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Model T Ford Forum
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2up & 2Down special?
Russell Richards -11/21, 09:20 pm- I caught this on the Wher
Jerome Hoffman, Hays -11/21, 11:52 pm- The pistons dont care whe
Jim Thode Chehalis W -11/22, 01:00 am- From a past thread Frank
andy Wang bearing su -11/22, 01:03 am- Һ
Jim Thode Chehalis W -11/22, 01:10 am- A longer version of the s
Mike Spaziano, Bellf -11/22, 01:36 am- Thank you for that incred
Royce in Georgetown  -11/22, 08:15 am- The load path through the
Dennis Plank -11/22, 03:51 pm- I would live to build one
Russell Richards -11/22, 11:33 pm- This is quite the idea...
Russell Richards -11/22, 11:40 pm- I caught it Jim... Posted
Does any one have an old picture of a model t cutting wood?
Robert Poane -11/22, 09:09 am- does any one have an old
Mark Strange -11/22, 09:15 am- There is a picture in thi
Dan Treace, North FL -11/22, 09:31 am- Heres one [CYOE_Image (6
Ricks - Surf City -11/22, 10:22 am- This one of Billy Key I p
Charlie B actually i -11/22, 11:04 am- Man I dont care what any
Kenneth W DeLong -11/22, 11:25 am- Both of those look small
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/22, 11:31 am- Here are some videos, but
Kenneth W DeLong -11/22, 12:00 pm- The second video shows a
Chuck Hoffman - Gold -11/22, 01:51 pm- You guys missed the boat.
Donnie Brown North C -11/22, 08:06 pm- Here is another pic .. [
tim moore -11/22, 08:23 pm- Ralph, Billy is fine but
Ricks - Surf City -11/22, 11:38 pm- Thanks, Tim! What a reli
Manifold interference
Mike Zahorik -11/22, 01:12 pm- For the last few days I w
Tony Bowker -11/22, 01:30 pm- I have had the same probl
Allan Bennett - Aust -11/22, 05:50 pm- Same problem here with a
Norman T. Kling -11/22, 06:18 pm- Got both intake and exhau
Steve Tomaso - Milto -11/22, 06:57 pm- There was some conversati
Royce in Georgetown  -11/22, 07:04 pm- Same problem here with th
Warwick Landy -11/22, 09:30 pm- Same problem with mine al
Mike Walker, NW AR -11/22, 11:31 pm- And its not just with the
Dimensions for line boring
ken bechtel -11/22, 01:29 pm- Hi all ! Anyone kno
Mike Vaughn -11/22, 02:27 pm- 3.9375 center to center c
Frank van Ekeren (A -11/22, 03:49 pm- [img047.jpg]
Doug Money - Braidwo -11/22, 05:09 pm- 100mm
ken bechtel -11/22, 05:17 pm- Thanks for the help guys
Paul Mikeska, Denver -11/22, 05:28 pm- The centerline of the cra
ken bechtel -11/22, 05:49 pm- Thanks for all of the inf
Kohnke Rebabbitting -11/22, 06:00 pm- What size of bar and what
ken bechtel -11/22, 06:16 pm- I dont know what type or
Paul Mikeska, Denver -11/22, 06:28 pm- The 100mm measurement is
ken bechtel -11/22, 07:22 pm- Paul, Thanks for the info
Mike Vaughn -11/22, 07:52 pm- That depends on the diame
ken bechtel -11/22, 08:02 pm- Thanks to all that suppli
Paul Mikeska, Denver -11/22, 08:08 pm- Ken, I am not sure how t
Paul Mikeska, Denver -11/22, 08:11 pm- Several folks type faster
ken bechtel -11/22, 08:25 pm- Thanks Paul! You have bee
Paul Mikeska, Denver -11/22, 08:38 pm- Ken, It is also very imp
ken bechtel -11/22, 08:51 pm- Paul, I printed a measure
Paul Mikeska, Denver -11/22, 08:56 pm- Ken, Print out this whol
ken bechtel -11/22, 09:18 pm- Good idea Paul! thanks
Paul Mikeska, Denver -11/22, 09:57 pm- Ken, Who is pouring the
Paul Mikeska, Denver -11/22, 10:20 pm- UGG. Late at night and I
Kohnke Rebabbitting -11/22, 11:30 pm- It will not do much good
My roadster pickup project
Mark Rothrock -11/22, 10:39 pm- Im working on what my lat
Jack Daron - Brownsb -11/22, 11:07 pm- Looks like a lotta fun,ab
Willie K Cordes -11/22, 11:19 pm- Looks like a fun project.
John P Noonan -11/22, 11:29 pm- Looks great Mark, best of
The rise of Henry Ford
John P Noonan -11/22, 11:21 pm- Never saw this before, pr
Dual exhaust manifold
Rob Patterson (AUS) -11/22, 09:57 pm- Does anybody have any exp
Tom Bergmann Sydney  -11/22, 10:48 pm- Rob If you do a Keyword S
Steve Elliott -11/22, 11:01 pm- Best thing. E mail me an
Firewall on 1916
Patrick Mulrooney, W -11/21, 05:26 pm- Evening everyone. I am in
Patrick Mulrooney, W -11/21, 05:37 pm- Sorry, in my post I meant
Dan Treace, North FL -11/21, 05:52 pm- From your description, mo
Hap Tucker in Sumter -11/21, 06:01 pm- Patrick, Yes, that is th
Erik Johnson -11/21, 06:09 pm- John Regan can tell you t
Hap Tucker in Sumter -11/21, 08:20 pm- Thanks Dan -- that was th
Royce in Georgetown  -11/22, 08:08 am- [1917 firewalls.jpg]
James J. Lyons III - -11/22, 08:18 am- Were the 15-16 firewalls
Royce in Georgetown  -11/22, 08:21 am- Black. Heres the original
James J. Lyons III - -11/22, 08:23 am- Thank you Royce..
Patrick Mulrooney, W -11/22, 03:53 pm- Thank you for all of the
John F. Regan -11/22, 06:15 pm- The picture that has been
John F. Regan -11/22, 06:19 pm- 3 play should read 3 ply
Allan Bennett - Aust -11/22, 10:16 pm- John, its a good thing th
Rob Patterson (AUS) -11/22, 10:43 pm- When I restored my Austra
Help Removing Belt Rail Moldings from a 24 Coupe Cowl
Rich Stinchcomb, Tru -11/22, 09:17 am- First some background as
Rich Stinchcomb, Tru -11/22, 10:41 pm- Found that by using a put
1909 Canadian Model T with Chadwick Bros. brass lights.
Scott Kramer -11/22, 05:16 pm- 1909 Canadian Model T wit
David Chantrell - Ad -11/22, 05:56 pm- Never heard of this brand
Royce in Georgetown  -11/22, 06:07 pm- Pictures would be great.
Scott Kramer -11/22, 07:30 pm- David, These were factory
Hap Tucker in Sumter -11/22, 08:04 pm- For Royce, Kevin Mowle m
David Chantrell - Ad -11/22, 08:16 pm- Once again, I learn somet
Les Schubert -11/22, 08:24 pm- My brother has a 1910 McL
Royce in Georgetown  -11/22, 08:30 pm- Scott, OK now we really
Scott Kramer -11/22, 10:19 pm- I believe that our 09 has
Steering Wheel Removal
Christopher Vasconce -11/22, 12:52 pm- Howdy folks. I just boug
Jack Daron - Brownsb -11/22, 12:59 pm- Put it under a load and r
Christopher Vasconce -11/22, 06:43 pm- I ended up getting it loo
Allan Bennett - Aust -11/22, 10:07 pm- Christopher, if you can d
OT warning Non-Ford story I wanted to share Corvette
Herb Iffrig -11/22, 08:50 am- From an email cousin Dale
Mike Walker, NW AR -11/22, 09:05 am- The car must have magical
Royce in Georgetown  -11/22, 09:08 am- I am most partial to the
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -11/22, 10:20 am- Great video. Brings back
Terry Woods, Richmon -11/22, 11:47 am- Those early Vettes must h
Burger in Spokane -11/22, 12:04 pm- As the saying goes: Jesu
Mike Garrison -11/22, 03:40 pm- I enjoy driving my Corvet
Dick Lodge - St Loui -11/22, 03:51 pm- A friend told me once tha
Burger in Spokane -11/22, 04:36 pm- I can see that road, too.
Bill Alexander in Al -11/22, 04:50 pm- I wish I had one of those
Steve Bumgarner -11/22, 05:04 pm- Herb, I have # 424 with 2
Mike Garrison -11/22, 08:23 pm- Burger, things were prett
mike dixon -11/22, 09:24 pm- i retired from the corvet
Floyd Voie - Chehali -11/22, 10:03 pm- My wife sure enjoys the 5
OT. 1941 Ford production of the B-24 Liberator Bomber
Eugene Adams -11/22, 05:44 pm- This video was on the 201
Eugene Adams -11/22, 05:45 pm- The video is 7 minutes lo
Tim Wrenn -11/22, 07:30 pm- Gene, fantastic video! It
Hal Schedler, Sacram -11/22, 07:34 pm- Could we duplicate that e
Brian Mettling -11/22, 08:44 pm- I work in aviation and I
Dick Fischer -11/22, 09:57 pm- The popular slang name am
Ford script timer roller
Dean Yoder -11/21, 09:08 pm- [roller2.jpg] Is there a
Ted Dumas -11/21, 10:32 pm- You could use a ball bear
Allan Bennett - Aust -11/21, 10:36 pm- Ted, I tried the ball bea
Royce in Georgetown  -11/22, 08:05 am- Howard Cascia used to but
Rob Heyen -11/22, 08:54 am- Dean, The Casica RIP time
Royce in Georgetown  -11/22, 09:02 am- Were you using oil or gre
Rob Heyen -11/22, 09:10 am- This thread isnt about a
Royce in Georgetown  -11/22, 09:39 am- Rob, if you have nothing
Royce in Georgetown  -11/22, 09:53 am- Chaffins lists the timer
Rob Heyen -11/22, 09:56 am- [438360943.484384.jpg]
Ron Patterson-Nichol -11/22, 10:04 am- That would be Howard Cacc
Royce in Georgetown  -11/22, 10:12 am- Thanks for the proper spe
Richard Gould -11/22, 02:28 pm- Dean Ive made them from t
Mike Walker, NW AR -11/22, 03:07 pm- Now were talking! Thats
Richard Gould -11/22, 03:50 pm- Thanks Mike!
Dean Yoder -11/22, 09:40 pm- Royce The roller in your
Charlie B actually i -11/22, 10:29 am- 51 years. Can you believe
Dick Lodge - St Loui -11/22, 10:34 am- I was a new 2nd Lt in the
Kenneth W DeLong -11/22, 10:42 am- In Wildflicken Germany wh
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/22, 10:46 am- I was a student at Pepper
Royce in Georgetown  -11/22, 10:58 am- I was watching the parade
Norman T. Kling -11/22, 11:00 am- I was at work as a line a
David Dewey, N. Cali -11/22, 11:25 am- I was in Mr. Brunjes 4th
Burger in Spokane -11/22, 11:58 am- No particular comment on
John F. Regan -11/22, 12:47 pm- I was sitting on the floo
Kirk Peterson -11/22, 01:34 pm- 3rd Period Metal Shop Pat
Chuck Hoffman - Gold -11/22, 01:47 pm- I was sitting in the midd
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -11/22, 02:00 pm- I cant remember much abou
John Semprez-Templet -11/22, 02:44 pm- 3rd period band practice
Rob Patterson -11/22, 02:49 pm- The shock went right arou
Mike Walker, NW AR -11/22, 03:01 pm- It was my first semester
Evan Mason -11/22, 03:14 pm- I was in 4th grade at Car
Evan Mason -11/22, 03:17 pm- Steve J, I was in one of
john kuehn -11/22, 03:18 pm- I remember being a 10th g
Steve Schmidt -11/22, 03:19 pm- Was this event just pure
Mike Garrison -11/22, 03:25 pm- 6th grade Edna I Murphy E
john kuehn -11/22, 03:26 pm- The other night on the Hi
Scott Kramer -11/22, 04:56 pm- In grade 4 at Southside P
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -11/22, 05:03 pm- Sitting in a car with a b
Dick Missett Wyoming -11/22, 06:13 pm- My ship was in dry dock i
Jon Crane -11/22, 06:40 pm- I was in 9th grade algebr
Richard Gould -11/22, 08:19 pm- Interesting to me that s
Norman T. Kling -11/22, 09:32 pm- I also remember the day P
Downloading photos on classified ads?
Marvin C. Miller -11/22, 09:09 pm- What is the secret to get
Garnet -11/22, 09:14 pm- The usual way is to right
Donnie Brown North C -11/22, 09:23 pm- If you mean save it to yo
Last month's tour
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/22, 04:09 pm- At last I got around to p
Gilbert V. I. Fitzhu -11/22, 05:46 pm- Oh give me a home where t
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/22, 05:52 pm- Early October is usually
Verne Shirk -11/22, 08:25 pm- The second car back wasnt
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -11/22, 09:21 pm- Show me a home where the
Dash to "A" pillar rivets
Pat Clark -11/22, 08:39 pm- Does anyone know where I
Head identification
Rob from Nova Scotia -11/21, 08:02 pm- Picked this up in Maine a
Rob from Nova Scotia -11/21, 08:13 pm- Does the last picture sho
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/21, 11:21 pm- Is it a low head, or high
Roger Karlsson, sout -11/21, 11:50 pm- I think its the casting d
Rob from Nova Scotia -11/22, 05:14 am- Steve it is a low head. I
Royce in Georgetown  -11/22, 08:01 am- It is a late 1912 / early
James J. Lyons III - -11/22, 08:01 am- Roger Karlsson is correct
Royce in Georgetown  -11/22, 08:01 am- Oh, forgot to mention it
Norman T. Kling -11/22, 06:52 pm- It looks like a low head.
Rob from Nova Scotia -11/22, 07:57 pm- It is a low head. Thank y
Rob from Nova Scotia -11/22, 07:58 pm- Norman I will post a pic
Royce in Georgetown  -11/22, 08:32 pm- Rob, It is a very rare h
It pays to shop around
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/21, 11:06 am- After the ordeal of remov
P. Jamison -11/21, 11:30 am- I keep using McMaster bec
Burger in Spokane -11/21, 11:35 am- Our local Ace stores have
John Semprez-Templet -11/21, 12:20 pm- Steve, there is a Fastena
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/21, 12:57 pm- Theres a Fastenal store f
Jon Allen -11/21, 01:19 pm- Two things to think about
Willis Jenkins -11/21, 02:02 pm- Jon, Hear, Hear!!! Chee
Ted Dumas -11/21, 02:18 pm- You could have bought 4 a
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/21, 02:36 pm- Sure, and I could have sp
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -11/21, 03:21 pm- Or you could have said so
Harold Schwendeman - -11/21, 03:29 pm- No Steve,....youre thrift
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -11/21, 04:04 pm- Or you could have walked
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/21, 05:16 pm- The 8-32 wire screws are
Richard Gould -11/22, 07:57 pm- There are those who seem
Henry Petrino in Mod -11/22, 08:11 pm- Im with you on this Richa
A link to setting a rivet to the pan ear?
Gary Hagen -11/22, 06:24 pm- Larry Smith says this is
Royce in Georgetown  -11/22, 06:29 pm- Heres a thread where Dan
Richard Gould -11/22, 08:08 pm- Gary, the best approach i
Gas Tank Rust
Marvin C. Miller -11/21, 03:14 pm- What is the best way to g
Donnie Brown North C -11/21, 05:09 pm- I use phosphoric acid. Ph
Jerry Davis -11/21, 07:41 pm- Donnie, what was your sou
Jack Daron - Brownsb -11/21, 08:56 pm- Phosphoric acid will not
John E Cox -11/21, 09:31 pm- Google phosphoric acid.
Jack Daron - Brownsb -11/21, 09:49 pm- Thanks John.
Gene Nelson - Easter -11/21, 09:57 pm- Eastwood sells Zinc Phosp
Marvin C. Miller -11/21, 10:09 pm- Thanks Donnie. I work in
Ron Dupree -11/21, 10:16 pm- I use Klean Strip Phospho
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/21, 10:23 pm- Phosphoric acid metal con
Paul Mikeska, Denver -11/21, 10:58 pm- Ron is right. Its been a
Marvin C. Miller -11/22, 12:07 pm- Thanks Ron, I will look
Floyd Voie - Chehali -11/22, 12:27 pm- Buy the metal conditioner
John Semprez-Templet -11/22, 03:04 pm- I buy it at my local ACE
Donnie Brown North C -11/22, 07:56 pm- My bad, Iron phosphate is
Steam bending (update)
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -11/21, 02:22 pm- There have been some grea
Bob Bishop, San Dieg -11/21, 02:30 pm- Rich, How do I get the cl
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -11/21, 02:43 pm- Bob, I never have enough
Jim Thode Chehalis W -11/21, 02:44 pm- Richard, You have quite
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -11/21, 02:57 pm- Thanks Jim. I did use a s
Mike Spaziano, Bellf -11/21, 03:25 pm- Richard, I recently had
Jon Crane -11/21, 03:25 pm- Steaming wood I used to s
charley shaver -11/21, 03:26 pm- I tried steam bending onc
John Semprez-Templet -11/21, 03:36 pm- The trick to successful s
Andrew Benoit -11/21, 03:49 pm- Ive built a few skin on f
Dennis R -11/21, 04:21 pm- A friend who does woodwor
Tom Butterworth -11/21, 04:28 pm- I use ammonia . Use pvc w
Donnie Brown North C -11/21, 05:28 pm- I always use green white
Allan Bennett - Aust -11/21, 05:31 pm- Two things I have learned
Tim Wrenn -11/21, 07:23 pm- Boy this brings back memo
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -11/21, 07:29 pm- Thanks for the comments.
Mike Zahorik -11/21, 08:04 pm- Ive bent some 5/4 white a
Dale Peterson Colleg -11/21, 08:59 pm- I agree with Mike, mostly
Mike Garrison -11/21, 09:39 pm- Ive only ever steam bent
David Dewey, N. Cali -11/21, 11:23 pm- I bent some Honduras Maho
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -11/22, 12:42 pm- You guys are awesome. I h
George John Drobnock -11/22, 01:00 pm- The boiling of the wood a
Mike Zahorik -11/22, 01:05 pm- Richard, show us some pic
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -11/22, 07:19 pm- [steam17.jpg] Here is
Honking your own horn
Royce in Georgetown  -11/22, 06:00 pm- Some people do it to much
Tim Wrenn -11/22, 07:19 pm- Congrats on finding a bet
Another timer thread
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -11/22, 04:57 pm- This may have been covere
Dan Treace, North FL -11/22, 05:08 pm- Fred Never any stupid qu
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/22, 05:40 pm- Is it still a roller time
Norman T. Kling -11/22, 06:22 pm- I have heard good things
Harold Schwendeman - -11/22, 07:19 pm- Ron the Coil Man is known
E timer installed today
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -11/16, 10:07 am- I stand with Mike, Dean,
Mike Kossor -11/16, 10:28 am- Such generalization regar
Bob Jablonski -11/16, 10:32 am- Thank you Dave ! Bob J.
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -11/16, 10:40 am- Given past E-Timer discus
Vince M -11/16, 11:03 am- If club members work hard
Mike Kossor -11/16, 11:05 am- Hal, Are either of your
Vince M -11/16, 11:06 am- We can all join the new M
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -11/16, 11:17 am- Mike, No, they both have
Mike Kossor -11/16, 12:29 pm- It was a challenge to reb
Mike Kossor -11/16, 12:47 pm- Vince, Fitting an E-Time
kep -11/16, 12:51 pm- In cold weather i really
Tim Wrenn -11/16, 01:09 pm- I just wish I had the arm
Bob Jablonski -11/16, 01:24 pm- Great story on starting T
Dean Yoder -11/16, 02:10 pm- Royce, You Need to purcha
Mike Kossor -11/16, 02:48 pm- Dean, Thank you for stat
Rob Heyen -11/16, 03:18 pm- An E-Timer costs several
Ricks - Surf City -11/16, 03:43 pm- An E-Timer costs a few hu
TOM -11/16, 05:19 pm- All this negativity on th
Jerry VanOoteghem -11/16, 05:24 pm- Royce, It does NOT disab
Derek Kiefer - Manto -11/16, 05:37 pm- $375 was a small price to
Mike Kossor -11/16, 06:08 pm- Tom, It is all very simp
Harold Schwendeman - -11/16, 06:09 pm- Derek - What you have exp
James Baker -11/16, 06:21 pm- I dont think Royce posted
James Baker -11/16, 06:30 pm- Bob J you would make a go
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -11/16, 06:32 pm- Harold Well said. Thank
Mike Kossor -11/16, 06:42 pm- My Dear James, No one bu
Mack Cole ---- Earth -11/16, 06:43 pm- Well Troll is a bit stro
James Baker -11/16, 06:46 pm- I knew who you were refer
Stephen D Heatherly -11/16, 06:47 pm- Mike Kosser, I think we a
Mike Kossor -11/16, 06:57 pm- Now how would that be pos
James Baker -11/16, 07:02 pm- Mike Im sure your behavio
Gene Carrothers Hunt -11/16, 07:10 pm- James You must be readin
Vince M -11/16, 07:25 pm- No Mike Kosser my model T
Bob Jablonski -11/16, 07:34 pm- James Baker: Royce belie
Dennis in TN -11/16, 08:16 pm- Ive had all of this I can
Mike Kossor -11/16, 08:26 pm- Vince, so in essence it a
Brian Holcomb, Water -11/16, 08:27 pm- Let he who is without sin
Vince M -11/16, 10:47 pm- i am not criticizing anyt
Dan Schultz_Sheboyga -11/16, 11:34 pm- Hey Bob, Good to hear you
Ricks - Surf City -11/16, 11:56 pm- The modifications on MY c
Dean Yoder -11/17, 12:20 am- Let me set the record str
Dave Wells -11/17, 07:16 am- So now I read that the e
Gary Schreiber- Sant -11/17, 07:26 am- Putting a chromed, chain
Charles W. Little So -11/17, 08:34 am- I have no dog in this fig
Mike Kossor -11/17, 08:51 am- Royce: I have to agree wi
Bob Benedict -11/17, 09:02 am- Whew... Im almost afraid
Mike Kossor -11/17, 09:06 am- Charles, For your edifi
Ron -11/17, 09:14 am- Bob Benedict - visit the
TOM -11/17, 09:15 am- Bob, ninety nine percent
Rob Heyen -11/17, 09:28 am- Bob, and any others somew
Richard Gould -11/17, 09:35 am- Royce gives us a good tec
Charles W. Little So -11/17, 10:08 am- As per M-W Dictionary: 1
farti harper -11/17, 11:41 am- 1 Just Notice that this i
Richard Williamson -11/17, 12:05 pm- The negative comments on
George John Drobnock -11/17, 12:23 pm- Comment. The original pur
Rob Heyen -11/17, 12:36 pm- George, IF i run on mag,
Charles W. Little So -11/17, 12:39 pm- There may be a difference
Mike Kossor -11/17, 12:43 pm- A limited production run
Willie K Cordes -11/17, 12:59 pm- I can not believe everyon
Mike Kossor -11/17, 01:28 pm- George, I too respectfull
Bob Coiro -11/17, 01:36 pm- There are many genuine ex
George John Drobnock -11/17, 01:39 pm- Semantic gentlefolk seman
Rob Heyen -11/17, 01:55 pm- Barring Cialis, until the
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -11/17, 02:01 pm- George, I dont buy the D
Dean Yoder -11/17, 02:18 pm- George, Then if you us yo
Dave Dufault -11/17, 02:26 pm- disable verb : to cau
Derek Kiefer - Manto -11/17, 02:32 pm- YOU are enjoying MY hobby
George John Drobnock -11/17, 02:42 pm- I have been told AC has r
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -11/17, 08:11 pm- Rob Do you need some Cia
Rob Heyen -11/17, 08:25 pm- Dave, It was a analogy.
