1911 Torpedo Fenders -- at Hershey -- original (not reproduction)

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1911 Torpedo Fenders -- at Hershey -- original (not reproduction)

Post by Walter Higgins » Fri Oct 04, 2019 10:59 am

Original set of 1911 Torpedo / Open Runabout fenders (short running board cars).

They need some love. The front-right is actually pretty decent. The front-left is very lumpy and will need a good bit of shrinking. The rears have both been patched where they meet the running board and where the apron meets the body.

There are differences between originals and reproductions. If original parts are your thing, I think they are worth the effort it will take to fix them.
Attached are two more photos showing the profile differences between original and reproduction rear fenders (neither in these particular photos are the ones I'm selling). Reproductions are a lot narrower to where you can't center them up on the rear tire and also the curvature doesn't wrap around the o.d. of the tire the same way.

Asking $400. They'll be available to inspect at Hershey, spaces OAH 30-31

I'm happy to email more photos upon request.