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Model T Ford Forum
Forum 2015
TT Frame Made by Rowe Company
Lonnie Ledbetter She -03/24, 03:53 pm- I have this frame for a T
Fred Miller, Sequim  -03/24, 06:55 pm- Here you go Lonnie. It al
bob middleton -03/26, 11:18 pm- Cant help here but i had
Burger in Spokane -03/27, 12:52 pm- This is all a learning ex
Roger Karlsson, sout -03/27, 07:32 pm- Burger, do you have a War
Burger in Spokane -03/28, 12:42 am- Yes, it has a Warford.
Roger Karlsson, sout -03/28, 01:13 am- Yes, Warford supplied fra
What did you do today--#3 March
Chad Marchees _____T -03/22, 03:39 pm- Attempted to brave some c
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -03/22, 08:09 pm- I resembled :0 my 14 body
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -03/22, 08:23 pm- Spent about two hours loo
Paul Mikeska, Denver -03/22, 08:27 pm- Serviced the timer, clean
Justin H. - Western  -03/22, 08:50 pm- Re-lining shoes for the T
Chad Marchees _____T -03/22, 09:16 pm- Painted some Rustoleum Ru
richard e moore -03/22, 10:25 pm- Polished brass all day. T
Burger in Spokane -03/22, 11:56 pm- Took the 26 out for a ver
Randall Strickland,  -03/24, 08:13 pm- Repaired my first generat
Chad Marchees _____T -03/24, 09:18 pm- Yesterday I painted the w
Colin Mavins Winnipe -03/27, 12:22 am- We are coming to the end
Hal Schedler, Sacram -03/27, 02:09 am- Mike Walker, heres a sugg
Mike Walker, NW AR -03/27, 07:58 am- Hal -- The top of the tai
Mike Walker, NW AR -03/27, 07:16 pm- Okie Dokie -- Heres the f
Steve Tomaso - Milto -03/27, 07:37 pm- Nice job, Mike !
Chad Marchees _____T -03/27, 07:52 pm- Mike, That looks great! C
John Noonan - Norton -03/27, 08:55 pm- It got to a sizzling 46 d
Zachary Carrico -03/27, 09:55 pm- Mike thanks for the posts
Hal Schedler, Sacram -03/27, 11:36 pm- Looks great Mike!!
James M. Riedy, Sand -03/28, 12:46 am- John N, That rear end lo
John Noonan - Norton -03/28, 01:04 am- Thanks James, i initially
Front hub questions
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -03/27, 05:54 pm- Today I went through hubs
Ken Parker -03/27, 06:25 pm- I believe you are referri
Ken Parker -03/27, 06:28 pm- Cant seem to delete the s
Mike Walker, NW AR -03/27, 06:41 pm- Steve -- I dont know how
Steve Redelman -03/27, 07:44 pm- Steve use your AC stick w
Scott Owens -03/27, 07:56 pm- Steve, Steve Redelman is
Mark Strange - Hills -03/27, 08:27 pm- This 2008 thread has a pi
Val Soupios -03/27, 08:48 pm- For what its worth I have
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -03/27, 10:42 pm- More questions. In Marks
David Martin -03/27, 10:55 pm- Steve, There is no ring,
Scott Owens -03/27, 11:02 pm- Steve the groove you see
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -03/28, 12:33 am- [IMG_0913 copy.JPG] Arme
Scared to drive my model T roadster pickup.
wes heustess -03/25, 12:15 pm- Hey Guys. Im terrified. I
Rick Goelz-Knoxville -03/25, 12:18 pm- Wes, if you want to stop,
Dave Wells, Hamilton -03/25, 12:25 pm- Any chance you could driv
Henry Petrino in Mod -03/25, 12:31 pm- I said this recently in a
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -03/25, 12:33 pm- Does it still have Babbit
John Aldrich Orting  -03/25, 12:43 pm- Wes, you sound like a new
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -03/25, 12:45 pm- Good advice from Henry. S
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -03/25, 12:45 pm- The above are good sugges
John Semprez-Templet -03/25, 12:46 pm- Wes, Best thing you can d
Jim Thode Chehalis W -03/25, 12:49 pm- I dont know how steep the
Dan B -03/25, 12:53 pm- Find an empty parking lot
Seth from NC -03/25, 01:17 pm- Get out there Wes! Aint n
Jim Thode Chehalis W -03/25, 01:30 pm- Seth, Yes, there is some
Michael Seager -03/25, 04:03 pm- HI Wes, Knowing how steep
Thomas Mullin -03/25, 05:03 pm- Wes, Get in touch with h
Dick Lodge - St Loui -03/25, 06:27 pm- Wes, I bought my Model T
Bill Alexander in Al -03/25, 06:33 pm- Wes: Where are you locate
Jon Allen -03/25, 06:59 pm- My 2 cents worth. Modern
Charlie B actually i -03/25, 07:38 pm- I was afraid of the thing
george house . . .ca -03/25, 07:44 pm- I just returned from San
markc -03/25, 07:55 pm- I use mine as a daily dri
Michael Thomas - Cen -03/25, 09:21 pm- It is all good advice. Dr
Paul Vitko -03/25, 11:12 pm- Fortunately I have a ceme
Gary London, Camaril -03/26, 12:41 am- I had an instance driving
Larry Smith -03/26, 09:01 am- The hills around Hood Riv
Roger Karlsson, sout -03/26, 09:32 am- Ive always heard the 09-2
john kuehn -03/26, 09:59 am- You have to remember NOT
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -03/26, 10:17 am- When folks are apprehensi
Paul Vitko -03/26, 10:32 am- To many unknowns that onl
Henry Petrino in Mod -03/26, 10:53 am- Paul, Am I remembering co
wes heustess -03/26, 11:04 am- Thanks guys. I have taken
Paul Vitko -03/26, 11:12 am- Dont know Henry. I have a
brass car guy -03/26, 11:10 pm- We toured all over Hood R
wes heustess -03/27, 08:18 am- Took her out boys! Aside
Mark Strange - Hills -03/27, 08:46 am- Way to go! Keep at it, p
Gary Schreiber- Sant -03/27, 08:59 am- Indeed, as Mark said abov
Richard Gould, Folso -03/27, 10:37 am- Since you have a 26, you
Richard Gould, Folso -03/27, 10:41 am- BTW, since you have a 26,
Perry Goble -03/27, 10:55 am- I have lived in the Texas
wes heustess -03/27, 11:30 am- My rear axle is from a si
Paul Vitko -03/27, 11:31 am- I am with Gary London on
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -03/27, 11:39 am- Wes The e-brake is reall
Michael Seager -03/27, 11:52 am- Not proud here I am putti
Paul Vitko -03/27, 12:40 pm- Large ugly discs! [pictur
Michael Seager -03/27, 08:24 pm- 1 Paul!!!
Paul Vitko -03/27, 09:45 pm- If you are talking about
John Noonan - Norton -03/28, 12:24 am- Wes, its great to see you
Klaxon Horn Parts?
Pat Kelly Montana -03/27, 04:28 pm- A friend has a Klaxon hor
Jack Daron - Brownsb -03/27, 04:47 pm- Find a junker for parts.
Bob Coiro -03/27, 11:56 pm- Ive yet to hear of a supp
What brand of gear driven 12v Alternator should I buy?
Kevin Weeds -03/27, 04:11 am- Ive found them on Macs &a
Ron Patterson-Nichol -03/27, 05:44 am- Kevin If you must install
Kevin Weeds -03/27, 05:51 am- One of the claims from Te
Frank van Ekeren (A -03/27, 05:51 am- Ron The new Texas T alter
Ron Patterson-Nichol -03/27, 06:25 am- Kevin and Frank Take a lo
Ken Todd, .......... -03/27, 11:39 am- I for one havent heard an
Ted Dumas -03/27, 02:20 pm- Buy one from Daryl Becker
Ronald L Babb - Taco -03/27, 03:06 pm- I am far from being an ex
Will Copeland - Melb -03/27, 03:10 pm- The one I bought from Lar
Bob Gruber- Spanaway -03/27, 03:27 pm- Ive had three of them qui
Jim Rose -03/27, 03:31 pm- Alternators and generator
Walt Berdan, Bellevu -03/27, 04:10 pm- I used a couple different
Arthur Dewey Asher W -03/27, 04:16 pm- I purchased on about 10 y
Kevin Weeds -03/27, 05:23 pm- Hmm so many varied replys
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -03/27, 06:22 pm- I find it amusing that a
Terry Woods, Richmon -03/27, 06:53 pm- I am still running a deca
Terry Woods, Richmon -03/27, 06:58 pm- Should have said, It is s
Ken Parker -03/27, 07:39 pm- None. grin My recommenda
Pat Kelly Montana -03/27, 07:42 pm- Ive had a Daryl Becker 12
Dean Yoder, Iowa Cit -03/27, 09:37 pm- Ask the vendor you are ge
James Baker -03/27, 09:52 pm- I bought a rebuilt genera
Kevin Weeds -03/27, 11:38 pm- Yes its the car in my Pro
1925 Model T Reproduction wood parts
Frederick Spalding -03/27, 11:29 pm- Does anyone know if Fordw
Bob Bergstadt.... Thank you !
Bob Jablonski -03/27, 02:27 pm- Ordered a new crank pulle
Dennis Seth - Ohio -03/27, 05:46 pm- I think it is great that
James Chochole, Oswe -03/27, 11:22 pm- Bob has never let me down
Front Hub Threads
Dave Wilson, Saint J -03/27, 10:45 pm- I am planning to refinish
G.R.Cheshire -03/27, 10:53 pm- either that or someone re
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -03/27, 10:59 pm- Yes, the problem could be
O.T. sorta old car movies
G.R.Cheshire -03/27, 10:51 pm-
Magneto Recharge
Paul Barney -03/26, 12:19 am- I have followed the proce
Tom Carnegie Spokane -03/26, 01:48 am- I dont understand all of
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -03/26, 01:59 am- Tom, does it matter which
Tom Carnegie Spokane -03/26, 02:20 am- Steve, nope. One way the
Harold Schwendeman - -03/26, 03:20 am- Tom - I never understood
Jim Patrick -03/26, 08:45 am- I successfully recharged
James A. Golden -03/26, 09:11 am- I was using a 40 Amp/40 V
Ron Patterson-Nichol -03/26, 09:46 am- The purpose of the compas
Tom Carnegie Spokane -03/26, 11:36 am- Recharging the magnets wi
Pat Kelly Montana -03/26, 03:46 pm- I used the compass method
JOHN BEVARDOS -03/26, 04:56 pm- Hi Tom, can
Andre Valkenaers -03/26, 08:01 pm- If the compass method don
Tom Carnegie Spokane -03/26, 11:56 pm- John, I cant find a pictu
JOHN BEVARDOS -03/27, 12:05 am- thank you tom!!
Ron Patterson-Nichol -03/27, 05:27 am- A new or properly rebuilt
Robert Anderson -03/27, 10:48 am- Where in the scientific l
Anthonie Boer -03/27, 01:35 pm- By recharging the magnets
Tom Carnegie Spokane -03/27, 01:42 pm- Toon, no.
Robb Wolff -03/27, 02:55 pm- I have successfully used
Tom Carnegie Spokane -03/27, 03:39 pm- Robb, I throw the lever f
keith g barrier Sava -03/27, 04:44 pm- Seven years ago when I ov
Ron Patterson-Nichol -03/27, 05:31 pm- Robert Anderson I set up
Robert Anderson -03/27, 10:00 pm- Actually if you read the
Robert Anderson -03/27, 10:35 pm- Perhaps the key here is t
Featherlite trailers
Steven G. Williams -03/27, 11:33 am- I am going to take the pl
John Doolittle -03/27, 11:40 am- They cant be beat! Be sur
Michael Garrison - R -03/27, 12:00 pm- They have the reputation
Gilbert V. I. Fitzhu -03/27, 12:49 pm- I have a 24-foot Featherl
Steven Thum -03/27, 12:57 pm- Steven, I am jealous. Goo
Steven G. Williams -03/27, 01:15 pm- To haul a torpedo or a to
Andy Oldman -03/27, 01:39 pm- I bought a 16 foot used o
Dennis Seth - Ohio -03/27, 05:53 pm- Be sure you check how hig
Timothy Kelly -03/27, 06:02 pm- I have a spec built 2011
P. Jamison- PA -03/27, 08:09 pm- You should check this sit
Michael Garrison - R -03/27, 08:25 pm- Steven, its a sad truth t
Steven G. Williams -03/27, 08:42 pm- Michael, thanks for the c
Michael Garrison - R -03/27, 08:49 pm- WANTED: GOOD WOMAN!! Mus
Walter Higgins -03/27, 08:53 pm- I have had several differ
Les VonNordheim -03/27, 09:12 pm- When I had our trailer cu
mike_black SC/FL -03/27, 09:15 pm- Steven, The next step
Freighter Jim -03/27, 10:00 pm- Steven, I am on the road
Freighter Jim -03/27, 10:11 pm- Timothy, As you know - t
Which vendor ?
Rob Patterson. Moruy -03/27, 08:35 pm- Hi, I read in an old post
Spencer Vibert - Gra -03/27, 08:51 pm- chaffins maybe ?
Rob Patterson. Moruy -03/27, 09:14 pm- Thanks Spencer. I do most
Scott Lay,,,,,,,,,,, -03/27, 09:21 pm- Chaffins directed me too
Rob Patterson. Moruy -03/27, 09:49 pm- I should have searched be
IR Thermometer Radiator Evaluation?
Harold Schwendeman - -03/24, 02:01 am- An often discussed topic
Frank van Ekeren (A -03/24, 02:43 am- I would think some more v
Jim Thode Chehalis W -03/24, 02:44 am- I think the temperature d
Harold Schwendeman - -03/24, 03:29 am- Yeah, I think you guys ar
David Mazza, north a -03/24, 08:44 am- The ir thermometer is a g
Bud Holzschuh - Pana -03/24, 09:04 am- Harold I agree that temp
Peter Claverie -03/24, 09:07 am- Right on, David! I alw
Dan Treace, North FL -03/24, 09:18 am- These thermal images were
Dave Wells, Hamilton -03/24, 02:21 pm- I wonder if one of those
Bob Solak -03/24, 04:09 pm- Jim has it right, I think
Dan Treace, North FL -03/24, 04:29 pm- Would be too many test va
Ken Parker -03/24, 05:03 pm- Harold, We have discusse
Bob Solak -03/24, 06:12 pm- I think if you were to se
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -03/24, 08:14 pm- I dont know, Harold. I do
Harold Schwendeman - -03/24, 09:15 pm- Thanks Hal. Im obviously
Paul ONeil, Fullerto -03/24, 09:15 pm- That last IR photo shows
Peter Claverie -03/25, 04:32 pm- Harold, your concern abou
Dan Treace, North FL -03/27, 09:34 pm- Well...tonight is the upd
Old Photo - Ford Piquette Avenue Plant, Circa 1909
Jay - In Northern Ca -03/27, 10:45 am- [Ford Piquette Avenue pla
Herb Iffrig -03/27, 10:58 am- I believe those to be NRS
Henry Petrino in Mod -03/27, 11:56 am- Well, if theyre Ts theyve
Bruce Balough -03/27, 12:40 pm- They have N fenders and s
Rob Heyen - Eastern  -03/27, 01:10 pm- Jay, Thanks for posting t
Hap Tucker in Sumter -03/27, 09:32 pm- Jay and Rob – thank you f
The Vagabonds
John H. Nichols -03/27, 01:34 pm- I just read an article in
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -03/27, 02:09 pm- Hi John - The vacation tr
John H. Nichols -03/27, 02:35 pm- Keith I did google and
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -03/27, 03:00 pm- Hi John - Ive been to Pes
Royce in Georgetown  -03/27, 04:24 pm- You can see pictures of F
Royce in Georgetown  -03/27, 04:27 pm- Thomas Edison is seen wit
Mark Strange - Hills -03/27, 06:21 pm- PBS did an American Exper
Ronald Bolser - Danv -03/27, 09:27 pm- Visited the Ford and Edis
Anti-freeze substitute???
James R. Booth, DeRi -03/27, 07:58 pm- I thought I had finished
Michael Garrison - R -03/27, 08:12 pm- Do you have any concerns
David Sullivan -03/27, 08:57 pm- Machine shops commonly us
Val Soupios -03/27, 09:00 pm- They do make an additive
Dan Treace, North FL -03/27, 09:01 pm- The anti rust soluble oil
White tires any good?
Richard Gould, Folso -03/26, 06:31 pm- I see Coker is offering t
Les Gitts - Ferndale -03/26, 07:09 pm- I dont know if they chang
Gilbert V. I. Fitzhu -03/26, 08:02 pm- I had all-whites on a 190
Mike Walker, NW AR -03/26, 09:33 pm- Why not ask the folks at
Hal Schedler, Sacram -03/26, 09:57 pm- The only tire problems we
Allan Bennett - Aust -03/26, 10:36 pm- There are those who post
Brendan Doughty Cent -03/27, 06:37 am- Allan Thirty years ago I
Roger Karlsson, sout -03/27, 07:17 am- Tires wore bad back in th
Peter B. Ratledge -03/27, 08:48 pm- Richard,I saw your post y
Pic... drove her for the first time.
wes heustess -03/27, 01:22 am- Thanks fellas! Pulled her
wes heustess -03/27, 01:32 am- Pic
John Aldrich Orting  -03/27, 03:04 am- Great job Wes!
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -03/27, 05:56 am- Sounds like a good start!
Steven Mackinnon -03/27, 11:57 am- Nice! My goal is to get
Michael Garrison - R -03/27, 12:12 pm- Sounds like a good goal S
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -03/27, 08:15 pm- Mike Are you coming to N
Michael Seager -03/27, 08:26 pm- Any pictures Wes?
john kuehn -03/27, 08:31 pm- Henry was thinking when h
Removing Aged/hardened tires?
Paul Sherman Tacoma  -03/27, 12:23 pm- I recently acquired a 192
Henry Petrino in Mod -03/27, 12:26 pm- I dont know the best way
Terry Woods, Richmon -03/27, 12:35 pm- A saws all might be Ok. J
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -03/27, 12:43 pm- I have good success with
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -03/27, 12:45 pm- .....-clamps to BREAK the
Seth from NC -03/27, 12:51 pm- Lol Richard - honestly I
Dennis Seth - Ohio -03/27, 12:51 pm- I place my tires in a lar
Dennis Seth - Ohio -03/27, 12:54 pm- Oh...Take the tire off th
David Dewey, N. Cali -03/27, 01:07 pm- I wouldnt sawsall because
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -03/27, 01:09 pm- Also, stop the motor and
Mark Strange - Hills -03/27, 01:20 pm- I did the sawzall treatme
Bob Coiro -03/27, 01:36 pm- Two or three of these, in
Val Soupios -03/27, 01:37 pm- I shaped a piece of hardw
Mark Strange - Hills -03/27, 01:46 pm- I like the bolt cutter id
Michael Garrison - R -03/27, 02:08 pm- Dynamite will work if pro
Ted Dumas -03/27, 02:17 pm- Break the bead by putting
Ron in Central Massa -03/27, 03:41 pm- I do exactly what Terry d
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -03/27, 07:18 pm- I used a sawzall on two o
Ed Saniewski Denvill -03/27, 08:26 pm- I put my wheels next to t
T Doodlebug/Conversion Tractor Thread 2015 Part III
Zachary Carrico -03/24, 09:05 pm- I was getting tired of sc
Ron in Central Massa -03/24, 09:16 pm- Good call Zac. So was I!
