Any plans for Vintage Ford online &/or on CD for after 2000?

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Any plans for Vintage Ford online &/or on CD for after 2000?

Post by ModelTTom » Thu Feb 20, 2020 11:09 pm

I seem to remember this topic was discussed in the past. I have the first issue of CDs and last year sold off all
of my set of printed magazines from 1981 to 2018. Any plans to do a new set of CDs? Any plans to have Vintage Ford
available on line? pdf down load? Bruce did a fantastic job last time and at least this time there are digital files available.

Thank you

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Re: Any plans for Vintage Ford online &/or on CD for after 2000?

Post by VFeditor_Aleesa » Sat Nov 07, 2020 9:39 am

We will be adding a digital version of the Vintage Ford magazine to all MTFCA memberships. This will not replace the printed copy, but will be available in addition to it.

During the past few years, timely postal service between the U.S. and other countries has been decreasing and taking far too long to reach our international members. Timely delivery was further compounded this year by COVID-19. This slowed down (or at times shut down) customs, imports, and even international mail delivery in many countries. It has been frustrating to us and our members to not have control over what happens once the magazine leaves the printer. Sending replacement issues for copies that were never delivered is costly, especially through international mailing services.

So, beginning with the Sept/Oct 2020 issue, a digital version of the Vintage Ford was distributed via email to all active MTFCA members outside the U.S. who had previously provided us with their email. A printed issue was also mailed at surface rate, not airmail rate.

International members were contacted with detail on how to access the digital version. If you are an active international member and did not receive a digital copy, please send us an email to with your name, postal address, and current email address. Like the printed version, each issue of the digital version is copyrighted. Any reproductions or digital sharing of the contents are prohibited without first securing written permission from the MTFCA.

We will be making a digital version available for our U.S. members within the 2nd to 3rd quarter of 2021. There are additional logistics we need to put into place first. We are excited to be able to offer this opportunity to all MTFCA members within the next year. And we are very pleased to be able to provide this added benefit without increasing membership rates.
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