JAN 1 Acc. 78, Box 1, #91, Acc. 235, Box 39, #91, Ford Archives 30 x 3-1/2 non-skid tires to be supplied by U.S. Tire Co. Branches instructed to use up smooth tires first.

JAN General Letter, Ford Archives A letter to the branches notes that some of the production would be coming through with cast-iron transmission covers. The letter noted that the weight of the car would be twenty-five pounds more with the iron cover. (Surviving examples of seemingly-original cars seems to indicate that aluminum covers continued until about March, 1916.

JAN 21 Acc. 1701. Model T Releases, Ford Archives F/N T-1017 (L) and T-1018 (R) body (firewall) brackets changed to a pressed-steel design to directly replace the forged types of the same part number.

FEB 9 Acc. 78, Box 1, #100, Ford Archives Firestone tires being supplied to branches. 30 x 3 at $10.35; 30 x 3-1/2 at $13.10; less 20% discount.

MAR 16 Acc. 1701. Model T Releases, Ford Archives The T-1017 and T-1018 pressed-steel firewall brackets were discontinued and the older forged type reinstated.

MAR 27 Acc. 575, Ford Archives Use of cotter pins on crankcase discontinued. (They were apparently reinstated at a later date because they were used on later cars.)

AUGUST “Black radiator” era begins.

AUG 14 Acc. 1701. Model T Releases, Ford Archives Steering gear case changed from type “W” bronze to cast steel, and raven finished. Note on September 9 deleted raven finish and now to be finished in black enamel. Specified for “1917” cars. On the same date the material is changed back to type “W” bronze.

SEP 9 Acc. 1701. Model T Releases, Ford Archives The new steering gear case is specified for the Model H truck. Apparently the TT truck was initially called the Model H, and there are many references to this call-out.

NOV 28 Acc. 78, Ford Archives Decision to discontinue asbestos muffler wrap was announced. Mufflers to be painted with F-140 paint.

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