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Small Zoom Zenith T4 Carb

Posted: Tue Jan 15, 2019 11:43 pm
by StanHowe
Nice little Zenith Carb. Model T-4. This will run better than any Ford provided Model T carb but is still within the size range that will start well, run well, be trouble free and look good in the process.

These are great running carbs. They were very popular on small trucks and light cars during the mid to late twenties but are hard to find that the riser tube is not cracked from the venturi swelling and cracking the riser tube. They also tend to have the flange broken when I find them. This is easily the nicest one I've ever had, I usually buy any I can find to get the float and float bowl cover off of and the jets out of.

This one came out of the Zenith group I bought in Bakersfield last April, I've sold the NOS ones out of it, this is not NOS, it is just in nice condition. It is similar to the TX-4, the flange on that sets the other way, perpendicular, but other than that they are the same carb.

Price as a project is just as it sets, if you want the adjustable jet and the cast iron parts powder coated in high gloss black it is another $200 bucks.

Price as is -- $250
Price with adjustable jet and powder coating -- $450 Shipping in US included.

A budget minded way to improve your T's performance without breaking the bank or putting a bunch of stress on the engine. It is no big deal to make an updraft manifold to mount it, cut your T manifold off and braze a flange on that matches this flange. Or find a manifold that fits. All the U & J and etc., manifolds fit these.

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Thanks, Stan Howe