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Model T Ford Forum
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Spare tire mounted tail light
1909 block vs 1910 block
Bob Bergstadt has some GREAT deals on ebay!
Edison mag photo how old?
Me and My Boy at Piquette on Good Friday
OT - Ford's 1907 World Record 24 Hour Race, the drivers:
Amount of press fit between wood felloe and rim
Bakersfield Photos and Musings?
1911 Torpedo repop ?
Radiator clips missing?
70 year old bomber rides in Long Beach this past week end
Is LD Becker auto electric still in business
How can I test rebuilt Holley nh carb? 27 Tudor won't st...
Old Photo - Torpedo At The Door Step
OT-Old Photos - The Cycletow - Streamlining Automotive Se...
OT: Help wanted with Marvel Model E carb leak
New engine oil available 40-70
Model T Art
Radiator year i.d.
Ford Garage sign and an early IH tractor-Photo
Fordson Tractor in Knoxville
Old Photo - Brass Era Farm Advisor T
Block Preservation
OT - painting question
Brake shoe to drum fit up
Model T bronze marvel carb question
Motor driven coil tester.
Leather conditioner
What my TT did this week.
Old Photo - Wampus Cat Speedster
More Cars Out of the River
Warford u joint pictures
500 gal fuel tanker
Oil lamp wireless turn signals
Get your bid in for the Buffalo wheeled speedster
T Day Trip Pictures
Old Photo - Oregon Or Bust
1926 Tudor door window bottom seal
Option for 24 roadster
Headlight socket sleeve?
Military Multi-wheeled and tracked T on Shorpy
Straw colored wire wheels
This looks like fun
What are the chances , ? someone may have a car or parts ...
1913 Runabout for sale - Eng 278xxx
Photo - 1924 Mercury Speedster
Engine seized???
MTFCA 2014 National Tour
OT Model T Time machine?
T Transmission Brake Drum Differences?
Starter Conversion Question
First Outing of the Season — and The Smell of Old Gasolin...
Play in steering
Good photo of a Model T dump truck
OT Input on Wholesale Tool???
OT -- Color Schemes for Visible Gas Pumps?
26/27 windsheild
Planning the tour
How's this for a lowered axle
21 inch wheel press.
Tailgate Hinges
Oil Drain plug repair?
Duct Tape Residue
Anderson Timer advance question
Model t roadster
TW Timer
1926 Model TT engine
HELP!? (Wood Repair/Replacement)
Adding shims to main bearings...
OT Model A
Look what followed me home!
Annual Easter Car Show in St. Louis
OT? Kingston Regenerator Manifold
Simmons Super Power Carb Question
OT - Tax Day Humor ... California Themed
Where has Adrian Whiteman been?
I wonder if these plugs are comparable to Champion X plugs
When installing the fourth main(ball cap) does the hole g...
Cheap tire Tubes from suppliers
Snowmobile Huckster on CL
OT: Should we donate our cars to a Museum??
Water pump grease in block
Look what the Easter bunny brought!
1922 coupe spare tire holder
OT - The New York Mayor needs drug testing
1915 Wiring Question
Is this exaust manifold curved?
OT - Does anyone have a number or email for Bill S. camsh...
Odd Ball Timer
Is this a real 1915?
Ruckstell Bearing
Ford Model T and Model A Snowmobile Skies.
Planator Special Pinion?
Complete tool kit for a 1920
1920 Leaf Springs - how to "bulk up"?
Speedster body like mine in Harold Lloyd movie, what mov...
OT Happy Easter
First drive of the year
Rear axel growl
Old car body for sale on ebay, but for what car?
OT - 1907 Twenty Four Hour Endurance Races
Short DriveAll
Ruckstell Parts Early to Late
On Jack Stands...then hopefully the Road for the summer
Old photo. TT Truck.
OT - Oh Give Me a Home .....
OT big time OT hello Stan Howe
26-27 roadster subframe color
23 t roadster pickup title
Totally OT: Online maps
They don't come restored much nicer than this.
OT -- What I did in a former life.....
26 coupe rear window woods Quest. pic
Anyone read T Model Tommy?
OT Problem uploading pictures.
Source for Holley part #4459A (see photo)
Cast Iron Mike
Ruckstell Manfacture Date
New rims
Edison mag info
Are these Dodge or Overland windshiels stantions?
Commutator rod end:which way is up
I've Been Hacked
OT - Old Photos - The 1912 Colby Underslung, an Attractiv...
Shake down Tour. Trailer Parking
Model T work temporarily stopped
Hayes wire wheels
Windows 8.1 will loose support after May 13th - Update NOW!
Some Carburetors
1915 Door latch grommet
Wire wheel ID?
Kingston Gasifier Air Filter "created"
OT Wire Advice Needed
Model T Vaporizer Carb
1926 Rear Parking Brake
Kelsey demountable wheels early patent
Bill Mullins
Peter Marton, Australia
Selling my T Trailer
Top wood for '24 Tudor?
MTFCI Forum "Where's The Beef"
Wire wheel identification
Holley G info please
Out put Shaft of a Warford
A car auction
1922 coupe fenders
Little Hershey swap meet and Bob's Antique Auto Parts Sal...
OT- Neat Old Photo - Reno Junior and the Snowshoe Adverti...
OT- But a Ford Milestone
24 - 25 Coupe Body Serial Numbers
Ot what is this car...?
Archaeology and the Model T
Warford. Short shaft
In Need of Two 21" Split Rims
The March/April VF
I don't think so!
Help wanted-Anyone with a 1917 or 1918 Ford Parts book
If you can drive to Toledo, Ohio on May 3rd.....
Center door ran when parked
Polishing brass
Improper Use of Dielectric Grease?
Steering wheel paint
Hahndorf 2014 - VCCSA Annual 3 Day Weekend Rally (April 1...
The Model T Museum will be the place to be on May 17th.
Battery installed backwards any problem?
OT - Aa-ooga Horns
Olympic tires
cant believe its back"how to change a tire"
FREE Ford Model T Learning Resources - Have a Look :-)...
Anyone notice the generation gap with T repair?
OT packing tools to move
Spark Plug polarity makes a difference
Contact Info For Gale Garrison-Bakersfield Swap Meet.
What kind of bearing does my TT use for the driveshaft
OT Sorta I was wondering...
Model Ambulance Kit on Ebay
Who wants to make a T today.
Is your car's flag Model T correct???
MTFCI Forum - Anyone having problems viewing photos?
Hose for tire pump
Fun ideas wanted for Model T parade decorations
OT - The Wild-Looking 1913 James Scripps Booth BiAutogo –...
Changing from Tru-Fire to Ford Coils
Anti theft device for Model T Ford does any one know
Top material
OT letter to my uncle "Sam" completed a day early
Best rims/ wrong rims?
Help-1920/1921 Ford Price List of Parts and Accessories.
Original Fronty Blue Prints
Engine serial numbers, curious data point from Bakersfield
OT Permanent cars
Still dragging
Ford 1917 coupelette for $42K?
Cars that ran away
Old Photo, Another T first
UP Releases Schedule For BigBoy 4014 Trip.
OT Yamaha Electone E3 organ amplifier schematics needed
Original 1915 Center Door Sedan for sale Jacksonville FL
Peter Marton, Australia
The Flower Fields Tour
Old Photos, Jensen family and?
Bennett brakes question
Another new item in production
One family owned Duncan and Fraser
56 years ago
Beardsleys Cider Mill Model T & A Show Shelton Connecticu...
New Starter
Need help with Windshield ID
Business Cards. Anyone one here design and print cards?
Who was the guy that makes the radiators
Lang's Old Car Parts Official Move Date
Extra Seat For Open Express
OT What does this bumper clamp fit ???
Comming soon the new Neville wheel
OT- One of the funniest Craigslist ads ever!
Tail and brake lamps on a '24 Tudor
OT: Just For Oldtimer's & Just For Laughs
Need some new axles.
Model T Battery Cables
OT Any info on a Manzel Mechanical Oiler?
RAJO 4 Valve Head
What the HUB - Difference
Front top straps. How do they attach?
OT Ford Tri-Motor "Tin Goose" at Fly-in, in Lakeland, FL...
OT - I am in Paso Robles, CA ...
Tie rod and drag link boots
Pan-jig in NC and other questions
Any T's enthusiasts in the Pittsburgh area?
Sunday Morning coffee drive - any excuse would have done ...
Steering arms
Ford Wing Patch
Got stuff done today!
Seeing Customers In My Model T
Model t roadster
Trailer hitch for a T
Seat Kit Install
Tubes loosing air
The Amish fellow and Bud.
Another old shop - A painting
Stromberg LF rebuild
Reading spark plugs, not tea leaves.
T Shake Down Tour upcoming
Gala Day Rides
Off to the prom
Another Bakersfield Swap Meet Thread!
Newbie tire question
T engine block with no Ford name cast into it.
Bakersfield Musings
Finally found a screwdriver for my tool roll.....
Question About T Tools
OT - Possibly the most widely photographed Ford Model K
I have disc wheels and hubs need to know mfg.
First Drive with Mixed Results
Kingston B Regenerator Vaporizer Carburetor...
Information about Ruxstall in '23 TT C-Cab Truck
Brass/bronze Carb restore how to ?
OT, What kept me from working on my T this week
Just a note about TW Components Inc.timer. My opinion only
Timer Cover Popping Out of Position?
OT- 999 lost for seventeen years?
Allen Electric generator support
OT - The1921 Edmond Rumpler Designed Streamliner
OT Gas Headlamps: What did I buy?
RM Brakes and AC Brakes
Poor man leakdown meter
I Wanna Throw A Birthday Party and Need Help
OT- Old Photo - Carters Spinal Carriages - What Every Mod...
Old Photos - A Model T, a Muddy Road and Some Incredible ...
Henry Ford on left hand steering, October 1908
Another Hand Crank Coil Tester Question
T Selfie
Elmer Bemis Model K roadster
OT - What does it say when the competitors talk about you...
Model A at Chickasha
Toe in
What have you done on your T today?
Clutch woun't release
Two Videos: Someone Selling a Nice Looking 1916 Touring
Broken Crank Pic
TT dually
Replacing crank gear
Model T education classes Midwest locations?
The Model T Ford Club International page
E. Wash. T parts for sale
OT- Arroyo Grande, CA for a few days I guess ....
Rear Snow Travel model A Modified
Gas Tanks
Old Photo - Dying For A Ride
Building a steering column for 1912
Wards Riverside date code.
OT - brand new USA made Model A engine blocks available i...
Accessory Wish List
Front brake kit?
In Memory of Ben Yumori
O.T.New Photo 1924 American La France (enjoy tim)
Door Lock on a 1926 Fordor
For Model T Camper Lovers
Cowl welting
New Top for My 1926 TuDor
Fellow / Spoke Rim question
What front and rear springs to use on speedster project.
Launch and shift
Pig in a Ford
Where can I find a 11/16 X 4-1/2 inch bolt grade 5 or 8
Can this be fixed ? tras. cover 26
OT Humor quick BAD STUPID modern disk brake repair
Snowmobile conversion for a Model T
Wheel shims
Mag ring
More money than bra!!!!!!!
Photo - A Norman Rockwell Scene?
Any members near Annapolis Maryland ?
13/32" -16 tap: source?
OT - 1907 "The Automobile" price and spec reference
1927 Used Ford Coupe Bill Of Sale
A friend's remisences
Model T Country Side Painting
Hi-comp head question how to make from original lo or hi ...
What kept you from getting work done on yout T today, Con...
Stopping oil leaks (?)
Body Bracket Dimensions Needed
Rajo C35 Rocker Arms
Country Garage Painting
Laurel & Hardy with the Model T Ford
Old Photo - Mudding Out and About
1924 Model T Steering
Model T Firing Order
Engine skipping on #4
Where'd You Get Your License?
