Speedster Hall of Fame – 2016


Model T Era Legends

Gary Hylton – Driver, Collector and Restorer


Gary Hylton lives in Prairie Village, Kansas.  He is a long time member of the Model T Ford Club of America and the Kansas City Chuggers regional chapter of the Model T Ford Club International (MTFCI).  He purchased his first Model T touring car in his early teens and immediately started driving it long distances.

Gary began collecting and installing speed equipment on his Model Ts so that he could climb the mountain roads of Colorado without using low gear.  Gary made several tours in Colorado in a boat tail speedster equipped with a RAJO BB cylinder head.  The body was a replica built with patterns from an original speedster body.  

Because of the speedster’s lack of storage space, Gary purchased a 1919 Model T with a rare Ames Touring body.  Gary also owns a 1911 Touring car.  Over the years, Gary has collected a number of very rare items like a Green Engineering flat cylinder head and a Hal overhead valve cylinder head. 

An expert at long distance touring, Gary has toured coast to coast several times and made long tours in Colorado, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Yellowstone National Park, Death Valley, and numerous regional tours.  Twice Gary has shipped a car
to Europe, touring Italy and France.   

Gary organized the 1995 National Annual Meeting of the MTFCI in Kansas City.  This spectacular show featured Gary’s collection,
plus other Model T speed equipment collections, racing engines, and speedsters. 

Gary and his wife Carol wish to thank all the people that have been active in their Model T lives.