Turlock Swap report??

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Turlock Swap report??

Post by david_dewey » Mon Jan 28, 2019 2:14 am

Just realized this was the weekend of the Turlock Swap meet, anyone go and what was it like?
T'ake care,
David Dewey

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Re: Turlock Swap report??

Post by Jeff » Mon Jan 28, 2019 2:29 am

Well... for a first timer it was overwhelming. Weather was perfect. Saturday was slammed with crowds, Sunday not so much. Apparently I have friends in high places so I got a vendor wrist band and got in Friday nite. I got one of the last RV spots to be had as traffic sucked on 99 and it took 5 hours to get there from Santa Rosa.

I bought a bunch of tools. Full 2 tank oxy setup with cart, 20 misc tips, regulators/gauges/hoses, etc for $170. Two 1921 matching lic plates $125. Dual bench grinder and nice tall custom stand $20. Model T side mirror $20. misc polishing tools, carbide grinder tips - $10, shop stools, and a giant (huge) bag of “well used” rags for $10.

And a $10 corn dog, of course! You had to search for T stuff but it was there to be had. I’m glad I brought a wagon.

I’d go again.

1921 Touring
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Re: Turlock Swap report??

Post by WorldChamp1914 » Mon Jan 28, 2019 2:45 am

It was good

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Re: Turlock Swap report??

Post by Fordfarm » Mon Jan 28, 2019 3:33 am

Found a top frame for the 1925 pickup.

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Re: Turlock Swap report??

Post by CDHing » Mon Jan 28, 2019 6:15 am

Not a lot of Model T part activity as there use to be in past years.

I did buy part of a 1919-ish (has a hole for the starter button) Roadster body section to complete my Roadster. The part hauler golf carts were not around when I needed them to move my find so instead I got the services of three High School Volunteers who were assisting at the swap meet. They really came to my rescue and lugged this complete seat section out to the parking lot and into my Jeep. I wanted to tip them for their service but they weren't allowed to accept because they were performing their community service hours and were on the clock as parking lot attendants and shopper aides for the swap meet. They were a really great group of kids. After they helped stow my purchase away in the Jeep I returned to the swap meet and then that's when I saw all golf cart part hauler buzzing around.

The story on the Roadster body section that I bought was that the seller inherited it and that it had been in storage for decades. The front half had been cut off and the deck section too. It was used as a sofa. So everything was complete with partial sill rails, the top irons with mounts to the top rests (the "L" brackets were missing), original upholstery, sheetmetal fuel tank lid and tool compartment inside. It's so original that I'll need to photograph it thoroughly to document it's construction . The wood framing details don't quite match up with my Mel Miller drawings that I used to build up my roadster so far. There's an unusual bevel where the tool box front board meets the end plates, cut into the end plates. It is American in construction as opposed to being Canadian since the left side was cut and bend around the wood framing to make both sides symmetrical. I was hoping to find an interesting body manufacturer's initial in the top heel plate sheetmetal but it was smooth.

Sorry Duey I still have no pictures available yet. I've got to get my media cards better organized.

Concerning food. I avoided the fairground food and instead drove the short distance to Turlock's historic downtown. It's just the next exit south on 99 from the Fairground. I went to Footer's, a wonderful gourmet Hotdog restaurant with outdoor seating and a creative menu of hotdog variations. They make a hearty chili dog.

Erik Barrett
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Re: Turlock Swap report??

Post by Erik Barrett » Mon Jan 28, 2019 2:52 pm

Business was real slow for us this year. With a few exceptions, Turlock has been a losing proposition for us money wise for many years. As long as dad is up to it, we will come. This was our 43rd consecutive year. There were some bargains to be had. There was a real clean speedster with a Warford I could have driven away for $4000. We picked up some babbit ingots and tools, delivered some completed jobs, so no regrets. Had some lookers on a 1911 T block I had there. Saw many younger generation people looking at T parts and knowing what they were.

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