1912 Ford Factory Facts

The 1912 Ford Factory Facts Booklet
Courtesy of Ron Patterson (“Coilman”)


This booklet was handed out to visitors to the then-new Ford Highland Park Plant. It describes the various operations of the factory and gives some details on certain operations. The text is not entirely accurate but seems to be what Ford wanted people to know. For example:

Henry Ford was not the president of the company in 1903. He was vice-president at the time (withseveral other titles as well). John Gray was president.

The text notes that there will never be any labor problems at the Ford plant because of thehigh pay and comfortable working conditions. In fact there was considerable turnover in workmen due to the harsh working condtions. Their pay in 1912 was typical of the industry. It wasn’t until1914 that Ford introduced the eight-hour, five dollar day.

However, it makes interesting reading. Enjoy.