Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there a fee for visitors or guests
A: No, we waive the Model T Museum admittance fee for this one day only – Saturday of the swap meet. This homecoming is completely free for all guests! We want everyone to join us in celebrating the history of the Model T and vintage transportation.

Q: Do I have to register to attend Homecoming?
A: Nope! Just come and join the fun!

Q. Will there be food available?
A. Yes! We will have Breakfast and Lunch available.

Q: Do you have a list of hotels and campgrounds in the area?
A: Yes, click here for list of Hotels. You can also make reservations through the Wayne County Tourism Bureau at:

Q: How far away from the Museum are the hotels and campgrounds?
A: Click here for a map that shows locations: Here

Q: I have some unique items I would like to show, how can I participate?
A: We’d love to have you participate. Contact us to discuss your collection.

Q: Can I just donate my items to the Model T Museum?
A: While we cannot accept every item offered, we would be happy to discuss the items you would like to donate. Please contact Noah Bevington at 765-488-0026.

Q: Can I sell my items at the event?
A: Yes, if you are registered as a Swap Meet vendor. A large area adjacent to the museum and along the street will be blocked off for vendors. A 10×10 space is $15.
Learn more here.

Q: Is this event only for the Model T Ford?
A: Although we’re a little biased toward the Tin Lizzie, pre-1945 Fords and related products are most welcome to join the event.