1911 Catalog

Ford Model T Touring Car
Fully Equipped, $780. Unequipped, $700


  THE people have known the FORD car for eight years. One of the first half dozen cars built in America was designed and built by Henry Ford. The FORD is not and never was an imitation; it was designed from distinctly original ideas, and from the first car built through each succeeding year, the FORD has pointed the way for others to follow in practically every important step in automobile advancement. It has always been a leader, a progressive force, vitally instrumental in improving the motor car and lowering the price to the people. The FORD owner has always enjoyed the distinction of driving the most modern car-and the best one.
The manufacturing facilities and the output of the FORD factories have grown enormously in eight years. 20,000 FORD Model T cars were sold in 1910, and we will build and sell 30,000 more FORD Model T cars in 1911. There is not a good sized town in America, not an important city throughout the civilized world, where FORD cars are not in use—a credit to their name; and the name FORD stands for quality as definitely as the sterling mark on silver. It has meant motor car quality longer than a great majority of automobile manufacturers have been in business. We want you to know why the FORD car always has been, and always will be, the people’s car; the car they have known longest and best; the car that has always merited and received to a remarkable extent, their confidence, good will and patronage.

Ford Model T Torpedo Runabout
Fully equipped, $725. Unequipped, $645


  SATISFACTORY purchase is dependent on two things-the article itself and the concern from which you buy. We are buyers, of course, and we believe the same general motives will influence your purchase of an automobile, that would decide us in the selection of something we need. You certainly prefer, as we do, to buy from an absolutely reliable concern, and you want the best the market affords at the lowest consistent price. Just a word, then, first. of the Ford Motor Company, its responsibility, its interest in and service to its customers.
Henry Ford was the first to realize the possibility of a car for all the people; that the automobile, like the piano, might be made a commodity, something every family might own and enjoy. He began the task eighteen years ago, not as a philanthropist, but as a business man. He has achieved an enviable reputation as both. He has made it possible for thousands to own and enjoy an automobile, who without his genius and labor could never have bought one.
The Ford Motor Company was organized in June, 1903, being one of the pioneers of the industry. Today its business represents an investment of nearly $8,000,000. Its sales for 1910 were $20,000,000. Its magnificent new plant is one of the largest and most complete automobile factories in the world. Its immense investments and operating expenses are not dependent on a dollar of outside capital. It has no loans, mortgages, bond issues nor debts of any kind. Its business is financed solely from its own capital and surplus.
The Ford Motor Company is not of the mushroom variety, to flourish and die after a brief existence. The personnel of its organization, its vast financial resources, the integrity of all its policies and motives, combine to assure its customers absolute protection, satisfaction and the fulfillment of all promises.

Ford Model T Open Runabout
Fully equipped, $680. Unequipped, $600


  THE foregoing facts will serve to explain how the Ford Motor Company can and does maintain a service for FORD owners that is prompt, efficient and nearly as world-wide in its scope as the Government Postal Service. The extraordinary strength and simplicity of FORD construction minimizes the question of repairs, but if an accident necessitates a new part, no matter to what model of a FORD car it belongs, a telephone to the nearest FORD dealer will promptly bring the part. All FORD dealers are under contract to carry an adequate stock of FORD parts for the sole purpose of quick service to FORD owners.
We maintain a big distributing plant at Kansas City, Mo., and one at Long Island City, N.Y., with branch houses and large dealers in all the leading cities of the world, and we are represented by dealers in thousands of the smaller towns. In this way we assure the FORD owner double protection against excessive cost and the annoyance of delay. A repair part in the FORD is rare, but if one is needed it is to be had with the least possible delay and expense.
The Ford Motor Company is engaged solely in the ‘manufacture of ONE GOOD CAR. All its immense resources, every man, every machine, every effort, every thought, is concentrated upon the famous FORD Model T; The greatest mechanical mind in the automobile industry has been steadily and surely developing this one standard model, until a car for the people has become a reality—FORD Model T—the best car in the world at a price the people can pay.
If prestige, reputation, service and long experience counts for anything, there is no risk whatever involved in the purchase of a FORD. A brief synopsis of the essential features which have made the FORD car, with its price, the greatest achievement in the history of the automobile industry will give you many more reasons why you should buy the FORD Model T.

