axle for my '14
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -05/26, 01:31 pm- [FAxle.jpg] I finally g
Mark Chaffin......Co -05/26, 01:39 pm- 26 / 27 spindles.
john kuehn -05/26, 02:30 pm- Trade someone for a rebus
Les Schubert -05/26, 02:38 pm- Richard Do you have the r
ROBERT BERGSTADT -05/26, 02:41 pm- Wide track?, Bob
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -05/26, 03:22 pm- The axle had the correct
William L Vanderburg -05/26, 03:26 pm- Assembled the axle backwa
William L Vanderburg -05/26, 03:27 pm- Never mind. Lol
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -05/26, 03:52 pm- Laughing out loud in symp
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -05/26, 05:01 pm- Its OK. I need a good lau
Dennis Seth - Ohio -05/26, 06:42 pm- So you have the first Low
Mike Walker, NW AR -05/26, 11:24 pm- Rich -- You might like ha
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -05/27, 01:19 am- Good point Mike. I will b
Jeff Rhoads -05/27, 07:17 am- Rich, your car will climb
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -05/27, 07:33 am- And dont the later spindl
Seth from NC -05/27, 08:54 am- Question/request: does an
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -05/27, 11:56 am- Tim, I believe either typ
Valve Question
P. Jamison- PA -05/27, 08:25 am- My 1923 T engine has valv
Roger Karlsson, sout -05/27, 08:32 am- I suppose Ford Windsor in
Eric Hylen- Central  -05/27, 08:37 am- We use Windsor exhaust va
P. Jamison- PA -05/27, 11:18 am- A lot of people use Chevy
John Saylor, Citrus  -05/27, 11:37 am- I believe modern exhaust
Erik Barrett in Aubu -05/27, 11:38 am- Small block Chevy valves
Using gravity.... to straighten a Crankshaft
James J. Lyons III - -05/26, 08:27 am- Weve seen the discussions
G.R.Cheshire -05/26, 09:13 am- For Grins and Giggles han
Dean Kiefer - Adams, -05/26, 09:28 am- I hope my wife dont read
Walter Higgins -05/26, 10:35 am- Can we see a photo of you
Jim Thode Chehalis W -05/26, 11:35 am- My guess would be differe
Roger Karlsson, sout -05/26, 11:36 am- I dont know where the ide
James J. Lyons III - -05/26, 12:09 pm- If there is agreement tha
Herb Iffrig -05/26, 12:14 pm- I had a crank shaft for a
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -05/26, 12:18 pm- I have a friend who runs
Tim Eckensviller - T -05/26, 12:48 pm- If laying down a cranksha
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -05/26, 01:03 pm- I could see where the mom
Kohnke Rebabbitting, -05/26, 01:06 pm- There are very few things
Richard Gould, Folso -05/26, 01:35 pm- I think about how finger
keith g barrier Sava -05/26, 02:00 pm- I straightened mine in th
Norman T. Kling -05/26, 03:44 pm- That crank might have st
Jim Rose -05/26, 07:41 pm- I have installed numerous
john kuehn -05/26, 08:10 pm- At the local engine rebui
Bud Holzschuh - Pana -05/26, 08:37 pm- If two years of hanging v
James J. Lyons III - -05/26, 08:53 pm- Here is a picture of my h
Jim Thode Chehalis W -05/26, 10:05 pm- James, About temperature
Dan Treace, North FL -05/26, 10:21 pm- Ford works in 1915, engin
Walter Higgins -05/26, 10:26 pm- With all due respect, you
Frank van Ekeren (A -05/27, 01:48 am- Walter, sorry, not so, ho
Frank van Ekeren (A -05/27, 01:59 am- Found the reference to wh
Walter Higgins -05/27, 08:38 am- Frank, there is also plen
Paul Vitko -05/27, 10:28 am- I use a T block upside do
Chris Paulsen - McPh -05/27, 10:43 am- Harold Sharon wrote a gre
Roger Karlsson, sout -05/27, 10:58 am- There is certainly a diff
Nicholas Lingg - Tar -05/27, 11:32 am- Lay it in the sun for 15
O.T. Firefox
G.R.Cheshire -05/27, 07:26 am- I know some will say this
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -05/27, 07:31 am- Or, just dont use private
G.R.Cheshire -05/27, 07:35 am- Tim My computer dosent ha
Bud Holzschuh - Pana -05/27, 08:43 am- There is a version of Fir
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -05/27, 08:55 am- Maybe my version 38.0.1 i
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -05/27, 09:22 am- interesting. Ne
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -05/27, 09:25 am- Same here, Steve. Guess I
G.R.Cheshire -05/27, 09:39 am- Tim I have both desk top
Norman T. Kling -05/27, 09:56 am- I turn on my computer and
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -05/27, 10:13 am- Maybe I will go buy a typ
Jay - In Northern Ca -05/27, 10:56 am- [oldfart computer.jpg]
What to bend?
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -05/27, 10:49 am- We put a 26 motor in the
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -05/27, 10:54 am- I would bend the arm on t
Assembly video
Dave Dufault -05/27, 10:54 am-
Fan Hub assembly advice needed please
Kevin Weeds -05/26, 05:10 pm- Guys,for my 27 I purchase
Gary Tillstrom 30 mi -05/26, 06:28 pm- If no spacer was supplied
Larry Smith -05/27, 10:29 am- Why bother? There is noth
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -05/27, 10:37 am- Kevin, I would take the
Gary Tillstrom 30 mi -05/27, 10:50 am- The last one I installed
Horn ID?
Donnie Dingler, Crow -05/26, 10:46 pm- [image.jpg] [image.jpg]
Dave Barker - Dayton -05/26, 11:20 pm- Top one looks like a Delc
Allan Bennett - Aust -05/26, 11:44 pm- The bottom one looks much
Larry Smith -05/27, 10:25 am- The one on the left is a
May be a good Model T buy in Washington State this AM
David Kriegel Mishaw -05/26, 08:20 am- No connection from here i
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -05/26, 11:06 am- The seller did a nice job
Harold Schwendeman - -05/26, 02:56 pm- David - You may be right
george house . . .ca -05/27, 10:19 am- It sold for $6810. Coulda
What do I have?
Dale Long -05/25, 07:17 pm- Hi guys, and I hope Im in
Mike Walker, NW AR -05/25, 07:39 pm- from what I can see, it i
Mike Walker, NW AR -05/25, 07:46 pm- p.s. -- The top would loo
Mark Gregush Portlan -05/25, 07:49 pm- This look like the same c
Walt Berdan, Bellevu -05/25, 07:53 pm- Dale, This looks like
Dale  -05/25, 08:00 pm- Im embarrassed. I couldnt
Mark Gregush Portlan -05/25, 08:52 pm- No, not everyone that pos
David Mazza -05/25, 09:05 pm- The car is very appealing
Dale  -05/26, 05:08 pm- Thanks for the help! Ill
Harold Schwendeman - -05/26, 08:37 pm- Looks to me like a very n
Dale  -05/26, 08:44 pm- Engine number 382471. The
Steve Tomaso - Milto -05/26, 09:00 pm- 1913 windshields fold for
Mike Walker, NW AR -05/26, 11:17 pm- Dale -- A Ford built in N
Harold Schwendeman - -05/27, 12:43 am- Oops! In my post above,
Roger Karlsson, sout -05/27, 05:33 am- Harold, the change from a
David Coco - Winches -05/27, 06:45 am- It appears to me that the
Royce in Georgetown  -05/27, 07:17 am- Good looking and very typ
Larry Smith -05/27, 10:17 am- Great photo!
Old Photo T era garage/shop
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -05/26, 10:49 am- I was told these were Gra
Bob Gruber- Spanaway -05/26, 12:04 pm- Heres another old pic.
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -05/26, 01:23 pm- I like it. The front door
charley shaver- libe -05/26, 03:45 pm- it could be a Buick???? c
Mark Gregush Portlan -05/26, 07:57 pm- People must have been a l
Peter Kable - Kiama  -05/27, 01:22 am- Mark, I think the owner p
Henry Petrino in Mod -05/27, 09:09 am- Of course we cant tell fo
How to keep waiting
Robert Burton, SC -05/26, 04:44 pm- My car has been in line a
Dave Dufault -05/26, 04:48 pm- Read this Forum - take me
Dean Kiefer - Adams, -05/26, 04:49 pm- Go buy a cheap running T
Dave Barker - Dayton -05/26, 04:52 pm- Robert - Not sure Id wait
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -05/26, 04:59 pm- Whats it need? Short of a
Dave Barker - Dayton -05/26, 05:03 pm- Hal - Looks like you and
Dave Wells, Hamilton -05/26, 05:23 pm- Is this a T shop or just
Robert Burton, SC -05/26, 06:06 pm- Hey guys, the car is goin
Dennis Seth - Ohio -05/26, 06:26 pm- Well if the engine and tr
Hap Tucker in Sumter -05/26, 08:45 pm- Robert, A Model T engine
Norman T. Kling -05/26, 09:31 pm- I have 3 Ts, so there is
John Aldrich Orting  -05/26, 10:04 pm- I vote with the buy a che
Mike Walker, NW AR -05/26, 10:52 pm- There are lots of folks w
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -05/27, 07:29 am- Engine rebuild......Well
My 26 Tudor Frame - Mouse Nests & crap in rear
Rand Ward Payson, Ut -05/26, 09:32 pm- Here is a photo of my car
Craig Anderson, cent -05/26, 11:05 pm- My 27 Tudor was in simila
Rand Ward Payson, Ut -05/27, 12:27 am- Nice Car. Did you purcha
Craig Anderson, cent -05/27, 02:45 am- I bought the wood and top
Splitdorf Model K 4 Magneto?
Pat Kelly Montana -05/26, 12:43 am- I just picked up a Splitd
Russell Prideaux Mar -05/26, 01:09 am- Photo? I think I read som
Pat Kelly Montana -05/26, 01:16 am- Ill get a photo tomorrow.
Pat Kelly Montana -05/27, 12:47 am- Well here are the picture
Strawberry Point Iowa-Photo
Herb Iffrig -05/26, 10:44 pm- [Strawberry Point
OT? Thanks for the laugh.
Erik Journey - Blue  -05/25, 12:58 am- I am amazed at the collec
John Noonan - Norton -05/25, 01:11 am- I never knew being an old
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -05/25, 09:39 am- I have to credit HT Ellis
Gary H. White - Sher -05/25, 10:00 am- Im old and white and a Wh
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -05/25, 10:09 am- Cant tell you much about
Mack Cole ---- Earth -05/25, 10:15 am- Yea,as I was inline at th
Kenneth W DeLong -05/25, 10:46 am- My guess would be 1913 an
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -05/25, 10:53 am- Im thinking 14 due to the
Derek Kiefer - Manto -05/25, 11:30 am- Billed fenders and smooth
John Semprez-Templet -05/25, 12:16 pm- Id have to say 18 months
Mike Walker, NW AR -05/25, 12:32 pm- I agree with Tim that its
John T. Tannehill II -05/25, 12:34 pm- Based on the side lamps E
David Dewey, N. Cali -05/25, 12:38 pm- I think the right tire is
John T. Tannehill II -05/25, 12:47 pm- I believe the rain story
Tim Eckensviller - T -05/25, 12:57 pm- If the car is a 14 and th
Gary H. White - Sher -05/25, 04:45 pm- Note on picture Henry age
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -05/25, 08:33 pm- And this old white guy sa
Dean Kiefer - Adams, -05/25, 09:47 pm- Late 1914.
John T. Tannehill II -05/26, 10:01 pm- If you zoom in on the win
John T. Tannehill II -05/26, 10:05 pm- If you zoom in on the win
Doug Wilson - Omaha  -05/23, 10:25 am- Both my T and Curt Carric
Henry Petrino in Mod -05/23, 10:37 am- Im not so sure a thermost
Bill Harper - Keene, -05/23, 10:46 am- Hi Doug, You may benefit
Doug Wilson - Omaha  -05/23, 11:38 am- Both of our cars have fla
Chad Marchees _____T -05/23, 11:58 am- I agree on the hotter plu
Mark Gregush Portlan -05/23, 12:27 pm- If the car is running und
Kenneth W DeLong -05/23, 12:45 pm- Im with Henry on this as
Royce in Georgetown  -05/23, 01:46 pm- The plugs are proably not
Doug Wilson - Omaha  -05/23, 07:02 pm- Thank you for the respons
Bill Harper - Keene, -05/23, 07:29 pm- Hi Doug, Well I am pleas
Doug Wilson - Omaha  -05/23, 09:22 pm- Amen to that Bill. My eng
mahlon hawker -05/23, 10:28 pm- Back home in PA drivers u
Mark Gregush Portlan -05/23, 10:47 pm- Mahlon read my posting.
Ken Todd, .......... -05/24, 10:43 am- Doug, what plugs did you
Doug Wilson - Omaha  -05/24, 08:43 pm- The before plugs were NGK
Ken Parker -05/25, 10:07 am- Doug, Your high temps we
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -05/26, 02:05 pm- Doug, I use the hottest
Philip Berg -05/26, 02:56 pm- How does your car run whe
Roar Sand -05/26, 03:54 pm- Doug, Ill try to answer
Doug Wilson - Omaha  -05/26, 09:53 pm- I will concede the carb w
Who makes and sells nice wood trim that fits on top o f t...
Robert Poane -05/26, 05:16 pm- who makes and sells nice
Dan Treace, North FL -05/26, 09:08 pm- Robert Dont believe anyo
Wire Wheel Hub Puller
Seth from NC -05/22, 06:55 am- I posted in classifieds t
Roger Karlsson, sout -05/22, 07:09 am- I use this kind of hub pu
Seth from NC -05/22, 07:16 am- Yeah but that thing is HU
Willie K Cordes -05/22, 11:30 am- A trick that usually work
Terry Woods, Richmon -05/22, 11:45 am- Willies idea is the best
George Harrison,Eato -05/22, 12:30 pm- you can buy a pittman arm
Seth from NC -05/22, 12:51 pm- George! Youre a genius. I
Ken Todd, .......... -05/22, 04:06 pm- George and/or Seth, got a
Scott Owens -05/22, 05:52 pm- What about a slide hammer
George Harrison,Eato -05/22, 06:42 pm- here you go.[pittmanarmpu
Donnie Brown North C -05/22, 07:57 pm- Seth, I may have an extra
Ken Todd, .......... -05/23, 10:20 am- Thanks
Mark Wetherbee - Dow -05/26, 12:36 pm- I did what George did - f
Seth from NC -05/26, 12:46 pm- I have since copied Georg
Everybody needs one
Tom VanMeeteren Vall -05/25, 10:05 pm- I picked up some stuff at
Mike Vaughn -05/25, 10:16 pm- That is way cool!
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -05/25, 10:26 pm- Easy to copy. I think I w
Jim Kelsey -05/25, 11:08 pm- Pretty cool!
Martin Vowell, Sylma -05/25, 11:19 pm- I guess the button lookin
John McGinnis in San -05/26, 07:08 am- Looks like one needs to p
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -05/26, 10:03 am- I think it mounts this wa
John F. Regan -05/26, 10:29 am- It also doesnt work in th
Seth from NC -05/26, 10:35 am- Well most of you guys are
Erik Johnson -05/26, 10:42 am- My dad told me that when
Erik Johnson -05/26, 10:53 am- I doubt that device was e
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -05/26, 12:27 pm- Might could use it to gro
OT- Wildest Looking Car from the 50's
Dan Killecut -05/21, 06:51 am- I think all brands reache
Royce in Georgetown  -05/21, 09:55 am- My dad had a rose / white
Burger in Spokane -05/21, 11:32 am- Fomoco had its moments, b
Chuck Hoffman - Moke -05/21, 05:54 pm- When I think WILD I have
Darel J. Leipold -05/21, 06:31 pm- Beautiful Fords? Here is
john kuehn -05/21, 08:00 pm- We had a 52 Crown Vic whe
John F. Regan -05/21, 08:19 pm- I have lots of high schoo
Mike Walker, NW AR -05/22, 12:06 am- We had a 52 Crown Vic whe
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -05/22, 12:43 am- Dan; I said one temp gage
Burger in Spokane -05/22, 01:32 am- I am the guy who kept all
kep -05/22, 02:38 am- Some of those engines wer
TOM -05/22, 06:52 pm- Burger, They stopped maki
Dan Killecut -05/22, 10:29 pm- Aaron, I guess I misunder
Burger in Spokane -05/23, 01:15 am- TOM, I would not chara
Derek Kiefer - Manto -05/23, 08:52 am- Heres my choice for a fav
Burger in Spokane -05/23, 11:56 am- OK, ... gotta just throw
Chuck Hoffman - Moke -05/23, 01:09 pm- OK, if you mean WILD, her
Derek Kiefer - Manto -05/23, 01:11 pm- For me, its what I grew u
Walt Berdan, Bellevu -05/23, 04:27 pm- I liked the mid 50s Fords
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -05/23, 10:56 pm- I finally figured it out!
