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Been there, done THAT!
I have told the story before. Many years ago, at a swap meet, I bought part of an old Bosch magneto. It was missing many pieces, but had a few small parts I needed to repair one I had at home. It also had an impulse on it. So, as I wandered around, cradling the mag in one arm, looking at all the other rusty bits and parts, absentmindedly flipping the impulse with my other hand. I really didn't give it much thought. I sort of assumed that missing as much as it was it wouldn't work at all. However, at some point, I had my fingers in the wrong spot. It worked.
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Been there, DONE THAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bought a mag. on ebay from a seller who listed it as for parts, not working. I was headed out the door to town when the mail man showed up so I opened the box to look it over and wanted to see how good the points were. Turned the shaft about a hair to open the points and it got me good! Next time I will wait till I have time to think about what I am doing BEFORE I do something stupid. :oops:
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