People posting car questions in this section

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People posting car questions in this section

Post by Mark Gregush » Sun Nov 15, 2020 11:49 am

Would I be correct in guessing that in this section people can post without fully signing up? I can understand that, guess if you were having issues posting. Maybe something that points people to completing the registration and posting car questions in the general forum is needed. There are several post below in this section, that is the case, car questions with non clickable names and no information. Sorry but I and guessing others, are not going to click on someones email that can't take the time to sign up. On Fordbarn, in their section that is like this one, gets a lot of one time posters that get directed to the correct forums for their questions and never come back to ask. On the surface the questions often look ok, but often there is just something not quite right.
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