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Model T Ford Forum
Forum 2014
ID some parts?
Russell Richards -10/20, 10:02 pm- I just built a 1923 Model
Russell Richards -10/20, 10:14 pm- Heres a rear cross member
Jack Daron - Brownsb -10/20, 10:23 pm- Late 26-27 frame. No idea
Dan Treace, North FL -10/20, 10:26 pm- Your frame is a 26-26 mis
Allan Bennett - Aust -10/20, 10:28 pm- Russell, the frame is a 1
Russell Richards -10/20, 11:07 pm- There are small drill hol
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/21, 01:05 am- If the frame was made aft
Something for your back seat driver
Brian Eliason -10/20, 11:52 pm- [Do Ray backseat drivers.
Warren W. Mortensen -10/21, 12:59 am- Love it!
No fire. What am I missing?
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/19, 04:45 pm- This is starting the get
George_Cherry Hill N -10/19, 05:03 pm- Did you have the intake o
David Kriegel Mishaw -10/19, 05:14 pm- Only other idea is compre
Joseph A. Stearns -10/19, 05:28 pm- Steve, from what you have
Harold Schwendeman - -10/19, 05:30 pm- I had a similar situation
Kenneth W DeLong -10/19, 05:44 pm- Have you tried priming it
Norman T. Kling -10/19, 06:53 pm- Try a few drops of gas in
Leonard J Evansic -10/19, 08:16 pm- Steve---My 15 was tough t
Royce in Georgetown  -10/19, 08:20 pm- Steve, Does it have any c
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/19, 09:00 pm- Yep, lots of compression.
Jim Derocher -10/19, 09:17 pm- Are the plugs wet after s
George Clipner-Los A -10/20, 01:36 am- Starting fluid ? Even a w
Royce in Georgetown  -10/20, 07:27 am- Only things an engine nee
David Menzies -10/20, 01:40 pm- I read in a manual for st
Leonard J Evansic -10/20, 02:54 pm- On the G, you must open t
Thomas Mullin -10/20, 10:42 pm- Steve, If the gasoline w
Mike Garrison -10/20, 11:10 pm- Steve, elaborate just a l
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/21, 12:59 am- I took today off to work
OF carb
Dean Yoder -10/20, 09:22 pm- Is there a preference to
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -10/20, 10:52 pm- They are exactly the same
Dean Yoder -10/21, 12:47 am- Thanks Stan, picked up 3
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/15, 08:38 am- The website looks good, b
Royce in Georgetown  -10/15, 08:45 am- Used to be Chris Cushman
Jon Allen -10/15, 10:00 am- Steve, DO NOT deal with t
Mike Walker, NW AR -10/15, 10:10 am- Chris Cushman rebuilt a s
Richard Gould -10/15, 10:15 am- From what I understand, P
Royce in Georgetown  -10/15, 10:39 am- Pol was Chis cushmans par
Pat Kelly -10/15, 10:50 am- If anyone wants to get in
Mike Spaziano, Bellf -10/15, 12:16 pm- Russ Furstnow is THE pers
Willis Jenkins -10/15, 02:03 pm- I sent my Stewart Model 1
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -10/15, 04:42 pm- The reality is that anybo
Greg sarky K -10/15, 05:33 pm- steve, that website does
Michael Mullis -10/15, 06:25 pm- I just bought a complete
Russ Furstnow -10/15, 08:49 pm- First of all, thanks for
Rob Heyen -10/15, 09:45 pm- Thanks Russ. Your knowle
Pat Kelly -10/20, 02:22 pm- Who ever contacted me abo
Tom Lovejoy, So Cal -10/21, 12:38 am- very interesting, I have
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/21, 12:45 am- Whenever I see a T with a
Fall Colors Tour. October 25- Northern Ca.
Steve Elliott -10/19, 11:12 pm- Details / MotherLode Mode
David Dewey, N. Cali -10/20, 02:20 am- The link on the webpage i
Steve Elliott -10/21, 12:41 am- Sign up, RSVP, Erik or Ci
Oil gage site glass
James J Williams -10/15, 07:15 pm- Hi does anyone know wher
Donnie Brown North C -10/15, 07:18 pm- The hit and miss engine f
Bud Holzschuh - Pana -10/15, 08:02 pm- Someone here on the forum
Harold Schwendeman - -10/15, 08:07 pm- Bud - I believe that woul
Ricks - Surf City -10/15, 08:07 pm- has it.
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/15, 08:16 pm- Heres what Harold is talk
Paul Mikeska, Denver -10/15, 08:34 pm- If you want it to be glas
Ron -10/20, 02:14 pm- Theres no heat issue with
Dave Huson, Berthoud -10/20, 11:19 pm- One of the drivers in the
Mike Garrison -10/20, 11:27 pm- Geez Dave, I wouldnt have
JohnH -10/21, 12:07 am- The clear plastic tube id
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/21, 12:41 am- Opening both petcocks wil
Towbar for a T ?
Bud Holzschuh - Pana -10/19, 11:02 pm- Im wondering if anyone ha
Ricks - Surf City -10/19, 11:54 pm- You could adapt a VW towb
Andrew Benoit -10/20, 12:29 am- Here is the towing setup
Andrew Benoit -10/20, 03:40 am- I think I misunderstood t
Hap Tucker in Sumter -10/20, 06:47 am- Bud, You asked a similar
Bud Holzschuh - Pana -10/20, 09:28 am- Ricks & Andrew Thank
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -10/20, 10:01 am- Tow at 35 MPH? That is
Roger Karlsson, sout -10/20, 10:14 am- Bud, the reason for not t
Willie K Cordes -10/20, 10:33 am- Get a trailer and avoid p
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/20, 10:43 am- Summing up: Beetle yes, s
Mike Garrett -10/20, 10:47 am- The old-timers Ive talked
Ricks - Surf City -10/20, 11:06 am- My T has an aux tranny wi
Royce in Georgetown  -10/20, 11:35 am- You should not even consi
Ricks - Surf City -10/20, 01:05 pm- Were you there, Royce?
Royce in Georgetown  -10/20, 01:17 pm- I see RVs towing cars on
Jerry VanOoteghem -10/20, 01:21 pm- I have a tow bar that als
Jerry VanOoteghem -10/20, 01:25 pm- Royce, You could tow a M
Ricks - Surf City -10/20, 02:52 pm- I see RVs flat towing car
Royce in Georgetown  -10/20, 03:08 pm- Jerry, I totally agree,
Tom Carnegie -10/20, 03:38 pm- Ive towed my T thousands
Jared Buckert -10/20, 06:23 pm- Bud, I guess the real que
Freighter Jim -10/20, 08:27 pm- If you are not driving yo
Ricks - Surf City -10/20, 08:50 pm- Looks like there are thos
Mack Cole ---- Earth -10/20, 08:55 pm- Ricks, how fast do you to
Norman T. Kling -10/20, 09:04 pm- No! Norm
Ricks - Surf City -10/20, 10:09 pm- I dont tow it as fast as
Tom Carnegie -10/21, 12:27 am- Ralph, Ive noticed that m
David Menzies -10/21, 12:37 am- I towed my T about 20 mil
Uvira Reflector Results
Charles W. Little So -10/17, 04:39 pm- Has anyone had any experi
George_Cherry Hill N -10/17, 04:52 pm- Cant help with aluminum o
Kevin Whelihan -10/17, 06:25 pm- As soon as my reflectors
Garnet -10/17, 07:55 pm- Use the Keyword Search li
Dan Treace, North FL -10/17, 08:39 pm- CIS is in Louisville KY a
Chris Olsen -10/17, 09:58 pm- I silverplate at home, an
Erik Barrett -10/17, 10:51 pm- We have used Uvira plated
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -10/18, 11:41 am- I had the reflectors in m
Charles W. Little So -10/18, 12:00 pm- I need the kerosene sidel
Mark Gregush Portlan -10/18, 08:30 pm- They are selling Model A
Karl Gilchrist -10/20, 08:08 pm- I have them on my Model A
Mark Gregush Portlan -10/20, 11:59 pm- Walt at Brattons did a go
Glass reflector resilvering
Bill Elliott -10/20, 06:03 pm- Is it worth having my ori
joe bell -10/20, 07:10 pm- Bill, I was told to use s
John Aldrich Orting  -10/20, 07:38 pm- I had the reflectors on m
Jack Daron - Brownsb -10/20, 07:47 pm- John,not exactly the same
Verne Shirk -10/20, 11:19 pm- I had some John Brown gla
Greg Griffin -10/20, 11:19 pm- Bill, contact A Moment I
Greg Griffin -10/20, 11:22 pm- I am referring to acetyle
Pulley Damage
P. Jamison -10/20, 10:53 pm- My 24 roadster wouldnt ha
Mike Garrison -10/20, 11:18 pm- I wonder how the guys arm
OT - Hank and Alex (Ford and Malcomson)
Rob Heyen -10/14, 09:33 pm- Many forum readers are aw
David Powell -10/15, 03:14 am- Greetings Rob. What a fa
Dennis Seth - Ohio -10/15, 08:12 am- Great reading. Its almost
Royce in Georgetown  -10/15, 08:22 am- Appears to state Malcomso
Kenneth W DeLong -10/15, 08:44 am- Like everything in life-H
Rob Heyen -10/15, 09:32 am- David, Thank you. How is
David Powell -10/18, 01:27 am- Rob, All is going well w
R.V. Anderson -10/18, 11:55 am- Interesting that the Ford
Rob Heyen -10/18, 12:24 pm- R.V., I believe John was
Rob Heyen -10/18, 01:30 pm- David, I havent encounte
R.V. Anderson -10/18, 02:12 pm- Youre probably right. I d
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -10/19, 02:26 am- R.V., Interesting theory.
Royce in Georgetown  -10/19, 08:30 am- Regardless of Malcomsons
Rob Heyen -10/19, 08:47 am- A news report on the suit
Royce in Georgetown  -10/19, 08:57 am- Henry declared on the Dod
Rob Heyen -10/19, 02:26 pm- According to this 1914 ar
Rob Heyen -10/20, 11:07 pm- A few more Malcomson item
HEAD LIGHT bulbs burning out
Albin Werner  -10/19, 07:03 pm- I have a new generator on
Will Copeland - Tren -10/19, 07:20 pm- Are you sure its not a ba
Albin Werner  -10/19, 07:54 pm- Will, I am new to my 25 t
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -10/19, 08:02 pm- Bad ground on the headlig
Clayton Swanson -10/19, 08:52 pm- Aaron is on the money, be
Garnet -10/19, 09:31 pm- ... or better yet, check
JohnH -10/19, 10:37 pm- The generator is a curren
Dan B -10/19, 10:49 pm- You need to adjust the th
Norman T. Kling -10/20, 01:10 am- Any connection between th
Royce in Georgetown  -10/20, 07:43 am- The generator charges the
Tim Wrenn -10/20, 07:51 am- Since with any anomolie t
James A. Golden -10/20, 09:58 am- That generator can put ou
Willie K Cordes -10/20, 10:42 am- I had the same problem on
John F. Regan -10/20, 03:53 pm- Headlights burning out is
Jerry VanOoteghem -10/20, 04:42 pm- Albin, Look for a bad ba
James A. Golden -10/20, 06:24 pm- I had the same problem wi
Albin Werner  -10/20, 11:06 pm- thank you all!! I am retu
Question for Donnie Brown or others interested in Improve...
Roger Karlsson, sout -10/14, 05:55 am- Heres the link to the eba
Donnie Brown North C -10/14, 09:14 am- Arnie, The seller states
Travis E. Towle -10/14, 01:55 pm- Someone posted on this fo
Dan Treace, North FL -10/14, 02:19 pm- Travis Neat picture, I t
Dan Treace, North FL -10/14, 02:30 pm- [DCP_1079.JPG] Nov 25 1
arnie johansen -10/14, 08:03 pm- I have started a new topi
Travis E. Towle -10/16, 12:37 am- As I was painting my road
Travis E. Towle -10/16, 12:40 am- Also I will fire up my co
Donnie Brown North C -10/16, 10:19 am- Travis, To add something
arnie johansen -10/16, 02:36 pm- Travis: I want to thank
arnie johansen -10/19, 06:03 pm- Just to update you on my
Gary White -10/19, 07:23 pm- What an interesting read!
arnie johansen -10/19, 07:57 pm- Gary: Sill plates rivet
Gary White -10/19, 08:19 pm- I do have the U embossing
Gary White -10/19, 08:20 pm- Id be more than happy to
Donnie Brown North C -10/19, 08:30 pm- Gary, from my research so
Gary White -10/19, 08:42 pm- Thanks for the clarificat
arnie johansen -10/20, 10:22 pm- Gary: The holes on the f
Travis E. Towle -10/20, 10:40 pm- It would have been betwee
Gary White -10/20, 10:58 pm- A high resolution version
Scott Owens -10/20, 01:16 pm- Hi, Ok I bought the Fires
Will Copeland - Tren -10/20, 01:22 pm- Last I heard all Model T
Tom Miller, Mostly i -10/20, 01:37 pm- I see the vendors are adv
Royce in Georgetown  -10/20, 02:41 pm- All Model T clincher tire
Bob Coiro -10/20, 02:52 pm- I dont know what the DOT
Ricks - Surf City -10/20, 02:57 pm- Bob, how did you learn th
brass car guy -10/20, 03:19 pm- The Made in Vietnam is us
Scott Owens -10/20, 03:44 pm- My tires do not say made
Rick Goelz-Knoxville -10/20, 04:23 pm- The 21 are made in a plan
Bob Coiro -10/20, 06:31 pm- Ricks of Surf City, I can
Steve McClelland -10/20, 06:56 pm- Scott I just bought 6 w
Rob Patterson -10/20, 08:12 pm- Back in 1991 I bought a n
brass car guy -10/20, 08:18 pm- I believe the gum dipped
Allan Bennett - Aust -10/20, 10:47 pm- Rob, you are right about
Steve McClelland -10/20, 10:49 pm- Back in the 1964 I had ju
OT NRS parts help
Mark Stewart -Calif. -10/17, 08:03 pm- I am finishing an another
Mark Stewart -Calif. -10/20, 07:02 pm- Bump, Thanks for any help
Rob Heyen -10/20, 07:26 pm- Mark, Sorry I dont have a
Mark Stewart -Calif. -10/20, 07:58 pm- Thanks Rob I appreciate
Rob Heyen -10/20, 09:01 pm- Mark, The plan is to buil
Hap Tucker in Sumter -10/20, 09:15 pm- Mark, Im not quite sure
Mark Stewart -Calif. -10/20, 10:20 pm- Hi hap...Thanks. Yes I ne
Bob Trevan - Austral -10/20, 10:33 pm- Hi Mark--If you do not ge
Guy on the H.A.M.B. selling Ruxtell
Chuck Hoffman - Gold -10/20, 09:50 pm- The guy doesnt know what
Speedsters at the Museum
James A. Roof -10/20, 11:58 am- The Speedsters at the Mus
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -10/20, 12:05 pm- Jim - Thats a very nice v
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -10/20, 09:42 pm- Just 2 of them?
OT - road report on Highway 2
Tyrone Thomas - Tope -10/15, 04:19 pm- Grandson and I have been
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -10/15, 04:50 pm- Hwy 2 in Montana is close
Walt Berdan, Bellevu -10/15, 05:22 pm- I am not a fan of Highway
Walt Berdan, Bellevu -10/15, 05:29 pm- Speed limits in WA will r
Kenneth W DeLong -10/15, 05:45 pm- 2 is a great road to go s
Walt Berdan, Bellevu -10/15, 06:15 pm- Bud is right about Glacie
Dennis Seth - Ohio -10/15, 06:20 pm- Can you post a road map o
Tyrone Thomas - Tope -10/15, 11:03 pm- Dennis I wish I was smart
brass car guy -10/15, 11:05 pm- Have driven hiway 2 for m
Tyrone Thomas - Tope -10/15, 11:21 pm- Kenneth, The sun road wil
Tyrone Thomas - Tope -10/15, 11:24 pm- I want to go East to West
Tyrone Thomas - Tope -10/15, 11:27 pm- Thank you brass guy. Grea
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/15, 11:49 pm- Just so were all on the s
Eric Hylen- Central  -10/15, 11:54 pm- US 2 in Minnesota is pret
Bill Alexander in Al -10/16, 06:26 am- In Maine it is a major E-
Kevin Whelihan -10/16, 06:57 am- Ill pick it up from Eric
Tyrone Thomas - Tope -10/19, 10:06 pm- thank you all for the inf
Lance Sorenson, Hect -10/19, 11:50 pm- Highway 2 wasnt that busy
Burger in Spokane -10/20, 12:16 am- Why are we stuck on US 2
Mike Garrison -10/20, 01:44 am- Sounds like fun. I grew u
Mike Garrison -10/20, 01:46 am- Sorry Eric. The k just se
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/20, 09:00 am- Burger is correct. Many t
Dave Dufault -10/20, 09:18 am-
Dave Dufault -10/20, 09:25 am- So..learning curve here..
Burger in Spokane -10/20, 10:01 am- Another suggestion is to
brass car guy -10/20, 10:59 am- If you do decide to use H
Fred Miller, Sequim  -10/20, 12:58 pm- Tyrone, here is the Washi
John H. Nichols -10/20, 02:40 pm- If you take Rt. 11 north
brass car guy -10/20, 03:35 pm- We used to have a circle
Walt Berdan, Bellevu -10/20, 07:02 pm- Brass Car Guy - Id be in
Tyrone Thomas - Tope -10/20, 09:37 pm- the trip will be in late
Can this block be repaired?
Bob Shirley -10/20, 01:49 pm- Bought this block years a
Trent Boggess -10/20, 01:56 pm- Crow Custom Cast Welding
Kohnke Rebabbitting -10/20, 02:04 pm- Yes, we have blocks fixed
Scott Owens -10/20, 02:05 pm- DONT weld it. It will cra
Ed in California -10/20, 02:23 pm-
David Dare - Just a  -10/20, 02:43 pm- Hmmm, l have an early 13
Bob Shirley -10/20, 03:08 pm- Scott I do not think that
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/20, 03:22 pm- This is slightly OT, but
Dan McEachern -10/20, 03:24 pm- Have it cast iron welded
brass car guy -10/20, 03:26 pm- Brass is not acceptable f
Scott Owens -10/20, 03:41 pm- The problem in not the gu
Norman T. Kling -10/20, 03:46 pm- The first picture is of t
David Stroud -10/20, 04:07 pm- Scott, cast iron wont cra
Val Soupios -10/20, 04:48 pm- I had cast iron welding
Jack Daron - Brownsb -10/20, 04:59 pm- If they are not to bad,A
Allan Bennett - Aust -10/20, 07:39 pm- Val, the God of all welde
brass car guy -10/20, 08:10 pm- When my father welded cas
Clayton Swanson -10/20, 09:26 pm- crow cast welding is in
Bob Shirley -10/20, 09:31 pm- Thanks to everyone for yo
Getting ready for winter
Jim Hycner -10/19, 07:48 pm- [photo 111.JPG] Time to
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/19, 10:02 pm- Is that a tractor convers
Tim Wrenn -10/20, 03:48 pm- Im NEVER ready for winter
Ron -10/20, 04:55 pm- Did someone say tractor c
Ron -10/20, 05:17 pm- Looks like a power unit b
Jim Hycner -10/20, 05:39 pm- You guys dont miss a thin
Ron -10/20, 05:42 pm- Sadly, I have nothing to
tyler searle -10/20, 09:02 pm- If the guy that posted th
brass car guy -10/20, 09:25 pm- Getting ready for winter!