Englishtown N.J. Swap Meet
OT - No ethanol added gas in Oklahoma City
Recovering, At Home, From Knee Replacement Surgery
Ignition switch
Fronty plugs
1 + 1 = 1
Old Photo - A Load Of Young Ladies Going Green
Lifter and Valve Guide Replacement
No coils buzz
Speedster Throttle Lever Question
What is the best high tension mag fot the Model T
Old Photo - Street Scene Marlin Texas Any Day
Look what I found today ... trashy story
Old Photo - Hixon Township, Clark Co., WI
Gasoline Additives
A car in the creek-Photo
Model T World Tour
Carb cleaner?
Nice tool
Bolt head torque order
If anyone is interested - Model T/ Model A intake convert...
Old and Senile
OT - Ford Six Cylinder Racer after 1909
How do I delete an ad in the classified section?
Old Photo - Used Ford Sales Room
How Low will a T Go?
Bosch clip on rotor question
Does the engine no. on an early 13 match the engine no.?
OT- A modern Pietenpol-Video
OT Model T era work for $1.75 a day
Generator prob?
OT - Reed Brothers Dodge – Selling the Brand for Ninety-F...
OT - Reed Brothers Dodge – Selling the Brand for Ninety-F...
Ultrasonic carb cleaning? Anyone tried it?
Loss of a Great Friend
Lifting an engine onto a trailer
Room available at Dearborn Inn for O.C.F.
My 1920 tool kit!
Old Photo - Gone Fishin
Battery or Mag
1914 Windshield Question
NOS Springs
Homecoming Swap & Sell
Homecoming Swap & Sell
Use Monogram Oil-Postcard
Has anyone sent parts to New Zealand?
How do I adjust the clutch in my 1919
Maybe, just Maybe I will find it.
Repairing threads for spindle in axle, any tricks or ideas.
Spindle Tightness
Old Photo - 1913 Ford Dealership Stock Room
1913 change to 1914
OT: Flathead V-8
First startup of the year white smoke question
Swapping a low Style radiator for high
Stretch T
Cylinder head water connection unit - substitute?
What is this?
A Model K Ford Photo
Vintage Ford Show - Museum of Transportation - St. Louis
Old Photo - Street Scene, Paynesville, Minn.
Jack D's e-mail hacked again?
Breakfast This Morning
Old Photo - Well At Least The Dog Is Smiling !
Nice enough in Ontario to get your T out now!
Texas T Distributor Question
Help with Valve issue(s)
1922 Ford Sedan Bill Of Sale
Got my front plate - have questions
Ford script plugs?
Suicide door coupe question
Who does Nickel-Plating
Old Photo - WW 1 Model T Munition Train
1912 Coil Box and Running Board questions
Timer vs Distributor
Old Photo - T Era Garage
Breakfast This Morning
Shake Down Tour. April. 26
I went for a ride today
Carb ID?
Thanks to the Model T Forum
Calendar vs Model
Portland Swap Meet 2014
Charlotte Auto Fair
OT - The Norwalk Underslung – A Noteworthy Car Built in W...
Need any info re. Stromberg LF carb
Headlight chimneys (?) on a 1914. . .help!
Bosch 009 Centrifugal- advance. Dist
Stromberg RF
Making a Huck Starter
Assembly Date Stamped in Output Shaft?
Blueblaze Timer Question
Files a bit dull/blunt?
I went for a ride today
Sandy R.I.P.
OT - Books written regarding early Ford cars and racing
Starter switch Question -pic.
Help Wanted - Shop Expanding
Low clutch
1915 seat upholstery, front edge by door finish
Bushing sizes
What is it
Need more horsepower? Craigslist ad
1923 touring bill of sale
A further key question
Fronty T vs Rajo BB
Broken Brake
Bolt size:body to frame
Tricky oil pan
What is this bumper clamp ????
OT 1907-1909 Ford Six Cylinder Racer
1915 Touring on e-bay
Newbies T finally home sweet home
Old Photo - Brass Era, Hauling A Piano
What is it?
Some Holly history
O.T. free computer diagnostic on my ford vehicle
OT - Earthquakes and Bees
T powered buzz saw video
Tier 3 Gasoline
First come first serve for Fourm readers
Frontenac Head Info
Model T White Side Walls
Starter switch and solenoid
Getting a title for a model t
Period aftermarket horn volume variation, wow
OT - 1930 Model AA Rolling Chassis For Sale
Who has a TT with a dump bed? I found this in my yard an...
Dating a Model T
Fender Welting on turtle deck
So, how are the six T-100 Model T Fords doing?
Might have to miss Chickasha
New spokes
Western Washington T er's Lunch
Got pulled over today
House wire wheel "hub cap" parts available?
Ruckstell gear question
Wheel rebuilding question
OT - ALCO Steam Engine: Info Needed
Minn 2619-Photo
1917 Touring Car Bill Of Sale
A new clutch spring can make all the difference!
Nut packing
Quick newbie question.
Old Photo - Fordson Tractor Moves The Earth
Gasoline leak
1916 Runabout Bill of Sale
OT-Get Out Your Checkbooks and Bid to Own a Piece of Hist...
Are 4:1 and 5:1 Steering Gear Outer Covers Interchangeable?
Ignition Switch
Ford 'TT" Rail Truck
Old Photo - Touring Car Turned Railcar
OT- An Exceptional Photo of a Texas Rider and His Early ...
Heartland Tour in the fall
Model T motorhome
T folks/events/sites in Europe, where are you?
1925 Model T Coupe Nail Strip and Cover
Driving when windy
Old Photo - English Fire Fighting Model T
Closed car windshield seal
Colorized 1927 photo
Big news from Ford
Side Curtain patterns
Fun road trip story link
Stationary power unit
Old Photo- Jersey Milk Truck
Old Photo - Brass Era Street Scene, The Hopewell Bakery
OT - Nigerian Scammer arrested
3rd Barn Fine the 3 Sisters are together again
This came home with me.
Attn: 26-27 Coupe Owners
Rear End Evaluation and Rebuild
OT - Ram pick up owners opinion.
Another gone
Silent Movie "The First Auto" and 999
Old Photo - Adelaide c1918
OT Victoria Coachworks building Model A speedster Kits
Insurance for T
Ford racing
Spring/Summer Swap Meet Planning
Barn find 1913 model t
Rear wheel and seal installation problem.
Timer movement
Replacing a top
OT - My American Underslung
O.T. old photo, 2 wheels by land and air
Old Photo - Where's The Fire?
Fairly Old Photo- Half T in Country Victoria Museum
On the Way Home - model t find
Old Photo - Ford Dealership Redwood Falls Minnesota
It should be 100 Years old now.
You're leaving something out of your ad
Correct Dust Pan For 1925?
Old Photo - Roadside Rest Stop
Wally Rank
Coke-Cola and Ford Delivery Trucks Through the Years
Old Photo, what is this?
Entertainment at Chickasha
Need top boot info
Safety, The Law, and You
Way OT But I Thought You Guys Would Enjoy It
Speedometer Repair Service - Status?
Carb Illustration
Drive Shaft Evaluation and Rebuild
I was introduced to this Roadster
Forest Park St. Louis MO 1911 postcard
EBAY selling humor by seller
22 one piece spindles
Am I the only one?
Chickasha pictures
Newbies 22 mystery update
Inner sleeve removal: the easy way
Front Timken bearings
26 fuel bulb repair part question
Schraeder valve stem caps
Last ones...
Seat repair
OT - John L. Williams, Cedar Lake, IA
Perfect for the spoiled grandkid
Old Photo - Autumn Parade Down Under
Old photos, Hamilton Ontario Canada.
Coil box terminal bolt question
More old pictures from Ottawa that I found on line
Back In Business
Tires... this is gonna be fun.. ;)
Brake shoe cam
New Parking Brake Gap and Grinding?
Why should YOU become a Member of the MTFCA or Renew ?
Got my T here at Canada's biggest car show.
RAJO Reproductions / Bakersfield Swap Meet
In search of Original Parts
Chickasha revisited
Grand Pa's has moved
Weight of different tire/ rim combos?
Old Photo - Model T Wreck Art
OT - 1907/08 Model N parts cost and retail price comparison
Off topic, battery charger question
Old Photo - Mostly Horse Drawn Street Scene 7/7/13
Any one have floor plans for a 26 tudor
1925 Coupe (late) - where do you find the body number?...
Rayfield & Breeze
Rob Heyen
New Top for 1926 TuDor
Original Meaning of automobile Terms
Numbers Car
OT True barnfind, Overland touring
Bakersfield Swap
March April Vintage Ford coil box picture story
OT/Take a mount of Silence at 10:37 PST.
OT - For every picture there's a story......
Old Photo - On The Way To Valley Forge
Ford Model T and Ford Model A Snowmobiles
Stopping seep leak
Just inherited 1922 Model T School Bus
26/27 Tudor Height needed
Coupe De Luxe Body For The Model T
Open Express Body Kit
Possible OT Just saw these locally. Should I snag them?
OT-Model A question
More Dyno questions
Year of this Model T.
Filler between pickup bed and body
Floating Hub Fit in Axle Housing
Old Photo - Screwing Around In A Model T
Insurance and injuries
Whats the safest Model T route from the auto train in San...
Ts in Newfoundland?
Warford Bearing Preload
Looking for Ideas for Holding Items in Pickup Bed
FP Voltage Regulator Installation
OT - Exactly what part of this car is a 1923
OT - Malaysia 777 down
Vehcle insurance cost comparison
Wrong message going out to "newbies" 6V or 12V deb...
Barn Find: Getting it tomorrow
Old Photo - 1915 Touring With Fork Mount Electric Head Li...
Fender Repairs
OT - Is anyone in the Portland OR area.....
Hydraulic drum brakes
Dealers Service Flyer Post Card
Old Photo - Brass Era Climbing Steps
New paint job
How to balance wooden spoke wheels....................
OT - Another Solder Question: can't get solder off the so...
What size Winch?
Halogen lights, questions
OT - AACA Library daily feature:
Bending brake pedal....
The Fliver King.
OT - N/T engine
OT - Hall Scott
Vintage style blinkers?
Old Photo - A Ford, A Field Of Flowers, And A Pretty Face
OT - The American Underslung – An Impressive and Stylish ...
Old Photo - Brass Era Street Scene
Chickasha find: Raw Ford Model T front axle forging
My turn
New rear spring pad
Old Photo - Brass Era Posing By The Pond
Advise on disassembling T coupe cab
Last founding member of MTFCA, Ray Miller, has died
Eight of the drivers were rushed to a hospital. None died...
March April Vintage Ford
New to T's dumb question...apologise in advance
Battery explosion
OT - Interesting 1920s British engine
What model is my Bosch distributor
Are you interested in learning wax sculpting for bronze c...
A few more Chickasha photos
26 coupe bumpers Question
Old Photo - Henderson, Texas Street Scene
Newbie needing help assembling T
Old photo - firefighting with a Model T
What is this aftermarket crank.?? Is it forged..??
Is this rare?
Today at Chickasha
Old Photo - Miss Marsh Pullin Stumps
What have you done on your T today?
Old Photo - Loading Model T's Into Box Cars
OT - Heine-Velox – The Piano Man’s Pride - One of the Mos...
Complete engine weight
26 tudor fan pulley shaft
OT - Hey I got something like that
And a few more...
More Chickasha Pictures
Coupelet Wood
The Renu Gas Tank Process Question
What Did You Buy at Chickasha?
In today's mail _OT
OT - Weaver Tire Machine
I got both today
Wire wheel options, How many did they make?
OT Adams Farwell automobile
Accessory Cast Iron Manifold Heater
Chapter newsletters on the forum?
Magneto Post and Outside Oiler
Erich has another picture...
1916? T touring for sale on Ebay
Converting to demountable's
OT - The Revs Institute and The Collier Collection Opens ...
OT - 110 V Electric Motor
Hawk Model T engine model
OT - Garage sale season has started
What about door hinges?
A couple of neat vehicles seen at Chickasha
Front Axle-Zachary Dillinger
Coil testers, what am I missing?
