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Windshield question
Richard Colegrove -11/25, 07:15 am- Good morning. I am insta
4-1 Rear Axle Gears: A Contrarian View
Trent Boggess -11/24, 09:08 pm- This is a contrarian view
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -11/24, 09:16 pm- Thats a good lesson, Tren
Verne Shirk -11/24, 10:53 pm- I have a 1915 T Runabout
Dan McEachern -11/25, 01:01 am- Sounds to me like you hav
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -11/25, 01:03 am- Excellent posting Trent B
Paul Vitko -11/25, 07:14 am- I have come to the same c
Wheres your favorite place to stand? Here is mine
Kevin Weeds -11/25, 03:30 am- Took me 8 months to get m
Bill Elliott -11/25, 07:12 am- Shouldnt there be four?
OT "T" clock
Richard Wolf -11/24, 07:12 am- During the FL. Winter Tou
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -11/24, 07:54 am- Rich, Id just get into th
Ed in California -11/24, 07:57 am-
Bud Holzschuh - Pana -11/24, 08:15 am- Eds post leads you to the
Richard Wolf -11/24, 08:36 am- Bud; Havent figured out t
John C Codman -11/24, 09:19 am- I agree with Tim and Bud.
Mark Strange - Hills -11/24, 09:36 am- I just replaced the movem
Jeff Hood -Long Beac -11/24, 10:03 am- Richard, I recently had t
Erik Johnson -11/24, 10:35 am- Quartz clock works are av
Richard Wolf -11/24, 11:27 am- Jeff; I took it apart and
James A. Golden -11/24, 11:46 am- Richard, does the clock c
Richard Wolf -11/24, 01:10 pm- No chimes. 3/4th. Thanks
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -11/24, 06:44 pm- I have about eight to ten
Tom Miller, Mostly i -11/25, 06:55 am-  Message edited by tmill
Tom Miller, Mostly i -11/25, 06:55 am-  Message edited by tmill
Another '25 Coupe Top Wood Question
David Stroud -11/25, 02:11 am- OK. Ive got the wood plan
joe bell -11/25, 06:25 am- david, I used manil paper
Those Fires must be close, Allan Bennett.
Rob Patterson. Moruy -11/25, 05:04 am- I hope those fires burnin
Luggage rack, is this period?
Kevin Weeds -11/24, 02:22 am- I purchased this luggage
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -11/24, 02:45 am- Very nice! Difficult to f
Kevin Weeds -11/24, 03:47 am- Thanks Wayne I was hoping
keith g barrier Sava -11/24, 04:10 am- Nice, Have one on the 24,
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -11/24, 05:23 am- Congratulations on the ha
David Stroud -11/24, 06:16 am- I have one just like that
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/24, 09:09 am- Often when I need boxes I
john kuehn -11/24, 09:27 am- Absolutely its period cor
Mike Walker, NW AR -11/24, 09:30 am- I have one like Kevins on
john kuehn -11/24, 09:44 am- Mike thats a good point.
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/24, 10:09 am- Yes, the accordion style
Kevin Weeds -11/24, 03:27 pm- Great feedback guys.
Gene Carrothers Hunt -11/24, 03:57 pm- I have one like that and
Dick Lodge - St Loui -11/24, 05:42 pm- I bought an accordion typ
Harold Schwendeman - -11/24, 06:03 pm- OT - Sorry Kevin,....cant
Jack Daron - Brownsb -11/24, 06:38 pm- Caution,those fold downer
Mark Strange - Hills -11/24, 06:55 pm- Im a fan of the wicker ba
Barry Fowler - Eagle -11/24, 06:58 pm- Kevin: I have one just li
Allan Bennett - Aust -11/24, 10:29 pm- Perhaps this is the ultim
Rob Patterson. Moruy -11/24, 10:53 pm- See Gents, even cameras w
Allan Bennett - Aust -11/25, 12:38 am- Its not that Rob. My damn
Kevin Weeds -11/25, 12:42 am- Might be ok for the North
David Stroud -11/25, 02:36 am- Allan, that is a very nea
Kevin Weeds -11/25, 03:31 am- Alan I agree that is a gr
Here is the Depot Hack I bought yesterday
Kevin Weeds -11/24, 02:19 am- I bought this 23 yesterda
Keith Buckley -11/24, 02:24 am- Congrats Kevin. Now you h
Kevin Weeds -11/24, 02:31 am- Thanks Keith I happy with
Allan Bennett - Aust -11/24, 04:59 am- Kevin, have someone who k
Roger Karlsson, sout -11/24, 05:32 am- Might be a modern built b
Chad Marchees _____T -11/24, 06:23 am- WOW, that is some highly
jason macintyre -11/24, 06:31 am- Wow,I would have thought
Russell Ritchie -11/24, 06:38 am- At first glance the timbe
Roger Karlsson, sout -11/24, 07:39 am- Jason, here in Sweden we
Mike Walker, NW AR -11/24, 09:35 am- I think the body was buil
Kevin Weeds -11/24, 04:17 pm- Actually Im surprised how
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -11/25, 12:04 am- Beautiful Hack you got th
Roger Karlsson, sout -11/25, 03:01 am- Maybe the generator beari
Kevin Weeds -11/25, 03:23 am- Thanks Roger, that was a
Color of top iron body stud on '27
Eric Sole - Castelld -11/23, 05:25 pm- Regarding the threaded st
Eric Sole - Castelld -11/23, 05:26 pm- Thats a 27 Roadster.
Les Schubert -11/23, 06:09 pm- Mine are black on a green
Eric Sole - Castelld -11/24, 05:35 pm- Thanks for your response
David Menzies -11/25, 02:46 am- I believe the car was fit
30 X 3 1/2 inner tubes
Ken Findlay -11/22, 12:36 pm- I got some inner tubes fr
Dave Wells, Hamilton -11/22, 02:06 pm- I cant remember for sure
keith g barrier Sava -11/22, 02:10 pm- I have been running India
R. S. Cruickshank -11/22, 03:42 pm- Who is the supplier and h
Alan George Long -11/22, 10:35 pm- Please dont start me on t
Ken Findlay -11/23, 12:28 am- The tubes I bought came f
Alan George Long -11/23, 06:41 am- Ken Im with you on this s
Larry Smith -11/23, 09:43 am- Im using modern tubes now
Ken Findlay -11/24, 11:08 pm- Heres an up date. I sent
David Stroud -11/25, 02:42 am- Ken, that is good news. N
Ford video showing Closed-car carpet
Charles Weisgerber -11/23, 09:31 pm- Some of you may have seen
Roger Karlsson, sout -11/24, 06:16 am- Nice [:-] Its presented
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -11/24, 12:00 pm- I am very pleased to see
john kuehn -11/24, 01:29 pm- The last part of the shor
Charles Weisgerber -11/24, 01:42 pm- It even shows a sewn fini
John Page -11/24, 10:56 pm- [Service Bulletin .jpg]
Charles Weisgerber -11/24, 11:10 pm- Thanks for the additional
Roger Karlsson, sout -11/25, 02:34 am- The brake pedal was adjus
OT - But car people will be able to relate....
Dick Lodge - St Loui -11/24, 09:43 am- [bought car.jpg]
Bill Severn - SE Tex -11/24, 10:40 am- That is absolutely NOT OT
Ron Mc Willie -11/24, 11:40 am- Always nice to meet a man
Dennis Seth - Ohio -11/24, 12:34 pm- Ron, I quit asking my wi
G.R.Cheshire -11/24, 12:50 pm- My wife only has one rule
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -11/24, 01:29 pm- I must be spoiled, My wi
Michael Garrison - R -11/24, 03:16 pm- Yup, no wife, good income
Derek Kiefer - Manto -11/24, 03:26 pm- Its easier to ask for for
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -11/24, 11:59 pm- One day my wife came home
Erik Barrett in Aubu -11/25, 12:53 am- I never ask to buy any of
David Stroud -11/25, 02:25 am- Erik, NICE comeback! Dave
What is the secret to installing the windshield on a late...
Jim Kelsey -11/23, 03:06 am- My wife and I tried to in
Russell Ritchie -11/23, 04:09 am- From my memory the hinge
Rick Goelz-Knoxville -11/23, 09:13 am- Jim, you need to tilt the
Rick Goelz-Knoxville -11/23, 09:16 am- Slide it on as far as it
Jim Kelsey -11/23, 10:47 am- Thank you for trying to a
mike peterson -11/23, 11:07 am- what style hinge is on it
Jim Kelsey -11/23, 11:57 am- Good question - I will ta
Jim Kelsey -11/23, 10:41 pm- It looks like it must sli
David Dewey, N. Cali -11/24, 12:55 am- Jim, I believe the only
Jim Kelsey -11/25, 01:03 am- My wife and I got the win
Vin location on 1926 Tudor
Larry Reed -11/24, 05:30 pm- Can anyone tell me where
Jack Daron - Brownsb -11/24, 05:37 pm- Just below floor board ri
Larry Reed -11/24, 06:35 pm- Can this be viewed by the
Mark Strange - Hills -11/24, 06:36 pm- To avoid unpleasant surpr
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -11/24, 06:40 pm- Yes. Also, the frame numb
Larry Reed -11/24, 06:48 pm- Thanks. This forum is a
Hap Tucker in Sumter -11/24, 07:48 pm- And if you dont see it th
Kevin Whelihan Danbu -11/24, 08:09 pm- I have two 26 cars. One
Mike Bender Tulsa Ok -11/24, 08:17 pm- Kevin A lot of times the
Kevin Whelihan Danbu -11/24, 09:56 pm- Mike, I have brushed, cl
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/24, 10:47 pm- [Screen shot 2015-11-24 a
Allan Bennett - Aust -11/25, 12:49 am- Kevin, you have learned a
Model T era maintenance advice
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/24, 02:37 pm- Whenever the question of
Dan Treace, North FL -11/24, 03:25 pm- Ford Owners Manual for en
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/24, 04:11 pm- Does anybody do the keros
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/24, 04:28 pm- Heres the Ford chart from
Royce in Dallas TX -11/24, 04:35 pm- [Dykes oil1.jpg] [Dykes
george house . . .ca -11/24, 09:28 pm- Thanks for the era reprin
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -11/24, 10:55 pm- I have been known to flus
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/24, 11:44 pm- Yes, in Model T days kero
Kevin Weeds -11/25, 12:38 am- Does anybody put Kerosene
OT - Foggy Bottoms Got Me Blue ....
Freighter Jim -11/24, 11:18 am- What is up with this Fres
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/24, 11:25 am- The Central Valley is fam
Norman T. Kling -11/24, 11:38 am- You need to go east about
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -11/24, 11:39 am- The dew point is 44F and
Freighter Jim -11/24, 11:43 am- Well, I am about 20 mile
Henry Petrino in Mod -11/24, 11:52 am- Ive lived in The Valley f
Freighter Jim -11/24, 12:07 pm- Henry, Cooler weather wi
Bill Dugger -11/24, 12:31 pm- Freighter Jim: Here in R
John Semprez-Templet -11/24, 12:35 pm- When I lived in Sacrament
David Dewey, N. Cali -11/24, 04:11 pm- Jim, Welcome to what is
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -11/25, 12:03 am- I did a lot of my learnin
OT...52 years ago today 11/22
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -11/22, 03:16 pm- 52 years ago today at 1pm
Bob Jablonski -11/22, 03:38 pm- Tim, thank you. I rememb
Kenneth W DeLong -11/22, 03:46 pm- I remember very well!! I
Warren W. Mortensen  -11/22, 04:44 pm- I had just come in from r
Henry Petrino in Mod -11/22, 05:46 pm- I was a high school sopho
Jeff Perkins / MN -11/22, 06:27 pm- I was in 4th grade....we
James E Bowery -11/22, 06:41 pm- I too remember November 2
Gary H. White - Sher -11/22, 07:44 pm- I was deer hunting in nor
John C Codman -11/22, 07:58 pm- I was working at a Ford d
brass car guy -11/22, 09:24 pm- I was interviewing for a
Michael Garrison - R -11/22, 09:33 pm- I remember being in schoo
Larry Smith -11/22, 09:38 pm- Too bad it wasnt Obama!
Michael Garrison - R -11/22, 09:47 pm- i guess I wouldnt want to
Dan Killecut -11/22, 10:02 pm- I was working on my first
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/22, 10:12 pm- I was a student at Pepper
Russell Ritchie -11/22, 10:21 pm- May 2014 Name Politic
Dave Dunlavy, Iowa U -11/23, 05:02 pm- I remember the day better
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/24, 11:20 am- Heres the dénouement to m
Norman T. Kling -11/24, 11:35 am- I was at work in the line
Henry Petrino in Mod -11/24, 11:42 am- Steve, I imagine most of
Harold Schwendeman - -11/24, 01:45 pm- I too remember that day v
Ed Hope -11/24, 07:43 pm- Once again someone dispar
Bruce Kile ....San J -11/24, 08:43 pm- What does one persons opi
Jeff Perkins / MN -11/24, 09:22 pm- Why does Larry find it ne
Mack Cole ---- Earth -11/24, 09:36 pm- I must admit,some thought
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/24, 11:40 pm- Ed, I share your distaste
Toronto Branch Plant.
Dave Wells, Hamilton -11/23, 04:04 pm- Not sure if this was ever
Royce in Dallas TX -11/23, 04:33 pm- I like the picture of the
Ken Todd, .......... -11/24, 11:55 am- The picture of the buildi
Rob Patterson. Moruy -11/24, 04:09 pm- In that article, theres a
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -11/24, 05:18 pm- On that Roadster Pickup,
Dave Wells, Hamilton -11/24, 07:05 pm- Ken, that building and pr
Dave Wells, Hamilton -11/24, 07:30 pm- This is the second Toront
steven miller -11/24, 11:31 pm- posted previously http://
steven miller -11/24, 11:38 pm- Dave, I dont think anyone
Winching Your Car Onto A Trailer
Dan B -11/23, 09:46 am- I recently added an elect
Chad Marchees _____T -11/23, 09:55 am- Thats what I would use. I
Steve Tomaso - Longb -11/23, 10:26 am- Thats what I use Dan.
Kenneth W DeLong -11/23, 10:47 am- That web sling could also
Ed in California -11/23, 10:58 am- Attached to what and wher
Norman T. Kling -11/23, 11:25 am- attach to the spring wher
Rick Goelz-Knoxville -11/23, 11:57 am- With a rolling load you c
Richard Wolf -11/23, 01:04 pm- Drive it on your trailer.
Chad Marchees _____T -11/23, 01:27 pm- Richard, when you have no
Richard Wolf -11/23, 04:06 pm- Chad; I have about the sa
Steven Thum -11/23, 06:17 pm- If you can not attach to
Don Booth@ Bay City, -11/23, 06:25 pm- I strap the winch right i
Val Soupios -11/23, 06:34 pm- I have that Harbor Freigh
Richard Wolf -11/23, 07:11 pm- Val; How do u have it mou
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -11/24, 12:18 am- I was thinking what Don B
Val Soupios -11/24, 12:34 pm- Richard, I have a V nose
Dick Fischer - Arroy -11/24, 01:52 pm- Richard mentioned driving
Walter Higgins -11/24, 01:59 pm- Interesting, I have a H.F
G.R.Cheshire -11/24, 03:50 pm- this is how I do it[:-] [
Norman T. Kling -11/24, 04:14 pm- G.R. has given us a pictu
Freighter Jim -11/24, 04:57 pm- Attaching an axle strap a
Val Soupios -11/24, 05:00 pm- My Harbor Freight remote
Dick Fischer - Arroy -11/24, 05:29 pm- Thanks for the suggestion
Chad Marchees _____T -11/24, 06:41 pm- The wireless feature is w
Mack Cole ---- Earth -11/24, 09:43 pm- I have found with my ultr
Robert Brough -11/24, 11:19 pm- Dont loose the remote on
Freighter Jim -11/24, 11:33 pm- I opt for the 12K HF winc
Block welding
JOHN BEVARDOS -11/24, 08:21 pm- Any advice on a decent bl
Ed in California -11/24, 09:54 pm- This is a guy who does a
Gene Carrothers Hunt -11/24, 11:30 pm- What kind of problem are
Enclosed trailers
alan mcclure -11/23, 04:20 pm- I have a 2000 20 hallmark
Ned Protexter -11/23, 07:32 pm- Alan, please give me a ca
Michael Thomas - Cen -11/23, 08:56 pm- Ask Freighter Jim about f
Val Soupios -11/24, 12:51 pm- I had a 24 trailer for ov
Freighter Jim -11/24, 01:13 pm- A V- Nose trailer offers
Richard Wolf -11/24, 01:23 pm- I bought a 20ft 8.5 wide
Harold Schwendeman - -11/24, 02:37 pm- I have always thought tha
Donnie Brown North C -11/24, 07:41 pm- Im getting ready to buy m
Val Soupios -11/24, 07:50 pm- I can easily get a Model
Kenneth W DeLong -11/24, 08:56 pm- Longer hauls better!! Bud
HARRY A DAW Troy, Mo -11/24, 10:00 pm- Donnie, an 18 v nose, 8.5
mahlon hawker -11/24, 11:15 pm- When I got my 27 TT I pur
Freighter Jim -11/24, 11:23 pm- This thread has gone all
OT Windshield crack - crazy idea
Bud Holzschuh - Pana -11/24, 06:48 pm- My modern car has a crack
Robert G. Hester Jr. -11/24, 07:00 pm- Turn it over to your insu
Jack Daron - Brownsb -11/24, 07:11 pm- Hit it with a BA hammer,
Chris George -11/24, 07:35 pm- I think a drill bit will
paul iverson freepor -11/24, 07:43 pm- I have seen people try to
David L Corman -11/24, 09:02 pm- Your comp insurance will
Bud Holzschuh - Pana -11/24, 10:43 pm- Thanks for all the sugges
OT- What a Difference a Day Makes
Dan Killecut -11/23, 07:40 am- These pictures were taken
Chad Marchees _____T -11/23, 07:46 am- Crystal clear but cold he
Dan Killecut -11/23, 08:09 am- Chad, so far around six i
Albert Belling -11/23, 08:23 am- Wow, nice 51 merc. I have
Dan Killecut -11/23, 08:35 am- Albert, love your Merc. I
Jerome Hoffman, Hays -11/23, 08:45 am- Love the 53-54 Mercs, how
Albert Belling -11/23, 10:16 am- I sure would like some pi
Dan Killecut -11/23, 12:50 pm- Jerome, the interior of t
Bill Harper - Keene, -11/23, 02:31 pm- Hi Dan, So where is that
Dan Killecut -11/23, 06:51 pm- Albert, Liked seeing pict
David L Corman -11/23, 07:29 pm- Darn Nice Mercs
Dan Killecut -11/23, 09:13 pm- Thanks Dave.
Dick Fischer - Arroy -11/24, 02:00 pm- What is it that makes a M
Dan Killecut -11/24, 09:19 pm- Hello Dick, While beauty
Dick Fischer - Arroy -11/24, 10:39 pm- One thing that I enjoy ab
Are Center doors worth more?