Model T on BBC's "Top Gear" track
Derek Kiefer - Manto -10/20, 06:08 pm- This should be interestin
A. Gustaf Bryngelson -10/20, 09:24 pm- Jennifer drove a T a few
OT Language test
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/20, 12:00 pm-  Simplemente probando par
Will Copeland - Tren -10/20, 12:06 pm- It worked Steve, I have n
G.R.Cheshire -10/20, 01:47 pm- So you wanted to see if y
A. Gustaf Bryngelson -10/20, 02:50 pm- Which software are you us
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/20, 03:09 pm- Software on my computer i
John Semprez-Templet -10/20, 03:32 pm- Just testing to see if th
Trent Boggess -10/20, 03:35 pm- zen me yang? zhu hao, c
Dick Lodge - St Loui -10/20, 03:36 pm- The two that I generally
A. Gustaf Bryngelson -10/20, 04:55 pm- OK, I understand, a lot o
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/20, 05:20 pm- John, I just made up the
John Semprez-Templet -10/20, 09:09 pm- Estaban, as, qu hay en
John Semprez-Templet -10/20, 09:13 pm- Great test... but how did
Mike Garrison -10/20, 09:22 pm- No sprechen ze espaniol.
My new Speedster project ...
Donnie Brown North C -10/17, 09:39 pm- What do ya think ...??
Frank van Ekeren (A -10/17, 09:44 pm- To much ground clearance!
Jack Putnam, Bluffto -10/17, 09:47 pm- A few parts short of a fu
Donnie Brown North C -10/17, 09:48 pm- I can easily shorten my r
Warwick Landy -10/17, 09:51 pm- Four wheel drive??
Doug Partington -10/17, 10:01 pm- Tip it upside down &
John Semprez-Templet -10/17, 10:15 pm- Sleek!
Terry Woods, Richmon -10/17, 10:26 pm- Weld some big coil spring
Donnie Brown North C -10/17, 10:30 pm- WOW, A lowered, underslun
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -10/17, 10:34 pm- Smooth, Sleek and Simple.
Thomas Elliott -10/17, 11:06 pm- Looks like the start of a
Cameron Whitaker -10/17, 11:09 pm- Put a lawn chair on it, g
Rob Heyen -10/18, 12:00 am- Its all about horsepower
Terry Woods, Richmon -10/18, 12:12 am- I forgot, Donnie, Box the
John P Noonan -10/18, 12:25 am- Donnie, if i were you i w
Mark Strange -10/18, 09:25 am- Steve Jelf, I see a good
Donnie Brown North C -10/18, 09:49 am- Ok: All joking aside, Thi
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -10/18, 12:35 pm- I will enjoy seeing the p
Mack Cole ---- Earth -10/18, 04:02 pm- I honestly thought you ha
Tyrone Thomas - Tope -10/20, 09:21 pm- ok, is it going to be a w
Hello again
Rob Patterson -10/18, 04:56 pm- Some of you longer term m
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -10/18, 05:15 pm- Welcome back, Rob! Its g
George Clipner-Los A -10/18, 05:18 pm- I recall Rob. welcome ba
Rob Patterson -10/18, 05:39 pm- Thanks for the welcome ba
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -10/18, 07:32 pm- There is one of those set
Rob Patterson -10/18, 08:00 pm- [Jazz festival parade 18.
Gilbert V. I. Fitzhu -10/18, 08:16 pm- Like that Zodiac ragtop!
Hap Tucker in Sumter -10/18, 08:33 pm- Rob, Im sorry to hear y
Rob Patterson -10/18, 09:33 pm- Hap, Im really chuffed th
Hap Tucker in Sumter -10/19, 06:34 pm- Rob, Thanks for the kind
Rob Patterson -10/20, 12:41 am- Hap, Thanks heaps for th
Mike Garrison -10/20, 02:03 am- Welcome home Rob. Ive bee
Rob Patterson -10/20, 02:58 am- Hi Mike, I should extend
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -10/20, 03:53 pm- Welcome back! Both of you
David Stroud -10/20, 04:02 pm- Yep, what Wayne said!! Da
Mike Garrison -10/20, 09:17 pm- Thank you. I have to admi
TT rims needed in New Jersey
Dave Young in Mays L -10/20, 08:13 pm- A buddy of mine needs a s
Andy Loso St Joseph, -10/20, 08:23 pm- Which Size?
Dave Young in Mays L -10/20, 08:34 pm- Hmmm. I guess the 6:00/ 2
Bill Volkman -10/17, 08:40 am- [image.jpg] [image.jpg]
john kuehn -10/17, 09:20 am- Check with Model T Haven.
john kuehn -10/17, 09:28 am- Just found a rim maker. I
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/17, 09:31 am- What John says is correct
Layden Butler -10/17, 12:59 pm- Bill, I have these pictur
Justin Heim -10/17, 01:21 pm- When a lug needs to be re
Jack Daron - Brownsb -10/17, 01:32 pm- I also have a string of t
john kuehn -10/17, 02:12 pm- Ive replaced missing lugs
Bill Volkman -10/17, 06:37 pm- Hi Layden Thank you very
Allan Bennett - Aust -10/17, 08:19 pm- Bill, has the rim with th
Bill Volkman -10/18, 05:12 am- Hi Layden . I have sent
Allan Bennett - Aust -10/18, 11:06 pm- Bill, It all depends on t
Bill Volkman -10/20, 04:48 am- Hi Layden I have PayPal
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/20, 08:17 am- In Bills picture that loo
Allan Bennett - Aust -10/20, 08:22 pm- You are right about the p
Allan Bennett - Aust -10/20, 08:24 pm- You are right about the p
OT-- On line computer cleaning services
Eugene Adams -10/19, 10:50 pm- [scratch] I am confused a
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/19, 11:07 pm- Reading all this again re
Tim Wrenn -10/20, 08:11 am- Steve, Im glad something
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/20, 08:40 am- Tim, think eBay. After su
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -10/20, 09:29 am- So the PC shop said there
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -10/20, 09:58 am- Eugene -- And you trust M
Tim Wrenn -10/20, 03:44 pm- Steve...never thought of
keith g barrier -10/20, 08:04 pm- Danial, thanks for the in
Screw size to hold bursh holder to plate generator
Mark Gregush Portlan -10/20, 12:30 pm- The copy of the electrica
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -10/20, 01:48 pm- Seems like a lot of extra
Ron Patterson-Nichol -10/20, 02:22 pm- Mark Use 6-32 slotted cou
Ron Patterson-Nichol -10/20, 05:56 pm- I should have said ....Co
Mark Gregush Portlan -10/20, 07:42 pm- Ken and Ron; Thank you ve
Ron Patterson-Nichol -10/20, 07:47 pm- Mark I strongly suggest y
Armrest Upholstery
william louis rosent -10/20, 01:53 pm- On early upholstery, the
David Coco -10/20, 02:53 pm- I would think split, fold
william louis rosent -10/20, 07:45 pm- Thank you David, this was
I SHOULD drive a Model T - according to Facebook
Jim Kelsey -10/17, 10:59 am- According to a quiz on Fa
John Semprez-Templet -10/17, 11:07 am- Same result. I think its
Mark Gregush Portlan -10/17, 11:12 am- It was a toss up between
Roger Karlsson, sout -10/17, 11:13 am- Got the T too, and tried
Derek Kiefer - Manto -10/17, 11:26 am- Tells me I should drive a
Dana A. Crosby in Gl -10/17, 11:49 am- Told me to drive a T as w
John Aldrich Orting  -10/17, 12:17 pm- Told me to drive a T also
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -10/17, 12:44 pm- I dont care what Facebook
Tim Voss -10/17, 02:14 pm- I ended up with a 67 Must
Steve Redelman -10/17, 02:39 pm- It says a Mustang for me.
Donnie Brown North C -10/17, 02:53 pm- I took it twice, once was
kep -10/17, 03:27 pm- lol i got ford model T, I
Dave Wells -10/17, 03:28 pm- Looks like Im a Mustanger
mike conrad -10/17, 03:41 pm- Mine said model J Duesenb
Bill Rigdon -10/17, 05:17 pm- WHAT? I ended up with a
Harold Schwendeman - -10/17, 05:29 pm- Well shoot!!! You cant e
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/17, 05:33 pm- My real answer to a lot o
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/17, 05:34 pm- But Fred, where do you go
Jim Kelsey -10/17, 06:06 pm- The question I have had i
Dennis Henrichs -10/17, 06:24 pm- This is like voting for p
James M. Riedy, Sand -10/17, 06:56 pm- I got the Mustang also. I
John Markham -10/17, 07:01 pm- I told me Mustang, though
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -10/17, 09:24 pm- Steve - You got me there!
George Clipner-Los A -10/18, 12:31 am- I got T also.
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -10/18, 05:53 am- I finally got more than f
Warwick Landy -10/18, 07:45 am- I got a Mustang! Too bad
Craig Anderson, cent -10/19, 12:56 am- I got Model T too........
Steve McClelland -10/20, 07:13 pm- Mustang...! I think not.
Challenge Match Grant approved for 2014 for MTFCA/Museum!
Barbara Klehfoth -10/18, 08:52 pm- October 2014 The Model T
Barbara Klehfoth -10/20, 02:56 pm- I prepared a News Release
Tim Wrenn -10/20, 03:27 pm- Great Deal! Ill be in.
Hap Tucker in Sumter -10/20, 06:47 pm- Barbara, Thank you so mu
I started stripping on the weekends (Pictures included!) ...
Ryan Glowacki -10/14, 08:48 am- Donnie are you ever right
george house -10/14, 09:52 am- Best original aftermarket
Ryan Glowacki -10/14, 11:01 am- George, Thank you! The wo
G.R.Cheshire -10/15, 11:39 am- Humm! I bet you could use
Ryan Glowacki -10/15, 01:30 pm- Theres an idea. I have a
Mike Spaziano, Bellf -10/15, 01:30 pm- Ryan, The wood that is o
Ryan Glowacki -10/15, 06:26 pm- Thanks Mike! I am unfamil
Jack Daron - Brownsb -10/15, 06:39 pm- They look great.I think p
Ryan Glowacki -10/20, 01:48 pm- [truck1.jpg] [truck2.jpg]
Tim Morsher -10/20, 01:55 pm- Gotta love a wood cab tru
Dennis Plank -10/20, 06:40 pm- Apitong boards are availa
Trying to find 3 inch tail light ?
David Kriegel Mishaw -10/20, 04:47 pm- Well the car is almost do
Mark Strange -10/20, 04:50 pm- Langs sells just a light
David Kriegel Mishaw -10/20, 04:56 pm- Thanks Mark I looked thro
Steve Tomaso - Milto -10/20, 05:46 pm- That link provided is not
Mike Walker, NW AR -10/20, 06:03 pm- Or, you could order these
Dan Treace, North FL -10/20, 06:26 pm- [$(KGrHqIOKiIE3zdNElOsBOI
Dan Treace, North FL -10/20, 06:28 pm- Think I have an extra met
Asphaltum Paint Experiment
Gary White -10/17, 11:19 am- Hey fellas, Ive been doin
Gary White -10/17, 11:24 am- Another pic; [paint
Roger Karlsson, sout -10/17, 11:34 am- Great test! Old Henry wo
Gary White -10/17, 11:38 am- Roger, Unfortunately, I
G.R.Cheshire -10/17, 11:53 am- Gary was this sprayed wit
Gary White -10/17, 12:13 pm- This was a very small bat
Ricks - Surf City -10/17, 12:14 pm- Great work, Gary! Ive sa
Gary White -10/17, 12:24 pm- Ill go ahead and out myse
Mark Strange -10/17, 12:38 pm- Neat project! Who knows,
Gary White -10/18, 04:25 pm- Did a 2nd, 3rd, and 4th s
Darren J Wallace -10/19, 08:05 pm- Where can you buy this pa
Scott Owens -10/19, 08:22 pm- So Gary are you showing a
Gary White -10/19, 08:22 pm- Darren, my asphaltum/lins
Gary White -10/19, 08:31 pm- Scott, My method of appl
Darren J Wallace -10/20, 05:57 pm- Thanks Gary!!!
Jared Buckert -10/20, 06:12 pm- To compare prices, becaus
Show Us Your T Doodlebug or Conversion Tractor!!
Adam Bosch -10/16, 10:29 pm- first post on here: here
M G Hillhouse -10/17, 12:28 am- My first T was a tractor
Chad Marchees -10/18, 08:24 am- Adam, do you have any lar
Ed in California -10/18, 09:49 am-
Donnie Brown North C -10/18, 10:05 am- I like the hi-crop axle.
kep -10/18, 05:14 pm- Is that a governor on the
Chad Marchees -10/18, 07:21 pm- Here are Adams pictures i
Ron -10/19, 07:48 am- Power unit I just picked
Chad Marchees -10/19, 08:03 am- I agree Ron. Thats why I
Ron -10/19, 08:05 am- Funny how few Staude kits
Ron -10/19, 08:13 am- Have the rear wheel pulle
Chad Marchees -10/19, 10:25 am- Taking a page from Lances
Dale L Myers -10/19, 11:07 am- This tractor was on ebay
Ron -10/19, 06:24 pm- Dale - did you buy her or
Ron -10/19, 06:50 pm- Cutting bar drive system
Ron -10/19, 06:51 pm- One more:[image.jpg]
Dale L Myers -10/19, 08:06 pm- Ron,I did not buy it. I s
Ron -10/19, 08:20 pm- Dale - she is EXCEPTIONAL
Michael R Beary -10/19, 09:15 pm- Dale, thank you for posti
Dean Yoder -10/20, 01:57 am- [tractor.jpg] I call thi
Ron -10/20, 08:59 am- Dean - monster is an unde
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -10/20, 11:26 am- That must be a young vers
Dean Yoder -10/20, 05:51 pm- Ron it came in that confi
Dean Yoder -10/20, 06:07 pm- as purchased [before.jpg]
New engine rebuild, aint nobody gona hand crank that.
David Dare - Just a  -10/19, 01:40 pm- Machined pistons, very cl
Doug Wilson -10/20, 08:19 am- My new engine would not s
Roger Karlsson, sout -10/20, 08:53 am- I tightened up the bearin
Ken Todd -10/20, 11:07 am- Rogers correct. If all be
Adam Doleshal -10/20, 11:53 am- Too tight to crank and/or
Cameron Whitaker -10/20, 12:19 pm- Gotta agree with Ken and
David Menzies -10/20, 01:14 pm- As the engine is assemble
Val Soupios -10/20, 05:00 pm- I expect that he is talki
Need Help Identifying Heinze Coilbox
Dan B -10/18, 10:44 pm- Alright, I figure everyon
Bob Trevan - Austral -10/19, 01:36 am- HI DAN--It will suit me f
Jerry VanOoteghem -10/20, 04:59 pm- Those are NOT Model NRS F
Canadian Ford Engine Number
John H. Nichols -10/20, 02:12 pm- I recently acquired two C
Timer help
Randy Glowacki -10/19, 06:43 pm- I replaced my timer with
David Kriegel Mishaw -10/19, 06:45 pm- Randy I just replaced my
Will Copeland - Tren -10/19, 06:51 pm- The news modern seals are
Mike Conte -10/19, 07:47 pm- From Langs The area in t
JohnH -10/19, 10:41 pm- As a firm believer in fel
Royce in Georgetown  -10/20, 07:30 am- Randy, If the felt seal
Randy Glowacki -10/20, 12:29 pm- Thank you for all the adv
Jerry VanOoteghem -10/20, 01:43 pm- Randy, Just be sure that
Old Photo- another Fordson on Shorpy.
Dane Hawley Near Mel -10/19, 05:01 am-
Chad Marchees -10/19, 07:43 am- That is an excellent pict
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -10/19, 01:49 pm- Shes driving over already
Anthonie Boer -10/19, 02:07 pm- Aaron : Shes starting plo
george house -10/20, 12:15 pm- Can anyone supply a pictu
Tom Miller, Mostly i -10/20, 12:33 pm- Is this an early model? I
Adam Bosch -10/20, 01:27 pm- George, I dont have a pic
Adam Bosch -10/20, 01:35 pm- I would date this tractor
What year is this cab
Tom Strickling -10/18, 12:57 pm- Can anyone tell me what y
Andy Loso St Joseph, -10/18, 05:09 pm- 25 and earlier
Layden Butler -10/18, 06:34 pm- 1924-1927 is my understan
Derek Kiefer - Manto -10/18, 06:43 pm- It doesnt have the trim o
Donnie Brown North C -10/18, 07:59 pm- I believe closed cabs cam
Donnie Brown North C -10/18, 08:03 pm- I believe Layden and Derr
Derek Kiefer - Manto -10/18, 08:46 pm- From the Encyclopedia:
John Semprez-Templet -10/18, 08:58 pm- My 25 had fender welt in
Fred Schrope - Uplan -10/18, 09:25 pm- Ive always thought that t
Jim Thode Chehalis W -10/19, 01:22 am- Fred, Check out the encyc
Donnie Brown North C -10/19, 10:06 am- I stand corrected. It app
Tom Strickling -10/19, 10:15 am- Thanks all, Derek, Wh
Thomas Elliott -10/19, 12:39 pm- With a cowl vent, my gues
John Semprez-Templet -10/19, 01:59 pm- Tom, The rear cab panels
Derek Kiefer - Manto -10/19, 08:54 pm- Heres a picture of the tr
Fred Miller, Sequim  -10/20, 01:16 pm- The Enclosed Cab at the b
Leaf Spring Removal Question
Christopher Vasconce -10/20, 09:14 am- I want to remove the rear
Roger Karlsson, sout -10/20, 09:59 am- There are several threads
Mike Walker, NW AR -10/20, 10:00 am- Chris -- When you remove
Mike Walker, NW AR -10/20, 10:01 am- Is there an echo in here?