How about an explanation?
Model T Fan Belt
Member needing license plate bracket; contact me.
OT - Did Ford have a "cheap" replacement parts policy ear...
Voltage reduction at starter
New CAST IRON HEAD from Prus Engineering!!!!
Project pics
Headlights ?
Windshield what year T or A
1927 covertable top pattern
Early tire repair-Photo
OT - Keeping sanity in retirement
Received March April Vintage Ford Today
Another newbie question
Go North old Fart ?
Muffler wrap color
Remember the Museum
In today's mail...
Our Chickasha trip 2014
OT - City Bone Yard
Duncan Swap meet
Coupeville, Washington street scene-Photo
I need some information about getting a enclosed trailer?
Spark plugs leaking
OT - For the rail fans
Rocky Mountain Brakes
Most likely OT but ford related
What did you bring home from Chickasha?
OT - I found a 1907 Packard parts list at Chickasha. Par...
Rocky Mountain brake drums
Old car parts for sale.
Ford Model T and Ford Model A Snowmobile parts.
Allen Coil Tester----What's it worth?
OT - Retirement
100th birthday
Is there a web site for info on Model T repair schools / ...
Newbie to this forum
What do you think about this Ford-Model-T Speedster Video?
Colorized Historical Photos
Tiny Hyatt Bearings
The truth about 1927 rear fenders.......
OT - The first Model B, 1904 and Ford employees
1926 Coupe Interior help
Model A rear end in my T
Connecting rod question
Upload button doesn't work for me.
Tail lamp options for 1927 Coupe, pics Please!
Just another what have you been doing on your T :-)...
Question for Metallurgist. To Much Heat?
Another vendor to miss Chickasha
TYABB AIR SHOW - oh yeah - car show too !!!!
Lost ?
Registering a T in Florida question
Antique Auto Top Hardware Company
Off on a Lark
Need some advice
12v conversion
Leaving Chickasha
Headlight lens green "paint"
Classtique Upholstery trim
Where was my T Built?
Old Photos T as Shooter's Transport
Is this a TT?
Caution about glass beads
Chickasha weather
Repop 1910 tourabout front axle that broke last year.
Louisiana license plates
Model T wheel hub cover
OT - Thomas M., a clearer pic of Ford Manufacturing
"S" type New Day timer experement ended today! :-(...
Enclosed Car
What's not correct on this '26?
Ford Model T and Ford Model A Snowmobile Skies
Speedster Fenders
The Joy of a 6 year Old in his first Model T ride
Old Photo - Lizett Sleeper
There is another 1909 for sale on Ebay
Spring leaf spreader/greaser
Frank Kulick picture
OT - new to me model K photo post card from Warp
Another newbie question
Something followed me home again
12 volt question on original style coils
Frontenac Exhaust Flanges
Old Photo - Ford Doctor
Might be available to haul a T from Chickasha to IN or OH...
Old Photo - Funky Model T Tractor Perversion
Old Photo - Brass Era Ford Dealership
When is The Portland Swap meet??
Old Photo - Ford Motor Company Model T Assembly Line Loui...
Mag problems
Model T parts pile in Mid California might be a good buy
Old Photo, Clean centerdoor at showroom
Has anyone ever install Model A split valve guides in Mod...
OT - Planetary vs. Sliding Gear Transmission question?
3 days to Chickasha
Three weeks till Bakersfield T Christmas time
Replacement Hyatt in Ohio
OT Attn Minnesotans Chickasha, I gotta hunger
Won't start
What year trunk
Drive Shaft bushing
Brass polish
OT - The Wills Sainte Claire – The Story About the Car Ch...
OT - 1954 Anglo-American Car Tour Video
Top Rear Curtain Metal Strip
1913 touring lubrication
Antique Jack - Yellow Jack-It
Floor boards
Roberts Marine engine- 2 cylinder Model T engine
27 T Hardtop!
Old Photo little ford flip
Are the pleats in a may 1911 torpedo seat bottom sewn?
26 t coupe door glass
First joy ride
U-Joint Housing Plug
Is this OT? Chickasha
OT - Is this a photo of the first Model K, taken in 1905?
2016 MTFCV TOUR updates have begun
Extra hole in pass door?
Camshaft Bearings
OT - the mouse trap
Cylinder Taper
Torpedo gas tank, maybe
1909 Picnic Parade Hereford Texas-Photo
Difference between 2509 & 2509 B
Hill climbs
Chicago visit
Removing rear end
Chickasha, who's going?
Part Way Up Trail Ridge
Holley NH carb cleaning questions
Lower coil point variation question
1927 Coupe Trunk Brace
What I did on the T today
1917 'Runabout' question for Royce?
Chickasha: When's the best day to be there?
Special privalage for a Model T
What year head please
OT 27 Chevy Timing
What type of Dist
Hood former
Little problem in Ohio
26-27 Coupe and Roadster Spare Tire Mount Brackets
1918 center door
New T sticker, "notice to user"
1927 Coupe Trunk Brace
New to Hobby, looking for some mentors in Michigan
26-27 Low or tall grill shell?
Guy in Ohio needs some title help
I can hardly wait - Indiana covered bridge tour 2014?
Drive shaft front end bushig
Displacement and Horsepower - With/Without RAJO head
1912 jack
The Piquette Plant - May 1909
Warford Truck gearbox worn gear.
E-timer's and E-HCCT
C-Cab Doors with no Curtain Holes?
Old Photo, another new Ford
Gas Tank Tumbler with Cement Mixer
Good and Average Hyatt Bearings
Roadster Panels
Corcoran lamps
Why I favor original equipment vs distributors on Model ...
Chickasha March Swap Meet - Post what you need here
1925 Closed Car Windshield
OT - The toll free call
Thanks Steve Tomaso
Ammeter problem
Question about a High Head
Starter problem
OT - How many miles did they put on early cars?
OT Holiday Colors
The Hucks Model "T" Ford Revisited - Bentfield C. Hucks I...
Rootlieb website
T Distributer timing
Photos, What can you tell me about this T?
Universal White Wall Clinchers
More T era camping, Old Photos
Old Photo, Outstanding by his Ford
Looking For Andy Loso
Steering Bracket Felt Washer
Link with ford winter vehicle tid-bits
Hap, Have a Look at This...
ENGINE REMOVAL..Step-by-Step Procedure 1914
1911 torpedo seat
Old Photo, playing with wire
Question: Ring Gear and Pinion
Fan Hub Bushings
Old Photos, Got a kitchen sink in there someplace
Chickasha Weather
Old Photo, more roadside adventures
Old Photo - Look Ma! No Hands!!
Ford battery horn repair
Making Money In Road Work Is A Matter Of Equipment
Hassler Shock Absorbers And Parts Catalog No. 103 , 1923
Depot Hack / Huckster Questions
Old Photo, Nice Fordoor
Old Photo, cant see why this didn't last?????
Heil-Ford Trucks Ad 1924
Old Photo - Ford Honey Wagon
Ford Power Does The Work Of Six Men And One Horse
Trickle Charger Recommendation?
OT The ides of March
Intake: stock vs larger
St. Patrick's Day Parade in St. Louis
Front axle straight indication pins question.
OT - Letter to HF 108 years ago today regarding the new F...
Large quantity of Model T parts-Auction in Ohio-May 24th ...
Arrow and 999 in 1902
Enjoying Sierra Vista AZ Tour
Torpedo skeleton
OT - Happy Pi Day! 3.14 woo hoo!!
1914 Wrecked Car near a covered bridge-Photo
Model B artwork
Scandinavian Bands
Old Photo: T Snowmobile Delivering Oil
MTFCI Owners book
1922 T with VIN and Missouri Title Challenges ... HELP?
Cheap Brass Era T on ebay. Augusta, GA
More people in the parade that watching it-Photo
Beautiful 1912 Tourer (Canadian RHD) or is it?? Comments?...
Fresh Air Taxi Co-Photo
A Ford 1928
Did I just mess up?? internal engine questions
Ugly Old Whitewalls
Old Photo - Keeping In Touch With Culture During A Real V...
HFs contribution to design post model T? Mildly O.T.?
Model T and camping
Old Photo - And With Only 20 Horse Power!
What type of media for abrasive cleaning of T Parts
Rear hubs for a late 11 / early 12
Old Photo - Traveling Service Garage
Cleaning a 1926-27 gas tank.
A fine mess of Ford lights
Northeast Pot luck Dinner "Meet Don and Steve Lang, "Lang...
Recognize this odd spring?
Transmission Problem?
License plates
Model T Engines at Chickasha OK Swap Meet
OT - An Interesting Mystery Car For You To Identify
Pickup or Runabout?
Varley Coil Unit Aticle From A Ford Owner Dealer Article,...
Low gear oddity
Magneto coil assembly
1911 - boiling and overheating. Need more thoughts.
Are colours critical - Your thoughts
Bakersfield Swap Meet
Generator wire
Battery for Model T
1919 Hack on eBay
Interesting take on A model T
OT:: Aspirin uses in a dead battery
Hassler Springs
One of those famous replacement engines
Sun Visor for '27 Coupe
Generator not charging
OT But Involves Model T
Chickasha ... Ready to go .. come on Tuesday.
OT Model A block?
OT> Auction services
Who does Babbitt Main bearings in Oregon
OT: doea liquid solder work as well as hot solder?
Axle Shims - Are they any good?
1921 Touring Wood Piece Needed
Ot- Pedal plane-Photo
Trouble pulling hills
Here's another old one from Ottawa area
Clutch shift collar
Was it cold this winter?-one way to find out
Dash board refinishing
Hauling to Chickasha Ok swap meet from Mass.
Installing TT rear wheel spokes
Turtle Deck bolt hole locations
Cylinder sleeve
Coupelet in video
'19 roadster Craigs List
1925 Coupe Doors
1926 Fordor with small drum brakes.
OT - End of Microsoft Support for XP
Rare Sunny Day in the Northwest
Engine out
New T owner and need help with identification
Old Photo - Oregon California
Doors panel nails in 16 touring
Automobile Identification
Be careful with this eBay 7rivet pan
Lifter Choice - Adjustable?
OT 27 Chevy Firing Order
The new classifieds
Idyllic setting with a Model T Maple Lake Minn-Photo
Check out new ads page
Clutch shift collar
Repurposed T items
Advise on rebuild for a "driver" 27 T
Old Photo - Posing In A 1912 Touring Car
Mystery car-Photo
OT -Rooms for Chickasha
Crank shaft
Are these right?
Mileage? And would you drive your T on a 3000 mile trip?
1912 Ford Torpedo
Something is fishy on this Model T
Future of Windows XP
How To Adjust Coil Points Article From The Ford Owner Dea...
How to get in touch with Kim Dobbins
Big time carbon build up!
26 coupe body Question
Positioning pin on timer
Trailers lock devices
Clutch shift collar
Setting the Proper timing
Old Photo - Bundled Up For The Cold In A Brass Era Tourin...
Interesting T truck for sale
Advertising brochures
1911 Open-Valve Block for sale
OT- Something a Little Different - The Early Doble Steam ...
Four Issues of Model T Times Available
Exhaust Nut Troubles
Type of steel used in axles
Steering cover screw
Rear axle felts
OT - Winter Sledding .... Merc Style !
OT - Sinkhole swallows 8 cars at Corvette museum
Who is pouring Babbit these days.
OT - Hauling noe from Ohio to New Jersey then Rhode Islan...
1927 film from Stockholm Free Port
Another "What did I buy?"
Ot - Ford Model K in another foreign country:
VIN numbers on frames
OT - The Selden Cars
MTFCV Annual 3 day tour pics
OT Dash Adornments
Old Photo - Brass Era - Taking The Kids Out For A Drive
1926 Switch Assembly for Non-Electrified Cars and Trucks
Replacing a Timer?