Kevin Weeds -11/24, 04:37 pm- On Monday I heard of an o
Royce in Dallas TX -11/24, 04:41 pm- I think a center door cos
Kevin Weeds -11/24, 06:02 pm- Thanks Royce
Marv Konrad (Green B -11/24, 06:25 pm- -Kevin- Might you be thun
Charlie B actually i -11/24, 06:34 pm- Never much cared for the
Robert G. Hester Jr. -11/24, 07:04 pm- I think the center doors
Richard Wolf -11/24, 07:14 pm- Probably; I have a Center
george house . . .ca -11/24, 09:17 pm- Transmission band changes
joe bell -11/24, 09:25 pm- Kevin, I always wanted on
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -11/24, 10:33 pm- I really enjoyed mine whi
1914 Front Spring Perches
Garry Potter -11/24, 08:15 pm- I just learned that there
Mike Bender Tulsa Ok -11/24, 09:03 pm- Call langs they have a lo
Mark Gregush Portlan -11/24, 09:15 pm- If you plan on driving th
Kim Dobbins -11/24, 10:14 pm- Garry, I have sets of the
Where to find extra long u bolts
John Eaton -11/23, 02:23 pm- The regular u bolts are n
Tom Strickling -11/23, 03:30 pm- In my area, there is a tr
Kenneth W DeLong -11/23, 03:35 pm- Tom is right and do not t
John Eaton -11/23, 05:39 pm- We have a truck spring sh
Terry Woods, Richmon -11/23, 10:42 pm- The factory rear spring U
Mark Strange - Hills -11/24, 09:05 am- Keep an eye out on Ebay,
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -11/24, 09:39 am- John, How much more leng
John Eaton -11/24, 10:10 pm- Jerry I only have enough
Is there a body serial number on a 1916 Touring
Dena & Dennis Gorder -11/24, 09:05 am- WE have a 1916 Touring wi
Mike Walker, NW AR -11/24, 09:14 am- There is or was a patent
Mark Strange - Hills -11/24, 09:37 am- Try posting some pictures
Erik Johnson -11/24, 09:59 am- On a 1916 body, you shoul
paul iverson freepor -11/24, 08:11 pm- Our 16 plate is 12 15 eng
Trent Boggess -11/24, 09:27 pm- Generally speaking, the b
We lost another good one
Tom Moorehead -11/24, 10:09 am- I just found out that our
Dan McEachern -11/24, 10:21 am- We met Evan on one of Dav
Richard Wolf -11/24, 10:43 am- Evan is a good friend of
Roger Karlsson, sout -11/24, 10:59 am- My condolences to those w
Tom Moorehead -11/24, 11:16 am- Thanks Roger for finding
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -11/24, 11:17 am- Oh, thats terrible news.
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -11/24, 12:36 pm- This is very sad news. E
Michael Thomas - Cen -11/24, 12:37 pm- Nick and Evan looked afte
Jerry Kramer -11/24, 01:02 pm- Sad day for all Model T f
Richard Wolf -11/24, 01:13 pm- I called Nick and got no
Michael Garrison - R -11/24, 03:19 pm- Im sorry to hear of our l
Roy Stone - WV -11/24, 05:09 pm- A big loss to our Model T
Jack Daron - Brownsb -11/24, 05:39 pm- Evan was a close friend a
Richard Wolf -11/24, 09:16 pm- Talked to Nick Ellingwood
What have you done, November
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -11/20, 01:24 pm- I rebuilt my worst igniti
Andre Valkenaers -11/20, 02:01 pm- Just painting a few whee
Michael Garrison - R -11/21, 01:17 pm- I started removing the mo
Dan Treace, North FL -11/23, 08:57 am- Well another project foll
Steve Bourgeois -11/23, 09:28 am- Drove the T for the first
John P. Steele, Mont -11/23, 10:09 am- Dan T. I have a correct 2
Jerome Hoffman, Hays -11/23, 11:56 am- Dan, I have two, just in-
Dan Treace, North FL -11/23, 12:04 pm- Yea guys, that old crummy
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/23, 12:18 pm- Steve, youll get used to
Chad Marchees _____T -11/23, 08:27 pm- Started re wiring some of
Philip Berg -11/23, 09:52 pm- I let Isabel out for some
Michael Garrison - R -11/23, 10:32 pm- Phillip, whats all that g
Philip Berg -11/24, 02:38 am- Its been a rough winter h
george house . . .ca -11/24, 11:04 am- Been busy...Played polka
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -11/24, 04:10 pm- Made some terminal nuts a
Chad Marchees _____T -11/24, 08:09 pm- Finished up all my re wir
Mark Gregush Portlan -11/24, 09:10 pm- Drove my T to the shop Mo
1916 Wiring Harness Clips
Philip Berg -11/24, 04:55 pm- I bought the 4 piece wire
James J. Lyons III - -11/24, 06:11 pm- Philip... On my un-restor
paul iverson freepor -11/24, 07:54 pm- Phillip on our 16 the cli
Please contact me : Swap axle for swivel
Chester Leighton -11/24, 07:38 pm- Would the person who PMd
Warford mounting bracket
Dave Wightman -11/24, 03:46 pm- While pulling my engine I
Marv Konrad (Green B -11/24, 03:55 pm- -Dave- This thread may he
Tom Palmisano -11/24, 03:57 pm- Do you have the aluminum
Dave Wightman -11/24, 04:13 pm- This is the aluminum case
Herb Iffrig -11/24, 07:28 pm- [warford ad.jpg] [warford
Tom Palmisano -11/24, 07:36 pm- The brace Herb shows is f
Kingston L4 Carb
Manny Kourounis -11/24, 06:10 pm- Hi Guys, I have a Kingst
Mark Strange - Hills -11/24, 06:26 pm- Here is an old Kingston L
1925 Front Spindle
Bryan C -11/18, 08:03 am- Great advice on keeping i
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -11/18, 08:48 am- While building your front
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/18, 09:48 am- Heres the picture of my o
Dan Hatch -11/18, 05:17 pm- If they were a legitimate
Steve Tomaso - Longb -11/18, 07:28 pm- I checked mine again toda
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -11/18, 08:18 pm- For the major research ex
Dan Treace, North FL -11/18, 08:54 pm- Wayne Here is a close up
Dan Hatch -11/19, 04:33 pm- Something I saw. The othe
Keith Buckley -11/19, 06:08 pm- Could they maybe be a bad
Steve Tomaso - Longb -11/19, 07:12 pm- Mine has what appears to
Bryan C -11/24, 06:14 pm- Mine is the same as Steve
Old Photo - Tire Trouble On The Road
Jay - In Northern Ca -11/23, 12:24 pm- Interesting way to carry
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -11/23, 12:54 pm- A 1924 or 25 with non dem
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -11/23, 03:09 pm- People were very resource
Henry Petrino in Mod -11/23, 06:12 pm- No kidding Tim. AC full
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -11/23, 11:37 pm- I notice the car also has
Ken Parker -11/24, 08:00 am- Double side mount. Now th
John C Codman -11/24, 09:22 am- Tim and Henry, we dont mi
Pat Clark-Deer Lodge -11/24, 06:09 pm- I have not had the ac on
Michael Garrison - R -11/24, 06:14 pm- Its kinda odd, when we ha
Model T Touring Top Kit instructions?
Andrew  -11/23, 06:15 pm- Hello all, Over the week
Michael Garrison - R -11/23, 06:21 pm- Andrew, congratulations o
Dave Dufault -11/23, 06:35 pm- Andrew, Do you have the
Dave Dufault -11/23, 06:41 pm- Or, call Macs Cartouche:
Bill Alexander in Al -11/23, 06:55 pm- Andrew: Find someone in y
David Dewey, N. Cali -11/23, 08:06 pm- And, sad to say, you may
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -11/23, 08:53 pm- If you have a fax number
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -11/24, 12:23 am- Welcome to the affliction
Andrew  -11/24, 06:06 pm- Thank you for all the adv
OT - Thank You to Bob & his wife in Napa, CA ... :-)...
Freighter Jim -11/23, 01:25 am- I had the pleasure of mee
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -11/23, 10:41 am- Bob Who?
Ed in California -11/23, 10:56 am- Bob & his wife.
Freighter Jim -11/23, 11:17 am- Bob does not post here ..
Timothy Kelly -11/23, 11:40 am- Whats the point of a publ
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -11/23, 03:54 pm- I know several Bobs, most
Robert Matheny  -11/23, 04:37 pm- I thought it was rather n
Richard Wolf -11/23, 05:01 pm- Must be a Bob from Napa,
David Dewey, N. Cali -11/23, 05:12 pm- Maybe hes home for the we
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -11/23, 07:33 pm- David D, I grew up in San
John Semprez-Templet -11/24, 11:45 am- I went up to Napa after t
Freighter Jim -11/24, 05:01 pm- I believe Bob has a 1947
Rear end ratio change
Bruce Compton -11/23, 10:08 pm- I need advice on changing
Terry Woods, Richmon -11/23, 10:31 pm- Bruce, I have a heavier 2
Allan Bennett - Aust -11/24, 05:26 am- The 3:1 gear set is OK in
Roger Karlsson, sout -11/24, 05:45 am- Odd Allan, I havent had t
Terry Woods, Richmon -11/24, 07:28 am- Allan, I know everybody s
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -11/24, 09:07 am- To Allans point, I would
Norman T. Kling -11/24, 11:57 am- 3-1 would be OK in flat c
Harold Schwendeman - -11/24, 02:17 pm- I think that Norman has t
Bruce Compton -11/24, 02:44 pm- Thanks for all the input
Kevin Weeds -11/24, 04:31 pm- A friend imported a 13 ru
2015 Edition of Show Us Your Model T Doodlebug or Convers...
Chad Marchees _____T -11/21, 03:51 pm- Picked up more parts to d
Chad Marchees _____T -11/22, 02:28 pm- Thought about doing Doodl
Chad Marchees _____T -11/22, 02:30 pm- Coil box is not done yet,
Zachary Carrico -11/22, 09:35 pm- Sale, Half off today! Di
Chad Marchees _____T -11/23, 07:15 am- This block was being used
Mark Myers_____Pitts -11/24, 02:17 pm- I am about to list my doo
Ron in Central Massa -11/24, 02:36 pm- So tempting - if it was T
Mark Myers_____Pitts -11/24, 02:52 pm- PM sent, Ron.
Harold Schwendeman - -11/24, 03:03 pm- Dont misunderstand,....I
Ron in Central Massa -11/24, 03:43 pm- Thanks Mark. Got it.
Light Rods vs Heavy Rods
Eric Sole - Castelld -11/23, 03:54 pm- Are the earlier heavy rod
Kohnke Rebabbitting, -11/23, 08:24 pm- Rods dont twist, and bend
Frank van Ekeren (A -11/23, 09:27 pm- Rods dont twist and bend
Kohnke Rebabbitting, -11/24, 12:17 am- Frank, a rod going throug
Frank van Ekeren (A -11/24, 01:43 am- My brilliance is well abo
Kohnke Rebabbitting, -11/24, 01:54 pm- Well Frank, as a company
Frank van Ekeren (A -11/24, 02:52 pm- I dont disagree at all wi
Starter removal
Rick Goelz-Knoxville -11/24, 01:28 pm- Will the come out with th
john kuehn -11/24, 02:02 pm- You could remove the star
George_Cherry Hill N -11/24, 02:32 pm- Yes ....if you have no co
Installing new spindle bushings!
Jimmie Rodgers -11/23, 10:18 pm- What size, style,shape,le
Jack Daron - Brownsb -11/23, 10:33 pm- Welcome to the affliction
Bill Dugger -11/23, 10:49 pm- Jimmie: You just opened
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/23, 11:17 pm- Heres what you need first
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/23, 11:18 pm- Oh, something else you sh
David Dewey, N. Cali -11/24, 01:01 am- Do be aware that, unless
Dan Hatch -11/24, 04:15 am- Make sure the axle has th
Chad Marchees _____T -11/24, 07:17 am- Jimmie, welcome to the fo
Roger Karlsson, sout -11/24, 07:51 am- The only method that has
Philippe BROST, Fran -11/24, 08:51 am- The holes in the spindles
Roger Karlsson, sout -11/24, 09:01 am- Yes, Philippe, thats why
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -11/24, 09:27 am- Jimmie, It sounds like y
george house . . .ca -11/24, 10:18 am- The entire weight of the
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/24, 10:41 am- Ill second what chad said
john kuehn -11/24, 01:51 pm- Jimmie the most important
Paul Sherman Tacoma  -11/24, 12:47 pm- I was looking at pictures
Roger Karlsson, sout -11/24, 01:02 pm- Not at all common, but so
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -11/24, 01:03 pm- No, its not common. Ford
Need source for red tire pump hose.
Wayne Jorgensen -11/20, 11:50 am- Does anyone have a source
HARRY A DAW Troy, Mo -11/20, 01:48 pm- Could do what I did on my
Dave Wilson, Saint J -11/20, 01:53 pm- Try retorationspecialties
Chris Bamford, Edmon -11/20, 03:15 pm- Or a welding supply store
Erik Johnson -11/20, 05:27 pm- Here you go: http://www.
Erik Johnson -11/20, 06:36 pm- Depending on the inner di
Mark Strange - Hills -11/20, 06:53 pm- Dont know for sure if the
Mark Wetherbee - Dow -11/23, 01:03 pm- Looks like Carbide headla
Keith Townsend ; ^ ) -11/24, 01:30 am- Wayne- What is the insid
David Stroud -11/24, 05:40 am- Im not sure, but I dont t
Wayne Jorgensen -11/24, 11:26 am- I am also missing the fit
Robert Brough -11/24, 11:51 am- About half way through th
Robert Brough -11/24, 11:56 am-
Erik Johnson -11/24, 12:13 pm- Modern, braided bicycle p
'26-27 Rad mounting and hood shelves question
Chris Bamford, Edmon -11/21, 08:06 pm- Im asking on behalf of my
Roger Karlsson, sout -11/22, 03:42 am- Ive trimmed my repro hood
Travis E. Towle -11/24, 12:04 am- Is the diagram wrong??
Jim Kelsey -11/24, 12:33 am- I cut my own out of maple
Roger Karlsson, sout -11/24, 05:22 am- Travis - no, I dont think
John C Codman -11/24, 09:26 am- I ran into that a couple
Norman T. Kling -11/24, 11:50 am- If you have a sander, jus
Compression question
Mark Myers_____Pitts -11/23, 10:42 pm- Hi all, I have a 1919 en
Cameron Whitaker, Ch -11/23, 10:45 pm- Problem with your compres
Henry Petrino in Mod -11/23, 10:54 pm- Id try it with oil and fo
Mark Myers_____Pitts -11/23, 10:58 pm- Compression tester is goo
Jeff Hood -Long Beac -11/23, 11:18 pm- Worn cam? How far do your
Mark Myers_____Pitts -11/23, 11:22 pm- I didnt measure the valve
Frank van Ekeren (A -11/23, 11:55 pm- Had this many a time on i
James J. Lyons III - -11/24, 07:19 am- Mark.. If the pistons ar
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -11/24, 09:10 am- I agree with James.
Charlie B actually i -11/24, 09:45 am- JJL sounds correct as far
Norman T. Kling -11/24, 11:44 am- After you lapped the valv
Cool hat, Family in front of the Lawyers-Photo
Herb Iffrig -11/23, 07:59 pm- [Family at the lawyers.PN
Derek Kiefer - Manto -11/23, 08:06 pm- Car appears to be a 1918
Henry Petrino in Mod -11/23, 09:24 pm- Great photo Herb. Like
Michael Garrison - R -11/23, 10:36 pm- Tom Mix!
Dale Peterson Colleg -11/24, 11:37 am- Not enough room inside fo
OT - Ford didn't just build cars in the early days, they ...
Rob Heyen - Eastern  -11/19, 09:26 am- By 1907, Ford wasnt only
Kenneth W DeLong -11/20, 08:44 am- It would be nice to see o
Dave Wells, Hamilton -11/20, 08:59 am- No wonder Ford did so wel
Kenneth W DeLong -11/20, 01:17 pm- I do not know which is wh
Rob Heyen - Eastern  -11/20, 01:39 pm- Dave, This April 1907 art
Kenneth W DeLong -11/20, 03:20 pm- They must have played all
Dave Wells, Hamilton -11/20, 08:47 pm- My fault Rob. I didnt not
Rob Heyen - Eastern  -11/21, 04:13 pm- Maybe there was more than
Kenneth W DeLong -11/21, 07:59 pm- Rob,I think your right bu
Rob Heyen - Eastern  -11/22, 11:53 am- Bud, I saw articles about
Dennis Seth - Ohio -11/22, 11:59 am- The Ford team could have
Kenneth W DeLong -11/22, 12:28 pm- Rob,It would be my guess
Rob Heyen - Eastern  -11/24, 09:33 am- Working through Detroit N
Movie work for Model Ts
Michael Kopilec -11/22, 02:05 pm- My name is Michael Kopile
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/22, 02:14 pm- Let me know when youre sh
Dave Wells, Hamilton -11/22, 02:25 pm- Gee, I wonder if they wou
Kenneth W DeLong -11/22, 03:39 pm- Ford paid me $200 once!!
Allan Bennett - Aust -11/22, 04:46 pm- I worked as the veteran v
Travis E. Towle -11/22, 05:15 pm- Beware - one of our local
Dick Lodge - St Loui -11/22, 05:44 pm- My car has been used in a
Tom Bergmann Sydney  -11/22, 06:41 pm- Ditto what Dick said abov
Trent Boggess -11/22, 07:09 pm- Currently there is a 1927
Jesse L. Ashcraft -11/22, 07:15 pm- In both cases, it was a p
Michael Power -11/22, 08:04 pm- Ive rented my cars dozens
Dan B -11/22, 08:45 pm- For those who have done t
David Dewey, N. Cali -11/22, 08:50 pm- It has been many decades
Dan Killecut -11/22, 10:23 pm- I got payed $50 dollars o
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -11/23, 10:56 am- I have had at least 10 ca
Erik Barrett in Aubu -11/23, 11:07 am- I got paid $750 for the t
Dick Lodge - St Loui -11/23, 11:18 am- Re Food. I remember on th
Mike Spaziano, Bellf -11/23, 09:36 pm- They used my 26 Touring i
Erik Barrett in Aubu -11/23, 09:54 pm- Universal really made an
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -11/24, 09:33 am- I would question the prod
Vampires circling.
ALAN FAIRCLOUGH -11/23, 04:25 pm- I have a 1924 touring and
Mark Strange - Hills -11/23, 04:52 pm-
ALAN FAIRCLOUGH -11/23, 05:03 pm- Great information, Thank
rick howerton -11/23, 05:16 pm- Best thing to do is repla
Mark Gregush Portlan -11/23, 08:56 pm- How is taking the rivets
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -11/23, 09:15 pm- I am unclear on the quest
rick howerton -11/23, 10:06 pm- I`ve replaced afew, wasnt
rick howerton -11/23, 10:41 pm- While your under there un
Jeff Hood -Long Beac -11/23, 11:42 pm- If you unbolt the brake a
David Stroud -11/24, 05:56 am- I built up the pawl with
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -11/24, 09:22 am- Alan, If indeed the stic
OT - Surveying Question
Philip Berg -11/20, 11:12 pm- Im sure one of you expert
steven miller -11/20, 11:39 pm- I guess these people are
steven miller -11/20, 11:48 pm- Many records have never b
Jim Rodell, Sr.- Wis -11/20, 11:52 pm- I think your location is
Mark Gregush Portlan -11/20, 11:56 pm- I tried this; Nebraska NW
Michael Garrison - R -11/21, 12:09 am- NW & NE tract 114 Sec
Philip Berg -11/21, 12:18 am- Yes Keya Paha county is c
Jon Crane -11/21, 12:31 am- It is the NW 1/4 of the N
Neil McKay -11/21, 12:31 am- NW 1/4, NE 1/4, Sec. 23,
Paul Mikeska, Denver -11/21, 12:32 am- If the coordinates are co
Erik Johnson -11/21, 12:39 am- Use this website: http:/
Michael Garrison - R -11/21, 12:40 am- Your surveyors map should
Michael Garrison - R -11/21, 12:42 am- Hey Erik, thats kool! [:-
Erik Johnson -11/21, 12:44 am- Using the website in my p
Erik Johnson -11/21, 12:48 am- Here is the 1912 plat map
Jon Crane -11/21, 01:06 am- Looks like your T travele
Michael Garrison - R -11/21, 01:17 am- I think its impressive th
Philip Berg -11/21, 04:26 am- You guys are way smarter
Philip Berg -11/21, 04:31 am- His log cabin. [Fickweil
Philip Berg -11/21, 04:40 am- This is incredible. By u
Rob Heyen - Eastern  -11/21, 06:31 am- What little I find indica
George_Cherry Hill N -11/21, 09:20 am- That 40 acre within other
Jon Crane -11/21, 09:22 am- Phillip How did the Coup
Mike Walker, NW AR -11/21, 09:35 am- Philip -- The plat you po
George John Drobnock -11/21, 09:40 am- If you want to continue y
Jon Crane -11/21, 11:00 am- Cherry Hill George You ar
Rob Heyen - Eastern  -11/21, 12:49 pm- Section division and sub-
Michael Garrison - R -11/21, 01:24 pm- And, thats why only a For
Philip Berg -11/21, 03:06 pm- Great investigating, than
Michael Garrison - R -11/21, 03:16 pm- I wish I had that history
Jon Crane -11/21, 04:13 pm- An excellent read regardi
Philip Berg -11/24, 01:28 am- Today I called the Nebras
George John Drobnock -11/24, 09:09 am- I have heard urban legend
Before I 'screw-up' the steering - Help!