Larry Smith -05/24, 11:41 am- I agree with Dan on conti
Donnie Dingler, Crow -05/24, 01:47 pm- Burger, Walt, You guys th
Harold Schwendeman - -05/24, 04:40 pm- Walt - Gotta agree with y
Burger in Spokane -05/24, 04:58 pm- The 58 GM cars were so in
Walt Berdan, Bellevu -05/24, 06:14 pm- Lordy, I cant imagine a c
Constantine in Austr -05/24, 09:22 pm- For wild try a 1954 Kaise
Derek Kiefer - Manto -05/24, 09:42 pm- 58-59-60 Chevy Nomad stat
TOM -05/25, 06:46 pm- Burger let me enlighten y
Fred Schrope - Uplan -05/25, 07:14 pm- Like has been said, Beaut
Mike Walker, NW AR -05/25, 07:53 pm- I had a friend in high sc
Derek Kiefer - Manto -05/25, 08:20 pm- Mike, Nomad was the top
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -05/25, 08:37 pm- 51 Ford -chopped -channel
Craig Anderson, cent -05/25, 11:36 pm- I figure the 59 Chevs are
Constantine in Austr -05/26, 08:25 am- [40590112-770-0@2X.jpg]
Seth from NC -05/26, 08:45 am- Constantine what is THAT?
Nowell- NJ -05/26, 08:51 am- [image.jpg] My Rat Rod
Constantine in Austr -05/26, 09:36 am- Seth, its the car I menti
Gary Schreiber- Sant -05/26, 09:40 am- Seth, its a Kaiser Darrin
Burger in Spokane -05/26, 12:22 pm- Burger let me enlighten y
Wally Szumowski
Terry Woods, Richmon -05/25, 11:20 am- This morning, I got two e
Jack Daron - Brownsb -05/25, 11:30 am- Wally was one of the mag
Mike Walker, NW AR -05/25, 12:48 pm- Chances are his email has
ROBERT BERGSTADT -05/25, 12:53 pm- Yes I got one to, do not
john kuehn -05/25, 06:03 pm- I think Wally sold his bu
Ted Dumas -05/25, 06:55 pm- Wally and his wife did an
Walter B. Szumowski -05/26, 12:04 pm- Bob Bergstadt called me y
Commutator Rod
Bill Elliott -05/26, 11:53 am- Does anyone know where I
R.V. Anderson -05/26, 11:57 am- Yes. I will send you seve
Bill Elliott -05/26, 12:03 pm- R.V. I sent you a PM. Y
Anybody in a Memorial Day Parade this weekend?
Marty Bufalini - Gro -05/25, 10:05 am- My 1914 in the St. Clair
Ralph Cunningham -05/25, 10:47 am- I was grand marshal last
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -05/25, 10:50 am- I would if I could get so
Marty Bufalini - Gro -05/25, 11:23 am- Tim, Ive been driving the
Gilbert V. I. Fitzhu -05/25, 12:38 pm- My T has a flat tire and
Spencer Vibert - Gra -05/26, 11:59 am- my Grandpa and I took my
Which axle seals do I need?
Dave Wells, Hamilton -05/26, 09:36 am- It appears one of my oute
Keith Townsend ; ^ ) -05/26, 09:46 am- Dave- There is a size dif
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -05/26, 09:51 am- If its rear axle oil leak
Dave Wells, Hamilton -05/26, 10:03 am- If the difference is the
Frank Harris from Lo -05/26, 10:06 am- Bill Bohlen sells a wonde
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -05/26, 10:10 am- Axle shafts are the same,
Mike Walker, NW AR -05/26, 10:14 am- Dave -- The difference is
Mike Walker, NW AR -05/26, 10:18 am- p.s. -- If youre losing l
Dave Wells, Hamilton -05/26, 10:46 am- Ok, thats plenty of info
Dave Wells, Hamilton -05/26, 11:12 am- I should add that I recal
DON"T trust those old shackes !!!!!
George n Los Angeles -05/25, 10:23 pm- So dad said he was going
Donnie Brown North C -05/25, 10:51 pm- Those do not look like Fo
Allan Bennett - Aust -05/25, 11:02 pm- George, they look to be f
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -05/25, 11:02 pm- My first thought also. Pr
Martin Vowell, Sylma -05/25, 11:11 pm- Looks like the other side
George n Los Angeles -05/26, 12:19 am- Well the car is an older
Royce in Georgetown  -05/26, 06:49 am- George, You should try t
Royce in Georgetown  -05/26, 06:57 am- Here is a picture of one
George John Drobnock -05/26, 09:16 am- Comment: Occasionally the
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -05/26, 10:40 am- Is the broken one marked
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -05/26, 10:58 am- I have never seen a FORD
Larry Smith -05/26, 11:08 am- There are still NOS shack
The Irvin fore doors for Model T Fords-Photo
Herb Iffrig -05/22, 10:21 pm- [irvin fore-doors model t
Burger in Spokane -05/23, 01:17 am- Desired protection in col
Herb Iffrig -05/23, 08:04 am- Does this look like a 191
Layden Butler -05/23, 01:23 pm- Many other car manufactur
john kuehn -05/23, 05:21 pm- Wishful thinking for maki
Keith Townsend ; ^ ) -05/26, 10:38 am- Irvin was one company of
How tall is it
Ronnie wehba -05/25, 10:56 am- Looking at a 24 coupe how
Scott Owens -05/25, 11:56 am- When the T,s were made th
Bill Harper - Keene, -05/25, 12:10 pm- It is lower than your TT.
William L Vanderburg -05/25, 12:59 pm- My touring at its highest
David C Jahnke -05/25, 02:12 pm- From the August 1, 1920 F
Bob Brewer - NorCal -05/25, 05:54 pm- Mine measures 76. It has
Jack Daron - Brownsb -05/25, 06:59 pm- You only lose about 1/2 i
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -05/25, 11:30 pm- Height can vary over two
Ronald L Babb - Taco -05/26, 12:02 am- I went down to the baseme
Ronnie wehba -05/26, 07:08 am- Thanks my tt needed about
Marvin Konrad -05/26, 10:10 am- Put new 21 tires on the f
1927 Firewall Shield/Paper Replacement Query
Jim Kelsey -05/24, 04:02 pm- When I took out the cowl
Roger Karlsson, sout -05/24, 04:21 pm- Maybe its this part youre
Jim Kelsey -05/24, 06:55 pm- Roger: that is the part
Joseph Geisler in Br -05/24, 09:11 pm- Jim I am GLAD you posted
Eric Sole - Castelld -05/25, 06:46 am- When I pulled the tank ou
Roger Karlsson, sout -05/25, 06:59 am- The cardboard wasnt used
John C Codman -05/26, 09:06 am- I recently replaced the g
Car top
Bob Benedict, Hunbol -05/25, 08:54 am- The last 2 times my frien
brass car guy -05/25, 09:25 am- Crisscross ratchet straps
Bob Benedict, Hunbol -05/25, 09:47 am- Brassy, Where would you p
G.R.Cheshire -05/25, 09:53 am- This is why I went to an
brass car guy -05/25, 10:31 am- I use a couple of longer
Ken Todd, .......... -05/25, 11:12 am- I saw one fellow w/a 26 t
Don Booth@ Bay City, -05/25, 01:20 pm- Dis is hows I dos it...[0
Ed in California -05/25, 01:36 pm- Don is right. Shrink wrap
Ed in California -05/25, 01:38 pm- [133953.jpg]
Bill Robinson Salty  -05/25, 02:12 pm- Like this Bob? We followe
mike_black SC/FL -05/25, 02:58 pm- When I did my pickup, all
Erik Johnson -05/25, 03:34 pm- In the 1970s, I remember
Harold Schwendeman - -05/25, 03:59 pm- If a person could just fi
Les Sumner lapeer mi -05/26, 08:03 am- My old pontiac convertibl
Bob Benedict, Hunbol -05/26, 08:22 am- Bill...That exactly whats
Why no 1928 Model T?
keith g barrier Sava -05/21, 08:47 am- The AR did have some of t
G.R.Cheshire -05/21, 09:50 am- Keith, If the Model A had
Kenneth W DeLong -05/21, 11:01 am- I might be wrong but was
Kenneth W DeLong -05/21, 11:15 am- Constantine,On pages 146-
Norman T. Kling -05/21, 11:40 am- A very simple answer. Ch
Layden Butler -05/21, 11:52 am- Norman has it right. Chev
Darel J. Leipold -05/21, 11:58 am- The reason was that the C
Henry Petrino in Mod -05/21, 12:08 pm- It was the natural progre
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -05/21, 12:31 pm- Bud is right...23 was the
Kenneth W DeLong -05/21, 01:05 pm- Yes,There was great chang
David Dewey, N. Cali -05/21, 01:19 pm- What Keith says is very t
Norman T. Kling -05/21, 02:21 pm- Ford was always hesitant
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -05/21, 02:44 pm- Norm - Yes, Ford could ha
Kenneth W DeLong -05/21, 03:38 pm- What if Ford had kept on
Dan Treace, North FL -05/21, 04:44 pm- What if Ford had just bou
Kenneth W DeLong -05/21, 05:08 pm- Dan,I think thats the sma
Burger in Spokane -05/22, 02:25 am-  .... Ford should have de
Rob Heyen - Eastern  -05/22, 03:49 am- From Wikipedia. I dont k
Kenneth W DeLong -05/23, 01:32 pm- MR Burger,With exception
Norman T. Kling -05/23, 09:51 pm- Tire size same. A few bo
Kenneth W DeLong -05/23, 10:20 pm- Thanks Norman!! After MR
Burger in Spokane -05/24, 01:43 am- Bud, Ken ... styling. H
wayne tomlins -05/24, 02:26 am- I agree Ford should have
David Dewey, N. Cali -05/24, 03:02 am- I recall reading some tim
Harold Schwendeman - -05/24, 03:15 am- Also, the cowl tank on th
Jim Kelsey -05/24, 04:25 am- the all steel body was a
Constantine in Austr -05/24, 07:31 am- Dont agree that the Model
Erik Barrett in Aubu -05/24, 11:23 am- Jim, I thought most model
Ken Parker -05/24, 11:41 am- Jim, He did. The only bo
Jim Kelsey -05/24, 04:07 pm- Ken: I see what you me
Dick Fischer - Arroy -05/24, 06:07 pm- Regarding the Ford decisi
Rob Heyen - Eastern  -05/25, 08:21 am- Dick, I agree with most
Dick Fischer - Arroy -05/25, 10:55 am- Thank you for setting me
Kenneth W DeLong -05/25, 11:38 am- Well said Rob!! Bud,
JohnCodman -05/25, 11:43 am- Ford had monumental casti
David Dewey, N. Cali -05/25, 12:37 pm- The story is told that He
Kenneth W DeLong -05/25, 04:59 pm- I would agree the cruisin
Charlie B actually i -05/25, 05:50 pm- $ $ $. Thats why it laste
Rob Heyen - Eastern  -05/26, 12:11 am- Dick, Maybe I misundersto
David Dewey, N. Cali -05/26, 02:40 am- Ken, I read about the sho
Minnesota history
Dan Ryan -05/25, 06:55 pm- First Ford car manufactur
Royce in Georgetown  -05/25, 07:00 pm- There are more St. Paul a
Erik Johnson -05/25, 10:24 pm- There are over two hundre
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -05/26, 01:35 am- Erik, what was done at th
Erik Johnson -05/26, 01:58 am- The branch on 117 Univers
Remember Those Who Have Fallen
Dennis Seth - Ohio -05/23, 01:35 pm- Please take time to remem
Dick Lodge - St Loui -05/23, 01:55 pm- Remember Those Who Have F
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -05/23, 05:52 pm- Yes, it is the message th
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -05/23, 07:31 pm- Well said, Dennis. And do
Dick Lodge - St Loui -05/23, 07:35 pm- Tim, half staff until noo
Jim Patrick -05/23, 11:58 pm- Everyone, should visit th
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -05/24, 06:22 am- Sobering pictures Jim. Iv
Dennis Seth - Ohio -05/24, 06:07 pm- Jim Thanks for posting th
Wes Nelson ........B -05/24, 06:42 pm- Dennis, in answer to your
John H. Nichols -05/24, 08:33 pm- If my memory serves me ri
Dick Lodge - St Loui -05/24, 11:15 pm- [memorial day2.jpg]
Eugene Adams -05/24, 11:32 pm- THE FINAL INSPECTION Th
John Noonan - Norton -05/24, 11:57 pm- Dick, one of my favorite
Eugene Adams -05/25, 12:07 am- Its the Soldier, not the
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -05/25, 08:57 am- Jim, thanks too for that
Sam "POPS" Humphries -05/25, 11:42 am- From our home to all vete
John F. Regan -05/26, 12:27 am- PFC Joe C. Regan - my dad
Jim Patrick -05/26, 12:51 am- John, I first found out a
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -05/26, 01:51 am-
Looking for a 1926 T
Jon Cawsey -05/25, 10:51 pm- :Good afternoon, I am ver
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -05/26, 01:42 am- Coupe? Roadster? Touring?
Sunvisor covering
Dave Eddie -05/25, 10:41 am- Am about to tackle the ta
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -05/25, 10:49 am-
Scott Owens -05/25, 11:50 pm- I just looked at my 27 Co
George Harrison,Eato -05/26, 12:05 am- I just recently did this
Engine casting date
Bob Petithomme -05/24, 06:27 pm- Is there a list or file o
Steve Tomaso - Milto -05/24, 07:38 pm- Throw a photo on here - m
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -05/25, 08:32 am- The car couldve been re-p
Bob Petithomme -05/25, 11:31 am- Thanks for the response.
