Canadian T Brass Rads Question

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Canadian T Brass Rads Question

Post by nsbrassnut » Fri Jul 03, 2020 7:29 pm

Hi All

I've been collecting info on the Canadian T features for the 1913-16 period. Part to help with the restoration of my '15 T RHD roadster and also to try and figure out what is and isn't appropriate for these cars.

The MTFCI judging guidelines note that the Canadian T brass rads for this period are supposed to have "Made in Canada" on the front plate similar to where the "Made in USA" is on the US models.

However so far I have only seen pictures of one brass rad on a car with the "Made in Canada" on the front plate. I have two complete Canadian brass rads in the barn, one a late 1914 to 1916 style with the Ford Ontario embossing and serial number on the rear tank panel. The other is a late 1915 or 1916 export model with the extra large top tank for “warmer climates”. Both of them have only “Ford” stamped on the front tank plate with nothing below. In addition, I have parts of a couple more and looked over 5 or 6 other local original radiators on a few Ts and everyone has only “Ford” on the front with nothing below. But I have seen them with the embossed Ford Canada on the back tank plate and one with the soldered Ford Canada tag on the bag, but not one has “Made in Canada” on the front.

I also ended up with the brass panels from two Canadian brass radiators with different looking filler necks. No rivets, just soldered on, but the top wrapper and filler neck are flared, not flat where the neck is soldered on.
So I’m wondering what others have seen that have been collecting Ford Canada information.

Some pictures below for comparison and discussion.

Drive Safe

John Page
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Re: Canadian T Brass Rads Question

Post by John Page » Fri Jul 03, 2020 9:20 pm

Here is a link to a Forum Thread from a few years ago.

Best regards, John Page, Australia. ... 1310596803

Colin Mavins
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Re: Canadian T Brass Rads Question

Post by Colin Mavins » Sat Jul 04, 2020 1:29 pm

I have 4 rads 1912 -13 and 3 top tanks all Canadian which are all plain , I have never seen an early brass rad with made in Canada on it. Cheers from Red Hot Manitoba

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