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Love Model Ts? Then you should become a member of the largest Model T Club in the world – the Model T Ford Club of America.

Membership includes:
  • One year (6 issues) of The Vintage Ford magazine, complete with information on all aspects of the hobby including: resources for Model T parts; repair and maintenance information; lists of tours, swap meets, and events; plus many pictures and articles for and about Model T enthusiasts;
  • FREE admission to the Model T Museum, the Vintage Ford Agency Building, and the Bruce McCalley Memorial Library and Research Center;
  • FREE (non-commercial ads on our Forum and 2 FREE (non-commercial classified ads in the Vintage Ford each year;
  • Events and Tours: Join your fellow club members and relive the days of the Model T at national, regional, and local events and tours;
  • Voting Privileges: Members (aged 18 and over) elect our Board of Directors each year;
  • Time Travelers Perks: Your MTFCA membership card can be used at 300+ Time Travelers affiliated museums and sites for discounts and benefits.

NOTE: Ownership of a Model T Ford is not required.

Annual dues are $50.00 for U.S. members, $60.00 for Canadian members, and $65.00 for members in other countries.

* Dues are in US dollars