More 09 tourings

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More 09 tourings

Post by Dollisdad » Tue Jan 29, 2019 3:25 pm


pete eastwood
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Re: More 09 tourings

Post by pete eastwood » Tue Jan 29, 2019 4:16 pm

The car in the bottom photo is a 2 pedal / 2 lever .

Wayne Sheldon
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Re: More 09 tourings

Post by Wayne Sheldon » Tue Jan 29, 2019 5:32 pm

All excellent and nice detail photos of early Ts!
Numbers one and two? Same people, same car. I cannot see the hand brake lever, it must be behind the boy's leg, and therefore pulled fully back. Because of the position of the boy's leg, and the fact that a second (reverse lever) cannot be seen in its more natural straight up position, it is likely that this is not a two lever car. Zoomed in, I can only see two pedals, however, their position makes it appear to be the brake and reverse pedal. Only the very top of the reverse pedal can be seen rising above from behind the man's shoe. I would speculate the low/clutch pedal to be lined up behind the brake pedal. Nails along the edge of the running board indicate it is early enough to have the wood/linoleum/metal trimmed running boards, which make it a real 1909. Square fronted front fenders and rear fender butterfly brackets being inside the fender would narrow down just when in 1909 the car was built, however, I am not quite sharp enough to know offhand just when that would be. The door handle being low on the rear door would also help. Notice also the two bolt front body bracket.
The headlamps? I have seen lamps like those before, but I do not remember where. I don't think they were standard model T issue, but I could be wrong. They could possibly even be electric? That I don't know. 1909s the headlamps were optional. So cars with after-market headlamps were not uncommon.

The third photo. Billed front fenders, rear door handle slightly higher on the door (middle of top panel, whereas the other car it is near the bottom of the top panel). Appears to be a single lever, so three pedal. The running board appears to be stamped steel, so the car is likely a very late 1909, or early '10. The license plate says "Penna 1909", so that makes it a very early '10 if it is a '10 !

Fourth. The tourabout officially was basically a one year only body, 1910. Although some were built late in the 1909 model year. Others, were made after-market by adding the rear seat to roadsters both before and after 1910. The license plate is 1914, so the car was a few years old when the picture was taken. Time enough for modifications to have occurred. The fenders do appear to be 1910. So, it could be a standard tourabout.

Fifth and final of the OP. Another nice early two lever 1909 (did we just see this one?). Although both levers are basically straight up, the handles of both levers can be clearly seen. Notice the lower position of the rear door handle again. The radiator/shell on this one appears to be one of the more unusual types used for a short while. It does have the script on the shell as well as on the radiator. However, the corners of the upper area are smoother and I wonder if it could be one of the style with a separate shell over a rougher radiator as was used on some 1909s.
I like the way the acetylene generator is mounted on the side of the body. I don't know if the Ford factory ever mounted them that way or not (on model Ts, they did on some pre-Ts). It may indicate that the headlamps again may be after-market.

Wonderful photos! Tell Dolli to tell her dad "Thank you"!

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John Warren
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Re: More 09 tourings

Post by John Warren » Tue Jan 29, 2019 11:17 pm

Thanks Tom and Wayne. Good history lesson.
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