Together again after 35 years,Follow up from last year
Algonquin Illl. Perry Hill racing-Speedsters-Photo
5 Brakes?
How to tell the Difference between 26 and 27 Roadsters
RIP William Clay Ford at 88
Higher speed from a TT
Update-T Snowmobile found in Labrador
Any word on what is happening to the classified Ads
Old Photo - Dick Cheney As A Kid Hunting ?
Aluminum Hood
Period Model T Boat Trailer
Care and Adjustment Of The Timer - Ford Owner Dealer 1921
1926-1927 Switch Assembly for Electrified Cars and Trucks
Oak Spokes???
Interchangeable rims?
How much water do you use
Old Photo - The Ford That Was
OT - Do you use this T era tool?
Old Photo - Armless, But An Expert Ford Driver
OT Chickasha Wanted
Giant Jumbo Trans parts
Simple question on tail light 22-27
OT Daylight Savings Time....
How do you make a wire harness look old?
Need help to determine value
How do you use this tool?
Old Photo - Tractor Conversion
1912 Torpedo Pictures
Sixty Two Years in the Corner
Mercury bodied ford speedster for sale
What year is this ?
OT - His Excellency the Right Honorable Sir Albert Henry ...
No connection to this 12 on craigs list
1914 firewall measrurements
Old Photo - Traffic Jam Off The Beaten Path
Front Bearings...Opinions requested
What to think before you post anything on this board
Front Crossmember Straightening
Champion X - A Painting
Pay attention to what you buy
1912 Torpedo, WOW !!!!!!!!
If you want a New day timer
Carburetor adjustment
T - TT front spring
1915 Model T First Time Out of Garage in ?? years
1926 2 door sedan
pics 26 coupe holes
Coker tire wood wheels
OT it's working in florida no more time changes
Easy Way To Pump Up A Tire When In A Hurry
Interesting old Saw on Ebay
Estimate of value on Roadster?
Lizzie come forth!
OT - More on C. H. Wills
OT - Need a Bosch DU 4 technician
Are any of these Ford parts?
Front axle question
Wrecks, Crashes, Accident Photos
Holly carburetor float setting
Old Photo - Ladies In The Front Seat
Model t speedster
Anybody know who paints tags
Old Photo - Official Car - Nice Accessory Hood And Radiator
Way, Way off topic. Looking for a Florida home
Oliver Jordan Auction
1915 and 1916 unique parts
Old Photo - Laurel & Hardy On Set In A Model T
Movie Car needed in Austin TX
Old Photo - Simon Trunk Company Advertising Truck
Volkswaffe: The Incredible Flying Automobiles of Nazi Ger...
Clever Coil Box
26 coupe body Question
OT - Question about ethics
Looking for a 1914 Model T
Chickasa, any one need a new hood for 15-16, or 17-22 sal...
Giant Power Head
Old Photo - Family Posing In Summer Whites
Top boot for "virtually unmolested" 1916 Touring
Rear Bumper
Gene Carrothers' Home-built front brakes...
Installing New Wood in Top Bows
Old Photo - Heading To Church
Schrader valve stem caps
New - Old Camping Trailer
Kelsey 23" TT rears
General Info
Brass Top Coil Question
E-Timer Patent Issued; US 8,662,058
Classifieds ?
OT, modern coils
The Importance of Checking Your Equipment
Old Photo - Model T Era General View Of Camp Dix, N.J.
What is this part?
Crankshaft fan belt pulley
OT Selden Patent Suit need list of licensed manufac...
Knock sound coming from front of motor
Choke spring for kingston L4
1914 parts/accessories
Old Photo - English Motor Train Pulled By Ford One-Ton Truck
'27 Coupe Stuck in Gear
Ford announces all cars will be Brewster Green
Old Photo - The Cannon's A Great Touch!
Sedan Top Replacement photographs wanted
How many here own a T from another country?
Mounting new tires
The Ceremonial First Crossing of the Stan Musial Veterans...
Early cars, motorcycles and a Zeppelin!-Photo
Well the 1909 in Fort Wayne Indiana is no longer on Ebay
Who makes a exhaust header plate for model t?
1919 thru 1922 Switch Assembly for non-electrified cars.....
Wire wheels with Sure Stops and floating hubs?
OT - Parts hauling from Temecula, CA thru Salt Lake City,...
OT - An Interesting Early Mystery Car from the AACA Library
OT - English sizes?
The Williams Collection , att - Don Watson
1913 Canadian RHD
Old Photo - Curb Side Posing With A Brass Era T
Old Photo - Some Blocks On The Pedals And Were Good
100th Anniversary WWI event
Ricks in Califunny
Open car windshield seal
Genuine K-W Coil Points Color Magazine Ad Stuffer 1926
Old Photo - Flying Speedster
OT - 1915, Fords, Packards and Rotarians, what do they ha...
Roof 16 valve head , Pistons
John Carter (
Genuine K-W Coil Units Color Magazine Ad Stuffer 1926
APCO Muffler
Arcing at coil box contacts
Waaayy OT: Flashed opal glass
Door identification help
Walking down memory lane. (Looking to find a car)
Old Photo - Sometimes You Just Gotta Get Your Feet Wet
Craigslist super deal
Old camp trailers
Upcoming Bakersfield Swap Meet?
Old Photo - Marie And Her Flivver
Transmission for a model t 1926 ford
Another odd spindle any ideas, low drop
Old Photo - A Big Day's Ride
Rayfield Carb on ebay
How flexible should a frame be?
Old Photo - 37000 Miles Across Australia ON - A - FORD
OT - Sometimes, you have an "AH HA" moment.....
OT - Another Statesman riding in a Ford, 1907
Old Photo - Colonial Runabout 1918
Iandola Head on tBay
OT - The Old Motor
Anybody else getting this bogus page?
1923 Modle TT rear end trouble
The doughnuts are back
Ruckstell shifting rod grommet question
Old Photo - Model T Era Valvoline Gas Station
There goes the classified problem again!
Old Photo - Posing With A 1915 Touring Car
New Top and Door Binding
1919 Dash Replacement
Chicasha bound - need anything?
OT - AHCH Same game. Different name.
26-7 rear fenders.
Busted rear mains/crank
Old Photo - Trafford Park 1914
OT - Spark Plug Collectors Help Needed
16 T Preservation - Time for the Engine
OT - Used Cars Prices, July 1911
Monocle windshield on e-bay
Chickasha Weather?
Lang's Orders For Chickasha Show
OT - Kind of. 1926 Ford one page advertisement
Excellent swap meet Marietta, OH
Thread / tap size for NH carb inlet valve
Looking for camp trailer for T that I can restore. Classi...
Steering Gears
1921 Touring restoration rear seat question
Clincher rim repair?
NOS '14 - '15 Coil Box Switch
Off topic logging in?
Old Radiator Cap?
OT - Odd Tool, What is it?
1912 oil pan
OT - Only slightly related to cars, if you promote it right
OT - A change of format won't matter.
Cheap Chickasha room rates 30 miles away on I-40
Hill climbing fuel supply: How far can you go?
Looking for english wheel?
1914-1916 Switch Assembly...
Down to a ''T''.
Speedster part on tBay, questions
Early Spindle Repair Queston
The Classifieds look cleaner...
OT - Montgomery Ward metal lathe....
Old Photo - Eight Passengers In A Brass Era Tour Car
1914 Seat cushions
Attention Justin Dalke Your email isn't working
1917-1922 Switch Assembly...
And Yet Another "1909" Model T On Tbay
Suggestions for "Car Games"?
Old Photo - Horse Drawn Street Flusher And Model T Street...
OT - but has to do with a car
OT - Gentlemen, don't do this!
Safe from Ford Motor Plant
OT - I know this is about brand X
Beaudette bodies
Loose spokes
OT - But classic car related and WOW
Wanted: Ford Model T in Midwest
Transport needed Chickasha to Anaheim
Model K List of Known Survivors
OT - Last Comparison, 1907/08 Model K and Pierce Arrow
Another 1909 on ebay?
Is this 1909-10 or R,S, or N TOP SADDLE
Are There More T's Than We Know?
Foredor Trim Colors
What are these for?
Exhaust shields
Driven plate holes
AA wire wheels adapted to the rear of TT. How did you do...
Cold GA tour this week
Just recently became the owner of a Ford Model T 1909.
Odd ball light plug G S Patt April 18-1918 any ideas
OT - Hupmobile 20 - Hole in water jacket at exhaust outlet
Old Photo - A Running Board Full
1915 T Roadster Top and Upholstery
How do I contact Ed Bittner? (Mr. True Fire)
Old Photo - Sporty Model "T" Roadster with a Coachbuilt B...
26 radiator mounting
Another odd fix/modification
What year? 1919?
1914 front tapered spring questions...
Finished my spare T Engine
Just wanted to say THANKS
Front seal number?
OT - Richard Petty on Danica
OT - Royce, be very careful..........
Coming or Going
27 touring floor mat cutting and fitting question ???
Olkd photo - Tractor and Brass T pickup
Its never really an auction without a random old car part.
16 Coupelet Running Board - Level
Charging a misused battery.
Fresnel Lens to Help With Seeing Traffic Lights
These may not be Model T, however......
On the classifieds - note from Chris B
Windshield glass
Hucks Starter in use
Looking for model T owners in Lancaster, Wisconsin
80 year old brothers found dead, Auto related.
I Owe Tom Butterworth an Apology - He is a Man of His Word
Model T Ford Forums underlying software
Coil Box Switch Questions
Inside my coil box
Transmission Chatter: Why?
Unique Model T Speedster on E-bay
Choke wire
Magneto gap and shims
1914 in Warsaw, IN
Stewart & Clark Mfg Clock "Chelsea" - works - what do I h...
When was the first ford taxicab
Old Photo - Is It The Uniform Or Is It The Car?
Hyatt roller bearings vs. ball bearings questions
OT - Cancer, good news
A little home-made advertising
Original 1914 Engine Questions
OT - Bogus CC charges
Opinions Wanted
Getting a New Knee at the Hospital, Tomorrow
Which brakes do I want?
Anyone near Selma California? (south of Fresno)
OT - Early Piquette Plant photo
Anyone near Selma California? (south of Fresno)
OT brought home some serious iron
Yard Art...
Fantastic Resource for Ford History Buffs
What is this Pre-T Car
OT - Everyone Like’s a Little Tyke – The Bebe Peugeot
Venting ! - Why do sellers bother ??
Odd intake for Model T Ford any ideas
OT What are these two parts ....?
Great Old Photos with Model "T" Fords in New Zealand
It's a link to a 1925 Cycle and Auto Trade Journal
Spark Plug Wire Colors
Rear spring pad?
OT - it's kind of rewarding finding out who a person in a...
OT - 1935 Diesel Mechanic's Course Book
Running in oil for newly built motor
Training vid for road rage back in the 30's and 40's
Sherman Head
TT pulling 1860 Horse drawn Surrey to find some Horses
Parking Brake Pawl
Tie Rod Ball on 1914 Touring
Racing a Ford
Piquette production
Epay 30x3 Model T ford Tires (4)
Luke Dahlinger Please contact me
New Tires.
Old Photo - Lotsa Accessories On This T
OT New 78's
Bob Coiro---Please check in
Tire mounting
A dumb question about engines
English 1909 Ford Rear view=Photo
A few aftermarket parts
Symptoms of Running a Bit Too Lean
NOOB (earlier T or later T as first car)
Flashback arrestor for acetylene headlamps?
Nice Day For A Motor Car Drive
Old Photo - Henry J. Ranger, Agent For Ford Motor Company
Old Photo - Early Brass Era At The Lake Side
Difference in windscreen
1915 manhole oiler for kingpin
Visored headlight lenses and no mud on the dress-Photo
Atwater-Kent Battery Saving Disturbutor
OT - A Canadian Model K
What are these brakes for?
OT - Barn faw down, go snap, crackle, pop...
Have you ever done this?
Need help with Stevens Front Axle Tool
Old Photo - Posing At The Pump
Any Mid-West Tours in Mid-August?