Zachary Carrico -03/24, 09:33 pm- The skis are in Albion at
Donnie Brown North C -03/24, 09:49 pm- Thanks for the new thread
Ron in Central Massa -03/25, 06:16 am- Donnie - its great!! The
Chad Marchees _____T -03/25, 06:22 am- When the post gets long,
Donnie Brown North C -03/25, 08:49 am- Im going to assemble an e
Donnie Brown North C -03/25, 09:13 pm- Here are the pics of the
Zachary Carrico -03/25, 09:54 pm- Looks like the pictures d
Ron in Central Massa -03/26, 06:26 am- Donnie - I know what you
Donnie Brown North C -03/26, 11:11 am- Ill try the pics again. I
Gerard de Bruin -03/26, 07:11 pm- This is my tractor, not a
Chad Marchees _____T -03/26, 07:36 pm- That is a beautiful Fords
Ron in Central Massa -03/26, 07:37 pm- Gorgeous Gerard!
Ron in Central Massa -03/26, 07:47 pm- Fordsons are ALWAYS welco
Chad Marchees _____T -03/26, 08:12 pm- Shhh!! Listen, I think I
Ron in Central Massa -03/26, 08:26 pm- Not helpful Chad!!! [:-]
Chad Marchees _____T -03/26, 08:32 pm- You know though, they cer
Ron in Central Massa -03/26, 09:06 pm- All very true - and those
Zachary Carrico -03/26, 09:33 pm- Donnie good to see that t
Chad Marchees _____T -03/27, 08:14 pm- After this thing taunted
Texas T Distributor Problem
Jon Allen -03/21, 12:27 pm- Ok. Another update. I pu
Jon Allen -03/23, 10:52 am- Ok. A further update. I s
Charlie B actually i -03/23, 11:44 am- Every 90 degrees. In othe
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -03/23, 01:05 pm- Sounds like some part of
Jon Allen -03/23, 02:01 pm- Charlie, Yes, it locks-up
Jon Allen -03/24, 04:55 pm- Hey Everyone, I just got
Jon Allen -03/24, 06:58 pm- Hi Everyone, I decided to
Jon Allen -03/27, 05:31 pm- One last comment that mig
Steve Tomaso - Milto -03/27, 05:43 pm- Self-inflicted wounds are
Chad Marchees _____T -03/27, 07:26 pm- It is probably metric bec
Pat Kelly Montana -03/27, 07:51 pm- Taking the long way aroun
Dennis Seth - Ohio -03/27, 08:11 pm- What I find good about th
New Camera - T Accessory
Steve Tomaso - Milto -03/27, 07:35 pm- Trying out a new camera s
Steering wheel screws
Pat Clark-Deer Lodge -03/24, 02:56 pm- Ok, Im going to ask a que
Mike Walker, NW AR -03/24, 03:31 pm- I believe they should be
Jack Daron - Brownsb -03/24, 04:24 pm- RV anderson sells them an
R.V. Anderson -03/24, 06:12 pm- Correct size is #9 x 7/8
mike bartlett Oviedo -03/27, 03:00 pm- I always thought they wer
mike bartlett Oviedo -03/27, 03:00 pm- I always thought they wer
James A Bartsch -03/27, 07:21 pm- There are different size
Mike Perigo - Linton -03/27, 05:43 pm- Can the brake equalizer u
Jack Daron - Brownsb -03/27, 05:53 pm- An equalizer is an equali
Mark Strange - Hills -03/27, 06:10 pm- Yes, I actuate my AC brak
Gilbert V. I. Fitzhu -03/27, 06:43 pm- Isnt it a poor idea to ha
Val Soupios -03/27, 07:10 pm- I used the 26/27 equalize
Gilbert V. I. Fitzhu -03/27, 07:18 pm- Thank you, Val. That mak
Early Ford Agency, They didn't know how much the world wa...
Dennis Haworth - El  -03/27, 06:53 pm- I found this very similar
Dennis Seth - Ohio -03/27, 07:04 pm- In the top photo the firs
charley shaver- libe -03/27, 07:13 pm- yes it is a g&b # 8 c
Val Soupios -03/27, 07:17 pm- Dennis, yes that is a gas
Waiting for the SOS to approve title
Chris Olsen 40 miles -03/27, 04:34 pm- Sitting trying to get som
William L Vanderburg -03/27, 04:37 pm- Why did you tell them it
Dennis Seth - Ohio -03/27, 05:35 pm- I purchased my 22 Coupe 1
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -03/27, 07:14 pm- Dennis, for all the thing
Model N for sale
Robert Skingley .... -03/27, 06:44 am- Ford Model N for sale on
Mike Walker, NW AR -03/27, 07:31 am- Looks like a good opportu
Mike Walker, NW AR -03/27, 07:34 am- The same seller offers th
Kenneth W DeLong -03/27, 08:14 am- Now if i could just remem
Seth from NC -03/27, 08:36 am- Those are absolutely wret
Rob Heyen - Eastern  -03/27, 09:09 am- Looks like a nice Model N
Greg sarky K -03/27, 09:29 am- someone should tell him i
Herb Iffrig -03/27, 11:00 am- He is probably going by t
Greg sarky K -03/27, 04:20 pm- late 1912 Torpedo with th
John Wightman -03/27, 05:35 pm- The N is a better deal th
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -03/27, 07:02 pm- If I wasnt so broke, I wo
Holley NH Needle Valve Thread Tap
James A. Golden -03/27, 03:39 pm- The MTFCA Carburetor Book
Mark Strange - Hills -03/27, 03:54 pm- Heres a 2010 thread that
James A. Golden -03/27, 06:01 pm- Thanks Mark! That is eve
Carburetor Help
henry h -03/22, 02:29 pm- Trying to start for the 1
Donald Conklin -03/22, 02:48 pm- Sounds like gas coming ou
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -03/22, 03:34 pm- One of my Ts came with a
Norman T. Kling -03/22, 04:44 pm- You never know when a Mod
Mark Gregush Portlan -03/22, 05:06 pm- Looks like a NH carb. If
Steve Tomaso - Milto -03/22, 05:48 pm- As both throttle & ch
Harold Schwendeman - -03/22, 06:26 pm- Steve - In support of wha
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -03/22, 06:51 pm- The above advice is exact
Steve Tomaso - Milto -03/22, 09:57 pm- I believe the straight bo
henry h -03/26, 10:54 am- Thanks for the advice. A
Steve Tomaso - Milto -03/26, 11:33 am- That piece shouldnt turn
Charlie B actually i -03/26, 11:52 am- If its actually coming ou
Mark Gregush Portlan -03/26, 12:06 pm- Post a photo showing the
henry h -03/26, 12:25 pm- [528470.jpg] If the joi
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -03/26, 01:07 pm- Your first step should be
Bud Holzschuh - Pana -03/26, 04:49 pm- Henry Most of us have in
Gary H. White - Sher -03/26, 07:39 pm- Henry, How did that new c
Steve Tomaso - Milto -03/27, 05:39 pm- Good point Mark - I have
OT Military Discounts
Scott Owens -03/26, 11:58 pm- Hi, A while back someone
Henry Petrino in Mod -03/27, 12:06 am- Scott, I dont have the li
Scott Owens -03/27, 12:21 am- Hi Henry, I did show my M
Jim Patrick -03/27, 12:30 am- Whenever I am buying some
Hal Schedler, Sacram -03/27, 01:49 am- When I presented my Milit
Hal Schedler, Sacram -03/27, 01:53 am- Also, Chase Bank gives me
John Aldrich Orting  -03/27, 03:03 am- I always ask and am frequ
Mike Walker, NW AR -03/27, 07:48 am- Hereyago -- http://milit
Henry Petrino in Mod -03/27, 10:46 am- Another huge discount for
John Aldrich Orting  -03/27, 01:31 pm- Great deal for the kids H
John H. Nichols -03/27, 01:37 pm- Although, I have not used
Tyrone Thomas - Tope -03/27, 02:24 pm- Lowes, Home Depot, most a
Bill dugger -03/27, 05:04 pm- Tyrone: Here in Redding,
Gerald Hansen -03/27, 05:36 pm- Usually buy at Lowes, Hom
Question: For those that crank their T's
Bud Holzschuh - Pana -03/24, 12:05 am- Its taken me a while, but
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -03/24, 12:14 am- Before the rebuild, my 19
Seth from NC -03/24, 06:48 am- My 14 speedster starts on
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -03/24, 07:30 am- When warm, either of mine
G.R.Cheshire -03/24, 07:36 am- Mine takes at least 2 cra
Royce in Georgetown  -03/24, 07:41 am- Here is a video of a norm
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -03/24, 07:51 am- Royce, thats a jpg.
Royce in Georgetown  -03/24, 07:58 am- Hmmm try again..... http
Dave Barker - Dayton -03/24, 09:20 am- Not sure this actually co
Larry Smith -03/24, 10:30 am- I think every T may be sl
Ron in Central Massa -03/24, 10:50 am- [unnamed2.jpg] Two pull
Mike Zahorik -03/24, 11:09 am- When cold, below freezing
Scott Rosenthal in C -03/24, 11:32 am- Not clear whether were ta
Ron in Central Massa -03/24, 11:34 am- Battery for me, not MAG
Kenneth W DeLong -03/24, 11:46 am- A engine usually stops in
Ron Patterson-Nichol -03/24, 11:46 am- Model Ts prior to 1919 we
Val Soupios -03/24, 12:01 pm- My cars usually start on
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -03/24, 12:21 pm- Do you mean Cold as in th
Ron Patterson-Nichol -03/24, 12:57 pm- I neglected to point out
Ken Parker -03/24, 01:54 pm- My 14 starts like Royce d
Val Soupios -03/24, 02:03 pm- Hal, I mean cold, first s
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -03/24, 04:21 pm- Got it. Thanks for clarif
Michael Deichmann, B -03/24, 05:01 pm- Last summer my starter wa
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -03/24, 07:49 pm- I went probably two years
Kevin Holland, Utah -03/24, 10:05 pm- I have one of those Texas
Kenneth W DeLong -03/24, 11:12 pm- Fast idle,retard spark,co
Burger in Spokane -03/25, 01:24 am- I prefer to crank it wild
Brendan Hoban -03/25, 05:34 am- Four quarter turns with t
Herb Iffrig -03/25, 08:29 am- I took my model T to a me
Henry Petrino in Mod -03/25, 11:16 am- We live in the California
John Aldrich Orting  -03/25, 11:46 am- Usually one pull when col
Kenneth W DeLong -03/25, 12:01 pm- I used to give a few pull
Burger in Spokane -03/25, 04:17 pm- Excuse my neophyte ignora
Henry Petrino in Mod -03/25, 04:27 pm- A free start occurs when
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -03/25, 04:33 pm- Burger. A free start does
Kenneth W DeLong -03/25, 04:50 pm- I wrongly said it was com
Jon Allen -03/25, 07:07 pm- What percentage of the ti
Kevin Weeds -03/25, 08:05 pm- I have a 27 with Vaporise
Harold Schwendeman - -03/26, 03:10 am- Kevin - There are those t
Kevin Weeds -03/26, 05:55 am- Yes its a shame as otherw
samuel pine -03/26, 06:46 am- Right or wrong or just lu
Kevin Weeds -03/27, 04:27 am- Kenneth W Delong thanks f
Bud Holzschuh - Pana -03/27, 09:33 am- Ken Interesting comment
Kenneth W DeLong -03/27, 09:45 am- Keven,It was thought to m
Kevin Weeds -03/27, 05:35 pm- Yes I always check my ret
OT - Finding relatives of Frank Kulick. Thank you MTFCA
Rob Heyen - Eastern  -03/26, 04:57 pm- Ive attempted to find des
John Page -03/27, 12:37 am- Rob, That is fantastic!!
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -03/27, 05:36 am- Sounds fascinating! I, to
Hap Tucker in Sumter -03/27, 06:14 am- Rob, Great work! A big
Michael Garrison - R -03/27, 07:18 am- Rob, once again youve rea
Roger Karlsson, sout -03/27, 07:26 am- Great stories [:-] Henry
Kenneth W DeLong -03/27, 08:17 am- Good on ya Rob!!!!!!! Bud
Rob Heyen - Eastern  -03/27, 09:28 am- Thanks for the comments g
Scott Owens -03/27, 11:31 am- Thanks Rob. We all knew t
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -03/27, 12:36 pm- As Hap suggests, The docu
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -03/27, 02:29 pm- Hi Rob - This is great!
Tom Carnegie Spokane -03/27, 04:38 pm- Rob, I find it interestin
1912 torpedo--patent plate
R.V. Anderson -03/26, 05:44 pm- I received this email fro
Greg sarky K -03/26, 06:34 pm- RV, I have two 1912 Tor
Greg sarky K -03/26, 06:37 pm- The Data plate for the ea
R.V. Anderson -03/27, 02:43 pm- Thanks, Greg. Do any of y
Greg sarky K -03/27, 04:17 pm- I will check and get back
Watertown NY. What were antiques then?-Photo
Herb Iffrig -03/25, 09:52 pm- [Watertown NY.jpg resized
Mark Gregush Portlan -03/25, 09:59 pm- 1826 or so! [:-]
Clayton Swanson -03/25, 10:15 pm- who uda thunk !!
Mike Walker, NW AR -03/25, 10:24 pm- That shops stock was most
Burger in Spokane -03/25, 11:00 pm- I began collecting teleph
Harold Schwendeman - -03/26, 02:14 am- Ill bet that store had Ge
Gilbert V. I. Fitzhu -03/26, 07:10 am- I wonder whether that pic
James A. Golden -03/26, 09:15 am- Herb, that is real close
Herb Iffrig -03/26, 11:57 am- The back says : Looking
Dennis Seth - Ohio -03/26, 12:28 pm- The photo is interesting.
Bob Coiro -03/26, 12:38 pm- [caveman_house_flintstone
Rick J. Gunter -- Sp -03/26, 02:29 pm- When I was a kid in the l
Gary H. White - Sher -03/26, 04:57 pm- Seems antiques, like beau
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -03/26, 05:44 pm- Its all a matter of persp
john kuehn -03/26, 05:46 pm- Just think! In years to c
Mike Walker, NW AR -03/26, 06:38 pm- Folks are already telling
Will Copeland - Melb -03/26, 07:40 pm- Lived next to that town m
Michael R Beary -03/26, 08:47 pm- I still miss the floor di
Norman T. Kling -03/26, 08:56 pm- Here is a birdhouse my gr
William Goodheart, E -03/26, 09:34 pm- That is one huge birdhous
Wayne Jorgensen -03/26, 10:06 pm- In the United States, the
Allan Bennett - Aust -03/26, 10:28 pm- Hey guys, is a dimmer swi
Gilbert V. I. Fitzhu -03/26, 10:32 pm- Allan - yup.
Henry Petrino in Mod -03/26, 10:49 pm- Good thing Henry the othe
Gilbert V. I. Fitzhu -03/26, 11:05 pm- It wouldnt have worked wo
Norman T. Kling -03/27, 10:34 am- I was born in Hollywood C
John H. Nichols -03/27, 02:45 pm- Every time I go into Wate
Burger in Spokane -03/27, 03:34 pm- My T interest comes from
Chuck Hoffman - Moke -03/27, 04:10 pm- Having been a computer ge
Old Photo - Roadside Pose With A 1916 Touring
Jay - In Northern Ca -03/27, 10:48 am- [tt6jjuj76.JPG]
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -03/27, 11:12 am- Five guys plus whoever is
Dennis Seth - Ohio -03/27, 01:02 pm- Machine gun Kelly and the
Mark Strange - Hills -03/27, 01:23 pm- The second guy from our r
John H. Nichols -03/27, 01:44 pm- Did you notice how the hi
Burger in Spokane -03/27, 03:53 pm- The 2nd guy from right is
Old Photo - Posing In A Torpedo Pickup
Jay - In Northern Ca -03/26, 11:41 am- [Torpedo Pickup.JPG]
Herb Iffrig -03/26, 11:47 am- I think that is a 1912.
Charlie B actually i -03/26, 11:47 am- Cut off Touring?
Darel J. Leipold -03/26, 11:59 am- It is probably a 1912 Co
mike conrad -03/26, 12:11 pm- Im with Jay on this one l
Herb Iffrig -03/26, 03:27 pm- I agree it is a 1912 torp
charley shaver- libe -03/26, 03:48 pm- i see what looks like a f
charley shaver- libe -03/26, 03:50 pm- no i think its the tail l
Royce in Georgetown  -03/26, 06:53 pm- Heres an unmodified one.
Larry Smith -03/27, 12:50 pm- Notice the length of the
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -03/27, 02:15 pm- Yes, Larry, and also the
charley shaver- libe -03/27, 03:16 pm- looks like there is room
Darel J. Leipold -03/27, 03:42 pm- Yes it is a 1912 Torpedo.
26 coupe car cover
Bob Benedict, Hunbol -03/27, 03:04 pm- Does anybody make a good
Felloe joining plates: Hayes, Kelsey, Pruden, and...?
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -03/27, 09:15 am- [IMG_0870 copy.JPG] You
Mike Walker, NW AR -03/27, 09:46 am- Thats the Mike Walker ver
Ken Parker -03/27, 10:02 am- Looks like one of the man
Peter C. Strebeck -03/27, 01:24 pm- Motor Wheel
Mark Strange - Hills -03/27, 01:32 pm- According to this website
Jack Daron - Brownsb -03/27, 01:54 pm- I have some Ford ones ,ho
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -03/27, 02:10 pm- I have them on my origina
Ken Parker -03/27, 02:12 pm- You can live there today.
1912 Commercial Roadster Top Installatioon
Tom Quigley -03/26, 10:23 am- I am planning to install
Thomas Mullin -03/26, 03:39 pm- Tom, I think you will fi
Keith Townsend ; ^ ) -03/27, 11:08 am- Tom- Tops in this era gen
Keith Townsend ; ^ ) -03/27, 02:08 pm- BTW, I was wondering abou
Oil drain bolt washer size
Scott Lay,,,,,,,,,,, -03/27, 11:04 am- 1926 roadster. Does anyon
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -03/27, 11:07 am- Earlier cars pre-26 had t
Scott Lay,,,,,,,,,,, -03/27, 11:52 am- Aaaaa OK.
Jack Daron - Brownsb -03/27, 01:56 pm- 3/4 #24 thread. The late
"The Race Of The Century" 2016, new alternative to the Gr...
Roger Karlsson, sout -03/26, 07:05 am- I just saw a note at Face
Royce in Georgetown  -03/26, 07:25 am- Looks like a blast, and t
Warren Henderson, Du -03/26, 07:38 am- I would need to win Power
Kenneth W DeLong -03/26, 08:13 am- The Would be 1916 T enter
Seth from NC -03/26, 08:21 am- Yeah - hes got a later ra
Scott Dwyer in Troy, -03/26, 08:46 am- Looks like the organizers
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -03/26, 09:36 am- Seth, youre right. The ca
Roger Karlsson, sout -03/26, 09:43 am- Formally its incorrect to
Seth from NC -03/26, 10:14 am- Roger the rules seem pret
Warren Henderson, Du -03/26, 11:05 am- I would really enjoy maki
William L Vanderburg -03/26, 11:20 am- If you cant receive help
William L Vanderburg -03/26, 11:27 am- Here ya go..... As long
G.R.Cheshire -03/26, 11:28 am- I guess Ill just have to
Chuck Hoffman - Moke -03/26, 03:12 pm- If theyre pocketing $3500
Val Soupios -03/26, 05:44 pm- Who would want to beat th
Val Soupios -03/26, 05:45 pm- Who would want to beat th
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -03/26, 08:25 pm- Looks like it would be fu
Dennis Seth - Ohio -03/27, 07:12 am- I can just see Constantin
Seth from NC -03/27, 07:24 am- Lol Dennis - whats Consta
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -03/27, 01:43 pm- Wow, a model K is in it.