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -05/25, 04:47 pm- Probably the most importa
Dan Treace, North FL -05/25, 09:01 pm- Bob Here is pic of the c
Bob Petithomme -05/25, 11:42 pm- Thanks all for all the in
My new 26 coupe project
Greg pacana -05/25, 08:06 pm- Hello everyone this will
Mark Strange - Hills -05/25, 09:07 pm- Welcome to the club and t
Bill dugger -05/25, 10:12 pm- Greg: Welcome to the dise
Travis Melnick -Wate -05/25, 10:53 pm- Welcome Greg ! From anoth
Donnie Brown North C -05/25, 11:05 pm- Welcome Greg. This is a g
Front Seat Heel Panel Question
Paul Sherman Tacoma  -05/24, 08:28 pm- 1923 Touring: I am in the
Jack Daron - Brownsb -05/24, 08:40 pm- No,it goes forward of the
Chuck Hoffman - Moke -05/24, 10:47 pm- Heres how it worked on my
Paul Sherman Tacoma  -05/25, 03:57 pm- Thank you everyone, BUT r
William L Vanderburg -05/25, 04:02 pm- I have a 25 and it goes t
William L Vanderburg -05/25, 04:42 pm- [image.jpg] [image.jpg]
Jack Daron - Brownsb -05/25, 04:43 pm- It still goes in front of
William L Vanderburg -05/25, 04:50 pm- The heel panel is bolted
Leon Parker - Benton -05/25, 05:39 pm- William is correct. There
Leon Parker - Benton -05/25, 05:54 pm- should read heel panel
Leon Parker - Benton -05/25, 06:00 pm- [cwvDm9asA3Lw9ZNWAbl5esXD
john kuehn -05/25, 06:00 pm- Paul, make sure you have
Paul Sherman Tacoma  -05/25, 06:20 pm- I better go back and look
Paul Sherman Tacoma  -05/25, 07:02 pm- I measured the angle brac
William L Vanderburg -05/25, 07:32 pm- Just remember that if I r
William L Vanderburg -05/25, 07:35 pm- Give me a little bit and
William L Vanderburg -05/25, 08:40 pm- The seat bottom support b
Paul Sherman Tacoma  -05/25, 10:37 pm- Very helpful. I will get
More 1916 pics and questions
paul iverson freepor -05/22, 05:46 pm- Here is more pics and I h
paul iverson freepor -05/22, 05:48 pm- I forgot to shrink all th
paul iverson freepor -05/22, 06:02 pm- [] [Windshield] Windshie
Allan Bennett - Aust -05/22, 06:21 pm- Paul, the fitment of the
paul iverson freepor -05/22, 06:26 pm- I still have a lot to lea
Mike Walker, NW AR -05/22, 07:34 pm- Allan -- Ive thought that
paul iverson freepor -05/22, 08:20 pm- Here are more pics of tai
Allan Bennett - Aust -05/22, 09:51 pm- Mike, you could well be r
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -05/22, 10:32 pm- No mag tail light or brak
Larry Smith -05/23, 11:03 am- Its easy to tell your car
Larry Smith -05/25, 10:42 am- Additionally, is the mag
Royce in Georgetown  -05/25, 01:47 pm- The two tapped holes in t
paul iverson freepor -05/25, 03:54 pm- That makes sense Royce ab
paul iverson freepor -05/25, 03:58 pm- I found out the hood just
Royce in Georgetown  -05/25, 04:07 pm- Your headlight switch is
paul iverson freepor -05/25, 04:13 pm- [image.jpg] [image.jpg]
Mike Walker, NW AR -05/25, 04:41 pm- Paul -- As Larry Smith sa
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -05/25, 08:27 pm- What Mike W and Larry S s
Mike Walker, NW AR -05/25, 10:02 pm- Paul -- There is a very a
Free Neutral- cam too high or low?
James Chochole, Oswe -05/25, 05:00 pm- I have been studying that
William L Vanderburg -05/25, 05:21 pm- When you pull back on the
James Chochole, Oswe -05/25, 05:24 pm- Even with my handbrake f
William L Vanderburg -05/25, 05:32 pm- Then you need to adjust t
James Chochole, Oswe -05/25, 05:38 pm- I ended up letting it run
Mark Gregush Portlan -05/25, 05:39 pm- Re;should I turn it down
William L Vanderburg -05/25, 05:42 pm- Your wheels should not sp
Mark Gregush Portlan -05/25, 05:42 pm- Yes that means you may ha
William L Vanderburg -05/25, 05:44 pm- He said he fully applied
Mark Gregush Portlan -05/25, 05:49 pm- I got that, we were all t
Stephen D Heatherly -05/25, 05:57 pm- Here is how I adjust the
James Chochole, Oswe -05/25, 06:38 pm- Thanks Stephen!
James Chochole, Oswe -05/25, 06:42 pm- Tentatively, now with fre
Mark Gregush Portlan -05/25, 07:41 pm- Adjust to the same place
Stephen D Heatherly -05/25, 08:40 pm- If your lever is vertical
James Chochole, Oswe -05/25, 09:04 pm- I think I have it now- th
Parade 2015
William L Vanderburg -05/25, 08:55 pm- Lined up and ready.... [
Petit Jean, ARK meet right around the corner
mike_black SC/FL -05/24, 10:01 pm- A lot of you folks arent
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -05/24, 10:06 pm- Gotta miss this one. Fami
Donnie Brown North C -05/24, 11:44 pm- Steve, Sorry you can not
mike_black SC/FL -05/25, 08:25 pm- Ive missed a few years du
Emergency tire valve trick
R.V. Anderson -05/25, 10:24 am- On yesterdays trip around
Bill Harper - Keene, -05/25, 10:29 am- Clever! Good to know. Tha
Bob Coiro -05/25, 10:31 am- Now, thats a trick worth
Walter Higgins -05/25, 10:40 am- Interesting. It must be
Erik Johnson -05/25, 10:57 am- Going forward, ditch the
R.V. Anderson -05/25, 11:00 am- Yes, its on the to-do asa
Scott Owens -05/25, 11:52 am- Eric, Every time I put th
Mike Walker, NW AR -05/25, 12:42 pm- I always carry the handy-
Mark Gregush Portlan -05/25, 12:55 pm- 3 of the 4 tires on my T
Ed Baudoux Grayling  -05/25, 01:04 pm- For our other cars that r
R.V. Anderson -05/25, 02:30 pm- I always carry the tire v
Peter Claverie, Memp -05/25, 04:02 pm- Reminds me of a favorite
Allan Bennett - Aust -05/25, 08:22 pm- These are even better. Th
Finally swapping the motor and a tour of Lang's
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -05/25, 10:05 am- you might remember that I
Gary Schreiber- Sant -05/25, 01:04 pm- Look forward to the video
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -05/25, 07:55 pm- the forum haelped me be a
Tom Elliot at Nampa Idaho car graveyard
Marvin C. Miller -05/25, 04:58 pm- [IMG_0965-2.JPG] [IMG_096
Jack Daron - Brownsb -05/25, 07:00 pm- That would be a blast to
Car Cover For A Speedster
Jeff Burton -05/25, 06:54 pm- Does anyone offer a car c
More flooding in Texas
Willie K Cordes -05/24, 12:49 pm- The Blanco river near San
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -05/24, 01:06 pm- Were almost in the same b
Steve Bourgeois -05/24, 01:41 pm- Who ever is doing the rai
Roger Karlsson, sout -05/24, 01:44 pm- Wasnt there a long drough
Scott Owens -05/24, 01:47 pm- Send that dancer out to C
Terry Woods, Richmon -05/24, 02:07 pm- According to the U.S. Dro
gene french -05/24, 02:09 pm- Mud city here in northern
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -05/24, 04:07 pm- I dont know which is wors
Terry Woods, Richmon -05/24, 04:17 pm- Correction: A friend of m
george house . . .ca -05/25, 05:12 pm- Lake Travis is up a total
Marc Johnson Helotes -05/25, 05:24 pm- Medina Lake near us has c
Marvin C. Miller -05/25, 06:20 pm- Send it our way. Still i
Freighter Jim -05/25, 06:41 pm- I am on my way there now
Ted Dumas -05/25, 06:51 pm- A flood beats a drought.
Top cover install
Dave Eddie -05/25, 06:12 pm- 26 Tudor, I have started
Mark Strange - Hills -05/25, 06:22 pm- If you dont get your answ
Don Booth@ Bay City, -05/25, 06:26 pm- The fordors didnt get any
Getting photos to display correctly
Marvin C. Miller -05/25, 04:39 pm- What is the secret to get
Royce in Georgetown  -05/25, 04:45 pm- Short answer - hold the c
Marvin C. Miller -05/25, 04:46 pm- Thanks Royce!
Mark Gregush Portlan -05/25, 05:46 pm- Your camera should have a
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -05/25, 05:57 pm- I think it would be hard
Marvin C. Miller -05/25, 06:16 pm- Looks good. I got it fig
Strange Bolts
Dave Huson, Berthoud -05/23, 12:33 am- Awhile back a friend gave
Jim Patrick -05/23, 12:48 am- I would say these are for
James M. Riedy, Sand -05/23, 01:13 am- New style of adjustable l
Fred Miller, Sequim  -05/23, 01:37 am- Rod Bolts?
Dennis Henrichs -05/23, 06:11 am- Youre a lucky guy. Now y
Dennis Seth - Ohio -05/23, 06:43 am- Would they be the correct
Dennis Seth - Ohio -05/23, 06:45 am- Well dummy me...I re-read
Mike Walker, NW AR -05/23, 09:22 am- I was thinking of rod bol
john kuehn -05/23, 05:26 pm- Unfinished hex head bolts
Dave Huson, Berthoud -05/23, 05:39 pm- Dennis Seth: I dont think
Ed in California -05/23, 05:56 pm- Rod bolts. They use the s
Dave Huson, Berthoud -05/24, 12:40 am- Fred Miller & Ed in C
Frank van Ekeren (A -05/24, 01:32 am- Wouldnt be T rod bolts an
David Dewey, N. Cali -05/24, 03:22 am- I have seen those somewhe
Dave Huson, Berthoud -05/24, 04:43 pm- David Dewey: If they are
David Dewey, N. Cali -05/25, 12:24 am- DAve, Its just a guess b
David Sullivan -05/25, 06:16 pm- Are these maybe Studebake
Local Car Show- T Town Car & Other pics
Dan Killecut -05/24, 07:41 pm- The guy used an actual 17
Dan Killecut -05/24, 07:48 pm- [Norwich 2015 010a.jpg]
mike_black SC/FL -05/24, 08:22 pm- Dan, Where was that sh
Mike Walker, NW AR -05/24, 08:25 pm- Nice pics -- Thanks.
Dan Killecut -05/24, 08:28 pm- I cheated, we didnt take
Dan Killecut -05/24, 08:32 pm- Mike, the show was in No
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -05/24, 10:47 pm- Looks like a great show!
Kevin Weeds -05/25, 02:10 am- Id love to view a show li
Dan Killecut -05/25, 06:15 am- Wayne, the Linn was used
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -05/25, 03:56 pm- Thanks again Dan K! I tho
Don Watson -Florence -05/25, 04:31 pm- Dan,who is the owner of t
Dan Killecut -05/25, 04:56 pm- Don,I sent you a pm with
I found a hidden treasure trove of horseless-carriage parts
Ned Protexter -05/21, 09:13 am- Quite the find. Im not o
Ed in California -05/21, 10:57 am-  Dual indicates that it w
Ed in California -05/21, 11:03 am- Twin spark magnetos, noti
Daniel Kraft -05/21, 11:08 am- Ok, that explains it. Do
Ed in California -05/21, 11:16 am- Overpriced, but that is w
Daniel Kraft -05/21, 12:06 pm- Does anyone want to take
Daniel Kraft -05/21, 01:05 pm- [image.jpg] [image.jpg]
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -05/21, 01:22 pm- The manifold and timing c
Daniel Kraft -05/21, 01:28 pm- Awesome, this is super he
Ed in California -05/21, 05:42 pm- [p18ol2dr0rlgsqgh1vri1j94
Bob Trevan - Austral -05/21, 05:50 pm- Does anyone know what the
Layden Butler -05/21, 06:00 pm- Bob T. REO I think.
Bob Trevan - Austral -05/22, 12:27 am- Thanks Layden---WHAT ERA
Mark Wetherbee - Dow -05/22, 07:26 am- The chain drive starter w
Bob Trevan - Austral -05/22, 07:37 am- Thanks Mark-What happens
Mark Wetherbee - Dow -05/22, 12:33 pm- There is a one-way dog cl
Daniel Kraft -05/23, 03:10 pm- [image.jpg] [image.jpg]
Daniel Kraft -05/23, 04:58 pm- This chain drive part say
Bob Trevan - Austral -05/23, 05:04 pm- Thanks Mark&Daniel. I
Daniel Kraft -05/23, 07:31 pm- Stewart Vacuum Gasoline s
Mark Thompson -05/24, 06:53 am- I have a 14 Overland and
Dale Kemmerer Medfor -05/24, 11:07 am- The cylinder head with th
Terry Bond -05/24, 07:23 pm- Nice find. Im almost sur
Daniel Kraft -05/24, 09:08 pm- 11 lodge BBL, 4 champion
Terry Bond -05/24, 10:06 pm- Thanks. Will drop you a
charley shaver- libe -05/24, 10:53 pm- Daniel i need the part #
Daniel Kraft -05/24, 10:55 pm- When I get home I will Pm
Daniel Kraft -05/25, 04:01 pm- [image.jpg] Two 28x3 tir
Daniel Kraft -05/25, 04:30 pm- Speedos, two will probabl
Identify horn?
Nowell- NJ -05/25, 03:20 pm- I think I answered my own
Royce in Georgetown  -05/25, 04:02 pm- I have a Stewart Warning
Dan Treace, North FL -05/25, 04:27 pm- Better keep looking for t
Old Photo - When Men Were Men
Jay - In Northern Ca -05/24, 11:17 am- [model-t-crash.jpg]
Jay - In Northern Ca -05/24, 11:28 am- Well wrong place for this
G.R.Cheshire -05/24, 12:40 pm- Well gee Jay: I thought y
Gary H. White - Sher -05/24, 11:36 pm- I thought it was todays I
Kevin Weeds -05/25, 02:12 am- Easily done Jay, cool pic
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -05/25, 08:40 am- Wonder if anybody came ou
Ed in California -05/25, 03:01 pm- It happened May 1, 1939,
Photo Please... 1927 Fordor Roof
Daniel M. Chapasko -05/22, 11:24 am- Would anyone have a photo
Don Booth@ Bay City, -05/22, 06:33 pm- Dan, I dont know how they
lorenzo leon -05/25, 09:51 am- [1925 -2.jpg] [1925 TOP.j
David Dewey, N. Cali -05/25, 01:04 pm- Has anyone done research
Craig Anderson, cent -05/25, 02:52 pm- As far as attaching the w
I need a Mentor Also, help with 26 Tudor Body preparation
Rand Ward -05/25, 12:05 am- Hi all you Model T nuts.
Roger Karlsson, sout -05/25, 03:56 am- Given the condition the b
Roger Karlsson, sout -05/25, 04:03 am- You can also protect the
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -05/25, 07:11 am- Ditto what Roger said. Yo
Mike Walker, NW AR -05/25, 08:51 am- Make sure the body and fr
john kuehn -05/25, 09:42 am- Rand, your body doesnt lo
Ed Baudoux Grayling  -05/25, 09:47 am-
Rand Ward -05/25, 11:53 am- Thanks for all your comme
mike_black SC/FL -05/25, 02:25 pm- Hardware stores used to c
Does anyone have a spare one of these?
William L Vanderburg -05/25, 12:55 pm- I was looking at my frien
Best adhesive for vinyl Roof Repair?
James Chochole, Oswe -05/24, 10:55 pm- I have a Runabout that ha
George n Los Angeles -05/24, 11:42 pm- Can you sew/stitch it ??
Patrick Martin -05/25, 06:20 am- locktite vinyl plastic ad
George Barclay in we -05/25, 08:00 am- If you are putting vinyl
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -05/25, 08:05 am- There are companies out t
Ted Dumas -05/25, 10:40 am- The best way to sew up a
James Chochole, Oswe -05/25, 11:07 am- Thanks for the tips!
ROBERT BERGSTADT -05/25, 12:54 pm- 3 M 08080 Bob
Model T history video
Chad Marchees _____T -05/25, 06:43 am- Just a quick video of the
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -05/25, 08:19 am- Thanks Chad for posting.
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -05/25, 10:14 am- Child labor? Some of thos
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -05/25, 10:42 am- I love watching that from
Dave Wells, Hamilton -05/25, 12:20 pm- Also seen it before but g
OT - A question that has puzzled man since the Dawn Of Ti...
Freighter Jim -05/24, 11:24 am- [IMG_4626.JPG] Freigh
John H. Nichols -05/24, 12:14 pm- Not if it is a wood nymph
George Harrison,Eato -05/24, 12:26 pm- Short answer,YES
G.R.Cheshire -05/24, 12:30 pm- It dosent matter, if you
Henry Petrino in Mod -05/24, 01:58 pm- Ive learned the best thin
John T. Tannehill II -05/24, 02:39 pm- Funny thing I read the ti
Norman T. Kling -05/24, 03:54 pm- A man is only wrong if he
Terry Woods, Richmon -05/24, 03:56 pm- Ive always wondered why w
Gary H. White - Sher -05/24, 04:10 pm- What gets me is women lov
John Semprez-Templet -05/24, 06:11 pm- Terry has drifted into th
Bud Holzschuh - Pana -05/24, 06:43 pm- Advice: If you know your
Mark Chaffin......Co -05/24, 07:06 pm- Married = Problem Not Mar
Erik Barrett in Aubu -05/24, 07:23 pm- Wife: Do these jeans make
Joseph Geisler in Br -05/24, 07:47 pm- Consider me a DUMMY when
keith g barrier Sava -05/24, 07:58 pm- Agree with everything she
Kevin Weeds -05/24, 08:16 pm- I read somewhere, Best w
David Dewey, N. Cali -05/25, 12:16 am- Whats a hat?? [:-]
Dan Killecut -05/25, 07:43 am- I agreed with Mark after
Dwayne Durand -05/25, 08:11 am- Wife: Do these pants make
Roar Sand -05/25, 08:15 am- Some of the comments made
Russell Prideaux Mar -05/25, 08:59 am- Wife looking in mirror I
brass car guy -05/25, 09:24 am- being married for the sec
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -05/25, 09:45 am- Does this phone make me s
Kenneth W DeLong -05/25, 09:55 am- Making 48 years Tuesday n
Ken Todd, .......... -05/25, 11:05 am- When I told a friend that
Norman T. Kling -05/25, 11:35 am- Before we were married, t
Henry Petrino in Mod -05/25, 12:07 pm- Ken, When I was 15 or 16
By definition what is a 1923 Model T Ford in Pennsylvania?