Marv Konrad (Green B -11/21, 08:55 pm- Am wanting to re-plate th
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -11/21, 09:01 pm-
Marv Konrad (Green B -11/21, 09:38 pm- Thanks, Rich! Since Im ju
Dale Peterson Colleg -11/21, 09:51 pm- Those four rivets are act
Marv Konrad (Green B -11/21, 10:38 pm- Thanks, Dale! I see, said
David Dewey, N. Cali -11/21, 11:56 pm- The shaft should just com
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/22, 12:09 am- No, I wouldnt plate anyth
Marv Konrad (Green B -11/22, 12:22 am- Hey, Guys - Thank you! If
David Stroud -11/22, 06:15 am- Marv, the quadrant isnt p
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -11/22, 09:02 am- According to the encyclop
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -11/22, 09:22 am- Be sure to anneal the tab
Marv Konrad (Green B -11/22, 10:47 am- Thanks for the info, fell
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/22, 11:08 am- The only practical downsi
Jerome Hoffman, Hays -11/22, 11:13 am- Marv, if you had an earli
Marv Konrad (Green B -11/22, 11:18 am- Am appreciating the thoug
Marv Konrad (Green B -11/22, 11:32 am- Absolutely understand abo
David Dewey, N. Cali -11/22, 01:36 pm- Ken, What is your proce
Allan Bennett - Aust -11/24, 05:46 am- Me too Ken. I need to tak
Roger Karlsson, sout -11/24, 05:56 am- It isnt a catastrophe if
Scott Conger -11/24, 06:10 am- I agree with Roger on his
OT A great deal
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/23, 12:51 pm- [Screen shot 2015-11-23 a
Mark Strange - Hills -11/23, 01:05 pm- I have a copy of this boo
Marv Konrad (Green B -11/23, 01:16 pm- -Thanks, Steve!- Krause P
David Dewey, N. Cali -11/23, 01:18 pm- Egads, thats a deal!! Tha
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -11/23, 02:29 pm- Thanks Steve! Think Ill
Bill Harper - Keene, -11/23, 07:03 pm- Yes, this is a grand book
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -11/24, 12:14 am- Wow! I have it, and use i
Ford and the B-24
Herb Iffrig -11/21, 11:35 pm- From an email. Subject:
Dan Hatch -11/22, 06:19 am- I think you will find tha
Hap Tucker in Sumter -11/22, 08:06 am- Herb – great video thank
Dan Hatch -11/22, 09:23 am- A few years ago I went to
Perry Goble -11/22, 10:50 am- Herb There is a WW 2 muse
Erik Barrett in Aubu -11/22, 11:21 am- Hitler may have had no cl
Leon Parker - Benton -11/22, 07:04 pm- My Dad and Mother both wo
Herb Iffrig -11/22, 07:13 pm- That is cool Perry. Lets
Gary H. White - Sher -11/22, 07:31 pm- My mother also worked on
David Dewey, N. Cali -11/22, 09:24 pm- My Father-in-Law was a qu
Dick Fischer - Arroy -11/22, 11:06 pm- In the late 1970s one of
Mike Kossor - Kenilw -11/23, 12:02 am- Wow! what a great story D
Kevin Fielding "Ewe- -11/23, 11:54 am- Dad served as an AOM, Avi
Kevin Fielding "Ewe- -11/23, 12:04 pm- Oops, forgot to include t
Terry Horlick in Pen -11/23, 01:50 pm- My father-in-law enlisted
Terry Horlick in Pen -11/23, 02:11 pm- Kevin, after my previous
Kevin Fielding "Ewe- -11/23, 03:57 pm- Terry, I am by no means a
Royce in Dallas TX -11/23, 04:25 pm- My dad started out being
Dennis Seth - Ohio -11/23, 04:38 pm- Royce, You are so right
Terry Horlick in Pen -11/23, 10:46 pm- Kevin, Just talked to my
Dick Fischer - Arroy -11/23, 11:54 pm- To make designations even
Jern Thunderbolt
Robb Wolff -11/23, 09:55 pm- Recently I visited Neal J
Mark Gregush Portlan -11/23, 10:14 pm- You could try this 6303
brass car guy -11/23, 11:00 pm- I heard the business has
Does anyone know where to buy brass screws with slot tops...
Robert Poane -11/21, 12:03 pm- does anyone know where to
Jack Daron - Brownsb -11/21, 12:21 pm- Fastenal,McMaster-Carr.
George_Cherry Hill N -11/21, 12:25 pm- Bob Send away and get a
Bill Harper - Keene, -11/21, 12:26 pm- Langs has them.
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/21, 12:29 pm- Try Bolt Depot. https://w
Royce in Dallas TX -11/21, 12:29 pm- Any Ace Hardware store wi
Tom Greifhahn - Elmw -11/21, 12:30 pm- Bob: Refer to attached Hi
David Stroud -11/21, 12:30 pm- Bob, try Fastenal or McMa
Dave Dufault -11/21, 12:33 pm- Would you consider suppor
David Stroud -11/21, 12:38 pm- Sorry for the repeat info
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/21, 01:37 pm- I recently needed a singl
Dave Dufault -11/21, 01:49 pm- prompted me to drive an e
David Dewey, N. Cali -11/21, 02:01 pm- You could also ask your l
harold lee cartwrigh -11/21, 02:07 pm- got mine at lowes
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/21, 02:09 pm- The blocks are about a qu
john kuehn -11/21, 02:19 pm- Your local ACE hardware h
Bill Harper - Keene, -11/21, 03:35 pm- $1.75? Wowzers. Cheapest
Norman Bolz -11/21, 03:38 pm- Heads up. Above suggest
Nevin Gough -11/21, 03:47 pm- Steve, If you ran, it wou
Glen Chaffin -11/21, 04:59 pm- Chaffins has them too.
Robert Poane -11/21, 06:36 pm- I do not like slotted scr
Alan George Long -11/22, 12:03 am- Langs have a good range t
brass car guy -11/22, 12:23 am- Restoration supply would
John F. Regan -11/22, 10:01 am- Just a heads up. Many of
Larry Lautenschlager -11/22, 03:29 pm- try: Spaenaur Inc., Kitch
Karl Gilchrist- New  -11/22, 08:42 pm- Any quality marine chandl
Larry Smith -11/23, 09:52 am- I own an old 20s house, a
Steve Tomaso - Longb -11/23, 10:27 am- Otis would have made them
Benjamin Morgan - Mi -11/23, 10:40 pm- is
Old Photo - Auto Polo Event
Jay - In Northern Ca -11/23, 12:19 pm- [autopolo-13x.jpg]
Darel J. Leipold -11/23, 12:53 pm- Staged versions of this e
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -11/23, 04:42 pm- I have dissected several
John P. Steele, Mont -11/23, 05:29 pm- The ball appears to be in
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -11/23, 09:50 pm- John P S, A bit over a we
Need tips rebuilding and clamping rear spring
John Eaton -11/20, 03:49 pm- I am going to build and i
Terry Woods, Richmon -11/20, 05:04 pm- John, In addition to addi
Val Soupios -11/20, 05:49 pm- I use two C clamps that I
Allan Bennett - Aust -11/20, 06:03 pm- John, Terry has the right
Dale Peterson Colleg -11/20, 06:28 pm- I have used a length of a
John Eaton -11/20, 06:35 pm- Thanks Terry, Val, Allan
Larry Smith -11/20, 07:12 pm- You are not going to be a
Bill Harper - Keene, -11/20, 07:13 pm- Hi John, You have receiv
John Eaton -11/20, 07:53 pm- Thanks Larry. Bill this
Val Soupios -11/20, 07:54 pm- What is being said about
Harold Schwendeman - -11/20, 08:26 pm- By all means, heed Bill H
John Eaton -11/20, 09:50 pm- Thanks everyone for all
Allan Bennett - Aust -11/20, 10:25 pm- John, your last photo tel
John Eaton -11/20, 10:30 pm- Thanks Allan. Its on the
Jack Daron - Brownsb -11/20, 11:36 pm- Two more options are avai
Roger Karlsson, sout -11/21, 04:33 am- T rear springs can be han
Ken Todd, .......... -11/21, 11:51 am- While you have the spring
John Eaton -11/21, 09:41 pm- Thanks Roger. I have gon
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -11/23, 10:08 am- John, If it hasnt alread
John Eaton -11/23, 09:05 pm- Hi Jerry, I did move the
Happy 100 Old Joe!
Bill Elliott -11/22, 02:18 pm- My 1916 T turns 100 today
Bill Elliott -11/22, 02:21 pm- [a.jpg] [bi.jpg]
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -11/22, 03:21 pm- Happy birthday old Joe!
Kenneth W DeLong -11/22, 03:30 pm- The coldest i ever ran ou
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -11/22, 03:40 pm- Two nice looking Ts!
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -11/22, 04:17 pm- He can live at my house f
Bill Elliott -11/22, 04:31 pm- I dont know, Dave, but wh
joe bell -11/22, 06:18 pm- Bill, Did you name that a
Bill Elliott -11/22, 10:33 pm- Actually, the old fella w
Mark Stewart. Bakers -11/23, 08:46 pm- Nice. Happy Birthday! I l
Derek Kiefer - Manto -11/23, 08:53 pm- Beautiful 1916 Bill. I w
Old Photo - Model T Era - Roof Top Parking
Jay - In Northern Ca -11/23, 12:33 pm- [kjghhriu; cx.jpg]
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -11/23, 01:04 pm- A business with too much
David Dewey, N. Cali -11/23, 02:08 pm- OK, HOW did they get them
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -11/23, 03:03 pm- Thats gotta be about the
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -11/23, 03:05 pm- OK, looked at it again, l
Dennis Seth - Ohio -11/23, 03:40 pm- Tim, Instead of a sunroo
Ron in Central Massa -11/23, 04:07 pm- Theres a bunch of Ts up t
Ron in Central Massa -11/23, 04:10 pm- Touring at the far lower
rick howerton -11/23, 04:59 pm- Cool picture. Wish we cou
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -11/23, 07:23 pm- Dennis, I think youre rig
Mike Bender Tulsa Ok -11/23, 07:35 pm- All ran when parked,so th
David Dewey, N. Cali -11/23, 08:20 pm- Yeah, but the car at the
Turtle deck lid
Dale Peterson Colleg -11/23, 01:47 am- Is there a source for a 1
john kuehn -11/23, 09:37 am- Good luck in finding a go
Ed in California -11/23, 10:26 am- http://www.macsautoparts.
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/23, 10:32 am- If youre like me and dont
Les Schubert -11/23, 12:07 pm- At $73.00 that looks like
john kuehn -11/23, 03:12 pm- I wonder who Macs uses fo
Richard Wolf -11/23, 04:11 pm- If I ordered it from Macs
Les Schubert -11/23, 06:07 pm- Richard Why?
Richard Wolf -11/23, 06:36 pm- It could be back ordered
Ed in California -11/23, 06:40 pm- Ive been having good luck
Dale Peterson Colleg -11/23, 07:41 pm- Thanks for the leads. At
'26 touring car hard start when cold episode #2
dennis delano  -11/21, 07:57 pm- hello all, I started a ne
Norman T. Kling -11/21, 08:54 pm- As you stand in front of
Dave Dufault -11/21, 08:57 pm- Until someone offers an o
Dave Dufault -11/21, 09:14 pm- Dennis, Also, check the
dennis delano  -11/21, 10:23 pm- thanks, Ill check the lin
dennis delano  -11/22, 05:51 pm- I printed out the steps i
Dave Dufault -11/22, 06:49 pm- dennis, go back to a prev
David Stroud -11/22, 09:09 pm- I used a piece of 3/32 st
dennis delano  -11/23, 01:02 pm- thanks, Ill try the 3/32
dennis delano  -11/23, 01:05 pm- Dave, do you mean that th
Dave Dufault -11/23, 02:56 pm- dennis, Steves picture
dennis delano  -11/23, 07:41 pm- I will remove it and take
Model t or Hudson
Jim williams Baldwin -11/22, 02:55 pm- I tried doing a search bu
Mike Spaziano, Bellf -11/22, 05:04 pm- Theyre for a Hudson. The
Jim williams Baldwin -11/22, 05:33 pm- Thanks mike I just looked
Jim williams Baldwin -11/22, 06:13 pm- I guess I should have loo
Derek Kiefer - Manto -11/22, 07:11 pm- I also have a T light wit
Erik Johnson -11/22, 07:37 pm- Its not uncommon to find
Erik Johnson -11/22, 07:44 pm- This seals the deal: [hu
David Dewey, N. Cali -11/22, 09:00 pm- They are NOT for a Hudson
Mike Spaziano, Bellf -11/23, 05:11 pm- Ya learn something every
Erik Johnson -11/23, 06:40 pm- Mike: I believe Hudson a
Mike Spaziano, Bellf -11/23, 07:02 pm- Youre right Erik. A very
Model T and Fuel
George John Drobnock -11/23, 09:35 am- Well, even though my 1922
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/23, 10:45 am- 1922 what? This summer I
George John Drobnock -11/23, 05:46 pm- 1922 coupe. Easy in easy
Michael Garrison - R -11/23, 06:11 pm- The drain on the needle t
Michael Garrison - R -11/23, 06:12 pm- I think its safe to assum
Tom Strickling -11/23, 06:59 pm- I have seen drain plugs w
Measured drawing for pan jig wanted
Bob Shirley -11/20, 07:15 pm- I got a nice flat piece o
Donnie Brown North C -11/20, 07:25 pm- Bob, I hope you get the m
charley shaver- libe -11/20, 07:40 pm- 2 PLATE STEEL WILL BE MOR
Terry Woods, Richmon -11/20, 07:46 pm- There seem to be members
John P. Steele, Mont -11/20, 08:01 pm- I think they are 43 long.
John P. Steele, Mont -11/20, 08:02 pm- They are not quite 43 fee
Noel D. Chicoine, MD -11/20, 08:55 pm- I was wondering how many
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -11/20, 10:00 pm- I was scrolling down read
Mike Vaughn - Lincol -11/20, 10:11 pm- John, I think that pan mu
Allen Godard -11/20, 10:29 pm- So I believe what youre a
Terry Woods, Richmon -11/21, 12:03 am- Dang, your engine is long
Travis E. Towle -11/21, 12:17 am- Here, i was hoping someon
Travis E. Towle -11/21, 12:21 am- OMG PHOTO IS ALL BLURRY,
Michael Garrison - R -11/21, 12:28 am- Allen, are you thinking o
Bob Shirley -11/21, 05:48 am- [003 (366x550).jpg] Heres
Eric Sole - Castelld -11/21, 05:49 am- For those of us far from
Kenneth W DeLong -11/21, 08:03 am- I know it would add expen
Anthonie Boer---- Kl -11/21, 12:27 pm- Eric ; If you come to Hol
Eric Sole - Castelld -11/21, 01:40 pm- Toon, I may have to take
Mike Bender Tulsa Ok -11/21, 01:47 pm- Bob sent you a PM
Mike Bender Tulsa Ok -11/21, 01:48 pm- Bob sent you a PM
Allen Godard -11/21, 02:08 pm- @ Michael G, Yeah its a F
Michael Garrison - R -11/21, 03:21 pm- Allen, its great to final
Michael Garrison - R -11/21, 03:34 pm- Allen its been so many ye
Allen Godard -11/21, 04:39 pm- So I have mine setup for
jay skinner -11/21, 05:04 pm- Attn: Bob Shirley, Here
David Sullivan -11/21, 07:03 pm- Im also interested in thi
Mark Strange - Hills -11/21, 07:34 pm- A feeble attempt at resiz
Erik Barrett in Aubu -11/21, 08:10 pm- Anyone on this forum is w
Jack Putnam, Bluffto -11/21, 09:50 pm- It is difficult to make o
Donnie Brown North C -11/21, 10:44 pm- Jay, nice drawing. would
John P. Steele, Mont -11/21, 11:38 pm- Donnie I may have pdf. of
Bob Shirley -11/22, 07:28 pm- Thanks to everyone for yo
Peter Martin, Sydney -11/22, 08:10 pm- Is there a chance that th
Garnet -11/22, 08:25 pm- Yup ... me too! Garnet
Donnie Brown North C -11/22, 10:34 pm- I have seen the PDF file.
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -11/23, 02:42 am- In answer to Eric Soles f
Nicholas Lingg - Tar -11/23, 07:30 am- Along those lines of usin
Allen Godard -11/23, 02:42 pm- If somebody is willing to
Eric Sole - Castelld -11/23, 04:52 pm- Wayne and Nicholas, thank
Mike Bender Tulsa Ok -11/23, 05:42 pm- Mystery solved. A lesson
Mark Strange - Hills -11/23, 05:44 pm- Great news, Mike, did you
Mike Bender Tulsa Ok -11/23, 06:14 pm- LOL yes I did!!!! Oh wel
Front spring bracket / front motor mount
joe gallagher -11/22, 12:06 am- Does the 1/4 tapped hole
Bill Harper - Keene, -11/22, 12:14 am- Hi Joe, That hole faces
joe gallagher -11/22, 12:42 am- Thanks Bill .... I forgo
Alan George Long -11/22, 10:38 pm- Bill is 110% correct. Its
Allan Bennett - Aust -11/23, 07:21 am- Alan forgot to add, excep
Roger Karlsson, sout -11/23, 08:07 am- And if you havent got any
Larry Smith -11/23, 09:34 am- Ive never been sure of th
Allan Bennett - Aust -11/23, 05:17 pm- Larry, an oval head screw
Door Latch
Craig Stolpestad -11/22, 06:03 pm- Cant find a 25 tudor driv
Russell Ritchie -11/22, 06:15 pm- Open or closed car? I hav
Craig Stolpestad -11/22, 06:31 pm- 25 sedan
Jack Daron - Brownsb -11/22, 06:57 pm- I will look,I may have an
Jack Daron - Brownsb -11/23, 03:55 pm- Craig,sent you a PM.
Henry Ford's Words of Wisdom
Dan Killecut -11/22, 11:08 pm- [henry ford 1944.jpg]
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -11/22, 11:31 pm- Truer words were never sp
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -11/23, 02:45 am- Absolutely! Think well e
Dennis Seth - Ohio -11/23, 06:40 am- The government does serve
Kenneth W DeLong -11/23, 06:42 am- What i wouldent give to b
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -11/23, 03:30 pm- To Serve Man The Twilight
OT - Early Thanksgiving Gratitude
Freighter Jim -11/23, 11:21 am- Lord, Thank You for each
Erik Barrett in Aubu -11/23, 11:28 am- Amen Jim.
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -11/23, 03:10 pm- Couldnt say it better my
1926 - 27 rear brake lining
Royce in Dallas TX -11/22, 10:13 am- Popeye has a large drum 1
Mark Strange - Hills -11/22, 10:21 am- If youre talking about ac
Royce in Dallas TX -11/22, 10:21 am- Looking at Bobs web site
Stephen D Heatherly -11/22, 10:24 am- Royce, Ive used the new l
Mark Strange - Hills -11/22, 10:27 am- If youre talking about em
Jim Kelsey -11/22, 11:37 am- I used the new lining and
Terry Woods, Richmon -11/22, 01:31 pm- Royce, sounds like you ne
Royce in Dallas TX -11/22, 02:45 pm- The lining on the LH park
Roger Karlsson, sout -11/23, 01:45 am- Ive bought Snyders repro
Kevin Whelihan Danbu -11/23, 12:12 pm- Royce, I have an extra s
Royce in Dallas TX -11/23, 02:29 pm- Kevin, Much appreciated,
Mike Robison -11/23, 02:46 pm- Royce, The Aftermarket 26
Original Style Exhaust Pipes for Purists Only!
Larry Smith -11/21, 11:42 pm- For a long time Ive wante
David Stroud -11/21, 11:53 pm- Larry, that is good news.
David Dewey, N. Cali -11/22, 03:34 am- Larry, Sounds wonderful
David Dewey, N. Cali -11/22, 03:46 am- PS, this isnt just for pu
David Stroud -11/22, 05:34 am- David, you are so right!