Tool O.T. Best rotory dremel type shop tool
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -03/26, 07:18 pm- I got my moneys worth out
Bob Gruber- Spanaway -03/26, 07:42 pm- I have a Sears die grinde
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -03/26, 09:30 pm- Bob, I bet they dont make
Bob Gruber- Spanaway -03/26, 09:43 pm- Yeah, Erich...I think stu
Les Burg -03/26, 09:49 pm- Erich, I have had good lu
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -03/26, 10:15 pm- Years ago when I had the
Mack Cole ---- Earth -03/26, 10:21 pm- I have 2 Ryobis and a cou
Kohnke Rebabbitting -03/27, 12:08 am- I think Dumores are more
Jim Patrick -03/27, 12:24 am- Dremel is the way to go.
John Manuel, Lafayet -03/27, 09:12 am- The Foredom that Mack men
Bud Holzschuh - Pana -03/27, 09:42 am- B&Ds quality has been
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -03/27, 01:21 pm- Wow, That Dumore looks li
Cleaning early switch contacts
Larry Smith -03/25, 11:21 am- While at Chickasha, someo
Ron Patterson-Nichol -03/25, 11:26 am- The Works
Erik Johnson -03/25, 11:51 am- The Works is 20% hydrochl
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -03/25, 01:03 pm- Muriatic acid is an old n
Erik Johnson -03/25, 01:59 pm- I thought most folks woul
Kenneth W DeLong -03/25, 02:38 pm- Is safe handling that you
Erik Johnson -03/25, 03:25 pm- Heres an antique balloon
Erik Johnson -03/25, 03:27 pm- Antique Italian brass cym
Larry Smith -03/27, 12:48 pm- I used some Lysol toilet
Champion "Ford" Spark plugs
Dennis Sanford - Luc -03/26, 12:49 pm- I bought some Champion Fo
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -03/26, 01:00 pm- Yes, theyre X, just label
Mark Strange - Hills -03/26, 01:11 pm-
Dan Treace, North FL -03/26, 01:16 pm- And if you want to make a
Royce in Georgetown  -03/26, 01:17 pm- The Ford Script Champion
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -03/26, 02:05 pm- And then there is always
Harold Schwendeman - -03/26, 03:37 pm- Rich - Your work is amazi
Harold Schwendeman - -03/26, 03:46 pm- Richard - This is too goo
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -03/26, 05:55 pm- Thanks Harold. I do have
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -03/26, 07:28 pm- Shameless? I thought the
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -03/26, 08:58 pm- Erich, I think there was
Dennis Sanford - Luc -03/26, 11:15 pm- Can anyone identify this
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -03/27, 04:05 am- Here are some links to my
John Carter - South  -03/27, 07:17 am- The Champion Ford spark p
Royce in Georgetown  -03/27, 07:56 am- John - Thank you for that
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -03/27, 09:00 am- That is a very nice colle
Mark Wetherbee - Dow -03/27, 12:34 pm- Richard - those minis wer
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -03/27, 12:47 pm- Thanks for the info Mark.
Website makes it easier to find parts on ebay
Mike Conte -03/27, 12:47 pm- I found this website that
Latest old picture of my T
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -03/25, 02:12 pm- I have another picture of
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -03/25, 02:59 pm- Fred - Thats a really nic
Mark Strange - Hills -03/25, 03:47 pm- Use Corel Paint Shop Pro
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -03/25, 04:16 pm- Mark. Thanks for adjustin
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -03/27, 11:57 am- A few more pictures --
Wood fellow wheels
Colin Mavins Winnipe -03/26, 04:11 pm- does anyone sell the wood
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -03/26, 04:15 pm- The various wheel shops m
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -03/26, 04:55 pm- Try Stutzmans. If youre t
Colin Mavins Winnipe -03/27, 12:08 am- Thanks guys I will make a
Jerry Giesbrecht -03/27, 12:59 am- Colin , try wheels of woo
Colin Mavins Winnipe -03/27, 11:17 am- Thanks Jerry Ill give the
Leonard J Evansic -03/27, 11:49 am- Living in PA, and having
Swap meet in Idaho
Marvin C. Miller -03/26, 10:05 am- Spring swap meet At Fireb
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -03/27, 11:17 am- Thanks for the reminder a
Paint removal help please
Tyrone Thomas - Tope -03/25, 08:24 pm- Model B wheels with 3-4 l
Ed in California -03/25, 08:33 pm- aircraft paint remover, a
HARRY A DAW -03/25, 11:02 pm- When I was 7 or 8, dad to
Tyrone Thomas - Tope -03/25, 11:23 pm- Yeah thanks Harry, Ill ju
Peter Kable - Kiama  -03/25, 11:30 pm- Paint stripper will work,
Rick Goelz-Knoxville -03/26, 06:50 pm- I bought a product called
mike_black SC/FL -03/26, 09:46 pm- Years ago when I bought m
Allan Bennett - Aust -03/26, 10:49 pm- I assume {dangerous, I kn
Ray Syverson -03/27, 10:52 am- A few years ago I had rea
Old Photo - Model T Era Christie Film Co. Street Scene
Jay - In Northern Ca -03/27, 10:41 am- [columbiasqsitein1915.jpg
Louisiana Lizzies???
Bill Obier -03/23, 11:10 am- We used to have a MTFCA c
David Coco - Winches -03/23, 01:13 pm- I remember a group in New
Roger Karlsson, sout -03/23, 02:50 pm- There is a MTFCI chapter
John Manuel, Lafayet -03/23, 05:16 pm- There are only 3 Ts drive
Jason Granier -03/25, 09:00 pm- I live right outside Bato
John Manuel, Lafayet -03/26, 11:52 am- Swamps, bayous and rivers
Bill Obier -03/27, 09:17 am- John & Jason, Do you
John Manuel, Lafayet -03/27, 10:36 am- I dont own a trailer larg
Scott McWilliam
Dave Huson, Berthoud -03/27, 09:57 am- Scott please call me at 3
Repair shop interior-Photo
Herb Iffrig -03/27, 09:21 am- [repair shop interior fro
Old Photo - Pissed Off Over A Broken Wheel
Jay - In Northern Ca -03/26, 11:29 am- [D06575.jpg]
Tony Bowker, Ramona, -03/26, 12:01 pm- If Ford used hickory, th
Mike Husted -03/26, 12:07 pm- Snap on would charge you
G.R.Cheshire -03/26, 01:30 pm- Little bit of Elmers and
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -03/26, 01:44 pm- Mike - Snap on would sell
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -03/26, 02:41 pm- At this point, what are t
Tyrone Thomas - Tope -03/26, 02:51 pm- lol
Henry Petrino in Mod -03/26, 02:52 pm- Good question Jerry. Wi
kep -03/26, 03:35 pm- Pole to lift the axle.
Robert G. Hester Jr. -03/26, 03:45 pm- Whittle out a new set of
Burger in Spokane -03/27, 01:17 am- While Cletus walked back
Seth from NC -03/27, 07:14 am- Meanwhile, back at the ra
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -03/27, 09:12 am- I think they might be try
20 inch TT wheel, rim and snap ring
Ted Dumas -03/23, 10:55 pm- Found this on ebay, thoug
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -03/24, 08:52 am- I replaced both my rear r
Justin H. - Western  -03/24, 10:29 am- Tim, where did you buy yo
bob middleton -03/26, 11:20 pm- I like know as well
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -03/27, 08:24 am- I got them from Universal
Anthony J. Marino -  -03/27, 09:05 am- Looks like it sold alread
"Rare" Model T wrench for sale. What a deal!!! :-)...
Dave Wells, Hamilton -03/24, 07:36 pm- Get a load of this guy, L
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -03/24, 07:52 pm- Oh thank Goodness! Ive be
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -03/24, 07:54 pm- The price is equally rare
Harold Schwendeman - -03/24, 08:00 pm- Dave - I guess the guy ju
Michael Indy 22 -03/24, 08:02 pm- Damn, I have mine listed
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -03/24, 08:31 pm- Snort! You know how it is
Ted Dumas -03/24, 09:01 pm- Just think how much more
Donnie Brown North C -03/24, 09:04 pm- Now come on guys, he just
Dave Wells, Hamilton -03/24, 09:04 pm- I contacted the seller ju
Greg Whaley, Georget -03/24, 09:38 pm- Dave - I saw that and sen
Dave Wells, Hamilton -03/24, 09:45 pm- Greg, if I were you, I wo
Bill dugger -03/24, 10:05 pm- O.K. Did you not know tha
mike mclean pefferla -03/25, 07:56 am- I sent him a note to I ha
George John Drobnock -03/25, 09:20 am- Rare - of a thing not fou
Steve Tomaso - Milto -03/25, 10:24 am- It is, after all, the cor
Gary H. White - Sher -03/25, 10:45 am- Good chance to list your
Dave Wells, Hamilton -03/25, 10:56 am- Might as well Gary. The a
John Semprez-Templet -03/25, 11:42 am- Dave and Mike... You shou
Dave Wells, Hamilton -03/25, 05:21 pm- Heres another example on
Mark Wetherbee - Dow -03/26, 12:43 pm- But honey, Im trying to s
Dick Lodge - St Loui -03/26, 12:59 pm- All their other cars exce
George John Drobnock -03/27, 08:59 am- So the example car is a p
1926 Model T Ford "the game plan is"
Warren Henderson, Du -03/27, 08:45 am- After weeks, months of wo
Wood felloe wheels: The unobtainable part?
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -03/26, 04:11 pm- Today I started getting p
charley shaver- libe -03/26, 04:24 pm- make your own, copper tub
Mark Strange - Hills -03/26, 04:46 pm- Steve, Im confused. I th
R.V. Anderson -03/26, 05:04 pm- Yes; the wheel builder do
Dan Treace, North FL -03/26, 05:25 pm- That grommet comes with a
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -03/26, 05:35 pm- Very good. If theyre ins
Royce in Georgetown  -03/26, 05:54 pm- Stutzmann always installs
Harold Schwendeman - -03/26, 06:12 pm- Royce - Between what you
Richard Gould, Folso -03/26, 06:34 pm- George Garrigan showed me
Royce in Georgetown  -03/26, 07:09 pm- Heres a simple roll crimp
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -03/26, 09:53 pm- As I mentioned above, Ill
Royce in Georgetown  -03/27, 08:06 am- Here is a picture of Mode
Simplicity Rod Boring Machine
Matthew Temple -03/26, 08:30 am- I picked this up at chick
John P. Steele, Mont -03/26, 09:33 am- Matt, great job. I saw it
Donnie Brown North C -03/26, 10:01 am- Matthew: Very nice job.
charley shaver- libe -03/26, 11:31 am- i have 2 of those a van
Matthew Temple -03/27, 07:23 am- What is a burning in mach
charley shaver- libe -03/27, 08:01 am- pic on mtfci look in deal
Early t running board hangers
james trotta -03/27, 06:40 am- i have an early set of ru
Roger Karlsson, sout -03/27, 07:27 am- They are forged.
Mike Bird -03/27, 07:35 am- James, There are some dec
Independence Oregon 1st Street-+hoto
Herb Iffrig -03/26, 04:50 pm- [Independence, Oregon fir
Gilbert V. I. Fitzhu -03/26, 05:09 pm- It seems as though that h
Dennis Seth - Ohio -03/26, 05:21 pm- I think the guy squatting
Mark Strange - Hills -03/26, 05:26 pm- Converted to greyscale, s
Bob Cascisa - Poulsb -03/26, 10:07 pm- Mark, Did you know there
Wayne Jorgensen -03/26, 10:12 pm- Do any of the cars have d
Tom Carnegie Spokane -03/26, 10:35 pm- How it looks today from n
Burger in Spokane -03/27, 01:43 am- Oh yeah, .... THATS an im
Gilbert V. I. Fitzhu -03/27, 02:33 am- I dont think thats a Fran
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -03/27, 05:55 am- I do not know what the ca
Roger Karlsson, sout -03/27, 06:20 am- Heres another discussion
Hap Tucker in Sumter -03/27, 07:21 am- Wayne, Not bad on your e
Swap meet - Ashtabula Ohio 3/28/15
Dennis Seth - Ohio -03/26, 07:42 am- Just wanted to mention th
Dale L Myers -03/27, 06:33 am- Thank you for posting thi
Alternator v Generator
Kevin Weeds -03/25, 06:14 pm- Question - getting my non
Dave Wells, Hamilton -03/25, 06:38 pm- Even with halogen bulbs,
Will Copeland - Melb -03/25, 06:45 pm- After spending countless
Mike Walker, NW AR -03/25, 07:15 pm- Kevin -- If your car has
Kevin Weeds -03/25, 07:35 pm- Thanks guys. Im in new Ze
Mike Walker, NW AR -03/25, 08:00 pm- Sorry, Kevin -- I didnt s
Frank van Ekeren (A -03/25, 08:07 pm- Kevin, lucky its LHD, I d
Kevin Whelihan Danbu -03/25, 08:07 pm- I cant speak for the 12 v
Kevin Weeds -03/25, 08:18 pm- Good advice, thanks guys.
Norman T. Kling -03/25, 08:39 pm- I guess it all depends on
Kevin Weeds -03/25, 10:12 pm- Norm I agree, at the mome
Pat Kelly Montana -03/25, 11:01 pm- I put a 12v alternator on
Kevin Weeds -03/25, 11:27 pm- Pat the lights currently
Tony Bowker, Ramona, -03/26, 12:48 am- If you stay with 6 volt s
Kevin Whelihan Danbu -03/26, 07:45 am- Tony, Im already there...
Warren Henderson, Du -03/26, 08:28 am- In 2010 I had my very goo
Ron Patterson-Nichol -03/26, 10:06 am- The Model T generator is
Seth from NC -03/26, 10:25 am- Ron I have Corcoran head
Kevin Whelihan Danbu -03/26, 10:48 am- I agree with Ron on the h
Bob Jablonski -03/26, 11:53 am- Who manufactures 6V LED h
Mark Strange - Hills -03/26, 11:57 am- This might work: http://
Bob Jablonski -03/26, 12:34 pm- Thank you Mark. Not sure
John F. Regan -03/26, 01:30 pm- I have heard via reliable
Doug Money - Braidwo -03/26, 11:55 pm- My Son-in-Law put an LED
John F. Regan -03/27, 02:30 am- The biggest problem with
Kevin Weeds -03/27, 03:12 am- Thanks guys I think Ill b
Ron Patterson-Nichol -03/27, 05:30 am- The original Model T char
Kevin Weeds -03/27, 05:40 am- Good point, would that ju
wes heustess -03/27, 01:33 am- [10982375_102062560300301
Gas Tank Baffles
Hal Schedler, Sacram -03/25, 08:28 pm- How important are baffles
Dan Treace, North FL -03/25, 09:37 pm- The baffles prevent exces
Keith Townsend ; ^ ) -03/25, 09:39 pm- Hal- I have a baffle in m
Hal Schedler, Sacram -03/25, 09:52 pm- Thanks. Im still incline
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -03/25, 11:53 pm- Hal - I had a loose baffl
Charlie B actually i -03/25, 11:58 pm- Using a 3/8 dowel stick I
Frank Harris from Lo -03/26, 09:40 am- Charlie, a lot of T gas
Ken Todd, .......... -03/26, 12:09 pm- I had a loose baffle in m
Charlie B actually i -03/26, 12:25 pm- Nothing new under the sun
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -03/26, 04:04 pm- Hi Ken - Thanks for the i
Jim Patrick -03/27, 12:39 am- Whenever there is metal t
Front turn signals
Wayne Jorgensen -03/26, 10:36 am- I have seen a lot of kero
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -03/26, 10:44 am- All that it takes is bulb
Charlie B actually i -03/26, 11:46 am- Fred is absolutely correc
Mike Conte -03/26, 12:50 pm- There was episode of Whee
Donald Conklin -03/26, 01:18 pm- I cut a round white plast
Dale Peterson Colleg -03/26, 02:28 pm- One of the suppliers sell
Bob Coiro -03/27, 12:38 am- I wired up my cowl lamps
Wheel Shipping
brass car guy -03/26, 10:52 pm- Have a set of new model t
Clayton Swanson -03/26, 11:08 pm- fastenal ships large heav
Glen Chaffin -03/24, 09:45 pm- We are in the process of
Mark Chaffin......Co -03/25, 12:31 am- I think you meant to say
Glen Chaffin -03/25, 02:55 pm- You always have to point
Seth from NC -03/25, 04:22 pm- LOL! Im sorry I dont have
Glen Chaffin -03/25, 08:39 pm- Nice Exhaust Manifold Set
Ed in California -03/25, 09:11 pm- I posted a unit on the cl
James Rodell, Jr. -03/25, 09:19 pm- Is the piece you are look
Seth from NC -03/25, 09:48 pm- Haha Glen, I love this ex
Mark Chaffin......Co -03/25, 11:13 pm- Every opportunity I get.
Glen Chaffin -03/25, 11:15 pm- Seth, Howard Genrich was
Mike Robison -03/26, 07:44 pm- Glen, Ive got one. Ive tr
Howard Tomlinson -03/26, 09:37 pm- It would be great if some
Rob Patterson. Moruy -03/26, 10:53 pm- Glen, Do you plan it bei
Rob Patterson. Moruy -03/26, 10:57 pm- I almost bought one of th
1926 Coupe Mixture/Choke Rod
Adam Woodard -03/25, 12:50 am- My T is a 1926 Coupe 1395
Mike Walker, NW AR -03/25, 08:40 am- Adam -- You can get an ad
G.R.Cheshire -03/25, 10:29 am- this is the linkage https
G.R.Cheshire -03/25, 10:31 am- Dag nab it my fingers are
Mark Gregush Portlan -03/25, 10:50 am- Adam; You may or may not
Anthonie Boer -03/25, 12:32 pm- Adam ; When you change yo
Adam Woodard -03/25, 02:41 pm- Thanks for all the sugges
Dan Treace, North FL -03/25, 06:07 pm- Adam Here is the stock F
Adam Woodard -03/25, 06:50 pm- I see how it goes under t
Mike Walker, NW AR -03/25, 07:09 pm- No need to measure the ne
Dan Treace, North FL -03/25, 10:12 pm- Adam The new parts can b
Adam Woodard -03/25, 11:17 pm- All I need to know now is
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -03/25, 11:35 pm- Looks like a regular NH.