Dave Wells -10/20, 10:03 am- You can leave the small U
Christopher Vasconce -10/20, 10:14 am- Great...thank you very mu
Dave Wells -10/20, 10:23 am- Yes, the wheel puller too
G.R.Cheshire -10/20, 11:02 am- Christopher you might wan
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/20, 11:12 am- Heres where you support t
Christopher Vasconce -10/20, 11:35 am- You mentioned perches, wh
george house -10/20, 11:45 am- The perches bolt into the
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/20, 12:04 pm- [IMG_5887_2.JPG] Rear sp
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/20, 12:08 pm- Chris, in answer to the l
Dan Treace, North FL -10/20, 12:35 pm- If that Black Book is the
Christopher Vasconce -10/20, 12:39 pm- Thank you so much! Actual
David Menzies -10/20, 12:47 pm- The bell cap and universa
John F. Regan -10/20, 01:03 pm- Christopher: Since you a
1928 Ford Tail Light Question
James A. Golden -10/20, 10:04 am- Does anyone know if the C
Mark Gregush Portlan -10/20, 12:12 pm- Both the 26/27 Hall brake
Dan Treace, North FL -10/20, 12:57 pm- Cant say that the Ford 26
OT MSN.coM Not working
John H. Nichols -10/20, 12:52 pm- is not letting me
OT What is this tool?
Chris Bamford, Edmon -10/16, 10:14 pm- Found whilst helping my b
Neil Dorey -10/17, 02:33 am- I have that tool too. Its
Dennis Seth - Ohio -10/17, 07:21 am- Gee and I thought it was
Chris Bamford, Edmon -10/17, 10:55 am- Thanks, Neil. No thanks,
Mark Wetherbee -10/20, 12:51 pm- What Neil said - also Pac
Timing gear cover
George_Cherry Hill N -10/18, 04:28 pm- Sorry that I dont have a
Steve Tomaso - Milto -10/18, 06:06 pm- Early Atwater ignition se
George_Cherry Hill N -10/20, 07:37 am- Thanks Steve, The fan be
Mark Gregush Portlan -10/20, 11:55 am-
Thomas Elliott -10/20, 12:24 pm- If you need it, I have th
Fremont Michigan cars on Main Street-Photo
Herb Iffrig -10/19, 10:38 pm- [Fremont Michigan.jpg]
Tim Wrenn -10/20, 08:13 am- Another cool pic. Just ha
brass car guy -10/20, 11:50 am- No traffic, no problem. A
Erik Johnson -10/20, 11:56 am- Theyre probably lined up
Tom Miller, Mostly i -10/20, 12:21 pm- If you look up 4E Main st
Adjusting the linkage for a meduim/ sweet spot
David Dare - Just a  -10/19, 11:28 am- Corrected worn pedal cams
Harold Schwendeman - -10/19, 06:15 pm- David - Speaking of names
Norman T. Kling -10/19, 06:24 pm- If everything is in good
Norman T. Kling -10/20, 10:27 am- One thing I did not make
John Zibell -10/20, 11:43 am- I believe there was a thr
Really bad looking BOYCO caps on ebay for 3 for only $185!
Adam Doleshal -10/20, 11:42 am- In case someone here real
OT - any forum members in the Roanoke-Lynchburg VA area?
Rob Heyen -10/20, 08:21 am- If anyone is in this area
Dan B -10/20, 08:43 am- Rob - This barn find isnt
Mike Walker, NW AR -10/20, 10:06 am- That building in Lynchbur
David Coco -10/20, 11:14 am- This collection is owned
Rob Heyen -10/20, 11:22 am- David, thanks. Its close
Old photo - Motorized Spanish arquitect
Hap Tucker in Sumter -10/20, 08:26 am- Eric, Sorry for the late
brass car guy -10/20, 11:13 am- It appears to have a carb
What type oil
mike dixon -10/19, 10:04 pm- what do i put in the litt
Tyrone Thomas - Tope -10/19, 10:07 pm- I use a 90 gear oil, but
Mark Gregush Portlan -10/19, 10:12 pm- 90W, 600W or motor oil.
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/19, 10:18 pm- Chain saw oil.
JohnH -10/19, 10:23 pm- I put in motor oil20W-50e
Ruben Gonzales -10/19, 10:36 pm- The guy I bought mine fro
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/19, 10:55 pm- Ruben, if you mean in the
Burger in Spokane -10/19, 11:59 pm- If a person goes to the t
Ruben Gonzales -10/20, 12:05 am- Oh yes I meant the engine
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/20, 12:19 am- If paying Pennzoil or Mob
Kevin Whelihan -10/20, 06:48 am- The other issue is how ba
Justin Heim -10/20, 07:38 am- Any oil with an API Servi
Tim Wrenn -10/20, 07:55 am- Justin...yep...I use Rote
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -10/20, 10:09 am- Steve, When I choose oil
Nevin Gough -10/20, 11:13 am- I run a cheap 20W40 oil f
Arkansas Tin Lizzies Fall Tour
Mike Walker, NW AR -10/20, 10:28 am- The Arkansas Tin Lizzies
OT Engine identification
Andrew Benoit -10/19, 05:51 am- Here are a few more photo
Andrew Benoit -10/19, 05:55 am- He also had this in one o
Andrew Benoit -10/19, 06:04 am- Here is cone clutch that
Ed in California -10/19, 09:36 am- Neat. A Rajo 4 valve OHV
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/19, 09:53 am- The water pipe appears to
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -10/19, 04:11 pm- What I find interesting o
Allan Bennett - Aust -10/19, 11:31 pm- Hap, I was interested by
Hap Tucker in Sumter -10/20, 08:56 am- Allan, I agree with you
Stover Burr Mill for Model T
Adam Bosch -10/16, 10:46 pm- there was a thread starte
Burger in Spokane -10/16, 11:07 pm- This thing looks like a b
Adam Bosch -10/16, 11:20 pm- Actually it does not move
Roger Karlsson, sout -10/16, 11:31 pm- Heres the 2010 thread: ht
Eric Hylen- Central  -10/19, 02:28 pm- Welcome to the forum, Ada
Lance Sorenson, Hect -10/19, 03:24 pm- A little bit bigger view.
Adam Bosch -10/19, 09:37 pm- thanks for the re-size La
Mark Strange -10/20, 08:48 am- Adam, as far as I know yo
Any here in the Colorado Springs area?
Ruben Gonzales -10/20, 12:22 am- Hi, Im wondering if their
Bill Alexander in Al -10/20, 07:42 am- Steve Coniff is in Co. Sp
I might have a big problem
Will Copeland - Tren -10/19, 02:10 pm- While greasing the front
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/19, 02:24 pm- Looks like you have some
Les Schubert -10/19, 02:43 pm- Ive seen them welded with
Will Copeland - Tren -10/19, 03:08 pm- I will just replace the w
Donnie Brown North C -10/19, 03:21 pm- Will: I am a retired cert
Will Copeland - Tren -10/19, 04:30 pm- I have wrapped a ratchet
Will Copeland - Tren -10/19, 04:38 pm- [1920247_1020284845467467
Will Copeland - Tren -10/19, 04:39 pm- [10509643_102028484555947
john kuehn -10/19, 05:02 pm- That crack can be welded
Steve Redelman -10/19, 08:15 pm- The best way to pull the
Allan Bennett - Aust -10/19, 09:00 pm- Steve, thats a great idea
Clayton Swanson -10/19, 09:03 pm- the weld will work, but l
Ed in California -10/19, 09:10 pm- A nice clean TIG weld bea
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/19, 09:38 pm- Donnie and John are right
Clayton Swanson -10/19, 09:57 pm- that looks like the corre
Mike Walker, NW AR -10/19, 10:41 pm- Will -- If you decide to
Bud Holzschuh - Pana -10/19, 10:55 pm- Whether you weld or repla
Mike Walker, NW AR -10/19, 11:00 pm- Bud -- That is correct.
Will Copeland - Tren -10/20, 07:25 am- I believe this problem st
Model T Wire Wheel Identification Needed
Ron McKenzie -10/19, 10:11 pm- I recently purchased 2 di
Allan Bennett - Aust -10/19, 11:13 pm- Ron, the two on the right
Layden Butler -10/20, 12:00 am- And the 6 lug looks like
Andrew Webb -10/20, 05:43 am- Spranger must have many d
Starter question; buss bar to terminal
Mark Gregush Portlan -10/19, 02:19 pm- Is the terminal riveted o
jeff cordes -10/19, 02:50 pm- I find it easier to remov
Ron Patterson-Nichol -10/19, 03:08 pm- Mark The terminal bolt is
Mark Gregush Portlan -10/19, 10:10 pm- Thank you.
Plastic Scale Models
Bob Coiro -10/18, 10:48 am- Back when I was a kid, I
Gary H. White - Sher -10/18, 11:00 am- Have you tried Ebay? Saw
Dan Schultz_Sheboyga -10/18, 11:13 am- I have found them on eBay
Paul Mikeska, Denver -10/18, 11:15 am- I entered Plastic Model C
Paul Mikeska, Denver -10/18, 11:34 am- Here is one for Mike Walk
Paul Mikeska, Denver -10/18, 11:38 am- This one looks interestin
Derek Kiefer - Manto -10/18, 11:58 am- Lindberg makes a 1:16 sca
ROBERT BERGSTADT -10/18, 12:13 pm- I have quite a few Horsel
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -10/18, 12:31 pm- I loved building those th
Mack Cole ---- Earth -10/18, 04:04 pm- I wish there was a good w
Dennis Seth - Ohio -10/18, 05:05 pm- I clean items like that i
Harold Schwendeman - -10/18, 06:38 pm- Actually, the dust on tha
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -10/18, 07:14 pm- Thanks Harold. Now I dont
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -10/18, 07:37 pm- I collected pop bottles a
Mike Walker, NW AR -10/19, 09:12 am- Paul -- I already have on
Dan Schultz_Sheboyga -10/19, 12:56 pm- Bob,here are some brass c
Hans van Geffen -10/19, 10:00 pm- Although I do realise it
Don Watson -Florence -10/19, 10:03 pm- What ever happened to the
New insurance rates in KY might be going up a bunch
Tom Moorehead -10/14, 08:10 pm- It appears our local tax
Chuck Hoffman - Gold -10/14, 08:31 pm- Its like follow the leade
Ron Patterson-Nichol -10/15, 09:28 am- Tom In Kentucky this is n
James Chochole -10/15, 09:32 am- You guys have been lucky
A. Gustaf Bryngelson -10/15, 10:58 am- If you think about it, if
G.R.Cheshire -10/15, 11:31 am- I like Florida even more
Paul Mikeska, Denver -10/15, 11:57 am- In Colorado Antique plate
Bob Cascisa - Poulsb -10/15, 12:39 pm- Washington has a one time
Dave Barker - Dayton -10/15, 01:53 pm- Ohio is similar to Florid
Tom Moorehead -10/15, 08:27 pm- If it werent for the hot
Paul Mikeska, Denver -10/15, 08:40 pm- I have known some guys th
Craig Anderson, cent -10/15, 11:04 pm- ANTIQUE plates in Wiscons
Warren W. Mortensen -10/16, 03:09 am- A buddy of mine who worke
mike dixon -10/16, 07:55 am- warrsn he wouldnt be my b
samuel pine -10/16, 08:06 am- Whisper this I dont want
Tom Moorehead -10/17, 06:51 pm- Do those who dont live in
Dave Barker - Dayton -10/17, 08:21 pm- One-time fee in Ohio for
G.R.Cheshire -10/18, 05:48 pm- In Florida just the one t
R. S. Cruickshank -10/18, 08:15 pm- Back in 1980 I registered
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -10/18, 09:39 pm- Never heard of property t
Tom Moorehead -10/19, 09:33 am- Dave Maybe I am missing s
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -10/19, 01:39 pm- The sum scuckers In Ca. g
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -10/19, 01:44 pm- Tom, the day the stupid,
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -10/19, 05:42 pm- Tom. License is good 11 m
Clayton Swanson -10/19, 09:17 pm- minnesota was a one time
Newbie with a 1922 T Touring
V.Milke -10/14, 03:01 pm- I am attaching a pic I ha
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -10/14, 04:05 pm- The original starter swit
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/14, 04:45 pm- Along with the few anomal
Ricks - Surf City -10/14, 05:03 pm- Nice work, Steve. Solder
V.Milke -10/14, 11:31 pm- Beautiful work! Now I kn
V.Milke -10/14, 11:34 pm- Answering a few of the qu
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/14, 11:59 pm- The terminal block, Ford
Roger Karlsson, sout -10/15, 02:57 am- Victor, the original owne
V.Milke -10/15, 01:21 pm- Steve: Thanks! Glad to kn
V.Milke -10/15, 03:03 pm- Ok guys... this is where
Mark Strange -10/15, 03:23 pm- Here is an older thread t
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/15, 03:53 pm- The serial number 6268742
Mike Walker, NW AR -10/15, 06:31 pm- Victor -- Just to muddy t
Dave Wells -10/15, 07:06 pm- But if it was a Canadian
V.Milke -10/15, 09:06 pm- Mark, thanks for the link
V.Milke -10/15, 09:41 pm- And here is the pics... f
V.Milke -10/15, 10:16 pm- Jeff: Thanks! I believe i
V.Milke -10/15, 10:24 pm- Jeff: Oh... and I will g
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/15, 11:09 pm- I have to brag on the MTF
Mike Walker, NW AR -10/16, 10:37 am- Victor -- The upholstery
V.Milke -10/16, 10:07 pm- Today I got the visit fro
V.Milke -10/16, 10:16 pm- On the history of Ford in
V.Milke -10/18, 03:37 am- I have one other question
Mark Strange -10/18, 09:06 am- My understanding was that
JohnCodman -10/18, 09:30 am- Note to Steve Jelf, I wou
Mike Walker, NW AR -10/18, 09:46 am- Victor -- If you have oil
V.Milke -10/18, 11:06 am- I took a couple of pics o
Steve Tomaso - Milto -10/18, 11:10 am- Ford O tail lamps.
Mike Walker, NW AR -10/18, 07:13 pm- Victor -- The one you hav
V.Milke -10/19, 08:36 pm- Mike: Thanks! I checked a
How many of our Model T's have had their 100th Birthday?
Mark Stewart -Calif. -10/15, 05:36 pm- How many of our Model Ts
Dick Lodge - St Loui -10/15, 06:04 pm- Mines just a kid. Turned
Kenneth W DeLong -10/15, 06:16 pm- 7/3/14 Bud.
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -10/15, 06:54 pm- My 14 Touring is April 22
Val Soupios -10/15, 06:54 pm- Five of mine so far. A 1
Paul Mikeska, Denver -10/15, 07:04 pm- My 14 Touring turned 100
R.V. Anderson -10/15, 07:31 pm- 14 touring, Aug. 11.
Gilbert V. I. Fitzhu -10/15, 07:59 pm- My 13.
Herb Iffrig -10/15, 08:05 pm- Two 11s here.
Bob Cascisa - Poulsb -10/15, 08:21 pm- 656,063 According to the
Henry Petrino in Mod -10/15, 08:27 pm- Four more years, in 2018.
Bill Saitta -10/15, 08:32 pm- the 2015 cars are out
Paul Mikeska, Denver -10/15, 08:36 pm- I forgot my 1907 Model R.
Eric Hylen- Central  -10/15, 08:41 pm- 14 Touring 08 Maxwell LC
Eric Hylen- Central  -10/15, 08:46 pm- Mark, My 14 has the same
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/15, 09:05 pm- My roadster will hit the
Dan Killecut -10/15, 09:53 pm- My 13 and 14 tourings.
Richard Gould -10/15, 10:02 pm- 1910 touring, 1912 roadst
Bill in Adelaida Cal -10/15, 10:47 pm- The engine in my 14 turne
Warren W. Mortensen -10/16, 03:10 am- My 14 is a hundred... but
Warwick Landy -10/16, 05:23 am- My Dads Touring turned 10
Derek Kiefer - Manto -10/16, 08:41 am- My great-grandparents too
G.R.Cheshire -10/16, 08:58 am- With an engine number of
Eric Hylen- Central  -10/16, 09:33 am- Derek, thats another birt
Bill Elliott -10/16, 11:05 am- My 1914 495181 turned 100
John Aldrich Orting  -10/16, 01:43 pm- My 15 Pick up will hit 10
Dick Fischer -10/16, 02:54 pm- When our T turned 100 in
Skip Anderson -10/16, 03:58 pm- The Caddy turned 110 last
Gene Carrothers Hunt -10/16, 04:32 pm- My 12 Torpedo Roadster #1
Marty Bufalini -10/19, 10:23 am- Count in my 14 Touring.
David Dare - Just a  -10/19, 11:21 am- 2 for me last year, still
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -10/19, 04:43 pm- It doesnt have the origin
Mike-Iowa -10/19, 08:19 pm- Three 14s and two 11s. Mi
How long are 1915 brake rods?
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/19, 11:22 am- Im still mystified by the
George_Cherry Hill N -10/19, 12:39 pm- Steve, I just went out a
Dan Treace, North FL -10/19, 12:48 pm- All rods09-25 are same le
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/19, 02:15 pm- Yep, thats it. I dont rem
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -10/19, 05:09 pm- Or two? You can always cu
Mike Walker, NW AR -10/19, 07:02 pm- Steve -- You might have u
Rod berrings
Mark Schubert -10/19, 11:08 am- I have a 27 touring car a
Mark Gregush Portlan -10/19, 11:37 am- Get down and get under, a
Tony Bowker -10/19, 12:05 pm- On the recent National To
Harold Schwendeman - -10/19, 06:02 pm- Mark & Tony - The use
Norman T. Kling -10/19, 06:38 pm- When the engine has been
Les Schubert -10/19, 07:01 pm- Mark I have a 27 touring
Daniel M. Chapasko -10/18, 10:19 am- What do you do when a rad
John Zibell -10/18, 10:57 am- You didnt say where it wa
Tim Wrenn -10/18, 11:21 am- My advice is buy a new on
Peter Claverie -10/18, 11:36 am- In the old days, folks ha
Daniel M. Chapasko -10/18, 11:37 am- NO ! $800.00. I am not
Jim Sims -10/18, 11:51 am- I have had good luck with
Mike Zahorik -10/18, 11:56 am- I toke my old radiator to
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/18, 12:52 pm- Your cars are 87 years ol
John Semprez-Templet -10/18, 12:59 pm- Daniel, I am an old guy a
Rick Goelz-Knoxville -10/18, 01:10 pm- Again depending on where
Erik Johnson -10/18, 01:42 pm- If its just a few tubes l
john kuehn -10/18, 04:36 pm- If its an original radiat
Kenneth W DeLong -10/18, 06:32 pm- Like Jim Sims,i have had
john kuehn -10/18, 06:53 pm- Your a lucky one Ken. And
Daniel M. Chapasko -10/18, 07:36 pm- Thank you all. The leak
Kenneth W DeLong -10/18, 08:20 pm- John,Your right as i did
Ted Dumas -10/18, 09:01 pm- Go to your local radiator
David Kriegel Mishaw -10/19, 11:20 am- On a post years ago someo
Tony Bowker -10/19, 11:55 am- You can fix small leaks w
Daniel M. Chapasko -10/19, 06:43 pm- Thank you guys for your h
Sediment bulb: How do I clean out and unfreeze an original?