Kim Dobbins -11/22, 12:35 pm- I saw the pipes in back o
Steve Tomaso - Longb -11/22, 12:55 pm- Does one need to find ori
Larry Smith -11/23, 10:00 am- Yes Steve. You will need
Steve Tomaso - Longb -11/23, 10:24 am- Thanks Larry - nice to ha
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -11/23, 10:41 am- Larry, Might have been m
David Dewey, N. Cali -11/23, 02:26 pm- Price sounds good to me--
Old Photo - Visiting A Fort Collins Oil Well - 1924
Jay - In Northern Ca -11/23, 12:27 pm- [ft collins oil.jpg] [ft
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -11/23, 01:54 pm- This story was dated July
OLd Photo - Colorado Ford Dealer
Jay - In Northern Ca -11/23, 12:29 pm- [Ford dealer.jpg]
TT Ford truck
Jim Sims--Reed City, -11/21, 10:28 am- I have been asked to try
Henry Petrino in Mod -11/21, 10:44 am- There are plenty of folks
Perry Goble -11/21, 11:42 am- It all depends on what yo
Tom Strickling -11/21, 03:50 pm- Henry you must have been
Henry Petrino in Mod -11/21, 05:08 pm- Now Tom, thats whats know
Jeff V -11/23, 11:18 am- Also, what does restorati
Jim Sims--Reed City, -11/23, 12:02 pm- As far as the restoration
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/23, 12:03 pm- Often it just means every
Drive shaft pinion bearing
Jim Sims--Reed City, -11/23, 11:41 am- I should know the answer
ROBERT BERGSTADT -11/23, 11:49 am- not the nut the other end
Did you ship me an engine?
Mike Bender Tulsa Ok -11/21, 01:40 pm- I have an engine that was
Dick Lodge - St Loui -11/21, 01:50 pm- Mike, if its a Model T en
john kuehn -11/21, 02:29 pm- Thats not off topic at al
Mike Walker, NW AR -11/22, 09:23 am- Mike -- Just sit on it fo
Tyrone Thomas - Tope -11/22, 09:57 am- If the engine came pre-pa
Donnie Brown North C -11/22, 10:30 am- Mike, if it a very early
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -11/22, 11:51 am- When sending anything lik
Ron Mc Willie -11/22, 11:53 am- If it has an A crank, a R
Ken Todd, .......... -11/23, 10:36 am- Maybe someone just sent y
Rob Heyen - Eastern  -11/23, 11:00 am- If its a Ford and has six
Jerome Hoffman, Hays -11/23, 11:38 am- Mike, Im sure you remembe
Fronty ready for your stocking
Ed in California -11/23, 09:06 am- Saw this on tbay http://w
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -11/23, 10:28 am- Probably will bring a lot
Butcher's truck??
R.V. Anderson -11/22, 05:56 pm- Anyone ever seen a photo
Erik Johnson -11/22, 06:17 pm- Probably not commercially
Shawn Hayward -11/22, 06:32 pm- [TT in Cumberland.jpg] t
Justin H. - Western  -11/22, 08:07 pm- [Butcher C cab.jpg]
Steve Tomaso - Longb -11/23, 09:16 am- Just like my Gramps truck
1927Touring car Rear Door Post Assembly
Ron Dupree -11/22, 08:24 pm- I am working on a 1927 to
Tom Miller, Mostly i -11/23, 06:11 am- The later touring bodies
Ron Dupree -11/23, 07:15 am- Tom, Thanks for your ass
Tom Miller, Mostly i -11/23, 07:29 am- Ron, My body is still of
Dan Treace, North FL -11/23, 08:30 am- The panel crimps as Tom p
OT - Ignition system for 1903-5 Two cylinder Fords
Darren J Wallace, Wo -11/18, 11:33 am- Does anyone here know if
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -11/18, 11:43 am- Darren, 2 cylinders, 2 c
Mark Strange - Hills -11/18, 11:56 am- I may be mistaken, but I
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -11/18, 12:05 pm- Well, thats an interestin
Timothy Kelly -11/18, 12:11 pm- I dont know for certain w
Darren J Wallace, Wo -11/18, 12:19 pm- Ill post photos later as
Charlie B actually i -11/18, 12:20 pm- If you did have one coil
Rob Heyen - Eastern  -11/18, 01:02 pm- Yes, as mentioned above,
Rob Heyen - Eastern  -11/18, 01:03 pm- I meant to add, the artic
Rob Heyen - Eastern  -11/18, 01:19 pm- For some reason the post
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -11/18, 01:23 pm- Darren, The two front po
Eric Hylen- Central  -11/18, 02:10 pm- I dont know the original
David Dewey, N. Cali -11/18, 02:57 pm- Jerry, The coil box is
Herb Iffrig -11/18, 03:05 pm- Here are some photos of t
Darren J Wallace, Wo -11/18, 05:38 pm- Once again, thank you eve
Darren J Wallace, Wo -11/18, 06:07 pm- To answer Jerrys question
Darren J Wallace, Wo -11/18, 06:15 pm- Sorry Timothy,I meant to
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -11/19, 02:44 pm- Darren, Im pretty sure t
Timothy Kelly -11/19, 05:16 pm- Darren: Does both the co
Darren J Wallace, Wo -11/19, 06:19 pm- Timothy: the timer has tw
Darren J Wallace, Wo -11/19, 06:20 pm- Here is the coil jury rig
Darren J Wallace, Wo -11/19, 06:35 pm- The results are, that it
Darren J Wallace, Wo -11/19, 06:37 pm- What do you think Jerry,
Darren J Wallace, Wo -11/19, 06:41 pm- Heres a photo of the time
Darren J Wallace, Wo -11/19, 06:43 pm- For those who dont know m
Darren J Wallace, Wo -11/19, 07:12 pm- To complete the test, and
John F. Regan -11/20, 12:11 am- The principle of wasted s
Mark Gregush Portlan -11/20, 02:28 am- I wish I could explain it
Darren J Wallace, Wo -11/20, 08:42 am- Thank you John for the hi
Tom Miller, Mostly i -11/20, 09:00 am- Al Bittners True-Fire as
John F. Regan -11/20, 11:01 am- Thanks Tom and you are co
Darren J Wallace, Wo -11/20, 04:53 pm- Is it a good or bad idea
Darren J Wallace, Wo -11/21, 10:01 am- Bumping in hopes John Reg
David Sullivan -11/21, 08:52 pm- Capacitors in parallel in
John F. Regan -11/21, 10:18 pm- There is no reason that y
Darren J Wallace, Wo -11/22, 12:36 pm- Thanks so much David &
Darren J Wallace, Wo -11/22, 02:56 pm- I have two different styl
Darren J Wallace, Wo -11/22, 02:56 pm- This is the other one: [o
Darren J Wallace, Wo -11/23, 08:25 am- Bumping for John Regan [
'25 Passenger Door 'Patch Panel'?
Marv Konrad (Green B -11/22, 12:13 pm- Does anyone know of a ven
joe bell -11/22, 12:16 pm- Marv, I sold Tom Miller u
Marv Konrad (Green B -11/22, 12:36 pm- Thanks, Joe. The doors ar
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -11/22, 01:58 pm- quote:Ive been told not t
joe bell -11/22, 02:16 pm- Marv, Ken is correct on t
john kuehn -11/22, 02:18 pm- When I restored my 24 T C
Marv Konrad (Green B -11/22, 03:59 pm- -Ken, Joe & John- Tha
Tom Miller, Mostly i -11/23, 06:31 am- Marv, I sent a PM with
2 part questions did the 1924 to 1925 closed car....TT dr...
Mark Gregush Portlan -11/20, 10:56 pm- On the 1924 to 1925 close
Tom Miller, Mostly i -11/20, 11:03 pm- On my late 25 coupe, the
Jack Daron - Brownsb -11/20, 11:33 pm- My 24-25 tudoor is that w
Mark Gregush Portlan -11/20, 11:40 pm- So the outside A pillar c
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -11/21, 12:56 pm- Mark, There are two versi
David Stroud -11/21, 01:58 pm- I think the separate mold
Mark Gregush Portlan -11/22, 03:07 pm- It has the aluminum belt
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -11/22, 04:02 pm- The first 4 pictures are
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -11/22, 04:10 pm- This shows the early cove
Mark Gregush Portlan -11/22, 04:34 pm- Thanks for posting the ph
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -11/22, 10:56 pm- FWIW the body parts list
Mark Gregush Portlan -11/22, 11:00 pm- Thanks for the FWIW. Talk
Thomas Jull in Oakla -11/23, 01:45 am- Two photos of a coupe pil
'26 fan eccrentric
Eric Sole - Castelld -11/20, 03:35 pm- I dont know where my 27 R
Norman T. Kling -11/20, 04:15 pm- The bearings are inside t
David L Corman -11/20, 04:38 pm- Adding a seal is each end
Terry Woods, Richmon -11/20, 05:18 pm- As I stated above, due to
Larry Smith -11/20, 07:21 pm- Ive never had a problem w
Dave Wilson, Saint J -11/20, 07:29 pm- My Canadian 27 had the th
Mark Gregush Portlan -11/21, 12:00 am- I just got an early brack
Wayne Rosenkrans -11/22, 04:58 pm- My 26 has the later axial
Allan Bennett - Aust -11/22, 08:21 pm- Wayne, there is a boss ca
Allan Bennett - Aust -11/22, 08:23 pm- Sorry Wayne, I should hav
Jim Patrick -11/23, 01:35 am- Heres a drawing I did in
Looking for some dimensions for Rocky Mountain Brakes
Dr. Morgan R. Blanch -11/22, 07:04 pm- I am working a on a set o
Mark Strange - Hills -11/22, 07:24 pm- Are you talking about mou
Jesse L. Ashcraft -11/22, 07:26 pm- Can you pull the back whe
Mark Gregush Portlan -11/22, 07:38 pm- You can pull the wheel of
Dr. Morgan R. Blanch -11/22, 07:45 pm- The reproductions please.
Mark Gregush Portlan -11/22, 07:47 pm- I just went out and looke
Larry Smith -11/22, 09:43 pm- Note that the ad above sh
Dr. Morgan R. Blanch -11/22, 11:02 pm- Great, thanks for the mea
Is there a right way and a wrong way?
Terry Woods, Richmon -11/22, 09:14 pm- When installing one piece
Dennis Plank - Three -11/22, 09:31 pm- In the Ford service manua
Terry Woods, Richmon -11/22, 10:31 pm- Page 168, figure 370 give
T locked up
Tom Carnegie Spokane -11/19, 11:00 pm- We had a gale, near hurri
Mark Gregush Portlan -11/19, 11:18 pm- You guys bore the brunt o
brass car guy -11/19, 11:21 pm- Tom, We had the same sto
Mark Gregush Portlan -11/20, 02:16 am- No wind, no rain, upper 3
Paul Vitko -11/20, 04:58 am- NW Oregon coast is lookin
Mike Walker, NW AR -11/20, 09:11 am- So can one of you Spokani
Pat Kelly Montana -11/20, 10:27 am- We lost power here in wes
Norman T. Kling -11/20, 12:23 pm- It got so cold here that
Kenneth W DeLong -11/20, 12:31 pm- Mark,If we lose power i o
Tom Carnegie Spokane -11/20, 01:46 pm- Mike, Burger is alive and
Ken Todd, .......... -11/21, 11:15 am- the door wont work withou
Mark Gregush Portlan -11/22, 03:37 pm- Kenneth; that might work
Warren W. Mortensen  -11/22, 04:54 pm- the door wont work withou
David Stroud -11/22, 08:48 pm- Warren, now thats funny!
Michael Garrison - R -11/22, 09:20 pm- We had a snow flurry and
Doug Menkhaus -11/22, 09:33 pm- Ill bet there are a lot o
Tom D -11/18, 05:02 pm- It sounds as if all these
JohnH -11/18, 05:30 pm- Increase in value to the
Bill Harper - Keene, -11/18, 05:38 pm- Buying antiques on specul
Gene Carrothers Hunt -11/18, 07:42 pm- Please contact me if youd
Eric Hylen- Central  -11/18, 11:06 pm- I think Royce bought that
Royce in Dallas TX -11/19, 09:51 am- Gene, I dont complain ab
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -11/19, 09:59 am- Perhaps in Royces vein of
JOHN BEVARDOS -11/19, 10:35 am- Ok Royce , I will
Gary Tillstrom 30 mi -11/19, 11:36 am- The limitation of a tech
Mike Kossor - Kenilw -11/19, 10:10 pm- One can only hope those w
Paul Mikeska, Denver -11/19, 10:49 pm- I bought a Strobo Spark a
Mike Hanson -11/19, 11:52 pm- Mike Kosser- I appreciate
Mike Hanson -11/20, 09:09 am- Mike Kosser- I appreciate
Rob Heyen - Eastern  -11/20, 09:48 am- Mike, I too appreciate yo
John Housego (United -11/21, 07:31 am- Mike, I have an electroni
John Grabowski -11/22, 12:49 am- I just got my software in
Dennis Seth - Ohio -11/22, 08:39 am- A question for all you fo
Dave Wells, Hamilton -11/22, 09:24 am- There was an earlier comm
Gary Schreiber- Sant -11/22, 09:49 am- Well said both Dennis and
Royce in Dallas TX -11/22, 10:02 am- Dennis, I usually read a
Anthonie Boer---- Kl -11/22, 12:14 pm- Royce ; what is the RPM o
Kim Dobbins -11/22, 12:56 pm- Two years ago I found an
Derek Kiefer - Manto -11/22, 02:19 pm- I just had a long discuss
George John Drobnock -11/22, 02:28 pm- From reads on the forum,
Bill Harper - Keene, -11/22, 02:46 pm- This from the Montana 500
Noel D. Chicoine, MD -11/22, 03:21 pm- I dont have any of the co
Garnet -11/22, 08:32 pm- I guess all of this means
JohnH -11/22, 09:24 pm- Using a present day ECCT
Roadster,Trunk Hinge
Larry Lautenschlager -11/22, 04:05 pm- lost hinge pin. anyone kn
Larry Lautenschlager -11/22, 04:08 pm- sorry forgot, its for a 1
Mike Walker, NW AR -11/22, 05:00 pm- Use drill bits to find th
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -11/22, 09:14 pm- Cheapskate alert! I can u
Newbie question about tire pressure
jay -11/22, 08:49 pm- Sorry for a question that
Bob Jablonski -11/22, 08:54 pm- Your 30 x 3.5 clincher ti
Dan Treace, North FL -11/22, 09:03 pm- Minimum of 55 psi. for 30
Dave Dufault -11/22, 09:06 pm- The Ford reprint service
Newbie question about timers
jay -11/21, 11:04 pm- Am new and just acquired
John Noonan - Norton -11/21, 11:17 pm- Jay i starting using the
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -11/21, 11:27 pm- Cant go wrong with the an
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/22, 12:00 am- My 1923 touring has a sto
Bill Dugger -11/22, 01:10 am- I use the New Day on both
Warwick Landy Traral -11/22, 01:48 am- I have done 3K miles on m
Kevin Whelihan Danbu -11/22, 07:54 am- Most guys I know shy away
Chad Marchees _____T -11/22, 08:40 am- Jay, asking for the best
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -11/22, 08:50 am- I bought a TW timer the f
Val Soupios -11/22, 08:56 am- TW timer is my choice and
Bob Coiro -11/22, 09:23 am- Its very difficult to com
Frank van Ekeren (A -11/22, 03:26 pm- Ive used rollers, Fords a
JohnH -11/22, 06:23 pm- Over the 13 years Ive bee
Garnet -11/22, 08:27 pm- ... and the Anderson will
jay -11/22, 08:51 pm- Thank you to everyone. Il
OT: Citroen History (with cameo of Henry Ford)
P. Jamison- PA -11/22, 08:49 pm- Ive always found Citroen
Model T Wood Wheel Hub-Hub Cap Area Thread Size
Ron Patterson-Nichol -11/22, 09:18 am- I want to buy a thread ch
Royce in Dallas TX -11/22, 09:36 am- 2 1/8 - 24 USF. You can
Royce in Dallas TX -11/22, 09:38 am- Heres a better option tha
Lonnie Smith Baxter  -11/22, 09:43 am- Cheaper here. http://www
Mark Strange - Hills -11/22, 10:34 am- I like Royces better, it
Ron Patterson-Nichol -11/22, 11:11 am- Thanks Royce and Tom for
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/22, 11:41 am- The T-181 seems pretty ra
Tom Palmisano -11/22, 01:53 pm- I have used this. http://
Mark Strange - Hills -11/22, 02:51 pm- Tom, that is the one I ha
R. S. Cruickshank -11/22, 03:33 pm- To Ron And Royce: I had t
Bob Cascisa - Poulsb -11/22, 06:25 pm- Hey Ron, Say the word an
Dave Dufault -11/22, 06:29 pm- Hey Ron, Christmas is co
Steve Tomaso - Longb -11/22, 07:52 pm- If Ron doesnt take it, pu
Allan Bennett - Aust -11/22, 08:13 pm- There is another way to g
Ron Patterson-Nichol -11/22, 08:13 pm- Bob C. the word You just
Bob Cascisa - Poulsb -11/22, 08:23 pm- Ron, Packed and ready to
Which way do you install band rivets?
Warwick Landy Traral -11/20, 07:31 am- Looked at two separate lo
John T. Tannehill II -11/20, 08:11 am- I was always taught to sp
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/20, 08:15 am- [IMG_0325 copy 2.JPG] I
Roger Karlsson, sout -11/20, 08:24 am- Occasionally brass plated
Bob Jablonski -11/20, 08:38 am- Installing wood liners ne
Mark Gregush Portlan -11/20, 11:45 am- During WW2 and for some y
Allan Bennett - Aust -11/20, 06:21 pm- I have two thoughts on th
Kohnke Rebabbitting, -11/20, 08:56 pm- The rivet should come out
Michael Garrison - R -11/20, 09:21 pm- I wish I had Herms riveti
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/20, 10:09 pm- Heres a simple rivet-spre
Tony Bowker, Ramona, -11/21, 09:41 pm- In nearly forty years of
Stephen D Heatherly -11/21, 09:58 pm- I install the rivets acro
Allan Bennett - Aust -11/21, 10:14 pm- Is there a reason why the
Warwick Landy Traral -11/22, 01:56 am- hanks guys for all the in
JohnH -11/22, 06:32 pm- I install them with the t
Early T Trucks
Scott Rosenthal in C -11/19, 09:08 am- When did Smith Form-a-Tru
Charlie Gagel, Orang -11/19, 11:55 am- I have a 21 fire truck wi
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -11/19, 12:24 pm- Hi Charlie, I see this is
Chris Barker, Somers -11/19, 12:28 pm- Ford in the USA and the U
Chris Barker, Somers -11/19, 12:35 pm- To answer the second part
Scott Rosenthal in C -11/19, 02:14 pm- Many Thanks Gents: An ear
Hap Tucker in Sumter -11/20, 06:48 am- Scott, Ray Miller in his
Mike Walker, NW AR -11/20, 09:02 am- Fred Houston in Tulsa has
Mike Walker, NW AR -11/20, 09:04 am- I found the ad. Heres a
Royce in Dallas TX -11/20, 11:52 am- A couple Smith Form a Tru
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -11/20, 04:46 pm- Hap, one more to add to y
Scott Rosenthal in C -11/21, 10:24 am- Many thanks again for thi
Hap Tucker in Sumter -11/22, 05:00 pm- Wayne, Thank you for the
OT Langs
Charles Weisgerber -11/19, 10:06 pm- Im somewhat new to the T
Calvin Watts -11/19, 11:02 pm- We are spoiled with our p
Dan Jensen -11/19, 11:12 pm- I just bought my first Mo
Charles Weisgerber -11/19, 11:53 pm- Calvin... I agree! Dan..