Terry Woods, Richmon -03/26, 12:14 am- Sometime along the time p
Bob Brewer - NorCal -03/26, 10:33 pm- BTW, if you need a u join
Thanks guys
Scott Lay,,,,,,,,,,, -03/26, 03:40 pm- I just wanted to thank yo
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -03/26, 05:06 pm- With only 10 miles on a f
Chester Leighton -03/26, 06:53 pm- Unless the transmission w
Scott Lay,,,,,,,,,,, -03/26, 08:20 pm- Yep enjoy the ride. Thats
Norman T. Kling -03/26, 09:11 pm- Some vibrations are not i
Les VonNordheim -03/26, 09:26 pm- Balancing the flywheel, t
Scott Lay,,,,,,,,,,, -03/26, 09:58 pm- The tin shed did the tran
Clutch adjustment question
Mark McWethy -03/23, 07:09 pm- I have a question that I
Mark Strange - Hills -03/23, 07:13 pm- Sounds pretty normal to m
Mark McWethy -03/23, 07:22 pm- Thanks Mark. Yes I do ha
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -03/23, 07:33 pm- Im with Mark. Leave it al
Kohnke Rebabbitting -03/23, 10:16 pm- It sounds to me like your
Mark McWethy -03/24, 03:39 pm- bump
Mark McWethy -03/26, 08:28 pm- Any other comments could
Mark Strange - Hills -03/26, 08:54 pm- If you want to check your
Norman T. Kling -03/26, 09:04 pm- If you have a standard Mo
Interesting top
Ed in California -03/26, 07:55 am-
Seth from NC -03/26, 08:00 am- Thats cool! A little terr
Ed in California -03/26, 08:54 pm- The windows look like the
AC accessory brake help
Justin H. - Western  -03/25, 09:40 pm- I have a set of original
Mark Gregush Portlan -03/25, 10:01 pm- Raybestos made bands and
Gene Carrothers Hunt -03/25, 11:20 pm- Justin, I think those wil
Justin H. - Western  -03/26, 07:59 pm- Thanks Gene. Im going to
Paying It Forward
Sean Butler Huntingt -03/25, 01:56 am- Well, it happened. Georg
Bill dugger -03/25, 02:13 am- For the kids on the proje
george house . . .ca -03/25, 05:00 pm- Good job guys. Now, get i
Mike Walker, NW AR -03/25, 07:23 pm- Kudos to George for donat
Hap Tucker in Sumter -03/26, 05:53 am- Great work! Thank you to
Kim Dobbins -03/26, 07:42 pm- George, there was no fire
Engine Block or Boat Anchor?
Matt Foye -03/25, 06:33 pm- The bad luck engine adven
Will Copeland - Melb -03/25, 06:46 pm- If you dont want the bloc
Matt Foye -03/25, 06:52 pm- Im hoping to sell it. As
Royce in Georgetown  -03/25, 06:55 pm- I would plug the hole wit
Mike Walker, NW AR -03/25, 07:06 pm- I too think JB Weld would
Donnie Brown North C -03/25, 07:23 pm- Matt. That block does not
David Mazza, north a -03/25, 07:37 pm- That block looks like a g
Frank van Ekeren (A -03/25, 08:02 pm- I wish some that I starte
J and M Machine Co I -03/25, 09:38 pm- All of it can be repaired
Frank van Ekeren (A -03/25, 09:55 pm- J&M, so, what you are
Gene Carrothers Hunt -03/25, 11:44 pm- Is your hole the triangle
Erik Barrett in Aubu -03/26, 12:07 am- Matt, Any other core bloc
Kohnke Rebabbitting -03/26, 12:50 am- Any shop that puts off ce
J and M Machine Co I -03/26, 07:27 am- J&M, so, what you are
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -03/26, 10:39 am- Is this what they call bu
John McGinnis in San -03/26, 11:40 am- Those valve seats look go
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -03/26, 01:10 pm- John, He was referring t
Matt Foye -03/26, 03:48 pm- What is this block worth
Frank van Ekeren (A -03/26, 04:20 pm- OK, what are you machines
Kohnke Rebabbitting -03/26, 05:34 pm- Well, Frank, it is nice t
David Mazza, north a -03/26, 05:37 pm- [10330250_736952959660073
David Mazza, north a -03/26, 05:40 pm- forgot to actually type s
Frank van Ekeren (A -03/26, 06:36 pm- Yep Herm, just like you f
J and M Machine Co I -03/26, 07:27 pm- Matt: I would say under a
Rebuild of TT Ruckstell axle
Gerard de Bruin -03/25, 07:24 pm- Hello all, Iam busy rebu
Justin H. - Western  -03/25, 09:26 pm- Gerard, to answer your fi
Scott Owens -03/25, 11:01 pm- Gerard. You are going to
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -03/25, 11:20 pm- If theres any question ab
Fred Miller, Sequim  -03/25, 11:39 pm- Boy Gerald thats a beauti
Justin H. - Western  -03/26, 07:18 am- Fred, no I dont have a sh
Gerard de Bruin -03/26, 07:06 pm- Hello All, Thanks again
What are these??
Scott Elliott, Tigar -03/26, 06:57 pm- Any more of these availab
Oops! Wreck of a White steamer-Photo
Herb Iffrig -03/26, 09:04 am- [G.H. Saunder’s White Ste
Seth from NC -03/26, 09:25 am- Oops is right. Looks like
Rich Chillingworth -03/26, 10:06 am- Is that Ferris Bueller on
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -03/26, 10:31 am- Did it spill its water?
Dave Wells, Hamilton -03/26, 10:34 am- But my railroad watch sai
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -03/26, 10:49 am- It wants its belly scratc
Warren Henderson, Du -03/26, 11:13 am- Fred, I dont think it spi
G.R.Cheshire -03/26, 11:17 am- The caption on the bottom
Mark Strange - Hills -03/26, 11:23 am- Such a tragedy! Those ar
Warren Henderson, Du -03/26, 12:34 pm- I wonder how much NBC and
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -03/26, 02:12 pm- Steam IS wonderful. That
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -03/26, 02:40 pm- What we have here is a ty
Dennis Seth - Ohio -03/26, 05:01 pm- Perhaps its from down und
Mystery plumber-Article about 69 cars
Herb Iffrig -03/25, 11:02 pm- From a friend: http://ww
Royce in Georgetown  -03/26, 07:50 am- The state of California i
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -03/26, 10:27 am- The article says that he
Roger Karlsson, sout -03/26, 10:48 am- Funny laws in Calif..?
Thomas Mullin -03/26, 03:33 pm- No legally recognized nex
Henry Petrino in Mod -03/26, 03:42 pm- Ill check my files, but I
Mariposa Grove Big Trees, Posing At The Wawona Drive Thro...
Jay - In Northern Ca -03/26, 11:35 am- [Mariposa Grove Big Trees
Norman T. Kling -03/26, 11:51 am- Ive been through that tre
Wayne Jorgensen -03/26, 12:06 pm- I believe the tree fell o
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -03/26, 03:04 pm- [262.jpg] Dad going thro
Anyone Familiar with this Speedster - Fender set up?
Steven Mackinnon -03/26, 08:20 am- Hi all. For those who li
Steven Mackinnon -03/26, 08:25 am- To clarify - the fender h
Seth from NC -03/26, 08:34 am- Steven, you are correct t
Roger Karlsson, sout -03/26, 08:35 am- I think the fenders have
Les Schubert -03/26, 09:33 am- Well I can think of two p
Wayne Jorgensen -03/26, 10:24 am- The headlights and hood l
Dan Treace, North FL -03/26, 10:50 am- Les has it, the builder u
Nicholas Lingg - Tar -03/26, 11:31 am- That would look so much S
Steven Mackinnon -03/26, 01:06 pm- Ahh, I just happen to hav
Bruce McCalley's Book, Hardcover, Fairly Inexpensive
Bob Coiro -03/24, 10:24 am- http://product.half.ebay.
Ron Patterson-Nichol -03/24, 11:57 am- Wow Thats a deal if it is
Dick Lodge - St Loui -03/24, 12:19 pm- The 1997 MTFCA annual mee
Kenneth W DeLong -03/24, 12:48 pm- I had two like Dicks but
Kirk Peterson Absaro -03/24, 02:03 pm- I asked Bruce to autograp
Larry Smith -03/25, 11:32 am- I wouldnt consider the ne
Michael Deichmann, B -03/25, 03:38 pm- I bought maybe that last
Bob Jablonski -03/26, 12:25 pm- Michael: I bought my cop
Photo of my grandparents, dad and his siblings, and a mod...
Duane Markuson -03/24, 06:56 pm- pic says 4 th of july pic
Larry Smith -03/25, 11:28 am- There are so many bodies
Burger in Spokane -03/25, 05:29 pm- Nothing but female offspr
Henry Petrino in Mod -03/25, 05:39 pm- Burger, Outdoor plumbing
Robert Matheny  -03/25, 06:32 pm- run Forest, run...
Duane Markuson -03/25, 07:26 pm- 2 boys and 7 girls , dad
James Elenbaas - Gra -03/26, 12:09 am- Reminds me of Canyonlands
Larry Smith -03/26, 09:04 am- James is that you. I was
James Elenbaas - Gra -03/26, 11:23 am- Larry, This was the 2009
Week end trouble shooting for a friend
Willie K Cordes -03/23, 11:50 am- My son and myself went to
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -03/23, 12:14 pm- I have an Anderson packed
Willie K Cordes -03/23, 04:22 pm- Hal, I once put some grea
Ron Patterson-Nichol -03/23, 04:39 pm- Some mechanics fail to in
Willie K Cordes -03/23, 09:32 pm- Ron, thanks for the advic
Dave Wells, Hamilton -03/25, 09:16 am- I also once used Anderson
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -03/25, 12:31 pm- I wore out an Anderson us
William L Vanderburg -03/25, 05:51 pm- Ive ran Andersons with an
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -03/25, 07:11 pm- Try a TW timer. About $80
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -03/26, 07:44 am- Tim, That will be my nex
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -03/26, 10:10 am- These run very nicely, dr
Mike Walker, NW AR -03/26, 10:41 am- Hal -- Why not go directl
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -03/26, 10:48 am- Steve. If the bridge he
A little more progress
Tom Rootlieb -03/23, 07:07 pm- Now that paint is near do
Tom Rootlieb -03/23, 07:09 pm- and a couple more[c-cab e
Mark McWethy -03/23, 07:11 pm- Very nice!!!
Mark Strange - Hills -03/23, 07:14 pm- Wow, top notch throughout
Tom Rootlieb -03/24, 08:51 pm- Thanks for the compliment
keith g barrier Sava -03/24, 09:34 pm- Beautiful!! KGB
Joseph A. Stearns -03/25, 12:54 am- Very nice design and work
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -03/25, 02:17 am- They are old. I have a m
Gary Schreiber- Sant -03/25, 07:55 am- Wire wheels and brass....
Tom Rootlieb -03/25, 08:09 pm- Here are some pics of the
Greg Whaley, Georget -03/25, 08:19 pm- Absolutely stunning!
Harold Schwendeman - -03/26, 03:04 am- Like jewelry!
Tony Barchock Canton -03/26, 09:38 am- sex on wheels! pardon the
Elkhorn Wisconsin cars on the street in front of a big bu...
Herb Iffrig -03/25, 08:46 pm- [Elkhorn Wisconsin.jpg]
Mark Strange - Hills -03/25, 08:58 pm- As seen in Google maps:
Ken Parker -03/25, 09:41 pm- There is a 1914 Touring i
Burger in Spokane -03/25, 11:04 pm- Amazing what we do to tur
Peter Borland. Bathu -03/25, 11:10 pm- Give them time Burger, gi
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -03/25, 11:12 pm- Its nice to see some of t
Harold Schwendeman - -03/26, 02:21 am- Whats amazing to me is th
William L Vanderburg -03/26, 03:23 am- I dont think thats a 1914
Warren Henderson, Du -03/26, 05:50 am- Thanks for posting Herb,
Wes Nelson ........B -03/26, 09:19 am- What a delight for me to
Dissassembly- Texas T Distributor
Chester Leighton -03/24, 07:33 pm- The head on my Texas T di
Mark Strange - Hills -03/24, 08:01 pm- Talk to Jon Allen: http:
Jon Allen -03/25, 04:33 pm- Chester, By the head I as
Chester Leighton -03/25, 07:23 pm- Thats not what I meant. I
Harold Schwendeman - -03/26, 02:50 am- Chester - I get what your
James A. Golden -03/26, 09:17 am- Bosch parts lists often s
Almost finished with my complete rebuild of my '26 coupe
Warren Henderson, Du -03/26, 06:58 am- Were almost finished doin
Warren Henderson, Du -03/26, 08:51 am- As Ken likes to say we do
I am looking for a model T marine conversion
alan varacins -03/26, 12:10 am- I am looking for a model
Mark Chaffin......Co -03/26, 01:30 am- This one has been on Crai
Harold Schwendeman - -03/26, 02:35 am- The Craigslist descriptio
Ron in Central Massa -03/26, 06:36 am- Wow - $3K for that?! Nic
Thank you Chris
Warren Henderson, Du -03/26, 05:57 am- Thank you Chris for your
Radiator recore or new
bob middleton -03/23, 10:03 pm- Tanks and outlets are nic
Les Schubert -03/23, 10:12 pm- Bob Buy a gallon of vineg
Jack Daron - Brownsb -03/23, 10:26 pm- A good toilet bowl cleane
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -03/23, 10:37 pm- My 1915 radiator wasnt do
bob middleton -03/23, 11:28 pm- Thanks mr Jelf stated i
Les Schubert -03/23, 11:41 pm- Bob If you can save it fo
Larry Smith -03/23, 11:43 pm- Why would you want to rec
bob middleton -03/24, 12:54 am- Larry got a low black one
bob middleton -03/24, 12:59 am- Gonna try vinager just wa
Dave Barker - Dayton -03/24, 09:39 am- Bob - FWIW, I checked int
Ron in Central Massa -03/24, 10:09 am- Dave, If you found a
keith g barrier Sava -03/24, 03:53 pm- Bob,If you can get it cle
Dan Treace, North FL -03/24, 05:50 pm- Thought about buying this
Gary Tillstrom -03/24, 07:35 pm- Dan I wouldnt be so quic
keith g barrier Sava -03/24, 09:37 pm- Dan, that is what Ive bee
Gary Tillstrom 30 mi -03/24, 09:40 pm- Keith. I have a good one
keith g barrier Sava -03/24, 09:42 pm- That would be great Gary.
bob middleton -03/24, 09:46 pm- That all for the glimmer
bob middleton -03/25, 11:52 pm- Gary i fill it off the ca
Gary Tillstrom 30 mi -03/26, 05:47 am- Bob. I was only joking wi
Stripping finish from new hardware
Mike Walker, NW AR -03/24, 03:56 pm- I was going to skip this
Keith Townsend ; ^ ) -03/24, 06:02 pm- Mike- I use muriatic acid
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -03/24, 06:09 pm- I think you are on the ri
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -03/24, 08:54 pm- I agree with Keith. You D
Jim Patrick -03/24, 10:22 pm- I use muriatic acid, to r
Dan McEachern -03/25, 12:15 am- As far as a bake for prev
Chad Marchees _____T -03/25, 06:28 am- Mike, I recently tried s
Ron in Central Massa -03/25, 07:34 am- Mike - I just hit the hea
Ron in Central Massa -03/25, 07:46 am- Plating
Dan Killecut -03/25, 08:46 am- I just bead blast them,qu
Mike Walker, NW AR -03/25, 07:49 pm- Well, I left the hardware
Bud Holzschuh - Pana -03/25, 08:17 pm- If you dont want to mess
Chad Marchees _____T -03/25, 08:41 pm- Mike, there also another
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -03/25, 11:45 pm- Evapo-Rust removes rust,
Erik Johnson -03/26, 12:13 am- The label on my bottle of
Model T Times Magazine
Mike Walker, NW AR -03/22, 12:39 pm- I got my Mar-Apr issue of
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -03/22, 01:38 pm- It was nice to meet and v
Mark Eyre -03/22, 05:16 pm- Thanks for the kind word
Kenneth W DeLong -03/22, 08:02 pm- Mike,Time your visit to t
Mike Walker, NW AR -03/22, 09:11 pm- Bud -- The OCF is on my b
Natalie W Peiffer -03/22, 10:59 pm- Mike and Steve – thank yo
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -03/22, 11:14 pm- Mike I agree with you.
BRENT MIZE -03/23, 05:59 am- Its always good to see Na
Peter B. Ratledge -03/23, 07:22 am- I have met and talked wit
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -03/23, 07:35 am- Ive never been a member o
Mark Strange - Hills -03/23, 09:30 am- Why switch? Many of us a
John Seelman -03/23, 09:43 am- Havent received my times
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -03/23, 09:44 am- If youre in both, you get
Bob Cascisa - Poulsb -03/23, 09:55 am- I have to step back and g
Justin H. - Western  -03/23, 09:58 am- I wonder if the two clubs
Dan Treace, North FL -03/23, 10:02 am- Best of enjoying Model Ts
Mike Walker, NW AR -03/23, 11:56 am- Hal -- Its not an either/
Peter B. Ratledge -03/23, 01:53 pm- Hal, you should join both
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -03/23, 02:16 pm- Pete, Mike and Dan said i
Harold Schwendeman - -03/23, 04:07 pm- I look at it this way,...
Peter B. Ratledge -03/25, 09:34 pm- Keith, you are right.I wo
Stipe Machine and Model T Cams
Bill Stipe -03/24, 07:15 pm- I just needed to clear th
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -03/24, 07:38 pm- Bill - Thank you for clea
Royce in Georgetown  -03/24, 07:44 pm- Thats great news Bill!
Les VonNordheim -03/24, 11:06 pm- Thank you.....Happy Tony
Jerome Hoffman, Hays -03/25, 12:16 am- Bill are you and your son
Royce in Georgetown  -03/25, 07:59 am- Bill are you going to mak
Glen Chaffin -03/25, 08:42 pm- Have a good retirement Bi
Mounting bracket for a horn, 1915 roadster
John Memmelaar Jr -03/23, 08:06 pm- I am looking for a bracke
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -03/23, 11:30 pm- I dont have a drawing, bu
Larry Smith -03/23, 11:45 pm- Why would you want to dri
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -03/24, 12:42 am- Never used? Look at old p
Erik Johnson -03/24, 01:15 am- Steve: The reason for yo
Erik Johnson -03/24, 01:17 am- Heres a better bracket, i
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -03/24, 08:47 am- Steve..thanks for your Ma
Dan Treace, North FL -03/24, 10:34 am- John I have a bracket ju
John Memmelaar Jr -03/24, 09:36 pm- I measured mine and it is
Ken Todd, .......... -03/25, 11:47 am- Is there any replacement
Paul ONeil, Fullerto -03/25, 11:48 am- I too have one of these h
Ken Todd, .......... -03/25, 11:58 am- Forgot the picture. [hor
John Aldrich Orting  -03/25, 12:09 pm- My 15 is a rust bucket bu
David Dewey, N. Cali -03/25, 01:04 pm- John, OT, but what is the
John Memmelaar Jr -03/25, 07:04 pm- the color on the wheels w
Wayne Jorgensen -03/25, 07:43 pm- [horn bracket.jpg] Here
Wayne Jorgensen -03/25, 07:45 pm- another example [horn.jpg
Wayne Jorgensen -03/25, 07:48 pm- I can make you a template
John Memmelaar Jr -03/25, 08:15 pm- Wayne sent you a PM
Question about pistons
Craig Scott Fancher -03/24, 10:34 pm- 2 of my pistons have hole
Clayton Swanson -03/24, 11:31 pm- as long as its apart, it
Frank van Ekeren (A -03/24, 11:33 pm- The pistons with oil ring
Clayton Swanson -03/24, 11:38 pm- frank is right, nothing l
Bud Holzschuh - Pana -03/25, 08:06 pm- IMHO it would be crazy to
OT Scam warning
George n Los Angeles -03/25, 04:32 pm- Got a second call from th
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -03/25, 07:13 pm- This is why I love caller
Henry Petrino in Mod -03/25, 08:00 pm- I received an interesting
Long distance T
Fritz Hady Mt. Top,P -03/24, 02:51 pm- Back in 1986 I was privil
Dave Wells, Hamilton -03/24, 03:00 pm- If I didnt have to work a
Mark Strange - Hills -03/24, 03:04 pm- Was it these guys from Mi
Dick Lodge - St Loui -03/24, 03:09 pm- You can see them along wi
Dave Wells, Hamilton -03/24, 03:17 pm- They must have slept in t
Charles Linsenbarth -03/24, 03:27 pm- They where homeless must
Dick Lodge - St Loui -03/24, 03:30 pm- Found another one. This i
William L Vanderburg -03/24, 08:19 pm- Ginni Withers drove the o
george house . . .ca -03/25, 07:54 pm- Fritz, Those 2 intrep
Green Exhaust. Not Good!
