—– Acc. 575, Box 14, #826, Ford Archives Riveted style windshield frame and brackets were used in 1915 and 1916 and on the first 450,000 1917 cars. (Until about April 1917.)

MAR 1 Acc. 78, Ford Archives “New springs (front), hangers and perches, and rear spring hangers eliminate T-218 oilers and require T-2944 oiler.” (Oilers now on the perches and springs instead of on hangers.)

MAR 14 Acc. 78, Ford Archives Mention of new style windshield mounting brackets as having been used, and of the discontinuance of the 1915-16 style for replacement.

MAR 22 Acc. 78. Letter to all branches, Ford Archives “As we expect to paint all bodies black by April 15th, we ask that you kindly give us an inventory of all the F-113 (blue body paint) you now have on hand, and that you do not requisition any more of this material beyond your needs to April 15th.”

MAR 28 Acc. 78, Box 1, Ford Archives New style perches, hangers, etc. now being supplied to the branches. Warns of non-interchangeability of the new parts.

APR 2 Acc. 78, Ford Archives Tire prices increased to $12.75 for the 30 x 3; $16.25 for the 30 x 3-1/2, less 20% discount to branches.

APR 15 Acc. 78, Ford Archives April 17 to be the last issue of the Ford Times.

APR 19 Acc. 78, Ford Archives Windshield hinge (with the unequal length arms) noted.

APR 19 Acc. 78, Ford Archives Brass hub caps no longer available.

APR 24 Acc. 78, Ford Archives One-bolt muffler now in regular production.

APR 28 Acc. 78, Ford Archives “Ford” being cast into many parts to stop bogus parts being sold as genuine.

MAY 10 Acc. 575, Box 11, Ford Archives T-751 triple gear changed to one-piece design. A number of modifications were made until November 25, 1918.

JUN 14 Ford Archives Engine number 2,000,000 built at 1:02 P.M.

JUN 14 Acc. 1701. Model T Releases, Ford Archives Drawing of steering gear box changed. “Brought up to date by specifying this case to be nickel plated instead of black enameled.”

JUL 27 Acc. 78, Ford Archives Model TT (truck) announced at $600 F.O.B., less 15%.

AUG 9 Acc. 78, Ford Archives “About August 15, touring bodies will be supplied with rear seat tool box and frame will be made of wood.”

AUG 21 Acc. 78, Ford Archives Prices: Touring, $360. Runabout, $345. Town Car, $595. Coupelet, $505. Sedan, $645. Chassis, $325. Truck, $600.

AUG 25 Acc. 78, Ford Archives New splash aprons (T-7986, 7987) eliminating clearance stamping at rear. “Perfectly plain from front to rear.” Steering column shafts milled for one key instead of two at the steering wheel.

SEP 10 Acc. 78, Ford Archives Coupelet bodies to have gas tank in rear deck. New design (rectangular instead of oval cross-section) of Touring top sockets and bows.

OCT 1 Acc. 78, Ford Archives Transmission cover with blank clutch hole (not drilled through the right side) in production. A new clutch shaft was required with this change.

OCT 6 Acc. 78, Ford Archives Prices: Touring, $360. Runabout, $345. Town Car, $645. Sedan, $695. Coupelet, $560. Chassis, $325. Truck, $600.

OCT 30 Acc. 78, Ford Archives “Profit sharing” minimum wage reduced to 18 years (from 21).

NOV 1 Acc. 78, Ford Archives 7-leaf front springs to replace former 6-leaf as stock is used up.

DEC 20 Acc. 78, Ford Archives Truck rear frame cross-members were recalled and replaced with stronger design which was identified with an “X”.19

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