***1909 (Early) Water Pump and Drive Assemblies***

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***1909 (Early) Water Pump and Drive Assemblies***

Post by VowellArt » Thu Jun 06, 2019 11:16 am

Made a revision to the 1909 water pump drawing and also added the mounting of the water pump to the 1909 engine. This was a fun one and really out of what we all consider the norm for Model T, in that this engine block is really very different from any of ours and the head also (didn't draw the head, but will cover the engine more thoroughly when I do it's assembly).

First up, the revised Water Pump drawing. I found (scouring Bruce's Factory Number lists and then double checking that with Fords parts pictorials and parts lists), part numbers, well more correctly Ford Factory Part Numbers.

I thought about putting the vendor part numbers in too, but then since no modern day vendor sells any of these parts (with the exception of P/N 577 which Langs sells), didn't think the vendor numbers would be worth including.

Next, how and where this Water Pump mounts to the engine. There is just so much to show on this engine, that I can't wait until I do it's assembly. I may even start with it and work my way forward, just because it is so unique. Notice that the timing gear and the water pump gear are straight cut gears, not spiral cut like all the later cars are. Probably makes this engine pretty damn noisy I should think, but I can't help wondering what it sounds like when it is running (Model T is fairly noisy anyway, just think of that gear noise added to the cacophony of sounds that the Model T usually makes).

This was such fun, can't wait to tear into the next assembly!
Fun never quits!