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Post by StanHowe » Fri Aug 16, 2019 2:14 pm

Likely pretty close to the only one of these there is around. This is a NEW OLD STOCK Zenith S4BF carb and manifold. It would have originally been part of a counter display at a parts store or garage. As such, it was coated with a fairly heavy coat of varnish?? Shellac?? I dunno!

It is virtually perfect, has never been mounted, has never had gas in it, has never been apart until I took the float bowl cover off this morning to make sure the float was OK. The cover was still stuck on with the coating.

Look carefully at the photos. The original bolts mating the carb and manifold are missing and although I probably have a set of originals I will include, they will not be NOS. Two of the screws on the throttle arm are missing. The fuel supply fitting nut is missing. I will supply replacements for those if you want them, just be aware they will not be NOS. (I have half a dozen or more S4BF's and I remove and throw away all the original screws when I rebuild them so I have correct ones, just not NOS.)

You are buying this exactly as it is in the photos, it does not include my adjustable main jet -- although it wouldn't take much to talk me into a deal on one if you are going to run it. I did not and will not remove the bottom plugs. If you want the adj jet I will send it to you later and you can install it. Five minute deal.

This is out of my personal collection, I'm going to be selling off some carbs as I need money worse than I need showcases full of carburetors.

I sold this to a guy about 3 weeks or a month ago, never got a check and don't get an answer when I email him or call him. So here it is -- up for grabs.

A standard rebuilt S4BF with the manifold and adjustable jet is $1000. This one is $1500 with the adjustable jet, $1350 without.

PAYPAL ONLY, first buyer call me and send money. It will be in the mail today. 406 949 3448
2019 8 16 carbs 017.JPG
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