Ford Model T Roadster
Fully equipped, $680. Unequipped, $600


  THE FORD motto is “High priced quality in a low priced car.” Quality first, last and all the time, together with the lowest consistent price. FORD quality has never been sacrificed that the price might be made attractively low.
No manufactured product ever made good without quality back of it. An inferior product, regardless of price, cannot succeed. Enormous advertising expenditures will not keep it going. Quality sold the first FORD cars in 1903. Quality has sold all FORDS since then. FORD quality has increased our sales and output from a few hundred cars in 1903 to 30,000 cars in 1911, and so made our lower prices possible with a quality car at a quantity price.
The FORD is the lightest weight and strongest in construction of any car built—size, power and capacity considered—because it is made of Vanadium steel. Light weight means a great saving in gasoline, the longest possible tire service and the least wear and tear on the motor. The light weight FORD will climb hills and run through deep sand and mud with an ease impossible to heavy cars.
The FORD is called the Vanadium Steel Car, as all essential parts are made of Vanadium steel. Special FORD Vanadium Steel is the highest development in steel making. It is unusually light, possesses tremendous strength, and is especially remarkable for its ability to withstand the extreme shocks, jolts and vibrations to which an automobile is subjected. Vanadium steel does not crystallize nor become brittle from vibration, nor does it snap suddenly when least expected. Vanadium, as an alloy, supplies a toughness and elasticity that is astonishing. For example, a bar of cold Vanadium steel, so hard that it will cut glass like a diamond, may be placed in a powerful machine and bent into a perfect knot.

Ford Model T Town Car
$1200 with equipment of 3 oil lamps, horn, and tools only


  Each steel part in FORD Model T cars contains the exact proportion of Vanadium needed and is specially tempered for the particular work it has to do. FORD engineers have been experimenting for years and have spent more than $200,000 to determine a perfect heat-treating and cooling formula for each part, and the new FORD plant includes one of the most modern and complete equipments in the world for heat-treating, cooling and testing steel.
Vanadium steel is the most expensive of any steel made. We use special FORD Vanadium steel in axles, shafts, springs, gears, levers and all load and strain bearing parts in the FORD Model T. The unstinted use of this remarkable metal is another example of “High priced quality in our low priced cars.”
The FORD motor, the FORD ignition system, the FORD transmission and all the important elements of the FORD car are distinctive FORD ideas. Let the FORD dealer prove this statement by showing you in detail, the construction of the car. Ask him all the questions you may think important. Let him give you a ride in the car over good and bad roads and demonstrate definitely the superior riding qualities and the simple, easy operation of the Model T. We recommend, we urge injustice to yourself that you compare the FORD, part for part, with any other car; investigate and verify our claims of superiority and then you will know that the FORD Model T is the lightest and strongest in construction, the cheapest to maintain, the most reliable day or night, the most practical for town or country, the best and the lowest priced four cylinder car in the world.

Ford Model T Coupe
$1050 with equipment of 3 oil lamsp, horn, and tools only


  Many people claim that a strictly high grade motor car can not be made and sold at the FORD price. They say it’s impossible, but we are doing it. Not only that, but we are making a better car each year and reducing the price to you. We are able to accomplish what others can not, because of unlimited financial resources and manufacturing facilities with the constructive genius and practical knowledge of how to use them, an enormous demand for FORD cars and the thoroughly equipped selling organization to promptly and satisfactorily meet that demand.   The new FORD plant has a daily capacity of 300 cars. Time and labor-saving machinery and methods are being constantly invented and installed. One huge machine bores fifteen cylinders simultaneously and with marvelous precision. The same idea of exact uniformity and economy governs the making of all parts. We take advantage of all cash discounts and buy our materials in immense quantities that command the lowest prices. In short, we profit by every economy known to modern manufacturing and available to unlimited buying powers.
People buy FORD cars because they are better than other cars, not because they are cheaper, but their decision is made doubly easy because of the FORD price.
30,000 cars cost us less to build per car than 20,000. While there is no saving in cost of materials or labor, the fixed charges in operating a plant turning out 30,000 cars are only a little more than when the output is 20,000; therefore, the greater our output each year, the less each car costs us because of this overhead economy.
Instead of adding this saving in overhead expense to our profits, we give you the full benefit of it by a decided reduction in the selling price. If we continue in the future as we have in the past, to enjoy the patronage and confidence of the people, we can and will continue to make a better car at a lower price as our interests are mutual.


