Hydro-Borer Bearing Machine, for Sale

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Hydro-Borer Bearing Machine, for Sale

Post by Kohnke Rebabbitting » Sun Nov 03, 2019 10:46 pm

Long Story, but this is a rebuilt Boring machine in 1945, and never used again, as they bought another new one to do rods, as they were getting behind.

I took it all apart to paint it, and it is rebuilt, in new condition.

If you look up Hydro-Borer, on the net, it does all kinds of jobs.

I was going to build a jig to bore different size ball caps, never got around to it.

2,800.00, plus shipping.

Has manuals.

Web site phone number 515-303-0363 It will ring, shop, house, and my cell phone.

Hydro-Borer Bearing Machine 016.jpg
Hydro-Borer Bearing Machine 015.jpg
Hydro-Borer Bearing Machine 003.jpg
Hydro-Borer Bearing Machine 011.jpg
Hydro-Borer Boring Machine 001.jpg