Dan Killecut -03/25, 12:53 pm- My Coupe developed an exh
Seth from NC -03/25, 01:05 pm- Dan - perhaps yours fits
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -03/25, 01:15 pm- Leprechauns!!! It is Marc
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -03/25, 01:46 pm- I find these stock gasket
Mark Strange - Hills -03/25, 03:50 pm- I dont know if they have
Frank Harris from Lo -03/25, 04:26 pm- straighten it.
Norman T. Kling -03/25, 04:27 pm- The rings work best becau
Dan Killecut -03/25, 06:44 pm- Seth, Next time i place a
Hordville Nerbraska early cars on street-Photo
Herb Iffrig -03/25, 09:49 am- [Hordvill Nebraska.jpg]
Erik Johnson -03/25, 10:45 am- Mitchell Model S, Overlan
charley shaver- libe -03/25, 12:40 pm- the overland is a 40 or 4
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -03/25, 03:49 pm- Charley, 1912 Overlands
charley shaver- libe -03/25, 06:31 pm- not mod 61 nickel & t
Veeder odometer
Anthony J. Marino -  -03/25, 04:05 pm- It says Veeder Dec 16.191
Anthony J. Marino -  -03/25, 04:12 pm- Forgot the gear mechanism
Dan Treace, North FL -03/25, 05:54 pm- Yes, dealer accessory. M
Model T Bandsaw?
jason macintyre -03/25, 07:47 am- Has anyone ever seen some
Ron in Central Massa -03/25, 07:53 am- Never!! It is fantastic!
G.R.Cheshire -03/25, 08:00 am- Way, Way, Way COOL! Basic
Herb Iffrig -03/25, 08:06 am- Several years ago there w
jason macintyre -03/25, 09:07 am- From what I was told it w
Bob Cascisa - Poulsb -03/25, 09:46 am- Thats the coolest Model T
Wes Nelson ........B -03/25, 09:53 am- http://kansascity.craigsl
Ron in Central Massa -03/25, 10:17 am- Oh wow!!!! If I could get
Dan Treace, North FL -03/25, 11:22 am- Heres one that a friend f
Ron in Central Massa -03/25, 11:45 am- On the rig that Wes poste
Chad Marchees _____T -03/25, 05:21 pm- OH MY GOD!!! That is one
Tim Eckensviller -03/25, 05:26 pm- That wood bandsaw is gorg
Firetruck overheating and at wits end
bob meneely -03/22, 10:38 pm- Our club has been working
Henry Petrino in Mod -03/22, 10:56 pm- Id check the carb setting
Eric Hylen- Central  -03/22, 11:02 pm- Check the steam holes in
Erik Barrett in Aubu -03/22, 11:30 pm- Bob, One idea for you. Ar
John Warren -03/22, 11:42 pm- I will heat real bad if y
Jim Thode Chehalis W -03/22, 11:54 pm- Things that would cause t
jeff cordes -03/23, 12:21 am- Has any work been done to
Dan Hatch -03/23, 05:21 am- Is the headgasket on righ
Dan Killecut -03/23, 06:39 am- Check to make sure the in
Dan Killecut -03/23, 06:49 am- Another suggestion you ca
Peter Borland. Bathu -03/23, 08:04 am- Might sound silly, is the
Jon Crane -03/23, 08:19 am- PUT ON A WATERPUMP
samuel pine -03/23, 08:21 am- Bob, one question on boil
Seth from NC -03/23, 08:21 am- Well. It is a fire truck.
Ed Baudoux Grayling  -03/23, 08:33 am- I would bet you had the p
Dan B -03/23, 08:54 am- it was better but still s
John F. Regan -03/23, 09:22 am- How are you setting the t
Dave Wells, Hamilton -03/23, 09:38 am- How does it run at normal
Charlie B actually i -03/23, 09:55 am- Youve cleaned it, tried a
Kenneth W DeLong -03/23, 09:57 am- Another .02 I think the e
Seth from NC -03/23, 10:35 am- Kenneth if youre doing re
Charlie B actually i -03/23, 11:04 am- Not that it matters but d
G.R.Cheshire -03/23, 11:10 am- Silly question, What weig
Kenneth W DeLong -03/23, 11:29 am- Seth,After breaking my fi
John Semprez-Templet -03/23, 12:14 pm- Bob it sounds like you ha
Seth from NC -03/23, 12:26 pm- Im only suggesting the fa
Mark Strange - Hills -03/23, 12:29 pm- If you decide to fabricat
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -03/23, 12:32 pm- Is it really overheating
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -03/23, 12:34 pm- Im with Ed. My money is o
Kohnke Rebabbitting -03/23, 12:59 pm- The valve heads should be
Dale Peterson Colleg -03/23, 01:33 pm- I have only run a few tim
Kevin Holland, Utah -03/23, 03:30 pm- I think Jim Thode was ont
Dave Wilson, Saint J -03/23, 03:43 pm- Timing gear out a notch o
Kevin Holland, Utah -03/23, 03:49 pm- Stay away from slow parad
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -03/23, 04:15 pm- Bob, If a new radiator m
Harold Schwendeman - -03/23, 04:43 pm- This does not address the
Bill dugger -03/23, 05:12 pm- To Bob Meneely: Bob I had
Mike Husted -03/23, 05:36 pm- There is a product called
Harold Schwendeman - -03/23, 05:40 pm- Dave Wells & Fred Dim
Dave Wells, Hamilton -03/23, 06:26 pm- No problem Harold. It ser
Leonard J Evansic -03/23, 06:40 pm- If you are just getting i
Nick Miller -03/23, 07:03 pm- I had the same problem in
Dave Dufault -03/23, 07:06 pm- Lots of good advice above
Dick Lodge - St Loui -03/23, 09:47 pm- Bob, I hope that you real
Seth from NC -03/24, 06:49 am- Yeah Bob! Now its Tuesday
TOM -03/24, 07:20 am- There is an in-depth arti
Frank Fenton -03/24, 08:05 am- The nearby Rockport Fire
Jim Eubanks, Powell, -03/24, 08:14 am- Throw those water pumps a
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -03/24, 12:15 pm- You sound like me, Frank.
Dave Wells, Hamilton -03/24, 12:34 pm- Right on Frank.
Kenneth W DeLong -03/24, 12:41 pm- Could it be a mouse nest
bob meneely -03/24, 04:53 pm- Answers to questions: Hea
Dan Treace, North FL -03/24, 05:26 pm- The geyser symptom is one
keith g barrier Sava -03/24, 09:41 pm- Bob, some of the fellows
Peter Claverie -03/25, 04:23 pm- When the water pump was i
Wes Nelson ........B -03/21, 07:23 am- I would sure like to know
John Haynes - Chadro -03/25, 03:11 pm- Ed, Thanks for posting t
Clutch Shaft wanted.
Chris Dillon -03/24, 05:50 pm- Hello out there, i was wo
Mike Walker, NW AR -03/24, 06:07 pm- Chris -- You might try La
Chris Dillon -03/24, 09:18 pm- Thanks Mike for replying
Kevin Holland, Utah -03/24, 09:24 pm- Try Model T Haven. They h
keith g barrier Sava -03/24, 09:32 pm- Chris, might be easier fo
Ted Dumas -03/24, 09:37 pm- Can you post a picture of
Larry Smith -03/25, 11:25 am- I believe the 14s are sti
ROBERT BERGSTADT -03/25, 12:25 pm- I might have one, going o
Jim Rose -03/25, 12:58 pm- Chris; My brother is wan
1910 Touring Body.
Rick J. Gunter -- Sp -03/24, 10:30 am- Did the back half of the
Rick J. Gunter -- Sp -03/24, 07:44 pm- Did anyone see it at Chic
joe bell -03/24, 07:57 pm- I saw it there with Lee,
Scott Rosenthal in C -03/25, 07:55 am- Rick: I was at the event
Herb Iffrig -03/25, 08:16 am- I saw it there and asked
Kim Dobbins -03/25, 08:17 am- I dont think it sold, pri
charley shaver- libe -03/25, 12:45 pm- that wood have been a bar
New rear spring tie bolt sample just came in Mase In U.S....
Larry Smith -03/21, 10:01 am- Great Bob. Now how about
ROBERT BERGSTADT -03/21, 10:13 am- This is 2 15/16 under the
Ken Todd, .......... -03/21, 11:01 am- How is that bolt made? It
ROBERT BERGSTADT -03/21, 11:54 am- Yes on a C N C
Dave Huson, Berthoud -03/21, 12:13 pm- Robert, Looks good, I wil
David Dewey, N. Cali -03/21, 12:44 pm- Ken, That is a much les
Donnie Brown North C -03/21, 01:34 pm- Nice, please keep after
Eric Sole - Castelld -03/21, 01:43 pm- Is the head as tall on th
ROBERT BERGSTADT -03/21, 02:30 pm- No a lot shorter making o
Eric Sole - Castelld -03/21, 02:45 pm- OK, thanks Bob. Do you kn
ROBERT BERGSTADT -03/22, 10:39 am- Hopefully in a few weeks,
Eric Sole - Castelld -03/22, 06:05 pm- Ok. Please post a picture
Larry Smith -03/23, 10:53 am- Bill Barth had a box of N
ROBERT BERGSTADT -03/23, 02:46 pm- I was wrong these are mac
ROBERT BERGSTADT -03/25, 12:26 pm- Rears are in stock, I wil
Quick Hello
Hap Tucker in Sumter -03/21, 02:51 pm- Steven, Welcome to the f
Norman T. Kling -03/21, 09:12 pm- Welcome to the club and t
Steven Mackinnon -03/21, 10:03 pm- Thanks for the warm welco
Steven Mackinnon -03/21, 10:24 pm- Here is the Speedster P
Spencer Vibert - Gra -03/21, 11:13 pm- Steve, I remember that ca
Kevin Holland, Utah -03/22, 12:35 am- Welcome to the MTFCA Foru
Hap Tucker in Sumter -03/24, 05:53 am- Steven, Looks like you h
Steven Mackinnon -03/24, 08:14 am- Thanks again guys! Hap,
David Mazza, north a -03/24, 08:38 am- Steve, sent you a pm. You
Steven Mackinnon -03/24, 02:05 pm- Ha David, I bet you will
Freighter Jim -03/25, 08:51 am- Welcome Steven, If you g
Steven Mackinnon -03/25, 10:09 am- Thanks for the tip, Jim!
John Aldrich Orting  -03/25, 12:01 pm- Steven, Great group of ve
What have I got myself into?
Mark Gregush Portlan -03/21, 01:28 am- Looks like an early brake
Tony Bowker, Ramona, -03/22, 12:22 am- The low speed drum had tw
Les VonNordheim -03/22, 01:04 am- Make sure the new drums a
Mark Gregush Portlan -03/22, 08:21 am- If the low and brake drum
Steve Tomaso - Milto -03/22, 11:40 am- I initially installed a T
Mark Gregush Portlan -03/22, 12:05 pm- Thanks Steve good info.
Tony Bowker, Ramona, -03/22, 12:49 pm- I have been advised to us
Steve Tomaso - Milto -03/22, 01:08 pm- Tony - have the reverse d
Tony Bowker, Ramona, -03/24, 12:24 am- I took the brake drum and
Tony Bowker, Ramona, -03/24, 02:12 am- I have just received a re
David Martin -03/24, 06:19 am- Tony, I had the pleasure
Tony Bowker, Ramona, -03/25, 12:59 am- The brake and reverse dru
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -03/25, 02:08 am- I believe the round thing
Erik Barrett in Aubu -03/25, 11:15 am- The thing on the crankcas
Tony Bowker, Ramona, -03/25, 11:49 am- Factually Eric is correct
HCCA Swap Meet
Rick J. Gunter -- Sp -03/25, 10:51 am- Maybe those of us who liv
Larry Smith -03/25, 11:17 am- The only bad Bakersfield
John Semprez-Templet -03/25, 11:30 am- Rick, plenty of West Coas
New tool
Dean Yoder, Iowa Cit -03/24, 09:20 pm- [small dial.jpg] Tired o
Kohnke Rebabbitting -03/24, 11:12 pm- Dean, did you know a Lest
Clayton Swanson -03/24, 11:36 pm- i agree dean, every time
Dean Yoder, Iowa Cit -03/25, 11:28 am- Herm , Lester Yoder &
Amherst, NH Show & Swap Meet Ended?
George Danek_ Salem, -03/23, 01:48 pm- Hello all, Got an email
Ron in Central Massa -03/23, 01:52 pm- George - this is really s
George Danek_ Salem, -03/23, 03:47 pm- Ron - indeed it is. Been
Gary Schreiber- Sant -03/24, 10:16 am- This was a favorite venue
Dave Dufault -03/25, 09:34 am- Hope springs eternal....t
Ron in Central Massa -03/25, 09:56 am- Dave - that sounds promis
Generator repair question.
Dave Wells, Hamilton -03/24, 09:40 pm- My generator died recentl
keith g barrier Sava -03/24, 09:47 pm- Dave, there is a tool mad
Ted Dumas -03/24, 10:12 pm- Did you check the armatur
Dave Wells, Hamilton -03/24, 10:44 pm- I did test the armature.
Ron Patterson-Nichol -03/24, 11:30 pm- Dave In reply to your spe
Ron Patterson-Nichol -03/24, 11:33 pm- Dave In reply to your spe
Dave Wells, Hamilton -03/25, 08:55 am- Thanks Ron and everyone e
New Model T Videos
Joseph A. Stearns -03/25, 08:40 am- Mike Bender, thanks for t
Question about Hasslers
Will Copeland - Tren -03/24, 06:41 pm- I have a complete set of
Will Copeland - Melb -03/24, 06:43 pm- Just updated my address,
Steve Tomaso - Milto -03/24, 08:15 pm- Will, I dont believe you
Royce in Georgetown  -03/24, 08:42 pm- Will, I have a set of si
Dave Huson, Berthoud -03/25, 02:26 am- Will: The top of the doub
Will Copeland - Melb -03/25, 08:16 am- Good morning everyone,
Will Copeland - Melb -03/25, 08:17 am- Photo of the complete set
Will Copeland - Melb -03/25, 08:19 am- Photo of complete set of
Cutout change
Adam Woodard -03/24, 09:45 pm- I have a 1926 T with a me
keith g barrier Sava -03/24, 10:05 pm- Adam, go the extra buck a
Mike Walker, NW AR -03/24, 10:16 pm- I second Keiths suggestio
Adam Woodard -03/24, 10:52 pm- OK. Thanks for the great
Ron Patterson-Nichol -03/24, 11:47 pm- Adam If you have a known
Adam Woodard -03/24, 11:51 pm- Ron -- I am not sure if i
Mark Gregush Portlan -03/25, 12:31 am- Adam; sorry but sounds li
Runabout welting?
John Noonan - Norton -03/24, 11:37 pm- Did Ford use any welting
'26-27 Column to dash
Adam Woodard -03/24, 09:59 pm- What is the lever all the
Mike Walker, NW AR -03/24, 10:21 pm- Adam -- Thats the choke w
Adam Woodard -03/24, 10:51 pm- Ok. I have a hole in my d
Show Us Your Doodlebug or Conversion Tractor 2015 Edition...
Ron in Central Massa -03/21, 10:21 am- Rob, HELL yes you ca
Ron in Central Massa -03/21, 10:28 am- These are a couple of pic
Zachary Carrico -03/21, 02:24 pm- Ron, -I didnt expect you
Lonnie Smith Baxter  -03/21, 10:11 pm- What can you guys tell me
Chad Marchees _____T -03/21, 10:27 pm- I think it depends on law
Ron in Central Massa -03/21, 10:28 pm- Lonnie - I think it varie
Ron in Central Massa -03/21, 10:31 pm- Chad was quicker!!
Ron in Central Massa -03/21, 11:01 pm- Zac - think youre right -
Zachary Carrico -03/22, 12:25 am- Lonnie, you could easily
Ron in Central Massa -03/22, 12:35 am- Zac - its the T doodlebug
Ron in Central Massa -03/22, 12:36 am- No one here....
Chad Marchees _____T -03/22, 12:01 pm- LOL, just like our bugs,
Zachary Carrico -03/22, 08:25 pm- How does everyone feel ab
Ron in Central Massa -03/22, 09:37 pm- THAT IS FANTASTIC!!!!
Zachary Carrico -03/23, 10:13 pm- Another: [
Ron in Central Massa -03/24, 06:57 am- Zac - that is one tough l
Lonnie Smith Baxter  -03/24, 07:10 am- Great little helper you h
Ron in Central Massa -03/24, 08:49 am- Lonnie - I think those ar
Zachary Carrico -03/24, 12:46 pm- -7.50x20 implement tires.
Chad Marchees _____T -03/24, 06:36 pm- I saw Rons tires and like
Ron in Central Massa -03/24, 08:11 pm- My T/IHC mower has T fron
Zachary Carrico -03/24, 08:23 pm- Chad, I shopped local 85$
Chad Marchees _____T -03/24, 08:49 pm- I can never get great dea
Zachary Carrico -03/24, 08:55 pm- Ok, I see that my little
Zachary Carrico -03/24, 09:08 pm- Good thinking, I never wo
Touring Door panel photos.
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -03/24, 03:08 pm- These are somewhere betwe
Mark Strange - Hills -03/24, 03:32 pm- Was the metal trim piece
Ken Parker -03/24, 03:37 pm- Richard, These are in th
Mark Strange - Hills -03/24, 03:42 pm- Does anybody have an extr
ROBERT BERGSTADT -03/24, 03:49 pm- Mark send me a e mail I m
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -03/24, 04:22 pm- I should note that my doo
Mark Strange - Hills -03/24, 05:05 pm- Bob, thanks for the offer
Mike Walker, NW AR -03/24, 06:20 pm- The 14s and 15s not sure
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -03/24, 07:12 pm- That door on the left of
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -03/24, 08:11 pm- My understanding of the l
Sean Butler Huntingt -03/24, 04:49 pm- My guys are putting toget
Dick Lodge - St Loui -03/24, 05:00 pm- This seems to be the onli
charley shaver- libe -03/24, 05:47 pm- there is no W. CHARLEY
Mike Walker, NW AR -03/24, 06:12 pm- Its spelled Cickasha and
Mike Walker, NW AR -03/24, 06:12 pm- Oops -- I left an h out o
Dick Lodge - St Loui -03/24, 06:28 pm- I nhoticed that yhou dhid
Sean Butler Huntingt -03/24, 06:35 pm- Thanks guys. Thats all v
Chuck Lebeda, Humbol -03/24, 07:17 pm- The cutest chick I ever s
1915-17 Magneto Ring Differences
Rich Chillingworth -03/23, 05:20 pm- I know this is common kno
Gary London, Camaril -03/24, 06:37 pm- Thanks Rich!
