Coil Tester - Spring Special

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Coil Tester - Spring Special

Post by MKossor » Fri Feb 19, 2021 10:49 pm

Order an ECCT with Advances Features Software and Magneto Test Options and...
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Receive a FREE 3 in 1 Coil Point Adjusting Tool
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The New Standard for Testing and Adjusting Model T Coils
Learn how to test and adjust your own coils using the ECCT and keep your Model T engine running at peak performance All year round. The ECCT coil tester is the new standard for coil testing and adjusting Model T coils because it is the Only tool that actually measures the coil dwell Time to fire the First spark. All other coil testers (eg. HCCT) measure the average coil current of hundreds of sparks as an indirect approximation of coil firing time. That's like using a Sundial to tell time today! Its amazing how much smoother and optimal the engine performs with coils precisely adjusted for equal and consistent firing TIME using the ECCT.

Order Here: ... 2021SP.htm

Special ends 3/20/2021, Limited Quantity, While supplies last

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I-Timer + ECCT Adjusted Coils = Best Model T Engine Performance Possible!