What can be found on this site


There are a number of reproductions of original Ford booklets available in the Book section of the main menu. Some have been rewritten in HTML format, some are scanned images of the original book, and some are in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format.

Included are the Ford catalogs of the first Fords, the models A, B, C, F and so on up to the pre-production Model T catalog.

There are copies of the Model T owner's manuals which told the new owner how to drive and maintain his new Ford.

There are edited reproductions of Ford's dealer Data Books which detail the features, construction, operation, and other information of the Model T, the TT, and the Fordson tractor.

Also there is a complete Ford Instruction Course, originally given by Ford Dealers, for owners and repairmen which details the construction, operation, and care of the Model T Ford.


This vast storehouse details the changes in the Model T over the years, and contains production figures, serial numbers, and other details of the car.

There are also sections on history, repairs, and other related material, all indexed and easy to locate.


This is the place to ask questions or to just browse for information submitted by enthusiasts. You do not have to be a member of the MTFCA in order to use the Forum.


Wanted and For-Sale ads are placed here. Ads must be Model T related. Ads are deleted after about a month.

Other items on the home page should be self-explanitory.