Chickasha 2015 Photos
George n Los Angeles -03/21, 01:40 am- So when do we get to see
Harold Schwendeman - -03/21, 01:40 am- Thanks again Steve,.....a
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -03/21, 03:08 am- Just got home. I thought
Eric Hylen- Central  -03/21, 09:05 am- Dang it! I was going to b
Rob Heyen - Eastern  -03/21, 09:21 am- Stan, I think John or som
Mark Strange - Hills -03/21, 09:31 am- Thanks to everyone who is
joe bell -03/21, 09:56 am- This was my first trip to
Donnie Brown North C -03/21, 10:25 am- Made it home last night.
Ron in Central Massa -03/22, 12:19 am- Donnie - thanks for the w
Ben Cassel -03/22, 01:43 am- Nice pics any info on the
George n Los Angeles -03/22, 01:50 am- Stan , Next time you eat
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -03/22, 04:44 am- Discovered a new Mexican
Mike Walker, NW AR -03/22, 09:19 am- I had a great time, as al
Rich Jesteadt - SE F -03/22, 09:24 am- Joe ,I totally agree with
john kuehn -03/22, 10:06 am- Rich it will be interesti
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -03/22, 10:30 am- I gather Bob wasnt able t
Mike Walker, NW AR -03/22, 12:15 pm- I hope the new meet in VA
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -03/22, 12:26 pm- George, I knew when we we
Jerome Hoffman, Hays -03/22, 01:34 pm- I was there as a seller a
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -03/22, 01:44 pm- OK, Stan, now youve got m
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -03/22, 01:45 pm- Jerry, I need some flange
Timothy Kelly -03/22, 05:29 pm- I had a great time while
Eric Hylen- Central  -03/22, 06:21 pm- I really enjoyed Chickash
Mike Walker, NW AR -03/22, 06:39 pm- Eric -- I have several of
jason macintyre -03/22, 06:54 pm- Looking for the contact i
Eric Hylen- Central  -03/22, 08:04 pm- Mike, How many people wo
David Dewey, N. Cali -03/22, 08:31 pm- RE: Bakersfield, Steve if
john kuehn -03/22, 08:32 pm- Does anybody know what th
Donnie Brown North C -03/22, 09:43 pm- Jason, There were no PTOs
Dan Treace, North FL -03/22, 09:57 pm- That early 15 body on its
Ron in Central Massa -03/22, 10:00 pm- Jason - I was joking with
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -03/23, 02:24 am- [IMG_0801_1 copy.JPG] I
Royce in Georgetown  -03/23, 07:51 am- Steve - yes indeed, it ha
Jerry Kramer -03/23, 08:52 am- The swap meet at the Home
Ned Protexter -03/23, 10:32 am- Was disappointed I couldn
R.V. Anderson -03/23, 07:36 pm- Donnie, you said There we
Eric Hylen- Central  -03/23, 08:43 pm- RV, My Maxwell is really
Donnie Brown North C -03/23, 09:35 pm- RV, sorry I missed you.
brass car guy -03/23, 11:21 pm- Hey Steve, If you do mak
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -03/23, 11:34 pm- Sounds very good indeed.
Royce in Georgetown  -03/24, 07:47 am- Donnie, Langs will bring
Mike Walker, NW AR -03/24, 09:11 am- Not only that, but Don wi
Ron in Central Massa -03/24, 09:23 am- Im with Donnie - Im usual
Les VonNordheim -03/24, 11:45 am- Steve, If you come to Bak
Scott Owens -03/24, 12:42 pm- So Les will anybody that
R.V. Anderson -03/24, 06:17 pm- Eric, it was wonderful me
1923 Coupe Door Interior
Ronald L Babb - Taco -03/23, 10:35 pm- New guy again. My late 2
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -03/24, 10:33 am- These are 2 variations of
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -03/24, 01:03 pm-
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -03/24, 01:11 pm- Also, the referenced Ford
Ronald L Babb - Taco -03/24, 02:38 pm- The holes in my door seem
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -03/24, 03:01 pm- I believe these are from
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -03/24, 05:15 pm- Correction: The above cha
Bill Harper - Keene, -03/24, 05:33 pm- Richard, The regulator y
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -03/24, 06:16 pm- Bill, this is all good in
Dual plug distributor conversion And Ross steering box up...
Seth from NC -03/24, 09:34 am- Hey Les have you made any
Les Schubert -03/24, 10:30 am- Seth I have not done any
Les Schubert -03/24, 10:39 am- Seth And one more thing,
Les VonNordheim -03/24, 11:12 am- From the another Les, Im
Les VonNordheim -03/24, 11:17 am- From another Les, Im fir
Seth from NC -03/24, 12:02 pm- Awesome - whats the diffe
Les Schubert -03/24, 03:25 pm- Seth Ford relocated the b
Les VonNordheim -03/24, 05:17 pm- Les, My friend designed a
OT (Way OT): Passage of time
Dick Lodge - St Loui -03/22, 09:45 pm- I arrived at Little Rock
Michael R Beary -03/22, 09:52 pm- Does it seem like yesterd
Dick Lodge - St Loui -03/22, 11:42 pm- On the one hand, Michael,
Dick Lodge - St Loui -03/23, 09:24 pm- Okay, to make this a litt
Steven Thum -03/24, 11:37 am- Dick High-speed diesel en
Dick Lodge - St Loui -03/24, 11:52 am- Thanks, Steven. That car
kep -03/24, 04:02 pm- High speed diesel means i
Aussies and others with RHD. Is there any interest in a R...
Les Schubert -03/24, 10:41 am- I think the title says it
Seth from NC -03/24, 12:04 pm- LOL youll have to make it
Rob from Nova Scotia -03/24, 12:27 pm- what would approximate pr
Les Schubert -03/24, 03:32 pm- Rob Currently I am offeri
Question about using the handbrake.
JohnH -03/22, 07:13 pm- The Improved Fords handbr
Kenneth W DeLong -03/22, 07:40 pm- What Dean Yoder said and
keith g barrier Sava -03/22, 08:30 pm- When I try and teach folk
Jim Thode Chehalis W -03/22, 08:50 pm- My general rule when driv
Dave Wells, Hamilton -03/22, 09:01 pm- Jim, I agree totally and
Chris Barker, Somers -03/23, 05:05 am- I have a 26 which, as oth
Doug Partington -03/23, 07:06 am- If you want to use the ha
Les Schubert -03/23, 07:50 am- And people wonder why I h
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -03/23, 07:57 am- I hope I can remember all
Charlie B actually i -03/23, 10:07 am- The quick answer to your
Seth from NC -03/23, 10:48 am- Yes, dont be scared newbi
Dean Yoder, Iowa Cit -03/23, 11:07 am- Bill , You are going to
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -03/23, 11:13 am- On a long descent from a
Dean Yoder, Iowa Cit -03/23, 11:17 am- P.S. Thanks Bill. If you
G.R.Cheshire -03/23, 11:32 am- I was told by the man tha
Charlie B actually i -03/23, 11:40 am- One other great use of th
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -03/23, 12:13 pm- True confession: I use bo
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -03/23, 12:18 pm- Im with Hal on this one..
kep -03/23, 05:24 pm- Would like a speedster th
Allan Bennett - Aust -03/23, 05:34 pm- Can some one please expla
Chris Barker, Somers -03/23, 05:43 pm- As I wrote, it can be use
Harold Schwendeman - -03/23, 06:16 pm- Some time last year, ther
Allan Bennett - Aust -03/24, 05:30 am- Thanks for your post Haro
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -03/24, 07:45 am- Harold, Its been a while
Royce in Georgetown  -03/24, 07:57 am- Retarding the spark with
Roger Karlsson, sout -03/24, 09:53 am- Here is the thread where
Superior Products brochure for honeycomed radiators-Photo
Herb Iffrig -03/24, 09:03 am- [Superior products.jpg ee
Mark Strange - Hills -03/24, 09:32 am- Flipped the top part that
Front motor supports
Chad Marchees _____T -03/21, 10:51 am- Bob, Are you looking into
ROBERT BERGSTADT -03/21, 12:39 pm- No I have a few nos ones
Hap Tucker in Sumter -03/21, 09:20 pm- Mark Herdman posted a thr
ROBERT BERGSTADT -03/24, 09:15 am- Thank you Hap, Bob
OT - Another Doctor's Car
Rob Heyen - Eastern  -03/21, 08:55 am- Dr. Meade makes good use
Rob Heyen - Eastern  -03/22, 10:07 am- Dr. Meade appears to have
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -03/22, 02:50 pm- Rob - Im continually amaz
Kenneth W DeLong -03/22, 04:13 pm- Take him up the hill Rob!
Hap Tucker in Sumter -03/22, 04:41 pm- Rob, Thanks for posting.
Rob Heyen - Eastern  -03/22, 05:42 pm- Keith, Always room for yo
Rob Heyen - Eastern  -03/22, 05:49 pm- Hap, I meant to add, it i
Hap Tucker in Sumter -03/22, 09:29 pm- Rob, The account receiva
Rob Heyen - Eastern  -03/22, 10:08 pm- Hap, Thank you for the in
Rob Heyen - Eastern  -03/22, 10:31 pm- Dr. Meade joins the U.S.
Hap Tucker in Sumter -03/24, 06:11 am- Rob, Thank you so much f
Rob Heyen - Eastern  -03/24, 08:13 am- Hap, I believe the K.C. B
Cleaning Steering Wheel
T Thompson -03/23, 11:39 am- Guys, I found this threa
Dan Treace, North FL -03/23, 12:47 pm- For a good rim I wipe wit
Seth from NC -03/23, 12:51 pm- No need for a puller eith
Brian Mettling -03/23, 12:54 pm- agree with dan, but have
john kuehn -03/23, 01:44 pm- On my wheel with the orig
Dan Treace, North FL -03/23, 04:28 pm- Just did this wheel for N
T Thompson -03/23, 08:19 pm- Good Stuff. Thanks for th
Steve McClelland -03/24, 02:23 am- Keep in mind you dont hav
Don Booth@ Bay City, -03/24, 06:35 am- Johnsons paste wax will m
What year is this picture from?
Ake Osterdahl -03/23, 04:51 am- Does anyone know when the
Allan Bennett - Aust -03/23, 05:07 am- Ake, the wheel on the ped
Hap Tucker in Sumter -03/23, 07:16 am- Ake, Great photo. I bel
Thomas Mullin -03/23, 10:08 am- I was thinking pre-1919 b
Mike Walker, NW AR -03/23, 11:42 am- There is a lot to see in
Tony Bowker, Ramona, -03/23, 11:44 am- The coupe has rear hinged
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -03/23, 05:53 pm- Shall I throw a wrench in
Mike Walker, NW AR -03/23, 07:22 pm- Wayne -- I believe youre
Hap Tucker in Sumter -03/23, 09:27 pm- Yeah -- found the photo.
Ake Osterdahl -03/24, 04:44 am- The picture you sent Hap,
Ake Osterdahl -03/24, 05:19 am- I have always wondered wh
Ake Osterdahl -03/24, 05:30 am- Here you see Bobs 1918 st
What do I look for when buying a T that I can drive 1000 ...
Kevin Weeds -03/23, 10:59 pm- Managed to resize some pi
Kevin Weeds -03/23, 11:16 pm- [F T Inside 2.JPG] [B T R
Karl Gilchrist- New  -03/23, 11:47 pm- Kevin Looks nice. One thi
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -03/24, 01:22 am- Nice! Drive carefully, an
kep -03/24, 01:25 am- Sometimes you have to ric
Keith Buckley -03/24, 02:16 am- seem like a
Steve McClelland -03/24, 02:40 am- Kevin Great looking T yo
Hal Schedler, Sacram -03/24, 02:48 am- Dont forget to take a few
Harold Schwendeman - -03/24, 03:11 am- Karl & Keith - Hal Sc
Kevin Weeds -03/24, 04:23 am- Thanks guys, yes it is a
Kevin Weeds -03/24, 04:25 am- Kep, thanks for the tip I
Weidenhoff tester
Randall Strickland,  -03/22, 09:24 pm- [001.JPG] Anyone know an
John F. Regan -03/23, 09:36 am- Pure guess is that becaus
John F. Regan -03/23, 09:39 am- Pure guess is that becaus
Dennis Seth - Ohio -03/23, 12:51 pm- Cool, Duel meters, duel
Dennis Seth - Ohio -03/23, 12:53 pm- Should be DUAL [:-]
Peter C. Strebeck -03/23, 12:56 pm- That is a Weidenhoff Mode
Randall Strickland,  -03/23, 01:54 pm- Played around with it tod
Randall Strickland,  -03/23, 08:32 pm- [amp meter 051.JPG] backs
OT--antique bottles
R.V. Anderson -03/23, 07:49 pm- This may belong on the Cl
Cinnamon or Black Pepper - will it stop a cooling system...
CharlieT -03/22, 12:43 pm- I have a small radiator l
Royce in Georgetown  -03/22, 01:10 pm- Ive cleaned out several M
Donnie Brown North C -03/22, 01:18 pm- I have fixed leaks many t
Terry Woods, Richmon -03/22, 01:19 pm- Serrano peppers will make
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -03/22, 01:22 pm- I think the breakfast foo
Scott Kramer -03/22, 01:37 pm- An older friend told me t
Don Lyon, PDX, OR. -03/22, 02:16 pm- Pepper is fine in a water
Mike Conte -03/22, 02:41 pm- When I pulled the head th
John Semprez-Templet -03/22, 03:01 pm- Charlie, you can pretty m
Norman T. Kling -03/22, 03:41 pm- Wrigley Spearmint will wo
kep -03/22, 03:48 pm- Black pepper worked for 6
Mike Bender Tulsa Ok -03/22, 04:44 pm- Was on a tour and pulled
Chris Bamford, Edmon -03/22, 04:58 pm- I have used Right Stuff t
Gene Carrothers Hunt -03/22, 05:24 pm- Chris, Your right about t
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -03/22, 07:17 pm- Of the six vintage cars t
Ted Dumas -03/22, 09:25 pm- Your local radiator shop
Burger in Spokane -03/23, 12:03 am- When I run out of toothpa
John Warren -03/23, 12:18 am- I once hit a deep valley
Terry Woods, Richmon -03/23, 12:59 am- John, Was it Breakfast Bl
Bud Holzschuh - Pana -03/23, 07:15 pm- I once had a radiator lea
OT - Skilled Cossack and Native American horsemen in hors...
Constantine in Austr -03/22, 11:00 pm- Ken is correct, its Buffa
Constantine in Austr -03/22, 11:44 pm- Above is a photo of Buffa
Constantine in Austr -03/23, 12:20 am- Roosevelt commented on hi
Evan in Paso Robles -03/23, 02:06 am- It appears that the photo
Ken Parker -03/23, 11:47 am- Evan, The Hotel Irma is
Fritz Hady Mt. Top,P -03/23, 05:09 pm- Why hasnt someone named t
Clayton Swanson -03/23, 06:39 pm- Ive been to buffalo Bills
New '27 project engine and a couple questions...
Chris Bamford, Edmon -03/21, 01:22 am- I acquired this a couple
George n Los Angeles -03/21, 01:32 am- I would think you would a
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -03/21, 02:43 am- If you use the late 26/27
Les Schubert -03/21, 05:23 am- I concur on Waynes commen
Chris Bamford, Edmon -03/21, 03:54 pm- Thank you Wayne and Les
Mike Walker, NW AR -03/21, 07:38 pm- Chris -- If you plan to u
Chris Bamford, Edmon -03/21, 08:28 pm- Thanks Mike — I figured L
Allan Bennett - Aust -03/21, 09:02 pm- Chris, that broken pan ea
Les VonNordheim -03/21, 10:58 pm- The brass carb is correct
kep -03/22, 02:52 am- By welding a shaped piece
Chris Bamford, Edmon -03/23, 10:26 am- Thanks Allan, Les and Kep
Mike Walker, NW AR -03/23, 11:03 am- I think that bracket look
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -03/23, 01:13 pm- Chris, Why not look into
kep -03/23, 04:42 pm- Like the bracket idea.
Old Car Dealer Building, Independence Kansas
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -03/23, 12:43 pm- Does anyone have any hist
Mark Strange - Hills -03/23, 01:12 pm- What is the address of th
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -03/23, 01:23 pm- 211 W. Myrtle St., Indepe
Mark Strange - Hills -03/23, 01:40 pm- Here is some small info:
Mark Strange - Hills -03/23, 01:51 pm- Some good stuff here: ht
Mark Strange - Hills -03/23, 03:04 pm- Heres a period article ab
Mark Strange - Hills -03/23, 03:07 pm- Looks like there is lots
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -03/23, 04:25 pm- You guys are great! Thank
Rob Heyen - Eastern  -03/23, 04:41 pm- It looks as though Bart B
More Chickasha photos
Donnie Brown North C -03/21, 08:43 pm- Here are the photos I too
Donnie Brown North C -03/21, 08:48 pm- The ninth photo of the ma
Jack Daron - Brownsb -03/21, 09:07 pm- The unpainted speedster b
Kenneth W DeLong -03/21, 09:13 pm- What was the price of the
Donnie Brown North C -03/21, 09:19 pm- Kenneth, sorry but I neve
rick howerton -03/21, 11:44 pm- I`d sure like to know if
rick howerton -03/21, 11:52 pm- I`d sure like to know if
rick howerton -03/21, 11:54 pm- Woops sorry about the two
Clayton Swanson -03/22, 12:10 am- model a doodle bug was as
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -03/22, 12:17 am- I suppose Royce snatched
Ron in Central Massa -03/22, 12:27 am- What was the asking price
Frank Fenton -03/22, 07:50 am- I think the power unit we
Ron in Central Massa -03/22, 08:01 am- He got a deal on that.
John Warren -03/22, 08:07 am- Great pics,absoutely post
Gary Schreiber- Sant -03/22, 09:00 am- The Cushman/Allstate trik
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -03/22, 10:22 am- Great photos. Thanks for
Donnie Brown North C -03/22, 11:31 am- Heres pics of my finds. T
Steve Tomaso - Milto -03/22, 11:44 am- Nice score ! Appears you
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -03/22, 12:00 pm- I second Donnies comment.
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -03/22, 12:10 pm- I agree with Donnie, ther
Donnie Brown North C -03/22, 12:51 pm- Steve Tomaso, I bought ev
Chad Marchees _____T -03/22, 01:18 pm- I dont need it, but I so
Scott Rosenthal in C -03/23, 09:03 am- Even with attendance down
Larry Smith -03/23, 10:44 am- I next year, Ill go for T
Jerry VanOoteghem -  -03/23, 10:54 am- I got a nice, very low mi
george house . . .ca -03/23, 11:16 am- Hey Donnie, Did you or an
Rick J. Gunter -- Sp -03/23, 01:13 pm- Did anyone get a picture
john kuehn -03/23, 01:37 pm- I didnt get to go this ye
Donnie Brown North C -03/23, 01:38 pm- Rick, Look at the picture
1922 Model T - for sale in NJ
William L Vanderburg -03/23, 01:15 pm- Shawn I replied to your m
Best price for a Scat crank and a Stipe 280 cam?
Mike-Iowa -03/21, 10:20 pm- Who currently has the bes
Mike-Iowa -03/21, 10:23 pm- Whoops, meant to say who
Mark Gregush Portlan -03/21, 10:28 pm- Open the catalogs and tak
Les VonNordheim -03/21, 10:41 pm- I dont think there are an
Mike-Iowa -03/21, 11:16 pm- Thanks, this will be my t
Les VonNordheim -03/21, 11:31 pm- I would ask Glen Chaffin.
