1909 project for sale

Post parts wanted or for sale here

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1909 project for sale

Post by modeltbrassman » Wed May 20, 2020 7:18 pm

I am going to sell the collection of parts taht i have collected for a 1909 model t touring car.
at the current time I am not going to part the project. Please call 313 919 1939
or text,or sent email detroitsearlybrasscars@gmail.com I am unable to open my voice mail.
there is no simple reason why i have made a choice to simple give up throw in the towel.
I have come to the point with this project that i am finished. My loss anothers gain.

1909 repoduction aluminum body, new,complete with all hardware, door hinges, latches, locks
buggy rail, dog leg top sockets, new top bows, cherry firewall, with mounting hardware.
all new in primer never uncrated.
1909 repoduction, early sq. front fenders, rear fenders early butter fly brackets under rear fenders
early splash aprons, running boards all are new never installed. all primed in boxes
never mounted
1909-10 original hood former, not sand blasted, not primed.
1909-10 original steering column, original steering column frame mount, original tie rod, original drag link
original pitman arm. originalstamped, tie rod and drag link caps. stering wheel small spider.
1909 original 5 1/2 inch front hubs, rear hubs modified to 09 look with tappered axles, repo hub caps
1909-10 early front motor mount remachined to 09-10 style.
1909-1911 original front fender irons, repoduction rear butterfly brackets stub out 6 inches with extra fender irons
1909-10 original frame with corrent running board brackets
1909-10 reproduction gas tank, muffler complete with mounting brackets.
1909-10 late 09 -10 6 rivit baked primed, differential center rebuilt, axleslvery good used, used ring and pinion, needs assembly,
2 piece drive shaft and spool baked primed, rear radius rods baked primed,
1909-10 very early wish bone, blasted prime, later one pc spindles, front axle not blasted not primed, with early ends
welded on, this is how i bought the axle.
1909-10 early intake manifold I believe this is a repo. 4 ball carb.1911=12 exhaust manifold very straight no issues
1909-10 front light forks, one original one repo. side light brackets, rear tailight bracket (repo steel)
1909-10 front engine cover, original 2 pc brass timer.

there is more, not much sense in going on. I am asking fifteen or best reasonaable offer. thank you for reading my posting

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Re: 1909 project for sale

Post by tom_strickling » Wed May 20, 2020 7:52 pm

What don't you have that is still needed?

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Re: 1909 project for sale

Post by ModelT46 » Wed May 20, 2020 9:00 pm

What engine do you have.?

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Re: 1909 project for sale

Post by modeltbrassman » Thu May 21, 2020 7:58 am

There is no motor no transmission no pan
There is a low head, Ford script, no made in USA
On the head

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Re: 1909 project for sale

Post by Wayne Mims » Thu May 21, 2020 9:09 am

I have a 11 Engine with closed valves that came out of a 1909 I was told that they were offered as an upgrade to the earlier cars if so it would make it it perfectly legal for contest for an 09 just a thought

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Re: 1909 project for sale

Post by OilyBill » Fri May 22, 2020 12:09 am

Brassman, I am really sorry you are giving up the project. That is an impressive collection of really rare parts! I am sure you will find a buyer who is eager to carry it forward, at least I sure hope so!
All of us are just temporary custodians of our vehicles. There were many owners before us, and there will be many owners after us. So you can at least be happy in the knowledge that you have launched a car into the future that would never have survived without your interest and efforts.
Every time I work on something, I do the best I can. I may not finish the entire car, but I can start on part of it. And I always hope that whoever gets the car after me, will be grateful for the care that I expended in preserving the sections that I HAVE completed, even if I only got some small section done.
Everyone who gathers parts for a particular project, even if they never do any work on it, has contributed to the hobby, prevented the loss of precious original items, and like I said, has pushed a car forward into the future. It's the only kind of time travel we can actually achieve right now, and most hobbyists don't even think about it that much..
But it is incredibly important, incredibly effective, absolutely worth all the effort.
Your last and final challenge on this contribution is to make sure it gets into the right hands. I can only hope that fortune smiles on you for that part of the car's journey.

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Re: 1909 project for sale

Post by Quickm007 » Fri May 22, 2020 12:04 pm

If you could post pictures it will be nice for a future buyer.
Super Mario Bross ;)

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