John C Codman -05/25, 11:55 am- Hi Justin. I realize that
Generator trouble again
John Leffler -05/24, 06:50 pm- the amp gauge was showing
JohnH -05/24, 09:11 pm- The voltage drop across y
Norman T. Kling -05/25, 11:51 am- Where does the needle on
Speedster Steering Tube Relocation
Peter Kable - Kiama  -05/21, 05:07 am- Dont forget that the seat
Andre Valkenaers -05/21, 05:24 am- About the same question.
keith g barrier Sava -05/21, 08:43 am- You need to check the pit
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -05/21, 11:28 am- Like this? https://www.m
Seth from NC -05/22, 06:45 am- Hey Daryl, post pics!
Daryl Miles- North C -05/23, 10:52 am- The owner doesnt want to
Dan Treace, North FL -05/23, 01:09 pm- Thats the best way, do a
Dave Barker - Dayton -05/23, 02:05 pm- To lower the rake on the
Daryl Miles- North C -05/25, 08:23 am- That looks great Dave! We
Dan Treace, North FL -05/25, 11:28 am- Daryl Dont have any wood
Partial Upholstery Panels
Larry Smith -05/21, 09:59 am- Elizabeth has sold the bu
ED Henline -05/21, 10:14 am- Call Don Jenkins with Joe
David Dewey, N. Cali -05/21, 01:59 pm- ELIZABETH SOLD THE BUSINE
Jack Daron - Brownsb -05/21, 02:07 pm- David,ask the nose,that K
James A. Golden -05/25, 09:23 am- David, Mike Francis is th
Dan Treace, North FL -05/25, 10:49 am- Yes But Elizabeth is sti
Brassy for sale, your thoughts?
Kevin Weeds -05/23, 03:52 am- I found this today, this
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -05/23, 04:22 am- Looks to be a Canadian 15
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -05/23, 04:45 am- I agree with Wayne. The r
Kevin Weeds -05/23, 04:55 am- Just found it today Wayne
John T. Tannehill II -05/23, 07:29 am- Looks like a 14 coil box
John T. Tannehill II -05/23, 07:33 am- Wayne isnt that a slight
Kevin Weeds -05/23, 09:04 am- Few more pics[Wanaka
Kevin Weeds -05/23, 09:05 am- Another diff shot[Wanaka
Mike Walker, NW AR -05/23, 09:16 am- Id buy it in a heartbeat
Ken Parker -05/23, 09:20 am- Kevin, That is a nice on
Gary London, Camaril -05/23, 11:54 am- Id be seriously intereste
Royce in Georgetown  -05/23, 12:00 pm- Like it. I woul find some
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -05/23, 04:16 pm- I am not an expert on the
Kevin Weeds -05/23, 06:36 pm- Great feedback guys, No i
Allan Bennett - Aust -05/24, 03:44 am- Kevin, A little while ag
Kevin Weeds -05/24, 04:42 am- Thanks Alan, yes that was
Allan Bennett - Aust -05/24, 05:31 am- Kevin, Either there are
Kevin Weeds -05/24, 07:40 am- Its amazing that some peo
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -05/24, 03:39 pm- I always hesitate to to o
Kevin Weeds -05/24, 04:11 pm- Well I guess if they are
Karl Gilchrist- New  -05/24, 07:14 pm- Wow Kevin - Im toying wit
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -05/24, 07:19 pm- A person would be a fool
Kevin Weeds -05/24, 08:13 pm- Good point Wayne. Karl,
Kenneth W DeLong -05/24, 09:13 pm- Either change your oil or
Karl Gilchrist- New  -05/24, 10:55 pm- Kevin Im not sure what i
Kevin Weeds -05/25, 02:06 am- That sounds a better opti
Roger Karlsson, sout -05/25, 04:14 am- Kevin, Bud thinks your oi
Kevin Weeds -05/25, 04:57 am- Thanks Roger I will have
Roger Karlsson, sout -05/25, 06:36 am- You could try 5w-40 since
Peter Kable - Kiama  -05/25, 07:58 am- Roger, Isnt it the other
Kevin Weeds -05/25, 08:22 am- I always park it up with
Roger Karlsson, sout -05/25, 09:43 am- Maybe I wrote a little un
Interesting tool kit
Gary H. White - Sher -05/24, 07:39 pm- Saw this on C/L. Model T?
Royce in Georgetown  -05/25, 08:27 am- It is a cheap stamped ste
Adults say the Darndest Things.
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -05/21, 01:17 pm- With apologies to Art Lin
Paul ONeil, Fullerto -05/21, 01:22 pm- Ive gotten Are you the or
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -05/21, 01:24 pm- When pushing my T off Woo
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -05/21, 01:25 pm- Good one Paul. Keep em co
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -05/21, 01:26 pm- and Jerry.
G.R.Cheshire -05/21, 01:32 pm- From someone when I was r
Mike Spaziano, Bellf -05/21, 01:36 pm- I once drove my 26 Tourin
Jay - In Northern Ca -05/21, 01:46 pm- In a shopping parking lot
Dave Wells, Hamilton -05/21, 02:05 pm- Theres a store I often dr
Norman T. Kling -05/21, 02:07 pm- In one local parade, seve
Bob Gruber- Spanaway -05/21, 02:08 pm- At the first cruise-in of
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -05/21, 02:16 pm- While looking at a T a yo
Dean Kiefer - Adams, -05/21, 02:21 pm- At car shows people would
John Haynes - Chadro -05/21, 02:24 pm- I was at an auction, they
Harold Schwendeman - -05/21, 02:31 pm- Might be that you have to
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -05/21, 02:42 pm- Deans exactly like that h
John Manuel, Lafayet -05/21, 03:19 pm- Some lady pulls up alongs
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -05/21, 03:37 pm- I can out do Norman when
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -05/21, 04:06 pm- We have heard folks enlig
William L Vanderburg -05/21, 06:02 pm- Someone asked me two car
Mike Walker, NW AR -05/21, 06:16 pm- My favorite exactly like
Seth from NC -05/21, 06:36 pm- This thread is FANTASTIC.
Dan B -05/21, 07:00 pm- Yea I like the exactly li
Mike Vaughn -05/21, 07:14 pm- My wife and I were in our
Dave Wells, Hamilton -05/21, 07:44 pm- Can you still get tires f
Allan Bennett - Aust -05/21, 07:52 pm- I have one of my own I us
Dick Lodge - St Loui -05/21, 08:11 pm- I have driven my T to a l
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -05/21, 08:52 pm- The Have you ever made ou
Craig Anderson, cent -05/21, 08:56 pm- Re: Do you have to put an
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -05/21, 09:13 pm- When I see a Model T with
John Aldrich Orting  -05/21, 09:25 pm- Want to race for pink sli
Dave Wells, Hamilton -05/21, 09:52 pm- Craig. Dont get me starte
Ken Todd, .......... -05/21, 10:44 pm- I was driving a 27 coupe
mike_black SC/FL -05/21, 11:19 pm- The P/U in my profile pic
George Scholz -05/21, 11:26 pm- Heres one that I did, how
Paul Mikeska, Denver -05/22, 12:06 am- I have been asked about t
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -05/22, 12:34 am- From Richard Eagle:Anothe
Peter Kable - Kiama  -05/22, 01:02 am- On our trip from Los Ange
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -05/22, 01:50 am- Wheres Australia? Most Am
Burger in Spokane -05/22, 02:05 am- Just tell them you use Ru
Andrew Brand -05/22, 05:06 am- Not a comment on a car bu
Seth from NC -05/22, 07:57 am- HAHAHA Steve! I laughed o
Ned Protexter -05/22, 09:03 am- I was at a show with our
Larry Smith -05/22, 10:16 am- Ive been asked if the sea
Jay - In Northern Ca -05/22, 10:23 am- Does it use gas? No it r
Henry Petrino in Mod -05/22, 10:24 am- I often take the TT to a
George John Drobnock -05/22, 10:34 am- To all who know where Aus
keith g barrier Sava -05/22, 10:42 am- I overheard my neighbor a
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -05/22, 11:04 am- Ned, thats one of the adv
brass car guy -05/22, 11:49 am- A few years back a friend
Jim Rose -05/22, 12:20 pm- When I was a teenager a f
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -05/22, 04:03 pm- John Aldrich says Want to
Gilbert V. I. Fitzhu -05/22, 07:07 pm- Wayne, a Corvette driver
rick howerton -05/22, 07:35 pm- Is that called a Doctors
Howard D. Dennis Byr -05/22, 07:58 pm- My favorite one happened
Warren F Rollins -05/22, 08:50 pm- Two boys from back in my
Steven Thum -05/22, 10:02 pm- My favorite question that
Dave Barker - Dayton -05/22, 10:14 pm- At a cruise-in this eveni
Henry Petrino in Mod -05/22, 10:19 pm- Steven, Is it real? is ac
Scott Lay,,,,,,,,,,, -05/24, 04:44 pm- Just got back from a trip
Burger in Spokane -05/24, 05:11 pm- The most profound car sto
Richard Williams, Hu -05/24, 06:00 pm- A classic that we have al
John E Cox -05/24, 07:12 pm- A guy at my airport has a
Joseph Geisler in Br -05/24, 08:41 pm- I was at a meet in Braden
Frank Seress, Presco -05/24, 08:54 pm- A couple years ago I was
G.R.Cheshire -05/25, 08:19 am- At a stoplight yesterday,
We stopped to take a picture
Dave Huson, Berthoud -05/24, 11:28 am- We stopped going up Camer
Mike Walker, NW AR -05/24, 08:33 pm- Your son must have gone t
Jeff Perkins / MN -05/24, 08:46 pm- Always enjoy your picture
Royce in Georgetown  -05/24, 10:14 pm- Wow. Spectacular scenery.
Dave Huson, Berthoud -05/25, 01:19 am- Mike; The second picture
Dave Huson, Berthoud -05/25, 01:25 am- Mike; The second picture
James J. Lyons III - -05/25, 07:13 am- Hasnt it warmed up out th
Dave Wells, Hamilton -05/25, 07:55 am- I also stopped to take a
Heavy Felt Inner Axle Seals continued
Eric Sole - Castelld -05/23, 02:01 am- Just opened up the rear a
Eric Sole - Castelld -05/23, 02:29 am- Heres a pic showing the s
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -05/23, 08:14 am- Eric, I asked someone a w
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -05/23, 09:21 am- They go in right in front
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -05/23, 09:42 am- Theres plenty of room for
Mark Gregush Portlan -05/23, 11:26 am- ya try putting them on wh
Eric Sole - Castelld -05/24, 07:00 am- I found the outer bearing
Joseph Geisler in Br -05/24, 10:20 pm- Eric, By chance, do you k
Eric Sole - Castelld -05/25, 06:24 am- Hi Joseph. I have not see
WOW 1919 Ford Model T SPEEDSTER no reserve ebay!
Craig Anderson, cent -05/25, 12:32 am-
OT, Allen Charger?
Pat Kelly Montana -05/24, 11:37 pm- Anyone know anything abou
brass car guy -05/24, 11:41 pm- These chargers were often
Erik Johnson -05/25, 12:11 am- I have a wall-mounted All
1915 T on Craigslist
Bill Elliott -05/21, 05:53 am- For those who live in the
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -05/21, 07:50 am- Bill, all you have to do
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -05/21, 07:56 am- Ill try to put in the auc
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -05/21, 08:40 am- Looks like a good running
Dave Wells, Hamilton -05/21, 09:01 am- Looks like a nice car. It
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -05/22, 08:33 am- Interesting comment Dave,
Mike Walker, NW AR -05/22, 08:41 am- I believe that Haps resea
William L Vanderburg -05/22, 09:25 am- Id also remove the extra
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -05/22, 07:24 pm- Mike, very true, but unfo
James J. Lyons III - -05/23, 08:59 am- How in the world does the
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -05/23, 09:22 am- The water pump doesnt cau
Derek Kiefer - Manto -05/23, 11:11 am- Many T owners put water p
Kenneth W DeLong -05/23, 02:02 pm- The radiators job then is
Rick Rice -05/24, 08:42 am- I attended that auction y
Rick Rice -05/24, 08:46 am- Oh, and yes, I scored on
Gary Schreiber- Sant -05/24, 09:23 am- all original and restored
Mike Walker, NW AR -05/24, 09:42 am- Gary -- What he means is,
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -05/24, 09:46 am- Now were back to the mean
Joseph Geisler in Br -05/24, 10:06 pm- OK, again I am going to p
Seal wood floor in car hauler
HARRY A DAW Troy, Mo -05/24, 08:24 pm- I have a new car hauler t
Ted Dumas -05/24, 09:55 pm- Fred, seal wood comes fro
First-time Welding a Success!
Jim Kelsey -05/24, 02:34 am- Since I was a kid, I have
Harold Schwendeman - -05/24, 03:30 am- Nice work Jim! Several y
keith g barrier Sava -05/24, 08:03 am- Good job Jim! A trick to
john kuehn -05/24, 09:39 am- Learning how to weld is l
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -05/24, 10:05 am- One of the best things I
Derek Kiefer - Manto -05/24, 10:16 am- No offense to anyone here
Mike Walker, NW AR -05/24, 11:35 am- I cant weld very well, bu
Chad Marchees _____T -05/24, 12:25 pm- Mike, that is so true. I
Gary H. White - Sher -05/24, 03:29 pm- Years back my attempt to
Gary Tillstrom 30 mi -05/24, 04:41 pm- I prefer oxygen acetylene
Gary Tillstrom 30 mi -05/24, 04:42 pm- Forget to mention, that l
Ted Dumas -05/24, 07:16 pm- Since I have a pacemaker
Joseph Geisler in Br -05/24, 08:18 pm- My 2 cents if you will. A
Joseph Geisler in Br -05/24, 08:27 pm- It leaves the area around
Jim Kelsey -05/24, 09:40 pm- Thanks to all for the nic
Dennis Brown -05/24, 09:52 pm- It was mentioned above to
Seeking buyer consultant -- help inspect & estimate value...
Kevin Sweere -05/22, 11:15 pm- Again, thank you all. Im
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -05/22, 11:46 pm- Except for the disturbuto
Roger Karlsson, sout -05/23, 02:22 am- There are thousands of Ts
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -05/23, 08:17 am- Kevin, thats not a bad pr
Donald Manlove -05/24, 12:36 am- Kevin, Suggest you get ah
Dave Barker - Dayton -05/24, 03:35 am- Roger - Wire wheels were
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -05/24, 10:19 am- From the encyclopedia: Wi
Mark Gregush Portlan -05/24, 11:01 am- Kevin; Just looking at th
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -05/24, 11:49 am- [IMG_4049 copy 2.JPG] Il
Harold Schwendeman - -05/24, 05:12 pm- Steve - I thought it was
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -05/24, 05:19 pm- No, Harold, I had a prett
Norman T. Kling -05/24, 05:59 pm- The closed car might be p
Ted Dumas -05/24, 09:10 pm- I think you need to look
Joseph Geisler in Br -05/24, 09:27 pm- Kevin, You NEED to have a
OT Parts For a Vintage Fox Battery Charger
Charlie B actually i -05/24, 09:07 pm- Just a shout out if any o
TW timer
Michael Velling, Ger -05/24, 03:49 pm- I gave got it after one d
Mike Walker, NW AR -05/24, 08:30 pm- Today we did a ride aroun
Sediment bulb leaking
harold lee cartwrigh -05/24, 09:01 am- the bulb on my 21 hack is
Mark Gregush Portlan -05/24, 11:04 am- Where is it leaking?