Terry Woods, Richmon -11/20, 12:22 am- Charles, I think you be p
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/20, 12:44 am- What Terry said. In addit
Rob Patterson. Moruy -11/20, 01:09 am- Charles, living down-und
Royce in Dallas TX -11/20, 01:16 am- We have an awesome group
Bob Coiro -11/20, 01:24 am- The Model T community is
Martin Vowell, Sylma -11/20, 03:16 am- Welcome to the affliction
Keith Buckley -11/20, 05:37 am- Hi Charles, I live, just
Chad Marchees _____T -11/20, 06:24 am- Charles, Langs, Bobs, Sny
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/20, 08:34 am- I think the tendency for
Glen Chaffin -11/20, 10:50 am- Speaking of catalogs, we
Norman T. Kling -11/20, 12:20 pm- Steve, Here those are cal
john kuehn -11/20, 01:23 pm- Charles, I have ordered f
G.R.Cheshire -11/20, 02:27 pm- No rose colored glasses h
Keith Buckley -11/20, 03:57 pm- Steve.....Now thats FUNNY
Gary H. White - Sher -11/20, 05:32 pm- Here kitty, kitty. Emma,
Stephen D Heatherly -11/20, 06:08 pm- Steve, thats the ugliest
Stephen D Heatherly -11/20, 06:11 pm- Steve, thats the ugliest
Michael Pawelek Broo -11/20, 07:24 pm- Thats a face only a mothe
Bill Kerndt-Waukon,  -11/21, 01:11 am- I met a Gentlemen from Au
Michael Garrison - R -11/21, 01:20 am- Hey Bill, is that you? We
David Dewey, N. Cali -11/21, 01:45 am- How many seniors does it
Tim Lloid -11/21, 05:38 am- We are all lucky to have
Marty Bufalini - Gro -11/21, 09:36 am- Charles, Ive been collect
Charles Weisgerber -11/21, 07:49 pm- Thanks to all who respond
David Dewey, N. Cali -11/21, 08:50 pm- Gee, Marty says Were Spec
Corey Walker, Browns -11/22, 01:09 pm- My cousin next door had a
Jesse L. Ashcraft -11/22, 03:48 pm- Here kitty, kitty. Emma,
Look what followed me home -Non Ford
Herb Iffrig -11/21, 09:25 am- I was at our local engine
Jim Derocher -11/21, 09:28 am- Looks like a great projec
Derek Kiefer - Manto -11/21, 09:34 am- Neat truck Herb! A few
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -11/21, 09:39 am- Good find! Wow, that thi
Gary Schreiber- Sant -11/21, 09:44 am- Lover of old trucks too!!
Mike Walker, NW AR -11/21, 09:54 am- That is just too cool, He
Henry Petrino in Mod -11/21, 10:27 am- Very cool Herb. My TT w
Joseph A. Stearns -11/21, 11:25 am- Good looking truck---1932
Kenneth W DeLong -11/21, 11:26 am- Herb,Just as it is that i
Herb Iffrig -11/21, 11:32 am- I dont think that I could
Russell Ritchie -11/21, 11:45 am- Looks like that trailer w
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/21, 11:46 am- Looks like it might be a
Mike Hanson -11/21, 11:52 am- Looks great! Fantastic f
Kenneth W DeLong -11/21, 11:55 am- Herb,The 32x6 is the same
Corey Walker, Browns -11/21, 12:00 pm- Nice find. I always liked
Perry Goble -11/21, 12:05 pm- Grate truck I am with you
Herb Iffrig -11/21, 12:19 pm- Perry there are welds in
Bill Dugger -11/21, 01:52 pm- By golly some people can
Hap Tucker in Sumter -11/21, 02:16 pm- Herb, What a fun truck a
mike conrad -11/21, 03:13 pm- Herb Here is one of our n
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -11/21, 03:17 pm- FANTASTIC!!! Congratulati
Michael Garrison - R -11/21, 03:51 pm- Wow! Wow! Wow! I learned
Mark Gregush Portlan -11/22, 03:24 pm- Couple of farms over from
Main and rod clearence question
Tyrone Thomas - Tope -11/21, 09:17 pm- If the mains and rods bea
Dean Yoder, Iowa Cit -11/21, 09:26 pm- Rods will start to talk t
Chad Marchees _____T -11/22, 07:30 am- Tyrone, generally speakin
Larry Smith -11/22, 09:46 am- After I set the clearance
Tyrone Thomas - Tope -11/22, 10:02 am- Interesting Chad. Larry,
keith g barrier Sava -11/22, 02:20 pm- Tyrone, time saver is lap
What order does the chicken wire go on coupe top?
Austin Baker -11/21, 05:54 pm- What order does the chick
Jack Putnam, Bluffto -11/21, 06:02 pm- Chicken wire goes around
Russell Ritchie -11/21, 06:38 pm- I thought the 26/27 may h
Michael Saggese -11/21, 06:46 pm- Im not adding much except
Russell Nave -11/21, 07:33 pm- The egg....
john kuehn -11/21, 07:36 pm- I used chicken wire on my
Russell Ritchie -11/21, 07:45 pm- Hear, hear! I 2nd that...
keith g barrier Sava -11/21, 07:53 pm- I do not use the foam but
David Dewey, N. Cali -11/21, 08:11 pm- I would throw the foam aw
David Stroud -11/21, 08:23 pm- David, where do you find
David Dewey, N. Cali -11/21, 11:14 pm- I could buy it locally, b
David Stroud -11/21, 11:31 pm- Many thanks David. I some
David Dewey, N. Cali -11/22, 03:30 am- Glad to help out, and it
David Stroud -11/22, 06:04 am- David, dial-up has nothin
David Dewey, N. Cali -11/22, 01:36 pm- Dave, Oh, yes, thats a r
Howell's sheet metal
Glen McConachie -11/21, 04:43 pm- Hi Guys we have been tryi
Richard Wolf -11/21, 05:05 pm- That is the was that guy
Ed in California -11/21, 05:12 pm- He is often the only game
john kuehn -11/21, 05:16 pm- I called them at around 8
Justin H. - Western  -11/21, 06:19 pm- Im speaking from experien
Russell Ritchie -11/21, 06:46 pm- This guy is usually a poo
Tim Lloid -11/21, 07:09 pm- I bought 27 coupe quarter
Pat Clark-Deer Lodge -11/21, 07:29 pm- Always buy your parts off
Mark Strange - Hills -11/21, 07:31 pm- Pat, what is his ebay use
Ed in California -11/21, 07:52 pm-
keith g barrier Sava -11/21, 07:55 pm- Im with Pat on this, alwa
Terry Woods, Richmon -11/21, 08:14 pm- Glen, which body panels f
David Menzies -11/21, 11:06 pm- I ordered side panels and
Glen McConachie -11/22, 01:55 am- Hi guys thank you for the
Terry Woods, Richmon -11/22, 01:59 am- David, Although I have no
Dan Hatch -11/22, 09:27 am- Glen: Wish you had posted
Terry Woods, Richmon -11/22, 01:25 pm- Thats probably why no one
Freighter Jim
John Aldrich Orting  -11/22, 12:12 pm- Met Freighter Jim yesterd
Steve Tomaso - Longb -11/22, 12:36 pm- See my post in the classi
Dave Dufault -11/22, 12:54 pm- Interesting development..
Freighter Jim -11/22, 01:08 pm- I replied to Steves post
Freighter Jim -11/22, 01:09 pm- Hi John, Pleasure to mee
Wood Wheels repair / replace recommendations
Matt Foye -11/22, 09:13 am- 1912 car with clicking sp
Royce in Dallas TX -11/22, 09:29 am- Matt, I had my 1912 whee
john kuehn -11/22, 09:40 am- I have used Johnsons wood
Walter Higgins -11/22, 09:45 am- Stutzman has done a coupl
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/22, 10:14 am- I pressed together a coup
Anthonie Boer---- Kl -11/22, 10:39 am- I used Construction glue
Matt Foye -11/22, 12:07 pm- What was the mixture you
Anthonie Boer---- Kl -11/22, 12:18 pm- Matt ; the mixture is abo
Inflation and Model T parts
Bud Holzschuh - Pana -11/21, 04:40 pm- I am always amazed at the
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/21, 05:10 pm- Here are three items foll
David Dewey, N. Cali -11/21, 05:29 pm- U-joint at swap meet, lik
Dave Dufault -11/21, 09:05 pm- In my younger days, $.25
Bill Dugger -11/21, 10:11 pm- Well by golly when I was
Royce in Dallas TX -11/22, 09:51 am- Model T parts and tools a
Bud Holzschuh - Pana -11/22, 10:04 am- Again ... for reference,
Where does the patten plate go?
Austin Baker -11/21, 04:36 pm- Where does the patten pla
Dave Dufault -11/21, 04:41 pm-
Austin Baker -11/21, 05:47 pm- Thanks
Larry Smith -11/22, 09:59 am- The patent plates are att
Old Photo - Pancho Villa's Merry Men?
Jay - In Northern Ca -11/18, 10:55 am- [mjgjhgytr44.jpg]
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/18, 11:16 am- Traen flores para las chi
Herb Iffrig -11/18, 12:57 pm- Steve that is easy for yo
Mark Strange - Hills -11/18, 01:19 pm- Google has a good spanish
G.R.Cheshire -11/18, 01:23 pm- Steve, chicas gusta flore
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/18, 02:43 pm- Google sometimes gets it
Henry Petrino in Mod -11/18, 02:54 pm- I dont know if they are P
George n Los Angeles -11/20, 09:59 pm- I wonder if Bad man Joses
Dale Peterson Colleg -11/20, 10:06 pm- Looks like a photographer
Ken Parker -11/21, 07:19 am- Black & Brass bulb ho
Tony Bowker, Ramona, -11/21, 08:54 pm- Pancho Villa drove a Dodg
Mark Strange - Hills -11/22, 08:16 am- He also rode an Indian mo
1926-27 spare tire carrier reassembly
Jim Kelsey -11/21, 11:59 pm- My car has been apart for
Terry Woods, Richmon -11/22, 01:44 am- Jim, Youve got a tudor wi
Jim Kelsey -11/22, 01:51 am- Terry: Yes, I have a Can
Can you Identify these?
Dean Yoder, Iowa Cit -11/21, 08:15 pm- [coil big sm.jpg] [coil
Norman T. Kling -11/21, 08:43 pm- The second and third pict
John F. Regan -11/21, 08:45 pm- Dean: I have seen a wood
Dean Yoder, Iowa Cit -11/21, 09:19 pm- John: You are correct. I
Dean Yoder, Iowa Cit -11/21, 09:56 pm- The first coil is a waste
OT.Vintage tools
Floyd Voie - Chehali -11/18, 11:41 pm- Rolf, Interesting shears
G.R.Cheshire -11/19, 08:25 am- My brother is a convicted
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -11/19, 08:40 am- G.R., and yeh, that innoc
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -11/19, 08:52 am- I dont think it has anyth
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -11/19, 09:00 am- Tim, really? Youve been w
Dan Jensen -11/21, 09:47 pm- Rolf, I have a pair of t
Just finished the 1926 coupe interior pictures
Austin Baker -11/19, 09:56 pm- Just finished the 1926 co
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -11/20, 12:20 am- Be proud of it! Looking g
Greg pacana -11/20, 12:49 am- Hey Austin. Car looks gr
Harvey Cash - Winnem -11/20, 07:16 am- Austin, I would also be
Austin Baker -11/20, 11:03 am- Yes I used a Macs kit.
Jim Kelsey -11/20, 11:51 am- How are the ends of the h
Austin Baker -11/20, 11:56 am- They do nail on including
Jim Kelsey -11/20, 12:40 pm- So, is the bottom ledge m
Austin Baker -11/20, 01:34 pm- No it is made of metal. S
Russell Ritchie -11/21, 07:48 pm- Nice trim job, yes be pro
David Dewey, N. Cali -11/21, 08:47 pm- Jim, The nails are smal
R.V. Anderson -11/21, 08:53 pm- As I recall, on my 27 Tud
1927 Model T Ford, video
Warren Henderson, Du -11/21, 08:42 pm- I think when Ken LaBlanc
Happy 102nd birthday to Otis
John Mays -11/20, 10:11 am- Otis is 102 today. The e
Mark Strange - Hills -11/20, 10:12 am- Like! [:-O]
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/20, 10:50 am- Doesnt look a day over ni
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -11/20, 11:32 am- Happy birthday Otis! I a
Gary Schreiber- Sant -11/20, 11:37 am- I enjoy seeing this truck
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -11/20, 11:46 am- That is one of my favorit
Mike Hanson -11/20, 12:01 pm- Great looking truck!
Kenneth W DeLong -11/20, 12:33 pm- I like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -11/20, 02:55 pm- Wow! What a GREAT picture
Larry Bohlen, Severn -11/20, 03:12 pm- John, No smoke, drips or
John Mays -11/20, 04:02 pm- In reply to Ken Kopsky, O
Darren J Wallace, Wo -11/20, 05:39 pm- Me like Otis [:-]
paul iverson freepor -11/20, 05:54 pm- very nice T!!
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -11/20, 06:27 pm- That is exactly what a Mo
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -11/20, 06:59 pm- Added some age to the pic
John Mays -11/20, 09:41 pm- Thanks Ken, I like that p
Tim Lloid -11/21, 05:59 am- Very cool truck. Great pi
David Dewey, N. Cali -11/21, 08:38 pm- My 16s block was cast on
'26 open car hard starting when cold
dennis delano  -11/19, 09:25 pm- update; I took the carb a
dennis delano  -11/19, 09:27 pm- I forgot to add that I re
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/20, 01:34 am- If the little brass fitti
dennis delano  -11/21, 08:14 pm- I had previously bought a
Stutzman wheel
Bruce Balough -11/21, 12:39 pm- I played navigator for a
Michael Garrison - R -11/21, 01:28 pm- Does anyone have a ball p
Michael Garrison - R -11/21, 01:30 pm- Not astute an! I wanted t
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/21, 01:53 pm- Mike, thats why Astute An
Michael Garrison - R -11/21, 03:08 pm- Steve, that Korean feller
Bruce Balough -11/21, 03:25 pm- They had wheels for Civil
Royce in Dallas TX -11/21, 03:46 pm- I had a set done two year
Michael Garrison - R -11/21, 03:54 pm- Thanks Royce. Ive got fou
Jamie Holmes -11/21, 07:50 pm- The 4 I had done last yea
Susian California-Photo-unique truck cab
Herb Iffrig -11/21, 01:10 am- [SUISAN CALIFORNIA WILSON
Herb Iffrig -11/21, 01:11 am- Suisun! Sorry
Ken Parker -11/21, 06:20 am- Check out the writing on
Roger Karlsson, sout -11/21, 06:29 am- Fun style - almost a C ca
Jay - In Northern Ca -11/21, 02:55 pm- Neat photo Herb!!! Thank
Henry Petrino in Mod -11/21, 03:14 pm- Very neat photo Herb. Th
Bill Harper - Keene, -11/21, 03:28 pm- I like the bed, but, goll
David Dewey, N. Cali -11/21, 05:33 pm- Well, ya see, I had this
Jay - In Northern Ca -11/21, 07:40 pm- I have a hunch that the o
How do I compress radiator spring to get nut on?
Austin Baker -11/21, 01:48 pm- How do I compress radiato
harold lee cartwrigh -11/21, 02:14 pm- I blocked the stud with a
John Zibell, Huntsvi -11/21, 02:43 pm- Sometimes it takes the bl
Corey Walker, Browns -11/21, 02:58 pm- I got a small pair of tho
Austin Baker -11/21, 03:40 pm- I got it! Used a c-clamp
Norman T. Kling -11/21, 03:55 pm- On the 26 I put on first
Adam Doleshal -11/21, 05:34 pm- And of course, dont overl
14 Windshield Brackets
Sam Mendenhall -11/21, 05:09 pm- The brackets that hold th
Jack Daron - Brownsb -11/21, 05:12 pm- Front,as it would hit gla
Sam Mendenhall -11/21, 05:17 pm- Thanks Jack, Nice hearing
Jack Daron - Brownsb -11/21, 05:23 pm- Im glad youre back into t
2016 Model T National/International Tour - Victoria - Aus...
David Dare - Just a  -11/21, 05:01 pm- We are please to let you
Heinze coil
Andre Valkenaers -11/20, 12:16 pm- I wonder if this is a Hei
Ron Patterson-Nichol -11/20, 04:07 pm- Andre I am pretty sure it
Andre Valkenaers -11/21, 12:10 am- Thanks Ron, I Have one 1
Ron Patterson-Nichol -11/21, 08:56 am- Andre The more I look at
Keith Townsend ; ^ ) -11/21, 11:20 am- Andre- It looks to me to
Andre Valkenaers -11/21, 02:29 pm- Thanks Ron, thanks Keith,
Andre Valkenaers -11/21, 03:50 pm- Here is already the answe
Andre Valkenaers -11/21, 04:00 pm- This should be a 1914 hei
Andre Valkenaers -11/21, 04:19 pm- I just found a picture wh
Transmission stuck in high
jon pederson, Minnea -11/19, 04:09 pm- Now that I have rebuilt t
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -11/19, 04:20 pm- If you can move the finge
Norman T. Kling -11/19, 04:28 pm- Are you sure its stuck in
John Saylor, Citrus  -11/19, 07:18 pm- Check this thread for adj
Allan Bennett - Aust -11/19, 08:07 pm- Jon, as far as I know, th
Albert Belling -11/19, 08:17 pm- Allen, is certainly right
Frank van Ekeren (A -11/19, 08:40 pm- The 2 is for the spring p
Mark Gregush Portlan -11/19, 08:40 pm- If you pull the parking b
Erik Johnson -11/19, 08:56 pm- Did you rebuild an existi
bob middleton -11/19, 09:55 pm- If the car or truck sat f
David Menzies -11/20, 01:56 am- I had my transmission sti
Jay Ogle - Chalfont, -11/20, 07:47 am- Last year I rebuilt my tr
jon pederson, Minnea -11/20, 06:24 pm- Thanks to all the great a
Dave Dufault -11/21, 08:31 am- jon, Do you have time to
Adam Doleshal -11/21, 11:43 am- Jon, I didnt read thru t
James Michael Rogers -11/21, 02:46 pm- Perhaps, you were mistake
jon pederson, Minnea -11/21, 04:01 pm- Yes, the bands were too t
Dave Dufault -11/21, 04:09 pm- Thank you jon
Is it normal top feel the wood behind the 1912 back rest?
Robert Poane -11/21, 03:30 pm- is it normal to feel the
Royce in Dallas TX -11/21, 03:50 pm- Use at least 2 cotton bat
Val Soupios -11/21, 03:52 pm- I just did the seat on my
Robert Poane -11/21, 04:00 pm- Thank you Royce and Val.
Forensic ongoing - failing rod bearing
Michael Deichmann, B -11/21, 03:03 am- Just to finish this threa
John T. Tannehill II -11/21, 05:17 am- Michael I enlarged the pi
Jim Eubanks, Powell, -11/21, 09:01 am- I lost the babbit in one
Adam Doleshal -11/21, 11:34 am- #1. The babbitt in the s
Michael Deichmann, B -11/21, 02:27 pm- Thank you for your analys
Disappointing run of events
Rob Patterson. Moruy -11/19, 02:32 am- The other day I was backi
Russell Ritchie -11/19, 02:36 am- Cheer up things sound lik
Norman T. Kling -11/19, 11:06 am- I think some Model Ts hav
Warwick Landy Traral -11/19, 05:14 pm- Anastasia is jealous! You
Rob Patterson. Moruy -11/20, 12:09 am- Its late Friday afternoon
David Stauffacher -11/20, 01:32 am- Hi Rob, Glad to hear Ana
Rob Patterson. Moruy -11/20, 01:52 am- GDay David, Where have y
Martin Vowell, Sylma -11/20, 03:59 am- I think some Model Ts hav
David Dewey, N. Cali -11/21, 02:16 pm- Rob & David, I have
Space under front seat or "toolbox" on Improved cars....
Will Brown -11/19, 03:55 pm- I noticed that Dan Treace
Will Brown -11/19, 04:02 pm- Funny dimple[funny dimple
Don Booth@ Bay City, -11/19, 04:15 pm- The dimple is for the cro
Will Brown -11/19, 04:24 pm- Really?
Norman T. Kling -11/19, 04:52 pm- Mine doesnt have the dimp
Dan Treace, North FL -11/19, 05:02 pm- Will Yes, almost, the di
David Dewey, N. Cali -11/19, 05:05 pm- I believe the dimple was
Norman T. Kling -11/21, 12:10 pm- I was wrong in my first p
Tom Carnegie Spokane -11/21, 01:56 pm- I believe that the recess
OT Model T and an EMP
George John Drobnock -11/20, 09:05 am- There have been past ques
Eric Hylen- Central  -11/20, 09:14 am- So, youre sayin that my M
Kevin Whelihan Danbu -11/20, 09:28 am- Ill do my patriotic duty
Dick Fischer - Arroy -11/20, 10:54 am- Kevin makes a good point.
