The 5 Millionth Model T!

​This Ford Model T Coupe rolled off the Ford production line, with engine number 5,000,000, at 7:05 a.m. on 28 May 1921. On 19 May 1931 Ford Motor Company, 3674 Schaefer Road, Dearborn, Michigan registered this car with the State of Michigan Motor Vehicle Bureau. The reason for this is unknown. It was believed that Henry Ford intended to keep the car for his museum, but the car disappeared and its history remained unknown until it was discovered in suburban Detroit in 1992.

It was purchased by Richard Duncan at an estate auction on 13 December 1992. Early in 1993 Wally Tennyson at Jerome-Duncan Ford’s Old Car Garage reconditioned the car.  The internal parts of the engine and running gear showed no signs of wear. There was evidence that sometime in its life it had been damaged in the front end and repairs had been made using genuine Ford parts from both prior and later model years.

During the reconditioning, Wally Tennyson flushed the cooling system, repaired the cracks in the engine’s water jacket, mended a three-inch rip in the left rear fender, and polished the car.

The car was on exhibit at the Duncan Ford Museum in Utica, Michigan. Bill Smith acquired the car from the Dick Duncan collection in April 2007.