Erik Barrett in Aubu -03/22, 12:03 am- Mike, you can buy the cra
Les VonNordheim -03/22, 01:24 am- Two friend of mine runnin
Mike-Iowa -03/22, 10:43 am- Thanks to all who respond
Mark Chaffin......Co -03/22, 10:53 am- The model A cam is a good
Glen Chaffin -03/22, 07:29 pm- Our 250 and 280 cams work
Mike-Iowa -03/22, 09:47 pm- Mark/Glen, Do you carry t
Les VonNordheim -03/22, 10:37 pm- Mike, Using a model A cam
Mark Chaffin......Co -03/23, 01:15 am- Nope. Contact Dan McEach
Glen Chaffin -03/23, 11:40 am- Mike, We do not sell a re
Old photo 100000 mile T?
Chris Olsen 40 miles -03/22, 12:00 pm- Caption reads This is the
Chris Olsen 40 miles -03/22, 12:03 pm- Try that again [lizzysm.j
Chris Olsen 40 miles -03/22, 12:03 pm- Link in first try goes to
Jay - In Northern Ca -03/22, 01:14 pm- [4CPz8Wz.jpg]
Chris Olsen 40 miles -03/22, 01:38 pm- Thanks. Jay!
Val Soupios -03/22, 02:11 pm- That T sure looks way too
Henry Petrino in Mod -03/22, 02:38 pm- Yeah, I agree Val. To b
Chris Olsen 40 miles -03/22, 04:26 pm- The clothes are a newer s
kep -03/22, 06:20 pm- Front fender is not reall
Larry Smith -03/23, 10:48 am- Nice top boot detail.
Hood Former for 1915 Touring
Hap Tucker in Sumter -03/21, 10:13 am- David, Taking a look at
David Tipton -03/21, 10:53 am- Hap, thanks for the info.
Royce in Georgetown  -03/21, 10:54 am- David, Ask around at the
Mike Walker, NW AR -03/21, 11:37 am- I decided to replace the
David Dewey, N. Cali -03/21, 12:48 pm- Good hood formers are har
John F. Regan -03/23, 10:23 am- Mike: The dash drawing c
What to look for in wire wheels
Tim Eckensviller -03/21, 12:44 pm- Hey guys, I just found a
keith g barrier Sava -03/21, 01:44 pm- Check that the lug holes
Dan Treace, North FL -03/21, 01:56 pm- First lay the wheel on fl
Jon Allen -03/21, 03:43 pm- Talk to this guy He is Mr
Mark Gregush Portlan -03/21, 05:11 pm- Do some looking on line a
Terry Woods, Richmon -03/21, 08:10 pm- Jon, I may be wrong, but
Tim Eckensviller -03/21, 10:35 pm- We may need to dumb this
Les VonNordheim -03/21, 11:06 pm- If you are looking at aft
Mark Gregush Portlan -03/22, 12:43 am- All Ts only had 6 includi
Tim Eckensviller -03/22, 05:25 pm- This is all the ad has to
Mark Gregush Portlan -03/22, 07:02 pm- Its not just you, no phot
Frank Seress -03/22, 10:03 pm- How much should a set of
Dan Treace, North FL -03/22, 10:10 pm- At Chickasha this last we
Frank Seress -03/22, 10:20 pm- Well if those guys at Chi
Frank Seress -03/22, 10:31 pm- Well if those guys at Chi
Clayton Swanson -03/23, 12:03 am- Frank, i have been trying
John P. Steele, Mont -03/23, 09:58 am- Frank, Tom Donahue in Sco
Sheet metal question - 1923 roadster
Scott Conger -03/23, 06:48 am- Folks Am finishing up my
Eric Hylen- Central  -03/23, 07:30 am- Mine has those too. There
Scott Conger -03/23, 09:09 am- Eric Fabulous! Thank you
WTB '26-27 steering gear case
Pat Clark-Deer Lodge -03/22, 11:28 am- I posted this in the clas
Terry Woods, Richmon -03/22, 01:15 pm- Pat, some other member co
Mark Gregush Portlan -03/22, 05:11 pm- So contact Dave Huson, hi
keith g barrier Sava -03/23, 08:04 am- Pat, I rebuilt one a coup
OT- Ford and Dodge records relating to models K and N
Rob Heyen - Eastern  -03/22, 11:07 pm- Hap mentioned Ford and Ca
A pretty girl, her horse, and a Model T all in black and ...
Wayne Jorgensen -03/22, 02:21 pm- There certainly must be a
Gary H. White - Sher -03/22, 06:59 pm- Several years back I work
Marshall V. Daut -03/22, 08:39 pm- I guess the horse in the
Marshall V. Daut -03/22, 08:41 pm- Sorry, Dave Wells. I see
Dave Wells, Hamilton -03/22, 08:55 pm- Thats ok Marshall. I said
Dan Treace, North FL -03/22, 09:34 pm- [526463 (2).jpg] Bet th
Dennis Plank - Three -03/22, 10:42 pm- What are the three string
Donnie Brown North C -03/22, 10:52 pm- Looks like this could be
Bill Aber -03/22, 04:13 pm- Filling out the MTFCA saf
Mark Strange - Hills -03/22, 04:19 pm-
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -03/22, 07:25 pm- Mark, in your link, I rea
David J. Holland Ohi -03/22, 08:08 pm- Murray Fahnestock states
Dave Wells, Hamilton -03/22, 09:40 pm- Im not certain but, I th
$1.00 table
charley shaver- libe -03/22, 09:23 pm- $1.00 table went well aga
Jack Daron - Brownsb -03/22, 09:38 pm- I picked up about $5 wort
Cast iron head
Dean Yoder, Iowa Cit -03/21, 09:44 pm- [FullSizeRender (5).jpg]
Mike-Iowa -03/21, 10:26 pm- I can, its the one I shou
Dean Yoder, Iowa Cit -03/21, 10:32 pm- Thanks Mike ! I havent CC
Les VonNordheim -03/21, 10:48 pm- Thats a neat looking head
joe bell -03/22, 08:28 am- I run one and you need to
Erich Bruckner, Vanc -03/22, 07:19 pm- The underside looks very
Kevin Prus Sr -03/22, 07:25 pm- I believe it is a A-C hea
San Diego Tijuana border 1922
Norman T. Kling -03/22, 04:01 pm- This picture is in this m
Gary H. White - Sher -03/22, 06:47 pm- I know this was posted la
6 Volt battery for $ 42
Jon Allen -03/21, 12:31 pm- Sounds like Cheapskate En
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -03/21, 01:00 pm- I have no idea who makes
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -03/21, 04:16 pm- Well, at the risk of join
Jim Eubanks, Powell, -03/22, 04:02 pm- If it sounds too good to
Harold Schwendeman - -03/22, 05:29 pm- Stan - Batteries Plus her
OT - That's it, I'm selling the buggy!
Justin H. - Western  -03/21, 12:54 pm- Article from 1910 [Car v
Eric Hylen- Central  -03/21, 02:21 pm- The Maxwell Perfectly sim
Stanley L Brown Drur -03/21, 04:28 pm- To watch what a Maxwell c
Howard D. Dennis -03/21, 09:58 pm- Check Here: https://www.y
John Warren -03/22, 10:17 am- Holy Sh%#, What a car....
Donnie Brown North C -03/22, 12:30 pm- WOW !!!
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -03/22, 01:22 pm- It is a nice film Howard.
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -03/22, 02:27 pm- Typical marketing gimmick
Frank M. Brady -03/22, 05:16 pm- I cant believe I watched
Some T's and others at Pocatello, ID Show
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -03/22, 10:07 am- Some older cars attended
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -03/22, 05:02 pm- My apologies. The car abo
One Car done to new owner 2 more to repair !
Mark critchlow -03/22, 09:24 am- Thanks Dave! I will be en
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -03/22, 02:37 pm- Hi Mark - Your car with t
Mark critchlow -03/22, 04:15 pm- Thanks for the suggestion
26-27 steering gear case
Pat Clark-Deer Lodge -03/21, 09:05 pm- I took apart my column I
Mark Gregush Portlan -03/21, 09:58 pm- Should be 5-1 if it has a
Pat Clark-Deer Lodge -03/22, 09:31 am- I am looking to just get
john kuehn -03/22, 09:50 am- It seems like it would to
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -03/22, 02:43 pm- Like John said above, I s
John McGinnis in San -03/22, 02:56 pm- Pat Clark, The case you p
Pat Clark-Deer Lodge -03/22, 03:37 pm- I got it that way, by the
WOT- Gas can gasket
Chuck Hoffman - Moke -03/21, 09:11 pm- Anybody here ever come ac
Mark Gregush Portlan -03/21, 09:47 pm- Try cork or leather; http
Ted Dumas -03/21, 09:53 pm- Cut a piece of cardboard
Mark Gregush Portlan -03/21, 10:01 pm- Cardboard, good idea. You
Robert G. Hester Jr. -03/21, 11:47 pm- Leather works great.
Bill dugger -03/22, 12:09 am- TO TED AND ROBERT: I nee
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -03/22, 04:51 am- A local auto supply shoul
Dane Hawley Near Mel -03/22, 05:03 am- I keep my old worn-out bo
Robert G. Hester Jr. -03/22, 07:56 am- There ya go, Dave. I do
Ken Todd, .......... -03/22, 10:57 am- How about an O-ring? Are
Mike Conte -03/22, 02:38 pm- Ive used the top from a C
Starter Stopped!
henry h -03/22, 02:32 pm- An update - After a good
Wanted 22 roadster body and low radiator and other parts
Craig Scott Fancher -03/21, 11:30 pm- How do you guys know wher
Larry LaPatka- East  -03/22, 02:22 pm- If you need some side and
Throttle / Spark advance levers
Rod Barrett - Anders -03/22, 11:48 am- OK. After ordering and f
Here's what iam working on
mike mclean -03/22, 09:42 am- more pictures
Greg Whaley, Georget -03/22, 11:24 am- Looks great Mike!
Now I have solved a problem on my Coupelet door
Ake Osterdahl -03/22, 10:29 am- Been thinking about how t
Ballston Spa NY before the automobiles-Photo, A Kodak moment
Herb Iffrig -03/22, 08:08 am- [Ballston Spa. N.Y.jpg re
Chad Marchees _____T -03/22, 08:13 am- WOW!! that is cool being
Mike Walker, NW AR -03/22, 08:43 am- Ballston Spa was incorpor
Chad Marchees _____T -03/22, 08:49 am- Undecorated, same picture
Chad Marchees _____T -03/22, 09:28 am- Found the modern picture,
Mark Strange - Hills -03/22, 09:34 am- Chad, here is a brute for
Chad Marchees _____T -03/22, 10:13 am- Thanks Mark!! Same pictu
Brake band needs to be adjusted frequently
Jared Ogden -03/21, 09:46 pm- Hey guys, just wondering
Mark Gregush Portlan -03/21, 09:50 pm- First what kind of band m
Ted Dumas -03/21, 09:56 pm- If its new Kevlar, then t
Mark Gregush Portlan -03/21, 09:59 pm- Even cotton need the same
John Noonan - Norton -03/21, 10:16 pm- Jared, how far was the pe
Jared Ogden -03/21, 10:52 pm- The pedal sits about 3-3/
John Noonan - Norton -03/21, 11:18 pm- Jared, i should have phra
mike_black SC/FL -03/21, 11:20 pm- Make sure you have the wa
Tony Bowker, Ramona, -03/22, 12:16 am- Hate to say it, but it co
kep -03/22, 02:59 am- My brake needs adjusting
Rod Barrett - Anders -03/22, 06:27 am- Do you have the Transmiss
John Warren -03/22, 08:55 am- Im not sure how long you
Royce in Georgetown  -03/22, 09:04 am- John Warren makes a great
Old Photo - Ford Motor Co. Envelope Engraving
Larry Smith -03/21, 09:55 am- Very cool Jay, now what w
Justin H. - Western  -03/21, 10:34 pm- Maybe about the size of a
Bruce Balough -03/22, 08:46 am- Here is a letter from the
What kind of wheels are these?
Allan Bennett - Aust -03/21, 03:38 am- Thanks for the extra phot
Justin H. - Western  -03/22, 08:17 am- Well, it sounds like I ha
Kilroy ........... Way OT
Fred Wicker -03/22, 05:34 am- I remember seeing Kilroy
Rob Heyen - Eastern  -03/22, 07:29 am- Thanks Bud. Good informa
Front end shimmy
Alan George Long -03/21, 10:27 am- My recent experience with
Norman T. Kling -03/21, 11:42 am- You can keep the tires fr
Fred Miller, Sequim  -03/22, 12:46 am- Chris already picked up o
My neighbor has an old model T, but...
Kurt Meyer -03/21, 03:01 am- Thank you everyone for re
Ian Dean -03/21, 06:32 am- Hi Kurt Several words of
Hap Tucker in Sumter -03/21, 08:06 am- Kurt, No, the 1928 - 193
Dale Peterson Colleg -03/21, 08:10 am- The Model T and Model A a
mike_black SC/FL -03/21, 08:48 am- Kurt, The pic in my pr
Kevin Whelihan Danbu -03/21, 08:49 am- Personally, I would leave
Jack Putnam, Bluffto -03/21, 10:30 am- All of above is true. Be
Nick Miller -03/21, 11:07 am- Kurt, The local Model T c
john kuehn -03/21, 03:50 pm- Kurt one good thing about
Kurt Meyer -03/21, 09:31 pm- Hey! Thanks again for suc
mike_black SC/FL -03/21, 11:38 pm- Kurt, The last pile o
I want to thank Mike Bender
Paul Vitko -03/21, 08:39 pm- After buying a Gene Frenc
Donnie Brown North C -03/21, 08:44 pm- Paul, I agree ......
Hap Tucker in Sumter -03/21, 09:00 pm- Mike is doing a fantastic
mike conrad -03/21, 10:57 pm- I agree also. Meeting him
OT - Fords used by men with disabilities
Ted Dumas -03/21, 05:00 pm- Don Crader of near Canton
Burger in Spokane -03/21, 05:13 pm- .... men with disabilitie
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -03/21, 08:59 pm- What mental illness is th
Roar Sand -03/21, 10:50 pm- Although I didnt see him
MTFI website/fourm
Royce in Georgetown  -03/21, 11:52 am- Steve, That link goes to
James A. Golden -03/21, 06:56 pm- There is something called
John Semprez-Templet -03/21, 10:02 pm- The server problems exper
Mark Gregush Portlan -03/21, 10:31 pm- Except for the Black back
TT License Plate Hanger
Burger in Spokane -03/21, 01:17 pm- Thats perfect, gents. Th
Tom Carnegie Spokane -03/21, 01:32 pm- Burger, try Ford-n-more i
Erick Keenan - Vinel -03/21, 06:39 pm- They do reproduce the ver
Burger in Spokane -03/21, 07:10 pm- Tom, .... Ill see you Tu
Finally got a new rad.
Dave Wells, Hamilton -03/21, 11:30 am- Thanks John. While Im her
Rick Goelz-Knoxville -03/21, 11:53 am- Dave, they hold the headl
Dave Wells, Hamilton -03/21, 12:31 pm- Thanks Rick. I never woul
Mark Strange - Hills -03/21, 12:37 pm- This drawing is titled, 1
Dave Wells, Hamilton -03/21, 12:50 pm- Mark, your diagram pretty
Dave Wells, Hamilton -03/21, 01:20 pm- Forgot the diagram. [201
Michael Thomas - Cen -03/21, 01:30 pm- Two things can take lots
Dave Wells, Hamilton -03/21, 02:00 pm- No doubt Michael. It will
Dan Treace, North FL -03/21, 02:10 pm- Brassworks makes their Hi
Jon Allen -03/21, 02:57 pm- If you think the high rad
Dave Wells, Hamilton -03/21, 03:56 pm- Jon, that is really nice.
TT Ruckstell/Differential Question
Henry Petrino in Mod -03/21, 10:54 am- I believe we know that TT
Justin H. - Western  -03/21, 12:36 pm- Henry, here is a list tha
Henry Petrino in Mod -03/21, 02:45 pm- Just what I wanted to kno
OT: Delta Queen Steamboat on the move--March 22!
Larry Smith -03/21, 10:13 am- The Delta Queen really ne
Rick Goelz-Knoxville -03/21, 11:41 am- The sister ship to the De
David Dewey, N. Cali -03/21, 12:51 pm- Larry, theres no place
Magneto Issue. I think?
Andre Valkenaers -03/21, 04:10 am- Charles, Your coils are
James A. Golden -03/21, 12:51 pm- I had the same problem, b
Odd Brake drum, I need help...
Tony Bowker, Ramona, -03/21, 01:20 am- I am rebuilding the trans
Mark Gregush Portlan -03/21, 01:30 am- See your other string, it
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -03/21, 02:11 am- An early drum that requir
Mark Strange - Hills -03/21, 09:43 am- The special spacer ring i
ROBERT BERGSTADT -03/21, 10:29 am- I have one here for sale,
ROBERT BERGSTADT -03/21, 12:04 pm- Tony sent you a pm, Bob G
Early carburetor rod
ROBERT BERGSTADT -03/21, 09:51 am- Does any one have a good
Royce in Georgetown  -03/21, 11:21 am- Bob, I placed full size
ROBERT BERGSTADT -03/21, 11:50 am- Thank you Royce, Bob
Bendix spring is good, but gear doesn't move on down.
Tony Barchock Canton -03/21, 11:35 am- Did some oiling and filin
Eric Sole - Castelld -03/21, 07:49 am- Thanks for the tip Garnet
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -03/21, 08:01 am- Theyre also great at send
Dick Lodge - St Loui -03/21, 09:10 am- Garnet, that is impressiv
Mack Cole ---- Earth -03/21, 09:34 am- Scams are everywhere.I go
Michael Pawelek Broo -03/21, 11:21 am- I have only bought and so
26 touring side curtain snaps
Tom Miller, Mostly i -03/21, 03:40 am- The body snaps are insta
don ellis -03/21, 08:12 am- Thanks
Larry Smith -03/21, 09:51 am- They were probably still
How many types of early spark levers were there
Allan Bennett - Aust -03/21, 03:19 am- Bob, the different types
ROBERT BERGSTADT -03/21, 09:03 am- Thank you I know the earl
Re California help
richard e moore -03/21, 08:16 am- You guys it there went wa
Car For Sale, beuatiful 1924 convertible modle T burgundy...
Ronald Aronds -03/27, 04:10 pm- Beautiful 1924 convertibl
Willie K Cordes -03/27, 05:22 pm- A price and some photos w
Mark Gregush Portlan -03/28, 12:48 am- Here is a link to his ad
Why can't i get a good servicable crank?
Johnny Parker -03/27, 11:17 am- Still looking for a 26 cr
Terry Woods, Richmon -03/27, 12:23 pm- How many have you looked
Mark Gregush Portlan -03/27, 08:28 pm- Have you contacted Dave H
Clayton Swanson -03/27, 09:48 pm- try andy at 320 293 1953.
Terry Woods, Richmon -03/27, 10:01 pm- I emailed Johnny and foun
Tony Bowker, Ramona, -03/28, 12:04 am- It might be worth metal s
Wanted: Carb Heater Pipe
Mike Hanson - Kingwo -03/27, 09:49 pm- I am looking for an alumi
Trade a Model A Town Sedan?