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -11/20, 11:29 am- Ive said this before and
Dave Wells, Hamilton -11/20, 11:48 am- Remember the big east coa
Bill Harper - Keene, -11/20, 11:53 am- Kerosene? As a test I r
Norman T. Kling -11/20, 12:13 pm- The important thing is to
Noel D. Chicoine, MD -11/20, 07:56 pm- This is somewhat OT from
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -11/20, 08:08 pm- Doc, Does that mean I sho
Noel D. Chicoine, MD -11/20, 08:52 pm- Im only suggesting that c
Martin Vowell, Sylma -11/20, 09:07 pm- If not on a barter system
Dave Wells, Hamilton -11/20, 09:41 pm- The calibers mentioned sh
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -11/21, 07:09 am- How many have a minimum o
David Dewey, N. Cali -11/21, 01:42 pm- Back around 1964 my homet
Texas T Alternator
John Housego (United -11/18, 03:38 pm- Hello Folks, I have an ol
Ted Dumas -11/18, 03:57 pm- Based on my experience wi
David Sullivan -11/18, 07:55 pm- Field is powered when key
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -11/18, 08:48 pm- No regulator needed. The
George n Los Angeles -11/19, 03:27 am- I have an older one too.
John Housego (United -11/20, 05:49 am- Thanks chaps for the repl
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -11/20, 09:00 am- All bets are off. Thats a
Terry Woods, Richmon -11/20, 11:24 am- I have an early Texas T a
Terry Woods, Richmon -11/20, 11:36 am- After looking at your pic
John Housego (United -11/20, 05:04 pm- Thanks again chaps for al
Terry Woods, Richmon -11/20, 05:10 pm- John, Ill try to get a ph
John Housego (United -11/20, 05:12 pm- OK Terry no rush, thanks
Ken Todd, .......... -11/21, 11:30 am- Try this, it may help: h
How do you time the engine
john tattersall -11/18, 06:18 pm- I have a 26 coupe ,which
Mike Vaughn - Lincol -11/18, 07:04 pm- John I believe that your
Garnet -11/18, 07:16 pm- John, here are Truefire t
Mark Strange - Hills -11/19, 08:54 am- Dont be surprised if you
George n Los Angeles -11/20, 09:29 pm- Im still workin on my tim
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/20, 09:59 pm- I agree that all slop bet
David Stroud -11/21, 01:00 am- Steve, theyre talking abo
john tattersall -11/21, 06:41 am- after 5 years of owning m
Mark Strange - Hills -11/21, 09:14 am- I dont see a phone number
OT- Its been a bad month for my famliy- My grandson
Will Copeland - West -11/18, 12:05 pm- Update, James has been m
Harold Schwendeman - -11/18, 01:31 pm- Will - Thank you for the
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -11/18, 05:15 pm- Thank you for the update.
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -11/18, 07:42 pm- Will, somehow I missed yo
Jerry Brancato -11/18, 08:11 pm- Will, sent you a PM. You
Tyrone Thomas - Tope -11/18, 10:17 pm- [:-]
Will Copeland - West -11/19, 07:05 am- Good morning everyone, Ja
John T. Tannehill II -11/19, 08:01 am- Cancer is a cruel master.
Will Copeland - West -11/19, 08:19 am- [image.jpeg]
Will Copeland - West -11/19, 08:32 am- I just reread my post and
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -11/19, 08:37 am- John, I just did! Will, s
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -11/19, 04:24 pm- Will, dont worry about th
Will Copeland - West -11/21, 07:58 am- Good morning everyone, Im
Gary Schreiber- Sant -11/21, 08:10 am- Continued prayers for you
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -11/21, 09:02 am- Sending prayers daily for
:-) - Napa/Turlock, CA to Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX enclosed Mod...
Freighter Jim -11/21, 08:26 am- November 23rd Leaving Na
Freighter Jim -11/21, 08:28 am- My Bad ... Thought I was
Doodlebug story
Herb Iffrig -11/19, 10:22 pm- From an old Issue of the
Chad Marchees _____T -11/20, 06:28 am- Herb, any way of emailing
Herb Iffrig -11/20, 08:28 pm- [doodlebug 2.PNG resized.
Michael Garrison - R -11/20, 09:30 pm- Now, thats impressive. Id
Kenneth W DeLong -11/21, 07:33 am- There were many of these
David Stroud -11/21, 07:38 am- I thought the same thing
Chad Marchees _____T -11/21, 08:03 am- It is actually almost lik
The Surprising Results Of An Engine Teardown
John Noonan - Norton -11/20, 09:47 pm- A little update on my sem
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/20, 11:22 pm- The best thing you did ma
John Noonan - Norton -11/20, 11:52 pm- Steve, i saw that pic you
Michael Deichmann, B -11/21, 02:33 am- That engine looks great :
Perkins sight feed oiler
Herb Iffrig -11/21, 01:07 am- [perkins oiler.jpg] Wha
David Stroud -11/21, 01:22 am- How big is it? Kind of ha
Late 100th birthday
paul iverson freepor -11/20, 07:32 pm- Our 16 tourings block wa
Philip Berg -11/20, 07:52 pm- My 16 coupelet engine was
Dale Peterson Colleg -11/20, 10:19 pm- My touring has cast date1
1914 Model T speedster
Val Soupios -11/18, 08:57 am- I would sell my 14 for ha
Anthonie Boer---- Kl -11/18, 09:06 am- André ; I like to sell th
George n Los Angeles -11/20, 10:09 pm- Maybe theyll get lucky an
T and TT school bus
Erick Keenan - Vinel -11/20, 06:10 pm- I wonder how many of our
Dave Wells, Hamilton -11/20, 08:37 pm- I own a T, but not a TT b
Russell Nave -11/20, 09:58 pm- Share photos if you can.
Removing sediment bulb on 1926 coupe?
Michael Saggese -11/20, 11:34 am- I need to remove my gas t
Terry Woods, Richmon -11/20, 11:55 am- Mike, if the tank is clea
Michael Saggese -11/20, 12:00 pm- Terry, thanks for the res
Norman T. Kling -11/20, 12:03 pm- I would NOT recommend app
Rick Goelz-Knoxville -11/20, 12:52 pm- You CANNOT remove the tan
Bob Coiro -11/20, 01:22 pm- Good Heavens; Please, DO
Michael Saggese -11/20, 01:35 pm- I wasnt planning on it! I
Terry Woods, Richmon -11/20, 02:04 pm- Hey guys, I agree that us
Andre Valkenaers -11/20, 02:11 pm- Michael, before the pip
Matt Madison -11/20, 02:17 pm- take like a vibrating eng
Kevin Weeds -11/20, 02:58 pm- Is it true that in a 26 t
Michael Saggese -11/20, 03:12 pm- I have removed my dash an
Bud Holzschuh - Pana -11/20, 09:09 pm- My sediment bulb was corr
Michael Saggese -11/20, 09:17 pm- Thanks everyone! Penetra
Terry Woods, Richmon -11/20, 09:21 pm- Glad it worked for you, M
Cold starting issues
Mike Melchert -11/20, 08:04 pm- Is anyone using 5w 30? It
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -11/20, 08:32 pm- Mike, I use 10-30 oil.
Bud Holzschuh - Pana -11/20, 09:19 pm- Mike I use 5W30 here in
Ford Cook Wagon
Gary H. White - Sher -11/19, 11:00 pm- Hot vitals at the front.
Peter Martin, Sydney -11/20, 12:25 am- Hi Gary, could you please
Mike Walker, NW AR -11/20, 09:13 am- The story must be about v
Gary H. White - Sher -11/20, 05:57 pm- Hows this? [CYOE_ImageGM9
Peter Martin, Sydney -11/20, 07:32 pm- Great, thanks Gary.
Michael Garrison - R -11/20, 07:51 pm- Once a week the military
Michael Garrison - R -11/20, 07:52 pm- Mermite not marmite.
keith g barrier Sava -11/20, 07:55 pm- My grand dad told me abou
OT Paris bombings and hostages
Gary Tillstrom 30 mi -11/18, 07:31 am- Hal, he said on Meet the
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -11/18, 07:49 am- Constantine, Obama was v
Constantine in Austr -11/18, 07:53 am- James, Probably because I
James Baker -11/18, 09:23 am- No thanks
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -11/18, 10:43 am- President Obama is the gu
Dave Dufault -11/18, 10:47 am- Why not? Didnt Al Gore i
Walter Higgins -11/18, 11:08 am- If Obama dropping bombs o
Paul Vitko -11/18, 11:30 am- One of my closest friends
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -11/18, 11:48 am- ...and from what I was to
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -11/18, 12:16 pm- I would have to disagree
Constantine in Austr -11/18, 12:26 pm- Jerry, Obama didnt pull t
Marv Konrad (Green B -11/18, 12:48 pm- -Constantine- Thoughtful
Marv Konrad (Green B -11/18, 01:09 pm- Had wanted to include thi
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -11/18, 01:31 pm- Constantine, Well yes, I
Marv Konrad (Green B -11/18, 03:34 pm- Lock & Load! http:/
Martin Vowell, Sylma -11/18, 05:42 pm- Ya, know, Im fairly sick
Martin Vowell, Sylma -11/18, 05:46 pm- Ya, know I know this an O
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -11/18, 06:32 pm- I thought this post was s
David Stroud -11/19, 04:33 am- I dont like to get involv
Dan Killecut -11/19, 07:12 am- I read this analogy yeste
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -11/19, 07:50 am- Our only hope in regards
Tony Barchock Canton -11/19, 07:51 am- Comparing human beings to
Ed Hope -11/19, 09:57 am- Land of the free, Home of
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -11/19, 12:17 pm- Eric Bolling coined a phr
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -11/20, 07:51 pm- Did anyone read While Eur
Radiator Saga - hose installation
Wayne Rosenkrans -11/19, 11:08 am- Decided to start a new th
Royce in Dallas TX -11/19, 11:14 am- You must mount the hoses
Dan Treace, North FL -11/19, 12:07 pm- Royce is correct. Best t
Wayne Rosenkrans -11/19, 12:32 pm- You think Id learn by now
Fred Miller, Sequim  -11/19, 01:29 pm- Check to make sure you ha
Wayne Rosenkrans -11/19, 02:08 pm- Well, Im using the hose o
john kuehn -11/19, 02:47 pm- Wayne you can lightly gre
Harold Schwendeman - -11/19, 04:45 pm- Not trying to be obstina
Wayne Rosenkrans -11/19, 04:55 pm- I think thats why Dan rec
Bruce Spainhower - P -11/19, 05:18 pm- This is what I use. Its a
Harold Schwendeman - -11/19, 05:23 pm- Well! There it is! Says
Ron in Central Massa -11/19, 06:07 pm- Wayne - I sleeve all my h
john kuehn -11/19, 07:05 pm- Harold When I mentioned u
keith g barrier Sava -11/19, 07:36 pm- The only real use I have
Larry Smith -11/20, 07:25 pm- Note the position of the
Val Soupios -11/20, 07:47 pm- I just use a small amount
Would 11 gage ford steel be as strong as mild steel?
Austin Baker -11/19, 09:07 pm- Would 11 gage ford steel
Royce in Dallas TX -11/20, 01:14 am- I would use .125 4130 ste
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -11/20, 03:23 pm- No vanadium in the bodies
James A Bartsch -11/20, 06:34 pm- I cut a piece of 1.5 by 1
Sure stop hydralic brakes
harold r musolf III -11/20, 11:42 am- Im a newbie but have been
Terry Woods, Richmon -11/20, 12:12 pm- Harold, Birdhaven is a Mo
harold r musolf III -11/20, 03:16 pm- I just got off the phone
Gas Tank Sediment Bulb & Valve Replacement Solution
Dan Hatch -11/18, 10:04 am- Ron: Kept me informed how
John C Codman -11/18, 10:53 am- I have not had my coils d
David L Corman -11/19, 08:52 pm- Multiple sets of Rons coi
charley shaver- libe -11/19, 10:22 pm- wow!! this has got to be
Dean Yoder, Iowa Cit -11/20, 06:32 am- This is like replacing a
Larry Smith -11/20, 10:07 am- What Id like to know is w
James Baker -11/20, 10:18 am- Isnt there a coil spring
Dave Dufault -11/20, 10:21 am- [laughing mouse.gif]
Michael Seager -11/20, 10:27 am- Larry. I guess you haven
Dave Huson, Berthoud -11/20, 11:59 am- Ron: Thanks for the infor
Anthonie Boer---- Kl -11/20, 12:17 pm- I have this Sediment bowl
Harold Schwendeman - -11/20, 12:36 pm- Dave - There is available
Dennis Seth - Ohio -11/20, 02:22 pm- What weight oil would you
Peter Claverie, Memp -11/20, 02:35 pm- Darn, Seth! Whyd you hav
'26 roadster door straps
Will Brown -11/18, 08:15 pm- Hi, The upholstery kit fr
Pat Kelly Montana -11/18, 08:28 pm- My 26 roadster doesnt hav
Dan Treace, North FL -11/18, 09:50 pm- No part listed for a door
Will Brown -11/19, 07:58 am- Thanks Dan for those imag
Will Brown -11/19, 08:01 am- I think I will not instal
Dan Treace, North FL -11/19, 09:15 am- Will That is probably go
Will Brown -11/19, 10:23 am- Don, Thanks for the histo
arnie johansen -11/19, 10:35 am- Will Brown, could you pos
Will Brown -11/19, 10:44 am- No, no number on the fram
arnie johansen -11/19, 10:50 am- Thanks, Will. You have w
Will Brown -11/19, 10:50 am- The area behind the seat
Will Brown -11/19, 10:57 am- Arnie, As you can see in
arnie johansen -11/19, 11:02 am- Will, I wrote to Bruce be
Will Brown -11/19, 11:05 am- Here is a turtle that I s
Will Brown -11/19, 11:18 am- Turtle mounting holes on
arnie johansen -11/19, 11:29 am- Will: If you car is like
David Menzies -11/20, 02:05 am- I have a 26 touring that
arnie johansen -11/20, 10:53 am- Will: You mentioned that
Will Brown -11/20, 12:38 pm- Arnie, Its only a guess.
What to look for when buying a Depot Hack?
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -11/18, 12:08 pm- If it has 3 rows of seats
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -11/18, 12:18 pm- And if originality means
Bill Harper - Keene, -11/18, 12:47 pm- Hi Kevin, Keith makes an
Erik Johnson -11/18, 01:12 pm- Find one that is low enou
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -11/18, 01:30 pm- I have al 1919 hack with
Kevin Weeds -11/18, 03:24 pm- Thanks Guys some good poi
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -11/18, 04:15 pm- Kevin, I have seen at lea
Val Soupios -11/18, 05:38 pm- Kevin, I have an original
Terry Woods, Richmon -11/18, 05:54 pm- I had a hack built on a 2
Kevin Weeds -11/18, 06:03 pm- I hope it was the Hack th
Mark Gregush Portlan -11/18, 10:35 pm- I agree with make sure th
bob middleton -11/19, 12:23 am- How tall and how well the
Kevin Weeds -11/19, 02:38 am- Just a thought guys has a
George_Cherry Hill N -11/19, 11:11 am- Ill chime in. I always
Kevin Weeds -11/19, 03:50 pm- George it does sit nice a
George_Cherry Hill N -11/19, 04:58 pm- From the back seat roof e
Kevin Weeds -11/19, 10:03 pm- Thanks George,
Harold Schwendeman - -11/20, 01:30 am- George & Kevin - My 2
Harold Schwendeman - -11/20, 01:36 am- Actually George, in looki
Rod Barrett - Anders -11/20, 06:20 am- When looking for a Depot
Ed in California -11/20, 07:43 am-
George_Cherry Hill N -11/20, 08:40 am- Thanks for the complement
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -11/20, 10:58 am- When we begin talking abo
Hammon Oklahoma Palace of Sweet-Photo
Bill Harper - Keene, -11/18, 11:41 am- Guys out cruising for bur
Mark Strange - Hills -11/18, 11:58 am- I was surprised to see a
David Dewey, N. Cali -11/18, 03:00 pm- Hmm, the bakery is also a
Larry Smith -11/19, 10:57 am- Notice the black crank ha
Gary Schreiber- Sant -11/20, 07:01 am- Just part of the hobby La
Ken Parker -11/20, 07:50 am- Both gas headlights are R
Roger Karlsson, sout -11/20, 08:10 am- Here is a thread from 201
Ken Parker -11/20, 10:54 am- Roger, Thanks for the in
Here's a Video for Burger
Mike Walker, NW AR -11/18, 09:43 am-
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/18, 09:53 am- Another commercial showed
Roger Karlsson, sout -11/18, 09:59 am- The 57 DeSoto was somethi
Gustaf in Idaho -11/18, 06:05 pm- Its been 50 years since I
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -11/18, 07:32 pm- Cool video Mike! You brin
Gary H. White - Sher -11/18, 07:39 pm- And the secret word is...
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -11/18, 07:42 pm- Rubber Duck
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -11/18, 07:43 pm- Swordfish
Don Lyon, PDX, OR. -11/18, 07:53 pm- My buddy was street racin
Tim Eyssen - Abilene -11/18, 11:15 pm- Reminds me of the drag ra
David Stroud -11/19, 03:52 am- Tim, sounds like one of t
Kenneth W DeLong -11/19, 07:54 am- Yup,She was ok untill we
Tim Eyssen - Abilene -11/19, 12:15 pm- Dave: You are right!!! We
Charlie B actually i -11/19, 12:30 pm- I believe the head busine
Kenneth W DeLong -11/19, 12:39 pm- There was this truck goin
Robert G. Hester Jr. -11/19, 03:25 pm- Mr. Charles there, he wer
David Stroud -11/19, 03:43 pm- James Lewis, get away fro
Kenneth W DeLong -11/19, 04:58 pm- This stuff was great but
Mike Walker, NW AR -11/19, 05:12 pm- You gonna be here when Jo
Mike Walker, NW AR -11/19, 05:14 pm- BTW, It seems odd that Bu
Harold Schwendeman - -11/19, 05:36 pm- Mike - Im sure hes alrigh
Harold Schwendeman - -11/19, 05:39 pm- Just re-read what I wrote
Kenneth W DeLong -11/20, 04:50 am- If you aint john,im gone!
David Stroud -11/20, 05:01 am- Blam, teeth, hair and eye
David Stroud -11/20, 05:06 am- Dang Burger, are you OK?