Matthew Atchinson  -10/19, 10:31 am- I gently wire brushed the
Ken Todd -10/19, 10:52 am- The shutoff valve is tape
Les Schubert -10/19, 11:00 am- Matthew The shutoff on th
Matthew Atchinson  -10/19, 11:59 am- Thanks for the responses
Dan Treace, North FL -10/19, 12:28 pm- As Les posted, use heat,
Matthew Atchinson  -10/19, 02:57 pm- As instructed I heated an
What does this leather seat go to?
Daniel Kraft -10/18, 06:46 pm- The guy has 4 of these se
Daniel Kraft -10/18, 06:47 pm- [image.jpg]
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -10/18, 08:01 pm- [15-45.jpg] Yellowston
Daniel Kraft -10/19, 12:38 am- Is there any value here?
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -10/19, 02:15 pm- I would have paid good mo
Jay Leno's Garage
Bob Coiro -10/16, 11:37 am- A good many of the videos
Mark Strange -10/16, 12:20 pm- Thanks for the link, I bo
Bob Coiro -10/16, 12:25 pm- No, no Model T video. [:
Michael Deichmann, B -10/16, 04:18 pm- Didnt he use to have a we
Mark Strange -10/16, 04:38 pm- He has a website, but the
Bob Coiro -10/16, 04:44 pm- Yeah, he had a really coo
Barbara Klehfoth -10/19, 01:21 pm- Talked to Leno about putt
Latest T-Bay offering "Coupelet"
G.R.Cheshire -10/17, 10:20 am- My wallet aint that big!
G.R.Cheshire -10/17, 10:24 am- Oops the link didnt post
Derek Kiefer - Manto -10/17, 10:26 am-
Dave Wells -10/17, 10:29 am- No deal there. Problem is
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/17, 10:38 am- I didnt know 1918 was bra
Jay - In Northern Ca -10/17, 10:43 am- This same seller asks cra
Kenneth W DeLong -10/17, 10:55 am- I dont think this guy got
Roger Karlsson, sout -10/17, 10:58 am- Another no sale I suppose
Bob Cascisa - Poulsb -10/17, 12:27 pm- Why does this 1918 have a
Bob Gruber- Spanaway -10/17, 12:36 pm- The same guy has a 12 Mot
G.R.Cheshire -10/17, 12:56 pm- this is the same guy that
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -10/17, 01:45 pm- Well, Ive posted this bef
Jon Crane -10/17, 01:53 pm- Stan Thanks for the info.
Mike Walker, NW AR -10/17, 03:24 pm- Bob G. -- He didnt part o
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -10/17, 03:50 pm- Some say that the only di
Ted Dumas -10/17, 05:00 pm- It could be an eccentric
Richard Gould -10/17, 07:01 pm- I purchased an NRS crankc
G.R.Cheshire -10/17, 10:45 pm- Stan: I put no faith in E
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -10/18, 12:37 am- That may be true but Ive
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -10/18, 12:52 am- Couple years ago he decid
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -10/18, 12:55 am- Notice the license plate
Mark Gregush Portlan -10/18, 08:40 pm- Thank you Stan for standi
John Wightman -10/19, 11:09 am- Ive talked to him quite a
Tim Morsher -10/19, 01:21 pm- Set that body on an easy
T Tire Safety Question?
Mark Stewart -Calif. -10/17, 04:01 pm- The tires on my 14 T Runa
Dave Wells -10/17, 04:12 pm- They look safe enough to
Royce in Georgetown  -10/17, 04:19 pm- Scary looking.....
Frank van Ekeren (A -10/17, 04:31 pm- Do like the movie, The wo
Ted Dumas -10/17, 04:50 pm- You are going to need new
Henry Petrino in Mod -10/17, 05:13 pm- What Ted said......
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -10/17, 05:39 pm- If you can stay out of tr
Peter Claverie -10/17, 06:07 pm- Theres a bit of a duality
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -10/17, 08:16 pm- I dont know. For the mos
John Semprez-Templet -10/17, 09:07 pm- Mark, the decision is you
Les Schubert -10/17, 09:12 pm- Hey its a 14 runabout. wh
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -10/17, 09:21 pm- My T is currently on tire
Mark Stewart -Calif. -10/17, 10:18 pm- Comments and points well
Hal Schedler, Sacram -10/17, 10:22 pm- Ive seen and driven on wo
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -10/17, 10:55 pm- I had a front blowout at
Vince M -10/17, 11:12 pm- Maybe look into some good
Ricks - Surf City -10/18, 12:17 am- Hard rubber has no tracti
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/18, 12:21 am- Im no tire expert, but Im
jeff cordes -10/18, 12:52 am- I was driving a TT flatbe
David Powell -10/18, 01:42 am- Picture this scenario. A
John P Noonan -10/18, 02:14 am- I have to agree with most
Andrew Benoit -10/18, 02:28 am- I would buy new tyres. Th
Nevin Gough -10/18, 04:25 am- Here in New Zealand we ha
jerry knouse -10/18, 08:55 am- If you never haul passeng
jerry knouse -10/18, 08:57 am- should read those tires -
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -10/18, 09:27 am- Someone will always be ab
Norman T. Kling -10/18, 09:39 am- Here are some problems th
Carl Klem -10/18, 09:47 am- Buy new ones, they are on
Kenneth W DeLong -10/18, 04:16 pm- I dont know if their safe
Dennis Seth - Ohio -10/18, 05:00 pm- Sure you can run tires li
Kenneth W DeLong -10/18, 06:14 pm- Are there flaps in those
Derek Kiefer - Manto -10/18, 06:16 pm- Ive driven on worse, but
James Chochole -10/18, 07:05 pm- I would suspect if you hu
Mark Stewart -Calif. -10/18, 10:34 pm- Kenneth, Yes there are fl
Allan Bennett - Aust -10/18, 11:12 pm- Mark, you could save some
kep -10/19, 03:13 am- Those are getting a bit p
Michael Deichmann, B -10/19, 04:08 am- Back then the cords where
Peter Borland. Bathu -10/19, 05:58 am- I am a vehicle inspector
Bob Coiro -10/19, 09:08 am- Wayne is right; cotton ro
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/19, 10:13 am- So with Universal, Firest
Ricks - Surf City -10/19, 01:13 pm- T Drivers are bad, too.
Trailer Tire tiedowns
Will Copeland - Tren -10/19, 07:30 am- After looking at how U Ha
Chad Marchees -10/19, 07:47 am- I think part of the probl
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/19, 10:20 am- [IMG_2852_2.JPG] Heres
Dan Treace, North FL -10/19, 10:21 am- These are the ones that s
James Chochole -10/19, 11:16 am- Since the U-Haul wheel ti
Helpful Tip Thread # 2
Will Copeland - Tren -10/17, 09:42 am- The helpful tip thread wa
G.R.Cheshire -10/17, 10:05 am- Always make it easy for s
Les Schubert -10/17, 10:20 am- To add to the tip about t
Chris Bamford, Edmon -10/17, 11:02 am- Ive also used the cheap l
Mark Strange -10/17, 12:48 pm- If you have an old comput
David J. Holland -10/17, 02:43 pm- When installing newly mad
David Dewey, N. Cali -10/17, 03:24 pm- Will, I prefer anti-siez
Jim Sims -10/17, 04:48 pm- When rebuilding a t engin
Patrick Mulrooney, W -10/17, 05:32 pm- Jim Sims... What did you
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -10/17, 10:19 pm- Can u still buy Brylcream
Eugene Adams -10/17, 11:04 pm- Rare Earth Magnets may be
brass car guy -10/18, 11:26 am- Brlycream a little dab wi
Peter Claverie -10/18, 11:27 am- Yes, you can still get it
Mike Walker, NW AR -10/18, 07:07 pm- Youll look so debonair.
Ken Todd -10/19, 10:34 am- All the gals will pursue
Skip Wheeler -10/19, 10:48 am- When repairing wheel wobb
paul griesse--Granvi -10/19, 10:53 am- Beware of the dab---I`m j
brass car guy -10/19, 10:54 am- Im impressed, there are g
Les Schubert -10/19, 11:01 am- The shutoff on these is a
Les Schubert -10/19, 11:02 am- Bryl Cream. I never used
What is a fair price for this hood?
Daniel Kraft -10/18, 07:58 pm- I want to sell this hood
Dan B -10/18, 10:39 pm- A brand new one from Root
john kuehn -10/19, 09:19 am- A nice hood with no dings
Daniel Kraft -10/19, 10:52 am- John, are you interested
Old Photo. Fords, truck and tractors on Shorpy
Dane Hawley Near Mel -10/18, 04:13 am-
Manuel Voyages, ACT  -10/18, 05:03 am- All the tractors seem to
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -10/18, 05:22 am- Except for a few factory
John Page -10/18, 07:09 am- [img093.jpg]
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -10/18, 01:43 pm- Now THAT is a line of For
Burger in Spokane -10/18, 01:50 pm- I can remember at least h
Burger in Spokane -10/18, 03:23 pm- In the Shorpy link at the
Jim Rodell, Sr.- Wis -10/19, 12:15 am- That truck that has the g
Royce in Georgetown  -10/19, 08:14 am- Great picture. [Fordson.
How to post pictures from an IPhone?
Daniel Kraft -10/18, 01:16 pm- How do I resize and post
Dan Treace, North FL -10/18, 02:19 pm- Use an App to resize. Go
Dan Treace, North FL -10/18, 02:24 pm- Test. Just posted this f
Will Copeland - Tren -10/19, 08:12 am- Dan, You should put this
Champion Model E Racer
John P Noonan -10/18, 09:09 pm- Came across this and thou
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -10/19, 04:34 am- Nice video! And he gives
Storing VIntage Ford mags
Allan Bennett - Aust -10/18, 02:06 am- Every Wednesday there is
Mark Strange -10/18, 09:19 am- Very nice, good find!
Kenneth W DeLong -10/18, 09:31 am- Thats class!! Bud.
Dave Ireland, Montro -10/18, 10:51 am- Allan. Rather than a che
Allan Bennett - Aust -10/18, 10:54 pm- Dave, I too think it was
Craig Anderson, cent -10/19, 01:08 am- That looks like a library
Allan Bennett - Aust -10/19, 02:12 am- Craig, the library card f
Old Vintage Ford magazine wanted
Rob Patterson -10/18, 11:11 pm- At least 10 years ago and
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/19, 12:48 am- Yes, contact the editor.
Rob Patterson -10/19, 01:24 am- Thank You Steve, Much app
Oops, 6v battery tipped in transit, is it still good?
Matthew Atchinson  -10/18, 09:08 pm- So I got a new 6v battery
Dan Treace, North FL -10/18, 09:24 pm- The battery isnt broken.
Bud Holzschuh - Pana -10/18, 09:35 pm- Pull up the carpet in you
Matthew Atchinson  -10/18, 11:55 pm- Thanks for the responses
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/19, 12:36 am- Clean it up, refill it, a
Scott Gilham Bellflo -10/19, 01:06 am- Dont add water! Top it wi
Placing a whistle on my car
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -10/14, 03:43 pm- Here is the whistle: [whi
Tyrone Thomas - Tope -10/15, 08:48 am- Can you weld a washers to
Bob Gruber- Spanaway -10/15, 09:38 am- I used a piece of 1/4 air
Jon Allen -10/15, 09:42 am- Dave, Langs has a bunch o
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -10/19, 12:22 am- Jon Did you get my PM?
OT - Brass Cars and Old Airplanes
Gilbert V. I. Fitzhu -10/18, 08:11 pm- Last weekend I was at Her
Bill Harris, Hunting -10/18, 10:36 pm- Thank you for posting [:-
Snow Flyer kit
Jason Granier -10/15, 11:44 pm- Does anyone know how much
James J Williams -10/16, 06:31 pm- Will this kit fit a TT?
Dan Treace, North FL -10/16, 09:54 pm- This set of skis at Hersh
Jason Granier -10/18, 10:23 pm- Looks similar to my kit
Jason Granier -10/18, 10:25 pm- Is that what it sold for?
OT carb size question
Rob Heyen -10/18, 03:02 pm- The 1908 Holley carbureto
Harold Schwendeman - -10/18, 03:17 pm- Rob - I would think that
jeff cordes -10/18, 04:04 pm- Well in those days most e
Donnie Brown North C -10/18, 04:27 pm- I would think bore size a
brass car guy -10/18, 04:59 pm- Rob, Check out Dykes and
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -10/18, 06:30 pm- I recently provided a car
Larry Bohlen, Severn -10/18, 07:38 pm- Rob, Look in the classif
Rob Heyen -10/18, 09:32 pm- Thanks guys. I have a Ho
Walt Berdan, Bellevu -10/18, 10:05 pm- Maybe apples and oranges
New aluminum timing gear binding
Mark Gregush Portlan -10/18, 07:25 pm- Here is the setup; New ma
Dan McEachern -10/18, 07:42 pm- There could be 4-5 things
Leonard J Evansic -10/18, 07:46 pm- Sounds like the bore of t
Mark Gregush Portlan -10/18, 08:16 pm- Good news, operator error
Gary London, Camaril -10/18, 09:46 pm- Mark, if it is 180 degree
Walt Berdan, Bellevu -10/18, 10:00 pm- Makes no difference, 2 re
Where do these bolts go?
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/18, 03:47 pm- [x073.jpg] The parts boo
Dale Peterson Colleg -10/18, 03:53 pm- The part that laps over t
William Goodheart -10/18, 04:02 pm- The photo shows white arr
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/18, 04:04 pm- Of course! I should have
Donnie Brown North C -10/18, 04:17 pm- Steve, The top is the sho
Layden Butler -10/18, 06:46 pm- It is good practice to al
Dan Treace, North FL -10/18, 09:31 pm- [192679.jpg] The top on
TT C cab upholstery question
Justin Heim -10/15, 03:37 pm- I am close to the point o
John McGinnis in San -10/15, 08:14 pm- That certainly is a nice
Justin Heim -10/16, 09:39 am- Thanks John. I should fi
Burger in Spokane -10/16, 09:47 am- Whats all this worry abou
dan doughty -10/16, 09:51 am- I installed a kit a few y
Mike Spaziano, Bellf -10/16, 11:30 am- Justin, The closest thin
Justin Heim -10/16, 07:13 pm- Mike, thanks for the tips
Larry Smith -10/17, 10:46 am- Just to set the record st
Mike Spaziano, Bellf -10/17, 11:29 am- Thank you for the clarifi
Justin Heim -10/17, 01:34 pm- The bottom seat is two in
dan doughty -10/17, 05:47 pm- I hope this helps. Dan
Justin Heim -10/17, 06:13 pm- Yes, Dan, that helps. Th
Mike Walker, NW AR -10/17, 10:02 pm- That is a nifty original
Larry Smith -10/18, 11:21 am- Probably Phil Mino would
Justin Heim -10/18, 09:07 pm- Dan posted earlier that t
Keystone Supply Non-T, big truck-Photo
Herb Iffrig -10/18, 06:11 pm- [Keystone Supply Co., Jea
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -10/18, 07:17 pm- Hay!!!
Frank M. Brady -10/18, 07:38 pm- Straw is cheaper, grass i
charley shaver -10/18, 07:42 pm- buy the frt hub it could
Chevy head conversion.
Roger Karlsson, sout -10/14, 08:53 am- Jerns web site is still u
Bob Shirley -10/14, 08:59 am- Mark & Walt, thanks.
Les Schubert -10/14, 10:00 am- At the risk of a little t
Mark Strange -10/14, 10:43 am- OT - The Chevy 348s and 4
Thomas  -10/14, 05:01 pm- Walt, do You remember whi
Les Schubert -10/14, 07:34 pm- Mark Hey thanks for the e
Royce in Georgetown  -10/15, 09:09 am- My dad did this conversio
Mark Gregush Portlan -10/15, 11:42 am- A guy in Hood River, Oreg
Walt Berdan, Bellevu -10/15, 02:16 pm- Gaskets - The first set a
Thomas  -10/15, 05:02 pm- Thanks for Your input. I
Thomas  -10/17, 02:19 pm- Here are the pictures i p
Thomas  -10/17, 02:21 pm- [20141016_105619.jpg] [2
Walt Berdan, Bellevu -10/17, 02:47 pm- I hope it all works well
kep -10/17, 03:20 pm- i wonder if Royce father
Jim Weir -10/17, 06:58 pm- Kep, You shouldnt have.
kep -10/18, 05:40 pm- But i really am wondering
Mark Gregush Portlan -10/18, 07:36 pm- You can buy small copper
THANKS for the Ride
John H. Nichols -10/15, 11:47 am- This morning I had to go
Bill Rigdon -10/15, 02:19 pm- Great story John. Had a
John H. Nichols -10/15, 03:57 pm- I like to call this Payin
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -10/15, 10:25 pm- This last weekend I went
brass car guy -10/15, 10:43 pm- OT, John you mentioned me
Scott Batta -10/16, 06:34 pm- I am showing my age....
P.S. -10/18, 04:28 pm- It is amazing what a litt
Harold Schwendeman - -10/18, 07:06 pm- You probably have to be a
Let There Be (at least some) Heat!
Mark Strange -10/14, 06:57 pm- I like to drive my T thro
Donnie Brown North C -10/14, 07:03 pm- Mark, where are you going
Mark Strange -10/14, 07:15 pm- Donnie, I may add some du
Tim Wrenn -10/14, 07:45 pm- Im afraid if its not supe
Donnie Brown North C -10/14, 08:20 pm- I agree with Tim, I think
Gary H. White - Sher -10/14, 09:13 pm- Need one of these a shrou
Mark Strange -10/17, 11:34 am- Update - Well guys, you w
Donnie Brown North C -10/17, 08:23 pm- What I have always wanted
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -10/17, 08:44 pm- Donnie, I think that woul
John Semprez-Templet -10/17, 10:13 pm- VW did that years ago...o
Hal Schedler, Sacram -10/17, 10:56 pm- Dont let an exhaust leak
Dan B -10/18, 08:33 am- Right, and remember that
Jim Eubanks, Powell, -10/18, 08:39 am- You are missing the rest
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -10/18, 01:15 pm- Donnie, this heater may g
Rick Goelz-Knoxville -10/18, 01:20 pm- I recently acquired a nos
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/18, 04:02 pm- The mention of VW reminds
George Clipner-Los A -10/18, 05:42 pm- I dunno Steve. My moms bu
OT Large Auction
Gary H. White - Sher -10/18, 05:40 pm- The owner was a good frie
Tubes with rubber stems
Patrick Mulrooney, W -10/17, 05:40 pm- Evening All, Anyone else
Allan Bennett - Aust -10/17, 06:20 pm- Patrick, If your tubes ar
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -10/17, 10:28 pm- I got a razor blade n tri
Patrick Mulrooney, W -10/18, 09:48 am- Thanks Allan and Dave. A
Mark Strange -10/18, 09:52 am- Here is another approach:
James Chochole -10/18, 10:26 am- I have had good luck with
Gary H. White - Sher -10/18, 10:55 am- Thanks Mark. I have a goo
Larry Smith -10/18, 11:17 am- Coker and others have bee
Frank Canino -10/18, 01:09 pm- Awesome thread, Thanks!