Dave Wells -11/17, 09:47 pm- Would Henry Ford have acc
Jim Walker -11/17, 10:08 pm- And then Henry died and t
Jim Walker -11/17, 10:14 pm- About this bazaar thread.
Bob Jablonski -11/17, 10:31 pm- Jim Walker : Interesting
Rob Heyen -11/17, 10:32 pm- Dave W., Interesting. Iv
Ricks - Surf City -11/17, 10:43 pm- Almost everybody wonders,
Rob Heyen -11/17, 11:07 pm- Personally I dont read th
Dan Killecut -11/18, 07:31 am- I agree Rob. I think it i
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -11/18, 07:53 am- Jim, Henry was alive and
Ron -11/18, 08:16 am- Hal - that was absolutely
Mack Cole ---- Earth -11/18, 08:45 am- Just remember, strength c
Tim Wrenn -11/18, 08:52 am- Bob Benedict: very good
Rob Heyen -11/18, 08:54 am- Hal and Mack, Good perspe
Mike Walker, NW AR -11/18, 10:28 am- Hal -- I took what Jim sa
Jim Walker -11/18, 11:27 am- Hal Davis, the post about
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -11/18, 11:57 am- Jim, No problem about He
Jerry VanOoteghem -11/18, 12:13 pm- George, If you use batte
Royce in Georgetown  -11/18, 12:24 pm- If you read my posts they
George John Drobnock -11/18, 12:59 pm- Jerry this is a magnetic
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -11/18, 01:04 pm- So, if a tree falls in th
Mike Kossor -11/18, 01:08 pm- Hal, Mike, Well said. I
Mike Walker, NW AR -11/18, 01:23 pm- Yes, Hal -- Alas, that tr
Jerry VanOoteghem -11/18, 01:39 pm- Thats funny Hal. I though
Mike Kossor -11/18, 01:58 pm- No Jerry, they are called
Michael Seager -11/18, 02:27 pm- Royce, I believe this
Mack Cole ---- Earth -11/18, 02:30 pm- Rob, Yes there is levels
Rob Heyen -11/18, 02:37 pm- Mack, I could see this th
Derek Kiefer - Manto -11/18, 02:39 pm- The I am an expert commen
Royce in Georgetown  -11/18, 02:42 pm- Let me post it here - I a
George John Drobnock -11/18, 02:46 pm- Before this discussion ge
Michael Seager -11/18, 02:49 pm- Royce, PS I dont give a
Les VonNordheim -11/18, 02:51 pm- Mike Kossor...thank you f
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -11/18, 03:28 pm- Michael, If you do the w
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -11/18, 03:37 pm- Les, I can only speak fo
Dean Yoder -11/18, 03:43 pm- Royce, Falsely stated aga
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -11/18, 04:01 pm- Royce? Did you mean me, D
Dean Yoder -11/18, 04:18 pm- I am Very positive that t
Rob Heyen -11/18, 04:27 pm- Hal, I believe Dean and a
Royce in Georgetown  -11/18, 04:36 pm- Wally Szumuski sold me a
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -11/18, 04:42 pm- Oops, I meant $395, not $
Frank van Ekeren (A -11/18, 04:50 pm- Now be fair Royce, a rebu
Dean Yoder -11/18, 05:00 pm- Hal, I had missed your po
Jerry VanOoteghem -11/18, 05:08 pm- Mike K. No Jerry, they a
Michael Seager -11/18, 05:08 pm- Hal, The OP stated how go
Dean Yoder -11/18, 05:13 pm- Royce Nothing Mechanical
Mike Kossor -11/18, 05:51 pm- I really hate to feed Tro
Dean Yoder -11/18, 06:01 pm- Royce, My mag will charge
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -11/18, 09:01 pm- If you like the original
Vince M -11/18, 10:56 pm- no original system will g
Michael Seager -11/18, 11:32 pm- Vince, There wouldnt be p
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -11/19, 07:27 am- Michael, In my opinion,
Royce in Georgetown  -11/19, 07:56 am- Dean Said Royce, My mag w
Rob Heyen -11/19, 08:30 am- Not to rain on anyones pa
Gary Tillstrom -11/19, 08:58 am- Rob I agree. Your car i
Vince M -11/19, 09:29 am- This is really a great th
Michael Seager -11/19, 09:35 am- Hal, I already said that
Rob Heyen -11/19, 09:36 am- Even Henry Ford and the F
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -11/19, 09:39 am- Michael, Is no one allow
Dean Yoder -11/19, 11:39 am- Hal why do you call my st
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -11/19, 12:06 pm- Dean Sorry if you misund
Dave Wells -11/19, 01:12 pm- Looks like this thread is
Chris Bamford, Edmon -11/19, 01:31 pm- 194
Rob Heyen -11/19, 01:50 pm- Ok, lets make it happen.
Bob Jablonski -11/19, 03:16 pm- Hey !~ Hey !` Lets hear
Brian Holcomb, Water -11/19, 03:33 pm- WOO HOO!
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -11/19, 03:39 pm- I do not have an etimer .
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -11/19, 03:40 pm- Bump
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -11/19, 03:41 pm- There. 200. Good to see y
Brian Holcomb, Water -11/19, 03:51 pm- Im here somewhere Dave! G
Dean Yoder -11/19, 05:00 pm- Royce it is only fair to
John Markham -11/19, 08:09 pm- My mag is dead I run my c
Dean Yoder -11/19, 08:36 pm- John when My T was dynode
Jim Thode Chehalis W -11/19, 08:56 pm- John, Based on this test:
Mike Kossor -11/19, 10:36 pm- John, Optimal performance
Gene Carrothers Hunt -11/20, 03:11 am- John, Im betting if you d
John Markham -11/20, 05:28 am- I not saying I wont try o
Royce in Georgetown  -11/20, 08:21 am- Dean, I used to average
Rob Heyen -11/20, 09:36 am- If someone is really inte
Ricks - Surf City -11/20, 10:38 am- ..but since the Obama eco
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -11/20, 12:23 pm- It would be hard to do, b
Vince M -11/20, 12:27 pm- Maybe so...but he promise
Chris Bamford, Edmon -11/20, 12:30 pm- Royce & Ralph & w
Royce in Georgetown  -11/20, 12:33 pm- At what point is anything
Rob Heyen -11/20, 12:37 pm- Chris, Too late.......
George John Drobnock -11/20, 12:38 pm- This thread is a cross se
Vince M -11/20, 01:00 pm- Ralph is not a troll. Vi
Rob Heyen -11/20, 01:01 pm- George, As I said above,
Rob Heyen -11/20, 01:05 pm- Vince, I know it. Ralph
Mike Kossor -11/20, 01:10 pm- Rob, conducting a good A/
George John Drobnock -11/20, 01:59 pm- So from a few comments ab
Ricks - Surf City -11/20, 02:24 pm- Im sorry I rose to the tr
Dena & Dennis Gorder -11/20, 02:56 pm- Gentlemen, please see Chr
Dave Dufault -11/20, 03:15 pm- For some odd reason, when
Dena & Dennis Gorder -11/20, 03:33 pm- No it isnt! We really mi
Dennis Seth - Ohio -11/20, 03:54 pm- Ill be more then happy to
Dena & Dennis Gorder -11/20, 04:01 pm- We did not use an etimer
Dave Dufault -11/20, 05:57 pm- [teething baby.jpg]
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -11/20, 09:51 pm- There was an article in o
Rob Heyen -11/20, 10:05 pm- Dave, Its not my issue to
Rob Heyen -11/20, 10:11 pm- Dave, I meant to say and
Dennis Plank -11/20, 10:14 pm- I dont see how an indepen
Jim Thode Chehalis W -11/21, 02:41 am- Rob, Does this test cover
Rob Heyen -11/21, 03:52 am- Jim, Yes, I believe so.
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -11/21, 06:13 am- Youre right, Jim. I have
Royce in Georgetown  -11/21, 07:32 am- I dont see what an indepe
Dave Wells -11/21, 08:05 am- Perhaps a better experime
Bob Jablonski -11/21, 08:22 am- Jim Thode: Ive looked at
Bob Jablonski -11/21, 08:27 am- Independent testing was d
Rob Heyen -11/21, 08:29 am- Dave, that was helpful.
Bob Jablonski -11/21, 08:35 am- Rob: Indeed, that graph
Roger Karlsson, sout -11/21, 08:52 am- Mike Kossors graph is cor
Rob Heyen -11/21, 09:03 am- At about 33-35 mph the re
Mike Kossor -11/21, 09:19 am- My error guys, I mixed up
Royce in Georgetown  -11/21, 09:43 am- Rob, No, that means I re
George_Cherry Hill N -11/21, 10:22 am- All I know is that one of
Dean Yoder -11/21, 05:18 pm- Royce all ford script rol
Dean Yoder -11/21, 09:01 pm- Is there anyone making ne
Mike Garrison -11/21, 11:27 pm- I have found it necessary
kep -11/21, 11:57 pm- Reading this thread would
Royce in Georgetown  -11/22, 08:32 am- Kep, The Anderson and Ne
Rob Heyen -11/22, 08:57 am- The Casica RIP timer is t
Royce in Georgetown  -11/22, 09:05 am- Were you using oil or gre
Rob Heyen -11/22, 09:13 am- This thread isnt about a
Royce in Georgetown  -11/22, 09:32 am- Sorry for the thread drif
Rob Heyen -11/22, 09:57 am- [438361056.047289.jpg]
George John Drobnock -11/22, 12:31 pm- After reviewing the posts
Michael Seager -11/22, 12:42 pm- Take it off and throw it
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -11/22, 02:39 pm- George If you are referr
George John Drobnock -11/22, 06:04 pm- My mistake. The Page text
Harold Schwendeman - -11/22, 07:12 pm- George - Speaking of thos
OT Thanksgiving
John H. Nichols -11/20, 01:07 pm- Turkey day is almost upon
Gary H. White - Sher -11/20, 05:23 pm- John, Hi cousin somewhat
John H. Nichols -11/20, 06:38 pm- Gary, My Howland Line is
Mike Garrison -11/20, 09:26 pm- Hey, all my relatives wer
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/20, 09:33 pm- I believe some of my rela
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -11/20, 10:16 pm- My wifes family was here
David Dewey, N. Cali -11/21, 12:29 am- Thomas Dewey came over in
Dick Lodge - St Loui -11/21, 10:04 am- Do any of you have John B
George Clipner-Los A -11/22, 03:26 am- Momside of the family has
Dennis Seth - Ohio -11/22, 07:04 am- My family tree only goes
Dick Lodge - St Loui -11/22, 10:13 am- I have discovered that yo
Norman T. Kling -11/22, 06:49 pm- I have people in my famil
OT What are you thankful for?
Dennis Plank -11/20, 05:50 pm- I am thankful for my fami
Tom Carnegie -11/20, 06:33 pm- !Im thankful for the E-ti
Rob Heyen -11/20, 06:46 pm- Im fortunate to have both
Willie K Cordes -11/20, 06:46 pm- Tom, I think we had enoug
Tim Wrenn -11/20, 07:33 pm- Right now Im especially t
richard e moore -11/20, 07:43 pm- Today Im thankful it warm
Tom Carnegie -11/20, 08:11 pm- It was a joke Willie, ple
Royce in Georgetown  -11/20, 08:28 pm- Figures there would have
Terry Woods, Richmon -11/20, 08:30 pm- Tom, At least some of us
Tom Carnegie -11/20, 08:55 pm- Terry, yes, Im sure most
Mike Garrison -11/20, 08:56 pm- Im thankful that Toms tha
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -11/20, 10:04 pm- I am thankful the E-timer
Dick Lodge - St Loui -11/20, 10:15 pm- I am thankful for the 40
Michael R Beary -11/20, 11:16 pm- Good for you Dave! I hope
Rob Heyen -11/20, 11:31 pm- Dave, I had no idea. All
Charlie B actually i -11/20, 11:50 pm- Im vertical usually, Im b
Burger in Spokane -11/21, 01:21 am- Whats an E-timer ? [:-]
Jim Weir -11/21, 01:44 am- I am thankful for the 60y
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/21, 01:50 am- Warm bed, plenty of food,
Tim Wrenn -11/21, 08:47 am- Im with ya there Steve!
G.R.Cheshire -11/21, 09:06 am- I am Thankful for My wife
John Mays -11/21, 09:22 am- First, Im thankful for my
John H. Nichols -11/21, 09:33 am- On 23 Jan 2009, I went to
John Aldrich Orting  -11/21, 09:40 am- Thankful for my lovely br
Kenneth W DeLong -11/21, 10:09 am- Life!! Bud.PS Spell check
Bob Coiro -11/21, 10:45 am- Theres nothing we need do
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -11/21, 12:39 pm- Bob, you said it very wel
Harold Schwendeman - -11/21, 02:16 pm- I am thankful that at my
Joseph A. Stearns -11/21, 03:54 pm- I think Bobs story is som
George W Danek -11/21, 04:14 pm- a roof over my head, list
Sam "POPS" Humphries -11/21, 04:22 pm- Family, friends, and anot
Mike Garrison -11/21, 08:56 pm- A friend of over 50 years
Gary Hagen -11/21, 09:56 pm- My prostate infection wen
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -11/22, 09:51 am- Bob Coiro and Joe Stearns
Chuck Hoffman - Gold -11/22, 01:53 pm- Only 2 years of change le
Mike Garrison -11/22, 02:41 pm- Fred, Im sorry to hear th
Ricks - Surf City -11/22, 04:08 pm- Victims of outsourcing, F
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -11/22, 04:48 pm- Victims of technology shi
Norman T. Kling -11/22, 06:37 pm- I am very thankful for my
A study of hood clips, clamps, catches or whatever they'r...
Andrew Brand -11/22, 01:09 am- There are some gaps in my
Rich Stinchcomb, Tru -11/22, 02:35 am- There was this study in 2
Peter Kable -11/22, 06:36 am- Andrew, As I presume you
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/22, 11:15 am- In addition to the link a
Mike Walker, NW AR -11/22, 11:53 am- Here is the info from the
John F. Regan -11/22, 06:34 pm- I have the factory drawin
OT- Have you "ridden" a Ford lately?
Dave Wells -11/22, 05:54 pm- I stopped by the local Fo
Royce in Georgetown  -11/22, 06:18 pm- A $4000 E-Bike? Hmmmm.
6 bolt drive shaft
Bob Benedict -11/20, 07:23 pm- My friend has 5 model Ts
Mike Walker, NW AR -11/20, 07:45 pm- The MTFCI Judging Guideli
Royce in Georgetown  -11/20, 07:46 pm- The bolts were introduced
Bob Benedict -11/20, 07:50 pm- will the studs be conside
Royce in Georgetown  -11/20, 07:54 pm- No, the studs were never
Roger Karlsson, sout -11/21, 04:32 am- I think its odd Ford neve
Bob Benedict -11/21, 07:59 am- the studs are not drilled
Bob Benedict -11/21, 08:08 am- the studs are not drilled
Dan Treace, North FL -11/21, 08:55 am- Roger Yes on lock washer
Dan Treace, North FL -11/21, 09:02 am- 1920 and earlier. Studs
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/21, 09:30 am- So why did Ford use studs
Mike Walker, NW AR -11/21, 09:47 am- Steve -- The studs had ho
Larry Smith -11/21, 10:50 am- The bolts use a lock wash
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/21, 11:16 am- I could have looked at so
Bob Benedict -11/22, 02:54 pm- Larry, Why a metric lock
john kuehn -11/22, 03:00 pm- Arent the threads for tho
Trent Boggess -11/22, 03:30 pm- Originally, Ford used 3/8
Richard Gould -11/22, 04:07 pm- First I heard Ford used l
Richard Gould -11/22, 04:11 pm- Just read Dans reference.
JD, Wichita, KS -11/22, 04:55 pm- 10 mm lock washers work g
john kuehn -11/22, 06:18 pm- I thought the bolts were
ID this brake rod?
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/22, 02:52 pm- [IMG_0121 copy.JPG] The
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -11/22, 05:14 pm- Clearly, it has been weld
Layden Butler -11/22, 05:22 pm- Someone shortened a 1919
Royce in Georgetown  -11/22, 06:13 pm- It is not 1909, early or
Gene French
Travis E. Towle -11/22, 04:54 pm- I have one of his old Bab
Dan Treace, North FL -11/22, 05:13 pm- Travis Found on the web:
Frank van Ekeren (A -11/22, 05:50 pm- Unless he has moved, his
OT - Model K, it wasn't the tranny that failed :-(...
Rob Heyen -11/21, 04:59 pm- We had a little catch in
Timothy Kelly -11/21, 05:09 pm- Thats to be expected with
Steve McClelland -11/21, 05:19 pm- Rob thats too bad, thats
Tom Miller, Mostly i -11/21, 05:26 pm- Rob, I see two sets of Hy
Hap Tucker in Sumter -11/21, 05:50 pm- Rob, First choice have s
Walter Higgins -11/21, 06:26 pm- Rob, for a better sense o
Mark Eyre -11/21, 07:25 pm- A gentleman here in Michi
Walter Higgins -11/21, 07:56 pm- Are those ball bearing th
David Coco -11/21, 08:35 pm- Rempco in Michigan has an
Mark Eyre -11/21, 08:42 pm- That is the place I was t
Dean Yoder -11/21, 09:12 pm- Tom , The longer hayets a
John Memmelaar Jr -11/21, 09:20 pm- I highly recommend lab th
Dean Yoder -11/21, 09:29 pm- This photo has A T brass
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -11/22, 01:23 am- Rob I thought you told D
Andrew Brand -11/22, 02:35 am- Well Rob, Im glad you fou
Bob Trevan - Austral -11/22, 03:40 am- UMM ! OLD SAYING BUY
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -11/22, 05:34 am- Yeah, that is going to be
Bob Trevan - Austral -11/22, 06:27 am- Is this the items you are
Royce in Georgetown  -11/22, 07:59 am- The good news is that the
Walter Higgins -11/22, 10:36 am- All this talk of adaptati
Roger Karlsson, sout -11/22, 11:03 am- I think Ive seen a refere
Mike Walker, NW AR -11/22, 11:56 am- Thats three recommendatio
Rob Heyen -11/22, 02:03 pm- Thanks for the suggestion
george house -11/22, 02:26 pm- Im sorry for your tempora
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -11/22, 02:44 pm- Looks like you have Holly
Mike Walker, NW AR -11/22, 03:03 pm- Now THATS funny!! [:-]
Trent Boggess -11/22, 03:03 pm- I have on occasion referr
Bob Trevan - Austral -11/22, 04:42 pm- Hi Rob. Just ha
Rob Heyen -11/22, 05:49 pm- Bob, Thanks for the post.
USA to AUS shipping recommendations please.
Rob Patterson -11/22, 02:41 pm- GDay, Do any of you, esp
Evan Mason -11/22, 03:22 pm- Rob, Watch the Horseless
Doug Partington -11/22, 03:47 pm- Rob,I have used Peter Lea
Rob Patterson (AUS) -11/22, 04:34 pm- Thanks Gents, Much apprec
Allan Bennett - Aust -11/22, 05:41 pm- Rob, it is usually better
Model T Owners Near Waterford pa ?
Travis Melnick  -11/18, 08:34 pm- Just a quick question , a
Dennis Seth - Ohio -11/19, 07:01 am- Im 50 miles west of Erie
Tim Wrenn -11/19, 08:36 am- Dennis, you getting hamme
Dennis Seth - Ohio -11/19, 09:18 am- Tim, No not much here as
Dennis Seth - Ohio -11/19, 09:20 am- Travis, Forgot to add th
R.V. Anderson -11/19, 09:59 am- Im 50 minutes east of Eri
Travis Melnick  -11/19, 10:03 am- Hello Dennis , not that I
Travis Melnick  -11/19, 12:11 pm- RV , thanks for the reply
Travis Melnick  -11/20, 02:33 pm- Pic[image.jpg]
R.V. Anderson -11/20, 04:43 pm- Not much snow here but 30
tyler searle -11/20, 07:44 pm- Hi Travis Im R.V.s nei
Travis Melnick  -11/22, 08:08 am- Thanks for the reply , wh
Dennis Seth - Ohio -11/22, 03:24 pm- Greetings Tyler...we met
Justin Heim -11/22, 05:19 pm- Im just outside of Oil Ci
Off with her head...
