To whom all my post to spam may of offended

Post parts wanted or for sale here

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To whom all my post to spam may of offended

Post by JacolbEdwards » Sun Nov 10, 2019 12:31 am

I received a email from Mark Gregush saying “We do not need that kind of language used no matter what on the forum. Don't reply it just moves it to the top. Report it, the "!" is the link to
do so.” it was then I realized that I may of offended other users of the forum and I do apologize. I replied to mark explaining my poor choice and it read “I regret my use of profanity but the scammers are getting out of control, it was done in the hope that the poster would see it, everyone just turns the cheek to the fact that scammers are are making posts from drugs to money scams and much more, they have even stolen honest people’s hard earned money in fake classified adds for parts, such as the post “ has anyone bought from gene Morgan” User FATMAN was taken advantage of and lost hard earned money using the forum to purchase parts, why does everyone just accept it and hope it don’t happen to them? It’s getting to the point that eBay and Facebook are a more reliable source of parts and a buyer can be confident that they won’t be ripped off, Facebook has many model t groups that I am in and I have yet to see a post about illegal viagra for sale or have seen a post about not receiving parts that one has payed for, I will not post profanities agin, I will just do as everyone else does and just shake my head when the next person is ripped of by one of these school yard bullies.” It is not a excuse just a explanation for what I done. And agin to whom all I offended, I do apologize

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A Computer Program

Post by FreighTer Jim » Sun Nov 10, 2019 2:47 am

What you are offended by - is a computer program - not a person.

Responding by posting anything only registers as potential interest and continues the forum being utilized as a target.


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Re: To whom all my post to spam may of offended

Post by sweet23 » Sun Nov 10, 2019 8:58 am

I understand Jacolbs's frustration. Fake scam adds on our forum, scam e-mails, And scam phone calls. By the end of each day I know I have had my fill ! There seems to be no way to stop them, no one to cuss at, nor any one to punch in the nose! I guess it is now part of "modern" society. It get tough to keep just "ignoring" them in hopes they will lose interest.

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Re: To whom all my post to spam may of offended

Post by tdump » Wed Nov 13, 2019 7:28 pm

It must be a scam,I sent off 100 bucks a while back to buy 1000 bucks and never got anything back.

I guess they must have realized I could then send them the 1000 dollars back to buy 10,000 bucks! And they would not have been able to spend it!. :)

No I did not send them money.I am just jokeing.
If you can't help em, don't hinder em'

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