Interior Willard battery shop-Photo
Herb Iffrig -11/19, 07:17 am- [willard shop batteries.P
Mark Strange - Hills -11/19, 08:37 am- Cropped a bit and increas
Jim Eubanks, Powell, -11/19, 05:14 pm- You can bet those fellows
Erik Johnson -11/19, 05:40 pm- Weston bow tie meter on t
Stephen D Heatherly -11/19, 06:15 pm- Erik, I would really like
brass car guy -11/19, 11:27 pm- Thats the same gauge set
Rootlieb Speedster question
David Schwab -11/18, 08:26 am- When moving the firewall
Roger Karlsson, sout -11/18, 08:53 am- Heres a thread that deals
Tom Rootlieb -11/18, 11:09 am- The column placement is m
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -11/18, 04:41 pm- As Roger K said, there ar
David Schwab -11/18, 10:32 pm- Thanks Tom. I figured it
Mark Chaffin......Co -11/19, 12:12 am- I cut two inches of the s
Mark Chaffin......Co -11/19, 12:14 am- Forgot to mention the add
bob middleton -11/19, 12:21 am- Done it both ways with go
David Schwab -11/19, 03:18 pm- OK,so what if I combine a
Rob Patterson. Moruy -11/19, 07:52 pm- Thanks for the answer to
bob middleton -11/19, 10:04 pm- I can say yes but 8 usual
How to Hand Crank a T
Bob Richmon - Richmo -11/18, 07:46 am- Thats not Cheating, thats
Ron Patterson-Nichol -11/18, 09:15 am- Bob Not so smart. See my
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/18, 10:14 am- Somewhat facetiously, I c
John C Codman -11/18, 10:35 am- I absolutely agree with R
Dave Barker - Dayton -11/18, 04:05 pm- The guy in figure 40 like
Dave Wells, Hamilton -11/18, 05:51 pm- Yes Dave, if the engine i
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -11/18, 07:36 pm- Dave, Ive used one of tho
R. S. Cruickshank -11/18, 08:54 pm- Its funny how a topic can
Dave Wells, Hamilton -11/18, 09:21 pm- Thanks Tim. I might give
R.V. Anderson -11/18, 09:30 pm- Although my 14 will start
Dick Fischer - Arroy -11/18, 11:10 pm- Just another take on how
Kevin Weeds -11/19, 02:28 am- That sounds good advice D
Ryan in Illinois -11/19, 06:21 pm- Dave, a hair dryer works
Dave Wells, Hamilton -11/19, 07:47 pm- Ryan, I agree, the intake
David Norton -11/19, 09:47 pm- When setting the spark le
Top Bow Question
Michael Sommers -11/19, 10:07 am- I just received my second
Mark Strange - Hills -11/19, 10:09 am- Can you post some picture
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -11/19, 10:12 am- Michael, I suspect that
Scott Rosenthal in C -11/19, 02:27 pm- I agree with Jerry on thi
Allan Bennett - Aust -11/19, 08:17 pm- My timber bender ships th
Rock Rapids Iowa 1914-Photo-crossing in high water
Herb Iffrig -11/19, 01:58 am- [Rock Rapids IA 1914.jpg
Frank van Ekeren (A -11/19, 02:04 am- The way everyone is looki
Harold Schwendeman - -11/19, 03:25 am- Id guess that hes towing
Harold Schwendeman - -11/19, 03:27 am- Actually, in looking clos
Dean Kiefer - Adams, -11/19, 08:06 am- I think it is already sta
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -11/19, 08:48 am- The front fender doesnt l
Kenneth W DeLong -11/19, 12:53 pm- I would think the car is
G.R.Cheshire -11/19, 12:59 pm- Maybe he is pulling a rop
Tom VanMeeteren Vall -11/19, 01:06 pm- If you look closely, the
Henry Petrino in Mod -11/19, 01:28 pm- Hard to tell, but I dont
Bill Elliott -11/19, 05:12 pm- The date says June of 191
charley shaver- libe -11/19, 06:27 pm- the car looks to me like
1926 Side Light ?
Roger Karlsson, sout -11/18, 07:54 am- Welcome to the forum [:-]
Rich Meyer -11/18, 08:31 am- Thanks, The side light i
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -11/18, 09:16 am- The radiator shell would
ROBERT BERGSTADT -11/18, 09:23 am- Who is selling the new ri
Rich Meyer -11/18, 09:51 am- Your right its nickel pla
ROBERT BERGSTADT -11/18, 09:55 am- we will have new correct
Donnie Brown North C -11/18, 01:06 pm- Robert, glad to hear you
Jim Patrick -11/18, 03:09 pm- Learn something new every
Mike Walker, NW AR -11/18, 05:13 pm- Jim P. -- All 26-7 clos
James A. Golden -11/18, 06:31 pm- I have been told that tho
James A. Golden -11/18, 06:38 pm- I forgot to mention those
Les Schubert -11/18, 06:41 pm- James I guess Im sceptica
James A. Golden -11/18, 06:42 pm- Here is a photo of the la
James A. Golden -11/18, 06:43 pm- An Early Ad. [Ad]
Donnie Brown North C -11/18, 08:30 pm- I believe the side lights
Dan Treace, North FL -11/18, 09:27 pm- For those cowl lamps, wha
James A. Golden -11/18, 09:29 pm- Donnie, that small hole w
Hap Tucker in Sumter -11/18, 09:30 pm- Rich, I believe your ori
Dave Wells, Hamilton -11/18, 09:32 pm- There had to be some no g
Dan Treace, North FL -11/18, 10:05 pm- Dave Correct, Ford kept
Donnie Brown North C -11/18, 10:06 pm- Dave, Yes there were no g
Roger Karlsson, sout -11/19, 01:48 am- The extra hole under the
James A. Golden -11/19, 07:20 am- Roger, note the extra hol
Donnie Brown North C -11/19, 09:30 am- James, They reproduce tho
Will Brown -11/19, 10:34 am- Did the non-starter cars
Donnie Brown North C -11/19, 02:57 pm- Will, If it was non start
Will Brown -11/19, 03:33 pm- I dont disagree at all. S
Dave Wells, Hamilton -11/19, 04:06 pm- While we are on this subj
Dan Treace, North FL -11/19, 04:24 pm- Donnie As to wiring for
Trent Boggess -11/19, 04:41 pm- According to cost and pro
The next time someone tells you your non-black speedster ...
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -11/19, 05:42 am- A link to a thread that f
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -11/19, 09:56 am- Heres a color chart that
Mark Strange - Hills -11/19, 10:04 am-
Rob Patterson. Moruy -11/19, 04:36 pm- Towards the end of the B&
Found a copper Core/Freeze Plug supplier
Me -11/19, 03:24 pm- Would anyone be intereste
Frank van Ekeren (A -11/19, 03:57 pm- Copper wouldnt be my firs
FYI 1913 Touring For Sale CL
Robert Skingley .... -11/18, 09:47 am- Found this under antiques
Mike Walker, NW AR -11/18, 10:35 am- The ad says it has the or
Henry Petrino in Mod -11/18, 10:40 am- Also Mike, the paint on t
Mark Strange - Hills -11/18, 10:42 am- Heres what the MTFCA Ency
Frank Harris from Lo -11/19, 01:32 pm- Our 1913 Touring came out
A wise guy
Derek Kiefer - Manto -11/18, 06:27 pm- I have 2, both running, a
Kevin Whelihan Danbu -11/18, 06:54 pm- I have a 26 Touring thats
Norman T. Kling -11/19, 11:08 am- I used to say you need a
Myrtle point Oregon parade-Photo
Herb Iffrig -11/19, 07:14 am- [Myrtle Point Oregon Para
Dennis Seth - Ohio -11/19, 08:08 am- My guess it is a loaf of
Keith Townsend ; ^ ) -11/19, 09:47 am- I see both 46 and 48 star
OT - Makes and color cars in Kearney Nebraska area, July ...
Rob Heyen - Eastern  -11/18, 09:32 am- Kearney NE was the sixth
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -11/18, 04:15 pm- Neat find! Very interesti
Verne Shirk -11/18, 11:25 pm- I have a 1907 1-cyl REO.
Rob Heyen - Eastern  -11/19, 09:09 am- Thanks guys. On occasion
Val Soupios -11/19, 09:15 am- A lot of the early cars c
Old Shorpy Photo- Group with nice 1913(?) T
Dane Hawley Near Mel -11/19, 04:04 am- Group of cars, unfortunat
David Norton -11/19, 04:31 am- Pre-1915 but with louvres
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -11/19, 05:30 am- Great photo! A few Ts, Bu
Hap Tucker in Sumter -11/19, 06:13 am- G’day Dane, Thanks for p
charley shaver- libe -11/19, 08:41 am- car right behind the ford
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -11/19, 08:44 am- Dane that is a fantastic
The Henry Ford 1960
Bruce Balough -11/18, 01:38 pm- I found this today going
Bruce Balough -11/18, 01:44 pm- [the hf.jpg]
G.R.Cheshire -11/18, 01:49 pm- Very interesting thanks f
Dan Killecut -11/18, 04:28 pm- It should still be called
David Stroud -11/19, 06:09 am- Dan, I agree. My parents
Tom Miller, Mostly i -11/19, 06:27 am- This map reflects the pre
Kenneth W DeLong -11/19, 08:14 am- About 1960 the FFA took a
Old Photo -Brass Era - He Had To Get Out And Get Under hi...
Gary H. White - Sher -11/18, 11:15 am- Trousers or car?
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -11/18, 04:47 pm- Those might be plus-fours
Jerry Brancato -11/18, 08:22 pm- I think its Professor Fat
David Norton -11/19, 02:06 am- Maybe he was just horsing
Stromberg Carburetor Questions
Bob Shirley -11/18, 09:26 pm- Spent a little time a the
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -11/19, 01:06 am- Stock threads are standar
Moultre show, Who's going
Ben Umberger -11/18, 07:58 pm- If anyone has booth space
Old Photo - Model T Era - Drumheller's Main Street
Dave Wells, Hamilton -11/18, 07:07 pm- In the first photo, under
I think I my have ruined by generator
Warren Henderson, Du -11/18, 06:59 pm- Steve no picture taking i
OT - moved house
Mark Strange - Hills -11/18, 08:43 am- Congratulations! Please
Gary Schreiber- Sant -11/18, 08:56 am- Indeed, congratulations!!
Dick Lodge - St Loui -11/18, 09:40 am- We escaped suburbia 2.5 y
Harold Schwendeman - -11/18, 01:23 pm- Jem - You said,.....120 m
Randy Glowacki -11/18, 04:56 pm- Spalding, isnt that in Li
Jem Bowkett, Spaldin -11/18, 05:38 pm- Yes, Lincolnshire, not as
Harold Schwendeman - -11/18, 06:03 pm- Jem - If you think of it,
Old Photo - Model T Articulating Lumber Trailer
Chris George -11/18, 08:25 am- I have a TT with one of t
brass car guy -11/18, 11:23 am- Blackstock lumber was an
Michael Thomas - Cen -11/18, 02:40 pm- Dont know if it is the sa
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -11/18, 05:23 pm- That first truck looks li
Radiator petcock
Wayne Rosenkrans -11/18, 03:54 pm- Tap arrived today, so tri
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -11/18, 03:59 pm- Allan, You have metric p
Rick Goelz-Knoxville -11/18, 03:59 pm- If you need odd or hard t
Something fishy about this 1912-Photo
Erik Johnson -11/18, 01:26 pm- Nonpareil double twist ho
Camerons swap meet pix
R.V. Anderson -11/18, 10:31 am- Some more N photos: [PB1
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -11/18, 10:39 am- ...including replacing th
R.V. Anderson -11/18, 12:19 pm- Heinze werent used on For
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -11/18, 12:21 pm- R.V., Thanks for posting
Bill Harper - Keene, -11/18, 12:52 pm- Wonderful photos. Thank y
R.V. Anderson -11/18, 12:58 pm- Glad you enjoyed them. Th
Carbide Headlight Glass
Bill Johnson -11/18, 12:11 pm- It there anything special
R.V. Anderson -11/18, 12:21 pm- No, but most guys will ta
Old Photo -Brass Era - Ford Day - Bonafide Garage, Plymou...
Jay - In Northern Ca -11/18, 10:49 am- [mmmForddealership_01_res
Bill Harper - Keene, -11/18, 11:27 am- It may be Ford Day at thi
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -11/18, 11:58 am- Yup, still there. The bui
The new telephone books are here!-Photo
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -11/18, 07:27 am- I remember my dad and old
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -11/18, 07:36 am- For the younger crowd; Th
john kuehn -11/18, 09:50 am- Our home phone number was
Dick Lodge - St Loui -11/18, 09:51 am- Ken, it was also called a
Henry Petrino in Mod -11/18, 10:00 am- I was in the local cell p
Dick Lodge - St Loui -11/18, 10:02 am- This thread is taking me
G.R.Cheshire -11/18, 10:20 am- I remember Dad complainin
Jay - In Northern Ca -11/18, 10:33 am-
R.V. Anderson -11/18, 10:34 am- The leaned-back top in th
Henry Petrino in Mod -11/18, 10:38 am- Long distance charges.
Gary H. White - Sher -11/18, 10:44 am- At the time that photo wa
Dick Lodge - St Loui -11/18, 10:49 am- Henry, thats fine for peo
Mark Gregush Portlan -11/18, 11:02 am- Mom and Dad still have th
Henry Petrino in Mod -11/18, 11:21 am- I hear you Dick pardon th
Dave Wells, Hamilton -11/18, 11:54 am- Judging by the sly smile
Manufacturers of Vaporizers for 1926-27 Cars
James A. Mahaffey -11/18, 11:45 am- Sorry for the delay. Not
Old Photo - Seminole Oklahoma Traffic Jam
Jay - In Northern Ca -11/18, 10:43 am- [SEMINOLE OK TRAFFIC JAM.
Bill Harper - Keene, -11/18, 11:18 am- I find it interesting tha
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -11/18, 11:34 am- Something is going on nex
Old Photo - Model Ts On Main Street, High River, Alberta
Jay - In Northern Ca -11/18, 10:46 am- [Model Ts on main street,
International Falls Minnesota-Photo
Jim Eubanks, Powell, -11/18, 07:56 am- That had to be taken in t
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -11/18, 10:08 am- There is a variety of clo
Some traffic jam-Photo- Army cars?
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -11/18, 07:50 am- The vehicles in the upper
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -11/18, 07:54 am- Ops! Sorry Erik, I didnt
Hap Tucker in Sumter -11/18, 08:08 am- Summary: Due to the lar
Dave Huson, Berthoud -11/25, 02:03 am- I would like to find the
joe bell -11/25, 06:26 am- Jack Putnam was just maki
Roger Karlsson, sout -11/25, 06:40 am- Heres Jacks ad: http://ww
Wanted - Front license plate bracket
Mark Myers_____Pitts -11/23, 11:46 pm- Looking for a front licen
Roger Karlsson, sout -11/25, 06:38 am- Theyre available as repro
For Sale - Doodlebug
Mark Myers_____Pitts -11/24, 02:17 pm- For sale is a doodlebug b
Chad Marchees _____T -11/24, 05:40 pm- Wow, that is a pretty fai
Donnie Brown North C -11/24, 07:51 pm- Mark, Now thats the way t
bob middleton -11/24, 08:53 pm- If I was only closer Fare
Mark Myers_____Pitts -11/24, 08:59 pm- Thank you all for the com
Zachary Carrico -11/24, 09:12 pm- This is really nice, some
David Stroud -11/25, 01:52 am- Looks like a heck of a de
Dave Huson, Berthoud -11/25, 01:22 am- WHEELS; $59.00. EACH, Wal
Dave Huson, Berthoud -11/25, 01:23 am- WHEELS; [wheels]
John Albert Lemon -11/22, 11:07 pm- Need a complete rebuildab
John Albert Lemon -11/25, 01:14 am- bump
1926-27 steering column to firewall bracket For Sale
Layden Butler -11/24, 06:39 pm- For all body styles excep
Layden Butler -11/25, 01:11 am- Spoken for Thanks to MTFC
Dave Huson, Berthoud -11/25, 01:04 am- CAMS AND CAM GEAR EACH; $
Dave Huson, Berthoud -11/25, 01:06 am- CAM AND CAM GEAR; [cam
WTB Bosch model 600 Distributor cam gear
Walt Magas -11/24, 07:56 pm- Looking for the drive gea
Mark Gregush Portlan -11/24, 09:22 pm- Bosch clips ons all use t
Intakes and water pumps
Allen Godard -11/20, 10:38 pm- Make me an offer. Well wo
Allen Godard -11/24, 08:46 pm- 2nd and 5th water pump fr
Hand made header flangers for a T block
Allen Godard -11/20, 10:47 pm- These flanges were made b
Allen Godard -11/24, 08:37 pm- Sold. -Thank you. -Allen
Blasted Ignition Switch and Bezel (No Amp Gauge or switch...
Allen Godard -11/20, 10:52 pm- Located in Tucson $10 plu
JOHN BEVARDOS -11/21, 11:16 am- ill take it
Allen Godard -11/21, 01:36 pm- Sale Pending John, Ive
Allen Godard -11/24, 08:36 pm- Sold. Thank You. -Allen
1925? floorboard brackets For Sale
Layden Butler -11/24, 06:59 pm- Believed to be 1925 era f
Ruckstell shift rod bracket For Sale
Layden Butler -11/24, 06:34 pm- This original piece clamp
WTB: Metal trim strip to cover where top curtain attache...
James J. Lyons III - -11/24, 06:23 pm- Im putting a new top on m
Jones speedometer road gear Ford Special 1914 For Sale
Layden Butler -11/24, 06:21 pm- 35 Teeth 8 Pitch marked J
For Sale: Model T Crankshaft $30
Paul jacobs -11/24, 04:18 pm- For Sale: Model T Cranksh
Paul jacobs -11/24, 06:16 pm- Sold pending funds
Set of 4 wood non-demountable wheels with tires
Ray Syverson -11/24, 05:41 pm- For Sale. A set of four w
Brass era steering gear case For Sale
Layden Butler -11/24, 05:30 pm- Riveted 2 piece case and
Layden Butler -11/24, 05:39 pm- Spoken for Thanks to MTFC
Spare gooseneck carrier 1926-7 For Sale
Layden Butler -11/24, 05:26 pm- Spare carrier for 1926-27
Norman W. Woolley -11/24, 04:51 pm- COMPLETE EXCEPT BRAKE ROD
Original Brass Carb Adjusting Rod - 1911 - 1912-1913
Simon Bayley -11/23, 12:35 am- Excellent condition origi
Scott Rosenthal in C -11/23, 09:53 am- Hello Simon: Just sent yo
Scott Rosenthal in C -11/24, 09:30 am- Hello Simon: Have not see
Simon Bayley -11/24, 02:24 pm- Hi Scott, Recieved a num
WTB - 1926 coupe parts
Patricia Hanning -11/24, 02:00 am- Hello, we recently purcha
Terry Woods, Richmon -11/24, 07:07 am- Sent email.
Roger Karlsson, sout -11/24, 08:56 am- Welcome to the affliction
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -11/24, 12:32 pm- Model T Haven in Iola, Ka
Bruce Maley -11/24, 02:23 pm- Ive got 4 wood wheels wit
Wanted Aluminum 3spd Warford Aux trans Case
Bruce Maley -11/18, 10:38 am- Ive currently got a Alumi
Gene Carrothers Hunt -11/18, 05:26 pm- Bruce, Did you see the on
Bruce Maley -11/18, 08:58 pm- It was cracked from the b
Bruce Maley -11/24, 02:15 pm- Ive been in touch with Jo
Dave Huson, Berthoud -11/23, 06:51 pm- CON RODS; $3.57 EACH. Sor
Dave Huson, Berthoud -11/23, 06:52 pm- con rods [con rods]
Marvin C. Miller -11/24, 01:55 pm- Money is going out today
Ruckstell shifter on axle For Sale
Layden Butler -11/23, 06:05 pm- Ruckstell car shift lock
Layden Butler -11/24, 01:54 pm- Spoken for Thanks to MTFC
Jern Thunderbolt
Robb Wolff -11/23, 09:57 pm- Looking for a Jern Thunde
Daniel Kraft -11/23, 10:11 pm- I think they are still be
Donnie Brown North C -11/24, 09:11 am- Here is the link to their
Roger Karlsson, sout -11/24, 10:01 am- Not made anymore it seems
Erik Barrett in Aubu -11/24, 01:48 pm- Ron McKenzie had one for
1921-27 Exhaust Pipes
Larry Smith -11/23, 10:19 am- We are now offering the l
David Stroud -11/23, 04:42 pm- Outstanding Larry! Will t
Keith Buckley -11/23, 05:37 pm- I know you make Ford part
Jack Daron - Brownsb -11/23, 06:23 pm- Are they Stainless steel?
Dan Hatch -11/24, 04:52 am- Larry: Is this the long p
James Baker -11/24, 07:52 am- Dan is that question a jo
Dan Hatch -11/24, 09:20 am- James: Ford parts book, J
James Baker -11/24, 10:16 am- Dan what other exhaust pi
Dan Hatch -11/24, 10:31 am- James: In about 1920 the
Dan Hatch -11/24, 10:32 am- Larry: I am PMing you. Ch
Warren F Rollins -11/24, 12:01 pm- Right on Dan. I bet it is
Roger Karlsson, sout -11/24, 12:38 pm- Here is a thread that des
James Baker -11/24, 01:13 pm- Dan I just looked at the
Dan Hatch -11/24, 01:34 pm- James: No problem, those
Jack Putnam, Bluffto -11/24, 11:06 am- I have reproduced in iron
John Wightman -11/24, 11:44 am- Are they steel or brass?