  The Engine in the Model T is a 4 cylinder, 4 cycle with 3-3/4 inch bore, 4 inch stroke and rated as 20 horsepower. Rated in accordance with the now generally accepted formula for determining horsepower, d2 x n / 2-1/2, or the square of the diameter of one cylinder multiplied by the number of cylinders and the result divided by 2-1/2, the horsepower of the Model T is 22-1/2. Cylinders are cast in one block and with water jackets and upper half of crank case integral. The water jacketed cylinder head is detachable, rendering easily accessible all pistons, cylinders and valves.
The tower half of the crank case is of pressed steel and extended so as to form the bottom housing for the magneto, flywheel, transmission and universal joint.
The flywheel is back of the transmission and in addition to performing its functions, it serves as a support and rotor for the gears, and likewise supports and revolves the magnets, all of which gears and magnets are included in the weight of the flywheel, thereby materially reducing the weight of the car.
Crank and cam shafts are each made from a single piece of non-welded, drop-forged Vanadium steel, specially heat treated in our own plant.
Pistons are each carefully built to perfect accuracy, with rings of the desired fitness to produce the highest lubrication and compression results. Commutator is in front. Cooling is by thermo-siphon system.
Lubrication is by a combination of splash and gravity that is simple and effective.


BRAKES—Two sets: (a) Service band brake operates on the transmission and is controlled by a foot pedal; (b) Emergency brake is controlled by hand lever at side of car acting on the drums of rear wheels.
CLUTCH—Multiple steel discs, operating in oil.
CONTROL—Three foot pedals. By pressing the first pedal “C” the slow speed is applied; by releasing, it is in the high speed. The center pedal “R” is for reversing the car. The third pedal “B” is the brake.
The FORD Model T can be entirely manipulated either by use of the pedals or by the controlling lever at the side of the car. The carburetor lever and throttle just under the steering wheel will regulate the speed of the car from a walk to 40 miles an hour, without shifting a lever or applying the foot pedals.
COOLING—Thermo-siphon and fan.
CRANK CASE—Upper half integral with cylinder casting. Lower half of pressed steel and extended to form lower housing for magneto and transmission.
EQUIPMENT—The Touring Car, Torpedo Runabout, Open Runabout and Roadster include at the fully equipped prices, a top, automatic brass windshield, speedometer, two gas lamps and generator, three oil lamps, tubular horn and a kit of tools. The Town Car and Coupe equipment include three oil lamps, tubular horn and tools only.
FINAL DRIVE—By cardon shaft with single universal joint to bevel drive gears in live rear axle. FORD three-point system (patented in all countries) with all moving parts enclosed in dust proof casings, running in oil. Vanadium steel throughout.
FRONT AXLE—One piece drop forging in I-beam section, specially heat treated Vanadium steel.
IGNITION—Alternating current magneto, but with no moving parts. Entirely enclosed as an integral part of the engine and running in oil. The FORD magneto always insures a powerful spark. No batteries or dry cells are required.
LUBRICATION—Combination splash and gravity system-simple and effective.
MOTOR—Described in detail on opposite page.
SHAFTS—Crank and cam, non-welded, drop-forged, heat-treated FORD Vanadium steel, with all surfaces ground to absolute accuracy.
SPRINGS—Front and rear, semi-elliptical transverse, all Vanadium.
STEERING—By FORD reduction gear system.
TIRES—Pneumatic; front 30×3 inches, rear 30 x 3-1/2 inches. Standard makes. Best quality. Larger tires than ordinarily used for weight of the car, which means longest service and greatest comfort.
TRANSMISSION—New design FORD spur planetary, bathed in oil. All gears are of Vanadium steel, silent and smooth running in action.
VALVES—Extra large, all on the right side and offset.
WHEEL BA5E—100 inches; tread 56 inches; 60-inch tread for Southern trade when ordered.

All prices f.o.b. Detroit>


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