Scott Lay,,,,,,,,,,, -03/27, 09:30 pm- Can you give me some info
charley shaver- libe -03/27, 09:43 pm- if i had one i would glad
Early 1912 Engine for sale
Royce in Georgetown  -03/21, 11:56 am- 104717 would have been ca
Dennis Michaud -03/27, 09:22 pm- BUMP
Wanted to buy Brass Head lamps
Dennis Michaud -03/27, 09:11 pm- BUMP
Wanted Early Forged brake rods and Forged cam brake handle
Dennis Michaud -03/22, 06:29 pm- Bump
Dennis Michaud -03/24, 11:31 am- BUMP
Dennis Michaud -03/27, 09:09 pm- Bump
Bosch Front Plate Magneto
Ed in California -03/25, 09:10 pm- Here is an original Bosch
David wheeler -03/27, 01:35 pm- A friend is interested in
RICH WEILAND -03/27, 09:06 pm- Ed I sent a pm. Rich Weil
Cleveland, OH to Sacramento, CA enclosed hauling now !
Freighter Jim -03/27, 08:33 pm- March 29th Dropping of
WTB 1913 door caps
Steve Pitts -03/27, 07:54 pm- Need 1913 touring or road
Wanted - TT front mount
Justin H. - Western  -03/27, 07:40 pm- I am looking for a correc
Retiring my trailer - FS for $2500 ....
Freighter Jim -03/25, 08:48 am- My current trailer will b
Terry Woods, Richmon -03/25, 12:09 pm- Nice FJ, but cant tell mu
Derek Kiefer - Manto -03/25, 01:04 pm- Wish it was a ramp-door,
LeRoy Ruff -03/26, 07:44 pm- what is the size of the t
Steven G. Williams -03/27, 06:03 pm- length and width of trail
1914 T motor for sale - BARN FIND
Bill R Otto -03/26, 01:29 pm- 1914 motor as found, ser
Steven G. Williams -03/27, 06:01 pm- Bill, where in Ohio are y
Oil filler cap wanted
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -03/21, 09:49 am- [OF010.jpg] Im looking f
Royce in Georgetown  -03/21, 11:38 am- Steve, The one in your p
Royce in Georgetown  -03/21, 11:39 am- Should mention the caps s
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -03/21, 12:25 pm- If thats the case, appare
Royce in Georgetown  -03/21, 12:31 pm- Steve, Most of the time
Allan Bennett - Aust -03/21, 09:11 pm- Steve, if the 6 flute ste
Larry Smith -03/24, 10:41 am- Royce: The cap you posted
Richard Gould, Folso -03/24, 12:12 pm- Agree
Royce in Georgetown  -03/24, 12:54 pm- Really? What makes you sa
Ed in California -03/24, 01:20 pm- I have heard that before,
Mark Strange - Hills -03/24, 01:42 pm- I looked on the MTFCI for
Steve Tomaso - Milto -03/24, 02:08 pm- I have an extra 6 flute -
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -03/24, 09:04 pm- I have a cap on the way.
Ted Dumas -03/24, 09:08 pm- Royce, I think the one t
Frank van Ekeren (A -03/24, 11:23 pm- Parts books list brass un
Royce in Georgetown  -03/25, 07:20 am- Brass was last used in 19
Warren F Rollins -03/25, 09:05 am- I have one like Steve Je
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -03/25, 02:49 pm- Royce - I agree that it w
Richard Gould, Folso -03/27, 02:06 pm- I believe Gail Rhodda in
Wanted Roadster Top Irons 1913/17
Bailey Rettig -03/27, 01:23 pm- Wanted Roadster Top irons
Glen Chaffin -03/25, 11:24 pm- We are making a new Bosch
Dave Huson, Berthoud -03/26, 12:45 am- Glen: I have a Bosch Fron
Glen Chaffin -03/26, 07:10 pm- Thank you Dave that would
Dave Huson, Berthoud -03/27, 01:17 am- Glen, I would like to but
Glen Chaffin -03/27, 12:49 pm- Obama has given me some w
Dave Huson, Berthoud -03/23, 11:42 am- Note: they are NOSnew old
Dave Huson, Berthoud -03/27, 08:52 am- SCOTT McWilliams; Please
Transport Ca - Midwest
John L Williams -03/27, 06:49 am- A T friend is in So CA wi
1919 Ford Model T $14,500.00 OBO
Matt Davis -03/25, 03:31 pm- 1919 Ford Model T $14,500
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -03/25, 08:03 pm- You would have a better c
Scott Dwyer in Troy, -03/26, 08:38 am- And tell people where Bue
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -03/27, 12:29 am- Its in Chaffee County, Co
For Sale: Bruce McCalley's Model T Ford Encyclopedia avai...
Leroy G. Brandon -03/26, 11:17 pm- This is the most Model T
Lookin 4 RAJO valve cover, block off plate 4 a model 30.
RICH WEILAND -03/24, 05:45 pm- I have a model 30 commerc
joe bell -03/24, 07:39 pm- Jack Putnam was making so
joe bell -03/24, 07:39 pm- I think DMC gears makes a
Dave Barker - Dayton -03/24, 11:45 pm- I know Dan McEachern had
Royce in Georgetown  -03/25, 07:12 am- Chaffins has those parts
Dave Barker - Dayton -03/25, 08:54 am- I dont think the valve/ro
Mark Gregush Portlan -03/25, 11:02 am- You could use freeze plug
RICH WEILAND -03/25, 02:04 pm- Thanks you everyone so mu
Clayton Swanson -03/25, 03:11 pm- i have a model 31 rajo. n
Clayton Swanson -03/25, 03:31 pm- i should also have mentio
Bill Kerndt-Waukon,  -03/25, 05:05 pm- Clayton, Pls send me you
Jerome Hoffman, Hays -03/25, 10:18 pm- Joe, Jack is my interface
Dave Barker - Dayton -03/26, 09:18 am- FWIW, The information Ive
Dave Barker - Dayton -03/26, 04:55 pm- Here you go. Not the grea
John P. Steele, Mont -03/26, 07:01 pm- Clayton those Model 30 va
Frank van Ekeren (A -03/26, 07:09 pm- John, I think the ones op
Clayton Swanson -03/26, 08:37 pm- john, open express !! di
John P. Steele, Mont -03/26, 10:34 pm- [:-] [:-] [:-]
Looking to trade or purchase
Mark McWethy -03/22, 09:13 pm- Hey Guys, I have a Rock
Mark McWethy -03/24, 03:42 pm- up
Mark McWethy -03/26, 08:31 pm- up
FS 1923 Touring car and Truck and Trailer
Wes Nelson ........B -03/26, 03:00 pm- Let me try this again, CL
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -03/26, 05:04 pm- Wes - With all due respec
Wes Nelson ........B -03/26, 07:32 pm- Kieth, Thank you for resp
Freighter Jim -03/26, 07:35 pm- Wes, If someone has a se
Wes Nelson ........B -03/26, 07:56 pm- Thanks Jim, that is what
For sale Improved model t parts
Spencer Vibert - Gra -03/22, 08:03 pm- bump
Spencer Vibert - Gra -03/24, 09:59 pm- The spider is sold, the w
Roger Karlsson, sout -03/26, 07:39 am- Mail sent..
Spencer Vibert - Gra -03/26, 06:33 pm- Roger my email is svibert
TTP Distributor
R.V. Anderson -03/26, 03:25 pm- Never used, made about 20
JOHN BEVARDOS -03/26, 03:45 pm- PM SENT
R.V. Anderson -03/26, 04:09 pm- Sold; thanks MTFCA!
1912 Kingston coilbox
R.V. Anderson -03/26, 03:31 pm- Complete, original box an
Ruckstell Fiber Thrust Washer
Larry Smith -03/26, 02:22 pm- Want to buy an original N
Wood pick up bed
Bill Bohlen -03/26, 01:05 pm- Wood pick up bed that fit
WTB fire wall bracket/brace
Robert Matheny  -03/25, 06:28 pm- I need a drivers side fir
Robert Matheny  -03/26, 12:43 pm- found brace, thanks
Wanted for Bridgestone .Air Pump
Peter B. Ratledge -03/26, 12:22 pm- I would like to purchase
Parts for sale
David R Howman -03/25, 11:53 am- 1917 Model T rolling chas
Eric Sayer -03/26, 11:29 am- Any pics? my email is kag
Wire Harness Braiders 24 & 16 Carriage Braiders
RJ Walworth, New Yor -03/21, 05:23 pm- Great opportunity to star
RJ Walworth, New Yor -03/21, 05:25 pm- Sorry heres the picture o
RJ Walworth, New Yor -03/22, 02:39 pm- I have a video of our 24
RJ Walworth, New Yor -03/26, 08:17 am- Bump
1916 Ohio license plates
David J. Holland Ohi -03/26, 08:01 am- Pair of 1916 Ohio license
For Sale very nice original un restored 1916 Touring
Kim Dobbins -03/23, 09:40 pm- Im selling this real nice
Richard A Eddinger -03/24, 09:37 am- Sent you a PM
Richard A Eddinger -03/24, 09:43 am- The question I asked you
Kim Dobbins -03/26, 02:15 am- Btt
Dave Huson, Berthoud -03/26, 01:06 am- I spent the better part o
Wanted part
Oscar Baker -03/25, 10:11 pm- Steel high radiator shell
Oscar Baker -03/25, 10:26 pm- Any one with leads on thi
Bakersfield Swap Meet
Tom Rootlieb -03/24, 11:42 am- Bump
Steve Tomaso - Milto -03/25, 06:43 pm- Tom or anyone going to th
Tom Rootlieb -03/25, 08:38 pm- Steve, we can get you fix
Steve Tomaso - Milto -03/25, 10:01 pm- Thanks Tom but I have alr
WTB 26-27 steering gear case
Pat Clark-Deer Lodge -03/22, 11:25 am- I need a gear case that w
Pat Clark-Deer Lodge -03/24, 10:06 am- Anyone have one laying ar
Mark Gregush Portlan -03/24, 12:02 pm- Have you tried contacting
Steve Tomaso - Milto -03/24, 02:04 pm- Ive got a pretty nice 4-1
Steve Tomaso - Milto -03/25, 06:43 pm- Pat ????? Find one ?????
Four FORD coils
David J. Holland Ohi -03/25, 01:12 pm- 4 working wood box Ford s
Edward C Cholota -03/25, 03:16 pm- I am interested in the co
David J. Holland Ohi -03/25, 04:19 pm- Coils are sold
Wanted - Metal Grommet for Door Latch Handle
Mark Strange - Hills -03/25, 11:46 am- Hello, Im looking for one
Mark Strange - Hills -03/25, 03:34 pm- A fellow member has offer
For Sale Parts - Front Axle, Hubs, Wood wheels, Hub Caps
John -03/25, 03:11 pm- Like to find someone who
Wanted, Rear Hassler Double Shocks.
Will Copeland - Melb -03/25, 01:44 pm- I need a complete set of
Tools & parts FS
Mark Wetherbee - Dow -03/25, 12:53 pm- Still have a lot of these
Mark Wetherbee - Dow -03/25, 12:48 pm- Any interest before dumpi
Mark Wetherbee - Dow -03/25, 12:40 pm- Bump
Muffler end wanted
Mark Wetherbee - Dow -03/25, 12:32 pm- Tony Bowker has a whole o
Dave Huson, Berthoud -03/24, 01:53 am- I forgot to put my addres
Dave Huson, Berthoud -03/25, 10:17 am- ADAM DOLESHAL; I tried tw
Dave Huson, Berthoud -03/25, 10:25 am- Adam if I can post it thi
NC to FL to MS to OH enclosed transport now !
Freighter Jim -03/22, 05:56 am- March 22nd Leaving Conco
Freighter Jim -03/24, 05:54 am- March 24th Leaving Pal
Freighter Jim -03/25, 08:26 am- March 25th Leaving Vancl
4 25 inch Felloe Rims
CharlesHebert -03/23, 09:54 pm- 4 25 inch felloe rims. w
charley shaver- libe -03/24, 07:13 am- need more info about what
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -03/24, 09:10 pm- Are they felloes, or are
CharlesHebert -03/25, 06:41 am- Rims as it says in the li
1915 T on Craigslist in Oregon
John Wightman -03/25, 01:58 am- Not a horrible 1915 or 16
Frank van Ekeren (A -03/25, 02:07 am- Later wheels, steering wh
Dave Huson, Berthoud -03/25, 12:24 am- Brackets; $19.00 per pair
Dave Huson, Berthoud -03/25, 12:25 am- Oil Pan Inspection Plate
Need help identifying my car
Edward C Cholota -03/24, 05:54 pm- I purchased this car from
Mike Walker, NW AR -03/24, 06:44 pm- It looks like it was a To
Albert Belling -03/24, 07:52 pm- According the motor numbe
Edward C Cholota -03/24, 09:37 pm- Thanks for the info. I t
Keith Townsend ; ^ ) -03/24, 11:24 pm- Edward, Yep. Drive it th
Wanted 4 new or used Model T tires
David R Herring -03/24, 06:52 pm- Looking to buy 4 new or u
Jeff Perkins / MN -03/24, 08:42 pm- I have what you want, I a
For Sale: Two man top irons/top
Bill Elliott -03/24, 03:32 pm- Im selling a full set of
Mark Strange - Hills -03/24, 03:34 pm- I wonder if Ed got the us
Dave Huson, Berthoud -03/24, 11:03 am- Brackets: $5.00 ea. These
Dave Huson, Berthoud -03/24, 11:06 am- FRAME BRACKETS; [bracke
1915 Oregon Plates
Richard A Eddinger -03/24, 10:35 am- Looking to maybe trade a
Wanted: (4) 30x3.5 Clincher Rim Tires - ROLLER QUALITY...
Ron in Central Massa -03/22, 03:35 pm- Looking for 4, roller qua
Ron in Central Massa -03/23, 06:24 am- Btt
Ron in Central Massa -03/24, 09:02 am- BTT
Battery Carrier
CharlesHebert -03/23, 09:55 pm- 1 battery carrier. No ru
Hal Schedler, Sacram -03/24, 02:55 am- Whats your 20
Wanted Tires
brass car guy -03/23, 11:33 pm- Anyone have a set of 440/
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -03/24, 12:39 am- Firestone 2 3/8 Inch Whit
1913 E&J Sidelights
Gary Griffin -03/23, 07:38 pm- Very nice set of 1913 E&a
1915 Brass Bell Mag Horn
Gary Griffin -03/23, 07:35 pm- Restored Bridgeport brass
1912 Brown Side and Tail lights
Gary Griffin -03/23, 07:30 pm- Very nice set of Brown 10
Speedster on eBay
William Fedak -03/22, 09:34 pm-
Tim Wrenn-Monroevill -03/23, 07:23 pm- says sold
RAJO Head Kts
Mark Chaffin......Co -03/23, 06:13 pm- We will be attending Bake
For Sale: 17-23 rear fenders and splash aprons
Wayne Jorgensen -03/23, 10:54 am- I would like to sell a pa
TRANSPORT AVAIL: Ar, Ok,Mo. to N.C., Va, S.C.
Bills Auto Works -03/23, 10:21 am- This spot is still availa
Bakersfield swap meet
Bill Bohlen -03/23, 09:32 am- Antique T Motor Sports wi
WANTED Model T Snowmobile kit, parts or project
Russell Nave -03/23, 12:46 am- Please help me find A T S
Mark Strange - Hills -03/23, 09:18 am- Maybe this one is still a
Sioux tire clamp
Mario Brossard -03/21, 11:07 am- I would like to buy a Sio
Mark Gregush Portlan -03/21, 02:55 pm- While they may not be the
Mario Brossard -03/23, 08:06 am- Bump
1914 Kingston 4 Ball Carburetor
Ed in California -03/23, 07:54 am- 1914 Kingston 4 Ball Carb
FS car truck and trailer
Wes Nelson ........B -03/22, 01:15 pm- Just listed my car, truck
Freighter Jim -03/22, 05:19 pm- Wes, If the price listed
Wes Nelson ........B -03/22, 07:26 pm- It is for the package, Th
Wes Nelson ........B -03/22, 07:29 pm- Also have my old F600 lis
Wes Nelson ........B -03/23, 07:40 am- [2014 06 19 021.JPG] [2
Ricky Elmore -03/22, 10:29 pm- TWO NEW COKER MODEL T TIR
1914 California Blank Plate
Ed in California -03/22, 09:54 pm- Here is a porcelain blank
3 Ruckstells for sale
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -03/22, 01:24 pm- Thought the two small dru
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -03/22, 05:36 pm- Ruckstells are sold pendi
James E Smitherman -03/22, 08:30 pm- What if the deal goes nor
Wanted : good used outside door handle for a 26 tudor
Dennis Seth - Ohio -03/22, 08:09 pm- Travis, I sent you an em
Need Hood Former for 1915 Touring
Royce in Georgetown  -03/21, 11:40 am- Dave, I would start here
Eric Hylen- Central  -03/22, 08:07 pm- Ive got a pretty decent o
First Edition Ford Factory Facts January 1912
Ron Patterson-Nichol -03/22, 07:12 pm- BTT
Dad car
THOMAS MUNN -03/21, 11:51 pm- FOR SALE 1927 Model T For
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -03/22, 10:55 am- Does eclectic start mean
Bill dugger -03/22, 11:48 am- Steve: I noticed the co.
Bill dugger -03/22, 11:52 am- Steve: I looked in my Ca
Fred Miller, Sequim  -03/22, 03:04 pm- Etiwanda is now part of R
Mark Gregush Portlan -03/22, 05:08 pm- Thats what I found also.
For Sale Rebuilt Holly G Carburetor
Ron Patterson-Nichol -03/22, 10:37 am- The Holley G Carburetor w
Ron Patterson-Nichol -03/22, 10:39 am- The last photo above is a
Ron Patterson-Nichol -03/22, 04:45 pm- The Holly G carburetor ad
OT Please help my neighber
rick howerton -03/22, 04:24 pm- He is looking for 1935 or
Wanted: Early Tool Kit supplied with new cars
Rod Barrett - Anders -03/22, 04:05 pm- I am looking for the tool
Looking for
jason macintyre -03/22, 01:19 pm- Looking for Front mount p
Central PA to MA or anywhere enclosed Model T or other au...
Freighter Jim -03/22, 07:16 am- April 7th I will in Aa
For Sale - 2 Early Mufflers
Tony Bowker, Ramona, -03/22, 01:03 am- I have two early mufflers
Going to be for sale @ Chickasha
Ryan Hauge -03/21, 06:13 pm- All sold but 2 sets of ea
Warren Webb -03/21, 11:50 pm- sent you a pm
Bob Benedict, Hunbol -03/21, 08:19 am- Brian, Are you still look
Brian Healey -03/21, 10:50 pm- Bob, i just sent you an e
Wanted 26/27 bumpers
Bob Benedict, Hunbol -03/21, 08:09 am- Wanted front & rear 2
Dennis Plank - Three -03/21, 07:54 pm- Bob, I know where you can
Terry Woods, Richmon -03/21, 09:42 pm- Bob, I may have two sets
Allan Bennett - Aust -03/21, 03:45 am- Dave, I want to fit a wid
Dave Huson, Berthoud -03/21, 12:07 pm- Allan: The pegs on the 26
Allan Bennett - Aust -03/21, 09:13 pm- Thanks, Dave.
Jaxson Lugs
CharlesHebert -03/21, 07:19 am- Mike..yell back if they d
FOR SALE: Side Lights E&J 1916 to 1925
David Eastwood -03/21, 02:08 am- The side lamps have been
Wtb 2speed warford # 420 aux transmission
Scott McWilliam -03/21, 01:44 am- Bump
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