ISO dash light

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ISO dash light

Post by dhosh » Fri Nov 20, 2020 9:32 pm

I know it's not a biggie, and I can order new ones, but thought I would see what folks might have for sale or want to get rid of.
Looking for a dash light for my '24 RPU. The switch/ammeter mounting plate has 3 holes in the top ... looks like for 2 mounting screws/small bolts, and a middle one for a wire. I could always fit something else in.

I'm not really interested in the 'bing'/jeweled ones ... just a plain ol' hooded light. Would be nice if it had a switch. I have seen some that appeared to have a lever to rotate. I assume it would be for a switch ... or maybe rotating the hood? I will likely try and put an LED in it, as all my other lights are LED, and like the relatively low draw. (especially as my generator didn't work, and I pulled it! LOL)

Thanks for the consideration ...
'24 RPU
Petoskey, Mi