Dan Treace, North FL -11/20, 06:06 pm- Since that cracked exhaus
Charlie B actually i -11/20, 06:18 pm- Isnt that what an anode i
Tom Magee -11/20, 06:29 pm- Dan, I am interested to s
Royce in Georgetown  -11/20, 07:51 pm- Looks like it should have
Floyd Voie - Chehali -11/20, 07:57 pm- Dan, I think youll like i
Dan Treace, North FL -11/20, 08:26 pm- Tom Have two Ts with Z h
Mike Walker, NW AR -11/20, 10:41 pm- Dan -- I notice that your
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -11/20, 11:08 pm- I agree with Royce in tha
Roger Karlsson, sout -11/21, 03:15 am- Dan, do you still have th
Dan Treace, North FL -11/21, 10:17 am- Roger Lucky....came in f
Roger Karlsson, sout -11/21, 10:48 am- Thats great, Dan [:-] So
Dan Treace, North FL -11/21, 10:57 am- Roger Think those number
Roger Karlsson, sout -11/21, 11:02 am- So there may be considera
Royce in Georgetown  -11/21, 03:02 pm- Its going to be like addi
Harold Schwendeman - -11/21, 04:16 pm- Royce - Here in the PNW w
Dan Treace, North FL -11/21, 05:00 pm- OK Royce, you are correc
Harold Schwendeman - -11/21, 06:53 pm- After you get a few miles
Harold Schwendeman - -11/21, 06:55 pm- Wait a minute! Hills? I
Mike Walker, NW AR -11/21, 07:03 pm- Dans posts above got me i
Mark Strange -11/21, 07:06 pm- Newbie question - what is
Dan Treace, North FL -11/22, 04:14 pm- Mark For comparison, mea
Mark Strange -11/22, 04:18 pm- Thanks! You probably mea
Dan Treace, North FL -11/22, 04:18 pm- Sorry Measured it ok, ju
Richard Wolf -11/22, 03:49 pm- Thought this would be a g
A. Gustaf Bryngelson -11/22, 04:05 pm- You do not need to remove
Jim Thode Chehalis W -11/22, 04:10 pm- Richard, You dont have to
Historic Holiday Houses Tour California 11-29-2014
Steve Elliott -11/20, 11:38 pm- Nov. 29, 2014. Another fu
Steve Elliott -11/22, 03:48 pm- Bump to overdrive Pilo
Steve Elliott -11/22, 03:51 pm- For those that would lik
Model T restoration videos made by forum guys.
Robert Poane -11/22, 07:51 am- model T restoration video
Robert Poane -11/22, 07:54 am- ok, I did do a video sear
Roger Karlsson, sout -11/22, 10:07 am- MTFCA has dvd:s for sale
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/22, 10:40 am- The videos are good for a
Charlie B actually i -11/22, 10:57 am- Dont most usually get pos
Wes Nelson ........B -11/22, 11:19 am- Try this link from Bing.c
P. Jamison -11/22, 12:13 pm- Some of these videos are
bernie glass -11/22, 03:47 pm- if anyone had a video of
OT Hurby the Furby
John H. Nichols -11/19, 10:30 am- The following ditty comes
Mack Cole ---- Earth -11/19, 10:39 am- And he watched Fred Kirby
Charlie B actually i -11/19, 10:46 am- Little Rascals back in N.
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -11/19, 11:41 am- Now Hurby is a Tribble an
Gary H. White - Sher -11/19, 11:43 am- Good Grief! Its only Nov
Mack Cole ---- Earth -11/19, 02:16 pm- Farby was no Barbie as sh
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -11/19, 03:57 pm- Farby adjusted the model
Burger in Spokane -11/19, 05:18 pm- One clear sign we have to
Mack Cole ---- Earth -11/19, 06:11 pm- Furby lost his derby wh
Mack Cole ---- Earth -11/22, 09:22 am- No one wanted to disturby
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -11/22, 03:39 pm- I kept hoping someone wou
Firing order
Dennis Plank -11/22, 02:58 pm- What is the firing order
Jim Thode Chehalis W -11/22, 03:23 pm- It would depend on the ca
Oil slinger questions
Travis E. Towle -11/20, 07:01 pm- 1926 roadster Im thinkin
Jack Daron - Brownsb -11/20, 07:04 pm- If you remove the mag,why
JohnH -11/20, 07:20 pm- There are many benefits.
Dan Treace, North FL -11/20, 07:20 pm- The magnets and field coi
Harold Schwendeman - -11/20, 07:49 pm- To add a bit to what Dan
Dan Treace, North FL -11/20, 07:55 pm- Harold Thats correct, th
Royce in Georgetown  -11/20, 08:19 pm- Travis, The drawback is
Mike Garrison -11/20, 08:33 pm- Am I wrong in assuming th
Spencer Vibert -11/20, 08:33 pm- Royce is right a t will d
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -11/20, 09:05 pm- I disagree with the idea
Dennis Plank -11/20, 09:42 pm- I agree with Ken. A flyw
Royce in Georgetown  -11/20, 09:49 pm- The flywheel stores torqu
Dennis Plank -11/20, 09:52 pm- The primary function of a
Dennis Plank -11/20, 09:55 pm- My bank stores my money.
Norman T. Kling -11/20, 09:56 pm- If your magneto works, I
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -11/20, 10:01 pm- That doesnt answer the qu
Royce in Georgetown  -11/20, 10:22 pm- The heavier the flywheel
John Zibell -11/20, 10:26 pm- Ken, The flywheel stores
Dennis Plank -11/20, 10:32 pm- How does having money sit
Spencer Vibert -11/20, 10:47 pm- Dennis Im glad I am not a
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -11/20, 10:51 pm- The greater the mass, the
Les VonNordheim -11/20, 10:57 pm- Travis, The bare flywheel
Harold Schwendeman - -11/20, 11:17 pm- Ken Kopsky - I think I ma
Dennis Plank -11/20, 11:28 pm- I think Ken is spot on. S
Charlie B actually i -11/20, 11:44 pm- I wont get into the torqu
Roger Karlsson, sout -11/21, 02:47 am- Travis, its easy really -
Peter Kable -11/21, 02:57 am- The flywheel helps keep t
Rob Patterson -11/21, 04:15 am- I find this thread timely
Rob Patterson -11/21, 04:17 am- I should have added that
Royce in Georgetown  -11/21, 07:41 am- When engaging low or reve
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -11/21, 10:35 am- Well then; I think we all
Rick Goelz-Knoxville -11/21, 01:37 pm- My Fordor has the magnets
george house -11/22, 03:04 pm- Yes this is a timely thre
Dayton discwood wheels?
Travis E. Towle -11/21, 11:10 pm- Has anyone ever seen or r
Erik Johnson -11/21, 11:19 pm- Google dayton discwood wh
Ted Dumas -11/21, 11:24 pm- Thats the first complete
John Semprez-Templet -11/22, 02:33 pm- Yabba Dabba Doo! Those wh
Paul ONeil -11/22, 02:44 pm- The WW1 Renault FT17 tank
Hand Phone Horn?
Pat Kelly -11/21, 10:53 pm- A friend picked up a Hand
Erik Johnson -11/21, 11:36 pm- Handphone was made by Aut
Mike Garrison -11/21, 11:37 pm- Yeah, its got a big plung
Mike Garrison -11/21, 11:39 pm- Ah Erik, you bear me to i
Pat Kelly -11/22, 12:49 am- Any idea as to manufactur
Dan Treace, North FL -11/22, 09:21 am- [IMG_0690 (550x388).jpg]
Erik Johnson -11/22, 09:50 am- Google is your friend. N
Pat Kelly -11/22, 11:06 am- Thanks guys. The horn is
Frank M. Brady -11/22, 12:34 pm- Thank you Erik: That lin
Kenneth W DeLong -11/22, 01:27 pm- I think i was 15 or 16 wh
Nature photo, Falcon in a tree
Steven Thum -11/21, 04:37 pm- I love nature so when I s
Steve McClelland -11/21, 04:48 pm- Good one..... It appears
James Elenbaas - Gra -11/21, 04:48 pm- Looks like it is nesting.
Rob Patterson -11/21, 04:57 pm- Yep thats an Australian F
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -11/22, 12:30 pm- Does anybody know how it
Rich Stinchcomb, Tru -11/22, 12:51 pm- Not what I expected. Coo
Mark Stewart -Calif. -11/22, 12:22 pm- 101 Years ago today on 11
The Henry Ford "Innovation Nation"
Ricks - Surf City -11/22, 12:02 pm- Educational, with good sh
Dayton Wire Wheel Emblems
Alex Dragone -11/22, 09:14 am- Does anyone know where I
Clayton Swanson -11/22, 11:20 am- i think Mclearen had them
Randy Brown - Austin -11/22, 11:41 am- Alex Check out this past
Jack Putnam, Bluffto -11/22, 11:55 am- I make reproduction Dayto
Help with pressing on brass bearings please?
Dwight Romberger -11/21, 11:34 pm- Hi All, I am a newbie re
Mike Garrison -11/21, 11:44 pm-
Mike Garrison -11/21, 11:51 pm- It needs to be a press fi
Dwight Romberger -11/22, 09:04 am- Thanks Mike. I read the t
Dwight Romberger -11/22, 11:20 am- Correction: I was trying
David Dewey, N. Cali -11/22, 11:41 am- Dwight, Yes, oftentimes t
Mike Walker, NW AR -11/22, 11:46 am- Dwight -- Check that trip
Manifold misfortune
Dan Treace, North FL -11/18, 12:56 pm- Update on the exhaust man
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/18, 01:08 pm- You can put that on the d
john kuehn -11/18, 02:56 pm- The reproduction manifold
Norman T. Kling -11/18, 04:49 pm- If that is an original ma
Ken Todd -11/19, 12:06 pm- Id be tempted to run a be
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -11/19, 11:04 pm- Id be tempted to run a be
Ken Todd -11/20, 11:31 am- I was wonderin if brazing
Mike Vaughn -11/20, 11:56 am- Repop on ebay from Snyder
Ken Todd -11/21, 10:50 am- Aaron, what kind of rod w
Steve McClelland -11/21, 11:04 am- Last time I looked at Sny
Mark Strange -11/21, 11:11 am- I bought one of the Snyde
Steve McClelland -11/21, 11:12 am- Here you go....... [image
keith g barrier -11/22, 08:18 am- Ken, I cant speak for Aro
David Dewey, N. Cali -11/22, 11:42 am- Snyders still had some in
Glad i checked my rear end!
John P Noonan -11/21, 02:00 am- Bought my car last April
Roger Karlsson, sout -11/21, 04:45 am- Since you didnt know if t
Royce in Georgetown  -11/21, 07:36 am- That would have been real
Dave Wells -11/21, 07:56 am- You could probably drive
Tim Wrenn -11/21, 08:40 am- Through the beneficial ad
Tim Wrenn -11/21, 08:41 am- Cripes, too cold to think
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/21, 08:51 am- A few traditionalists ins
william louis rosent -11/21, 03:19 pm- Right with you on that St
P. Jamison -11/21, 06:38 pm- Im using the Fun Projects
Mike Walker, NW AR -11/21, 07:11 pm- Phil -- Its probably OK,
John P Noonan -11/21, 09:36 pm- You guys were certainly c
Roger Karlsson, sout -11/22, 12:51 am- Phil, the needle bearing
Royce in Georgetown  -11/22, 08:20 am- Indeed a bronze bushing i
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/22, 10:55 am- That goes for thrust wash
NEWS HERE from nth America
Bob Trevan - Austral -11/22, 12:03 am- So this what we are missi
Rob Patterson -11/22, 12:10 am- ooOOHH Boy....Ill be ther
Bob Trevan - Austral -11/22, 12:25 am- Just got a update .[CANYO
Dick Lodge - St Loui -11/22, 10:27 am- Gets pretty cold in Canad
Link for Terry Horlich's dam for one-piece pan.
Gary Hagen -11/21, 04:55 pm- Does anyone have a link f
Dan Treace, North FL -11/21, 05:15 pm-
Bud Holzschuh - Pana -11/22, 10:07 am- It would be nice to hear
26 tudor roof wood
Travis Melnick  -11/17, 10:21 am- Is there a place to get a
Ken Todd -11/17, 12:04 pm- Theres a good pic on this
Travis Melnick  -11/17, 12:51 pm- Thank you ken , good pict
Mike Zahorik -11/17, 04:30 pm- I made a new roof frame w
Travis Melnick  -11/17, 04:51 pm- Great , thanks a lot , th
Mike Zahorik -11/17, 05:39 pm- Since you have a 26 TuDor
Travis Melnick  -11/17, 06:36 pm- LOL , super interested in
Craig Anderson, cent -11/18, 02:33 am- Here are a couple good th
James A Bartsch -11/18, 08:32 am- Mike Zahorik: Please con
Travis Melnick  -11/19, 07:13 pm- Trying to post pic[image.
Travis Melnick  -11/19, 07:16 pm- Finally , picked this up
Travis Melnick  -11/19, 07:27 pm- More pics[image.jpg]
Travis Melnick  -11/19, 07:30 pm- Trailering[image.jpg]
Travis Melnick  -11/19, 07:31 pm- Running[image.jpg]
Travis Melnick  -11/19, 07:33 pm- Tudor[image.jpg]
David Dewey, N. Cali -11/20, 12:22 am- Travis Looks like youve
Roger Karlsson, sout -11/20, 02:39 am- I didnt know lenses got p
Travis Melnick  -11/20, 06:18 am- Havent driven it at all y
george house -11/20, 08:14 am- Yeah, differential thrust
Travis Melnick  -11/20, 10:10 am- Will do , not really plan
David Dewey, N. Cali -11/20, 01:06 pm- When I was rebuilding my
Travis Melnick  -11/22, 07:54 am- Did all of the Ts use Bab
Roger Karlsson, sout -11/22, 09:58 am- Early cars 09-15 were sup
Bearings supplier From China
Mack Cole ---- Earth -11/20, 11:05 pm- Hello again Mr. Wang. I w
Mack Cole ---- Earth -11/22, 09:26 am- I coulda sworn I posted a
Challenge Match Grant approved for 2014 for MTFCA/Museum!
Tim Wrenn -11/16, 09:53 am- I put in a reminder on th
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -11/16, 10:06 am- Any word on how much has
Tom Moorehead -11/16, 10:16 am- Hal, I was wondering the
James M. Riedy, Sand -11/17, 12:27 am- Bump!
William P Schubert -11/17, 05:26 am- Would a progress report e
Charles W. Little So -11/17, 11:57 am- Moving on up!
Charles W. Little So -11/18, 07:42 am- Just a few days to go. D
Kathy Harris - Garla -11/18, 12:33 pm- Bump
Ryan Glowacki -11/18, 02:51 pm- Had a bake/craft sale at
Keith Gumbinger, Ken -11/18, 04:55 pm- Our club, The Dairyland T
William P Schubert -11/19, 06:17 am- Only a few more days for
Jerry Kramer -11/19, 10:38 am- The members of the Henrys
Jack Daron - Brownsb -11/19, 06:50 pm- btt
Barbara Klehfoth -11/20, 09:32 am- We have received many don
William P Schubert -11/21, 05:55 am- Wow, last day to triple
Mark Strange -11/21, 08:28 am- Back to the top! [:-]
Charles W. Little So -11/22, 08:09 am- HOWD WE DO?
Pat Clark -11/20, 09:23 pm- I just shipped 2-27 Coupe
Royce in Georgetown  -11/20, 09:55 pm- Note to self: buy Fastena
P. Jamison -11/20, 10:31 pm- I like that, and the pric
Pat Clark -11/21, 07:23 am- Greyhound price to ship t
G.R.Cheshire -11/21, 07:47 am- symbol FAST last 45.05
JD, Wichita, KS -11/21, 10:06 am- Do you have to provide yo
Pat Clark -11/21, 10:29 am- Yes, you have to get your
Bill Kerndt -11/21, 10:38 am- There are some issues wit
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -11/21, 10:49 am- Fastenal seems like a goo
charley shaver -11/21, 10:55 am- they ship by the lb, so d
Pat Clark -11/21, 08:22 pm- I talked to a guy today t
Pat Clark -11/21, 08:30 pm- When I was there talking
Gene Nelson - Easter -11/21, 10:02 pm- How do they handle loss o
Rob Patterson -11/21, 10:45 pm- At the risk of hijacking
Jim Thode Chehalis W -11/21, 11:00 pm- For parts shipping - smal
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/21, 11:02 pm- Rob, see if you can find
Rob Patterson -11/22, 12:14 am- Hi Steve, Yes this is wh
Rivits for a one piece pan.
Gary Hagen -11/21, 05:02 pm- Never got a response for
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -11/21, 08:56 pm- Sorry Gary, I dont know t
Kim Dobbins -11/21, 09:18 pm- Gary, best way to find ou
Gary Hagen -11/21, 10:11 pm- I called Larry at home, h
1915 floorboard drawings online?
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/20, 09:59 am- One item on my roadster t
Jack Daron - Brownsb -11/20, 10:50 am- You may buy the floor boa
Tom Miller, Mostly i -11/20, 01:33 pm- I second Jon Anderson, he
Dan B -11/21, 08:26 am- Couldnt agree more with T
Warren Webb -11/21, 09:36 pm- What is Jons contact info
Jack Daron - Brownsb -11/21, 09:52 pm- Try him at 716-985-5880.
Billy Murray's Little Old Ford (1915)
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/21, 09:20 pm- If this has been posted b
John P Noonan -11/21, 09:43 pm- Very nice Steve, that tur
Making a oil dam for a one-piece pan-how high?
Gary Hagen -11/21, 04:59 pm- Thanks for the input men.
Gary Hagen -11/21, 09:32 pm- So the oil doesnt all dra
Gary Hagen -11/21, 09:39 pm- Gene how big and where di
Old Photo - A Winter Speedster Photo
Jay - In Northern Ca -11/20, 09:54 pm- [fffr4.JPG]
Ricks - Surf City -11/20, 10:21 pm- Between Steamboat and Ft.
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -11/21, 01:45 am- That photo is so neat! I
Mike Penserini -11/21, 02:03 am- Great photo!. Its a Paco
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -11/21, 03:55 am- I do believe that you are
Harold Schwendeman - -11/21, 05:01 pm- Neat picture of a nice or
Harold Schwendeman - -11/21, 05:09 pm- One other observation and
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -11/21, 09:17 pm- I have driven a speedster
Another #%! flat tire
jon pederson -11/19, 01:14 pm- [flat tire.jpg]
Dave Wells -11/19, 07:29 pm- Seems like there were a l
Bob Coiro -11/20, 03:17 am- Im not sure why flat tire
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -11/20, 08:39 am- Bob, A few years ago my
Dennis Seth - Ohio -11/20, 09:34 am- Back in the late 70s earl
Dennis Seth - Ohio -11/20, 09:37 am- I guess the date should b
John H. Nichols -11/20, 11:00 am- I think the air today has
Bob Coiro -11/20, 11:14 am- Jon, thats a terrific pho
jon pederson -11/20, 02:56 pm- When I bought my roadster
Ken Todd -11/21, 11:06 am- One day last spring the w
Richard Erfert -11/21, 02:52 pm- I bought a 1939 Buick whe
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -11/21, 08:02 pm- My luck the past couple y
Firewall replacement
Jack Gates -11/20, 09:59 pm- wanting to replace my fir
Royce in Georgetown  -11/20, 10:18 pm- The whole column must be
Royce in Georgetown  -11/21, 07:48 am- No idea why my I phone pu
Tim Wrenn -11/21, 07:55 am- Its not that hard to get
Richard Gould -11/21, 10:10 am- Only part of the job that
Tim Wrenn -11/21, 07:31 pm- are very ri
john kuehn -11/21, 07:38 pm- Me too about the spark le
Free Starts Damaging to the Crank?
Willard Revaz -11/19, 03:52 pm- A long time friend recent
Mike Walker, NW AR -11/19, 03:55 pm- I dont see how that would
Rob Heyen -11/19, 04:07 pm- Ford addressed the issue
Norman T. Kling -11/19, 04:23 pm- The only difference that
Stephen D Heatherly -11/19, 04:55 pm- If the crankshaft breaks
Jerry VanOoteghem -11/19, 04:57 pm- Stephen, Very well state
Erik Johnson -11/19, 05:03 pm- A well executed had crank
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -11/19, 07:00 pm- Wow! That was scary to wa
Jeff Hood -11/19, 07:18 pm- Most people I have seen c
Harold Schwendeman - -11/19, 08:41 pm- Ken - Just curious about
Erik Johnson -11/19, 08:55 pm- Nothing scary at all. I
Eric Hylen- Central  -11/19, 09:54 pm- Erik, I havent got a vide
Mike Walker, NW AR -11/19, 11:16 pm- The thumb position makes
A. Gustaf Bryngelson -11/20, 12:00 am- Mike, it is safe to start
Harold Schwendeman - -11/20, 02:44 am- Please dont tell me to cr
Harold Schwendeman - -11/20, 02:51 am- Actually, I could have sa
Robert Hoops - Burto -11/20, 07:16 am- Back in the early 50s I h
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -11/20, 07:34 am- Eric, I cant believe the
Roger Karlsson, sout -11/20, 07:35 am- Robert, there are motorcy
Royce in Georgetown  -11/20, 08:09 am- It doesnt matter which ha
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/20, 09:10 am- How fast is the engine tu
Wilf Bradbury -11/20, 09:26 am- I made the mistake of win
Derek Kiefer - Manto -11/20, 12:19 pm- On the Clear Lake MTFCI t
Mark Williamson -11/20, 03:28 pm- So far Ive only once trie
Warwick Landy -11/20, 05:24 pm- An interesting thread! Er
Willard Revaz -11/21, 04:11 pm- Great responses to my qu
Kenneth W DeLong -11/21, 04:32 pm- Your ears will tell you t
Bob Coiro -11/21, 05:10 pm- Im gonna make an observat
Wilf Bradbury -11/21, 05:13 pm- Because of my broken wris
Harold Schwendeman - -11/21, 06:43 pm- Wilf - Me too! I develop
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -11/21, 07:07 pm- Looks like I got back to
Mark Williamson -11/21, 07:12 pm- I also fully retard the s
Old Ford Dealership Damaged In Kansas City
Dan B -11/21, 09:04 am- Saw this reported on the
G.R.Cheshire -11/21, 09:12 am- Not that building the one
Dan B -11/21, 09:48 am- Right you are. Heres th
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/21, 10:03 am- [A Ford dealer KC.jpg]
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/21, 10:05 am- Dan figured out Street Vi
David Greenlees -11/21, 10:51 am- [omaley.jpg] I have be
Rob Heyen -11/21, 11:08 am- What is the address?