U Joint Ball Cap Wire
OT A true American hero.
Bakersfield swap meet
Old Photo, heavy duty T house
Ford wiper on eBay
1926 Ford Model TT Closed cab door latches
1926 - 1927 Coupe Trunk Door
Dealing with different rear axle housings and caps
Transmission band spring on Low Speed Pedal
OT Pipe Thread Size
Old Photo - Honey, Your Rides Here!
Dump box on Craigslist
Old Photo - East Durham Baseball Field 1920s
RDRick's T Garage Sale
OT Younger Generation will they want these cars?
17-20 Touring Tring to determine front seat pitch
OT -- UP 4014 Takes the Mainline from Fairplex Parking Lo...
OT-Survey time change
Old Photo, another fire T, 1921?
Old Photo - Old Ride Meets New Ride
1923 Runabout Top Iron Mounts
Universal Cylinder Reboring
Early bird Swap meet reminder
OT Antique Fuel Strainer Needed
Seems pricey for what it is
Dingman Collection video -OT - NOT T but is Ford
OT - new meaning to "Ford Tough"
ZZZZZZING - Zunk! Oops.
14 Roadster-Photo, what did she say?
OT - Babbitt or Phosphor main bearings
OT - 1929 Hupmobile
There are still cars to find out there - Seattle Story
Henry and his Suit of Clothes
Old Photos, interesting 1912 for fire warden
Old Photos, more Watkins man
Any idea on Splitdorf and lifter
State Of Wisconsin 1928 Registration Card For A 1915 Ford
A local lineup-Photo
Buffalo Wire Wheels
OT - or maybe not......
American Vanadium Facts Volume 4 April 1914 Number 2
Old Photo - Model T In Finland 1920's
Old Photo - WW1 American Ambulance Line Up
Old Photo - Keystone cops Down Under
It might be a long winter when.......
Old photo, who is it in the model K?
Old Photo, towncar with camels
OT - Doctor A.R. Baker and His 1906 Oldsmobile Palace Tou...
Silver rim paint
Old Photo - Model T Motor Home Interior
1924 Indiana License Plate
Noob question - Antique Warford any good?
Whatzit for 02/19/2014
Trailer hitch and trailer for '26 Fordor
OT - Progress on the North London Garage Record Holder Re...
Classisied Spam Filter???
Question re L2 float
Burnt model T pictures
Old Photo, more from California
OT - OK Ed, I'll drive, you just ride along......
How long does it takes to stop doing newbie mistakes?
Old Photo First F100
"Wrist Meter" ever seen one?
Old Photo - Model T Brass Era Towncar
Old photo of coupe
Accy Cocoa Running Board Protectors opinions ???
Pickron Electric Works Questions
Old Photo - Model T Era Long Beach Chief Auto Inn
OT - fun book for you wood worker types that like brass cars
What is this early Ford on eBay?
Old Photo, Great shop, in fact its a real..........
Old photo - Henry And John Posing In A Ford
OT - dumb stuff you find while looking for Old Photos
1912 Ford Barn Find(Update)
Spark Plug Restoration: Is it Possible?
Remind me what these are
Fuel Line Routing
Racing decals/stickers
Short story of first woman driver
Just for Tyrone - Why you did nothing on your T today!
Trip to town
Malayan motoring history anyone?
Ever have a thread on here that really p_ss's you off?
1920 Low Hood Firewall Plans
Mystery holes
OT - Latest reason I am not working on my car - trailers ...
Old Photo - Ooops!
Old Photo - Sunday Going To Church Posing In A Brass T
Fire damages original 1926 t
Homemade T Tools #2 show us your tools
OT - Ford compared with Pierce Arrow, 1906
Walter Christie’s Incredible FWD Racing Car with a Huge 1...
Oil line output to timing gears
1926 Gas Tank Question
Non Skid - pen and ink
DB vs T Question for you Dodge historians
Nice Day for a Model T Tour and Show.
Plans for the spoke presser
Luke Dahlinger please contact me
Windshield idea
Craiglist Alert CI Warford
What we got done on tyrone's T today
Whats going on here?
Interesting Oklaoma Car on Ebay mislabeled as a Model T?
A Question for you Fronty Guys
OT: Another "Burnt Car" question
The 67 Day Challenge
Old Photo - Touring With Side Curtains Curb Side
Repop U-joints
Update: Value of this 1914 T touring- SOLD!
Slow speed pedal shaft
Presidents Day--Humor
Best source for wooden felloe 30 x 3 1/2 wheels?
OT - 1905 Ford vs. the best car made in the U.S.
Clutch Disks - "Distance Plate"
Our T Stars in new State Farm Commercial
On ebay now 1927 TT or T
Livingston Radiator
Seeking early 1913 KW coil
Anybody else get their Jan/Feb issue of Vintage Ford ???
Battery door cover dimensions.
Unpainted engines
Anyone do their own copper plating?
What type of wood to use?
Amesbilt Special Bodies For Fords Ad
Old Photo - 1915 Touring Driveway Posing
Heavy Pistons and Rods
When was the dogleg intake manifold discontinued in 1911?
SEA MOUNTAINS & VALLEYS TOUR T - 2016 - Rally work well u...
Old Photo - Ford Model T in Haunted Spooks, 1920
BC Canada speedster reg and getting collector plates
Old Photo - Shiny New Couplet
Is this blue original on the front heel metal?
HCCA- Sierra Vista winter tour - Pictures
Any one know how to report an inapropriate classified
100 year old love story that starts with a Model T Picnic
AC Brakes
Old Photos- 7 photos same car during a long drive 1922?
Another Fronty ask
Ford Special Body Company Blotter Advertisment
Magneto contact
Looking for a photo!
OT - A Mile Long Mystery Car - Help us Solve this Puzzle
Magneto rebuild
Old Photo - Ford at the Belgium Front
Entirely OT
OT Private browsing
Old Photo - Grandpa's Pony Meets Grandpa's Torpedo
Coil Box accessory
OT One more snowstorm
Swap Liquidation Sale SurfCity
Comeon over --It's not cold in AUSTRALIA
Car show ready
Dashboard Changes
Is this the correct colors for a 27 coupe
Ghosts of Chickasha Past
1922 Ford T Truck - New member seeking info
Building a trailer
Reminder. Gas Heaters
Tire suppliers
Stipe 280 Cam Interference
OT Members near FallBrook California
Whatzit 8
1912 Ford in 1916-Photo
OT Good deal on Shop Crane
Perches and castor
OT - Old photos -Back When Barney Oldfield and Lincoln Be...
Does any one do babbitt in Canada
? re removing old bows
Old Photo - Family Posing With A Brass Era Roadster Curb ...
OT My other hobby: a cruel sport
Old Photo - Curb Side Posing In A 1916 Roadster
Old photo - Motor Corps Of America Ambulance Line Up
Happy Valentines Day
Base Bolts
Old Photo- Shorpy Pic of T in snow.
1919 engine in 1914 Touring
Universal Joint Bearing
Whatzit 7
OT - I keep "stumbling" across this Model K photo, can an...
Gas tank shortage
Chickasha Pre War Swap Meet Spaces!
Help with identification
Trailer hook for needed...ideas needed
Henry ford joke
On the bottom of E&J headlamps...
Old Photo - Five Model T Scenes With People Posing
Who Makes the Available Replacement Pistons
2014 Annual Snowmobile Club Meet Photos Feb 8, 2014
Fiber glass to fit tightly wooden spokes
How many running Ts do you own?
Value of this 1914--HELP?
Whatzit 7
Whatzit 6
Anyone Had A Gas Tank Restored By The Renu Process?
Mistaken identity? Who is this?
Question about model T in Prescott AZ
Rear axle bolts
Old Photo - East Bay Auto Camp Oakland California
Clutch disc survey
Off topic near miss with snow tumbling.
Preferred Reading
OT - Cathy Barber Benefit Dinner and Auction
Old Photo - Model T Era Tire Store At 711 Calumet Avenue ...
North Carolina Ford Vehicle License 1925
Head gaskets
OT - Models K, N and "pre T" in Duetchland
What is it? I am sure its not model T
Any clues in this photo for a date? Highland Park Craneway
OT - The Class of 07/08 "Harvard Lampoon" Student Newspap...
Craigslist 1915 Project
Old Photo - The Wilson Ford Dealership in Marion, Kentuck...
Old Photo - Home Built Delivery T
Number of clutch disk ?
Vintage Ford just arrived 02/12/2014
OT. Gas stations memorys
Old Photo - Students At Work In The Auto Repair Shop
Be cautious of scams
This is a engine jack per stamp on side
Old Photo - Coupe Turned Sleeping Car
Old Photo - Oh yes we got trouble, trouble, trouble! With...
Ever see a thrust plate like this?
Excellent pics of orig black upright windshield touring ...
Old Photo - Move 'em out, head 'em up. Rawhide!
Have parts for lights
Homemade T Tools show yours off
OT Ever have that sinking feeling?
OT spam from MTFCA this forum ?
Brass Restoration
New Day Timer
26 wheels
Old Photo- WW1 T in the Desert
The 2014 Model “T” Ford Snowmobile National Meet
1910 Torpedo or 1911
T accessories we don't see
Help with ID of jack handles
Old Photo - Brass Era Roadside Lunch Break With The Family
A birthday party in Wisconsin
Old Photo - Fire Chief's Ford
Anybody going to Sierra Vista AZ HCCA winter tour?
OT - The first Model K in Australia (continued)
Why would some one do this?
Be careful what you buy at auction!
Snowster video
Need new Bosch triple gears
How many T's do you own?
Old Photo- Off for a picnic NSW
Model TT beer truck?????
Old Photo - Waltzing Lizzie On The Cellar Door
I'm spending alot of time and money and not finding what ...
I want
More Snowday photos...
OT - "The City Of Adelaide" Clipper Ship
What have you done on your T # 2
Dear Friend Steve Lehto
Classic car drive and a supper
Oil filler cap
1911 Ford Model T Torpedo for Sale
1925 hubcaps
Watts clutch
From "Photos I like", a website
Model T engine and automatic transmission
Smokes at a stoplight
Whatzits 5
Cracked Transmission drums replaced.
Plate, brake light, and position light
Vintage Battery
Question on an E-Bay Car Sale
Original vs Unrestored
Old Photo - Five Brass Era Photos Of People Posing
Attaching Radiator Badges
I think the Bitter Cold is following me ...
Website suggestion
OT - What they were driving in Massachusetts, 1908
Tips for Dial Up Forum Users
Old Photo- Koolunga South Oz.
"An Up-To-Date Ford"
Snow day photos
Energy used to produce a Model T
1926 Coupe Cowl gas tank cover?
Must sell, not at all well,
Can Someone Date These Cast Brass Timer Rotors?
OT Ford billboard....
Front Brakes to the Forefront Again
1919 Terminal block
Radiator drawing - choke wire
Differential spider with brass insert, what year?
Tire inflation?
Model T Activities in LA this weekend?
OT - 3 speed planetary transmission
Old Photo - Ford Repair Garage.
O T Zenith carburetor part, brass very early any idea for...
OT-1918 Maxwell Endurance run. Great you tube clip!
Crank Pin Information needed
An early Model T on threshing day-Photo
1916 Ran when parked
Idiot Light for a T
Buster Keaton--The Blacksmith (1922)
Bill Formby
Drums - Are these useable?
Old Photo - Wheelie Fun Parade T 1936
Accy Fuses for terminal block . ????
Making a tire/wheel page
Bob Gruber I could not answeer
Wichita Swap Meet.
Bob Gruber I could not answeer
Difference between a 1911 Torpedo and a 1910
Old Photo - This Ford Car Goes In The Telegram Hill Climb
The 999 Model
Old Photo - Brass Era - 1912 ? Touring Car - Posing At T...
Model T in WWI
Whatzit 4
What do glazed bands look like?
