2013 Lufkin TX T Party

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Top of pagePrevious messageNext messageBottom of page Link to this message  By Sandra Ruhmann on Thursday, October 10, 2013 - 06:09 pm:

Wednesday morning started off over-cast and muggy. Early Bird Tour Day. Nothing was planned to start until 10am when the downtown businesses opened. We had several options of museums to go and visit:
Texas Forestry Musuem...Shows the progress of the locomotive and lumber industry. Museum of East Texas...History of Angelina County and a Photography Exhibition. Ellen Trout Zoo and Antique Shops. For those interested there was a car show at the Pine Crest Retirement Center., and to our pleasant surprise. Richard and Billie Thompson were there to help reminis about the good times in the club and all the fun they had with their Model Ts. Then in the early evening Al Meyer Ford treated us to a ‘burger burn’. Thanks to Richard Smiley, of the Blue Bell Creamery, for bringing Blue Bell Ice Cream for dessert.

Thursday started out foggy and heavy with dew. Heading to Rusk and picture day. A great drive straight from Lufkin to Rusk, through the piney woods of East Texas. Getting to Rusk, we go to the Texas State Railroad Museum. We were to take pictures in front of the steam locomotive, but had to wait thirty minutes for them to turn the engine around to begin because the engine was facing the wrong direction. It is a working 1901 Steam Engine, which pulled us up the track from Rusk to Maydell where we had lunch provided while we rode. When we reached Maydell we were able to see the 1890 Turntable. The turntable is so balanced that it is said a ten year old girl can push the turntable around. In the railroads hey-day Texas governors would ride in a special car and each window had buttons that when pushed would let the kitchen staff know they needed something and the buttons still work til this day. The T Party had the whole train reserved and were able to walk back and forth between all the air conditioned cars. That evening when we got back to the hotels, the Committee had a room reserved for any who wanted to go, at Ralph and Kacoos, and fun was had by all. While we were at supper we heard the news that Ted and Janis Dumas and their daughter Dorinda, of the Dallas Club, had been in a terrible accident, where a modern vehicle came over the hill and ran into the back-end of their T. Ted had to be life flighted to Tyler Memorial because of a head injury and road burns on his hands and one arm from being ejected from the car. His daughter and wife were taken to local hospitals with minor cuts and bruises and released the next day. They thought he might need skin grafts on his face but the stitches are healing just fine. He stayed in the hospital all weekend just to make sure everything was ok, and as of this article he was in good spirits and thought he might be released on Monday following T Party.

Friday was a very interesting and educational day with several museums on the itinerary. First stop was the Naranjo Museum, named after Anthropologist Dr. Neil Naranjo who told an interesting story of a time he was being interviewed for an article and his wife came in with a dinosaur leg and became the hi-light of the interview. The Naranjo is set up to journey through Earth's earliest beginnings, to the dinosaurs, to the age of mammals and to the age of man. Next was the History Center which is made possible by the Lumber Industry around Diboll - Home of Temple Inland. Leaving the Center we head to Sam Rayburn Reservoir for lunch at the Cassels-Boykin Pavillion. We had a catered lunch of fried fish, cole slaw, pinto beans, hush puppies, and peach cobbler for dessert. Upon leaving the reservoir we were instructed to head to Mission Delores. The mission is located in San Augustine, Tx., and was founded by the Spanish as a mission for the Ais Indians, a division of the Caddo Indians. Afterwards we could go into San Augustine and do some shopping at some of the antiques stores. Then it was home to the hotel for supper on your own and rest up for the next days tour.

Saturday started off with a nice little chill in the air but not cool enough for a jacket. But it got HOT fast. We traveled to Nacogdoches where we parked behind the Visitors Bureau and were able to walk around town and do some shopping before going to lunch at Clear Springs Restaurant. At the restaurant we were treated to a special menu just for the T Party. After lunch we drove over to Millard's Crossing, a pioneer settlement, established by Lera Millard Thomas, wife of Congressman Albert Thomas. After the Congressman's death she became the first woman in Texas to serve in the US Congress. After leaving the settlement, it was back to the hotels to load up the cars and get cleaned up for the banquet.

The gentlemen cleaned up pretty good and the ladies, as always, were dressed beautifully. At the banquet last year Rosemary Stokley won a beautiful turquoise dress at the auction. She was proudly wearing it this year. As a surprise the gentleman that designed and made the dress for his wife was at the banquet as well. Another one of the hi-lights this year were the unexpected guest. We had two gentlemen from Australia, who had come over to Colorado to buy a Model T, a 1924 or 25 Model T Roadster, and saw our event going on and called Dave Lucas to see if they could join in on the fun. Dave said sure and they showed up and they said they had a great time.

Well, that's another TX T Party under our belts. Hope to see all of you next year in San Angelo.

Happy and safe tooling, til we meet again!

By Sandra Ruhmann

Top of pagePrevious messageNext messageBottom of page Link to this message  By Ken Kopsky, Lytle TX on Thursday, October 10, 2013 - 08:36 pm:

Great write up but where's the pictures? :-)

Top of pagePrevious messageNext messageBottom of page Link to this message  By Royce in Dallas TX on Thursday, October 10, 2013 - 08:48 pm:

Pictures of day 3 are here:

http://www.modelt.org/mtfcivb/showthread.php/157-Texas-T-Party-Lufkin-TX-Day-3-p ictures

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