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/21, 11:13 am- 18th & Oak.
Norman T. Kling -11/21, 11:16 am- That building posted by D
Burger in Spokane -11/21, 11:24 am- Norm, You arent in the
Tom Miller, Mostly i -11/21, 11:26 am- I dont see anything in St
Terry Woods, Richmon -11/21, 11:36 am- George Clipner is from Mi
Rob Heyen -11/21, 11:45 am- From my iPhone: [Photo.
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/21, 11:48 am- I believe Tom is right ab
Dan B -11/21, 11:49 am- Here is some interesting
Dan B -11/21, 11:54 am- And a street view with bo
Darel J. Leipold -11/21, 12:11 pm- The Ford Company from abo
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/21, 12:42 pm- Its been my observation t
Mack Cole ---- Earth -11/21, 12:45 pm- If you look at the reflec
Dan B -11/21, 01:07 pm- I agree Steve. I wonder
David Greenlees -11/21, 02:58 pm- GREAT job guys in figurin
David Chantrell - Ad -11/21, 03:07 pm- I enjoyed this thread ver
Donnie Brown North C -11/21, 06:06 pm- In about six hours time ,
Four dip pan and Scat crank
Rick Goelz-Knoxville -11/21, 01:25 pm- I know that the weights o
Norman T. Kling -11/21, 04:41 pm- I suppose it depends on w
Allan Bennett - Aust -11/21, 05:18 pm- Norman, it is my understa
Rick Goelz-Knoxville -11/21, 05:51 pm- I fixed it as it was hitt
Early Brass Era T photo
Jim Hycner -11/19, 09:49 am- [Geitners.JPG] Early ph
Dave Wells -11/19, 10:39 am- Be sure to post that phot
Dwight Romberger -11/19, 08:26 pm- The poster is of the 1921
Dwight Romberger -11/19, 08:30 pm- What I would be intereste
John H. Nichols -11/20, 01:50 pm- Dwight Maybe there are
Rick J. Gunter -11/20, 03:18 pm- This may be getting off t
Don Watson -Florence -11/20, 04:01 pm- Rick, I can remember when
Rick J. Gunter -11/20, 04:11 pm- Don, Yes Ive heard of the
Harold Schwendeman - -11/20, 05:18 pm- Rick & Don - Come to
william louis rosent -11/21, 03:25 pm- Is the truck shown here a
Hap Tucker in Sumter -11/21, 05:18 pm- Scott, I agree with you
1924 Tudor door lock key
Bruce Kile -11/18, 07:46 pm- Hello, I have an original
John Zibell -11/18, 10:59 pm- The trick is finding the
Bruce Kile -11/18, 11:10 pm- Is that the method known
Terry Woods, Richmon -11/19, 12:29 am- Bruce, I believe the F717
John Page -11/19, 02:00 am- Bruce, I have a particula
john kuehn -11/19, 08:57 am- When I was restoring my 2
John Zibell -11/19, 09:30 am- Bruce, the knife edge all
James A Bartsch -11/19, 12:52 pm- Bruce: I met a locksmith
Bob Brewer - NorCal -11/19, 07:29 pm- Bruce When I got my coupe
Bruce Kile -11/20, 10:17 am- Thanks to everyone for th
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -11/20, 07:21 pm- I am fairly sure that the
Richard Erfert -11/21, 03:18 pm- My 1924 Tudor has a Yale
Lifesaver T
Bob Gruber- Spanaway -11/20, 11:56 pm- Heres an unusual T. Dont
Jim Thode Chehalis W -11/21, 02:21 am- The year is 1918 but I do
Roger Karlsson, sout -11/21, 04:03 am- Fun, but driving the old
Kenneth W DeLong -11/21, 10:01 am- Not a mint but there was
Charlie B actually i -11/21, 11:36 am- Talk about tunnel vision!
Gilbert V. I. Fitzhu -11/21, 02:43 pm- Looks more like a Life Th
Willie's Coupe working on the RR
Kirk Peterson -11/21, 11:58 am- Last night at our chapter
Willie K Cordes -11/21, 02:21 pm- Kirk, my Coupe Deluxe is
Kirk Peterson -11/21, 02:39 pm- Willie I did notice the h
Royce in Georgetown  -11/21, 02:41 pm- I dont think the car in K
New Project
Andre Valkenaers -11/21, 01:27 pm- I now have a good excuse
G.R.Cheshire -11/21, 02:07 pm- Congratulations Andre I v
Rob Heyen -11/21, 02:10 pm- Congratulations. How abo
Dennis Plank -11/21, 02:24 pm- Having raised a son and a
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -11/21, 02:29 pm- I thought building Model
1915-1916 touring wanted
Robert Matheny -11/20, 09:58 am- I have purchased a 1914 t
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/20, 10:10 am- Looks like a good one. No
Robert Matheny -11/20, 10:16 am- thanks Steve, after Thank
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -11/20, 04:16 pm- That looks nice! Congratu
Robert Matheny -11/21, 01:03 pm- thanks W2 I have had man
Rear Axle Gear Bushing
P. Jamison -11/19, 06:03 pm- My rear axle gears have w
Kohnke Rebabbitting -11/19, 06:14 pm- Use Brass, or Bronze, ste
Richard Gould -11/19, 07:08 pm- I dont know if you mean t
P. Jamison -11/19, 07:55 pm- Thanks. Fred Houston on t
Stephen D Heatherly -11/19, 08:29 pm- I would just find better
P. Jamison -11/19, 08:48 pm- That would work, Stephen.
Glen Chaffin -11/19, 09:43 pm- The gears wear very littl
P. Jamison -11/20, 11:34 am- I believe the rear axle g
Richard Gould -11/20, 03:59 pm- Yours is a good question.
Glen Chaffin -11/21, 12:33 pm- My NOS Ford parts measure
Babbit parts
John H. Nichols -11/21, 09:22 am- I was wonbdering, what do
Mike Walker, NW AR -11/21, 09:50 am- John -- I dont believe th
Roger Karlsson, sout -11/21, 09:54 am- If you dont want to keep
ex trooper -11/21, 10:26 am- Drop a rear end washer fl
Mark Gregush Portlan -11/21, 12:21 pm- Old babbitt should NEVER
2014 Holiday Excursion - SoCal
Philip Berg -11/21, 12:12 pm- Anybody have info on this
frank b -11/21, 12:18 pm- on our website http://ww
1914 Model T starter
Richard A Eddinger -11/20, 06:54 pm- Trying to find out if the
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -11/20, 07:03 pm- A later transmission cove
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -11/20, 07:17 pm- Starters were not availab
Mike Walker, NW AR -11/20, 07:49 pm- Richard -- You might chec
Henry Petrino in Mod -11/20, 07:52 pm- Ive never done it, but in
Mark Gregush Portlan -11/20, 08:01 pm- Yes you need the notched
Royce in Georgetown  -11/20, 08:03 pm- Henry, Ive read where pe
Richard A Eddinger -11/20, 09:01 pm- The main reason I ask is
Mike Garrison -11/20, 09:05 pm- Yeah, quickly glance at t
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/20, 09:14 pm- Sure. Look up the serial
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -11/20, 09:36 pm- I put a starter on a 15 r
Mike Walker, NW AR -11/20, 10:32 pm- Richard -- The engine num
Richard A Eddinger -11/21, 09:15 am- I would like to thank eve
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/21, 09:41 am- If the price is right, it
Kenneth W DeLong -11/21, 09:43 am- With a zillion T owners i
Erik Johnson -11/21, 10:04 am- If you dont know much abo
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/21, 10:22 am- I agree you want somebody
Erik Johnson -11/21, 10:27 am- Mr. Eddinger is in Califo
John Semprez-Templet -11/21, 12:08 pm- Richard, for a person new
Priming Rod
Larry Smith -11/21, 10:58 am- Here it is again! There w
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/21, 11:10 am- [15494_10152829717467457_
Are they #12 machine screws . . . .
george house -11/20, 05:50 pm- ...used to fasten the doo
Dennis Plank -11/20, 05:55 pm- I order most of my fasten
george house -11/20, 06:31 pm- Thanks Dennis. I did the
G.R.Cheshire -11/21, 08:40 am- George here is another go
Interior kits
Wilf Bradbury -11/20, 08:15 pm- Has anyone had dealings w
Gary M. Wheeler -11/20, 08:44 pm- Le Baron Bonney all the w
Wilf Bradbury -11/20, 08:50 pm- Thanks Gary Wilf
Mike Garrison -11/20, 09:11 pm- Classtiques quality in th
Wilf Bradbury -11/20, 10:52 pm- Thanx Mike Wilf
Hal Schedler, Sacram -11/21, 12:23 am- Le Baron Bonny dosent lis
David Dewey, N. Cali -11/21, 12:41 am- Hal, Wilf is looking for
Bill Alexander in Al -11/21, 07:18 am- I have used both and am p
Need Brass top off Juno Brown No78
Ray Green -11/20, 08:15 pm- Hi members, the brass top
Royce in Georgetown  -11/20, 08:23 pm- Click here: https://www.m
Ray Green -11/21, 06:32 am- Thank you Royce, I will h
Early car terminology - Just for fun
Bud Holzschuh - Pana -11/19, 11:48 am- Caught an episode of Amer
Jeff Rhoads -11/19, 12:06 pm- People are always amazed
Layden Butler -11/19, 12:57 pm- Bud I always thought that
Rob Heyen -11/19, 01:06 pm- A couple of terms: The e
Frank Harris from Lo -11/19, 01:28 pm- The starter was called th
Rob Heyen -11/19, 01:56 pm- Tyre with early style fas
Mack Cole ---- Earth -11/19, 02:11 pm- Just last night I was loo
Rob Heyen -11/19, 02:16 pm- Windshield wiper?
Dick Fischer -11/19, 02:31 pm- From Frank Harris: The s
Dick Fischer -11/19, 02:33 pm- How about referring to a
Harold Schwendeman - -11/19, 02:35 pm- Im stumped on that one Ma
Henry Petrino in Mod -11/19, 02:38 pm- Well, one thing is certai
Harold Schwendeman - -11/19, 02:40 pm- Im stumped on that one Ma
Harold Schwendeman - -11/19, 02:42 pm- Oops! Did it again! Got
Tom Carey -11/19, 02:54 pm- The electric hand was use
Rob Heyen -11/19, 03:07 pm- Harold, The earliest stat
Harold Schwendeman - -11/19, 03:09 pm- Horsepower - Im pretty su
Rob Heyen -11/19, 03:17 pm- Any guesses on when the e
Tom Miller, Mostly i -11/19, 03:18 pm- I believe credit for the
John H. Nichols -11/19, 03:20 pm- He took his Auntie riding
Harold Schwendeman - -11/19, 03:26 pm- Rob - We were typing at t
Gilbert V. I. Fitzhu -11/19, 03:39 pm- Rob, according to the Sta
Mark Williamson -11/19, 03:41 pm- In Australia we use somew
Rob Heyen -11/19, 03:49 pm- Harold, Stanhope was anot
Harold Schwendeman - -11/19, 03:55 pm- Bud - In your original po
Harold Schwendeman - -11/19, 03:58 pm- Bud - Both typing at the
Kenneth W DeLong -11/19, 04:09 pm- Been around here for many
Harold Schwendeman - -11/19, 04:21 pm- Just read in detail all o
Rob Heyen -11/19, 04:41 pm- Drifting away...... Sorry
David J. Holland -11/19, 05:15 pm- How about; Cotter key Cot
Bud Holzschuh - Pana -11/19, 06:06 pm- The most obvious one of a
Bob Brewer - NorCal -11/19, 07:43 pm- I have heard pedal to the
Jem Bowkett -11/20, 02:31 am- We call it petrol here, b
Mark Williamson -11/20, 02:42 am- Also, in Australia, we ha
Harold Schwendeman - -11/20, 02:57 am- My Dad always corrected m
Harold Schwendeman - -11/20, 02:59 am- Thanks Mark,.....I think
G.R.Cheshire -11/20, 07:47 am- Bob I believe that in the
Ricks - Surf City -11/20, 10:25 am- Step on the Gas! Makes
Dexter Doucet -11/20, 10:43 am- The original version son
Dick Fischer -11/20, 10:45 am- I agree that pedal to the
Roger Karlsson, sout -11/20, 11:12 am- In Sweden, full speed wit
Rob Heyen -11/20, 11:32 am- Ralph, I found step on th
Kenneth W DeLong -11/20, 11:48 am- It has to be step on the
Roger Karlsson, sout -11/20, 12:07 pm- Here are the terms Uncle
Mack Cole ---- Earth -11/20, 12:09 pm- Tom is right! I just had
Layden Butler -11/20, 01:35 pm- I know I will stir the ho
Norman T. Kling -11/20, 02:16 pm- The rim started out as th
Norman T. Kling -11/20, 02:19 pm- I thought of another. Hu
Layden Butler -11/20, 03:42 pm- Norman Early car hubcaps
Kenneth W DeLong -11/20, 04:20 pm- Hubcaps for some but grea
Jem Bowkett -11/20, 05:47 pm- I just checked on the DVL
Jim Hycner -11/20, 06:12 pm- The word Chevrolet was no
Rob Heyen -11/20, 06:16 pm- Jem, The web link says th
Dane Hawley Near Mel -11/21, 05:12 am- Many names for particular
Jem Bowkett -11/21, 06:28 am- re Krieger, LC series was
The other side of "Otis"
John Mays -11/20, 09:43 am- In an earlier post I show
Robert Matheny -11/20, 10:06 am- Love it!
Rob Heyen -11/20, 10:09 am- John, great pic, and pick
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/20, 10:14 am- Its beautiful. I always l
Mike Walker, NW AR -11/20, 10:17 am- Great truck and pic, John
Burger in Spokane -11/20, 10:29 am- Was there ever a time or
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/20, 10:38 am- Natural finish wheels wer
Roger Karlsson, sout -11/20, 10:43 am- Great cutoff! [:-] Heres
Ricks - Surf City -11/20, 10:43 am- It used to be illegal to
John Mays -11/20, 10:48 am- The acetylene gizmo was t
Mark Strange -11/20, 10:53 am- Wow, cant wait to see it
David Dewey, N. Cali -11/20, 12:59 pm- John, I am sooo jealous
Don Lyon, PDX, OR. -11/20, 03:01 pm- That is one damn fine loo
John Mays -11/20, 03:01 pm- Just happened to look dow
Tim Wrenn -11/20, 03:13 pm- John, I love your trucks
John Wightman -11/20, 03:15 pm- Beautiful car. In my old
Dena & Dennis Gorder -11/20, 03:29 pm- The last photo is terrifi
John Mays -11/20, 03:45 pm- Very observant John. The
Bill Severn - SE Tex -11/20, 04:21 pm- Hey John, Is that a 1915
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -11/20, 09:39 pm- That is one excellent pho
Harold Schwendeman - -11/20, 11:36 pm- That really is a great ph
David Dewey, N. Cali -11/21, 12:28 am- John, THATS IT!! No Hum
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -11/21, 01:39 am- Great photo! Beautiful tr
Note to self "Don't do that again"
G.R.Cheshire -11/19, 05:47 pm- It was cold this morning
Frank van Ekeren (A -11/19, 06:07 pm- Or at least pull the hand
Mack Cole ---- Earth -11/19, 06:14 pm- I had to chase a MTd mowe
Dave Wells -11/19, 06:47 pm- You won the challenge and
John Aldrich Orting  -11/19, 06:58 pm- Cant help it. That was fu
Bob Coiro -11/20, 03:34 am- [Donut-coffee-ST.jpg] I
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -11/20, 08:29 am- LOL Free starts are fun.
Dave Huson, Berthoud -11/20, 10:31 am- When I am hand cranking o
Ron -11/20, 10:47 am- GR, That story made
Norman T. Kling -11/20, 11:04 am- Good idea to Chock the fr
Dick Missett Wyoming -11/20, 11:26 am- I like to fell out of my
G.R.Cheshire -11/20, 11:36 am- To all[:-]Doughnut was GO
David Dewey, N. Cali -11/20, 01:06 pm- [help cartoon.jpg] From
John H. Nichols -11/20, 01:36 pm- G.R. I envy you bec
G.R.Cheshire -11/20, 01:54 pm- John thats tough, my fath
David Chantrell - Ad -11/20, 03:36 pm- My personal favourite as
David Chantrell - Ad -11/20, 03:40 pm- Oh, we can have donuts to
David Dewey, N. Cali -11/21, 12:28 am- David C., Thats the one
Model T friends in and around Buffalo
Dennis Seth - Ohio -11/19, 07:26 am- My thoughts and prayers a
Tex Holtby -11/19, 07:54 am- My youngest son goes to c
Patrick Mulrooney, W -11/19, 08:19 am- Reminds me of Oswego, NY
Tim Wrenn -11/19, 08:31 am- Ditto what Dennis said. W
John H. Nichols -11/19, 08:41 am- While not getting hammere
Tex Holtby -11/19, 09:02 am- Tim, 200 year old farm h
RJ Walworth, New Yor -11/19, 09:03 am- just a light dusting in R
Bud Holzschuh - Pana -11/19, 09:26 am- I was born and raised in
Dennis Seth - Ohio -11/19, 09:30 am- I can remember the city r
Bud Holzschuh - Pana -11/19, 10:06 am- Right .....I think ......
R.V. Anderson -11/19, 10:23 am- Very cold but not much sn
Jim Hycner -11/19, 10:32 am- [] Lake effect can be b
Charlie B actually i -11/19, 10:44 am- Any one like Bud that has
Pat Penrod -11/19, 01:38 pm- Lived Here all my life an
William Goodheart -11/19, 01:47 pm- John Nichols my generato
Tim Wrenn -11/19, 02:18 pm- Tex....I put in an automa
Tim Wrenn -11/19, 02:27 pm- William.. Wow, you descri
William Goodheart -11/19, 04:25 pm- Amazing pictures of Weste
Bud Holzschuh - Pana -11/19, 06:50 pm- Guess Ive reached that ag
Gary H. White - Sher -11/19, 07:02 pm- John, Tim, others, Be ver
Tim Wrenn -11/19, 07:09 pm- Gary, very good advice. M
Craig Anderson, cent -11/19, 07:43 pm- While we in Wisconsin are
Dave Wells -11/19, 08:20 pm- I always remembered what
Donald Conklin -11/19, 09:12 pm- I live about 2 miles from
William Goodheart -11/19, 09:15 pm- Gary, thanks for the remi
Tim Wrenn -11/20, 06:37 am- William, when I had my ma
William Goodheart -11/20, 07:47 am- Tim, Great idea, I will d
Will Copeland - Tren -11/20, 09:08 am- I just read that Buffalo
Kenneth W DeLong -11/20, 09:39 am- Its been about a month si
William Goodheart -11/20, 10:06 am- Will Copeland, Yes the Bl
Wilf Bradbury -11/20, 10:09 am- I hear Toronto has sent a
William Goodheart -11/20, 02:59 pm- Will Copeland, In my last
Tim Wrenn -11/20, 03:11 pm- And sadly,per my previous
Tom Miller, Mostly i -11/20, 03:37 pm- I just got off the phone
Don Watson -Florence -11/20, 03:53 pm- Wilf, I remember when I l
Will Copeland - Tren -11/20, 04:21 pm- William, My youth was spe
William Goodheart -11/20, 04:30 pm- Will, Did the same thing
William Goodheart -11/20, 08:13 pm- Sorry for carrying on and
Wilf Bradbury -11/20, 08:25 pm- Watching the BUF news ton
Mike Garrison -11/20, 09:22 pm- Theres nothing fun about
brass car guy -11/21, 12:03 am- Our thoughts go out to th
Where's Erich Bruckner???
Harold Schwendeman - -11/20, 07:15 pm- Erichs posts add a lot to
Mike Robison -11/20, 07:28 pm- Erich got a new job.
Harold Schwendeman - -11/20, 07:33 pm- Aaah,....that WOULD make
Rob Heyen -11/20, 11:08 pm- I miss his posts too. Ma
Old Photo - A Circus "Speedster"
Jay - In Northern Ca -11/20, 09:48 pm- [speedster circus.JPG]
Mack Cole ---- Earth -11/20, 10:50 pm- Is that a Pushman vehicle
MTFCI Speedster Tour
Steven Meixner -11/19, 01:31 pm- Can anyone tell me when a
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -11/19, 02:15 pm- Try the Stier family. Sc
Jerry VanOoteghem -11/19, 05:01 pm- Steve, The Stiers are do
Chris Olsen -11/19, 07:34 pm- I talked to them in Sept,
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -11/19, 08:32 pm- Two weeks before Nebraska
Tyrone Thomas - Tope -11/19, 10:16 pm- these tour for speedsters
Jerry VanOoteghem -11/20, 01:07 pm- No, they do not require t
Tyrone Thomas - Tope -11/20, 01:26 pm- Good on A speedster since
Mike Robison -11/20, 02:18 pm- Is a speedster tour like
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -11/20, 09:30 pm- Around here Califunny, Sp
Old Photo - Houston We Have A Problem !
Jay - In Northern Ca -11/19, 08:34 pm- [C01638.jpg]
Dan Treace, North FL -11/19, 10:32 pm- Looks like the ole Lizzie
Greg Griffin -11/20, 08:58 pm- Bet itll start....