Dangerous, powerful Ford-Photo
A Tale of Two Missing T's
OT 1909 Chadwick Six - Drawing
1916 Coupelet Picture - Ford Archives
Question for any San Diego Model T'ers for July 2014 Tour...
Carrol Iowa tornado damaged T-Photo
Mounting wind shield brackets on a 1913 fiewall
Old Photo, factory doors? Keith.....
Size bolts for water outlet 3/8 or 7/16
OT-a little. New Engine Project
Smart bolts
Indiana side light-Photo and question
Old Photo- Four in a T
Old photos, early travelers in national parks
SWB speedsters?
Old Photo - The Robbers Didn't Get Far
New Fashions for Winter and Snow T drivers .
Old Photo - Brass Era T's In A Warehouse
Sediment Bulb Paint
Paul Griess's wife Jill
Ice harvesting video with a Model T engine
1917 Fuel gauge
OT - Australian Model T Classifieds
OT - "Smart" Cars and Speed Control
Glass Sediment Bulb
Mining for genuine Ford parts
Old Photo - downtown Aberdeen, Mississipp
Brake drum lug shoe
1919 non demountable wheels pattern
Old Photo - 1930 Laurel & Hardy, Bacon Grabbers, 10340 Ba...
Want TT parts?
Heat lamps
An old T guy asked me
Shipping a Model T
OT - Ford Motor Company Investors
Transmission question
22 coupe qtr window lifts
OT-Control Module For Intermittent Windshield Wiper...
Flatland T's at the Model A Swap Meet in Wichita Feb 7 & ...
Old Photo- Grazier's T
Old Photo, stylish add ons
Here is a sales pitch for ya if you thought you can't aff...
Anyone see this?
Odometer followup
Anyone using a Chev OHV head ?
Disaster avoided .... 1927 Sport Touring update
New brush style timer
Model T registry
Old photo, bad car for winter drives.
1915 Hayes Body and Wood under seat..need pictures
Hood retainer
Transmission question
Old Photo -Brass Era - Shade Tree Mechanics
Wolves- more news
Old Photo - Help Date This Model "T" Coupe
Gear ratio, tire size, RPM and speed questions
Wood By Kevin Allen
Old Photo - Tanks Alot!
Front bow pivot point
New upholstery
OT - olds replica
Old Photo - El Patio Auto Laundry Car Wash Los Angeles in...
Chickasha dream list and early order...
Model T at Mallory Square, Key West
Are the SCVMTFC Speedster rules fair or unfair
Old Photo- Waiting at the ferry
When rebuilding a transmission...
Old Photo - More Then A Fender Bender
For guys who like going fast!!
OT - A little "detective" work needed. Trying to find o...
Old Photo, traveling dispensary T
Poor man's rajo
ATTENTION PARTS DEALERS: Have you seen this?
Old Photo, Europe town car T?
Old Photo - "The Boy's" On The Studio Lot - Now That's A ...
Heavy T fender -- getting the lead out
Old Photo - Stills From Laurel And Hardy In The Two Tars...
OT: What am I? Minnesota winter scenes
Chester vanderply
O T Kinda round auto curtain lights any idea for what car
OT - Old Photos Showing Perhaps The Most Imaginative New ...
Lost film 1906
Old Photo - Tekamah NE Tornado, 5-1-1930
A muddy T-Photo, two sources for acetylene
More photo art: another still life
Fish Tailing ?
Old Photo, all ashore
Old Photo - Model T Era - Harley Davidson's with mounted...
1927 Touring Steering Column to Dash Clamp Rubber ???
OFF topic.Some folks ask to see this project when finished.
Top bow seperator fell off!
Another big sale on T parts February 4th only
Trying to start a Model T TOOL loaning program, in the fo...
A report on the conditions in Minnesota
Wind screen mounting brackets
OT - The Motor-Sleigh – Early Patents for Winter Travel
Which is Better a Holly NH or a vaporizer
Please Help ID This Accessory Signalman
OT - Grand-daughter Essay
OT - The Building of the Sydney Harbour Bridge c1926.
Endicott Neb street scene-Photo a good one, early Model T
Old Photo, another beautiful work truck
Demountable clincher rim question
Strange Piston Ring, Early Gapless?
What is this?
Question on connecting rods
A little education goes a long way
OT Groundhog Day
Old Photo - Main Street MIDALE Saskatchewan 1921
Looking for my grandfathers car
Old Photo - You Never Know When........
Looking for someone to finish restoring a model T fire truck
IF YOU LOVE PERIOD SPEEDSTERS..........................
Brand New to Model T's !
Am I the only one that thinks this is kinda sad?
This Day In History February 4, 1922
OT- Full Steam Ahead – Leon Serpollet
Neway cuter question
Distributor question
Ford .0025 Oversized Pistons
My MTFCI password
Woody full of T blocks - Pen and Ink
T-1243 Headlight Ring Removal Tool
Old Photo - Street Scene Larned Kansas
Seahawks win!
Terminal block
100 year dash plaques?
OT - Model A (or C) wins Hill Climb
Old Photo - Your Never Far From Home In This Model T
Rear differential Oil
Best Way to Package a Drive Shaft and Steering Column For...
More vintage adverts
Old photo, Lizzy the Lion Hunter.
09 Ford -Photo
February 3rd Noteworthy Events
Two future fire fighters and their T fire rig
OT - I was looking for Rolls Royce, and found a Ford, in ...
Installing cowl lacing on an improved car
Old Photo - Ford British Cars made of British Parts by Br...
TT enclosed cab question
Oils, greases and long tours
Fix Warped Top Bow?
Old Photo - Brass Era Posing In The Weeds
Old Photo - The Hooterville Flivverball
Is this a pre T hood hook # 746 or any ideas
Tesla vs Model T
Found this beauty on San Francisco Craigs
Old Photo - Did Someone Say DONUTS!
Warford problem
1957 Newspaper feature on high-mileage T
Old and new photo, anyone been to this museum?
1913 black RH Drive floor mat
OT - More help please, I'm looking for Pierce Arrow, Thom...
Allen HCCT pat. no.
Cup Grease
Fordor Body Number?
Anyone know about this 1910 European beauty?
Spindle - Inner Bearing Dimensions Inner Bearing Race In...
Request for Dave Huson
Windshield installation in 26 Coupe
Eye Candy
Old Photo- Getting out of the drink.
Another eBay overpriced car
Old Photo- Another first for a T
Nuts for connecting rods
1920's Model T Factory Flatbed for an unbelievable price!...
Old Photo - Posing In A Brass Era Touring Car
Photographic art: a still life
Oil pan
How much advance for a TTP dis&^%*tor & Z head?
Old Photo - The Auto Supply Company Gals
Old Photo - Non Ford - The Auto Log, Giant Forest
Some MTFCA Forum Useage Statistics
Sealing a Ruckstell
Old Photos, early Ford dealerships
Old Photo - Ladies Ready For An Outting
Side curtains
Combined Forums
Windshield rubber ?
Old Photo - Brass Era Family Photo With Lizzie
Old Photo - 1913 SA Canadian Tourer
A nice video . . .
My 1919 side curtains
Thanks everyone!
OT Seen on ebay today Merc from movie Grease
Old Tornado Photos
OT - a few early car and Rolls Royce questions......
1984 Model T Ford Meet at Greenfield Village - Dearborn, MI
OT. Ranchero body parts....
Coil point variations and performance?
Old Photo -Model T Era - Emery Valley Merchantile And Se...
Exhaust install trick for mild warp
Turtle deck fasteners 1915
Old Photo - New York State SUNDAY SCHOOL Association Tour...
OT - Big Sky Country Photo
Old Photo - Corunna, MI
Model “T” Ford Snowmobiles in the Granite State
Olld Photo - After Tornado Sept 15, 1922
Eakins' Garage Ford Advertising Blotter
Kingston Gasifier Vaporzer Carburetor...
Arkansas Tin Lizzies Summer Tour
Page ND 1923-Photo
Old Photo - Sunday Outing
Source of old photo
Adjusting bands
Up Date from guys who purchased new WHITE TIRES
New Steel Float Valves
Lock washers on main bolts?
Totally OT: Were you in Korea?
Oval Fuel Tank Capacity
Old Photo - Scene On The Road Near Cresco, Iowa
A Big Thankyou to Whoever Rebuilds Carburetors for Lang's...
Driving on borrowed time: an arachnid miracle.
OT - A note to the people who think winter is so wonderful.
1916 Ford with an accessory hood ornament-Photo
Winter Texan Model T'ers.
NRS Pender Nebrasks-Photo
OT - 1907 A.L.A.M.members (Selden patent)
Old Photo-. Pete Seeger and his folk's T.
26-7 Coupe
La Fete De Fleures a Port A Prince, Haiti-Photo
Henry Ford on a 1912 Henderson
1919 & 1926 Model T
OT but barely: A long-time Model A Club member laid to re...
Running board step plates
Old Photo - Sauk City Parade,Sauk County,WI Wisconsin 1922
Parts swap west of Chicago, 2-2-14
Old Photo - Brass Era Cape Cod Auto Co. Car Lot
Lucky Dog-Photo
Babbit pot?
1914 roadster seat springs
Exhaust Pack Nut - wrench size
Old Photo - Mattei's Tavern Los Olivos, California
Old Photo Bingham Canyon, Utah 1914
Model T?
OT - The Vic-Mac Garage “Baby Vanderbilt Cup” Racing Car
Old Photo - Early Brass Era Ford
Worth salvaging??
Not so very old photos
Old Photo - Coupe With Nice Drum Headlights And Grill
Limousette top for Fords-Ad
Computer cleaning program
Old Photo- A common or Garden T
Old Photo. Decorated Ambulance
Model T needed for Sunday in Lititz Pa. for church event
Rebuild cam choice
Babbitted bored run in
Show and tell in May
Trolling tbay today found this:
Need help please Identify this very early part top bow s...
Wiring a 1919
26 tudor gas tank seal around sediment conection
Old Photo - Model T Era - Plating Department At The Excel...
What was your first Ford continued from 2013
Old Photo - Alligator Skin Paint Job Coupe At Night In Th...
OT What are these
Warford alternative, if you like stock ts dont look!
Ford Oil Can
Aluminium Fordor Sedan
Accessory TT Truck Transmission?? Help needed
60Minutes Yesterday Jay Leno
Old Photo- WW1 Military T
26-27 Water Outlet
Old Photo - Model T Era Valvolline Station
Mounting for Speedsteer Fenders
1926-27 touring rewooding plans
CAMCO water pump - rotations
Diff stand
Model T tool wanted
Quick question re 26-27 steering tube mounting plate
The New MTFCI Website
Old Photo - The Absent-Minded Professor's 1915 Model T
OT- First Porsche Uncovered Locked Away for 112 years!
Canadian RHD Parts List
Transmission weight
Sorry... another felloe v. rim dilemma! New member
2 questions about helicoil kits and kwik poly for wooden ...
Old Photo - Training InnerTubes At The Tire Store, STAY...
1917 Model T Ford touring car SIDE LANTERN Brackets pleas...
OT - Arizona & Missouri Guns: ATribute to the Fallen
Joe Gemsa head, NOS
OT -- She's a movin' !!! UP 2014
OT - Ford Model N, one of the first ones.
OT - Motor Way, June 1906 review of Ford's new Model K an...
Copper plating
Wish to buy '23, '24 or '25
Contact info for Russ Potter
Tail light wire routing
Axle housing cap: Why a notch?
Old Photo - S&M Tire Company 1920's
TBay - Great deal, If My Wife Would Only......... Oh Well!
Old Photo - Daryl And His Other Brother Daryl And A Torpedo
Old Photo - Sams Tire Supply Store
Windshield assemblies
Old photos, advertising by elefant
My Kinda Man Cave!
Radiator repair in Nova Scotia
Old car brochures website
1917 Roadster original order from dealer to Ford
Old Photo - Brass Era - Unloading Model T's At The Rail ...