David Stroud -10/18, 02:38 pm- A bit of work with a Drem
Mark Gregush Portlan -10/18, 04:13 pm- I just use a single edge
Gary H. White - Sher -10/18, 05:22 pm- Well that worked fine exc
1924 Roadster History Help Needed
Bruce Brighton -10/17, 05:43 pm- Looking for help to deter
Steve Tomaso - Milto -10/17, 06:49 pm- Fantasy rig ! We have mor
Erik Johnson -10/17, 08:19 pm- Casual internet research
Howard D. Dennis -10/17, 10:34 pm- Found this online. Howard
Bruce Brighton -10/18, 04:56 pm- I spoke with an Archeolog
Original T paint ?
harvey cash -10/17, 08:00 pm- I recently bought some sh
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/17, 10:29 pm- Since seeing your questio
Tim Wrenn -10/18, 09:08 am- Interesting info, thanks
harvey cash -10/18, 10:45 am- Wonderful information Ste
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/18, 01:01 pm- For my money the best dea
Mark Strange -10/18, 01:48 pm- Heres a source for the di
Is this a model t battery box
James J Williams -10/16, 05:46 pm- [image.jpg] [image.jpg]
Jack Daron - Brownsb -10/16, 06:49 pm- Difficult to tell,with ou
James J Williams -10/16, 07:11 pm- It slips rite in the meta
Ron -10/16, 08:11 pm- I have one exactly like i
Dan B -10/16, 08:19 pm- Will a 6V battery fit ins
Ron -10/16, 08:28 pm- None of mine fit. Was ma
James J Williams -10/16, 09:08 pm- Two sets of numbers on it
Mark Strange -10/17, 08:46 am- I sure wish my 6V battery
Jerry Davis -10/17, 10:05 am- I have one that looks the
Larry Smith -10/17, 10:36 am- This is not a battery box
Ron -10/17, 11:21 am- As I said above, mine hol
James J Williams -10/17, 06:31 pm- Ok so the old 6 volt batt
Dan Treace, North FL -10/17, 08:46 pm- That wood case held the b
James J Williams -10/17, 09:18 pm- Thanks for all the info
Larry Smith -10/18, 11:27 am- The battery case pictured
What really is the year of my T?
Glenn Nicodemus -10/18, 08:49 am- I have some added info on
Tim Wrenn -10/18, 08:59 am- I may be seeing wrong, bu
Mike Walker, NW AR -10/18, 09:57 am- Glenn -- The seat riser p
Mike Walker, NW AR -10/18, 10:00 am- Tim -- What you are seein
Tim Wrenn -10/18, 10:10 am- Thanks Mike...I bet youre
Brake lining
Fritz Hady Mt. Top,P -10/17, 06:10 pm- Can I use trans.brake lin
Frank van Ekeren (A -10/17, 06:31 pm- That gets a NO vote from
john kuehn -10/17, 06:59 pm- I would buy the brake sho
David Stroud -10/17, 07:16 pm- Fritz, in short, no. They
Pat Kelly -10/17, 07:52 pm- Has anyone gone to a comm
Mark Strange -10/18, 10:00 am- I used green gripper lini
Pleasantly loud
John P Noonan -10/17, 09:44 pm- Just installed a recently
Dan Treace, North FL -10/17, 11:48 pm- Thats a winner! Like th
George Clipner-Los A -10/18, 12:16 am- TOO darned clean under th
John P Noonan -10/18, 12:30 am- George, i drive the heck
George Clipner-Los A -10/18, 12:32 am- John, Ive never seen a T
John P Noonan -10/18, 12:43 am- Well i never said i didnt
Tim Wrenn -10/18, 09:05 am- John & George...I dri
TT Split 23" Rim Fixing
Richard Skinner -10/17, 05:30 am- Hi - I am restoring a Ton
keith g barrier -10/17, 06:27 am- I think you are missing s
John Semprez-Templet -10/17, 11:36 am- The holes were there so t
Layden Butler -10/17, 12:45 pm- John is correct, the hole
Richard Skinner -10/17, 01:24 pm- Hey thanks guys - I am re
Layden Butler -10/17, 02:58 pm- Race car guys in the old
David Dewey, N. Cali -10/17, 03:24 pm- Richard, Your rim has as
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -10/17, 05:57 pm- I have had a few odd rims
John Semprez-Templet -10/17, 08:44 pm- Richard, The danger of yo
Richard Skinner -10/18, 06:15 am- Thanks for all of your he
Autoclasica 2014 Buenos Aires
Andrew Benoit -10/18, 03:53 am- Did anyone go? I saw a fe
Some Hershey photos
Keith Townsend ; ^ ) -10/14, 01:30 am- Steve- Isnt that 1907 a M
Hal Schedler, Sacram -10/14, 02:13 am- Great pictures...Question
Hap Tucker in Sumter -10/14, 07:54 am- Keith, Yes, the red car
Mark Strange -10/14, 08:24 am- Hal, you may only see two
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -10/14, 10:09 am- Thanks Steve. I really en
Bill Elliott -10/16, 11:21 am- Keith That late 11 early
Michael Deichmann, B -10/16, 04:24 pm- You didnt saw some wild V
Dale L Myers -10/16, 07:11 pm- [locomobile (2) r15.jpg]
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/17, 04:00 am- I just realized I never g
George Clipner-Los A -10/18, 12:49 am- Saw Steves favorite fiber
The competition 1920 Chevy Dealership in Quanah, Texas ow...
Terry Woods, Richmon -10/18, 12:23 am- Leaving this coming Monda
Oakville Indiana, Would anyone care to explain Spreader D...
Herb Iffrig -10/16, 10:27 pm- [Oakville Ind.jpg]
Royce in Georgetown  -10/16, 10:30 pm- Got Manure?
Paul Mikeska, Denver -10/16, 10:33 pm- Yep. Manure spreaders.
Dennis Seth - Ohio -10/16, 10:58 pm- Must be some politician c
Paul Mikeska, Denver -10/16, 11:38 pm- I can clearly remember th
Noel D. Chicoine, MD -10/16, 11:42 pm- Most old manure spreaders
Paul Mikeska, Denver -10/16, 11:55 pm- Noel, Yes the floor was
Paul Mikeska, Denver -10/17, 12:27 am- And before anyone else po
Tom VanMeeteren -10/17, 08:02 am- Appears to be a trophy?
Kenneth W DeLong -10/17, 08:23 am- They look different from
Herb Iffrig -10/17, 08:35 am- My dad had friend named R
Mark Strange -10/17, 08:41 am- Heres a video of an old J
Charles Linsenbarth -10/17, 12:38 pm- We still use one on the h
Steve Schmidt -10/17, 04:54 pm- Spreader Day may be simil
Steve Schmidt -10/17, 04:58 pm- [image.jpg]
Rick J. Gunter -10/17, 06:00 pm- I was at a steam and gas
Kevin Whelihan -10/17, 06:23 pm- Sounds like a good excuse
David Baker -10/17, 08:32 pm- I had a great grandfather
Eugene Adams -10/17, 10:37 pm- Modern manure spreaders.
Mark Gregush Portlan -10/18, 12:11 am- What did the manure sprea
Terry Woods, Richmon -10/18, 12:17 am- OBummer?
Anyone remember George Jensen?
Mike Walker, NW AR -10/17, 03:32 pm- I went to look at a Model
Dave Wells -10/17, 08:29 pm- Cant say I do or do you m
Les Schubert -10/17, 09:14 pm- The Georg Jenson I know o
Terry Woods, Richmon -10/17, 10:30 pm- Wasnt there a Jenson who
Terry Woods, Richmon -10/17, 10:30 pm- Correction, Jensen.
Spencer Vibert -10/17, 10:48 pm- Terry that would be Don J
Seeking Origional Ford Wood Plans
John H. Nichols -10/17, 08:11 pm- Before I have any copies
Leon Parker -10/17, 10:43 pm- I have the plans for the
OT - I should know better
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -10/17, 01:01 pm- A friend put this picture
Rick J. Gunter -10/17, 06:09 pm- The painting is one by Ca
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -10/17, 10:26 pm- I would chum with Kennedy
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/17, 10:36 pm- I love the body language
Ricks - Surf City -10/17, 10:40 pm- Holding hands is a nice t
OT - Jim the "Hauler"
Rob Heyen -10/16, 10:44 am- I believe Jim is the name
Mike Spaziano, Bellf -10/16, 10:59 am- Here ya go Rob: http://w
Mike Spaziano, Bellf -10/16, 11:01 am- Oops! You said to PM you.
Dennis Seth - Ohio -10/16, 11:03 am- Rob, He posts his locati
Rob Heyen -10/16, 11:16 am- Thanks guys. I have a fr
Scott Conger -10/16, 12:12 pm- This fellow will only hau
Will Copeland - Tren -10/16, 01:14 pm- Scott, I know how you fee
Rob Heyen -10/16, 01:59 pm- I reached Jim by phone, a
Scott Conger -10/16, 02:00 pm- I can understand the too
Dan Woolf -10/16, 04:07 pm- Rob, Try Intercity Line
Roger Karlsson, sout -10/16, 04:16 pm- Heres a site where you ca
Will Copeland - Tren -10/16, 04:19 pm- I will be in Florida the
Mike Bender Tulsa Ok -10/16, 04:33 pm- So Rob you bought the car
Ron Mc Willie -10/16, 06:06 pm- I always use either Inter
Tim Wrenn -10/16, 06:11 pm- Rob...Ill PM you with a g
Don Watson -Florence -10/16, 06:36 pm- Will, He also lost me as
Gary H. White - Sher -10/16, 07:01 pm- Must be nice to be an Ind
Ron -10/16, 08:03 pm- Same experience as Rob wh
Tom Strickling -10/16, 08:18 pm- I give Jim 12 points out
Jerome Hoffman, Hays -10/16, 10:25 pm- Everybody here is missing
Terry Woods, Richmon -10/16, 10:32 pm- I, too, have had negative
Ron Mc Willie -10/16, 10:41 pm- Having bought and sold ma
Burger in Spokane -10/16, 11:02 pm- Covered carrier service f
Rob Heyen -10/17, 04:13 am- Thanks guys, an interesti
Fred Wicker -10/17, 06:42 am- Jims advice last summer s
Will Copeland - Tren -10/17, 06:53 am- Im thinking that I might
Jerry Kramer -10/17, 08:36 am- The negative comments con
Rob Heyen -10/17, 09:21 am- Jerry, I appreciated Jims
Jerome Hoffman, Hays -10/17, 09:57 am- Rob, no beef here Jim jus
Burger in Spokane -10/17, 10:03 am- I would second the motion
Rob Heyen -10/17, 10:06 am- Jerry H., I should have w
Tony Bowker -10/17, 10:39 pm- Jim must be busy.... And
Texoma Ts is currently seeking an Antique Car Technician
Chris Dailledouze -10/17, 08:08 pm- .
2014 Southern T Caper, Otago, New Zealand
Nevin Gough -10/16, 12:57 pm- Some pics from the Southe
Nevin Gough -10/16, 01:06 pm- .[DSC06113.JPG] [DSC06008
Nevin Gough -10/16, 01:12 pm- .[DSC06106.JPG] [DSC06143
Nevin Gough -10/16, 01:21 pm- .[DSC06078.JPG]
John Aldrich Orting  -10/16, 01:32 pm- Looks like it was a beaut
Paul ONeil -10/16, 02:06 pm- That has to be some of th
Mike Walker, NW AR -10/16, 07:32 pm- Invercargill -- Isnt that
Nevin Gough -10/16, 07:38 pm- We visited the ruins of a
Nevin Gough -10/17, 02:32 am- Mike, Invercargill is whe
Warwick Landy -10/17, 07:40 pm- Fantastic pictures Nevin.
Ricks - Surf City -10/17, 07:54 pm- Pictures cant do justice
Engine locking up
dennis delano  -10/14, 03:06 am- Hi all, I had posted som
Roger Karlsson, sout -10/14, 03:15 am- If it locks while trying
Jerry VanOoteghem -10/14, 01:34 pm- Dennis, Having a look in
dennis delano  -10/17, 07:36 pm- Hello again, Sorry that I
OT Fraud involving PayPal
Hal Schedler, Sacram -10/17, 01:56 am- I just received this emai
Roger Karlsson, sout -10/17, 02:27 am- Throw it away. Never down
samuel pine -10/17, 04:57 am- Plus 2 on that. What I d
Chad Marchees -10/17, 06:00 am- Paypal always uses your n
Tom Miller, Mostly i -10/17, 06:01 am- Hal, You want to help th
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/17, 08:44 am- Ive received official-loo
Mack Cole ---- Earth -10/17, 09:41 am- I have never responded to
Charlie B actually i -10/17, 09:58 am- I get a lot of pay Pal Pa
Ed in California -10/17, 10:38 am- Never respond to any comp
G.R.Cheshire -10/17, 10:45 am- I love it when I get a me
Hal Schedler, Sacram -10/17, 07:00 pm- Thanks Tom. I got this b
Skip Anderson -10/17, 07:03 pm- I got a good one four wee
James Chochole -10/17, 07:15 pm- PayPal always warns you t
19 inch tires
Tom Carnegie -10/17, 12:47 pm- I stuck 19 inch wheels on
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -10/17, 02:03 pm- Why? More pep but less to
Richard Wolf -10/17, 02:11 pm- They look funny
Steve Tomaso - Milto -10/17, 03:51 pm- Plymouth ?
Tom Carnegie -10/17, 04:23 pm- Why indeed? Really just
Ted Dumas -10/17, 04:53 pm- Did the Model T 6 bolt pa
Bill Rigdon -10/17, 05:34 pm- Tom, I like the wheels.
Tom Carnegie -10/17, 06:54 pm- Ted, I made adapters for
Old oval window with beveled glass
Jim Schmidt -10/16, 02:57 pm- Can anyone identify which
Mark Strange -10/16, 04:44 pm- Was there supposed to be
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -10/16, 09:37 pm- I cant tell from the phot
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -10/16, 11:37 pm- The Yellowstone buses use
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -10/16, 11:55 pm- [oval01.jpg] [oval02.jpg
David Coco -10/17, 08:22 am- These were common on earl
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -10/17, 10:00 am- Nice work on the top Davi
Dan Treace, North FL -10/17, 10:17 am- Available for any top cov
Ed in California -10/17, 01:41 pm- Ive seen a Paco speedster
Justin Heim -10/17, 05:25 pm- Here is a set of 4 x 6 th
New Prewar Swap Meet
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/17, 05:17 pm- Last week at Hershey I ra
OT - Feeling old?
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -10/14, 02:12 am- I feel bad enough already
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -10/14, 11:29 am- I visit this forum becaus
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -10/14, 03:49 pm- Fred, Maybe by then they
Graham Lloyd -10/14, 10:37 pm- Can I add the couple of m
Rion Schulze  -10/16, 10:27 pm- Im 40 and dont miss a Law
Kenneth W DeLong -10/16, 10:48 pm- A1 ana2 ana3.Bud.
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/17, 03:05 am- Older and wiser. We used
Kenneth W DeLong -10/17, 11:09 am- Turn off the bubble machi
Using Removable-ear Bands in a Non-Starter T
Dennis Sanford - Luc -10/16, 12:32 pm- I have a 1914 Touring whi
Roger Karlsson, sout -10/16, 02:10 pm- The original design up un
Val Soupios -10/16, 05:02 pm- I converted all of my ear
Larry Smith -10/17, 10:54 am- Its easier on the early c
Brake cams: Uh-oh, another senior moment
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/16, 11:53 am- And I thought I was being
Scott Conger -10/16, 12:06 pm- Actually, Steve, the brak
Bob Cascisa - Poulsb -10/16, 12:08 pm- Oh Steve ... Be_Zero_Be
Mark Strange -10/16, 12:11 pm- I agree with Scott, the r
Jeff Hood -10/16, 12:12 pm- That looks right to me. T
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/16, 01:03 pm- Well, now Im really up a
Kevin Whelihan -10/16, 01:37 pm- Dont feel bad. I did the
Larry Bohlen, Severn -10/16, 02:24 pm- Steve, They are correct.
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -10/16, 03:37 pm- You also have the oiler o
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/16, 04:15 pm- Stan, the figure 8 shackl
Mark Strange -10/16, 04:43 pm- Its unfortunate that you
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -10/16, 06:00 pm- Im messing witcha, Steve.
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -10/16, 06:26 pm- First. As others have sai
Steve Tomaso - Milto -10/16, 06:34 pm- Steve - the oiler facing
Jeff Hood -10/16, 06:38 pm- You can also get longer s
Jack Daron - Brownsb -10/16, 06:38 pm- If that is your 15 ,you d
Larry Smith -10/17, 10:52 am- Steve and Uncle Stan have
The Harland Krause Vintage Photo Album Includes an Intere...
David Greenlees -10/16, 06:30 am- [h24-760x463.jpg] This
charley shaver -10/16, 11:10 pm- anybody want to build one
Mark Strange -10/17, 08:31 am- Jay Leno has a car that a
charley shaver -10/17, 10:14 am- ok! a few have asked the
HELP! Broke my radiator petcock with thread still in, wha...
Matthew Atchinson  -10/14, 08:09 pm- The title says it all. I
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/14, 08:20 pm- Use a straight Easy-out,
Ted Dumas -10/14, 08:22 pm- This might be one place a
Dennis Seth - Ohio -10/14, 08:24 pm- You can try an easy out o
Dennis Seth - Ohio -10/14, 08:25 pm- Wow you guys type fast!
john kuehn -10/14, 08:29 pm- Buy a Eze-out set to use
Matthew Atchinson  -10/14, 08:45 pm- Thanks for the quick resp
Graham Lloyd -10/14, 08:52 pm- Buy a good set of EzeOuts
Tyrone Thomas - Tope -10/14, 08:56 pm- what he said
keith g barrier -10/14, 09:20 pm- If you heat it up with a
David Menzies -10/16, 02:54 am- My luck has been on the m
Jerry VanOoteghem -10/16, 10:42 am- Matthew, Try the easy-ou
Darel J. Leipold -10/16, 06:18 pm- To heat something like th
David Stroud -10/16, 06:50 pm- Jerry, I have never done
Jeff Hood -10/16, 06:51 pm- There are special splined
Gary Tillstrom -10/16, 07:49 pm- The cheapest, fastest and
brass car guy -10/16, 10:29 pm- Dont put too much pressur
Matthew Atchinson  -10/16, 11:11 pm- Update: Got a tap for 3 d
George John Drobnock -10/17, 09:13 am- I would find a hard wood
Having a senior moment, What is the part called....