Mike Garrison -11/20, 09:00 pm- What I see of the upholst
TT top install
Justin Heim -11/16, 03:43 pm- I dont want to burden the
Mark Strange -11/16, 04:29 pm- Great job, Justin! [:-]
William P Schubert -11/16, 05:41 pm- Thanks for sharing your i
Erick Keenan -11/17, 08:41 am- Justin, not a burden at a
harvey cash -11/17, 09:09 am- Justin, Really informati
Mark Gregush Portlan -11/17, 11:42 am- Suggestion, in the first
Justin Heim -11/17, 09:48 pm- Yes, the corners on the d
Mark Gregush Portlan -11/17, 11:26 pm- I thought that was the to
george house -11/20, 08:08 am- Gorgeous cab Justin !! Yo
Erick Keenan -11/20, 08:32 am- Hi Justin, I have a 1925
Justin Heim -11/20, 07:50 pm- Thanks for the comments.
Doodle Bug
John H. Nichols -11/20, 06:52 pm- I know things for sale is
Ron -11/20, 06:56 pm- Its an A. Will look up t
Chad Marchees -11/20, 07:01 pm- I looked but closest thin
Ron -11/20, 07:46 pm- Shes made from a 30 AA 31
More old Model T photos
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/20, 10:51 am- I see Jay has posted some
Larry Smith -11/20, 12:19 pm- Thanks for posting Steve.
David Dewey, N. Cali -11/20, 01:16 pm- Still cant get there, it
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -11/20, 07:41 pm- I havent been on the othe
What is the best way?
John Leffler -11/19, 07:25 pm- I am going to pull my eng
Richard Gould -11/19, 07:42 pm- I remove the head and cri
Frank van Ekeren (A -11/19, 07:57 pm- Dont know if its the best
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -11/19, 08:34 pm- I used the eye screwed in
Stephen D Heatherly -11/19, 08:39 pm- I use one of these. Works
William Goodheart -11/19, 09:05 pm- I used a wire rope sling
john kuehn -11/19, 09:26 pm- Using the eye thats screw
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/19, 10:02 pm- I prefer a chain with bol
Spencer Vibert -11/19, 10:28 pm- I use the lifting eye in
Mike Walker, NW AR -11/19, 11:07 pm- The best way to do it is
george house -11/20, 06:56 am- Im with Spencer - I use t
Royce in Georgetown  -11/20, 07:55 am- Engine installation can b
george house -11/20, 05:41 pm- Gee Royce; Ive never had
Mike Walker, NW AR -11/20, 05:49 pm- Its a piece of cake witho
OT.Land for storing our parts?
Mack Cole ---- Earth -11/18, 02:22 pm- I stumbled over this site
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -11/18, 02:33 pm- Not much grows out there
Royce in Georgetown  -11/18, 02:40 pm- The problem is that you w
Mack Cole ---- Earth -11/19, 09:49 am- So apparently this land a
Burger in Spokane -11/19, 11:39 am- It is Afghanistan, except
G.R.Cheshire -11/19, 01:45 pm- Im sorry I dont get the v
Mack Cole ---- Earth -11/19, 02:13 pm- I cant hear sound on my c
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -11/19, 02:47 pm- I couldnt find a price fo
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -11/19, 03:33 pm- Abut 35 or 40 years ago a
kep -11/20, 01:27 am- If that is not too good t
george house -11/20, 06:49 am- Oh, . . . I dont know, gu
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -11/20, 09:44 am- Dont get me wrong George.
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/20, 10:33 am- I consider the scarcity o
Burger in Spokane -11/20, 10:45 am- After 30 years of brain d
Royce in Georgetown  -11/20, 12:09 pm- There is cheap land in Te
Willie K Cordes -11/20, 12:39 pm- Royce is correct about th
John H. Nichols -11/20, 12:50 pm- Not to drift off topic, b
Willie K Cordes -11/20, 12:57 pm- Sorry Royce, I may have s
Royce in Georgetown  -11/20, 01:56 pm- John, Why would they who
Ricks - Surf City -11/20, 02:30 pm- Has anybody ever heard a
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -11/20, 02:48 pm- The ranchettes are all no
John H. Nichols -11/20, 03:18 pm- Royce Perhaps the the br
Will Copeland - Tren -11/20, 04:35 pm- Not to turn this into a p
Terry Woods, Richmon -11/20, 04:51 pm- I learned the hard way. A
Berg's or Brassworks rad, (again).
R. S. Cruickshank -11/16, 09:59 pm- People can compare design
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/17, 02:24 am- IF the brass is thinner o
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -11/17, 08:29 am- Did you measure the thick
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -11/17, 08:33 am- Not to mention interior c
The Brassworks -11/19, 01:31 pm- If you have questions you
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/19, 05:36 pm- Excellent! Another old wi
Rick J. Gunter -11/20, 04:40 pm- Now I have a follow-up qu
Andrew Benoit -11/20, 04:51 pm- Those are dial calipers.
OT- by what name are you referred to by your grandkids?
Bob Cascisa - Poulsb -11/15, 11:40 pm- My wife is Ba short for B
Donnie Brown North C -11/15, 11:46 pm- Im also another poppy an
David Dewey, N. Cali -11/15, 11:48 pm- My oldest cousin called m
Mike Garrison -11/15, 11:52 pm- Im Grandpa and my ex-wife
Burger in Spokane -11/15, 11:53 pm- I give all the kids the r
brass car guy -11/16, 12:16 am- Im grampa Howie, and my w
Keith Townsend ; ^ ) -11/16, 02:28 am- My wife is, Gramma. Im,
Michael Deichmann, B -11/16, 04:27 am- I have set 4 ships in the
Roger Karlsson, sout -11/16, 05:16 am- Maybe theyre not old enou
keith g barrier -11/16, 08:04 am- Grandpa and grandma from
Marty Bufalini -11/16, 08:09 am- Im Nonno and my wife is N
Mike Garrison -11/16, 08:17 am- I was a little surprised
Bud Holzschuh - Pana -11/16, 09:01 am- Our family is of German h
Dick Lodge - St Loui -11/16, 09:08 am- I am Opa and Anja was Oma
Dick Lodge - St Loui -11/16, 09:09 am- Funny, Bud, we were both
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -11/16, 09:21 am- Im Grandpa and my wife is
Henry Petrino in Mod -11/16, 10:06 am- Im surprised to not see a
Dick Lodge - St Loui -11/16, 11:04 am- Henry, since Anja was Dut
Dan Treace, North FL -11/16, 11:13 am- Im a PopPop, and wife is
Norman T. Kling -11/16, 11:14 am- All my grandchildren are
Michael Scott -11/16, 11:34 am- I dont know Yet , its an
Robert Butler - West -11/16, 12:39 pm- We are PopPop and MomMom
Robert Butler - West -11/16, 12:41 pm- Forgot to mention my step
Dick Lodge - St Loui -11/16, 12:49 pm- There is a newspaper colu
Randy Glowacki -11/16, 03:38 pm- I am Poppa and my wife is
Mark Williamson -11/16, 04:08 pm- My father-in-laws name is
Skip Anderson, in MN -11/16, 07:17 pm- The oldest grandsons 10 &
Rob Patterson -11/16, 07:51 pm- Neither of my children ar
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -11/16, 08:34 pm- We are Em and Ab. Hebrew
Roar Sand -11/16, 09:46 pm- I am Bestefar to my five
iceman -11/16, 10:42 pm- I have 4 grandchildren an
Ted Dumas -11/17, 12:06 am- My paternal grandfather w
James (Jim) Patterso -11/17, 12:19 am- Our grandkids call me G-P
John H. Nichols -11/17, 11:52 am- We called our father Papp
Michael Mullis -11/17, 03:10 pm- I am Paw Paw. While I don
Dick Missett Wyoming -11/17, 05:08 pm- Several yrs ago Grace and
Harold Schwendeman - -11/17, 05:38 pm- My first trip to Chickash
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -11/17, 08:46 pm- Dick, Thats funny right
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -11/17, 09:51 pm- Dick M. A friend of mine
Dick Fischer -11/17, 10:39 pm- Dick M. I sometimes have
Gary H. White - Sher -11/18, 11:39 am- It varies with the grand
Tony Bowker -11/18, 11:59 am- I use to tell Carolyn Cal
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -11/18, 12:53 pm- I wish restaurants wouldn
Roar Sand -11/18, 01:33 pm- Hal, How often do you thi
Dick Lodge - St Loui -11/18, 04:19 pm- Hal, I really dont like t
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -11/18, 04:31 pm- Roar, I have often wonde
Norman T. Kling -11/18, 04:39 pm- Most people call me Norm.
Dwight Romberger -11/18, 06:37 pm- Hal If they confuse your
Dick Missett Wyoming -11/18, 06:41 pm- Dick F From someonemewho
Harold Schwendeman - -11/18, 07:39 pm- I just tell em,.......Sch
Roar Sand -11/18, 08:01 pm- Hal, Roar is not that unc
Dick Lodge - St Loui -11/18, 09:08 pm- Roar, am I correct in ass
Patrick Mulrooney, W -11/18, 09:15 pm- Wow, this thread hit the
Floyd Voie - Chehali -11/18, 10:43 pm- It was lunch with Grandpa
Kirby Pray -11/18, 11:21 pm- Until recently, we had 6
Burger in Spokane -11/19, 01:19 am- Were getting into some fe
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -11/19, 07:35 am- When I was still a teenag
samuel pine -11/19, 07:57 am- Aw come on Hal, all us ol
Dick Lodge - St Loui -11/19, 09:23 am- [xty1s-phteven-funny.jpg]
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -11/19, 12:37 pm- Thats funny, Dick.
Marc Roberts -11/19, 07:32 pm- My mother is good grandma
Marty Bufalini -11/20, 08:07 am- I never can figure out ho
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -11/20, 09:01 am- When we live near N. Prov
John Manuel, Lafayet -11/20, 09:21 am- Dick, I laughed til I cri
John H. Nichols -11/20, 10:54 am- My natal name is really e
G.R.Cheshire -11/20, 01:43 pm- A little drift here My wi
OT - 1906 "Life" Magazine car advertisements
Rob Heyen -11/20, 12:54 pm- I remember the colorful p
Marvel Mystery Oil
B. Riley -11/19, 12:29 am- MMO is made to give lubri
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -11/19, 12:55 am- Oh boy, here we go. MMO n
Dave Wells -11/19, 07:36 am- I think this can of worms
Ron -11/19, 07:47 am- Only if someone says they
john kuehn -11/19, 08:45 am- Like the X-files talking
keith g barrier -11/19, 08:55 am- If any of you are familia
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -11/19, 09:08 am- Perhaps it was all the so
Dave Wells -11/19, 09:44 am- BTW, this thread has reac
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/19, 10:51 am- [IMG_0107 copy.JPG] Risl
Dave Wells -11/19, 10:57 am- Post #169. Steve, I would
Norman T. Kling -11/19, 11:09 am- The mystery is whether or
Mark Stewart -Calif. -11/19, 03:07 pm- I put a Tea Spoons worth
Brian Holcomb, Water -11/19, 03:49 pm- Steve, Pour it in the 1 g
Kenneth W DeLong -11/19, 03:56 pm- Mark,Im glad to here that
George Clipner-Los A -11/20, 02:08 am- I think the last time we
Harold Schwendeman - -11/20, 03:05 am- And dont forget the helpf
Harold Schwendeman - -11/20, 03:12 am- I think youre right Georg
John Manuel, Lafayet -11/20, 08:29 am- No No No ! Dont drink tha
Jerry Davis -11/20, 09:20 am- Ive added outboard motor
John H. Nichols -11/20, 09:38 am- Steve, My brother-in
A. Gustaf Bryngelson -11/20, 11:25 am- I think MMO, 2 cycle oil
Ted Dumas -11/20, 12:16 pm- We used Rislone in the 50
Mike Walker, NW AR -11/20, 12:49 pm- On our last Club tour, I
Mechanic for Model T T in or near Ogden Utah
Gary Raught -11/19, 05:30 pm- Hi. New to the forum. I
Andrew Deckman, Ogde -11/19, 07:27 pm- Yes I do actually I use D
Gary Raught -11/20, 11:11 am- Thanks Andrew. I will gi
K9 cool Speedster
Ricks - Surf City -11/19, 05:44 pm- After Ray Moore posted th
John Semprez-Templet -11/19, 05:53 pm- So where is the occupant?
Ray Moore -11/19, 06:01 pm- The Dog in the 26 Tudre[i
Gary H. White - Sher -11/19, 06:40 pm- Now thats cool! Love it.
John Semprez-Templet -11/20, 10:49 am- Although building a car a
Got snow ? Got Cold ?
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -11/16, 11:51 am- One started. One didnt. I
Ricks - Surf City -11/16, 01:20 pm- You have a defective mech
Dick Lodge - St Loui -11/16, 01:36 pm- Since Mark Strange is jus
Mark Strange -11/16, 02:09 pm- Yep, light snow here in H
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -11/16, 02:09 pm- Good point Ralph. I thoug
Kenneth W DeLong -11/16, 02:28 pm- We got just enough snow t
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -11/16, 05:50 pm- Later that same day......
Chad Marchees -11/18, 06:20 am- Western NY is going to ge
samuel pine -11/18, 06:53 am- heres my offeringhttps://
G.R.Cheshire -11/18, 07:10 am- Hap loved the map! It is
Philip Berg -11/18, 08:27 am- Our dog likes to keep war
Bud Holzschuh - Pana -11/18, 08:34 am- Heres our Molly dealing w
Tim Wrenn -11/18, 08:47 am- Friggin 9 degrees here in
William Goodheart -11/18, 09:14 am- Interesting to read the p
Dave Huson, Berthoud -11/18, 10:23 am- Samual Pine: I dont under
John Manuel, Lafayet -11/18, 05:43 pm- Dave--what keeps all that
John H. Nichols -11/18, 06:08 pm- Ricks I am located 17
John H. Nichols -11/18, 06:25 pm- Bud, What breed is Mo
Bud Holzschuh - Pana -11/18, 06:42 pm- Molly is a cockapoo. Sinc
Chad Marchees -11/18, 07:14 pm- William, I am in South Co
William Goodheart -11/18, 08:15 pm- We now have in excess of
Herb Iffrig -11/18, 08:16 pm- [milk and bread.jpg]
Roger Gooding, Cryst -11/19, 09:19 pm- Just read that Buffalo, N
John H. Nichols -11/20, 09:09 am- Overnight we got about 4
John H. Nichols -11/20, 09:16 am- William Goodheart.
John H. Nichols -11/20, 09:26 am- Bud Thanks for telling
Wilf Bradbury -11/20, 09:31 am- Just heard on the news To
John H. Nichols -11/20, 09:32 am- Bud Thanks for telling
John H. Nichols -11/20, 10:40 am- One of the reasons we do
Distributor drive gear
Dana A. Crosby in Gl -11/19, 07:15 pm- Which way was the gear on
Mark Gregush Portlan -11/19, 10:00 pm- Normally the gear end wou
Dennis K Anderson -11/20, 08:24 am- Steve, call Texas T. They
Royce in Georgetown  -11/20, 09:11 am- Not sure if that is the s
Speedster tour questions
Tyrone Thomas - Tope -11/19, 11:41 pm- 1. Where does one find a
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -11/20, 08:26 am- Turn signals are part of
T coils
Richard e moore -11/17, 08:38 am- Im a new t owner and just
Bob Coiro -11/17, 09:14 am- A Model T that has been p
joe bell -11/17, 09:23 am- I enjoy touring with the
Charlie B actually i -11/17, 10:51 am- Amazing aint it Joe? Been
Ron Patterson-Nichol -11/17, 11:51 am- It doesnt get much better
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -11/17, 12:44 pm- As many times as someone
Dave Wells -11/17, 01:00 pm- Nothing can beat a proper
John Aldrich Orting  -11/17, 07:00 pm- I have a set of Patterson
Norman T. Kling -11/18, 11:16 am- We were on a tour Saturda
Steve Tomaso - Milto -11/18, 11:50 am- One cylinder, Norm - real
Jerry VanOoteghem -11/18, 11:54 am- Ive had them run on one c
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -11/18, 12:09 pm- Yep, me too, but I dont r
Norman T. Kling -11/18, 05:05 pm- I didnt drive on one cyli
Marty Bufalini -11/20, 08:20 am- Brent Mize, the Coil Doct
Flat plane V8
Terry Woods, Richmon -11/17, 06:59 pm- I just read where Ford ha
Gilbert V. I. Fitzhu -11/17, 07:29 pm- A flat crank V-8 is essen
Terry Woods, Richmon -11/17, 08:40 pm- True others have used the
Derek Kiefer - Manto -11/17, 09:52 pm- Flat plane V8s have a ver
Rob Patterson -11/18, 01:00 am- I understand that both th
Layden Butler -11/19, 01:10 pm- Wills Sainte Claire flat
Ricks - Surf City -11/19, 01:15 pm- Whats the advantage?
Roger Karlsson, sout -11/19, 01:42 pm- Its explained in Dereks l
Robert G. Hester Jr. -11/19, 05:59 pm- Back about 1960 I knew of
Gilbert V. I. Fitzhu -11/19, 06:40 pm- If the cylinder banks are
Seth from NC -11/20, 07:17 am- Hey Ricks this whole topi
Vent window of a 1922 speedster
Paul Houben -11/18, 02:58 pm- Hi all T fanatics out the
Dan Treace, North FL -11/18, 11:41 pm- Paul That body you have
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -11/19, 02:21 am- Paul H, Yes, pictures may
Dan Treace, North FL -11/19, 09:56 pm- Here are the pictures tha
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -11/20, 04:15 am- Not like an Ames vent at
Hap Tucker in Sumter -11/20, 07:10 am- Recommend you try to loca
Old Photo - Cute Kid Posing
Jay - In Northern Ca -11/19, 06:37 pm- [xcvb8.JPG]
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -11/20, 03:43 am- Sweet sixteen! The car th
#3447 and #3467: One and the same?
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/18, 02:10 pm- The 8-5-28 parts book lis
ROBERT BERGSTADT -11/18, 02:15 pm- I might have a few of the
George_Cherry Hill N -11/18, 02:32 pm- When they were two factor
Royce in Georgetown  -11/18, 02:35 pm- These are examples of the
Dan Treace, North FL -11/18, 02:45 pm- The T-3447 Slow speed cle
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/18, 09:29 pm- Excellent! Now Ill know w
Larry Smith -11/19, 10:21 am- You will notice the clevi
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/19, 11:02 am- Langs catalogue says 1920
Dan Treace, North FL -11/19, 10:16 pm- Steve Roddas picture boo
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/19, 11:21 pm- Yep, I saw the rods in th
John F. Regan -11/20, 12:19 am- The earliest brake rods h
27 undercowl gas tank
wes heustess -11/19, 07:44 pm- I am in need of a new gas
Jack Daron - Brownsb -11/19, 07:49 pm- $50 depending on conditio
wes heustess -11/19, 08:21 pm- This guy wants one fifty.
Jack Daron - Brownsb -11/19, 08:51 pm- If I needed one,Id go for
John Zibell -11/19, 10:06 pm- Wes, These folks are doi
George Clipner-Los A -11/20, 12:16 am- Wes, theres a guy up in W
1926-27 Improved Models a study of ... Wheels
Donnie Brown North C -11/17, 08:45 pm- This is study number 9 fo
Eric Hylen- Central  -11/17, 11:18 pm- Ive had several of those
Jack Daron - Brownsb -11/17, 11:26 pm- I also have one from an e
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -11/18, 05:29 am- Has anyone ever seen any
Roger Karlsson, sout -11/18, 06:58 am- Maybe the steel felloe no
Dan Treace, North FL -11/18, 09:43 am- Here is another with that
Donnie Brown North C -11/18, 09:59 am- I had always heard that t
Donnie Brown North C -11/18, 10:24 am- Dan, Where did you take t
David Dewey, N. Cali -11/18, 12:31 pm- Donnie, I will try to rem
Donnie Brown North C -11/18, 01:06 pm- David, Thanks for the inp
Dan Treace, North FL -11/18, 01:32 pm- Donnie That non demounta
Dan Treace, North FL -11/18, 01:35 pm- My bad, Bruces list has
Donnie Brown North C -11/18, 10:32 pm- Dan, Thanks for the input
Donnie Brown North C -11/18, 10:58 pm- Jan1, 1925 page 7 [jan 1
David Dewey, N. Cali -11/19, 03:18 am- Donnie, I forgot!! Rememb
Donnie Brown North C -11/19, 08:55 am- David, when you get aroun
Donnie Brown North C -11/19, 10:47 am- OK, Here are my thoughts
David Dewey, N. Cali -11/19, 11:29 am- Hi Donnie, Didnt see yo
David Dewey, N. Cali -11/19, 01:55 pm- Donnie, Change in schedu
Donnie Brown North C -11/19, 07:59 pm- David, I guess you have f
David Dewey, N. Cali -11/20, 12:12 am- Hi Donnie, Well, the 25
12 volt starter--- please no debate of 6v here
Chad Marchees -11/18, 08:22 pm- so the issue of the T sta
Mike Robison -11/18, 08:26 pm- Done commercially alread
Dave Dufault -11/18, 08:28 pm- An individual has made 12
lorenzo leon -11/18, 10:23 pm- Chad I have converted 2 s
Royce in Georgetown  -11/19, 08:23 am- Beckers prices seem reaso
Bob Coiro -11/19, 08:51 am- 12-volt, Model T starters
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -11/19, 08:56 am- Lorenzo - I dont mind you
Ron Patterson-Nichol -11/19, 09:01 am- Just a word of caution.
lorenzo leon -11/19, 09:24 am- Ken, sorry I dont know w
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -11/19, 09:52 am- Ron - That can only happe
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -11/19, 09:55 am- I assumed your were assoc
Ted Dumas -11/19, 10:03 am- Our club president has ru
Ron Patterson-Nichol -11/19, 10:44 am- Ken I first heard of this
Ted Dumas -11/19, 12:07 pm- Is the Macs starter one p
Brendan Doughty -11/19, 02:20 pm- I have been running a Bec
william louis rosent -11/19, 05:08 pm- I bought the Becker Elect
Chad Marchees -11/19, 05:14 pm- OK, I see where several m
Gary Tillstrom -11/19, 09:11 pm- Chad I also wondered if
Chad Marchees -11/19, 09:14 pm- Gary, I would have to loo
Mike Walker, NW AR -11/19, 11:22 pm- Chad -- Its not a big dea
Top Pattern Open Car
Daniel M. Chapasko -11/18, 08:03 am- Are patterns or measureme
Dan Treace, North FL -11/18, 09:31 am- Havent come across any sk
Travis E. Towle -11/18, 03:01 pm- I was looking all over fo
Steve McClelland -11/18, 07:42 pm- We made our own top for a
Mark Strange -11/19, 09:06 am- Sometimes youve gotta be
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -11/19, 10:04 am- It didnt catch the pig to
Larry Smith -11/19, 10:11 am- Ive had resonable luck fi
Steve McClelland -11/19, 12:19 pm- Good Lord what a mess...!
