Mangaroa, New Zealand 1920s

Mangaroa, New Zealand 1920s
There is a pretty good probability that my grandfather is the driver here as the old TT heads over the Mangaroa Hill, just out of Upper Hutt, New Zealand. Probably an excursion of the local lads to the horse races (and liquid refreshment too). My grandfather worked for a neighbouring farmer who had the TT but could not drive. After an incident where "Whoa there" did not work when wanting to stop, he let the 'young uns' take the wheel!
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Mangaroa, New Zealand 1920s

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Post by Wayne Sheldon » Mon Feb 11, 2019 4:43 am

Neat story! Thank you for that. In the early decades of the automobile, a lot of people had problems getting used to the new technology. Yelling "WHOA" just did not work?!

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