I need rims for model tt truck wheels of 20 inches

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I need rims for model tt truck wheels of 20 inches

Post by Mhayes2107 » Sun Nov 08, 2020 2:19 am

I have a 1921 model TT truck that I am restoring. It originally came with the solid rubber tires. They were in extremely poor condition and I wanted to go to regular rubber pneumatic tires.

I should add that the the original wheels that I got were not on the mountable.

I was able to secure the fellows and had the wheels done by George Garraghan in Sonora. The new Spoke wheels and fellow looked great.

However since I was not able to get the rubber off of the rims and since they were not in the mountable I had to come up with a set of rims to go on the 20 inch wheels on the back of the truck. I was able to secure some Hayes wheels and when I had trouble filling them I was told they needed to be “notched“. I did that and the wheels fit except that the welded on bolt keeper does not lineup.That is why I need to get my hands on a set of 20 inch model TT truck rims so I can complete my project.

If anybody has 20 inch wheel rims for a TT truck that they are willing to sell I would be deeply in your

Mhayes2107@gmail.com. Mike