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Battery woes then success

Posted: Mon Sep 02, 2019 10:32 pm
by davidheavner
I had a hard time starting my '20 runabout. The lights would work, the horn would work, but I couldn't get it to crank with the starter. I could hand crank it on battery. I figured it was the battery since it was over 4 years old. Then last week the horn wouldn't work as well as the lights. So, I took myself to the local Tractor Supply today and bought a Traveler 6 volt battery. After the usual choking, it only took two tries and bam, it fired right up. It started better than it had ever started. This is my third battery. The one that came with the car, the one I bought at Tractor Supply four years ago and this one. The battery I bought today at $85.00 with core was twice the price I payed for the first battery I bought four years ago. Oh well, I am just glad there is a place that still sells 6 volt batteries close to home.