Will Copeland - Tren -10/16, 03:08 pm- What is the part called t
Will Copeland - Tren -10/16, 03:09 pm- Not the rim and not the h
Kenny Edmondson, Ind -10/16, 03:10 pm- Fellow
Will Copeland - Tren -10/16, 03:12 pm- Thats it! Thanks
Will Copeland - Tren -10/16, 03:16 pm- Are new metal fellows ava
Dick Lodge - St Loui -10/16, 03:19 pm- Felloe, I thought. Fellow
Henry Petrino in Mod -10/16, 03:21 pm- In case it makes a differ
Jack Daron - Brownsb -10/16, 03:45 pm- Will,what size are you lo
Will Copeland - Tren -10/16, 03:48 pm- Jack, Im looking for a fr
Skip Anderson -10/16, 03:51 pm- Have not seen any reprodu
Scott Conger -10/16, 03:53 pm- Will there are a couple
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/16, 04:31 pm- They vary by manufacturer
Will Copeland - Tren -10/16, 04:46 pm- See, I learn something ne
Will Copeland - Tren -10/16, 04:46 pm- I will have to check my o
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -10/16, 09:06 pm- For what it is worth. Fel
Chuck Hoffman - Gold -10/16, 09:23 pm- And arent there 2 differe
John Zibell -10/16, 10:41 pm- These folks make both rim
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/17, 03:08 am- Holes are 1/2 and 5/8.
David Dare - Just a  -10/17, 02:17 am- bump
Roger Karlsson, sout -10/17, 02:30 am- Th
Removing those $#&*#! wheel bearing races
Dick Fischer -10/16, 07:16 pm- Could someone please rela
Mike Robison -10/16, 07:30 pm- On some hubs there is a n
David Stroud -10/16, 07:39 pm- Dick, there are a couple
Greg Whaley, Georget -10/16, 07:44 pm- Im with David on this one
Jack Daron - Brownsb -10/16, 08:17 pm- I had a Bear of a time ge
Harold Schwendeman - -10/16, 08:23 pm- Greg & David - Troubl
Royce in Georgetown  -10/16, 08:45 pm- Hit it with about 1/2 inc
Dick Fischer -10/16, 08:49 pm- Jack D. - Thanks for the
Dick Fischer -10/16, 08:52 pm- Royce, How did you keep
Royce in Georgetown  -10/16, 09:18 pm- It doesnt get hot anywher
Jack Daron - Brownsb -10/16, 11:41 pm- Dick,I got them out,but i
Paul Mikeska, Denver -10/17, 12:01 am- I learned to weld out bli
David Stroud -10/17, 12:05 am- Harold, thats why I inclu
Paul Mikeska, Denver -10/17, 12:08 am- PS. It works best to weld
Early cars at the Garage and Supply Store-Photo
Herb Iffrig -10/15, 09:24 pm- [garage amd supply store.
Erik Johnson -10/15, 09:38 pm- No Maxwells. I believe t
Erik Johnson -10/15, 10:12 pm- Car at far left may be a
brass car guy -10/15, 10:48 pm- The middle car appears to
George Clipner-Los A -10/15, 11:42 pm- Tom and Huck in the backg
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -10/16, 01:19 am- I would have guessed Tour
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -10/16, 01:25 am- Sticking my neck out a bi
Mike Spaziano, Bellf -10/16, 11:44 am- Richard and Wayne, I thi
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -10/16, 01:08 pm- Thanks mike. Joy and I we
brass car guy -10/16, 10:23 pm- I stand corrected, gentle
Int Web Site
Jim Eubanks, Powell, -10/16, 05:21 pm- Is the MTFCI web site dow
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/16, 08:44 pm- I checked on it: Hi Stev
Which motor should I keep?
Chris Brainard -10/15, 09:38 pm- I have two rebuilt motors
Mark Chaffin -10/15, 09:40 pm- 26/27 engines are more de
Jerome Hoffman, Hays -10/15, 10:11 pm- What year is your car?
Spencer Vibert -10/15, 10:17 pm- 26 is a keeper at .80 ove
Mark Stewart -Calif. -10/15, 10:20 pm- To avoid the confusion an
Val Soupios -10/15, 10:40 pm- Keep them both. You shou
Paul Mikeska, Denver -10/15, 11:07 pm- I would keep both of them
Charlie B actually i -10/15, 11:36 pm- Unless youre looking for
Roger Karlsson, sout -10/16, 05:01 am- A good extra engine can b
Wes Nelson ........B -10/16, 06:50 am- Why are the later engines
Roger Karlsson, sout -10/16, 07:01 am- The two bolts connecting
Wes Nelson ........B -10/16, 07:52 am- Thank you Roger.
Chris Brainard -10/16, 12:50 pm- Thanks for all the advice
Tim Wrenn -10/16, 06:21 pm- Chris, I sent you a PM on
Ron -10/16, 08:19 pm- Chris - I sent you a PM a
Clutch Spring Compressor
Jack Daron - Brownsb -10/14, 08:35 pm- I made mine from metal sc
Pat Kelly -10/15, 12:08 am- How far do you have to co
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/15, 12:34 am- Far enough to remove the
Kevin Whelihan -10/15, 09:20 am- Great idea! Ive been loo
Pat Kelly -10/15, 10:57 am- Steve, I have a big old m
Donnie Brown North C -10/15, 11:06 am- Mike I started a thread l
Ken Todd -10/16, 10:13 am- I usually just push the c
Anthonie Boer -10/16, 10:25 am- Mike ; another home made
Anthonie Boer -10/16, 10:27 am- [507R] [509R]
Tom Carey -10/16, 10:53 am- you mean you used a 1 1/2
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/16, 11:38 am- Pat, I havent measured bu
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -10/16, 12:19 pm- Tom - I believe that they
Pat Kelly -10/16, 02:56 pm- Thanks Steve. I think the
jeff cordes -10/16, 03:03 pm- I use my wilton vise coll
Leonard J Evansic -10/16, 04:03 pm- A shop drill press works
Mike Walker, NW AR -10/16, 07:27 pm- Donnie, I searched for yo
John Doolittle -10/16, 08:06 pm- This is Donnies thread h
Donnie Brown North C -10/16, 08:16 pm- Thanks Jon. That is one o
Snow, should have put the chains on-Photo
Herb Iffrig -10/15, 09:27 pm- [snow boud no more.jpg re
Dennis Seth - Ohio -10/16, 07:51 am- Good picture. Should hav
Ken Todd -10/16, 10:29 am- Hey, that picture looks f
Gary H. White - Sher -10/16, 07:26 pm- Dont worry. Itll be back
...and now the final word on tie downs...
Wes Nelson ........B -10/15, 08:55 pm- [tie down.jpg]
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/15, 09:08 pm- That should work fine as
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -10/16, 12:10 am- Naw?!?!
Peter Kable -10/16, 02:19 am- Dont think such things do
Dennis Seth - Ohio -10/16, 07:44 am- Peter, Are they still em
Dan B -10/16, 08:24 am- I think theyre just tryin
Roger Karlsson, sout -10/16, 08:33 am- Well, to keep the top fro
Kenneth W DeLong -10/16, 08:56 am- I think its a joke posted
Wes Nelson ........B -10/16, 09:13 am- Guys, I dont think thats
Scott Owens -10/16, 11:13 am- I was having lunch a whil
Derek Kiefer - Manto -10/16, 11:21 am- It is strapped just in-ca
Jeff Hood -10/16, 12:42 pm- Scott, this guy drove fro
Gary H. White - Sher -10/16, 07:23 pm- Thats a lotta bull!
1926-27 Improved Models, a study of ... Hubcaps
Tom Carnegie -10/14, 09:27 am- Ive seen T wheels with la
James M. Riedy, Sand -10/14, 04:45 pm- Donnie, After reading all
Gene Nelson - Easter -10/14, 10:23 pm- Donnie, I havent had a ch
Donnie Brown North C -10/15, 10:36 am- James, I believe the slig
Skip Anderson -10/16, 02:00 pm- Gene and Donnie, I starte
Donnie Brown North C -10/16, 06:30 pm- Skip, thanks for the inpu
Skip Anderson -10/16, 07:08 pm- Thanks Donnie. I have a 2
Leave your helpful tip here.
G.R.Cheshire -10/14, 12:33 pm- for those of you who have
Nicholas Lingg - Tar -10/14, 02:51 pm- Life is too short to use
John H. Nichols -10/14, 02:56 pm- In case I missed it, Nev
Michael R Beary -10/15, 02:10 pm- For years I have been usi
justin cox -10/15, 04:44 pm- That slot in the top of t
Will Copeland - Tren -10/15, 04:49 pm- Use a paint can opener to
Peter Borland. Bathu -10/16, 12:36 am- Be kind to you mother and
Warwick Landy -10/16, 05:28 am- Always take the key out o
Mike Kossor -10/16, 05:44 pm- If your tired of cleaning
How to trace California ownership history for 1915 Ford
Don Garnett -10/14, 05:11 pm- This probably an old topi
Dan Treace, North FL -10/14, 05:35 pm- Don Welcome to the hobby
Mike Spaziano, Bellf -10/14, 06:05 pm- I have never heard anyone
Ed in California -10/14, 07:26 pm- Pics of 15 here. http://
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/14, 08:47 pm- California is one of the
Dennis Seth - Ohio -10/14, 08:58 pm- Look up Gene Autry on the
Bill in Adelaida Cal -10/14, 11:52 pm- Calif BURNS their old DMV
Jeff Hood -10/15, 03:04 am- Don, I looked through sev
Dave Dufault -10/15, 07:10 am- Don, Perhaps these folks
Royce in Georgetown  -10/15, 08:31 am- It looks like a nice Mode
Roger Karlsson, sout -10/15, 08:57 am- There are some celebritie
Erik Johnson -10/15, 10:45 am- Whenever you are trying t
Terry Horlick in Pen -10/15, 12:08 pm- Sometimes the stories you
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/15, 12:25 pm- Scrambled history passed
Mike Spaziano, Bellf -10/15, 12:48 pm- Erik, Richard Farnsworth
Mike Spaziano, Bellf -10/16, 11:50 am- Sorry. I meant to say Ter
Skip Wheeler -10/16, 03:52 pm- Could this be your T with
Reasonable speed
Steve McClelland -10/14, 02:35 pm- Back when I used to deer
Jerry VanOoteghem -10/14, 05:02 pm- Everyone should drive at
Ricks - Surf City -10/14, 05:23 pm- ..the paranoia of the ski
Les Schubert -10/14, 07:29 pm- Ralph As I have ridden in
Kenneth W DeLong -10/14, 07:36 pm- A reasonable speed is aft
mike conrad -10/14, 07:52 pm- James said it all. Im
Gene Carrothers Hunt -10/15, 04:44 pm- Ralph has said many times
Dennis Seth - Ohio -10/15, 06:40 pm- WHEN YOUR NUMBERS UP YOUR
Rob Heyen -10/15, 06:58 pm- Tell this guy about skinn
Russell Richards -10/15, 07:20 pm- You just never know with
R. S. Cruickshank -10/15, 08:13 pm- I feel you must think ahe
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -10/16, 12:21 pm- I normally drive speeds r
Jerry VanOoteghem -10/16, 01:09 pm- Watch it Hal. The speed l
Harold Schwendeman - -10/16, 01:13 pm- Hal - Are you like that i
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -10/16, 02:26 pm- Sorry guys. Some of the 3
Old leather seats? Model t?
Daniel Kraft -10/16, 12:58 am- A guy who is selling me s
Roger Karlsson, sout -10/16, 06:55 am- Cutting down old spring s
Mike Walker, NW AR -10/16, 10:20 am- Lots of guys are looking
Keith Townsend ; ^ ) -10/16, 10:36 am- Daniel- Model Ts never ha
Daniel Kraft -10/16, 01:30 pm- I am going for a survival
Roger Karlsson, sout -10/16, 01:50 pm- But if the leather covere
Old Photo - The Flower Shop
Michael Mullis -10/15, 11:01 pm- If youre not into flowers
Jack Daron - Brownsb -10/15, 11:13 pm- Would like to see if the
Andrew Benoit -10/15, 11:28 pm-
Brian Eliason -10/16, 06:33 am- A quick zoom on the body
Royce in Georgetown  -10/16, 07:47 am- Flower wagons were common
Vince M -10/16, 10:21 am- Broken arm just waiting t
Dave Wells -10/16, 01:19 pm- 1920-1922 Chassis made in
rick howerton -10/15, 09:16 pm- Any suggestion on size fo
John Doolittle -10/15, 09:58 pm- 2 at the same time? Or, 1
rick howerton -10/15, 11:05 pm- one at a time with a
Tyrone Thomas - Tope -10/15, 11:34 pm- Make sure you figure in t
rick howerton -10/15, 11:49 pm- I think a 8.5x16ft. I was
Greg Whaley, Georget -10/16, 05:51 am- Rick - I have an 8.5 x 16
G.R.Cheshire -10/16, 08:00 am- Rick[:-] doesnt matter wh
Tim Wrenn -10/16, 09:16 am- Rick, I recently bought a
Eric Hylen- Central  -10/16, 09:25 am- 8.5 wide is better than 8
Wes Nelson ........B -10/16, 09:36 am- This is Dan Hatchs selfie
rick howerton -10/16, 11:34 am- This all helps, I think I
Gene Carrothers Hunt -10/16, 01:11 pm- Wish my trailer was wider
Where's this 1914 model T touring
Barbara Klehfoth -10/16, 11:07 am- The following email was r
Mark Strange -10/16, 12:31 pm- A noble effort, I hope th
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -10/16, 12:56 pm- Is the engine number for
Leno to Have New Prime Time Show on Auto Restoration on CNBC
Ricks - Surf City -10/15, 04:11 pm- per Bloomberg.
Dick Lodge - St Loui -10/15, 06:07 pm-
David Walker -10/16, 11:57 am- Hopefully it wont be lace
Hassler shock spring sizes??
David Schwab -10/14, 08:44 am- Thanks Dan, that helps, b
Steve Tomaso - Milto -10/14, 10:06 am- The flat that holds the l
Dan Treace, North FL -10/14, 10:18 am- David Best to get the re
Jack Daron - Brownsb -10/14, 11:21 pm- Many years ago,I helped T
Steve Tomaso - Milto -10/15, 10:50 am- I use a digital caliper t
Dean Dorholt - Mpls, -10/15, 10:05 pm- Steve, do you have some r
Steve Tomaso - Milto -10/16, 11:20 am- No Dean, I do not have an
Sticking valves?
Bob Benedict -10/16, 07:01 am- My car had been sitting f
Royce in Georgetown  -10/16, 07:31 am- If you have to hold the c
Jerry VanOoteghem -10/16, 09:52 am- Do a compression test. Ev
Dave Huson, Berthoud -10/16, 10:25 am- Take your spark plugs out
Anthonie Boer -10/16, 10:33 am- Bob , did you try to open
Headlight Disassembly
Christopher Vasconce -10/15, 08:44 pm- When I took my second hea
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -10/15, 11:16 pm- Langs has the 90 degree P
Roger Karlsson, sout -10/15, 11:40 pm- The spring is also availa
Christopher Vasconce -10/16, 07:51 am- I saw the 90-degree plug
Why won't that coil quit buzzing?
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/15, 10:18 pm- One coil just would not s
Dan B -10/15, 10:23 pm- I think Id put a wrap or
Mark Strange -10/15, 10:53 pm- I had the same issue with
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/15, 10:58 pm- I may go with a modified
John F. Regan -10/15, 11:08 pm- This is a common problem.
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/15, 11:22 pm- In this case the rod does
John F. Regan -10/16, 02:52 am- Yes that might work. On
Ron Patterson-Nichol -10/16, 03:03 am- Steve Make sure you have
Assembling a magneto horn
Allan Bennett - Aust -10/15, 10:08 pm- I bought a nice magneto h
Tom Bergmann Sydney  -10/15, 11:02 pm- Hi Allan I think its 2 ve
Jack Daron - Brownsb -10/15, 11:10 pm- I use the waxed file fold
Some what OT, Old Car City Georgia
Herb Iffrig -10/15, 09:06 am-
John H. Nichols -10/15, 12:20 pm- Herb, I had an earlie
Eugene Adams -10/15, 10:29 pm-
Top Ten Movies
Justin in South Afri -10/15, 04:48 am- You guys have nailed it o
Chris Barker, Somers -10/15, 06:35 am- In any order: American Gr
G.R.Cheshire -10/15, 06:46 am- Jim Kelsey: being an Avia
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/15, 08:26 am- Tucker.
JohnCodman -10/15, 09:03 am- Not specifically a car mo
Mike Walker, NW AR -10/15, 10:17 am- Thunder Road! Yes!!
Frank Harris from Lo -10/15, 04:47 pm- I cant pick just ten so I
Randy Glowacki -10/15, 05:19 pm- Roger, you are right on w
G.R.Cheshire -10/15, 06:59 pm- Ok there is only one movi
chris becker -10/15, 09:08 pm- Does everyone forget abou
Stevens tool. Model T related?
Nevin Gough -10/15, 03:02 am- [stevens puller.jpg]
Glen McConachie -10/15, 06:46 am- Looks like a puller for t
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -10/15, 09:15 am- Perhaps but it doesnt loo
Steve Tomaso - Milto -10/15, 10:40 am- Stevens clutch drum pulle
Steve Tomaso - Milto -10/15, 10:44 am- Addendum - the pullers le
Nevin Gough -10/15, 10:44 am- Thanks Steve!
Donnie Brown North C -10/15, 11:03 am- I agree with Steve. Its a
Steve Tomaso - Milto -10/15, 12:19 pm- You are welcome. Yours
Dennis Seth - Ohio -10/15, 07:04 pm- And I thought it was an a
Allan Bennett - Aust -10/15, 07:23 pm- Dennis, real men eat the
Ignition Coils
Ron Patterson-Nichol -10/15, 06:27 pm- Andre Here is a photo of
Model A engine & trans into T frame
Clayton Paddison (Va -10/14, 11:37 am- I want to know more about
Dan Treace, North FL -10/14, 01:48 pm- Clayton Here is the how-
Chuck Hoffman - Gold -10/14, 01:55 pm- Clayton, Check out this t
Clayton Paddison (Va -10/14, 05:12 pm- Nice find Chuck!
Clayton Paddison (Va -10/14, 05:12 pm- Thanks for the How-to Dan
Ted Dumas -10/14, 06:15 pm- Chris Becker stated: I b
Clayton Paddison (Va -10/15, 04:42 pm- Well said Ted.