Old Photo- Posing with the T
Ford tt Transmission Twin Hi Hi/Lo info and parts needed
1911 torpedo runabout hood latch location
OT - Henry Ford, Elwood E. Rice, James Couzens and Gaston...
Buggered slot in steering box
High Compression Head
Old Photo - Waiting For Lizzie To Cool Down
Help with ID?
Engine Number / Body Number
I hate to ask....
Old Photo - Speedster To The Rescue!
Off to Mickey Ds for breakfast.
Old Photo - Coupelet In 1950's Traffic
Is this the image model T on the clock, reprint or original?
Who also own a DODGE BROTHERS and MODEL T ?
Levelling running boards
The 1911 Ford Semi=Torpedo-Ad- English
Old Photo - Model T Era Curbside Gas Pumps
1927 license plate clips for headlight bar.
I can't find this part in the book...
Flanged exhaust conversion
OT - What are these tools
Need a valve seat tool - Can I rent yours?
Antique Spark Plugs
How Many folks own a T and an A?
1921 Model T specs
Early Mechanical, Compressed Air and Acetylene Starting ...
Spash apron frustration
Old Photo- On the way to his wedding.
Question about the Blue Ridge Parkway
Need help please Identify this very early part
O T Trying to get information on JFK's license plate
At the seminar
Is this the First K Ford to arrive in Australia?
Moultrie, could be fun!!!
Ebay Madness - Is this cast in gold or am I missing somet...
Old photo-Beachville and a few questions.
Model a engine, mated to t trans.
Time Line Of American Automobiles
26/27 Roadster/Touring height?
Splash apron
Speedster books
Old Photo - Building Up Automobile Tires - Akron Ohio, 19...
Old Photo - Model T Era Parts Store
Engine ground on non starter non generator car
Model TT 26 rear wheels
Doughnuts anyone?
Old Photo- Outback Transport
Early 1920s Ford with pedals
How much to mill my high head and how to measure
Carb and spark rod questions
1915 Side Curtains
Bridgeport Brass Tire Pump
Muffler Trivia
Z head or high compression pistons?
On E-Bay, Today.
Fenders, running boards and splash aprons
2014 Forum locator
Mythological Wheels
Stahl mag fixer
Model t car shows
1913-1915 American Machinist Magazine articles about maki...
Old Photo - Yellowstone Adventure !
Old Photo - Family Posing In A Torpedo
Differential bolts: What would you do?
AC - not the rock band
OT Buick Oiler Monkey Motion 1908
1901 Ford Sweepstakes Race Car
It's a Balmy +2 deg F in Hillsboro, MO This Morning!
Horn button
Old Photo - OUCH!
1915 Touring Side Curtains...How do they attach to the car?
OT - Ford new ecoboost engine, any owners here?
Steering Gear Bind
Where should I put the turn signal lights
Hap and the "singing coils"
Old Photo - Model T Era Goodyear Tire Factory
Collector Car Auction in Hillsboro, IL 1/31/2014
An early race, Peking to Paris-Postcard 1907
OT - What to do in Melbourne, FL ?
OT - Identify this car
Ford oil can with "E" stamped on back
Ford embossed oil can with "E" on opposite side??
OT - History of the car radio.
Old Photo - Double Decker T
Michelin claims new tire gets better with age
Is this the predecessor to the Model T magneto?
Scat Visit After HME
Crankshaft questions
Slightly OT --old car info wanted
OT - Totally: Who can ID this?
Hutchinson, Kansas work shop
Ah, If only I were a Poet.
Tool identification
26 center cam bearing
OT- Old Photos - The Crist Motor Car Company – Profiting ...
Beautiful, but...
Kuempel speedster body
Piston/ cylinder clearance
Hit and miss engine
Another one runs again- it never gets old!
Old Photo - A Model T with a Broken Axle Housing
Healdton-Ardmore OK street scene-Photo
Axle bearings: Which end in, and which end out?
Turlock bound
A Generator Field Coil Issue
Model T Mileage Survey
Body bolts
I think a new picturre
A T video I had not yet seen
Holley Vaporizer Carburetor...
A few new parts I am having made
Completly OT, but you will like it- an airplane story
A Gas vs Ethanol
OT- Mystery Photos From The AACA Library – The Louisville...
Model T test-drive on TV-show (YouTube video)
Old Photo - 1920's Tire Repair Shop
My Future T-Hauler
Rivets for gen. brushes?
Mystery radiator
Dual Fuel intake manifold--ebay
1915 Roadster Tail Light Bracket
Its a sad day when.......
R.C Lacy dealership Catskills NY.
Ford related but not ModelT
Save Brighton Speed Trials Petition - Sign NOW!
What would be the year of this horn, generally?
Old Photo - In The Repair Shop
Old Photo - The Old Ford Dealership in Prince Albert, Bra...
Something new followed me home
Totally OT: Technology is no smarter than the person usin...
1912 for sale in 1916-Photo
1913 Roadster
Old Photo - Ford Day Bonafide Garage, Plymouth, Michigan,...
26-27 Sidelight suggestions for turn signal use
Correct for 1915: Nuts for spool studs?
Ran When Parked????
Old Photo - Old Meets New
1920 Fordson
Old photo more hunting
Bolts to hold on '23 turtle deck
Old Photo - Old FORD Dealership
HME 2013
First Drive with AC Brakes
Homecoming - Show & Tell/Swap & Sell
Note to self: Before you buy, know what you already have.
Some people should not be allowed to repair/restore sell ...
Home built HCCT finally finished
Acar in front of a house-Photo
OT - Top Selling Vehicles By State
Norm's 26 TT update
Sale of items belonging to a Mr. Remmy in Liberty South C...
Old Photo - Model T Era Tire Store
OT - Mystery of the Traub Motorcycle
OT - Old Photo - Inside Buick Motor Company Shop
OT - Old Photos - My Kind Of Used Car Lots
Old Photo - Model T Era Motorcycle Cannonball Baker San D...
Old Photo - Ford Verses 'Native American's' - That's Ind...
OT - Ford's first magneto:
Old Photo - Brass Era Speedster
21 coupe body wood
Magneto Lights Switch Problem
Old Photo - Spotswood Fire House
Old Photo - Lady Mechanic At Work
Model T airplane starter
Old Photo. American House (but not in America)
OT - Can anyone help I.D. These pics?
Power to weight ratio
Ford TT/STOWE conversion
Model T Watercolor
Forum members 1 day only free shipping from Bob's Antique...
Homecoming Link
Message for Adrian Whiteman , N.Z.
Front axle of Cross Country racer
Paint question 26 27 Improved Ts....
Snowmobile skis
Exhaust Manifold Warp and Exhaust Port Erosion
Timer spring missing, temp fix wanted
Crossing the Missouri River.
Bendix stop nut thread
Rootlieb speedster fenders
New bearing setup hitting drive shaft tube
Transmission disassembly
Car Died
Metallurgy question regarding roadster pickup irons
Twin Engine Hill Climb/Racer Ford Powered
Old Photo - Brass Era, They'd Walk A Mile For A Camel
Front hub bolts
Sorry - OT but is this a Model A?
Photos from The Henry Ford
TT rear end oil???
1924 Fordor Mixture Control missing
Rands windshield tags
OT - The passing of A. Y. Malcomson, 1923
Old Photo - North Syracuse Fire Dept. Truck
Lewkowicz Convertible body 1914-Ad
1915 Horn Location
1921 and 1950 Fords, just sharing a photo
Old Photo- Brass in the Outback of Oz.
Old Photo. Car Park South Oz Horse Races
OT - Old Photos - Vintage Women and the Automobile
Old Photo - Old Ford Meets New Ford
Model T Snowmobile gatherings 2014
Montier Ford - latest news
Is this a 1914 Studebaker
Is this correct for a '25 model T?
OT - Are these the patent drawings for this magneto?
Timer Elevator Linkage
Old photo - Model T Era Shell Gas Station
Rivits brake shoe
Paragon Ragtime Orchestra..... and Model T's !!!
Old Photo- Outback Mailman and Car.
Drive shaft housing
Finishes for wood pickup bed
Switching to a Ruckstell
Old Photo - Checking The Water Pump
You never know what you will find in your T engine...
Pop ups
Old Postcard - The Fish Keep You Busy Here!
Very Interesting T Engine Governor
OT - About a Photo, Powerhouse Museum
Maximum Piston to cylinder clearance
Old Photo- Accident in Adelaide
Have you seen this before
T's and Four Legged Family Members
Clincher Rims - Out of Round
TT Truck Tipper Bed, Can you identify its maker?
Old photo - Brass Era Sakesman's Box Roadster
Wiring Harness
Pa Kettle's Speed Shop - A Painting
OT - Interstate battery ad. Name the tune.
Model TT 26 rivets on brake
Model TT 26 rear wheels
Some new products fro our buddy Jay
OT- found unrestored burned rusted Ferrari estimate 2 mil...
Old Photo-Tornado Twisted T
Old Photo, lets hear it for early roads
Inside GrandPa's
OT - Falcon In A Tree
OT - Early Ford Model N reviews
Old Photo, OT, this looks very dangerous
KRW question
Love the accessory advertising
Slow speed notch pin
OT - Win a free Ford, in June 1906
OT - Ford Tri Motors
Old Photo - Brass Era Modified Tourabout
Old Photo - During an anniversary celebration in 1933, Fo...
Brass Tire Pump
Four wheels drive model T
OT - UP 4014 Steam Locomotive Scheduled Move This Month.
Old Photo - Model T In North Korea
Muffler Kaboom
Checking spokes for looseness
Old Photo, love the hats, Ford?
Old Photos, more trucks
OT - an art project for the kids, big or small
1907 Model R sells at Barrett Jackson Auction
Do you recognize these rear fender 1915 Coupelet
Ran When Parked
Keeping your feet dry-Photo
What is the correct name for this style washer ?
Old Photo. The mail won't go through today!
Some new products from our buddy Jay
Old Photos, Lizzy in Ukia
Top bows
Floor boards
1925 Model TT Out in the Muck
Kim Dim Lights for the Ford-Ad
OT Laurel and Hardy
Original AC Smith band adjusters ad
Help identifying Bench seat for Nathan (fm 2013)
Did Ford offer stakes for the '25-'27 roadster pickups?...
You can do almost anything with a Ford-Photo
Old Photo - Liberty Girls
OT - Watch clip at Fordbarn
Old Shorpy Photo
Old Ford T in water
Stutzmans Wheel Shop
Old Photo. Driving on a Sandy Track
Journey's End
Dimensions of Transmission shaft 1913 Model T
Transmission gears?
Farewell, Friends
Old Photos, Wood Lake
2014 National Tour
Removing 50+ year old tires
Spindle Arm Install
Enrichening Mixture to Start. Carb Needle Photo.
Cotter Pin Straps for Top
Doing something AWESOME to the spokes and wood!!!!! :D
Hard starting T
Old photo - hunting
Old Photo - Garrard's Auto Repair
T and OT informative/interesting advertising site
Some kind of towncar-Photo
Old photo - auto polo older than I thought
Old Photo - American Volunteers In France WW1
Steering Gear Case Cover
'Better" rear axle sleeves
OT - who was the forum member who was so good at research...
Old photo - baby watching the corner
OT - Old Photos - “Big Bertha” – Admiral Byrd’s Amazing S...
Old Photo - looks Fordish?
OT - another high/low tension magneto thread with 1906 ex...
Mid-winter seminar, 2014
Old Photo - Nearly naked T.
1912 Starting Problems - Magneto problem?
Timing gear covers
Reference pictures for Ford Model T tools and parts source ?
OT - anyone here a golf cart guru?
I thought I'd heard them all !!!!!
Anyone selling Models, Parts, Photos, anything related to...
Something to consider for the guys who heat with wood
Old Photo - various folks and Fords
Engine/Transmission Stuck
Magneto double stack coilring rebuild.