Larry Smith -05/24, 11:24 am- There are three places it
Bud Holzschuh - Pana -05/24, 06:36 pm- There are advantages to t
John Leffler -05/24, 06:54 pm- What size thread would th
Les Schubert -05/24, 07:00 pm- If the valve plug is leak
Steve Tomaso - Milto -05/24, 07:36 pm- 1/2 pipe, John.
Model T Transmission Question
Richard Bloomquist -05/24, 01:14 pm- Does anyone have knowledg
Mike Bender Tulsa Ok -05/24, 01:17 pm- Not sure of max RPM but h
Roger Karlsson, sout -05/24, 01:38 pm- I think the racers back t
Roger Karlsson, sout -05/24, 04:10 pm- Heres an older thread wit
Norman T. Kling -05/24, 06:10 pm- More likely, would be how
Drive Shaft Installation
P. Jamison- PA -05/24, 08:15 am- Im installing my rebuilt
Mike Walker, NW AR -05/24, 08:40 am- I use a floor jack.
Richard Gould, Folso -05/24, 09:03 am- I roll the pumpkin in on
Pat Kelly Montana -05/24, 09:59 am- I used a jack stand to su
Anthonie Boer---- Kl -05/24, 10:08 am- Phil ; I use this [wagon]
Erik Johnson -05/24, 11:20 am- Slight drift but very imp
Chad Marchees _____T -05/24, 12:02 pm- Anthonie, that jack is in
R.V. Anderson -05/24, 01:40 pm- Borrow one of the grandki
Norman T. Kling -05/24, 04:01 pm- Its easy to push the driv
P. Jamison- PA -05/24, 05:46 pm- Thanks for those tips. I
Michael Pawelek Broo -05/24, 05:51 pm- Anthonie, Do you have the
Kind of, sort of, crank seal leak, but not dripping
Tom Moorehead -05/24, 12:06 pm- The front felt seal on ou
Mike Bender Tulsa Ok -05/24, 01:13 pm- Remove the pulley and cle
Bill Harper - Keene, -05/24, 01:14 pm- Hi Tom, I have had to de
Anthonie Boer---- Kl -05/24, 02:50 pm- Tom ; I do the same as Mi
Tom Moorehead -05/24, 04:46 pm- Thanks guys. I think I w
Hand break adjustments
Steve Bourgeois -05/24, 01:57 pm- I have replaced the quadr
Roger Karlsson, sout -05/24, 03:36 pm- Here is a recent thread w
Norman T. Kling -05/24, 03:52 pm- Put the rear axle up on s
Terry in KCMO -05/24, 01:03 pm- Just noticed these on cra
Dana A. Crosby in Gl -05/24, 01:36 pm- Thank goodness they are 1
Chad Marchees _____T -05/24, 01:37 pm- Why is it the Midwest has
Bob on Texas Gulf Co -05/24, 02:58 pm- I have two on Yesterdays
Terry Woods, Richmon -05/24, 03:49 pm- The one on steel appears
Newbie question
Randy Glowacki -05/24, 03:18 pm- I should know this but I
Roger Karlsson, sout -05/24, 03:29 pm- Thats correct [:-] A four
Bendix question
Russell Prideaux Mar -05/24, 12:37 am- Is this normal? All the b
Russell Prideaux Mar -05/24, 09:27 am- Anyone? Pardon my ignoran
Bill Harper - Keene, -05/24, 09:34 am- Hi Russell, No, that is
Jack Putnam, Bluffto -05/24, 09:43 am- That spring was made by a
G.R.Cheshire -05/24, 09:48 am- I would replace it,Howeve
Roger Karlsson, sout -05/24, 01:34 pm- The hand crank convenient
Ford Tools identification
Joe Fedullo -05/23, 08:33 am- I have a smattering of ol
Bill Harper - Keene, -05/23, 08:48 am- Hi Joe, The Ford jack wo
Larry Smith -05/23, 11:22 am- The only tools Im aware o
Joe Fedullo -05/23, 10:15 pm- Larry, are you saying one
Allan Bennett - Aust -05/23, 11:17 pm- Joe, the two on the left
wayne tomlins -05/24, 01:56 am- Joe, with the last pictur
Joe Fedullo -05/24, 08:03 am- Wayne, Thanks for t
Larry Smith -05/24, 11:33 am- Its difficult to tell fro
Pre-Programmable GPS Units?
Bob Coiro -05/22, 02:49 pm- [gps car.jpg] So, what
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -05/22, 06:56 pm- Does your GPS have map mo
Kevin Holland, Utah -05/22, 10:31 pm- Google earth is notorious
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -05/22, 10:43 pm- My favorite online map ex
Dennis Seth - Ohio -05/23, 07:00 am- I have had three differen
Michael Thomas - Cen -05/23, 08:03 am- I would like some technol
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -05/23, 09:42 am- Both Google Maps and MapQ
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -05/23, 09:53 am- I might add that the nurs
Pat Clark-Deer Lodge -05/23, 07:30 pm- We have a drive service f
Bud Holzschuh - Pana -05/23, 10:13 pm- Bob to answer your origi
Mike Walker, NW AR -05/24, 09:18 am- Bob --It sounds to me as
Freighter Jim -05/24, 11:20 am- Years ago I had a deliver
A Trackson on E-Bay
Kenneth W DeLong -05/23, 10:26 pm- Looking at farm tractors
Mark Gregush Portlan -05/23, 10:55 pm- how about posting a link
Ed in California -05/23, 11:07 pm-
Ed in California -05/23, 11:09 pm- That looks like a fun toy
Eric Hylen- Central  -05/24, 08:59 am- That nearly in my back ya
Mike Walker, NW AR -05/24, 09:10 am- Go for it, Eric! It look
Jim Eubanks, Powell, -05/24, 09:14 am- Looks like somebody chang
Kenneth W DeLong -05/24, 09:51 am- Sorry about no link,im no
Fred Wicker Please Contact Me.
Tom Strickling -05/23, 06:49 am- Fred please contact me co
Fred Wicker -05/24, 08:08 am- Message sent.
Tom Strickling -05/24, 08:33 am- thanks Fred
Another tire pump question: Ford this time
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -05/22, 11:58 pm- With the Brand X double p
Jack Daron - Brownsb -05/23, 12:07 am- All you need is a small b
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -05/23, 12:54 am- I suspected that might be
Justin H. - Western  -05/23, 01:27 pm- Steve, out of curiosity I
Mark Strange - Hills -05/23, 01:39 pm- If for some reason the ba
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -05/23, 05:14 pm- Heres a report on progres
Mark Gregush Portlan -05/23, 05:51 pm- Instead of a coil of wire
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -05/23, 11:56 pm- Yes, a spring might be be
Ronald L Babb - Taco -05/24, 01:43 am- I dont know what kind of
Nevin Gough -05/24, 01:45 am- How rare are Ford tire pu
Justin H. - Western  -05/24, 08:07 am- Nevin, the single barrel
TT Truck rear axle housing bolts
Gerard de Bruin -05/24, 07:53 am- How is are the two TT tru
Justin H. - Western  -05/24, 07:58 am- Bolt, nut, and cotter pin
Not a happy bunny, became a full member of the 2 piece cr...
Jeremy Gibson  -05/23, 06:14 pm- After 7000 miles of fun I
Jeremy Gibson  -05/23, 06:21 pm- [image.jpg] [image.jpg]
Ed in California -05/23, 06:22 pm- I am going to fork the bu
Norman T. Kling -05/23, 09:09 pm- If you are lucky the brea
joe bell -05/23, 10:44 pm- Years ago I did the metal
Jeremy Gibson  -05/24, 04:54 am- What was the best origina
joe bell -05/24, 07:51 am- Jeremy, the best I had fo
1911 Tourer Firewall and Winscreen Riser Dimensions
Richard Wheatley -05/24, 06:15 am- Hi I am restoring an 11
Swap meet finds
Allan Bennett - Aust -05/24, 03:09 am- I went to a local swap me
Nevin Gough -05/24, 04:46 am- I have one of those too.
Nevin Gough -05/24, 04:52 am- BTW, my Studebaker came w
Put a flag on your "T" for Memorial Day
David Kriegel Mishaw -05/23, 04:31 pm- Drive around town, wave a
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -05/23, 04:40 pm- Depends on whether the ra
David Kriegel Mishaw -05/23, 07:33 pm- Yup we are forecasting th
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -05/23, 07:35 pm- Rain? What rain? We haven
David Dewey, N. Cali -05/24, 03:19 am- Folks seem to confuse Mem
OT--Rat Rod for the "Wealthy Set"
William L Vanderburg -05/23, 07:56 pm- See the pics for its gone
Mark Gregush Portlan -05/23, 08:04 pm- Well it a gone done ? dea
Ted Dumas -05/23, 08:42 pm- Looks like a fun jalopy t
Donnie Brown North C -05/23, 08:52 pm- Its not my cup-of-tea, bu
Ed in California -05/23, 08:57 pm- You could pretty that thi
Dave Wells, Hamilton -05/23, 10:31 pm- I guess they had to destr
Mark Gregush Portlan -05/23, 10:46 pm- If you read the ad, they
Chuck Hoffman - Moke -05/23, 10:48 pm- The term rat rod is widel
Mark Gregush Portlan -05/23, 10:53 pm- I would call the touring
David Dewey, N. Cali -05/24, 03:04 am- Definitely NOT a Rat Rod-
Genuine Ford "Montier" for sale.
Olivier CHABANNE -05/23, 02:12 am- Bonjour, Just for inform
Dennis Seth - Ohio -05/23, 06:39 am- Olivier, Thanks for shar
Chris Martin -05/23, 09:08 pm- This car has an important
Chris Martin -05/23, 09:17 pm- And dont forget everyone,
Chris Martin -05/24, 02:47 am- The photo loaded in a str
Best Paint for Gas Tank?
Jim Kelsey -05/23, 07:30 pm- I pulled out the gas tank
Spencer Vibert - Gra -05/23, 10:48 pm- por 15 I did mine a few w
John Noonan - Norton -05/23, 11:03 pm- POR15 is amazing stuff, j
Ed in California -05/23, 11:16 pm- It will not come off for
John Noonan - Norton -05/23, 11:25 pm- Ed, thats hilarious!..The
Jim Patrick -05/23, 11:41 pm- Here is a picture of the
bob middleton -05/24, 12:14 am- Por15 makes the best but
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -05/24, 12:31 am- satin or semi-gloss black
Old Photo - Paris Island, S.C.
Jay - In Northern Ca -05/22, 12:26 pm- [Paris Island S.C..JPG]
Dave Wells, Hamilton -05/22, 01:01 pm- Looks to be a 1919 car.
Bill Rigdon -05/22, 01:05 pm- Dont need to ask what bra
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -05/22, 01:06 pm- Weapons look to be M-1917
Ken Parker -05/22, 09:49 pm- Guard Mount on the print.
Erik Journey - Blue  -05/22, 09:58 pm- Are those straplike thing
Jay - In Northern Ca -05/22, 10:15 pm- Erik, Yes.
George n Los Angeles -05/23, 01:19 am- Hal, they look like m-191
Dennis Seth - Ohio -05/23, 06:49 am- I dont know why the gover
John T. Tannehill II -05/23, 07:11 am- I remember my 90 day free
Jim Patrick -05/23, 10:00 am- No place like it on earth
Burger in Spokane -05/23, 12:06 pm- For anyone still pulsing
Harold Schwendeman - -05/23, 02:55 pm- My thirteen week all expe
Harold Schwendeman - -05/23, 03:00 pm- My thirteen week all expe
Jim Patrick -05/23, 10:50 pm- Having been there from No
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -05/23, 11:36 pm- And Thank You Jim Patrick
John Noonan - Norton -05/23, 11:46 pm- Let me second that..Thank
OFF TOPIC: need main bearing for Durant car
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -05/23, 12:38 pm- I am overhauling a 30 Dur
Ed in California -05/23, 12:45 pm- Maybe Olcar bearings migh
Mark Gregush Portlan -05/23, 01:48 pm- You might look at the VCC
Ted Dumas -05/23, 08:06 pm- Why dont you get Erik to
Gary Tillstrom 30 mi -05/23, 09:50 pm- You might have luck looki
Ted Dumas -05/23, 10:34 pm- You might also try: Halam
O.T. Stationary engine - A Stover?
Darel J. Leipold -05/22, 03:17 pm- I have a 3 h.p. stationar
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -05/22, 03:27 pm- No expert, but Im pretty
Ken Todd, .......... -05/22, 04:18 pm- Have you checked with: ht
Darel J. Leipold -05/22, 05:14 pm- I have heard that Stover
Rob Patterson. Moruy -05/22, 05:45 pm- I do know that Stover mad
Les Gitts - Ferndale -05/22, 06:08 pm- Heres another source for
Donnie Brown North C -05/22, 08:08 pm- Darel, We need a picture.
Pat Kelly Montana -05/23, 10:03 pm- I have a 3 HP Stover, its
Coils General Question
TT -05/23, 04:40 pm- Hi Just a quick question
TT -05/23, 04:49 pm- Hi again, apologies for m
Chris Barker, Somers -05/23, 05:04 pm- ALL coils buzzing togethe
Henry Petrino in Mod -05/23, 05:14 pm- TT, Are you sure all four
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -05/23, 07:33 pm- Id check the connectors o
Norman T. Kling -05/23, 09:02 pm- The timer makes 4 contact
1916 light switch got it!
paul iverson freepor -05/22, 05:14 pm- Thanks to Mike Walker I g
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -05/22, 07:13 pm- Fantastic! Kudos to you b
David Dewey, N. Cali -05/22, 09:05 pm- You can coat the inside o
Mike Walker, NW AR -05/23, 09:48 am- Wayne -- It is a correct
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -05/23, 03:27 pm- Thank you Mike W!
Mike Walker, NW AR -05/23, 07:34 pm- Youre welcome, Wayne.
paul iverson freepor -05/23, 08:11 pm- Fits great! Thanks to you
Coming back to the Demountable Lug thread....
William L Vanderburg -05/22, 07:13 am- I have contacted two majo
Royce in Georgetown  -05/22, 07:40 am- I should have some. Will
Royce in Georgetown  -05/23, 07:06 pm- I looked and it seems I h
William L Vanderburg -05/23, 07:07 pm- Thanks for looking, Royce
Ted Dumas -05/23, 07:30 pm- Is there a community coll
William L Vanderburg -05/23, 07:57 pm- I do not know the answer
1920 Model T Depot Hack for sale
Keith Larson -05/22, 02:09 pm- 1920 Depot Hack ’27 trans
John McGinnis in San -05/22, 03:12 pm- I am withholding my first
Freighter Jim -05/23, 05:59 am- John, Does the image mak
Erik Johnson -05/23, 12:05 pm- Ever hear the phrase tail
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -05/23, 05:34 pm- I love old style Jazz! I
David Kriegel Mishaw -05/23, 07:30 pm- This looks like something
Gas tank straps
Stephen D Heatherly -05/23, 07:04 pm- On what end of the gas ta
Steven Thum -05/23, 07:08 pm- Call me and I will help y
Typical Model T service life expectancy
Robert Deats -05/22, 07:13 pm- As a newbie to the hobby
Michael Pawelek Broo -05/22, 07:35 pm- Robert, I think you will
paul iverson freepor -05/22, 08:46 pm- Robert I dont know about
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -05/22, 10:50 pm- In the earlier days, Not
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -05/22, 10:59 pm- Bob, heres some info I tr
David Dewey, N. Cali -05/23, 12:21 am- The museum here has a 22
John Noonan - Norton -05/23, 12:36 am- Im sure we all treat our
Bob Coiro -05/23, 01:23 am- The Model T was produced
Henry Petrino in Mod -05/23, 10:29 am- Bob is right. I have on
Bob Deats in South J -05/23, 03:33 pm- Bob Coiro Thank you and
1912 T hit by modern SUV on tour
Roger Karlsson, sout -05/21, 04:11 am- This happened yesterday o
Freighter Jim -05/21, 06:19 am- Roger, I do not understa
G.R.Cheshire -05/21, 07:35 am- Da! My Father who was a S
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -05/21, 07:40 am- Trouble is, the folks in
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -05/21, 08:20 am- This brings back a scary
Dan B -05/21, 08:29 am- I sure hope all these clu
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -05/21, 08:53 am- Just a wild guess, but I
Dave Wells, Hamilton -05/21, 09:10 am- Obviously the funny looki
Dick Lodge - St Loui -05/21, 09:25 am- My first thought as well,
Mike Zahorik -05/21, 09:37 am- Common Sense isnt as comm
Dean Kiefer - Adams, -05/21, 09:50 am- I sure hope they didnt to
G.R.Cheshire -05/21, 09:53 am- Steve take a close look a
Hap Tucker in Sumter -05/21, 10:02 am- Bottom Line Up Front: I’
Erik Johnson -05/21, 10:07 am- I wish the articled clari
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -05/21, 10:50 am- Looks like the Kia got th
Bob Solak -05/21, 11:00 am- If you find the intersect
Bob Solak -05/21, 11:02 am- Google Map 151 W Doe Run
Jay - In Northern Ca -05/21, 11:08 am- I always worry when I slo
Scott Rosenthal in C -05/21, 11:09 am- Clearly looks like the SU
Burger in Spokane -05/21, 11:13 am- I think youze guys are mi
Scott Rosenthal in C -05/21, 11:19 am- Type error, meant to say
Norman T. Kling -05/21, 11:30 am- Here is what I have obser
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -05/21, 11:53 am- This is the corner of Doe
Larry Bohlen, Severn -05/21, 11:57 am- Yeah...Its called a DOUBL
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -05/21, 12:02 pm- Further back up the road.