Old Photo - Setting Up The Revival meeting Tent
Jay - In Northern Ca -10/14, 10:17 am- [fghnjmnbvcee9.JPG] [tent
John H. Nichols -10/14, 03:34 pm- It aint enough that they
Graham Lloyd -10/14, 10:42 pm- My preference is the Chur
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -10/15, 12:07 am- I believe it says May 6th
John H. Nichols -10/15, 12:37 pm- Personally I go to a roun
ex trooper -10/15, 04:01 pm- I wonder if they went to
World War I United States Army Field Machine Shop-Photo
Herb Iffrig -10/14, 09:24 pm- I wonder if these guys wo
A. Gustaf Bryngelson -10/14, 10:30 pm- I doubt it, it looks like
charley shaver -10/14, 10:32 pm- fwd mod b trucks, I have
charley shaver -10/15, 03:11 pm- ok, Ive got some time now
Wood-Natural or Painted?
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -10/14, 07:53 am- You see a lot of restored
Roger Karlsson, sout -10/14, 08:24 am- All was painted, I think.
Ryan Glowacki -10/14, 08:54 am- Hal, I see a lot of TT t
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/14, 10:38 am- I think you see more natu
Ryan Glowacki -10/14, 11:33 am- Great photo from the Cent
Charlie B actually i -10/14, 11:42 am- Where did I read that nat
Mark Strange -10/14, 11:51 am- A paragraph in the March,
Bob Coiro -10/14, 06:00 pm- Used to be, amassing an a
Ted Dumas -10/14, 06:05 pm- Steve, In 1943 tires wer
John McGinnis in San -10/14, 08:01 pm- Although I dont particula
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/14, 08:37 pm- [IMG_4053 copy.JPG] Some
Clayton Swanson -10/14, 08:54 pm- early steering wheels too
Ricks - Surf City -10/14, 09:27 pm- My late Mother always sai
Eric Hylen- Central  -10/14, 10:00 pm- Most wood was painted. M
Dave Wells -10/15, 10:01 am- So whats the final verdic
Larry Smith -10/15, 11:17 am- I have a 13 roadster that
Derek Kiefer - Manto -10/15, 11:56 am- Im no purist, but I do pr
Dan Killecut -10/15, 12:11 pm- Another vote for painted
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -10/15, 12:12 pm- I once saw a black era Fo
Dan Treace, North FL -10/15, 01:19 pm- Eric Not all depot hacks
Bill Rigdon -10/15, 02:08 pm- WOW, it pays to scan the
Bethel VT gasoline for sale-Photo
Herb Iffrig -10/14, 09:11 pm- [Bethel VT Gasoline sales
Dennis Seth - Ohio -10/14, 09:21 pm- The gasoline sign may be
Herb Iffrig -10/14, 09:25 pm- I thought it was a Townca
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -10/14, 11:33 pm- I dont know about that on
Mark Strange -10/15, 07:33 am- Removed the blue X, cropp
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -10/15, 12:11 pm- Is Marks picture original
John H. Nichols -10/15, 12:34 pm- Where did they find that
Bob's sales update
ROBERT BERGSTADT -10/15, 12:15 pm- Please check out the clas
1913 starter crank
Larry Smith -10/14, 09:35 am- 1/2, p/n 3902.
Bob Shirley -10/14, 01:51 pm- [009 (333x500).jpg] [008
Larry Smith -10/15, 11:32 am- You should have made the
Was interior T wood painted? Any clear answer?
john kuehn -10/14, 09:54 am- The other thread about pa
Les Schubert -10/14, 10:06 am- John I will say YES. I ha
Dennis Seth - Ohio -10/14, 10:07 am- My 27 Touring was repaint
Roger Karlsson, sout -10/14, 10:48 am- During the early black er
charley shaver -10/14, 11:31 am- I have never seen any woo
Dan Treace, North FL -10/14, 01:27 pm- Taken apart many bodies e
Mike Spaziano, Bellf -10/14, 02:18 pm- I have removed the origin
john kuehn -10/14, 02:55 pm- Thanks for the informatio
Philip Berg -10/14, 02:58 pm- The interior wood pieces
Allan Bennett - Aust -10/14, 04:42 pm- The paint used appears to
john kuehn -10/14, 08:50 pm- Thanks guys for the info.
Dennis Seth - Ohio -10/15, 08:34 am- I stand corrected. After
Royce in Georgetown  -10/15, 08:43 am- My 12, 13, 14, 15 and 17
Charlie B actually i -10/15, 10:25 am- I too have noticed on 2 c
Donnie Brown North C -10/15, 10:59 am- On my late 27 touring it
Indianapolis Forum members need your help
arnie johansen -10/14, 06:33 pm- I have a request for memb
Jerry VanOoteghem -10/15, 10:50 am- Arnie, Not sure if this
New Book: History of Ames Bodies
Jerry VanOoteghem -10/14, 04:33 pm- Sorry if its been mention
Jerry VanOoteghem -10/14, 04:43 pm- [scan0001.jpg] [scan0002
Tom Moorehead -10/14, 07:53 pm- Thanks Jerry for posting
Jerry VanOoteghem -10/15, 10:36 am- Youre welcome Tom!
Newbie questions: Hub caps and anti freeze
Larry Smith -10/14, 09:42 am- Hubcap wrenches are every
Bud Holzschuh - Pana -10/14, 10:16 am- Joreg Graham make a good
Kenneth W DeLong -10/15, 10:04 am- Bump.
THANK YOU FOR THE SAVE Nations Capital Model T Ford Club
mike copperthite -10/15, 09:32 am- THANK YOU to the members
St.Paul car show, only 12,000 showed up
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -10/15, 12:59 am-
Tim Wrenn -10/15, 08:50 am- Wow, quite a show. Be gre
JohnCodman -10/15, 08:57 am- Thats my kind of car show
Derek Kiefer - Manto -10/15, 09:24 am- I go to the swap meet alm
A must watch for all lovers of the T
Albin Werner  -10/14, 10:18 pm- ... and now you know why
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/14, 10:51 pm- Anybody catch the histori
Gary Schreiber- Sant -10/15, 07:43 am- Original didnt fit thru t
Tim Wrenn -10/15, 08:42 am- Thats right Gary. Henry h
Ryan Glowacki -10/15, 08:51 am- I was excited to see the
Tom Miller, Mostly i -10/15, 08:54 am- I have never believed the
Dual Exhaust Zoom Zoom!!
Micheal Crowe -10/14, 08:45 pm- What do you put the exhau
Les Schubert -10/14, 09:58 pm- My personal experience wi
Ted Dumas -10/14, 10:25 pm- Jerry Hunt, now deceased,
John P Noonan -10/14, 10:40 pm- Anyone here talked to or
Jerry Davis -10/14, 11:10 pm- Well....I dont know anyth
Jay - In Northern Ca -10/14, 11:45 pm- I too was wondering why w
Justin in South Afri -10/15, 03:47 am- He is knee deep in exams
T-Ford V8
John Cassara Long Is -10/14, 09:12 pm-
Frank van Ekeren (A -10/14, 09:27 pm- Yes, but not in Dutch!!
Robert G. Hester Jr. -10/15, 02:41 am- Snyders has one of these
Justin in South Afri -10/15, 03:43 am- Frank, If you use chrome
Adding 35 more H.P. to my T
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -10/14, 03:59 am- I dood it! Red Skelton fa
Jerry VanOoteghem -10/14, 10:35 am- Mark, Say hi to Rose of
Mark Stewart -Calif. -10/14, 11:55 am- Jerry, He went with my Co
Chuck Hoffman - Gold -10/14, 07:47 pm- Mark, WAIT!!! Dont cut up
Mark Stewart -Calif. -10/15, 02:27 am- What is that yellow thing
Sears Roebuck prices
John Mays -10/14, 07:56 pm- Been lookin at a 1927 Sea
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/14, 08:41 pm- When you consider how lon
Dennis Seth - Ohio -10/14, 08:45 pm- At one time you could ord
Dennis Seth - Ohio -10/14, 08:53 pm- I forgot to add that my c
John Aldrich Orting  -10/14, 09:01 pm- I have a Coil with a Sear
Ricks - Surf City -10/14, 09:32 pm- I heard San Marino in the
John Mays -10/14, 09:45 pm- Dennis, you mention that
Jay - In Northern Ca -10/15, 12:10 am- The Sears catalog kept m
Dave Huson, Berthoud -10/15, 12:17 am- I overhauled my first mod
Keith Townsend ; ^ ) -10/15, 12:43 am- Steve hit the nail on the
Dale Peterson Colleg -10/15, 02:16 am- John, I have been trying
You folks know about this?
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -10/14, 02:07 am- Yeah. Those idiots at yah
Roger Karlsson, sout -10/14, 04:08 am- I think Facebook is the b
John Semprez-Templet -10/14, 10:14 am- Since Aaron has not respo
Mack Cole ---- Earth -10/14, 11:10 am- I am still a member of se
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -10/14, 11:56 am- Looks like the link takes
Derek Kiefer - Manto -10/14, 12:28 pm- Which car show in St. Pau
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -10/15, 12:16 am- Here it is https://www.yo
Can asbestos be gotten in sheets for making gaskets?
John Housego (United -10/14, 07:05 am- I have been holding back
Herb Iffrig -10/14, 12:34 pm- [steve McQueen.jpg] I w
Mark Myers -10/14, 02:20 pm- Ive used mineral wool, ro
Gilbert V. I. Fitzhu -10/14, 02:54 pm- Stanley boilers used to b
John H. Nichols -10/14, 03:11 pm- I Have a niece whose boyf
Rob from Nova Scotia -10/14, 05:08 pm- Fred, as of 2011, Canada
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -10/15, 12:07 am- In the early fifties we u
Qualified appraiser for 1916 Model T Speedster
Diane Cook -10/14, 10:47 pm- My father passed away and
Jack Daron - Brownsb -10/14, 10:51 pm- A set of pictures posted
Steve McClelland -10/14, 11:26 pm- Ron Bird. Is an appraiser
A big thank you to the guys from the NCMTC
mike copperthite -10/14, 10:00 pm- A Big thank you to the gu
Gasoline, Kerosene, Cylinder Oi,l and Grease dealer-Photo
Herb Iffrig -10/14, 09:16 pm- I imagine a motorist had
Clutch Spring Compression tool
John Memmelaar Jr -10/14, 08:08 pm- Has anyone made or does s
john kuehn -10/14, 08:24 pm- Do a search on the forum
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/14, 08:29 pm- Yes, it does exist. I don
Dennis Seth - Ohio -10/14, 08:29 pm- I have a homemade one. It
john kuehn -10/14, 08:40 pm- The one I use is the one
OT: How Packard began, with an early Ford and speedsters ...
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -10/14, 03:47 am- On another thread, an ear
Ricks - Surf City -10/14, 09:10 am- I saw an 1890s Packard pu
Mike Spaziano, Bellf -10/14, 10:50 am- Ralph, A friend of mine
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -10/14, 11:20 am- Wayne - Thats a nice, con
Darel J. Leipold -10/14, 11:41 am- Packard was in Ohio and w
brass car guy -10/14, 12:46 pm- In 1998 my wife ad I atte
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/14, 01:04 pm- When Packard was going do
Rob Heyen -10/14, 01:16 pm- Wayne, thank you for the
Gilbert V. I. Fitzhu -10/14, 03:00 pm- Ive often wondered why, h
Rob Heyen -10/14, 05:13 pm- Wayne, I hope you dont mi
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -10/14, 08:28 pm- Rob, Of course! Any and a
Question about texas tags
Ronnie wehba -10/14, 07:40 pm- I found a set of texas ta
Dan Treace, North FL -10/14, 07:54 pm- And you are going to ques
john kuehn -10/14, 08:22 pm- Ronnie you can go to Turn
Tt dump truck
Ronnie wehba -10/14, 06:43 pm- Anyone have pics of the w
Garnet -10/14, 07:08 pm- Put the words TT and dump
Ronnie wehba -10/14, 07:43 pm- Thanks
Natchez Trace
Mike Vaughn -10/14, 05:27 pm- Got home today, what a gr
John Doolittle -10/14, 06:56 pm- Sounds like fun, Mike. An
Mike Vaughn -10/14, 07:42 pm- John, everyone kind of t
Old Photo - Air Cooled Model T ?
Jay - In Northern Ca -10/14, 10:09 am- [fghjlkjhgnmxc.JPG]
Terry Woods, Richmon -10/14, 11:57 am- Or is it a parked, non op
Dan Treace, North FL -10/14, 12:58 pm- Purina Truck, note the ch
Chuck Hoffman - Gold -10/14, 03:40 pm- Dirtbags stole it for scr
charley shaver -10/14, 03:47 pm- looks like an over hall j
Fred Miller, Sequim  -10/14, 03:52 pm- It doesnt look like any M
Les Schubert -10/14, 07:38 pm- Fred Ill bet it is a cut
Hershey Hauls (post a pic)
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -10/14, 02:16 am- Congratulations! Kim D! I
Rob Nowland, Texas,A -10/14, 04:43 am- Great photos,thanks for t
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -10/14, 04:07 pm- OK, the rain has quit alm
What an oppertunity
John H. Nichols -10/14, 11:04 am- Tom, If you have been the
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -10/14, 03:53 pm- Gute Reise
We got it apart now what-Photo
Herb Iffrig -10/14, 04:06 am- [now what.jpg]
Chuck Hoffman - Gold -10/14, 12:56 pm- Now put it back together.
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -10/14, 02:24 pm- Is that another Maxwell??
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -10/14, 02:40 pm- [11Max.jpg] Similar ra
Tony Barchock -10/14, 02:44 pm- So these parts were lefto
Chuck Hoffman - Gold -10/14, 01:00 pm- Im with Tim. When I see b
Dan Treace, North FL -10/14, 02:38 pm- On that 25, sure is fancy
Old Photo Postcard - State Press Visiting Anson, Texas
Jay - In Northern Ca -10/14, 10:06 am- [C01634.jpg]
Terry Woods, Richmon -10/14, 11:12 am- Anson is another one of t
brass car guy -10/14, 12:52 pm- What impresses me is the
Rajo Guys - education needed
Tom Magee -10/14, 12:26 pm- Royce, do you have any pu
stuart clipson -10/14, 12:43 pm- some heads can be milled
Old Photo - Our house, is a very, very, very fine house. ...
Jay - In Northern Ca -10/14, 10:22 am- [hjkrr556zx.JPG]
Mark Strange -10/14, 10:33 am- Great pic, just adding th
Charlie B actually i -10/14, 12:08 pm- Do we have a Sears Roebuc
Jack Putnam, Bluffto -10/14, 12:34 pm- Notice the incoming power
1912 Model T Ford mother n law roadster copy Everett WA
Steve Schmidt -10/14, 11:34 am- I see this car for sale $
Show Catoosa, Oklahoma
Warren Webb -10/14, 11:27 am- We will have a few guys w
Warford Shifter pic-drawing needed
Fred Wicker -10/14, 06:43 am- I picked up a Warford at
Roger Karlsson, sout -10/14, 06:50 am- There are several old thr
Fred Wicker -10/14, 10:58 am- [378445[1].jpg] I looked
27 Touring Rear Floor Boards
mike bartlett Oviedo -10/14, 08:00 am- My 27 Touring has the cro
Dan Treace, North FL -10/14, 10:39 am- The Body Parts and Price
Hershey purchase
Willie K Cordes -10/14, 10:38 am- Oh, I forgot to say, I ta
Old Photo - A Hurry Call
Jay - In Northern Ca -10/14, 10:02 am- [482633.jpg]
Jeff Hood -10/14, 10:24 am- That cant be the doctor,
Top saddle straps, how do they install.
Larry Smith -10/14, 09:44 am- What is posted above is f
george house -10/14, 09:59 am- Ive had problems with lon
Rear seat riser question
Hap Tucker in Sumter -10/14, 06:49 am- Kep, The rear seat panel
Hap Tucker in Sumter -10/14, 07:56 am- Kep, One more link: h
New to Model Ts
Roger Karlsson, sout -10/14, 06:09 am- Or is it an accessory tra
Model t radiator
Bob Benedict -10/14, 05:30 am- Thanks for the input. Lan
For sale model a engine block and head
Spencer Vibert -10/15, 05:40 pm- Down to $50 for all of it
Mario Brossard -10/15, 08:22 pm- Hi which year for the Eng
Spencer Vibert -10/15, 10:15 pm- 1930 I think Ill have to
Bill in Adelaida Cal -10/15, 10:31 pm- Spencer Is there an en
Roger Karlsson, sout -10/16, 02:07 am- Not many A-model guys her
Spencer Vibert -10/16, 07:25 pm- Bill, the engine rebuilde
Spencer Vibert -10/20, 08:33 pm- down to $30 I am still tr
Steve McClelland -10/20, 11:57 pm- I would sure give $30 for
Low hood for sale
Daniel Kraft -10/17, 07:07 pm- I have a low hood for sal
Daniel Kraft -10/18, 11:56 am- Obo
Daniel Kraft -10/18, 10:44 pm- 200
Daniel Kraft -10/19, 04:12 pm- [image.jpg] [image.jpg]
John Iversen -10/19, 10:21 pm- Id pay $200 shipped. Joh
John Iversen -10/19, 10:22 pm- John Iversen jivrsn@gma
Daniel Kraft -10/19, 10:56 pm- Deal. Give me a call tomo
Daniel Kraft -10/19, 11:00 pm- Or tonight, whenever is m
Daniel Kraft -10/20, 01:48 pm- Oops Ive been dealing wit
John Iversen -10/20, 08:53 pm- No confusion Daniel. Some
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -10/20, 09:36 pm- John You are new here.
John Iversen -10/20, 10:21 pm- Since 91, sold near $6000
Daniel Kraft -10/20, 11:05 pm- John It really was an hon
Daniel Kraft -10/20, 11:35 pm- I was going through my em
John Iversen -10/20, 11:37 pm- Daniel, I have no ambitio
Daniel Kraft -10/20, 11:44 pm- Alright John, and once ag
For Sale: 1926 Tudor Sedan
Kenneth E Kennedy -10/20, 11:10 am- older restoration, good r
Kenneth E Kennedy -10/20, 11:22 am- Phone: 734358-0191
Jerome Hoffman, Hays -10/20, 11:32 pm- PICS?
1914 Touring Car
James A. Lightfoot -10/20, 10:08 pm- 1914 Model T Touring. Exc
TT chassis for sale in Ohio
Tom Strickling -10/17, 04:23 pm- 1926 TT chassis in Ohio 4
Kenneth E Kennedy -10/20, 12:01 pm- Tom, Im interested is see
Tom Strickling -10/20, 09:21 pm- Chassis is still availabl
for sale transmission drums
Spencer Vibert -10/15, 04:25 pm- bump
Spencer Vibert -10/20, 08:31 pm- price drop to $35 Send me
1917 High Hood
CharlesHebert -10/17, 03:51 pm- 1917 high hood painted re
Mike Walker, NW AR -10/17, 10:40 pm- 1917 was low hood. High
James Baker -10/18, 12:09 am- Must be a rare one!
