Many Model T Parts to be Sold at SW OH Auction, September 25, 2021

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Many Model T Parts to be Sold at SW OH Auction, September 25, 2021

Post by Dennis N. Hull » Sat Sep 11, 2021 7:22 am

Saturday, September 25, 2021, Auction
3 miles south of Brookvillle, Ohio

The following Ford vehicles and Ford parts will be sold by John Muncy & Associates auctioneers ( at a public auction to be held at 2898 Johnsville-Brookville Road (3 miles south of Brookville, Ohio) on Saturday, September 25, 2021, beginning at 10:00 AM. Vehicles will be auctioned at noon (12:00) EDT. Vehicle parts to be auctioned immediately following the sale of vehicles.

- 1922 Model T Centerdoor sedan
(solid, original interior, amateur re-paint 60 years ago, new wiring, last started 10 years ago)
- 1929 Model A Tudor sedan (solid, original interior, very complete, can be made to run without much effort, many new parts, has replacement ’29 engine, original engine to be sold with car)
- 1947 1.5-Ton Ford dump truck (runs well, needs wheel-cylinders replaced at rear wheels)

“T”, “TT”, “A” Parts:
- 1926-27 touring body
- 1926-27 touring cowl section
- 1926-27 coupe deck-lid skin, new
- 1926-27 four-door rear body-section panel, new
- 1926-27 under-cowl fuel tank for coupe, touring, roadster, tudor
- 1926-27 touring/roadster windshield stanchions, two, one very good condition
- 1926-27 touring/roadster windshield assembly (upper/lower frames w/glass)
- 1926-27 dashboard for touring and roadster, two
- 1926-27 headlight rims; two pair, repros, one set nickel, one set chrome w/script
- 1926-27 hood assembly complete
- 1926-27 radiator shell, nickel
- 1926-27 front fenders, two right side, one left side, need substantial body work
- 1926-27 windshield frame for coupe and tudor
- 1926-27 wire wheels, set of five w/o tires
- 1926-27 wire wheels, set of four with five older but unused Denman tires
- 1926-27 frames, two, one very good condition
- 1926-27 transmission magneto coils, five
- 1926-27 steering column assembly
- 1926-27 steering wheel
- 1926-27 spare-tire rim carrier for wood wheels, two
- 1926-27 headlight buckets, three
- 1923-27 engine heads
- 192?-27 engine pans, 3-dip and 4-dip
- 1923-27 high radiators, three
- 1909-27 “Float-a-Ford” accessory shock absorbers
- 1909-27 accessory running-board accordion style luggage holders, several
- 1909-27 driveshaft universal joints, seven
- 1915-25 headlight buckets, nine assorted
- 1919-27 starters, four
- 1915-27 battery bracket assemblies
- 1916-23 door for Centerdoor sedan, NOS
- 1917-25 frame
- 1917-25 steering column assembly
- 1909-27 Dunn accessory crankshaft weights, one pair (un-modified)
- 1917-23 front fenders, several
- 1917-23 rear fenders
- 1925 rear fender, possibly NOS
- 1917-25 running boards, 2 pair, one pair possibly NOS painted military olive drab
- 1921-27 running board brackets, one pair
- Wood wheels and rims, numerous in wide-range of condition
- Pair of wood wheels with hubs designed for installation on round-shaft axle
- 1917-27 rear axle housing halves, several
- 1911-13 front axle w/o script, early wishbone and linkage, all worn but restorable
- 1920’s TT frame, very good
- 1920’s TT driveshaft tube
- 1920’s TT rear-axle assembly, low-speed
- 1926-27 “TT” running boards, one pair
- 1929 short block Model A engine, professionally rebuilt
- 1928-29 front fenders, one pair
- 1930-31 wire wheels, set of 6
- 1930-31 headlights, one pair, very good original
- 1934 Ford V8 wire wheels with hub caps, two, original red paint

Auction also includes 1948 Cockshutt 30/Co-op E3 tractor, several gravity-bed wagons, several older plows, grain drill, cultipacker, rotary hoe, sickle mower, harrow, and other older farm equipment, numerous old tools, old school desks, large copper kettle, several radios for 1950s cars and tractors, 1940 Silvertone radio, 1922 Magnavox 75 radio, collectibles, antique dinnerware, glassware, antique dolls, antique primitive furniture, modern furniture, oil lamps, and many other similar items too numerous to list. See John Muncy & Associates’ website ( for photos of vehicles, a selection of Model T, TT, and A parts, and many other items included in the auction.