Newbie back from Hershey

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Newbie back from Hershey

Post by Oldav8tor » Sat Oct 12, 2019 4:40 pm

1200 miles and 5 days later I'm back from my first trip to Hershey. What an incredible event! I swear you could find parts for any car ever built! I was a bit lost at first but once I learned to read the maps (get the program) and read the row marks on the pavement I was actually able to find some of the vendors I wanted to see. That said, I doubt if I saw more than 1% of what was there. Since vendors were not grouped by vehicle, the Model T stuff was spread out over the whole place.

I managed to connect with several people I wanted to meet and surprisingly, ran into more than a dozen people I knew. I'm sure I passed by some forum members without knowing as I've met very few of you face to face.

I sold a few things and bought a few more.... $$ wise I'm in negative territory but that was to be expected. The weather was beautiful, the people friendly... altogether a great experience.

I was pleased to get a chance to talk to Seamus Hnat, the young man from Michigan who has put some serious miles on his Model T. I found the drive from Michigan in my Sprinter van to be tiring....I can only imagine what it must have been in a Model T. With young folks like him, our hobby has a future.
Seamus Hnat and his much traveled Model T
Seamus Hnat and his much traveled Model T
A small portion of the "chocolate" field
A small portion of the "chocolate" field
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John kuehn
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Re: Newbie back from Hershey

Post by John kuehn » Sat Oct 12, 2019 5:24 pm

Car parts being spread out with no idea of which is where would be hard to navigate for me these days. It’s to bad that Chickasha will in its last year. I have been there many times and of course it’s not as big as Hershey but the T parts are or were about every other space. I usually got what I was looking for and then some. Maybe we’ll get to go to Hershey one day just to see how big it is.

Mark Osterman
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Re: Newbie back from Hershey

Post by Mark Osterman » Sat Oct 12, 2019 6:50 pm

Having the T parts spread out is kinda the whole point when it comes to picking up deals at Hershey. You can always find good parts at top dollar from people who specialize in T parts and that’s good when you really need them. But it’s the people that sell lots of parts from different makes ... the ma and pa sellers, where you can find the best pieces. I bought a box of twenty NOS coil point sets for $15 yesterday by digging through boxes from a couple who sold mostly model A parts.

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