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Great FORD literature for sale 10 pcs !

Posted: Thu Jan 17, 2019 10:32 am
by Dropacent
Nice stuff. We would be glad to share more 8nfo on anyth8ng offered here. to reach us, no PMs or messages here, please. Each item price is postpaid to your door, CONUS Each item will be packed in a zip lock bag, and put between two pieces of heavy cardboard for safe shipment.
1) 1909 advance catalog, shows the 2 lever T . This is a reproduction from 50-60 years ago, and is identical to the original except for the reprint stamp. This one shows the same age patina. $50 or I can sell you the original for $500

2) K-W ignition and accessories catalog, this 72 page catalog is chocked full of great pictures and descriptions, shows many types of accessory ignition, electrical ,lighting systems along with other unique thinks such as the desirable KW shock absorbers. Nice piece, $45

3) 1919 ford T owners manual, 2 color printing, we have 3, priced at $30,$40,$50. ,based on condition We will discount the purchase of 2 in case you want to keep one with the car and the other with your display.

4) ford price list 1919 , well illustrated $45

5) Stromberg accessory carb booklet, nice piece, displays the LF which is a very similar carb to the famous OF . rare piece of lit. $45

6) 1922 ford owners manual, based on condition, priced at $30, $40, $50. The $50 piece is as close to brand new as can be. Again, a discount if you want 2 ofthe copies. to reach me for more details or to get any of these heading this way.

Re: Great FORD literature for sale 10 pcs !

Posted: Sat Jan 19, 2019 7:39 am
by Dropacent
Stromberg booklet sold. Thanks!