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Post by StanHowe » Mon Dec 02, 2019 10:53 pm

I just got in off the road for the weekend and have to be gone again tomorrow so I'm going through emails and sitting in front of the computer for a couple minutes before I head out to the shop.

I had a request to post this a week or two ago and didn't get it done, here it is. Enjoy!! Or just laugh and move on.

I wrote this ten years ago so it's been around awhile.

Stan Howe on Wednesday, December 23, 2009 - 05:46 pm:

I just came in from a couple hours in the shop and read the "Christmas" thread. Warming my feet by the computer and composed a little Christmas story to the tune of Jingle Bells. Feel free to add a verse or chorus.

Dashing through the snow, in an open Model T
Over the hills we go, Christmas friends to see,
The snow is deep, the grade is steep but up the hills we'll go,
We'll chain it up if we have to and shift to Ruckstell low.

Sleighbells ring, the coils sing, down the road we'll go,
De-liv-er-ing our Christmas wish to everyone we know.

Hot donuts in a crock, a jug of cocoa, too
A shovel if we have to dig, a deep drift to go through,
A sled and rope behind, we'll give the kids a ride,
They'll stay out to slide down hill while we play cards inside.

Farming's tough and times are rough but we are doing fine,
I've got a Ford and family, a happy life is mine.

The cow is milking good, the hens are laying fine,
We butchered us a big, fat pig, we've bacon in the rind,
The flour barrel is full, not many chores to do,
We've presents to put 'neath the tree and friends to visit, too.

Park the Ford, Coffee's poured, "Howdy, how 'ya do"
"We thought we'd come and spend the day and 'Merry Christmas' you."

I brought my new crib board, a deck of new cards, too,
I know I can outpeg you cause I'm good at "Fifteen-two."
I'll "Fifteen-four" and "Fifteen-six;" my crib will count for four,
I'll maybe let you win one game, then help you with your chores.

Cows to milk, I'll come help you get your chores all done,
I'm only milking mornings now, no hurry to get home.

Gets dark this time of year, right in the afternoon,
We'll stay and have some supper, I think there's a full moon,
Our Ford has got good lights, we'll make it home just fine,
The roads are bad, our Ford is tough, that's the bottom line.

So full of pie I think I'll die, I don't think I could crank,
A Ford and a Monkey Ward battery -- for that I'm darn sure thank --------------- ful.

No matter what the day the weather or the snow,
We've got our Ford and it will start at twenty five below,
We'll wrap the babies up and head back to our home,
When you've a Ford to travel with you never are alone.

What a day, a chance to play and visit with our friends,
Good food to eat and lots of laughs, it's Christmas time again.

Wayne Sheldon
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Post by Wayne Sheldon » Tue Dec 03, 2019 12:51 am

Very nice! Thank you for taking the time Stan. I am sure it will be enjoyed and appreciated by many here.
Happy holidays, Merry Christmas! And all the best to you and all you hold dear. Travel safely.

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