Dennis Pleiness -11/19, 06:11 pm- cant stop laughing, sowin
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -11/19, 10:59 pm- Well, I have my own spell
1928 Wisconsin Registration Card
Jay - In Northern Ca -11/19, 06:40 pm- [dfvdfs556.JPG]
Brian Holcomb, Water -11/19, 08:14 pm- I have the same one for m
Mike Zahorik -11/19, 09:14 pm- Is there anything on the
Unusual carb
Martin Vowell, Sylma -11/19, 05:13 am- Stan...a lot of interesti
Jay - In Northern Ca -11/19, 09:12 am- Heres a dual kerosene/gas
Jay - In Northern Ca -11/19, 09:20 am- Heres an NOS Rayfield UF
Jay - In Northern Ca -11/19, 09:26 am- This unit is brand new in
Jay - In Northern Ca -11/19, 09:31 am- Heres a Griffin model G c
Jay - In Northern Ca -11/19, 09:36 am- Heres a Zenith S4BF. [37
Jay - In Northern Ca -11/19, 09:43 am- Here an AERO Carburetor t
Jay - In Northern Ca -11/19, 08:51 pm- Simmons Super Power Carbu
Piquette St. plant
Brian Jackson -11/19, 03:07 pm- Does anyone know if the F
Charles W. Little So -11/19, 03:28 pm- According to the website:
Tony Barchock -11/19, 03:33 pm- What telephone and email
Tony Barchock -11/19, 08:22 pm- Ok i have confirmed twice
Cowl leaning backward
Jack Gates -11/19, 04:17 pm- My cowl on my 1921 tourin
Jack Daron - Brownsb -11/19, 04:37 pm- Rewood the sills in the c
Jeff Humble -11/19, 04:40 pm- Top too tight
Dennis Seth - Ohio -11/19, 05:48 pm- More then likely caused b
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -11/19, 07:54 pm- poor Jack has a sagging p
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -11/19, 07:54 pm- You will need to crawl ar
Transmission transformation to broad brakedrum?
Niels Andersen -11/16, 05:42 pm- Thanks much for responses
Roger Karlsson, sout -11/16, 05:53 pm- You can check if the driv
Richard Gould -11/16, 06:27 pm- A common modification is
Erik Johnson -11/16, 06:57 pm- Below is an NOS drive pla
Niels Andersen -11/19, 07:11 am- When you take a closer lo
Richard Gould -11/19, 11:27 am- What you see is not a scr
Steve Tomaso - Milto -11/19, 11:45 am- Actually there were screw
Niels Andersen -11/19, 01:27 pm- Steve Could it be, that t
Steve Tomaso - Milto -11/19, 02:43 pm- You might just have a poi
Niels Andersen -11/19, 04:04 pm- Steve - unless someone co
Dan Treace, North FL -11/19, 06:11 pm- That is right, the Part#
Richard Gould -11/19, 07:31 pm- All good info. Heres ano
Richard Gould -11/19, 07:35 pm- Perhaps spoke too soon.
Ebay auction for 27 touring
Travis Melnick  -11/18, 08:41 pm- Has anyone checked this o
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/18, 09:17 pm- Late March 1927. It will
Dana A. Crosby in Gl -11/18, 10:36 pm- Clean it up, make it safe
Clayton Swanson -11/18, 10:52 pm- galvinized metal patch be
Roger Karlsson, sout -11/19, 03:21 am- Odd spring clamp: [rsz_a
Roger Karlsson, sout -11/19, 03:32 am- The same style brackets o
Martin Vowell, Sylma -11/19, 04:28 am- Looks like its got a bad
Travis Melnick  -11/19, 07:08 pm- There right now as far as
Old Photo - Posing With A Coupe
Jay - In Northern Ca -11/19, 06:46 pm- [C03737.jpg]
Old Photo - Brass Era Fords On The Farm
Jay - In Northern Ca -11/18, 08:45 pm- [axc zc 441z.JPG]
Gary H. White - Sher -11/18, 09:18 pm- Needs a longer handle on
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -11/18, 11:44 pm- Thank you Jay!!! Drive ca
John H. Nichols -11/19, 09:47 am- I am done paintin today,
Clayton Swanson -11/19, 10:38 am- my friend has a red 15 to
Norman T. Kling -11/19, 04:30 pm- I guess it doesnt matter
Richard Wolf -11/19, 04:52 pm- Thats all the stepladder
Val Soupios -11/19, 05:26 pm- Theyre going to town to b
Dennis Seth - Ohio -11/19, 05:52 pm- Now how do you know they
27 Tudor Top wood and interior questions
tom sampson -11/16, 11:04 am- Hello all, Im new to t
tom sampson -11/16, 11:44 am- [ttop.jpg]
Mike Zahorik -11/16, 03:00 pm- Theres not a lot of body
tom sampson -11/16, 06:49 pm- Thanks for the reply Mike
Mike Walker, NW AR -11/16, 10:48 pm- I second the vote for Cla
David Dewey, N. Cali -11/17, 12:32 am- I will third that vote. T
Mark Strange -11/17, 08:50 am- Here is a Classtique vide
tom sampson -11/17, 06:09 pm- Thanks for the info on th
Craig Anderson, cent -11/18, 02:29 am- Hey Tom........glad to se
tom sampson -11/19, 05:26 pm- Thanks for the invite Cra
OT Engine Hoist
John H. Nichols -11/17, 08:01 pm- I went looking for an Eng
Terry Woods, Richmon -11/17, 08:36 pm- I have one from Harbor Fr
john kuehn -11/17, 08:41 pm- I have a Harbour Freight
Chad Marchees -11/17, 09:09 pm- They are fine for what th
Mike Walker, NW AR -11/17, 09:15 pm- I got mine several years
Ed in California -11/17, 09:17 pm- I have one too, bought it
Norman T. Kling -11/17, 09:18 pm- I found a chain hoist at
Erik Johnson -11/17, 10:03 pm- Just my opinion: Harbor
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -11/17, 10:15 pm- I use the Harbor Freight
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/17, 10:16 pm- If youre not in a big too
Scott Owens -11/17, 10:25 pm- Steve, I just got a HP ho
G.R.Cheshire -11/18, 09:01 am- My HF engine hoist is now
Mack Cole ---- Earth -11/18, 09:15 am- I picked up my 2 ton hois
Bud Holzschuh - Pana -11/18, 09:45 am- Or ..... if your really f
Robert Poane -11/18, 09:56 am- I have the 1 ton hoist fr
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -11/18, 09:59 am- I have a Harbor Freight e
john kuehn -11/18, 10:08 am- I remember back in high s
Kenneth W DeLong -11/18, 10:34 am- What bothers me is while
Will Copeland - Tren -11/18, 12:15 pm- Well I use,,,,,Hmm, On se
Kevin Holland, Utah -11/18, 12:21 pm- Ive got two of them. The
David Dewey, N. Cali -11/18, 12:26 pm- Bud, Unfortunately Chine
John H. Nichols -11/18, 12:33 pm- To Everyone I asked
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -11/18, 12:42 pm- Some of the Chinese crap
harvey cash -11/18, 01:26 pm- John, bought the least e
Kenneth W DeLong -11/18, 03:20 pm- I went on E-Bay and found
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -11/18, 03:45 pm- Me too, Bud. I just paid
Kenneth W DeLong -11/18, 04:13 pm- Usually over time is is u
Dick Fischer -11/18, 04:18 pm- Here is my take on engine
Hal Schedler, Sacram -11/18, 04:27 pm- When storing your engine
David Dewey, N. Cali -11/19, 02:55 am- The mention of using the
Tim Wrenn -11/19, 08:38 am- I love my little one-ton
John H. Nichols -11/19, 09:05 am- I guess I will start usi
Tyrone Thomas - Tope -11/19, 09:12 am- I too have a hoist from H
Tom Miller, Mostly i -11/19, 09:14 am- On an engine hoist such a
Erick Keenan -11/19, 09:39 am- I would look on Craigslis
Kenneth W DeLong -11/19, 10:41 am- Folks,My only real point
Richard Wolf -11/19, 11:15 am- Saw one at the Zephryhill
Ken Todd -11/19, 12:31 pm- John H. Nichols said: I k
Erick Keenan -11/19, 03:13 pm- I am sorry, but I would f
Kevin Whelihan -11/19, 05:02 pm- I bought the HF one ton m
Fender Welting on turtle deck
Dan Treace, North FL -11/16, 01:59 pm- Back when I did my roadst
Eric Sole - Castelld -11/16, 02:41 pm- Thanks Dan. Cool picture
Dan Treace, North FL -11/16, 03:15 pm- Eric Found this photo. C
Norman T. Kling -11/16, 03:28 pm- This works very well on a
David Dewey, N. Cali -11/17, 01:15 am- Friction tape was used on
G.R.Cheshire -11/17, 07:31 am- Mine had welting all the
Larry Smith -11/17, 11:31 am- The thing to be mindful h
Travis E. Towle -11/19, 01:34 pm- I found it on eBay - it w
1910 runabout
Ray Moore -11/18, 02:02 pm- I like your wheels
Ricks - Surf City -11/18, 02:15 pm- Welcome, Ray. Are you
Darel J. Leipold -11/18, 04:52 pm- Dan, that is a 1911 Ford
Ray Moore -11/18, 07:12 pm- No but this is why I like
Ricks - Surf City -11/18, 09:05 pm- PNW green with mossy whee
Gary H. White - Sher -11/19, 11:37 am- A Smurfswagon.
Model T Bill Of Sale Thomaston Ga. 1926
Jay - In Northern Ca -11/18, 08:49 pm- [Model T Bill Of Sale Tho
Mike Walker, NW AR -11/18, 09:06 pm- What are two TSDs?
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -11/18, 09:08 pm- T, Sedan, Doctors. Guy m
Dave Wells -11/18, 09:31 pm- Quite a serial number spr
Dan Treace, North FL -11/18, 11:02 pm- T S D Common Ford price
Dan Treace, North FL -11/18, 11:25 pm- But maybe again..???? No
Warren F Rollins -11/19, 11:28 am- 1. J.R. Duncan Motor Comp
Old Photo - A Camping We Shall Go!
Jay - In Northern Ca -11/18, 08:38 pm- [W08239.jpg]
Carl Sorenson-Lake A -11/18, 11:38 pm- Thanks for the Camping Ph
John H. Nichols -11/19, 10:06 am- Jay, It has always fas
Norman T. Kling -11/19, 10:50 am- That looks like a standar
Charlie B actually i -11/19, 10:53 am- Dykes Automotive Manual m
Old Photo - The Famous Ford
Jay - In Northern Ca -11/19, 09:59 am- [yy;lcxzjthkm.JPG]
Dave Wells -11/19, 10:23 am- They say this car cannot
Old Photo - Ladies Testing The Front Bumper
Jay - In Northern Ca -11/19, 10:01 am- [B08077.jpg]
Old Photo - Cash Meat Market
Jay - In Northern Ca -11/18, 08:34 pm- [cash meat market 2.jpg]
Bill Severn - SE Tex -11/18, 08:58 pm- Whoa. What is that beaut
charley shaver -11/18, 10:39 pm- nope 17-22 just looks squ
Harold Schwendeman - -11/18, 11:17 pm- Whatever year it is Bill,
Erik Johnson -11/18, 11:44 pm- Early in the 1917 model y
Harold Schwendeman - -11/18, 11:58 pm- I wonder if the right/rea
Royce in Georgetown  -11/19, 08:08 am- Eric is of course correct
Mike Walker, NW AR -11/19, 09:40 am- That bottom picture in th
Keyway problem Question
lorenzo leon -11/18, 09:39 pm- The keyway in the rear ax
Jack Daron - Brownsb -11/18, 09:51 pm- The keyway is machined in
Jerry Davis -11/18, 09:54 pm- Ive always used a punch o
lorenzo leon -11/18, 10:12 pm- Thanks Gerry, I have trie
Jack Daron - Brownsb -11/18, 10:34 pm- It is likely stuck in the
Dan Treace, North FL -11/18, 10:34 pm- Im with Jerry, use a punc
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/18, 10:53 pm- [IMG_0106 copy.JPG] You
Harold Schwendeman - -11/18, 11:00 pm- Jerry, Dan & Steve -
Dan Treace, North FL -11/18, 11:53 pm- Harold Nah....steel on s
lorenzo leon -11/19, 09:09 am- Finaly got it , made a to
1913 Model T Fire Engine Scale drawings and pics
Dan Treace, North FL -11/16, 01:40 pm- M. Parsler Ford didnt ma
M Parsler -11/18, 11:53 pm- Hi, Thanx a million, that
Tyrone Thomas - Tope -11/19, 09:06 am- ....[551688_3804073777003
Model T lubrication routine
John McGinnis in San -11/16, 06:46 am- I am in the process of re
Roger Karlsson, sout -11/16, 06:55 am- You will notice how worn
Royce in Georgetown  -11/16, 08:43 am- Lube chart: [Lube chart.
John McGinnis in San -11/16, 11:28 am- Lube chart...does anybody
Mike Zahorik -11/16, 11:31 am- The lube chart is a good
Roger Karlsson, sout -11/16, 11:39 am- John, I think oiling and
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/16, 11:47 am- Yes, folks who want their
Keith Townsend ; ^ ) -11/16, 11:55 am- My maintenance is about o
Dan Treace, North FL -11/16, 11:56 am- Go thru the Lube Chart af
John McGinnis in San -11/16, 02:27 pm- I picture lubing the fron
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/16, 02:56 pm- [IMG_0273 copy 2.JPG] Ye
Lloyde Eckley -11/16, 07:55 pm- Steve, the shackles in pr
Jared Buckert -11/18, 08:10 pm- I personally dont get to
Henry Petrino in Mod -11/18, 08:30 pm- It is my personal opinion
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/18, 10:12 pm- I think that theory is co
Harold Schwendeman - -11/18, 10:12 pm- Henry - Yes,...not only d
Harold Schwendeman - -11/18, 10:15 pm- Didnt mean to be your ech
A. Gustaf Bryngelson -11/18, 10:27 pm- Hey Steve, I think red ox
Royce in Georgetown  -11/19, 08:03 am- Lubing the front end is b
Bowlus Minnesota street scene-Photo early cars
Herb Iffrig -11/17, 08:11 am- [Bowlus, Minnesota.jpg re
John H. Nichols -11/17, 08:37 am- Did the West bound traffi
Kevin Whelihan -11/17, 09:48 am- No, obviously this is a o
Andy Loso St Joseph, -11/17, 09:49 pm- You have to know Bowlus,
Dennis Seth - Ohio -11/18, 11:45 am- I wonder if they are show
Will Copeland - Tren -11/18, 12:12 pm- I think its obvious, This
Erik Johnson -11/18, 12:22 pm- The early MInnesota regis
Rob Heyen -11/18, 12:52 pm- Erik, Have you seen the r
Erik Johnson -11/18, 01:53 pm- The original ledgers are
Chris Paulsen - McPh -11/18, 01:59 pm- For what its worth, I am
Erik Johnson -11/18, 02:31 pm- I believe you are correct
Rob Heyen -11/18, 02:39 pm- Thanks Erik. I sent a pm
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -11/18, 08:03 pm- Oh Oh Erik Now you and y
Kirby Pray -11/19, 12:26 am- Okay when I saw this thre
Eric Hylen- Central  -11/19, 01:04 am- You can always tell a per
Old Photo - County Hospital Laurel and Hardy 1932
Jay - In Northern Ca -11/18, 11:55 pm- [county-hospital-slide-ti
Hood former thread revisited
Robert Poane -11/18, 07:00 pm- I put up a thread last we
Tim Wrenn -11/18, 07:27 pm- Robert if its of any comf
Norman T. Kling -11/18, 08:50 pm- Im not sure that they eve
Mike Walker, NW AR -11/18, 09:04 pm- Robert -- Id recommend ch
Clayton Swanson -11/18, 11:07 pm- you dont show the bottom
Chris Egsgaard's Racer Restoration Project
mark herdman -11/18, 11:02 pm- Keep up the good work Fra
OT - Model K Roadster with her cloths off
Rob Heyen -11/16, 12:22 am- Dan, If you mean why dism
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -11/16, 04:36 am- Even going to gap the spa
David Mazza -11/16, 08:59 am- When getting the early ca
Rob Heyen -11/16, 09:31 am- David, Fortunately, there
Bruce Balough -11/16, 10:10 am- David, The fun of a car
kep -11/16, 12:40 pm- i find it amusing a car c
Rob Heyen -11/17, 11:12 am- Another way to do valves,
Rob Heyen -11/18, 08:42 pm- Dean pulled out the outer
Mike Walker, NW AR -11/18, 09:10 pm- So the K bearing is on th
Rob Heyen -11/18, 10:05 pm- [:-]
OT - Following an early Ford Dealership
Rob Heyen -11/17, 10:54 pm- Weve followed individual
Rob Heyen -11/17, 11:25 pm- Another Conrad Bros. Pier
Rob Heyen -11/17, 11:46 pm- Between 1904 and 1906 I f
Rob Heyen -11/18, 09:14 am- Finishing out 1906. The
Rob Heyen -11/18, 10:15 am- I just happened to search
Rob Heyen -11/18, 04:22 pm- Back to 1907....... The
Rob Heyen -11/18, 08:29 pm- Conrad Brothers begin to
OT - My hobbies extend from the fastest to slowest...What...
Marty Bufalini -11/16, 09:15 am- I also collect, vintage p
Frank Harris from Lo -11/16, 10:42 am- I too paint and we run an
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -11/16, 11:08 am- Old cars but I sold off m
Les Gitts -11/16, 11:10 am- For me, model Ts and bras
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -11/16, 12:11 pm- [hd04.jpg] I like moto
Burger in Spokane -11/16, 01:44 pm- If youve ever seen the TV
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/16, 03:07 pm- Les, what year is the All
Will Copeland - Tren -11/16, 03:31 pm- My wife and I touring Can
Dena & Dennis Gorder -11/16, 04:04 pm- We also like to go fast w
Tyrone Thomas - Tope -11/17, 09:19 am- gees i lead a boring life
Kevin Whelihan -11/17, 10:06 am- I enjoy restoring and run
Ray Green -11/17, 10:30 am- Hi guys, I have lived and
John H. Nichols -11/17, 10:39 am- Richard Congradulation
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -11/17, 10:47 am- John, we put Georges birt
John H. Nichols -11/17, 10:48 am- My hobby if you want to c
Ray Green -11/17, 10:51 am- The APC is a fun machine
Les Gitts -11/17, 10:52 pm- Steve, The Allis B is a 1
Bob Gruber- Spanaway -11/17, 11:29 pm- Ive played with airplanes
Terry Woods, Richmon -11/18, 12:06 am- Stan, Are your CDs availa
Chris Olsen -11/18, 01:06 am- I do Civil War era photog
Stan Howe Helena, Mo -11/18, 03:00 am- Terry, Im still trying to
Steven Thum -11/18, 10:24 am- My new hobby is traveling
Terry Woods, Richmon -11/18, 08:11 pm- Stan, Maybe you could fin
Help With Identification
David Tipton -11/18, 05:36 pm- This is a picture of my g
Clayton Swanson -11/18, 06:11 pm- tell your grandparents to
Hap Tucker in Sumter -11/18, 08:00 pm- David, Im 90% sure that
*OT - Stuck Piston in a Mono-Block Hupmobile engine. *...