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -05/21, 12:05 pm- Not only a double yellow
David Dewey, N. Cali -05/21, 01:27 pm- Another case of DWI--Driv
Bob Coiro -05/21, 04:57 pm- First and foremost, I hop
Val Soupios -05/21, 05:45 pm- You cant fix stupid! We
Walter Higgins -05/21, 06:12 pm- I live in the area where
Gary H. White - Sher -05/21, 06:59 pm- And then there is the min
Mack Cole ---- Earth -05/21, 10:27 pm- 1 detail I dont see menti
kep -05/22, 02:09 am- Radiator appears to be le
Dick Lodge - St Loui -05/22, 08:51 am- It probably only helps sl
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -05/22, 09:03 am- I point too, but I agree
Burger in Spokane -05/22, 10:07 am- Another T-era idea: Euge
Dave Wells, Hamilton -05/22, 12:18 pm- I dont point, Im afraid t
Gilbert V. I. Fitzhu -05/22, 02:10 pm- I was on that tour. Didn
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -05/22, 04:21 pm- Thank you Gilbert for the
Erik Barrett in Aubu -05/22, 09:25 pm- I have been hit twice in
John Noonan - Norton -05/22, 10:43 pm- Glad everyone in this wre
kep -05/23, 04:08 am- i can do twice the speed
James Michael Rogers -05/23, 07:52 am- I had an experience like
Chad Marchees _____T -05/23, 12:10 pm- Is the car owner a poster
Kenneth W DeLong -05/23, 12:58 pm- At 30 mph it takes 2 minu
Mark Gregush Portlan -05/23, 02:09 pm- Some people have been in
OT - Malcomson and the Model K
Rob Heyen - Eastern  -05/22, 05:57 pm- Ive been looking at this
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -05/22, 07:43 pm- Ill play devils advocate.
Rob Heyen - Eastern  -05/22, 10:19 pm- Wayne, Always a pleasure
Dennis Seth - Ohio -05/23, 07:16 am- Being a member of Fords t
Rob Heyen - Eastern  -05/23, 09:13 am- Denny, I get the impressi
Rob Heyen - Eastern  -05/23, 09:21 am- Above should say when pus
Roger Karlsson, sout -05/23, 11:07 am- I think the air cooled 19
Rob Heyen - Eastern  -05/23, 12:17 pm- Roger, Thats possible. H
Kenneth W DeLong -05/23, 12:51 pm- It makes me wonder if the
Rob Heyen - Eastern  -05/23, 01:24 pm- Bud, In 1907, the License
Craig Anderson, cent -05/23, 01:29 pm- I hope I have this right
Free MODEL T items
Jim Young--- Maltby, -05/23, 11:25 am- I am cleaning my garage.
Donnie Dingler, Crow -05/22, 11:35 am- Greetings, Help verifying
Henry Petrino in Mod -05/22, 11:39 am- Engine 9818010 comes up M
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -05/22, 03:54 pm- Unequal door hinges and f
Mark Gregush Portlan -05/22, 06:27 pm- You have the wrong nuts a
Donnie Dingler, Crow -05/22, 06:39 pm- Couple more pics. [image.
Donnie Dingler, Crow -05/22, 07:26 pm- Thanks for the info. Thi
Michael Pawelek Broo -05/22, 07:29 pm- Looks as if the passenger
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -05/22, 10:15 pm- From the angle of the pho
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -05/22, 10:53 pm- The little spring on the
john kuehn -05/23, 11:17 am- Non-T horn?
Coastal Swapmeet British Columbia
brass car guy -05/23, 11:14 am- Went to the coast swap me
1912 touring
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -05/21, 08:02 am- Pete, welcome to the foru
Gary Schreiber- Sant -05/21, 08:22 am- My site search abilities
Mike Walker, NW AR -05/21, 08:35 am- The rear of the car with
R.V. Anderson -05/21, 11:20 am- Everything Mike said is r
Jerry Brancato -05/21, 12:25 pm- What problems does oak pr
Royce in Georgetown  -05/21, 12:56 pm- Oak has to be pre - drill
Darel J. Leipold -05/21, 02:03 pm- Ash is a much choice for
Harold Schwendeman - -05/21, 05:14 pm- Darel - You are right abo
Robert Poane -05/21, 06:23 pm- Pete , here are some pix
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -05/21, 09:30 pm- Heres the rap on oak spok
Scott Rosenthal in C -05/22, 12:41 pm- Pete: What is missing fro
Darel J. Leipold -05/22, 03:24 pm- I should have said hickor
Pete Gatehouse -05/22, 06:03 pm- Hi guys, This is the prog
Larry Smith -05/23, 11:06 am- They used white oak for t
Freighter Jim accolades!!!!
M G Hillhouse -05/21, 01:47 pm- I have been in the hospit
Steve Redelman, Kout -05/21, 03:54 pm- Ill second that, Jim haul
Kim Dobbins -05/21, 05:26 pm- Ill third that! Jim did
Rob Heyen - Eastern  -05/22, 01:04 pm- Good to hear guys. Its r
Richard Gould, Folso -05/22, 03:27 pm- He quoted me a price of $
Steve Redelman, Kout -05/22, 06:29 pm- Hi Richard, I got several
Robert Matheny  -05/22, 06:42 pm- Every time I have tried t
Richard Gould, Folso -05/22, 07:05 pm- I certainly understand yo
M G Hillhouse -05/22, 07:36 pm- Richard, I started this t
Freighter Jim -05/23, 10:36 am- Malory, I had no idea yo
Larry Smith -05/23, 10:45 am- Why do people paint Model
Freighter Jim -05/23, 10:49 am- Interesting to note ....
Roger Karlsson, sout -05/23, 10:51 am- YFGF, Larry [:-] =Yellow
Freighter Jim -05/23, 10:55 am- Larry, I personally like
Freighter Jim -05/23, 11:00 am- On my trailer right now .
Amazing 1920's video
Kevin Weeds -05/22, 08:32 pm- Dodge video - https://ww
Ed in California -05/22, 09:25 pm- Im sold. Where do I order
Gary H. White - Sher -05/22, 09:40 pm- I see they had to stop an
Kevin Weeds -05/23, 12:56 am- Dont forget to wind the w
Craig Anderson, cent -05/23, 01:59 am- If that video was in real
Kevin Weeds -05/23, 09:08 am- Wise one in the room said
New (to me) Wire Wheels
Seth from NC -05/23, 04:32 am- Here she is with hubcaps
Donnie Brown North C -05/23, 09:02 am- looks good Seth ..[:-][:-
Ranger Tire Paint
Mike -05/22, 01:33 pm- Anyone have any experienc
Chester W. Lowery TN -05/22, 03:34 pm- Mike, I dont like to sugg
Val Soupios -05/22, 05:38 pm- Mike I used it on a rear
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -05/22, 07:21 pm- Well, I am not a chemist
Seth from NC -05/22, 10:16 pm- Mike! I really like Range
Mike -05/23, 08:40 am- Thanks so much for the op
Old Photo - Roadside Tire Repair
Jay - In Northern Ca -05/22, 11:13 am- [antique-car-tire-change.
Dave Wells, Hamilton -05/22, 11:56 am- Looks like a 17 or 18 Run
Erik Johnson -05/22, 02:31 pm- Looks like a Kansas plate
William L Vanderburg -05/22, 02:57 pm- God, I hope I never have
Gary H. White - Sher -05/22, 04:46 pm- Wadda you lookin at?
Rick J. Gunter -- Sp -05/22, 09:12 pm- At least it looks like a
Bill Harper - Keene, -05/22, 11:30 pm- Or any of those weather c
John Noonan - Norton -05/22, 11:57 pm- What year were de-mountab
Dave Wells, Hamilton -05/23, 07:48 am- John, 1919 was the first
Dam McEachern's web site link
John T. Tannehill II -05/21, 09:56 pm- Thanks for the help I was
John T. Tannehill II -05/21, 10:12 pm- Ok my oldtimers disease h
Freighter Jim -05/23, 06:01 am- John, It is easy to make
John T. Tannehill II -05/23, 06:50 am- Oh my Jim, I didnt even n
1927 Roadster seat riser color
Eric Sole - Castelld -05/23, 02:15 am- My car is currently paint
Roger Karlsson, sout -05/23, 02:26 am- I think it was in the bod
Eric Sole - Castelld -05/23, 04:49 am- Thanks Roger. Mine was sc
Model T Speedo - advice needed please
Kevin Weeds -05/22, 02:00 am- Hi guys I have the follow
Allan Bennett - Aust -05/22, 05:15 am- Kevin, your speedo and dr
Royce in Georgetown  -05/22, 07:44 am- Original drive pieces are
Kevin Weeds -05/22, 09:03 am- Thanks Guys, so its AC br
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -05/22, 09:15 am- While youre waiting to fi
Russ Furstnow -05/22, 09:29 am- Kevin, The speedometer o
Kevin Weeds -05/22, 05:45 pm- Thanks Russ.
Wayne Murray - Anaco -05/23, 02:08 am- [Mothers Day2 165-7.jpg]
Kevin Weeds -05/23, 03:53 am- Thats looks tidy set up W
Old Photo, Brass Era - Street Scene, Interesting Windshield
Jay - In Northern Ca -05/22, 12:29 pm- [gujj4445.JPG]
Royce in Georgetown  -05/22, 01:31 pm- It is a Troy brand windsh
Layden Butler -05/22, 09:12 pm- What about the speedomete
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -05/22, 10:53 pm- That is obviously an unau
Warwick Landy Traral -05/23, 03:20 am- Thanks for sharing this o
Refinishing natural wheels
Peter Kable - Kiama  -05/21, 05:01 am- There is always more than
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -05/21, 07:29 am- I havent seen anyone say
Peter Kable - Kiama  -05/21, 09:03 am- Epoxy paint is great for
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -05/21, 09:17 am- All you guys who are doin
Dan Treace, North FL -05/21, 08:34 pm- Wood wheel hickory spokes
Ed in California -05/21, 09:14 pm- I for one have a full set
Justin H. - Western  -05/21, 09:26 pm- I hope to get my already
Peter Kable - Kiama  -05/22, 03:35 am- Justin, so you will now h
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -05/22, 08:58 am- Agree with Peter. When it
Justin H. - Western  -05/22, 12:30 pm- I understand the basic di
Jim Patrick -05/23, 12:37 am- Preparation is 99% of the
Patrick Martin -05/23, 02:13 am- This is what I did and Iv
For Steve Jelf
Robert G. Hester Jr. -05/22, 06:28 pm- Steve, scroll down to you
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -05/22, 11:14 pm- Found it. I added an expl
Anybody know this tire pump?
Robert G. Hester Jr. -05/21, 07:50 am- Steve, I dont know what m
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -05/21, 08:58 am- Bob, does yours have the
Robert G. Hester Jr. -05/21, 10:46 am- Well, Steve, I dont own a
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -05/22, 11:12 pm- Yes, the nut on top is th
Old Photo Postcard - Broad Street From Race Street, Phila...
Jay - In Northern Ca -05/22, 11:09 am- [$(KGrHqV,!k0E9Pq9bMcyBPn
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -05/22, 03:42 pm- Hupp 32 roadster behind t
Ken Parker -05/22, 10:07 pm- Some of the buildings alo
P. Jamison- PA -05/22, 10:15 pm- Broad Street just north o
I need the contact info for Jeff Jones and Gator Gould.
James J. Lyons III - -05/22, 05:05 pm- Im trying to locate these
Jack Daron - Brownsb -05/22, 05:35 pm- Gators contact info is in
James J. Lyons III - -05/22, 06:58 pm- Jack... as offensive as i
John Doolittle -05/22, 07:15 pm- Research the MTFCA home p
Warren F Rollins -05/22, 08:42 pm- Call Gator at 251 765 26
James J. Lyons III - -05/22, 09:14 pm- Warren... Thanks for the
Jack Daron - Brownsb -05/22, 10:04 pm- I didnt intend to embarra
1926 1927 Ford Pickup Box on E BAY
Daniel M. Chapasko -05/22, 05:02 pm- There is a great 1927 Pic
Blake Haugen in Troy -05/22, 09:12 pm- If it is any good you pro
Just Renewed Membership
William L Vanderburg -05/22, 04:40 pm- Hope it went thru. It wa
Mike Vaughn -05/22, 04:56 pm- Good Job!
Freighter Jim -05/22, 05:05 pm- William Thank You ! F
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -05/22, 07:19 pm- Better late than never I
OT Five things you shouldn't do with a hot rod
Tom Carnegie Spokane -05/22, 02:41 pm- http://www.gearheads4life
Henry Petrino in Mod -05/22, 02:50 pm- I agree Tom. The only th
G.R.Cheshire -05/22, 03:19 pm- Roadster dont have winder
Kenneth W DeLong -05/22, 03:30 pm- I kept watching for a cla
Dave Wells, Hamilton -05/22, 03:57 pm- How many times has this h
Jem Bowkett, Brackne -05/22, 05:28 pm- Coming back from an event
Pics of 16 touring floor mats
paul iverson freepor -05/21, 04:16 pm- [image.jpg] [image.jpg] [
Royce in Georgetown  -05/22, 07:57 am- Interesting that the mat
John F. Regan -05/22, 09:49 am- While I too wonder about
Larry Smith -05/22, 10:10 am- Paul, you need to brush o
Roger Karlsson, sout -05/22, 10:26 am- Its a beautiful survivor,
Erik Johnson -05/22, 10:29 am- The slot for the horn and
paul iverson freepor -05/22, 11:36 am- thanks for all the info y
paul iverson freepor -05/22, 05:21 pm- [image.jpg] [image.jpg]
paul iverson freepor -05/22, 05:28 pm- Roger the front tires are
High gear adjustments?