HELP-Seeking Model T owner in Australia or New Zealand
OT - Lets make a deal TV show
Model r sells at Barrett&Jackson
Old photo - non T, shoulda bought a ford
Trip Up Country
Explaining Ford Component Sales, 9000 licensed parts
Purpose of Cowl Lights
Fore wheel brake ad
I need help installing valve springs
Running (lapping) crank
Uncle Stan comes through again: Here's Howe
Need Help Identifying Parts
Air filter - starting
Brass windshield frame
Old photos, getting planked.
Dennis Prince Niece
OT - Model T's in a older Christmas movie
"New" book. Anyone know this one?
Help Identifying Parts
OT - Old Photos - The Fageol Safety Coach – A Fascinating...
Should I buy another T?
Old Photo - One For The Road
OT - Heat riser question, but model A
A joystick for your Ford
1924 Rajo ad
Any idea what this part is?
OT - Rawhide Cam Gear in our Model K
OT - to check out a car for my son
AWOL: David R. Currier of Richard A. Currier's Horseless...
OT - Could this be Harvey Firestone's Ford?
What did you do on your T today 2014
OT - Are Chrome Nickel Steel and Vanadium Steel....
Old Photo- Car off the road.
OT - how many cars had magnetos in 1906? If you didn't l...
So How Many Cell Phone Photos Per Mile Do You Get Driving...
OT - Energy saving light bulbs
Tbay Shipping
A brand mew Model T Snowmobile-Photo
How can I keepcats away from open car?
For the person looking for flaired running board shields
Old Photo - Five Random Period Photos Of People Posing
Electrifying gas headlights,the early years-Ad, and an in...
1920 Amesbilt body-Ad
Model T Literature dealer lots of T stuff for sale
Magnents vs oil slingers
This might be where the Doctor's coupe idea came from-Pho...
Modern seal for cam shaft
Burning in Machine 1920-Ad
Sun Visor for 1925 Fordor
South Carolina Truck Registration Card
Vintage Ford
Hardware List
Old Photo - Going Golfing
OT - Ford models that we've never seen.......
Old photo - is it reversed?
Old Photo - Shorty Racing Ford.
Old Photo - Kids Toy Speedster
Upholstery question
Old Photo - Just got my new "Ford kit"
Model T spark plugs?
Anyone need a space at the Turlock Swap meet Jan 25 & 25?...
Frontenac anyone?
Old Photo - Winter Cover Touring Car
3 door cars
TT wrecker question
Ford calendar for 1916
Speedster on ebay
Loose Magneto Terminal
OT - stupid old pcv valve anyways
OT - Washington 1916 License plate
New Book: "The Model T in Trouble", Any Reviews?
Look what stowed away across the Atlantic
The Becker special lives finally!!
OT - but era correct 1911 Aviator-Photo
Jim Hycner's Paint procedure
OT- Old Photos - An Exceptional Automobile – The 37/90 Me...
Old Photos - The “Universal Car” – Wintertime Conversions...
Old Photo - distract with bushes while steeling light?
Looking for KRW Bars
Old Photo - A Good Days Hunt
23 sedan
OT - The day the "stuff" hit the fan at Ford Motor Compan...
Diameters of the driveshaft sleeve
Sears & Roebuck Rebuilds
OT - New Scam ...
OT - what car would have used a rim spreader larger than ...
Extra oil line to the front of engine
1912 Time Capsule
Ford Headlight Bulbs
OT - 1908 Aerocar Project
OT - Hot Chocolate for He Men and T Men
Old photo - wow volkswagon is older than I thought
Old Photo - The Union Christian Church Plymouth Vermont, ...
My Other Wrecker
OT - sorta, argument
Rear axle: A Happy Surprise
Nickel Plating
Clutch pack
Problem withnew babbited rods
Ain't a woofing!-Photo of electric light conversion
Old Photo - A Boring Job
Rare Apco Oil Gauge
Speedster plans
Geezer Test
1915 Roll Up Rear Curtain?
OT - but rings true for many of us T'ers, Good Laugh
Looking for OHV set up
What is this manifold/head setup?
Zam Losure Is this a Farmer's Ferrari?-Photo
Tire wear
Old Photo - Roadside Posing With A Coupe
Sad end of coil box factory
Sad end of coil box factory
TT door
Odd rod
Old Photo - Bird Watching
Old Photo - Snow And No Shoulders
Steering Gear Case Rod Tabs
1929 Model A Wishbone
Old Photo - Grumpy Uncle Ernie
Temuka New Zealand Ford dealer pictures
OT - The Famous Ford Racers
Snyder's Connecting Rods
1908 becomming 1909 with Little Nemo
Can a T run too cold?
Ed's 27 Fordor Continued.....
Old Photo - Seven Random Photos Of People Posing
David Huson... Model T on the cover of Magazine ?
Old Photo, garage again
Four model Ts at 16,400 feet
New Coil Points
OT - 1915 Mail Truck USPS
Inside oil line
Model T Rim replacements 450 x 21
Open Runabout frame to firewall bracket dimensions
OT - Step Keys
RHD transmission parts, how many interchange with LHD?
Making Some Progress Fabricating AC Brake Parts
Old Photo, seen before, coke with ice
Regulator for MC tank?
Old Photo, no necks, must be cold
So if you like old motorcycles, how about a Thor-Photo
Heads up two Model T Touring seem reasonable on Ebay
Old Photo, Shop to full? No problem.....
Anyone have a decent set of used 30X3.5" tires??? :-)...
Worn out 30 x 3.5
Old Photo, more airless tires.
Solar powered Ford
Old Photo, another nifty shop
New tool - rear axle
Old Photo - Joy riding near Ashland Oregon, circa 1915
OT - the first Ford Taxi?
Friction shocks vs panhard/j-bars
Thrust Washers
Condition of my wheels????? :-)...
1912 touring
Old Photo - This Is One Of....Kilgore's Better CARS
Wheel restoration - 1924 Coupe
Early Touring better detail-Photo
Battery box
How to lean carburetor
Early Touring-Photo
Old Photo - pre 'T' in Western Australia
Just the right color for your T
OT - Non-Ford headlight lenses
OT - looking for the February 1907 Motor magazine issue
***UPDATE*** A Goldmine of Model T Information :-)...
Date of origin
Don't be a Mark
OT - Survey request
Old Photo - Non-Ford, too clear not to post
OT - Early Mail Truck
Lincoln Maine cars-Photo
Old Cast Iron Warford
Finished My AC Brake Installation Today
Old Photo - Ducky!
1913 Hood
T Block on E-Bay cast the same day as mine 11/22/13
OT - hint for failed furnaces
Anyne know what this is?
OT - I'm 69 today
Model T snowmobile on MSN today
Show & Tell, Swap & Sell at Museum
Old Photo - 1920's Repair Shop Scene
Automobiling Under Difficulties, Let's trust to the ponie...
OT - Pip Squeek competitor to the Model T - The Hupmobile...
Dickson Center Garage NY-Photo
Old Photo - Gals And Guns Auto Camping
Profile picture
Hey Royce,
The five dollar day...
Looong bed Ford-Photo
Old Photo - Proud New FORD Owners
Yakima County Granger Garage-Photo Free Air!!!!
Lights Slow to come on Bright
1918 Connecticut License
Repotting ignition coils
Question about 26 -27 Ford brake/tail light mounting bra...
OT - 1930s Asphalt Paving Old works with New
The Olympic Garage France-Photo for Oliver
Great sisters! Jackpot!
Another Forum member gone
Today's Ride
The solution to what color do I paint my car.
OT - Exceptional Early Aircraft and Engine Photos
Interesting Shock Absorbers
One of the Neatest Old Photos of a Model "T" Around
1927 Historical T starting on the road back.
What to expect
Introduction and babbit service in the West
Temperature in Holland
Dunn weights
Model T fuel gauge
How To Work Weaver Tire Changer
Danville Maine Bick's Garage-Photo
Headlight Rims Circa '17 to '21
1919 centre door sealing
1918 Connecticut Registration For a 1913 Model T
Along the road-Photo
Error drawn, but how many?
Model A in Surf City
OT - Snow Joke
Old Photo - Period Used Car Lot
Model T's on Downton Abbey
Lime A Way cleaning product
Turlock swap meet
Riding Mechanic
Don't forget the Early Bird Swap Meet
Lime A Way cleaning product
Head Bolts for Sherman SuperFire Head
Why no residue of Babbits in this engine block
Older T 'er needs some help
All right you detectives-Photo
Old Photo - Down Home In A Ford
Channel Green color sample
Snowmobile Attachments For Ford Cars And Trucks
OT - Temperatures
OT - Anderson letter about the new Ford Motor Company, 1903
1907 Ford 6 cylinder for sale
Old Photo - Family Ford
Gray Davis Starter Generator
My favorite Picture
2013 Forum
Did I blow this alternator?
Stupid Question of the Day....
Illustrations from Coupelet to Coupe
Stupid Question of the Day....
OT: "Motor - Puzzle". Win a free $3,000 Winton
Account no longer required to post?
Clock on 1914 Touring
Setup for rear axle gear removal
Tire Sizes
OT - Old advertisements and magazine covers
Hose Clamps
An odd-sized grease cup
Firewall Measurements
Model T question
Perfect-O-Lite headlight bulbs "see around a corner" Acc...
How cold will your T go.
Channel Green Formula per PPG Prophet Analyzer
OT - Snow in St. Louis
Wife made a T quilt for me.
My First Coupelet Milestone
Speedster with modified front axle-Photo
Seen on 130 Toll road Austin TX
Budd-Michelin wheels for Fords-Photo
Exact date of manufacture?
Old Photo - Vintage Dual-Sport
OT - 1906 Car Advertisements and link
Search not working?
A K R Wilson Hand crank coil tester HCC
Customozed roadster-Photo
Holiday 1927 Pickup
Old Photos - Mr. Bibendum, The Michelin Man and the Story...
Interesting "Traveller" on ebay
Off topic,why I was researching dump mechanisms a while back
Robe Rail in 1927 touring. Mounting suggestions. ???
The First Serious Storm of the Year
Rare Roof Model T Ford Racing Car Photos Found
Model T handicapped driver photo
2014 Forum ???
Assembling 1920 front fenders - assembly drawing needed
Odd radiator shell-Photo
Head bolt torque
1926 - 27 tie rod rubbing on radius rod what do I need
OT - 1907 Car Specifications, Including Ford
Minimum OD on transmission drums
Trunk lid and rear bumper
Rudy Valle the sensation of the decade
Does anyone reconize this model T?
OT - for Bob McDonald
Illustrations from Coupelet to Coupe
Top iron pins
1925 Touring windshield rubber gasket (between glass)...
OT - computer security for 2014 great article
Different snowmobile-Photo
Mini Van
Old Photo - How Many Girls can you put on a Model "T" ?? ...
OT - Ya gotta love smart people
T to A intake/exhaust conversion issue
Why are there no .050 and .070 Pistons or rings
OT but of interst of this generation
Cold up here all the toys in the barn
Speedometer cable assembly - its easy right?
Bent Bendix Spring - Usable or Not?
Old Photo - Bucking Ford Smiths
Another 26 Fordor restoration-window cranks
Top kit for pickup Bed drawing needed.
Top iron pins
Old Photo - Here's For A New Ford
Doctors coupe on craigslist
Rear Spring Shackles - Are they hard to removet & install...
Model T Era Trailer Plans
Steering column thread
Top kit for pickup Bed drawing needed.
Clutch pedal free travel
My favorite Picture
Suitable HCCT Meters available on eBay
Old style lift available in South CentralTN
Continued from the 2013 thread “New Model N Project”
Top rest 21 roadster
Happy New Year to All, Still looking for a TT aux trans
Researching my 1923 TT
Dome Light switch location for the '26 - '27 Fordor
F.Y.I Craigslist find T Wheels
Happy new year!
The forum is a public posting area?
Looking back at 2013
Link to 2014 Forum
Alternator on 1916
Some model T (and model A) memories...
Thank You All
The original town car photo collection
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