CharlesHebert -10/18, 09:33 am- My bad...low hood
John Iversen -10/19, 10:48 pm- Interested. jivrsn@gmail.
John Iversen -10/20, 08:30 pm- Is the hood sold or still
OT Lionel Display layout
Spencer Vibert -10/15, 06:21 pm- Hey guys, I have decided
Spencer Vibert -10/16, 07:27 pm- bump
Spencer Vibert -10/18, 09:31 pm- bump
Spencer Vibert -10/20, 08:29 pm- price drop to $1600
Dave Huson, Berthoud -10/15, 09:29 am- Rodney: I will try the pi
Dave Huson, Berthoud -10/15, 12:39 pm- Rodney the left hand side
Rodney Aspenson -10/15, 05:34 pm- Looks good Dave, Ill take
Dave Huson, Berthoud -10/15, 08:28 pm- Rodney: My address is D
Rodney Aspenson -10/16, 10:03 am- Sure thing Dave, What is
Dave Huson, Berthoud -10/16, 12:04 pm- Rodney: I cant sell the o
Rodney Aspenson -10/17, 09:45 am- That sound good Dave.. Th
Rodney Aspenson -10/17, 09:47 am- I sent you an e-mail, did
Dave Huson, Berthoud -10/17, 10:56 am- Rodney: I cant seem to f
Dave Huson, Berthoud -10/17, 11:01 am- Rodney: By the way that
Rodney Aspenson -10/17, 06:25 pm- WOW!!! Amazing pics!!! Wh
Dave Huson, Berthoud -10/18, 02:11 am- Rodney: Trail Ridge is in
Rodney Aspenson -10/18, 09:57 pm- Oh my!!! Beautiful!!! Lov
Rodney Aspenson -10/20, 05:20 pm- Hi Dave, Do you have a t
Elko, NV to Medford, OR to Spokane, WA hauling right now !
Freighter Jim -10/20, 04:49 pm- October 20th Look at my
Early '15 Oil Lamps For Sale
Mike Walker, NW AR -10/20, 03:05 pm- Here is a complete set of
For sale. 8 coils
Daniel Kraft -10/20, 02:59 pm- I have 8 coils and a meta
Bill Kerndt -10/20, 02:18 pm- I need a 26-27 Ruckstell
'25 Rolling Chassis
Lee  -10/20, 01:45 pm- where are you located and
Dennis Seth - Ohio -10/20, 12:57 pm- Wanted front and rear doo
Model T Plates
Matt Madison -10/19, 04:17 pm- For sale is an assortment
Benjamin Morgan -10/19, 09:33 pm- Ill take them. Emailed y
Edward C Cholota -10/20, 08:37 am- to Benjamin Morgan, I wo
Benjamin Morgan -10/20, 11:39 am- Hey Ed, I too am in need
Wanted: 1914 running board
Bill Elliott -10/16, 10:59 am- I am looking for a driver
Ed in California -10/17, 01:28 pm- Are you looking for an or
Bill Elliott -10/17, 05:15 pm- One for re painting.
Larry Smith -10/18, 11:10 am- Be aware, the running boa
Mike Walker, NW AR -10/18, 07:17 pm- And a few months in 1915.
Clayton Swanson -10/18, 08:59 pm- whats the difference?
Mark Strange -10/19, 07:56 am- From the MTFCA website en
Layden Butler -10/19, 12:56 pm- Come on Larry, step up an
R.V. Anderson -10/19, 05:37 pm- Im not Larry but heres wh
Layden Butler -10/19, 06:52 pm- R.V. Third on your list,
R.V. Anderson -10/19, 07:49 pm- Smaller as in--fender bol
Mike Walker, NW AR -10/19, 10:56 pm- I think what Layden meant
R.V. Anderson -10/20, 11:34 am- Oh; now I see. Yes, they
Eaarly 1923 Roadster for sale
James A. Lightfoot -10/20, 10:21 am- 1923 Runabout. Low hood,
23 Runabout for sale
James A. Lightfoot -10/20, 10:19 am- 1923 Early low hood Model
1924 TT C Cab for sale
James A. Lightfoot -10/20, 10:18 am- 1924 Model TT C Cab Truck
Car for sale
James A. Lightfoot -10/20, 10:15 am- 1914 Model T Touring. Exc
Free to a good home
harvey cash -10/18, 10:11 pm- I have a 1926/7 steel pic
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -10/19, 12:05 am- Rats! I was in Reno earli
harvey cash -10/19, 09:43 pm- Thanks for offer Wayne on
harvey cash -10/20, 10:05 am- The bed has been promised
Wanted alum hogshead
stuart clipson -10/17, 07:52 am- bump
Roger Karlsson, sout -10/17, 10:14 am- Maybe the one Scott Krame
stuart clipson -10/17, 03:14 pm- thanks roger, ill send h
stuart clipson -10/20, 06:16 am- bbb
Robert Butler - West -10/15, 09:41 am- Dave, Box up a left and r
Dave Huson, Berthoud -10/18, 01:13 pm- BUMP Please no more diff
Albert Belling -10/18, 07:21 pm- I am wondering if you got
Dave Huson, Berthoud -10/19, 01:05 am- Albert Belling: Sorry,
Robert Butler - West -10/19, 01:14 am- Dave, Same question as Al
Dave Huson, Berthoud -10/19, 03:48 am- Albert Belling: Correctio
Robert Butler - West -10/19, 11:34 pm- Dave, See my message from
Part Wanted
Craig Leach -10/19, 10:31 pm- Part Wanted Looking for a
Dave Huson, Berthoud -10/19, 11:22 pm- Craig Leach: I have both
OT 1931 model A Victoria for sale
Mark Eyre -10/17, 08:59 pm- 1931 model A Victoria for
Mark Gregush Portlan -10/18, 11:55 am- I would suggest placing a
Mark Eyre -10/18, 09:19 pm- Its my dads not mine. He
Mark Gregush Portlan -10/18, 10:26 pm- Yes you have
Kenneth W DeLong -10/19, 08:26 pm- Mark,What about the Vinta
Kenneth W DeLong -10/19, 08:28 pm- Opps,Tell your Dad bud sa
Mark Eyre -10/19, 09:15 pm- Hi Bud, he is going to p
Ed Baudoux -10/19, 09:38 pm- Mark, if you an get Phil
Mark Eyre -10/19, 10:05 pm- If my dad has a best frie
Ignition switch assy.
Matt Madison -10/19, 04:13 pm- For Sale Original Ignitio
Matt Madison -10/19, 07:08 pm- Sold Headed to New York
Wanted, seats for a touring car.
Daniel Kraft -10/19, 04:18 pm- I have an early touring c
Dave Huson, Berthoud -10/19, 03:10 am- A Good Three to One Diffe
Dave Huson, Berthoud -10/19, 03:15 am- [ring gear]
M G Hillhouse -10/19, 11:09 am- Dave I will take it! Malo
For Sale: Cast Iron Hogs Head, Non-Starter Type
Dale Kemmerer -10/19, 11:07 am- Paul, Sent you a PM Dale
Dave Huson, Berthoud -10/19, 03:25 am- Brake Drum: Was $145.00 n
Dave Huson, Berthoud -10/19, 03:13 am- A Good Three to One Diffe
Dave Huson, Berthoud -10/19, 01:13 am- Differential Ring Gears:
Dave Huson, Berthoud -10/19, 02:59 am- [ring gear]
Dave Huson, Berthoud -10/14, 11:33 am- This is one BEAUTIFUL new
Steve McClelland -10/19, 01:01 am- Price....
Floorboard sets at a huge savings
ROBERT BERGSTADT -10/15, 12:19 pm- 1914-25 open car and 1926
bernie glass -10/16, 04:49 pm- i would like 4 sets for 1
Neil Dorey -10/18, 11:23 pm- I would like to get a set
For sale
Mark Eyre -10/17, 08:28 pm- 1920 Center door 26-27 en
charley shaver -10/17, 10:06 pm- now there a deal if the w
Mark Eyre -10/18, 09:23 pm- To the gentleman who requ
Lexington, NE to Medford, OR hauling right now !
Freighter Jim -10/18, 10:17 am- October 18th Click Her
Model T Ford Parts
CharlesHebert -10/17, 03:39 pm- 4 felloe rims with wood a
CharlesHebert -10/17, 03:42 pm- One split rim tool for ch
Derek Kiefer - Manto -10/17, 04:18 pm- Im interested in the spli
CharlesHebert -10/17, 08:15 pm- Livingston, Tx
Allan Bennett - Aust -10/18, 01:10 am- Charles, are any of the h
Mike Walker, NW AR -10/18, 10:09 am- Charles -- I sent you a P
San Jose, CA to anywhere direct enclosed auto transport N...
Freighter Jim -10/18, 09:11 am- November 1st I am avail
Model Ts For Sale
Matt Madison -10/17, 11:48 pm- Have a 1923 TT Tow Truck
Bruce Hgenter -10/17, 11:04 pm- 1909 TOURING Car is disa
Snow Flyer Snow mobile kit
Mark Eyre -10/17, 08:40 pm- Snow Flyer snow mobile ki
1916 Roadster For Sale
Mark Eyre -10/17, 08:35 pm- 1916 Roadster mostly comp
Engines for sale
Chris Dailledouze -10/17, 07:52 pm- Larry can you magnaflux?
TT cab for sale in Ohio
Tom Strickling -10/17, 04:14 pm- I recently traded for thi
Tom Strickling -10/17, 04:24 pm- Here is the link for the
TT Truck doors
Ron Delucchi -10/17, 11:04 am- Im looking for a pair of
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -10/17, 11:16 am- Closed cab body, C Cab, o
Tom Strickling -10/17, 04:09 pm- Ron I am in Ohio and hav
Junk wood steering rim wanted
R.V. Anderson -10/17, 02:06 pm- I will only be using a pi
mike bartlett Oviedo -10/17, 02:31 pm- Am I lookin at a future s
R.V. Anderson -10/17, 03:22 pm- No; just a display compon
For Sale: TT High speed gear set
Justin Heim -10/16, 09:33 pm- I recently bought this ge
Burger in Spokane -10/16, 10:02 pm- What speed could one expe
Justin Heim -10/16, 10:48 pm- Ive heard that 30 MPH is
Rich Chillingworth -10/17, 10:59 am- Justin - I sent you a PM
Justin Heim -10/17, 01:03 pm- Sold, pending transaction
1908 Holley carburetor
Richard Gould -10/17, 09:31 am- Correct for 1908 NRS. Pu
Wanted 1913 door latches
Wayne Atkinson -10/17, 08:59 am- need a pair of 1913 door
'25 Motor and Transmission-Completely Rebuilt
Chris Brainard -10/16, 06:32 pm- I have a 1925 T motor and
Hal Schedler, Sacram -10/17, 12:11 am- This gent helped me get a
FS- 26-7 doors
Robert Horvath -10/17, 12:06 am- Do you still have the doo
Wanted: Engine compartment pans
Bill Elliott -10/16, 10:58 am- I am looking for the engi
Dave Huson, Berthoud -10/16, 12:10 pm- Bill Elliott: I have a pi
Thomas Elliott -10/16, 12:51 pm- Bill: I have a set of eng
Bill Elliott -10/16, 07:56 pm- Dave, I dont have access
Paul jacobs -10/16, 10:25 pm- I have a set that came of
1926 Model T Sedan for sale
Adam Bosch -10/16, 09:46 pm- For Sale: 1926 Model T Se
Adam Bosch -10/16, 10:11 pm- picture[004 (800x600) (64
Adam Bosch -10/16, 10:15 pm- more pictures[002 (600x80
Seeking 1926 Block
Chris Dailledouze -10/14, 11:52 pm- Seeking a crack free 1926
Dave Huson, Berthoud -10/15, 09:24 am- Bump Chris, Do you ever
Dave Huson, Berthoud -10/15, 09:25 am- [blocks]
Chris Dailledouze -10/15, 09:34 pm- Hi Dave, I do not get up
Hal Schedler, Sacram -10/15, 10:30 pm- Chris, If all else fails,
Bob Shirley -10/15, 11:28 pm- Please post pictures of t
Chris Dailledouze -10/16, 05:21 pm- Well the engine is for a
joe bell -10/16, 07:22 pm- I stopped buying 26-7 blo
Chris Dailledouze -10/16, 08:49 pm- Joe there does seem to be
Model T Steering Wheels
Kevin Allen -10/16, 07:57 pm- Model T steering wheel ri
Want to Trade for 1926-27 Wire Wheels & Hubs
Donald D. Staples -10/14, 08:38 pm- Still available. Donn St
Donald D. Staples -10/16, 05:54 pm- My apology for not statin
Model T and TTparts for sale
Dennis Michaud -10/16, 05:01 pm- I have 2 small turtle dec
Early front plates
Scott Elliott, Tigar -10/15, 03:14 pm- Bottom two are still avai
Thomas Elliott -10/16, 03:02 pm- Thanks again to MTFCA, th
Dave Huson, Berthoud -10/15, 10:11 am- Split Rim Jack $49.00. Th
Chris Olsen -10/15, 06:20 pm- Do you have the missing p
Dave Huson, Berthoud -10/15, 08:20 pm- Chris: There is no missi
Chris Olsen -10/15, 10:17 pm- Must be the angle, it loo
Christopher Vasconce -10/16, 07:58 am- Hi Dave...quick question.
Dave Huson, Berthoud -10/16, 10:08 am- Chris: That split rim ja
Christopher Vasconce -10/16, 10:39 am- Thanks...I have not yet t
Dave Huson, Berthoud -10/16, 11:51 am- Chris: You are right ther
Dave Huson, Berthoud -10/16, 11:51 am- Chris: You are right ther
Set of Wheels and tires
Bob Peterson -10/14, 03:58 pm- A set of 4 21 inch wood s
Dennis Plank -10/14, 06:29 pm- Bob, I would buy your whe
Derek Kiefer - Manto -10/16, 08:35 am- These are sold, and now i
Bob Peterson -10/16, 10:58 am- Yes, They are sold, Thank
1912 Front Doors
John Memmelaar Jr -10/16, 07:30 am- For sale are a set of 191
Keith Townsend ; ^ ) -10/16, 10:45 am- John- Are these the fore-
WANTED Air Ford radiator cap
Mike Edwards -10/15, 01:46 pm- Looking for a cast model
Dan Treace, North FL -10/15, 03:14 pm- Contact Bob Scherzer Thr
Mike Edwards -10/15, 10:33 pm- THANK YOU for the info...
Looking for a Low Radiator- 1917.
James Chochole -10/15, 09:44 pm- I have a T that needs a b
WANTED carbide canister 1914
Steve Tomaso - Milto -10/14, 10:00 am- If the photo you posted i
mike copperthite -10/14, 10:07 pm- Ok this is what I am look
Mark Gregush Portlan -10/15, 08:25 pm- Mike; If you are still lo
For Sale: Rim Spreader $70.00 P/S
Hal Schedler, Sacram -10/15, 07:52 pm- 1st Bump
Open car dash 1923-25 For Sale
Layden Butler -10/15, 07:00 pm- $25 plus shipping
For sale, transmission back plate and clutch spring
Spencer Vibert -10/15, 05:31 pm- bump
Dave Huson, Berthoud -10/15, 05:29 pm- Dave Huson, 2116 Charro A
Dave Huson, Berthoud -10/15, 05:12 pm- 1926/27 cam shaft cover $
Dave Huson, Berthoud -10/15, 05:18 pm- Cam Shaft Cover [cam sha
For Sale: Dashboard
Paul jacobs -10/15, 04:38 pm- Any interst in this?? If
Magneto Base with gear
Thomas Elliott -10/14, 09:50 pm- Will the person that call
Scott Elliott, Tigar -10/15, 03:20 pm- btt
Bob's sale spindle and tie rod bolts new h & g USA. made...
ROBERT BERGSTADT -10/15, 02:06 pm- T-2710-SB Spindle bolt se
Dave Huson, Berthoud -10/15, 12:31 pm- I am going to try a pictu
A pair of 26-27 Open Car Windshield Stanchions
Don Sandberg -10/15, 10:46 am- Boiler Up
Dave Huson, Berthoud -10/15, 10:20 am- Rear Springs: Free with o
New wide track rear axles great sale price
ROBERT BERGSTADT -10/15, 10:15 am- Only a few left new wide
Dave Huson, Berthoud -10/15, 09:54 am- Running board brackets; $
Dave Huson, Berthoud -10/15, 09:50 am- Trust Rods $35.00. These
Dave Huson, Berthoud -10/15, 09:41 am- 1913 TO 27 running BOARDS
Davenport, Iowa to Oregon enclosed transport today !
Freighter Jim -10/15, 09:35 am- October 15th Leaving D
Wanted 23-25 roadster turtle deck
JOHN BEVARDOS -10/14, 10:20 pm- 23-25 turtle deck--wanted
Hal Schedler, Sacram -10/15, 02:12 am- I have one...I think its
Bill Kerndt -10/15, 08:23 am- John Did you receive my P
21" split rim rims for sale $100 each
Tim Morsher -10/15, 02:30 am- I have several nice split
Aftermarket bumper for sale
Tim Morsher -10/15, 02:25 am- Nice aftermarket bumper f
Explosion Whistles
Matt Madison -10/14, 11:49 pm- For sale a pair of Explos
Very Nice Wood Steering Wheel
Matt Madison -10/14, 11:44 pm- for Sale is a very nice w
18-22 roadster top bows.
Jack Daron - Brownsb -10/14, 10:43 pm- Just finished up a set of
Champion X spark plugs
Danny Johnston -10/14, 07:46 pm- David, I just received th
1923 Ford Model T touring convertible red original runs g...
Alain Berube -10/14, 11:03 am- For sale is a 1923 Ford M
Donnie Brown North C -10/14, 05:43 pm- Alain. I see you are a ne
Orginal Bruce McCalley's Model T Ford Encyclopedia CD's f...
Leroy G. Brandon -10/14, 11:33 am- If you have any questions
Show and Swap
Warren Webb -10/14, 11:29 am- We would like to invite t
Good drag link ends and caps
John H. Nichols -10/14, 11:10 am- Remember Chad, when you a
Wanted Wood Plans for 1922 Touring
John H. Nichols -10/14, 10:56 am- Thanks Dan, Not for me bu
Don Sandberg -10/14, 09:56 am- What does bump mean as fo
Mark Strange -10/14, 10:23 am- Hes just adding a new pos
1924 Model TT Ford One Ton Truck Chassis
Billy Phillips -10/14, 09:42 am- Model TT ford one ton tru
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