Bob Benedict, Hunbol -05/21, 02:39 pm- When I start out in low g
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -05/21, 02:44 pm- Will it jerk again if its
Bob Benedict, Hunbol -05/21, 03:07 pm- Yes, I cant cruise along
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -05/21, 03:12 pm- Check for excessive wear
Norman T. Kling -05/21, 03:57 pm- Any of the above could be
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -05/21, 04:57 pm- Are you retarding the spa
John Doolittle -05/21, 07:32 pm- If this jerk is an engine
Bob Benedict, Hunbol -05/22, 08:41 am- I feel I am shifting from
John Doolittle -05/22, 09:17 am- Bob- mine was a fresh reb
George_Cherry Hill N -05/22, 09:18 am- IF you are adjusting the
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -05/22, 09:22 am- Another possibility is fu
Bob Benedict, Hunbol -05/22, 09:40 am- George... All the IFS are
Bob Benedict, Hunbol -05/22, 09:45 am- Should the car jerk at al
Charlie B actually i -05/22, 10:19 am- I sounds very much to me
keith g barrier Sava -05/22, 10:45 am- Bob, you dont say if you
Bob Benedict, Hunbol -05/22, 10:51 am- Charlie... A little more
Bob Benedict, Hunbol -05/22, 10:57 am- Keith, I just answered yo
Charlie B actually i -05/22, 11:14 am- OK. More info is good. Yo
Royce in Georgetown  -05/22, 11:19 am- Sounds like the clutch is
Bob Benedict, Hunbol -05/22, 11:26 am- Charlie, I dont think tha
Bob Benedict, Hunbol -05/22, 11:28 am- Im goin to try the carb a
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -05/22, 12:16 pm- Chalie B, The clutch is
Charlie B actually i -05/22, 12:22 pm- Like I said. Not really u
Bob Benedict, Hunbol -05/22, 03:00 pm- Okay guys here is the res
Bob Jablonski -05/22, 04:07 pm- Check the integrity of th
Norman T. Kling -05/22, 04:54 pm- You need to match the eng
Old Photo - Post's Garage Middletown, N.Y.
Jay - In Northern Ca -05/22, 11:07 am- [$(KGrHqF,!oEFBcnY9tlpBQj
Ed in California -05/22, 12:10 pm- Where are all the oil dri
William L Vanderburg -05/22, 03:02 pm- Here ya go....Star Collis
16 fuel line question
paul iverson freepor -05/21, 06:18 pm- I took off carb because g
paul iverson freepor -05/21, 06:24 pm- Red gas tank it was solde
Mark Strange - Hills -05/21, 06:27 pm- The vendors sell felt pac
paul iverson freepor -05/21, 06:39 pm- I have not been able to g
paul iverson freepor -05/21, 06:44 pm- thanks Mark that is what
John F. Regan -05/21, 08:24 pm- Small piece of neoprene h
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -05/21, 09:23 pm- This isnt an answer to yo
Mike Walker, NW AR -05/22, 12:01 am- The original line was bra
Roger Karlsson, sout -05/22, 03:25 am- Its unlikely soaking with
Roger Karlsson, sout -05/22, 03:27 am- Here is another text abou
Larry Smith -05/22, 10:22 am- I KNOW it isnt original,
paul iverson freepor -05/22, 11:50 am- I never heard of brass tu
Jay - In Northern Ca -05/22, 12:05 pm- I had a copper line on my
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -05/22, 12:58 pm- Just cut the line and rem
Questions about wheels and tires
Daryl Miles- North C -05/22, 11:07 am- Im trying to order tires
Tom Miller, Mostly i -05/22, 11:34 am- Daryl, The outside diame
Daryl Miles- North C -05/22, 12:03 pm- Thanks for the info! We w
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -05/22, 12:10 pm- Tires are expensive to sh
Daryl Miles- North C -05/22, 12:28 pm- Thanks! Ill check Smith a
Question about AC brakes
Andre Valkenaers -05/22, 08:37 am- Hello All, A few months
Mark Strange - Hills -05/22, 09:29 am- I bought a length of gree
Dale Peterson Colleg -05/22, 10:23 am- Another option is brake l
Old Photo - Lynbrook Garage, Lynbrook, Long Island
Jay - In Northern Ca -05/21, 11:29 am- [!Bz3IvO!!2k~$(KGrHqMOKj0
William L Vanderburg -05/22, 08:15 am- I could be wrong, but I t
Rob Heyen - Eastern  -05/22, 09:16 am- My guess is a Ford Model
Gas tank outlet thread
Dave Wells, Hamilton -05/21, 09:12 pm- A spark plug screwed into
bob middleton -05/22, 12:00 am- Well i use a bad X plug a
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -05/22, 08:18 am- Dave..also sounds like a
Rear wheel bearings
Douglas Dachenbach -05/21, 03:17 pm- Is there any trick to pac
Jack Daron - Brownsb -05/21, 03:27 pm- I use a putty knife,thin
Dan Treace, North FL -05/21, 04:51 pm- As Uncle Jack does...slat
Mark Strange - Hills -05/21, 06:37 pm- You may find this Steve J
Douglas Dachenbach -05/22, 08:11 am- Mark, Thanks very much.
OT - Attending a Packers' Game - 1921
justin cox -05/21, 02:28 pm- As I told Marv--- So wei
Scott Owens -05/21, 06:44 pm- Kevin, Where,s the tailga
Mark Strange - Hills -05/21, 07:41 pm- Theyre all walking over t
Marvin Konrad -05/22, 12:27 am- Have been at Texas Stadiu
Rayfield carburators?
Chuck Hoffman - Moke -05/21, 06:04 pm- That top Schebby looks id
Mark Gregush Portlan -05/21, 09:27 pm- My understanding is that
Donnie Brown North C -05/21, 10:43 pm- My 1908 Reliable Dayton h
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -05/21, 11:15 pm- The Schebler D used on th
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -05/21, 11:19 pm- The Schebler D used on th
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -05/21, 11:21 pm- Sorry about the double po
Model T Touring
Merle O. Tanner -05/21, 07:58 pm- Thanks. I will contact Ch
William L Vanderburg -05/21, 10:54 pm- Merle The brake rod cle
Tt brake linings
keith g barrier Sava -05/21, 08:54 am- Bob I would cut them to f
bob middleton -05/21, 09:51 pm- Im going match what was t
OT - St Louis Model A Club Start-Up Party
Dick Lodge - St Loui -05/21, 08:21 pm- For at least the last 18-
Mark Strange - Hills -05/21, 09:04 pm- Neat video, thanks Dick!
Dick Lodge - St Loui -05/21, 09:40 pm- Mark, I was a member of t
Old Photo - Brass Era, The Families New Ride
Jay - In Northern Ca -05/21, 11:18 am- [IMG_3896.JPG]
Norman T. Kling -05/21, 11:35 am- They didnt look very happ
Paul ONeil, Fullerto -05/21, 12:08 pm- My parents had a similer
Mark Gregush Portlan -05/21, 09:36 pm- I could think of three th
Old Photo - Brass Era , A Boat Load Of Young Ladies
Jay - In Northern Ca -05/21, 11:23 am- [ghngh7.JPG]
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -05/21, 07:47 pm- Holy cow! No wonder the r
Rick J. Gunter -- Sp -05/21, 08:36 pm- Reminds me of something a
Rick J. Gunter -- Sp -05/21, 08:39 pm- Oh, I just noticed that t
Norman T. Kling -05/21, 08:52 pm- I wonder if they broke th
Ed in California -05/21, 09:17 pm- Boy, Id like to go on tha
Reverse Pedal Travel
Mike Perigo - Linton -05/21, 09:24 am- Reverse in my T is not at
Mark Strange - Hills -05/21, 09:30 am- I also added the reverse
Kenny Edmondson, Ind -05/21, 10:37 am- Mike, I always adjust the
Paul ONeil, Fullerto -05/21, 01:20 pm- With my size 14EEEEs I ha
Mike Perigo - Linton -05/21, 02:02 pm- Just the info I needed. T
Steven Thum -05/21, 06:00 pm- I bent my go pedal a litt
Craig's list Right Hand Drive
Ed in California -05/21, 05:38 pm- Its up again, I guess som
OT - Any Truth to this Story?
Royce in Georgetown  -05/21, 08:01 am- Prestone was invented and
Steve Redelman, Kout -05/21, 04:49 pm- My Dad drove Model Ts whe
Door lock on 1924 coupe
Tony Bowker, Ramona, -05/21, 04:19 pm- I pulled the door lock fr
Tony Bowker, Ramona, -05/21, 04:32 pm- My wife has just looked a
O T What year is this Studebaker step plate? very early
ROBERT BERGSTADT -05/21, 02:21 pm- I found this on a shelf i
Jack Daron - Brownsb -05/21, 02:33 pm- You do realize they made
ROBERT BERGSTADT -05/21, 02:39 pm- I am thinking this is off
Harold Schwendeman - -05/21, 02:45 pm- Jack - You beat me to it!
ROBERT BERGSTADT -05/21, 02:49 pm- Thank you its going on St
Fred Miller, Sequim  -05/21, 04:08 pm- This looks like it could
Gotta love eBay
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -05/21, 08:33 am- Chris - In this case your
David Dewey, N. Cali -05/21, 02:13 pm- Its not only car stuff, I
Old Photo - Bureau Of Economic Geology And Technology Par...
Jay - In Northern Ca -05/21, 11:15 am- [T08419.jpg] [T08424.jpg]
Benjamin Morgan - Mi -05/21, 12:21 pm- Awesome photo! I have to
Finally Found A Way To Fit A Sheepskin To The Our Roadste...
Allan Bennett - Aust -05/21, 05:56 am- We raise black sheep for
Jay - In Northern Ca -05/21, 10:55 am- Thanks for the suggestion
3084-5 TR Transmission Pans
Bill Harper - Keene, -05/21, 10:14 am- I have a question regardi
Royce in Georgetown  -05/21, 10:51 am- The transmission pans wer
Bill Harper - Keene, -05/21, 10:55 am- Good to know. Thank you R
New project - Popeye!
Royce in Georgetown  -05/21, 08:06 am- Les, I like it too! The
Ivan Warrington -05/21, 10:25 am- Actually Royce, the previ
Hap Tucker in Sumter -05/21, 10:47 am- Royce, Thanks for checki
Any one know what this valve on intake is for?
Larry Smith -05/21, 10:02 am- Keep us posted on the pro
paul iverson freepor -05/21, 10:09 am- thanks Larry I am getting
G.R.Cheshire -05/21, 10:27 am- Paul since it is already
Kenny Edmondson, Ind -05/21, 10:33 am- Ether injection port to h
1918 Model T Ford 2 Door Sedan
Mark Strange - Hills -05/21, 09:23 am- Here is the picture that
john kuehn -05/21, 09:51 am- Steve a way to determine
Re-riveting brake drum
Kenny Edmondson, Ind -05/21, 09:44 am- Ive always used a press.
Snyder's new site
kep -05/21, 04:11 am- If google wont let me fin
Andre Valkenaers -05/21, 05:29 am- I had no problems with th
G.R.Cheshire -05/21, 09:02 am- kep? I have no problem se
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -05/21, 09:12 am- I find plenty of pictures
OT- The Boy Working his Truck
Dennis Seth - Ohio -05/21, 07:27 am- Dan, I see you posting p
Dan Killecut -05/21, 08:57 am- Hap,you are right.He is F
Model t fire truck on CL
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -05/21, 08:04 am- Well, being an owner of a
Stevens Front Axle Tool--something new Photo
Ron Dupree -05/21, 07:48 am- Interested as well
Wanted: 10 tooth pinion gear
Cameron Whitaker, Co -05/21, 04:38 pm- I have recently moved to
Benjamin Morgan - Mi -05/26, 11:31 pm- I Pmed you.
Bill Severn - SE Tex -05/28, 12:26 am- One on Ebay now.
Keith Townsend ; ^ ) -05/28, 01:47 am-
John F. Regan -05/25, 06:28 pm- So what year is the porce
Marvin C. Miller -05/25, 06:32 pm- Has to be a 26/27.
Jay - In Northern Ca -05/25, 10:35 pm- Whos on first Whats on se
Steven Mackinnon -05/26, 10:06 am- It is correct for Speedst
James Baker -05/26, 10:57 am- How much is the mug?
john kuehn -05/26, 02:34 pm- What ever it is its a goo
Dave Barker - Dayton -05/26, 04:40 pm- The title of the ad is fo
Keith Townsend ; ^ ) -05/28, 01:36 am- I think the center reinfo
For Sale - Prestolite Tank Complete With Running Board Br...
Jay - In Northern Ca -05/27, 07:50 pm- I will have this item at
Keith Townsend ; ^ ) -05/28, 01:32 am- Jay- What is the thread s
Who was interested in my Repro 1914 Rear Fenders? I acci...
Benjamin Morgan - Mi -05/27, 11:33 pm- Hey all! I got a messa
Wanted: a Drag Link for a '27 T
James Chochole, Oswe -05/25, 08:51 pm- If anyone has a 26-27 dra
Dave Huson, Berthoud -05/27, 09:02 am- James; I used to have a l
James Chochole, Oswe -05/27, 10:53 pm- Thanks to all, just got o
Model T and other old car parts for sale
Daniel Kraft -05/24, 10:13 pm- I have some model T and o
Daniel Kraft -05/24, 11:45 pm- Coils sold.
Daniel Kraft -05/25, 04:06 pm- [image.jpg] White stuff
Mark Gregush Portlan -05/25, 07:55 pm- You might also list the n
Daniel Kraft -05/25, 08:22 pm- Thanks, I plan on trying
Daniel Kraft -05/25, 10:43 pm- $50 on the lamp $150 on
JOHN BEVARDOS -05/27, 09:32 am- pm sent
Daniel Kraft -05/27, 09:38 pm- $600 for the overland stu
Daniel Kraft -05/27, 10:49 pm- Cadillac head sold pendin
Spark plugs for sale!
Daniel Kraft -05/25, 05:57 pm- Assorted spark plugs. 11
Daniel Kraft -05/25, 05:57 pm- Call 831-278-2742 Daniel
Daniel Kraft -05/25, 10:22 pm- $300 for all
Daniel Kraft -05/27, 09:33 pm- 250 for all
1923 project for sale
Daniel Kraft -05/22, 12:59 am- 1800 obo
Daniel Kraft -05/25, 11:15 pm- 1500
Daniel Kraft -05/27, 09:32 pm- $1400
Speedometers for sale
Daniel Kraft -05/25, 10:16 pm- I would like to sell thes
Daniel Kraft -05/26, 02:26 pm- $200
Daniel Kraft -05/27, 09:31 pm- $175 plus shipping.
Looking for TT outer axle bearings
Chad Marchees _____T -05/26, 11:59 am- I am in search of 2 TT ou
Fred Miller, Sequim  -05/26, 02:39 pm- If you would like new one
Chad Marchees _____T -05/26, 04:14 pm- They do indeed, but they
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -05/26, 07:21 pm- Try Bob Bergstadt or Lang
Dan Hatch -05/27, 12:15 pm- Chad: PM me, I may have a
Mark Gregush Portlan -05/27, 08:20 pm- As long as you keep them
Chad Marchees _____T -05/27, 09:02 pm- Mark, by biggest concern
For Sale - Champion Spark Plug Tester
Jay - In Northern Ca -05/27, 08:02 pm- I will Have this at the A
Want to sell, buy or trade 1931 model A rear fender
Mattthew G Californi -05/27, 01:31 pm- I am posting this for my
Mattthew G Californi -05/27, 01:32 pm- I am in the Central Valle
Mark Gregush Portlan -05/27, 07:57 pm- If you have not, put an a
For Sale - Babbitt Melting Burner With Pots And Ladle
Jay - In Northern Ca -05/27, 07:43 pm- I will have this 4 piece
Bruce McCalley's Model T Ford Encyclopedia available on C...
Leroy G. Brandon -05/27, 06:40 pm- Bruce McCalleys Model T E
For Sale - 1913 Pennsylvania Porcelain License Plate With...
Jay - In Northern Ca -05/27, 11:51 am- This porcelain plate is i
Jay - In Northern Ca -05/27, 04:55 pm- SOLD! Pending payment. T
Dennis Seth - Ohio -05/27, 06:36 pm- Jay! How can you sell it?
Need TT Rear Rim Bolt
Bob on Texas Gulf Co -05/27, 01:39 pm- For TT rear wheel, I need
ROBERT BERGSTADT -05/27, 02:17 pm- www.bobsantiqueautoparts.
For sale: model t windshield in California
Mattthew G Californi -05/27, 02:16 pm- I am in the Central Valle
For sale model t tailgate in California
Mattthew G Californi -05/27, 02:03 pm- [image.jpg] [image.jpg]
Mattthew G Californi -05/27, 02:05 pm- I am in the Central Valle
Mattthew G Californi -05/27, 02:06 pm- I am asking $150 or best
Mattthew G Californi -05/27, 02:11 pm- I am asking $150 or best
Band wrench needed!