Chuck Hoffman - Gold -11/16, 11:57 am- If the piston is stuck th
Spencer Vibert -11/16, 12:33 pm- Chuck,in that case how wo
Mack Cole ---- Earth -11/16, 12:41 pm- can you block the ports f
Burger in Spokane -11/16, 01:14 pm- What is keeping a person
Mike Walker, NW AR -11/16, 01:41 pm- I bought a TT chassis wit
David Dewey, N. Cali -11/17, 01:46 am- Clayton, You may have
Clayton Paddison (Va -11/17, 12:35 pm- I have No. 3 full of Acet
Ed Baudoux -11/17, 01:33 pm- Clayton, beautiful car! C
Charlie B actually i -11/17, 01:52 pm- Lord Burger you brought u
Clayton Paddison (Va -11/17, 01:56 pm- Thanks Ed! The Utility
Chuck Hoffman - Gold -11/17, 03:41 pm- I think Mack has a good i
Clayton Paddison (Va -11/17, 05:39 pm- Chuck, I agree, I think
Ted Dumas -11/17, 06:33 pm- In my high school days ye
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -11/17, 08:55 pm- Id be careful with the co
Scott Owens -11/17, 10:29 pm- Clayton, Get that piston
David Dewey, N. Cali -11/17, 11:16 pm- Wow, you even have the to
Leonard J Evansic -11/18, 12:41 am- I believe the piston is n
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -11/18, 10:23 am- I got to thinking about m
Clayton Paddison (Va -11/18, 01:36 pm- All, I think Hydraulic p
Les VonNordheim -11/18, 02:19 pm- Clayton, We have a 14 Hup
John Semprez-Templet -11/18, 03:52 pm- Clayton, using compressed
Clayton Paddison (Va -11/18, 04:36 pm- I agree John. I think
Clayton Paddison (Va -11/18, 07:41 pm- Les, I wouldnt mind owni
Clayton Paddison (Va -11/18, 07:48 pm- Roadster... [Hupproadste
Sam Pack Auction RM
Ivan Warrington -11/17, 12:41 pm- Sam Pack sold most of his
Roger Karlsson, sout -11/17, 12:44 pm- It seems like winning the
Dave Huson, Berthoud -11/17, 12:55 pm- Ivan Warrinton: Those pri
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/17, 02:09 pm- RM auctions are for high
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -11/17, 02:25 pm- Those are not just nice o
Royce in Georgetown  -11/17, 04:21 pm- They had free beer, wine
Gary H. White - Sher -11/17, 04:28 pm- The beer was good. Import
Dale Kemmerer -11/18, 07:14 pm- they probably also had mi
NEW VIDEO: How to Change Transmission Band Linings
Mitch -11/18, 05:39 am- How to Replace the Transm
Bud Holzschuh - Pana -11/18, 08:25 am- Mitch VERY professionall
Tyrone Thomas - Tope -11/18, 08:42 am- Once I got past the hypno
Mark Strange -11/18, 09:29 am- Question for the experts
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -11/18, 09:35 am- Except for incorrectly in
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/18, 11:12 am- Im thinking I should do a
Kohnke Rebabbitting -11/18, 11:56 am- Ken is right. [This is
Kohnke Rebabbitting -11/18, 12:07 pm- The ends of the linings s
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/18, 01:13 pm- Herm, why gaps in the lin
Kohnke Rebabbitting -11/18, 01:25 pm- It lets the band flex at
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -11/18, 01:31 pm- Steve; I believe its to h
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -11/18, 01:32 pm- Ops. I should have refres
Bob Coiro -11/18, 01:46 pm- Very nicely produced, ind
Craig Anderson, cent -11/18, 02:11 pm- I did the bands with Kevl
John H. Nichols -11/18, 02:12 pm- When I was a young inexpe
Mark Williamson -11/18, 03:15 pm- I really like that lighte
Bob Jablonski -11/18, 04:26 pm- The interesting section w
Mitch -11/18, 06:13 pm- Thankyou for all your com
Front Fender Brackets 24/25
Gary H. White - Sher -11/17, 05:46 pm- Anyone have a picture of
Jack Daron - Brownsb -11/17, 05:55 pm- I have a set for one side
Donnie Brown North C -11/17, 07:18 pm- Gary, That is a common it
Mark Strange -11/17, 08:22 pm- There are several on T-ba
Mark Gregush Portlan -11/17, 09:06 pm- I think he need the brack
Steve Tomaso - Milto -11/17, 09:34 pm- Thats what came up on the
Mark Gregush Portlan -11/17, 09:40 pm- Sure enough. [:-]
ROBERT BERGSTADT -11/18, 09:36 am- Item # on t bay Ends in 5
john kuehn -11/18, 10:18 am- Dont the front fender bra
ROBERT BERGSTADT -11/18, 10:55 am- Yes right and left on fro
Gary H. White - Sher -11/18, 11:14 am- Thanks guys. Checking out
Larry Smith -11/18, 11:18 am- The 24-5s are different.
Gary H. White - Sher -11/18, 05:36 pm- Missed out on auction. If
Is this a model t windshield frame?
Daniel Kraft -11/18, 01:26 pm- I have this windshield fr
Clayton Paddison (Va -11/18, 01:29 pm- Daniel, It is certainly
Daniel Kraft -11/18, 01:40 pm- Ok, thats what I was susp
Daniel Kraft -11/18, 02:51 pm- Now Im curious what it is
Roger Karlsson, sout -11/18, 03:10 pm- If someone doesnt nail it
Clayton Paddison (Va -11/18, 03:49 pm- Daniel, They are 1922 Wi
Clayton Paddison (Va -11/18, 03:51 pm- The frames are the same 1
Daniel Kraft -11/18, 04:18 pm- Oh thats kind of neat. I
Norman T. Kling -11/18, 04:42 pm- That frame is probably wo
Daniel Kraft -11/18, 04:48 pm- I would like to sell it s
OT - Steam Convoy
Steven Thum -11/16, 05:34 pm- There is a link below to
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -11/16, 05:55 pm- Nice. There is nothing li
Royce in Georgetown  -11/16, 07:14 pm- That is fantastic. Looks
Jack Daron - Brownsb -11/16, 08:56 pm- I cannot fathom the amoun
David Chantrell - Ad -11/17, 03:50 am- Fabulous stuff...
Dane Hawley Near Mel -11/17, 05:01 am- More of the same here- ht
Nigel Hugo -11/17, 05:48 am- The Caterpillar tractor o
Tyrone Thomas - Tope -11/17, 09:23 am- that is so cool. Thanks.
Micheal Crowe -11/17, 09:38 am- Cool steam Tractors that
Kevin Whelihan -11/17, 09:56 am- First time I have ever se
John H. Nichols -11/17, 11:16 am- What a nice way to stop a
Will Copeland - Tren -11/17, 11:56 am- I love steam, Someday whe
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -11/17, 12:38 pm- Very cool! Thanks for pos
John Semprez-Templet -11/17, 01:05 pm- An interesting aside is h
Steven Thum -11/17, 04:34 pm- Thanks John. I always enj
Jem Bowkett -11/17, 05:33 pm- Great Dorset Steam Fair,
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -11/17, 08:33 pm- Jem, I had a friend in E
Jem Bowkett -11/18, 04:46 pm- Fred Dibnah did quite a f
Lang's 2015 Calendar for your stocking
Ashley Lang -11/18, 04:20 pm- Langs Old Car Parts is pu
Harold Coker
Gilbert V. I. Fitzhu -11/16, 11:12 pm- I just read on the AACA w
Ricks - Surf City -11/16, 11:50 pm- I visited with him during
Bob Coiro -11/17, 01:29 am- [Harold Coker.jpg] Harol
Bob Coiro -11/17, 01:31 am- Rest in the Lords peace,
Robbie Price -11/17, 05:39 am- I hate to hear that. Haro
brass car guy -11/17, 10:06 am- A gentlemans gentleman. I
Larry Smith -11/17, 11:26 am- Too bad they cant make tu
Steve McClelland -11/18, 03:23 pm- Sad day for the hobby I h
Ryan Glowacki -11/18, 03:43 pm- My Coker tires never defl
Ebay auction of the week
Steve Schmidt -11/17, 11:21 am- This is either a great de
joe bell -11/17, 11:23 am- I would be making phone c
Mark Gregush Portlan -11/17, 11:25 am- I am going with scam. I r
Aaron Griffey, Haywa -11/17, 11:29 am- Yes, and the shipping is
Chuck Hoffman - Gold -11/17, 12:04 pm- The item specifics says p
Roger Karlsson, sout -11/17, 12:11 pm- Sometimes there are great
Tyrone Thomas - Tope -11/17, 12:17 pm- its only 900.00 to buy. Y
Dale Kemmerer -11/17, 12:20 pm- Roger, you are correct t
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/17, 12:26 pm- Yep, too good to be true.
Kenneth W DeLong -11/17, 12:33 pm- Not even that is not corr
Ronald Bolser -11/17, 12:35 pm- The car sold for $500 in
Ed in California -11/17, 01:53 pm- Bid for it, and pay in pe
Ronald Bolser -11/17, 04:24 pm- I contacted the seller an
Greg Whaley, Georget -11/17, 05:01 pm- Ronald, I did the same th
Paul Mikeska, Denver -11/17, 08:19 pm- The shipping charges of $
Tony Bowker -11/17, 11:13 pm- It seems it was an Error
Craig Anderson, cent -11/18, 02:42 am- That was no scam. I conta
Ronald Bolser -11/18, 09:11 am- Craig, Check his complete
Kenneth W DeLong -11/18, 09:19 am- Thats Great!! It sounds l
Erik Johnson -11/18, 11:38 am- Legitimate? Just because
Craig Anderson, cent -11/18, 02:06 pm- Yes Bud......I have a thi
OT video, Manufacturing parts
Jerome Hoffman, Hays -11/18, 10:40 am- Not T but If I win the lo
Dennis Seth - Ohio -11/18, 11:26 am- I wonder how many days an
Richard Eagle Ida Fl -11/18, 01:22 pm- Im waiting for the Crafts
Chris Brancaccio - C -11/18, 10:34 am- OT - posts are allowed bu
Jerry VanOoteghem -11/18, 10:37 am- Thank you Chris.
harvey cash -11/18, 10:52 am- Thanks Chris. Your keepin
Dennis Seth - Ohio -11/18, 11:12 am- THANK YOU! [:-] Keep up
Jay - In Northern Ca -11/18, 12:04 pm- Wait until Progressives p
Jerry VanOoteghem -11/18, 12:35 pm- Of course, that just coul
Rob Heyen -11/18, 12:37 pm- Thanks Chris.
Mike Walker, NW AR -11/18, 12:40 pm- Thanks, Chris, for all yo
Mack Cole ---- Earth -11/18, 01:15 pm- Chris, I apologize if my
OT Using a Keyboard
John H. Nichols -11/17, 02:50 pm- It come to mind that so m
Mark Strange -11/17, 03:30 pm- I didnt know it at the ti
Henry Petrino in Mod -11/17, 04:03 pm- I enrolled in a high scho
Hal Schedler, Sacram -11/17, 04:04 pm- The most useful high scho
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -11/17, 04:34 pm- My favorite high school c
Ralph Cunningham -11/17, 04:42 pm- Took it the last semester
Will Copeland - Tren -11/17, 04:51 pm- 40 years ago I was put in
Ricks - Surf City -11/17, 05:17 pm- I had typical left-hander
Gary H. White - Sher -11/17, 05:28 pm- Being left handed my hand
John Aldrich Orting  -11/17, 06:40 pm- Didnt take typing and wis
John H. Nichols -11/17, 08:22 pm- Ralph the phrase we had
Pat Clark -11/17, 08:53 pm- Nope, didnt take typing c
Mark Gregush Portlan -11/17, 09:53 pm- Took AG and was an unsucc
Justin Heim -11/17, 10:00 pm- asdfjkl; asdfjkl; asdfjkl
David Dewey, N. Cali -11/17, 11:08 pm- WE had a learn to type a
Warren W. Mortensen -11/18, 01:41 am- Took typing in my Senior
Manuel Voyages, ACT  -11/18, 01:57 am- These warming up exercise
samuel pine -11/18, 02:10 am- Hate to report my report
G.R.Cheshire -11/18, 07:19 am- The Dean of boys would no
Noel D. Chicoine, MD -11/18, 08:46 am- When I took typing in hig
Gary H. White - Sher -11/18, 11:55 am- The problem I have with t
John Semprez-Templet -11/18, 12:00 pm- I took typing in jr. coll
Norman T. Kling -11/18, 12:10 pm- I took one semester of ty
Donnie Brown North C -11/18, 12:56 pm- My best and most helpful
Spoonerisms and bad puns
James Hunt -11/18, 12:25 pm- My Favourite spoonerism w
Roof 16 Valve head Engine Build
Joe Meakin  -11/16, 09:02 am- We have a Scat Crank and
Alex Dragone -11/16, 07:25 pm- Joe, Thanks for that vide
Joe Meakin  -11/17, 02:44 pm- Thanks. Its got an old wa
John McGinnis in San -11/18, 10:33 am- Since this is a thread ab
How old are my Aussie tyres?
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/17, 04:10 pm- One of the rear tires on
Doug Partington -11/17, 04:48 pm- Steve,They are Olympic ty
John Page -11/17, 05:24 pm- Gday Steve, I will endors
Allan Bennett - Aust -11/17, 06:56 pm- They are indeed Olympic t
Frank van Ekeren (A -11/17, 08:54 pm- It would not be in their
Mike Walker, NW AR -11/17, 09:21 pm- Those sound like the down
Warwick Landy -11/18, 04:05 am- I just replaced two of th
David Chantrell - Ad -11/18, 06:46 am- I am still running the ol
Valve clearance on Waukesha Ricardo head
Dale Peterson Colleg -11/16, 01:23 am- I also have a 280 cam and
Terry Woods, Richmon -11/17, 12:30 pm- I have a .280 cam in an e
Mike-Iowa -11/17, 07:26 pm- No issues with my Wakasha
Walt Berdan, Bellevu -11/17, 07:35 pm- With any of the high comp
Rob Patterson -11/18, 05:18 am- Thanks Gents. Much appre
Wards Riverside repair
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/17, 03:08 pm- [IMG_0098 copy.JPG] Not
Mark Strange -11/17, 03:25 pm- Steve, Im amazed you didn
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/17, 03:58 pm- I probably do have other
Mike Walker, NW AR -11/17, 05:24 pm- ...whenever I decide to t
Eric Sole - Castelld -11/17, 05:46 pm- Mark, Im with you. I part
Ted Dumas -11/17, 06:12 pm- Our 1949 Frigidaire has a
Dennis Seth - Ohio -11/17, 07:23 pm- Steve, Nice save. I did a
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -11/17, 08:11 pm- In the early days, Montgo
Pat Clark -11/17, 08:33 pm- That picture reminds me,
Fred McDonald -11/17, 10:29 pm- Speaking of tools, I have
Ricks - Surf City -11/17, 10:50 pm- I still have most of the
David Dewey, N. Cali -11/17, 11:08 pm- I bought a Craftsman tool
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -11/18, 03:23 am- I have a good size box fu
Show Us Your T Doodlebug or Conversion Tractor!!
Bill Harper - Keene, -11/17, 03:32 pm- Interesting thread. I do
Ron -11/17, 03:50 pm- Very good friend of mine
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -11/18, 02:00 am-
FP Split shaft collar oil groove?
John P Noonan -11/18, 12:38 am- I purchased a Fun Product
John F. Regan -11/18, 12:42 am- Makes no difference eithe
John P Noonan -11/18, 12:47 am- Thanks John, that was the
Magneto Battery Charger - Installing
Ken Todd -11/16, 11:39 am- the diode biting the dust
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -11/16, 12:14 pm- Thats been my experience
Bob Cascisa - Poulsb -11/16, 12:18 pm- From the Internet : A d
James L. Bodkin - Ji -11/16, 01:07 pm- Ron, If the diode shorts
Rodney Aspenson -11/16, 02:55 pm- Should an in line fuse be
Ron Patterson-Nichol -11/16, 04:47 pm- Rodney and Jim No fuse is
Rodney Aspenson -11/16, 06:20 pm- Very good!!! Thanks Ron!!
James L. Bodkin - Ji -11/16, 06:45 pm- Ron, I concede. To all i
James L. Bodkin - Ji -11/16, 06:49 pm- Sorry. I left out John R
Mack Cole ---- Earth -11/16, 08:21 pm- Boy I about made a idiot
Bud Holzschuh - Pana -11/16, 08:46 pm- Mack It varies with engi
Bob Cascisa - Poulsb -11/17, 12:23 am- Mack, Here is a RPM vs.
Ron Patterson-Nichol -11/17, 10:49 am- Just to set the record st
John F. Regan -11/17, 05:39 pm- This discussion has arriv
Karl Gilchrist -11/17, 10:01 pm- I have one of your kits
John F. Regan -11/18, 12:21 am- Sure Karl. As others hav
Wooden Items
Mark Williamson -11/17, 06:58 pm- My wife and I celebrate o
John Aldrich Orting  -11/17, 07:01 pm- How about a Wooden Box so
Dennis Seth - Ohio -11/17, 07:07 pm- A nice wood picnic basket
Dennis Seth - Ohio -11/17, 07:08 pm- P.S. Congratulations on y
Harold Schwendeman - -11/17, 07:14 pm- Fat man steering wheel wi
Spencer Vibert -11/17, 10:16 pm- how about one of Kevin Al
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/17, 10:18 pm- Fuel gauge? [:-]
David Schwab -11/17, 10:40 pm- I dont remember whos maki
A. Gustaf Bryngelson -11/17, 11:28 pm- An ambulance body[:-]
Derek Kiefer - Manto -11/18, 12:06 am- Bigger garage. [:-]
What T does this fender go to?
Daniel Kraft -11/16, 08:45 pm- What kind/ year t does th
Jack Daron - Brownsb -11/16, 08:54 pm- Right rear roadster or to
Daniel Kraft -11/16, 09:08 pm- Ok, it wasnt fitting real
Mark Gregush Portlan -11/16, 09:46 pm- Coupes up to the model 19
Ted Dumas -11/17, 12:25 am- It goes on my 24, I lost
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -11/17, 12:36 am- I believe that it would g
Norman T. Kling -11/17, 11:11 am- Looks similar to the righ
Larry Smith -11/17, 11:23 am- The 25s have the built in
Mark Gregush Portlan -11/17, 11:32 am- The late 24/25 flared out
Fred McDonald -11/17, 10:33 pm- Look in Langs or Macs cat
13-14 12 rivet housings 11-12 12 rivet housings
joe bell -11/17, 11:22 am- What is a fair price for
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -11/17, 04:24 pm- I did get a nice left sid
Dale Peterson Colleg -11/17, 09:17 pm- At Bakersfield this year,
Bendigo swap meet. I found a treasure.
Andrew Brand -11/16, 01:44 am- This unassuming piece has
Rob Patterson -11/16, 02:46 am- Well done Andrew, I wish
David Chantrell - Ad -11/16, 04:06 am- Well done Andrew, great d
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -11/16, 04:40 am- WOW!!! Fan-tastic! Drive
Allan Bennett - Aust -11/16, 05:23 am- Andrew, you missed a bit!
Royce in Georgetown  -11/16, 08:48 am- Wow, great information! S
Ray Green -11/16, 09:13 am- Hi Andrew, you did well a
Bob McDaniel(Indiana -11/16, 11:22 pm- Andrew, Great find! I lo
David Chantrell - Ad -11/17, 04:09 pm- Another guy I know is res
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/17, 04:23 pm- That bracket in the first
Michael Mullis -11/17, 05:18 pm- Id really love to own tha
John Aldrich Orting  -11/17, 06:44 pm- Dont you just love it whe
Allan Bennett - Aust -11/17, 07:20 pm- Andrew, I found it. I pre
Herb Iffrig -11/17, 08:30 pm- I think there was an arti
John Page -11/17, 09:02 pm- Herb, Here is the inform
Missing Post
Ivan Warrington -11/17, 12:49 pm- I just posted on the Sam
Ivan Warrington -11/17, 12:50 pm- Well looky here. Its back
Ivan Warrington -11/17, 01:27 pm- Now it is gone again!! T
Ivan Warrington -11/17, 02:01 pm- Odd, works OK in Safari.
John Semprez-Templet -11/17, 02:10 pm- Same problem here. Write,
Jim Thode Chehalis W -11/17, 02:34 pm- Sometimes your browser ma
Herb Iffrig -11/17, 08:04 pm- He went down with Will Ro
Phone numbers in Model T days
Donnie Brown North C -11/16, 12:04 am- Justin, Im a stickler for
Dennis Seth - Ohio -11/16, 08:26 am- Justin, When you get the
Justin Heim -11/16, 09:03 am- Dennis, Ill have to do th
Herb Iffrig -11/16, 01:37 pm- I have a stencil similar
John H. Nichols -11/17, 07:51 pm- Not to change directions
Dyke's Automobile Book
Kenny Edmondson, Ind -11/16, 06:40 am- Heres the direct link to
Ken Todd -11/16, 11:47 am- Clayton, one of the Dykes
Colin Mavins -11/17, 02:05 pm- We have some Dykes books,
Clayton Paddison (Va -11/17, 02:17 pm- I feel the the contributi
arnie johansen -11/17, 02:30 pm- Has anyone looked at the
Dave Wilson, Saint J -11/17, 02:38 pm- I have 4 Dykes books from
Clayton Paddison (Va -11/17, 02:44 pm- Dave, 1912 is a 2nd Edit
Clayton Paddison (Va -11/17, 02:46 pm- Sorry, I have: 1912 2nd
Clayton Swanson -11/17, 05:30 pm- where else would one find
Clayton Paddison (Va -11/17, 05:36 pm- lol! Very true Clayton,
Colin Mavins -11/17, 06:42 pm- In the book case in the b
Erik Johnson -11/17, 07:02 pm- Clayton S: For many year
Pole pieces Question
lorenzo leon -11/17, 01:57 pm- Are the generator pole pi
Ron Patterson-Nichol -11/17, 05:38 pm- Lorenzo I do not have the
lorenzo leon -11/17, 06:50 pm- Thank you Ron ,I dont hav
Why have three license plates on one car-Photo?
Herb Iffrig -11/16, 08:11 pm- [1912 Ohio plates.jpg res
Erik Johnson -11/16, 08:17 pm- Looks like Ohio 1912, 191
A. Gustaf Bryngelson -11/16, 09:37 pm- The same reason you keep
Wayne Sheldon, Grass -11/17, 12:29 am- Yes, it is a Metz model 2
Nicholas Lingg - Tar -11/17, 07:03 am- 1 for the car, 1 for the
Dave Wells -11/17, 07:23 am- Could be the first car in
Chris Paulsen - McPh -11/17, 10:12 am- A previous owner did a si
Chris Paulsen - McPh -11/17, 10:15 am- Ive seen other early cars
Norman T. Kling -11/17, 02:19 pm- In some jurisdictions it
Dennis Seth - Ohio -11/17, 03:14 pm- Well actually different l
Rob Heyen -11/17, 03:24 pm- Chris, Can you tell us a
John H. Nichols -11/17, 04:49 pm- Ill bet the horse is thin
Chris Paulsen - McPh -11/17, 05:49 pm- Rob- The red car is the M
Rob Heyen -11/17, 06:17 pm- Thanks Chris, great cars.