Mark Strange - Hills -11/24, 12:40 pm- I have reproduced in iron
Jack Putnam, Bluffto -11/24, 01:05 pm- Made of Iron as the origi
Jack Putnam, Bluffto -11/24, 11:15 am- Just received another lot
FOR SALE: 1913 Smith Form-A-Truck 50% finished project
Eric Hylen- Central  -11/20, 11:50 am- Bump. Looks like a cool p
David Abramson -11/20, 12:21 pm- Hi Fred! Would this be s
charley shaver- libe -11/20, 12:49 pm- David!! the body is ready
David Abramson -11/20, 10:47 pm- Is there a picture of the
Mike Walker, NW AR -11/21, 10:34 am- Dave -- I just spoke with
Mike Bender Tulsa Ok -11/21, 02:01 pm- Mike I did the same last
Mike Walker, NW AR -11/21, 02:46 pm- Dave -- Here is possible
David Abramson -11/23, 09:07 pm- Thanks for everyones help
Mike Walker, NW AR -11/24, 09:59 am- So are you going to get t
Freighter Jim -11/24, 11:04 am- I will be dropping off in
Dave Huson, Berthoud -11/23, 12:55 pm- IRONS $49.00; EACH, Good
Dave Huson, Berthoud -11/23, 12:56 pm- Front Fender Irons; [fr
Robert Brough -11/24, 10:08 am- Ill take two. PM sent.
For Sale: Model T Wheels Of All Kinds, Wood & Wire
Patricia Hanning -11/24, 01:16 am- Hi Paul. Are the wood wh
WTB - 1915 Front Engine Mount
Jamie Holmes -11/21, 08:48 pm- Looking for one in reason
Warren Webb -11/21, 10:09 pm- sent you a pm
Dave Huson, Berthoud -11/21, 10:41 pm- Jarmie: see my post on No
Jamie Holmes -11/22, 10:10 pm- Dave Sent you a pm
Jamie Holmes -11/23, 11:26 pm- Still looking if anyone h
Freighter Jim and my Tudor
Larry Reed -11/23, 04:27 pm- Had a terrific experience
Freighter Jim -11/23, 11:07 pm- Hi Larry, Great to meet
WTB Vaporizer Choke Rod
Terry Woods, Richmon -11/23, 09:30 pm- Want to buy choke rod goi
Car for sale: '14 T Depot Hack
R. Brian Davis -11/19, 11:21 pm- Hi Dave, the car is still
David Abramson -11/23, 09:13 pm- Hi Brian! She sure looks
Glen Chaffin -11/23, 08:34 pm- Still looking for a brass
1913 T Touring for sale
Dennis Michaud -11/18, 10:50 pm- BUMP
Ed in California -11/19, 07:42 am- Instead of bump why dont
Keith Bailey -Farmin -11/19, 08:03 am- if you were good this yea
Dennis Michaud -11/19, 03:33 pm- Those interested in pictu
Paul jacobs -11/19, 08:14 pm- [image.jpeg] [image.jpeg]
Dennis Michaud -11/23, 06:14 pm- BUMP
Dave Huson, Berthoud -11/22, 12:09 pm- Hub Caps: $9.98 each. The
Dave Huson, Berthoud -11/22, 12:12 pm- New Chrome Hub caps very
Dave Huson, Berthoud -11/23, 12:00 am- Please include $5.98 Ship
Dave Huson, Berthoud -11/23, 06:13 pm- Hub Caps are Gone [pict
Dave Huson, Berthoud -11/22, 11:55 am- rODS; $10.00 EACH: Over 3
Dave Huson, Berthoud -11/22, 11:56 am- Intake Rods: [rods]
Dave Huson, Berthoud -11/22, 11:57 am- I forgot to say all rods
David Stroud -11/23, 03:15 am- Dave, Ill take one of the
David Stroud -11/23, 04:38 pm- Dave, check is on the way
Dave Huson, Berthoud -11/23, 06:07 pm- David ;Stroud: WE will p
Orginal Brass Windscreen Hinges
Simon Bayley -11/23, 12:32 am- A good set of matching wi
Benjamin Morgan - Mi -11/23, 04:17 pm- Pmed you Benji
Large Drum Ruckstell
Ed in California -11/23, 03:15 pm- Large drum Ruckstell, pro
Dave Huson, Berthoud -11/23, 02:40 pm- PRIMING BELL CRANK; $5.00
Dave Huson, Berthoud -11/23, 02:41 pm- Priming Bell Crank; [cr
:-) - Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX to anywhere enclosed Model T or ...
Freighter Jim -11/22, 09:51 am- December 1st Direct encl
Steve Tomaso - Longb -11/22, 12:32 pm- For all the advertising y
Freighter Jim -11/22, 01:06 pm- Steve, I have hauled ove
Steve Tomaso - Longb -11/22, 07:46 pm- Well, good for you. As a
Greg Whaley, Caledon -11/22, 08:25 pm- Steve- my Grandfathers 23
Steve Redelman, Kout -11/22, 09:04 pm- Well, Steve Ive been a T
Freighter Jim -11/23, 01:21 am- Thanks Greg .... Steve i
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -11/23, 10:13 am- Well then, its just a mys
Steve Tomaso - Longb -11/23, 10:22 am- And it doesnt take much t
Freighter Jim -11/23, 11:14 am- November 23rd Leaving Tu
Steve Redelman, Kout -11/23, 01:32 pm- I have seen a lot of bent
Dave Huson, Berthoud -11/22, 02:45 pm- WIPERS; $10.00 EACH. Will
Mark Strange - Hills -11/22, 02:52 pm- Dave, if you dont mind, c
Dave Huson, Berthoud -11/22, 04:29 pm- Wipers; [wipers]
Dave Huson, Berthoud -11/22, 04:40 pm- Double blade one blade in
Dave Huson, Berthoud -11/22, 04:54 pm- Mark Strange; The origin
Mark Strange - Hills -11/22, 05:08 pm- Thanks for the pic, Dave!
Donnie Brown North C -11/23, 09:29 am- Dave, I also would be int
Dave Huson, Berthoud -11/23, 11:48 am- All the CLAMPS are gone,
Dave Clyde in Cedarv -11/23, 01:31 pm- Very Cool Picture!
Dave Huson, Berthoud -11/23, 01:06 pm- VALVE TOOL; $19.00; Note
Dave Huson, Berthoud -11/23, 01:07 pm- Valve Tool; [valve tool]
John Noonan - Norton -11/23, 01:16 pm- Ill take it Dave, sent yo
Wanted - 26/27 Roadster Body
James H Hall -11/22, 08:17 am- After looking at a very r
Mike-Iowa -11/22, 07:13 pm- Hi James, I have one the
Mike-Iowa -11/22, 07:14 pm- Hi James, I have one the
John Albert Lemon -11/22, 10:23 pm- Mike, Id like to see what
Mike-Iowa -11/23, 11:43 am- John, Sent many pictures
Early Cast Iron Swivel for Sale
Simon Bayley -11/23, 12:26 am- Good condition early cast
Larry Reed -11/23, 09:25 am- Sent you a pm.
For Sale: 1926 Roadster Pickup With Warford & New Top
Paul jacobs -11/23, 08:55 am- Still for sale
Brass Schrader Valve Cover Set
Simon Bayley -11/23, 12:30 am- A set of Brass Schrader V
Dave Huson, Berthoud -11/22, 11:45 pm- WANTED; I need the other
Craig Scott Fancher -11/22, 08:49 pm- Looking for a low style r
Dave Huson, Berthoud -11/22, 08:26 pm- HOT AIR PIPE; $9.98. The
Dave Huson, Berthoud -11/22, 08:27 pm- hot air pipe; [hot air p
Dave Huson, Berthoud -11/22, 08:06 pm- MANIFOLDS; $10.00, each.
Dave Huson, Berthoud -11/22, 08:07 pm- INTAKE MANIFOLDS; [manif
Dave Huson, Berthoud -11/22, 07:54 pm- Large Timing Gear: #39.98
Dave Huson, Berthoud -11/22, 07:56 pm- Transmissions: [transmi
1927 four cylinder engine 2000.00 obo
CLIFTON TAYLOR -11/21, 03:13 pm- i have a rebuildable 4 cy
Terry Woods, Richmon -11/21, 08:01 pm- Clifton, I wish you luck
Bob Shirley -11/22, 04:50 am- From the description of h
Terry Woods, Richmon -11/22, 01:09 pm- Good point Bob, but no A
Brian Mettling - Day -11/22, 01:12 pm- A few hundred at the most
Derek Kiefer - Manto -11/22, 02:40 pm- Just sold 2 26-27 engines
Bob Shirley -11/22, 07:08 pm- Yes I sent the guy a pm y
Mark Gregush Portlan -11/22, 07:51 pm- That serial number would
Wanted-1915 Model T top bow set (metal parts only)
Ron Patterson-Nichol -11/19, 07:08 pm- Still looking for these p
Barry Fowler - Eagle -11/19, 11:38 pm- Ron, it would be good if
Allan Bennett - Aust -11/20, 01:17 am- Ron, The new sockets sold
Keith Buckley -11/20, 02:33 am- Barry, I think Rons new c
Keith Buckley -11/20, 03:53 am- Sorry, he said in his pos
Ron Patterson-Nichol -11/20, 08:24 am- Oops, sorry. The top bows
Larry Smith -11/20, 10:13 am- I believe they are called
Mike Walker, NW AR -11/20, 09:08 pm- Yes. The top bows are th
n maver -11/21, 07:19 am- Is it possible that these
David L Corman -11/21, 06:54 pm- Ron I have a complete top
Ron Patterson-Nichol -11/22, 09:08 am- David I sent you an email
David L Corman -11/22, 07:42 pm- Great, I will get in touc
1907 MODEL N Ford for sale
mark plante -11/22, 06:27 pm- I am selling a model N fo
Little people model t car for sale
David Revaz -11/22, 06:10 pm- [image.jpg] [image.jpg] [
Drag link '26 -'27
David J. Holland Ohi -11/22, 05:43 pm- Measures about 30 29/32.
TT question
Corey Walker, Browns -11/22, 02:05 pm- I dont know much about TT
Scott Gilham Bellflo -11/22, 03:20 pm- worth every penny just fo
David Stroud -11/22, 04:00 pm- Corey, you are right. The
1926 left front fender
Joseph A. Stearns -11/21, 07:09 am- looking for a restorable
Rich Jesteadt - SE F -11/22, 03:05 pm- I have a pair of front fe
Dave Huson, Berthoud -11/22, 02:32 pm- TOP BOW SADDLES; $10.00 E
Dave Huson, Berthoud -11/22, 02:33 pm- Saddles; [saddles]
Dave Huson, Berthoud -11/22, 02:35 pm- Side view of saddles; [
Movie work for Model Ts in LA area
Michael Kopilec -11/22, 01:59 pm- My name is Michael Kopile
26/7 coupe glass
Greg pacana -11/22, 12:54 pm- Hello everyone, Im lookin
Mark Strange - Hills -11/22, 01:31 pm- In case you decide to hav
Greg pacana -11/22, 01:59 pm- Wow! That drawing will be
Dave Huson, Berthoud -11/22, 01:17 pm- Fan Bracket: $35.00. NOTE
Dave Huson, Berthoud -11/22, 01:18 pm- Early Fan Bracket; [bra
Dave Huson, Berthoud -11/22, 01:04 pm- BEARINGS; $10.00 EACH Pl
Dave Huson, Berthoud -11/22, 01:05 pm- Bearings; [bearings]
Dave Huson, Berthoud -11/22, 12:53 pm- Motor Mounts: $25.00 Each
Dave Huson, Berthoud -11/22, 12:55 pm- Motor Mounts [ early mou
Dave Huson, Berthoud -11/22, 12:32 pm- Bracket was $15.00 now $1
Dave Huson, Berthoud -11/22, 12:35 pm- Steering Column Bracket:
Dave Huson, Berthoud -11/22, 12:21 pm- WRENCH; was $15.00 now $1
Dave Huson, Berthoud -11/22, 12:22 pm- WRENCH; [wrench]
Dave Huson, Berthoud -11/22, 12:25 pm- Please include $8.98 ship
Brass Holley and Kingston Carb Bodies
Kenny Edmondson, Ind -11/22, 10:42 am- Cleaning out the garage a
Dan Woolf -11/22, 10:52 am- Is that a Holley 2 screw?
Kenny Edmondson, Ind -11/22, 10:52 am- The Green One in the midd
Want to buy 26 Roadster door hinges
Chuck Martel in Temp -11/22, 10:42 am- Looking for a set of hing
Water inlet for sale
Bill Anziani -11/21, 01:54 pm- Ford script water inlet 0
Royce in Dallas TX -11/22, 09:16 am- The water I let did not h
Early Canadian Literature for sale
Simon Bayley -11/22, 01:02 am- Bump
Rim Jack For Sale
Marty Stanonik -11/22, 12:27 am- Available to buy, rim jac
WANTED license plate bracket
Charles Weisgerber -11/21, 11:44 pm- Im looking for an origina
What is this head light?
Scott Parsons -11/21, 02:54 pm- What is this head light?[
Bill Harper - Keene, -11/21, 03:23 pm- Likely aftermarket. It ap
David Stroud -11/21, 05:21 pm- Yup, I think Bill is righ
Layden Butler -11/21, 05:34 pm- I find it hard to think t
Is it possible that these parts are any good to you ? it'...
n maver -11/21, 05:03 pm- Is it possible that these
5 Gallon AL Speedster Fuel Tank Oval Shape
Allen Godard -11/21, 02:18 pm- Heres what that same fuel
Tools for sale
Bill Anziani -11/21, 01:51 pm- 2 # 1917 Ford script open
WTB: 16 ft enclosed trailer
Skip Lane Melbourne, -11/21, 01:51 pm- Need at least 90 inch ope
Sunvisor brackets
Bill Anziani -11/21, 01:47 pm- Looking for a set of orig
Wanted:Pressed Steel Ball Cap
donald shanabrook -11/21, 12:27 pm- Need a pressed steel ball
Bills Auto Works -11/18, 04:50 pm- Not sure why the second p
Bills Auto Works -11/21, 11:25 am- These spots are still ava
:-) - Seattle to CA then Texas enclosed Model T transport n...
Freighter Jim -11/18, 11:12 am- November 20th Leaving O
Bob Shirley -11/18, 09:50 pm- Jim, looks like your a li
Freighter Jim -11/18, 10:51 pm- Bob, The 1957 Porsche 35
Freighter Jim -11/19, 05:44 pm- Space is still available
Freighter Jim -11/21, 08:19 am- November 21st Leaving Or
Steve Tomaso - Longb -11/21, 10:35 am- Orting, WA.
Windshield clips
Warren F Rollins -11/19, 11:00 pm- Stu, I got the clips toda
stuart clipson -11/21, 08:53 am- thank you for your commen
:-) Napa/Turlock, CA to Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX enclosed Model...
Freighter Jim -11/21, 08:29 am- November 23rd Leaving Na
Wanted 1927 TT hood
gene french -11/19, 09:13 pm- this hood is the regular
David Stroud -11/20, 05:32 am- Gene, the high hood is fo
gene french -11/20, 01:42 pm- David: thanks for the i
Rich Jesteadt - SE F -11/21, 05:44 am- Gene Ihave a hood marked
26-27 roadster trunk lid
Tim Lloid -11/20, 09:25 pm- I need a restorable 26-27
Wanted: 1926 Coupe Header Top Panel
Michael Saggese -11/20, 09:25 pm- Im not sure about the pro
Wanted: 1926 Coupe Trunk Decklid
Michael Saggese -11/20, 09:20 pm- My decklid is pitted and
Tires, horn, hogshead F/S
Jeff Perkins / MN -11/20, 08:44 pm- One pair of 30x3 non-skid
Freshly Sand Blasted 3 Dip Pan
Allen Godard -11/20, 07:19 pm- Sold. Thank you.
Satin Powder Coated Stock T Intake
Allen Godard -11/20, 07:18 pm- Sold. Thank you.
Holley Straight Through Carburetor
Ed in California -11/20, 05:55 pm- Heres another one i saw o
For Sale 1911 Torpedo New Price $ 35,000
Keith McGowan -11/20, 04:11 pm- This is a very nice, auth
Dave Huson, Berthoud -11/20, 10:57 am- I will not be shipping an
Dave Huson, Berthoud -11/20, 10:45 am- If anyone is truly intere
Dave Huson, Berthoud -11/20, 10:46 am- By the way ;there are mor
Dave Huson, Berthoud -11/20, 10:52 am- Bump
For Sale: 1920s ford model t 2spd ruxell rear (new provi...
wayne barr -11/18, 05:23 pm- 1920s ford model t 2spd r
Ernie Spittler -11/18, 08:07 pm- Wayne, Ive sent you an em
Dave Huson, Berthoud -11/19, 10:43 am- ;Wayne is the rear shifte
Dave Huson, Berthoud -11/20, 10:31 am- Wayne: Is the rear shifte
Wanted, Fordor interior parts
Lonnie Smith Baxter  -11/18, 09:31 pm- I am looking for the fron
Mark Wetherbee - Dow -11/19, 01:04 pm- I would suggest buying th
Lonnie Smith Baxter  -11/19, 07:39 pm- I would take usable or re
Dave Huson, Berthoud -11/20, 10:24 am- Lonnie: I have a real nic
For sale 1925 NOS rear fenders
Kim Dobbins -11/18, 10:42 pm- One fender is sold.
Kim Dobbins -11/20, 09:10 am- Btt
FS full set of new 1909-10 fenders
Kim Dobbins -11/19, 03:50 pm- For sale is a full set of
Herb Iffrig -11/19, 10:12 pm- PM sent
Kim Dobbins -11/20, 09:05 am- Sold. Thanks Herb
David Stroud -11/19, 05:58 pm- Dave, got the stem today.
Front Fenders for Sale
Dan Hatch -11/19, 04:02 pm- bump
WTB left front fender for a 1926 Roadster
Joseph A. Stearns -11/19, 03:12 pm- Looking to buy a good res
For Sale
Linda Marie Riel -11/19, 12:07 pm- 1926 Fordor Sedan. $11,00
Dave Huson, Berthoud -11/19, 11:59 am- Door Latch: Was asking $4
Dave Huson, Berthoud -11/19, 11:59 am- Door Latch: [door Latch
Dave Huson, Berthoud -11/19, 11:43 am- Sediment Bowls $31.50 eac
Dave Huson, Berthoud -11/19, 11:44 am- Sediment Bowls; [sedimen
Dave Huson, Berthoud -11/19, 11:48 am- sediment bowl #2 [sedime
WTT: Straight Fan Bracket for Curved Fan Bracket
Robert Brough -11/18, 09:57 am- Well, if I used eBay as m
Mike Walker, NW AR -11/18, 11:09 am- Robert -- I have several
Donnie Brown North C -11/18, 01:19 pm- Robert the curved one for
Robert Brough -11/19, 10:35 am- Mike, thank you for your
1924 Model T Coupe For Sale Phoenix Az
Dexter Doucet -11/19, 08:49 am- Howdy Mr Woodward, I beli
Mario Brossard -11/19, 09:44 am- Any pictures of the proje
Wanted- Stewart swivel model 1913
Chester Leighton -11/19, 08:19 am- Im looking for a Stewart
Wanted N.O.S. 09-11 Tie Rod
Dennis Michaud -11/18, 10:54 pm- BUMP
For Sale - 1924 Runabout
Scott Batta - Dayton -11/18, 10:43 pm- bump
1927 Model TT $10,500 - Mantorville MN
Derek Kiefer - Manto -11/18, 08:52 pm- The weather has turned, s
David Abramson -11/18, 09:19 pm- Hi Derek! I really like
Wanted: 1911-1913 Stewart "S" clamp.
Russ Furstnow -11/18, 08:37 am- Les, Chaffins Garage has
Les Gitts - Ferndale -11/18, 03:24 pm- Ill contact Chaffins. T
Les Gitts - Ferndale -11/18, 03:30 pm- Found a bracket. Thanks
Model T Rim Jacks
Marty Stanonik -11/18, 03:29 pm- I have a few rim jacks av
For sale 1911-12 new old stock right side rear fender
Kim Dobbins -11/18, 02:43 pm- Sold.
Kim Dobbins -11/18, 03:27 pm- All the 1911 fenders are
26/27 Windshield stantion right side $30
Marvin C. Miller -11/18, 02:36 pm- Headed to Salem Oregon,
For sale Allen motorized coil tester
JOHN BEVARDOS -11/18, 10:03 am- You beat me Royce!!!
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