Thursday Tour (June 17th):

Elk Ranch Tour in New Paris, Ohio followed by Amish Country Tour

Fill up before you show up!

Our first tour of Homecoming 2021 will take us to Quiet Harmony Ranch.  There are several things to do including a drive thru tour of the ranch to see all the amazing elk, shop at the Trading Post Country store, and eat lunch at the food cabin.  The ranch is opening up just for our group from 11-2 PM.  Admission is $20 with discounts for kids and seniors.

We will then take a tour of the Amish farming community in the Fountain City, IN area with stops at Miller’s Dry Goods, Fountain Acres Foods, JD Hardware, and Countryside Greenhouse.  On our way back to Richmond we’ll also a stop at Warm Glow Candle Company.

Our tour begins at the Model T Museum with a driver’s meeting at 10:15 and the first group of T’s departing thereafter.

For questions or info, call Tour Coordinators Michael Johnson (765-994-1828) or Dave Johnson (765-969-2968)

Friday Tour (June 18th):

Ron’s Machine Shop and Salty Dog Museum in Shandon, Ohio

Richmond to Shandon Route: 43 Miles

Shandon to Richmond Route: 50 Miles

Fill up before you show up!

Take a picnic lunch or order a Tin Lizzie box lunch on Thursday at the Museum.

Leaving the Museum grounds between 9:30-10AM EST.

For questions or info, call Tour Coordinator Jerry Kramer (765)-969-6338