Erik Johnson -11/17, 06:31 pm- In the photo that started
20 cent gasoline at the Scaramento Garage-Photo
Herb Iffrig -11/16, 08:08 pm- [sacramento garage.jpg re
Bud Holzschuh - Pana -11/16, 08:57 pm- Just for fun I used the U
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -11/16, 10:03 pm- Those inflation calculato
Ted Dumas -11/17, 12:23 am- My dad sold a lot of gaso
Dave Wells -11/17, 07:37 am- I remember a good gas war
Norman T. Kling -11/17, 02:27 pm- Most of todays price is t
Kevin Whelihan -11/17, 02:41 pm- Of course the stuff was p
John H. Nichols -11/17, 04:59 pm- In late 1962, I was worki
Mark Strange -11/17, 05:19 pm- Here is a site that shows
Identify "helper" springs
Skip Lane -11/17, 02:18 pm- Please identify these hel
Dan Treace, North FL -11/17, 02:40 pm- Skip Well now that you a
Bill Harper - Keene, -11/17, 02:48 pm- I have these H & D sh
John H. Nichols -11/17, 03:00 pm- I wonder if all of those
Skip Lane -11/17, 03:14 pm- Thanks, guys. I should h
Dan Treace, North FL -11/17, 03:47 pm- John Rather than thank H
OT Kevlar
John H. Nichols -11/17, 02:31 pm- I was the Senior NCO for
John H. Nichols -11/17, 02:33 pm- please disregard after my
Jim Thode Chehalis W -11/17, 02:46 pm- Here is the MATERIAL SAFE
Dan Treace, North FL -11/17, 02:49 pm- John No worries. That Ke
John H. Nichols -11/17, 02:55 pm- I never did really worry
Fronty plugs
mark herdman -11/17, 12:53 am- thanks to all. great info
Clayton Swanson -11/17, 11:10 am- what are the rajo folks r
Dave Barker - Dayton -11/17, 02:01 pm- Clayton - On my RAJO mode
Clayton Swanson -11/17, 02:22 pm- thank you dave, i have a
For the Tool Oriented, another Early Jack with traces of ...
Charles W. Little So -11/17, 12:22 pm- There have been discussio
Herb Iffrig -11/17, 01:08 pm- I thought that the jacks
Roger Karlsson, sout -11/17, 01:26 pm- According to the survivin
Roger Karlsson, sout -11/17, 01:56 pm- And here is an earlier th
Charles W. Little So -11/17, 02:14 pm- From an earlier post: By
Dan Treace, North FL -11/17, 02:17 pm- Charles Aluminum or silv
OT - Why a "K" Roadster, or should I say "6-40?"...
Royce in Georgetown  -11/17, 07:35 am- Just found another photo
Rob Heyen -11/17, 09:05 am- Royce, Youve come full ci
Rob Heyen -11/17, 10:57 am- in late December, 1907, S
Kenneth W DeLong -11/17, 11:25 am- I have to ask,are those t
Rob Heyen -11/17, 11:31 am- Bud, Good one [:-] I tho
Clayton Paddison (Va -11/17, 12:44 pm- Rob, I have to say.....
Rob Heyen -11/17, 01:04 pm- Clayton, Originally I tho
Clayton Paddison (Va -11/17, 01:37 pm- Rob, try www.topsockets.
Rob Heyen -11/17, 01:47 pm- Clayton, Great site. Ill
Clayton Paddison (Va -11/17, 02:00 pm- Rob, No worries! I wil
Rear view camera
Robert E. (Bob) Blac -11/16, 03:57 pm- I have a 3 camera system
Fred Dimock, Newfiel -11/16, 08:46 pm- The latest fad in China i
Will Copeland - Tren -11/17, 12:38 pm- I have a camera in my T,
OT - From Elmore, to Thomas Flyer, to Ford. Another earl...
Rob Heyen -11/16, 11:15 am- Im sure there were Ford M
Royce in Georgetown  -11/16, 12:43 pm- Notable is the admission
Dennis Seth - Ohio -11/16, 01:11 pm- Anyone outside a city cen
Rob Heyen -11/16, 01:25 pm- I posted a portion of the
Rob Heyen -11/16, 01:29 pm- Before getting back on tr
Rob Heyen -11/16, 02:11 pm- Car in county, not county
Dennis Seth - Ohio -11/16, 02:23 pm- Kinda hard to post with t
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -11/16, 02:47 pm- It is January of 05. A l
Rob Heyen -11/16, 02:50 pm- Yes. Certainly not a clo
Rob Heyen -11/16, 02:57 pm- And over the summer into
Rob Heyen -11/16, 03:03 pm- It appears the Deans are
Royce in Georgetown  -11/16, 03:09 pm- Dennis, Actually it is d
Rob Heyen -11/16, 03:23 pm- This takes place in Penns
Dennis Seth - Ohio -11/16, 03:28 pm- Im not going to high Robs
Royce in Georgetown  -11/16, 03:56 pm- The Scranton Truth newspa
Rob Heyen -11/16, 04:08 pm- Denny, Yes, the Thomas Fl
Rob Heyen -11/16, 04:17 pm- The Deans Ford arrives:
Rob Heyen -11/16, 04:24 pm- Several prominent cars fr
Rob Heyen -11/16, 05:41 pm- [437870429.831332.jpg]
Rob Heyen -11/16, 05:47 pm- [437870789.615701.jpg]
Rob Heyen -11/17, 12:02 am- Time to wind this one dow
Royce in Georgetown  -11/17, 06:29 am- Indeed, city license plat
Royce in Georgetown  -11/17, 07:15 am- Example of Model Ts with
John H. Nichols -11/17, 11:34 am- Royce, The well-dril
No Spark
Jared Antonino -11/16, 04:46 pm- I installed a new starter
George_Cherry Hill N -11/16, 04:57 pm- did you put the yellow wi
Ron Patterson-Nichol -11/16, 04:58 pm- Jared Did you reconnect t
Jared Antonino -11/16, 07:18 pm- Once again thanks for all
Pat Kelly -11/16, 08:33 pm- Jared, quit copying me.
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/16, 09:03 pm- A little something to sav
Jim Thode Chehalis W -11/16, 09:17 pm- If a wiring is being save
Ron Patterson-Nichol -11/17, 10:56 am- Actually here is the easi
Testing Carburetor Floats
Tom Strickling -11/16, 08:18 pm- I have tested carburetor
Justin Heim -11/16, 08:31 pm- Tom, I dont know if this
Donnie Brown North C -11/16, 09:20 pm- The only way I know to te
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -11/16, 09:31 pm- You could put it in a vac
Dave Hjortnaes, Men  -11/16, 09:48 pm- Justin If you warm the f
Justin Heim -11/16, 10:15 pm- Dave, yes youre right. A
Ted Dumas -11/17, 12:03 am- To get the water out, you
Charlie B actually i -11/17, 12:06 am- Submerge it in a solvent
Mike Zahorik -11/17, 10:43 am- Tom, does your float feel
Magneto weight
Jared Buckert -11/16, 08:45 am- Thats still a lot of weig
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -11/16, 09:43 am- Lots of people do, though
Tom Moorehead -11/16, 10:11 am- I have removed the magnet
Jared Buckert -11/17, 12:13 am- We were discussing a spee
Ricks - Surf City -11/17, 10:24 am- Running in my Fronty with
The Old Lady met some City Slickers
Harry Hart of Reno,  -11/17, 08:43 am- Bill I cant say that Ive
Bill in Adelaida Cal -11/17, 09:54 am- Harry Had you continued
Unknown Towncar-Photo
Herb Iffrig -11/17, 08:12 am- [towncar unknown.jpg]
Side glass wind deflector installation troubles.
Tom Nanstad -11/16, 02:50 pm- Thanks guys. Glass is saf
Mark Gregush Portlan -11/16, 09:50 pm- Maybe longer screws! If t
Tom Nanstad -11/17, 07:59 am- Thanks Mark I did replace
27 T head light
Dan Treace, North FL -11/16, 01:12 pm- The early Improved Car 19
Allan Bennett - Aust -11/16, 09:26 pm- Dan are you sure there is
Burger in Spokane -11/16, 09:50 pm- Yup, thats the one I pick
Dan Treace, North FL -11/17, 12:31 am- Allan Guess the Canadian
Triple gear bushing face
Eric Sole - Castelld -11/16, 05:30 am- The triple gear bushings
Roger Karlsson, sout -11/16, 06:08 am- Eric: Yes.
George_Cherry Hill N -11/16, 08:56 am- Im not going to profess t
Eric Sole - Castelld -11/16, 09:46 am- I have maintained and rep
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -11/16, 09:54 am- It becomes readily appare
Bud Holzschuh - Pana -11/16, 10:04 am- Who was Dick and why did
Eric Sole - Castelld -11/16, 10:22 am- I rebuilt the engine 25 y
Ken Todd -11/16, 12:00 pm- Who was Dick and why did
Kohnke Rebabbitting -11/16, 12:31 pm- Hal, and Ken are right, i
Bob Shirley -11/16, 10:17 pm- With a straight edge and
Wire vs Wood wheel
Les VonNordheim -11/16, 12:19 am- Dave, Are you sure that T
Erik Johnson -11/16, 12:44 am- What Scott is trying to s
Erik Johnson -11/16, 12:51 am- Or, When dished wheels
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -11/16, 01:14 am- It doesnt make any differ
Dan Treace, North FL -11/16, 12:57 pm- There is a difference wit
Mike Walker, NW AR -11/16, 01:57 pm- Dan -- I think youre mixi
Jerry VanOoteghem -11/16, 05:20 pm- Scott, Looks like only E
Scott Owens -11/16, 07:55 pm- Jerry, I though all wood
Erik Johnson -11/16, 08:12 pm- Dish or no dish, the hub,
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/16, 09:11 pm- Eriks description is on t
Ricks - Surf City -11/16, 10:11 pm- Early T sales propaganda:
What to do when the hood former is a little bent?
Robert Poane -11/16, 05:03 pm- What to do when the hood
Ted Dumas -11/16, 05:33 pm- Please post some pictures
Dan Treace, North FL -11/16, 06:40 pm- [Engine compartment (2) (
Norman T. Kling -11/16, 08:08 pm- It looks pretty straight
Allan Bennett - Aust -11/16, 09:18 pm- Robert, when you have don
Anybody know anything about OODLE?
Tim Eyssen - Abilene -11/16, 06:23 pm- Happened on this search s
Tim Eyssen - Abilene -11/16, 06:57 pm- Checked on some of the li
Tim Wrenn -11/16, 07:06 pm- Seems to me I stumbled ac
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -11/16, 07:34 pm- They are whats called a c
Walter Higgins -11/16, 07:35 pm- After studying BMW motorc
Tim Eyssen - Abilene -11/16, 08:37 pm- Walter: I found the same
Superstorm Sandy Documentary on PBS - Jersey Shore
Bob Jablonski -11/16, 01:51 pm- Program on now on PBS sta
Bob Jablonski -11/16, 07:39 pm- Check you local PBS stati
Did I hear correctly ?
Dick Fischer -11/16, 12:14 am- In John Mays thread, New
Frank van Ekeren (A -11/16, 01:42 am- That should be right, par
Roger Karlsson, sout -11/16, 06:27 am- It wasnt just the changin
Royce in Georgetown  -11/16, 08:31 am- I took my 12 apart and fo
Bud Holzschuh - Pana -11/16, 09:03 am- The thrust washers in my
Tim Wrenn -11/16, 09:44 am- Took the 15 rear end apar
Richard Gould -11/16, 10:00 am- I had an original 16 that
Dan Treace, North FL -11/16, 12:35 pm- The Ford Shops has photo
Stephen D Heatherly -11/16, 02:02 pm- Dick, the rear axle needs
Steve Jelf, Parkerfi -11/16, 03:14 pm- I agree, you have to look
Stephen D Heatherly -11/16, 06:43 pm- The encyclopedia claims b
1913 - Brake Backing Plate
David Chantrell - Ad -11/16, 07:34 am- Finally got around today
Steve Tomaso - Milto -11/16, 10:56 am- Thanks for the follow up,
Dan Treace, North FL -11/16, 12:22 pm- Steve is correct. This a
David Chantrell - Ad -11/16, 04:08 pm- Your guys are pretty dam
Replacement coil components
Kevin Whelihan -11/16, 08:47 am- Anyone out there have any
John Housego (United -11/16, 04:08 pm- I have a big pile of reje
Northern Colorado Scenery
Dave Huson, Berthoud -11/16, 01:47 pm- I ran across this picture
Kenneth W DeLong -11/16, 02:13 pm- When we were on our way t
Car Stacker
brass car guy -11/16, 12:25 am- Heres the deal dont buy t
Matt Foye -11/16, 09:19 am- thanks brass car guy. I s
Jon Crane -11/16, 09:28 am- What is a certified hoist
Mike Walker, NW AR -11/16, 10:17 am- Plenty beefy, American ma
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -11/16, 10:28 am- I wish I had a lift, but
brass car guy -11/16, 10:50 am- The manufacturers of hois
Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX -11/16, 12:38 pm- If youre buying used, che
Ricks - Surf City -11/16, 01:25 pm- We are lucky to have Tom
New in the garage this week
John P Noonan -11/16, 12:20 am- What a great truck John,
Gene Carrothers Hunt -11/16, 12:58 am- John, You could use one o
Burger in Spokane -11/16, 02:31 am- You guys commenting about
George Clipner-Los A -11/16, 02:44 am- Steve, I started my young
samuel pine -11/16, 03:22 am- Holy mackerel, I thought
John Mays -11/16, 12:38 pm- One more additional comme
Erik Johnson -11/16, 12:54 pm- In my opinion, that pump
Starter Solenoid Location
william louis rosent -11/16, 08:31 am- Related but unrelated....
Royce in Georgetown  -11/16, 08:46 am- Absolutely. The solenoid
Jerry Davis -11/16, 08:47 am- Yes, any 12V NO push swit
Ricks - Surf City -11/16, 10:45 am- I went the extra step of
william louis rosent -11/16, 12:46 pm- Thanks gents. My plan is
More on my 17 built Aug. 7 1916
Steve Tomaso - Milto -11/16, 11:07 am- Heres a photo of an origi
What style tires?
Mike Walker, NW AR -11/16, 10:40 am- Hap -- I believe youre ri
1916 or 1917
Kenneth LeBlanc -11/16, 10:35 am- thanks everyone and Jim I
Factory balancing of the Ford engine
George_Cherry Hill N -11/16, 12:34 am- Hmmmm, early documentatio
Royce in Georgetown  -11/16, 08:55 am- Balancing your Model T en
Kenneth W DeLong -11/16, 10:28 am- Just another thought,is t
Electrical Issue with Ignition Switch
Josh Lauener -11/16, 09:59 am- If anyone else reads this
Hal Davis-SE Georgia -11/16, 10:16 am- Glad you got it figured o
Oil and The Magneto...
Jared Buckert -11/16, 09:32 am- How do you know if your o
Royce in Georgetown  -11/16, 09:50 am- There used to be graphite
1911 Torpedo Top Iron Fitting Question
Jack Putnam, Bluffto -11/16, 09:01 am- What is the measured leng
Photos of speedster build in Germany
Tom Butterworth -11/16, 07:15 am- Bump
Model T Skis
Craig Anderson, cent -11/16, 01:58 am- I sent Bob McDonald a mes
Distributor or coils
Kevin Holland, Utah -11/16, 01:10 am- It seems every time I try
Gary London, Camaril -11/21, 04:46 am- I need a crank for my 15,
Ed in California -11/21, 09:41 am- I have a good one.
Allan Bennett - Aust -11/21, 11:07 pm- Gary, it is an easy fix.
Frank Iaccino -11/22, 08:58 am- Gary, I have 3 cranks tha
Eric Dysart - SoCal -11/22, 09:09 am- Hey Frank, I believe that
Frank Iaccino -11/22, 10:35 pm- Sorry, misread the post..
OT Lionel Display layout
Spencer Vibert -11/22, 10:15 pm- Price drop to $1200 with
Transmission parts for sale
Spencer Vibert -11/19, 10:40 pm- Some transmission parts f
James Baker -11/20, 08:25 am- Spencer I sent you an ema
Spencer Vibert -11/22, 10:11 pm- bump
Wanted 1914 or earlier Model T touring car
Joe Fedullo -11/19, 07:53 pm- Still looking...
Spencer Vibert -11/19, 10:19 pm- Joe a friend of mine in p
Joe Fedullo -11/20, 08:32 pm- Spencer, thanks for the t
Ed in California -11/22, 08:18 pm- 1913 Model T Touring, Ric
Robert Holleran -11/22, 09:30 pm- I have a 1914 Model T Tou
Joe Fedullo -11/22, 10:03 pm- Ed, Thanks for the
Parts for sale
Marvin C. Miller -11/22, 09:03 pm- Small body parts mostly l
Need 1926-27 Drive Plate (part #3321)
Jeff Rhoads -11/18, 07:58 am- Still no luck in my searc
Dave Wilson, Saint J -11/18, 03:01 pm- I might have one. I would
Jeff Rhoads -11/18, 08:39 pm- Dave, Thanks -- Im sendin
Mark Gregush Portlan -11/18, 10:54 pm- Unless yours is cracked o
Jeff Rhoads -11/19, 07:43 am- Mark, Thanks for the inpu
Spencer Vibert -11/19, 10:45 pm- Jeff I think the one I ha
Jeff Rhoads -11/20, 12:12 pm- Spencer V., Sent you a P
Spencer Vibert -11/20, 05:48 pm- Jeff I didnt get the pm m
Steve Elliott -11/20, 11:46 pm- If you cant find one I ha
jerry sherer -11/22, 08:34 pm- Anyone know what a castin
England / Aus RHD parts wanted.
Matt Foye -11/22, 08:21 pm- Id like the tie rod for R
Wanted, 1927 touring car cover, old and cheap is OK ...
Donnie Brown North C -11/21, 08:07 pm- I need a cheap car cover
Arthur J. DeLorenzo -11/22, 03:26 pm- I have a new- unused , cu
Donnie Brown North C -11/22, 08:16 pm- Authur, How much is you n
Wanted: Brass Bell Hand Klaxon
Steve Tomaso - Milto -11/21, 05:09 pm- Have a speedster friend l
bob middleton -11/22, 08:12 pm- Hi i have a klaxet baby k
Allen Henning Temper -11/20, 08:47 pm- In need of a few Coker 30
joe bell -11/20, 09:14 pm- Al, I have a couple that
Allen Henning Temper -11/22, 07:27 pm- Still need one more.
Wanted: matching model t ski.
Michael sharkey -11/21, 06:20 pm- Hi all. I found this ski
Ron -11/22, 03:00 pm- Mike - did you pick that
Jack Daron - Brownsb -11/22, 03:50 pm- Should be fairly easy to
Michael sharkey -11/22, 05:25 pm- Actually a friend of mine
For Sale: Float-A-Ford shocks
Don Sandberg -11/22, 04:42 pm- I have a complete set of
26 - 27 Brake shoes & cam lever.
george house -11/22, 04:07 pm- Dan, I have 2 nice 6 hole
Wanted: late model coil box
ginom -11/17, 10:13 am- Hello, Looking for a late
Mark Strange -11/17, 11:03 am- By late, do you mean the
Larry Smith -11/17, 11:20 am- A year would help. There
ginom -11/17, 12:29 pm- Sorry, I am looking for t
Thomas Elliott -11/17, 02:14 pm- If you have not found one
george house -11/22, 03:53 pm- Ginom, I have a 26-27 co
Wanted TT canvas in Tan bed cargo cover
Steve Elliott -11/22, 03:44 pm- A Tan Cargo Bed Cover, fo
Olympia, WA & Pacific Northwest direct enclosed auto tran...
Freighter Jim -11/16, 11:16 am- November 19th Direct e
Freighter Jim -11/17, 10:01 am- Still available .... F
Freighter Jim -11/18, 06:14 am- November 18th I am in
Freighter Jim -11/20, 02:57 am- November 20th I am in Se
Freighter Jim -11/21, 11:21 am- Still in Seattle, WA ....
Freighter Jim -11/22, 12:14 pm- November 24th Still in
Wanted brass trim for my 15 rad
Peter Yeoman -11/22, 11:08 am- I have a 15 tourer but I
Model T Times Back Issues on T-bay
Mark Strange -11/22, 08:53 am- I already have the issues
Robert Davis -11/22, 09:41 am- Thanks I put in a bid.
Need a 1914 coil box lid
Darel J. Leipold -11/18, 02:50 pm- I am looking for an origi
Darel J. Leipold -11/21, 12:01 pm- still looking
Jack Daron - Brownsb -11/21, 08:59 pm- I had an extra,sold it, a
Dan Schultz_Sheboyga -11/16, 01:11 pm- I ordered the E-Timer on
Ronnie wehba -11/16, 06:15 pm- Mt TT has a distributor w
Walt Berdan, Bellevu -11/16, 07:07 pm- Ronnie - yes, you need a
Gene Carrothers Hunt -11/16, 07:16 pm- Tom, I know Warwick had a
Tom Carnegie -11/17, 09:36 pm- btt
Warwick Landy -11/18, 01:52 am- Tom, Good to learn the de
Tom Carnegie -11/19, 12:42 pm- btt
Bob Jablonski -11/20, 10:17 am- Theres a list of info tha
Tom Carnegie -11/21, 06:02 pm- About a week left on the
Wanted - NOS original TT outer rear axle bearing sleeves
Justin Heim -11/19, 08:28 pm- Still looking. Langs has
Mike Walker, NW AR -11/20, 10:39 am- Hal Davis had some at Chi
Mark Gregush Portlan -11/21, 12:27 pm- Langs has them listed in
Juno Brown Model 78 Brass Top
Ray Green -11/20, 08:12 pm- Hi members, the brass top
WANTED: Transmission band ear (T3414)
Skip Lane -11/20, 02:43 pm- Need new ear to replace c
Jack Daron - Brownsb -11/20, 03:45 pm- Need more info.Is band sl
Layden Butler -11/20, 03:56 pm- Or others, picture would
Dan Treace, North FL -11/20, 07:45 pm- Skip Sent you a PM with
Skip Lane -11/20, 08:08 pm- Thanks to all. Have foun
Juno Brown No.78 lamp top
Ray Green -11/20, 06:26 pm- Hi members, the brass top