Gary London, Camaril -05/24, 04:04 am- I know I had one for each
Mike Walker, NW AR -05/24, 09:32 am- Gary -- I have several of
Gary London, Camaril -05/24, 01:04 pm- Thanks Mike!!!
Keith Townsend ; ^ ) -05/27, 10:38 am- Mike- I have a couple lik
Larry Smith -05/27, 10:44 am- Gosh Keith! Its the 15/16
Steve Tomaso - Milto -05/27, 11:55 am- Drain plug on c.c & r
Mike Walker, NW AR -05/27, 01:23 pm- Keith -- That wrench has
Left side splashguard for 1926-27 in California
Mattthew G Californi -05/27, 12:56 pm- I have a left side 1926
Mattthew G Californi -05/27, 01:10 pm- [image.jpg]
Mattthew G Californi -05/27, 01:16 pm- [image.jpg] [image.jpg]
Mattthew G Californi -05/27, 01:20 pm- Sorry I shouldve started
For Sale - 1909/10 Front Fenders
Jay - In Northern Ca -05/27, 12:15 pm- Ill be bringing these to
For Sale - Two Single 1914 California Porcelain License P...
Jay - In Northern Ca -05/27, 11:40 am- Both plates are in excell
1913 Runabout Photo Wanted
Larry Smith -05/27, 10:42 am- I need a good clear OLD p
Mark Strange - Hills -05/27, 11:10 am- Check this Royce Peterson
Rear tt brake spring
bob middleton -05/26, 11:54 pm- Seems vendors are out of
Wanted - another mirror bracket like this one
Kim Doty New Salisbu -05/21, 05:48 am- .
Kim Doty New Salisbu -05/26, 01:26 pm- Still looking.. PM me i
Jack Daron - Brownsb -05/26, 11:37 pm- I have a similar one,but
Need Headlight Socket, Springs, Plug
Chuck Lebeda, Humbol -05/26, 11:06 pm- Dave: Wondering if you f
Dave Huson, Berthoud -05/26, 10:44 pm- Transmission parts $50.00
Dave Huson, Berthoud -05/26, 10:46 pm- Transmission Parts; [pa
1922 Model T short block for sale
Bill Otto -05/26, 10:26 pm- The short block sold toda
Strange Coils
Dave Huson, Berthoud -05/26, 04:34 pm- I was on my daily trip in
Dave Huson, Berthoud -05/26, 04:36 pm- Picture number one is the
R.V. Anderson -05/26, 04:54 pm- Dave, those are Pittsfiel
Dave Huson, Berthoud -05/26, 09:49 pm- RV; Thanks I did see a sm
For Sale Rajo head and Schebler Carb and Attachments
Dan Ryan -05/25, 06:49 pm- Been in storage for 25 ye
Erik Barrett in Aubu -05/25, 08:45 pm- Smokin deal for a complet
Ed in California -05/25, 09:26 pm- Bargain!
Dan Ryan -05/26, 01:44 pm- sold
Derek Kiefer - Manto -05/26, 09:17 pm- Damn... missed it. If y
Parts for sale
mike bartlett Oviedo -05/26, 07:28 pm- Large drum trans. All par
Shriners Model T cart
joe bell -05/25, 10:50 am- I am looking to purchase
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -05/25, 11:02 am- Just sent you some info J
Erik Johnson -05/25, 11:09 am- They show up on Craigslis
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -05/25, 12:21 pm- There were 2 of that type
Ed in California -05/25, 12:34 pm-
Ed in California -05/25, 12:36 pm-
Ed in California -05/25, 12:39 pm-
joe bell -05/25, 04:29 pm- Boy, you guys are a whole
Erik Johnson -05/25, 05:27 pm- Since you are in Tiffin,
Erik Johnson -05/25, 05:29 pm- The last link above doesn
Mark Wetherbee - Dow -05/26, 12:58 pm- Let me ad one thought for
Brian Beatty _Kansas -05/26, 05:22 pm- Just for reference since
Misc Carburetors for sale
Daniel Kraft -05/26, 02:43 pm- Schebler D $250[image.jpg
WTB 09 water manifold
Brian Heyd -05/26, 09:20 am- Wanted 1909 water manifol
1924 "T" Depot Hack
Bill Thompson, Sudbu -05/26, 07:07 am- top
Seeking Rome Turney or Livingston V shaped radiator
Harry Neilson -05/25, 01:53 am- Looking for a V-shaped ra
Harry Neilson -05/25, 01:57 am-
Roger Karlsson, sout -05/25, 04:25 am- Brassworks has them in tw
Harry Neilson -05/26, 04:09 am- Thanks Roger, the brasswo
James Michael Rogers -05/25, 10:40 pm- Need a set of horseshoes
Dave Huson, Berthoud -05/26, 12:25 am- James, I have 20 or 30 of
1926 coupe body
Matt Madison -05/22, 08:56 pm- $900.00 buys it- has lots
Matt Madison -05/25, 11:14 pm- Sold - Have your hood Eri
For Sale Late 1922 Touring
Kevin Prus Sr -05/25, 07:18 pm- Late 22 touring one man t
Kevin Prus Sr -05/25, 08:34 pm- [20150525_131753_resized.
Waco, TX to IN - OH - IA enclosed Model T or other auto t...
Freighter Jim -05/25, 04:55 pm- May 31st Available for d
Model A crankshaft in T block mainbearing mold for sale
gene french -05/25, 12:32 pm- Model A Crankshaft in mod
For sale Ruckstell shifters
Kim Dobbins -05/22, 02:34 pm- For sale are 3 ruckstell
Kim Dobbins -05/22, 04:21 pm- The top one in the first
Kim Dobbins -05/22, 04:33 pm- The middle one is sold.
Kim Dobbins -05/22, 07:00 pm- All of them are sold!
Bill dugger -05/22, 08:17 pm- Kim: Thanks to MTFCA Cla
Donnie Brown North C -05/22, 08:27 pm- Kim: Do you know what the
Steve Tomaso - Milto -05/22, 08:50 pm- Hall-Scott - early Ruckst
Richard Gould, Folso -05/22, 10:35 pm- Top one is a Perfecto.
Kim Dobbins -05/23, 02:19 am- Yes Bill, thanks to MTFCA
Mike Walker, NW AR -05/23, 07:42 pm- Steve T. -- Thats interes
Steve Tomaso - Milto -05/23, 08:17 pm- I found out the same way,
Richard Gould, Folso -05/23, 08:26 pm- Trying to think this thru
Mike Walker, NW AR -05/24, 09:38 am- Youre right, Richard. I
Mike Walker, NW AR -05/24, 09:40 am- All I can figure is that
Richard Gould, Folso -05/24, 10:42 am- Id be interested to find
Donnie Brown North C -05/24, 11:52 pm- Thanks for the info about
Bill Kerndt-Waukon,  -05/24, 10:59 pm- I need a 26-27 Large Shif
John P. Steele, Mont -05/24, 11:31 pm- Bill sent you an email.
Rebuilt 26 Short Block For Sale
Mark Chaffin......Co -05/24, 12:50 pm- [26 block mtfca 1.jpg] [
John T. Tannehill II -05/24, 03:01 pm- Mark got the pictures tha
Mark Chaffin......Co -05/24, 06:57 pm- Sold pending funds. Than
Dave Huson, Berthoud -05/24, 06:41 pm- Race $20.00 ea. These are
Dave Huson, Berthoud -05/24, 06:43 pm- Front Wheel Inner Races;
1923 Model TT for Trade
Chris Dailledouze -05/24, 04:47 pm- .
Model T Engines
Chris Dailledouze -05/24, 04:46 pm- .
Building Wood Frames
Chris Dailledouze -05/24, 04:45 pm- .
Body Work and Paint
Chris Dailledouze -05/24, 04:45 pm- .
*** Wanted to buy a Pre 16 T or other Makes****...
RJ Walworth, New Yor -05/24, 03:08 pm- wanted to buy a pre 16 Br
I would like to do some trading and buying
Freighter Jim -05/23, 01:14 am- On a serious note: I bel
Ed Baudoux Grayling  -05/23, 08:05 am- Yep. Hes still at it. Thi
Jay - In Northern Ca -05/23, 11:14 am- [Dog_ate_my_homework_SEO_
andrew treece -05/23, 11:56 am- Maybe Im out of place her
Dave Dufault -05/23, 12:59 pm- No, youre not out of plac
andrew treece -05/23, 01:51 pm- by the number? ive only m
Jay - In Northern Ca -05/23, 02:25 pm- Andrew, [baby bathwate
Scott Rosenthal in C -05/23, 02:32 pm- Come on Andrew lighten up
Jim Sims--Reed City, -05/23, 02:34 pm- Andrew, it is only drama
Mark Gregush Portlan -05/23, 02:38 pm- By the number refers to t
Bill dugger -05/23, 02:39 pm- Andrew: If you could go
William L Vanderburg -05/23, 07:53 pm- The computer hack was bac
Richard Gould, Folso -05/23, 08:42 pm- I see. After reading his
Ed Baudoux Grayling  -05/23, 08:56 pm- There has been at least o
Donnie Brown North C -05/23, 09:17 pm- I know of at least three
Mark Gregush Portlan -05/23, 10:19 pm- The Fordbarn posting date
Richard Gould, Folso -05/24, 02:27 pm- Ive known people who woul
andrew treece -05/22, 09:48 am- I listed earlier looking
andrew treece -05/22, 09:50 am- sorry........I guess this
Willie K Cordes -05/22, 12:00 pm- Hold your wallet, but Roo
Mike Walker, NW AR -05/23, 09:59 am- Andrew -- Gator Gould in
Willie K Cordes -05/23, 12:50 pm- Andrew and Mike, if the w
andrew treece -05/23, 01:33 pm- Yes the car is a 1915 , e
Willie K Cordes -05/24, 11:21 am- `Andrew and Mike, I think
New rims on wooden felloes
Jack Daron - Brownsb -05/21, 08:12 pm- Box it up,ship it to Stut
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -05/22, 09:44 am- I agree with Jack. With s
Richard Gould, Folso -05/22, 10:50 pm- Remove the rivets and the
Richard Gould, Folso -05/22, 10:55 pm- Here is a photo of one w
Richard Gould, Folso -05/24, 10:54 am- One other thing comes to
Erik Johnson -05/24, 11:12 am- In northern climates, the
Dave Huson, Berthoud -05/24, 11:12 am- Front Shackles have been
Beautiful 1926 Fordor Sedan For Sale
David Kechkaylo -05/24, 07:25 am- All five tires are new Fi
Need a 13 - 14 Jno Brown Fount and Burner or Victor
Benjamin Morgan - Mi -05/23, 12:23 pm- bump
Donnie Brown North C -05/23, 08:57 pm- Benjamin, can you post a
Body Parts for Sale Omaha Area
Thomas R Hall -05/23, 01:55 pm- Steel speedster body, sea
Thomas R Hall -05/23, 03:21 pm- Thank you for your intere
Buffalo 30 x 3 1/2 wire wheel For Sale
Layden Butler -05/22, 08:44 pm- How about $185 plus shipp
Layden Butler -05/23, 01:18 pm- Spoken for Thanks to MTFC
Dave Huson, Berthoud -05/21, 04:02 pm- The Brass Side Light Brac
Herb Iffrig -05/21, 07:47 pm- I want them can you email
Dave Huson, Berthoud -05/21, 07:57 pm- Herb; That is one good lo
Herb Iffrig -05/23, 12:43 pm- Dave I sent you an email.
Wanted: 1913-1914 Miscellaneous Parts
Benjamin Morgan - Mi -05/21, 12:00 pm- Found a tail light. Still
Benjamin Morgan - Mi -05/23, 12:23 pm- Bump
Front seat or speedster bucket seats
bob middleton -05/22, 12:08 am- I seen rootliebs and anti
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -05/22, 08:18 am- look for hot rod bucket s
Brian Sullivan, Powe -05/22, 02:54 pm- Sent you a PM Bob
bob middleton -05/22, 09:47 pm- Thanks
Wanted Fender Bracket for 1924/25
Gary H. White - Sher -05/21, 07:50 pm- Need a right front fender
john kuehn -05/21, 08:10 pm- Gary I have a 24 T coupe
john kuehn -05/21, 08:12 pm- I am assuming this is the
Jack Daron - Brownsb -05/21, 08:13 pm- I may have one,Ill look t
Jack Daron - Brownsb -05/21, 08:35 pm- Gary,I went to barn and I
Gary H. White - Sher -05/22, 04:57 pm- Sounds good Jack. Send me
Gary H. White - Sher -05/22, 06:23 pm- Thanks John. Looks like J
Sacramento to Long Beach, Ca enclosed Model T or other au...
Freighter Jim -05/22, 05:29 pm- May 24th Available for d
Wanted: wire wheel rear hub puller
Seth from NC -05/21, 06:40 pm- Currently I have to loose
Jack Daron - Brownsb -05/21, 08:08 pm- There is one on Ebay righ
Seth from NC -05/22, 06:52 am- LOL yeah Jack, and its $2
Royce in Georgetown  -05/22, 07:29 am- Seth check your email....
Seth from NC -05/22, 10:40 am- Royce I sent you a PM, fo
Steve Tomaso - Milto -05/22, 11:25 am- The original Ford w. w. p
Parts Wanted- Friction drive plates, any typ, any cond
tom arena -05/22, 08:28 am- I am looking to get a set
Rolling Opportunity (And with Title!)....
Marvin Konrad -05/22, 12:05 am- The chassis has been spok
Wtb klaxon type horn
Scott Lay,,,,,,,,,,, -05/21, 10:39 pm- I would like to buy a mec
Bill Kerndt-Waukon,  -05/21, 11:06 pm- Scott I have a nice Klaxo
Model t parts wanted. Pinion and drive shaft
Neil Hartter -05/21, 07:03 pm- I am looking for a 9 10 o
Dave Huson, Berthoud -05/21, 07:45 pm- Neil; I have a lot of dri
Andy Loso St Joseph, -05/21, 10:04 pm- I have a NOS 10 Tooth Pin
Bills Auto Works -05/21, 09:36 pm- This Spot is still availa
Non-demountable wood wheels
Scott Elliott, Tigar -05/21, 06:49 pm- Square felloe wood wheels
Wanted early front spring 1909-1911
Dennis Michaud -05/21, 06:32 pm- BUMP
Want to buy 1909-10 passenger side firewall bracket
Dennis Michaud -05/21, 06:29 pm- BUMP
For Sale: Tiger Timers (9)
Steve Tomaso - Milto -05/21, 04:47 pm- Anyone have any use for 9
Steve Tomaso - Milto -05/21, 05:47 pm- Spoken for - thanks MTFCA
Rajo Model C-35 Overhead Assembly
Ron Mc Willie -05/21, 05:33 pm- Nice to see an ad where s
Literature For Sale
Steve Tomaso - Milto -05/21, 03:38 pm- Nobody needing any readin
Want to buy magneto drive.
Taylor Engram -05/21, 10:35 am- Im looking for a magneto
Dale Kemmerer Medfor -05/21, 12:24 pm- Taylor, sent you a PM Dal
Why no 1928 Model T ?
Darel J. Leipold -05/21, 11:55 am- The reason was that the C
Dave Huson, Berthoud -05/21, 10:21 am- Fan Shaft; $12.00. These
Dave Huson, Berthoud -05/21, 10:22 am- FAN SHAFTS; [fan shafts
Dave Huson, Berthoud -05/21, 10:29 am- Close up: [close up fan
F/S identification tags for side curtain locations
David Coco - Winches -05/21, 06:07 am- I have had some interest
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -05/21, 08:07 am- I have that issue solved
Larry Smith -05/21, 10:10 am- What would be really cool
Center Door For Sale 1919 or 1921
John Krug -05/21, 08:13 am- I have the titles for bot
Early 1911 Open Valve Engine
Simon Bayley -05/21, 05:59 am- Cheers Jay & Richard,
Simon Bayley -05/21, 06:18 am- Try this [:-] [
Sacramento, CA to anywhere enclosed Model T or other auto...
Freighter Jim -05/21, 06:16 am- Bob, I am taking I-40 we
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